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What you should visit in bucharest romania

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  1. Will I be able to visit Iloilo again?
    will I be able to visit iloilo again
    2 Travel 12
  2. How a child feels when parents do not visit at visitation tim
    How a child feels when parents do not visit at visitation time?
    2 Babies 34
  3. What are some wonders in the world to visit?
    20 Travel 29
  4. Who has visited Goa, India?
    3 Travel 20
  5. Best cities to visit in England?
    what are some of the best cities in England to visit?
    8 Travel 52
  6. Where whould you like to visit in the USA
    Where whould you like to visit in the USA?
    7 Travel 45
  7. Where should I visit while I'm on my traveling escapade?
    9 Travel 19
  8. Who here has visited a concentration camp?
    and what was it like?
    19 Travel 24
  9. Has anyone here ever visited Africa?
    14 Travel 42
  10. How can I find out whos visiting my myspace page?
    How can I find out whos visiting my myspace page?
    3 Technology 25
  11. How old do you have to be to visit a ob/gyn
    how old ddo you have to be to visit an ob/gyn alone
    4 Health 74
  12. How many of you are visiting india in near future ?
    How many of you are visiting india in near future
    2 Travel 9
  13. How Do I check Recently Visited Sites If it has Been Deleted?
    How Do I check Recently Visited Sites If it has Been Deleted?
    2 Technology 71
  14. What are some cool sites to visit when your bored?
    What are some cool sites to visit when ut bored?
    5 Technology 25
  15. How much is the US dollar worth in Romania?
    4 Money 93
  16. How much could a gyno visit cost?
    6 Health 13
  17. How far along do you have to be for your first prenatal visit?
    2 Health 38
  18. What you should visit in Bucharest, Romania?
    With a special past, a lively atmosphere and many unique tourist attractions, Bucharest is one of the safest and most accessible destinations in Europe.
    3 Travel 98
  19. Do you think aliens have visited Earth?
    Have we ever been visited by extraterrestrials?
    37 Science 79
  20. How can I find out what sites were visited on my computer whi
    How can I find out what sites were visited on my computer while I was gone?
    2 Technology 36
  21. Favorite natural wonder your would want to visit is?
    Favorite natural wonder your would want to visit is?
    4 Travel 32
  22. Get rid of the history of sites visited from your computer
    How do you get rid of the history of sites visited from your computer
    2 Technology 71
  23. How do I visit my own profile on here?
    As lame as this sounds. How do I visit my own profile on here? Help --brandy.
    2 Funadvice 12
  24. how do I view all the websites I've ever visited on my computer?
    how do I view all the websites I've ever visited on my computer?
    2 Technology 132
  25. if you visit other countries you do things that you cant do in usa
    if you visit other countries you do things that you cant do in usa for the laws.
    3 Travel 104
  26. Is Japan a good place to visit?
    is japan a really good place to travel to?
    3 Travel 12
  27. How can I tell if my pup is pregnant without a vet visit?
    7 Pets 20
  28. Favorite Place you've visited
    What is your favorite place you have visited in the United States? Be specific!
    10 Travel 53
  29. adoption and visitation
    When you give your baby up for adoption, do you get to visit the baby or keep in touch?
    8 Babies 60
  30. Websites you visit everytime you go online?
    Is there any websites you go to besides this one?
    8 Entertainment 18
  31. Does the government track every site we visit, even our emails?
    and can they even do that?
    10 Politics 21
  32. Is June a good time to visit the beaches in Cape Town?
    2 Travel 26
  33. Where whould you like to visit or live
    Where whould you like to vist or live? I whould you like to vist most of europe and italy.
    11 Travel 33
  34. What is the age in Virginia where a child can refuse visitation with a divorced parent?
    3 General 69
  35. What are the top ten attractions to visit around the world with kids?
    9 Travel 14
  36. Which time period would you want to visit?
    If you could visit any time period, which one would you choose? And why?
    8 General 42
  37. Is Amsterdam a nice place to visit for 3/4 days?
    Does anyone have any information on it?
    2 Travel 27
  38. famous people don't visit annopolis?
    why don't famous people come to annapolis and I think that it is not fair??
    2 Entertainment 24
  39. If you had a time machine, what point in time would you visit?
    And if you could change something, what would that be?
    5 Travel 51
  40. How to see websites visited after history has been cleared?
    how can i check to see where someone has been (what websites) on my cumputer if the history has been cleared?
    3 Technology 1965
  41. where would you visit, if you could go to one place anywhere in the world?
    59 Travel 93
  42. How often should I visit my high school boyfriend at school since I'm in college now?
    17 Relationships 36
  43. Which would you rather visit, the deepest part of the ocean or the farthest of stars?
    14 Environment 46
  44. can my dr. tell me if I iam pregnant on my first visit
    on the first visit to see my dr. can he tell me yes or no if I'm pregnant?
    3 Health 54
  45. Is visiting New Zealand beautiful in summer?
    I was thinking about visiting New Zealand this summer, is it really as beautiful as everyone makes it out to be?
    2 Travel 18
  46. How far is Romania from Italy?
    Please, I tried to find the answer in google and no luck, so how far is romania from italy?
    2 Travel 122
  47. This summer I want to take a mini trip, what state to visit?
    This summer I want to take a mini trip. But too what state?? Any ideas,or advice and why?
    4 Travel 19
  48. 6 Must-Visit Attractions in UAE
    A brief note on some lesser Known Must-Visit Attractions in UAE.
    6 Travel 86
  49. What stores do you visit to shop for clothes?
    just curious to know where people shop. since i don't shop at too many stores, i just wanted to know where other people shop.
    10 Shopping 20
  50. Where is a beautiful place to visit in india during summer season?
    I have been here in india from last winter.but I am looking the most beautiful place to visit in this summer.Can you suggest any?
    4 Travel 16
  51. how much money do I need for 3 month visit to canada?
    im going to be going to canada to visit family for 3 months. I want to know how much money I should I need for my visit?
    2 Travel 65
  52. Who thinks there is evidence the Earth has been visited by advanced civilizations that helped mankind with technological knowledge?
