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  1. Can you whip cream in a blender?
    Can you whip cream in a blender. I don't have a beater, only a blender. Can it whip cream?
    3 Food 954
  2. how to masterbate with no hands
    How do you masterbate with no hands??
    3 Sex 2130
  3. Vanilla ice cream or oreo ice cream
    Vanilla ice cream or oreo ice cream :) I love both
    9 Food 21
  4. Do left handed people have nicer hand writing?
    10 General 69
  5. How do I get soft hands?
    How Do I Get Some Soft Hands.??
    9 Style 69
  6. Custard Cream or Borbon
    Custard Cream or Borbon
    3 Food 9
  7. Can I have ice cream if I have an ulcer?
    Can I have ice cream if I have an ulcer?
    2 General 88
  8. The End of the World is at Hand
    The end of the world is at hand. How is you world end now.
    31 Religion 61
  9. Why do my hands shiver during aggression?
    2 Health 15
  10. Why is it bad to write on your hand?
    5 General 69
  11. Which came first, left hand drive or right hand drive?
    9 Cars 112
  12. Is it a fact that people who are left handed think differantly than people who are right handed?
    9 General 29
  13. What has a face, 2 hands, but no fingers?
    What has a face, 2 hands, but no fingers???
    8 Gaming 35
  14. gymnastics how do I do forward hand springs?
    how do I do forward hand springs?
    4 Sports 56
  15. What is so special about homemade ice cream?
    What is so special about homemade ice cream?
    4 Food 36
  16. Do you wash your hands before or after driving?
    Do you wash your hands before or after driveing? sank You. :) .
    5 Health 78
  17. Cream for an itchy scrotum?
    My scrotum is itchy I need cream
    3 Health 244
  18. Promise ring, which hand to wear it on?
    What hand do you wear a promise ring on??
    5 Style 133
  19. What should I do when he puts his hand around my waist?
    If he puts his hand around your waist what should you do?
    4 Relationships 334
  20. Ice cream flavors
    What are the best ice cream flavors???
    16 Food 27
  21. what's your favorite ice cream flavor?
    what's your favorite ice cream flavor?
    21 Food 25
  22. hand sanatizer?
    does hand sanatizer help acne ?
    3 Style 27
  23. Why does life hand you so many challenges?
    Why does life hand you so many challenges?
    4 General 41
  24. Hand tatoo
    does getting a tatoo on your hand hurt?
    3 Style 37
  25. why are my hands always so cold??
    ice cold & its only my hands
    8 Health 35
  26. How to get the smell if cigarettes off my hands?
    how can I get the smell of cigarettes of my hands
    7 Health 113
  27. why is whipped cream
    what makes Whipped Cream SO YUMMY .
    4 Food 13
  28. Where to buy skin bleaching cream?
    where can I buy bleaching cream for your skin
    2 Style 95
  29. why does my right hand freeze all of the sudden?
    3 Health 124
  30. Are left handed people smarter?
    12 General 39
  31. What Can I Use As Shaving Cream For My Legs?
    10 Style 31
  32. Why is it that the majority of people are right handed?
    4 General 34
  33. Should I be worried if my hands shake after I eat?
    4 Health 37
  34. Do you know what "Snow Cream" is and if so do you like it?
    10 Food 14
  35. What causes some people to be left handed?
    10 General 43
  36. What can I put on my bagel if I have no cream cheese ?
    13 Food 76
  37. How many rings can you wear on your hand?
    6 Style 14
  38. what is the best anti aging cream?
    2 Style 27
  39. How do you get super glue off of your hands?
    6 Style 34
  40. How come I can write with my right hand but my left arm is stronger and I can't paint better with my left hand?
    2 General 39
  41. what sould I do if my boyfriend puts his hand in my pants?
    what sould I do if my boyfriend puts his hand in my pants?
    4 Relationships 482
  42. Name of cream grow faster breast
    What name of cream which grow faster breast?
    2 Style 736
  43. How can I make my hands softer?
    How can I make my hands softer ? Any home remedies ?
    7 Style 55
  44. Which is the best hair styling cream available?
    Which is the best hair styling cream available?
    2 Style 49
  45. Where can I find a fun hands-on job?
    where can I find a fun hands on job?
    2 Money 47
  46. make a banana smoothie without a blender?
    how do you make a banana smoothie without a blender?
