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  1. Can I file bankruptcy?
    Can I file bankruptcy?
    7 Money 21
  2. Are you in favor of taxing people to give to people who pay no taxe
    Are you in favor of taxing people to give to people who pay no taxes ?
    7 Politics 24
  3. How to turn a pdf file into a gif or jpg file?
    How to turn a pdf file into a gif or jpg file?
    3 Technology 52
  4. Can I file for divorce online?
    Can I file for divorce online?
    5 Technology 17
  5. Can I claim my mother on my taxes?
    Can I claim my mother on my taxes?
    2 Money 31
  6. Why can't I upload GIF files?
    Why can't I upload GIF files?
    2 Funadvice 17
  7. From where I can get the file "msn.exe"?
    From where I can get the file "msn.exe?
    2 Technology 11
  8. What is an .iso file and how can i open it?
    3 Technology 12
  9. Is it possible to convert a .exe file to a .iso file?
    3 Technology 59
  10. What is the purpose of paying taxes?
    3 Politics 96
  11. What is California's sales tax?
    5 Money 43
  12. Is there any way to convert music rar. files to mp3. files?
    6 Technology 32
  13. Can I upload mp3 file on youtube?
    Can I upload mp3 file on youtube>?
    4 Technology 62
  14. Can I file bankruptcy on a loan from a friend?
    Can I file bankruptcy on a loan from a friend?
    3 Money 48
  15. Torrents files websites?
    What is the best torrents files websites?
    4 Technology 9
  16. How do you rip a dvd to a mpeg file?
    How do you rip a dvd to a mpeg file?
    4 Technology 16
  17. Converting file to pdf
    How do I convert my documents to pdf file?
    4 Technology 54
  18. Which states have the lowest property taxes
    Which states have the lowest property taxes
    4 Homegarden 43
  19. Why it is illegal to download torrent files
    Why it is illegal to download torrent files
    3 Technology 37
  20. Do you have to pay taxes if you're a stripper?
    6 Money 87
  21. how to file for a lost boat title?
    2 General 22
  22. How can i change a file type from Adobe Reader 9 back to a RAR file type?
    2 Technology 20
  23. What to write in tax abatement letter?
    2 General 113
  24. How can I change an audio file into a video file?
    My old videos changed into audio things for some reason..can i change them back? ):
    5 Technology 22
  25. What do you think of the new Tax in Texas, the Texas Margin Tax?
    This affects anyone in Texas or who trades with Texas.
    2 Politics 13
  26. do i have taxes on gifts and cash donations?
    2 Money 29
  27. Why are 'taxes' constantly pushed but not 'solutions'?
    4 Politics 35
  28. Should I feel bad for filing Unemployment?
    What do you think about those who file for unemployment...Should I feel bad for filing?
    2 Money 49
  29. How does this tax season work?
    like what do you do on taxes day??
    5 Money 24
  30. Can I view temporary internet files on xp?
    Can I view temporary internet files on xp?
    2 Technology 7
  31. Tax Attorney Help
    What is the benefit of hiring a Tax Attorney
    2 Politics 14
  32. How much money is taken out of your check because of taxes?
    How much money is taken out of your check because of taxes?
    2 Money 73
  33. How can I compress a movie file without changing it?
    How can I compress a movie file without changing it?
    2 Technology 14
  34. Can I file bankruptcy on a loan that a friend gave me?
    Can I file bankruptcy on a loan that a friend gave me?
    2 Money 20
  35. Open a rar or flac file that I downloaded?
    How can I open a rar or flac file that I downloaded?
    5 Technology 38
  36. How to burn movie dvd from computer file?
    How to burn movie dvd from computer file?
    2 Technology 19
  37. How can I get my files back from my recycle bin?
    3 Technology 29
  38. Is it easy to do your own taxes?
    Is it easy to do your own taxes? Like using turbo tax, etc.
    3 Money 17
  39. Which show likes you more fringe or the x files?
    3 Entertainment 20
  40. What percentage of taxes are taken out of your paycheck weekly?
    what % is taken out of your paycheck weekly
    2 Money 111
  41. Is it safe for me to download exe files with torrent?
    5 Technology 21
  42. Can someone explain to me how the progressive tax is calculated?
    4 General 21
  43. how to change SWF file to a gif or video?
    4 Technology 9
  44. Where would you go to get help with your taxes?
    13 Money 27
  45. Where can I find an mp3 file of a female screaming?
    5 Technology 12
  46. How would I pay taxes, I'm just a tutor?
    3 Money 23
  47. I want to convert my tiff images to text files,is it possible?
    I want to convert my tiff images to text files,is it possible?I have some tiff image files how can I convert it to text files.
    5 Technology 6
  48. How much would something that costs $498.00 be, AFTER tax?
    How much would something that costs $498.00 be, AFTER tax?
    12 Shopping 206
  49. Burning a Video File
    Which CD do I use to burn a copy of a video file??
    3 Technology 25
  50. How to burn .wmv files to work on a dvd player?
    How to burn .wmv files to work on a dvd player?
    2 Gaming 12
  51. How to save adobe pdf file as an editable document?
    How to save adobe pdf file as an editable document?
