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Who has the hardest boot camp

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  1. What are these boots called?
    4 Shopping 17
  2. Are these really country boots or are these combat boots?
    4 Shopping 23
  3. the hardest thing??
    What is the Hardest thing to do on a skatebord?
    4 Entertainment 15
  4. What is the world's hardest riddle?
    What is the world's hardest riddle?
    5 General 62
  5. what are some cute hairstyles for camp??
    3 Style 47
  6. What is the hardest instrument to play?
    9 Music 36
  7. What is the hardest branch of the millitary to be in?
    2 General 34
  8. What should I pack for band camp?
    5 Music 35
  9. What is the hardest thing about your life?
    22 General 43
  10. What is the hardest tongue twister you know?
    what is the hardest tongue twister you know?
    11 General 121
  11. Hardest Moment in Life?
    What has been YOUR hardest moment in life? How did you overcome it?
    8 General 88
  12. Where can I get Ugg boots for cheap?
    where can I get Ugg boots for cheap?
    11 Shopping 61
  13. How did everyone like camp rock?
    How did everyone like camp rock?
    15 Entertainment 20
  14. moon boots
    Where can I find Moon boots on sale?
    2 Shopping 13
  15. What does fill your boots mean?
    What does the phrase 'Fill your boots mean'?
    5 General 306
  16. Whats the hardest thing you have ever had to do?
    Whats the hardest thing you have ever had to do?
    3 General 14
  17. How to clean Timberland boots?
    how to clean wheat timberland boots?
    2 Style 65
  18. what do you think the hardest thing in life is?
    3 General 23
  19. Is there any nursing camps in St.Louis for teens?
    2 General 27
  20. What are some good tips for camping out in a tent?
    9 Entertainment 18
  21. Who here has visited a concentration camp?
    and what was it like?
    19 Travel 24
  22. Are there any cheap fat camps in Penn?
    11 Nutritionfitness 61
  23. what is the hardest animal to take care of?
    6 Pets 261
  24. Do Bob's Stores sell Ugg boots?
    Do Bobs' Stores sell Ugg boots?
    3 Shopping 191
  25. How do you get oil stains out of Ugg boots?
    how do you get oil stains out of ugg boots?
    3 Homegarden 479
  26. Was Camp Rock a book?
    Was Camp Rock really a book before it was a movie?
    4 Literature 8
  27. whats the hardest thing you ever had to do
    its all in the title :)
    7 General 8
  28. Where can i find zebra striped rain boots?
    3 Shopping 11
  29. Who has some stories from band camp to share lol?
    2 Music 46
  30. Are Bearpaw shoes a good brand of boots?
    2 Style 44
  31. How do I convince my parents to pay for summer camp?
    7 Family 83
  32. hardest part of bein an advisor?
    what the hardest thing you guys have to do?
    3 Funadvice 17
  33. who goes to band camp
    hey anyone who is in band does your school do a band camp
    2 Music 13
  34. Where to buy ugg boots in maryland?
    Where can I find ugg boots in hagerstown maryland?
    3 Shopping 65
  35. leather boots
    anyone know where I can buy leather boots (not heels)
    3 Shopping 23
  36. Which would you rather get: (girls) Jeffery Campbell Lita Boot or White Doc Marten Boots?
    7 Style 15
  37. What's the best brand of women's boots besides Uggs?
    4 Shopping 38
  38. what is the nicest colour to have in the classic mini ugg boot ?
    8 Shopping 14
  39. Do you believe that love is one of the hardest obstacles of life?
    9 General 34
  40. Camp Speicher
    does anyone know a soldier deployed at Camp Speicher in Iraq?
    3 General 58
  41. High School Musical or Camp Rock?
    11 Entertainment 65
  42. Boots and pregancey tests
    were abouts in boots would the preg tests be? under Babys?
    4 General 40
  43. New movie camp rock
    Has anybody heard the song from the new movie camp rock "this is me"?
    10 Entertainment 18
  44. Hardest thing you've had to go through
    What is the hardest thing you have ever been through in your life so far?
    9 General 51
  45. Where to buy UGG boots?
    WHERE do every one get UGG boots from? can I buy them at a store?
    9 Shopping 76
  46. What does "camp" mean?
    What does camp mean? I've heard it once and i didnt know what it what does it mean??
    7 General 112
  47. where I can get pink Dr Martens boots from ?
    does anyone know where I can get pink Dr Martens boots from ?
    4 Shopping 49
  48. What is the hardest sport?
    I want to know what sport is the hardest? and how hard you have to work to be good?
    12 Sports 38
  49. What are some inexpensive cheer camps?
    does anyone know any inexpensive cheer camps in pa or in ga
    5 Entertainment 42
  50. Navy Boot Camp
    about how long is the Navy boot camp. Because the guy I'm talking to is leaving in august to go and I will miss him immensly. thanks. ~ Tela [[xoxo]]
    3 Money 47
  51. Do people camp out for Much Music Video Awards tickets?
    4 Entertainment 26
  52. does anyone know any *Fun* games to play while camping with friends?
    10 Gaming 54
  53. Camp rock... I want to get the songs in the movie!!
    Can you tell me how and where to get them??
    7 Music 17
  54. How do you lace up these boots?
    I've never gotten a pair of these Ariats.
    3 Style 10
  55. what kind of jeans like you more, boot cut, loose or straight fit.
    what kind of jeans like you more, boot cut, loose or straight fit.
    4 Style 17
  56. Slouchy Ankle Boots
    where could I get some of those cute slouchy ankle boots?!?! online!??! hellpp
    2 Shopping 13
  57. Whats the hardest boss you ever faced?
    I havent faced any hard bosses yet but whats your hardest boss?
