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  1. Why do we call "french fries" french fries if they are not even French?
    Why do we call "french fries" french fries if they are not even French?!
    6 Food 86
  2. French braid?
    How do you do a french braid?
    2 Style 47
  3. What are some french foods??
    11 Food 33
  4. does eminem have a daughter?
    5 Family 15
  5. french horn
    why is a french horn callled a french horn?
    3 Music 44
  6. Is escargo french for snails?
    Is escargo french for snails?
    2 Education 92
  7. How can I change my daughters password?
    How can I change my daughters password?
    2 Family 82
  8. What does l` mean in french
    What does l` mean in french
    2 Education 327
  9. How can I deal with my teenage daughter?
    how can I deal with my teenage daughter
    18 Babies 361
  10. Does John Cena have a daughter?
    Does John Cena have a daughter?
    12 Entertainment 375
  11. How do I delete my daughters myspace?
    How do I delete my daughter's myspace?
    10 Technology 63
  12. how do you say "hello" in french?
    how do you say "hello" in french?
    3 General 85
  13. how do you say i love you in french?? how do you say i love you in french spanish italien greek??
    4 General 36
  14. How do you say 'everyday' in French?
    6 Education 78
  15. How to write a letter in french?
    2 Literature 45
  16. How to write happy birthday in french?
    How to write happy birthday in french?
    3 General 70
  17. Is JuPierre a french last name?
    Is JuPierre a french last name?
    2 General 13
  18. A Joke, How do you say eat in French?
    How do you say eat in French???
    3 General 64
  19. How to spell hello and good by in french?
    How to spell hello and good by in french
    2 General 17
  20. How can I get along with my teenage daughter?
    How can I get along with my teenage daughter?
    17 Babies 232
  21. How to cope when your teen daughter is pregnant?
    How to cope when your teen daughter is pregnant?
    2 Health 52
  22. What would be to me the daughter of my cousin's mother?
    What would be to me the daughter of my cousins mother.
    8 Family 78
  23. Being a good daughter
    How can I be a good daughter to why parents wheter or not if they are good parents?
    4 Family 48
  24. How do you do a french braid?
    How do you do a french braid on long hair?
    2 Style 22
  25. How to spell the french phrase tushay?
    How to spell the french phrase tushay?
    4 General 857
  26. Should I tell my daughter's biological father that he is her father?
    12 Family 49
  27. Who likes that song farmers daughter?
    3 Music 42
  28. what can i do for my daughters 16th birthday party ?
    6 Entertainment 132
  29. Is it hard to learn french or any other language?
    11 Education 23
  30. Does anyone speak fluent French?
    17 General 41
  31. Should I get a shellac french manicure for my brother's wedding or just cheap french manicures you can get at the drugstore?
    6 Drugs 27
  32. my daughter is up to it again, she is bugging me about joining FA
    17 Babies 40
  33. How do you say "surround sound" in French?
    4 Education 82
  34. Can I rent mcleod's daughters at a video store?
    Can I rent mcleod's daughters at a video store?
    2 Technology 18
  35. How to type french accent marks on a laptop?
    How to type french accent marks on a laptop?
    2 General 49
  36. jobs I can get with a french degree other than translation?
    what are the jobs I can get with a french degree other than translation?
    2 Money 66
  37. Cheap things to do with my daughter for fun?
    What are some cheap things I can do with my daughter so she can have fun with her friends
    11 Babies 1287
  38. Should I keep my daughter home from school?
    Should I keep my daughter home from school if she is depressed ?
    8 Babies 39
  39. When can my daughter legally leave school?
    When can my daughter legally laeve school
    9 Education 24
  40. how do you say Hey my name is Carly in french?
    how do you say Hey my name is Carly in french?
    4 Literature 545
  41. How to plan my brother's daughter's first birthday?
    2 Babies 16
  42. Does anyone here speak French?
    5 Education 35
  43. How do you convince a father to let you date his daughter?
    4 Family 62
  44. Who speaks french?
    7 General 18
  45. is it normal for your mum to love a puppy more than her daughter ?
    6 Family 23
  46. Who played major roles in the French Revolution?
    3 Politics 9
  47. How do I get my daughter's father to spend more time with her?
    2 Family 5
  48. How do you write 28th September 2010 in French?
    3 General 13
  49. Is the French inch longer or shorter than the British inch?
    2 General 90
  50. Why do Americans call chips "French Fries"?
    25 Food 160
  51. who knows if the french won ww1 against british?
