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  1. get better grades
    how do you get better grades??
    7 Education 36
  2. Do you know when grades come out
    Do you know when grades come out
    4 Education 37
  3. What GCSE grade is a Pass?
    What GCSE grade is a pass?
    7 Education 258
  4. How am I going to catch up with my grades?
    3 Education 49
  5. what to expect for 8th grade?
    13 Education 87
  6. How are students graded in medical school?
    How are students graded in medical school?
    2 Education 35
  7. Advice for 8th Grade?
    Anyone have any advice on being in 8th grade?
    19 Education 257
  8. Help me get better Grades
    How can I get better Grades?
    3 Education 52
  9. What grade would you give me?
    4 Funadvice 27
  10. What are some indications your child should be in a higher grade?
    18 Education 28
  11. How old are you when you are in 12th grade in UK?
    3 Education 84
  12. What does "Total c.umulative grade" mean and does the current average or the total c.umulative grade go on report cards?
    5 Education 16
  13. what grade?
    In what grade or at what age do breast increase in size the most.
    8 Education 134
  14. Grades
    What grade are you going to??? Any fellow juniors??lol
    6 Education 15
  15. How a bill becomes a law for grade 2?
    How a bill becomes a law for grade 2?
    2 Money 22
  16. How can I be popular in 8th grade?
    how can i be a little popular for the 8 grade?
    8 Education 88
  17. What grade level do I get to dissect things?
    11 Education 73
  18. What was your 12th grade graduation theme song?
    9 Funadvice 64
  19. How do you find density in 9th grade science?
    7 Education 27
  20. How can I raise my grade in Spanish if I have no missing assignments?
    4 Education 50
  21. what is a good way to get a coin graded?
    2 General 14
  22. What color was your 8th grade graduation dress?
    14 Style 57
  23. What do you need to know by the end of 9th grade??
    What do you need to know by the end of 9th grade?? All subjects
    3 Education 102
  24. How do I get better grades in school?
    How do i get better grades in school??? Any good tecnicequies??
    5 Education 37
  25. is 9th grade a bad year?
    here we have just 9th grade in one school...
    3 Education 41
  26. What is the average grade to take calculas
    What is the avereage grade to take calcuals.
    5 Education 36
  27. What grade did you watch the movie about puberty?
    8 Sex 72
  28. How can I survive 8th grade when mostly everyone hates me?
    10 Education 37
  29. What's a good 9th grade science fair project?
    7 Education 25
  30. Do colleges look back on your 8th grade year?
    8 Education 103
  31. Can teachers not give you the right grade just because some other person is his or her favorite?
    7 Education 9
  32. What's the equation for photosynthesis for a 10th grade science class?
    6 Education 37
  33. how do i access my online grade nine science textbook?
    2 Science 7
  34. 8th. Grade
    What is 8th. Grade like... People tell me all this stuff but really what is it like.
    10 Education 22
  35. good way to write a 8th grade book report!?
    what is a good way to write a 8th grade book report!?!?
    3 Literature 128
  36. Math taks 8th grade
    how many question can you miss on the math taks in 8th grade?
    2 Education 67
  37. What do you do when you just stop caring about your grades?
    What do you do when you just stop caring about your grades family friends gossip etc?
    3 Education 68
  38. How can I write my Grade 10 English Provisional with flare?
    2 Education 12
  39. Is it true that eating breakfast before school helps improve your grades?
    5 Nutritionfitness 37
  40. What do colleges look at the most: GPA, SAT scores, or overall grades?
    3 Education 12
  41. Why are most 8th grade girls really cruel and mean?
    5 Education 18
  42. How do you get better grades and be successful like Taylor Swift?
    12 Education 17
  43. who thinks after finishing 8th grade its possible to go to college?
    8 Education 50
  44. Would I be allowed to do online schooling if I'm in 10th grade?
    ... and what would i have to do?
    10 Education 18
  45. What is a good 8th grade graduation song; preferably country?
    4 Music 35
  46. What was your favorite grade in middle school?
    6th, 7th, or 8th? .. and why? (:
    12 Education 41
  47. What is 9th grade like?
    im going into 9th grade and i just want to know what to expect.
    7 Education 84
  48. Would anyone do a sexual act for a grade
    Would anyone do a sexual act for a grade...if it depended on you passing your year?
    10 Sex 16
  49. My crush since 5th grade thinks all my friends are hot
    My crush since 5th grade thinks all my friends are hot... And I can't get over him. What should I do?
    2 Relationships 59
  50. Why is there a graduation after grade 8?
    There should be a grad after grade 12 not 8 becasue you still got school after grade 8.
    3 Education 46
  51. can i still graduate in 2 years if im currently doing 5th grade math,6th grade writing,reading,social studies,science?
    2 Education 22
  52. Are two A's, eight B's, and four C's good grades for GCSE's?
    6 Education 19
  53. what school suplies are you going 2 need for 8th grade?
    what school suplies are you going 2 need for 8th grdae?
    4 Education 18
  54. listen to classical music while you study you get a better grade?
    is it true if you listen to classical music while you study it help's you get A BETTER GRADE>
    7 Education 65
  55. How can I learn to dunk by 9th grade?
    Does anybody have any exercises I can do to be able to dunk by the 9th grade. I don't have any equipment or a gym
    3 Sports 60
  56. What kind of grades do you need to get into the airforce?
    I really want to go to the airforce so what kind of grades do I need to get to be eligible
    3 Education 66
  57. What can I do to go from 8th to 11th grade?
    I'm in the 8th grade and im supposed to be in the 10th,What can I do to get there?
    5 Education 22
  58. Math Grades
    My math grade is kinda low right now, and my mom says I have to get it up. How can you get a math grade up? You can't really study for math.
    5 Education 27
  59. How can I take atest to get in my right grade?
    I want to get in my right grade cause im not in my right grade. Im in the 8th grade but I need to get in 9 th grade.