    3 Technology 50
  52. Where to copy the file gdiplus.dll?
    Where to copy the file gdiplus.dll which I have downloaded frm net?
    2 Technology 11
  53. Has anyone filed for bankruptcy?
    Did any one file for bankrupcy? And if so was it worth doing?
    7 Money 22
  54. Converting music files
    How do I convert mpeg-4 audio files into mp3 files??
    3 Technology 16
  55. Does anybody else have trouble attaching a file to Funmails?
    8 Funadvice 10
  56. Where can I download ps2, psp and others rom's file?
    4 Gaming 18
  57. How do you open UIF files on your computer?
    What programme do I need to open them?
    7 Technology 48
  58. How do I get a downloaded .zip music file into my iTunes?
    3 Technology 12
  59. how much tax is taken out of a settlement of $800,000.00?
    4 Money 29
  60. How to Convert OST to PST File
    need OST to PST Converter application
    5 Technology 66
  61. is it true investing in insurance companies is tax free?
    4 Money 42
  62. How do you prevent REGcure from deleting important system files?
    2 Technology 11
  63. What is the terminal command on Linux for removing a file from a directory?
    3 Technology 29
  64. How do you make a PHP file in Aptana Studio 2.0?
    2 Technology 11
  65. Why beggars are not made to pay tax as some of them do earn well?
    4 Money 155
  66. Do the funds we earn on Funadvice have to be claimed on our taxes or how does that work?
    7 Funadvice 18
  67. Is raising your taxes 'Patriotic' ?
    Biden has said raising your taxes is 'Patriotic' - Agree or Disagree ?
    10 Politics 39
  68. What percent of taxes are taken out of a check weekly?
    What % of taxes are taken out of a check weekly when claiming 0
    2 Money 101
  69. capital gains tax rate
    what is the capital gains tax rate on the sale of rental property
    2 Money 46
  70. ca state tax %
    whats California's sales tax rate %
    2 Shopping 46
  71. How to retrieve a deleted file?
    How can you retrieve a deleted file from your computer after you removed it from the recycle bin
    5 Technology 52
  72. Is it possible to rip files from a DVD?
    Is it possible to rip video files from a DVD onto my computer? If so how?
    8 Technology 30
  73. Raising taxes
    Should the goverment raise taxes on alcohol and cigarettes to eliminated raising taxes on everyday things?
    5 Politics 20
  74. Do you move out before filing for emancipation or after?
    I am filing for emancipation soon and I am not sure if I gotta file then move out or move out and then file for Emancipation? Let me know before I do it wrong!
    3 Family 20
  75. What date did the tax deadline move to, because its not April 15th this year?
    7 Money 21
  76. Tax Stimulus Checks
    So what are you going to do with your refund check? When do we get them anyway?
    5 Money 12
  77. How can I make an account on without putting a card on file?
    4 Gaming 17
  78. is it true that in 2010 dividend taxes are going to be raised to %15?
    3 Money 12
  79. Does Subway tax their $5.00 footlong subs or does it come out to be $5.00 even?
    4 Food 17
  80. How do I save a song from YouTube onto my computer in my music file?
    10 Technology 42
  81. How can I convert mp4 files into avi so I am able to use them on a DVD?
    5 Technology 12
  82. What kind of video file should go into a PsP in order to work?
    2 Technology 12
  83. Would lowering taxes help the economy, or make it worse?
    2 Money 42
  84. What is the best way to make the most out of the sound quality of mp3 files?
    2 Technology 15
  85. Who uses a Mac and can tell me if they support .ttf font files?
    2 Technology 17
  86. How to delete files from Nintendo DS game "Lost Magic"?
    3 Gaming 111
  87. Are there any other days/weekends that are tax-free besides before school starts?
    5 Shopping 7
  88. Can I use a backup file from quicken 5 for windowson quicken
    Can I use a backup file from quicken 5 for windowson quicken 2006 sofeware?
    2 Technology 31
  89. tax question
    I am paying for my daughters college tuition. Do I get to claim this on my taxes?
    3 Money 23
  90. No tax weekened ?
    Does the no tax weekend includee clothing stores like forever21 and stores like that ??
    4 Shopping 39
  91. How can I delete history simply from my cache files?
    How can I delete history simply from my cache files? anyone know? any solutions?
    6 Technology 38
  92. How do I open mdf file type?
    Hi, how do I open files in the mdf or mds format? Is there any software?
    2 Technology 10
  93. Where do I file a complaint on my attorney?
    I need to file a complaint on my attorney who did my divorce, does anyone know how I should go about to do this?
    2 General 27
  94. How can I see or restore my files on my USB flash drive?
    My USB Flash disk is full,but I can not see the files.
    2 Technology 19
  95. Taxes on loan
    I recieved 37,000 from my grandmother as a loan . Do I have to report this as income? does she have to report this on her taxs?
    2 Money 13
  96. If I receive a cash gift, do I have to pay taxes?
    If I receive a cash gift of $80,000, do I have to pay taxes on that amount?
    6 Money 733
  97. FunAdvice FAQ, and other /doc files come up with an error
    Why do the /doc files on this site all come up with an error message?
