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Who is the largest purchaser in the secondary market

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  1. What's business marketing?
    2 Money 81
  2. What's the largest island in the world?
    What is the largest island in the world?
    7 Travel 49
  3. What is the name of the largest island
    What is the name of the largest island?
    4 Education 58
  4. What is the largest country in the world?
    What is largest country in the world?
    4 Politics 30
  5. Which woman has the largest chests?
    Which woman has the largest chests?
    2 General 29
  6. What is the world's largest casino?
    What is the world's largest casino?
    4 General 119
  7. Where can I purchase a tattoo gun?
    8 Shopping 48
  8. How to gain high in the stock market?
    How to gain high in stock market?
    3 Money 16
  9. How to find my primary and secondary DNS?
    5 Technology 1551
  10. Can I check the status of my ebay purchase?
    Can I check the status of my ebay purchase?
    2 Technology 62
  11. What's the largest breed of draft horses?
    What's the largest breed of draft horses?
    2 Pets 17
  12. Why is hte stock market falling?
    Why is hte stock market falling?
    2 General 9
  13. Can I purchase anesthesia for cat euthanasia?
    Can I purchase anesthesia for cat euthanasia?
    2 Pets 18
  14. What is the best laptop on the market today?
    23 Technology 69
  15. How does the stock market work?
    Do you invest in stocks?
    2 Money 16
  16. How old does a person have to be to purchase a house?
    5 Money 16
  17. Where could I purchase fresh dragonfruit?
    9 Food 18
  18. What is "branding" in marketing?
    as detailed as you can pleease?
    6 Money 12
  19. What has been the largest recorded tornado in Texas; when and where was it?
    4 Environment 24
  20. What is the best dog food on the market today?
    What is the best dog food on the market today?
    4 Pets 87
  21. Bad to purchase a puppy from a breeder with no papers?
    Is it bad to purchase a puppy from a breeder with no papers
    3 Pets 15
  22. Web marketing and Designing
    Can you tell me How I start web marketing and designing ?
    5 Technology 51
  23. How much does a black market vicodine cost?
    How much does a black market vicodine cost?
    2 General 38
  24. Three largest cells in the world?
    What are the three largest cells in the world and what are the three smallest?
    3 Science 53
  25. Can you purchase real HCG without a prescription?
    2 Health 65
  26. Where can I purchase a reasonably priced dartboard and darts?
    2 Shopping 8
  27. Should you buy fish at a fish market if it smells fishy?
    9 Food 103
  28. Which is that one factor you look out for while purchasing a car?
    11 Cars 38
  29. What are the largest and the smallest parts of the human brain?
    4 Science 1344
  30. How do you measure viscosity without purchasing a metre?
    2 Science 26
  31. what's the largest breed of draft horses? in what country did
    what's the largest breed of draft horses? in what country did they originate?
    5 Pets 71
  32. Is anyone here an affiliate marketer?
    I guess I want to ask if there are any affiliate marketers here and how do you do it?
    4 Money 24
  33. Where can I purchase a Monroe piercing stud that resembles a mole?
    6 Style 39
  34. Does anyone know where I can purchase games for GameCube (not "GameStop")?
    9 Gaming 13
  35. Where can I purchase Take a Bow (piano tribute to Rihanna)?
    2 Music 8
  36. Pregnancy test purchase
    How old do you need to be to buy a pregnancy test
    2 Health 17
  37. What is the most purchased and most stolen book in the world?
    The same answer fits both
    8 Literature 52
  38. What are the best companies to invest in the stock-market?
    2 Money 47
  39. Where's the cheapest place to purchase NHL playoff tickets?
    3 Sports 8
  40. What are some good websites to purchase sunglasses at a cheap price?
    2 Shopping 13
  41. Where can I find pictures for media and marketing?
    Where can I find picture for media and marketing?? Please help!! Thanks :)
    3 Technology 14
  42. Is Internet marketing the best way to earn money at home?
    Is Internet marketing best way to earn more money at home?
    4 Money 25
  43. Do you think the U.S. stock market is headed south?
    Do you think that US stock market is headed south?
    2 Money 39
  44. How do I find the CD key for software I have purchased?
    How do I find the CD key for software I have purchased but lost the box?
    3 Technology 17
  45. Which is the best cell phone on the market?
    I wanted to know which cell phone is the best available in market.
    2 Technology 23
  46. Market investing
    If I were to invest a certain amount of cash into a market,what would happen?
    3 Money 18
  47. Purchase versus buy
    Hello! Whats the difference between purchase and buy? Thanks
    2 Education 8
  48. How do I purchase a marshall farms ferret
    How do I purchase a marshall farms ferret. There is no link on the site that directs me to purchasing baby ferrets. What do I do???
    4 Pets 129
  49. What the largest penis size youve evar seen?
    5 Relationships 83
  50. Can you purchase things off TV, and the internet with a debit card, if you don't have a credit card?
    12 Shopping 54
  51. What is the cheapest guitar on the market with EMG active or passive pickups?
    3 Music 26
  52. Who has the bigger share of the world market of shavers- panasonic or braun?
    2 General 12
  53. Is there anywhere I can go to purchase gold backs for earrings?
    just the backs is all I need
    3 Shopping 12
  54. what is the equation for the primary to secondary turns ratio in a transformer ?
    8 Education 12
  55. What is affiliate marketing?
    What exactly is affiliate marketing.Can you make a lot of money from affiliate marketing in the net?
