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Who has the lightest travel trailers

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  1. How can you travel with tps?
    How can you travel with tps?
    2 Travel 66
  2. Free Travel?
    How can I travel for free?
    4 Travel 18
  3. What do you think of travel?
    What do you think of travel?
    14 Travel 369
  4. Who is traveling for Thanksgiving?
    Who is travelling for Thanksgiving?
    4 Travel 21
  5. What does a "Travel Editor" do?
    2 Money 43
  6. How to travel in ships?
    3 Travel 24
  7. Where is a great place to travel?
    Where is a great place to travel?
    9 Travel 80
  8. Who is in need for travel agents?
    Who is in need for travel agents?
    4 Travel 22
  9. Who wants a Traveling Career?
    Who wants a Travelling Career?
    5 Travel 16
  10. How did people travel in the 1700s?
    How did people travel in the 1700s?
    3 Travel 227
  11. plane travels being pregnant ?
    plane travels being pregnant ?
    2 Health 19
  12. Is this travel bag too femine
    Is this travel bag too femine
    4 General 14
  13. How soon to travel after surgery?
    How soon to travel after surgery?
    2 Travel 45
  14. What is the safest way to travel?
    6 Travel 29
  15. How water travels through plants?
    2 Science 64
  16. What is cheaper Trailers or apartments?
    6 Homegarden 102
  17. what is your opinion on traveling by airplane?
    13 Travel 50
  18. What are some ideas for summer travel?
    what are some ideas for summer?
    7 Travel 108
  19. Where are trailers for Marvel Nemesis 2?
    Where are trailers for Marvel Nemesis 2?
    2 Technology 52
  20. What is your favorite travel place?
    What is your best travel place? and why?
    6 Travel 56
  21. What is the cheapest way to travel internationally?
    What is the cheapest way to travel internationally?
    2 Travel 40
  22. Does anyone here agree with the traveller lifestyle?
    8 Travel 21
  23. What is the most embarassing thing that has happened to you while traveling?
    4 Travel 9
  24. Where should I visit while I'm on my traveling escapade?
    9 Travel 19
  25. How do you make a video book trailer?
    6 Entertainment 20
  26. What are some careers that involve travelling the world?
    8 Money 43
  27. When traveling is it best to take Travelers cheques, money orders, cash or credit cards?
    9 Travel 63
  28. Traveling Jobs
    What kind of jobs pay a person to travel?
    3 Travel 8
  29. Do any websites offer free travel?
    Do you know of any website that offer free travel ?
    3 Travel 14
  30. How do I travel to China?
    what is the best option to travel to china from the US?
    2 Travel 24
  31. Can I travel to jamaica from the usa without a passport?
    Can I travel to jamaica from the usa without a passport?
    2 Travel 28
  32. What online travel site in USA is best?
    What online travel site in USA is best?
    3 Travel 34
  33. Wheres the best place to travel in canada?
    Wheres the best place to travel in canada?
    2 Travel 21
  34. is it possible to travel at speed of infinite km/h
    5 Science 31
  35. Can I add cabinets to my horse trailer living quarters?
    Can I add cabinets to my horse trailer living quarters?
    3 Pets 57
  36. How did the Chinese travel to America?
    how did th chiness travel to ameica
    4 Travel 87
  37. What is the legal age you can travel to a different country on your own in America?
    10 Travel 45
  38. What's the best airline service to travel all around the world?
    9 Travel 17
  39. airplane travel
    do you need a birth certificate for a child
    2 Travel 10
  40. Preparations do you need to travel overseas with 2 children
    What preparations do you need to travel overseas for a year with 2 children ?
    3 Travel 30
  41. What should I buy my wife for Christmas? No kids, love to travel.
    What should I buy my wife for Christmas? No kids, love to travel. help!
    3 Shopping 25
  42. What do you guys think of the Black Ops: First Strike Trailer?
    5 Gaming 20
  43. Best places to travel
    Your top places to visit in the world anyone?
    12 Travel 12
  44. Where is a good place to travel for vacation if you love the outdoors and nature?
    9 Travel 20
  45. Do you think its possible (in any lifetime) that we will ever be able to travel through time?
    13 Science 47
  46. What is cheaper - buying a plane ticket in a travel agency or buying the ticket online?
    6 Travel 19
  47. where can i get a really good trailer for toy story 3 ?
    2 Technology 17
  48. traveling abroad to australia
    are felons allowed to obtain a visa to travel to australia and if so, what are the restrictions?
    3 Travel 38
  49. What is the song in the Dear John trailer?
    What is the song that plays in the Dear John Trailer? I just love it and I want to download it.
    2 Music 78
  50. Can sperm travel through clothes?
    I really want to no if sperms can travel through clothes and if a girl can fall pregnant
    5 Health 514
  51. Does anyone study travel and tourism in college or uni?
    Who studies travel and tourism related subjects at college or uni?
    2 Education 13
  52. What country to travel to for the best mountain scenary?
    What country to travel to for the best mountain scenary? If I wanted some great views of the mountains, where would I travel to?
    3 Travel 39
  53. Where do you think is a really great place to travel to meet new people?
    12 Travel 17
  54. What's that guy's name that broke the record for traveling the world and he plays the guitar?
    2 General 14
  55. What's your opinion on the Canadian show 'Trailer Park Boys'?
    If you've heard of it.
    6 Entertainment 18
  56. Is there a job that requires traveling to collect plants for making medicine?
    if there is, what's it called?
    3 Money 19
  57. What is a good laid back place to travel to for a month thats not expensive?
    10 Travel 17
  58. Do you like to Travel?
    Do you like to Travel? Do you fly: -First Class? -Business Class? -Economy? What places have you been to? What airlines have you been on?