    3 Money 27
  58. What's the hardest adjustment the first year of college?
    What are the hardest adjustments to make for a first-year college student?
    4 Education 23
  59. whats the hardest thing to tell your parents?
    What do you think would be the hardest thing to tell your parents?=D
    19 Family 80
  60. what's the hardest lesson you've leared on love (bf/gf, family, or friend)?
    32 Relationships 20
  61. Are places like camps where you can park an RV at open all year round?
    3 Travel 11
  62. Cheer camp
    Hey I made it for cheerleading!!! Now I have to go to cheer camp. Anyone know whats there?
    2 General 26
  63. What's the hardest and easiest way to communicate?
    What do you think is the hardest and easiest way to talk to a person..By Email/IM, by Phone, or In person??? and why
    2 Technology 38
  64. Ugg boots, love them or hate them?
    what do you think about the ugg boots? You see them everywhere nowadays. Do you like them or hate them?
    12 Style 15
  65. My own body boot camp
    Im taking a week away to start my own boot camp (camp offord others lol) is this healthy to do, I want to be healthy, but push my body, how much should I eat, exersise and how much water should I drink?
    2 Nutritionfitness 12
  66. Where will I buy those boots??
    I want boots with little but of fur and like cute boots but I donno from where like what place soo where can I buy cute boots ? (for winter)
    6 Shopping 40
  67. Why hilary clinton got booted off the election?
    just asking because I dont know.. ???
    4 Politics 7
  68. What kind of shirts look good with heeled ankle boots and skinny jeans?
    9 Style 41
  69. Why won't my PC boot?
    My pc does not boot.It says ntdlr missing..Can anyone help out.
    3 Technology 25
  70. high heel boots are sexi with sum tite jeans and a t-shirt?
    Do you think high heel boots are sexi with sum tite jeans and a t-shirt?
    5 Sex 35
  71. I really want some rding boots
    where can I find riding boots?I want flat ones but I cant find them anywhere...
    2 Shopping 9
  72. Need black boots
    Looking for fashionable black boots that look both professional and a little punk rock at the same time.
    2 Style 12
  73. Any good camping place around melbourne?
    Me and my friends are plannin to go camping for 2 days or there any good place around melbourne..??
    2 Travel 47
  74. Camp Rock 2 Auditions?
    I heard there will be a Camp rock 2, and was wondering if anyone knows when they will start casting for it?
    4 Entertainment 103
  75. Camping food?
    What food can I take camping? A list, please? How could I take anything spicy? Thank you (: X
    7 Food 24
  76. Low heel riding boots
    Really need to get some that arent that expensive! Any help?
    5 Style 13
  77. Boots and stockings.
    Do you think boots that go underneath you knee caps will look okay when wearing stockings or tights?
    2 Style 24
  78. can you get HIV or AIDs if you go camping with someone infected and you get bit by the same mosquito?
    3 Health 16
  79. What are some good day camp activities?
    I need some good day camp activities or weekly themes with names would also be appreciated!
    2 General 18
  80. what shhould i take to sleep away camp for 4 days, im going with this church?
    2 Travel 17
  81. Can you camp on a school field?
    Like not with tents and stuff, and not sleep, but can you hangout on a school field all night? (in the summer)
    4 Politics 15
  82. Where can I buy some cute boots?
    I want to buy some cute boots (not uggs) to go with my jeans but I dont know where to look. Help me!!!
    3 Shopping 52
  83. Where to get cute cowgirl boots?
    where can I get s0me really extremely cute c0w girl b00ts?
    3 Shopping 51
  84. Should I be worried that my wife is into wearing thigh high boots and mini skirts when she goes out lately?
    23 Relationships 160
  85. Which one of these boots looks more unique/biker-ish/cool (photos)?
    21 Shopping 22
  86. Does anyone know if Knut the polar bear was booted from the zoo after his owner died?
    7 Pets 8
  87. Who has been to camp?
    Ok my mom asked me if I wanted to go to camp in the summer I was like I don't know anyway so has anyone been to camp [any camp] was it fun was it scary was it borin how was it???
    4 Travel 18
  88. Where to buy UGG boots in DC?
    I am going to Washington DC in a few days so it would be great if someone could tell me where to buy ugg boots?
    6 Shopping 259
  89. Will jeans stuffed into boots be in style in 2007?
    do you think they will still be in style in 2007 this year. you know like the jeans stuffed in the fuzzy boots kinda style
    3 Style 9
  90. Who Loved / liked CAmp Rock 2:final jam?
    i did cuz im a disney fanatic?
    4 Entertainment 11
  91. How can I convince my parents to let me go camping with my boyfriend and 5 other friends?
    They're undecided at the moment.
    4 Family 98
  92. Me and this guy met camping
    Me and this guy met camping and he lives in a different town and we love eachothet and we never see eachother and I just don't know what to do..
    4 Relationships 7
  93. Hardest junk food to stay away from?
    You know that junk food is so hard to keep away from yourself.. right?? well What is the most hardest junk food to stay away from..??? is it the same as me let me know urs???
    17 Food 116
  94. School camp
    Theres a year 8 camp coming up I am going but most of my friends arnt so I dont no wether to go or not because my friends arnt going so it might not be as fun
    4 Education 61
  95. Where can I find those real furry boots at online.?
    They are like faux fur boots.Please help. I cant find a website.
    6 Shopping 35
  96. what are some fat camps near san bernadino?
    how much do they cost? i wiegh 190 do i weigh enough to get in?
