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Why are barns red

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  1. what is a red herring?
    what is a red herring?
    2 General 43
  2. Is everyone with red hair a "ginger" or is red hair with freckles?
    7 Style 26
  3. why apple is red
    what is the reason for the apple is red?
    3 Style 23
  4. Face redness
    How to remove the face redness?
    2 Style 25
  5. If green is red then what is yellow?
    If green is red then what is yellow?
    4 General 14
  6. What steps are there for painting over red paint?
    What steps are there for painting over red paint?
    2 Homegarden 48
  7. Whats a barn bash?
    4 General 15
  8. how to remove the redness of pimples?
    19 Style 37
  9. What does it mean when the sky turns red?
    what does it mean when the sky turns red???
    7 Science 241
  10. Do you prefer reds or brunettes?
    Do you prefer reds or brunettes? x
    4 Style 15
  11. Why do you rarely see red eyeshadow?
    9 Style 32
  12. Why do my lips turn red when I have hangovers?
    4 Health 68
  13. What are some things Red Foxx is known for?
    2 Entertainment 14
  14. What do you think when you see red, what emotion?
    11 General 79
  15. Where did the idea of the devil being red come from?
    22 Religion 70
  16. Will red highlights fade during rebonding?
    2 Style 818
  17. Does Red Bull and Monster have alchohol in them?
    14 Food 151
  18. What's a "nook book" in Barnes and Noble?
    3 Literature 25
  19. What can I do with a bunch of rotten red grapes?
    5 Food 16
  20. What kind of flower is this red one??
    What kind of flower is this??
    9 Homegarden 33
  21. How to dress up a red checker shirt?
    6 Style 21
  22. What causes red blotches on skin?
    3 Health 209
  23. Which is better, red vines or twizzlers?
    11 Food 16
  24. Classic Red Lip
    What do you think of a classic red lip no other makeup just a red lip?
    3 Style 15
  25. Can Pokemon silver trade with fire red?
    Can Pokemon silver trade with fire red??
    8 Gaming 308
  26. Is blushing when you go red?
    Is blushing when you go red? What causes it and how do you stop it?
    8 General 29
  27. How to get mew in pokemon fire red?
    How to get mew in pokemon fire red
    12 Gaming 192
  28. Red Pandas and Giant Panda.
    are red pandas actually related to the giant panda?
    2 Pets 14
  29. Can regular ants bite you or is it just the red ones
    Can regular ants bite you or is it just the red ones
    4 Pets 160
  30. Why do i get a red x on pictures posted?
    Why do i get a red x on pictures posted
    3 Technology 44
  31. Red Jumpsuit A.
    In your opinion what is Red Jumpsuit A's best song?
    5 Music 17
  32. Red rover anyone a fan of that game
    Red rover anyone a fan of that game
    3 Gaming 17
  33. Can I make a left on red at a one way?
    Can I make a left on red at a one way?
    2 General 14
  34. Red marker
    How do you get red marker out of a white sweater?
    3 Homegarden 58
  35. How d you catch suicune in fire red?
    How d you catch suicune in fire red?
    3 Pets 92
  36. Is red bull beer or an energy drink?
    Is red bull beer or an energy drink?
    11 Food 1436
  37. Sun In for red hair?
    I have red hair so can I use sun in for it or will it ruin it???
    3 Style 325
  38. Who knows if ginseng red tea is for slimming?
    5 Nutritionfitness 25
  39. Red wine is really good for health?
    4 Health 19
  40. How can I cover up a big red birthmark on my leg?
    22 Style 36
  41. What kind of spice can I use on red potatos?
    4 Food 15
  42. What cuisine goes best with Red wine?
    4 Food 36
  43. What shade of red hair would suit me?
    2 Style 53
  44. How to get rid of red cheeks?
    How do I get rid of them ? I hate them
    8 Style 71
  45. are dark red lumps normal during a period?:|
    4 Health 83
  46. how do i get rid of blemishes and redness on my face??
