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What is my husband in spanish

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  1. How do you say no speak spanish in spanish?
    How do you say no speak spanish in spanish?
    2 General 80
  2. how do you say "was" in spanish?
    how do you say "was" in spanish?
    7 General 64
  3. What is the origin of spanish?
    What is the origin of spanish?
    3 General 15
  4. How do you say fun in spanish?
    How do you say fun in spanish?
    3 General 180
  5. What does mija mean in spanish?
    What does mija mean in spanish?
    8 General 1208
  6. How to say you are welcome in spanish?
    How to say you are welcome in spanish?
    2 General 69
  7. How do you know if your husband is cheating?
    How do you know if your husband is cheating?
    2 Relationships 102
  8. How to say pretty in spanish?
    How to say pretty in spanish?
    2 Style 174
  9. what are all the coutries that speak spanish?
    what are all the coutries that speak spanish?
    2 General 39
  10. How to spell black in spanish?
    How do spell black in spanish
    3 General 76
  11. How do you get over a cheating husband?
    How do you get over a cheating husband?
    2 Relationships 30
  12. How to speak with a spanish accent?
    How to speak with a spanish accent?
    2 General 34
  13. How do you say handsome in Spanish?
    How do you say handsome in Spanish?
    2 General 83
  14. Why are there people who hate Spanish people?
    why are there people that hate spanish people?
    47 General 520
  15. cheating husband
    how do you catch a cheating husband
    2 Relationships 39
  16. How do you say "I left" in Spanish?
    13 General 73
  17. What does this mean in spanish?
    2 General 44
  18. How to say your ugly in spanish?
    6 General 115
  19. How do you say "holiday" in Spanish?
    2 General 21
  20. what is a trophy wife or trophy husband?
    3 General 38
  21. How do you say zoo in Spanish?
    11 General 41
  22. What does "kuluchi" mean in Spanish?
    4 General 77
  23. What are some good recipes I can do with spanish sardines?
    What are some good recipes I can do with spanish sardines?
    2 Food 16
  24. If my husband leaves me and I am not working what are my options?
    If my husband leaves me and I am not working what are my options?
    4 Relationships 139
  25. How do you people deal with stubborn husband?
    How do you people deal with stubborn husband?
    4 Relationships 41
  26. Spanish Studying
    What are the best ways to study for Spanish?
    3 Education 15
  27. How do you say "I love tacos" in spanish?
    How do you say "I love tacos" in spanish?
    3 Education 366
  28. Yes in italian and spanish
    Is the word yes the same in italian as it in spanish?
    3 General 35
  29. How to write a sad letter to your husband?
    How to write a sad letter to your husband?
    2 Literature 192
  30. What are some ways to study for a spanish test?
    3 Education 26
  31. What can I give my husband for father's day?
    24 Shopping 28
  32. translate this in spanish:)
    4 General 16
  33. How do you say pug in spanish?
    4 General 84
  34. how do you say "do work charley" in spanish?
    4 General 22
  35. What does the spanish word "fuego" mean?
    9 General 439
  36. How do you say "I like cheese" in Spanish?
    5 Education 92
  37. spanish pronounce
    how would you pronounce "tostones"??
    6 Politics 63
  38. What is the very first day of the Spanish week ??
    6 Education 26
  39. How do you say you are invited to our baby shower in spanish?
    How do you say you are invited to our baby shower in spanish?
    2 Babies 64
  40. Bible question are there husbands and wives in heaven?
    are there husbands and wives in heaven?
    7 Religion 31
  41. why does my puppy mount my husbands arm
    why does my female puppy mount my husbands arm
    3 Pets 100
  42. What to buy a husband for a Christmas present?
    What do I buy a husband for a Christmas present who has just about everything?
    4 Shopping 41
  43. Spanish learning
    I need to learn spanish can anyone teach me?
    7 Education 37
  44. Does negro mean black in Spanish?
    does the word negro mean black in spanish
    7 General 205
  45. what if the husband drinks the breast milk?
    4 Health 1548
  46. What: Is it bad when my husband is pretty much the only friend I have?
    20 Relationships 253
  47. Can i wife charge her husband with rape if he raped her?
    5 Family 36
  48. Spanish speakin people,
    What does xfa mean?
    4 General 26
  49. What does this mean? Spanish to English
    what does this mean in English Pero Porque
    5 General 10
  50. How can I raise my grade in Spanish if I have no missing assignments?
    4 Education 50
  51. what can the doctors do if my husband doesn't think he is fertile?
    9 Health 96
  52. What are some good Spanish songs or artists I can listen to?
    19 Music 39
  53. How do I excel in Spanish?
    how can I get a (a,b grade)in spanish for the 8th grade
    2 Education 47
  54. Italian or Spanish?
    Would you rather be able to speak Italian or Spanish?
    18 Education 62
  55. What is the equivalent of "Bon Appetit" in Spanish?
    What is the equivalent of "Bon Appetit" in Spanish? Is it "Buen Apetitio?
