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  1. Do you have other editing jobs as well?
    Do you have other editing jobs as well?
    3 Funadvice 33
  2. How well do you know me questions?
    How well do you know me questions?
    2 General 114
  3. How well do you handle being under pressure?
    7 Health 39
  4. How well do you care about your pets?
    33 Pets 36
  5. How come the person that is well respected, is also disliked by others as well?
    6 General 15
  6. Can I did a water well in north florida?
    Can I did a water well in north florida?
    2 General 17
  7. Do all hairsprays hold equally well?
    Do all hairsprays hold equally well?
    4 Style 145
  8. What color goes well with purple?
    16 Style 45
  9. What's the most well paid job in the US?
    8 Money 50
  10. How well do water bras work?
    5 Style 99
  11. What does 'well-curated' mean?
    2 General 86
  12. Why haven't I been eating or sleeping well???
    6 Health 108
  13. Do Albino ferrets see as well as other ferrets?
    Do Albino ferrets see as well as other ferrets? Are Albino ferrets meaner than other ferrets?
    2 Pets 55
  14. What nutritions the brain needs to function very well ?
    What nutritions the brain needs to function very well ?
    4 Nutritionfitness 39
  15. When you exfoliate your face, does it cleanse it as well?
    7 Style 16
  16. What outfits go well with red lipstick?
    4 Style 15
  17. Do mouse traps that close in on the mouse work well?
    9 Pets 24
  18. What are some well paying jobs that you can get through College?
    8 Money 39
  19. Are centre and center two different things? Or are they the same?
    If different, how?
    10 Literature 28
  20. What is a Holistic Wellness Centre?
    These days there is a lot about "Holistic Wellness Centers". But what do these places do? What kinds of service are available? And what can you get fixed there? All your questions are answered in this guide from one such [Holistic Wellness Centre](h...
    8 Health 41
  21. How well does the 3D Connexion work with Google Earth?
    How well does the 3D Connexion work with Google Earth?
    2 Technology 42
  22. can you get clamitia well using a condom during sex?
    can you get clamitia well using a condom during sex
    5 Sex 263
  23. What's the best way to tell someone that they don't dress very well?
    17 Style 32
  24. how well do those press on nail colors actually work?
    2 Style 43
  25. Do rabbits and guinea pigs get along well?
    4 Pets 8
  26. Can someone give me some well known songs by The Killers?
    9 Music 37
  27. What color would go well with white and denim?
    7 Style 27
  28. Why beggars are not made to pay tax as some of them do earn well?
    4 Money 155
  29. Does having PCOS as well as Endomentriosis hide the pregnancy hormones?
    8 Health 20
  30. How well does sunflower oil work to make you tan?
    2 Style 100
  31. What are some really good shaving creams that work really well?
    4 Style 14
  32. Are guys intimidated by a girl that dances really well?
    6 Relationships 97
  33. Do Australian Gold tanning products work well?
    2 Style 26
  34. What cake mix and icing will go together well?
    2 Food 8
  35. Do you use "good" or "well"?
    Do you say one "speaks good English" or one "speaks English well?"
    14 Education 90
  36. Does avon acne medication work well the cleansing pads??
    Does avon acne medication work well the cleansing pads??
    5 Style 48
  37. What is a good brand of hair wax, one that flexable as well?
    4 Style 32
  38. What is an amazing movie you guys recommend that isn't very well known?
    27 Entertainment 26
  39. What type of antiperspirant can I buy at a drugstore that works well with Hyperhidrosis?
    2 Drugs 14
  40. What are good careers involving dogs that sill pay well?
    5 Money 36
  41. What kind of laptop can I get for under $200 that works well and has Word?
    7 Shopping 35
  42. What color shirts go well with shiny gold heels?
    8 Style 37
  43. Why is it that nudity and horror always go along well together?
    8 General 30
  44. How far away is bristol train station away from the town centre?
    3 Travel 12
  45. how does weed help you lose weight? well, i heard it does. is it real?
    8 Health 25
  46. Do I look alike Tom Welling or not?
    I made this question just for fun.
    7 Style 11
  47. If you have an antivirus program like Norton, do you need an antispyware program as well?
    6 Technology 47
  48. How much do I need to keep an account at Wells Fargo open?
    5 Money 40
  49. Does getting highlights bleached prevent your hair from growing well?
    4 Style 34
  50. What's a good photo/video editor that is free or cheap that will work well?
    7 Technology 13
  51. Does running the steps at a track help tone as well as running the track itself?
    and if so how often should you do it?
    2 Nutritionfitness 15
  52. How to shave your self very well?
    How do you shave the vagina very well ? I always try but it doesnt work that well. Any tips ?
    3 Style 218
  53. What eyeshadow colours go well with dark brown eyes in the winter?
    4 Style 18
  54. What if schizophrenia causes people to see reality, and people without it are the ones who are not well?
    10 Health 10
  55. Do you think Hugh Jackman will play well as the next James Bond?
    3 Entertainment 12
  56. Why is it that when I finally get a good night sleep, I feel more tired than when I don't sleep well?
    10 Health 49
  57. what birth control pill would you recommend? what type of condom would you recommend as well?
    7 Health 29
  58. How well does Veet work?
    does the hair leg stay a month before returning?