    3 Funadvice 29
  98. Does a 13 year old in the United States have to pay income tax?
    Does a 13 year old in the United States have to pay income tax?
    5 Money 69
  99. Federal Income Tax
    Do you believe that a federally imposed income tax violates our constitutional rights?
    5 Politics 36
  100. Do you pay back unemployment on taxes?
    if You claim unemployment for a week or any amount of time, when you file your taxes do you have to pay it back?
    3 Money 59
  101. How do you extract files
    How do you extract files?? Like zip. files and rar files??? if anyone knows, please tell me, asap.
    2 Gaming 38
  102. Why do I feel bad about filing for child support?
    He did me so wrong. And still does. I no its for the best. But i feel bad.
    22 Family 110
  103. How to convert a Works file to Word?
    How do I change a document on the comp. from works to word or text?
    3 Technology 19
  104. Why do people use Microsoft Excel to handle budgets, taxes, etc.?
    2 Technology 11
  105. What can you do if someone is filing false statements saying you were committing welfare fraud?
    4 Politics 10
  106. Why do half of my mp3 files work on mp3 while they all work on my computer?
    They arent corrupted either :S
    3 Technology 28
  107. Where are temporary internet files on internet explorerer?
    When checking history after it has been cleared on internet explorer
    2 Technology 45
  108. sales tax?
    if your discount amount is $94.00 and you have to add 7% sales tax to that amount. how do you do that? can you show me step by step.
    3 General 38
  109. How do you transfer files with portable hard drives?
    how do you use portable hard drives on pc to tranfer files or games .
    2 Technology 53
  110. convert a file that is saved in Windows Movie Maker
    How do you convert a file that is saved in Windows Movie Maker to a Windows Media Player format???
    3 Technology 44
  111. I Want to Convert my Tiff Images to Text files,Is it possible?
    I Want to Convert my Tiff Images to Text files for correct some errors is it possible.
    2 Education 26
  112. How to convert .vob files to .avi format?
    How do I convert VOB files to something like AVI, so I can upload on youtube?
    9 Technology 114
  113. Buying something at 99.99 plus tax, what's the total?
    If I were to buy something that costs $99.99 Plus Tax, what would the approximate total be?
    3 Money 1651
  114. If i say i sold my car for $200, how much would the taxes be when we go to the tax, title, and license place to switch the title?
    I know i should call....but im having a lazy moment.
    2 Money 38
  115. How can I change a picture from one file to a different file?
    I have a picture I want to upload and everything but it's in an adobe acrobat document and I need it to be in a bitmap file to even open it in anything but adobe reader or upload it to any website.
    3 Technology 15
  116. I keep trying to open a file and I get a dll error message. How can I fix this?
    3 Technology 11
  117. whats the best program to recover deleted files ?
    i want to recover my videos from 2008 i deleted
    3 Technology 10
  118. How to file pictures on the LG Xenon?
    I am trying to sort my pictures into folders on my LG Xenon. I can create the folder, but how do I move pictures into the folders?
    3 Technology 57
  119. Is it possible to layer two seperate audio files on top of each other in Audacity 1.3?
    3 Technology 66
  120. Property tax in NY and Penn?
    What are property tax on a 1 or 2 bedroom, 1 or more acres of land in NY or Penn? Thanks,
    2 Homegarden 46
  121. RAW files
    I just took some pix in RAW format and uploaded them to my comp but I cant seem to open do I open RAW files???
    2 Technology 12
  122. can youtube files be downloaded?
    can you download youtube files in anyway so I can burn them to DVD or play them in windows media player?
    6 Technology 43
  123. Who else loves the X-Files?
    OMG I LOVE the X-Files. It's the best show ever!!! Who agrees with me?
    6 Entertainment 10
  124. File bankrupcy on credit card debt in the state of indiana
    Does anyone know if you can still file bankrupcy on credit card debt in the state of indiana???
    3 Money 21
  125. Where can I find a free download files recovery software?
    Where can I find a free download files recovery software that I can download...can you give the software name or the website...tanks.
    2 Technology 18
  126. Dvd files convert?
    Is it possible to convert files from a dvd ( .ifo .vob .bup ) to easily edited files? If so what do I use? Free.
    2 Technology 57
  127. why cant you upload .gif files?
    why cant you not upload .gif files for? most of my pics are .gif so I can only upload little amount of pics. I cant change those pics to change the file name of them, so why does it matter if its .gif or any others ?
    3 Funadvice 38
  128. What's a good file sharing program?
    im unhappy with the file sharing programs I use frostwire and limewire do you know any good one
    4 Technology 15
  129. how can i cut my doggies nails without hurting him or without buying that little thing that spins and files them?
    14 Pets 44
  130. Does anyone know what type of file this is?
    it's an audio and I need to convert it to mp3 or any other sort of playable file? Pardon the name of the file.
    16 Technology 35
  131. Does anyone like to watch Forensic Files?
    Does anyone like to watch Farenzic Files? If so, do you all like to see the detectives solve cold cases?
    6 Entertainment 39
  132. How can I edit a flv file completely free?
    I have a video that I recorded, but I want to trim some stuff out- how can I do that for free?
