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  1. is getting wet the same as cumming
    is getting wet the same as cumming ?
    3 Relationships 749
  2. How do I prevent wet dreams?
    How do I prevent wet dreams
    2 Health 231
  3. When you are under water are you really wet?
    when you are under water are you really wet?
    4 Science 57
  4. Why are dogs' noses wet?
    Why are dog's nose's wet?
    3 Pets 27
  5. How to make a girl wet?
    How to make a girl wet?
    3 Relationships 2422
  6. Wetness
    How do you get yourself wet to finger yourself?
    4 Relationships 275
  7. How to make her more wet?
    how do I make my girlfriend more wet?
    9 Relationships 3623
  8. Why do get wet a lot down there?
    4 Relationships 147
  9. What does PU stand for (as in "PU, that stinks!")?
    4 Health 149
  10. girls getting wet?
    at what age can girls get wet?
    4 Relationships 131
  11. Why does my hair turn hard when I wet my hair?
    2 Style 60
  12. What's the difference between damp and wet hair?
    9 Style 1590
  13. How do you finger a girl, and how do you get her wet?
    How do you finger a girl?
    2 Relationships 1705
  14. How do girls get wet?
    How do girls get wet in the vagina ?? n what is wet??
    2 Relationships 2683
  15. what happens when girls get wet
    what happens when girls get wet does it show or what? ?_?
    2 Relationships 131
  16. If you're underwater, are you really wet?
    If your under water, are you really wet?
    10 General 401
  17. Why do I stink after having a shower?
    Why do I stink after having a shower like half an hour after
    9 Health 898
  18. How to repair a floor in a mobile home that has been wet?
    How to repair a floor in a mobile home that has been wet?
    3 Homegarden 21
  19. What means if my urine stink very bad while am prengent
    What means if my urine stink very bad while am prengent
    6 Health 257
  20. Is it bad to go to bed with wet hair?
    Is it bad to go to bed with wet hair?
    5 Style 53
  21. is it normal for the wet in vigina to be sticky and slimy?
    is it normal for the wet in vigina to be sticky and slimy?=/
    3 Relationships 616
  22. Brushing wet hair
    Is it bad to brush wet hair?And why/why not?
    2 Style 21
  23. Is dry shampoo intended for wet or dry hair?
    7 Style 39
  24. What can I do so I don't stink before going to bed without having to shower?
    11 Health 78
  25. How do you know if your pussy stinks?
    2 Relationships 86
  26. What does it mean to be wet?
    What does it mean to be wet? Is being wet the same thing as cumming? Helpp please!
    3 Relationships 635
  27. What are some ways that can get a girl really "wet"?
    11 Relationships 301
  28. What happends when a tampond string get wet?
    What happends when a tampond string get wet? And is it bad?
    2 Health 137
  29. Tying up wet hair
    is it true if you tie your hair up when its wet it will go straighter?
    9 Style 65
  30. Wet Coat
    what type of coat must you always put on only when wet?
    7 Travel 88
  31. Can I get my ugg sandals wet?
    Can I get my ugg sandals wet? And how can you clean them? Thnx.
    2 Style 118
  32. Can I still dye my hair if it's wet from just qettin out the shower ?
    6 Style 115
  33. Is it bad to sleep with your hair wet in foam rollers?
    2 Style 21
  34. What can I get to cover my bluetooth so it doesn't get wet in the rain?
    5 Technology 54
  35. Why does sometimes your vigina stink after you have already taken a shower?
    2 Health 194
  36. Can you use a curling iron when your hair is still wet?
    5 Style 94
  37. Which is better: Wet n Wild -or- Blizzard Beach ?????
    6 Travel 21
  38. Is it normal if i get really wet when making out with my boyfriend?
    5 Health 354
  39. Is it possible to have fun in a pool and not get your hair wet?
    4 Style 74
  40. Why am I always wet down there (vigina)?
    Why am I always wet down there (vigina)? Please help it really inbarising
    13 Health 4082
  41. Why do obese people stink?
    why do fat people smell bad no offense but "some of them stink
    8 Health 202
  42. What are wet dreams?
    what are wet dreams?? I have been wondering this for a long time now ... thanx ~kaitlyn~
    2 Relationships 66
  43. If you go outside with your hair wet, could you get sick?
    If you go outside with your hair wet, could you get sick?
    4 Health 55
  44. How can I get my hair to do that scrunchy wet look?
    How can I get my hair to do that scrunchy wet look and stay that way?
    9 Style 274
  45. Imm always wet
    I always seem to be wet, horny and turned on,what is wrong with me
    2 Relationships 90
  46. Wet tail in my hamster
    My hamster has wet tail and hasn't been very active. How do I give her the medicine?
    3 Pets 41
  47. Why do I have a vagina that is wet and stinks most of the time?
    My vagina is slimy and wet a lot of the times, you know how when you itch youre butt you have that smell?, well its like that but its a vagina smell..