    5 Nutritionfitness 10
  97. How can I remove oil stains from my timberland boots?
    what can I use I have read a lot of remedies but I am not sure which one is really the one to use
    2 Style 645
  98. Is there a live-in fitness boot camp?
    I am 19 years old and am wanting to join the military for Military Police. Problem is that I am about 70-80 pounds overweight. I am wondering if there are any fitness boot camps that are live in? If so where are they? I would really love one that has m...
    2 Nutritionfitness 38
  99. what...would it be stupid to buy snowboard boots?
    for the past two years there has been a lot of snow in my town and I have a snowboard but no boots..but I don't know if I should buy new boots because we don't normally get a lots of snow
    2 Shopping 9
  100. Which Asian spoken language is hardest to speak/write?
    I want to know out which one out of Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese which one is the hardest. I want to visit two of the three if not all three.
    7 General 15
  101. hurry,,, camping foods
    my dad is going shopping. we need food ideas for camping (dinners) we got hamburgers hotdags and chicken. any other fast ideas?
    4 Food 39
  102. Did Walter Camp invent football?
    I'm doing a report on football, and I think Walter Camp invented it. If you know please tell me. Also I really need to know why the person invented it.
    2 Sports 122
  103. Where is there a place or camp to enhance pyschic abilities?
    Perhaps a camp for teens with workshops or such. And I live in the United States, so one here in the country. lol.
    6 Religion 29
  104. I want to go to a 30,000 $ Volleyball camp .?
    How do I tell my mom I want to go to a $30,000 volleyball camp for only 3-6 months that goes out of state ? rofl
    5 Family 18
  105. What should I minor in at band camp?
    I'm going to Band Camp this summer for flute, and I can't decide which minor to take: Piano or Music Composition? Please help!
    5 Music 14
  106. What are fast, easy hairstyles for camp?
    I am going to a camp and I have no idea what to do with my hair. I usually straighten it but iI don't have time. My hair is about 2 in. from my shoulder and it is wavy.
    2 Style 140
  107. What is it really like to go camping ad hiking?
    I plan on going with my bf one day. He has been before, but i haven't. I am kind of nervous.
    3 Travel 20
  108. UGG Boot Dilema?
    should I buy mini or classic short ugg boots? I neeed to know which ugg boots are better and am wondering if anyone has any if thye like theirs or not? thankyouu x
    4 Style 40
  109. Does anyone know where I can find lace-up boots?
    Please dont put anything to expensive, im not made of money (:
    13 Shopping 28
  110. Which type of shoes would look better with a pair of leggings that go all the way down like pants - boots or strapped heels like these?
    7 Shopping 12
  111. What happened when general custard took off his boots?
    It's a math sheet #4.8 from PUNCHLINE algebra book A. Can't figure out the answer to the joke.
    9 General 1108
  112. Which is sexier boots or heals?
    Im just was wondering which one is sexier to a guy? I want to look really sexy and want to wear the perfect shoes.
    7 Sex 46
  113. Camp Rock?
    what do you think of this movie? I think its one of teh gayest things out there. I hate the jonas brothers and demi lovato! ugh!!
    10 Entertainment 21
  114. Im going camping
    I am going camping tomorrow, and I think I have every thing I need, but you know there is always one thing you wish you had, can you tell me your standard clothing and shower list for camping?
    4 Travel 39
  115. What's the toughest pair of boots?
    What's the toughest pair of boots? Please exclude the following: timberland, Sketchers, redwing, gbx, cat, harley davidsons. They have already been tested and failed.
    4 Shopping 27
  116. Going to camp for 2 week
    Im going to camp for 2 week in minnasota! wont know anyone there! we stay in cabins with girls my age. how should I make friends fast?
    5 Travel 18
  117. Where can a person find a pair of cowboy boots (woman's) size 12w?
    I have a size 11-12 foot and I want a pair of cowboys boots, I DO NOT WANT MEN'S!!!! I WILL NOT WEAR THEM!!! So I need to know where I can get a pair of cowboy boots in a size 12Wide...
    3 Shopping 8
  118. Would it be weird to wear my knee-high heeled boots right now?
    It's september, not snowing just yet, only starting to get cold.
    6 Style 29
  119. Is it okay to wear boots similar to this to school or is it too much?
    I'm not saying the exact style just how its like not high and the heels aren't too big?
    10 Style 22
  120. Camp love
    My girlfriend is away at camp for seven weeks! We still want to be together when she gets home and I was just wondering if anyone knew some advice on coping with her being gone
    2 Relationships 12
  121. Are there any fat camps around me?
    I am 14 years old. I live in Bellefonte, PA. I want to know if there are any Fat Camps near me? I really really really really super really need to loose weight.
    4 Nutritionfitness 61
  122. Which is better - camping or caravan?
    I'm going on a trip into the 'wild' and I am wondering which is better, camping with a tent or staying in my own caravan? Or should I bring both or even bulid a teepee or a little hut somewhere.
    2 General 11
  123. how can I power my computer while camping with propane?
    Do they sell like outlets you can power with those mini propane tanks? Like an outlet you use to plug things into? And if so where can I buy one and how much do they cost?
    4 Travel 53
  124. How many calories did jews eat a day in the concentration camps???
    We were talking about it in class and well I no it wasnt much but still I was jw thats all thanks!!
    3 General 629
  125. Is $180 a reasonable price for camp?
    It cost $180 for 5 days and it includes a room (with 1 roomate) and 3 all-you-can-eat meals a day :D
    7 Travel 20
  126. Boots 17
    Has anyone tried the the 17 even tone color corrector from boots? I bought it while ago. But I find it difficult to work with. Anyone whos used it, can you give me some advice? Thnks =]
    2 Style 19
  127. Are dual OS or Multi-boot OS safe?
    Are dual OS or Multi-boot OS safe?... I want to try using two operating system in one pc... it is possible if one is Vista and the other one is XP sp2
    7 Technology 44
  128. Did anyone watch Camp Rock? Did you like it?
    I watched Camp Rock last night, and I really really liked it. Probably because I'm obsessed with Joe Jonas, lol but the songs were really really catchy and I loved it..did anyone else like it?
