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  1. What are the benefits of adoption?
    What are the benefits of adoption?
    5 Health 14
  2. What are the benefits of oranges?
    18 Nutritionfitness 46
  3. Friends with benefits
    do you believe in friends with benefits? If so, why?
    3 Relationships 50
  4. Are there benefits to joining Myspace?
    Is there any benefits in joining Myspace?
    2 Technology 13
  5. what are the benefits of having a boyfriend who's in the marines ?
    4 Relationships 43
  6. What are the benefits of dark chocolate if any?
    14 Food 18
  7. What juice has the most health benefits?
    5 Health 108
  8. What are the health benefits on Wine?
    2 Health 27
  9. What benefit do blueberries give you?
    4 Food 12
  10. What are all the benefits of being a member in Runescape?
    4 Gaming 45
  11. What are the benefits for going to college?
    14 Education 29
  12. Which is the best: Organic SEO or PPC?
    Which is the Best - "Organic SEO or PPC"?
    8 Money 68
  13. What type of Fruits benefit you the most?
    What type of Fruits benefits you the most? And what are they good for?
    7 Nutritionfitness 35
  14. What are the benefits of a facelift
    What are the benefits of a face lift
    4 Style 11
  15. What are the benefits of green drink powder?
    8 Nutritionfitness 36
  16. Do you believe in the benefits of knowing your BMI?
    4 Health 57
  17. What are the benefits to drinking a lot of water?
    11 Health 32
  18. What are the benefits of putting eggs on your face?
    2 Style 34
  19. What benefits come from donating plasma?
    6 Health 42
  20. What is the benefit if a girl weightlifts? What happens to them?
    12 Nutritionfitness 39
  21. What health benefits does pickle juice offer?
    What health benefits does pickle juice offer?
    20 Food 1903
  22. What are you the benefit of using sauna and stream rooms?
    What are you the benefit of using sauna and stream rooms?
    4 Nutritionfitness 85
  23. What does benefit identification card look like?
    What does benefit identification card look like?
    2 General 78
  24. What kind of benefits do nurses get in Alberta?
    What kind of benefits do nurses get in Alberta?
    3 Money 31
  25. How to say friends with benefits?
    how do you say can we be friends with benefits in a different language?
    2 Relationships 13
  26. What are the benefits of breathing exercises?Does it really helps you?
    6 Health 32
  27. Does emancipation mean no more social security benefits?
    8 Politics 115
  28. What are the benefits of eating turtle jelly soup?
    19 Food 202
  29. Friends with Benefits
    Do you think its ok to have a friend with benny's?
    5 Relationships 14
  30. Benefits of being a waitress?
    What are benefits of being a waitress? I just need some ideas of what to talk about:) Thank you.
    7 Money 211
  31. friends with benefits or a relationship?
    which is better to be friends with benefits with some one or have an actual relationship?
    2 Relationships 12
  32. What health benefits come from l-carnatine?
    What health benefits come from l-carnatine?
    2 Health 126
  33. Who knows if their are any major health benefits to eating oatmeal?
    11 Health 33
  34. What are some benefits of birth control?
    pros and cons of getting on birth control
    6 Health 36
  35. Are the benefits of technology really worth the harmful effects?
    5 Technology 13
  36. Are there any benefits from taking cold baths after an intense workout?
    9 Health 15
  37. Can teachers apply for social security benefits during the summer?
    2 Money 27
  38. What some benefits of eating dark chocolate as opposed to eating regular/milk chocolate?
    12 Food 39
  39. Who know if orange juice has benefits to haveing pulp or are they the same?
    8 Food 27
  40. What are the health benefits of yogurt?
    What are the health benefits of yogurt. I have always enjoyed eating yogurt but now I am hearing that there are special health benefits. What are these benefits.
    3 Food 47
  41. Why does some of the world have some much (Money and benefits), when other parts have so little?
    8 Money 38
  42. What are the benefits of a low carb diet?
    And how many carbs per day?
    5 Nutritionfitness 16
  43. Are all yogurts actually good for you, and does the sugar content affect the benefits?
    5 Nutritionfitness 28
  44. Could drinking green tea and its benefits be a persuasive speech?
    3 Literature 185
  45. What are some benefits of taking fish oil pills every day?
    3 Health 59
  46. Which national leaders have delivered the most benefit to their own people, or to humanity in general?
    6 Politics 19
  47. What health benefits come from putting flax seed in your food?
    4 Health 42
  48. How much does a person get in food stamp benefits when they work, and do they get cash?
    3 Money 50
  49. What is healthier, and what are the benefits of eating chicken, pork, fish, beef, and steak?
    11 Food 50
  50. Which branch of military offers better benefits.
    3 Money 98
  51. What are the benefits of getting a flu shot?
    Why would you get a flu shot? My grandma told me I should, but I don't understand why I should? Did you get it? Why or why not?
    4 Health 28
  52. Are there benefits(healthwise) to waking up early?
    Or is it better for you to sleep in (both having enough sleep time)?
    3 Health 36
  53. Who would benefit ?
    If Obama does away with carrying a gun by qualified commercial pilots - Who benefits ?
    15 Politics 26
  54. What jobs offer good secure financial benefits and what qualificati
    What jobs offer good secure financial benefits and what qualifications do you need for them?
    2 Money 128
  55. What is a good substitute for Benefits 'Benetint' lip/cheek stains?
    Post the brand and where you got it from here!!
    2 Style 47
  56. Does the Benefit You Rebel tinted moisturizer (lite) work good?
    2 Style 13
  57. What is PPC and Its Benefits
    PPC means Pay Per Click also called internet marketing. In this advertisement will be paid and pay per click amount will be deducted. It is a best way to buy visit to your site.
    6 Technology 98
  58. What is a good way to ask your family to eat healthier in order to benefit, not only yourself, but everyone else?
    6 Health 28
  59. What do you think about friends with benefits?
    hi I just wanted to know some of your opinions about friends with benefits. do u think theyre good idea?
    9 Relationships 64
  60. What are the benefits of joining the Army?
    10 Money 109
  61. Why at 17 can we be trialed as an adult can't recurve any of the benefits as one,renting apartments,hotels,etc?
    3 Politics 7
  62. What are health benefits of apple cider vinegar?
    Hey, I just got apple cider vinegar today, I heard it had really good health benefits, do any of you use it?