    4 Science 7
  53. What is the best destination in Florida to visit in late May, keeping in mind I still want a beach?
    2 Travel 21
  54. Which country would you like to visit?
    If you could travel to one country.(either have or haven't been)... Which one will you choose???And why? Just curious^^
    17 Travel 51
  55. My little girl wants to visit her mother.
    My daughter Margret wants to visit her mother, but we're divorced and dn't talk anymore. Should I still take her?
    8 Family 17
  56. When am I old enough to not visit my dad?
    ok im 14 and this is a little ridiculous..I still have to go with my dad on weekends and tuesdays. Sooo when am I old enough to have to NOT go visit him??
    5 Family 13
  57. Can my Dad find out what webpages I have been visiting?
    OK, is there any way that someone can find out what webpages were visited... if you delete all of the files and cookies and history etc. of your computer? Thanx
    9 Technology 52
  58. How to visit a friend without my Mom knowing?
    if you want to see your friend but he lives in florida and you live in texas and your mom doesn't know about him and you don't want her to know how could you get to your friend?
    7 Travel 14
  59. If you visited a country where people ate foods like monkey, snake, dog, insects, etc... would you try any of them?
    18 Food 55
  60. What states have you visited?
    I've been to NM, TX, OK, NC......but nothing feels like home to me......California what are your thoughts?
    16 Travel 35
  61. Should I go visit my Dad?
    My parents broke up when I was young and I hardly got to see my dad. He lives in Missouri, he was mean to my family and stuff, but now he wants me to go visit him. should I go see him?
    7 Family 38
  62. How can I get the best of of las vegas each time I go for a visit?
    I live in los angeles and visit frequently and help would be much appreciated
    2 Travel 12
  63. What countries do you want to visit?
    What countries do you want to visit?? I really want to visit japan. I was going to save money but I spent it on gum (I'm chewing it right now!! stride- spearmint :) ) then I want to visit china to see how similar and different they are to japan.
    17 Travel 46
  64. What are some good questions I should ask a college that's out of state(no visit)?
    It's a college for design :) Idk what to ask the lady and I need to call her back!! I feel like I should have some questions prepared :)
    3 Education 13
  65. Do you think I should visit my estranged mother?
    Do you think I should go and see my mom after 5years since I was adopted and I miss her I was planning to go to nevada from colorado on a bus??what you think??
    5 Family 22
  66. What would you do if your family dont call or visit you
    Whats the best thing for me to do if my family doesnt call or visits me should I worry think they dont love me think that they dont want to be bothered with me please let me know
    5 Family 12
  67. How do I check websites visited on compute if history is cleared?
    I want to be able to look at the web pages visited on my computer to see if someone has been on it and cleared the history through internet options. I recall there being something that displays thumbnails of pages visited...I just cannot recall how I ...
    2 Technology 189
  68. Do I have to tell my fiance' about doctor visits?
    I am suppose to be going to the doctor 2ma! Does me parent have to take me or kan one of my friends over 18 over with me? Im not telling my faince' until we straighten things out is that ok?
    6 Health 37
  69. How to tell my Dad I don't want to visit again?
    Ok my parents are devoriced and I dont want to go to my dads this weekend and I dont know how to tell him cause I have already not gone over there in a month and im scared of his reaction
    6 Family 14
  70. Do you get an ultrasound done on your first prenatal visit?
    I am goin wednesday. I think im about 4-5 weeks pregnant now. Im kinda a little excited lol
    3 Health 11
  71. What are the best places to visit in New Mexico?
    I'll be visiting for a few months. What are some recommended places to go- tourist spots, places off the well-beaten path, great restaurants, great hotels, festival, you name it.
    6 Travel 229
  72. What is appropriate dress to visit an ice rink?
    I'm chaperoning a field trip and I don't know what to wear. :3 I've only gone to an ice rink for my practices so I'm dressed up in tights and a skirt. I'm not sure what a person just visiting would wear.
    9 Style 13
  73. Is it okay to not have virus protection (Avast, AVG, etc...), so long as you only visit safe sites?
    Avast is giving me some problems, and I don't really want any virus protection. I don't go to any unsafe websites. I think I would be okay without it, what do you think?
    21 Technology 32
  74. Is England a nice place to visit?
    Is England worth to go to? I'm wondering 'cause I've had always wanted to go to England.It seems nice. I even have a britain accent and britain in me. I was born in America Colorado. But is it nice to visit that country, I must know!
    4 Travel 147
  75. Should I do something with my crush during his visit?
    I really like this guy but he moved to arizona last year. and I am seeing him in 1 week, should I do something with him while he is here? or would that not be a good idea since hes only going to be here for 10 days?
    4 Relationships 19
  76. FunAdvice Trivia: What were Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip given as a present for baby Prince Andrew while on a visit to the Gambia?
    A) Bag of peanuts B) Ivory spoon C) Hand carved chest D) Crocodile
    15 Funadvice 227
  77. Why will my computer not visit the webisite?
    I got monopoly game tickets from mcdonalds and i am trying to enter them but the site says i need to enable cookies. So i followed steps to enable all cookies and the site still tells me to enable cookies when they have already been enabled uhhh. How c...
    2 Technology 11
  78. Popes Visit, do you think it will have any merit?
    As everyone knows the Pope is visiting Washington and New York (where I live). What I want to ask is do you think this visit will have any merit or do you think there will be repercussions. To my fellow Jews do you think he is genuine about getti...
    3 Politics 16
  79. Where can I find a nanny in romania?
    Where can I find a nanny that can take care of me? I am thirteen, female, and going to romania, both parents are unable to take care of me, because my mother has work here, and my father is out of the question, and my oma (grandma) is sick so now I n...
    2 Money 24
  80. Brunette to blond in one salon visit?
    Is it possible to go from medium/dark brunette to a dark blond in one salon visit without trashing your hair? My hair is naturally dark blond, just dyed dark right now. I really don't want to have to wait another five weeks for an appointment, and I kn...
    5 Style 196
  81. What should I expect when I go to visit my father in the hospital?
    He was diagnosed with lung cancer last year, but yesterday he had a series of seizures and he's now been diagnosed with brain cancer. I'm going to visit him today, and I'm wondering what I should expect from him? Like, hooked up to machines, not know w...