    10 Entertainment 58
  129. The world's hardest game
    has anyone ever played the world's hardest game. if so how far did you get. I only got to level two. if you haven't you can easily go to google and type in the world's hardest game. it's fun, simple game, but very challenging and hard.
    12 Gaming 91
  130. Who ran Camp Elmira???
    I have been trying to find the leader of POW Camp "Elmira" and I dont get ANYTHING!!! This is due tomarrow,and if there are any good sites or good info about this camp anybody can give me,it will be a BIG Lifesaver!!! Thanks!!! :)
    2 Education 36
  131. Where to find Ugg boots?
    hey I am looking 4 uggs and they're al sold out! do you no a website where I can find a number 6 classic short chestnut ugg? plzzz help
    5 Shopping 116
  132. Do you want to see Camp Rock
    Is anyone exited about The Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato's movie? I' ll like to see it but I t5hink everyone is just focusing on The Jonas Brothers when the movie should be about Joe and Demi
    14 Music 30
  133. Hardest brainbuster
    If 6 cats can eat 6 rats in 6 minutes, then how many cats can eat 100 rats in 50 minutes? Note: assume that all cats are involved in eating each rat, while the other rats stand by waiting for their turn. Explain to me =]
    2 Education 87
  134. HSM3 or Camp Rock?
    Which movie do you think it's going to be better? or you want to see the most? My answer HSM3 Zac Efron is the hottest boy working for Disney right now
    4 Entertainment 13
  135. What would cause a system disk error when booting up a computer?
    We have an old computer we decided to plug in and see if it works, and when it's booting up, we get the black dos screen with the message "failed system disk or disk error". What does this mean?
    16 Technology 23
  136. Fun games to do with kids at camp
    So yeah this year I'm going to work at this awesome camp. I'm going to be a CIT [[counsler in training]] , but the thing is that I'm going to be doing late stay, and I need some fun games to do with kids. Does anyone know any games?
    3 Money 52
  137. High Heel Boots
    I recently got a pair of black high heeled boots. I would love to wear them (obviously) but I am not really sure how. Does anyone have any idea what would look good? I'm up for anything!!!
    5 Style 36
  138. thigh high boots
    How do I pull off thigh high boots (black colour with a 3 inch heel) while still looking chic and girly without the whole slutty/sleazy/looking like a hooker vibe?
    3 Style 57
  139. Where could I purchase these flat black boots?
    I saw boots like this I think at a Payless I went to earlier this year but I haven't stepped foot in one in nearly a year they might be gone...
    2 Shopping 31
  140. Where can I get cute boots?
    I want somehting furry and tall,Perhaps a bit below my knee. Winter boots. Preferrably Black Looking to spend under 100 if possible any good stores?
    9 Shopping 53
  141. Where can I buy cute cheap boots?
    If you don't know any of these boots, here's the kinda boots i'm lookin for...Sebago groundswell boots, and a couple of boots taylor swift wears. I'm not looking for the exact taylor swift boos or sebago boots just like the same style but much MUCH les...
    7 Music 16
  142. Where can you buy polo ranger boots for kids (in bk)?
    Please tell me where I coud buy these boots for kids. & someone told me I could get them on flatbush...but idkk where exactly & I don't know if they'll even be there.. polo ranger boots. Thank you!
    2 Shopping 44
  143. What are some fun things to do at a camping sleep over with guys?
    I am having a caming sleep over with both guys and girls. We are planning on doind bomb fire, swimming (in a pool), and music with dancing. I was just wondering if there are any other things that I can possibly do that might be fun.
    3 Entertainment 66
  144. What did you think of Camp Rock?
    Ah! I thought it was so much better than HSM by far (: Plus, Mitchie taught me a lot of things. Im in love w/ CR.
    3 Entertainment 13
  145. Which shoes look best with skinny jeans for a 15 year old girl - wedges, flats, sandals, boots, or high heels?
    pictures/links would be good of the shoe too!
    6 Style 67
  146. Ugg boots
    Ok, so I saw someone wearing these uggs but they weren't the nomal kind, they had bands of fur and pom poms on the outside but I can't find then anywhere!! Does anyone know where to get them??
    10 Style 17
  147. What are tips to polish my cadet boots?
    Hey I am in army cadets and have been for 3 years now. I can polish my boots good and get a nice shine but it takes aaaggess! I was wonderin if anyone had any good ideas or tips? Thank-you Mel
    5 General 65
  148. what should i bring on my camping trip?
    I got a deck of cards, a multi-tool, a few bucks(for the cards), my mp3 player, and a student ID(in case i get horribly dismembered or lost).
    3 Travel 13
  149. What do you think is the hardest part about your road test?
    I gotta take mine soon, and I havn't really practiced parking, I just suck backing in and parallel ahh wtf. What was the worst part for you?
    8 Education 57
  150. "thigh high" boots know where to get theeem?
    I want like "thigh high" boots but not slutty just fashionable like the ones Lady Gaga wore on The Paul O'Grady Show =D anyone know where to get theeem? xx
    5 Shopping 23
  151. Fun things to do while camping
    So im going camping tomrrow with my family, and one friend. We are going for 5 days, and I want to know what are some fun things that we can do, so that we dont end up getting bored? Ps its right by the ocean, but we dont have a boat
    12 Travel 113
  152. what do people think ugg boots are ugly?