    2 Style 76
  59. Do you think that happiness could have a direct impact on how well someone does in school?
    5 Health 23
  60. How to do well in maths exam?
    Im interested in maths and I do well in my homework But I always do bad in maths exam Please help me!! How to do well in maths exam???!!!
    3 Education 52
  61. What well happen if u take birth control while your 2 months pregent?
    7 Health 34
  62. does nuva ring work as well as the pill or other really good birth controls?
    4 Health 23
  63. Would a white t-shirt and black jeans go well together?
    15 Style 27
  64. how well do you no twilight? #5
    what does bella do that provokes edward to try and get himself killed?
    3 Literature 9
  65. Is it better to run on a full (well not 'full', just like, have eaten during the day) stomach or empty?
    9 Nutritionfitness 38
  66. Is it a turn off, if a gal calls and arranges a time as well as day for the dude to hang out?
    5 Relationships 23
  67. Why do i sometimes get a burning sensation (not well urinating) up inside my v@gina?
    2 Health 77
  68. What colour nailvarnish goes well with brown hair?
    So what colour nailpolish goes well with brown hair and fair skin? Any ideas?
    3 Style 17
  69. What jobs involve working with animals that pays well but doesnt require a ton of schooling?
    4 Money 13
  70. Does the Political Party change it's platform based on the Presidents views if the President is well liked by the public?
    7 Politics 18
  71. Who are the most well known/liked/respected members on wattpad?
    I'm pretty sure colleen is one of them but who else?
    6 Literature 16
  72. What brand of flat iron works really well?
    I have a flat iron for my hair I bought a few weeks ago and it sucks,what brand of flat iron works really well?
    5 Style 13
  73. What do you think about the creators of all these movies making them into 3D now? Whenever a new movie comes out now its in 3D as well as 2D.
    3 Entertainment 13
  74. why do people say they got 2 go and they dam well they dot
    why do people say they have 2 go but they still be online
    5 Health 42
  75. How can I deal with my fear of bugs well killing them?
    I am terrified to kill anything to be in the same room with anything and to even just look at it.
    2 Health 22
  76. do libras and geminis get along well in relationships?
    yea weird question. just curious
    5 Relationships 37
  77. The arrows on my psp doesn't respond well
    The left arrow on meh psp doesn't respond that well when I press really have to push it hard!...what should I do?
    3 Gaming 32
  78. Can someone please explain to me about gauges and piercings? Well, how does it all work? Thanx if you can help X)
    4 Style 99
  79. When people say drink milk to help with spicy food, does soy milk work just as well?
    4 Food 96
  80. Are you a bad person if you feel relieved when a parent dies, because you didn't get along with them well?
    10 Family 54
  81. what is the best kinda wax to use when waxing your, well, lower areas?
    i want a brazilian, and what is the best way to do it?
    2 Style 34
  82. Would most universities expect you to take math as well as two sciences to study medicine?
    3 Education 12
  83. Holister or Emo
    Ok so I need a style. I don't know if I should go with the holister style or a more emo look. I like the look but im far from emo so what should I pick???
    8 Style 44
  84. how do I gt a closer shave my armpits get red and r hard shave well?
    how do I gt a closer shave my armpits get red and r hard shave well? I hate ny armpit hairs!!!
    4 Style 48
  85. Well I always give attitude to my family how do I stop?
    Well I always give attitude to my family. I try to stop but I can't becuase they always get me so mad! How do I stop?? Please helpp =]
    7 Family 26
  86. Hair and fire do NOT mix well
    Ok well this girl caught me on fire and it burt my hair how do you make hair grow faster???lol
    3 Style 38
  87. Who has used Manic Panic Virgin Snow? How well does it work? Is it a toner or bleach? Is it a professional product?
    4 Style 92
  88. What should i do while i am on my tour when i turn 16, i am going to Paris, Rome, Italy, well... the whole medateranian? Where should i go while im there?
    7 Travel 26
  89. How come my pogo games well not play on my mac?
    Pogo site comes up I start a games then it says no appletts are in stalled?
    2 Gaming 48
  90. How well does the Tassimo coffee maker work?
    (the one that makes one cup at a time with the little "pods")?
    5 Homegarden 8
  91. does anyone know of a generic brand antibiotic ointment that works jus as well as neosoprin and where I can get it?
    3 Style 35
  92. Did anybody else find that Paul in the movie "Paul" was really well done?
    Also that movie is freaking hilarious!
    3 Entertainment 15
  93. What kind of shorts are good for gym class and to wear under my school skirt as well without showing?
    6 Style 59
  94. When my penis foreskin goes back m not feel well?
    When my penis foreskin goes back m not feel well and when penis glans touches any clothes or if they toched with finger I am not feel well. Tell m the reason?
    2 Health 57
  95. What are some good songs by well-known artists?
    I just want some suggestions for some songs I can listen to. Please suggest songs by well - know artists. Please answer and thank you.
    3 Music 20
  96. Why can't black's screamo as well as whites?
    Why can't african americans do screamo as well as white people? I try, and when I do I can get it out for a second then I would loose it.(the scream that is)
    7 Music 101
  97. What you dye your eyebrows as well as your hair?
    I'm going to dye my hair blonde. I have really dark hair so my eyebrows are dark aswell. Do you dye your eyebrows as well as your hair. Would it look weird if my hair is blonde while my eyebrows are dark?
