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  1. Can you whip cream in a blender?
    Can you whip cream in a blender. I don't have a beater, only a blender. Can it whip cream?
    3 Food 958
  2. why is whipped cream
    what makes Whipped Cream SO YUMMY .
    4 Food 13
  3. whipped and pu**y whipped?!?!?
    what does it mean for a guy to be whipped? and pu**y whipped??
    2 Relationships 55
  4. Vanilla ice cream or oreo ice cream
    Vanilla ice cream or oreo ice cream :) I love both
    9 Food 21
  5. Custard Cream or Borbon
    Custard Cream or Borbon
    3 Food 9
  6. Can I have ice cream if I have an ulcer?
    Can I have ice cream if I have an ulcer?
    2 General 88
  7. Cream for an itchy scrotum?
    My scrotum is itchy I need cream
    3 Health 244
  8. Is being whipped with a belt child abuse?
    is being whipped with a belt child abuse?
    36 Babies 1654
  9. Where to buy skin bleaching cream?
    where can I buy bleaching cream for your skin
    2 Style 95
  10. what's your favorite ice cream flavor?
    what's your favorite ice cream flavor?
    21 Food 25
  11. What is so special about homemade ice cream?
    What is so special about homemade ice cream?
    4 Food 36
  12. Ice cream flavors
    What are the best ice cream flavors???
    16 Food 27
  13. Do you know what "Snow Cream" is and if so do you like it?
    10 Food 14
  14. what is the best anti aging cream?
    2 Style 27
  15. What can I put on my bagel if I have no cream cheese ?
    13 Food 76
  16. What Can I Use As Shaving Cream For My Legs?
    10 Style 31
  17. Cream that makes you slimmer ?
    Does the cream that makes you appear slimmer work ?
    3 Style 37
  18. Can I use mayonnaise in place of miracle whip?
    Can I use mayonnaise in place of miracle whip?
    3 General 43
  19. What are your favorite ice cream flavors?
    what are your favorite ice cream flavours?
    22 Food 38
  20. How long to thaw out frozen cool whip?
    How long to thaw out frozen cool whip?
    2 General 477
  21. Does Jergens tan cream work?
    does that jurgeens tan cream work
    2 Style 63
  22. Should I put whipped cream on my dove icecream
    Help!!! Its an emergency, but lol.!! Should I put whipped cream on my dove icecream or will it ruin the flav0r?
    4 Food 23
  23. Name of cream grow faster breast
    What name of cream which grow faster breast?
    2 Style 736
  24. Which is the best hair styling cream available?
    Which is the best hair styling cream available?
    2 Style 49
  25. make a banana smoothie without a blender?
    how do you make a banana smoothie without a blender?
    4 Food 51
  26. How much does an ice cream maker cost?
    8 Shopping 49
  27. what is the difference between cream based color and ivory?
    3 Style 56
  28. Are sorbets a healthier alternative to ice cream?
    2 Food 18
  29. How can you tell if an ice cream sandwich is fresh?
    3 Food 44
  30. How can I make my own body oil, body cream, ect.?
    3 Style 29
  31. Which is better for shaving your legs? Soap or shaving cream?
    3 Style 134
  32. Favorite Ice Cream?
    What is your favorite??? chocolate or Vanilla?
    10 Food 15
  33. How do you make fried ice-cream?
    2 Food 16
  34. What do you like more frozen yogurt or ice cream?
    6 Food 17
  35. What has more calories in general - cake or ice cream?
    7 Food 173
  36. Where can I get anorectal cream for a lip piercing?
    7 Style 85
  37. What do you like better - chocolate or ice cream?
    47 Food 60
  38. What are good smoothies with ice cream in them with no bananas?
    10 Food 28
  39. What sun cream has a UVA and UVB protector?
    2 Style 8
  40. How can you make home made ice cream?
    8 Food 13
  41. Can milk substitue for cream in ganache?
    Can milk be used instead of cream for Ganache?
    3 Food 56
  42. Does ice-cream have a lot of calories?
    5 Nutritionfitness 77
  43. We all scream for ice-cream
    What is you fav flavor of ice-cream?
    12 Food 11
  44. Does numbing cream work before a belly piercing?
    does numming cream work?
    2 Style 5463
  45. Whipped cream
    My boyfriend is really kinky and he wants to try using whipped cream in bed. But I don't know what to do like do you have any tips?
    3 Relationships 225
  46. Can anyone recommend a good, cheap ice-cream maker that makes a substantial amount of ice-cream?
    6 Food 14
  47. Whats Your Favorite Ice Cream?
    9 Food 27
  48. Do you use cuticle cream when wearing nail polish?
    5 Style 6
  49. Is there a way to make smoothies without a blender?
    is there..anytype..???
    4 Food 51
  50. Can you buy Ben and Jerry's ice cream in Adelaide?
    3 Food 29
  51. Can I put numbing cream on my tongue that I just got pierced?
    7 Style 2050
  52. What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
    whats your fav flavor
    27 Food 39
  53. What do you think of that song 'whip my hair' Willow Smith?
    23 Music 37
  54. What are some really good shaving creams that work really well?
    4 Style 14
  55. is the hair removal CREAM better or worst than shaving ?