    9 Health 749
  63. Does running in place have the same benefits as jumping rope?
    Does running in place for 5 min have the same effect as jumping rope for 5 min. Which one burns the most calories.
    2 Nutritionfitness 80
  64. What is a good alternative to Benefits 'Benetint' lip/cheek stain?
    List he brand name and where you got it from if you can remember!
    3 Style 179
  65. What parts of your body benefit while bike riding?
    What parts of your body benefit while bike riding? I'm looking to slim down my thighs a bit and I'm not sure if bike riding helps the thigh area at all.
    3 Nutritionfitness 77
  66. When will being on the track team benefit me?
    I was thinking about joining track and field and wanted to know if I will get in better shape or if it is fun or not.
    2 Sports 63
  67. Benefits Of Digital Marketing Consultant
    A digital marketing consultant can easily provide marketing strategies. That will help to overcome the competition. Also, provide the market campaigns on time.
    6 Technology 86
  68. What are the benefits of drinking diet Ginger Ale, instead of regular sodas like Coke, Pepsi, Mt. Dew, etc...?
    18 Nutritionfitness 115
  69. What are the benefits of joining the military?
    BESIDES self discipline, and stuff like that? I need statistics, and stuff like that. please and thank youu! :D
    5 Money 34
  70. What internal benefits is a company offered if they use a WACC (The weighted average cost of capital) offer?
    I think we need a "Business" category...
    8 Money 39
  71. The Ultimate Health Benefits of Amla Extract
    Amla or Indian Gooseberry is one of the main ingredients used in all the ayurvedic tonics and medicines.
    10 Health 77
  72. What are some health benefits of gluten-free products?
    I am not allergic to gluten, but I have heard from many people how good gluten free products can be for the body. What makes gluten free products so beneficial opposed to products with gluten?
    5 Health 22
  73. What is Blogging & Its Benefits
    What is Blogging & Its Benefits – Blogging is a very interesting profession. Nowadays, the blogging industry changing its trend. people do a blog as a full-time profession. Blogging is an online informational content that is displayed by the website.
    6 General 249
  74. If social security benefits end for one child will the next child receive the funds?
    Both children receive death benefits for there father but one child will stop because she's 18 will the amount pass on to the younger child?
    2 Money 14
  75. What are the benefits of beliver's(adult) baptism?
    I am stuck on my r.e homework And I would just like to know your viewpoints on the benefits of believer's baptism Answers will be appriciated Thanks, a-j :)
    4 Religion 809
  76. Whats with friends with benefits?
    Whats uip with being friends with benefits??? How cuould you ask someone to be 'friends with benefits' newayz??? It'd be weird like doin stuff with them, and then just acting like friends wouldn't it??? J/w wonderin what you guys thought
    5 Relationships 30
  77. What were the benefits of mercantilism and imperialism to the natives of the New World?
    What were some advantages of mercantilism and imperialism to the natives of the New World during the age of exploration? It'd really help if you gave a few links with the answer, thanks! :)
    4 Politics 12
  78. What are the benefits of doing 500 jumping jacks a day?
    Will it build muscles? Lose belly fat? Get you toned? What body parts does it workout? Everything and anything.
    3 Nutritionfitness 185
  79. Can friends with benefits turn into a relationship?
    So I have a friend with benefits, and I am starting to have feelings for him. Has anyone ever had experience where they had a friends with benefits that turned into a relationship? Should I tell him how I feel? Even though he probably only wants a phys...
    3 Relationships 42
  80. What are the benefits that a veterinarian gets?
    im doing a school project and I chose vet as my career, but I cant find one of the requirements- what benefits does a vet have? and by benefits I mean insurance, vaca days, sick leave, etc. any help at all is appreciated!
    3 Pets 29
  81. Can taking out money from my savings account affect the benefits I get?
    I want to take out some money but i wasn't sure if it could make our benefits stop coming. Also, does anyone know if i have to take it all out or am i allowed to surrender jus a bit of it?
    2 Money 35
  82. If, for any reason, my unemployment benefits are stopped, can I apply for it again?
    For example if the unemployment agency call me and im not there or something happen and they stop to give me unmployment benefits, can apply for that again until i find a new job or not. If anybody knows tell me please thank you.
    2 Money 21
  83. How can I find out if my friend with benefits wants to commit?
    i have a friend and we're sort of friends with benefits. he's so sweet to me but he never said that he loves me. and i wonder if we'll be just friends forever. he kisses me. how can i know if he wants me as a girlfriend cause i cant ask him that and it...
    3 Relationships 48
  84. What happens to my benefits over Christmas?
    I get paid income support into my bank every 2 wks. I would usually get my next pay on the 26th, but that's boxing day. when do you think I would get paid instead?
    5 Money 261
  85. Health insurance (military benefits)
    I currently do not have health insurance but if me & my boyfriend decided to have a baby would his military benefits cover the baby even if we are not married and the doctors visit every month? I use to have military benefits but I lost them when I tu...
    3 Health 25
  86. Amazing Benefits of A Watermelon
    The watermelon is a tropical fruit renowned for its delicious taste and thirst-quenching ability. It has been enjoyed by many all over the world and with a lot of varieties of watermelon to choose from, there is bound to be one that you would enjoy.
    1 Health 30
  87. What are the benefits of taking an ice bath?
    So Ive taken two these past few days cause some of the guys on the team recommended it for soreness and stuf like that. But how long are you supposed to be in thers for exactly? And what exactlymdoes it do?
    4 Health 19
  88. Can you move out through housing benefits at 15?
    Ok, I can't live with my dad any more, he's to controling. My mother agrees she recmends I move out, how can I when I'm just 15, (16 in 2 months though.) Will the conacal help out? Worst thing is I'm doing mY GCSE's right now.
    2 Family 13
  89. friends with benefits will hurt ?
    Hi,My friend is showing very much interested to offer me "friends with benefit" like having oral sex,but I feel it will hurt me oneday when I found a life partner to have family.Please let me know your suggestion is it good to have it or not or can I c...
    3 Sex 32
  90. what would be the benefits of taking water retention tablets?
    I'm wanting to loose weight quickly before a holiday, and as well as starting a new low fat/ low carb diet, & going swimming I wondered if taking these water retention tablets would help me loose weight?