    2 Style 18
  47. Do girls find red heads attractive?
    21 Relationships 114
  48. Who is the lead singer in Red Jumpsuit Apparatus?
    2 Music 67
  49. How can I get bright red hair?
    how can I get my hair to be a bright red without the red fading
    5 Style 64
  50. Why is Valentine's Day colors red and pink?
    7 General 45
  51. what is your favorite August Burns Red song?
    2 Music 24
  52. why do i have red bumps on my face and on my arm and stomach?
    8 Style 39
  53. how old do you have to be to buy red bull in germany????
    4 Funadvice 118
  54. What outfits go well with red lipstick?
    4 Style 15
  55. why is there red stuff in my semen... Is it blood or something?
    8 Health 80
  56. How to get rid of red tones in hair?
    7 Style 287
  57. Do all red heads have green eyes or just some?
    Do all reed heads have green eyes or just some?!
    9 Style 190
  58. why is it when i upload a picture a red cross appears on it??
    8 Funadvice 46
  59. Who sings red lights???
    Who sings that song red lights...its like a country song???
    4 Music 87
  60. song on red sky potato chips
    what is the song on the red sky potato chips advert?
    2 Music 60
  61. Does black hair with red streaks look good?
    does black hair with red streaks look good?
    12 Style 144
  62. Why does the moon turn red during a lunar eclipse?
    I was just wondering why the moon turns red during a lunar eclipse
    3 Science 50
  63. lil red bumps on legs
    so I have lil red bumps on my legs... how can I get rid of them?
    4 Style 50
  64. Painting over red
    Any specific primer to use for painting over red paint in a bathroom?
    4 Homegarden 20
  65. Should I dye my hair red?
    I dont know if I should die my hair red!
    8 Style 35
  66. 360 2 red lights
    is there any way to fix the 2 red lights on a 360
    3 Gaming 35
  67. Red X on computer page?
    How do I get rid if the Red X
    2 Technology 37
  68. How long has the Great Red Spot lasted?
    How long has The great red spot lasted til' now?
    3 General 98
  69. Getting red dye out of hair?
    is there any way you can take red hair dye out of your hair?
    3 Style 51
  70. Red-black hair
    Can you color over red-black hair to brown
    2 Style 62
  71. What does red white blue stand for on american flag?
    What does red white blue stand for on american flag?
    4 General 129
  72. Pokemon fire red version
    How to get mew on fire red
    2 Gaming 5
  73. When a girls on there period light but red chunks come down
    What is it when a girls on there period light but red chunks come down
    3 Health 104
  74. Will brown and red look good in my hair?
    Will brown and red look good in my hair?? Brown lowlights and red underneath??
    2 Style 31
  75. Whats your favorite item to eat at Red Lobster ???
    21 Food 50
  76. does coloured red hair become lighter with every wash? cuz mine dosnt look as red as i want it too
    6 Style 39
  77. Does RED BULL make your blood pressure go up?
    4 Health 103
  78. What does it mean if i woke up with red itchy swollen eyes???
    4 Health 42
  79. Red Dwarf v Mighty Boosh
    10 Entertainment 57
  80. Can a spray tan cover up a red birth mark?
    2 Style 37
  81. What should I buy: Assassin's Creed or Red Dead Redemption?
    11 Gaming 43
  82. What color eyeshadow should I wear with my red prom dress?
    8 Style 38
  83. Are black roses really black or are they a deep, dark red?
    9 Homegarden 24
  84. Why does my face get pale and my eyes get red when i cry?
    2 Style 123
  85. where cani find red haired wigs in dubai?
    3 Shopping 17
  86. When you have a 'red eye' does that mean you're getting hacked?
    4 Gaming 47
  87. Is there any other DLC for Red Dead Redemption other than Undead Nightmare?
    2 Gaming 7
  88. which Pokemon should i use my master ball on in fire red?
    4 Gaming 104
  89. What are these random red dots I've had my whole life ?
    8 Health 47
  90. How can I cover up or get rid of bright red spots?
    8 Style 40
  91. Do you think the red shirts in Thailand will win in the end?
    2 Politics 46
  92. What do newly hatched red clawed crabs eat?
    3 Pets 67
  93. How can I prevent my cheeks from turning red when talking to people?
    7 Style 23
  94. What is the red lights district?
    I know its in amsterdam but what is it and what do people do there?