    3 Education 233
  56. Nose ring wearing husband
    My husband wear nose can I remove it
    5 Style 471
  57. Is that true that almost everybody speaks spanish in miami.
    Is that true that almost everybody speaks spanish in miami.
    4 General 67
  58. Spanish word???
    What is the infinitive of digo in spanish???NEED TO KNOW NOW
    3 General 72
  59. Are two ls pronounced like "y" in spanish?
    Are to ls pronounced like "y" in spanish?
    3 General 69
  60. if my husband is self employed would that work with welfare
    so what if my husband is self employed would that work with welfare
    3 Money 50
  61. Me and my husband are trying to concieve any advice?
    Me and my husband are trying to concieve. Any advice what did some of you guys do that helped?
    2 Health 14
  62. What does this spanish word mean?
    What does the spanish word "morte" mean please and thank you!
    5 General 148
  63. Should I tell my husband about his friend?
    My husbands' best friend want to make love with me. What should I do? Should I tell my husband about his friend?
    4 Relationships 67
  64. What will my husband's name be?
    What will the name of the guy I'm going to marry be?
    4 Relationships 170
  65. Happy Spanish class Day everyone! XD
    5 Education 36
  66. how do you laugh in italian, i know laughing in spanish is "jaja" so what would italian be?
    8 General 94
  67. how do you say i love you in french?? how do you say i love you in french spanish italien greek??
    4 General 36
  68. Is my future husband taken?
    2 Entertainment 21
  69. How do tranlate spanish song to english
    How can I hear a song and translate them
    3 Music 55
  70. Does anyone know of some good Spanish songs or artists?
    14 Music 15
  71. Would it be wrong if I went out with my sister's husband's brother?
    6 Relationships 33
  72. What does this mean in spanish: Los pupitres son motoras!
    4 General 77
  73. Where can I find the cheapest, up to date Spanish/ English Dictionary?
    4 Literature 9
  74. how do you say "maybe i miss you but it doesnt matter" in spanish?
    10 General 44
  75. Can someone translate this into spanish?
    "eventhough its generally safe"?
    2 General 13
  76. How can I find ut abut my husbands pending dwi in florida?
    How can I find ut abut my husbands pending dwi in florida?
    2 Relationships 17
  77. How do I get my husband's password?
    how do I get a password if I want to know if my husband is cheating on me or want to know information about him?
    4 Technology 201
  78. What are the good and bad of spanish boys?
    What are the good things about spanish boyfriends? And what are the bad? As in qualities
    2 Relationships 64
  79. How do you say I love you in spanish???
    Well this girl love it when I say thing's in spanish but I can't with out saying I love you first!!!
    4 General 55
  80. Who likes to hear spanish songs from mexico?
    who like to hear reaggeaton music from mexico spanish??
    2 Music 11
  81. Can white people and Spanish people go to the BET awards?
    So can white people and spanish people go 2 the bet awards ? ? ?
    2 Entertainment 59
  82. Whats a good Mexican food I can cook for Spanish class?
    9 Food 45
  83. What's a typical dish for the Spanish?
    what do they usually eat like an everyday typical dish?
    3 Food 32
  84. How do I explain to my husband that I would like him to masturbate me with his whole hand?
    4 Sex 99
  85. What can i do? My husband still sending mails to his ex; saying that he still in love with her.
    11 Relationships 30
  86. Italian, American, Spanish, or Chinese food?
    which do you like best?
    17 Food 44
  87. How do you say "What will he look like?" or "What is he going to be like?"(meaning personality) in Spanish?
    3 General 9
  88. Daughter's aunt's husband's riddle?
    Candace is Jane's daughter's aunt's husband's daughter's sister. What is the relationship between Candace and Jane?
    3 General 125
  89. different way to sign for spanish, english, german, etc,.?
    For sign language, is there a different way to sign for spanish, english, german, etc,.? Or is it all the same??
    5 General 56
  90. What are some good French or Spanish films to watch?
    You know, like films that are actually IN French or Spanish...
    7 Entertainment 21
  91. Why doesn't my husband give our daughter kisses?
    Why doesnt my husband feel comfortable with giving our daughter kisses?!
    10 Babies 49
  92. Who else is spanish here other than me?
    Ok, so I am spanish, german, indian, and american all together. Just wondering :) :) :)
    4 General 37
  93. What is a good nickname to call a girl in spanish?
    What is a good nickname to call a girl in spanish. I want to give my girl a nickname in spanish but I don't want it to be really long, so what is a good nickname.
    11 Relationships 6227
  94. How do I learn Spanish?
    My boyfriends mom speaks spanish and he wants me to learn what should I do and if you know spanish help me if you well
    4 General 13
  95. Spanish Rock or punk bands
    anyone know of any?? like both spanish rock bands. and spanish punk bands. I like catepecu machu.
    2 Music 58
  96. Who knows what the spanish remake of the song stand by me is called?
    Does anyone know what the song is called and who sang it?
