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  1. What is a lost cause?
    What is a lost cause?
    2 General 11
  2. Fertile Mucous
    what is Fertile Mucous
    2 Health 32
  3. What causes constipation?
    What causes constipation?
    3 Health 108
  4. what is a fertilizer plant?
    what is a fertilizer plant?
    3 Homegarden 14
  5. what is thrush caused by?
    5 Health 29
  6. What are hives caused by?
    3 Health 13
  7. what causes weakwrists?
    3 Health 41
  8. What causes heartburn?
    3 Health 26
  9. What causes thunder?
    9 Science 76
  10. What causes a meniscus?
    4 Science 33
  11. Overnight zit treatments
    is there any overnight treatments for zits?
    5 Style 67
  12. What can cause missed period?
    What can cause missed period?
    2 Health 232
  13. What are some injuries that causes Heterochromia?
    What are some injuries that causes heterochromia?
    2 Health 59
  14. Can hickies cause cancer?
    Do they cause cancer??
    5 Health 105
  15. What causes foot cramps?
    What causes foot cramps?
    2 Technology 62
    4 Science 52
  17. What does global warming cause?
    What does global warming cause?
    3 Environment 19
  18. Can crying cause this
    Can crying cause headaches?
    7 Health 90
  19. What causes self cutting?
    What causes self cutting?
    5 Health 68
  20. the cause
    what causes depression and how can it be stopped?
    4 Health 26
  21. what caused the big bang?
    what caused the big bang?
    13 Science 43
  22. What causes you to Callapse?
    Can streess cause you to callapse??
    2 Health 13
  23. What is Fertility: Infertility Causes, Treatment
    Learn more about the common causes of infertility, how easy it can be to organise a Consultation and Tests, and the range of fertility treatments available.
    9 Health 91
  24. What causes light headedness?
    what causes light headedness?
    3 Health 54
  25. Do peroids cause you to have nightmares?
    8 Health 18
  26. What causes throbbing headaches?
    2 Health 27
  27. What is a pole reversal and what causes it?
    9 Environment 32
  28. What can cause hips to hurt?
    5 Health 34
  29. Why do fireflies light up and what causes them to light up?
    2 Pets 23
  30. What was the cause of the Battle of Chaeronea?
    3 Education 40
  31. What are effective Keloid treatments?
    9 Health 33
  32. Does smoking cause acne?
    3 Style 53
  33. What can cause Lymphadenitis and how concerned should I be?
    5 Health 13
  34. What do you think causes homophobia?
    23 Politics 38
  35. What is causeing all the dolphins to die?
    19 Technology 39
  36. Is it caused by the Depo shot?
    4 Health 50
  37. What causes a blocked nose?
    3 Health 32
  38. Are there any known causes for stillbirth?
    5 Health 12
  39. What causes cellulite to form?
    7 Style 45
  40. whats a fertility clinics? what do they do?
    2 Health 17
  41. What is the main cause of diarrhoea?
    2 Health 11
  42. What caused the quake in Japan?
    11 Environment 29
  43. What causes Dejá Vú?
    3 General 15
  44. Does Masturbation Cause Acne?
    9 Sex 72
  45. What are words made from the word cause
    6 Literature 41
  46. What are the causes of hives and how can you treat them?
    9 Health 39
  47. after pills can they cause infertility?
    I have been using morning after pills regulary,now am worried .can they cause infertility???
    3 Health 33
  48. is it ok to have a sex with a girl in annal,cause she is virgin? is that causing any danger?
    32 Sex 353
  49. Do abortions cause infertility?
    Can I get pregnant after 4 abortions? How can I get pregnant fast?
    3 Health 21
  50. Does eating prunes cause gas?
    eating prunes, do they cause gas?
    2 Food 153
  51. Is there a treatment to stop erections?
    can you show the treatment to stop erections.
    2 Relationships 63
  52. Are Christians the leading cause of atheism?
    What is the leading cause of atheism?
    15 Religion 52
  53. Can pedialyte cause diarrhea to continue?
    Can pedialyte cause diarrhea to continue?
    4 Babies 396
  54. What causes ulsers?
    What causes ulsers? Help please
    4 Health 24
  55. Does chocolate cause pimples?
    does choclotae cause pimples?
    12 Style 40
  56. Best acne treatment
    Wats the best acne treatment?
    3 Style 60
  57. How to cause a miscarriage?
    how do you cause a miscarriage? bc I am only 13
    5 Health 101
  58. Who do you think caused 9/11?
    Who do you think caused 9/11, why do you think that, and what proof do you have?