    2 Education 2914
  60. Is it better to have your kiss at (say ninth grade, for example) an "older age"?
    8 General 46
  61. What would my major be if I wanted to be a 2nd grade teacher?
    child development or elementary teacher?
    5 Education 31
  62. should i be worried if i am going to community college and i don't even know 6th grade math???
    12 Education 18
  63. How important are school grades in life, when you're looking to attend college later on?
    10 Education 50
  64. Why does the grading thing goes A B C D F and it skips E?
    16 Education 58
  65. How should i deal with starting 9th grade, when im from a different country and will not know anyone?
    4 Education 11
  66. Do you think I should go to my 8th grade dance?
    But i wouldnt beable to wear my hair down :-(
    10 Entertainment 153
  67. Is there a bunch of balancing chemical equations I can work on that you know of for grade 10 science?
    3 Science 20
  68. Is a 12th grader too old for a 10th grade girl?
    Do you think a grade 12 guy is to old to date a grade 10 girl?
    7 Relationships 49
  69. what did you do in 9th and 10th grades?
    give full explanations of what you did in 9th and 10th grade. have you ever got into a fight and why? how was your grades? you basically telling me what you did in 9th and 10th grades with full explanations and why you did such things
    10 Education 43
  70. what are some good scary 6th or 7th grade novels?
    What are some interesting and scary 6th\7th grade novels? because I really need to start readin :)
    2 Literature 42
  71. How to make conversation with a 11th grade boy if you're in 9th grade?
    we talked a few times, except I'm really bad at making conversation. what are some ways to start a convo/ keep it going? p.s, i really like him
    6 Relationships 39
  72. How can I improve my art grade?
    I always practice and i get As but the mark is always 91% any other way i could bump up my grades?
    6 Education 16
  73. how can i make my parents understand that i am not an A grade student as my sister?
    .that i will never be able to get a scholarship based on my grades?
    2 Family 23
  74. American grades and english years -school
    ok, in america they call each school year a 'grade', but in england we call them 'year'. I am in year 8, what grade would that be im america?
    4 Education 155
  75. can i still be in early college even if didnt pass the fcat write in 9th grade?
    3 Education 37
  76. how or will meh frend pass sixth grade if she flunked the math taks test and she passed the reading?
    6 Education 71
  77. Would it be considered cheating if I dropped some of my classes with lower (not failing) grades to raise my GPA?
    3 Education 18
  78. Does anyone know how much an E.O.C. Exam effects your grade?
    Please help,Thankks.(:
    8 Education 13
  79. How can I get my grades up?
    My grades have went down this year and I'm a freshman. I need to know how I can keep a C average.
    4 Education 39
  80. Starting 11th grade tomorrow
    I'm pretty nervous cause I'm starting 11th grade tomorrow and I need tips or help on how NOT to be nervous. It's the same school but new grade.
    2 Education 19
  81. What if no one in my grade likes me?
    nobody in my grade likes me because they all think that im ugly and that they hate me and my best friend is going out with the guy that I like
    2 Relationships 7
  82. How distant is a 3rd grade cousin?
    I mean a 3rd grade cousin still counts as a close relative or not. Tell me please thank you.
    7 Family 41
  83. How many f's to fail 7th grade???
    I was in 7th grade and I got 1 f in the end but I dont know if I failed??? I hope I didnt =(
    6 Education 8738
  84. If Im In The 9th Grade...
    Ok so I live in Pakistan and we dont have the Junior or High School System here.If Im in the 9th grade,then am I in Junior High or am I in some other school??
    3 Education 49
  85. american grades and british years, what am I in?.
    im 14. 15 this year and I'm in year 3 at school at the moment, and I was wondering what american grade am I in?
    6 Education 142
  86. What grade is Year 11 in America?
    please tell me wht grade you wud b in if you were in america and if your in yr 11 in the uk?? please hurry up and tell me!!!
    3 Education 227
  87. 8th grade science fair ideas
    does anyone have any gud I ideas for a project. something out there but doable or something that has to do with pychology.
    2 Education 75
  88. MATH QUESTION. easy for anyone older than 8th grade. or a smarty.
    what's 0.8 (repeating!) as a decimal?
    6 Education 46
  89. Why am I behind my grade?
    I'm studying 5th grade math,6th grade writing and reading,6th grade science,6th grade social studies?can I get into college within 2 years?
    2 Education 64
  90. low grades
    how could I get high grades? I always get low grades even though I study very hard.. I even study all night when exams are near
    2 Education 19
  91. Are classes without grades a good idea?
    At New College of Florida students take classes without grades and design their own curriculum - good idea or bad idea, and why ?
    2 Education 48
  92. How do I stop my grades from going down?
    what should I do?! I used to be the top 1 now I think my grades are going down. I don't know what I should do!!! a lot want to be me and now they are having the chance! please help me!!!
    2 Education 37
  93. Do I have to take all classes in academic level in grade 10 if I want to go to university?
    Im planning to take all classes on academic level in grade 11 and 12.
    4 Education 14
  94. weight is around 80-85 pounds, and im in 7th grade
    ok, personal question: ok so my weight is around 80-85 pounds, and im in 7th grade! what do you guys think about that?
    10 Nutritionfitness 156
  95. How do you get good grades?
    I know this sounds like a dumb question, but if anyone here gets straight A's and B's, I'd like to know how they do it.
    14 Education 56
  96. My daughter is in 5th grade an running for historian.. Please help
    Please help I need some catchy slogans for historian poster
    2 Education 115
  97. My graduation 8th grade
    I graduate next year in may I weigh 250 how much can I lose within this time
    4 Nutritionfitness 21
  98. How do you tell your parents about a bad grade if they're strict?
    I got a 40% on a project and my parents are strict and I need to get it signed how do I tell them?
    6 Family 132
  99. Eighth grade, wanting to skip ninth grade.
    I am in eighth grade right now. And I'm supposed to be going into nith grade next year. But I'm smart enough to be going into tenth grade, and my dad says it's a smart descision to go ahead a grade. But I need to know what do over the summer. I wan...
