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  1. Most funnest Career
    What is the most funnest Career?
    5 Money 63
  2. Who's my soulmate quiz test?
    Who's my soulmate quiz test?
    8 General 512
  3. Who wants a Traveling Career?
    Who wants a Travelling Career?
    5 Travel 16
  4. Anyone have any fun quizes?
    Anyone have any fun quizes?
    3 Entertainment 26
  5. Can a felon have a nursing career?
    Can a felon have a career in Nursing?
    2 Money 60
  6. Which career should I choose to succeed in?
    Which career should I choose to succeed in?
    3 Money 46
  7. What are some short/ good careers?
    7 Money 37
  8. What is the geographic location of a career?
    3 Education 10
  9. Can you have a career and be a horse jockey?
    11 Money 33
  10. What type of career can a convicted felon have?
    What type of career can a convicted felon have?
    4 Money 294
  11. What is a good career that has to do with something artistic?
    4 Money 15
  12. Joe quiz
    How old is joes parents
    3 Music 16
  13. How is chemistry employed in the career of a dietician?
    2 Money 10
  14. What do you think about playing poker as a career?
    7 Gaming 13
  15. Is an EMT career a good decision?
    6 Money 15
  16. What do you think of a career in chartered accounting?
    7 Money 38
  17. What is the diffrence between a career college and a community college?
    2 Education 13
  18. What are some careers that involve travelling the world?
    8 Money 43
  19. What are pros and cons of having a nursing career?
    2 Money 21
  20. What career works with mentally insane???
    6 Money 72
  21. How do you find a career to become a leader?
    4 Money 21
  22. How did celine dion start her singing career?
    How did celine dion start her singing career?
    2 Music 146
  23. How do I pick a career?
    How do I know what career is good for me for the future?
    5 Money 39
  24. What does career objective mean in a job application?
    3 Money 142
  25. Is there a career for a person to watch tv shows?
    7 Entertainment 45
  26. How do I get a small acting career started?
    9 Money 26
  27. How does one start a career as a burlesque dancer?
    2 Money 15
  28. Fun careers that pay $500 per hour?
    Fun careers that pay $500 per hour?
    10 Money 1355
  29. How many careers are there in the world?
    Does anyone know how many different careers there are in the world?
    2 Money 93
  30. Careers with animals?
    What are some careers that work with animals except a vetrinarian? Thanx:)
    3 Pets 11
  31. What kind of career could you pursue with a masters in arabic?
    What kind of career could you pursue with a masters in arabic?
    3 Money 17
  32. what does a guy mean when he says hes concentrating on career?
    4 Relationships 35
  33. Is Graphic Design a good career path, or will I struggle?
    6 Money 50
  34. How can i get someone to sponsor my music career because am just a beginner?
    3 Music 70
  35. What college would be good if you want a career as a musician?
    3 Education 6
  36. which one is the career when you talk to ppl a psychologist or psychiarigisl?
    7 Relationships 10
  37. What's your future career goal?
    I aim to be a criminal lawyer :)
    50 Money 31
  38. What are some successful careers that take no more than 4 years of schooling?
    4 Money 9
  39. What 2010 NFL rookie will have the most successful overall career?
    2 Sports 12
  40. How to begin modeling or DJing careers?
    tell me how to begin those careers and anything you know about them.
    2 Money 14
  41. What happens when you complete the impossible quiz?
    hey. does anyone know what happens when you complete the impossible quiz???
    7 Education 152
  42. What is you dream career?
    I would want to be an agent for the secret service
    33 Money 19
  43. Is it pointless to go to an art college; what kind of career could I have after?
    3 Education 22
  44. Do you think nursing is a good career move considering the economy?
    7 Money 24
  45. Is there a career to do with animals where you don't have to go to school for more than a few years?
    but not a vet or anything to do with that.
    4 Education 10
  46. What are some careers that involve only a couple of months or a year of training school?
    2 Money 158
  47. Where can I pursue my career if I study geography along with environmental studies and biology?
    3 Education 12
  48. What are good careers involving dogs that sill pay well?
    5 Money 36
  49. What would you choose as a career if you could be anything you ever wanted?
    27 Money 39
  50. What's a good age to start a rapping career?
    I kinda wanna start now
    9 Money 64
  51. What are career opportunities with bachelor's degree in psychology?
    can someone give me a list of career opportunities with a bachelor's degree in psychology?
    3 Money 33
  52. Army Career Yes or No?
    Is the army a great way to have a medical career if you can't afford Medical School?
    6 Money 41
  53. What career should I choose? Should I be a doctor/surgeon?
    I have to choose A levels soon. Do I really want to have a career in medicine?
    3 Money 20
  54. What should I do as my career?
    What is a computer career, or other business career that pays a lot and would be enjoyable for me to pursue? In general, What should I be?
    3 Money 23
  55. Which Career is better, an Animal Control Officer, or a Vet that works with small animals?
    11 Money 10
  56. How should i start my painting career? i want to be a painter,i want to sell them,how should i start it.please advice.
    5 Health 16
  57. What career opportunities will be available for me if I study Geography and Archeology at the BA level?
    4 Money 32
  58. What would you do if you had a nice career, and your child came to you and begged you not to work anymore?
    12 Family 23
  59. Is a preschool teacher a good career?
    6 Money 54
  60. music quiz
    what is your favorite kind of music? who is your favorite artist? what is your favorite song? who is your music star crush?
    3 Music 16
  61. How do I figure out what career I want?
    Im really confused about what I want to do when im older. How can I find out?
    3 Money 75
  62. How do you start a career in modeling?
    any ideas on how to become a model.. or any models how did you start off? thanks xxx
    3 Money 48
  63. What do you hope to have a career in?
    Me, I am going to work as hard as I can to become a very skilled photographer
    25 Money 32
  64. How do I start off a public speaking career?
    How do i know the areas to concetrate more on? how exactly do i start?
    5 Money 15
  65. Career for me?
    im a dancer and I want to chose a different career I didnt finish highschool.