    4 Money 31
  56. Full size truck on the market is the most fuel eficient ?
    To buy a new truck,which full size truck on the market is the most fuel eficient ??
    4 Shopping 14
  57. Are teens allowed to purchase unrated movies?
    Are teens allowed to purchase *R* rated/unrated movies from stores?
    3 Entertainment 42
  58. Marketing products
    whats the best and cheapst way get fitness product on the market ?
    3 Money 15
  59. What is post secondary education?
    Is it like going back to school after you graduated?
    7 Education 30
  60. Where can I purchase a good set of turtle doves?
    not real ones though?
    2 Shopping 16
  61. When do camel crushes go off the market?
    I know that they're going to take them off the shelves soon but when?
    3 General 50
  62. How much bigger is the world's largest star, VY Canis Majoris, than the sun?
    4 Science 84
  63. Would it be worrisome that the largest increasing age group is now 65 and up in the United States?
    6 Politics 43
  64. How do you guys feel when you watch movies and see the same ROADS,MARKETS,STREETS and BUILDINGS that you have been to?
    5 Entertainment 21
  65. Bond Market
    Is it on the brink of disaster too? I say it's coming thanks to our governments intervention
    2 Money 11
  66. How can I purchase a black widow spider?
    I wold like to know how to purchase black widow spiders for resurch dead or alive
    10 Pets 403
  67. Marketing
    Currently studying Marketing at University. Has anyone else done so? Jack, 19, UK
    3 Education 10
  68. Where can I purchase mascarpone cheese?
    Does walmart/sobeys/superstore/food basics/nofrills sell mascarpone cheese? These are the supermarkets around me and I need to purchase this cheese which place sells it?
    3 Shopping 379
  69. Can your purchase just the screen to replace on an iphone and where could i purchase a decent priced one?
    My fiances sister gave him her old iphone, it works perfectly but the screen is cracked extremely bad. Can you purchase just the screens and where are some affordable places to buy them?
    3 Technology 9
  70. Which video game on the market is the scariest?
    For all of you gamers, which video game out there do you think is the scariest? For me it’s between Silent Hill and Resident Evil.
    9 Gaming 26
  71. Which continent has the countries with the largest diversity in ethnic groups?
    Which continent has the countries with the largest diversity in ethnic groups? Asia South America Africa North America
    5 Travel 55
  72. Why do you think women cannot compete with men in competitive market when you see so many women in top now?
    3 Money 40
  73. What's the smallest investment available in the market?
    What is the smallest investment opportuniteis available in the market,including on the Net ? And how much is it ? Please give a link if possible !!
    2 Money 13
  74. What is the reason behind the Global stock market crash?
    Nowadays in most of the countries stock market is crashing more often. What do you think what is the main reason behind this global crisis
    7 Money 15
  75. What's a good summer project for an MBA in Marketing?
    As I am studing MBA Marketing as my subject, What is the best topics for summer project related to mutual fund?
    3 Education 23
  76. Can purchases be made with a student Paypal account?
    And also can payments be recieved from sites like gpts?
    3 Shopping 13
  77. Can a house be purchased with no money down?
    Is there really a way to buy houses without using any of your own money or credit? Which programs work, if any?
    4 Homegarden 62
  78. Where might I purchase the sweaters like on hot sweaters?
    I wish to purchase the sweaters on sexysweaters tumblr page but I do not understand how? And I am a man so maybe not the girl sweaters.
    2 Sex 12
  79. Would I need to purchase tickets to the F.A.M.E. Tour to go to the meet & greet?
    the meet & greet is an hour before the concert starts but do i need to have a ticket to meet & greet?
    3 Music 11
  80. Who thinks Old Spice is doing good marketing by replying to tweets with videos?
    Who uses Old Spice? And do you think their marketing tactic of replying to Tweets with video will work? Here's a video made and produced by Old Spice in response to some Tweets.
    2 Style 9
  81. Where could I purchase Vans?
    I want to purchase real vans, not look-a-likes. For an affordable price. I want to get at least 4 pairs.
    5 Shopping 16
  82. Where can I purchase NOH8 bracelets in Canada?
    Is there a store in Canada that has NOH8 bracelets, I don't have paypal or anything to purchase things online so I would like to go to a store but can't find them anywhere?
    2 Shopping 46
  83. Will you choose college or university for your post-secondary education?
    If you choose College? What is the advantage and dis advantage? And why? Or University? What is the success rate either one of these ?
    2 Education 11
  84. Is the house market better?
    I have had a house on the market since this past july and nothing but shity a#$ contracts on it we cant get rid of it for the right price... What you all think
    2 Homegarden 13
  85. Is there no way I can purchase items online without being 18?
    im 16 and have a debit card, i hear you have to be 18 to open a Paypal account
    9 Shopping 32
  86. How we have to purchase the products in online?
    now a days many of people are interested in buying the products in online but iam in confusion how to buy the products in online and how we have to choose them.plz share me your suggestions.
    3 Style 8
  87. first credit card purchase...
    what was the first thing you ever thought of purchasing thru your first credit card? mine? was a pair of pumps! next is a dress from topshop.. xp
    6 Shopping 9
  88. Could I afford and should I purchase this townhouse?
    I want to purchase a townhouse which costs $550,000. I own my condo outright which I could probably sell for $200k. my monthly income is 5500net and I have about 350k in savings. could I afford and should I purchase this townhouse
    3 Homegarden 25
  89. Does anywhere know where i can purchase just the adjustable straps that go heels around the ankle?
    I have the heels where the strap can slip out and it did just that. now i cant find that one strap and im upset
    5 Shopping 17
  90. What are the best/cheapest skateboard decks on the market?
    (I usually just just chill on my arbor long board, but I'm getting into tricks and need a board that allows me that privilege)
    3 Shopping 22
  91. What is a free market?
    My idea of a free market is where every community cand develop the type of ecnomy that to them would best suit their needs. Some may go socialist some may go capitilist and etc, etc. What to you is a free market?