    3 Education 130
  100. How to get better grades?
    12 Education 26
  101. Should students get paid for good grades?
    Do you think that students should get paid for receiving good grades? this isnt for a homework assignment or anything. I just want to know what people think. I think we should!
    8 Education 105
  102. Does Weed Effect Your Grades?
    I am 13 and I smoke weed. Does it have a dramatic effect on the brain like bad grades? Because I want to know if im putting my brain at risk.
    12 Health 95
  103. Is it OK to be taking Math A in 11th Grade?
    my friend wants to know if its ok that she is going to the eleven grade and is still taking math a and living enviorment what do i tell her?
    2 Education 29
  104. Why dose the grades go a,b,c,d,and skip e to f?
    If school is so smart why dose the grades go a,b,c,d,and skip e to f??? Some one plzzz tell me why!!!
    5 Education 107
  105. What can I do to get better grades in school?
    Lol teachers say I talk to much & get easily distracted or lose focus ...
    11 Education 17
  106. Is 8th grade graduation a big deal?
    I couldn't make it to my cousin and her mom started giving me attitude..
    5 Education 96
  107. Will I go to the 11th grade with these grades
    I'm very worried because this whole semester I have worked extremely hard to get my grades up,do you think I'll pass to the 11th grade with these grades: C+ ->English B ->PE (due to injuries) A+ ->High School Prep F ->Algebra 1 F- ->Modern Wor...
    9 Education 419
  108. What are some good 8th grade graduation quotes?
    I need to write a speech for my 8th grade promotion but can't find a good quote to put in. Would it be better if I didn't put 1 in?
    4 Literature 52
  109. What are the worst grades you've ever gotten?
    tell me your stories about the point in your education where your grades were at there lowest,and how your parents reacted,and how you got back on track.
    13 Education 308
  110. What type of dress should I wear to eight grade graduation?
    A pink dress? A red sparkly dress? A simple black dress? (your answer here) Or other please comment which___
    8 Style 101
  111. What do I do when I'm in 8th grade and people call me gay?
    I just need help and I don't want to kill myself. How do I get pepple in school to stop calling me gay!!??
    6 Health 33
  112. Anyone got advice for 9th grade?
    Im going into it next year and want to know if there's anything hard or new about it?
    8 Education 109
  113. How do I keep good grades up in school?
    Im having a hard time trying to balance my fmily life, my boyfriend, my friends, snd school all at the same time.
    4 Education 19
  114. Grade Shocks, Need *die*
    I got really bad grades and I dont know what to do, no matter what I do I get average/bad grades and my dad wont settle for C's what do I do!!
    2 Education 16
  115. How many people have bad grades in school
    I have ok grades in school but I want to get better grades and I need to no the best way to do that help me plzzz I really want to succeed in life and in school
    8 Education 71
  116. Why don't my friends share my happiness with good grades?
    I get good grades and I try not to brag about them but I just get so happy. And I always support mt friends when they are failing. So why arent they returning my happines??? HELP???
    3 Education 32
  117. Ninth grade
    I need help me I'm going 2 da 9 grade but I'm fraid that I'm going to b da smllest and dumest in my honors klasses wut do I do
    6 Education 26
  118. Is it okk for a teacher to call her 8th grade class "idiots" and then say she is joking when we are the bad class?
    but i make good grades in her class and barely talk.. so is it okk for her to call us idiots?
    5 Education 41
  119. Grading scale
    whats a 72.9 percent it's in a math class one of my friends say its a c- my other says c I'm prett7y sure myself its a c but now im not sure.
    3 Education 16
  120. How do I deal with college prep classes in the 9th grade?
    Ok my classes are extremely hard but sumtimes can be cal I prepare for this or how can I keep focused??
    2 Education 7
  121. 9th and 10th grade
    what exactly do you do in the 10th grade for all classes like in ninth grade for math you do algebra 1 what are the rest of the classes for the 9th and 10th grade I want to know because im in the 8th grade and im about to go to advanced classes im g...
    3 Education 76
  122. wats 9th grade???
    I live in england. and I was wondering what 9th grade is. I know its like a year in school. but what age is a 9th grader?? in england I am a year 10. so whats that in america? I am confused..
    7 Education 86
  123. Why is there so much stress on grades?
    I am a straight a+ student, with great marks, but everyday I'm worried I'm gunna fail because there is sooo much stress. damned seventh grade teachers, they are evil!
    3 Education 44
  124. How to get sheet music for Grade 4 drums rockschool?
    Has anyone got the sheet music for Baked Potarto on the Grade 4 drums Rockschool Book? If so can someone email me a scan or something? Thanks.
    2 Music 90
  125. Will I pass the 9th grade?
    Okay I currently have two F's one D one B and C this grading quarter ends in two weeks. If I raise my grades slightly finishing this quarter, and get B's & A's the next two quarters will I pass?
    5 Education 46
  126. How come, on average, in every grade I've been in girls have always had better handwriting, neat notebooks, better drawings and cleaner desks and lockers than boys?
    9 General 42
  127. What are some last minute pranks to do to my teacher(s) for grades 7 and 8 to waste class time?
    and NO hiding in the school cause people were suspended last year.
    3 Entertainment 22
  128. How can I get good grades without cheating?
    Struggling in school work.Being behind and can't catch up. People telling me I need to catch up, but no matter how hard I try I can't catch up.
    5 Education 19
  129. What are some great 8th grade graduation songs?
    My 8th grade graduation is in a few months and we are already planning for it. So, I need some really nice songs for it. I want some that are not too old (lol) and some sad and some happy but they need to have to do with the occasion. Any suggestions?