    14 Politics 28
  59. Any more baby advice cause I am pregnant!!!
    Any more baby advice cause I am pregnant!!!
    3 Health 35
  60. Does anal sex cause hemmorhoids?
    Does anal sex cause hemmorhoids?
    3 Sex 125
  61. Can worrying cause a missed period?
    Can worrying cause a missed period?
    6 Health 144
  62. What causes the four seasons on earth?
    What causes the four seasons on earth?
    3 Science 50
  63. Which foods cause bloatedness?
    What foods cause bloatedness and which dont??
    3 Food 91
  64. What causes your period to stop and start again?
    What causes your period to stop and start again?
    5 Health 280
  65. Is there a lazy eye treatment?
    What treatments do they use for lazy eye???
    2 Health 33
  66. Where was the parasite that causes malaria found?
    Where was found the parasite that causes malaria?
    2 Health 14
  67. What is the treatment for tomato leaf curling?
    2 Homegarden 11
  68. What causes red blotches on skin?
    3 Health 209
  69. What causes acne on cat chins?
    2 Pets 44
  70. What causes getting light headed?
    4 Health 42
  71. Have the causes for infertility in women changed throughout time or have they remained consistent?
    4 Health 23
  72. What causes students cheating during exam?
    18 Education 33
  73. What causes a kitten to bleed from their rectum?
    kitten bleeding from rectum
    3 Pets 69
  74. What treatment should you get if you alopecia areata?
    4 Health 14
  75. Does school cause a lot of stress?
    10 Education 29
  76. What causes some people to be left handed?
    10 General 43
  77. What causes an enlarged thyroid gland?
    4 Health 22
  78. What could constantly cause migraines?
    9 Health 25
  79. can masturbation cause cervix cancer?
    3 Sex 171
  80. What caused the BP oil spill?
    6 Environment 31
  81. How effective is laser scar treatment ?
    2 Style 13
  82. What are the real causes of religious conflicts?
    28 Religion 41
  83. What would cause you to have ridges in your fingernails?
    3 Style 20
  84. What causes someone to be a glutton for punishment?
    4 General 63
  85. What causes breasts to become saggy?
    5 General 43
  86. What do you think actually causes earthquakes?
    9 Science 21
  87. Is there a hormone that causes breast tenderness?
    is there a particular hormone that causes breast tenderness?
    8 Health 139
  88. What causes dark yellow male semen?
    What causes dark yellow male semen?
    2 Health 525
  89. How long does it take for untreated Chlamydia to cause infertility?
    I understand that chlamydia can cause infertility if left untreated, but approximately how long are we talking about
    3 Health 157
  90. What causes viruses to get into funadvice?
    What causes viruses to get into funadvice? Just curious.
    2 Funadvice 6
  91. Will a Myspace account cause your computer to crash?
    Can having a myspace account cause your computer to crash?
    3 Technology 22
  92. does wearing a bra cause breast cancer?
    does wearing a bra cause breast cancer?
    3 Health 41
  93. deodorant cause cancer?
    can deodorant cause cancer? my mum said that it can.
    2 Health 53
  94. What causes Excema?
    cause mine comes and goes
    2 Health 11
  95. Can stills disease cause hair loss?
    can stills disease cause hair loss
    2 Health 45
  96. Can worrying cause chest pain?
    Can worrying cause your chest to hurt?
    2 Health 21
  97. How can microwaved vegetables cause high cholesterol?
    How can microwaved vegetables cause high cholesterol?
    3 Food 12
  98. Does Trichomoniasis go away on its own without treatment ?
    does Trichomoniasis go away on its own without treatment ???
    2 Health 349
  99. What causes low vitamin D and what does it do to your body?
    9 Health 14
  100. what is lazer treatment like?
    Does it hurt what does it feel like?
    2 Health 22
  101. How can you still be alive if you had cancer of the womb and had no treatment?
    3 Health 11
  102. What are the causes of having this thick skin on my heels and how to remove it?
    12 Style 32
  103. What causes high blood pressure and cholesterol?
    4 Health 12
  104. Can flossing cause little cuts on the gums?
    4 Health 77
  105. What is the cause, effect, and solution on lack of socializing?
    4 Education 44
  106. What causes the pituitary gland to not work properly?
    3 Health 82
  107. What could cause a school lockdown other than a shooting?
    16 Education 109
  108. How long until chlamydia causes infertility?
    I understand that chlamydia can cause infertility if left untreated, but approximately how long are we talking about and are any tests to find out?
    3 Health 239
  109. Does wearing mascara cause your eyelashes to fall out?
    2 Style 25
  110. what causes hiccups & which is the easiest way to stop them?