    3 Travel 12
  95. watching Red Dragon, i love Anthony Hopkins
    4 Literature 10
  96. why does my face get pale and my eyes get red when i cry?
    2 Style 108
  97. Can I drink Red Bull when I'm a vegan?
    7 Food 87
  98. What can you feed baby red eared slider turtles?
    4 Pets 57
  99. How do you get rid of the redness when your skin is sun burnt?
    9 Style 45
  100. Is there a way to tone down red hair dye?
    I put a red dye in my hair and its to bright, is there a way to tone it down
    3 Style 2023
  101. Would big lips look good with red lipstick?
    Would big lips look good with red lipstick?
    4 Style 54
  102. Pink and Red bumbs on my legs
    Well I have Pink and Red Bumbs all over both my legs. what do I do and what are thoses things.
    3 Health 24
  103. Does Red Bull have bull sperm in it?
    my friend told me that red bull has bull sperm in it. is that really true?
    15 Food 494
  104. red hair :)
    what color should you not wear if you have red hair ? and what color would look best ?
    2 Style 16
  105. Red eyes in some pictures
    Why do I find my eyes or someone else's eyes red in some pictures?! Is it because of the flash or what?
    3 Technology 10
  106. red and black dress
    I have a red and black dress, would whie shoes work?
    6 Style 47
  107. Blushing and turning red
    How do they know they are going red withoutking in the mirror ?
    3 Style 13
  108. What is the problem with the red-haired doll in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?
    She doesn't seem to have anything wrong with her.
    2 Entertainment 53
  109. Will the pink show up if it's dyed over light red hair?
    What will happen if you dye pink over red hair, will it show up if it's light red hair?
    13 Style 42
  110. How long does it take a red clawed crab to give birth?
    6 Pets 142
  111. What can I draw on a page about comic relief, except red noses?
    2 General 14
  112. How to unlock the 7th gym on Pokemon fire red?
    How to unlock the 7th gym on pokemon firered?
    3 Gaming 128
  113. Why is the Thai government cracking down so hard on the red shirt protestors?
    2 Politics 9
  114. How long does a yellow light stay on when changing from green to red?
    4 General 26
  115. Which cake should I bake - red velvet, devil's food, or yellow?
    12 Food 12
  116. Is it true that it takes three days for red meat to digest?
    11 Nutritionfitness 98
  117. Who's the red head chick that plays in Iron Man 2?
    5 Entertainment 57
  118. Is Rihanna's long straight red hair real or are the extensions?
    6 Style 46
  119. What can happen to a student who is caught cheating (red handed) in your country?
    18 Education 26
  120. How do I get my cheeks to be less red without having to use foundation?
    16 Style 24
  121. Why do some people's eyes get red when they wake up from a nap or sleeping?
    2 General 83
  122. How to keep my face from sweating and getting all red after gym class?
    3 Style 21
  123. How do I get rid of the red bumps after I have shaved my bikini line?
    9 Style 116
  124. what should i do i have a red spot on my breast it is smooth but it burns sometime should i be concerned?
    5 Health 37
  125. How can I prevent my face from turn bright red when I am around boys?
    4 Style 22
  126. Red walls?
    Is it true that if you paint your walls red it makes your room feel hotter?
    4 Homegarden 13
  127. When did the Red Sox win their last World Series game?
    when did the boston red sox win their last world series game
    2 Sports 30
  128. Intense red hair? Love or hate?
    Intense red hair? Love or hate? On a girl btw x
    4 Style 33
  129. How to tell if a red eared slider turtle is male or female?
    how can you tell if a red eard slider turtle is male or female
    7 Pets 101
  130. Red spot
    Ues I have one red dot the shaft of my penis what could it be?
    2 Health 66
  131. I want bright red hair
    my hair is black help me get it bright red please
    6 Style 142
  132. Dying my hair red like Hailey from Paramore?
    How can I die my hair as red as the lead singer Hailey from paramore?
    6 Style 43
  133. Why do I get red cheeks when it's hot out?
    my cheek become red when I travelled in sun shine
    3 Style 91
  134. Help get red puke out of furniture
    Help get red puke out of furniture , one to many shots!!!