    4 Food 51
  47. Why do people fold their hands when they pray?
    how come when people are praying they fold their hands?
    6 Religion 79
  48. Can anyone do a backwards flip with no hands
    Can any one do a backwards flip with no hands
    10 Entertainment 45
  49. Does Jergens tan cream work?
    does that jurgeens tan cream work
    2 Style 63
  50. Cream that makes you slimmer ?
    Does the cream that makes you appear slimmer work ?
    3 Style 37
  51. What are your favorite ice cream flavors?
    what are your favorite ice cream flavours?
    22 Food 38
  52. Is it nasty to use the same hand towel to dry your hands for a week before washing it?
    Do you think that is normal, or nasty? How often should you wash hand towels?
    9 Homegarden 84
  53. How much does an ice cream maker cost?
    8 Shopping 49
  54. Which is better for shaving your legs? Soap or shaving cream?
    3 Style 134
  55. How can you make home made ice cream?
    8 Food 13
  56. You & Your Hand by Pink, meaning of the song?
    What is the meaning behind the song?
    3 Music 78
  57. What do you like more frozen yogurt or ice cream?
    6 Food 17
  58. What has more calories in general - cake or ice cream?
    7 Food 173
  59. Is it weird that I use scissors with my right hand, even though I'm left-handed?
    5 General 26
  60. How do you make rough hands soft and smooth?
    14 Style 51
  61. Why are some people good at paper work and some good at working with their hands?
    4 Money 45
  62. How can I get my hands to look more girly?
    12 Style 36
  63. Are sorbets a healthier alternative to ice cream?
    2 Food 18
  64. what is the difference between cream based color and ivory?
    3 Style 56
  65. How can I make my own body oil, body cream, ect.?
    3 Style 29
  66. where can i find orange ribbons to hand out at school?
    2 Style 12
  67. Is it ok for Christians to have hand tattoos of the cross?
    31 Religion 15
  68. Favorite Ice Cream?
    What is your favorite??? chocolate or Vanilla?
    10 Food 15
  69. How do I get sunless tanning lotion off my hands?
    9 Style 57
  70. How do you make fried ice-cream?
    2 Food 16
  71. What do you like better - chocolate or ice cream?
    47 Food 60
  72. What sun cream has a UVA and UVB protector?
    2 Style 8
  73. why does my dog bite my hands alot?
    Is it because she a puppy?
    6 Pets 124
  74. Where can I get anorectal cream for a lip piercing?
    7 Style 85
  75. Does a hand web piercing catch a lot?
    6 Style 25
  76. Is their any reason as to why a man should put his hands on a woman?
    15 General 65
  77. How can you tell if an ice cream sandwich is fresh?
    3 Food 44
  78. What are good smoothies with ice cream in them with no bananas?
    10 Food 28
  79. Does numbing cream work before a belly piercing?
    does numming cream work?
    2 Style 5459
  80. We all scream for ice-cream
    What is you fav flavor of ice-cream?
    12 Food 11
  81. Can milk substitue for cream in ganache?
    Can milk be used instead of cream for Ganache?
    3 Food 56
  82. hand tattoos
    how bad does it hurt to get a tattoo on the inside of your hand?
    2 Style 56
  83. What does holding hands mean to guys?
    Guys, what does holding hands mean 2 u?
    2 Relationships 451
  84. Judging by your hands...
    Do you think you can tell a lot about someone from their hands?
    5 General 14
  85. Does ice-cream have a lot of calories?
    5 Nutritionfitness 77
  86. Name for both being left and right handed?
    Does anyone know the name of both being left and right handed???
    5 General 11
  87. Can anyone recommend a good, cheap ice-cream maker that makes a substantial amount of ice-cream?
    6 Food 14
  88. Left Handed ?
    How come there are more right handed people then left because in most of my classes there are only me and 2more people which are left handed..?
    5 Education 11
  89. when to stop holding hands.?
    when should a parent stop holding their childs hand in public, also when did you stop holding your childs hand?
    6 Babies 23
  90. When getting a small tattoo on your hand, what is the pain comparable too?
    6 Style 35
  91. Why does my hand hurt after taking slap shots in my basement?!!!
    27 Health 117
  92. Is there a way to make smoothies without a blender?
    is there..anytype..???