    6 Style 80
  56. Why does sugar free ice cream say sugar on the container?
    When ice cream is supposed to be sugar free why does the container say there is sugar
    2 Food 45
  57. Why is vanilla ice cream so much easier to scoop out then chocolate?
    Why is vanilla ice cream so much easier to scoop out then chocolate?
    6 Food 264
  58. Ice cream sundae
    Describe how you would like your ice cream sunday?
    3 Food 11
  59. Has anyone tried the magic bullet blender?
    Has anyone tried the magic bullet blender and if so what is your opinion of this product?
    4 Food 42
  60. What age do you have to be to buy hair removal cream?
    What age do you have to be to buy hair removal cream or waxing strips?
    5 Style 1099
  61. Ben and Jerrys Cherry Garcia Ice Cream?
    Who is Jerry Garcia and does he have anything to do with Ben and Jerrys Cherry Garcia Ice Cream?
    7 Food 82
  62. Which one cookies and cream are cookie dough ice cream?
    I cant choose...I love them both buh everybody dosent eat both...which one would you eat
    6 Food 12
  63. How is possible to make a chocolate cream that could be frozen easily?
    2 Food 14
  64. What's your favorite Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavor?
    7 Food 17
  65. Is their a brand of ice cream that I can get in a chocolate strawberry flaor?
    9 Food 15
  66. Does it matter whether you use shaving cream or soap when you shave your legs?
    7 Style 49
  67. Do you eat ice cream with a fork?
    I was wondering if anyone else did.
    24 Food 234
  68. What type of wax cream or patches do you guys use?
    3 Style 15
  69. What is the best color of blouse to wear on a cream color flowing skirt?
    9 Style 85
  70. what can i put in a strawberry smoothie if i dont have ice cream or yogurt?
    8 Food 15
  71. What's a recipe for Starbucks-like whipped cream?
    I don't like the normal store-bought whipped cream, it's too sweet. I loved the Starbucks whipped cream, it has a different texture and tastes a lot more like cream and is less sweet, does anyone have a recipe for this?
    3 Food 21
  72. What's your favorite kind of Ice Cream at Dairy Queen?
    What's your favorite kind of Ice Cream at Dairy Queen? And, do you all order the Footlongs?
    6 Food 19
  73. What's the difference between Miracle Whip and real mayonnaise?
    I hate mayonaise but I love miracle whip.
    5 Food 59
  74. Can you use both BB cream and foundation?
    i have the l'oreal bb cream and natural collection foundation.
    6 Style 36
  75. whats your favorite kinda cream for coffee!
    whats your favorite kinda cream for coffee!!!..mine is french vanilla!!!
    3 Food 47
  76. Ice cream, who invented it?
    Does anyone know who invented ice cream lke its not like someones name was ice cream!!
    9 Food 17
  77. Would an ice cream cone made with herbs taste good?
    8 Food 36
  78. How much ice should I put into the blender if I am making a banana and raspberry smoothie?
    2 Food 19
  79. What is fried ice cream?
    How does it work? I tasted it once, but I still don't get the concept.
    2 Food 43
  80. Is it ok to kiss someone after eating ice cream?
    Or will it taste bad?
    21 Relationships 256
  81. Can i use veet sensitive skin hair removal cream on my testicles?
    7 Style 365
  82. Does anyone else use the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream?
    2 Style 10
  83. Could there be any health risk or risk of disease with breast milk ice cream?
    12 Food 42
  84. Can you make your own marshmallow cream?
    Is there any way you can make your own marsh mellow cream from marsh mellows and have it not go back into a solid marsh mellow again
    3 Food 66
  85. Favorite ice cream flavor?
    What is your favorite flavor of ice cream (mine is peanutbutter and chocloate) by baskin robbins
    14 Food 39
  86. What is the different between coconut milk and coconut cream?
    . And does frequent consumption of the cream cause weight gain?
    2 Food 16
  87. Can I use aloe from my garden instead od buying skin cream at the store?
    5 Health 34
  88. whatz your favorite type of ice cream??
    whatz your favorite type of ice cream??? mines I have no clue I like lotz!!!lol=]
    12 Food 10
  89. Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla ice cream?
    Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla ice cream? I read somewhere that more people like chocolate, but I don't believe it!
    23 Food 156
  90. What's your favorite kind of ice cream?
    Mine would either be cookies & cream or moose's tracks
    27 Food 21
  91. Ice cream and brownies
    Eww has any one had ice cream and brownies before. Gross. Lol my fiance does all the time. Jw.
    8 Food 43
  92. fav flavor of ice cream
    whats your fav flavor of ice cream? mines cookie dough! whatz urs???
    13 Food 15
  93. The whipped cream doesnt work!
    Alright, so I keep buying the cans of whipped cream, and they never work the next day. My moms on vaca for the month and I was only given a limited amount of grocery money. I cant keep replacing this whipped cream, what's going on!?
    3 Food 45
  94. my boyfriend's shaving cream?
    can I use my boyfriend's shaving cream to shave my pubes? its not really a cream. but more like a gel. can I used it though? thanks for the help :)
    6 Relationships 63
  95. What is the point of shaving cream?
    Question. If I use shaving cream when I shave my legs will it like last longer or sumthing? What exactly does shaving cream do?
    7 Style 377
  96. Best ice cream?
    What is better on a dreary night.. cookies and cream or just plain old chocolate.???
    10 Food 13
  97. What does p***y whipped mean?
    What does that really mean?is that a bad or good thing?they always say that!