    3 Food 20
  91. How to Optimization Your PPC Campaign?
    Sometimes it may be overwhelming -- where should you start? There are numerous components of a PPC account that may help maneuver the needle into your direction. This post provides ideas to Boost your PPC campaigns but certainly isn't an off-beat list....
    7 Literature 170
  92. Which party would benefit ?
    1/30/08: Ralph Nader has formed a presidential exploratory committee, and said in an interview Wednesday that he will launch another presidential bid if he's convinced he can raise enough money to appear on the vast majority of state ballots this fall ...
    5 Politics 27
  93. What is the best way to benefit from massages?
    I've had several massages, all after and before different things, and now wonder if there's any way to best reap the rewards... Should I eat something prior, 1-2 hrs? Is an empty stomach preferred? Should I sleep after it or eat a healthy meal? Etc. Th...
    3 Health 16
  94. Is having a friend with benefits being a bad Christian?
    I am a good christian girl, I strive to be close to God, I want a great relationship with him, and I love to learn what he has instor for me. But there is this guy friend that I have and he isn't a christian, or at least not a good one and we love to ...
    40 Religion 1232
  95. Would getting married completely mess up my government benefits, such as wic, medicaid, unemployment, etc?
    Chris is talking about getting married sooner now that weve got another little one on the way, but im afraid it will cancel out my medicaid for this pregnancy and other things im currently getting assisstance with.
    7 Money 56
  96. what are benefits of stopping masturbation?
    actually I had many question 1- did masturbation increase sex hormone in men 2- I took a decision to stop masturbation .. how is that going to affect me did it has advantages or disadvantages .. please no one say maste. is ok and all this .. I wan...
    2 Sex 185
  97. A Bong
    What is a bong use for? Benefits?
    8 General 28
  98. How can I make my ex-friend with benefits as my boyfriend?
    I'm totally inlove with my friend, he knows/knew as we've gotten off at parties, we talk all the time, we hang out quite a bit and we were friends with benefits.. then he broke it off so he could go after another girl he really likes but its not awkwar...
    5 Relationships 12
  99. sex change
    what are the benefits of having a sex change?
    3 Sex 23
  100. Clitteral piercing
    clitteral piercing are there any benefits
    4 Health 229
  101. What do you think of unemployment and how they have extended unemployment benefits?
    We have a few companies we own, and what I have seen personally is that people would rather draw the unemployment check, than work. We have tried to interview people, that have told us they do want a job, they just have to send their resume out to keep...
    8 Money 24
  102. Should they legalize marijuana due to its benefits?
    I Was researching it in School.. Marijuana Is Actually very helpful plant. The Oil From ONE SEED can Fuel a Car. And It has been used for years in Medical Insituttions. The Crime Rate Has also Shot Up Since They made the Drug Illegal. Should they Leg...
    30 Politics 105
  103. What are the benefits or negative side effects you've experienced from taking Prozac?
    I was just proscribed prozac for OCD/Anxiety and they say the risk of suicidal thought is significantly increased if under 25 so im nervous to start taking it, i've been on muptiple other base medications for Anxiety before (zoloft, celexa,lexapro,traz...
    7 Health 13
  104. What would benefit me more if I wanted to be an English teacher-drama or modern studies?
    I've been asked to chose my subjects for 5th year, my sister has convinced me that if I don't take maths then it will haunt me for the rest of my life. Other classes I am taking are English, Maths, Art (inevitable due to column choices) and either dram...
    2 Education 10
  105. How will Obamas plan benefit America?
    1. If he raises taxes on buisnesses then what is to keep the buisnesses from moving overseas? 2. Why does he believe that the rich paying 96 percent of the governments income isnt enough? 3. If he is such a great leader why did he refuse to vote 130 ...
    10 Politics 36
  106. What do you think would benefit a homeless person during winter?
    I'm going to be using the money I cashed on here to make packs for homeless people during the winter, the things need to be pretty cheap because i'm going to be buying them in large quantities. I'm thinking socks, hats, gloves, blankets, water, snacks,...
    15 General 42
  107. Is anyone here a vegaterian or vegatarian-symphatizer and how has it benefited you?
    I recently stopped eating wheat products and milk for my allergies (I am now on soy milk). This is working quite well for me and my cough has almost completely disapeared. Now I was thinking of cutting out meat (with the exception of fish and maybe chi...
    16 Nutritionfitness 40
  108. How to not feel weird around my new friend with benefits?
    I'm 16 years old.I have had sex with 3 guys.And they have been friends with Benefits.Well the first to I didn't really feel that wierd after ,but this is time it did.We have been friends for about 2 years now,and I never really saw my self having sex w...
    5 Sex 25
  109. Can I study while on sick benefits?
    I have been on income support for almost 15 mths due to deepression and an eating disorder and I don't think I will not be coming off it anytime soon. I'm obviously unfit for work or studying at a public place such as college. but I was wondering if ...
    6 Education 138
  110. How do I get an apprenticeship in the UK?
    and if i do how will it benefit me.?
    4 Education 12
  111. Can I be jealous of a friend with benefits?
    Should I become jealous if a sex buddy wants my best friend? The thing is, I hate my sex buddy because he sucks at sex but I love how he would always beg for me to come outside so we could mess around. I know he has a thing for my big-chested ugly best...
    5 Sex 51
  112. What are some heart healthy teas?
    What benefits would they have?
    3 Nutritionfitness 12
  113. Tax Attorney Help
    What is the benefit of hiring a Tax Attorney
    2 Politics 14
  114. What is Forex trading?
    What is forex trading, is there any benefits in making this investment?
    4 Money 72
  115. How much would it cost to put on a benefit concert?
    I have a few details. - I am trying to put together a show at a venue in Austin, TX called Mohawks for charity. - The main artist charges $5,000 but may give a discount if the proceeds go to charity. - I know a few local artists who will play for fr...
    2 Music 96
  116. Friends With Benefits?
    I dated a guy a bit over a year ago. We really really liked each other, but it ended badly. Over the last three months or so we've become really close. We tell each other pretty much everything. Everyone around us thinks that we're perfect for each ...
    4 Relationships 16
  117. Leave the skin on your Apple?
    why should the skin be left on an apple? what health benefits does it have to do so?
    5 Food 50
  118. Cum! Yum?
    Is it okay to eat your own cum? Is there any health benefits?
    4 Relationships 95
  119. Should Hillary quit ?
    Should Hillary quit for the sake of party unity / benefit ?