    9 Music 31
  97. Can anyone give me the spanish letters, the ones with stuff above them or how to make it on the computer?
    3 Technology 44
  98. Who played an important role in the spread of Spanish settlements throughout the U.S.?
    2 Education 134
  99. How do you feel about girls/women trying to trap their boyfriend or husband by getting pregnant?
    20 Relationships 70
  100. How do you say "saved" in Spanish?
    I don't know the past tense very wel.. //:
    18 General 64
  101. Spanish help
    What does the following mean Como estas And.. Bien
    6 Education 48
  102. how do i know if its ok to be next door neighbors to my husbands ex girlfriend ?
    19 Relationships 74
  103. Does anyone know any good songs in Spanish?
    Does anyone know any good songs i can listen to on youtube thats not in english, but in spanish?
    9 Music 19
  104. How do you say NEEDS in Spanish?
    How do you say NEEDS in Spanish? Need proper spelling too. example: "Bob NEEDS new shoes."
    8 General 77
  105. How do I talk dirty to my husband?
    I try and talk dirty to my husband but I never make any sence to sound sexy
    3 Sex 151
  106. What rap ( english or spanish) radio station do you listen 2??
    I'm bored so ... What rap ( english or spanish) radio station do you listen 2???
    5 Music 41
  107. What websites will help me learn Spanish?
    ok I need to learn spanish so I can do cheerleading and I have to learn it helpp do you people no any websites
    6 Education 43
  108. tell me 15 non - accented words in the Spanish language?
    Can someone please tell me 15 non - accented words in the Spanish language?
    4 General 38
  109. Spanish songs
    Does anyone know any good spanish love songs? I have a spanish crush and I want to learn spanish for him. I learn better through music...
    4 Music 44
  110. How do I get my husband to want me?
    So I went through the "don't touch me" phase but now I want it all the time. How can one satisfy themselves?
    2 Relationships 18
  111. How do I block my ex husbands texts?
    It costs me my minutes when he texts and I dont want any text frim him.
    4 Technology 52
  112. why do spanish people put "¿?" on there words like "¿Por que tan serio?"
    5 Education 15
  113. Which of the iPod apps is the best to learn Spanish?
    audio, images, writing, w/e is the best to learn!
    3 Education 13
  114. What can be done if my husband gets piles only a few times per year?
    is surgery nessasary, as he had it done once?
    2 Health 10
  115. Does anybody know a virtual game that you can play were you have a husband and raise kids LoL?
    10 Technology 65
  116. How do you say this in spanish?
    How do you say 3,509,000 in spanish? ( I lost my guide how to say large numbers...) Thanks!
    4 General 49
  117. translate in Spanish
    How do ü say I'm happyer then ever and madly in you write that in Spanish?
    6 General 49
  118. Spanish language.
    People who speak spanish do you like the novel 'En nombre del Amor'?
    3 General 11
  119. Spanish 1 class
    What is a good way to study for a Spanish one class, it's the very first test. Any study tips?
    3 Education 14
  120. my husband to want to have sex with me and someone else
    my husband wants a threesome with me and ahot young chic. is this normal
    9 Sex 295
  121. What is babe in spanish?
    I need help sayin babe in spanish because I love him iight thanks 4 helpin me if you do help
    2 General 77
  122. How to get my husband to spend more time with the kids?
    4 Family 59
  123. how should I celebrate my 1st wed anniversary with my husband?
    next week is our 1st anniversary.I want to celebrate it at home with my husband.
    2 Entertainment 21
  124. husbands credit card debts
    In new york is a wife responsible for her husbands credit card debts if she doesnt hold a card?
    2 Money 32
  125. can this be my departed husband
    twice my radio came on by its self thjen my gps that had been turned off for weeks came on by its self can this be my departed husband
    3 Relationships 42
  126. HELP how do you say ... in spanish
    I have this class and I lost my notes and I need to know how to say your a cheese head in spanish by tomorrow
    6 Literature 46
  127. How would I say this correctly in spanish?
    You would say "the book girl" as "la señorita libro" in spanish, right? Or would señorita and libro be switched?
    3 General 48
  128. why it is painful when me and my husband are having sex?
    it was not like that before. when he's trying to go inside me it hurts and after the intercourse. but while doing it - its not that painful but uncomfortable.
    2 Sex 21
  129. Spanish help...trenslate
    Translate this in spanish 1.we are nice. 2.maría and anita are intelligent students.
    3 General 64
  130. How can I improve my spanish?
    I have a HUGE spanish test comeing up and I don't know anything, It's not that I don't study because I do I just CAN'T do it, CAN'T remmember any of it. Please help!
    5 Education 39
  131. what style would you say this house is? i need it for my spanish assignment but i dont know what it would be categorized as
    3 General 7
  132. RH(D) O positive blood my husband is O my daughter was born with A+
    I have a RH(D) O positive blood my husband is O my daughter was born with A+ I did not mess around how did that happen.
    6 Family 87
  133. I already Have 5 Kids And My Husband Wants More
    How Do I Tell My Husbsnd I Cant Handle Anymore Kids?