    4 Food 51
  93. Can you buy Ben and Jerry's ice cream in Adelaide?
    3 Food 29
  94. What would you do if part of your back itches and your hand can not reach it?
    10 Health 25
  95. What should I use when I am tumbling in my yard so it hurts my hands less?
    2 Sports 13
  96. What are some really good shaving creams that work really well?
    4 Style 14
  97. How come my hands are always freezing, but my body is warm?
    7 Health 36
  98. can i report my school for not having hand soap in the bathrooms?
    7 Education 19
  99. how do i get rid off sunburns (having these for about 6months :@ ) on my face and hands?
    12 Health 44
  100. How can I keep my hands from being dry without using lotion?
    8 Style 24
  101. How do I keep my hands warm without wearing gloves?
    11 General 245
  102. What can I do about the hives I keep getting on my hands from the bar in conditioning?
    9 Health 32
  103. is the hair removal CREAM better or worst than shaving ?
    6 Style 80
  104. Do you use cuticle cream when wearing nail polish?
    5 Style 6
  105. Can I put numbing cream on my tongue that I just got pierced?
    7 Style 2050
  106. What does "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" mean?
    7 General 47
  107. Whats Your Favorite Ice Cream?
    9 Food 27
  108. What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
    whats your fav flavor
    27 Food 39
  109. Where is the best place to put your hands when making out?
    JW when you make out with a girl, where is the best place to put your hands on a girl??
    6 Relationships 211
  110. What to do with my hands?
    What do you do with your hands when a guy is kissing you on the neck or on the stomac or basicly else?
    2 Relationships 120
  111. Ice cream sundae
    Describe how you would like your ice cream sunday?
    3 Food 11
  112. Ben and Jerrys Cherry Garcia Ice Cream?
    Who is Jerry Garcia and does he have anything to do with Ben and Jerrys Cherry Garcia Ice Cream?
    7 Food 82
  113. what kind of soap would be good to 'hand wash' my bra?
    what kind of soap would be good to 'hand wash' my bra?
    2 Style 61
  114. What hand does a promise ring go on?
    I just got a promise ring!!! =) and im woundering what hand does it go on>?
    2 Relationships 88
  115. Wht hand do you wear your engagment ring on?
    Wht hand do you wear your engament ring on? X
    2 Style 47
  116. What can I do to get nail polish off my hands?
    spilt polish ALL over my hands...need to know how to get them off
    4 Style 32
  117. Is it possible to use dishwasher powder to wash dishes by hand?
    Is it possible to use dishwasher powder to wash dishes by hand?
    2 Homegarden 63
  118. What is the back hand grip?
    What is the back hand grip for masterbaiting for men. What is it? I want to know
    4 Sex 105
  119. Has anyone tried the magic bullet blender?
    Has anyone tried the magic bullet blender and if so what is your opinion of this product?
    4 Food 42
  120. What age do you have to be to buy hair removal cream?
    What age do you have to be to buy hair removal cream or waxing strips?
    5 Style 1099
  121. Why is vanilla ice cream so much easier to scoop out then chocolate?
    Why is vanilla ice cream so much easier to scoop out then chocolate?
    6 Food 264
  122. Second-Hand Serenade
    Do you like the song " Fall for You " by Second-Hand Serenade?
    5 Music 16
  123. Why does sugar free ice cream say sugar on the container?
    When ice cream is supposed to be sugar free why does the container say there is sugar
    2 Food 45
  124. Which one cookies and cream are cookie dough ice cream?
    I cant choose...I love them both buh everybody dosent eat both...which one would you eat
    6 Food 12
  125. What does frosting the hand mean?
    I asked this guy what he was doing and he said he was frosting his hand and listening to music. What does frosting his hand mean?
    4 General 66
  126. Why do guys like holding hands?
    Do you guys like to hold hands or do you just do it to make the girl happy? And if you hold a girls hand do you like her or not always
    2 Relationships 270
  127. How is possible to make a chocolate cream that could be frozen easily?
    2 Food 14
  128. Why are my boyfriend's hands always a purple-ish color?
    3 Health 63
  129. Can second-hand smoking mess up ur lungs?
    10 Health 42
  130. what can i put in a strawberry smoothie if i dont have ice cream or yogurt?