    5 Style 77
  98. Well documented criminal cases
    Anybody know of some well documented criminal cases: theft, murder, assault, etc. (btw I need these for a project)
    2 General 30
  99. What colors go well with burgundy?
    What colors go good with like a burgandy (i think thats what it is called) or a dark pink color?
    4 Style 90
  100. Why is cheese a well known cause for nightmares ?
    I dont personally have nightmares but my mom does how and why . I heard of chocolate . Never cheese though
    7 Food 53
  101. How well can I trust a doctor?
    I am under 18 and I want to talk to my doctor about some things that I dont want my mom to know about. Will the doctor say anything if I dont want her to ?
    2 Health 19
  102. Should I wait until my monroe is fully healed to get my belly pierced to see how well my body reacts to the healing process?
    2 Health 20
  103. does anyone know the musical 'Anything Goes' pretty well?
    I got the part of Chastity but I don't know if I have any lines or if it's all singing?
    2 Music 7
  104. well my parents dont let me do anything???
    I just want a way to tell them that iam not still young any more I need some help ??!!
    6 Family 7
  105. How do I keep my hair dry well in the shower?
    I just straightened my hair and I wanna keep it as stright as I can. I don't have a shower cap and I need to have a shower so how do I keep my hair dry so it will stay as stright as I posably can for school?
    6 Style 81
  106. Asap ok well 2 people are comin 2 my house and
    what are some fun games 2 play at a 2people sleepova help
    3 Gaming 15
  107. how well do you no twilight? #6
    in breaking dawn what food does bella eat that "makes her sick because it was no good" but really she was prego??
    2 Literature 8
  108. How well does Veet work?
    Does it get the hair out by the root? Or does it just melt off the ends and leave you with dark dots like shaving?
    5 Style 386
  109. How well will lightening dye work?
    My Hair Was Brown, I Dyed It Black But Now I Wish To Go Red, Obvs Red Wont Go Over Black But Will A Lightener Dye Work Over The Black?
    3 Style 34
  110. What are some classic well-known hit songs?
    Songs that everybody knows like Wannabe or Hit Me Baby One More Time
    3 Music 50
  111. Could I get a part time job after school from Monday to Thursdays or would I need to work weekends as well?
    7 Money 56
  112. What would make me tired and sleep well, without taking anything?
    Its so hard for me to fall asleep, I don't know what to do. Help me?
    4 Health 27
  113. How can I score well for my SAT's?
    I still have time before i have to give my SAT but i want to get into a good college and score really good in my SAT so how do you think i can score nice?
    8 Education 29
  114. How can i cover a pimple really well with limited makeup products?
    I hav multiple shades of foundation, blush, bronzer.
    6 Style 10
  115. Well is there anyway to get my question back into my account?
    I accidentally marked one of my questions anonymous, lol I know how do you do that accidentally? I'm just dumb like that. Well is there anyway to get it back?
    3 Funadvice 18
  116. What would your name have been if you had been who chose it at birth, considering how well you know yourself now?
    In other words, if you could change your name to something you think would suit you better, what would it be?
    21 General 37
  117. Well I have an idea
    So me and my friend are going to spy on our friend Kirsten Do you haveany suggestion of what to do without getting caught while hes on her date at the movies?
    11 Shopping 20
  118. Well theres this girl I like
    And we are really good friends I asked her out once and she said no because I wasnt her type and she was still getting over her ex. How do I get her to like me?
    3 Relationships 14
  119. How can I decrease inches as well as body fat?
    I have been going to the gym for a couple of months. I am seeing my body fat going down, but my inches are increasing. I want to try to keep the inches down too. What do I do?
    2 Nutritionfitness 45
  120. Can people with British accents do American accents well?
    I was just wonder what it sounded like cause i've never heard any british person try.
    14 General 34
  121. What is a well-defined chest?
    how would u define a well developed chest. i've been workin out for a while and am wonderin abt how i get one so wanna know what a perfect chest is?
    6 Nutritionfitness 53
  122. How to get well by tomorrow?
    okay, I have a cold that is related to my allergies with croup. it really sucks and I want to get well by tomorrow. please help me. what medicine should I take? or what should I do? thank you
    3 Health 64
  123. Does Remington Wet2Straight hair straightener work well on coloured and thin hair?
    and is it good to straighten it when its wet? i heard some people said it works very well for them, but my friend said they damaged her hair. so should i buy them?
    9 Style 36
  124. Well I made a move but have a boyfriend
    So I thought I might be gay and I have been thinking about this girl So finally I asked her if she was thinking about me and she Asid yes! Now what do we do?! I have a boyfriend Do I tell him Help!!!
    2 Relationships 7
  125. How well can you type with your eyes closed?
    fun little game =) I do okay except for if I lose the f and j keys...then I'm all messed up =)
    9 General 78
  126. Why do sum people say a guys shoe size is the size of his well you
    well a lot of people say that guys or gals do you think its true? what is your opinion on it have you ever met a guy whos shoe size is the same as his you kn0 or if your a guy is your shoe size the same as your you know?
    3 Health 128
  127. After I no her very well she dose't went too be my grilfriend
    Afree time I ask a wite gril out,after I no her very well she dose't went too be my grilfriend are kiss me,is it beause I am too black are too dark sined are the we I talk,do youll know why?
    2 Relationships 12
  128. I want a boyfriend but dont no how to ask and think im sorta well
    Ok im 13 and all my friends have boyfriend's. well I can never ask a guy out cause im to neverous and well dont think im that pretty so how do I ask them out without freezing up and worrying about rejection?