    6 Family 53
  134. How do I ask my husband for another baby?
    I would like to have an other baby. How should I tell my husband because he thinks I dont want any more kids
    5 Family 15
  135. English - Spanish translation help?
    How do you say: "I like bananas" in spanish is it? A mi me gustan los platanos? or just me gustan los platanos?
    2 General 29
  136. Are there any Spanish clubs around D.C.?
    I just moved to haymarket, virginia... so is there any clubs around in this area... manassas, washigton.. ?? any spanish clubs?
    2 General 61
  137. Spanish H3LP
    how do you spell accept in spanish? ahhh help me m doin a report on it and I don't know how to spell accept
    3 General 26
  138. I have a spanish final tomorrow that I know im totally gonna fail!
    I have a spanish final tomorrow that I know im totally gonna fail!!! im not gonna be in spanish after this year so im thinking about not even trying to do good on it. what do you think I should do???
    5 Education 161
  139. How do I help my husband to stop lying?
    My husband tells small lies all the time he is a pathalogical liar and we have separated beacuse of it so I want help to help him to stop it
    3 Relationships 67
  140. How can I look beautiful for my husband?
    how can I look beatiful I am 35 and just want to look pretty for my husband as I am scared he will stray again which he has done and it broke my heart
    12 Style 377
  141. What can I do to make my husband happy in bed?
    I will like to know how to make my husband fee good in bed?I m talking about haveing sex.
    4 Sex 169
  142. What to buy my husband for xmas?
    We've been together nearly seven years, and he keeps saying "I don't want anything" this year. What to buy my husband for xmas?
    2 Shopping 67
  143. what should I do to get breast milk to feed my husband?
    I am 20 years old I want to give milk to my husband before my pregnancy is it possible
    3 Relationships 747
  144. How do you say "Party time!" in Spanish?
    How do you say "Party time!" in Spanish? Need help within like 10 minutes, so your help is greatly appreciated!
    4 General 459
  145. uh spanish people?
    what is a quincenyeta ? I know that its something a spanih person celebrates that ecknolages their growing up?
    5 General 9
  146. How can I become fluent in Spanish from now until the end of summer?
    What's the fastest way (any programs, tapes, audio, ect.)?
    8 Education 16
  147. What is the difference between Hispanic, Spanish, Latin, and Latino?
    I heard that hispanic is a made up term by mr. richard nixon.
    5 General 50
  148. How can I learn my Spanish speaking piece?
    I have until next wednesday, and it is about 1 and a half pages long, A4
    2 Education 12
  149. Spanish translation
    I need a translation for this vous etes ... Ainsi joli j'aime vous parler tellement
    10 General 52
  150. Are you waiting until marriage to move in with your husband?
    Im 16 and have the value and moral of waiting till im married to move in with a are you the same?
    6 Sex 38
  151. Can anyone translate Spanish?
    can anyone translate anything spanish for me? if you know any spanish at all feel free to write whatever, im just curious and I might want to learn spanish soon
    9 General 50
  152. Husband's female friend
    My husband has a female best friend who happens to be his ex. I know he used to love her like bad. Should I allow this friendship?
    2 Relationships 11
  153. How do you say "Kiss me" in spanish?
    I'm watchin the Hannah Montana episode (lol) where Jackson tutors that girl in spanish and she askes him that. How do you say it?
    6 General 123
  154. What's a good birthday party idea for my husband?
    What are some good ideas for a man's birthday party in November? I'm planning a party for my husband (he doesn't like sports, so that's not a good theme).
    2 Entertainment 90
  155. Trish Stratus, who is her husband?
    does anyone know who trish stratus's husband is? I love TRISH STRATUS SHE ROCKS!!! sorrry this isn't the catagory for this king of qestion but it's my favorite!
    3 Entertainment 68
  156. My husband
    What can I do with my husband when we have relations at night he to lovely with me but the next day he's mad and like nothing happen and starts treating me bad???
    5 Relationships 34
  157. my husband thinks i'm cheating
    my husband thinks i'm cheating on him. i'm not he gets mad when i talk to other men. but has a women friend. i never cheated on him his last wife did.
    2 Relationships 58
  158. Spanish Lovers...
    Is it true the best lovers are hispanics? Im from PR and I really can't call it... What do you all think? We are good to be around but other then that don't no???
    2 Relationships 39
  159. How to stop nagging to my husband?
    How should I stop the nagging, recently if noticed my husband has been contacting his ex girl, we wrote some letters which is really bothering me..please help.
    2 Relationships 26
  160. Spanish party music???
    What are some good songs for a spanish party??? All types reggaeton bachata etc... I need names and artist please!!! Thank you
    3 Music 72
  161. What would be a nice christmas gift to give my husband?
    Whats a prefect give to give my boyfriend/husband? But he don't now what he wants either and I not sure what to get him?
    4 Shopping 48
  162. When my husband comes inside of me it comes out right after
    My husbad and I are trying to get pregnet but when we try and he comes insede of me it comes right out or if a go to pee it just comes out the seemes. is this normal how can I get pregnet if just all of it comes out.