    7 Health 19
  82. Has someone who has passed visited you in a dream?
    I frequently have dreams about dead people. Last night my father turned up in my dream. We were having lunch at a outdoor cafe. I remember feeling annoyed because he spent more time talking to the waiter than to me. Then, he got up to go. I felt disap...
    10 Religion 54
  83. Doctors would the visit be confidential if I'm 16 in the uk?
    I've recently harmed and have started to hit ma pillow in anger and I've been depressed my friend today asked me if I had been to the doctors and I sed no and she sed why I and I said because it would be on my history and then my mum would find out and...
    3 Health 22
  84. How do you tell your parents when the monthly visiter starts?
    I think girls would be best at answering this... this really isnt any help to me, but I need to help out a my friend and shes very shy. I just went ahead and told my parents, but she wants to do it in the least embarassing way possible. I know, its not...
    3 Family 34
  85. I would absolutely love to visit America!
    I am in love with it I've never been there but im just so fascinated about it I live in the uk in manchester and im 16 I want to go so badly but does anyone know when would be the cheapest time to visit? or the best times any advice as im in the middl...
    10 Travel 37
  86. What are things I need to know before visiting Puerto Rico?
    Im going to Puerto Rico this spring break.. and ive never ever been there so its my first time. ive visited spanish countries before.. but certain things might be different.. so tell me things i have to look out for.. what stuff i should are...
    4 Travel 54
  87. What sites are worth visiting daily?
    Hello, everyone I don't know what else can I do while surfing the internet. Any other good sites which worth surf almost everyday? I just use laptop for msn, you tube and assignments~ Sometime write blogs but not on an everyday basis... Thank you for ...
    5 Technology 13
  88. What is the best route to take in getting visitation?
    My ex refuses to allow me to have any kind of visittation with my daughter outside of her home because she don't like my wife? I have tried to give her the opportunity to do the right thing on her own but she refuses. And of course this causes a strain...
    3 Family 18
  89. Anyone visit Canada's wonderland in the 80's?
    I am writing a short story that takes place in '85 where a family goes to Canada's Wonderland. I've looked around on the Internet and all I've found out is that they added the Sky Rider then. I just want to know if they had the water park there and kid...
    2 Travel 20
  90. How do I convince my parents to let me visit Puerto Rico with my friend?
    I've never been out of the country and since my friend is going to Puerto Rico I want to go with her. I've been doing the best I can in school and I've been making A's and B's. I know sometimes I have an attitude with my parents but I've been working o...
    3 Family 91
  91. Why was my gynocological visit so painful?
    So i am 16 and i had my first visit to the gynecologist a few weeks ago. Everyone i know told me that it wouldnt hurt i would just feel some discomfort and pressure. Now i take pain very well and this was very very painful for me. I even told the gyn b...
    2 Sex 33
  92. What happens after first Jehova's Witness door-to-door visit?
    Had a Jehovas Witness show up early this morning - was too tired to be rude so I listened to him read a verse from a Bible. He then gave me two Watchtower magazines and left. He never stated he was a Jehovas Witness, but the magazines make this fact ...
    4 Religion 28
  93. Has anyone here been to Australia?
    What was your favourite place to visit or where where would you like to visit?
    6 Travel 9
  94. Should my ex son-in-law have visitation?
    My daughter married a the love of her life at the age of 19. They wanted a baby as soon as they said I DO. When the baby was three months old he left her and the baby and went back with his ex girlfriend who married and divorced. Here is a few things a...
    9 Sex 33
  95. How much does it cost to visit Ireland?
    Okaiii, so me and my sister are 13 years old. We are trying to go to Ireland to visit our family when we are like 15 or 16. I was just wondering how much money it will cost for 2 weeks for 2 people. I don't need a hotel, because I will live with my fam...
    2 Travel 128
  96. Where should we visit that's close to S. California?
    So my friend and I had a bet and I won so now I get to choose where we go and she pays for the gas!!!... the only restriction is that it has to be 750 mils from our starting point in so. cal. so I need suggestions cause there are just waaayyy to many g...
    5 Travel 26
  97. How to get a good deal to visit Ireland?
    Okaiii, so me and my sister are 13 years old. We are trying to go to Ireland to visit our family when we are like 15 or 16. I was just wondering how much money it will cost for 2 weeks for 2 people. I don't need a hotel, because I will live with my fam...
    2 Travel 20
  98. Where is the nicest place to visit in America?
    Hey guys im a 16 year old school girl who lives in Scotland. its alright yano, nice people here but its not really my scene! id loveee to visit America and possibly move there when I finish school can anyone give my advice on the nicest places to go se...
    15 Travel 130
  99. Always wants me to visit but doesn't pay for the bus
    I have a female friend and shes always wanting to see me and always wants me to go up to her house but it means gettin busses all the time and its coting a lot I stopped seeing her but shes always ringing me ''are you cumminh up today'' I d...
    3 Relationships 9
  100. What good places to visit in the U.S?
    Hey...I'm 16.. thinking of heading over to America to visit family in Salt Lake City Utah...but I don't want to spend my whole time there...I Was thinking of traveling around any cool sites, especially historical Native American land sites...anything T...
    5 Travel 60
  101. What is a cheap way to go to alaska?
    I have always wanted to visit in alaska but I cant afford it does any one know a cheap way to visit?
    2 Travel 38
  102. is it worth visiting my dad?
    im not sure how to put this but my dad wants me to visit him, hes nice but completely messed in the head ... he lives in georga with his girlfriend and two kids this is the email I got from my dad "hi sarah, j ust to let you know I have email...
    7 Family 14
  103. visitation
    My ex and I have a 3 year old daughter. He is convinced that she is not his... (SHE IS WITHOUT A DOUBT) I must mention our relationship lasted 5 years..he cheated constantly..I was dumb 21 and got pregnant. He has not seen her since she was 6 months ...
    2 Family 17
  104. How many visits will it take to go from black to blonde?
    I was born a blonde… but around 6th grade I realized I didn’t have to be… so I’ve been every shade of orange, red, brown, and black hair under the sun since then. I always colored my hair myself or my friends did it for me and I’ve yet to have a bad e...
    2 Style 135
  105. what do you do when your bored?
    My sister is visiting me for a few days and were sooo bored any ideas of what to do?