    2 Money 40
  92. If itunes uninstalls does it delete all your purchased songs?
    When you get a new hardrive, it uninstalls everything, correct? Which means it uninstalls itunes, but if you reinstall itunes, does the songs you purcahsed stay on there or do you have to re-purchase them all? Thanks,
    4 Music 104
  93. Do you think even the worst product can survive with good marketing?
    I mean most people know that fast food is bad, but everybody eat it anyway. What do you think?
    4 Money 21
  94. May I purchase and Unlocked iPhone 4 on T-Mobile USA and maybe not want a Data Strategy?
    I am thinking about purchasing a unlocked iphone 4 for tmobile USA, but don't need to purchase data plan, but just use wifi, may the iphone function without the data strategy?
    2 Technology 22
  95. What are some of the best free online marketing techniques?
    I am just starting out as an internet marketer. I have found a few ways to promote my products and websites for free, but I haven't had much luck with them. What are some successful (and free) online marketing techniques you have used? Any help with th...
    6 Money 19
  96. What's the best tanning oil that can be purchased in the UK?
    im going pn holiday as you probably know but i never tan and never burn !! so i need to get a product that will help me tan !!
    5 Style 17
  97. Is it safe way buy purchasing the products in online shopping?
    Hai friends,now a days most of the people prefer to purchase the products in online stores.Is it safe way to purchase the things in online stores and also we doesn't know how they are providing the quality.what is your opinion on this ?
    5 Shopping 17
  98. FunAdvice Trivia: In 1975, inventor Ed Roberts marketed the first PC under what brand name?
    A) Altair B) IBM C) Okidata D) Commodore
    6 Funadvice 37
  99. What are the steps in putting a book on the market?
    I know you write and stuff, publish, etc. but not exactly... Like how do you get your books to be sold in stores? Step by step process please. I will be grateful for your help.
    3 Money 15
  100. Who has purchased Christmas food hampers from Santa's Choice?
    Was it worth what you paid for it? Mine this year is $700, but considering the current cost of meat, it's actually a great deal.
    3 Shopping 19
  101. How is it possible to cancel a purchase on your itouch?
    Ughh.. I was browsing through some apps and I accidentallly bought this app I don't even want! Ahhh! :O how horrible :/ Is it possible to cancel it or undo it so they don't charge me for anything??
    2 Technology 45
  102. What is the largest gauge size you can go to before your ears won't shrink back to normal?
    I've been told it's size 0 by several people, but now I'm hearing 00 or larger
    6 Style 88
  103. Where could I purchase these flat black boots?
    I saw boots like this I think at a Payless I went to earlier this year but I haven't stepped foot in one in nearly a year they might be gone...
    2 Shopping 31
  104. Has the real estate market bottomed out?
    I was talking to a realtor friend the other day, and she was saying how the market was going to come back now. Has the real estate market bottomed out? It seems to me like the market has a ways to fall still before purchase prices come back in line wit...
    3 Homegarden 36
  105. What are some good gifts for couples when your purchasing one present that is for the two of them?
    I usually hate questions like this but its alot harder when your trying to find presents for to people. Its also older age through their 40s.
    12 Shopping 60
  106. Should i study communication and media or marketing?
    Anyone whos got info about either of these studies (or job prospects) please share! I need to know a bit more about these fields from some different perspectives. Thanks!
    2 Education 14
  107. I felt very happy by purchasing in unnatisilks
    Hai friends, i was very happy by sharing with you.Yesterday i have purchased my wedding saree in online store from unnatisilks and really it was offering good quality products and also i got discount on my products.see my saree and tell me your opinion...
    2 Technology 9
  108. Does anyone have any realtor marketing ideas?
    I am a Realtor and I am looking for new ways to market. Does anyone have any cute sayings like to put on candy bars or inexpensive items such as "Want a sweet deal call..." and sticking it on a Hershey bar? Thank you in advance.
    3 Homegarden 24
  109. Transferring purchases ipod
    My friend wants me to charge her ipod. Well she has some songs on there that I don't have that I would like. If I put "transfer purchses" will it delete her songs off? And if it doesn't will it not be able to go normally on her computer when she get...
    2 Technology 63
  110. how do i know if i have secondary dysmenorrhea?
    Is it bad? When im at school i get cramps where i wanna scream or i can't really walk.Motrin barely helps.It's the area of my ovaries that hurts alot , heat isn't helping alott either.
    2 Health 50
  111. Is there a way to purchase a ticket and not know a departure date?
    I am expecting a child in a few weeks and, of course, that date is never definite. My child's father is in New York and he'll need to be here for the birth in North Carolina. Is there a way to purchase an open-ended ticket, one way, the day of delivery...
    2 Travel 29
  112. Proof of Purchase
    Why do people always want things PROVED. Like God for example, people always want someone else, to PROVE he is real. Why is that? Does it mean, if someone proves hes is real they will fall to their knees and believe, or will they point a finger and...