    5 Money 12
  66. Future Career jobs that involve animals and not sitting?
    For my furture career what jobs involve animals and nature and NOT sitting around?
    3 Money 53
  67. John Cena quiz
    Does anyone think John Cena is the best wrestler alive today!!??
    8 Entertainment 39
  68. what would i need if i wanna be a law and order detective type person as a career ?
    3 Money 8
  69. Who knows of a free website where I can answer a few questions to decide what career I would be interested in?
    7 Education 15
  70. Which is the best career?
    whatd do you think is a better job ♥veterinarian ♥surgeon ♥plastic surgeon
    3 Money 9
  71. What japanese career?
    I always dreamed of moving to Japan. I was just wondering what kind of careers can an American get in Japan?
    4 Money 11
  72. How to launch my singing career?
    I have to know who I can see or how so I can launch my singing career I have always whanted to be a singer I am ready just how can I get there
    2 Money 41
  73. I think you should add quizes about wwe
    I think you should add wwe quizes about about wwe superstars and divas. I think you should add this because some or all of the funadvice people might like wwe.
    4 Funadvice 39
  74. how to write a speech for high school students on career choices
    please help its for my project
    2 Education 1144
  75. Pop Quiz How to tell if someone has Aids
    I'm interested in reading what you guys have to say about that.
    2 Health 40
  76. Should I change my career from Engineering to IT?
    I want to transfer my career from Engineering to IT in this old age as I have completed my MCA . Is it the correct decision for me?
    2 Technology 17
  77. What are possible art careers?
    I am really interested in a art career and I am wondering what types of careers there are other that Graphic Design and a Art Teacher. Thank you for any of your help:)
    3 Money 41
  78. What is a good-paying career that doesn't require several years of study?
    Other than nursing....
    9 Education 8
  79. Is it normal that I'm 16 years old and I have no idea what type of career that I want to get into?
    16 Money 47
  80. What can I do to prepare for my desired career of catching internet predators with Operation Blue Ridge Thunder?
    2 Money 45
  81. Has anyone ever completed the Impossible quiz?
    Has anyone ever completed the Impossible quiz? I'm having a go at it now, it's really hard >: ] Have you ever finished it? x
    8 Gaming 123
  82. How do you beat levels 79, 80 ,81, and 91 on the Impossible Quiz for iPod touch?
    2 Gaming 53
  83. Random Animal Quiz
    Whats your favourite animal ? What animal would you say you are ? why ? If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be ? What pets do you have ? What have you called them ?
    5 Pets 9
  84. What to change for my modeling career?
    I am in modeling. I have been to a few photo shoots. look at all my pics. is there anything I need to work on?
    2 Style 12
  85. What state should someone move to to pursue a modeling career?
    What state should someone move to start a modeling career...?I live in NC right now and I want to have a modeling career and I dont know what state I should move to and start out from.
    2 Money 122
  86. Singing career at age 13
    I am 13 years old and wondering which is the best way of getting noticed if you want a singing career?
    6 Money 177
  87. How do you pick a good career field if you have a wide range of interest?
    Like I like the mediacal field, but I also am interested in the legal field.
    3 Money 18
  88. What career would you prefer your man to have?
    Would you like it if he were a doctor? Rocket scientist? Music Producer? e.t.c? And why would you like or prefer that?
    7 Money 23
  89. Which career path should I take?
    I am sure whether to have a career in LVN or become an x-ray tech? Any Advice? What is better?
    4 Money 38
  90. Quiz on sinful nature?
    Where is this scripture found in the bible? “[Life by the Spirit] So I say, live by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature.”
    4 Religion 38
  91. What careers involve working with troubled teens?
    Please give the job title and a slight description (: Thank you!
    7 Money 95
  92. How do you start a career as a singer?
    all my friends say im really good at singing and I think I am, but I dont know how to!!
    5 Money 22
  93. How to start our musical career?
    my band has a name and all the members but how should we start out our musical career. I dont know what to do next and I need to find out seing how im leader
    6 Music 32
  94. How can I start my career in singing
    I have always been able to sing very well. Everyone tells me I should do it for the rest of my life. How do I start a career with barely any time and not much money.
    4 Money 34
  95. Wanting to go to college but what career?
    I am a convicted felon. Iam wanting to go to college, but don;t know what career I should choose. I have no idea were to start or who to ask to find out. Does anyone know what I can do?
    4 Education 17
  96. Help me write a good career objective?
    Can someone please help me write a good career objective?I need to include it in my cv and what I have is just boring.I have studied food technology.
    2 Education 70
  97. dental career
    I am a dentist just passed from college...can anyone tell me which country is the best for practicing dentistry and what is the procedure to get into that country
    6 Education 22
  98. Am I too young to be nervous about my career?
    am I too young since I am 15 to be a little scared since I cant decide what I want to do when I grow up and where I want to go to collage?
    4 Education 15
  99. What promising Career? Animals?
    I want a career working with animals. I would want to be a vet but I cant stand seeing blood. I have a very weak stomach. What careers involve interacting with animals but dont involve blood.
    3 Money 38
  100. Would you give up your career for true love?
    If you had a chance at True Love (the whole ball of wax Eternal Bliss), but for whatever reason it meant that you had to give up your career as a singer/songwriter/actress, what would you do?
    2 Relationships 52
  101. How do I get into a fighting career
    Im a high school dropout and im smart but I don't want to get into any difficult career and I love to fight and excersice so how would I get into a proffesional fighting career help me out people what are the requirments and what do I need to get into ...
    15 Money 495
  102. What is your career and do you like it?
    I am almost a senior and need to find out what to do with my life. I love children and helping people but I am VERY shy... Does anyone have any ideas? :(
    6 Babies 23
  103. Which Career is Better
    Which job pays the most and will be the most stable? I'm in CA by the way. Heavy Equipment Operator, Paralegal, or Registered Nurse?
    2 Money 22
  104. If you had great looks and charisma, what would your career be?
    Let's say you have killer looks and style with a good amount of charisma. If you could choose any job/career what would it be?