    13 Travel 42
  59. What are some online traveler's forums?
    I would love some place where people write about their travels, so I can get some ideas for my own travelling.
    3 Travel 15
  60. Which country do you like to travel?
    hey,if you have enough money,which country do you like to visit as a holiday trip?
    6 Travel 28
  61. willing to travel
    will I get a chance to work in aboard or I will get a good job in other country
    2 Travel 5
  62. What's a good place to travel in April?
    What vacation spot in April guarantees goood weather?
    11 Travel 63
  63. What is the journey of oxygen as it travels through the body
    I am doing a science essay on this at school and need help
    6 Science 618
  64. What can happen if you dropped a puppy from the top of a horse trailer?
    please tell me what you think.
    6 Pets 30
  65. What's a good place to travel?
    Me & my GF wanna plan a vacation just for the two of us.
    9 Travel 13
  66. How do you travel long trips with a cat?
    Travel cross country with to cats how do they go to the bathroom? What do I need to have in the car?
    4 Travel 14
  67. Can a 16yr old travel to England ?
    Can I travel to England without a parent but I have my parents consent? im 16..
    5 Travel 37
  68. Travel equipement for horses
    What is all of the travel equipement needed for a horse to travel? And where can I get it from? (I heard of nag rags but when I looked there wasnt any boots!)
    2 Pets 43
  69. What's a really good place to travel with lots of things to do?
    I've always wanted to travel, but i have no idea where. Who travels alot?
    25 Travel 32
  70. What is the music from the first "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" trailer called? The music from the first minute of the trailer. What is it?
    3 Music 9
  71. If you could travel to 3 different countries
    If you could travel to 3 different countries without having to pay for anything at all, which three countries would you go to?
    20 Travel 56
  72. is traveling that hard???...
    is it harder to go to mexico or is it easier for some one to live in mexico to come here to america???
    2 Travel 9
  73. How long does it take for sperm that is on your cl!t area to travel up inside you?
    Can they still travel up in you if you clean up right afterward?
    6 Health 91
  74. any new new moon trailer?
    anybody know when a new moon new trailer comes out? im dying to c another 1!!!
    3 Entertainment 47
  75. Where do any of you travel to?
    I love to travel and make sure every year that I go to london and vancouver b.c so where do you all go to on your down time?
    14 Travel 28
  76. Who has seen the newly released trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?
    I'm so excited after seeing this trailer!
    5 Entertainment 18
  77. What type of transportations are easy and less expensive to travel from New Jersey to other states in the US?
    9 Travel 11
  78. Is travel by trailer a trashy or posh thing to do?
    I saw this show trying to sell me the idea of travel by trailer, saying that rich people are buying RV's now, and some of them looked really nice...but, isn't "trailer trash" a commonly used expression? If it is, wouldn't travel by trailer be a lower c...
    3 Travel 46
  79. Where would you like to travel for New Years?
    If you are given the globe to choose from for a free new year travel,where would you choose? My personal choice is the Caribbeans.
    3 Travel 13
  80. Summer Plans for travel or vacation?
    so the summer is comming up and I was just wondering what people were doing...any vacations? just hanging out? I have nothing to do so I was wondering what others decided to do
    8 Travel 13
  81. Is there such a thing called "travel shots"?
    so i am planning on going to another country and my friend said to first get travel shots so i don't get sick there?
    3 Health 12
  82. give me an estimate on how much is a ticket to travel international?
    someone told me 2,600 for an adult O.O
    6 Travel 8
  83. Does anyone else watch Man vs. Food on the travel channel?
    I just love that show and does anyone else wacth that show alot?
    9 Entertainment 28
  84. What are things I could collect from my travels?
    Like small inexpensive things preferably. And things that would be easy to find anywhere?
    13 Travel 36
  85. How do light waves travel?
    Yea yet another science question, but this one wasnt in my book so I need some help. How do light waves travel, do they need a medium or do they travel through a vacuum?
    3 Science 38
  86. New Moon Trailer.
    Does anyone one know when the New Moon trailer comes out? Or if it has come out, does anyone have a link to it? (the real one, not the fan made one) Thanks. [: michaela. x
    6 Entertainment 34
  87. Who watched The New Moon Trailer?
    OMG! I am soo exited 11-20-09 CANNOT WAIT! =D did you watch the trailer? Are you exited? Man I am!
    16 Entertainment 32
  88. did you see that movie the sisterhood of the traveling pants.
    did you see that movie the sisterhood of the traveling pants is that possible that a jeans fix perfectly to the three girls any answer is welcome thank you.
    3 Entertainment 27
  89. What is your opinion on time travel?
    Do you think its possible? Do you think its impossible? What do you think time really is? I know its kinda a strange question but I would really like to know what you think.
    5 Science 49
  90. Who have already travelled far south east asia?
    Who among you guys have been in to the philippines? How's the experience? How's the food and awesome places?
    4 Travel 12
  91. Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Trailer
    Amazing stuff!!! New Trailer just came out April 30th. Check out the gigantic robot at the end. Trailer is at Yahoo movies.
    3 Entertainment 11
  92. Visa for traveling outside of america
    Explain the whole.. traveling outside of America.. what you have to have thing.. visa right? I know passport and all of that crap... but what else? Specifics please
    2 Travel 39
  93. Traveling to jamaica, what's the legal drinking age there?
    A friend of mine is traveling to Jamaica, and wanted to know what's the legal drinking age there. He's only 20 now, so not legal to drink in the US, but wanted to find out what the age is in Jamaica to be able to drink alcohol. Any ideas?