    16 Religion 31
  113. FunAdvice Trivia: What did NASA purchase in a Wal-Mart in 1995 to protect the space shuttle from woodpeckers?
    A) Sonic bird repellent B) Plastic owls C) Aluminum foil D) Taste aversion agent
    4 Funadvice 35
  114. Where can I purchase mutton chops in Fable 2?
    In order to open one of the deamon doors, I need to cross dress. It tells me I need to purchase mutton chops (like a beard, not a pork chop lol) but Ive been to both stylists that I can think of. Or does anyone have fable 2 online (xbox) and can show m...
    3 Gaming 70
  115. Do you feel upset about the limited permissions to purchased music?
    Say you bought a song on iTunes, you get the song, it's on your iPod and it's pretty much yours, right? It's not, iTunes is really just letting you "borrow" that song and is stated in their terms of use. Do you feel comfortable with that even though yo...
    3 Music 18
  116. Purchasing tickets
    Im going to see Miley Cyrus in concert on 13 Dec. I know where shes performing, and how much the tickets are and everything but how do I get the tickets ? (: BTW .. dont say things like 'Why would you want to see her' because it really annoys me. Th...
    2 Music 6
  117. Mandy, will your cover of "Umbrella" be released for purchase?
    I love the cover version! I can't seem to find anywhere that sells this track. Has it been released for purchase? or if not when will it be? Hope all is well with the tour, I heard you canceled a concert, hopefully nothing too serious! Oh, when wi...
    2 Music 7
  118. How do you sell back college books purchased online?
    I bought books online for college for the first time this past semester. Problem is that I don't know what to do with them now.I don't need to keep nor do I really want to. I bought them through a friend. He paid for them with his credit card and then ...
    4 Shopping 18
  119. What to do with a finance degree now that the markets are dead?
    I have a bachelors of finance and 3 years experience at a brokerage firm. I'd like to transition into somethign else, even something like financial investigator for the CIA. I'm having trouble figuring out what is good. Anyone have ideas about what to...
    5 Money 70
  120. Anyone else take a hit in the stock market?
    I guess its my fault for trying. but im a noob in the stock market, I've been messin with it for about 4 months now. and I just happend to buy a couple day's before it dropped big, just my luck right, lol. just checking to see how everyone else is d...
    5 Money 33
  121. Secondary Amenorrhea and pregnancy?
    I have secondary amenorrhea, which means that I have had periods before, but that I don't anymore. I have been looking online, and can't find the infromation I need. My boyfriend and I had sex last night, and the condom broke. I was just wondering if a...
    2 Sex 42
  122. Are TV shows and movies predictors of financial markets?
    There was an article saying that this was indeed the case. Are TV shows and movies predictors of financial markets? The article was in Money magazine, and said that anytime hollywood or a major network makes a show on something financial related such a...
    3 Money 60
  123. Does anybody know how I can get how-to information on making money with the stock market for beginners?
    I'm interested in making money with the stock market like my daddy did when he was alive, but I don't know how to do it or where to begin and I would be a beginner at this. I don't have a job but I make pocket change by selling stuff at yard sales and ...
    2 Money 10
  124. Who knows about the stock market?
    I just got my tax returns and it's a nice chunk of change (for once) I want to invest it in the stock market, mutaul funds, and the money market but with the rise and fall of out economy...well I have know clue if it's a good idea, basically I don't wa...
    5 Money 27
  125. Purchasing the moon
    Does anybody think its possible to purchase the moon or any planet im sure ill never have enough money to do so im just curious I tried looking around online to see if theres even any kind of ownership id think nasa or whoever discovered them would hav...
    4 Science 36
  126. Has anyone purchased any excercise equipment or tapes that they actually felt worked for them?
    Its almost impossible for me to get out the house with both kids in this heat to workout and the hubby is to tired to watch them by himself by the time he gets home from work. So, has anyone bought some type of excercise machine or tapes that they felt...
    8 Money 25
  127. Video game development question, how to market games?
    me and my bro have been producing two new games . they are complete and practical. We want to introduce them to the world but we dont know where to begin and we are scared to show our plan to our country games ministry because we know they will take it...
    2 Money 19
  128. Can I can pierce my hips safely without purchasing the equiptment?
    Im dying to get my hips pierced! buut my parents WILL NOT let me get ANY piercings. I dont have a job. So I dont wanna have to spend too much money. im also underage so I cant have someone sign for me. Do I have to use a hollow needle? and where could ...
    8 Style 193
  129. Where To Purchase..Urgent Question ?!?
    I'm looking for those really sheer [see thru] racerback tanks you see a lot of celebrities wearing for a New Years party I'm going the one Keri Hilson was wearing in the Knock You Down vid..can ANYONE help me ?? I need to know a store that car...
    2 Style 12
  130. How can I help persuade my parents to allow me to purchase a training sword?
    I am 15 and have been training in martial arts for about two years. I have used a sword in class multiple times and am very interested in training with them. My instructor has agreed to train me and I would like to purchase a training sword, and then p...
    2 Family 28
  131. Are you supposed to include your secondary sources in your thesis?
    my thesis is about symbolisim in the great gatsby. in this essay im supose to include 2 secondary sources. this is my thesis: "The main themes that Fitzgerald portrays are Appearance versus Reality, the American Dream and Morality. The themes are devel...
    3 Sex 11
  132. What is the best rechargeable battery on the market right now with the highest energy density?
    Still working on my sons RC airplane and we want to turn it into a FPV but the thing has to go on a diet to carry the extra equipment. I need a battery chemistry that will give me the most energy for the weight. From my research it looks like Li-Poly P...