    2 Health 5448
  48. How can I tell if my girlfriend is wet?
    How can I make my girlfriend wet? also how can I tel if shes wet? fanx :-)
    5 Relationships 1037
  49. Who has wet dreams?
    Is it possible for girls to have wet dreams? If so what makes it a wet dream ? Will a wet dream make me cum ? ( include details please)
    2 Relationships 105
  50. What natural ways can you get really "wet" without stripping down?
    10 Relationships 64
  51. whats the past tence for stink?
    would it be stunk or stank?
    16 General 35
  52. What does it mean if a girl gets wet without being sexually aroused?
    6 Sex 132
  53. What top would go with wet look black and silver leggins?
    What top would go with wet look black and silver leggins?
    3 Style 44
  54. How do I get my hair to look like its still wet & curly?
    How do I get my hair to look like its still wet..and make it curly?
    3 Style 48
  55. how can I get her wet.
    how can I get my girl friend wet without fingering her or anything like that?
    4 Relationships 1202
  56. Wud you get wet if a boy feels yer boobs?
    Girls: do you get wet when a boy feels your boobs?
    7 Relationships 2592
  57. Which is better wet or dry hair with a flat iron?
    when straightining hair with uh flat iron, is it better to do it when your hair is wet or dry?
    6 Style 58
  58. getting really wet
    so whenever guys rub me and finger me I get really wet. is that normal?
    2 Relationships 3833
  59. How do I get my pussy wet?
    I just can't get it wet I want it wet so so bad. Its been dry for a long time I just want to pleasure myself.
    5 Relationships 280
  60. Does wet food really rot a dog's teeth more than dry food would?
    4 Pets 35
  61. how can i make my hair have a less "wet" look when im using moose?
    12 Style 40
  62. Is it true when you sleep with your wet hair may cause brain cancer?
    11 Health 135
  63. How do I make my hair look wet all day?
    How 2 I make my hair looks wet all day I got spikes by the way???
    4 Style 67
  64. Why do I get really wet?
    when I get horny I get really wet and when I wear a skirt its really embarrasing because it drips down my legs why is this?
    4 Health 229
  65. Why im not getting wet while having sex?
    I dont get wet when im having sex, and its hurting me badly,having difficult in intercourse
    4 Sex 286
  66. manic panic on wet hair
    while your hair is wet will manic panioc hair dye still take? will bleach?
    2 Style 1098
  67. Being wet
    How can I avoid getting wet so often?? I get wet a lot, even when im not horny,.. And it realllyyy anoyys me!!!
    2 Relationships 505
  68. Riddle - What gets more wet the more it dries?
    What gets wetter the more it dries? youl laugh at yourselfs when you get the answer =)
    16 General 2868
  69. What is wet eyeshadow?
    I never see it in stores, and is it okay to just put a little water in my eyeshadow?
    10 Style 44
  70. why, i am really wet right now, and i cant do anything about it, my family is here so i don't have a place to myself.......please help!!!!?
    9 Relationships 42
  71. how to get wet
    I am always trying to get wet but I can't I tried watin porn and thinkin of someone but I can't so please help
    2 Relationships 181
  72. Why do fish stink if they live in water?
    y do fish stink if they spend all day in the water...I ? this because if I spent all day in the water I smell amazing so why is this
    3 Pets 100
  73. How do I get myself wet before I masterbate?
    I wanna master bate but I can't get wet.I really don't know how to get myself wet? Any tips
    7 Sex 167
  74. get curly/wavy hair by adding mousse and rollers to wet hair?
    Can a black girl get curly/wavy hair by adding mousse and rollers to wet hair? Help :[[[
    2 Style 74
  75. Do I use straighteners on dry or wet hair?
    Do I use straighteners on wet or dry hair? I forgot and I have lost da instructions!!! Thanx
    9 Style 76
  76. How do I get my girlfriend super wet without fingering her?
    I wanna get my girlfriend super wet without fingering her. What should I do? And how can I get her wet over the ph0ne? Please help thankz
    2 Relationships 1019
  77. Wet 2 Straight straighteners
    Do Wet 2 Straight hair straighteners damage yur hair? Isn't it like boiling yur hair when you straighten yur hair when its wet? So when you use a Wet 2 Straight hair straightener.. isn't it the same?
    8 Style 53
  78. Is it normal to always wet down there?
    Its it normal, I used to think that you only get wet when you are horny lol but I could be walking and there it is im really wet
    6 Health 224
  79. What is a good way to get a girl wet?
    can someone give me some tips on how to get a girl wet? what are some things I can say to turn her on?
    7 Relationships 231
  80. How can you get your nails wet with nail decals on without ruining them?
    or will it just like fade away or stratch off or something when i get my nails wet.