    2 Technology 14
  133. Can I send a jar file via Bluetooth?
    is there any way to send a file with .jar extension via bluetooth using a nokia s40 phone
    7 Technology 237
  134. how can I play AVI files.
    how can I play AVI files...whenever I try to play them on windows media player it says xvidcore.dll not found
    3 Technology 10
  135. How can you file bakruptcy if you get a lot of payday loans?
    Can you file bankruptcy on payday loans? My friend wrote over 20 and she wants to file bankruptcy what will happen if she files chapter 7
    3 Money 23
  136. An american citizen who has worked abroad for a whole year has to file taxes or not?
    Im not sure about this, i need info please what if an american citizen has made his income outside the united states for a year, he still have to file taxes or not tell me please thank you for example, if i have a small business outside the united stat...
    3 Money 29
  137. What is "tax return"?
    i was applying for financial aid and my counselor said "does your dad file tax? whats that? please no mean comments
    8 Money 15
  138. What file format do iPods use?
    what file format does the I-pod require? Is it the same format as the MP3, or is it WAV, or is it something entirely different?
    2 Technology 111
  139. What can I claim on my taxes?
    I bought a house in december of 07 what part of the money I put down can I claim on my taxes and what do I claim it under.does it have to be a certain amount before I can claim it?
    2 Money 53
  140. How is it possible to transer files?
    I was just wondering if it is possible to transfer files from computer to computer via a usb cable not a flash drive thanks
    3 Technology 18
  141. What do you think of companies like Google paying 2.4% tax while the small business owner pays 40% or more?
    2 Money 16
  142. How can I make mp3 files sound clearer and louder without downloading software?
    like so I can do it online?
    3 Technology 118
  143. Why aren't my CDs letting me burn files onto them any more?
    they have never been used but are several years old
    7 Technology 38
  144. How to monitor any changes in file & folder in a file server
    I want to do auditing on file server win 2003. I want to find logs for file/folder creation,deletion,create share,delete share...etc. Please suggest some good monitoring utilities for the same purpose Any suggestions would be appreciable !
    2 Technology 17
  145. When you file taxes would you recieve more money back as a single parent or as a married couple with a child?
    Me and chris were planning on getting married next april but are thinking about moving it up to this year if we get more money back because we desperatly need a new vehicle.
    2 Money 38
  146. Why won't the winlatestzip file download to my pc from my TomTom ?
    What won't winlatestzip file download to my pc from my TomTom GPS device? Every time I try it keeps saying "the file can't be downloaded".
    2 Technology 79
  147. Why cant I view hidden files and folders in my computer?
    For about a week I have been trying to view hidden files but I can't view them.I have already selected view hidden files and folders in folder option but it doesn't work.
    3 Technology 48
  148. Why would some of the tax-payer billions given to AIG end up going
    Why would some of the tax-payer billions given to AIG end up going to European Banks instead of American ?
    4 Politics 15
  149. Upload an exe file to gmail?
    How to upload a .exe file in gmail account(email) Or to email it to someone ? Size =250 mb Or how to send by other method through net?
    3 Technology 39
  150. music file to your phone?
    How would I send a music file from my email to my phone? I've tried adding it as an attachment and when I got the txt there was nothing there?
    3 Technology 16
  151. Which is best to claim on student taxes?
    What is Ideal to claim on taxes so I do not end up owing the Gov more money? 1 for single not married or 0?
    2 Money 14
  152. What can be done if someone sold real-estate or a company with a tax lien on it without disclosing this information?
    8 Money 7
  153. Why is a glass nail file better than an ordinary one?
    I heard they were better for your nails so I got one and it does feel kinder to my nails compared to a normal one. But why is this?
    9 Style 40
  154. How do you put mp4 file on HTML?
    This video is downloaded so like its not off a website, otherwise I would embed the code
    4 Technology 18
  155. What do you think of Global Warming and carbon taxing?
    Do you think this is a ploy to just make people money, or there may be a problem and global warming is an issue.
    7 Environment 28
  156. How much is a 160 GB Playstation 3 at $299.99 in Canada plus tax?
    I need to calculate how much I need to save!
    3 Gaming 29
  157. How do I file for taxes?
    I'm twenty and I have no idea how to do my taxes. I'd like to be able to do it on my own instead of having to spend money at H&R Block having someone do it for me. Is there a website that'll give me a rundown or a checklist on what I should be doing, o...
    3 Money 31
  158. How do I send files from my PC to my phone?
    Right I have loads of songs and MP3 files I want to send from my PC to my phone via a USB dongle, but I can only seem to send files from my phone to my PC. HELP. xxx.
    8 Technology 55
  159. How can I get back all my files after system restore?
    My computer was not working so my dad put it into system restore and now all my files and docs have all gone. Is there any way of getting any of them back? Please help!
    3 Technology 38
  160. Can I save my limewire files onto a Rogers plug in?
    My computer is messed up and I really hate downloading all my songs over again is there a way I can save all my limewire files to a rogers plug in? and reload it and all my songs will be on my computer?
    3 Technology 16
  161. How Come the chip in my camera says "file contains no images"?
    How Come the chip in my camera says file contains no images but I took a lot of photos yesterday and today and I saw them but not anymore?