    3 Technology 11
  133. Can my parents take away items that I've purchased?
    I have been saving for over two years for a laptop. Finally I bought one about a month ago. Do my parents have the right to tell me I can't have full control over something I purchased? Or say I can't use it for a week? Is there like some issue with th...
    12 Family 973
  134. Housing Market?
    I just bought a house, and when I told one of my friends what it cost, he thought it was the deal of the century. It's a 3 bedroom, 3 level house, with sunporch, attached garage, shed, large backyard, brand new wood burning stove with air filter, an...
    5 Homegarden 38
  135. Is it mandatory to have a Demat account to share online?
    I am interested to invest some money in the share market. Because it is now safe and easy to invest money on the share market. I do not have a demat account. Is it possible to invest money on the market without a demat account?
    2 Money 26
  136. Looking for an email marketing tool, either website or software,..
    Looking for an email marketing tool, either website or software as long as it can help me send to a huge mailing list. I have tried Gmail Nevertheless, it just enables u to send 1000 emails in twenty four hrs: (Yahoo, Hotmail etc are all scrap, they...
    3 Technology 42
  137. Does anyone make money on Clickbank?
    Has anyone tried marketing off of Clickbank and how successful were they? What are the best programs to market?
    3 Money 7
  138. Is $5000 needed to purchase a home?
    Hi, I'm new here with a real estate question. I have been pre-approved/pre-qualified for a home loan..first time buyer. The lender I'm working with told me that I need to have $5000 in my bank account as a reserve (FHA Program). He said I can accept th...
    6 Homegarden 27
  139. Which Laptop Would You Recommend I Purchase?
    Hi, I am a 15 year old freshman in high school and I was interested in purchasing a laptop (this would be my first). I was not looking for a super high tech one, but I would like to be able to do basic things such as surf the web and type up word docu...
    6 Technology 14
  140. Finding an electric guitar
    How can I purchase an electric guitar for my son?
    6 Music 35
  141. Clamp for piercings???
    Where can I purchase a clamp for surface piecings???
    2 Style 260
  142. How can I grow my breast naturally?
    How can I purchase breast grow product?
    3 Health 377
  143. Corn Snake Purchase
    I have done a lot of research and decided to buy a corn snake - I have a friend who is selling a 3 yr old striped corn with all the kit for £60. I'm not sure if I should take this offer or start from scratch and buy all the stuff myself and buy the ...
    2 Pets 24
  144. Bio oii
    Where do they sell bio oil?? Can you purchase it at pharmacy??
    3 Style 31
  145. Ultra Green Lean
    Where can you purchase Ultra Green Lean besides the internet?
    2 Nutritionfitness 15
  146. What's the best dog toy for a strong chewer?
    What is the best dog toy on the market for strong chewers?
    2 Pets 45
  147. What is the best anti-spyware?
    Free or purchased. Thanks!
    5 Technology 14
  148. Should I rent out furnished or unfurnished apartments?
    If I see fit that this is the purchase for me, should I rent the apartments out as furnished or unfurnished and why?
    8 Homegarden 68
  149. Do you consider the marketing when you buy the product?
    One of the fascinating guys I've been reading more of lately is Seth Godin. We have a certain past employer in common, and he made a cool blog post just the other day, about how when you buy something, you're also buying the marketing behind the produc...
    2 Money 12
  150. How much does the morning after pill cost?
    Just curious. oh and can a guy purchase it?
    3 Health 67
  151. What's the legal age to start smoking?
    Not to actually purchase cigars but to smoke one?
    59 Politics 66
  152. Worried about your finances?
    How has the financial markets affected you? See any changes at your bank and what are you doing about it?
    2 Money 13
  153. What car should I start saving for?
    I need to start saving for a car!!! Which car is the best on the market right now? Thanx! :~)
    2 General 15
  154. How to shop online?
    How can I use shopping by my internet wiout going to the any shop or super market?
    3 Shopping 21
  155. Where to buy a pipe?
    so.. like.. I need a pipe, where the hell do I purchase lol
    5 Shopping 23
  156. Is there a way to transfer all the songs from iTunes on one computer to another?
    Not just the purchased songs?
    3 Technology 6
  157. law on foreign drivers license
    what is the law on using a foreign drivers license to purchase alcohol in kentucky?
    3 Politics 14
  158. piercing guns
    How old do you have to be in order to purchase a peircing gun from sallys beauty supply?
    5 Style 55
  159. What condoms should I get and where?
    Hi there, I was wondering which condoms I should purchase for a first time sex and where could I get these?
    4 Sex 59
  160. Semi-automatic guns?
    What ar15 type guns (semi-automatics) are legal. For purchase in ca?
    2 General 33
  161. How do I repot a money tree?
    i have purchased a small money tree plant that needs to be repotted in a 6" pot, what do I need and how do I do the potting.
    2 Homegarden 101
  162. Boondock Saints items online?
    where can I purchase Boondock Saints items online? (items as in posters, shirts, necklaces, ect)
    2 General 12
  163. gta sa ps2 superman cape
    where do I purchase the Superman cape at any Binco's clothing store in gta sa ps2
    2 Gaming 68
  164. The most powerful computer processor available now
    Which is the most powerful desktop processor available now? Has quad core processor reached the markets?
    3 Technology 13
  165. How to Invest in an Apartment Building
    Here are the steps to understand what's involved in locating and purchasing your first apartment building.