    8 Entertainment 42
  106. Ideal weight before becoming pregnant?
    what is the ideal weight to be before becoming pregnant? and should I visit a doctor before?
    2 Health 33
  107. Why do I have to visit non-immediate family so often?
    I don't know what it is about them but, I cannot bear visiting my family. I got back in contact with my dad after 11 years of not seeing him just last week but, my cousins on his side are grown now and it feels like a chore to go visit them all. My dad...
    4 Family 19
  108. I need help convincing my mom to let me go visit my boyfriend??!
    Ok so my mom doesn't want to let me go visit my boyfriend which lives 25 hours from my place . She said im too young (15) . THe thing is, I met him about 4 weeks ago with the exchange students and now imiss him like crazy . we were together for 2 weeks...
    4 Family 57
  109. When history has been deleted
    how do I check what websites someone visited on my computer when history has been deleted?
    3 Technology 236
  110. How can deleted history be retrieved?
    How can websites that have been visited and then deleted from a computer's history be retrived?
    3 Technology 109
  111. Norway,Sweden,Finland?!
    which country would be better to visit and why?
    8 Travel 33
  112. Delete or erase...
    How do you delete or erase visited sites from the temporary internet files?
    5 Technology 42
  113. Ethiopian people love their country
    Have you ever been visit ethiopia
    2 Travel 11
  114. Best places to travel
    Your top places to visit in the world anyone?
    12 Travel 12
  115. Recovering deleted internet history
    Can you loook up history of internet sites visited after it has been erased?
    2 Technology 104
  116. Thanksgiving/ holidays
    What is everyone doing for Thanksgiving? What is your favorite holiday and why? Me I am going home to visit the family
    2 General 28
  117. Why do we have to pay for windows 7?
    I visited window's website about windows 7 the newest version and I found out we have to pay for it. Why??
    6 Technology 123
  118. Vacationing in Virginia Beach, what to do?
    we are going on vacation in June to Virginia Beach. Anything we need visit while there?
    2 Travel 27
  119. how was your experiance at a mental hospital?
    for those of you who have been committed to one, or whent to visit some one. how was your expereance?
    4 Health 37
  120. School Trip to Greece
    <p> Please suggest some places to visit around Greece.</p>
    2 Travel 32
  121. Should I feel bad for my sister or angry?
    My older sister never visits because she does not have kids and is not married.I am and she finds it hard to come over.She is the only family I have in my city.Should I feel bad for her or get angry that she never visits?It is very hurtful.
    3 Family 9
  122. Amusement Parks
    I live in NJ and I want to visit an Amusement Park outside of NJ...People who love outside of NJ please recommand Really good Amusement parks that I can visit..within the USA or attractions. thanks!
    3 Travel 40
  123. New sites to alleviate boredom?
    I've been visiting same sites as my usual routine and its getting bored already. I've visited every possible site I know to alleviate this boredom. Is there any site you could recommend me? thanks!
    3 Technology 35
  124. Which country do you like to travel?
    hey,if you have enough money,which country do you like to visit as a holiday trip?
    6 Travel 28
  125. If you had one week to live, what would you do?
    If you had one week to live what would you do, where would you go, who would you visit, who would you apologize to and what would you buy if anything?
    10 Entertainment 166
  126. What do you think of alien abductions?
    Do you believe aliens are visiting Earth and abducting humans? What do you think of this? Has anyone here felt they been abducted.
    6 Science 123
  127. Should I go to Detroit for two days with my family?
    family from alabama r going to visit the 1s in detroit..should i go?
    9 Family 6
  128. Getting a physical. and Dental often?
    How often to you visit your doctor for a physical or go to the Dentist?
    3 Health 46
  129. Where can I buy orangina in the us!?!?
    I just visited france and fell in love with orangina and now I can not find it in the us anywhere
    4 Food 224
  130. Wicca
    I am learning Wicca, and Palm reading. Anyone have some good sites for me to visit and read up on? Advice is good too ;)
    13 Religion 24
  131. How does FA count views (questions, videos, pics, etc)?
    Is it based on unique visits?
    2 Funadvice 9
  132. What's the best place to go in Hong Kong?
    When in Hong Kong for a short vacation, what's the best tourist destination to visit?
    2 Travel 43
  133. Where can I watch tennis matches online?
    where can I watch tennis matches (us open, french open etc.) online?? is there a website that I can visit??
    4 Entertainment 76
  134. why does my mom not let me see my bio dad or grandma ?
    why is it that she dont want me to go and visit my dad ?
    7 Family 24
  135. has anyone been to Madeira?
    Has anyone visited the island of Madeira? I'd be interested to hear your personal impressions and experiences.
    2 Music 21
  136. How I can Find Hotels in Edinburgh?
    I would be visiting Edinburgh at the end of January 2010 and I would like to know about hotels in Edinburgh.
    2 Travel 30
  137. Website ideas, what topic are you interested in seeing in a site?
    I have a website but NO ONE visits it. What topic are you people interested in going to a site for?
    4 Technology 72
  138. Mandy, will you ever come back here in the Philippines?
    Hi MAndy! I just would like 2 ask. would you ever come back here in the Philippines? You came here once but I was too young and you visited in Manila. Could your next visit be in Butuan Vity, Philippines? tHanks! Lotsaluv, jaynee Mwah!
    2 Travel 30
  139. What year did the nuclear explosion happen in Chernobyl, Russia?
    Do people still visit it, and how long can you stay there?
    7 Politics 36
  140. Who is a christopher drew ingle fan??
    Who is a christopher drew ingle fan?? I need to know what states hes visiting for the warp tour!!
    5 Music 66
  141. Has anyone ever been to Australia?
    Has anyone visited or does anyone live in the sunny land of oz? If so whats your favorite part?
    10 Travel 32
  142. What's my excuse for missing school?
    Ok, so I'm visiting a school, having a look around. But I don't want my old school to find out, so what will my excuse be for not being at school?
    6 Education 32
  143. Did you have a great Thanksgiving?
    Hey everybody, I've been on a mini vacation visiting family in Oregon :) Did you have a good Thanksgiving (for those that are in the US).