    15 Politics 57
  120. What is the difference between eating organically grown veg as opposed to eating GM crops?
    I heard that there is no benefit, and all the 'benefits' from organic veg is just hype..
    3 Food 29
  121. Is it OK to be involved with a best friend's brother?
    is it ok to be friends with benefits with your best friends brother?
    3 Relationships 27
  122. Should I be a friend with benefits with this guy?
    alright. there's this guy who I've been REALLY close- like best- friends with for 4-5 years now. and I've always had a little thing for him, and we've always been really flirty. but now, I like him more than just a friend, and he wants to be f**k buddi...
    5 Sex 14
  123. Is this friends with benefits situation OK?
    Heya, I'm new to this site...Anyway, I've recently given up on the whole relationship thing. Yes, I know I'm only 18, but give me a break...There are a few guys that I have shown interest in only in a sexual way, and vice versa. Well I a few nights ago...
    4 Sex 56
  124. Why we have to do jury service?
    Why we have to do jury service, I dont know anything about being a juror, we have some benefit for doing this or not.
    6 Politics 25
  125. Why do people care to cum together?
    When people have intercourse, most of them try to cum together. Why is that so? What are the benefits from it?
    3 Relationships 41
  126. How to use FunAdvice properly?
    how can i get full benefit from this web?
    3 Funadvice 9
  127. Should I go out with my cousin's friend with benefits?
    My cousin has this friend..and lately I was studying abroad for a few months, and we kept in contact (we used to talk every single day..). She didn't really know this. He hinted to her but I never actually told her. Anyhow, when I came back we kinda ho...
    3 Relationships 98
  128. Why doesn't he want his friends to know
    Me and this kid are friends with benefits and nobody knows. He doesn't want anyone to know why?
    3 Relationships 11
  129. what does it mean when someone says that they would give you the bene
    what does it mean when someone says that they would give you the benefit of a doubt?
    3 General 28
  130. What are health benefits of marijuana?
    I heard that marijuana, in some ways, can be a good thing. Like many things, however, it should be used in moderation. Does anybody know of any health benefits? When I'm not in school, or when I'm not busy with school work (which is rare) I blaze an...
    5 Health 42
  131. More than friends with benefits?
    There's this guy, Scott, who I've known for a few years. Actually, he lives a street over from me.. so we're neighbors in a sense. He dated this girl, Trisha, for four years. During the last two of those four years, he was sleeping with me. I'm not...
    2 Sex 21
  132. Should I eat a meal after I workout or wait a couple hours?
    What are the benefits of eating later or right after?
    7 Nutritionfitness 20
  133. Can I get unemployment benefits if I got laid off after a month?
    In August, I got a job at BK only to get laid off shortly after. I got this job from BK through an employment agency and BK told the employment agency that they were laying off workers bc they're suffering financially. BK also said that I'm one of ...
    4 Money 72
  134. How can I break off this friend with benefit situation?
    I've dated this guy, junior for almost 4 years now...I recently broke it off with him because he doesn't take his own life seriously. He's into the "thug life". I think the whole thing is so damn immature but I love him, and i figured maybe if i broke ...
    6 Sex 185
  135. Can I be fired for bed rest?
    I have exhausted my FMLA benefits , can I be fired from my job since I been in bed rest until my delivery date?
    2 Money 42
  136. Tea healthy or not?
    Is tea healthy for you? I don't drink it, but is there a certain type I should start to drink for health benefits or weight loss?
    6 Food 16
  137. Do you think the Miss World Pageants are discriminatory against men?
    Men don't have pageants, so they don't have the opportunity to reap in the benefits of being in a pageant ... do you find this unfair? Why or why not?
    8 Politics 27
  138. Should lump sum payments for injured Canadian soldiers be taxable?
    Canada's maximum lump sum payment for soldiers injured during a tour of duty is roughly 200, 000 less than the British benefits. The excuse for this is that taxes are being taken out. Is that fair? Should injury benefits be tax exempt?
    4 Politics 17
  139. What has anyone bought with FunAdvice points money?
    I've only just started putting my points into my pay pal and it's already starting to be a benefit.
    6 Funadvice 14
  140. Is it possible to cancel a rep-payee for SSI benefits?
    Because of the flooding and continued money issues replacing my stuff, I signed up to get a rep-payee for my SSI check that I get monthly, so I could have someone to consult with to budget my money to replace my things and be careful for the next 6-or...
    4 Money 35
  141. Does eating an apple a day really help your health?
    I have been eating a couple apples a day for about a week. I'd like to keep this up, what are the benefits?
    11 Health 27
  142. What types of stuff or places should I take pictures....?
    I'm blank on ideas as of right now. What type of places or stuff should I take pictures of to benefit me and my photography skills?
    13 Technology 31
  143. What is the whole point of nuclear weapons?
    I mean the country who has nuclear weapons call it iran or any other country how can they will benefit anyway if they blow up the world. I dont now many of this just what i have heard in the media, but not even the country owner of these weapons would ...
    46 Politics 35
  144. Is he trying to use me?
    I have a friend that I like so much, but he said he would go out with me only if I had sex with him first or just friends with benefits. I said ok we can be friends with benefits. Now he's asking me to come do it everydayand being nasty about it and I'...
    3 Sex 25
  145. How do magnetic bracelets work please?
    hi, when my great uncle died the family were allowed to have a keepsake of his, I chose a magnetic bracelet, he had never used it. and I have lost the instructions, I continue to wear it but no longer know how it is supposed to benefit me? if iwere to ...
    2 Health 11
  146. how many years do I need to work to get retirement checks.
    how many years do I need to work to get retirement checks and benefits when I get 65 if I get there but its just curiosity any answer is welcome thank you.
    2 Money 686
  147. How can anyone ignore the benefits?
    I know I'm beating a dead horse here, for some people, but how can anyone ignore the benefits of marijuana legalization? Marijuana is California's largest cash crop, illegal or not. It's estimated that marijuana accounts for $14 billion of revenue ...