    7 Money 75
  166. What would be a good business to invest in?
    My marketing class is doing this project. We have to invest or create a business. What would be a good company to invest and/or create?
    5 Money 36
  167. Where can I get a sim card for a Nokia phone?
    I have recently had a nokia 7380 phone come into my possesion, where can I purchase a sim card for this phone?
    4 Shopping 51
  168. How to get meet and greet passes for the Jonas Brothers?
    how do I find or purchase meet and greet passes to one of the jonas brothers concerts?
    6 Music 47
  169. The pill
    Where can I get those pills that stop your period 4 a while.could a 16 year old purchase them
    2 Health 15
  170. what ecomoic system does jersey have?
    it has to be one of the following free market,soclialism,communism, or traditional
    2 Politics 19
  171. school work club ed
    which state capital is the largest producer of maple syrup?
    2 Education 17
  172. How to use Flash Made Template?
    I've Purchased a flash template but dont know how to use it. Too many files. T___T
    3 Technology 10
  173. What shall I do about working ?
    I am 13 and I want a job but I dont want to work on the market and I dont have any other options... What shall I do work and hate the job or not work and be broke
    2 Money 36
  174. How and where can you get heavy water?
    my chemistry teacher was telling me about how heavy water is made up..and I was can you get heavy water? do you have to make it or can you purchase it?
    6 Science 2398
  175. Australian universities
    Heyy what are the best universities for marketing in australia... Any assuie please help me out here... Thanks :)
    3 Education 18
  176. where is a good place to sell jewelry?
    where would I be able to make the most money off of selling new jewelry gold watch-retail at $600- purchased for $81 gold/silver money clip-retail at $500- purchased for $72
    3 Shopping 48
  177. when did this happen japan defeats china?
    Then seizes china's Liaotung Peninsula, the largest island of Taiwan and karea.
    2 Politics 16
  178. The differrence between the 18th Century and the 21st Century
    Hi, I need your help.I'm in secondary one right now. I am studying in Jurong Secondary School, in Singapore.We just started the first day or school on friday. Jurong Secondary School, as some might know, ia a future school. Well my questions are... ...
    4 Education 12
  179. Does Provestra work?
    I was just wanting some feedback on this product and if it has any negative side effects, and if it actually works and is worth purchasing.
    2 Nutritionfitness 49
  180. Will bing cherry trees pollinate?
    I just purchased two bing cherry trees. Will they pollinate or will I have to get a different type cherry tree? Ray Stout
    2 Homegarden 94
  181. When will house prices start to fall?
    The price of houses is ridiculous. When will the market start to fall again so I can get a place? I’m sick of renting!
    4 Homegarden 52
  182. Chi Hair Bleach
    I would like to know more information about CHi's new hair bleach. Is it good for the hair? How is it better than other bleaches out on the market now?
    2 Style 184
  183. Do you think this is a nice jacket?
    I want to purchase this jacket for my mom for her birthday that is coming up. What do you think of it?
    3 Shopping 23
  184. Which is better XBox One or Playstation 4?
    Which gaming console is better in terms of gaming and an all around console? Is the XBox One better or is the Playstation 4 better and where can I purchase either of these?
    2 Gaming 28
  185. Anyone have feedback in a 2005 Kia Optima?
    Ok Im looking into purchasing a 2005 kia optima does anyone have any feedback about this specific car?
    4 Shopping 26
  186. Freedom Tower
    The Freedom Tower was supposed to be the largest Building in America but do keep with symbolism the height will be only 1,776 feet which is rather small. If America wanted the Freedom Tower to be the largest building when built in 2011 why not make th...
    3 Politics 30
  187. Are cockatiels sold in Petsmarts in or near Auburn, WA?
    I want to purchase a cockatiel because I cannot find a nearby breeder.
    2 Pets 34
  188. what do I do if I forgot my gamertag?
    I purchased a gold membership, and I remember my e-mail, but I have forgot my gamertag. is there any way to figure out what it is, so I can use my membership
    2 Gaming 56
  189. What is the best shopping card?
    i want to apply for a shopping card and so many credit card s are available in the market. So i am confusing that what is the best for life long.
    3 Shopping 24
  190. Music tastes
    What causes everyone to have certain favorite songs and crave certain music? For me, it's the music and rhythm I like more than the lyrics. Lyrics are secondary.
    3 Music 18
  191. What does SLR stand for with regards to digital cameras?
    I want to purchase a new camera (more advanced than my current point and shoot).
    2 Technology 52
  192. Should houses go up in value as they age or not??
    I think it's ridiculous that houses are a form of investment and the market shows, your opinions pleeze!!!
    5 Homegarden 7
  193. mp3 phone
    I just purchased a new phone (the samsung high note) and I cant get the songs from my itunes account to the phone
    2 Technology 17
  194. Is it safe to order from Google?
    I mean when i want to purchase something i google the image out and i see a number and i make a call and order it?
    2 Shopping 10
  195. What are the chances of winning the Mega Millions and who's won the most
    What are the chances of winning the Mega Millions today and what is the largest amount ever won to date from one drawing?
    2 Money 17
  196. What do these words on an insurance form mean?
    i am updating my paper work for the dentist and on the papers it said PRIMARY INSURANCE: name of insured___ insured's birthdate____ employer___ dental insurance CO.____ Group #___ INS.CO. address___ then it says SECONDARY INSURANCE and then ...
    7 Money 33
  197. How old do you have to be to buy a lighter?
    if I'm a 15 year old girl will I be able to purchase one of those little individual lighters?