    9 Education 20
  52. Why does my daughter's breast hurt when it grows?
    my daugter's breast is growing but it hurt, what should I do?
    8 Health 290
  53. Do parents protect their daughters way more than their sons?
    12 Family 102
  54. how do you french kiss?
    how do french kisss? any one tell me pls
    6 Relationships 104
  55. My daughter doesn't act 18
    My daughter is 18 but never acts like this
    4 Babies 37
  56. What is French Kissing
    is french kissing like making out or what please explain!!
    2 Relationships 337
  57. Does anyone want to talk in French?
    does anyone want to talk to me in french im in french2
    2 General 47
  58. Should I translate all the words to French online?
    The title french didn't fit so should I translate all the words to french?
    5 Education 36
  59. Is it true that French girls really don't shave their armpits?
    7 Style 104
  60. Daughter with braces an need to get them off
    How do you get braces off teeth at home
    10 Babies 35
  61. What does this mean: "Tu loges ou" (it's French, by the way)?
    7 Education 197
  62. What does the French phrase 'Depeche-toi!' mean?
    2 General 705
  63. Can someone show or tell me how to do a french braid crown?
    2 Style 16
  64. French toasts and french fries are from France or somebody made that up?
    I have always called it like that, but i dont know why lol.
    2 Food 17
  65. How can you tell if someone's nails are fake if they don't have a French manicure?
    6 Style 70
  66. How do you say " Hi my name is _______, what's yours?" and "We should hang out some time" in french?
    10 General 91
  67. does any one know of a site that will teach you french for free?
    3 Literature 7
  68. What are some really good father-daughter songs?
    19 Music 63
  69. Can anyone translate to French?
    I can't wait for your party on saturday
    5 General 25
  70. French Tip nails.
    what do you use to get a perfect straight french tip ?? any tips
    3 Style 104
  71. Are There Any Good Websites That Will Help Me Learn French ?
    Are There Any Good Websites That Will Help Me Learn French ? Thanks x
    3 Education 41
  72. French plaits?
    Rite anyone know how to do french plaits?:) Thankss:) xx
    2 Style 12
  73. help my 3 month old daughters blocked nose
    what can I do to help my 3 month old daughters blocked nose
    2 Babies 16
  74. Do Tim McGraw's daughters sing in his "Fly Away" video?
    Is it Tim Mcgraw's daughters singing in his Fly Away video?
    4 Music 134
  75. Playing item for 2 years old grand daughter
    Playing item for 2 years old grand daughter
    2 Babies 10
  76. Daughter's aunt's husband's riddle?
    Candace is Jane's daughter's aunt's husband's daughter's sister. What is the relationship between Candace and Jane?
    3 General 125
  77. what does this mean in english ? French translation
    4 General 113
  78. How do I ask my daughter about her boyfriend?
    I dont know anything about my daugthers boyfriend what do I ask him
    4 Family 130
  79. Do you think Casey Anothey killed her daughter, Caylee Marie Anothey?
    14 Politics 27
  80. What are some easy words or sentences that I can learn in french or any other foreign language?
    16 General 32
  81. Which do you think is better-french fries or tater tots?
    13 Food 47
  82. French money??
    whats a us doller worth in paris?
    2 Travel 14
  83. How can I get my 12 year old daughter to understand that I am a person too?
    11 Babies 148
  84. What is a good product for my daughter to use for her dry eyes (she is 11)?
    11 Health 15
  85. Should I allow my daughter to date or wear makeup?
    Should I allow my 12 year old daughter to date or wear makeup?
    14 Babies 92
  86. Why doesn't my husband give our daughter kisses?
    Why doesnt my husband feel comfortable with giving our daughter kisses?!
    10 Babies 49
  87. What are some good French or Spanish films to watch?
    You know, like films that are actually IN French or Spanish...
    7 Entertainment 21
  88. meeting daughter's boyfriend's parents
    We are going out to dinner to meet my daughter's boyfriend's parents. Do we offer to pay?
    5 Family 946
  89. how to deal with my 13 year old daughter
    how to deal with my 13 year old daughter that dont want to listen
    11 Babies 199
  90. Is it normal that my daughter is very reluctant to go to the gyno?
    is it normal that my daughter is very reluctant to go to the gyno? and says she doesnt need to?
    3 Health 36
  91. how to tell my daughter about why women have periods?
    need some ideas on the best ways to tell my daughter about why women have periods
    4 Health 56
  92. When do you use Reflechis Verbs for French???
    For french, when would you use the Reflechis verb thing? I know how to do it, but I dont know when to use it.