    3 Music 146
  130. Did anyone else fail a grade?
    OK not some thing I am happy to anounce to the world But I faild grade 8 or standard 6 now I have to do the same thing again. AND WHORSTE OF ALL ITS THE SAME DAM WORK. IS THERE ANY ONE ELSE WHO FAILD OR IS IT JUST ME. AND IF YOU DID HOW ARE OR DID YOU...
    5 Education 63
  131. 8th grade graduation hairstyle?
    Hi. I'm in 8th grade and we're having graduation this year. I'm not sure what to do with my hair. We will be wearing cap and gowns for the beginning but then we'll take them off. I'm not sure what dress I'm wearing yet.
    2 Style 102
  132. How do you get over a bad grade (F)?
    i just found out i failed the midterm now i can' get over mood is ruined and every time i am n a good mood and i think of that grade i go back to somber mode.
    7 Education 55
  133. If you're a teenager and starting to drive, will your insurance rate be lower if you get good grades in school?
    I heard that if you get good grades in school the insurance company thinks that you'll be better on the road..
    2 Education 38
  134. How big is the penis of a guy in 8th grade?
    ok im 14 and im a girl in 8th grade. I have a ton of guy friends I I don't know if they lie or what. haha sorry for asking this question. but im just curious. how big is a guys c*ck in 8th grade???
    8 Relationships 4602
  135. What are American 'Grades' in school?
    In the UK, we have Reception [for 4-5 year-olds] then Year 1 -6 then secondary school for years 7-13 ect, but what are the American equivalants?
    2 Education 27
  136. What do Americans learn about in math (or any other subjects) in 12th grade?
    I go to school in europe and was just wondering whether the education here is better, because i've heard that very often. True?
    7 Education 21
  137. What would be some good ideas for 5th grade student council slogans?
    I have two kids running. Names: Ricky and Cody (sometimes called "code")
    2 Education 62
  138. What was the point of learning cursive in grade school?
    I've come to realize I spent half my grade school life learning cursive just to never use it right after getting out. Has anyone ever found cursive a useful skill to have learned?
    12 Education 61
  139. Friend is entering 7th grade
    My friend is entering 7th grade and feels every uncomfortable entering without any experince kissing (or anything else) what sould she do?? She always asks me for my advice but I dont know what to tell her!!! Any advice???
    7 Relationships 50
  140. SAT/ACT grades
    are colleges not going to accept you if you dont have that great of score on one section of your sat and the rest arent so bad? And when you send your transfer to a college are school grades really that important to them
    2 Education 9
  141. How do i save some time for playing in 9th grade?
    as i have to go to school from 7am to 3pm and the i go to academy from 4pm to 10pm And i need 2 or 3 hours for can i play in this timetable?
    2 Education 9
  142. How do I get a good grade in maths ?
    Ok so heres the thing... Im so rubbish at maths and I have a big test soon and im kinda nervous what should I do to get a good grade because everyone else in my class will. If you understand please help :)
    5 Education 29
  143. whats 10th grade like...
    im going into 10th grade, it is hard? I was told 11th is the hardest year and god I dont even wanna be in 10 bc I heard its hard 2! what makes them hard?
    8 Education 135
  144. How can I get my sister grades up?
    My sister called me today & told me she had 2 d's & 2 f's what are some studying thing she can do to pull them up? Shes in high school and only has 4 more weeks of school & she needs to get them grades up?. Thanks- taybaby.
    3 Family 42
  145. Grade 8 Grad
    HELP!!! I've got 23 days till my Grade 8 Graduation and I don't know how to do my hair. I have light brown shoulder lenght hair, tan skin and hazel eyes. What should I do with my hair?
    3 Style 56
  146. What is a good song to sing for my 8th grade talent show?
    Hi! I'm trying to find a good song to sing for my junior high talent show. I'm in the 8th grade. I love country music! If you could help that would be great!(:
    4 Music 474
  147. What grade do I need to get on my final exam?
    I have a 60% in the class and I need to have a 70% at the end The exam is worth 10% of my overall grade. I feel like this is a fifth grade math problem but I totally forget how to calculate it. Help pleasee
    2 Education 57
  148. they might keeo me to repeat my grade
    I think im going to repeat... Like I don't know the school told me thati could only get 2 more f's and I brought my grade up and they dropped to f's ... We are moving and I might go to a diff school do you think they might keeo me to repeat my grade or...
    2 Education 31
  149. GRADE 10 MATH HELP exam tommorrow
    One type of fertilizer has 40% nitrogen and a second type has 20% nitrogen. How much of each type of fertilizer should be mixed to make 800 kg of fertilizer that has 25% nitrogen?
    4 Education 23
  150. What are some good things to keep in your locker for 7th grade?
    btw its my little sis who is going into 7th, and honestly i dont remember last year, i all but blocked it out. So ya. :D thanks!
    14 Education 108
  151. Why are my grades dropping?
    I have been an a b student but I have started to get fs on my preogress report and my teacher is like what is going on you are my a student and I juss recently found out that im depressed and that im a lil bipolar
    5 Education 78
  152. Does anyone know eay optical illusions that i can draw for a grade eight fine arts class?
    i need a smiple easy one to draw any web sites that would be amazing?
    11 Literature 16
  153. Getting into colleg with bad grades.
    What colleges could I get into for the Spring 09 semester as a freshmen if I had a 1.4 GPA, 1500 on the SAT's. I'd prefer to attend a division 1 football college.
    5 Education 84
  154. Can I call the school to change my grade on an exam?
    I took an exam and it said I missed one question. I looked at the question that I missed and realized it was right. I know for sure that I got it right. Can I call the school and tell them about this and they will change my grade? I don't want a 96 whe...
    9 Education 33
  155. 8th grade graduation dress in Ontario?
    So, I'm in eighth grade and I'm graduating in a couple months, I really need a dress that's not TOO expensive.. Are there any stores in Ontario that you know of or any websites that I can go to and buy one? Help please !
    4 Shopping 391
  156. Better grade on my ACT?
    how do I make a better grade on my act? I made a 21 average. 26 in math, 20 in english, 16 in reading(the killer one), and 22 in science. Any advice will help very much thank you all very much.