    I was taking a quiz and it said wich fasgion trend you cant wait to see go the choices were uggs over the knee gladiators sandals and some other stuff
    11 Style 51
  153. Where can I get a pair of combat boots?
    I want to get a pair of combat boots, does anyone know of any stores or online sites where I can find them? I want the kind that look kind of emo/scene that are chunky with a lot of buckles. So where can I find them besides hot topic, I know they have ...
    2 Shopping 45
  154. World's hardest riddle...are you up to the challenge?
    I am brown. I am furry. I stand as much as 10 feet tall. If you find me in the woods, I might rip your face off. I am not a Koala, nor am I a panda. Plus, I'm a bear.
    14 General 52
  155. Im going to a church camp this summer and im gonna have to wear shorts like everyday but i cut myself and i have scars on my legs so how do i hide that?
    How can i make my lips bigger without surgery is there a certain product that will do this for me
    6 Style 15
  156. Sweater Boots!!!
    Please help me find some sweater boots. They're those kinds of boots that...are pretty much made out of sweater material. Lots of people wear them with their jeans tucked in them...please help me find some! List websites or what would help even more wo...
    4 Style 17
  157. How can I shine my boots and keep them that way?
    Every SINGLE time i shine my boots, they lose their shine hours later. Water, the sun, everything makes it back dull. Any ideas how to give them a longer lasting mirror look shine? no fire please:)
    3 General 16
  158. How to get guys attention when I go camping
    I go camping often and most guys think pretty and anyway im not to sure what guys like and I have a hard tim talking to guys as well sometimes im soo shy I stay in my camper for days when I go camping so im not sure how to be cofident to go up and flir...
    3 Relationships 38
  159. Good names for a camp of delinquents...
    I'm writing a story about a camp of juvenile deliquents for my english class, kind of like the setting of the book (and movie) Holes and I need a good name for the camp. I'll take any randon ideas you have, even better if it's somehow ironic to my stor...
    5 Education 55
  160. Are my cowgirl boots too pointy?
    I feel like they are too pointed and look like witch shoes. What do you guys think? ANOTHER PIC!!: http...
    19 Style 53
  161. Should I wear skinny jeans or normal boot cut jeans with my burnt orange sweater vest?
    I have a way cute Burt orange vest that's a kind of canvas in the front and sweater in the back. What jeans go w/ vests best? Any accessories would be awesome too
    3 Style 14
  162. Why are boots always associated with something sexual?
    on NBC Dateline, this trucker guy was like "I'll bring you some boots to try on" to this girl and they were like, that's not appropriate, aside from the fact that he was at least 45+ and "she" (police agent) was like 13. there are some other examples I...
    2 Sex 26
  163. Horse-back Riding ( Rain boots?)
    I am starting up horse back lessons again this monday. 2 years Ago I took them for 8 months and I had gotten some riding boots, they were too big... And they still are. Would rainboots work for riding? ((Didn't know what Category to put this under....
    2 Pets 55
  164. What color tights would look good with a black dress & grey boots?
    Dress- tank top style with white stripes & buttons on top, but I will wear a lace/hole pattern cardigan. And grey bearpaw boots (if you search that on google you'll see the exact ones) What color tights, black, grey or what?
    5 Style 48
  165. What outfits could I wear with these boots?
    I found these boots real cheap online, but I'm unsure what i could wear them with. Does anyone have long red boots? Or just any advice on what sort of outfits would go well with them? Photos would help me get an idea of what i could do with them =] ...
    7 Style 19
  166. Do you like these boots?
    Please don't say, "Where what you want to, it doesn't matter. Be yourself!" I want an honest opinion. I've been thinking about them, but my mom and sister would judge me for taking fashion "risks". But whatever, I like 'em and I'm seriously considering...
    13 Shopping 28
  167. Summer camp crush
    Theres this guy that is 15 (im 16) and I really think he is cute. He works with me at a summer camp, but I dont know if he likes me or not. I talk to him a little but not a lot... Is there anyway to like send him a signal that I like him with out telli...
    4 Relationships 44
  168. quick hairstlyes for camp?
    I have african american hair thats permed. last year I wore my hair out and when I got in the pool and got air dried it goot really poofy! then I washed the cloreine out and put it in a pony tail and the hair started to come out of it!!! help!!
    2 Style 11
  169. FEMA Camps in USA?
    Why are there so many super reinforced "Death Camps" built by FEMA springing up all over the country? There are more than 180 and growing, tons of money being spent to fence in once abandoned locations, with barbed wire turning in, to keep people in no...
    2 General 20
  170. Camping gear
    My family is about to go camping over a weekend. we will have a screened in porch like area to sleep in, so we don't need a tent. I have a cooler, air mattress, blankets, camp stove, pots and pans, and fishing gear, food, eating utinsels. this will ...
    8 General 26
  171. Who of ya'll went to summer camps?
    Me and my fiance got on the subject of summer camps. I went to them every summer (day time one's, and over night one's) and I loved them. He has never been to a summer camp because his mom was a stay at home mom and watched him over the summers. We got...
    5 Entertainment 33
  172. How should I design this kidney camp shirt?
    Okay so I get to design a t-shirt 4 kidney camp 2010 bt I don't know what to put on it like a pic,slogan or something does anybody have an idea they want bright colors, and the name of the hospital is called le bohneur childrens medical center. Thankx.
    3 Style 21
  173. Jesus Camp
    I just watched the documentary called Jesus Camp. I found this movie to be a truly sick movie. They are robbing young children of their rights to discover things on their own. An adult could tell a kid that it is okay to drink chemicals and eat plastic...
    13 Religion 37
  174. Can you help me find a cute pair of boots?
    my firend has a cute pari of boots like Uggs [but not that brand]; I think theyre Charlotte Russe, black ones. On the back they have cool patch-like things that say "Love". and underneath that, it has a heart with a knife through it. bu ti don know whe...