    3 Politics 53
  148. Whats better? World of warcraft or guildwars?
    What's better, world of warcraft or guild wars? I need to no which one's better, how much player's each one has. And what's the benefit's and which one's more worth it. Ty
    9 Gaming 70
  149. ACT ? SAT ? helpp
    should i take the act or sat ? and how will they benefit me if im going to go straight to a community college after hs . graduating at the end of this year thanks :)
    4 Education 28
  150. Cosmetology Help.
    is cosmetology a goood career? because I wanted to get schooling for it but I'm not sure if thats exactly what I want. or even if it'll be fun or what are the benefits of it?
    4 Style 38
  151. Can anyone find lyrics to this song?
    can anyone please find me the lyrics to's song called "friends with benefits" I'm writing a girl version, and I need the lyrics :) thanks!
    2 Music 56
  152. Steroidz!!!
    I know there bad an all but what are the benefits? Yea I get stronger but will I get bigger built? Or cut? Or does it depend how I wrk out?just help explain what it does for me thanks
    2 Nutritionfitness 35
  153. What are the Top 10 credit cards?
    I want to know about credit cards. I want to apply for a best credit card. So please tell me all details about credit cards and top credit cards in the market. please tell me also about benefits and drawbacks of a credit card.
    3 Money 21
  154. How do I get out of the friend zone/friend with benefits zone?
    Well, I've been ''seeing'' or ''dating'' (what ever you call it) a guy for about 3 months now. When I was 14 we were really close friends but then we grew apart because he's 2 years older than me and was focused on getting himself back into mainstream ...
    5 Sex 79
  155. How Long To Go Without A Wank
    How long should I go without a wank? Are there any benefits from saving it up? I am planning on trying to do 30 days without a wank just to see what effects it has on me. Currently on day 5 wish me luck.
    7 Health 96
  156. Does anyone know anything about Greek Mythology?
    Does anyone know anything about Greek Mythology. Im looking for examples of how self-control benefitted a character. or how not having self-control contributed to their downfall. any help?
    2 General 38
  157. What to do in my free time ?
    I have finished studying , and now im browsing the internet and getting bored and I really dont want to watch tv ? Anything I can do and benefit from it
    3 Gaming 36
  158. Name the song
    "you could be my girlfriend I could be your girlfriend get a lil intamate friends with benefits" these are lyrics to this stupid song that I can't figure out the name of. Does anybody have clue how sings it or the title of the song?
    5 Music 44
  159. Why can't a penis go all the way inside me?
    Just the other night my friend with benefits and I tried having sex. But it didnt go all the way in like his finger. Am I still a virgin if it didnt go all the way in? how can I deal with the pain for a penis going all the way in?
    9 Sex 290
  160. I need a business plan
    I need a business plan that is going to benefit teenagers 14-18. examples are paintball business's, bowling alleys. you know something teenagers like but something that is not expensive. any ideas?
    2 Education 20
  161. How to get pregnant using a condom
    My husband and I would like to start a family. We have always used condoms and prefer the benefits they can give during sex. Is there a way to still get pregnant and use a condom at the same time?
    7 Sex 346
  162. Would you spend $19.00 dollars on a mascara?
    im buying the Bad Gal lash from benefit, and i have tried the sample size and i think its pretty worth it. would you think so?
    19 Style 17
  163. How long do I have to wait until I receive my first unemployment check?
    I applied last week to get my unemployment benefit, but i dont know how long i have to wait to get my first unemploy ment check if you know tell me please thank you.
    3 Money 33
  164. What do you think of Romney suspending his Campaign?
    What do you think of Romney suspending his Campaign? I think it's smart for the republicans since most people are swaying towards Clinton or Obama. The Republican's could benefit from it, but we will see. What does everyone else think?
    10 Politics 12
  165. Why are girls so difficult?
    Haha why are you girls so difficult? When I just want to be friends you girls want more, but when I'm trying to be serious and want more then just a friendship (I'm not talking about friends with benefits), like a couple, you girls just want to be fri...
    5 Relationships 18
  166. Heartripper
    How can I tell this girl that I'm not inerested in her anymore? She goes off and partys and then expects me to be her friend with benefits. there is just no commitment. Call it weird for a guy to say, but I can't stand it anymore. What would you do?
    3 Relationships 14
  167. should I do it?
    I think that this one boy I'm really close to just wants to be friends with benefits with me.and I don't know if I should do I love having sex with him and messing around with him but I'm not sure if I should do it or not.Help me!
    4 Sex 11
  168. What is the reason for Google to change the privacy terms?
    I mean that change is going to benefit the users or not because it looks like google want to spy on people so where is the privacy on that? If you know tell me please, thank you.
    5 Technology 11
  169. Why must I learn French at school?
    ...I stuck so badly at it, i just struggle to learn languages :( why do we have to learn it.. it won't benefit me in the future plus its making me stressed so not focusing on other subjects :l
    6 Education 35
  170. Does birthcontrol have an effect on the weight in your breasts and the rest of your body?
    i might have to take it for health reasons and im scared so i wana kno if it has benefits to make me feel better about it.
    2 Health 21
  171. What are some good fundraisers for a grad class?
    So lotteries rejected us on our biggest fundraiser and without it we can't have prom. Right now I am planning a huge benefit concert but we need more ideas. All ideas are welcome
    7 Money 11
  172. What is prestiging in MW2?
    I am getting close to level 70, and people keep suggesting I prestige once I get there. I understand that it is like restarting all over again, but I really want to know what it EXACTLY is. Like what are the benefits and whatnot.
    2 Gaming 39
  173. Is getting a face-lift vain ?
    Who thinks if getting a face-lift is vain or just another way to use medical advancements to our benefit ? I'm speaking about for those who are in mid-life or older.
    7 Style 49
  174. Why do cats eat the afterbirth?
    I've heard that a mother cat eats the afterbirth (y'know.. the placenta) when she has babies. Why does she do it? Is there some kind of health benefit for her? I know.. it's a gross question. But I'd like to know.
    7 Pets 932
  175. What business do you think haiti needs?
    What business do you think haiti needs for an overall profit/job increase? As a business entrepreneur determine the name you would give it, type of business, and what steps you would take to start this business? Why do you think this type of business...
    2 Money 130
  176. Is it right for the courts to block most federal funding for stem cell research?
    The decision was finalized on Monday, but do you think the controversy of stem cell research outweighs the benefits? Are people really making more out of this than it really is?
    10 Politics 20
  177. Where can I learn about how technology is beneficial?
    I'm working on a research paper and after about 12 hours of research I cant find anything telling me the benefits of technology in education. There are obvious reasons, but I need sources telling me that.