    8 Food 15
  131. What can happen to a student who is caught cheating (red handed) in your country?
    18 Education 26
  132. What's your favorite Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavor?
    7 Food 17
  133. How do I explain to my husband that I would like him to masturbate me with his whole hand?
    4 Sex 99
  134. Does it matter whether you use shaving cream or soap when you shave your legs?
    7 Style 49
  135. Did Joe Jonas's hand hurt when he fell on glass?
    Do you think that hurt?
    10 Music 44
  136. Do you eat ice cream with a fork?
    I was wondering if anyone else did.
    24 Food 234
  137. Is it okay to eat 2 handfuls of small chocolate chips?
    6 Food 32
  138. What type of wax cream or patches do you guys use?
    3 Style 15
  139. What is the best color of blouse to wear on a cream color flowing skirt?
    9 Style 85
  140. Is their a brand of ice cream that I can get in a chocolate strawberry flaor?
    9 Food 15
  141. Why do I get a tingle feeling in my hands when I take a deep breath?
    3 Health 121
  142. Could smelling hand sanitizer cause you to lose the sense of smell?
    2 Health 83
  143. What are some experiments I can do on people that involves hand-eye coordination?
    5 General 14
  144. what does it mean when someone says dont bite the hand that feeds y
    what does it mean when someone says dont bite the hand that feeds you?
    4 General 56
  145. sweaty hands:/
    my hands ALWAYS sweat..anything I can do so they wont? thnxx:b
    7 General 63
  146. whats your favorite kinda cream for coffee!
    whats your favorite kinda cream for coffee!!!..mine is french vanilla!!!
    3 Food 47
  147. Can you use both BB cream and foundation?
    i have the l'oreal bb cream and natural collection foundation.
    6 Style 36
  148. Sleeping with your hand in a glass of warm water
    If someone is sleeping and you put their hand in a glass of warm water they pee themselves, why?
    2 General 65
  149. Where does the term "caught red-handed " come from?
    cuz no one had red hands?
    4 General 94
  150. Why does my boyfriend squeeze my hand?
    when your boyfriend holds your hand they squezze it one time while holding it what does that mean?
    3 Relationships 1713
  151. What's your favorite kind of Ice Cream at Dairy Queen?
    What's your favorite kind of Ice Cream at Dairy Queen? And, do you all order the Footlongs?
    6 Food 19
  152. Why everything is made for right handed people.
    im left handed but I find out that everything is made for people straight handed. why is that.
    6 General 85
  153. Spots on your hands
    Ok is it it possible to get spots/pimples on your hands?? because I either have a pimple or a wart on my hand
    3 Travel 28
  154. Ice cream, who invented it?
    Does anyone know who invented ice cream lke its not like someones name was ice cream!!
    9 Food 17
  155. Are you born left handed/right handed?
    Are you actually born left handed or right handed, or do you just develop it as you learn to write?
    5 General 56
  156. how do you improve hand writing
    I want to improve my hand writing because my hand writn is extreamly bad with bouth hands and I cant stand it
    2 Literature 45
  157. Can i use veet sensitive skin hair removal cream on my testicles?
    7 Style 365
  158. Does anyone else use the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream?
    2 Style 10
  159. Is it ok to kiss someone after eating ice cream?
    Or will it taste bad?
    21 Relationships 256
  160. Would an ice cream cone made with herbs taste good?
    8 Food 36
  161. Can I use my shampoo as a detergent for hand-washing my bras?
    such as pantene shampoo, i have that.
    4 Homegarden 57
  162. Why do the palms of our hands and the bottom of our feet have different pigmentation than the rest of our body?
    3 Health 40
  163. What kind of secret hand shakes or little games do you play with your friends?
    4 General 43
  164. how do i give a good hand job without my arm getting tired??
    3 Relationships 221
  165. Could there be any health risk or risk of disease with breast milk ice cream?
    12 Food 42
  166. What is fried ice cream?
    How does it work? I tasted it once, but I still don't get the concept.
    2 Food 43
  167. Why do my hands sometimes just randomly hurt and lose circulation when I'm running?
    2 Health 30
  168. When is the best time to give a hand job?
    for real. someone help me
    2 Relationships 121
  169. How much ice should I put into the blender if I am making a banana and raspberry smoothie?
    2 Food 19
  170. What is the different between coconut milk and coconut cream?
    . And does frequent consumption of the cream cause weight gain?