    9 Health 50
  111. What causes the pituitary gland to stop working?
    5 Health 172
  112. can herpes of the mouth be spread to cause herpes of the genetals?
    4 Health 77
  113. What causes your head to burn when you dye your hair?
    6 Style 66
  114. What would cause my car to keep stalling?
    10 Cars 42
  115. Does dehydration in adults cause ear pain?
    4 Health 25
  116. How do you get rid of spots caused by your bra?
    2 Style 24
  117. A freezer spell to cause a neighbor to move
    2 Religion 142
  118. can rain and thunder and lighting cause a tsunami?
    5 Science 305
  119. Can anxiety cause stomach cramps and swelling?
    5 Health 47
  120. What can happen to me if I use a yeast infection treatment when I don't have a yeast infection?
    5 Health 189
  121. Can being punched in the stomach while pregnant cause a miscarriage?
    5 Health 3347
  122. Acne treatments
    Does differin work (that acne stuff).
    2 Style 17
  123. How can cellphone radiation cause health issues?
    4 Health 34
  124. What treatment would you seek if you were addicted to therapy?
    4 Health 18
  125. Does the sun cause freckles?
    Likee a tan, but freckles.
    10 Style 43
  126. What causes pee to be yellow besides dehydration?
    8 Health 55
  127. Does alcohol cause bad skin (spots)?
    5 Style 13
  128. How do I know if my sudden dandruff is caused by lice?
    12 Health 24
  129. What would cause you to get the hiccups all the time?
    3 Health 15
  130. Could having diabetes cause a person to hallucinate?
    5 Health 17
  131. What would cause the headlights on my car to dim in and out?
    7 Cars 60
  132. Does wearing make up really cause wrinkles?
    7 Style 41
  133. Is invisalign treatment of teeth most effective than bracing?
    6 Health 25
  134. What causes high blood pressure and what happens when you have it?
    2 Health 17
  135. What causes peeling besides sun burn?
    5 Health 116
  136. Can having your period cause the front of your thigh to hurt ?
    12 Health 92
  137. What is the best herbal treatment for split ends?
    4 Style 55
  138. Causes of a period lasting over a week?
    what does it mean when your periods lasts for over a week?
    4 Health 515
  139. What caused the division within the republican party?
    11 Politics 73
  140. Do penis piercings cause infertility?
    if I get a dick piercing will that maybe make me unable to have kids?
    5 Health 260
  141. What causes people to smoke more when they drink alcohol?
    5 Health 65
  142. What causes a scar to be either thick or sunken in?
    2 Health 25
  143. what can the doctors do if my husband doesn't think he is fertile?
    9 Health 96
  144. How am I supposed to know if I am fertile?
    Im15 and I want to have a baby how am I supposed to know if I am fertile to have a baby?
    21 Health 80
  145. What causes nightmares?
    Lately I have been having nightmares and I dont know why.. What causes them
    3 Health 17
  146. What are causes for a low white blood cell count?
    What are causes for low white blood cell count
    2 Health 202
  147. What prank can I do cause im sitting at home bored
    What prank can I do cause im sitting at home bored
    2 Family 35
  148. Occasional pot and infertility?
    Can I be infertile because I smoke pot occasionally? If so, what can I do to help myself ovulate again?
    2 Health 15
  149. What are side effects to humans caused taser gun?
    What are side effects to humans caused taser gun?
    3 Science 131
  150. What are your thoughts on Autism causes and treatments?
    To those of you that have experience with autism: I have heard a number of things reguarding the cause and treatment options of Autistic children. What are your thoughts?
    3 Family 34
  151. overeating causes
    what are the causes of overeating .. I eat a lot and im sick of it ,
    3 Music 13
  152. Does john cena have a kid cause I have heard rumors
    Does john cena have a kid cause I have heard rumors
    2 Entertainment 56
  153. Eye lazer treatment for dogs
    Hi can dogs have lazer treatment for ulers on their eyes
    2 Pets 41
  154. Infertility
    Can women have a menstural cycle if they are infertile or does the monthly cycle end?
    6 Health 30
  155. What may cause sleeping problems?
    What may cause sleeping problems for teens on sleeping pills?
    3 Health 14
  156. What causes panic or anxiety attacks?
    What causes panic or anxiety attacks? How often do they happne?
    3 Health 33
  157. What's the leading cause of death in Russia?
    what is the leading cause of death in the soviet union?
    10 General 194
  158. how to get rid of pimples tell me herbal treatment
    how to get rid of pimples tell me herbal treatment
    5 Style 153
  159. Does semen become infertile?
    Does semen become infertile after ejaculating for any period of time? Or does it ever become infertile, and if so when?