    4 Homegarden 36
  135. red lines on boobs
    what does it mean when you have red lines on your boobs like there really kinada stuck in them
    4 Health 190
  136. Where does the term "caught red-handed " come from?
    cuz no one had red hands?
    4 General 94
  137. What are the different shades of natural red hair color?
    I there different shades of natural red hair color and if there is then what are the different shades of natural red hair color? Also is there such things are someone having crimson red hair and if so then how can someone be born with crimson red hair?
    3 Style 153
  138. How do I stop getting nervous and red on the cheeks when I am around the guy I like?
    5 Style 49
  139. Boston red sox, who is better?
    who is better then them??? I think there playing this month in Boston lol
    2 Gaming 9
  140. What's the song called that plays in Schindler's list where the girl in red appears?
    5 Music 35
  141. What is the cost of one Red Bull or one of those 5-hour energy drinks?
    5 Food 53
  142. What's with the girl in red in Schindler's List?
    I never got why she was the only one in color
    4 Entertainment 23
  143. What books do you recomend that can be bought at barns and noble?
    (preferibly in the teenage section)
    18 Literature 18
  144. What kind of solution is blood to the red blood cell?
    Hypertonic, hypotonic or isotonic? And why?
    3 Health 60
  145. do you think red head jokes are getting old or is it because im growing up ?
    9 General 44
  146. Why do they say violets are blue in the poem "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue"...if violets are not blue?
    They are purple/violet...which is why they are called "Violets".
    7 Literature 499
  147. Why is my blood dark red(like maroon) on the very first day of my period?
    3 Health 86
  148. is chicken and turkey meat hard to digest like red meat is?
    2 Health 113
  149. should i paint my room neon blue and bright cherry red or neon blue and bright purple?
    24 Homegarden 40
  150. Which hair color looks best on me - black, red, brown, or blonde?
    12 Style 34
  151. How do I reduce the redness in spots quickly?
    Ive got a party tonight :S
    8 Style 19
  152. Red on ends of highlights
    My blond highlights have orange/red on the ends, how do I get rid of that color?
    2 Style 187
  153. Does anyone like ruby red grapefruit juice?
    its way to bitter for me
    12 Food 44
  154. Why do my toes get all itchy and red in winter?
    does lack of sunlight has anything to do with it?
    8 Health 71
  155. What is the best red velvet cupcake & icing recipe that you personally use?
    2 Food 19
  156. Another riddle, black when you buy it, red when...?
    What is black when you buy it, red when you use it, a and gray when you throw it away ?
    7 General 331
  157. red bumps "down there"?
    I shave like once or twice a week "down there" and I get red bumps. How the hell do I get rid of them?
    11 Style 106
  158. Red highlights
    What do you think about a boy getting something like highlights? If ok what do you think about red ones?
    5 Style 36
  159. Is Barnes and Noble open tomorrow?
    does ne one no if barnes and noble is open on christmas eve day???
    2 General 156
  160. What are these red dots on my penis?
    Well I have red dots on my penis and it bothers me. My girlfriend and I are worried about what it is and if I could have some advice on what it is?
    6 Health 182
  161. Reduce the redness in a zit
    I know you can't get rid zits right away but is there a way to reduce the redness?
    2 Style 47
  162. Myths about red heads?
    Ok, so this guy asked me if the myths about red heads are true. What is the myth? Because I'm a red head but I had no idea what he was talking about?
    2 Relationships 40
  163. red t-zone
    okay so I have a really red t-zone and so how do I get rid of it like take the redness out of it any ideas???
    3 Style 86
  164. How can I get rid of the red marks on my nose that I got when I tried removing my blackheads?
    10 Style 48
  165. pictures have red x's
    how come my pictures wont load? nobodys will and it worked earlier
    2 General 12
  166. How do I srop getting all red and blushing when I sing on stage?
    How can i learn to connect with the audience?
    9 General 32
  167. Which edition of red jumpsuit's song face down do you like??
    Do you like the screamo edition or the original version??