    4 Health 310
  163. what does this spanish sentence mean?
    the sentence is Con Bohemio Putosz Asta La Madre De Borracho thank u
    4 General 100
  164. Is this correct Spanish for "I want you to have a good night": "Yo quiero que tu tienes un noche buena"?
    6 Education 14
  165. spanish song!!
    it dont remmbr how it goes buit some of it is like this le pregunte am mi mama del amor...
    3 Music 61
  166. If we have a woman as president how do we call her husband?
    We call him man in charge, or the first man or first knight. I dont have any idea, just wondering lol. What do you think?
    3 Politics 58
  167. Spanish Recipes?
    I have to make a spanish cooking video where I make an authentic spanish recipe (spanish meaning from any spanish-speaking country) and explain how to do it and then serve it! I want to do something definitely original, yet not too hard to make. Have a...
    6 Food 15
  168. I need to go on a trip with my husband where should we go
    kings island or florida but we have there a bout 19 time s and kings island only once so help out besides we are not in very good shape me and my husband arent
    3 Travel 42
  169. Any good spanish pop songs?
    Anyone knows cool spanish pop songs that I can listen too, I like rbd, camila and reik , but I don't know any other bands any suggestions please
    6 Music 78
  170. Why does my husband's penis go down when we are about to get it on?
    well my husband at first is hard we start fooling around but when it comes down to have sex it all of a sudden goes down when he is about to enter me.
    4 Sex 49
  171. Q.s 4 Spanish Words
    Is "hi how are you doing" coma estas in Spanish??? Is "hello" hola?? Is "thank you" gracios? Is "skittles" (the candy) skittles? is "rubber" rubber? ??? jw if they do...
    3 Literature 12
  172. what are good spanish songs to dance too ?
    reggae or anything latino. good r&b songs spanish hip hop: makano or daddy yankee things
    4 Music 83
  173. What should I do for my husband for Valentine's Day?
    what should I do for my husband for valentine's day? something cheap but meaningful. does anyone know of any good craft sites I could go to and get ideas?
    4 Shopping 104
  174. Should I have checked with husband before I got my nipples pierced?
    Hey, I just got my nipples pierced. My husband thinks I am supposed to ask if I get pierced or tattooed. I think that is way wrong! did'nt ask by the way. what do you think? Thanx
    5 Style 219
  175. How do you say "beagle" in Spanish?
    Ive had my school going on about the correct way to say it.We cant think of a specific word any ideas?
    5 General 67
  176. Where can I learn Spanish online?
    I'm interested in learning Spanish online, but I don't know any good sites. Could you suggest some? Also, how long does it typically take to learn a new language ( specifically Spanish)?
    9 Education 20
  177. Spanish music video with a black guy and girl on the beach
    what is the name of a spanish music video with a black girl and guy on the beach. there's a lot of amor's in. please help I really need to find it ASAP
    2 Music 190
  178. Spanish love songs??
    me and my girlfriend both love music so I wanted to make her a cd for our anniversary. she's Latina, I was wondering if anyone knew any good Spanish love songs.. thanks :)
    3 Music 130
  179. Why does my husband lie all the time ?
    My husband lies to me all the time. His lies seem like little white lies that make no sense. I don't understand why it he can't seem to tell the truth. It is very frustrating for me and only makes me suspicious that he is cheating on me. I don't know w...
    2 Relationships 35
  180. spanish dance song
    I heard a spanish song when I was in spain this summer. I heard it in a club and everybody danced when they heard it. it was a spescial dance. I only remember a few words from it: "alli alli" (the guys sings) "asi asi" (the girls sings)
    4 Music 155
  181. What should I do my husband is looking to have an affair ?
    Hes looking on line to have an affair because he wants to leave me because he says I didnt give him enough sex the past 10 years
    4 Sex 56
  182. dont know why my husbands family have to be so backward
    I just dont know why my husbands family have to be so backward just because he chose to marry me rather than have them fin a suitable girl!!!they wont give me the same respect that they give to my husbands brothers wife!just because they chose her how ...
    3 Family 37
  183. How do I talk to my husband about my eating disorder?
    Bout my eating disorder he knows I have one but he doesnt know the inside stuff How do I bring it up and what do I say?? Help P.s not ready for help so you all know
    7 Health 37
  184. Hate my husband's family
    I really hate my husbands family all of them... Is it wrong to wish that somethin bad was to happend between my husband and his family so that he wouldnt have to speak to them again. Is it wrong to act like they dont exsist or to put it in his head tha...
    5 Family 116
  185. What are good names for a spanish resturaunt
    For a school prodject, I have to come up with a name for a mexican resturaunt,my parents want it to be a short title and I want it to be funny(nothing vulger)
    2 Education 18
  186. How to have fun with a Spanish exchange student?
    For the summer, my friend and I are getting an exchange student from Spain. What should we do to have fun with her? Obviously, basic things. But how do we give her the ultimate summer trip experience?