    7 Funadvice 12
  144. Who here has ever been to Chernobyl?
    Just curious I saw the movie of Chernobyl Dairies last night and I want to visit Pripyat now in the future^^
    6 Travel 21
  145. A You-Gotta-go-to-store?
    What is a Gotta-go-to-store at the mall? (A store at the mall that is totally awesome and you just gotta visit) *clothing or just ANYTHING!* Any suggestions...?
    3 Shopping 37
  146. small dog addition
    how will my 55lb mix react if I got a chihuahua. he gets along great with visiting small dogs
    4 Pets 12
  147. Time Traviling Journey.
    If you was able to travel back in time what year an place in time would you like to visit an see/spend time in???
    3 Travel 17
  148. How to make money from your own website other than Google Adsense?
    What other ways can you make money from your own website other than Google Adsense? Like something that pays per visit or view?
    3 Money 22
  149. Should I mail my TV from Illinois to Virginia?
    I am visiting my parents in VA for a month and I was wondering how I could get my 13" TV there?
    4 General 15
  150. how to delete history in your toolbar.
    How do I delete the sites I've visited from my toolbar? Even when I go to delete the history from my computer the sites are still on my toolbar. Please tell me how to delete them! :)
    3 Technology 46
  151. meningitis
    I went to the hospital to visit a friend that had meningitis, I was asked to put a gown,gloves and mask on which I did. No I have neck pain should I be worried?
    4 Health 49
  152. Websites for Teenagers
    I've recently gotten really bored of a social site. I don't want a a social site/a social site etc, and I'm not a really fan of gaming websites, (except the occasional visit to neopets) as they get boring quickly. What are a list of good websites th...
    7 Entertainment 41
  153. Fun stuff to do in charlotte nc?
    I am going to be visiting charlotte soon and I want to know where are some kool places to shop and hang out
    2 Travel 68
  154. Are the people of Russia violent people?
    I want to know because one day I plan on visiting Russia and I just want to make sure I'm safe.
    10 Politics 29
  155. Paid Surveys; are they all scams?
    I am trying to take online paid surveys and find out that most of them are scams. Is it possible that I can make money from taking surveys? If so, which websites I should visit. please help me...
    4 Money 26
  156. Passport to go from US to Canada?
    I am a us citizen. I'm going to canada this week to visit my dad, because he lives there. Do I need a passport to get there, or come back?
    9 Travel 63
  157. How do I make sure a puppy's not deaf?
    I'm going to get a bc puppy soon and I was wondering when I go an visit a breeder how can I check to see if a puppy is deaf or not??
    5 Pets 26
  158. Where can I find TurboFolk music?
    A friend of mine who was visiting Europe was telling me about a new punk rock music that they have there called "Turbofolk". Where can I find turbo folk music?
    2 Music 7
  159. What's there to do in Canada?
    i live in wisconsin and was thinking about going to canada next summer for a week or two and i was wondering what might be some interesting places to visit.
    2 Travel 21
  160. Can I move in with my Mom if she doesn't have custody?
    my dad and step mom have custody of me and I want to get out and move to my mothers house but she only has visitation rights. what can I do? I live in kansas
    4 Family 45
  161. Matza ball soup?
    Does anyone know how to make it? I've had it twice while visiting family, once at Canter's in LA and once in New Jersey.
    3 Food 44
  162. Where in Indiana is a fun place to go?
    I live in Indiana and I want to do something fun! I dont have money to go to another state so Give me ideas on some fun places to visit in Indiana
    4 Travel 47
  163. Do you get an exam to be put on birth control?
    Does anyone know what the doctor visit would be like if I was going to go to be prescribed birthcontrol ? Do they do a down there exam ?
    5 Health 40
  164. Which Asian spoken language is hardest to speak/write?
    I want to know out which one out of Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese which one is the hardest. I want to visit two of the three if not all three.
    7 General 15
  165. My boyfriend's Father
    My boyfriends father is all smiles to my face, then he talks shit about me behind my back to the rest of his family, blaming me for everything. I've done nothing but improve his sons life drastically and put him on the right track. He blames me for h...
    2 Relationships 39
  166. Attracting Butterflies
    I recently visited a butterfly exhibit at a local botanical garden and was awed by their beauty. I know that butterflies drink the nectar in flowers but are there particular flowers that attract butterflies to your garden?
    2 Pets 33
  167. Will that preven me from joining the military?
    I was in a mental hospital for 3 days with no previous visits and no prescriptions.I said I tried to kill myself but I was just drunk when I was talking will that preven me from joining the military?
    4 Health 46
  168. What if your dad calls you after 4 years?
    My dad left me and my mum for another woman years ago. I didn't mind because I was too young to remember and assumed that I would never see him anyway, because, well he never called or visited me in years. I was doing well without him, and it seemed th...
    13 Family 20
  169. Mother Dog and Pups
    My dog had 5 pups. They all have new homes and have been gone since 8 weeks old. A few came back to visit recently and the mother seems to constantly bite and seemingly attack her pups. I think she is actually hurting them because they are yelping...
    2 Pets 9
  170. What to bring my boyfriend's parents?
    I am 18 and he is 20, we have both just finished our sophomore year at Harvard. We knew each other a bit before coming even though he is from California and I am from South Carolina. We were friends all through freshman year, and have been together as ...
    2 Relationships 30
  171. London Photo Journal
    Well im heading to london for spring break and have decided to do a photo journal of my adventures, any body got any cool, undergroundish places to visit?
    2 Travel 10
  172. How do I know which puppy is for me?
    When I go and visit the breeder how do I decide upon the puppies? Should I get the one that wants to play with me? Or the one who's really energetic? I don't tell me which personality of a puppy that people should get.
    6 Pets 41
  173. Why don't girls defend them selfs?
    I used to get "visited" by my brother at night and like at the age of ten he came in and I had a camera hidden so like it was self defense so why can't other people do it?
    3 Relationships 47
  174. Is it possible to buy an iPhone in the US and use it in Canada?
    I was wondering if this is possible, I plan on going to NY soon to visit my boyfriend, he wanted to buy me a I Phone for my birthday can i buy it there and use it in Canada?
    3 Technology 16
    I need to get a prescription for EC im under 18 and I was wondering if I could get one at an emergency room?? how much the visit will cost me??