    2 Education 75
  93. My daughter is almost 12 sore breasts
    My daughter has sore breasts is this common in puberty or should I be more concerned?
    9 Babies 3096
  94. My 12 year old daughter.
    my 12 year old daughter is a sizes 44 D is that Normal.
    9 Health 335
  95. What state's name comes from the French words for green and m
    What state's name comes from the French words for green and mountain?
    2 General 55
  96. whats an easy way to learn french?
    i need to learn french before i go to paris.
    19 Education 37
  97. I've got a french oral tomorrow, any advice?
    I've got a french oral tomorrow and I'm crap at french, any advice? x
    9 Sex 100
  98. Where can I take my French exchange in England around the north of England or just places in general?
    2 Travel 9
  99. how do you jerk off your bf? and is it possible that if you french and make out too long that you can become preqqo?
    4 Education 110
  100. What kind of therapist would a mother and daughter get to work out there problems with?
    5 Family 22
  101. 14 year old Twyla. Daughter of the Boogey Man, photographed by me.
    10 Money 13
  102. How hard is it to learn French?
    I am very intrested in the culture, and the language is just plain lovely.
    9 General 63
  103. does anyone know what "the memory keepers daughter" by kim edwards is about?
    3 Literature 15
  104. Who can translate this French to English?
    what does j'attends l'amour mean?
    10 Education 42
  105. How do you use the future tense in French?
    We're doing it and it makes NO sense :L
    2 Literature 36
  106. do you think someone is a bad parent just because they don't put their daughter on birth control?
    12 Family 55
  107. Daughter's Birthday
    What birthday present suggestions do you have for my 15-year old daughter, who loves to draw.
    5 Babies 36
  108. Why son instead of daughter?
    if God loved us all equally, why did He send a son (Jesus) instead of a daughter to us?
    14 Religion 40
  109. have a big exam of french help me
    tomorow I have a big exam of french and I dont want to go to college,what can I do
    4 Education 31
  110. Dick Cheneys daughter?
    I always wondered... If Dick Cheneys daughter is lesbian, and Bush was against Lesbians marrying, than was that an insult to Cheney? Or was he all for it too?
    4 Politics 34
  111. My daughter needs my support
    Is the marines a good option for my 18 year old daughter?
    4 Education 15
  112. Is it true that French women don't get fat?
    I have never seen a fat french woman. Do women from France not get fat?
    4 Nutritionfitness 47
  113. What to say when my 8 year old daughter says she has a boyfriend?
    My daughter is only 8 years old. should I be worried about this? should I tell her its okay? should I tell her it is not okay?
    8 Babies 131
  114. Should I ask my 21-year-old daughter if she's gay?
    how can I go about asking my 21yr. old daughter if she's gay?
    17 Babies 337
  115. Should my daughter read at the age of 4?
    Because my daughter spells her name and thats it am a curious mom.
    5 Babies 48
  116. why moms be distrespectful to daughters?
    why when somethig breaks or comes up missing do moms blame ther daughters
    5 Family 53
  117. daughter worry
    my 5 year old daughter sucks her thumb. what can I do to discontinue her habbit?
    12 Babies 34
  118. Why is the french horn called the french horn?
    y is the french horn called the french horn even tho the english created it and why is the hornenglasia or sumthing like that in french with english on the end even tho the french created it I need 2 no or my music teacher wont give me a mars bar!!!
    3 Music 522
  119. What do you dip your french fries into?
    I mix mayo, ketchup, tabasco, and tonys to dip mine into.
    32 Food 51
  120. Can you give me a list of some good punk rock, pop punk, or alternative rock french bands?
    7 Music 20
  121. How can I help my 8 year-old daughter go to sleep after having a nightmare?
    3 Babies 18
  122. Who's the girl who played Joey Fatones daughter on Hannah Montana?
    3 Entertainment 60
  123. Is it easier for inlaws to accept a daughter-n-law than a son-n-law ?
    5 Family 60
  124. Is learning the French language hard?
    I mean, for me who knows how to speak English and Filipino.
    7 General 44
  125. Why are Cajun French and English dying languages? the title says lol
    5 Education 52
  126. What is a good romantic Francophone French movie?
    Please leave title name!
    2 Entertainment 10
  127. 16 year old daughter run off with older man
    how do I get her back
    4 Babies 43
  128. Did John Cena adopt a daughter?
    Did John cena adopt a daughter? If you answer me can you give the source or web site you got it from
    3 Entertainment 80
  129. I read my daughter cell text is that right?
    I read my teenage daughter texts from her this right to do as a parent? This is the only way I know what is happening with her
    27 Babies 240
  130. French question.
    How would you say "I love to read books and spend time with my cat." in french?