    6 Shopping 235
  198. Which camera is better - the Polaroid Pogo digital camera or Z340 digital camera?
    I thought about the nikon cameras but I want to save money for that and purchase it myself.
    4 Technology 13
  199. what is the serger
    I hear that the serger is machine do well in finish the fabric.I wanna purchase one .Can somebody deeply introduce it ?
    2 Homegarden 11
  200. What's the easiest way to generate AdSense income?
    Is there an easier way to market my AdSense ads other than creating unque niche websites?
    2 Technology 13
  201. How often to water a Chinese Money Plant?
    Hi, I recently purchased the above plant and was wondering how often I should water it ? It is kept indoors (office) Thanks
    2 Homegarden 96
  202. ab workout
    whats a really killer ab workout I can do with minimal purchases? I have a few free weights for a dumbell sitting around if those are useful.
    3 Nutritionfitness 18
  203. Where can you get wu-yi tea from?
    I've heard so many good things about this tea. So does anyone know where to purchase it from?
    2 Food 11
  204. Can you help me with cameras?
    What is the difference between digital cameras & fil cameras, and how are they alike? Also, how big is the world's largest camera, and how small is the smallest camera? What are they used for?
    4 Technology 30
  205. What's the best gaming notebook?
    I was wondering what you guys thought the best gaming notebook is on the market as of now? Here are some examples... Dell XPS M1730 Notebooks Alienwear Notebooks..
    6 Technology 40
  206. What's a way to make passive income online?
    a lot of people are always researching ways to make money online. Most people like if they can make money on automatic by doing very little work except to market and promote. Do you think that purchasing domains and creating websites are the absolute ...
    3 Money 16
  207. Where do I buy my cod mw2 walmart or ebgames?
    Or any other places to get it cheap you can list in canada is sunday market good
    3 Technology 45
  208. What are those bracelets attached to rings called?
    And where can I purchase them? And if you still don't know what I'm talking about, it's those bracelets that are linked to a ring for the middle finger by a chain.
    4 Shopping 939
  209. This is "Change" ?
    The Obama administration is pushing a spending bill that contains perhaps the largest number of pork projects in American history - This is "Change" ?
    16 Politics 30
  210. Anyone heard of "LOVED" for women 3.3 oz.
    Anyone heard of "LOVED" for women 3.3 oz. I'm trying to find out the maker of this and where to purchase it. any help is apprecited. Thanks!
    2 Style 9
  211. SLR cameras
    does anyone have any advice on purchasing a digital SLR camera thats not too expensive? I want one thats nice and easy to use =D
    2 Technology 13
  212. how many nights will you have candles to burn?
    One whole candle can be made from 4 candle stubs, left in the candle-holder after the candles burn down. If each candle burns down to a stub after one night and if you have purchased 16 candles, then for how many nights will you have candles to burn?
    2 Education 67
  213. Should I apply for a prepaid credit card?
    From many days I'm wondering to apply for a credit card...but there are many cards in the market and I'm confused about which one to own. I need a urgent help...
    2 Money 23
  214. How do you know if the webpage is fake or not ?
    How do you know if the webpage where you purchase things are fake or real ? if its fake and you bought somethng when they take the money from your account do they usually take it all or just the exact amount
    3 Technology 14
  215. Why does wearing wigs cause hair loss?
    I recently purchased a wig just to have a new look. I have very fine hair and a hair stylistlist told me that the wearing a wig can cause hair loss? Can wearing a wig daily cause me to lose some of my hair?
    4 Style 509
  216. 14 inch p*nis the biggest?
    I have heard that 14 inches is the largest human p*nis ever recorded. Does anybody know of any humans that were confirmed to have a larger p*is than this?
    8 Health 55
  217. Dry lips
    Well to be honest I have dry lips and well erm how can I make them soft before sunday , my mum says its cuase I lick mylips .. I use vaseline a lot but that still doesnt work Tellme how to get ridof dry lips without purchasing anything from the marke...
    6 Style 25
  218. Cell phone help
    Is there any online store were I can purchase sum cute nokia 2760 covers,skins,sleeves,and stuff??
    2 Technology 14
  219. What are the best home remedies for acne?
    I have acne on my face. I can't find anything in the market to get rid of my acne problem. So I am wondering what are some home acne home remedies that really work?
    2 Style 68
  220. Press Release Distribution
    I just started working for a new company in their marketing department and I need some ideas as to which Press Release/Media company to use. Any advice?
    2 Money 9
  221. How do I insert the sim card for a nokia 2330?
    I purchased a nokia 2330 on ebay. When I received the phone there was already a sim card in it. I need to remove that sim card and insert my own, but I can't seem to figure out how to do that.
    2 Technology 614
  222. Advice For My Niece (UK members preferred please)
    My oldest niece Katie will be starting at secondary school next September. She is doing her eleven plus at the moment and I wanted to give her some advice for starting in secondary school. Mainly about how to deal with bullies, what to do if she stru...
    3 Education 20
  223. What are the Top 10 credit cards?
    I want to know about credit cards. I want to apply for a best credit card. So please tell me all details about credit cards and top credit cards in the market. please tell me also about benefits and drawbacks of a credit card.
    3 Money 21
  224. When can I start wearing contact lenses?
    I wear glasses. .and im goin in2 year 6. .when can I start wearing contacts. .I want 2 wear them before secondary school. .help
    3 Health 15
  225. Is flouride in toothpaste good or not?
    I mean the fluoride its supposed to be there it does have secondary effects or not. it would be better a toothpaste without flouride what do you think tell me please thank you.