    3 Relationships 26
  129. Get well gift for him
    My boyfriend of a year broke his leg so bad that he needs surgery. I want to get him something but all the gifts in the hospital gift shop seem girly, what should I get him?
    2 Shopping 15
  130. Well, my head is kinda itchy lice or dandruff?
    Well, my head is kinda itchy lice or dandruff? I seen some little white flakes in my hair and I know they arent lice but are they eggs? or just dandruff. the top front of my head is itchy please help!!!
    4 Style 60
  131. Should I get the premier league patch as well?
    I'm buying an arsenal shirt for my friend but I dont know whether or not to put the premier league patch on it...I dont if it looks better with it or without it....
    3 Sports 66
  132. Why isn't internet working well for my laptop, but works for other ones?
    My brother and I are on 2 separate laptops.. his is loading fine, mine is giving me problems.. why is it always like that for mine?
    7 Technology 71
  133. Are you supposed to wear tampons at night as well?
    So I've never actually used them before and recently started. It says use only up to 8 hours, but I have no idea if I should at night when I sleep, sometimes I sleep more than 8 hours.
    5 Health 45
  134. How well does birth control work?
    This girl and I had sex unpretected and I acidentaly came in her she is on a brith control pill and is very good about taking it what are the chances she could get preganet
    3 Sex 30
  135. How well does hair removal cream from veet work?
    I just bought veet hair removal cream for t he first time and I was wondering what other people think of it or is there a better way to well remove unwanted hairs and where is the best place to test the cream when using it for the first time??
    4 Style 85
  136. Who are the most well known/liked/respected members of FunAdvice?
    I tried to ask this the other day but put wattpad instead of FA... oopsy:) ANywho, i know coleen and imlonly are a couple of them, who else?
    43 Funadvice 32
  137. I Can't Breathe Well...
    In my family my brother used to have asthma as yung child,but he overcome that. I have anxiety (in my genes) and sometimes it seems like I can't catch breath when something wrong is happening. Is that anxiety or asthma?
    3 Health 15
  138. What is holister?
    I'm just curious, as I'm not from america, so I don't know about the crazes over there.. I heard this brand is expensive, and is 'the best' but can someone describe the kinda stuff they sell to me? I'm from australia.. Lol!
    6 Style 41
  139. What colour accesories go well with a purple gown?
    the gown is light purple, almost a magenta colour i think, and its flowy one shoulder. i was thinking of wearing gold accesories with it, but im not sure. Any suggestions?
    7 Style 34
  140. Is it safe to let my 14 year old daughter see a band she knows very well in Roscoe Village in Chicago with no parents, no friends?
    She'll only know the band. I'll be in Lake View while she's there.
    9 Travel 23
  141. What accessories would work well with this playsuit?
    I've bought this playsuit for valentines day and I'm a bit stuck on what would go nice with it. What sort of jewellery and stuff. Any suggestions?
    7 Style 20
  142. How easy is it for someone like a future employer or, well, anyone, to discover if you've been arrested for a misdemeanor as an adult?
    My girlfriend was arrested for shoplifting and is now applying for jobs and is worried about the outcome.
    5 General 27
  143. Are beauticians and hairdressers paid well?
    I've always wanted 2 be a beautician or a hair dresser but I've heard its not paid well.. and also how long do you need 2 go 2 college 2 train 2 be a beautician or hairdresser ? thanks x
    9 Money 173
  144. Do septum piercings hide well?
    do they hide well? like if i were to hide it around my mom or her friends. how well do they hide? she'd kill me if she found out, and im only 15 i know where to go to get it pierced, but i really want one and i dont want her finding out! helppp;
    2 Style 148
  145. What kind of necklace would go well with my dress?
    My dress is a simple black A-line dress, i have black stilettos, a silver clutch, am planning on blue and silver makeup but i am stuck on the necklace. Should it be long or short? or what?
    4 Style 14
  146. Hottopic iz sooo expensive!..well 4 me
    do any of you know any places that sells "scene" or 'emo" clothes? b/c I don't make enof munny to shop at Hottopic so pls? help?
    2 Shopping 7
  147. how do I learn to write well?
    I would really like to express myself by using sort of a deep,emotional type of poetry. I just cant seem to be able to put things in words... how do you learn?
    4 Literature 18
  148. Is it good that she said I had done well today?
    When my mum asked me what I was going to eat for dinner and I said I wasn't hungry she said that I had done quite well today because I had eaten soup (weightwatchers of course) and half a portion of normal rice. is that good that she has said that?
    4 Health 18
  149. What lipstick colour/shade would pair well with a brown dress?
    I am wearing a brown skater dress to a night out, I am loving wearing lipstick at the moment so wondered if anyone had any suggestions of a good colour or shade which would pair well with the brown dress? Thanks E x
    3 Style 4023
  150. well which choice
    should I just drop school or keep going am failing all my classes am trying my best to pass but it not working so now I just skip almost all my classes or I might leave like 30 min before school is out I think I well just drop school it not doing no ...
    6 Education 19
  151. How well can a male pit puppy get along w/a 3yr old female pitbull?
    The female pitbull is 3yrs old and very friendly. Male pitbull is a puppy about 3-5 months old. Want to know if they will be ok together
    2 Pets 68
  152. What do you do when your bored?
    12 Entertainment 44
  153. What is the PRU centre of learning?
    My sister has being referred their , my sisters teacher said she has emotional behavioral problem and she couldn't handle 2 ! Hours of a normal school . I just want to know more about the PRU like .... Is it more of an special school ?