    3 Education 10
  131. ather have potatoe chips or french fries???
    which tasty snack is your favorite or that you'd rather have potatoe chips or french fries???
    4 Food 46
  132. When is a rude disrespectful daughter too old for a spanking?
    My 10yr old daughter is rude and disrespectful. Scolding, grounding her means nothing to her. Is she too old for a spanking?
    22 Babies 5362
  133. how do you make french toast?
    I want 2 make french toast please anwser I'm super hungry
    6 Food 43
  134. Daughter is 3 years old and when she has a poo there is blood
    My daughter is 3 years old and when she has a poo there is blood and she gets cramps. I been to the doctors and the is no change.
    5 Babies 309
  135. Do you like the name Maya Lynn for our daughter?
    So my boyfriend and I decided to name our daughter Maya what do you guys think is it cute? :)
    7 Babies 56
  136. What fun things can I do with my 13mth old daughter?
    What are things or places I can take my 13mth old daughter to play and have fun but also learn?
    4 Babies 11
  137. Good thing to say to your teen daughter when she complains
    What would be a good thing to say to your teen daughter when she complains about being fat, when you know she is not. Thanks
    3 Family 55
  138. A Name translated to French
    Can anyone tell me what Louise is in french? I need it for my friend. Much appreciated!
    2 General 15
  139. My daughter and toilet paper
    How do I keep my daughter from unraveling the whole role of tp when I am not paying attention?
    9 Babies 30
  140. McDonalds french fries: soft or crunchy?
    Is a soft mcdonalds french fry better than a crunchy one? lol. seriously, though. is it?
    7 Food 24
  141. What kinds of French foods are good?
    my family is going to a french restraunt and I would really like to know what kind of foods are good.
    9 Food 33
  142. Who knows a good website on which i can read french books online?
    As a pdf file or something?
    3 Technology 14
  143. What color of nail polish for a french tip would look good with a blue jewel?
    5 Style 31
  144. Do you think moms know that their daughters masturbate?
    I mean she found out I was having sex, so she probably knows right?
    3 Sex 62
  145. RH(D) O positive blood my husband is O my daughter was born with A+
    I have a RH(D) O positive blood my husband is O my daughter was born with A+ I did not mess around how did that happen.
    6 Family 87
  146. What do French people call the surrounding area of Paris?
    For my French homework. I can't find the answer anywere..
    13 Travel 100
  147. step daughter
    I am wondering what to do I think I have fallen in love with my step daughter and have very littleor no feelings for her mother now and I am very troubled on what I should do do you have any suggestions
    12 Family 162
  148. How do you say "School starts at eight thirty-five" in French?
    8 Education 217
  149. How do you get your 11 year old daughter to act a little more more mature instead of acting so childish?
    13 Babies 67
  150. how can a sheriff in wa. state pull my daughter over in my car with the reason being that i have a suspended license which was a lie?
    6 General 43
  151. What would you think if someone named their daughter Stefani?
    Like on Baby Mama how Angie named her daughter Stefani like Gwen Stefani.
    11 Entertainment 16
  152. Why wont parents let their young teen daughters have boyfriends?
    Why are some parents so protective and don't let their kids have boyfriends when their young teens? What's the harm?
    10 Family 129
  153. French songs?
    Does any body know any good french songs, I could use for my gcse daance? Thaanks xx
    2 Music 42
  154. How do you French plait?
    ive watched tons of videos.. still cant do it.. tips?
    7 Style 38
  155. how do you like your french fries
    how do you like your french fries with cheese ,ranch,honey,cooked really crunchy,mushy. I just luv fries
    4 Food 28
  156. Why do guys like french girls?
    I have 2 friends that they go to this english school. And their is a lot of guys that like them. What do guys find so attracting of french girls?
    2 Relationships 87
  157. Father-daughter and mother-son breeding
    Father-daughter and mother-son breeding... I would like to know what the big deal is...
    2 Pets 1359
  158. My 5 month Old Daughter, thinking of getting her ears pierced
    I have a 5 1.2 month old daughter. Im thinking about having her ears pierced. What is your opinion on this topic?
    26 Babies 82
  159. Dad daughter and his bestmate <3
    What would you do if you was a dad and found out that your daughter was textin your best mate I need help (: x
    5 Relationships 41
  160. Rumor going around that lil waynes daughter died?
    Did anyone hear the rumor going around that lil waynes daughter died??? I personally don't think its true...