    2 Style 25
  81. Is it bad for my hair to put it in a bun when it's wet and sleep with it?
    Is it bad for my hair if i take a shower at night then put it in a bun with it wet and have it wet when i wake up in the morning still?
    11 Style 452
  82. What are cute things to do with wet hair?
    I have long hair. My hair is straight. I need a fast hair style for school
    7 Style 190
  83. Always wet?
    Is sumthing wrong with me even when im not doin anything sexual I experice wetness all the time... Why??
    4 Sex 78
  84. geting my gf wet
    my gf is virgin,i dont wanna finger her in to sex just yet! But i wanna get her really wet! what can i do or say to get her wet?
    3 Sex 837
  85. Why are my panties wet all the time?
    I know its not pee and it happens even when im not neccesarly turned on...
    4 Health 419
  86. What is the wet clear stuff in my underwear and will it go away?
    I have really wet clear stuff coming out of my has no odor,or color.
    3 Health 1999
  87. Can you tease wet hair?
    If I tease my hair while its wet... Can it damamge it? Or make my hair fall out? Or no harm in it? Does anyone know or asked themselves this question?
    2 Style 280
  88. When: Can you dye your hair while its wet? After you washed it?
    I am dying my Moms hair for her. She has sum gray hairs. My Mom wants to know. Will it not work if your hair is wet?
    4 Style 3807
  89. What/ Do guys like it when a girl is really wet?
    When a guy goes to finger a girl, or have sex, and shes super wet, is that a turnoff? or, if a guy just goes to finger a girl and shes real wet is that a turn off?
    6 Sex 1641
  90. Why do I get wet so easily?
    I'm 14 and this guy I like touches me and I get wet! And when I get wet I want him to fingir me. I don't understand why I get turned on so easily. Some help me?!?!?!
    3 Relationships 644
  91. what should I do when my hair is wet
    what should I do when my hair is wet... how could I dry it up,and makes it looks healthy. whenever I get the ribbon up from my hair,it becomes too big. what should I do???
    2 Style 15
  92. Is it normal to be wet all the time?
    kay I just turned 15 acouple of weeks ago and im like wet all the time for like no reason is that normal???
    2 Health 577
  93. How do I make a stink bomb?
    I need help makng a stink bomb1 can anyone give me a step by step recipie for making a stinkbomb?
    5 Science 74
  94. Why does my watch smell bad when it gets wet?
    well whenever my watchs get wet or I sweat it smells bad! It get anoying. And if you know why what cani do to make it not smell bad?
    5 General 229
  95. Why don't I get wet during sex?
    Me and my boyfriend have been having sex for almost a year now, but usually during sex its rare for me to be wet. Can somebody explain to me why this happens? And what can I do to change it.
    3 Sex 104
  96. EAsly Wet
    hayy what are some good ways 2 masturbate soo that I get wet easy and it wont hurT?
    3 Sex 153
  97. why do pussy stink when not bathed?
    girls need to know important stuff like that so they won't have a odor
    3 Health 221
  98. Why do my feet stink so much?
    is there a way to make them stop smelling( and yes I do wash them it's always after working)?
    6 Health 73
  99. Why do I get wet so fast?
    I would like to know why I get wet so fast. im still a virgin but I've gotten fingered and all and I get wet super fast anybody know why?
    2 Relationships 4334
  100. How to look decent wet
    I want to look good wet.I love pool parties and want to know.I have zits and look odd with my hair wet.
    2 Style 15
  101. 5 yr. old just strted wetting the bed
    What to do when my 5 year old is wetting the bed all of a sudden? If he goes to sleep at 8, when should I cut off the drinks???
    4 Babies 40
  102. If you are underwater, are you really wet?
    If you are swimming somewhere, and you are underwater, are you really wet? my friend just asked me that and I was curious to know, plus I have nothing else to do, lol.
    13 General 2267
  103. Could i use my flat iron on my wet hair?
    The iron is called " Wet & Dry Ceramic Flat Iron by Tyche Black" ?? Please help
    8 Style 55
  104. why does my pee stink bad after strting to have sex w/ my boyfriend?
    my boyfriend and I just starting having sex. I noticed that pee stinks really bad now when I use the restroom. is this bad? why is this happening?
    2 Sex 312
  105. Is it safe to blowdry your hair when it isn't wet?
    No damage or damage to the hair or parts of the hair? I want to blowdry my hair to make it look full and puffy!
    9 Style 28
  106. Wetting your self
    Is it normal for a 16 year old girl to keep needing the loo and been wettin herslf?
    2 Health 29
  107. What does it mean when someone says "you aren't wet behind the ears" ?
    I think I know what it means but I don't want to asssume anything/.