    2 Relationships 187
  98. Sick from ice cream sandwich??
    My mom bought me and what I call neighbors some ice cream sandwiches and after I finished it,I felt sick. Why do I feel sick from it?
    4 Food 87
  99. Where can I buy this - Sunsilk Waves of Envy Gel & Cream Twist and how much does it usually cost?
    2 Style 16
  100. Does foundation and tanning cream give you pimples and blackheads?
    If so, if i stopped wearing both, would i stop getting them?
    5 Style 40
  101. ice cream ??? yummy
    what is your favorite kind of ice cream mix? mine is buttered pocorn with oreos... yummz
    6 Food 10
  102. what does sprung and whipped mean?
    my ex bbf told me on the phone the other night that he is still sprung and whipped from me... what does sprung and whipped mean??? I have never heard someone say that
    4 Relationships 197
  103. Why does ice cream make you thirsty?
    2 Food 114
  104. Cream that makes your boobs bigger
    Ok their are a lot of herbs, and creams that make your boobs bigger... Which one works best? Have you heard of this their on ebay
    5 Style 204
  105. Does anyone know the biscuit ice cream recipe from Nigella?
    did any body see nigella express when she made biscuit ice cream?anybody know the recipe???
    2 Food 9
  106. What is a good skin lightening cream?
    i got really really tan over the weekend & i need a skin lightner..
    4 Style 49
  107. Is it bad to use skin lifting cream/anti wrinkle cream if you're young?
    11 Style 41
  108. What is d best cream & shave bcoz I shave my hair all over my body?
    What is d best cream & shave bcoz I shave my hair all over my body. I had an allergy bcoz of shaving. I didnt use cream before. Now I want 2 shave my hair w/ cream but I dont know what is d best cream & shaver?
    4 Style 33
  109. Who else thinks Ice-Cream sounds good right about now?
    I really want some ice cream so im asking other people if they are in the mood for some ice cream too.
    8 Food 51
  110. What to do if I burned my face with this cream?
    i burned my face with scented cream from victoria secret ... what should i do i tried other creams with no scent like johnsons baby but it still burns really bad..
    4 Health 108
  111. Does anyone know how to eat an ice cream cone?...
    Does anyone know how to eat an ice cream cone without getting your face covered in ice cream...I always make a mess. lol
    2 Food 33
  112. Does BB cream even your skin tone even after you take it off?
    Im taking the bleaching factors into consideration. Also, does it make your skin smooth after you take the cream off also?
    8 Style 20
  113. Who has ever ate ice cream for breakfast?
    At the moment I am eatting ice cream and drinking sweet tea. Great combo lol.
    26 Food 35
  114. How can I keep protein from sticking to the bottom of my blender?
    everytime i mix it, theres always a layer at the bottom, and i hate wasting it -_-
    6 Homegarden 23
  115. Is ice cream bad for you?
    I dont have a clue about these things. I mean like, is it high in calories? Thanks X
    5 Food 51
  116. What is something physically painful my girlfriend and I could do to each other since we both have a pain fetish (we've used whipping, spanking, & biting)?
    8 Health 38
  117. Who knows a good facial cream I can use that removes dirt and leaves the face clear?
    I apperciate any help?
    6 Style 14
  118. Where can I find a recipe for a butter rum cream filling for chocolates; or if you have one?
    I can't seem to find one anywhere on the internet, the ones I do find seem to be only for cake.
    4 Food 13
  119. Homemade Ice Cream
    Okay. So I am babysitting some kids and we want to make homemade ice cream. We don't have milk or ice cream and we only have one can of evaporated milk. Does anyone have any ingrediants on how to make it? Please share.
    3 Food 47
  120. What is your favourite flavour of ice cream?
    I dont eat ice-cream too often, but when I do I love banana ice-cream. Just plain with no toppings or syrups. What about you? Whats your favourite flavour, and what do you like with it?
    20 Food 44
  121. Vagina tightening cream
    Can anyone please tell me how to get vagina tightening cream, or how I can tighten my vagina? And if I can get vagina cream is there any possible way its at a store like walgreens? Or any names? Thanks <3
    9 Health 451
  122. Will the movie "Whip It" be good?
    Has anyone seen "Whip It" ? I've heard its awesome, we might see it tomorrow, so can anyone tell me if the movie is worth seeing please?
    2 Entertainment 9
  123. Is it true that ice cream gives you a big butt?
    Ice cream gives you a bigg butt ? Or what can yu eat so it goes straight to your butt & upper thighs ? Thanks.
    6 Nutritionfitness 4167
  124. do you know if there is a cream to remove facial hair for men.
    do you know if there is a cream to remove facial hair for men I dont like to shave every weekend any answer is welcome thank you.
    5 Style 37
  125. Whats your fav ice cream flavor?
    whatz your fav icecream flavor, and I dont mean the basic's (basic's- vinnla,coco,strawberry,)
    11 Food 41
  126. Anyone else here feel like eating ice cream?
    So I know this is a random question. But for me its 10:22 pm and I really feel like eating some cookies and cream ice cream. Anyone else? what kind?
    8 Food 56
  127. Do you know a cream to stop facial hair?
    Do you know a cream to stop the hair face growing back at least for 2 weeks I dont like to shave every week.
    4 Style 51
  128. Banana Cream Pie Recipe
    I've always wanted to try banana cream pie so I decided to make one but I can't find a good recipe. Does anyone have one? Thanks!!