    8 Style 14
  105. Careers for ex felons
    I wanted to know what states allow ex felons become a nurse? I also wanted to know what other careers would cosider hiring a changed ex felon after he changed his life and when to school for that specific career?
    4 Money 123
  106. 17 want to start a career in london dont know how to start?
    im 17 and want to start a career in london I just dont know how to go about it. like getting a junior role then progressing up the ladder any help?
    3 Money 12
  107. Do you think that your appearance can have a direct impact on your career and advancement?
    There are some that say you should dress how you want, do what you want, and who cares what people think. I think this has a great impact on your career and think there is a time and place for everything. What is your opinion on this?
    19 Money 56
  108. Career Options
    yea so I've been really thinking about my future and what im going to do. im only 15 but I think I should be working up to what a wanna be. can anybody give me a few sugestions for a good career.
    2 Money 12
  109. What is a good career working with horses or even the rural life period?
    this question goes for anything. I just need some options and advice. Thanks! :)
    3 Money 13
  110. Careers in medical field_
    I wanted 2 know what were the yearly salaries for a [certified nursing assistant,medical assist,emt,patient care tech,and a nurse]
    2 Money 34
  111. How does London Fletcher get snubbed off a Pro-Bowl spot after leading the league in tackling and never missing a game in his career?
    6 Sports 16
  112. How to get a travelling career?
    Hey pplz! I love travelling and I want a travelling career , give me some travelling careers? I have some in mind like a flight attendnat or a tour guard and I know there are more out there so help me out! xoxo prison101
    9 Travel 41
  113. What career or profession requires an individual to know about imaginary numbers?
    Numbers like 5i or radical -25. I was thinking something like time and space.
    2 Money 13
  114. How can I figure out a future career
    I am so confused ,I really want to work with animal's as a future career but I don't wan't to be a vet because I don't want to have to put down a animal or deal with blood.,I don't want to be a marine Biologist because I don't like shark's. What should...
    2 Money 42
  115. Whats your chosen career?
    I'm almost a high school junior, which means I have to start thinking about careers:/ I have absolutely no idea what I want to do! Whats your career and do you like it? What is something you wish you could have been, but didn't?
    15 Money 25
  116. Did Justin Timberlake quit his music career?
    always been a fan of him, but lately it seems like he focused on movies and forgot about his music, its a shame he has a nice voice
    3 Music 33
  117. Are there any careers in the health field that don't require a ton of chemistry?
    I really want to go into Nutrition but I suck at chemistry. I'm struggling with my Intro to Chemistry class enough as it is.
    7 Education 46
  118. I cant decide what career or course to do
    Fashion, Psychology, Journalism, I cant decide to be a designer, journalist, psychologist, teacher, any advice to help me chose please? x
    3 Education 17
  119. How much would i have to get on my math quiz tomorrow?
    if i have a 73 right now and the only quiz grade i have is a 55? the grading scale is 50% is tests 30% is quizzes 20% is homework and classwork
    6 Education 35
  120. Daily Bible Quiz
    Where is this scripture found in the bible ? "Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, ...
    3 Religion 33
  121. Daily rational thought quiz. Were ancient people smarter than us?
    Over time, has knowledge accumulated or deteriorated? Did the ancient know more than we do, or did they make up answers because they knew less than we do?
    3 General 59
  122. What should I do to kick-start my acting career?
    I have been doing the village and school pantomimes since I was about 5-6. I live in a small village quite far from a city...any ideas?
    2 Money 22
  123. Singing career?
    ok I'm a really good singer... like really good. and I want to actually try to get into the music industry. or just do a show or something...any help?
    3 Music 13
  124. What career pays more?
    I was listening to my sister talk about how one of her friends' mom or something got a very good paying job doing something related to the state/law, and it got me thinking about it. What career pays 2-3 times more than photography?
    23 Money 36
  125. Who thinks party planning would be a good career?
    Who thinks party planning would be a good career? I really love planning parties. I think its like a big art project but funner. Also if you like party planning too then you shoud leave your responses thx in advance!!!
    3 Money 24
  126. Can a black singer have a career in latin Music???
    Do you think an black person can have a career, if any, in latin music? even though they are not "latin" or "hispanic", they just like to sing in spanish and love the culture? Plzzz give me your opinion, thanx!
    3 Music 24
  127. FunAdvice Trivia: How many four point games had Wayne Gretzky achieved during his NHL career?
    A) 198 B) 199 C) 247 D) 215
    4 Funadvice 16
  128. Who thinks Dr. Laura Schlessinger's "racial rant" should be cause for her to end her 30 year radio career?
    Has the situation been taken to extremes, or is she really racist? Your thoughts?
    10 Politics 17
  129. Daily Bible Quiz
    Where is this verse found in the bible? He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.
    4 Religion 32
  130. Singing / Acting Career
    im an 18 y/o male and my passion is for singing, acting and dancing. I want to start a career in any or all of these domains, but I dont know where to start. I want to go to school for them but dont know where to go. Can someone point me in the right d...
    5 Money 12
  131. Starting a singing career without using Myspace
    I asked if anyone knew how to help me start my singing career. I appreciate the answers but I need something besides myspace to help me out. If anyone knows an easy way to do this let me know please.
    2 Music 47
  132. Is there such a website where I can read all about the career I want?
    I want to be a Criminological Psychologist if that helps btw. I tried google, but it didn't quite have exactly what i was looking for and i need to learn just about EVERYTHING that they do- i'm very passionate about this career choice:)
    2 Technology 14
  133. Daily Bible Quiz
    Where is this verse found in the bible? “Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.”
    3 Religion 21
  134. What career could a person with a speech impediment do?
    Just wondering, like how would they go about getting a GED, going to college, also getting a job and a career?... im talking about the kind of impediment where you cant pronoun words correctly?
    6 Money 53
  135. Unsure on your career
    I'm almost in the middle of my career. Have you ever try to quit what you're studing at college??? I just get so bored sometimes and dont really care what professors got to teach me. How do I know if I made a mistake with my career?