    2 Sex 10
  154. Why? Well I Need Help To Make 2 Lines Into A Poem. (o_O)?
    Hi, ok so I need some help with this. MAJOR help. even a starter would be good. These are the two lines.---> She knows that she was wrong but she won't cry HELP!!!
    5 Literature 9
  155. Would anyone be willing to take a quick test to see how well your short term memory is for my psychology class?
    If you are can you send me a message and i will tell you what to do. I really need more subjects x.x
    13 Health 15
  156. What qoes well with this black cardigan?
    Alriqht well I qot this black cardigan today. and I dont knoe what color shirt to wear under it. and since I dont have school tomorrow I have time to plan it out. sooo can anyone help me and tell me what color shirt I can wear with this. please & thank...
    2 Style 11
  157. Well my little sister has been cutting school what to do?
    Well my little sister has been cutting school with boys to do mature things and I dont know how to handle this. I just have the urge to kill everyone she did. I dont know what to do our parents dont know, but I need to know what to do. Cause I dont w...
    3 Family 28
  158. FunAdvice Trivia: What comics creator is well-known for her characterization of Vampirella at Comic Cons?
    A) Wendy Pini B) Marie Severin C) Joellyn Auklandus D) Cathy Christian
    5 Funadvice 10
  159. How to do well on my first job, help please ?
    im 14 and getting my first job at a restauraunt as a dishwasher/waitress/cook. I've never had any previous employment and would really like to do a good job. any help is very much appreciated XD
    2 Money 23
  160. How do I do well in Improv?
    im a freshman and I just joined improv this year and I really like it and im also very funny but the thing is I ALWAYS get anxiety and I feel so shy to do it even though I want to do it real badd!
    3 Music 8
  161. How well does Sleepy Time tea work; has anyone tried it?
    i was doing some research on ways to get to sleep faster and such and came across this sleepy time tea. does it make you relax and become lethargic like its said in the description?
    21 Health 62
  162. I know why I am not doing well (because I dont do my homeework)
    so, im failing one class and passing all others with a mark in the 60's (for now). I know why I am not doing well (because I dont do my homeework) yet when I have to work I cant. MY mind wanders and I get the words or numbers all mixed up. Does anyo...
    2 Education 28
  163. Can anyone draw really well??
    I have a tattoo which I love, but I don't feel like it's complete yet. I either want to add to it, or cover some of it up. Either way i'm looking for some suggestions or for someone who can draw/add to it please and thanks!!!
    9 Style 17
  164. What are some things I could do to help me express myself verbally as well as I do on paper?
    Its like I can find words when I'm writeing but when I'm talking verbally to someone the words just don't come out right, and I get misunderstood of what I'm saying a lot, any advice is appreciated
    4 General 12
  165. well my boyfriend rips me
    everytime we have sex he rips me and it kinda hurts but feels so good at the same time im not sure if that good or not, I mean no matter how many times we have sex I am still really tight and sometimes he wont even have sex because it hurts HIM tomuch....
    2 Sex 73
  166. FunAdvice Trivia: What or who is the well-recognized 'Bear Family'?
    A) Alaskan folk musicians B) African exotic dancers C) Traveling animal act D) German record distribution company
    7 Funadvice 11
  167. well what should I use for stretch marks
    ok baby lump is not going away and the stretch marks are getting humungous and I cant stand the looks of them I cant even stand the idea that the thing is inside of me seriously I need advice on what I should buy to get rid of stretch marks
    9 Style 30
  168. ok well my girlfriend lets me finger her but its different
    ok well my girlfriend lets me finger her but its weird...she wont let me take off anything she likes me well loves me we're waiting for sex dont wanna push her and when I ask she says its not awkward but when I finger her I cant really pleasure her I d...
    2 Sex 116
  169. What's the movie about the girl falling in the well?
    from a question I asked before it has to do with the picture someone said it was something like the ring or something it is about a girl who gets dropped down a well by her mother and dies when she is seven and now she goes around killing people and no...
    7 Entertainment 266
  170. How well does the Keratin Complex work?
    Has anyone had their unruly frizzy and curly hair treated with the keratin complex? I was thinking of getting my hair treated with it, but was wondering just how well it works. Since it is so obscenely expensive (at least for my pockets) I did not wa...
    2 Style 38
  171. How much does a well-skilled photographer make?
    I ask this because I want to know what to expect when I go into this in college. I know that's a subject they will teach us about while on our way to mastering that field. How much does a skilled photographer make a month? If anyone knows. Note: ...
    3 Money 17
  172. How// Would this tattoo idea turn out well?
    So when I get my first tattoo, as anyone would, I want it to be good. I want the word "Believe" ink'd on my left wrist but I'm wanting "Lie" in "Believe" in red or underlined what do you think will turn out better? Be(lie)ve - underlined or black in...
    5 Style 22
  173. Sex (well sort of )
    This may sound really gross but do you have to shave just before you get fingered.. Ino its a very personal matter but im really worried about what the boy is gunna think of me if I dont !! X Please help x Thanks x
    3 Sex 27
  174. are there jobs for 13 yolds that pay well?