    8 General 75
  108. When I get 'wet', I get really 'wet'..
    My boyfriend really likes to tease me before he actually removes my pants and/or underwear. I get SUPER wet, like to the point of where it leaves a massive wet mark on my pants! (Yes, it does seep through my underwear and pants! yeah, it's a lot!!!) ...
    7 Relationships 985
  109. How can I tell my teammate she stinks at tennis?
    Ok well I have a friend and well she is on the tennis team with me, and just to let you know she STINKS, I mean really, so how do I tell her that she stinks without hurting her feelings?
    3 Sports 24
  110. How to clean urself when wet?
    Okay...boys always ask if im wet and I dont no what to sy and if I am there always like well you should take care of it well how do you?
    3 Health 218
  111. Why do I get so wet before sex?
    ok heres one quite embarassing, why do I get so wet like dripping before sex?? ok there are no complaints from my partener but is this really normal??
    4 Sex 272
  112. Why are animals noses wet ?
    My dog and ferret always lick their noses ,, I want to know why . Is it just because animals like their noses wet or is it because I helps with their sense of smell or something ?
    5 Pets 116
  113. Do guys like it really wet?
    Hey do you think its gross when your like about to finger/eat a girl out and shes reallly wet? Its that a bad or a good thing?
    6 Relationships 877
  114. How do I get my girlfriend really wet?
    what kind of stuff can I do sexually and non sexually to get my girlfriend extremely wet? and why does it hurt her after I finger her for about 5 to 10 minutes?
    18 Sex 8169
  115. Getting wet
    How do I know when I cum...its dark when I finger myself and im useally not so aware on my vag just the great how do I know if I came or not??
    3 Relationships 24
  116. Tell a friend thier breath stinks?
    My friend s breathe smells like crap and am not even kidding can I tell her that and not hurt her feelings?!?!
    7 Style 49
  117. Can't get wet
    I like sex, and get horney when I'm with my boyfriend, but I can't get wet. The only way I've found to get wet is to watch porn. What's wrong? I want to get wet for him, not TV. What can I do? Thanx, marci
    6 Sex 126
  118. Why do my feet stink?
    Why do my feet stink? I can have new shoes, new socks, clean clean feet scrubbed really good, and by the end of the day, they stink, even if I'm just sittin around the house...
    5 Style 105
  119. I lose my fresh waves when I wet or wash
    yo when I wet my hair I lose waves how can I wet my hair and maintain my waves I grow it out first den get a cut like a 3 blowout
    2 Style 55
  120. How do you get wet from "down there"
    Wells.. I'm in my teens and I'm a girl, lols. How do you get wet down there, so that you can finger yourself more easily without getting hurt? bcos I heard it hurts if you finger yourself while your dry.
    3 Relationships 730
  121. What is wrong with my hampster its back end wet and its stumbling?
    Hampster back end wet,stumbles when it walks,not much energy,looks as if it blind bumps into things cant climb?
    3 Pets 17
  122. How do I get a 5 year old to stop wetting the bed?
    I watch a 5 year old and he's been wetting the bed for about a year. He was potty trained at three and was getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, but now he's not.
    5 Babies 73
  123. Why does my vagina get so wet?
    Well when I talk to my boyfriend my pus get so wet and when I play with myself it feel like I'm peeing myself so why do it self that way all the time
    4 Health 507
  124. What should I do if I am wet?
    I am like always wet. For some reason I like it! But I dont want to have sex! What are some options to do in my situation??! Please help leave advice Thnx yu
    6 Sex 122
  125. Why dog turds stink?
    Is it b'cus of what da eat or like is it b'cus of kind of dog. B'cus I got 2dogs and when 1 do it it realy stink and when the other dose it it dont
    2 Pets 46
  126. Why does cum when you get it wet turn from creamy and sticky to like little clumps I really don't understand that could someone help?
    2 Health 456
  127. Can I really use my conair wet-to-dry flat iron on my wet/damp hair?
    I herd doing this is really damaging , but my hair drier is broken !
    17 Style 28
  128. I got my PSP wet, what should I do?
    I accidentally got water in my PSP over a month ago, and It still hasn't cleared up. Any advice on what I could do to make it work again?
    6 Gaming 55
  129. ok im black and when i wet my hair its get curly but my hair shrinks above my ears .
    i want to wear my hair curly but i want it to be the length it is normally . help ?
    2 Style 9
  130. What makes girls really wet and horny ?
    I've always wanted to know so that when im alone with a girl she gets all ...well you know lol
    6 Relationships 729
  131. Does anyone else love wet hot american summer?
    Seriouslyy its the best movie ever!!! Its hilarious!! Any one else seen it?
    8 Entertainment 13
  132. Wet spots discharge in your underwear?
    I'm 13 and never started my period so far. I have had discharge but never blood. I'm wearin red underwear right now and there is this wet spot I can't tell if its blood or discharge. we only have tampons where I'm @ right now. What do I do?