    2 Shopping 38
  175. Where could I get black combat boots at a cheap price?
    So my birthday is in less than a week and my grandparents are giving me money. I was thinking about spending some of it on black combat boots which is something I've been wanting for a while. Kind of like Dr. Martens. But Dr. Martens seem to be way too...
    2 Shopping 43
  176. Do you know the world's hardest riddle?
    turn polar bears white And I will make you cry. I make guys have to pee And girls comb their hair. I make celebrities look stupid And normal people look like celebrities. I turn pancakes brown And make your champane bubble. If you sqeeze me, I'...
    33 General 141
  177. Do you know the hardest riddle ever?
    I turn polar bears white and I will make you cry. I make guys have to pee and girls comb their hair. I make celebrities look stupid and normal people look like celebrities. I turn pancakes brown and make your champagne bubble. If you squeeze me, I'll p...
    22 General 158
  178. High heel boots
    How do you wear high heel boots without your Feeet aching after 2mins of walking lol!!. I've always had trouble in walkin in high heal boots my feet kill after 2mins of walkin and I just want to sit down, wots the key in walkin in them? lol. I really w...
    3 Style 47
  179. What if I've cheated on my boyfriend who's at boot camp?
    OK so my boifriend got sent away to a boot camp for 4 months...its been 2 months already and I've cheated on him numerous times...I feel absolutely HORRIBLE!!! he is everything I've ever wanted and no one understands how amazing he really i...
    5 Relationships 403
  180. Theatre Camp; Drama Freaks in a Confined Area, Love it!
    I'm going off to theatre camp. I got a list of things to bring but no specifics. I usually wear band tees, Converse and skinny jeans. Sometimes I look nice. What do I wear with a bunch of theatre freaks running around? I fit in with the passion but I...
    2 Travel 44
  181. What would YOU bring on a camping holiday?
    I'm going away in a campervan at the end of this year. I already have a little list of things to buy but I'd love to hear everybody else's list of things they would take camping. Remember, I have a campervan, but I'm sleeping outside because, well, I l...
    5 Travel 48
  182. What to do with hair at a camp party?
    My ex is having a party at his house, and we're all camping out in his backyard. Im probably staying, and I might be in his tent. All I need to know is, what do I do with my hair? I dont want to wake up and him seeing birdsnest hair after a night of p...
    5 Style 32
  183. How to fix a Windows error that keeps my computer from booting up?
    My computer will not start, I get this message: We apologize for the inconvenience, but Windows did not start successfully. A recent hardware or software change might have caused this. And it says to use the up and down arrow keys to choose an optio...
    3 Technology 11
  184. Which type of steel-toed rubber boots are the most durable, warm, and comfortable?
    In September I am taking a carpentry course where I will build a house and the website says I need steel toed rubber boots. I have 3 kinds available to me without having to order online. Dunlop, Dakota 9800 or Baffin Icebear. What I need to know is wha...
    4 Shopping 13
  185. what should make camping fun?
    Well im 16... and I want to go camping with friends after the new year... Were all 16/17ish and what would make it very coool.. im not a neek.but were quite "popular".. as lowerclass people say.. :/... what can we do that will keep us entertained... no...
    3 Entertainment 33
  186. ugg boots!
    okay I got these uggs in sand colour, (the lightest one) as a lte xmas present, but im not sure about the colour, I like it but it could get dirty really easily ao im thinking about swapping them for the chesnut ones I need people opinions, should I ...
    4 Style 14
  187. Why would my mom invite my boyfriend camping?
    I have been with my "sweetie" lets call him that ...for almost 5 months day well my sweetie was over having supper with me and my family my mom...My mom started to talk about camping and that is when she said she thought it would be fun f...
    6 Family 44
  188. how can I loose weight by june so I look gud for my boyfriend at camp?
    okay so I'm dating this really hot 15 year old guy and I get to see him at camp in june.I wanna look really good and not fat so ya.I'm 5"3 180 pounds and need a bikini body fast pls. help. p.s. I need someway to loose weight thats free and easy ty.
    2 Nutritionfitness 11
  189. Where can I find fake ugg boots for cheap.
    Hello, Since the fall is approaching fast, I really want a pair of boots. Kind of like Ugg boots but NOT uggs because they use sheepskin. So I was wondering what some good fake uggs are and where to buy them. I know a lot of people think they are ugly ...
    8 Shopping 104
  190. How to get water stain off of UGG boots?
    Last week I bought a pair of EMU boots, which I was told are just like UGGs, they were the same price and everything. yesterday I wore my boots and I got caught in the rain, and unfortunitly it ended up pouring. so now the whole foot part of my boot i...
    3 Shopping 79
  191. My computer wont start or boot !help!
    When I turn on my pc, it comes on the screen ' start windows normally' and gives me a few other options, including 'safe mode' 'safe mode with networking' and 'safe mode command prompt' . . . I click on start normally, then it says its loading then...
    4 Technology 41
  192. How do I convince my parents not to make me go to school camp
    I live with my aunt and uncle, and they want me to attend this summer school program at the college I'm going to. It's called the "future scholars program" which translates to a 4-week college boot camp. They wake you up at 6:00 a. m. and you and your ...
    5 Family 393
  193. Why in God's name would anyone wear daisy duke shorts and snow boots in the summer!?
    Omg. Sometimes i just want to slap some people across the face and yell ''WTF!'' lol. Here i'm driving down the street and i see 4 girls all wearing shorts that are so short i can see their butts! And they are wearing tank tops and SNOW BOOTS! Like act...