    8 Entertainment 47
  161. Need help with french project
    Hey if you know french can you please help how do you say I am smart. I have long hair, and I am thin
    4 Education 30
  162. What are some ways I can help my grieving daughters sleep tonight?
    They lost their grandfather today and can't stop crying.
    10 Babies 16
  163. What course of action would you take if your son molested both your daughters?
    Raped/molested both your daughters/his younger sisters more than once, what would you do?
    15 Family 11
  164. What can I say or do to stop my 12 year old daughter from wanting to look like she's 15 or 16 years old?
    25 Babies 57
  165. Hi all - I need help to translate from italian to english or french
    Ti voglio bene cucciolina!
    2 General 14
  166. How to pronounce this french name, name is "courchinoux"
    Anyone whos french or can speak french...I wanna know how to pronounce a surname. The name is "courchinoux". If you can break down how to pronounce this, that would be amazing!!! Help??!!??
    7 General 41
  167. what can my daughters therapist tell me?
    So my daughter started therapy about 6 weeks ago and her therapist really won't tell me anything, so what all can her therapist reveal to me about what is troubling her?
    4 Health 23
  168. What should I name my daughter?
    I can't decide on a name for my daughter. I have some that I really like but I just can't decide on which one. Here they are: marisa, vanesa, yesenia, or andreya? The last name is palma. Which one do you think?
    13 Babies 40
  169. Would your cousin's daughter be like your second cousin?
    I have this cousin who has a daughter named Ashlee and I don't really know what cousin she is, like a first cousin or second cousin cause, her father is my first cousin. So, would that make her my second cousin?
    6 Family 49
  170. Can we produce a brown-eyed daughter?
    is it possible for a blue eyed mother and a green eyed father to produce a dark brown, alomost black eyed daughter?
    6 Style 53
  171. How do you say "peace" in latin, german, italian, and french?
    I want to know how to say "peace" in german, italian, and french. And I am also wondering if pacis is the same as pacem? If not, then what's the difference?
    2 General 110
  172. Can you speek french?
    I kind of do... Can you tell me a story like ( couple sentances)... In french. A little kid story! Please.. Thanx
    4 General 11
  173. My daughter and daycare
    my daughter doesnt like to go to daycare and she cries every morning. she doesnt like to go to bed cause she doesnt want it to be morning cause she knows she'll have to go.
    8 Babies 15
  174. What are some tactics I can use to get better control of my five year daughter?
    She is very bright but extremely load, she is very misbehaved. What can we do?
    28 Babies 34
  175. FunAdvice Trivia: Who was not a son or daughter of Zeus?
    A) Ares B) Athena C) Demeter D) Herakles
    15 Funadvice 32
  176. My daughter hates the idea of a bra
    She refueses to wear one but she is 12 and NEEDS one! I bought her some, but she ignores them HELP
    10 Babies 191
  177. My daughter is in 5th grade an running for historian.. Please help
    Please help I need some catchy slogans for historian poster
    2 Education 115
  178. Why do family members get humiliated if their daughter is pregnant with out marriage and she's young?
    is it like scaring your family and shaming them all life?
    7 Family 25
  179. How can I change my google from french back to english?
    Some how my google changed to french, and I dont know what to click to get it back to english cause whatever I type goes to french sites only and I speak no french whatsoever.
    10 Technology 294
  180. Are French people selfish?
    Are the french selfish. My mom read about the french and said that "they don't support americans. And they didn't help us in war when we suspect it and they suspect us to help"? Please answer.
    12 Politics 412
  181. How I should dress my 8 month old daughter for my wife's graduation
    My wife is graduating from fresno state on saturday. Does anyone have any unique ideas on how I should dress my 8 month old daughter for the ceremony?
    3 Style 36
  182. How to revise for a French speaking exam on Friday?
    Hiyyya I've got a important french writing exam on Friday has any one got any tips for how to revise?? thanks :D
    2 Education 56
  183. daughter loves Selena's clothes where to buy them?
    On wizards of waverly place my 11 year old daughter loves Selena's clothes does anyone know where I can get them at?
    7 Shopping 41
  184. Is there a way to practice French kissing?
    Hey I was just wondering I've never french kissed a guy before and I wanted to know is there anyway I could practise?
    10 Relationships 1167
  185. Help me please on my french!
    I need help on my french how what does this say? Tu aimes mieux les sports d'equipe ou les sports individuals? Please help me
    2 Education 58
  186. Do you think the Texas judge who was caught beating his daughter on video should be criminally charged?
    Read about it:
    23 Money 68
  187. How do I know if my teen daughter is doing drugs or having sex?
    I want to know if she is having sex or doing drugs. I dont want her to know that I am wondering about this yet. I just need some clues to help me figure it out.