    8 Health 319
  133. How to get really wet
    Im 14, female and really horny I just cant get wet!!! I try porn, I try fingering myself I try everything and it doesnt work!!! Please tell me what to do!!!
    3 Relationships 466
  134. Why is wet better than using lubricant?
    Why does it matter if we use lube over being wet - like, does it matter? you can get aroused but still need some more lube - what's the big deal, it takes 2 seconds??
    2 Relationships 44
  135. what is the cause of girls getting wet "down stairs"?
    Ok well im a girl and like my pu3sy gets wet like all the time when im at school. When im at home. And when im at church I have know idea why. or what causes it...
    7 Health 94
  136. Wet train
    I rely like this girl but for sum reason very time we kiss it turns in2 a wet train as in kinda a lot of spit,rely gross,any advice
    2 Relationships 31
  137. Why does my period stink so much?
    okay well currently iam on my periods and they stink I don't know why, the smell just drives me crazy any ideas how I could prevent that??? plzz help
    4 Health 135
  138. How do I get wet quick?
    I need help getting wet quick. I love to masturbade, but humping my pillow and gyrating is getting old. I think I'm ready for some penatration. What should I use and how?
    4 Sex 239
  139. normal for a vagina to get really wet like extremely often?
    Is it normal for a vagina to get really wet like extremely often? even when you did nothing to make it wet? and what if its really white and milky...? lol this question is grossing me out but I need answers
    4 Health 271
  140. Wet hair all day
    When I get out of the shower my hair is all cute and curly and everything then it dries and frizzes like crazy. How do I get it to stay looking wet all day ? I've heard hairspray it while its wet. Will that work ?
    2 Style 50
  141. What does it mean when a guy tells you he will make you wet?
    One day I was txting my boy friend and he told me he would make me wet ... what does it mean to be wet and is it a hurting kind of thing or a gross one or a cumm kinda thing ?
    3 Relationships 1362
  142. Is the Wet 2 straight very good??
    Does the Wet 2 straight hair straighter work good, does it actually dry your hair 'cause I got 1 2day and wanted 2 know!! Does it burn your hair?? Thanx!!
    7 Style 12
  143. What is causing this wet brown spot?
    When I go to the bathroom I notice a wet brown spot on my underwear. At first I thought it was from my butt whole. But I then noticed that it was from my vag. Anyone happen to know what could be the cause of this??
    6 Health 13821
  144. What are the weight restrictions for wet and wild rides?
    I going on a class trip in april to orlando and going to wet and wild is one of our activities. I'm a little on the heavy side so I was wondering what were the weight restrictions
    2 Entertainment 133
  145. When aguy fingers you does he get grossed out if the vagina is wet?
    Okay so like I have the white gooey stuff around my vagina and my boyfriend wants to finger me, would he be grossed out if he felt that in there, or if his finger came out wet?
    2 Relationships 5703
  146. Why is my dishwasher leaving the dishes really wet even after using the drying option?
    It was working fine before but now all the dishes are wet and we have to dry them with a towel before putting them away. It is only four years old.
    4 Homegarden 31
  147. How do I get my vagina to be wet like it used to be?
    I used to get really wet before I started takin some anti-biotics for bacterial vagino-...whatever its called. anyways, now I dont get as wet or its very hard to get wet or aroused now. what do I do to get the wetness back!? is the ph balance off down ...
    2 Health 172
  148. Why can't I stop wetting the bed at night time?
    I am 13 almost 14 and every night I wet the bed. I dont feel like I have to go pee but then I end up peeing my bed does anyone know how I could stop wetting the bed like I am to old for that.
    5 Health 53
  149. why am I always wet
    hi it is really werid but I seem to be horny and wet like all the time so much so that my panties are damp by the end of the day. I do masturbate sometimes and I do have a boyfriend but I just dont understand why I am so wet all the time
    4 Sex 134
  150. How can I get wet?
    Ok so I do finger my self a lot im only 14. And I have been fingering myself for a while like aboout 3 months and everytime it hurts sooo bad. And I can never get wet. Why is that normal? How do you know your wet? Like how can I get wet? Help!!! Thanks
    3 Relationships 246
  151. What does wet dreams mean?
    What is a Wet dream? I ask lotts of my friends and they dont seam to no how to explain it to me and I am 13 years old.Can someone tell me maby a boy that hass expeariense with it?