    2 Travel 226
  94. Online Travel Magazine
    I would like to publish a online travelling magazine about my country. It will be available on my website to download each month. Do you think it will sell and people will be interested?
    2 Travel 14
  95. Traveling to india
    Im planning a trip to bangalore india, does anyone have any traveling advice for me with first hand experience? ex: hotels, sites to see.
    5 Travel 32
  96. How to get a travelling career?
    Hey pplz! I love travelling and I want a travelling career , give me some travelling careers? I have some in mind like a flight attendnat or a tour guard and I know there are more out there so help me out! xoxo prison101
    9 Travel 41
  97. 17 year old traveling out of state
    is there any law against it? hes taking the bus from bay city mi to chicago Il
    3 Travel 12
  98. Spring break how much money to travel to florida?
    This is for anyone who has vacationed in florida. im going to florida for spring break but I don't know how much money to bring to spend. help me
    3 Travel 110
  99. Who has seen "The Hobbit" trailer, and is excited for the movie?
    Personally, as an avid LOTR fan, I can't wait ... what about you? See it here:
    7 Entertainment 12
  100. Travel tips on a budget?
    We are going to California for Christmas. We don't have to pay for lodging because we are staying with friends and family. What are more ways we can cut costs?
    3 Travel 18
  101. Do agencies pay for your traveling fee or do you?
    If you apply for an agency and they want to have a meeting with you but you need to take a plane or sumthing like they c/o the transportation or not?
    2 Money 24
  102. Animals and Travel
    I'm a senior in high school and striving to be a veterinarian. I'm looking at colleges and not finding what I need - I want to work with animals but I also want to travel, is there any way I can do both?
    2 Education 14
  103. Riddle Im cheap I've traveled the world
    Im cheap I've traveled the world I only work on the corner edges What am I? We had to solve this in class and I was the only one who got it, lets see if you can get it!!!
    2 General 31
  104. do spider travel in groups
    do spider travel in groups bc I just killied a big one in my bedroom and was sso freaked I wont leave my bed well would touch her
    4 Pets 1036
  105. Love Travel
    My girlfriend lives 1500 miles away and we want to get married but she does not want to leave her home town. Should I pursue this relationship?
    3 Relationships 17
  106. travel during pregnancy
    can i travel when iam 4 weeks pregnant for the first time? i dont feel any other signs of pregnancy except for my missed periods and frequent urination. my husband likes to travel and we were planning to travel this summer.
    2 Health 22
  107. What- Is it better to save, then travel, or take out a loan then travel and pay it back?
    I'm going to India one day in the near future, but was wondering if it would be better (smarter..?) to save money for 5 or 6 years, then go (I will be 22 or 23). Or to go next year and pay for it by taking out loan. I will work while I am over there, ...
    4 Travel 35
  108. Is cruise travel insurance worth the cost?
    My family is planning a cruise later this year and the travel agent is recommending that we buy travel insurance. The prices for the cruise are not bad, but when you add on the cost of the insurance it starts to get a little pricey.
    4 Travel 21
  109. If a flying car is made we can travel to other countries with that car or not?
    So if a flying car is made we can use that car and forget about planes and we can use our flying car to travel to another countries or not i mean if the car can fly we wouldnt need to go to the airport and buy tickets right. What do you think?
    6 Travel 61
  110. is it true you can take a certain amount of money when you travel overseas?
    so my dad told me to open a bank account because when i get on the airplane they only tell me i can have a thousand or a little more???
    2 Travel 9
  111. Where can I find the real official trailer of breaking dawn??
    Ok I need to know where or even if there is an official breaking dawn trailer??or how to do bellas make up in the movies??? Thanks all help will be apreciated!!!:) Love ya Jessi♥
    2 Entertainment 38
  112. Did you like the trailer for the new Spiderman?
    I didnt like the trailer for the new spiderman. Id rather to watch another spiderman movie with tobey maguire and a new villain that would have been better. What do you think? Tell me please thank you.
    8 Entertainment 29
  113. Where and how can I find traveling directions?
    I'm going to Lynchburg VA for college but I have no idea how to get there. Can someone tell me what website is available so that I can find the time so that I can take a bus there. Or how to get there thanx. ^.^
    2 Travel 9
  114. What's it like traveling on a plane?
    What's it like traveling on a plane? I am terrified of heights, just thinking about being so high in the air scares me! Is it really that scary when you are on a plane? Do your ears pop when it takes off and when it lands? Basically, what is the whole ...
    10 Travel 490
  115. Immigration from europe to the us, how would they travel?
    I'm doing a history report on a fictional immigrant that immigrated from europe to the u.s., can anyone tell me exactly how they traveled to the u.s., I know it was boat but did they have to pay?, did they have someone pay there way and work for that p...
    2 Politics 15
  116. What's your favorite travel destination?
    If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? Personally, I would go to New York City because I just love the big city and I'm tired of living in the middle of nowhere, lol.
    10 Travel 45
  117. How much French would I need to know in order to travel there?
    I may be going to France this summer, & I was wondering, how much French would I need to know to travel there for about a week? I know pretty much all the colors and lots of kinds of food, but that's pretty much all. What else do I need to know? Thanks
    6 Travel 37
  118. Why not use the excess trailers in Haiti?
    There were thousands of excess trailers after the hurricane hit New Orleans. Why not use them in Haiti where they are needed? They could be shipped and arrive in a few days. Government authorities do not seem to have much between the ears if this isn't...
    3 Politics 38
  119. What movie trailers are shown in The Dark Knight Rises?
    I just saw the Man of Steel trailer, and I want to show my grandpa because he is a huge fan, but I think it would be a whole lot better if he saw it in the theater, so is the Man of Steel trailer shown before The Dark Knight Rises? Are any other superh...