    3 Food 25
  129. What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
    alright im just wondering alright every1 post your faverite ice cream flaver=) mine cookie dough yearrgh!
    10 Food 25
  130. Is it okay to shave underarms and legs without using shaving cream?
    Is it okay to shave underarms and legs without using shaving cream??? Because I've done it before and under my arm starts to sting sometimes and my legs but only sometimes on my legs?? Please help!! x
    6 Health 101
  131. Firming Creams..
    hey so I want to get some firming creams, and I live in canada (I dont know if people are or arent on here soo) and I just wanted to know your opinions on what the best ones are :)
    3 Style 14
  132. breast creame
    has any body heard that info-mercial where ladies rub some cream on your breast and your cup size goes up?and do you think it would give you breast cancer?
    3 Style 26
  133. Which cream with which SPF is good for summer in desert area?
    Soon ill be going to my village which in desert . so want to know which cream would i use for sunburn and hot.
    7 Health 22
  134. has anyone used ARTRA SKIN FADE CREAM?is it a good product?
    Has anyone used Artra skin fade cream? If so how long does it take for the dark spots to lighting? And how good nof a product is it? Please help
    2 Style 185
  135. How do you soften cream cheese for baking and mixing?
    I've tried leaving it out of the fridge for a while but it's still always too hard for my mixer. Two of our mixers burnt out from trying to mix it.
    5 Food 128
  136. What is the difference between being a nice guy or being whipped?
    Ok, so my last girlfriend broke up with me because she said I was too whipped but I was just trying to be a nice guy to her. Is there a diffenece between being a whipped tool, and being nice and respectful? and if so is there a line I shouldn't cross? ...
    5 Relationships 236
  137. What is your favorite Ice Cream flavor?
    What is your favorite Ice cream flavor AND What flavor would you invent if you could? Mine:Peanu tbutter chocolate chip inventtive flavor:Krispy creme donut flavor!!! :P
    8 Food 42
  138. Virgin cream - when can you take it??
    Im 15 and I am a virgin. I think I may be loose.. Is it okay to use virgin cream? I don't want my boyfriend to think I'm loose because people say it is bad.
    3 Health 351
  139. How well does hair removal cream from veet work?
    I just bought veet hair removal cream for t he first time and I was wondering what other people think of it or is there a better way to well remove unwanted hairs and where is the best place to test the cream when using it for the first time??
    4 Style 85
  140. good cream that will make me chang colour
    I knwo sunbeds are bad an damage your skin.. but can any one tell me whats a good cream that will make me chang colour on them because my legs never change colour an were could I buy the cream from x
    5 Style 15
  141. Do you prefer ice cream or chocolate?
    Which do you prefer. I go for chocolate, you can get more type of things with them. Sure that there are many different flavours of icream, but I mean, chocolate eggs, not icecream eggs.
    11 Food 55
  142. How can I become paler, is there any meds I can take or creams?
    I've tried to just wear makeup but that doesnt really work, is there anything I can do that wont harm my skin
    6 Style 9
  143. How do you make a banana smoothie without a blender?
    I really have a craving for a banana smoothie, but my blender broke and there is no way to get a new one for a while. So, is there any possible way that I could make a banana smoothie without a blender? Do I just . . . Get a banana and some ice cream a...
    8 Food 121
  144. What else can you do to help remove a wart apart from the cream?
    i do try the cream but its easily for me to forget also i find it going down sometimes but then next couple day its normal again..
    8 Health 18
  145. What are the exact laws in Pennsylvania for carrying a chain whip?
    I'm in the process of buying a chain whip. What are the laws for carrying them around? They're really easy to conceal but how much trouble can I get in for having it in public?
    4 Politics 83
  146. Has anyone used Monistat cream for hair growth?
    How, ive read lots of forums and im desperate for longer hair right now? How, Im planning on buying some tomorrow, has anyone used it before?
    3 Style 13
  147. what kind of cream or soup do i use to scrap the hard soles skin on my feet?
    cause i do walk with barefoot around the house so i do have a lot of dead skin and calloused.?
    2 Style 10
  148. How long does the bleaching cream by Sally Hansen last?
    I bought this bleaching kit for arms and legs by Sally hansen and i used it it worked great but im just wondering how long is it gonna last or is it permanent
    2 Style 83
  149. What is the best acne cream?
    I feel like I am starting to get acne. I have pimples but what is the best lotion, face wash, anything to get rid of them that hopefully doesnt cost too much?
    7 Style 44
  150. Acne Cream and Lotion
    I'm using a acne cream called Clearasil Daily Face Wash. I use it in the morning and nights just like the instructions say. Should I put some lotion on after I use this product? To keep my face moisturized.
    2 Style 14
  151. ice cream vs. popsicles
    why is it that I cant eat popsicles when my throat is gettin sore/sick and it hurts yet I am able to eat ice cream? lots of people have told me that one..but why? I dont see the difference.
    5 Food 66
  152. Veet hair removal cream
    I just used the veet hair removal cream that you apply then scrub off in the shower' My legs are no burning a little . what should I do ? I have grad tonight and my legs are going to be showing,.. So I need help fast Thanks.