    4 Technology 24
  178. Christian scripture pertaining to getting your prayers answered?
    Please, for the benefit of all present, share scripture pertaining to what it takes to get your prayers answered. I think this is a very important topic, not just to the body of Christ, but, for everyone that is even thinking about becoming a Christian.
    7 Religion 12
  179. Which should I buy: Xbox elite or Halo 3?
    Hello everyone, I'm going to buy my boyfriend either one of these for xmas, but which one is better or can he benefit from? please let me know .. thanks
    2 Relationships 8
  180. Advert help =)x
    Does anyone know any free websites where I can put my ponies up for sale I already have them up on and equibuyer... I have a few and they do not get used so I need to sell them for their benefit... Thanks =) x
    3 Pets 6
  181. what is better: nook, sony ereader, or kindle?
    I am going to buy one of these when I get $50 more dollars, so I just need to know which one will benefit me so that I dont choose one and then regret it and wish for another.
    2 Literature 34
  182. Top 7 Tips in Creating More Space in Your Small Home
    Living in a small space can be convenient and poses many benefits, economically and physically. With less maintenance, less clutter and less expensive bills, living in a small home can have its advantages.
    7 Homegarden 70
  183. Status causes confusion?
    ♥ Your starting to annoy me now,yeah thats the past I want to start fresh,no me & u,just friends maybe with benefits is that hard to actually ask,I know you actually scan my page ccause you wouldnt have ''spoken''... jeez why boys always gotta be diffi...
    4 Sex 11
  184. How do you make a traffic light turn green by revving your engine?
    People diving sports cars, cars with modified exhaust systems or just a hole in their exhaust tend to do this and I often wonder if their was any real benefit.
    4 Cars 48
  185. Should I ask him to become more?
    I really like one of my friends. We joke around about the whole friends with benefits thing but now we're in dif classes. He's always really happy to see me and he told me I inspire him in his poetry. should I tell him I want to be more than friends?
    3 Relationships 10
  186. Looking for Employment
    I am 50 years old with no qualifications an not much of a work history. My back ground is very embarssing and with the change in the law, it is very difficult to find work with my past I fell terable about my past. I am on benefit and the goverment is ...
    3 Money 9
  187. How to find a job that isn't a waste of time?
    It's time I get a job. But I want a real job. I don't want to work at a fast food place or department store or something, because those are jobs you get when you're in high school, which I'm not anymore. It's time I start my life now, so if I'm goin...
    4 Money 53
  188. What solution would you offer ?
    Election Issue: Illegal immigration should be a concern to all American citizens in this election year. After all, unless the tide is stemmed, it will deprive taxpayers of enormous, hard-earned benefits in years to come - What solution would you offer ?
    3 Politics 9
  189. Which epilator is the best?
    I am curious to know if anyone has tried the emjoi epilator. Does it work? Is it painful? Does the hair really grow back thinner? I am sick of shaving and an epilator sounds a little painful but i think that the benefits outweigh the pain. Is this ...
    2 Style 22
  190. Bored at work
    I need ideas of things to do at work. I am either totally swamped or dead. I love my job and it is actually my career so I don't want to it has great benefits and great pay. I just need something to do in those dead times. Thanks!
    8 Money 18
  191. Pet store or clothing store?
    So I am looking for a job, and there are these two places I would really like to work at I just dont know which one to put an application in for.. The first one is aerie. Its like american eagle, and it would benefit me because I would probably get...
    2 Money 18
  192. What is a super healthy diet plan?
    What are some very very very healthy and little calorie (with lots of benefits) meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I was thinking spinach salads for lunch. with cranberries, sesame seeds, and chickpeas? Easy to make things please?
    13 Nutritionfitness 17
  193. Do you wear contact lenses, have laser eye surgery?
    Do any body here have used contact lenses or any body gone with laser eye surgery any time. Will you share your good or bad experience with use of contact lenses or do you have any problem so other can be precarious about those things in advance. Pleas...
    4 Style 46
  194. age gap too big?
    I have a friend with benefits nothing sexual. im 15 nearly 16 and hes 25. I realise the legal side but I dont fall easily and I really like him and he likes me. is it too big in the long run.
    4 Sex 12
  195. Why are customers so rude?
    i work at arby's and some people that walk in there treat us like were retards. we could be collecting benefits and such from the government, but we choose to make our own money. and its crap money for what we have to deal with. why don't people unders...
    25 Money 113
  196. When should I let him grab them?
    theres a guy at school and all of sudden we started texting. one day he asked me if he could grab my boobs and I said no. the next day he asked me if I would be his girls wit benefits ididnt say anything. I need help what do I do?
    2 Relationships 44
  197. What does this mean
    My friend went on a thing 2 calculate if she is overwheight or not and it said this..."you are in the range that is classified as obese and your health would greatly benefit from a life-long reduction in weight."...what does that mean? Will you help me...
    7 Health 18
  198. Do Bush's oil policies make any sense?
    Ok I live in alaska, next to the north pole where there is an oil refinery, and our gas prices are four dollars right now, and prez bush wants to tear up more of our forest and tundras for oil, and we get no benefits. does that make sense?
    11 Environment 25
  199. Will a 14 week old pup be to old to adjust to a new home?
    I am looking to buy a white boxer, I am unsure whether to get one at 14 weeks or 8 weeks, I see the benefits of both, but I'm looking for the benefit to the dog. My biggest worry with the older pup is will he adjust ok to a new routine without his brot...
    4 Pets 85
  200. Why is always the raise of minimum wage in danger?
    I mean I watched this in the news , but if the city wants to raise the subway fare for the train or the tolls on the bridges that happen in the blink of an eye. That is never in danger. No break for regular people all benefits for corporations. What do...
    3 Money 18
  201. Typing or Form Filling Job
    Is there any real typing or easy online form filling job. I have an internet connection which is 24 hours free and I shall be highly benefited if any one can help me giving the idea of how to start typing from home or online form filling job. I want to...
    7 Money 63
  202. Who believes a cure for cancer may actually exist?
    Hypothetically, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, ect. would lose hundreds of billions if this where the case. Not to mention governments paying benefits to elderly who live longer than expected. Just a thought.