    3 Entertainment 22
  120. Do you think it's safe for a woman to travel alone?
    I am 32 years old have never traveled before. I want to travel to California and vacation there for a week or 2. I don't know anyone there and would just like others opinions on whether or not you think it's safe for a woman who has never traveled bef...
    4 Travel 13
  121. Jobs that have to do with traveling?
    any kind of job, just not a flight attendant. Something where you record what goes on in the world or just see the world, but you can stay for a long time in that place and visit rain forests,deserts, etc'
    4 Travel 51
  122. Where should we travel in the summer?
    Me (17) and my cousin (19) want to go somewhere together for 2-3 weeks in the summer, preferably July, but we're stumped on places to go. preferably somewhere warm!! any ideas?!!
    2 Travel 16
  123. Air travel policies?
    How old do you have to be to go on a plane by yourself? Does it vary from state to state? If so,from the arrival or descent? Sorry lol I cant word...stuff today Btw I live in massachusetts
    2 Travel 14
  124. What if you could travel back in time?
    What if a time machine was invented,what time in history would you travel back to?just think history classes would be much more fun if you witness history events unfold firsthand and you would get top grades in your history subjects lol
    4 General 17
  125. what is your travelling song?
    Well I don't know bout anyone else but I have songs which I love when im travelling. Just asking because I might find a new one :) or millions. Mine is On a Good Day by OceanLab. Amazing stuff.
    3 Music 5
  126. Traveling Internationally
    Wow that sucks. my old question about my site got deleted:( but my question today is I got a letter about traveling enternationaly. Its like what a teacher reccomends. But I want to know if you think its real and if I should do it. And its to go to eur...
    3 Travel 14
  127. Which website is best for travel tickets?
    Which travel site is best for travelling locally or internationally: Travelocity, Expedia, or Orbitz? I have used Expedia once and Orbitz once but I never really compared the two at the time. I have a vacation coming up from work and I thought I shou...
    2 Travel 12
  128. Do I need a I.D if im under 18 traveling on a plane
    ok im 16 and on tuesday im going on a plane my aunt orderd and printed my ticket and she wont be with me when I go to the airport I dont have an I.D or anything can I can still board my plane
    4 Travel 138
  129. What are similar movies like the Time Traveler's Wife?
    Okay well my boyfriend's coming home in about 3 hours and we watched the Time Traveler's Wife movie about a week ago and we both enjoyed it! Are there any movies kinda similar to it? like adventures? If not, do you know any funny movies? Thnkss<3
    4 Entertainment 51
  130. Best place to travel for a party?
    me and all my buddys want to go on a winter trip down south..we originally wanted to go to panama but not all of use are in the same price range so panama is out of the question,the price range is about 1000cnd each...any suggestions for the best place...
    10 Travel 37
  131. How long would it take you to travel from New Orleans to Paducah Kentucky by stagecoach in 1865?
    I have to do a project and my teacher is making me look at every aspect of the journey and this is one of the things that I have to know.
    2 Travel 28
  132. Who loves to travel?
    I do! I don't get to do it that much, maybe about once every year. It's amazing. I've been to vegas, the grand canyon, washington DC, New York, Niagra Falls, and Disney World (:
    4 Travel 10
  133. Is there any way to deal with wanderlust other than to travel?
    I seriously can't take it anymore. Any ideas on how to stop obsessing over the idea of getting away? Or how to stop feeling so suffocated and trapped? I can't travel, but I feel like I can't stay here. I've tried looking up ways to get rid of or contro...
    7 Travel 8
  134. Space Travel
    When do you think people will land on Mars? The first Extrasolar planets? The Andromeda Galaxy? The Other Side of the Universe? -My Guesses Mars- March 21, 2030 First Extrasolar Planets- 2323 What year do you think that people will land on Mars...
    2 Travel 25
  135. Backward Time Travel
    I know that you can travel forward in time by traveling close to the speed of light, by spending time on different planets, by traveling further from the Earth's center of gravity, traveling through a wormhole,cryonics (if that counts), etc., many many...
    6 Science 21
  136. Boring travel?
    For some reason, every time I go over seas, I don't get as much enjoyment out of it. I get more enjoyment exploring my hometown!!! How weird is that? Maybe I need to go somewhere wayyy more exotic, like a refuge area..hmm
    2 Travel 15
  137. Traveling to Nepal, is it not a good idea?
    I heard that Nepal has been in the middle of a cival war for a while now, ever since the previous king & most of the royal family was slain amid suspicious circumstances (the only surviving royal was at the dinner where it happened, but never accused)....
    2 Travel 24
  138. Why would flying be the safe'st way to travel?
    Why would flying be the safe'st way to travel becoz theirs nothing to get in its road, I cant get to grips why its the safest way to travil they're are so high of the ground its unbelivible an if somethin happens when your up there your a gonner, at le...
    2 Travel 38
  139. Best countries for a young female traveler?
    I am nineteen and have a huge passion for travel. I went to New Zealand for about three months last year and felt like it was the perfect place for a young female traveling alone. I want to travel to more places without having to feel threatened. ...
    10 Travel 48
  140. Astral traveling
    I've been trying to astral project for some time now but it hasn't really been working. I have a book on it but none of the methods really seem to help. I think that the problem in that I dont get into a deep enough meditated state. :/ does anyone hav...
    13 Religion 37
  141. One time felon seeking tractor trailer job?
    I have a CDL class A drivers license. I have no experience and I have one felony. No matter what I do I keep being rejected by all driving co. Q: Should I just look for another proffesstion? I need help!!