    4 Education 16
  157. What happens on the last day of grade 12?
    I'm just wondering...I'm graduating on the 19th November this year and I was wondering what happens on the last day of school for grade 12's. In my case the last day will be the 19th. Is there like a cermony or something that is complusory to attend or...
    4 Education 55
  158. How to maintain higher grades?
    How can I maintain higher grades? I try really hard and apply myself a lot, but for some reason I have a hard time getting A's in some of my classes. People tell me I'm smart and I'm under a lot of pressure from my parents and peers to do well, and I r...
    11 Education 50
  159. 8th Grade Graduation Dress
    Go to delia's . com look at this dress called Martina's. Does it look like a good dress for an 8th grade graduation? If not does anybody have any ideas of what to wear for 9th grade graduation. By the way, I have pale skin, brown, hair and brown eyes....
    3 Shopping 107
  160. My first failing grade
    Hey im starting to get insane here. Our semester was not end yet but im sure ( I hope not) that I will get a failing grade. I think its my pride that eats me because I hate committing mistakes and this is the worst, it will be my first failing grade..w...
    2 Education 61
  161. is grade 8 scary?
    I'm going to grade 8 this year, and I'm not sure how its going to be...I go to L.H.F public school, its a french emersion... what do you learn in grade 8? will I have trouble understanding? is it usually fun? I'm also really scared that not all of my f...
    8 Education 34
  162. How can I tell what grade of ankle sprain I have?
    How can I tell what grade of ankle sprain I have? I spained my ankle falling down the stairs and its double the size of the other 1, is painful both when I am and when I am not walking. The pains got worse as time goes on. its really badly bruised. is ...
    4 Health 58
  163. how can I change my grade from a B to an A?
    ok well my mom just told me I have to make all A's this year or my summer is screwed. ok I have 84 in math, Spanish, and science. We have two weeks of c school left.
    2 Education 34
  164. my grades on the computer?
    ok so im using this website where you sighn in and see yoiur grades at school, but instead of using my parents email im using mine. is that normal, will I get in trouble. its not that big of a deal realy, im just sighning up. what do you guys think?
    2 Education 17
  165. What are some good songs to sing for a 7th grade talent show?
    Please, no hannah montana, Lady Gaga, or Disney singers. I want a song that isn't very well known but kicks ass!
    8 Music 526
  166. How do you get good grades if your stressed to your limit?
    see I'm stressed because I have a lot of home work, and then I have to do stuff at my house. and both of them are important so what happens is they cancal them sleves out because I'm to stressed, half the time I can't get to bed becuase of it.
    5 Education 47
  167. What grade in high school does the teacher give you that annoying little baby doll?
    so im terrified of getting the baby doll im a freshmen and some ow i got chileds ed class i just wanna know if freshmen get the doll?
    7 Education 14
  168. Why did I get better grades for courses when I didn't study, than when I spent nights without sleeping so I could study?
    I dont know why, but this has happened to me many times.What do you think? tell me please thank you.
    7 Education 25
  169. Hairstyles for grade 9 ? =)
    im in freshman year .. I havee brown ASIAN hair =P Its like 5cm longer than my armpits .. & I have thick side bangs . Thanks <3
    3 Style 25
  170. Said the wrong thing to the football caption in 8th grade
    I was stupid and said sumething really stupid if front of the caption on my 8th grade fotball team and he still hates me im in 9th grade now and he is in 10th. what could I say to him to get back on his good side?
    10 Sports 17
  171. High School Worries :(! / Eight Grade Year
    kay so this is my eight grade year and I am STRESSING about high school. When I go to high school I am not going to know anyone! I don't wanna like eat alone or sit alone or ya know BE ALONE lol. Anyone else feel this way? And can anyone make me feel b...
    5 Education 14
  172. 12th grade girls and guys
    GIRLS:would yu ever date a 10th grader?if so why if not why not?And would you take them to prom? BOYS:Same Q? Would you?...also why do you(if you do) see it different for a older girl to date a younger guy than vice versa?
    3 Relationships 33
  173. Why don't I remember my first grade year?
    I can remember EVERY teacher and have memories of each year from kindergarten to 12th, however, nothing from first grade. Not even memories at home, yet I can remember things under five years old....Any else have a similar problem? o.o It kinda scares ...
    6 Education 42
  174. 8th Grade Dinner Dance [girls please]
    I am going to my 8th grade dinner dance and its supposed to be totally formal but not like im going to the prom and im so picky and I dont want to spend too much money where should I go what should I wear? Ps: I dont have big boobs or a big butt.
    7 Shopping 67
  175. What if a grade 10 and first year uni want to date?
    so im in grade 10, in general what do you think about if a first year univeristy boy (who is 19 years old) dating a girl who is 4 years younger... even if he seems really nice, and not player jerk... HELP
    3 Relationships 22
  176. What subjects do you learn from 8th - 12th grade?
    I know you learn math, science, reading, social studies/history, foreign language, and extra classes if you go to an arts school. But what are the subjects you learn algebra, civil war, etc.
    4 Education 27
  177. Where to buy a grade 8 grad dress in Ontario??
    It's pretty early, I know, but I really dont know where to but my graduation dress. I live in Ontario and I'm aloud to go to Toronto. Nothing too expensive, around $100? Thankyousomuch!!!
    3 Shopping 1019
  178. What do you think I got some low grades do you think im in truble?
    ok got some low in I think every single one of my classes and I just wanna know do you think that I am in trouble or if you have been in this sit before tell me about it I just wanna know because parent teacher conference was today and the whole tim...
    2 Education 35
  179. Diamond grading report?
    I’ve been looking at diamond engagement rings online, and I’ve noticed that the rings with diamonds that haven’t been certified are a little cheaper than the ones that are. I also understand why (they haven’t been graded by experts), but I’m wondering...