    2 Education 16
  136. Why are my quiz results always sad?
    K , I do quizes a lot cause , I get bored a lot lol. But like most quizes I take come out like ohh the Cutter or the Depressed one or Why so sad? Or something like that. But I dont know its kinda true ? But like it gets me annoyed . I@*^&)_
    6 General 38
  137. Careers for a convicted drug dealer?
    is there any careers a convicted drug dealer can get into?? I am looking to move foward after a big mistake I made and I keep running into dead ends, I don't know where to look for advice. I am very intellegent and made a mistake in my life and would ...
    3 Drugs 67
  138. Should I pursue a career in singing or in acting?
    I can't decide between pursuing a career in singing or acting. I'm more experienced in acting, and people have told me that I'm good at it. but I have much more passion for music. but I don't know if I'm good because I've never performed in front of...
    2 Money 57
  139. What is a good career that has to do with anything thats creative?
    Im looking for a good and creative career that I can have fun with, im wrighting an essay to get bonus points to get my grade up and I like things that are creative and I love helping people. I want someting unique
    2 Money 33
  140. How can I start a career in modeling in Sydney?
    I just want to know where to start to get a couple modeling jobs near me. Does anyone know of a good modeling agency or something based in Sydney, Australia that i can go to or call up or email or something to see if i can start to model?
    3 Money 25
  141. Advice on what career with a GED?
    Im 17..I turn 18 in like 7 months..I have my GED..yea I know its not a highschool deploma..but im trying.I dont know what career to get so confused!!!lol...someone give me some advece!!!
    2 Money 22
  142. Daily bible quiz
    Where is this scripture found in the bible? “If anyone says, "I love God," yet hates his brother, he is a liar. For anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has not seen. And he has given us this command: Whoe...
    2 Religion 38
  143. college & careers.
    what colleges are some of you planning on going to ? what do you plan on studying ? im pretty sure im going to northern virginia community college and studying nursing. has anyone heard about the college called ECPI ? they called me the other da...
    2 Education 14
  144. Which surgical specialty intrigues you the most, if you were to have one of these careers?
    Cardio,(Heart surgeon) Nuero,(Brain surgeon) Peds,(Children surgeon) Plastics,(Face/Skin Surgeon) Ortho,(Bones surgeon person) General,(Bit of everything) For me I think Cardio or Nuero.
    9 Money 9
  145. What are the top reasons someone could get turned down for a professional career?
    I have no piercings and no visible tattoos, i'll have the schooling down with a great GPA, so i'm curious what other factors could be present that could cause me to get turned down for a job.
    11 Money 37
  146. Career planning
    Hey, im a teenager and I am basically thinking about what to be in life, because the classes I take in my school is for careers. I was wondering, are there any jobs that pay aroud $160,000 per year? Can you name some, so I can check it out and see if ...
    5 Money 29
  147. what do you do when you are studying for a test or quiz?
    what do you do? I have a problem getting distracted and going on the computer. like right now! I have a chapter test in Chem. that could very well make my grade a B or kill me and drop it down to a D. HELP! PLEASE!
    5 General 18
  148. Which career would take me to a brighter future - graphic design or video production?
    I'm not in any of them for the money, more of passion. I haven't edited a video in 2 1/2 months but I have been editing photos more often but I'm not sure which would really take me to high lengths.
    4 Money 10
  149. Best kind of cell phone??not a quiz
    What is the best kind of cell phone you can get that is affordable but not too cheap and I want a full keyboard..and another question. um what does it exactlly mean when they say $217.00 with a 1 year contract?? please help
    6 Shopping 36
  150. Will i disappoint my parents with this career?
    How do I tell my parents that I want to become something they obviously won't approve of? Why don't they approve of this career? Because they think it's a dead job that won't provide a hard ground financial survival, but then studies show that many com...
    5 Family 46
  151. How do I get a career in this
    I want to be a person who tell jokes and act stupid and have fun ( cant remember name) like dan cook or dave chappelle am really good at acting and telling jokes but I dont want to be in a movie or anything nope. I want to just be on a stage telling jo...
    5 Money 21
  152. What are some types of career jobs?
    If anyone could list any types of career jobs I would greatly appreciate it!! Im trying to find a career job I might be interested in. Im 20 and still have no idea what job id like to do as a career. My intrests include but arnt limited to art, sport, ...
    3 Money 22
  153. how do you start a career in music if you are really good?
    OK my real name is Lindsey and I am an awesome singer I mean really good I have won11 metals and sung in the county fair but I feel that I am not getting any where with my music so can some one pleas tell me what I have to do to make it to the top?
    3 Music 11
  154. What classes should I take in high school for a career in ethology (the study of animal behavior)?
    Next year I'm doubling up on my science classes, and I wasn't sure what I should take besides chemistry. Physiology (which I could easily take the year after) or environmental science? Would environmental science be useful for ethology?
    2 Education 97
  155. Daily Separation of Church and State Quiz
    Who said the following: "In regard to religion, mutual toleration in the different professions thereof is what all good and candid minds in all ages have ever practised, and, both by precept and example, inculcated on mankind."
    6 Religion 29
  156. Career working with animals?
    I'm really leaning towards a career working with animals. [live animals, as once I saw someone asked this and their answer was a meat inspector.] I'm wondering what is out there, I want actual contact with animals and such. And what recommended college...
    2 Education 17
  157. what are some careers involving animals?
    In a small town area, I also don't leave near an ocean, and don't plan on it, only small lakes. I need to start planning my future and I want a career involving animals, or the environment or something to do with policing. Preferably a well paying job,...
    2 Money 22
  158. Career Suggestions.
    I'm a grade 11 student . I just needed someone else's input on my ideas. We have to start thinking about career ideas so I can get all my credits in highschool. 2 careers I have chosen is a Lawyer & Ultrasound tech. But I feel like theres something els...
    3 Education 42
  159. How did you know what career you wanted to go into?
    I'm having a lot of trouble deciding what I want to do for a career. I have straight A's, so there's not really anything I'm particularly better at. I love animals, but vet is out of the question because I can't handle being responsible for someone's h...