    2 Food 16
  171. What do I do with my hand down his pants?
    When we and my boyfriend are laying alone together and I have my hand down his pants. What are different things I can do to his "..." if he is hard or not??
    2 Relationships 293
  172. Why do boys walk around with their hands in their pants?
    Why do boys walk around with their hands in their pants. There's got 2 b an explanation.
    2 Relationships 79
  173. why when I kiss my hand for practice it feels stupid?
    when I kiss my hand to practice french kissing it feels stupid and wierd to do so anyone have the same problemo?
    3 Relationships 107
  174. is there any important muscle tissue in your hand?
    if you were shot throught your hands could there be perminant damage?
    3 Health 27
  175. Can you make your own marshmallow cream?
    Is there any way you can make your own marsh mellow cream from marsh mellows and have it not go back into a solid marsh mellow again
    3 Food 66
  176. Favorite ice cream flavor?
    What is your favorite flavor of ice cream (mine is peanutbutter and chocloate) by baskin robbins
    14 Food 39
  177. Can you put hand sanitizer on a dog?
    Can you put purell instant hand sanitizer on dogs? Does it affect the dog? Does it make it sick?
    7 Pets 978
  178. Can I use aloe from my garden instead od buying skin cream at the store?
    5 Health 34
  179. How would marijuana second hand smoke affect your health if it were made legal?
    32 Health 48
  180. Why do flys rub their hands together like an evil person when they land ?
    12 Pets 50
  181. What do you call those devices that you plug into your ear to talk on a cellphone hands-free?
    9 Technology 47
  182. is there something serious if i have the feeling of burning sensation on all of my fingers thumbs included on both hands?
    3 Health 23
  183. whatz your favorite type of ice cream??
    whatz your favorite type of ice cream??? mines I have no clue I like lotz!!!lol=]
    12 Food 10
  184. Should I put whipped cream on my dove icecream
    Help!!! Its an emergency, but lol.!! Should I put whipped cream on my dove icecream or will it ruin the flav0r?
    4 Food 23
  185. Ice cream and brownies
    Eww has any one had ice cream and brownies before. Gross. Lol my fiance does all the time. Jw.
    8 Food 43
  186. What is the next step after holding hands?
    What is the next step after holding hands? Is it to hug? or maybe kiss? any ideas would be good : )
    2 Relationships 1148
  187. hear shaped vein on hand
    I have a vein on the top of my left hand that is big and shaped like a heart. What does this mean?
    7 Health 86
  188. fav flavor of ice cream
    whats your fav flavor of ice cream? mines cookie dough! whatz urs???
    13 Food 15
  189. Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla ice cream?
    Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla ice cream? I read somewhere that more people like chocolate, but I don't believe it!
    23 Food 156
  190. How to get super glue off your hands?
    I sorta messed with super glue now its all over my hands.. I tried washing Dx how to get it off?
    8 Health 65
  191. What's your favorite kind of ice cream?
    Mine would either be cookies & cream or moose's tracks
    27 Food 21
  192. What is the point of shaving cream?
    Question. If I use shaving cream when I shave my legs will it like last longer or sumthing? What exactly does shaving cream do?
    7 Style 377
  193. my boyfriend's shaving cream?
    can I use my boyfriend's shaving cream to shave my pubes? its not really a cream. but more like a gel. can I used it though? thanks for the help :)
    6 Relationships 63
  194. Monkey hands.
    Okay, the Dude has been nailing my riddles. Try this one: If men have two hands and monkeys have four hands, then what has just three hands?
    6 Entertainment 30
  195. Am I Left Handed Or Right Handed??? Im Confused.
    Ok, I Am Getting Back Into Shape To Play Baseball. Funny Thing Is... I Write Right Handed I Do EVERYTHING RIGHT HANDED!!! I Was Doing Batting Practice Today And I Seemed To Have Better Results LEFT HANDED While Batting. Now, When I Was Little ...
    8 General 63
  196. Does foundation and tanning cream give you pimples and blackheads?
    If so, if i stopped wearing both, would i stop getting them?
    5 Style 40
  197. Is it stupid to make sure he washes his hands?
    After my boyfriend uses the bathroom, I make sure he's washed his hands. And if he hasn't, I tell him to. Is that mean, or stupid to do?