    5 Relationships 167
  152. How to get my boyfriend wet? help fast!
    Well I play with him and everything but he never cums! :( what should I do. Does it means that I dont know how to ? He tells me his horny, but neverr ever wet! :( Sos
    6 Relationships 228
  153. Straightening/teasing and making your hair look like its wet
    I want to know how I can straighten my hair and have it like definitive... Like sorta teased... And I love the look of my hair when it's wet and all separated and I dont know what to put in it to make it stay like that Thanks :)
    2 Style 53
  154. Why is my lower area always wet?
    I am 13 years old. Everytime I use the washroom I have this yellow liquidy stuff. Now it is just wet and slipply. It might be cum from when I masturbate. How do I stop my lower area from being wet all the time? (69)
    8 Sex 348
  155. What Should I Do About My 'Wet' Problem???
    When me and my boyfriend make out I always get really wet. as in, down below. and its all in my knickers and everything. he's planning to finger me soon, so is there anything I can do (to make me be less wet) so he wont be as surprised when he goes dow...
    5 Relationships 477
  156. Why do I still stink?
    I take showers twice a day brush my teeth use baby powder and im still musty at the end of the day im begging someone help me
    5 Health 55
  157. Wtf is a wet dream
    I've heard soo many different explanations on wet dreams and im not sure if its true so can someone tell me what it is? Oh yeah and what age do boys usually have them?
    4 Relationships 46
  158. wet stuff
    every time I go to the bathroom I see a little wet and wihte and brown stuff at the bottom of my underwaer my sister said it is cum I never ask my mom anything is it cum?
    3 Health 853
  159. How to fix my blackberry curve got wet?
    Help, my blackberry curve 8320 got wet!:( I was drinkin orange juice and my phone was on my lap and it dukend itself on the orange cup that was in the middle of my legs ..what shud I do? this happened yesterday.
    2 Technology 54
  160. my phone got wet
    I was in the shower my phone was with me it was on the counter I got it wet with my hands and maybe some water splashed on it it turns on fine but the keys (numbers) arent working well and the screen is fade what should I do? helppp
    7 Technology 34
  161. Weird wetness
    Every time I master*bate, I dont exactly wet myself but when I finger a big wet patch aperrs what does this mean, shood I stop masterbating, P.s. Any master*bating tips I need new exitment
    4 Sex 173
  162. When i hold my pee it stinks?
    I hold my pee for a long time... like today I had to go in the moring around 10am and I use the bathroom around 2pm... so I hold it for about 4 hours. but the point is that everytime I hold my pee for a long time my pee stinks. and when I usally pee ...
    5 Health 563
  163. Does my new hamster have wet tail?
    does my hamster have wet tail? I only got her on saturday and since then shes been in her house an awful lot, she allows us to pick her up and stroke her and plays in her ball when we put her in it but she has a very wet behind but there are no signs i...
    4 Pets 61
  164. How do I make my hair look good when wet?
    There are always pictures of these woman that look totally sexy with wet hair, yet everytime I get out of a pool and look in the mirror, my hair looks horrible. Is there a way to get my hair to look sexy when wet without 50 different hair products?
    7 Sex 99
  165. Uncomfortable wetness
    I don't know if other girls have this problem too but im wet all the time it seems like.. I can be sitting in class and I get wet.. or when im at work I can just be standing there and im wet... is there anyway to help me from not being wet all the time...
    4 Relationships 110
  166. Friend who really stinks, how do I tell them?
    I have a friend whu really stinks.its not like his feet or anything...its b.o.he seats right behind me and the smell really drives me nuts!!I really want to tell him so how should I say it??
    5 Style 12
  167. What does the fluid look like in the vagina when it's wet?
    My girlfriend and I live on different sides of the country and she just sent me a picture of her vagina and the fluid looks milky and thick. Should I be wondering if she is cheating on me or is this a natural fluid when she is excited?
    4 Relationships 8815
  168. Am I too wet?
    Is it possible for me to be so wet that I cant feel my boyfriends penis stroking in me? We had to stop once before because my juices got inside the condom I don't know why he stopped though it felt so good and he only had one condom and that day I was ...
    3 Relationships 159
  169. How long can wet kitten food stay good after opening it?
    I'm weaning my kitten so she only eats about 3 teaspoons a day. I have a small packet of kitten wet food that I opened Thursday afternoon. Was wondering how long it can stay fresh? They don't tell you on the packet.
    4 Pets 37
  170. How do I know when my girl is wet or she is discharge ?
    I am new in this, and I don't talk to my girl about this so I don't know that she is relased/discharged during love making as I dont want to get release/discharge myself before her. but I dont know when she is satisfied or when should I release myself....
    2 Relationships 152
  171. What is it when a girl "gets wet?"
    we dont understand what it is because we have heard that it is cum . . . but it cant be because girls dont have sperm and cum is sperm so how can a girl cum?? and if it is not cum then what is it that comes out of the vagaina?? Please answer we rli ...
    9 Relationships 4399
  172. Is it healthy for hair to be wet for a long time after taking a shower?
    i take a shower and then when i'm done, i wrap my hair in a towel and hold it up and keep it like that for a long time. should i change to drying it fast with a blow dryer or keep it like that.