    4 Money 40
  160. Daily Bible Quiz
    Where is this verse located in the bible? “This is what the LORD says— he who made a way through the sea, a path through the mighty waters, "Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you ...
    3 Religion 31
  161. Career advice needed
    All my friends know what they want to do after school and I dont. Im generally ok in most subjects and im not dumb I just dont have particular interest or talent. Sometimes this really gets to me. What should I do? Sometimes I feel like just not bother...
    4 Education 16
  162. How to find a career that suits me?
    Ok so I am 16 and in the first year of A Levels. I am a good student but I have a heard that if a person has a aim in life then that person has the motivation to excel. I currently don't have any idea of what I am going to do after university. My subje...
    2 Money 37
  163. The other daily bible quiz
    Where is this verse found in the bible? "and toward her young one that cometh out from between her feet, and toward her children which she shall bear: for she shall eat them for want of all things secretly in the siege and straitness, wherewith thin...
    4 Religion 18
  164. Daily Bible Quiz
    Where is this scripture found in the bible ? “wash and make yourselves clean. Take your evil deeds out of my sight! Stop doing wrong, learn to do right! Seek justice, encourage the oppressed. Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the...
    4 Religion 25
  165. What are some careers that involves writing???
    I am so confused for what I want to be when I grow up. I know I'm only 14 and shouldn't be too paranoid but I am in highschool and in acouple of years I have to choose what direction I want to go in. I want a career that involves writing but I don't wa...
    3 Money 17
  166. I want to begin a music career, where do I start?
    My name is Chelsea. I am 14 years old and I live in Benton Illinois. I sound like a mix of Kellie Pickler and Taylor Swift. I love to sing, it's my life. If anyone knows where I could maybe begin a career or start searching for places to begin.
    2 Money 50
  167. confused about future career
    what course should I take in college? that isnt too hard. I love to draw.and fashion. but fashion design is hard to get into and I cant sew. I love animals too but I dont want to be a vet... im so confused I have to apply soon! ahh.. pls give some advi...
    4 Education 23
  168. welding an career
    so a comunity collage came to my school and I was wondering the cost to go to school was 8000$ for 2 years but you need 4 years to become certifyed as a welder the pay is good but its 15$ to 30$ I know the pay is good but is the payment of the collage ...
    2 Money 38
  169. Career Path: Psychologist or Dietitian?
    I'm graduating high school this year and have got some university choices lined up but I'm still wondering which is a better career path to choose: Psychologist or Dietitian? I like both and they even let me help people like with the mind or nutrition...
    4 Money 15
  170. Career Choices
    Hey im looking to get into a career. It is between two fields. One field being the medical field, im looking to get my lpn. And the 2nd field being a veterinerian tech. Does anyone have advice on which field to go into? I want to make sure the field I ...
    3 Money 37
  171. Do you guys think that, in the future, I could possibly go for a job or career in photography?
    I've attached some of my pictures from my trip to California. They were taken with my boyfriend's 7 mega pixel digital camera so I did the best I could from what little I knew of the camera and the camera itself. I would appreciate some advice and opin...
    7 Money 12
  172. Which career should I pick: drama or psychology?
    Well,for most of my life,I've dreamt of being an actress.Not broadway,but movies.I've always had this fasination,for being in the big movies,but then again,I always thought of it,as the impossible dream. So,lately,I've been very interested,in psycholog...
    3 Money 40
  173. Confused on career advice
    Hi guys.. Im very new to this.. Exactly 5 mns old actually.. Ok the only reason why m here is because im at a ery confusing point in my life.. I need some sane career advice.. Anyone who thinks they cud provide some valuable inputs pls write back.. Tha...
    2 Money 15
  174. if your BORED quiz :)
    do you like animals? your fave thing to do is? you hate: you luv: like 2 eat: mp3 or ipod? fave song is? are you bored? pink or green? do you believe in true love? in so why? and why not? do you like school? you party like a rock star? you dislike ...
    10 General 37
  175. Can I move out to begin my music career?
    I have been singing since I was 5 years old. I started voice lessons when I was only 7 years old. I am now legal to leave the house, I live with my parents, But I really want to make it in music. I am thinking about moving out.. But I need roomates and...
    3 Music 14
  176. What Career do you think is best & WHY??
    Hello. Everyday in life, most people are always trying to find something better, more money, better hours, so on and so forth. What career do you think is in highest demand with best hours and pay right now? I know nursing is in high demand, the sch...
    2 Education 17
  177. What do You want to be ?
    4 Money 11
  178. Quiz, my first, for fun!!
    Whats your fav. Name? are you in a relationship? Have you ever been cheated on? Do you play any insturment? If so, what is it? Would you go on a blind date? Do you think making out is fun? What is fun about it? (sorry if its personal!) Kitty kats, or...
    7 General 51
  179. What do you think god wants you to do with your career
    I ask this because allot of times we dont focus on him when we are picking a career when you do prey about what he wants you to do and listen to what he says he can show it through all kinds of things weather a person talkin to you or a sign or a rando...
    5 Religion 27
  180. How would you feel if you ended a legends sports career?
    So I'm a Chicago bears fan and I was watching the game last night and saw that rookie sack Brett Farve and I thought he was only out for the game...but he's done for the season. So if this is Farve's last season how does that kid feel lol. I mean he sa...
    3 Sports 6
  181. What careers dont require a lot of math skills
    What carrer doesn't require math. iam not good at math and im going to college. I want to study dentistry but people say you have to be good in biology, math but im not good at those. so eventually im trying to change my major but I dont know what to s...
    7 Education 219
  182. How can I get my career started?
    How Can I Start It?I Love To Sing, Act, Dance ,and Model.My Singing Career Would Start Probably With With My Cousin I Am Already Writing Songs And Im On My 2nd Song But If It Doesnt Start From There What Other Helpful Ideas Can Help Me Get Started AnyW...
    3 Money 43
  183. How to prepare for a career in (music) photography?
    I am interested in becoming a professional music photographer. (also wildlife, fashion, ect. but music being my main interest). How would I prepare for a career in this, and succed in getting it? Also, if you know, what are some good colleges in new yo...