    3 Health 14
  176. What happened to terry from degrassi?
    Last time I saw her, she was in the hospital when paige and ashley went to visit her. Did I miss an episode? Did she die off the show? I have no idea!
    7 Entertainment 167
  177. Do some of antiquities (old objects) have soul?
    When I was visiting a museum in my town, I was told by the guide not to point my finger at certain objects since I might bet haunted.
    3 Religion 22
  178. Why is my grandpa angry when me and my mom have our periods?
    When my mom and I get our monthly visits, my grandpa and my brother turn into complete douche bags. Is there any explanation for this annoying and miserable occurance?
    5 Family 94
  179. What about chatting with people I don't know
    Is it right to chat with people who I doesn't know acually the last year I forgot about my studies and I stayed on the net for maybe the 24 ours talkin to people who I doesn't know and one day ago I said that I have had enough of this and I stoped visi...
    5 Technology 63
  180. Grandparents rights to their grandkids
    Should grandparents be aloud to take parents to court for visitation of a child over 2 years of age if the grandparent has never been involved in the child life since they were born?
    4 Babies 34
  181. Why is my pee cloudy and smells like metal?
    My pee is clowdy and smells like copper or metal of some sort . This has been happening for a long time. I am not a fan of doctor visits and have put this off long enough. Anybody?
    3 Health 160
  182. How do I tell him that I don't want him?
    ok what should I tell a guy if I dont want to be with him, but I did tell him that I do before... he wants to come to my state to visit but I dont want him to anymore... theres a lot of drama involved with him and I dont want to deal with it. I just do...
    2 Relationships 18
  183. Why is tax not included in American prices?
    This is something I often wondered when living in or visiting the US, especially now living in Germany, where the valued added tax is figured into the price, so what you see is what you will pay.
    6 Shopping 36
  184. Do you believe in astrology?
    Hello. Do you believe in astrology? I personally do believe in it. And I always visit websites about astrology.. Do you know any websites that provides free and accurate reading? Please share with me. Thanks a lot! ^^
    5 Religion 12
  185. What haircut to get?
    So, I'm in need of a new haircut and I'm not sure what to go with. Got any ideas?? Or sites to visit with different pictures? You'll be helping loads. Thanks. =)
    6 Style 17
  186. My boyfriend is really comfortable with being naked
    Ok so if you have read my earlier questions then you know that my boyfriend is in jail right now. We communicate through letters and through visiting eachother. He is really comfortable with being naked and I don't know I think it is just weird I don't...
    2 Relationships 120
  187. Writing things down on paper when going to the doctor?
    I'm going to the doctors soon. It'll be my second visit as on the first one he said that I might have depression. On the first I was nervous and didn't say most of the things I wanted to. I thought about noting down everything and bringing the note in ...
    4 Health 21
  188. Family problems-hubbys family is waste of time
    I cannot stand my hubbys family. They exclude us from family get-togethers-they never ring up or contact my husband or daughter,they never visit-although will visit everyone else in the family or friends.we just have no rel;ationship with them at all-d...
    7 Family 19
  189. Are there any scholarships for children who have parents with disabilities for college?
    My mother is disabled and can't work and I was wondering if there are scholarships or grans available for kids who have parents who have disabilities? and if so is there like a website or something I can visit to get information or apply?
    4 Education 9
  190. How can I convince my mom to help pay for a trip to Greece for me?
    Theres a flight, $1800, in august. And i really want to go visit my friend who i havent seen in a year.. My mom says its too expensive... When my friend moved my mom promised i could visit her, me, my mom, and my sister.. But now she wont... Any ways t...
    10 Family 66
  191. What's the best way to support a friend in rehab for drugs?
    I write him letters and I visit (it's a 100 mile drive) every other weekend. I'm just wondering if there is more I can do. Has anyone gone through this with a friend?
    2 Drugs 9
  192. Do people in the UK like Americans?
    Just out of curiosity. Do you? Or could you care less... Would I be considered a burden to you if I came to visit I've always wanted to go there but would I as an American be welcome?..
    2 General 18
  193. Body pleasure
    what happen if I always make love with my b friend can he loves me badly or use me.I was confuse, everytime he visit me he want that but he never say, he lovesme.
    4 General 11
  194. Where would you all like to go for a dream vacation?
    Where would you all like to go for a dream vacation? For me, it's Las Vegas to visit and go to the temple there. Or Hawaii. I even want to explore Ireland but, I know that's a dream. What's yours? Feel free to share.
    17 Travel 32
  195. Teacher ghost?
    How do I know if there is a presents around me like a ghost or someone I really loved in my life? Because last night I didnt have my fan on and the window was closed and I felt this unusual cold on my face that doesnt usually come into my room!! I was ...
    6 Education 20
  196. What does this text from my phone company mean?
    You've used 95% or more of your included data. To learn more about data usage, visit Free TELUS msg
    4 Technology 9
  197. What are some New Zealand Landmarks?
    I have some homework about New Zealand - a geography project - and I've been given the responsibility of landmarks. I've been searing for atleast an hour and can't find anything! Do you know of any if you visited New Zealand, or plannning to? Thanks.
    2 Travel 21
  198. What should I bring home from china?
    I have been teaching in china and I am going home for a few weeks to visit family. I need to bring gifts and I dont know what to bring. They have all the traditional chinese gifts, such as tea, fans,e tc...what should I bring them?
    2 Travel 17
  199. Why does he try ??
    My dad has never been around .. Hes alway been a drug addict an clucked off all my mons stuff .. He stole from here and everything . He's been in and out of jail and evrytging . Now that I'm visiting his my ( my grandma ) and now he's trying to be my d...
    6 Family 34
  200. How do I make sure the modelling agency isn't a scam?
    I went to the Eaton Centre with my friend today, and this man came up to me and gave me his business card. He said that I had potential to be a model and that I should come visit the studio, and bring my parent along since I'm underage. I visited the w...
    3 Money 17
  201. What do I do about my overprotective brother?
    yo, my name's harmony let's cut to it, what should I do about my...OVER PROTECTIVE BROTHER!!! he's crazy!! well,not kill kill crazy, but kill boy crazy it's bad enough I have five brother's who act like dad's but my oldest brother that im visiting righ...