    11 Health 23
  203. I Love J-Pop!!!
    Is there anyone that loves J-pop and if there is, which bands/singers do you prefer? Mine are L'arc'en'ciel, Orange Range, Utada Hikaru, Inoue Marina, Yui Makino, Gazzette, and a few more that I won't name for the benefit of others; )
    5 Music 30
  204. Financial assistance
    My husband recently lost his sight as a result of a stroke. I am waiting for social security disability. we have applied for everything and I fear the only option is begging to survive in the months it will take before receiving any benefits. we hav...
    3 Money 28
  205. how to get there
    okay I want to give my friends with benefit buddy head and he thinks I've given head before but I havent and first of all I kinda know how to give head but I dont know how I get there. like do I unzip and unbutton his pants and take them off or leave t...
    5 Relationships 15
  206. What happened to winning on the merits ?
    I've read from several sources that Hillary holds a 'file' of 'scandalous information' on Barack Obama which she is promising not to use (for now) for the sake of a unified party heading into the general election - What happened to winning on the merit...
    2 Politics 14
  207. How do I file for taxes?
    I'm twenty and I have no idea how to do my taxes. I'd like to be able to do it on my own instead of having to spend money at H&R Block having someone do it for me. Is there a website that'll give me a rundown or a checklist on what I should be doing, o...
    3 Money 31
  208. Is soy milk really better than regular milk?
    I recently (about 2 weeks ago) switched to soy milk for my allergies. I recently spoke to someone who told me that they put a lot of artificial hormones and nonsense into it? Does anyone know if this is true and whether it will really benefit me in the...
    6 Food 27
  209. How can I preserve my hip tattoos when i decide i'm ready for children?
    I have my hips done and i'm wondering what is the best way to increase my chances of avoiding distortion. I dont get stretch marks so that will work in my benefit. I know some distortion is inevitable but i'm just wondering what will help keep it to a ...
    11 Style 18
  210. Is John McCain disabled or not?
    I just read that John McCain is considered 100% disabled by the VA and receives $58,000/year in disability. McCain has assured voters that he is fit enough to hike the Grand Canyon. So which is it. Is he disabled or not? Also, isn't this the sa...
    5 Politics 51
  211. What do you think of this family gang?
    I want to reunite all my relatives from cousins to distant cousins and tell them to help each other in their field and together try different business in our benefit. It would be like my own league justice team. Make a strong family with contacts every...
    2 Money 16
  212. 5 hour energy drinks...healthy?
    it seems a bit odd doesnt it?? 5 hours of energy, 4 calories, just a cup of coffee, and nothing but vitamin b6. it seems wierd to me. I have drinken a few to test it out over time, and it does give you energy. but my question is is it healt...
    7 Nutritionfitness 55
  213. 17 and baby
    should a 17 w/baby and one yr of school be out of the home that I've supported and is taken care of the baby ans because there is a issue between my self and husband which is in court and counsling she has let her oldeest sister think she can live w...
    2 Babies 10
  214. Baby circumcision
    I am having a little boy, so one of the questions is to circumsize or not to circumsize. I have no religious standings for it if I decided to do it. I know neither have health benefits better than the other, and it's mostly a cosmetic decision. At my h...
    20 Family 64
  215. Do you think its a bad thing?
    Ok I have this friend... We have sex a lot So me and him decided to be friends with benefits Do you think its a bad thing? new believes are to just live life I dont wanna be in a relationship thats to much Having a boyfriend is hard and takes...
    2 Sex 15
  216. How do you find out if a guy likes you?
    ive been talkin 2 this guy for a week now but he says he dont want a relationship but i do...all he wants to do is be friends with benefits...what should i do???he said later on we might can date but the worst thing is its my teachers stepson and his...
    3 Relationships 28
  217. Funguy: Can you answer some Adsense questions?
    Hi funguy, I was just reading one of your answers. You mentioned that to track your pageviews you put the url of your questions into a Adsense channel. What is the URL of a FunAdvice question? Also, I noticed that many people like yourself are answer...
    2 Money 16
  218. What are the good and bad affects of birth control that are common?
    I'm 14. I don't want to start taking the pill because I'm sexually active cause I'm not. But I hear that it can causes a lot of benefits such as fuller hair, acne control and more. Are these true true? and what are some other ones? And how can I ask my...
    6 Sex 55
  219. Burning Issue in India
    Extremists in Kashmir creating everyday a new problem for Indian Republic. Now this is all about granting a piece of land to Amaranth Shrine Board for creating temporary structure for the benefit of people during visit to Amaranth Caves. Is it a social...
    2 Politics 10
  220. Quantity or quality ?
    Hi - after an illness that ran me down I am now starting to do weight training to build myself up. at present I do 100 bench presses with a 20kg bar in one session, and am about to progress to something more taxing. My question is - for maximum benef...
    4 Nutritionfitness 17
  221. Where can I find and buy a celibacy/purity ring?
    I have only had sex once my whole life at the age of 21 with my best friend. I do not regret it at all!! I love him too much. However, I do feel like it is best for me to tell him that I do not want to be friends with benefits anymore. I want to share ...
    2 Sex 14
  222. Paranoid about my weight
    This sucks :/ I'm so paranoid about my weight atm Its more my stomach inparticular I want it almost flat but its so fatt right now I'm always hungry Does anyone have ideas what I could do that would help? Like what sort of foods would benefit me whic...
    3 Nutritionfitness 48
  223. free tuition with death of a parent?
    my dad died when I was mom said she thought for some reason that since a parent died before the time I turned 18, that I got free college for any college in the doesnt sound right to me..she said its part of social security or somethhing,...
    4 Education 154
  224. Which game system should I buy and with how many gigs?
    i'm planning to by a game system but i can't decide which one is better, the ps3 or xbox 360. If choose eather one of them, how many gigabites game system should i buy. also, please tell the benefits of the game system. i asked a gamestop manager which...
    4 Gaming 12
  225. Do people eat raw cocoa beans?
    I know theyre extreeemely good for you. Ummm do you eat them raw? If so, do You chew them? Umm I've had raw cocoa and it was really bitter.. I'm starting the Raw-foods diet .. But I dont understand eating raw cocoa beans.. Whether to chew ...
    3 Health 97
  226. What if im to tight?
    So I like this guy and weve been friends wit benefits foor awhile now.he wants to finger me and I want himm to too but im scared ill be too tight and it wll hurt. Same with sex. Hes not a virgin and I am so im scared he will compare me to other girls...