    3 Money 17
  184. What's an alternate career to teaching?
    I went to college for four years to obtain a degree in primary and elementary education. I've taught for ten years. Most recently, I taught in a school with a very unruly classroom of students. I did not get a very good evaluation. Now, I find it very ...
    4 Money 22
  185. which career path is better for good job opportunities ?
    so i want to start school in January i don't know if i should do dental assistant, teaching assistant, medical assistant, or healthcare assistant.... I want to make sure that i have a job at the end of the course. which option will offer me a wider ...
    3 Money 20
  186. What are your favorite songs by Queen (or Freddie Mercury during his solo career)?
    I love Queen & Freddie Mercury alone if I had to chose I'd say my top ten would be: bohemian rhapsody, radio gaga, bicycle race, living on my own, i want to break free, don't stop me now, love kills, friends will be friends, the great pretender, and ba...
    10 Music 23
  187. What's a good career for me?
    I am not sure what I want to be when I get older and go to college. I love music and play piano and flute. I love kids. I love telling people about God. I love helping people and giving advice. Any suggestions? I've considered chrsitian counselor,eleme...
    2 Money 50
  188. Part-time careers
    Say if I graduate from high school and college, I would want to go on vacations and do other things. A lot of people I know, work longs hard hours until they're so stressed out(like my mom)she works 80 hours a week and I hardly see her. If I stay in sc...
    2 Money 20
  189. Where to start a singing artist career?
    Ok all my family and friedns think I should be a singing artist but I dont know where to start also I think I have a great voice but I really dont know where to start my career also im only 12 but I really dont want anyone to answer this follow your he...
    16 Money 164
  190. How or Who Can Help Me Get My Singing Career Started?
    I LOVE to sing, and I have been told I am AMAZING (not to brag) . But I am turning 15 in February, and if I don't do something about it soon, then I might not get a chance in life to do this. My dream! And also, I am trying so hard to persue this goal....
    8 Money 110
  191. Should I cut my hair for my acting career?
    im 21 young actor I wanna get to next level eventualy wanna get to a list level such has denzel washghtion, brad pitt, will smith and johnny depp, im black and puerto rican and I have long hair. Should I keep hair till a big role causes for me to cut i...
    2 Style 38
  192. The Elderly & Money + careers?
    I htink that the elderly are going to be where the money is and taking acare of them is rewarding and you learn so much from them,anyone think the same?? Top ten careers in the next Decade: Computer Programmer Day Care Provider. Elder Care Speciali...
    2 Money 17
  193. What are some career options for a traditional artist?
    I've been drawing portraits (pencil drawings) for a couple of years now and I've gotten a lot better at them and hope that in a couple of years I'll be even better. I'm having trouble figuring out what exactly I want to do after high school and am real...
    5 Money 16
  194. Quiz What time did you go to bed, what are you wearing...
    What time did you go to bed? What are you wearing? What did you have for breakfast? What is the least favorite thing you did today? What is your favorite thing you did today? What is the song you have most recently heard? What is your favorite movie? W...
    12 General 66
  195. Daily Bible Quiz
    Where is this scripture found in the bible? “Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe ...
    4 Religion 32
  196. Confused with careers
    well im just a bit confused with careers ... im 15 years old and I study applied business and french. im doing very well in all my subjects but I didnt not decide what career to follow. I enjoy studying applied business and I m interested in economi...
    3 Education 17
  197. Is it realistic to change my career path?
    this question is for those adults who have been there-through the struggle of college and aspiring to be something of worth. I am currently an accounting major and this is my junior year. I recently have been thinking about dermatology. random I know, ...
    3 Education 53
  198. Just a lil quiz ( I'm bored)
    1.r you a animal lover??? you wear make-up 24/7??? 3.would you say your girly??? 4.your fav store is: 5.your fav color is: 6.fav drink: 7.your additude: 8.worst subject in school is??? 9.your fav movies r: 10.blackberry storm or blackberry pearl???
    10 General 38
  199. embalming career! working with the dead
    every since as long as I can remember I've wanted to becum an embalmer. but im not sure yet if its the job for me. I think I could handle it. but a few months ago a friend of mine died at a young age and when I seen the body I got realy freaked out. wa...
    2 Money 111
  200. Music Production Career.
    I really want to be a music producer. I'm looking every where online for a school or courses for college and none. I have to be older to even look into it or even take it. there was a school in LA that had internships but I want to know where is a g...
    2 Education 7
  201. Will red cheeks ruin my acting career?
    alllright so basically I've decieded this summer im going to start auditioning for hollywood films, and I know that im a great actor and that should be fine, and I know im not that bad looking (althought I guess it doesnt matter), but I have this littl...
    3 Money 36
  202. I need career advice/ online college?
    I currently stay at home with the kids while the wife works, I have a very good background in computers, mathematics. I'm looking for a work at your own pace school online, preferably with good reviews and good job sourcing. Anyone that has informa...
    2 Education 33
  203. What was your career limiting move ( clm )?
    I've been self employed for more than four years...before that, I worked for large, faceless corporation of America (tm). In the first few weeks I was there...I flame mailed two Vice Presidents and a Senior Vice President of the company, and copied my ...
    4 Money 19
  204. Quiz. GIRLS ONLY !! I was bored so there are random Q's okay
    1. what would you do if you found out your boyfriend was cheating on you with your best friend. 2. What would you do if you died your hair blonde. You washed it and it turned purple. 3. Is your best friend a boy or a girl. 4. Hearts or Flowers. 5. Woul...
    22 General 55
  205. What should I do about my career choice?
    I really want to teach Kindergarten but I've always been told that there will always be jobs in healthcare. There aren't very many teaching jobs in my area so I was going to school to be a Neonatal Nurse. Then I switched to get my MOA Certificate and n...
    7 Money 18
  206. Careers, dont know what job I want
    When I graduate high school and stuff I want a job. I dont like being in offices, I dont want to be in front of a computer all day, I dont want to do hard labor work, I want a good paying job. I really like history, nature, and im good at art. Im plan...