    11 Technology 51
  162. want programs to open xls files
    I have never used microsoft excell and do not want to reformat if it ,does anyone know of another program that opens xls files?
    2 Technology 40
  163. How to I open this file if it is a zipped folder?
    I downloaded a music album but it is a zipped compressed file, how do I open it? I tried to open it with windows media player + it didnt work
    5 Technology 11
  164. What is amr. file?
    I got an email with an attachment that said .amr. I tried to download it but my computer didnt know what it was can anyone help?
    2 Technology 9
  165. How do you delete files off your computer permanently without chances of getting them back through disk-recovery or anyway else?
    3 Technology 7
  166. Transferring files from one computer to a laptop
    How do I transfer all the stuff I have on my big computer to my laptop,I have a USB cord already connected,help me out please.
    2 Technology 19
  167. How do I convert mp4 music files to mp3?
    How can I convert my mp4 music files used by itunes to mp3 files used by my phone without using any money or taking the songs off my comp then putting them back on methods
    7 Technology 42
  168. What state has the lowest property tax?
    Is Oregon or Alaska the state with the lowest property tax? I am having a debate with my mom on the phone about this. She thinks it is Alaska, and I say that Oregon definitely has a lower tax rate for homes, school, and property.
    3 Homegarden 58
  169. Tax and Money
    I remember learning in econ back in hs that they (the government I guess) taxes you on money over a certain amount. What is that amount? Is it $10,000 or do you have to file that amount or more if you receive it as a gift?
    2 Money 13
  170. Can I get my deleted Urbz files back?
    on Urbz: sims in the city how do you get deleted files back. I accidentaly saved my bro's file on mine.So can i get mine back, I got so far. PLEASE HELP!!!
    3 Gaming 9
  171. Help with deleting files
    My computer is slow as hell! this is because of all the files on it. I cannot find the uninstall disc to get rid of any of the programs/files, is there any other way to get rid of these programs??
    2 Technology 10
  172. So how much is actually taken out of a paycheck for taxes?
    So how much is actually taken out of a paycheck for taxes? Federal-? Social security-? If its an estimate I just need ball park figure. Thanks, D
    3 Money 80
  173. How do I make a true type font file under my list of fonts so I can use it in MSN, notepad and wordpad?
    I downloaded it off the internet, and it says its a compressed file as well?
    2 Technology 44
  174. How to play convert mov video files to any other more common format?
    I just downloaded mov video file and to be honest I have no idea what kind of format this is. Can anyone tell me to which format I should transform it and how? Thank you!
    3 Technology 14
  175. What is the answer to the computer file query?
    If I copy and paste shortcut a folder from my computer onto a memory stick, will it update the file when I next plug in the memory stick ? If not how do I get it to update ?
    2 Technology 12
  176. What happens when you file for bankruptcy?
    I was watching this on a show the other day, I didn't quite catch the talk to well so I was wondering, what's the process and what happens when you file for bankruptcy. Thanks in advance :)
    8 Money 10
  177. Why did I suddenly get a random music file on my mp3?
    It just suddenly poped out and i cant delete it. There are so many files with nothing inside that file. What can i do to restart my mp3 or delete that file if the normal way isnt going to work?
    4 Technology 11
  178. Could I legally start an Atheist meditation group, so that I wont have to pay taxes?
    You know, just like those corrupt religious organizations?
    2 Religion 26
  179. Retrieve deleted file on Pokemon Diamond?
    I deleted my downloaded manaphy egg on accident. Can it be recovered? I cannot re-download it from ranger.
    2 Gaming 71
  180. How can I put a YouTube song I converted into an mp3 file on iTunes?
    I want to put the song on my ipod through itunes. My friend does it, but she has a different computer. I have an HP and she has some other kind.
    7 Technology 20
  181. Youtube failed (unable to convert video file) ?
    Youtube when I uploded it it wouldnt let people see it , it said. Failed (unable to convert video file) thats what it say What can I do to make it work?
    4 Technology 110
  182. IRS and Dead mothers income taxes
    IRS billed $8000 for dead mothers unpaid income taxes. She had no assets except $15000 in her bank that we paid for her funeral and medical bills. Don't know what I should do...
    2 Money 34
  183. Tax Payer Rights
    do we have a right to chose which school to send our kids if we pay taxes to both schools? our property is divided btwn both districts and one is denying us access.
    3 Education 25
  184. What are your thoughts on the carbon tax?
    The carbon tax was proposed by Al Gore and it is to be switched out with the payroll tax. Do you guys feel that this tax should be accepted or not? I say no, this is taxing one of the elements on earth that is needed to sustain life. How much sense doe...
    9 Politics 38
  185. Can I recover an unsaved file?
    I was editing a picture on my computer, but then all of a sudden the program just shut down and I hadn't saved the picture yet. So can I recover the picture or is it gone for good? Thanks [:
    2 Technology 42
  186. What do you think of the Tax Free Weekend (Texas)?
    I think it's a great time for Texas to have such an event - just in time for back to school shopping. Do you think this will have an adverse effect on the Texan economy?
    5 Politics 33
  187. Is there any way you could get back your files after you formatted?
    I formatted my hard drive some minutes back, i was suppose to format the pendrive!! Im really bummed!! Helpp???