    23 Environment 40
  194. Should I be good or bad?
    Im giing to summer camp with my friend Jordan. Should I be good at the camp or bad?
    5 General 14
  195. What is or was the hardest thing to organise for your wedding?
    I finally bought my wedding shoes today, after looking at stores in 4 different countries (while I was on holiday), for about 5 months. It was annoying that I couldn't find what I wanted, but I finally got exactly what I wanted at a price I could affor...
    4 Relationships 25
  196. What is a good brand for camping tents?
    I'm looking into buying a tent to be used for at least 3 camping events a year. I want something at least 6foot or more, probably a 6 person tent. I'm wondering are good brands...or brands to avoid. Currently looking at Northwest Territory, Tahoe Gear,...
    5 Sports 63
  197. Where can I buy really cheap sexy black high heeled boots?
    We're having a dance and we have to have animal prints and stuff, and this will go well with my costume but they have to be cheap or on sale (at least under 40 or 5 dollars (Maximum))because i can't afford much, oh and they must be in ottawa nepean! or...
    7 Sex 42
  198. Getting parents to let me go to camp
    Okay. this summer I want to go to camp. its a christian rock music camp and im extremely inclined to pursue both subjects. im 14 and my friend who also wants to go are really responsible. good grades, nice people, that stuff. but two problems. it...
    2 Family 10
  199. Why is my Mom forcing me to go to church camp?
    ok, my mom and I well...get along really good... but lately my older brother and her have been arguing... I thk dats how you spell it...n-e wayz my mom found out that the church is sending teenagers on dis camping camp...ewww! she paid f...
    4 Family 143
  200. How do I get over my fear of camping on the river?
    :s I use to love it, But last time I went there was a big storm, The wind tore our tent apart and flooded everything we were trying to hold the tent up and stay standing up.. We finally had to leave but we had to find our way through the woods and to ...
    7 General 41
  201. hard questions
    what is the hardest to answer question in the world?
    3 General 46
  202. My boyfriend is coming home from camp for a day..what should I do/wear?
    OK! so, I am 13 and my boyfriend of 5 months is away at camp for two months. But he is coming home for one day for intersession. I have missed him like crazy and I wasnt able to talk to him anyway besides writing letters. we are in a pretty deep relati...
    2 Relationships 42
  203. HIgh school musical or Camp Rock?
    okay so CR's premire was this weekend which movie do you like better? and what did you think of Camp Rock? I honestly go for HSM 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, even 8. Camp Rcok was super cheesy way more than HSM. the story line was good, the Script, NOT so good, th...
    27 Entertainment 141
  204. Seeking Windows Help
    Am needing help with booting my computer into windows 98se. I have windows 98 but want to boot it to 98se. I tried everyhting boot thing I can find and write it to disk and restart comp and still it goes back to windows 98, can anyone help me out here,...
    2 Technology 13
  205. is it just me or is the most wanted thing in the world
    The hardest thing to get, happiness
    3 Religion 6
  206. Church fundraisers
    What are some fundraisers we can do to get money for youth camp
    3 Money 48
  207. What food to bring to band camp? Need answers now please!
    I cant bring coolers I cant bring anything to cook with. What food do I bring? Note- I leave sunday,august 10th. Gotta get it now!!! "pssst!" also.. Everymorning... Theres cabin unity... I was in a cabin with seniors last yeear... So they kn...
    3 Food 43
  208. How can I dress SCENE on winter?
    2 Style 36
  209. I have band camp in 2 1/2 weeks
    Ohhh myyy goood. I am sooo screwed. I play trombone. and a few weeks ago I got our marching music... I've had like a month to practice... and im just starting... I have like 7 songs to learn and memorize! im so screwed! I know lower notes... but n...
    3 Music 29
  210. Looking for a job, discriminated by both camps ?
    I applied for over 10 jobs, and I'm still unemployed for this summer. I contact managers by phone and they say they'd take me right away, starting in a few days. I send them my CV and Woah !! Never get a phonecall back. If I call, their excuse can not ...
    2 Money 12
  211. What do you think the worst part about growing up is?
    For parents, and kids what do you think the hardest part about growing up is?
    14 Babies 45
  212. how do you tell a pastor
    before camp if you have been having regression problems since your moms death
    3 Religion 12
  213. Uggs, emus, bearpaws?
    what do you guys think about these boots, and what Kind do you prefer?
    4 Style 10
  214. Where to buy cowboy stuff?
    Where is a good place to buy cowboy stuff, like boots and hats?
    2 Shopping 11
  215. what laws did hitler make for the jews?
    what laws did hitler make for the jews beforethey went into the constration camp
    3 Education 27
  216. US Army, now or after graduation?
    I am currently in a perdicament. I a joniour in highschool but I have the chance to go thro bootcamp this summer . Should I do it an go thro boot camp this summer or wait to go thro till I graduate?
    8 Money 28
  217. Soccer Cleats/boots
    What boots are your favorite? Would you recomend The TUNITS or another boot? any advice would be helpful. I've seen just as many good reviews as bad reviews for the Adidas Tunits.
    5 Sports 51
  218. My cat has started to pee on couch
    My son just left to go to Marine boot camp and he was very close to the cat. Could this be the reason he is peeing on the couch, same spot everytime. He has never done this?
    4 Pets 68
  219. Would you say miliatary workout is the best workout?
    I just got a dvd that its boot camp but it goes off of the basic training in the military and its mostly for girls but guys can do it too. so would you think military is the best?
    6 Nutritionfitness 16
  220. How to control my shoe obsession?
    Ok right, im obsessed wid shoes and bags!! Every shoe shop I see I go in it I spend all my money on shoes and boots and bags!! I've got over 30 bags an sumfink like 43 pairs of shoes and boots!! Lol I have no money an when I do its gone an bags boots ...