    2 Money 52
  207. How to get my mom and dad to take my career seriously ?
    I told my mom and dad that I want to be an actress when I'm older but when I get further into it and ask them to put me into acting classes so that I can get started at an early age they say no and tell me that, "actres' have horrible lives" and that I...
    6 Family 40
  208. Soc&s quiz
    Who said the following: "because experience witnesses that ecclesiastical establishments, instead of maintaining the purity and efficacy of religion, have had a contrary operation. during almost fifteen centuries has the legal establishment of chri...
    2 Religion 15
  209. Quiz for some one with a bit of love
    Are you: girl or boy? happy or sad? eldest, middle or youngest child? hungry , full, or just content? what do you prefer: Butterflies or glow worms? short hair or long hair? sunlight or moonlight? blue or pink? sugar or salt? your mum or you...
    7 Relationships 15
  210. What seems like a suitable career for me?
    i wanted to become a physiotherapist until i realised that the pay was not very good, and i dont want to be busting my chops for an enterscore so high (96) if i can get into something like being a sports teacher (55). both have similars wages. i want t...
    16 Money 38
  211. Quiz questions
    Whats your fav song? (gotta be somebody) Whats your fav clour ?(hotpink) Tea or coco ? (coco) P!nk or nickelback? ( both ! Yes I you can say that too.) Vacation to Paris or japan? ( japan ) What would you buy with 20$ ?( clothes or manga books ;) ) ...
    10 General 48
  212. Silly quiz ;p
    Rock or pop? Sweets or chocolat? Would you eat a bug? Would you cheat on a boy/girl? Do you laugh at anything even if its not funny? Ice cream or I scream? Bon jovi or jonas brothers? Doctor who or eastenders? Flip or flop? What are you scared...
    4 General 30
  213. What should I do for my future career?
    I'm starting to think about what I should do for my future career: my father has tought me almost every detail to machinery & construction, my cousin Justin is teaching me everything he knows from his current national guard camps and is training to bec...
    4 Money 11
  214. What should I do as my career?
    Hello :) I know it may seem really far away but I'm freaking out about what I should do when I'm older. In my options I have taken: French, Spanish, Health & Socail and History (and the core subjects.) I really want a good job, which would get a good...
    2 Money 25
  215. what age?
    at what age can I get a career in music?
    2 Money 42
  216. Career in children
    I love kids so much! they are adorable and everytime I see one my eyes light up but I dont know if I should persue that career because when I was looking at the salary it was pretty low. I want a job that will let me make good money so I can support m...
    4 Babies 22
  217. music quiz !
    1 . do you think lil wayne is the best rapper ? 2 . if not yuor lame ! 3 . do you want to meet lil wayne ? 4 .do you think he is sexc ? 5 . do you want to marry usher ? 6 . do you want to marry bow wow ? 7 . do you want to date chris ...
    9 Sex 37
  218. Quick quiz!
    1.fave colour? 2.fave film? 3.who was the last person you spoke to? 4.what are you wearing? 5.have you ever kissed someone passionately? 6.have you ever smoked? 7.have you ever had sex? 8.where did you last go on holiday? 9.what is your fave shop? 10.w...
    9 Sex 38
  219. a lil math quiz. can you do it??
    Stevens score on Algebra tests are 91, 89, 86, and 93. What is the minimum score Steven can receive on the fifth test so that the average of the five tests will be 90? A music system was sold for $318.75 that includes sales tax. If the price of the ...
    2 General 10
  220. I don't know what career I want?
    I'm in my senior year and I have no idea what I want to do in the future. I'm sure that I want to go to university but I have no idea what to study. I hate maths and all sciences. I'm interested in hiostory, performing arts, writing, politics. I have c...
    3 Education 59
  221. optimtist quiz
    sometimes I look at all the bright side on all things. does that make me an optimist? if so, cool! but here is a quiz I got from a friend: key: A- yes B-sometimes C-not at all 1. do you get sad when your com. is broken* c 2. do you think of...
    2 Gaming 18
  222. Nursing career questions?
    I want to become a registered nurse and I just have a few questions: What are the legal requirements.. like do you have to be a certain age or bonded? Do you pay for the special clothing you have to wear? ..if not, who pays for it, the hospital? Wh...
    3 Education 24
  223. I need help... studying for a quiz. help me and I will help you!
    please answer as many questions as you can! if you help me with a question JUST ONE then I will help you with like 5 of your questions please I need help with this the more you help me the more I help you :) .who was mao zedong? just a short summary ...
    4 Education 38
  224. Is the way im going for my career okay?
    First of all, im year 11 and studying biology ,english,maths, so on and so on, i want to be a veterinarian. So i was going to complete year 11 and 12 and then do a vet nurse tafe course so if veterinarian doesnt turn out i could turn back to that, also...
    2 Money 33
  225. What is a good Career for me?
    Im thinking about my future and jobs and things I like Photography, art, media, basically anything creative. I would like to travel. I hate having to do lots of paperwork, writing, maths... All I've come up with are the kind of obvious ones... A...
    2 Money 53
  226. Career options with animals
    Hi :] at the moment - all my friends know exactly what they want to do when they're older, but I havn't got a clue! I am really ambitious but I'm a bit stuck for ideas. Well I want to work with animals and definately Horses! but the only problem is ...
    2 Money 45
  227. Is real estate the career path for me?
    Hello I'm 18 and I'm just really concerned over what is to become of me. Not to mention confused! I have people asking me what exactly I wanted to do after high school and I always reply with a "I'm not sure" or "I don't know." I know that I am not the...
    2 Homegarden 14
  228. What is the best format of resume to use if you are mid senior career level ?
    I have more job experience and companies you have worked for, than you want to put on a resume. If I listed every thing I have done, with all the companies I have worked for I would be sending out a book versus a couple page resume. I would just like a...