    2 Sex 758
  227. boyfriend Help!!!!
    ok, I had a boyfriend for 2 months then he broke up with me to have a fling with some other girl. that didn't last long between. but he wants me back now. for over a week he chased after me. now we're kind've like friends w/ benefits. im starting to fa...
    3 Relationships 19
  228. Can a pessimist try to be more of a "bright side" person without seeming fake?
    I've always been a pessimist but lately i've been seeing how my negative reaction is influencing the younger people around me and I want to be more positive around them. But I have a lot of peerse around too and they've known me for a really long time ...
    2 General 19
  229. Medi-cal on immigrants
    This is about medi-cal for pregnancy Well I wanted to know why is it that were natural born american citizens worked hard for our money but immigrants get it like nothing here? I mean I applyed for medi-cal when I was pregnant and you have to be 18 ye...
    2 Health 8
  230. How do I get a guy to like me back?
    Ok. I really like this guy a lot. We stay up all night texting each other for hours. Our txts are usually like stuff about sex. One time he asked me who I liked so I told him I liked him! Then he said "really?" and I said ya. Then I asked him who he li...
    2 Sex 20
  231. I know nuts are healthy but they are high in calories...
    Hi, I'm on a very small diet. I excercise almost every day, and I'm trying to eat right. I'm not overweight, but I want a flatter stomach. I was wondering, is it okay to eat nuts if you want to have not as much calories? I've heard they benefit someone...
    2 Nutritionfitness 39
  232. What do I do about this break up?
    hi angel, my break up has been very difficult for me and you seem to be the one that helps me out the most, thank u, well I did what you said and asked my ex how she feels, and her answer was basically shes confused, she might love me but she want to...
    3 Relationships 6
  233. Should companies be able to track your online habits?
    Should Companies be able to track your online habits? I want your opinion, what do you think?...I also want an good websites to search and know more about it, tell me if you know one... I have other questions on that topic as well...: 1) Shoul...
    2 Technology 147
  234. Should there be warnings about blind people?
    Okay, this is a true court case: a woman tripped over the cane of a blind employee at a grocery store. She was running through the store and not paying attention. She sued the store, saying they should have put up signs warning customers that there w...
    6 Politics 60
  235. English in a Language Policy
    Hey I was wondering, in a place like South Africa where we have 11 official languages, why would English be the main medium of instruction in schools. And yes I know that it would benefit the students for when they want to find employment, seeing as we...
    5 Education 22
  236. Should I go back?
    About a year ago my school noticed I wasn't eating. So when the new school year began the questioned me I started to see doctors, nurses, counsilors and all sorts but stop after a month or so because it wasn't helping. My school thinks im getting worse...
    3 Health 12
  237. Was he trying to ask me to Homecoming?
    Well,I have a guyfriend,Tommy and I like him,more than a friend.We were kind of,I guess you can say, "Friends with Benefits," but it lasted for a very,short amount of time.On the other hand,I was on the computer,about two days ago,and we started to tal...
    6 Relationships 14
  238. Where can a convicted felon get a job in Oklahoma?
    I was convicted in May of 1992 and did 2 years and 8 months in prison. That was 17 years ago. I was released, discharged my time, no parole or probation in January of 1995. I have went from job to job over the years, but I am now approaching the age of...
    9 Money 278
  239. What to do when two guys want me to fall for them?
    ok so things are really messed up right now and these two guys(ones an ex and the other is kind of a friends with benefits but not exactly) are trying to see which one I will fall for..the sad thing is my ex has a girlfriend and the other guy is such a...
    3 Relationships 22
  240. What are the ups and downs of going into the airforce?
    I've been taking an aviation class/club in my high school which has more to do with the airforce and aviation maintenance. I was never into airplanes and all those stuff but I took the opportunity to join the class because it sounded interesting. I wan...
    5 Money 48
  241. What is your opinion on population control?
    Do you think that there are any potential benefits to population control? Some might argue that as long as a person has the means to care for the children, he or she should have as many as he or she wants. Others argue that with resources depleting...
    5 Sex 40
  242. How do I make my wife happy and content?
    You know it is hard sometimes being a man. There are sometimes many things that are put on to us that others don't understand. We are to be the providers comforters protectors lovers friends put all of these together and you're supposed to get a husban...
    6 Relationships 128
  243. 28% of federal programs are not performing?
    Based on our most recent assessments, 28% of Federal programs are Not Performing. This is from the "" website, which shows you how much of what the federal government is doing that actually works, doesn't work, and is or isn't accountable...
    9 Politics 29
  244. Part-time careers
    Say if I graduate from high school and college, I would want to go on vacations and do other things. A lot of people I know, work longs hard hours until they're so stressed out(like my mom)she works 80 hours a week and I hardly see her. If I stay in sc...
    2 Money 20
  245. Does he like me??
    I've been talking to this guy for a couple of months. To make it short we are kind of friends with benefits. Over the weekend my friend had sex with his friend, well it got back to him that it was me, which it wasnt me. He got really mad about it. Sayi...
    4 Sex 11
  246. What word has this definition?
    Hey all, So I was in a lesson and a word was used that I looked up. The word means like...when you do an act, but only to benefit yourself. So, like if you helped someone out, but only because in doing so, it would make you look better...
    3 Education 23
  247. so im really stupid
    so I met this guy.. and we decided to do the whole friends with benefits thing. and the first few times it worked out and stuff but now I like him. and I no that he doesnt like me like that but I still keep going and having sex with him. I think its ca...
    3 Sex 30
  248. How true is the Obama Deception?
    I've been watching the video and I find it so gut wrenching that the possibility of this happening is likely?! Can someone please give me the benefit of the doubt and say its all a lie? With facts please, not going to accept a blatant statement without...
    5 Politics 8
  249. Breastfeeding
    I would like advice from those who have breastfeed. I have a couple questions. I bottle feed my 1st child. I was wondering if it is possible to breastfeed only by bottle. (by pumping your milk out and storing it) I am not comfortable with latching my c...
    3 Health 29
  250. How do I get out of this dinner invite?
    Hey guys. I have been invited to go out for dinner by a friend for her 21st birthday. It's at a really fancy restaurant. And by fancy I mean EXPENSIVE. I'm currently unemployed and literally have $3 in my bank account til next week when I get unemploym...
    2 Relationships 16