    3 Shopping 11
  180. How to get my grades up so I'm not kicked out of these classes?
    I am in accerated Math and Science at my school. I am doing pretty good in Math but not so good in Science. I was wondering if anybody knew any ways to get my grades up without killing myself. If I don't maintain an 80 average I get kicked out, and I r...
    3 Education 34
  181. how cani focus on my study and get good grades
    everytime I study I get distracted by something and I start school days on sunday to thursday I have holidays on friday and sat if I have an exam on wednsday when shall I study for it and can you guys give me techniques so I can study better and get ...
    5 Education 56
  182. Can I get my college admission revoked with my 1st semester grades?
    I got accepted to ISU, but my first semester of senior year I got 3 B's 2 C's and a D. I usually get A's and B's. If I try really hard 2nd semester and get A's and B's can they revoke my acceptance??
    2 Education 64
  183. dresses for 8th grade graduation
    I know that it's only September and I won't graduate until June but I want to plan early. What place sells dresses that aren't too expensive and that are good (and school appropriate) for an 8th grader. I have pale skin and brown hair.
    2 Style 57
  184. Do you guys think I will be able to raise my grades by the end of the year?
    There is only a month left of school and I'm stressed out because I have C's and D's in some classes! I really really really need to raise them! Has anyone been in this situation? Please share your experiences! I need some motivation.
    3 Education 18
  185. How do i get a boyfriend in 8th grade?
    I sadly have never had a boyfriend before. Finally, now that I am in 8th grade, I want to try to get one. Yes, most of you are probably going to tell me to look good and be yourself. I tried that. and still not even a crush (at least I don't think)...
    5 Relationships 92
  186. Placental grade
    I recently did my ultrasound and went for the results today.. How ever I didnt see the ultrasoun technician because he was busy, so I just took my result and leave.. It says my placental location is posterior, not low lying and my placental grade is 1....
    3 Health 75
  187. Can I start cheerleading again in the 11th grade?
    I stopped cheer leading when I moved to a new school in the 6th grade and I regret it so much so I was going to try out next year since it's too late now - I always thought I was too big to be a cheer leader so I still don't know if I should or not, I ...
    2 Sports 53
  188. Eighth Grade graduation clothes?
    In just a few months school will be over, but there is the Eighth grade graduation..I'm not exactly the girly type, I dress in corsets and skulls...So what do I wear? Do I surprise everyone and wear something preppy and sweet? Or should I go full o...
    4 Style 78
  189. What do I tell my mom about my grades?
    we got our progress reports the other day and I've been hiding it from my mom but now shes suspicious and wants it. what do I tell her because im failing 5 classes and shes going to like slap the poop out of me when she finds out. but I have to give th...
    6 Family 36
  190. What if my parents want me to switch schools for grade 8?
    I go to private school but my rents wanna send me to public school for my last year of middle school, I guess I wouldnt mind going, since I know some people, but how should I break it to my friends in my class? (I have been in their class since kinderg...
    8 Education 68
  191. Can anyone tell me what grade I would be in guitar?
    I don't know because i'm self taught. I can read tabs, understand complicated rhythms, and know a lot of chords. I can play some Jimi Hendrix songs. (and do hammer ons and pull offs and that stuff)
    3 Music 39
    What's a good cheap place to get a really pretty grad dress...and I can't find hot shoes that go with wide feet :'( HELP!!! ...I know it's early, but I wanna have a good idea where to go... Thanks <3
    5 Shopping 148
  193. How to start studying for 8th grade?
    im going into the 8th grade I want to be prepared school work wise what am I going to be learning in math especially and I guess the other subjects also I want to know what I should know going into 8th but also what im going to be learning :D I want t...
    3 Education 37
  194. How can I make my parents do what I want without having good grades
    How can I make my parents do what I want without having good grades at school?? My parents took my electric guitar and hidded it in a place I will never be able to get it unless if I have 85 as an averge in school but I know I cant sooo they will ke...
    8 Family 16
  195. im really sad right now..about my grades..
    hey is it ok to have a failing grade, actually this is my FIRST failing grade in my whole life, can you give me some advice to overcome it? and to avoid it in the future? help pls..I think my parents would not be angry because they're atleast open mind...
    3 Education 36
  196. I think I failed 7 grade!!!helpz!!!
    ok well I took dis test in georgia called CRCT and I think I failed it. if I fail I get held back and im not looking forward 2 that. I also think I did poorly on that math 1 and science!!!HELP!!!
    5 Education 42
  197. Who thinks it's okay for teachers to make you announce your grades in front of the class?
    My biology teacher makes us say our quiz scores in front of the class. I mean, it doesn't bother me much but I think it's embarrassing for other students when they get below average scores. I guess it might show them to get higher scores so they won't ...
    17 Education 60
  198. 8th grade drama
    Ok, well I've recently started the 8th grade and sure enough I got separated from my friends once again, so I'm pretty much on my own now. I like my classes and teachers but I'm having trouble making new friends. I made one friend but I hardly ever see...
    3 Education 34
  199. This girl I've like since seven grade?
    ok there is girl I my school I've had a crush on since seven grade. now am a senior and it is my last year and I don't know if ill ever get to see her again.I just can get her off my mind I thought I was over her but am not. we've been friends for a wh...
    2 Relationships 11
  200. Why am I getting this kind of grades?
    I was told that I had the biggest average in our academy. I was so freakin' shocked. I was also told that I had the highest score in the midterms. It's so weird how my friend studies so much and she only get's 80's. I never-repeat NEVER- study. At all....
    3 Education 9
  201. How can I improve my math grade?
    Ohkae, so I'm a unique,beautiful, originial, middle school/high school girl(lOl]. I enjoy school a lot, but there is one probably. I have a hard time passing my math (algebra] work. To tell you the truth I have a F. How can I focus more on my work??? I...