    5 Style 26
  173. Do you think the novel "Wet Goddess" should be removed from listings?
    It's a true story about a man's (the author) intimate relationship with a dolphin. I found many of the reviews on pretty horrifying.
    15 Literature 20
  174. How to stop my 5-year-old from wetting the bed at night?
    how can I get my 5 year old boy to stop wetting his bed everynight? I have to wash his bedsheets every single day. he goes perfectly well during the day .the problem is only at night???help
    11 Babies 272
  175. How to get a girl wet?
    well I was just wonderin if anyone out there had any good ideas on how to get a girl wet...? I know all girls are diffrient but if you had any good experiances or just happen to know how its done, then feel free to share wit the rest of us .. thankz ...
    10 Relationships 5003
  176. How do I masturbate without getting all the sheets wet?
    I was upstairs in my parents room watching a dvd when I looked on this webstie and decided to try it out (I'd tried a couple of times before) but when I did...a lot of fluid cma eout and the sheets got all do I masturbate & get an orgasm witho...
    3 Sex 395
  177. When your wet does it mean your horny?
    hey. im 13 and always seem to be horny or need to masturbate. im a girl too. lol. but is there something wrong with that? or is it just hormones? I masturbate like once a day sometimes even twice.
    2 Sex 106
  178. Will anything happen if pee gets your tampon string wet?
    this questin might be alittle stupid but.. im dumb so yeah . when you have a tampon on and you pee. and by accidenet you get the tampon string wet , will something happen. like do you have to change it cus . your urine got on it ?
    9 Health 471
  179. you tan better when your wet or dry???
    Okay well I asked friends at school and some of them say you tan better when your wet (like in a pool) because the water reflects off the sun and on your body or something like that and I just really want to no lol thank u!!!
    2 Style 593
  180. How to get myself wet?
    My husband complained about me not getting wet enough for him to be able to put inside me. He only asks me to rub his dic* till he is 'ready' but he lies there without any foreplay like kissing or touching me, assuming that I should be wet automaticall...
    6 Relationships 88
  181. oh goodness it stinks!!!
    ok so I have three inside cats and they poop a lot. is there anything I can do to make the litter pan not stink sooo bad? I tried all diff. kinds of litter and I use the litter deoderizer but nothing seems to help.
    4 Pets 23
  182. Frizzy hair after wet
    How come whenever I get out of the shower, pool, rain, or whatever when my hair is wet my hair drys and its really frizzy and wavy/curly I absolutely hate it no matter if I towel dry it, blow dry it, or air dry it. so pleaasee tell me how to preven...
    4 Style 51
  183. Why does my breath stink every time I go to school (I do brush my teeth)?
    it seems to always stink after i eat that gross cafeteria lunch...could the pukey gross mushy food be the prob...should i bring a mint or something lol
    4 Health 57
  184. Getting wet from just making out?
    well me and my boyfriend make out a lot... and like for a really long time.. and usually I get reallyy wet.. like crazy, and he feels me up and blah blah blah but he hasnt ever fingered me, but he has fu*ked me.. so thats a little messed up but anway.....
    2 Relationships 808
  185. How can I get my hair to look wet and curly?
    I have natural hair and I want my hair to look wet and curly.the products I have is motions foaming wrap lotion,and curl gelatin that blue gel in the bottle. if you can help me please send me the directions of how to do it or give me a website wi...
    4 Style 43
  186. What is making my bathroom stink?
    my aunt has a question. my bathroom smells really bad and no one went to the bathroom and there's no dead animals is there but it smells aweful. I think its the sewage is backed up or sewage gas is coming from it and I can't stand it. you can smell it ...
    7 Homegarden 71
  187. Why do I get so wet?
    when me and my boyfriend are just lyin in bed I get really arroused and get really wet, we could just be watching eastends or something!!! its embarrssing, when I say I get wet I mean its dripping, even when we have sex he can feel it dribbling on him....
    7 Sex 4243
  188. I get Wet waaay to easily...I dunno what to do
    The other niight my boyfriend started rubbing me and I got really to the pint he would feel it and I had my pants on.. but I always get wet..and im mostly not even horny! what do I do.. and im scared my boyfriend might think im weird.. a...
    3 Relationships 604
  189. When using mousse, do you put it in wet hair or dry hair?
    If you put it in wet hair do you blow dry and then use the curling iron/straightener? (for curls/waves) Or if you put it in dry hair can you go straight to curling/waving? I NEED HELP! all i want is to know how to use mousse to hold my curls/wave lo...
    8 Style 119
  190. Wet nose
    I've heard and learned and read about dogs' noses being wet when they are healthy. My doggy's nose is only wet when I give attention to her. Patchie is realy healthy, I give her milk, food, water, everything! But just when she has had enough, I check h...