    3 Health 78
  160. What problems will poverty cause?
    what problems will poverty cause? Like, population decrease. What else? and what cause poverty?
    5 Politics 56
  161. What's a cheap, but good quality, acne spot treatment?
    7 Style 19
  162. Could not having your period cause a urinary tract infection?
    5 Health 27
  163. will this cause you to goto hell
    will I go to hell if I kill a dog
    14 Religion 30
  164. What is the cause for the rotten egg smell when someone burps?
    2 Health 405
  165. Do you think Hitler caused World War II and why?
    11 Politics 42
  166. What can cause your finger nails to turn a shade of yellow?
    6 Style 24
  167. What health effects are caused by wave energy (wave power)?
    2 Science 40
  168. What would cause my cell phone to not keep time?
    12 Technology 12
  169. How does a sinus infection cause vomiting and an upset stomach?
    6 Health 69
  170. What causes the chemical imbalance in the brain that results in depression?
    8 Health 53
  171. What is the cause of the white screen of death on iPod touch?
    2 Technology 15
  172. What would cause a sudden outbreak of chaffing/rash in your armpit?
    6 Health 46
  173. Is there a type of STD that causes a sort of "rug burn" down there?
    12 Health 103
  174. How do you get rid of an earache caused by loud sounds?
    2 Health 16
  175. Can Citalopram cause breast tenderness?
    2 Health 105
  176. What could cause bad abdominal cramps ( not from pms )?
    7 Health 13
  177. Cause of vegetable leaves to turn yellow?
    what makes vegetable leaves turn yellow
    4 Homegarden 42
  178. Does anybody believe the supermoon caused the Japanese tsunami?
    10 Environment 57
  179. Can a staph infection cause a runny nose and headache?
    4 Health 70
  180. What Might Cause a Gas Pedal to Become Stuck?
    3 Cars 33
  181. can a yeast infecation cause a rash over by body
    i have a yeast infection and now a rash all over my body.
    3 Health 71
  182. Can an excessive intake of sugary foods cause acne?
    7 Health 24
  183. What would be the cause of sudden loss of bladder control?
    5 Health 16
  184. Can a woman get infertile if she has sex with different males?
    2 Sex 19
  185. Why don't they make alcohol illegal if it causes so many deaths/injuries?
    21 Politics 63
  186. would gallstones cause you to have severe abdominal cramps?
    4 Health 21
  187. What are causes for not staying erect?
    What are some reasons why a boy's penis can't stay erected?
    3 Relationships 70
  188. Can being overweight cause severe knee and ankle pains?
    6 Health 15
  189. How do I say goodbye to him, without causing too much pain?
    22 Relationships 39
  190. Can masturbating cause cancer?
    If you masturbate (male) can you get some sort of cancer?
    4 Sex 127
  191. Does citalopram (a depression medication) cause birth defects?
    2 Health 24
  192. What throat infection can cause a sore neck and back?
    6 Health 61
  193. what could cause you knee to give out at random times?
    13 Health 108
  194. What causes pupils to dilate and could people control the dilation?
    2 Health 33
  195. Is it true that if you rub your face with a towel it can cause wrinkles?
    8 Style 58
  196. Does PanOxyl Acne Treatment Foam really works?
    2 Style 16
  197. Why do religions that support love cause so many wars?
    10 Religion 113
  198. Did Lil Kim get skin lightening treatment?
    3 Style 10
  199. How long does chlamydia take to cause u to become infertile?
    I have it and have not had a period in the last two months does that mean im infertile?
    8 Health 75
  200. Why do people make fun of me cause I am Bi?
    why do people make fun of me cause I am Bi? There is nothing wrong with it
    8 Relationships 35
  201. What causes Albinism?
    Is it a certain genome that causes this, or is it a broken DNA strain?
    4 Health 12
  202. Cause of spots
    I have a tew spots not a lot but I was wondering wt caused thm
    4 Style 36
  203. sooo I thizzz a lot, (ecstasy) does it cause brain damage?
    does it cause brain damage?
    6 Health 60
  204. What causes a mild heartattack?
    can that be deadly? Can that cause a bigger heart attack??
    9 Health 28
  205. is it true that birth control can cause infertility?
    is it true that birth control pills can cause you infertility if you use it? does the foms they are sold at the pharmacy do they really work it say it kills sperm but does it really work?
    3 Health 89
  206. why do people judge before knowing why people cut themselves cause i don't like it when lina judges me cutting?