    3 Travel 32
  187. Why pink discharge not pregnant due to husbands vasectomy??
    Was wondering why I'm having light pink discharge after sex? This is the first time it's happened and theres no possible way I can be pregnant due to my husbands vasectomy..
    3 Sex 1042
  188. How can I tell my husband what to do in bed?
    My husband can't understand why I don't like having sex with him. He just cant get me to have an orgasm. And he just cant take a nice conversation without getting mad. If you can answer it would be appreciated.
    2 Sex 36
  189. Ridde, A woman shoots her husband, can you guess?
    A woman shoots her husband. Then she holds him under water for over 5 minutes. Finally, she hangs him. But 5 minutes later they both go out together and enjoy a wonderful dinner together. How can this be?
    6 General 55
  190. Can someone help me speak speak spanish fast .?
    I realy want to learn to speak spanish and iwanna learn fast becuase my dad speakes it and when hs onthe phone I wanna knowwhat he saying
    5 General 13
  191. How can I help my husband last longer in bed?
    I want to know what can help my husband to stop early ejaculation please help i want to enjoy sex again i really love him but our s*x is troubleing.
    2 Sex 51
  192. How can I trick my husband into getting me pregnant?
    I want a baby but my husband isnt ready weve been married for to years and we have sex with and without a condom... how do I trick him into getting me pregnant ebcause I really want one
    15 Sex 8063
  193. How can my husband find a job with felony charges?
    My husband was charged with felony! It was a fight five and him, self defense and still charged with felony. He has been looking for a job for a whole year and can't find one. We want to relocate to miami, where can he look for a job?
    2 Money 390
  194. Whats the easiest way to learn spanish cheap and fast?
    how can I learn spanish cheap and fast so I can get a C or better in it this year I have an F right now and I cant seem to get it please help
    13 Education 86
  195. How do I tell my girl that I love her in spanish?
    My girl is mexican she speak english and spanish, I wanted to know how do I tell her that I love her in spanish. I know how to read it but I won't know what it mean. So if anyone can think of some thing like that for me to tell her I would appreciate i...
    3 Relationships 206
  196. Does anyone know a website I can get old GCSE exam papers for english and spanish to use?
    Hopefully with model answers to go with them..
    2 Education 14
  197. What to get my husband for our first Valentine's Day?
    I want to get my hubby something perfect for our first Valentines together. Any ideas? Men please tell me what you like! :) <3
    4 Shopping 53
  198. How can I tell my husband he aint good in bed?
    Well to start he only last about 3-5 min. Before finshing also I never get a orgasm
    4 Relationships 65
  199. How do you say am/pm in spanish?
    Ok I need to know how to say 1.) 9am to 3pm 2.) 7am to 2pm 3.)6am to 1pm Thanks !
    3 General 311
  200. What are some good Spanish and English duets?
    I especially like Romeo Santos feat. Usher - Promise. So anything like that would be greatly appreciated (: thank you
    3 Music 50
  201. Can I produce breast milk for my husband without being pregnant?
    My husband loves my breasts, he likes to fondle them and suck them...he also wants to drink milk from them. Is it at all possible to fulfill his wishes and produce breastmilk without pregnancy?
    6 Health 18187
  202. Bday gift for my husband
    I want to plan a surprize for my husband on his bday..can you please suggest me abt it...wot to do..some special bday gifts...etc..I want him to remember this bday lifelong so need a really special surprize..this is his 1st bday after our marriage.
    2 Shopping 36
  203. How to see my husband's Myspace?
    I need to get into my husbands myspace account.I heard hes cheating on me and got the women preg!I know his email but i cant get the password can anyone help me
    3 Technology 52
  204. When I order in restaurants, people talk to me in spanish, why?
    I dont know if this only happen to me but sometimes when I ask for food in some restaurants, people talk to me in spanish, I mean why this happen to me do I look like a spanish guy tell me please I know some words in spanish, but this always makes me ...
    2 Food 42
  205. How do you make Mexican, or Spanish Coffee?
    i went to mexico and i tried it (but the people who made it didnt put in as much alcohal) but my mom and dad really like it!
    2 Food 58
  206. how do you say in spanish what are we going to do when I get there?
    I need to know for my friend... please Hispanics helppp I want to hold better conversation with the person I am desperate for help?
    3 General 50
  207. Why is my husband having dreams about me being pregnant?
    Infertility runs in my family. We have been trying for about 3 months now and all of my pregnancy tests are negative, yet I am well over two weeks late now
    10 Health 47
  208. could someone translate this to spanish for me?
    if someone would be able to translate these two quotes below in spanish, it would be much appreciated!!! "be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." and... ...
    4 General 36
  209. How can I be more comfortable masturbating in front of my husband?
    My husband loves to watch me masturbate but I am very inhibited and uncomfortable to pleasure myself in front of him. I believe that if I could overcome this, it would add greatly to our sex life and relationship. Any tips?