    3 Money 43
  142. What are good activies that allow you to travel?
    I want to compete in activities that give me the opportunity to travel. After school I'm bored as hell and I want to do something. My sister has ballet but I just sit at home. What are some good activities that will let me have fun and also travel? Esp...
    2 Travel 12
  143. Newborn traveling on a plan at two or three months old, is that sa
    Hi, I'm from Colombia and I am going to have a baby girl early in August. As my parents can't come to see her, I want to visit them as soon as possible. If the baby travel with only 2 or 3 months will be dangerous for her health?
    2 Babies 55
  144. How can I physically create or travel to another world,or realm?
    HI, I really really really need to go to a specific world (there are people who are important to me waiting for me there) and I need to get there soon. Note: I'm talking magically and metaphysically here, so don't give me any science junk OK?
    3 Religion 56
  145. Can Ginnie Pigs travel
    We are moving to Oklahoma City, OK from Saint Louis, MO its about 10 hours in driving. Is it safe for the Ginnie Pig to travel or not we have had her for about 8 months now My daughter got her after her birds had passed away after 10 years. And I cant...
    2 Travel 13
  146. How would I be able to get paid to travel?
    What job would I have to take to be able to travel around the world to different countries, cites, continents? I don't want a business job where I just travel to do paper work with different people in tall giant boring buildings. I mean jobs that allow...
    4 Money 39
  147. Is New York a good place to travel for vacation?
    Is New York a good place to travel or tour with a family of 4 with a sibling thats 8 years old? And what places in New York would you recommend? I heard from some one before its not a very good place to go to. Very bad harsh community, subways are horr...
    6 Travel 46
  148. Young traveller
    I'm 16 and really want to leave Wellington. I don't yet want to leave New Zealand but I want to go around my country and see everything. I can't deal with being stuck where I am right now. Any tips on how I can earn the money and get ready to l eave??
    2 Travel 13
  149. overdraft fees by booking a ticket from a travel agent
    how do I deal with me, being charged by somebody of over $100+ for an overdraft fee by booking a ticket online? I hate it! do I call chase or do I have the travel agent deal with this? (I tried calling both, but either of the two doesnt know how it can...
    2 Travel 15
  150. Traveling round the world!!
    Hi Can anyone sugest any good destinations 2 go traveling around the world, because next year I realy wanna travel and would like to know of sme great places 2 go? I have already some in mind, but always like to here of other places that I may not...
    4 Travel 13
  151. How much money (estimate) would it cost to travel to Paris, Barcelona, Rome, and some city in Greece?
    If I wanted to go to all these places, shop, (of course) eat, and stay a 5 star hotel how much money should I save? I know since the economy is so bad it might take a while to save up the money.
    8 Travel 50
  152. Lightest blond: website to preview hairstyles on your photos
    Please I need you guys!! Can you guys help me and give me some websites where you upload your picture and you can change your hair style and color and stuff to see how it would look,.. Pleaseee pleaseee pleaseee!!! I need this super bad,.. Im thinkin ...
    3 Style 27
  153. The sisterhood of the traveling pants
    Okay so I have to read a book before in enter school so im entering school really soon...but I just dont want to read the book. Well the book is the sister hood of the traveling pants. I was just going to watch the movie but im not sure if its going to...
    4 Entertainment 14
  154. How do I keep hair frizz to a minimum when traveling to extra humid places?
    I live in Hawaii and my hair is always nice and soft, easy to brush and handle, and my products work well with it. But when I travel to Tahiti to visit family, the weather is so humid that my hair frizzes up and feels rougher and is so hard to detangle...
    2 Style 13
  155. How old do you be to have to travel on your own?
    I have a friend that lives further down the country than me, and I really want to meet him one day, cause hes great (d/w, I'm certain hes no perv or whatever, I know one of his ex's hahaa) I'm 15 & from the uk, and want to know old youve got to be t...
    3 Travel 36
  156. What is a good place to travel for a romantic vacation?
    Hi guys, my question is where can me and my boyfriend go on vacation together to have a romantic time together and make it an unforgetable night and day!!! we are willing to spend about $800 bucks with gas, hotel, and food put together. oh and plus wha...
    2 Relationships 33
  157. Heaviest or lightest album
    So far since going on break from making albums,I have been trying to think of something to write on,I want my next one to be either heavy or light,everyone knows my last 5 have been semi-heavy. Can anyone give me some names or ideas on what I can write...
    3 Music 5
  158. Traveling without parents
    Do they sell plane tickets to people under the age of 18? If they do do you have to have your paretns permission or their id with u? And wud I need an id to buy the ticket? And can you buy the plane ticket at the airport, the day your plane leaves? O...
    3 Travel 49
  159. What was your worst travel experience ever?
    My partner and I are in Switzerland for the holidays- on a long train ride yesterday, my partner's bag was swiped by someone getting of the train. The bag contained his new Macbook pro, a rather expensive new watch, but most importantly his passport an...
    4 Travel 65
  160. Travelling to Auschwitz
    I am a photography student travelling to Poland in March next year, I am visiting the Nazi concentration camp of Auschwitz, I have read all the information about photography but still feel sick at the idea of taking photos there, the photos I would tak...
    2 Travel 21
  161. Why does my 128 gigabyte Kingston data traveler flash drive keep corrupting?
    I bought a 128 gig flash drive online a while back and ever since i started using it it'll hold whatever i put on it for a little while but then it will corrupt or tell me i need to format it for it to work properly. So i must have formatted this t...
    2 Technology 36
  162. travel tips?