    I live in cottage grove Minnesota and I was wondering are there any jobs for a 13 year old like me? I need money for a phone and my parents dont have money to give to me so I need enough to be like $30-$40 a month perhaps?
    3 Money 34
  175. What are some foods that sit well with an upset stomach?
    After my trip t the hospital due to my liver failing i dont feel alright eating. At the hospital they said i can be on a normal diet but eating causes my stomach to hurt really bad. What are light foods i can try to eat without hurting my stomach to bad?
    9 Health 49
  176. How well do indoor cats adapt to the cold?
    I don't usually turn the heater on unless it is really cold (because my entire house smells of smoke every time I do), but I'm wondering if that is a problem for my cat? Note, we live in Miami and it doesn't really hit under the 50s here.
    2 Pets 82
  177. Should we break up for not getting along that well?
    Me and my boyfriend seems to get along really well when we are texting one another but when we are on the phone and when we see each other we don't get along that well. I guess its because we are shy or maybe something else and we love one another very...
    2 Relationships 10
  178. Afterburn 4 - clouds doesnt look well in render
    Hi good people. Im just wondering why am I getting a white thingy instead of white-gray clouds? I've followed a tutorial, a different tutorial but still I got white thingy! See the attachment
    5 Technology 34
  179. What kind of shoes go well with skinny jeans?
    I live in a warm-ish country so boots are kinda inconvenient... but if you have any other suggestions, and preferably heels, because I find myself to be too short... yeah if you have any good website or whatever I'd really appreciate it.
    9 Shopping 51
  180. I'm so ugly! well.. help me please =)
    Ok, so I've always thought I am really ugly, but people say I'm not. Like only about an hour ago I had a lovely comment saying I'm pretty, but how do I actully no? I'm so confussed because is there something wrong with me because I always think I'm ugl...
    15 Style 44
  181. Why do I get along well with guys better then girls?
    Im a girl why do I get along better with guys then girls I never haad sisters only 3 older bros I play boy sports like football and some how I no how to talk to them wit out getting nrverous or is it bc I grew up with guys tw I do play fight and I win
    9 Relationships 183
  182. well i now get to start planning my youngest daughters birthday party
    She will be 10 on June 19th. Not sure what im gonna do for it though. I want her to want to go to Chuck E Cheese, I love that place, I like the ski ball game the most
    3 Entertainment 15
  183. Well excess masturbation cause faster orgasms?
    So I heard somewhere that if a male masturbates he makes himself cum faster each time to experience pleasure faster...which I think makes sense. A male wants to experience pleasure and masturbates...but is it true that if a male masturbates it will act...
    6 Sex 45
  184. What companies are doin well at the moment??
    well at school were doin this market thing, where we buy shares into diff companies and at the end of 3 months we see who gained most profit :P. Well I was doing pretty well until last week I had to leave to italy for my christmas holiday and had no w...
    3 Money 34
  185. sooo I thought well what else could we do with that TRASH?
    I was watching something about landfills on tv and how there is miles and miles of just trash sitting in landfills. sooo I thought well what else could we do with that TRASH? would it be possible to send it to space? like they leave parts of the spa...
    7 Environment 31
  186. Not Feeling Well...
    Okay, so around every other week, I feel sick. I usually get a headache and get light-headed, especially when I go outside. It's not allergies because my pollen allergies are different. Last weekend I felt like I was going to throw up. Is there somethi...
    2 Health 9
  187. Why does my puppy not see well?
    I just got a 3 month old pure bred toy aussie and she is blind in one eye, but she still seems to not be able to see well. She will wander and ump into things often but can still see if you move your hand fast in front of her. Is there anything I could...
    2 Pets 129
  188. Well how do I give my moms a choice?
    Okay heres the deal her husbad(my real father) is abusive and I hat him but she does everything for him. He hit her and them she goes and buys him a new phone. He hits me and he starves me and my brother. So how do I tell her she can either keep me as ...
    2 Family 13
  189. Me and my brother dont get along that well
    Me and my brother dont get along that well we hate each other actually he always calls me names punches me slaps me and even when im in my room he throws pennies and punches my door hestircally he is only nice to me when he is drunk or maybe when his f...
    2 Family 37
  190. My dog isnt well.
    Well, this morning he has been his normal self, but when it got to about 7/8pm he's started to whimper, cry. So I took him on a walk. He calmed down a bit. But as soon as we got back into the house he just sat in the same place for about an hour. He is...
    2 Pets 47
  191. Can you cry under water?
    Can you cry under water?... Well can you???
    7 General 36
  192. Would you choose well rounded-people or people that can specialize?
    Say you were the Dean at a University or better yet a boss of a Fortune 500 company. Would you choose applicants that could do lots of different jobs but all of them slightly average or would you choose an applicant that is really good at his or her jo...
    2 Money 17
  193. Do any of you belive in jesus
    Well do any of you belive in jesus
    21 Religion 25
  194. Water well systems
    I asked a recent question, because I am moving to the country to get away, and there are no water/sewage companies around there and I dont want to use an outhouse. I have gathered ideas and decided to install a water well system. How long does it last?...
    2 Homegarden 7
  195. help on gay fran... well sorta...
    okay well hes not reali mi fran but I've talked to him like twice in the whole school year and for some reason I catch him looking at me but when I look back he shy's away. what does that mean? usually evry body says thats how you know that so...