    5 Money 18
  229. Quiz survey
    Whats the best riddle you have ever heard? Have you ever met anyone famous? If so, who? Have you ever made out with someone? What did it feel like? Do you like french kissing? Whats your favorite song? Whats the most romantic place uv eva kissed ...
    3 General 36
  230. Fun Quiz: Personal Also
    how old are you? do you party? do you smoke cigs, weed, or both? do you drink? what's your favortie part on a female/male? are you straight, bi, or les/gay? shaved, trimmed, or all natural? soft sex or rough? whens your bday? ...
    4 Sex 23
  231. Which should I choose for a career?
    Tell me which is better. I was thinking of after I graduate high school, either going to college for criminal justice, to be a crime scene investigator or going to bartending school and becoming a bartender. Well the only downside to being a csi is tha...
    2 Money 15
  232. Quiz! Just for Fun :)
    1) How do you feel right now? 2) What do you think of your self? 3) How long do you stay awake at night? 4) Have you ever had sex and where? 5) Whats your favourite fruit? 6) Do you have any kind of problem that goes on your nerves? Whats that? 7) What...
    10 Sex 28
  233. Confused about future career
    Im sooo confused about what to take in college next year :( I love fashion design but its hard to get into and you only make good money if your famous, and I cant sew. I love fashion and art... So does anyone know what course to take in college that in...
    2 Education 19
  234. how to convince my parents to let me make my own career choices?
    hey u parents want me to do something in the medical field when i grow up like be a doctor or a vet or something....i want to be a vet, but i want to be a trainer at sea world even more....they keep telling me that i have to do something in t...
    5 Education 22
  235. quiz, are you right 4 me? boys only
    answer yes and no, if more than 2 are no then you are not right 4 me. 1: between 12-14 years old (unless your cole sprouse) 2: brown or blonde hair, absolutly no buzz cuts or mohalks. (I long flowing hair like the sprouse bros) 3: nice 4:smart ...
    3 Relationships 31
  236. What is the best way to start a modeling career and be represented?
    My mom has modeled for elite modeling and pushes me away from the modeling path. But I have wanted to model ever since I was a little girl. I am not the tallest person, I am average height. However I am athletically toned, and I have long legs (do not ...
    3 Money 51
  237. How do I start a career in Acting?
    im 13 and someday I'd like to become an actor or a year im going to highschool and I'm going to adution for some plays. (will that help me at all for the future?) id also like to become a dancer I've had a pashon for dancing ever sence I w...
    2 Money 21
  238. What career do you think would suit me?
    I am a fifteen year old girl and have a few years to go before I need to decide a definate career path but I am currently contemplating what career would suit me. I'm doing well in school especially excelling in Sociology, English and History. I used t...
    6 Money 31
  239. Do this quiz! =D
    1. What do you do when you come to a green light? 2. What is the bumpy print called that deaf people use? 3. What do cows drink? 4. Is it possible to end a sentence with the word "the"? 5. How many of each animal did Moses bring on the ark?...
    10 General 65
  240. Career choice already !?
    Okay, I am only a sophmore and I'm still not sure what I'd like to do for a career. That pays good money, and I enjoy doing. I know I'm young to be thinking so hard about it, but I'd like something to work for. For years I wanted to be an orth...
    5 Education 19
  241. Parents profession influence your career goals?
    For many years now, I have heard my mother walk in the front door tired and strressed from the long work day she just completed. After years and years of hearing her complain about how much she hates her job and how much she just wants to find another,...
    6 Money 76
  242. As a fresher in Computer Science which would be the best way to start my career today?
    I have completed my B.E. in Computer Science from Don Bosco Institute of Technology, Bangalore with an aggregate of 55 percent. In IT the demand of people skilled in particular field fades away with time as new technology comes every day. Like a few ...
    5 Money 15
  243. Can a person major in theater?
    can a person major in theater and make a career out of it?
    8 Education 14
  244. Quiz for everyone #2
    Are you:boy or girl? Mug or cup? Bully's or us marines (LOL)? drowning or burning? speakers or earphones? Cafeteria or subway? nerds or sweet tarts? fish or lizard? motorcycle or car? $1.50 gas or $8.00 gas? rich or middle class (which would you rather...
    5 General 46
  245. Career Choice
    Hi guys! This is mostly a question about what career path to choose. I am debating becoming a LPN (Licensed Praticioners Nurse) or a RN (Registered Nurse). Currently, the LPN program last 1 year. The RN program is 2 years. LPN do get paid less bu...
    6 Money 15
  246. What career links into experimenting with diseases?
    I'm depending on weather or not to take allied health classes in highschool for credits in collage. When i was really young, i used to watch " monsters inside me" all of the time. Every since, I've been really fascinated with parasites and what not. Im...
    2 Money 10
  247. Quiz because I like butterflys
    1.are you a girl or boy?? 2.straight, bi, or gay? 3. Blondes, brunettes or redheads? 4. Are you bored? you agree with labelling people? 6. Do you watch sports? 7. Dogs or cats? 8. Novels or auto-biography's? 9. Do you know of john marsden? 10. Do ...
    7 General 45
  248. Career path for a felon?
    Okay so back in 2004 when I was 22 y/o I was sent to prison. I was a dumb kid thinking drugs were cool and paid the price for it, yadda yadda yadda, so now all that is behind me Im 28 now and I am looking to go back to college, get a degree, maybe lice...
    3 Money 129
  249. How to finally know what career to follow?
    ok im 23 years old and im a single mom with a one child! living on my own and pay my own bills! still at 23yrs old I dont whut I want to do with my life! I thought I wanted be a nurse, now I want to be a cop! I just dont no which one! I been in themedi...
    8 Money 114
  250. Quiz number 3- Just for FUN!
    Quiz numero 3, last quiz of the day: 1. Sugar or Splenda? 2. White or Whole Wheat? 3. Fresh or Frozen? 4. Shorts or Skirts? 5. Cats or Dogs? 6. Drums or Guitar? 7. Pudding or Jello? 8. Soup or Salad? 9. Clean or Dirty? 10. Pen or Pencil? 11. Sweet or ...
    19 General 35