    4 Style 53
  153. Where's the leather whip in Dragon Quest 8?
    I want to get a new whip for Jessica, but I need the leather whip to make the snakeskin whip, so can anyone tell me where to find the leather whip? And where is the arena? I keep reading about it but I cant find it. So help would be nice ASAP. Thank yo...
    3 Gaming 285
  154. What happens if you start using anti-wrinkle creams when you're a teenager?
    I am not doing this but what would happen? would you stay wrinkle free for a long time or would your skin look weird or nothing at all?
    5 Style 37
  155. Whats the funnest thing that you can think of to do for an ice cream sundae?
    I'm making a menu and i don' have any unique or cool dessert ideas. I know i want to do ice cream but if anybody has any other ideas then feel free to tell me.
    7 Food 27
  156. What happens if you only eat ice cream for one whole day?
    My friend went a whole day and only ate two bowls of ice cream and I want to know how your body takes it when you do this cause I am getting scared for my friend and I don't want her to hurt herself! So, what happens when you do this?
    5 Food 215
  157. PETA asking ben & jerry's to use breast milk in ice cream?
    Ok, I think PETA has gone too far...I read on this morning that they are asking Ben and Jerry's ( the ice cream company) to start using human milk instead of cows milk to make the ice cream...what do you think of that!!!???
    17 Politics 34
  158. Good eye cream
    I have dark circles and puffiness under my eyes. its nt too bad bt still I want to try some cream. I have not used any eye cream before. has anybody here used such an eye cream and that has really worked for them . also wot is the price of that cream w...
    5 Style 32
  159. Can you make chocolate ganache with milk instead of cream?
    I am making this insanely rich chocolate cake (it has like a kilo of chocolate in it!) but I didnt get enough cream and now I dont have any for the ganache. Would it turn out ok if I just made it with milk? Its not like the cake needs to be any richer...
    4 Food 42
  160. Hair removal cream
    What are some good over the counter hair removal cream that I can use for anywhere on me?? (mostly facial) Btw..I want to know a good one That doesnt cause irritation.. And nair is off the list So dont mention that one.
    7 Style 689
  161. What color tights to wear with cream heels?
    What colour tights shall I wear with cream kitten heels? theyre quite fun and cute with its button detail. would black tights look odd even if I have something black and also cream in my outfit? x
    2 Style 92
  162. How many times was Jesus whipped?
    I tried searching in my bible but I cant find the answer. Does it saying anything about the number of times Jesus was hurt? I heard my pastor talking about it a couple of times but I havent asked him were.
    6 Religion 139
  163. Clear liquid cream stickish stuff on my underwear
    I have a clear liquid cream stickish stuff on my underwear 24/7. What is it??? (I live with my dad so im scared to say anythin)(thats why I am askn on here) Please help *I have had sex, but I used protection and I am on birth control*
    9 Sex 503
  164. What's a good cream to make skin look healthy?
    My skin often looks unhealthy as if needs water and pores are easily seen and it makes it look like I have lots of marks or so. I just need a cream that keeps my skin hydrated so it looks a bit more healthy so anyone knows a good one?
    3 Style 26
  165. How do you get a fella whipped?
    I dont want to control my fella I just dont want 2 b whipped by this fella because I actually really like him!? But what I want to no is like! If you text him and he dosent text back and stuff ?? What then?? I no he likes me 2 but I just want to b the ...
    2 Relationships 64
  166. Is there such thing as flea bite cream?
    My male cat got fleas really bad, we got him the medication he needed which finally got rid of them all. He's still left with all these nasty flea bite scabs all over his stomach. Is there some sort of cream we can buy for these bites now that the a...
    4 Pets 49
  167. Blender VS 3Ds max and Maya?
    3Ds max and Maya are both widely used by most Major Company. Blender is still baby. Some experts that Blender nice and some schools starts to adopt Blender instead of 3Ds max. Blender is open source if I'm not mistaken, or better known as free. Bl...
    4 Technology 125
  168. Nair - Hair Removing Cream on pubic hair?
    Hi, I went through the website of Nair and its written that it should be applied on genitals ! now as I asked in my earlier questions, I want to remove the pubic hair from my private parts so is it advicable to use the hair removing cream like Nair ?...
    7 Style 1944
  169. Will putting vitamin E cream on my face make me break out?
    I have really oily skin already and i'm wondering if putting vitamin E moisturizer cream will make me break out cause it gets rid of scars and i have acne scars on my face chest and shoulders and was wondering if i put i them places will it cause me t...
    2 Style 43
  170. hair minimising cream?
    right I've never tried this before so what exactly is hair minimising cream and what does it do? does it wipe out the hair completely or make it finer? does it work and would it be okay to use on arms as I have insanely hairy arms? please help someone ...
    3 Style 43
  171. Does BB cream work?
    I just bought the Maybelline Dream Fresh 8-1 Beauty Balm skin protector for the heck of it ( I was just curious I saw it in Wal-mart and said why not? ) Does it work? how is bb cream diferent from regular foundation ?
    5 Style 11
  172. What are some good acne medicines and creams?
    I've been gettin a lot of acne lately and its rele getting annoying.. does anyone have any suggestions on what to use that you could buy at the store or somthing like that? thanks
    2 Style 13
  173. Can face lifting cream eventually make your eyes look chinky?
    If I put face lift or like wrinkles remover (even though I dont have wrinkles) would that eventually make my eyes look chinky?... Is there another method or ANYTHING in particular to make my eyes look chinky :D
    3 Style 178
  174. Does anyone know of any recipes to make using the magic bullet blender?
    I've had one in my cupboard for almost two years now and I hardly know of anything I can make with it. Kid friendly ideas would be nice too
    10 Food 39
  175. What does nievea cellulite cream do?
    Have you ever used this product? I bought it today and I started using it today, im hoping I get good results bc it was definetly pricey. If you ever used this product let me know your thoughts, thank you!