    5 Education 28
  202. Do I really need to have a 95 percent in B30 to become a grade 1 teacher?
    Im going into grade twelve for starters. I want to be an elementary teacher... but I hear that being a teacher is becoming competitive... well my grades for grade 11 werent as good as they could have been, I love working with kids and I know how to add...
    2 Education 22
  203. Lute exam grade 3
    Heyya im doing my grade 3 flute exam at december I would like to practise playing my 2 choice of songs with the piano part does anyone know wer I can get the piano part please help!! Btw the songs im playing are allegro and hurdy-gurdy thanxx x
    5 Education 16
  204. a new grade
    I need better grades in school. I usually get a B in writing which im ok with, in math I get a C, in science a B or a C, and in history a B or C. I want to get strait a's at least one marking period. any tips??? oh and im not a person who likes to ...
    4 Education 15
  205. Are these grades okay?
    In Science I have a C In the rest of the classes I get B's. I think it's just because I don't always get my homework in on time. But my science and math teachers have been noticing I've been doing better with homework. I'm not so good in current...
    6 Education 17
  206. Why do I get bad grades?
    Only last year, in 8th grade, i was an A+ to B+ student. Now (as a freshmen) my grades are like Cs and Fs. I cant tell my Mom about it. Cuz if I do then she will get depressed. I dont like it when my parents arent proud of me as thier child. Anyway, i...
    5 Education 12
  207. When do you start hight school in your country?
    When do you start hight school in your country? In england it starts from grade 7 to grade 12, in saudi arabia, it starts from grade 10 to grade 12. How about in your country??
    11 Education 17
  208. New grade New image
    Well I recently found out at school yesterday (it was the last day before summer break) that I passed 10th grade (YAY),I had a real bad image throughout the school year,I have learned from my mistakes from previous schools I've attended but no I want t...
    2 Education 8
  209. What to do when I got a bad grade for the first time?
    I've never gotten less than an A in school, either have my siblings, but today I got a C in history. what should I tell them cause I no they'll be really angery, and if I tell my sibs then they'll tease me and then rat on me. I'm 14 and my sibs are 15,...
    5 Education 48
  210. Who thinks schools should incorporate ''effort'' as a grade?
    I've been wondering, do you guys think schools should make ''effort'' as a part of their grading system? I'm curious because this can possibly affect some students. Specifically the ones that don't really participate that much but still get high grades...
    9 Education 36
  211. How do you feel about the grading scale?
    In school, the grading scale is as follows: A:100-90 B:89-80 C:79-70 D:69-60 F:59-0 The is completely riduculous to me because if you think about it, understanding half the material or 50 percent, gives you an F. Learning none of the material...
    11 Education 36
  212. Lame q but its buggin me
    Is grade 3 third grade
    4 Education 17
  213. How do I excel in Spanish?
    how can I get a (a,b grade)in spanish for the 8th grade
    2 Education 47
  214. How can I get good grades in all of my classses?
    Oky so I used be really good at english&lit. And history but I was failing math and science so I started fucosing more on my math and science so now im getting a b in math ad a c+ in science but now I've been doing kinda bad in my other subjects and sl...
    2 Education 13
  215. Does anyone have any advice on making better grades this year?
    This year,I have A LOT going on. Sophmore in High school,Drivers Ed,Getting a Job,ect. So naturally,Im going to be busy. I realize This year,I need to "bite the bullet" so to speak,and improve everything. What are some things I can do to improv...
    4 Education 23
  216. How do I get my grade higher?
    I'm a freshman in high school and right now in one of my classes I have a D almost a F =(! How do I bring it up before the end of the quarter?!!! In that class I have to upcoming is a is a binder check...btw first quarter e...
    2 Education 57
  217. What do you think of the high GCSE and A Level grades coming out every year?
    They're planning on removing coursework and making GCSEs harder or even bringing back O Levels because so many students are achieving so highly it's difficult to distinguish between the students that have really excelled. This will result in less stude...
    5 Education 36
  218. Who thinks its okay if i homeschool my 8th grade year then go back to public hs?
    Because right now my mom doesn't really have the money for new clothes and stuff and im running out of stuff to wear.Plus i don't like the enviornment,plus i have like no friends that are real except like one.and she won't be in my school district unti...
    8 Education 28
  219. How to tell my parents I've been lying about my grades?
    well my mom is soo strict about my grades...she wants all A's...and she said if I dont get all A's shes takin my phone and car away...and I didnt get all a's and its my senior year and im in all honors classes, so I didnt want it to be gone, I want to ...
    10 Family 724
  220. Teen & Grades
    My daughter is 16, she has a boyfriend, cell phone, computer in her room, game systems, pretty much anything she wants and also 2 loving parents who lets her have her space but also we make her accountable for her grades. Since she has been dating this...
    8 Family 21
  221. What can I do to be successful in school?
    I am in the 7th grade I am supposed to be in the 9th grade. What can I do to get in my right grade? P.s. This is not for me its for a friend :)
    3 Education 14
  222. Do you think children should have a choice whether they go to a traditional school or a trade school after the 6th grade?
    I think all children learn differently and while my oldest son is very good at the tradition school, my youngest son struggles with his reading. He is very good at science and math, very creative, but has a problem reading. This is the same problem I h...
    13 Education 34
  223. 9th grade exams
    Ok, I know school hasn't started yet but I like to be prepared even though the exam are close to the end of the school year I just wan to know any way!! Like is it hard?? Is like the pass/pact test they give you in middle school only a higher level fo...
    3 Education 42
  224. To you personally, whats a good grade?
    Okay, here are the individuall questions . :) What is a good grade to you for : [[then ill give my idea.]] Math? 95 Science? 98 English? 100 Art? ...
    6 Education 266
  225. What if my teachers are doctoring my grades?
    I swear to god that me teachers are doctoring my grades. Because for some reason I have 5/7 f's on my repoert card, I went to my teachers and they didn't give me any sufishent information. So what do I do? My parents don't belive me, friends don't, and...