    4 Sex 167
  210. Does anyone else think my husband looks like jared letto?
    Does anyone think my husband looks liker and actor and singer jared letto? My husband had a guy at his work say he looks like jared letto I thought nah but then I found this photo heheh and its crazy they look like twins I think?
    3 Style 43
  211. how do you say this in spanish?
    top says all !. I love you 2. shut up 3. what in the world 4 trust me I know 5. please forgive me if you can do the pernounce this I would appriciate it thxs
    6 General 85
  212. My girlfriend speaks spanish and I cant im trying to learn
    How do you say "I want to embrace you tightly in my arms forever and never let you go my sweet sweet love"
    6 Music 50
  213. Is my husband out of love with me?
    I'm afraid my husband has fallen out of love with me! I'm afraid and confused as to why this is! I try to cook, clean, and attend to him, but he just drags his butt around the house all day unhappy and complaining about life. Can someone help me?
    3 Relationships 11
  214. My mom husband is a bad man what do I do
    My mom husbands a bad man I dont like him I dont know how to tell my mom I am scared around him I keep knives in my room just in case but I need help please can somebody give me advice
    5 Family 60
  215. What I do with lier husband?
    My husband lying since 7 years. He lies everything and he is totally negative person. He always hurts me, makes me crying. I have 2 kids I dont work. Please help help help!!!
    3 Relationships 47
  216. Where can my husband work with a felony record?
    Hi My husband is looking for a job but everybodys turning him down because of his backround. You said you know some agencies or something. Well we live in the Van nuys area do you have anything for that?
    2 Money 36
  217. can someone please tell me what this (spanish phrase) means?
    can someone please tell me what this means? "bardzo u ciebie jest nprzyjemnie bardzo lubie tai lunga!!!" (something about tai iung from Kung Fu Panda)
    6 Literature 19
  218. why doesnt my husband get turned on when I wear lingerie for him?
    My husband isnt always in the mood to have sex when he gets home from work he works 12pm to 12 am and hes tired but sometimes I wear cute little lingerie for him and he hates it. Guys why is this?
    2 Sex 154
  219. What did they find on sarah evans husbands computer?
    What exactly did they find on Sarah Evans husbands computer that got her to quit the show? Was he cheating on her or is he some sort of freak? I love dancing with the stars and I thought that she would go further so I was surprised that she left. Wh...
    2 Entertainment 8
  220. learning spanish..
    haha, well im mexican and I understand SOME but not all spanish. I want to start learning cause most of my family and friends speak spanish and I feel retarded not knowing wht they are talking about. so wht are some easy ways to start learning. tha...
    3 General 12
  221. How to put my husband's mind at ease?
    My husband thinks im pregnat because I told him my breast are getting bigger and they are sore. I looked up symptoms of pregnancy to help ease his mind but it just got him more worried. Im afraid im putting myself up for disapointment when or if I f...
    3 Relationships 82
  222. Help with spanish homework
    How would I answer this question using either Que asco or por supesto Comes el sandwich de jamon why queso en el almuerzo?
    4 Education 48
  223. What should I do? My husband wants me to have sex with other men?
    We want to bring more exitement in our sex life by bring a person who we are actraction to in our bed room.there is this guy that I have a crush on and I think has one with me and he's single. Do I pursue him ? I have no idea why my husband wants me to...
    2 Sex 128
  224. Why cant I cum during sex with my husband?
    Well when I have sex with him it feals good real good but I just dont get to cum I cum may be ever 1 out of 10 times I need help if you know what to do please tell me
    3 Sex 257
  225. Is it weird that my husband doesn't want me to get a bikini wax or anything like that because he doesn't want anyone looking at me?
    I was wanting to try a bikini wax or a brazillian wax and he has a small problem with dont know if that's strange or
    44 Relationships 739
  226. Are there any free websites for learning Mexican Spanish?
    I want to learn spanish for when I go back to mexico in two years, I want to be able to be fluent in the language. Also I have been told that there are different types of spanish , so if someone could give me a free website I could use to learn the spa...
    12 Education 25
  227. What could I do to get my husband to have sex with me more often?
    We have sex but not that often!! I want it all the time but he never wants it!!! sounds werid but true.. usually its the other way around!! what should I do? I feel like he doesnt love me anymore?
    3 Sex 38
  228. Is it right for my high school to take out all language classes except Spanish?
    Apparently my school is taking German, French, and Sign Language out of the school all together because "they're useless and will be no good for you in life." and then forcing everyone to take Spanish. Do you think this is fair to the students?
    7 Education 13
  229. What does this Spanish phrase mean, pinche miota?
    I need some help with a phrase. Me and my friend were joking around yesterday and he called me something in spanish...I have no idea what it means or how to spell it, but I think its 'pinche miota' or something like that..I know its an insult though. C...
    5 General 4787
  230. What if I'm losing attraction to my husband?
    i don't want to lose my husband because he is my best friend to but im starting to not be atracted to him as much as i used to be.. he won't give me foreplay or romance so sex is kinda boring what do i do to get our spark back?