    106 Sex 421
  188. Is there a specific type of therapist I should take my daughter to?
    After the other night she can't sleep cause she dreams about and I think she needs a professional to talk to
    3 Babies 26
  189. is slapping your daughter against the law
    my mom told me to be quiet yesterday and she had to tell me so many times that my dad slapped me and iwas mad
    10 Babies 216
  190. what would you do if your daughter got pregnant at 16?
    would you help her and her boyfriend out (with money and watching the baby) or make them do [mostly] everything themselves?
    10 Family 69
  191. Can you make French Toast with out dipping it in beaten eggs?
    I LOVE French Toast but I have a food allergy to eggs. French Toast are Slices of bread dipped in a mixture of beaten eggs and milk, fried in butter. So is their a not to use eggs?
    4 Food 46
  192. How do I catch my daughter sneaking boys in her bedroom?
    I think my daughter is sneaking boys through bedroom her window. I see footprints leading to her window. She keeps her door shut sometimes. But I cant't catch her.
    14 Family 819
  193. French or Japanese?
    Which is better? French: Sounds sexy, my parents 1st language, used more in canada. Japanese: More useful to me, cooler, kinda confusing. Yeah my pros/cons.
    9 Sex 40
  194. What episode of Supernatural involved the Hookman and the reverend's daughter?
    If so did anyone watch the hookman part About the reverend's daughter? If so please tell me what episode that is?? :P I'm just too bored right now!!?
    7 Entertainment 28
  195. My step daughter 5 1/2 months old Chihuahua
    my step daughter has a Chihuahua that is 5 1/2 months old & he mite have parvo what can we do to help him? untel she can get some money to take him to the vet?
    7 Pets 33
  196. Translate "sugar rush" into french?
    I know this sounds ramdom but does anyone knoe how you would translate "sugar rush" into french it's for a projest lol dont ask Thxx
    5 Education 261
  197. How long can French Onion dip last unopened?
    I was just wondering, how long can French Onion dip last unopened? I haven't opened the dip yet since I bought it not too long ago. Any ideas on how long it'll last before I open it?
    2 Food 1285
  198. french tips :P
    how do you do french tipz or w/e? I dont like the preppy thing, so dont suggest I do it white, I want 2 do it black. but how do you do it in general?
    2 Style 13
  199. How to french kiss?
    Okay it's not that I havent made out before it's that I need help doing it right. I was told im not that good at making out, any insight on how to help me other than practice?
    2 Relationships 63
  200. French translate a sentance
    Important need tranlated fast Je veut dire que tu peut me tutoyer me dire tu
    5 Education 10
  201. What could I do for my daughter's 12th birthday?
    Her birthday is next month and I'm not sure what kind of party to throw her, she is a girly girl, any ideas
    8 Babies 23
  202. What does "french looking" mean?
    today the french teacher told me that I look very French to him (he is from France). I know you cannot categorize a general population completely accurately, but on the whole, should I take that as a compliment?
    6 Style 89
  203. What can I do with my daughter today?
    My daughter is 7yro;she's an only child and getts Lonely sometimes. Money is low so I'm looking for Some cheap but fun ways to keep her happy.
    5 Babies 258
  204. What to get my daughter for her 8th birthday?
    My daughter is turning 8yrs old this month and I have no clue what to get her, because she is her father's only child and he gets her whatever she wants. Can someone HELP ME? PLEASE!!??
    3 Shopping 156
  205. How much does a french poodle cost?
    Well I've been thinking of getting a full bred french poodle but I dont know how much they cost o where can I get one. So can anyone help?
    2 Pets 196
  206. French help !!
    I want to use asentecnce in my project its just I've been trying to translate it to french its just not working so can you please help me !! ( jena gets an a in her project ) Asap !! Thanx <3
    2 Education 13
  207. Can my son wear my daughters clothes?
    I do not have much money and I cannot aford boys clothes for my two year old I have loads of clothes from my four year old daughter but they are all dresses and skirts can he wear them
    5 Babies 72
  208. Friends daughter is trying to fake sick
    My friends daughter is trying to fake sick I know she is can you give me some advice on anything she could pull? She is just nervous about her big science test..thank you.
    4 Health 32
  209. looking for a kit to make greeting cards with my daughter
    I want to make custom greeting cards with my daughter who is about 6 years old. Any suggestions for a fun activity kit for that kind of stuff?