    5 General 11
  198. Where can I buy this - Sunsilk Waves of Envy Gel & Cream Twist and how much does it usually cost?
    2 Style 16
  199. Best ice cream?
    What is better on a dreary night.. cookies and cream or just plain old chocolate.???
    10 Food 13
  200. How can you learn to play piano with two hands?
    i can already play good with my right hand but when i start using both hands, one hand wants to imitate what the other one does.
    4 Music 32
  201. Sick from ice cream sandwich??
    My mom bought me and what I call neighbors some ice cream sandwiches and after I finished it,I felt sick. Why do I feel sick from it?
    4 Food 87
  202. Is it right that my boyfriend always slaps my ass, grabs my boobs, and puts his hands down my pants?
    5 Technology 130
  203. Do girls like it when your walking and you put your hand in their back pocket and kind of massage their butt?
    18 Relationships 163
  204. What is the best thing you have ever brought from a second-hand shop or yard sale?
    5 General 16
  205. What is more meaningful to boys, hugging or holding hands?
    if you know what Pisces boys like more that'd be great.
    2 Relationships 109
  206. How to dribble with my right hand?
    I am a left handler and I can only dribble with my left hand. it's basketball season and I want to try out. what are some tips on how to dribble, and drive to the hoop with my right hand?
    4 Sports 16
  207. Hand web piercing
    I am thinking about getting a hand web piercing , can I still play guitar if I get it done between my finger and thumb of my left hand
    3 Style 14
  208. How come when I go to the beach or in a pool my hands get really wrinkled but no one else's do?
    7 General 23
  209. What musical instrument can be played one handed
    Musical instrument can be played one handed I have limited use of my right hand and have always wanted to learn to play something
    3 Music 168
  210. ice cream ??? yummy
    what is your favorite kind of ice cream mix? mine is buttered pocorn with oreos... yummz
    6 Food 10
  211. why are my hands cutting.
    am i cursed or something????.. my hands are dry and they keep cutting like if i grabbed something sharp and cut it. whats wrong??
    5 Health 20
  212. Why do my hands shake more than usual after I eat?
    I have quite a few health issues so my hands shake constantly, but I've noticed that they shake worse after I eat.
    5 Health 68
  213. What are the best lotion to use for your hands?
    I tried all kind of lotions for my hands and none work, my hands are dry during winter and I have, like blood on my hands, can someone tell me what lotion to use?
    3 Style 42
  214. Why do I play guitar with my left hand?
    well im right handed and yet I play a left handed guitar, does this happen often? does anyone thin this is weird?
    15 Music 94
  215. Why does ice cream make you thirsty?
    2 Food 114
  216. Whipped cream
    My boyfriend is really kinky and he wants to try using whipped cream in bed. But I don't know what to do like do you have any tips?
    3 Relationships 225
  217. Why would you hold someone's hand who isn't your significant other
    What does it mean when a guy that has a girlfriend held your hand, and tried to kiss you?
    5 Relationships 108
  218. Gang hand sign?
    What does this hand sign mean [look at the pic] Last year my friend did it and and this guy was like Ooo
    4 General 84
  219. What is the room where doctors prep and wash their hands before they operate called?
    Like on Grey's Anatomy where they wash their hands and put on gloves? What is that called?
    3 General 13
  220. Cream that makes your boobs bigger
    Ok their are a lot of herbs, and creams that make your boobs bigger... Which one works best? Have you heard of this their on ebay
    5 Style 204
  221. Does anyone know the biscuit ice cream recipe from Nigella?
    did any body see nigella express when she made biscuit ice cream?anybody know the recipe???
    2 Food 9
  222. Can you actually get drunk off of drinking hand sanitizer?
    I heard that you can get drunk off of drinking hand sanitizer... im not actually gonna do it, thats gross, but is it true?
    8 Health 83
  223. What is a fun hand held hobby like a Rubix Cube?
    Somthing portably i can take anywere.
    18 Gaming 158
  224. What other artist are there like chase coy, a perfect measure, second hand serenade, dear juliet?
    5 Music 13
  225. Is it bad to use skin lifting cream/anti wrinkle cream if you're young?
    11 Style 41
  226. How do I floss my back teeth when I have a small mouth but big hands?
    and long fingers that have trouble fiting in my small mouth?