    7 Technology 27
  188. How do you transfer file from an iPod to your computer?
    I gave my friend my iPod so he could put some music in it, but now I want to know how I could transfer all of those songs into my computer. Is it possible? Thanks! :D
    4 Technology 17
  189. Do I have to pay taxes if I'm working at 16?
    I recently began working and when I got my pay stub it said I had money with held for federal w/h. Is this normal if I'm 16?
    5 Money 48
  190. Is the candidates hiding their tax returns good or bad?
    In a break with the tradition of recent presidential campaigns, most of the major presidential candidates aren't releasing their income-tax filings - good thing or bad thing ?
    2 Politics 19
  191. Is it ok to when u watch t.v. to always want to watch like forenics shows, like forensic files, law and order, csi, shows like that, or is it odd?
    16 Entertainment 31
  192. Would it be safe to use a regular nail file on my dog, as long as I'm gentle?
    My dog has really sharp nails. I was thinking of clipping her nails, then filing them a bit to round them off so they won't be so sharp...or just file them without clipping them. Would it be safe to use just a regular nail file like you use on hum...
    10 Pets 176
  193. Why is tax not included in American prices?
    This is something I often wondered when living in or visiting the US, especially now living in Germany, where the valued added tax is figured into the price, so what you see is what you will pay.
    6 Shopping 36
  194. What file hosting site do you usually use?
    I sometimes send a large attachment on email and it exceeds the file limit. I use mediafire but i think its damn slow. :O
    5 Technology 8
  195. Xls files
    I need to know how to open xls files.I use xp pro but can`t seem to open them.I have had xp office sbe,but have been not nknowing if that will work.which is better .xp pro or office xp sbe?
    4 Technology 22
  196. How to get back my lost photo files?
    Appeal! Can somebody give me a hand? I don’t know why I can not find my photos in the camera, what should I do? They are very precious for me. Guys, just give me some ideas, thanks!
    2 Technology 13
  197. How can I compress my files on mac?
    I want to compress some movie files on my macbook, but when I tried the zip file was the same size as the original files, so I don't see the point. The original files are 1.37 GB all together and the zip file is 1.36 GB. Is this all it can compress i...
    2 Technology 12
  198. What are "Class" files?
    So I download music right and it says it is a "class" file and I am unable to put it on my mp3 or cd I can play it on WMP11 but thats all it can do. Is there anyway I can change it so I can put it on my mp3 or a cd??? Thanks if you can help! Hayley
    2 Music 6
  199. how much taxes are taken out of my check
    I work on a farm in michigan, I claimed my self as a dependent, and I get paid $8 an hour, what is the % of tax that is taken out of my check, btw, I get paid every two weeks
    2 Money 119
  200. Making editable PDF files so they can be saved
    I've created catalog pages with editable fields that can be filled in. However, they can't be saved by others that fill them in. How do I make my files so whoever uses them can save them with the data they enter into the fields Rich...
    4 Technology 45
  201. Does anyone know how to convert .KSD files into .NMSV?
    this is really bugging me and its slowing me down in my production for dubstep i had 1.1.3 massive now i have 1.3 but it changed the file types and i was wondering if there was any way of converting them.
    2 Technology 51
  202. Can someone please tell me how and why a file corrupts?
    Hiii, Can someone please tell me how and why a file corrupts? Bcos it seems to happen to me when I need to get it done, and was thinking if it was somethin I was doin?? Pls help xx
    2 Technology 19
  203. How can I change the type of video file so I can use it in films?
    I have some video clips and they are in the format of 'quicktime' 3GPP and I want to change it so I can use them in Windows movie maker as it wont allow me at the moment. How can I change the file type? and what do I need to change it to?
    2 Technology 24
  204. Does anyone know how much zebra finches from PetSmart cost without tax?
    I tried to look at it on their website but they aren't on there. They have them in store though but I cant go for a while
    5 Shopping 81
  205. Where and why did all my files and folders dissappear?
    A few weeks ago my entire harddrive got corrupted, but then my files were recovered. That time, my laptop would not boot at all. This time, my laptop boots but all my documents and folders are gone. Anyone know the reason why?
    5 Technology 28
  206. How do I change a CPR2 file into a JPG?
    Okay, so im playing with my new camera and i tried putting the SD card into my laptop to get a better look at the pictures and they are all CPR2 files instead of JPG how can i change it?
    2 Technology 118
  207. When can adultery charges be filed?
    My ex boyfriend is unhappy in his marriage. He started communucating with me through text messages, phone calls. and then brief meetings. His wife found out and is threatening to file charges. Can she and if yes what sort of charges can be filed in PA?
    2 Politics 41
  208. Haircut tax
    I've seen this in a barbershop the haircut is 15 plus tax is the first time that I see this in a barber shop I didnt know they charge tax for a haircut I was thinking this guy have nerve but maybe im wrong I mean is that allowed to charge taxes for the...
    2 General 104
  209. Does creating a list of do’s and don’ts help you in preparing for the upcoming Tax time?
    Before filing the taxes every business needs to get familiar with terms that will help you in getting ready for this Tax season. There are things which must be need to understand because when some people think of filing and paying their taxes, they p...