    9 Music 17
  168. How do I get rid of the red "X" that my iPod is giving me?
    locking me out of it and preventing me from using it?
    3 Technology 53
  169. What does it mean when your nose itches & your ears are red ?
    Like the old wifes sayings...
    3 General 65
  170. blue? red? or black?
    ok so I have a ?.if you have a rednose pit(mom), and a blue pit(dad), and the puppy is black, what is it???
    4 Pets 20
  171. Is there any way to get white-blonde hair from red hair without bleaching it?
    8 Style 45
  172. Red Hot Chilli Peppers?
    Do you like the band ? Whats your favorite song of theirs
    6 Music 27
  173. How can I prevent or stop them little red dots appearing when I shave my stomach and chest?
    8 Style 95
  174. Do you think black hair with red highlights underneath would look good?
    12 Style 25
  175. How would I go about donating money to the American Red Cross to help Japan?
    6 Money 8
  176. Where's a good place to get red skinny jeans
    I can't finndd anywhere d:
    7 Shopping 11
  177. What's the best alternative to self injury like the lining your arm with red ink?
    19 General 38
  178. red zit
    how do you get a red pimple to go away overnight!!! its not the kind you can pop ughhh
    2 Style 21
  179. What are these little red dots on my foot?
    I have like5 red dots on my foot what is that??? do you think its bug bites??? please tell me its bugs bites???
    3 Health 147
  180. Would all of you think Red Hot Chili Peppers is a popular band?
    Would all of you think Red Hot Chili Peppers is a popular band? If so, do you like any of their songs?
    3 Music 19
  181. Dark red and blonde highlights in brown hair?
    okay what do you think of dark red and blond highlights in meduim color brown hair???
    5 Style 295
  182. Can I put a chocolate colored brown dye or a caramel color dye over my faded red dye?
    Will the red still show up?
    5 Style 67
  183. What is it called when you dont eat red meat?
    Im stoping eating red meat but I need to know what its called so thanks(;
    6 Food 274
  184. Red bumps on my arms
    I have these little red bumps on my arms... what are they? I've had em forever I always forget their there..
    6 Health 64
  185. How can I get my hair from black to red?
    my hair is dye in black but I want to changed it to red. how can I do that without going to the salon?
    3 Style 91
  186. red jeans
    does anyone know where you can buy skinny colored jeans? like red or yellow or something like that!?
    6 Shopping 14
  187. What colour is made from red and blue?
    what colour do you get when you mix red and blue togther? Im having a mental breakdown... :)
    4 General 23
  188. Colors I can get from mixing red and blue for hair?
    What are all the colors I can get from mixing red and blue? And possibly some silver? (its for a hair streaking thing =] )
    2 Style 21
  189. What are these little red bumps on my legs?
    i have little red bumps on the top of my legs and i dont know what they are. I have perfect skin (any advice)
    2 Style 66
  190. red dots on my vag?
    I have red dots on my vag from where I shaved. is that bad? how do I get rid of them? someone help me pleaseee
    4 Relationships 69
  191. Friends plant has a red dot on the stalk?
    for the growers (wink wink) out there my friend has a plant and its got a lil red dot on the stalk what is it and what does it mean?
    2 Homegarden 31
  192. Red hair/green eyes
    Can you advise me on what color eyeshadow would most compliment green eyes And red hair?
    5 Style 51
  193. How do I get my red dyed hair back to brown?
    I dyed my brown hair red now I want to go back to brown , please help
    4 Style 192
  194. Red hair dye washes out in my hair
    I have dyed my dark brown hair red, but the red color keeps washing out. Is there something I can do to my hair to keep the color from washing out so fast?
    6 Style 137
  195. Blonde hair dying it red
    My hairs blonde right now. Like really blonde. And I really want to dye it red. But will it turn orange if I dye it red?.
    4 Style 94
  196. Is it hard to bleach red hair?
    I have red hair But is it hard to bleach? I have heard of stories that peoples hair have fallen out because red hair cant handle the bleach. HELP!!
    3 Style 97
  197. How long is a nose piercing red and swollen for?
    I got my nose done yesterday, and I don't like the redness of it at the moment. How long will the redness last for?