    10 Family 255
  202. Is it OK for an adult to watch cartoons on has many cartoons for a younger generation, but I am lover of a good cartoon at my old age. Do you think that it is wrong for an adult to love visiting to sing along with Spongebob?
    4 Entertainment 56
  203. Bathing suit
    I am looking for a new bathsuit because l am going to Florida to visit my friend. (First vacation alone!!!) I want one under $30. Where is a good website to shop for one at?
    3 Shopping 38
  204. Is anyone here in/from switzerland?
    Im here for all summer because I go visit family here every summer And im amazingly bored And all these swiss people keep giving me the evil eye. Probably because im american
    2 Funadvice 9
  205. Fort Lauderdale, FL for vacation
    has anyone visited Fort Lauderdale, FL for vacation? I live here and its beautiful . Nice weather and beaches. Right now it's december 17 and it is 80 degrees and sunny! HEre is a webcam shot!
    5 Travel 44
  206. What do you think of this situation?
    I used to hang out with my friend, but now his mom live with him and when i visit him its not the same, because with his mom living there and friends can not speak freely and say certain words, if you know what i mean i feel weird maybe its just me I ...
    3 Relationships 16
  207. Jobs that have to do with traveling?
    any kind of job, just not a flight attendant. Something where you record what goes on in the world or just see the world, but you can stay for a long time in that place and visit rain forests,deserts, etc'
    4 Travel 51
  208. How do you feel about chiropractic spinal adjustments?
    Safe? Unsafe? Risky? A total scam? Love your Chiropractor? Will never visit a Chiropractor again? Feel stupid for not seeing a "real doctor" in the first place?
    7 Health 20
  209. Grammar in automatic emails
    Has anyone else winced at the grammar contained in the automatically generated emails? Like this little gem: "[username] approve you to be her friend." Or maybe: "You can accept the invitation by visit [URL]"
    2 Funadvice 6
  210. Anyone in hamiliton ontario Canada?
    okay, I'm 15 and visiting my mom for the summer, but I don't have any friends up here so if you live in hamilton ontario, canada let me know and maybe we could chill sometime!
    2 Travel 11
  211. What is PPC and Its Benefits
    PPC means Pay Per Click also called internet marketing. In this advertisement will be paid and pay per click amount will be deducted. It is a best way to buy visit to your site.
    6 Technology 98
  212. Free things to do with my 8 year old nephew?
    So, my nephew has come for the weekend to visit, and we don't know what to do.. I'm 14, and he's 8.. I want to do something that is free, but is out of the house and in the fresh air... Any ideas??
    2 Babies 101
  213. How to keep him wanting more?
    my boyfriend lives in another state and we talk every night and he comes and visits but what are some things i can do or say to him to want him to stay with me, or for r relationship not to get old. i really love him
    2 Relationships 68
  214. How can I make a rubbish laptop better?
    My grandma has an ancient old laptop that she said I could have last time I visited. The only problem is it's really really slow and old. What upgrades etc can I buy for it to run smoothly?
    4 Technology 35
  215. What's so good about Canada?
    I've seen a lot of my mates from the Uk. and my parents Mate all Wanting to Move to Canada. like Even my Nan lived out der for some time. Why do people want to visit Canada? or even move der :S wot so good about itt?
    7 Travel 213
  216. Easter Activities for Kids
    I'm giving a talk to a 'Mothers of Preschoolers' group on 'Easter Activities for Children'. I have lots of ideas (craft, visits etc) but would love to hear any of your own favourite Easter ideas. Thanks!
    3 Babies 24
  217. How to deal with a frustrating Aunt?
    My aunt has issues I think going back to her childhood when she was given to relatives to look after when my grandmum was ill. Unfortunately, she was the only 1 of her 6 children to have done so. Since then she's had issues with not being part of the f...
    3 Family 14
  218. Annoying Parents.
    Just for the heck of it how many of you out there have annoying parents that just drives ya bonkers or nuts because they think they gotta know everything your doing? Hell Im in My 40s an I almost hate to stop by to visit due to having that problem Myself.
    5 Family 42
  219. Who do you turn to in your time of need?
    The guy I'm in love with is being sent to prison for life.. No phone calls.. No visits.. No contact... Im never going to be able to see him again.. And I just cannot handle this.. What should I do? Who can I turn to ?... :'(
    4 Relationships 36
  220. What are the chances of a pregnancy test being wrong?
    so my friend hasn't had her monthly visit in like 2 months but she is on the shot that's every 3 month's, she took a pregnancy test and it came out positive, she says she believe's she's not because she's never had unprotected sex so is there any chanc...
    3 Sex 46
  221. Thoughts for what to do in Ireland?
    Ok...I am moving to Ireland in November of 2009. me and my friend are going through SWAP. we will work and live there for a year!! Any thoughts or suggestions on what I should do down there? anywhere I should visit?? anything I should make sure to brin...
    7 Travel 14
  222. How can I get my family to support me moving out?
    My family got mad at me when i wanted to move in with my boyfriend a day after graduation because they did not want me to leave manassas to live in richmond with my boyfriend. I go and visit all my family but that still does not make them happy even ...
    2 Family 22
  223. Why Asain Indians don't eat meat?
    I know lot of Indian families and visited India. Indians don't eat meat and they very fine. They are hard working, talented and kind and long living. If some children eat due to they traveled foreigh but their parents do not eat.
    3 Nutritionfitness 44
  224. Customizing my page
    I changed my page backround to these really cool purple swrils, but about 50% of the page at the bottom is still white. is the pic not long enough or is there something wrong? how can I fix it? visit my page to see what I mean!
    7 Funadvice 16
  225. What is the typical dress code at a nightclub in Dallas,Texas?
    So my friend is gonna take me out to a night club when I visit in Dallas, Texas. And I really need to know what the dress code is. Can you wear jeans and a party shirt? Or do you need to wear a dress. Is this the same or different with bars over there?
    2 Style 92
  226. Where can I create a thread where people can discuss my topic?
    I want to create a thread where I can ask people to give their opinions or share their experiences on a certain topic... and name it my own name... kind of like a page on facebook... can I do it on twitter??? If I create a list on twitter how do I tell...
    4 Technology 8
  227. My grandparents
    I see that you are in Montana...My grandparents are both gone now,but we used to visit them in on summer vacations.They lived east of Bozeman,near the city of Livingston,in a VERY small town called Wilsal. Have you been to any of these places or seen t...