    4 General 16
  207. What would cause someone to always get cold chills?
    5 Health 34
  208. Arthritis caused by piano?
    Do you think I could have arthritis from playing the piano so much??
    5 Health 8
  209. What could cause the tissue (tendon) in the arm to be swollen or have a lot of tissue?
    2 Health 26
  210. What is the second biggest cause of deaths to musicians (The first being drugs) ?
    2 Drugs 12
  211. What can cause you to go into a coma besides brain trauma and overdose?
    6 Health 47
  212. Do tongue piercings give you a lisp or cause problems while talking?
    7 Style 168
  213. What is the 'Fertility Revolution'?
    need a definition or explanation if you have one please . . .
    2 General 555
  214. How to get my makeup to stop causing breakouts?
    How can I get my makeup to stop makeing me break out!
    6 Style 17
  215. Can using a tanning bed cause my hair to lighten it's color?
    9 Style 355
  216. can i razor my hair with a plain leg razor???? will it cause split ends??
    9 Style 77
  217. Why is it that stress causes lack of sleep?
    How can you get a healthy sleep even while stressing?
    10 Health 17
  218. Can gonorrhea cause pain around the area of your kidney's or infect your kidney's?
    3 Health 82
  219. Why is everyone convinced humans are the main cause of global warming?
    12 Environment 18
  220. Could smelling hand sanitizer cause you to lose the sense of smell?
    2 Health 83
  221. Why are we printing more and more money causing inflation, and deflating the value of the dollar?
    12 Money 36
  222. Why The Government May Want To Tackle Different Causes Of Inflation?
    2 Politics 42
  223. What are some good IN & OUT salon treatments for your hair?
    For dry,damaged hair..
    2 Style 21
  224. What is the cause of white spots on nails and how would you get rid of them?
    12 Style 41
  225. What is the root cause for Autism?
    Have you ever met an autistic child ?
    2 Health 13
  226. What causes a man, or women to cheat, and how do mens reasons differ from the reasons women do?
    10 Relationships 120
  227. What kind of damage can a 45 BPM heart rate cause?
    4 Health 18
  228. What's the best stuff or (treatment) for damaged hair that I can get at a store?
    8 Style 38
  229. What causes a person to sweat more than the next person when undergoing the same activity or heat?
    5 Health 13
  230. What exactly are herpes and what do they cause?
    What exactly are herpies and what do they cause? How would a person get them also.
    3 Health 56
  231. Over night acne treatment with no store bought materials
    How do I get am overnight acne treatment
    4 Style 29
  232. What can make you infertile?
    What can make a woman infertile or a man sterile? Is there anyway to help prevent this?
    3 Health 96
  233. How can I boost my fertility?
    Anybody know ways to help boost fertility? For both men and females.
    3 Health 43
  234. Can teens be infertile and can smoking weed effect pregnancy?
    can teens be infertile?? and...can smoking weed effect getting pregnant???
    6 Health 155
  235. hot oil treatments.
    is useing a hot oil treatment everyday for a week bad for your hair?
    3 Style 34
  236. Can dandruff cause acne?
    Some people say that dandruff could cause acne. But I have read about hormonal changes to be cause of acne! Is it true that dandruff can cause acne?
    2 Style 44
  237. Can stress cause someone to be short of breath and make you have to breathe harder than normal?
    4 Health 37
  238. Is it true when you sleep with your wet hair may cause brain cancer?
    11 Health 135
  239. Could someone tamper/add something to my food to cause me to vomit afterward?
    4 Health 19
  240. Can drinking a lot of liquor in a few days time cause a kidney infection?
    2 Health 39
  241. Abortions can cause death?
    Is there a possible chance the woman having the abortion could possibly die?
    5 Health 25
  242. Can a daily intake of carrots cause a yellowish color on a baby's skin?
    13 Babies 41
  243. Can cracking my knees too much cause them to loose stregnth and hurt all the time?
    8 Health 32
  244. What if schizophrenia causes people to see reality, and people without it are the ones who are not well?
    10 Health 10
  245. does getting off the birth control pill cause you to break out in acne on your face ?
    3 Health 16
  246. What causes high blood pressure besides stress and salt, and what can improve my blood pressure?
    3 Health 68
  247. what causes you to wake up crying?
    Is it normal to do that? Its been happening with me for the past couple nights
    2 Health 78
  248. What causes bowel movements in your lower belly?
    I seem to get a lot of it?
    3 Health 32
  249. Fly causing diseases
    A fly landed on my penis the other day, can that harm me badly?
    5 Health 46
  250. when should i tell my mom im bi cause she hates bi /les/and gay?
    3 Family 60