    2 Health 24
  176. Who knows of a good 7-up sour cream cake recipe?
    My great grandmother made an amazing 7-up sour cream cake, but I can't seem to find a recipe for it. I can find ones for 7-up cakes, and some for sour cream cakes. But its not what I am looking for. I can't ask her for it since she died may years ag...
    2 Food 101
  177. Do they put shredded meat on Lays Ruffles Sour Cream & Onion chips?
    This girl Emma (she's a veg) was about eat those chips, but she decided to read the ingrediants "just to be safe", and she said shredded meat was one of the ingrediants!! I didn't believe it, so is it true or not?
    2 Food 18
  178. What is your favorite ice-cream OR popsicle?
    I looove MOCHIS. Especially "mocha" and "mango" flavored. If you haven't tried it, go to a nearby asian market or japanese resturaunts, or sushi place and get it!!!
    4 Entertainment 9
  179. What are your thoughts on the new "breast milk" ice-cream?
    I recently heard that they wanted to invent an ice cream using breast milk in London, rather than cows milk. Just wanted to hear everyones thoughts on this. I honestly don't know what to think of it. The thought of "breast-milk" ice-cream doesn't soun...
    23 Food 22
  180. Should I have chosen chocolate or strawberry ice cream?
    omg so I was at Stop and Shop and I had a dilemma between chocolate icecream and strawberry icecream. it was so intense!!!omg, then in the end I couldn't choose so my mom left and I was like >:O and then I had to walk home and you know the ice cream wo...
    16 Food 32
  181. What creams will help un-frizz my hair?
    WiCH H3PLS K33P OUR H4iR D0WN...S0 iiT W0NT B3 4LL FRiiZZY? LiiK3 CR3M3 0R SUMTHiN F0R 0UR H4iR? ♥
    7 Style 47
  182. Fade creams...
    Okay so I want to buy a fade cream/skin lightener/skin whitener to help diminish the brown spots/scars left from pimples...what is the best kind for oily acne prone and available at cvs or walgreens please!
    3 Style 43
  183. can I dye my hair with Jolen cream bleach?
    Okay so I have this little thingy and its called : "Jolen creme bleach" - lightens excess dark hair. its says its for face, arms, body, and brows. What if I want to use it on the hair on my head? Will it work? will it make my hair fall off or some...
    3 Style 2665
  184. What is better for legs and arms moisturising - Palmer's cocoa butter formula or Nivea cream?
    I am looking for a good moisturiser and I heard that palmers and nivea are good makes so I was wondering which one I should choose! I have tried both and like them both but I need help from others to tell me what they think about them both! Thanks for ...
    9 Style 38
  185. How do you red kool-aid out of cream colored carpet?
    My son just told us last night about the stain in his room.I read on here about useing the the windex and iron method and an iron but it say how to do it?Can someone tell me how they do it? Thanks Brenda Roach
    3 Homegarden 61
  186. What kind of Cream could make my hair wavy without adding volume?
    My hair is naturally Wavy , but when i blow dry it or air dries , it turns on Puffy and volumed :( I dont like it when it's too much volumed ,so do you know any kinds of creams that could make my hair wavy and not volumed ? and a cream not shampoo or ...
    3 Style 22
  187. "Scar Vanishing Cream"?
    Is there any cream that gets rid of scars from pimples? I'm not sure about using Bio-oil on my skin because putting Oil on it everyday may make me break out in spots. Anyone here using scar removal cream? Whats it called? I live in the UK if that...
    2 Style 71
  188. Tattoo removing cream///
    Okay so I was wondering if anyone has used a tattoo removing cream if so pls let me know who it works because I have a tattoo on the top of my wrist when I was 14 it says rip daddy with a halo and wing and now I want it gone..its ugly and I hate it I d...
    6 Style 74
  189. eye brow lighting cream ? simple .HELPPP
    can some one please tell me if there is such thing as eye brow lighting cream that you put on & then take off & your eye brows are a lighter color? is this like dye? how does your eye brows go back to the original color? & how long would that take fo...
    4 Style 45
  190. What if I told you theres ice cream flavored cereal?
    It looks as if it's dippin dots, & Tastes just like it. It's a project we have to do for business class. Make up or own cereal, I need a good name to call this cereal, I want it to be fun & creative ? any ideas? you'd help a bunch :)
    2 Food 15
  191. Think Im going to invest in a blender to make smoothies with and get one of those big balls you do situps and pushups on.
    I really want to get myself together, Ive been wating to, but now Im going to. 'Bout time. Shut up, inner voice. What I say? Youre such an ass. -.-
    4 Food 16
  192. Is eating ice cream or anyting cold bad for your period?
    like from what I heard, my mom said that I shouldn't eat anything cold when I'm on my period because if I d, it'll hurt my reproductive system and I may not have a child later and in life if I eat to much of it. I just want to know if its true.