    I'm brand-new here, but... here goes: I've turned 40, my husband has left and I'm living up in the Scottish Highlands, without much money., But I've alwayds loved travelling and thought that now is the chance! I especially like hiking in the mou...
    4 Travel 17
  163. How to get my Dad to let me travel with my Mom?
    OK, my mom and dad are divorced or w/e and this summer my mom wants to take me and my broter with the rest of our family to mexico (my 2 aunts and there children and my uncle and his children...) he basically has the custady of us but I don't know. Its...
    2 Family 32
  164. Terrified to travel
    Yeah ok, so im a little crazy. I've never been anywhere outside my country when I was old enough to remember it, and im taking my first flight on my own. Its this huge complicated thing, I have to take a few diff flights to get to my destination and sw...
    5 Travel 18
  165. travel sickness
    do you think travel sickness/ motion sickness is in the mind? I used to suffer from it when I was young, but no more but according to my friend he has it really badly. But a miracle must of happened. (either that, he doesn't really get travel sick). ...
    3 Travel 19
  166. Are animals..
    Are animals allowed to travel on Airplans?
    6 Travel 20
  167. My 15th!
    What should I do for my quince?(my 15th) that doesnt invlove traveling!
    3 Travel 18
  168. what is the name of the song ?
    what was the song on the trailer for peter pan ? and who sang it ? here's the trailer if you want to hear it
    3 Music 22
  169. Is Japan a good place to visit?
    is japan a really good place to travel to?
    3 Travel 12
  170. Where should I go in South America?
    Currently traveling the world.
    3 Travel 14
  171. What kind of job
    will allow traveling around the world? I have never really traveled before, and I am interested in finding a job that will allow me that opportunity. Any suggestions?
    6 Money 21
  172. When do you need a passport?
    Do you need a passport when you get on a airplane and travel to another state?
    5 Travel 67
  173. plane humor
    If air travel is so safe, why do they call it a “terminal”?
    9 Travel 7
  174. How do I get over this thing I have about not being able to fall asleep without my own bed :'( ?
    Like, I can't go to sleep if I am not in my own bed. I travel a lot and I never get any sleep when I travel. It makes me miserable...
    12 Health 30
  175. Speed of an E-mail?
    I have asked this question how fast an E-mail travels but nobody has ever been able to tell me. All they tell me is instantly, but I know that it can't be instantly anywhere becuase the speed of light is the fastest speed that information can travel a...
    5 Technology 56
  176. What can and can't take on plane?
    What can I and can't I take with me when I am traveling. if I take toothbrush and toothpaste and deodarant do they have to be a certain size?
    2 Travel 47
  177. How can i masturbate with out a "toy"?
    all i have is a travel toothbrush thats rounded and a vibrating toothbrush... any tips
    2 Sex 66
  178. What skateboard deck is the best?
    Sup, what deck is the best deck, the lightest, the most durable? What deck should I get next?
    3 Sports 15
  179. Where is the best place to take a 3 week vacation?
    Where is the best place to take a 3 week vacation? I can travel anywhere.
    9 Travel 129
  180. Why do I get red cheeks when it's hot out?
    my cheek become red when I travelled in sun shine
    3 Style 91
  181. Horse Riddle!
    A horse travels a certain distance each day. Strangely enough, two of its legs travel 30 miles each day and the other two legs travel nearly 31 miles. It would seem that two of the horse's legs must be one mile ahead of the other two legs, but of cours...
    7 General 94
  182. Who is going to buy the new assassin's creed brotherhood game when it launches in November?
    I know I am...check out the official trailer here, too from E3. Seriously, you have got to watch the's *AWESOME*.
    14 Gaming 13
  183. Far and away
    Does anyone know the name of the song that is playing during the Theatrical Trailer of Far and Away?
    2 Music 22
  184. Italy, Australia, Spain or France
    If you could travel to one of these countries...which would it be? And...why?
    4 Travel 20
  185. How to get from Texas to New York ?
    How would you travel from Texas (Dallas) to New York and how long would it take?
    3 Travel 12
  186. How to deal with my travelling boyfriend?
    My boyfriend is a serious hockey player. Because of this, he's on the road an in different places A LOT. We're only 15 but have been going out for about a year and probably will be together for a long time. Right now hockey meetings and tryouts are sta...
    2 Relationships 41
  187. dumb questions
    you're the pilot of an air plane that travels from new york to chicago - a distance of 800miles. the plane travels at 200mph and makes a stop for 30 minutes. whats the pilots name?
    3 General 8
  188. Where is Dubai?
    Am considering traveling overseas and am interested in going on vacation to Dubai. Does anyone know where it is located?
    7 Travel 25
  189. What is this song?
    On the 'fame' trailer whats the first song that plays? + also on 'aliens in the attic' whats the song played on the credits ?
    2 Music 15
  190. Does a journalist make a year?
    Does a journalist make a year? Specifically one that writes about animals and the environment, and maybe travels.
    2 Money 40
  191. Which country would you like to visit?
    If you could travel to one country.(either have or haven't been)... Which one will you choose???And why? Just curious^^
    17 Travel 51
  192. Who wants to see the new movie Legion?
    Each time I see the trailer on TV I want to see the movie even more. Who on FunAdvice wants to see the movie Legion as much as I do?
    3 Entertainment 37
  193. How long does it take to get to Mars?
    I need to know how many days and/or hours it takes to travel to Mars.
    4 Science 45
  194. should I do it?
    my ex is traveling this friday and wants 2 see me and told that he wants a good bye kiss so should I do it? (I do love him)
    2 Relationships 7
  195. Where can I find a cheaper hotel in New York city?
    i will to new york city for travel,i want to find a cheaper hotel,give me some advice,thanks
    3 Travel 15
  196. How old do you have to be to rent a hotel room in florida?
    My son wants to travel down to florida, but needs to know how hold you have to be to rent a room?