    11 Style 73
  221. How I install win xp in my laptop?
    The laptop is a dell c400. I have tried booting it from a usb floppy drive, pcmcia cd rom and a usb cd rom and none of them work. I have tried to pxe boot it and deploy windows xp using remote install services but that would not work either. I later...
    2 Technology 14
  222. What are some words that have two or more meanings (one has to have something to do with technology)?
    For example "Crash" or "Boot" ?
    7 Technology 15
  223. How old do you have to be to buy a shaving razor?
    in boots, semi-chem etc?
    17 Shopping 7301
  224. meaningg?
    I think this quote/saying has to do with a guy ...what does it mean? sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same thing
    2 Relationships 42
  225. Where do poplar teens buy their pocketbook at?
    Where do poplar teens in hs buy their designer Pocketbooks at what stores and where do they Buy their clothes at the poplar and their boots
    5 Shopping 12
  226. Marines are glorified Janitors
    I am no longer in the service. After I went to boot camp I thought all your work after boot camp would be in your specific field. Like if you are a tank driver all your work would be tank related work then when you are done for the day you relax. W...
    6 Education 123
  227. What is being a junior like?
    I am going to be a Junior in like 4 days. What is being a junior like? Is it hard??? I heard its the hardest year.
    5 Education 29
  228. Do you think this is funny?
    tell me if you think this is funny.: hey I found a condom, do you want to go camping with me?
    7 Relationships 7
  229. How could I install win xp?
    The laptop is a dell c400. I have tried booting it from a usb floppy drive, pcmcia cd rom and a usb cd rom and none of them work. I have tried to pxe boot it and deploy windows xp using remote install services but that would not work either. I later fo...
    2 Technology 28
  230. Where and why did all my files and folders dissappear?
    A few weeks ago my entire harddrive got corrupted, but then my files were recovered. That time, my laptop would not boot at all. This time, my laptop boots but all my documents and folders are gone. Anyone know the reason why?
    5 Technology 28
  231. What shoes should I wear with a shirt dress?
    I have a black shirt dress, casual in style, its above knee length so I'm wondering what shoes / boots to wear with it ? I think heels make it look to dressy and boots too wintery...confused ??
    3 Style 99
  232. I need help what to do?
    Ok so I slow danced with a girl camp, hugged her a few times and I thought it wold be a cool nice relationship but after camp was over it was her b-day and when ever I called she was having a party so I waited a few days then called again but she was a...
    2 Relationships 19
  233. Ubuntu uninstallation problem
    I installed Ubuntu using the "install inside windows" option on the Ubuntu CD, where it makes a dual boot. I decided I didnt want it anymore so I went into the windows add/remove programs and uninstalled Ubuntu. but now whenever I start my computer it ...
    3 Technology 9
  234. going hiking.
    im going camping...hiking in the afternoon and morning...what are so good snacks and stuff to take...??
    6 Food 41
  235. Getting Married ? !!!
    Where is the best place to find anime wedding dresses ? .. and go go boots
    3 Shopping 8
  236. Travel equipement for horses
    What is all of the travel equipement needed for a horse to travel? And where can I get it from? (I heard of nag rags but when I looked there wasnt any boots!)
    2 Pets 43
  237. First Interveiw what do I do
    What do I do or say in a interview? what sort of Questions will thay ask? its my first interview lol. an its for a job in boots
    2 Money 12
  238. Does anyone know any UK shoe shops?
    im looking for grey short boots xo
    2 Shopping 16
    2 Style 32
  240. Where is a good place to get fall clothes?
    Wheres's a good place to get clothes for fall that aren't too pricey? Oh and where's the best places to get boots?
    2 Shopping 36
  241. Hi top Converse?
    They look like.. boots! they come up almost to your knees... where can you find them?
    3 Shopping 45
  242. Campground Jobs
    where is a web site to search for jobs as "camp host" in the national forest, parks etc.?
    2 Money 8
  243. loose fast
    im going camping in a few days and I need to know how to loose a few pounds fast no pills please...
    2 Nutritionfitness 13
  244. What is a good job for a male 16 year old?
    I need a job that pay well and get $$$ fast so I can go to camp and so I can start saving $$$ to buy my 1st car and $$$ for gas and camps and church misson trips
    3 Money 46
  245. period question
    ok so I was wondering if this would work I wanted to go camping this comming saturday but I am suppolsed to get my period my birth control stops on wednesday and then im suppolsed to get my period and latley its been really bad I was in the hospital fo...
    2 Health 26
  246. Have you heard this yes /no
    Do you know this poem I was walking along the beach ,when I noticed your footprints .were there as I walked along the beach ,I noticed your foot prints had gone .in my hardest times you have left me .why have you left me .god replys I have not left ...
    7 Literature 37
  247. Can you suggest me good acapella songs?
    I'm South Korean. I'm looking for good acapella song for my circle camp(music camp) What kinds of song I looking for are bright and pure feel songs. Please avoid too general songs. I hope something I can feel fresh and exiciting. Thank you!
    2 Music 149
  248. Disney Channel Open Casting Calls
    Are there going to be open casting calls for Disney Channel Avalon High, Camp Rock 2, and HSM4?
    6 Entertainment 80
  249. Any HARD beatles trivia questions
    I don't know. I'm bored and I'm OBSESSED with them so think of the hardest 1 possible ;)
    4 Music 86
  250. Motox help
    Hi I have a honda cr125 dirt bike, all the tracks I got to say I have to have a helmet and ridding boots. I have no problem with the helmet but the boots, I just cant shift with them! Dose anyone have that problem? And is that enything I can do about i...
    2 Sports 26