    11 Health 2710
  193. What is the best pimple and blackhead cream or remedy?
    What is the best thing for pimples and blackheads? I have blackheads on my nose and it's so annoying. I use proactive when I remember but it doesnt seem to work. I, like my dad, tend to break out a lot so I'm very sick of it, my mom never had this prob...
    3 Style 54
  194. creams or home remedies to make my skin better?
    im a guy and just want to know if any body knows what those famous people on tv like (christiano ronaldo) soccer player for manchester united or that guy 20 pack from I love money 2??? those two have some nice skin and I was wondering if anyone knows ...
    2 Style 13
  195. does anyone know if there is a body bleaching cream for a south indian?
    if so which ones? i am a south indian, so my skin tone is..well dark. i am tired of it cuz all my friends are fair and i also have dark circles around my eyes since i was little too. some part so f my body is as it should be, but the others like my nec...
    2 Style 35
  196. How to use hair removal cream properly and remove all the hairs?
    So after having trouble with a razor & not getting the rusts I want I have swapped to veet hair removal cream. Some people say you need to rub it in & some say you leave blobs on top of the hairs? I'm not too sure and I dot want to go wrong. I have rea...
    3 Style 66
  197. Icecream!!
    Wats your favorite kind of ice cream? =) I scream for ice cream!!
    6 Food 15
  198. How do I use this White Magic Bleaching Cream?
    I found this "White Magic gentle conditioning perfectly stabilized 40-volume creme colour developer" it says on the directions to use it in the same manner as regular 40-volume liquid peroxide. then it tells me how to store it. do i use it as just a ...
    8 Style 1290
  199. Stupid Face Creams
    Okay so I tried a new face cream treatment thing, and it worked amazingly for like a week. And I was putting it on twice a day, in the morning and at night. But yesterday I was running really late so I didn't get a chance to put it on in the morning. W...
    2 Style 13
  200. Should I use cream for my yeast infection?
    actually im not 100% sure its a yeast infection. im jus pretty sure beacuse of the itching and lots of discharge they seem like symptoms of one. I just asked about the cream and the pill becaue my next appiontment for the gyno isnt until next month and...
    2 Health 40
  201. Is there a cream for my face going red???
    My face always gets really really red when I get up in front of a group of people, talk to a guy I like, or anything that may get you a even the slightlest bit nervous or embarrassed. I dont know what to do!! Then ill think of my face getting red, or p...
    4 Health 20
  202. Is there any kind of cream to help get rid of stretchmarks?
    So I have stretchmarks like on my butt but, on the sides by my lower hips &love handles . Is there any kind of cream or something I can use to get rid of them ? Summer's coming soon &I always have this problem finding a bathing suit that covers my butt...
    7 Style 20
  203. What un-natural(pink,blue,purple etc) hair colors go with a peaches and cream skin tone?
    Like to play with colors? So, i kinda have this urge to dye my hair some unnatural(as my mom would say) color... what should I choose? Dont worry, it'll be semi-permenant =P but whats a good color for me? based on tones of course. Eye Color: Dark Dul...
    48 Style 68
  204. how can I make by big boobs?
    how can I make big boobs? any cream or otherthings
    3 Style 74
  205. Whip me into shape, someone!
    All of my friends are beautiful and they don't even have to try. They have the best metabolisms and I got dealt the worst genes in the world. To top it off, they all call themselves fat when they know I am much bigger and it really hurts me. I eat off ...
    2 Health 35
  206. whatt doess
    What does pu$$y whipped meaan?
    3 Relationships 66
  207. How to tighten my vagina?
    is it possible to tighten my vagina without using any creams?
    4 Relationships 67
  208. how do you make..
    3 Food 41
  209. How do you shave with an eletric razor?
    Do you have to use a shaving cream or gel? :$
    9 Style 41
  210. What song do these lyrics belong to
    Fire, to begin whipping dance of the dead, the...end, To begin whipping dance of... The... Dead..., Color our world blackened. Please help!
    2 Music 65
  211. can you help me..?
    where can I find a cream that makes my boobs grow faster?
    8 Style 37
  212. How can you make a dessert with Oreos?
    Besides pudding and ice cream.
    4 Food 29
  213. can you bathe a rat?
    Okay I know rats bath themself but can you bath them yourself or whip them down? If so what should I use or how should I do it?
    2 Pets 71
  214. Whats your experiences on superdrug vitamin e products?
    shopping day tomorrow, getting neutrogena moisturiser and maybe vitamin e skincare line day cream, night cream and all over body cream anybody used/using these? thanks if you answer
    5 Drugs 16
  215. Carrot Cake recipe?
    Does anyone have an easy carrot cake recipe with cream cheese icing? It cant use more than one package of cream cheese and cannot use butter milk!
    2 Food 52
    I would like to have my breast be bigger,I dont want to use any breast cream or anything artificial. Isnt there any type of massage or any natural cream I can use?
    4 Style 138
  217. Names For An Adorable Fluffy Kitten?
    I Dont Have Any Pictures Of Her But I Want 6You To Give Her A Name. Shes A Fluffy Grey Clico Kitten. She Has Cream Boots And Gloves And A Cream Face. She Has A Small White Tip On Her Tail And White Tips On Her Ears And A Cream Under Belly... Any Id...
    10 Pets 280
  218. fair and lovely?
    does fair and lovely cream really lighten your complexion? is it safe to use?