    3 Style 312
  198. red white and yellow?
    so I always see the colors red green and yellow together? or maybe its red white and green? well what does it mean?
    4 General 20
  199. red blotches under my skin
    I have red blotches under my skin, but not on the top of my skin. It starts on my chest all the way down to my feet. it feels hot and itchy.
    2 Health 31
  200. Red contacts?
    Im going to try to go to the optometrist(eye doctor) And get red contacts This is awesome? Y/n?
    10 Style 41
  201. Will red and black hair look good?
    I've had my hair black and red before but I dont think it looked really good. But I want to do it again. But I want it to look good. Any ideas?
    4 Style 26
  202. What are the names of dark hair colors, like burgundy, red, blond, auburn, etc?
    4 Style 69
  203. Is it normal for my face to turn red when I use anti-blemish pads?
    Sometimes when I use anti-blemish pads, parts of my face turn red. Is this normal?
    2 Style 31
  204. Is red hair like Rihanna a good colour to go?
    im obsessed with the colour red lately :) ??? <3<3
    21 Style 56
  205. What time is the red moon in the US?
    I people talkngi abotu it in the UK..will it happen in the USA? if so when?
    3 General 13
  206. My Knee = Red
    My knees are sore and reddish? I have two little red bumps on my knee,they are very sore...please help? What can I do to make it better...
    4 Health 63
  207. where can i buy a red and white varsity jacket in new york or a cheap one online?
    2 Shopping 38
  208. Which do you prefer white, black, red, or yellow roses
    Im bored so know im curious which do you prefer white, black, red, or yellow roses..
    8 General 39
  209. Can red wine cause skin to peel?
    Can red wine cause skin to peel? I heard that there may be something in red wine that causes peeling skin. Is this true? If I order red wine with my next meal should I be worried?
    3 Food 85
  210. What is the red, dry irritated skin under my nostrils and on the side of my nose?
    also in my chin/mouth area?
    2 Health 47
  211. is it safe to get my black hair stripped and dyed a dark red colour professionally?
    4 Style 48
  212. Red hair
    I want to dye my hair red I am blonde right know can anyone recomend a good hair dye Thanks!!!
    2 Style 26
  213. How to get red Kool-Aid stains out of the carpet?
    I have several stains on my carpet red coolaide does anybody know how to get it out?
    7 Homegarden 249
  214. Favorite red hot chili peppers song
    Mine is under the bridge Its such a beautiful song Wats yours?
    11 Music 18
  215. Is there an age minimum to donate money to the American Red Cross?
    Can a 14 year old do it?
    7 Money 34
  216. What is it when you get a bunch of small red things on your stomache/chest?
    (there not pimples), and what can cause them? they also itch!?
    10 Health 25
  217. Will Red Bull with diet pills hurt me?
    im taking diet pill,can i drink redbull,it will not harm with me?
    3 Health 195
  218. How long for redness to fade?
    While constantly applying neosporin and Vitamin E how long until the redness of a scar goes away..?
    2 Style 85
  219. Can I dye golden brown over deep red hair?
    can I dye a dark golden brown over a deep red without any funky colors coming out?
    6 Style 233
  220. what do you call those little black fish with the red and blue tails that are dangerous to keep around other fish?
    3 Pets 26
  221. Where can I find free piano sheet music for Cat And Mouse by The Red Jumpsuit Aparatus?
    2 Music 17
  222. What is the name of the song that Taylor Swift sings in the Hannah Montanna movie, While they are dancing in the barn?
    3 Music 11
  223. How to cover up your face with makeup so it doesn't turn red?
    Like so i dont blush / get really red
    6 Style 27
  224. Is there a chance that, if I go to Barnes and Nobles, will I find all of the Devil May Cry novels?
    Or atleast some of them?
    3 Literature 14
  225. Red marks on boob
    I have red marks on my boobs that look abit like stretch marks. How can I get rid of them? Cheerrs. x
    4 Style 103
  226. Red cheeks
    I have red cheeks on my face. And I hate it. It looks like I'm always blushing What can I use to reduce it?