    3 Health 72
  227. Sever pain in right hand and right ring finger.
    Can sever swelling not show the fracture in the x ray
    2 Health 49
  228. What is a good skin lightening cream?
    i got really really tan over the weekend & i need a skin lightner..
    4 Style 49
  229. What is d best cream & shave bcoz I shave my hair all over my body?
    What is d best cream & shave bcoz I shave my hair all over my body. I had an allergy bcoz of shaving. I didnt use cream before. Now I want 2 shave my hair w/ cream but I dont know what is d best cream & shaver?
    4 Style 33
  230. why are my hands and feet always freezing?
    every time I shake someones hand they say I have cold hands, and sometimes my hands look slightly purple, what's the reason for this?
    5 Health 41
  231. Does anyone know how to eat an ice cream cone?...
    Does anyone know how to eat an ice cream cone without getting your face covered in ice cream...I always make a mess. lol
    2 Food 33
  232. Fat hands :(
    Can someone please help...I have really fat hands and I hate them >:( im not even that fat im slim...and it embarrasses me because you nearly need your hands for everything! Help !
    5 Nutritionfitness 102
  233. YELLOW HANDS!!!
    Ok My Hands turnes Yellow when its cold and hot!! I DONT smoke and I ALWAYS wash my hands!! Then they sting really bad what is that called?
    3 Health 43
  234. Who else thinks Ice-Cream sounds good right about now?
    I really want some ice cream so im asking other people if they are in the mood for some ice cream too.
    8 Food 51
  235. What to do if I burned my face with this cream?
    i burned my face with scented cream from victoria secret ... what should i do i tried other creams with no scent like johnsons baby but it still burns really bad..
    4 Health 108
  236. When cats lick owners' hands, can leukemia pass to humans this way?
    If cats lick their owners' hands and also the owners pet the cats' furs, can the leukemia virus pass on to the humans in this manner?
    5 Pets 66
  237. Does this count as a hand job?
    Okay so me and my boyfriend were making out on my couch and I grabbed his dick and started going at it. But does that count as a hand job since it was over his pants??
    14 Relationships 539
  238. Who has ever ate ice cream for breakfast?
    At the moment I am eatting ice cream and drinking sweet tea. Great combo lol.
    26 Food 35
  239. Why does my hand hurt when I bike?
    why does my hand hurt when I bike? I don't know how to explain it, but this is the same thing when I was a kid when go on the monkey bars too much and I get these bumpy things
    4 Health 56
  240. When do I put my hands on her breast when kissing?
    Well I made out with my girlfriend once but I just put my hands on her waist. Can I grab her breasts and butt when I make out with her next time??
    3 Relationships 480
  241. Does BB cream even your skin tone even after you take it off?
    Im taking the bleaching factors into consideration. Also, does it make your skin smooth after you take the cream off also?
    8 Style 20
  242. back hand springs
    does anyone have tricks to strength my wrists? whenever I do back handsprings or any tumble my wrists are in so much pain
    2 Sports 66
  243. Who knows a good facial cream I can use that removes dirt and leaves the face clear?
    I apperciate any help?
    6 Style 14
  244. Is ice cream bad for you?
    I dont have a clue about these things. I mean like, is it high in calories? Thanks X
    5 Food 51
  245. How can you masturbate without going to a sex store or getting random things around house and without a hand? Are there any other ways?
    3 Sex 104
  246. Where can I find a recipe for a butter rum cream filling for chocolates; or if you have one?
    I can't seem to find one anywhere on the internet, the ones I do find seem to be only for cake.
    4 Food 13
  247. How can I keep protein from sticking to the bottom of my blender?
    everytime i mix it, theres always a layer at the bottom, and i hate wasting it -_-
    6 Homegarden 23
  248. Sweaty Hands ?
    my hands literally ALWAYS sweat ! and its really annoying when it comes down to holding my boyf's hand "/ any one know how to fix thiss? x
    5 Health 19
  249. What is your favourite flavour of ice cream?
    I dont eat ice-cream too often, but when I do I love banana ice-cream. Just plain with no toppings or syrups. What about you? Whats your favourite flavour, and what do you like with it?
    20 Food 44
  250. Homemade Ice Cream
    Okay. So I am babysitting some kids and we want to make homemade ice cream. We don't have milk or ice cream and we only have one can of evaporated milk. Does anyone have any ingrediants on how to make it? Please share.
    3 Food 47