    6 Travel 4695
  197. What to get my girlfriend?
    I traveled for 3 month now, and I can't wait to travel back to meet my girlfriend. I bought here all kind of stuff, SUn glass, shirts, jeans, dress, shoes, sandals. I feel that all these stuff means nothing, what am I really missing?
    2 Relationships 8
  198. Do you think that the Atlanta airport will be delayed?
    Do you think that the atlanta airport will be delayed wed. for travellers for thanksgiving? There is supposed to be a lot of people going there and I have to go through there..SO just wondering
    2 Travel 17
  199. Time Traviling Journey.
    If you was able to travel back in time what year an place in time would you like to visit an see/spend time in???
    3 Travel 17
  200. Seatbelts in backseat
    Why do a lot of people think it is ok to travel in backseat of car without wearing a seatbelt. Would you buckle up when in backseat
    6 General 44
  201. raising money for soccer
    im on a travel soccer team and we wanted to raise some money to buy stuff for the team but we dont know what to do to raise the money...any suggestions?
    5 Money 9
  202. What are some awesome jobs ?
    What are some really good jobs that both pay well but are really good aswell. I like to travel so anything to do with that is good but also any other jobs aswell. Thx :-)
    5 Money 24
  203. Where can I find cheap flight tickets?
    Im trying to find cheap travel tickets, what is a good website to go buy some? Thanks
    3 Travel 32
  204. Do you buckle up in the backseat?
    why do a lot of people think it is ok to travel in backseat of car without wearing a seatbelt. would you buckle up when in backseat
    12 General 161
  205. Speed of Light
    Why is the speed of light (186,000 miles per second) considered the maximum velocity at which anything can travel?
    5 Science 42
  206. Twilight on Ipod
    I was on the official site of Twilight and it had the trailer for it on the first page you come to and it has different ways to watch the trailer like in full screen or smaller screen. It also said Ipod and I clicked on it hoping to download it onto my...
    2 Entertainment 36
  207. Who is ready to see Paranormal Activity 2?
    It's supposedly coming out sometime in 2010...get ready. Who's excited? (Trailer linked below)
    10 Entertainment 17
  208. Who is ready to see the "Eclipse" movie based off the Twilight books?
    I believe it comes out soon. Photo and trailer attached!
    26 Entertainment 42
  209. What's this song?
    I heard this song in a store...only got part of the words: Fill me up, I've traveled a long way (it was a girl singer)
    2 Music 14
  210. Extensions to match my hair
    I have just bought some extensions and there lightest blonde and my hair is light brown with blonde highlights if I take my extenson to the hairdresses with me colud they do it all blonde ?
    4 Style 31
  211. What is the best SUV to own?
    What is the best SUV to own? Is it good on gas? millage? (I travel alot so I need a good one, that will take me places without a problem!)
    2 Shopping 59
  212. Should I do cheerleading or dance?
    I really want to be a cheerleader, but on the other hand I really want to be a dancer because I made dance team but cheerleading is more fun and you get to travel more, which one should I do? HELP!
    11 Sports 334
  213. Futurama Inconsistencies
    From watching Futurama, I have noticed that there are a lot of inconsistencies. First of all inflation is not taken into account and all of the things in the year 3000 are the same price as the year 2000. In theory things would cost much more in the ...
    7 Entertainment 80
  214. Do people in the US take vacations outside of the US?
    I have just read an article here in Britain which says that compared to Europeans, a very high % of people in the US do not travel outside of the US on vacation. The article also goes on to say that a very small % actually have a passport. As many of...
    2 Travel 56
  215. Do U.S. passports expire, and how much are they?
    I've always wanted to travel outside of the country so I figure the first step is getting a passport.
    3 Travel 41
  216. Can I get a passport without a parent?
    can I get a passport without a parent in michigan at the age 16. I dont live with my dad and I would like one for traveling!
    2 Travel 98
  217. If you only had $100
    How far from home could you travel (meals included) for the day? Where would you go? This is $100 (or the equivalent in your country) per person
    2 Travel 34
  218. What ever happend to pauly shore?
    What ever happend to pauly shore I herd he was makeing a movie called oppisite day but I havnt seen any trailer or any thing
    2 Entertainment 53
  219. Star trek?
    I know this sounds lame as hell, but if star trek was around would you join the academy and travel space and $hit like that in know I would.
    4 Entertainment 19
  220. Who is going to a metro station concert in australia?
    Who is going to a metro station concert in australia? Are you travelling from another state in australia to go see them? Are you going to sydney or melbourne? All ages? Over 18's? Under 18's? Xoxo
    2 Music 38
  221. What's wrong with my puppy today?
    well we've been traveling for a while. we brought our dog with us. we just came home last night. so yesterday while traveling in our car we gave him a lot of chicken and beef. soon after that he got gassy burping and farting (dont laugh about the farti...
    6 Pets 46
  222. What are some careers that involves writing???
    I am so confused for what I want to be when I grow up. I know I'm only 14 and shouldn't be too paranoid but I am in highschool and in acouple of years I have to choose what direction I want to go in. I want a career that involves writing but I don't wa...
    3 Money 17
  223. Have you ever thought of a world without boundaries?
    have you ever thought about a world without boundaries..a free world with no visas no armies, no guns...everyone can travel and settle as they like...wouldnt it be nice?