    2 Style 11
  227. What is a good similie for " red as..."?
    Like, her shirt was as red as____. or as bright as, either one. and not something like "as red as a tomato!". something kind of deeper
    7 Style 38
  228. Does red bull have bull sperm in it??
    Ma mate asked me if its true that red bull has either bull pee or sperm in it??? Please answer
    16 Pets 208
  229. How would the red sludge affect you?
    How would it change your life? and what could be done to prevent it in the future?
    2 Environment 12
  230. Ash blond hair colour turned out too red, can I tone it
    I used a loreal hair colour ash blond, its too red , is there \a product I can use to cool it down
    2 Style 831
  231. Help my friends hair turned red!
    My friends hair turned red she was trying to die it fron blonde to brown now its red how does she turn it dark brown please help thanks
    2 Style 199
  232. What can I do to get rid of red skin by tomorow?
    I have this red skin under my lip it's just a little patch from my healed wound. How can I make the redness go away by tomorow?
    3 Style 23
  233. What is a red neck?
    Before my friend was like saying something and he was like im a red neck in a joking way. What is a red neck? Im not really sure. Please explain...
    12 General 45
  234. How can I get my cheeks not to be so red`?
    Hey! cheeks are always red!I wear conceler foundation and pouder and why cheeks are still red as a tomato!help?
    3 Style 50
  235. Can I just put brown dye on red hair?
    I have a lady with deep red hair and wants it coloured brown, can I go ahead and put brown on her hair, or will I need to be careful because her hair is red?
    2 Style 100
  236. when the ear is red and purple and swellon is it infected?
    My ear piceing in my cartlige is red purple and swellon and hurts does that mean it is infected? What should I do? I have no puss or anything coming out of it.
    4 Style 1662
  237. Why does my XBOX 360 start to flash red?
    why does my xbox360 turn on then after a while for a lil bit it flashes red does anyone now because I want to play it
    5 Gaming 59
  238. Should a mixed raced girl dye her hair red?
    Right; I want to dye my red and im a mixed raced girl but I dont now if it will suit me. What do you think? (:
    4 Style 84
  239. What are these small red bumps?
    I have these small little red bumps around the outside if my vagina. They sometimes itch and sometimes don't they don't hurt. What are they? Could it be from shaving?
    5 Health 83
  240. Red spots all over my body, ithcy, is it chickenpox?
    Hey I have red spots all over my body and my caregiver thinks it might be the chickenpox...they are really itchy...what are the symptons for the chickenpox???...
    4 Health 62
  241. What are these red dots on my penis shaft?
    I have these red dot like features on the top shaft of my penis what could it be there is quite a bit but i am a virgin and you know i don't know......
    4 Health 95
  242. Why do I have red bumps around my lip piercing how do I treat it ?
    I have redness around my piercing and 3 lil blister like bumps around it too. How do I treat it on my own ?? Or do I just go to my doctor ??
    6 Style 590
  243. Riddle - Take one out and scratch my head, I am now black was red
    Take one out and scratch my head, I am now black but once was red. think abought its actually pretty simple
    7 General 613
  244. how do I gt a closer shave my armpits get red and r hard shave well?
    how do I gt a closer shave my armpits get red and r hard shave well? I hate ny armpit hairs!!!
    4 Style 48
  245. Shaving down there, normal to get red bumps?
    I shave down there. and I get red bumps on the it and on my bkini line. is that normal or do I need to see a doctor or is there somethig to get rid of it?
    8 Style 107
  246. Why is my bug bite flashing red to white?
    It's not insanely bright but it is faintly going red to white. It kinda scaring me x.x
    3 Health 1178
  247. contacts eyes get all red what I should do?
    everytime I try to put in my contact lenses, my eyes get all red, wattery, and irritated. does anyone know what I should do?
    3 Style 65
  248. How do you get rid of red ants?
    How do you get rid of red ants I tryd flouding, ant killing stuff pinecones pinenidles Please help me
    2 Pets 57
  249. What shade of red hair color would look good on me?
    just wanted to ask the Fashion Smarties out there :)
    6 Style 110
  250. How do u make a scar less noticable because it brite red n hard to hide in the summer ?
    3 Health 56