    3 Money 14
  210. How to delete files off a DVD RW disk?
    I have music on the disk but I need to delete a few songs. Someone told me if I'm using vista I just need to press the delete key and they will erase, but that doesn't work.
    3 Technology 69
  211. What programme can I use to open an EPUB file?
    I know that it would be a certain e book reader, but does anyone know which one. I don't feel like downloading a few and trying, I'd just like to know.
    2 Technology 12
  212. Is this tax disproportionate ?
    Will the upcoming Obama tax raise on cigarettes April 1 of .62 per pack (bringing it to around $5 per pack in Indiana) disproportionately hit low-income workers ?
    8 Politics 48
  213. what things I can put when I do my taxes?
    what things I can put when I do my taxes for example can I put that I bought an ipod and lcd tv and give him the receipt to my accountant, what I really want to know is if they give me some money back for what I bought if anybody knows tell me please, ...
    4 Money 76
  214. RealMedia File
    I got anime movies form my friend and most of them are RealMedia File which doesnt play on my pc does anybody know what I should ddo to make it play like which kind of Media Player must I install ?
    2 Technology 7
  215. Cut consumption with a added gas tax of 50 cents per gallon
    Rep. John dingell, d-mich., wants to help cut consumption with a added gas tax of 50 cents per gallon - good idea or bad idea ?
    12 Politics 19
  216. Is the tax break for Social Security a good idea?
    I read up on Obama's new tax cut plan, cutting off the taxes that go into Social Security. Here's the article I got it from in case you might need it to formulate your answer:
    10 Politics 27
  217. Trying to a convert an audio file...
    I recorded a Phone conversation with someone the other day and I want to put it on a cd (I already transferred the recording from my phone to my computer) but the file type im getting is QCP and its not recognized as an audio file on a CD-ROM any way ...
    2 Technology 17
  218. Who knows if there is a way to access a Playstation 1 memory card and delete only a fraction of a game save file up to a certain percentage level?
    If anyone knows please tell me if it's possible.
    4 Gaming 37
  219. What MS office file compressors can you suggest?
    My powerpoint & excel files are huge and i want to reduce them but zipping them can only compress them a bit. Im looking for tools like NXpowerlite but are not shareware :D Thanks!
    4 Technology 9
  220. Why Won't this file download as a zip?
    Ok so I downloaded this font last night, and it was a zipped. trying to get it to work, I tried to open it with internet explorer, big mistake. Now it won't go back to a TTF file. please help?
    2 Technology 14
  221. How do the IRS and income tax work?
    hello! I have to know how IRS \ income tax work..okay this my problem I have a 7 yr old daughter and her father pay childsupport and he claims her on taxes but the thing is she live with me so I'm wonder if he was to claim then, I claim her also who w...
    2 Money 24
  222. What file type do videos have to be on an ipod nano?
    I have a video option on my ipod, so I tried putting one on, but it said it wasn't the correct file type or something. I'm not sure what types you can use, whether its .mov or .avi or whatever. Anyone know?!
    2 Technology 59
  223. Im going to attempt to do my own taxes online. :( Ugh.
    I had to wait forever for one of my forms to come, well actually I had to call my old employer and have them send it to me via email -_- Losers.
    3 Money 17
  224. Convert .flv's to any other video file for free?
    Anyone have any suggestions because I have a lot of movies in .flv that I took of th internet using some add-on on firefox that takes any file on the page...but ya...does anybody know of a free program to convert them???
    6 Technology 23
  225. Can a company garnish your federal income tax return or state tax return if you owe them money?
    What happened was I went on a personal "unpaid" leave from a company and they failed to take me off their payroll (I worked as a salary employee) I notified the payroll department and they said that it was the way the system was set up. They told me no...
    7 Money 40
  226. What does it mean when you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy?
    I was reading about home foreclosures, and I kept seeing references to Chapter 13 attornies and the viable option that is filing a "Chapter 13" if your home is foreclosed on. I can understand halting the foreclosure, but wouldn't filing for bankuptcy b...
    4 Money 45
  227. Can adding three legit dependents to my tax return cause an audit?
    I have been helping my sister with her 3 kids since Feb. I have been paying all the bills and rent. She told me that I can claim them as she hasn't worked at all this year. I normally only claim myself. Will the three dependents cause a tax audit?
    6 General 10
  228. FunAdvice Trivia: What section of the FBI do The X-Files fall under?
    A) Paranormal Investigations B) Serial Kιller Task Force C) Special Operations D) Violent Crimes
    13 Funadvice 31
  229. Is it possible to have an mp3 file playing during a slide show presentation?
    I'm using Google docs to do the slide show. I'm doing a project on "Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over" and I want the song playing in the background to piss my teacher off :D
    5 Technology 13
  230. How do I get my files?
    I have a sd card for my camera and I have files on it but when I put in it my laptop in the slot it says there are no files on it. Do I format it? I think I tried formatting it before and it just erased everything and I lost all my files. I want to kee...
    2 Technology 15
  231. Would you pay federal income tax if it was not written law?
    Bare in mind I'm not asking if taxes are bad or if they are necessary...just would you pay THAT particular tax be it optional. Replace "federal" with the applicable term. A lot of people in the US claim that there is no such law. I have not done th...