    4 General 29
  224. How to be an air hostess?
    Whats the best way to get into the cabin crew industry? I have applied to do a travel and tourism course already? X
    2 Travel 32
  225. Speed of Light Achieved?
    When do you think people will build spaceships capable of traveling at the speed of light? My personal guess is the year 2492. Any comments or views?
    6 Science 50
  226. What is a really good video editing software?
    I really want to make my own trailers, with credits kinda like this : What do i use?
    4 Technology 17
  227. HALO 3: ODST
    Who has seen trailers (& what not) for Halo 3: ODST & thinks that it looks absolutely AWE-SOME???! =) (yeah, girls play video games too!)
    7 Gaming 38
  228. Flying first class...
    Whn your traveling first time what kinda food do you eat and do you decide what movie to watch or does some one else do it for you just wondering???
    2 Travel 18
  229. Devil May Cry movie question
    I have heard that in 2010, Devil May Cry will come with a movie with real people and My question is: Do you have a link where I can see a trailer of the movie that maybe tell me the info about the movie?
    3 Gaming 42
  230. When is the final fantasy 7 remake out?
    I saw a trailer for the remake like 2 years ago, I know its coming out, but has anyone any idea when? Loves that game!
    4 Gaming 14
  231. Why shouldnt she go?
    My friend is 18 and really wants to go traveling before uni. I think its a good idea and will bring independence, but her parents are still unsure
    2 Travel 9
  232. Speed of Light...
    I read that if you travel at the speed of light you can go back or forwards in is this possible, I'm finding it hard to understand! Can someone please explain?
    4 Science 29
  233. Does anyone know where, and if, I can find "Louder Than Words" by Mariposa Lane Music?
    Its used in the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 trailer.
    2 Music 12
  234. Aroudn the world trip
    Hi, I am doing some research on the spending money I will require for around the world trip. I understand that obviously everyones spending habits are different and this can be a difficult question to answer however any assistance would really be appre...
    3 Travel 28
  235. How much would you rate this essay out of 40?
    I had an exam, and we had to write an essay. So I just wanted to know how much would you rate this out of 40? (I'm a 12th grader if that matters..). My essay consists of four paragraphs, and 115 words (though they should actually be 120-140). I just wa...
    3 Literature 68
  236. Math!!! Ugh... Important
    Ok so this dude drives for 3hours and 45min. How far did this dude travel if she averaged 60miles per hour? Help please...
    2 Education 37
  237. When George W. Bush flew in an F18 Hornet when he was President, did that plane's call sign switch to Airforce one?
    Any plane the president travels on is supposed to be called airforce one. Just wondering.
    4 Politics 61
  238. Lightspeed or Extrasolar Planets?
    Do you think that Humans will acheive starships that are capable of going at the speed of light before Humans land on Extrasolar planets, or do you think that Humans will land on extrasolar planets first. I personally think that Humans will land on ex...
    4 Science 29
  239. How could a minor secretly buy an airplane ticket?
    how could a minor buy an airplane ticket without her mom knowing?she lives in texas and wants to travel to florida for a week or two how could she buy an airplane ticket without her moms permision?
    3 Shopping 13
  240. How many times have you circled the globe?
    So I've been to Indonesia twice, Maldives once, Nepal twice, Europe once, etc. Adding it all up, and I can honestly say I've been around the world more than four times, as I've also traveled back & forth across the US (3K miles one way) and went to & f...
    7 Travel 83
  241. How do I convince my mother t let me fly alone to another state?
    I am 14 and I have traveled all over the world, but at least one adult is always with me. I want to fly to Philly to see my best friend who moved away. My mother is worried and too afraid to let me go alone and says I should be 16 at least. I would not...
    4 Family 68
  242. Is being a flight attendant a good job?
    hi im 16 since I was little I have always wanted to be a flight attendant. my dad worked in the airlines (sales) so we traveled a lot as I grew up and I still travel a lot is flght attending as really as good as its cracked up to be... pros and ...
    4 Money 76
  243. Touring America.
    We are 2 English women (26 years old) and are going to America for 6 months travelling in April 2009. We are starting in Miami and are wondering what States are the best to visit. We are wanting to fly home from LA and unsure which States to travel th...
    7 Travel 29
  244. What amount of people speak English in Toulouse, France?
    I plan to travel there this summer, possibly, and I'm trying to learn French. :) But just in case I'm not very good by summer, about how many people in Toulouse, France speak English? Thanks.
    2 Travel 585
  245. What to do when youre bored out of your mind?
    It's summer! I work from 12 to 8 and when I come home I'm too tired to go out because this means I have to get dressed and travel. So, does anyone have any idea of what I can do at home?
    2 Entertainment 35
  246. what kind of movies are good for 3d in movie theathers?
    i have seen the trailer of step up in 3d and in my opinion i think the only good movies for 3d are action movies, i mean who is going to see the difference of 3d in this step up movie or a romantic comedy is hard to see that. What do you think?
    4 Entertainment 12
  247. I don't understand
    I don't understand why are older brothers so prottective I understand that siblings look out for each other but why do they care so much about who you date and what you do and stuff ? My parents travel a lot with my mom modeling and dad on buisness and...
    3 Family 15
  248. Flight attendant
    Okayy... So I really have no idea what carreer path that I would like to take.. But I love travelling, and would really like to be a flight attendant or something... Is that a good choice (money wise???) I want a job that makes quiet a bit of money, b...
    3 Travel 47
  249. Is this discrimination ?
    Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air have announced a new program that will charge heterosexuals 10 percent extra for their air travel to specific locations during the Christmas season - Discrimination ?
    7 Sex 29
  250. Outer space
    I need help with this questions If you travel 7 trillion mph, how long will it take to get to the next galaxy? Please show the math, thank you =]
    4 Science 44