    3 Babies 40
  210. What can me and my 10 year old daughter do for fun at home?
    I need to do somthing with my 10 year old daughter.She begs me to play with her.But I dont know what to do with her.We need to do somthing at home.
    5 Entertainment 84
  211. How would I say one cup of orange juice in french?
    The translator says: 1 tasse de just d'orange but there are two 'de' 's in there... Id that right?
    2 General 62
  212. What was the significance of the French and Indian War of 1754 – 1761 for the North American British colonies?
    What were the key changes experienced and brought forth by the war?
    3 Politics 34
  213. Why is it that in french, some objects are considered female?
    others male? how does that classification happen? Another example would be when people call a car a she, or a boat a she, how does that happen?
    3 Literature 43
  214. How do I tell my 13 year old daughter that I know that she is not telling the truth and that she can learn from it?
    I easily got mad and start yelling at her whenever she is telling a lie.
    8 Babies 36
  215. Refusing my daughter a tattoo
    How can Iconvince my 17-year-old not to get a tattoo? It's against the law in this state but apparently she's finding some illegal way to do it.
    6 Babies 24
  216. Pretty sure daughter has dyslexia
    My daughter is 6 and is having a hard time in school. Her teacher thinks she has dyslexia. does anyone have experience with this? With your child or dealt with it yourself? What's the best way to help her?
    6 Babies 25
  217. What could I write to my French teacher as an apology for skipping class?
    I skipped a french class with my friends and we have to write an apology letter to the teacher. What are some phrases or things I could say that sound sincere (I do not regret skipping that class I learn nothing!)
    8 Education 131
  218. French Test
    another french qs. if I want to say that Max is a german boy will I be; Max est un garcon allemand or MAx est un garcon de allemand or neither Please help!
    5 Education 14
  219. French test
    Hey, for you french knowing people out there! I have a french test tomorrow and I have a qs. Well you know the "verb combo" être assis - how will I conjugate it if it was ils sont... - I cant figure out how to conjugate assis! Please help!
    3 Education 47
  220. Physical characteristics of French people?
    so many people think im white... and I don't know what to say to them please help me find out what the characteristics of french people are like how indians have high cheek bones... what do the french have??? plzandthnkyouuu
    14 General 17285
  221. FunAdvice Trivia: What does Ra's al Ghul's daughter, Talia, call Batman?
    A) Bruce B) Beloved C) Villain D) Tyrant
    4 Funadvice 51
  222. What are some things I can do to cut down on my daughter's medications?
    She has asthma and is on Singular, Albuterol inhaler, Albuteral for the nebulizer, claritan, pulmicort, and flonase. Any suggestions will be appreciated thx
    13 Health 32
  223. Do Americans owe their freedom to the French?
    Is it fair to say that America to a certain extent owes its freedom to the French? As an example, would the American colonists had the courage to revolt against England had the French Revolution failed? Moreover, it was the French who supported the col...
    7 Politics 149
  224. Woman lets her daughter die...
    Okay today on the news there was this lady who had a daughter who had diabetes(spell error)any way she let her daughter die because she said god will heal her so does that mean god isnt real because he didnt help her daughter???and what do you think of...
    12 Religion 47
  225. French + German - help ?
    I'm in year 11 and am doing both french and german for gcse. I'm finding doing both languages quite hard and I was wondering if anyone had any revision techniques that could help .. ? thanks x
    2 Education 20
  226. Daughter help
    hello I have a daughter who is 14 and she has a problem with drinking and hurting herself and smokes cigarettes and a little bit of weed I think. Do you know of any where I could send her to get help??? please
    9 Family 52
  227. Why did Sara McLalin call her daughter India??
    ??? I mean... I would never name my daughter Asia, or Africa or Europe, or London, or Paris, etc etc etcoiactics... isn't that weird??
    4 Entertainment 33
  228. What to do when daughter behavior changes for boy?
    daughter is lying, talking on phone, disrespectful to parentsand siblings. saying she wants to kill them, took phone boyfriend got another one.
    7 Babies 26
  229. my 14 year old daughter choosing to live with her father
    How do I get over my 14 year old daughter choosing to live with her biological father, when he has never been a part of her life until now? I can't eat, or sleep or stop crying. I miss her so much.
    10 Babies 145
  230. Does anyone know where I can extend my French?
    I'm going to Paris in July and I already know a fair bit of French but I was wondering if anyone knows any good online websites where I can learn even more French? And if the websites can be free to use as well...