    9 Money 24
  232. Filing an abstract on a traffic ticket?
    I have searched online and cant find any information. Does anyone know how to file a patent abstract by mail? My mom got a ticket and was suppose to go to court but didnt know that so there is 800 dollar bail which we cant afford. We were told to file ...
    2 General 52
  233. File I downloaded won't play on any of my players!!!
    I downloaded a file from uTorrent. It's a video file but it won't play on any of the players that I have. It doesn't even tell me what type of file it is, it just says file. Its a little difficult to explain...there is an icon by the file and its like ...
    4 Technology 16
  234. Convert a media file?
    I use windows movie maker for making my video's, But they always will never upload becuase I have to convert the media file (which is the thing thats at the end like .wmm or mwmmms or.jpg, etc.) How do you convert it? Or a simpler way to do things...
    2 Technology 20
  235. Mormon church should lose tax exempt status?
    It was revealed that the Mormon church was one of the biggest donors behind Prop 8 in California that stripped gay / lesbian couples of the right to, now that they've gone & played politics, they should lose their tax excempt status, right?
    20 Politics 89
  236. How much percentage of tax is taken out of my paycheck?
    .. I am 15 years old, i work at Mcdonalds, i get paid student minimum wage 9.60 an hour, i work part time, around 4 hours a day ..
    2 Money 90
  237. My little sister is filing her teeth down
    ok my younger sis has two big front teeth! she cry and crys about getting teased at skool yesterday I seen her filling her teeth! and they actually got smaller what should I do ? help. thanx!
    3 Style 13
  238. What file format do need to download from limewire to an IPod video
    I downloaded a couple of movies from Limewire with and ending of avi, but when I tried to put them in my IPod it gives the message that this cannot be played on my IPod. Can someone tell me what format or ending I should be lloking for when downloadin...
    3 Technology 43
  239. Why 44 house republicans want to eliminate income taxes?
    The "replacement" is a tax on the poor & middle class for the income tax. Think about it: poor people don't save money, they spend it all. So does the bulk of the middle class. So when you replace the income tax (which the rich pay more than poor) with...
    4 Politics 11
  240. What/ do I do when I accidently delete all my files?
    I'm so upset! I was on Limewire and it was sharing all of my stuff and I didn't want it to, so I deleted all the files off Limewire, But I didn't realise it would delete them all of my computer too! I've lost videos of my sister and me when we were you...
    5 Technology 42
  241. Is it legal for Native Indians to sell tax-free cigarettes to non-Indians?
    (I was just out with a friend and they stopped at a store on a Native Indian reservation to buy a cartoon of smokes. They were tax free, so half the price of what is normally charged. Is this legal? I didn't know they could do that. I live in Canada)
    6 General 48
  242. Would you support an end to taxes on wages?
    I'm not talking about income tax in general, or even Social Security/Medicare, but strictly federal taxes on wages. By my estimates, taxes on wages represent only 16% of the total tax receipts. Surely that could be accomodated by other means. Income...
    26 Politics 33
  243. Who should bear the burden of the taxes?
    Here's some things to consider before answering: 10% of the tax payers with the highest income pay for 2/3's of the income taxes. They also pay a higher rate of taxes, above paying for just a high tax itself. (Rich included.) Social Insurance taxes ...
    5 Politics 48
  244. FunAdvice Trivia: What TV series did Chris Carter credit as a major inspiration for The X-Files?
    A) Dark Shadows B) The Twilight Zone C) The Outer Limits D) Kolchak: The Night Stalker
    10 Funadvice 15
  245. What do you guys feel about the Pentagon demanding the files that Wikileaks has?
    Wikileaks is in posession of over 15,000 files related to the war in Afghanistan. The Pentagon has demanded them to hand the material over, the reason that these articles haven't been disclosed is to protect the names of the people in it. They've alrea...
    5 Politics 14
  246. Immigration Help...filing the G-325A form
    Hi, I'm in the process of filing the G-325A form with my husband. I'm trying to see if anyone has any advice on how to fill it out and on what is the best method to go about it. My husband and I don't have the money to pay a Lawyer, so we are doing eve...
    3 Politics 110
  247. Can you convert this to mp4?
    Can you convert an lst file to an mp4 file, and if so how and with what program?
    2 Technology 21
  248. Where do I get a tax code/UK?
    I've just recently started a new job. I got my first wage slip today and I had to pay tax. I got told I'll get it back eventually in a tax rebate but do I just wait for it? Does it come in the mail? Do I ask for it? Do I have to tell the council? I don...
    6 Money 20
  249. Can I file a complaint if I believe the cable technician stole something from me?
    I have searched my room from top to bottom for my phone's USB cord that hooks it up to my laptop, but I can't find it anywhere. The only possibility is, the cable company Charter in Victorville's technician stole it from my desk because it never leaves...
    4 Politics 50
  250. Would you agree with this quote about the rich and taxes?
    I read this: "Every time some in Washington raise taxes, they think the people they want to help will feel better because somebody's being gotten even with. The rich are going to suffer like you are? No. The rich will keep their jobs. You're going to g...
    8 Politics 24