    2 Style 33
  219. How can I prevent shaving rash?
    when I shave down there I always get a rash are there any creams or anything to stop it.
    3 Style 167
  220. How fast will I lose weight once I start using progesterone c
    How fast will I lose weight once I start using progesterone cream?
    2 Nutritionfitness 20
  221. What type of cake do you like?
    What kind is your favorite cake? My favorite cake is ice cream cake yum.
    9 Food 43
  222. How can I calm down my burned skin?
    I tried a home hair remover cream and it burned my skin. What should I do to calm my skin down?
    2 Style 144
  223. Why does only milk give my diarrhea? am I lactose intolerant?
    I have diarrhea when I have ice cream or milk. Well mostly if I have milk
    2 Health 40
  224. How do I fade black spots on my face?
    i have black spots on face . how to remove them without using any creams and facial?
    5 Style 304
  225. Shaving down there
    Okka, so when I shave down there, I get bumps. How do I avoid them? Should I use shaving cream? Advice please!
    9 Style 92
  226. What do I do to tighten my vagina?
    How to I tighten my vagina during sex?is there a cream I can use or a pill my partner has a small penis
    2 Sex 43
  227. what is good prank to pull on older brother
    what is good prank to pull on older brother with shaving cream and hersey syrup
    7 Family 133
  228. What is the best thing for anal itching?
    What is the best thing for anal itching? A certain brand of cream? Different soaps?
    2 Health 53
  229. Do you need to put on lotion?
    U need to put on lotion when you are in sauna or steam room? What happens if you don't put on lotion or some cream?
    4 Style 183
  230. What makes a better coffee creamer?
    whats better half nd half or whipping cream?also what is best to sweeten or flavor it.Im tired of international delight making my coffee tast bad.
    2 Food 13
  231. How can I make myself more naturally pretty?
    How can I make myself more naturally pretty... ways to apply makeup? Clothes to wear? Creams to use?
    11 Style 94
  232. What is your favourite frozen treat?
    Like ice cream, sorbet, fudge cicles etc...
    22 Food 36
  233. Has Anyone Had Weird Dreams?
    I had a dream in which my mom was argueing with talking ice cream because its price was too high.How about you?
    8 Entertainment 24
  234. Conditioner on your legs?
    I heard that it works better than shaving cream and makes your legs softer. Is that true?(:
    6 Style 44
  235. what is your favorite type of cake???
    I love the ice cream cake they are soo goOd!!! which one is your favorite???=]
    11 Food 41
  236. Woahh, boy trouble. <3
    Okay, so I've dating this guy for 1 year and 3 1/2 months. He was whipped for like 8 1/2 months. Then I guess he got tired of being whipped so he just broke up with me. We got back together the next day, but now I'm the whipped one and I have been ever...
    3 Relationships 21
  237. Moisturizing Lotion.
    Whats a good lotion to moisturize your face ? Im using an acne cream & it works very well I dont have acne but my face is getting dry. Im using vitamin E oil before applying the acne cream but I would prefer a lotion what is a good one to use ??
    3 Style 11
  238. How do I solve my pimple + blackhead problems?
    I have tried blackhead + pimple cream but it didn't make any difference so I still don't have a answer to my problem. Is there another way to get rid of them? and if you know a good brand for creams please tell me so I can try that brand if I haven't...
    2 Style 49
  239. I'm About to Get a Brutal Beating
    I am about to get a whipping. I have to get my whippings with absoultely no pants on. the only thing I can have on down there is my panties. but does anyone have any home remedies for numbing pain so that the beating wont hurt as much? Please...any sug...
    8 Health 252
  240. What will cure my bad acne and allergie scars?
    I have really bad acne and allergie scars on my face, will poison ivy cream heal them?
    4 Style 15
  241. song about candies/sweets
    I need a song about candies, sweets, ice cream for my campers they are seven years old.
    5 Music 57
  242. all the flavors of pringles
    what are all the different types of pringles?! an di men all not just the original and sour cream and onion...thanks=)
    5 Food 59
  243. Is it possible to get a blister on the sole of your foot?
    If it is, what can I do to stop it from hurting, without having to buy any creams or anything for it?
    5 Health 23
  244. One lump or two?
    How do you like your coffee? I like a little coffee with my cream and two sweet-n-lows.
    12 Food 30
  245. How do I get my parents to stop buying junk food?
    They buy ice cream all the time! And they don't listen to me when I ask them not to. How do I get them to stop?
    4 Health 68
  246. Icecream any body?
    Whats your fsvorite flaver of ice cream Mines mint chocolate chip
    16 Food 32
  247. Oreo cookies
    Do you prefer the outside cookie part of the oreo cookie, or the inside cream part? I myself scrape the inside off and only eat the outside. Lol. ^_^ what about yall?
    21 Food 53
  248. What is a good brand of fake tan that you spray on?
    im really bad at applyn the cream ones.
    5 Style 18
  249. How do you drink your tea?
    How do you drink your tea? Hot or Cold? really really sweet? with lemon and cream? Just wondering the best way to drink tea
    5 Food 54
  250. How do I straighten my hair?
    You know hair extensions...? the look smooth and incredibly straight. My hairdresser made my hair like that, annoyingly I wasn't listening so I don't know how to get that hair back. How do you get PERFECT straight hair?? I have these tools: ceramic hai...
    4 Style 12