    2 Travel 23
  228. Why does my mom still tries to tell me what to do?
    So I met my boyfriend at college but now its summer and I want to visit him. He live 4 hours away from me and I was planning on visiting him in a few weeks for like the day or 2. When I told my mom the exact day she was like what! No! You cant go! Blah...
    2 Family 44
  229. what are some must-see things when i go to san francisco?
    im going to be there for a week on vacation. im already going to china town and ripley's believe it or not, what are some other cool atractions i could visit (money doesnt matter)
    4 Travel 18
  230. Can I highlight and permanently straighten my hair in one sitting?
    My mum said that this once she'd pay for all my hair styling desires LOL but I only get one salon visit so... is it okay to highlight my hair red then permanently straighten it all at once? I have thick, wavy black hair if that helps =]
    2 Style 38
  231. How do I get over my ex?
    My boyfriend and I broke up about 3 months ago and I still can't seem to get him out of my head. Everything seems to remind me of him, and I can't seem to stop myself from visiting his myspace every once in a while. I am often depressed, especially w...
    2 Relationships 18
  232. How to sneak on Bebo at school?
    hey guys this is 1 of the few sites I an visit at school and also I was wondering how can I sneak onto bebo without it being filtered I heard theres a code or something? helps much apreciated Pinky x
    8 Technology 119
  233. what internet history shows up on phone bill?
    I use a social site on my phone and lets just say my dads REALY strict about no a social site.but my moms ok wit it my dad just doesnt no :/ anywy will my phone bill (I have an AT&T xenon) show what websites I visited??
    6 Technology 1834
  234. How to deal with someone you love in prison?
    I would just like to know how some girls deal with their boyfriends, husbands, or anyone that they love who is in jail or prison?? My fiance will be in for at least a year maybe more. We have been together for 3 years and just got engaged. I love him t...
    6 Relationships 170
  235. Why do the prices of an item on change so frequently?
    I visited a link to an item on a total of 3 times, in less than 10 minutes. The prices were different each 3 times. First it was $11.99, then $6.99, then it was $9.00. Yes, I am sure it was the same item, all three times. What is goin...
    2 Shopping 48
  236. Do you think it's a good idea to put food in the freezer and then give it to somebody else?
    I mean always when i visit my crazy relatives lol they give me food from the fridge and its like a rock . I mean serously do you think somebody is going to eat this, why dont then they just let them in the fridge that would be eatible, besides i just ...
    2 Food 20
  237. Do you think clownfish would make good pets?
    We have a few fish in a small container in our house, but I was wondering what you think of clownfish. Do you think clownfish would make good pets? I saw a couple when we went to visit an aquarium (the kids all said "there's nemo" it was very cute). ...
    3 Pets 154
  238. Would you face your biggest fear?
    my biggest fear is flying, like ill even think about it and my eyes get watery... my boyfriend wants me to fly out to visit him, I really luv him, but im way WAY scared I dont know if I can do it... would you face your biggest fear for someone you luv?...
    8 Relationships 39
  239. My girlfriend wants me to buy her sexy lingerie. Where to start?
    My girlfriend wants me to buy her some sexy lingerie so she can wear it when she comes up to visit me in a couple weeks. I told her I found some at hot topic, but I think it would be better if she bought it so I would be surprised. If she wants me to...
    5 Sex 96
  240. Can you get a job in a different state?
    i live in new york but i am going to visit family in florida. i may stay a while there since i finished high school early. can i work in florida even though i am from new york and am not a permanent florida residence?
    3 Money 19
  241. What should I do on my trip to New York?
    Hey, I'm vistiting NYC next month. I'm from England and it's my 1st time there so i'm just wondering has anyone got any tips on where to go and what to see? Theres the obvious- Statue of Liberty, Empire state building etc.. But if anyone could tell me...
    4 Travel 21
  242. What should I do while in Austin, TX?
    I just got to Austin at midnight, and I'll be here until Sunday morning. I'm just visiting a friend who works a few of the days, so some of the time I'll be exploring on my own. It's the live music capital of the world, so we'll be checking out possibl...
    3 Travel 45
  243. What can I do about the aches I have after working out?
    One of those days where people are ignoring mah status :ccccccc I did this friggin workout and now I'm like aching everyone . I laugh it hurts in the chest and stomach area. And when I sit it hurts and if I'm laying down and get up it hurts. And no I'm...
    10 Health 50
  244. Paper train or outside
    I am getting a new puppy soon. he will be 8 wks old. where we live we usually have pretty harsh, cold winters. do you recomend paper training until spring or should I start outdoors. I don't want to confuse him, but don't know if it will be too col...
    3 Pets 45
  245. Whats on your bucket list?
    Mine is: -See the northern lights -Visit Greece -Do the camino de compestella -Attend a NBA game -Sky dive (still not 100%) -Go skiing in Canada -Have a coffee in Paris
    7 General 26
  246. Can I sue my landlord?
    My landlord came over the other day and went on a tirade about the lawn and a dog that had been visiting and was outside of the house. He didn't give me any notice he just showed up. Then we got an eviction notice later that day posted to the door. ...
    2 Homegarden 27
  247. The best state in america
    I've only been to america twice. Once to new york and once to san jose in california. Had a totally great time in each but now I'd love to go back to america for another holiday. Where would be the best state to visit besides afore mentioned.
    10 Travel 41
  248. Is there still a spencer's giftstore in your area?
    They took all of the spencer's store out of sacramento that I know of pretty much. I'm so upset because that's like the main reason why I'd visit the mall. That store is hilarious & is full of surprises. With good price! Did they take all the stores ou...
    7 Shopping 16
  249. Why isn't Google Chrome connecting to FunAdvice?
    (im doing this via the 'catched' version) but whenever I refresh it, it never lets me access it even though it lets me on every other website I'm visit daily. Is this happening to anyone else? or just me?
    8 Technology 15
  250. How to develop an online gambling business
    According to statistics, 15% of the gambling industry's revenue comes from online casinos. Over 10 million users regularly visit resources with gambling content, and this figure is constantly increasing. Gambling online business can bring excellent profit
    5 Gaming 344