    2 Sex 56
  231. Hot new spanish songs?
    I heard a really good one on y100 or z100 not gasolina but some other song! I love it but dont know the name! I think it goes something like ce ce pasa
    11 Music 366
  232. How can I handle my suspicious husband?
    I married a younger man two yr ago. He is very suspicious I am very honest but it seems he can not trust me. And always questions me. I am tired of answering his nonsense question. But I love him and wanna be with him but is getting too difficult. Wha...
    2 Relationships 127
  233. spanish
    The short teacher An interesting class The intelligent student The difficult tests A few big windows My small house Our slow computer Their big car Your lazy cat (gato) His boring books
    2 General 31
  234. Ferrarri or husband
    I just bought myself a new ferrari its nice. But my husband got mad and he said eather your stupid car or me! I was like you are MAD! I love my car but I love you in a different way. But he says that im spending more time in my car than with him he say...
    3 Relationships 10
  235. new spanish song
    I recently heard a song that was in spanish and I really liked it. but I wasnt able to hear what the title was. anyone know what it's called? some of the lyrics: "one! two! three! four! uno! dos! tres! quatro!" that's all I remember.
    2 Music 86
  236. How to learn Spanish phrases online?
    Hola Amigo, I want to learn spanish. At least a few phrases with the proper response. I told myself that one phrase a week would be great. Can anyone help me with a website or info that could put me in the right direction? Gracias
    8 Education 57
  237. help! spanish
    The short teacher An interesting class The intelligent student The difficult tests A few big windows My small house Our slow computer Their big car Your lazy cat (gato) His boring books
    3 General 63
  238. Who should I be angry with, my husband or his sister?
    My sister in law constantly puts me down and insults me everytime we see each other. Yesterday she told my husband she wants to punch me in the face. (not the first time) My husband says she is angry at everyone and to not take it personal and to be th...
    6 Family 95
  239. What do I do if my husbands friend is getting too friendly?
    My husband has this friend that is single and is always at the house. When my husband is occupied at the moment with something else he is always asking these weird questions. I get really nervious around him. Like I can't do anything without him starri...
    7 Family 57
  240. How to trick husband into getting pregnant
    My husband wants another baby but I keep saying that I'm not ready and we need a house before we even try. But I want to surprise him with pregnancy when I am ready but don't want him to have any clue about it. How can I do it? And again, he wants it b...
    3 Health 72
  241. Why do I bleed after making love with my husband?
    I will just get over my period and then about 2-3 days later and my husband will make love but shortly after finishing I start to bleed very hard I already have a kid and he doesn't go to hard or to deep can some body please help me with this could I ...
    6 Health 158
  242. Any one know spanish?
    I'm so sorry. :( te extrano. Te kiero igual o mas que ayer. Te amo I gual o mas de como tu me odias. Solo te kiero. can some please transalate that to english?
    2 General 6
  243. Can someone translate this to spanish?
    Sometimes I put up my walls just to see who cared to break them down. Sometimes I cry because I want to know who will be there to comfort me. Sometimes I go insane casue im lost or confused. But everytime I saw your face. I love you.
    2 General 13
  244. Why does my husband get mad at me for looking at his phone???
    Ok here we go. I have been with this guy for 3 years now. In the past I have caught him talking to other girls. So every now and then I go through his phone just to see whats in there. But he gets so mad at me when I look through it. We are married now...
    9 Relationships 2713
  245. I want a baby but my Husband doesn't (HELP)
    My husband and I have been together for 5 years and married for almost 3. Our 2 day old son died 20 months ago; he was 3 months premature. I am ready to start trying for another baby but my husband isn't. Is there any way that I can convince him. Or is...
    7 Family 46
  246. Help spanish I need your help lol.
    What does this mean? Is it something dirty? Pienso que muchas personas dicen su muy sano why quizá su cauteloso porque usted se puso quiere ser agarrado
    2 General 12
  247. What should I tell her husband?
    so my sister is married and has a kid and tonight I went to go shopping with them and I found out she is talking to a x-boyfriend and he came and talked to her at the gas station we were at and she is wanting to get back with him should I tell her husb...
    2 Relationships 20
  248. Husband problems
    My husband repeatedly tells me that anytime a woman talks to another man other than her husband or vice versa thats its because he/she want to have sex with them. Yet all the time he talks on phone or on computer to another woman, whom I have both aske...
    3 Sex 31
  249. what should I do? my husband is having less sex with me?
    My husband is starting to not want to have sex as much he says he is too tired or is not in the mood he works 8 hours a day I ask him if its me or is he cheating on me he says no I practially trow myself at him and get turned down I don't know what els...
    2 Sex 32
  250. Do you think this special offering a free pizza if you ask for it in Spanish is discrimination?
    They have a pizza special in texas where you can get a big free pepperoni pizza if you ask it in spanish. Many people are saying that is discrimination. I am not agree. I think people are very sensitive these days. So i would ask for my free pizza. Dem...
    15 Politics 45