    6 Education 16
  231. My daughters necklace.
    Her BFF gave it to her lol! They are in First Grade and to me it looked like an interesting photo project so I found it laying around and took a picture of it.
    2 Style 10
  232. What do you think of the books " daughters of the moon"
    I have only read book 1-6 of the series because that all my school has and I think they are awsome books I love them. Although the name kinda sounds stupid.. What do you think of these books?
    2 Literature 16
  233. Another french question??
    What does this one meen! Je suis coulant dans le francais un autre de mes trucs ??? what does it meen in English
    2 General 15
  234. What is your opinion of the father who shot his daughter's laptop for posting a disrespectful post about her parents?
    Do you think the method is effective and that she learned her lesson? Or do you think this will more likely drive the girl to be more rebellious?
    43 Family 27
  235. French, HELP
    What do these sentences mean? Un peu plus tard A suive I've looked everywhere, and I can't find the difinitions. If you can answer any of these, please do. Thank You :)
    3 General 10
  236. How can I get my daughter under control?
    Have a 2 year old girl. How can I get her under control. We spank her, put her in her room, we put her in corner.. Nothing works unless she gets her way...HELP
    9 Babies 51
  237. How can I make my daughter loves me ?
    My problem is my daughter who thinks I hate her , she thinks I love her brother more than her , iam trying to give her more attention , but invain I have three other kids , and I love her more than the world , but she is so agressive to me.please help ...
    2 Family 83
  238. Whats a Gentle Way to help my daughter with a loose tooth?
    my daughter has a lose tooth thats kinda on the end of her gum, I think its ready to come out...but im pulling and she keeps screaming so what a gentle way to pull out a tooth?
    6 Babies 130
  239. How to teach my daughter piano?
    My daughter has a childs piano, and I was wondering if anyone knows any music using abc or 123 as shes far too young to learn the actual notes? Thanks :d
    4 Babies 50
  240. Going to be having a baby shower for my daughter, suggestions?
    I am going to be having a baby shower for my daughter she is having a boy her first child I want some awesome shower ideas, games,party favors anything that you thought was great at one you thru or have been to.
    2 Family 28
  241. How can we get the black out of my daughter's hair?
    My daughter (who's natural hair color is a very light brown died her hair black about 8 months ago. The roots of course, have now grown out and it looks horrible. How can we get the rest of the black out and return it all to it's natural color?
    2 Style 132
  242. Who thinks its a good idea to make your daughter grow her hair so she can donate it?
    My daughter is what some would call selfish and self centered, I want to teach her their are others in the world because she thinks everything is about her, is makeing her grow her hair to donate it a good way to teach her to think of other?
    47 Style 39
  243. What's the next move after a French kiss?
    I really like this girl and she likes me. we are both virgins but this is my first relationship and her 6th relationship. I mad the first move witih a hug, she made the next move with a kiss, then she made the next move with a french kiss. I want to ma...
    7 Relationships 4153
  244. Cell phone Drama with my daughter, what do you think?
    Hey anyone, I just bought my daughter who is 12 a cell phone. My husband is extremely upset with me. He told her that anytime she uses the phone, she is using against his will! what do you think I should do? I feel it is necessary for communication pur...
    11 Babies 77
  245. Is it safe to let my 14 year old daughter see a band she knows very well in Roscoe Village in Chicago with no parents, no friends?
    She'll only know the band. I'll be in Lake View while she's there.
    9 Travel 23
  246. Age to stop seeing daughter naked?
    What age did your mom stop seeing you naked? Do you think your mom thinks about how you looked back then. It really bothers me. I was 14 the last time she saw me regularly and I am 16 now. Do you think she remembers it?
    7 Family 2325
  247. Who has heard Will Smiths daughter Willow Smiths' new song "Wip my hair back and forth"?
    what do you think about it? I like it, she did really good and i didnt knw she rapped also.
    5 Music 54
  248. Does anyone know the song by Eminem that's from his daughter's perspective?
    I can't remember any of the lines but I know somewhere it says something about 'ya just go out and do ... keep it real' but that's not really a quote so can't Google it.
    3 Music 26
  249. how would youreact if your ex kept your wedding ring and lets your daughter where it every day.?
    The ring does not mean anything to me.But it has diamonds that my mother gave me. please help.
    9 Family 14
  250. Why must I learn French at school?
    ...I stuck so badly at it, i just struggle to learn languages :( why do we have to learn it.. it won't benefit me in the future plus its making me stressed so not focusing on other subjects :l
    6 Education 35