    4 Relationships 7
  196. What cracks you up?
    What cracks you up so hard that...well...what cracks you up?
    11 Entertainment 30
  197. Who likes Slipknot
    Who likes Slipknot well I no I do
    10 Music 8
  198. Can You Walk On Water?
    Well Can You Walk On Water? If So How?
    4 General 23
  199. Do you like burritos?
    7 Food 37
  200. if your bored well here ya go
    if not happened say nh 1:had a crush 2:held hand 3: hugged opp sex. 4:kissedno tounge 5: kissed w?tounge 6: been fingered 7: seen nued with out of faamily 8: had sex
    3 Sex 40
  201. Anyone know how to workout well without going to a gym?
    Anyone know how to workout well without going to a gym? Because the gym is just a place to show off your sexy body but unfornately I just dont have that kinda build (no im not fat >_> I think...) so I want to get 6 packs and smexy muscles and yes im ve...
    7 Sex 35
  202. Why do I get so hungry at night when I eat well during the day?
    I eat a good diet, 3 meals a day and maybe one snack. But at nighht I get sooooooo hungry. Like ill eat something healthy and ill feel full for maybe 30 min then I'm hungry again. Ik I don't have worms or anything and I'm as tall as I'm going to get so...
    6 Nutritionfitness 41
  203. What dishes would go well with chili?
    I"m cooking tonight and I want to make chili but I don't know what else would go well with it to make a meal. I was thinking chili, cornbread, cheese fries? But it doesn't seem like a real meal to me, more like a combination of delicious fatty food lol...
    9 Food 48
  204. how well do you no twilight? #1
    ok heres a question lets see if you no it. if you got it right ill comment on your page if not ill tell you that you didnt. so here it is heard of the Cullen Crest? if you have how do each of the Cullens wear it? Edward- Alice- Rosalia- Emment- Jaspe...
    5 Literature 32
  205. Why wont my well i guess i could call him my bf sorta but anyways why wont he let me give him head????
    he wants to do all sorts of things to me but whenever the topic of me sucking him off comes up he gets all awkward and nervous and he says he wants to but he feels uncomfortable sticking his dick in my mouth! Im in grade 7 and he's in grade 8 btw, but ...
    8 Relationships 40
  206. How to deal with that really awkward silence while in a car with someone I don't know all too well, for 2 hours?
    They arent a complete stranger, they are more of a friend of a friend. I'm going to a concert and they are going to the same one. Hes picking me up so that my friend doesnt have to make another trip to my town. The car ride is almost two hours, how ca...
    17 General 49
  207. Why has the ability to cook well decreased in teens and young adults?
    I know people who can barely make Top Raman or heat up a cup-o-noodles. Some don't know how to even make mac and cheese, or spaghetti..Even my friends Moms make most thinkgs from boxes. Most kids can make like, cereal and Top Raman nowadays..I think i...
    14 Food 49
  208. Do girls prefer a well groomed guy?
    quick question, I recently became single again and am 'back on the market' so to speak. I've never realy thought about my appearence but while at work, one of the girls mentioned I should get my nails done as I have a habbit of biting them and the skin...
    5 Relationships 50
  209. How well does r-EEG ("Referenced EEG") evaluation work?
    It's a kind of testing that's supposed to identify what combination of anti-depression medications will work best for someone whose depression has been resistant to drug treatment. Has anyone here undergone this, or know someone who has? I'd like to ...
    4 Health 16
  210. What are some music downloading programs that actually work well and let you transfer the songs to iTunes?
    Not Bearshare or Frostwire because I've tried both of those. Bearshare won't let me put the music onto iTunes and Frostwire doesn't have any actual songs. I don't want to convert YouTube videos into MP3s either, because you can't edit the info and it l...
    12 Technology 9
  211. Help!! my money tree is not doing well
    I just bought a chinese money tree about two months ago for my tanning salon. its still growing new leaves but some of the older leaves are turning brown and falling off and some are droopy. I try not to water it to frequently. Im worried that its goi...
    3 Homegarden 176
  212. I like this boy he has a girlfriend I think she doesn't like me
    I don't know what to do. Only if someone was on the same page as me! Well I like this boy that I havn't talked to in SO long. he has a girlfriend I think she doesn't like me. Well me and him barely started talking again. Well I like him WOW I havn't li...
    3 Relationships 31
  213. Well, I have these "friends"
    There are 4 of them, the prbolem is that they all love eachother more than me, you know? They dont invite me with them places ever, they always h/o with eachother evrryyy weekend, and there statusus will be like this "at the beach with my faves" when I...
    7 Relationships 32
  214. Well today I got hit by a car..should I go to the doctor?
    Well today I got hit by a car.. It was like a hit & run The car didnt hit me THAT hard but it sure knocked the wind outta me.. My friend just got me & asked me if I was okay I said yeah I havent even told my mom yet I thought I was gunna be fine since ...
    20 Health 110
  215. Is it true that JoJo likes black men as well, and who do you think JoJo will vote for - Obama or Romney?
    I see that joanna levesque likes black men, idk if she has a boyfriend now who is black but i've heard she has dated freddy adu..that's all I know. But does JoJo have a crush on black men? I heard she once even went out with Jermiah..and she's another ...