    4 Education 93
  226. 7th grade seven minutes in heaven?
    okay, my 7th grade friend is going to be 13 in feb. and for her party she wants to go out to the woods with some girls and her friend adam and some of his guy friend peoples for the after party. so she made up these cards with all kinds of nasty thing...
    11 Sex 661
  227. How can i stop being such a freak about grades?
    I am always worried about my grade. Since i am in high school now, and i know that i have to get as much credits as possible, and i grew up being tought that education is the most important think, i am so freaked out about it. It's kinda like ocd. I...
    8 Education 63
  228. 8th grade math question!! Need answers now!!!
    Ok. So I am in 8th grade honors math so I am doing high school-level work. Each week we do these work sheets called maths mate. This week I am working on term one sheet 4. (if you do maths mate on a regular basis you will understand what I mean when I ...
    7 Education 67
  229. Starting 8th grade and yes, I need some advice.
    ^^ Love the song Fireflies by Owl City XD Sorry I'm just happy I found that song. Anyway my question, I'm starting 8th grade and I'm nervous. Any help getting ready? I'm not taking about studies and stuff, I'm talking about I haven't seen ANY of m...
    7 Education 54
  230. How can you improve a grade in 10 days?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    O.k I have one week to improve my D to at least a C- in history!The only reason I only have one week is b/c Monday I get off from spring break.=( Monday morning.*sigh!*and the 24th(Friday next week.)is when mom gets our family pool pass.(Discount that ...
    7 Education 22
  231. What song should I sing for my 8th grade promotion??
    I need some help finding a song to sing at my 8th grade promotion. A song that will get the parents there bawling like babies. I need a sothing farewell song, or something similar to a soothing farrewell song.Also I've been thinking of singing ave mari...
    3 Music 149
  232. How. I got exempted from grade 9 french last year.. Can I graduate?
    Alright well, I'm in grade 10 right now and I got exempted from grade 9 french but you need a french credit that to graduate high school. I don't really remember but I remember someone told me that it's okay that I'll get some special thing to graduate...
    3 Education 44
  233. dateing younger people
    if your in 12th grade would you date some one in the 10th grade?
    6 Education 6
  234. School
    10 Education 17
  235. Which guys should I go to the formal with?
    There is this guy in a lower grade than me and he wanted to go to formal with me and I told him yes if he wanted. But then there was this guy in my grade and he asked me and I told him yes and everything but I don't know what to do. Should I take the g...
    2 Relationships 6
  236. How do I convince my parents to lower their standards on my grades?
    so my parents are being stupid. I have an F's in spanish and general music. a D in english and C's in science,math,and american history. im in 8th grade. my parents want me to raise my grades to like at least all B's. that is like so not going to happe...
    12 Family 87
  237. Why don't my parents care about my grades?
    I ended up with 80's and 90's and one 70 last term, and my brother was all in the fifties with one 60. I worked so hard that semester and all i get is a careless 'good for you.' And my mom was more focused on my brother. Also they keep on nagging me ...
    10 Family 135
  238. My mother found out I got a bad grade, and yelled at me
    At my school, there is this program where parents can see your grades online. Sometimes I skip some assignment or the other, and plan on turning it in as a late assingment. But she checks the website and statrs screaming and yelling at me. It's the beg...
    6 Family 104
  239. Do you think it's okay to wear a skirt to a 7th grade semi-formal dance?
    i'm going to wear a striped beige and black short sleeved shirt with a cheetah print flowy skirt that goes a bit above the you think this would be fine to wear to a semi formal dance? Because everyone else i know is going to wear a dress and ...
    4 Style 43
  240. High school advice?
    Im going into 9th grade abyone have any advice?? Is 9th grade hard??
    10 Education 45
  241. What is the age to start swearing?
    My brother is in 5th grade and he swears. Isnt 5th grade too young to start swearing? What age is the ippropriate age to start swearing?
    9 General 875
  242. What are some good stores to find dresses for 8th grade promotion?
    I've got Promotion coming up and it seems like I'm the only one without a dress! I've looked around but nothing is catching my eye. I cant get anything too expensive, but nice enough. the new school rules are that it is supposed to be business attire (...
    2 Shopping 49
  243. Why am I still getting bad grades after studying?
    Hey all. I've been studying my a$$ off for the past 2 weeks. I read every single chapter, did every exercice there was to be done and even some random exercices from the internet (chemistry). I understood everything and was satisfied of my study, telli...
    4 Education 172
  244. How can I turn my failing grades around?
    Ok, so as of right now, it is saturday, september 22nd. and well, they are finalizeing our interems( progress reports) over the weeknd.. and well... last i checked i had a D in social studies, an F in laguage arts a D in math, a b in science, an A in a...
    6 Education 45
  245. 8 graders...
    what year is 8th grade...?
    8 Education 45
  246. What Should I do?! My BFF abondoned me... AGAIN!!!
    what should I do if I know my former best friend is avoiding me. Every year she makes a new best friend. in grade 2 she was my best friend, then in grade 3 she was my other best friends best friend, then in grade 4 and 5 she was this bullies best frien...
    6 Education 52
  247. Sleepover ideas
    I am in grade 10 I was was wondering what are some sleepover ideas to do?
    5 Entertainment 58
  248. What hairstyle should I do for prom?
    what should I do for my hair for my 8th grade prom
    7 Style 95
  249. What should I do about math class?
    I am getting tutored from 3 different sources: my math teacher, the other math teacher when mines not available and a website. I am taking algebra in 8th grade because I took 8th grade math in 7th grade and skipped 7th grade math completely should I as...
    3 Education 21
  250. I got G grades in my GCSE exams. What should I do?
    help! I failed my GCSEs? Hi, can anyone help. I have got myself into a very bad situation. I am 16 years old and due to missing about 4 years of school have only got G grades in my GCSEs (apart from getting a C grade in English) .I wondeed what my opt...
    12 Education 1324