    6 Health 11
  226. What should I pursue - teaching or animal care?
    I am considering becoming a secondary school math teacher but I am also considering animal care as I love animals and have many myself? I need help!
    6 Education 16
  227. Are college classes hard?
    I was thinking about taking post secondary which is taking college classes while in high school to get high school and college credit at the same time. I was just wondering how much homework there is in college and how hard it is.
    10 Education 85
  228. Food type @how much
    Wife just purchased 9mth old chihuahua what type of food how much @ how often should she be fed & ANY ADVICE ON TOILET TRAINING WOULD BE APPRIECEATED
    3 Pets 39
  229. Can a ban be put on fireworks?
    Is it possible to get a ban on fireworks? I would like to know, because after reading that article, I'd like to see a huge action being done world wide. So I don't have to read stories like that. Teenagers put firecracks in a dog's mouth and taped it s...
    7 Politics 45
  230. I am struggling at school
    I am really struggling at school and my grades are falling the teachers at are school are crap and are not helping me I need to find a way to improve my grades and I am in my last year of secondary. what can I do.
    5 Education 51
  231. Economy fundamentally sound?
    I read that Leahman Brothers filed the largest bankruptcy in history. Our nation's largest insurer AIG is struggling to come up with funds to stay solvent. Our government had to bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac recently. With all of this hittin...
    7 Politics 29
  232. Debit card
    My mom has access to my bank account, can she see all the purchases I make with my debit card? I just recently bought a couple things that I don't really need her to be questioning about.
    14 Shopping 50
  233. How do I stop my cat from using the furniture as a litterbox?
    We just moved our two cats into our new home and one cat is using a old lazyboy chair we just purchased as a litter box, what can I do to stop this?
    2 Pets 20
  234. How do you get wifi on your laptop?
    I recently purchased a laptop but to use the internet i have to use the white cord thing and plug it to my laptop. How can i use wifi so im not limited to a certain space in my household.
    2 Technology 17
  235. Why does the flash go off when I turn my digital camera on?
    Whenever I turn my digital camera on, the flash goes off. This started happening not long after I purchased the camera. Its more annoying then anything else, but I'm wondering why?
    2 Technology 29
  236. Fekkai Hair Color
    I read Oprah's magazine faithfully and wondered where to buy Frederick Fekkai's hair color to do at home. Do you have to go to a beauty supply store to purchase it?
    3 Style 58
  237. Where can I buy a 7x7x7 Cube Vase
    I need 60 7" cube glass vases for wedding work. 8" would also work. Where can I purchase these at the cheapest price?
    2 Shopping 92
  238. How do I apply simple makeup for school?
    My secondary school [central foundation girls' school] does not allow makeup but I would like to wear makeup to school so what is a real simple way to apply makeup and not get detention?
    5 Style 10
  239. What is a good knife to get?
    I want to get my bf a switch blade for his birthday, does anyone know where to get one? Or where I could begin to look, and I don't want to purchase one online if I don't have to
    5 Shopping 17
  240. How to get title updates for your xbox?
    I recently purchased some dlc for my xbox 360, and tried to play it, but a message appeared saying that I need a title update to play the game. What is a title update and how do I get it, otherwise I can't play the dlc. :(
    4 Gaming 59
  241. Do ratings drive radio programs?
    I read today where some Senators want to 'Silence' talk radio - Isn't talk radio market driven (bottom line = Ratings) and not politically driven ?
    7 Politics 23
  242. How do I buy things online without a credit card?
    I want to buy a bracelet online but I do not have a credit card or a paypal and im 16 so I was wondering if there was any way I could still purchase things online?
    8 Shopping 71
  243. Does My Power Mall really make money?
    I have joined a sort of mpm marketing site called my power mall.Has anybody heard about it ? Any reviews? Or is it a scam?
    3 Money 39
  244. Pay or use the warranty?
    In April, we purchased a new computer monitor. Over the past few weeks, it has started to develop black patches all over the screen. Here's the dilemma: We purchased an extended store warranty and still have 3 years covering the warranty, but if we r...
    2 Shopping 10
  245. Laptop Choices
    I'm about to purchase a laptop soon and I need to know which is better, HP, Dell, Toshiba, or Sony? I'm leaning towards a HP but im not sure yet.
    5 Technology 17
  246. why does the base of my latop get so hot at times?
    I just purchased a new laptop and I noticed that the base of my laptop near the vent gets really hot at times.I was wondering if this was normal.I never had a laptop just desktops
    6 Technology 22
  247. Help me with etiquette of wedding rings!!
    My friend's getting married, and I was wondering what the etiquette for purchasing the wedding bands is. Please answer, as she is the first of my friends to get married, and I would like to know anyway.
    2 Relationships 13
  248. new product ideaas
    our school task is to think of a new product and think of how to advertise it. I cant think of a product that isnt on the market. can u's give some ideass.. muchly apreciated... xx
    2 Education 8
  249. What's a good make or brand of wallets?
    I'm look for a new one for my boyfriend, but he likes wallets with a coin pocket. Any ideas? I'm a bit lost in just how many there are on the market.
    6 Shopping 45
  250. Who has seen James Cameron's Avatar?
    My friends and I are seeing it tomorrow. Has anyone seen it and is it good? Also has anyone purchased the game? I want to get it but I need a second opinion.
    6 Entertainment 18