    3 Politics 260
  216. Does anybody know if the d-link gamer's lounge router works well?
    The old router that we used stopped working when I replace my home computer, so I'd like to know if the d-link gamer's lounge router works, and if so, does it work well? The thing is, my old linksys router stopped working after 3 hours on the phone ...
    3 Technology 40
  217. How to make dark long hair look good?Okay so i have long blackish (well its a mix between black, dark brown, light brown, and a deep brownish red color and its
    all natural so it's hard to get rid of) and i wanted to know what are some different ways to make it look better. It can't be anything like fancy like curls and stuff like that because everyday i have practice after school for practically the rest of t...
    15 Style 27
  218. Is 'friggin' a bad word?
    8 General 188
  219. Why do questions get locked?
    5 Funadvice 12
  220. Can You delete questions you ask?
    4 Funadvice 14
  221. Phobias?
    Well I Have Quite A Few Phobias Lol Well I Wanted To Know What Are Some Of Y'alls Phobias?
    6 Health 20
  222. Do most girls have mustaches?
    But can hide it well?
    10 Style 453
  223. Why is 'abbreviation' such a long word?
    13 General 65
  224. What instrument is your favorite/do you play?
    11 Music 38
  225. What is the meaning of love?
    Well I just basicly want an honest opinion about what you think love is well what you think love is.
    4 Relationships 21
  226. Is Iran really a threat?
    well is iran really a threat?
    2 Politics 43
  227. How can I make it funnier
    Okay well I've been fingering myself for about 2 month now and well I've been doing the same old thing how can I make it funner or well more interesting?
    2 Relationships 27
  228. Well my girlfriend and I were gonna...
    Since like the past weekend my girlfriend and I planned for me to go to her house and have some oral fun haha. But of course her mom got in a car wreck and she's staying home tomorrow b/c she's badly hurt apparently... I was pissed at first when my gir...
    2 Sex 27
  229. Are there any songwriters, bands, soloists, that you feel should be more well known?
    Well i am a big music guy, I love music from all over the world and sometimes i run into music that is not very well known that i really wish more people knew about, and it gets a bit annoying, So i am going too make a list, no real order just a lis...
    11 Music 17
  230. Is my diet well-balanced?
    okay i need to know if my diet is well balanced etc. here's what i ate today. breakfast: wheetbix with banana glass of pauls smart white milk lunch: an orange tuna and lettuce sandwhich on soy and linseed helgas bread afternoon snack: very small bo...
    4 Nutritionfitness 20
  231. Well my uncle died last year on july 17, 2007
    My uncle died last year, and my dad is flying in to connecticut.. (my hometown..) To be with all his loved ones to be with them on his death day.. And to support his wife and everything. He was 31 when he died and he got shot in a drive by :( My d...
    6 Travel 30
  232. How well does the "pull out method" work as the only form of birth control?
    Me and my boyfriend have been going out half a year now. We haven't actually had sex yet, but im sure im ready for it, even though im a virgin. I'm 100% positive he doesn't have any STDs or anything, so im not too worried about it. Just how well does...
    22 Sex 322
  233. I cant get on well with people..
    How do I tell a teacher that I get really nervous bout sitting next to people or having to work in groups..I have a total social anxiety type school I hang out on my own because I just dont like being round people...I mean I have few frie...
    7 Education 20
  234. Can I have touch screen support on Windows XP home/professional/media centre?
    I know this is an odd question! but my uncle just gave me an old tablet PC from 2001, its a fujitsu stylistic 3400 :) the good thing is that, it works!! only down side is that it has windows 2000 "/ I don't have windows xp tablet edition on disc an...
    2 Technology 64
  235. Do you think Weed should be made legal?
    9 Health 41
  236. Do you believe in miracles?
    Hello. Do you believe in miracles? Well, I personally believe. =]
    13 Religion 24
  237. Who here wears a ring?
    wHO HERE WEARS A RING?Well what do you wear it for;););) and does it have any significance in your life?
    20 Style 14
  238. How old do you have to be to move out?
    how old do I have to be to move out? well emancipate my parents?
    5 Family 105
  239. what do you want to be when your older?
    11 Money 8
  240. Morals
    Can any one explain what morals are? I understand them just not well... What are you morals??
    11 Sex 26
  241. Who Here Knows how to play the guitar
    Knows how to play the guitar really really really really well?
    5 Music 39
  242. what is compatible with a Capricorn?
    well what is compatible with a Capricorn just so I know lol
    11 Religion 70
  243. Are eyebrows facial hair?
    Well... are they considered facial hair?
    3 Style 12
  244. Do pickles have an evil overlord?
    Well? Can I have some opinions?
    20 Food 44
  245. Can you ride your bike with no handlebars?
    Well, can ya? Can you ride your bike with no handlebars?
    18 Sports 58
  246. Chihuahua & beagle
    How well do a chihuahua & a beagle get along?
    3 Pets 104
  247. Scars on my arm
    Well, im having blood tests tomorrow and they're taking my blood ...well, I have scratches on my left arm, well they're more like scars, and I dont know which arm they take your blood from?? does anyone know? :(
    5 Health 28
  248. Is it possible to remove a question you posted?
    3 Funadvice 14
  249. Is sausage made entirely of pork?
    well, some say it depends on how they cook well others say sausage is the definition of pork?
    8 Food 37
  250. What is it with this guy?
    Okay well me and this guy have been tlking for about a month now and I really like him well now he has been acting really weird wht do I do?\:
    2 Relationships 19