    4 Pets 73
  191. How do I take care of a cold wet baby bird?
    I found a baby bird it was wet and cold I made a nest and I have it and been smashing up worms and feeding it what else should I feed it? What all do I need to do??? I made a nest out of a bowl and I added dryerlent and newspaper? I see doves around my...
    3 Pets 127
  192. How to remove stink from hair?
    i used color oops hair color remover and it did not work, worse it left my hair smelling like rotten eggs. i have been washing it three times a day for two days and it still stinks so bad. what do i do? does anyone know a specific remedy or shampoo tha...
    4 Style 824
  193. How can I fix my Dsi if it got wet?
    Today I was walking while playing my Dsi. I accidentily dropped it in a puddle and immedately pulled it out. Now the screen has water and it isn't working correctly. I put it in a bag of rice. Does that work? If not what are some ways of drying it out....
    3 Technology 153
  194. wet a lot just rubbing myself is this normal?
    hey, so.. I am a virgin but I find myself very horny lately I have been fingering myself every night allthough it feels really good and fun is it halming me doing it so much?? I sumtimes put my finger in but it hurts aswell as feels gud so I end up jus...
    3 Relationships 461
  195. Wet to straight hair iron, bad for your hair?
    I've been seeing these hot irons that you can straighten your hair with when its soaking wet. My cousin has one and you can see the steam coming from her and and hear it sizzle. Would this fry your hair? Like damage it? I was just wondering, because I'...
    10 Style 92
  196. Is it bad sleeping with wet hair?
    to make the question clearer, what I meant is, say I had a shower an hour ago but my hair is still wet/damp in some places, is it bad to sleep like that? some people I know, including my mom, say that it gives you an headache or something like that. I ...
    8 Health 1101
  197. Any way to stop stinking?
    Ok so I move a lot and obviously get a bit sweaty. I wear deoderant, but it wears off quite quick. I've tried a few different deoderants, but to no avail. Any way to stop stinking like a hard working sweaty old fart that never showers? Im not that har...
    8 Style 62
  198. what to do I stink !
    I have a problem I stink like all the time even if I talk showers I always smell I wash my hair like everyday I try to wear lots perfume that doesnt work & I sweat a lot & on top of all that im a girl going to high school im always asking people do...
    4 Style 76
  199. Why cant I get wet?
    I've been dating my boyfriend for a year, and I'm oh so attracted to him but our sex life sucks. I can't get wet for the life of me and I can see he gets frustrated which makes me so insecure. Why can't I get wet like, I get horny and sometimes ill get...
    2 Sex 51
  200. Why can't I get wet anymore
    So me and this dude use 2 talk or whatever. When we were 2gether I use 2 get wet all the time, but we're not 2gether anymore and everytime we try 2 do something now I don't get wet anymore. I think it's because I know that he doesn't care about me anym...
    2 Relationships 90
  201. How To Get "Wet and Wavy" Style Hair??
    Does anyone have advice on how to get "wet and wavy" style hair? Like, really little waves that look kind of wet, lol do you know what I mean? I've tried mousse and gel but both just make my hair look greasy, and it didn't really work when I used a dif...
    3 Style 62
  202. How do I tell a guy with bad self esteem he stinks?
    There is this guy I know who has really low self esteem, he has like no friends, and no one really likes him.. He is sorta a loner. We try to be nice, but it's hard to even go near him he smells so bad! How can I tell him without making his self esteem...
    4 Health 64
  203. How 2 make my hair wet looking??
    Well I have dis straight/ slanted looking hair brunnette and itz layered.and well I try 2 make it look wet look in in the mornin by applying water this smoothing thing and lil bit of gel. And by 2 hours it gets dry quickly iguess because I have real th...
    6 Style 41
  204. What vagina is too big when it's wet?
    so... my girlfriend gets wet but sometimes when she gets really wet I can't feel her at all... + she told that one time she got so wet that this ain't a thing (with another guy)... so... the question I'm asking is it suppose to be this way?? or is her ...
    2 Relationships 181
  205. My 5yr old daughter and bed wetting.
    I stop giving my daughter things to drink about an 1 1/2 before bed and have her use the bathroom 2x before bed as well. I set my clock and get her up every 2 hrs and she still wets the bed 2-3 times a night. She sleeps right through it as if she didnt...
    4 Babies 45
  206. Why does the bed get very wet when I Masterbate
    Hi I am a 13 year old girl and only started masterbating since yesterday after learning what to do. The problem I have now is sometime when I do it and have a orgasm and get up off the bed I find that the bed has a wet patch on it sometimes. This do...
    12 Sex 3256
  207. Why am I VERY wet durring sex?
    Recently after having sex with my boyfriend, he commented that I was VERY wet, but he liked it. I don't know if he was lieing about liking how it felt, but I have noticed that the last couple of times I have had sex that I have been very wet... to the ...
    5 Sex 405
  208. Why do I stink at school?
    I take good shower every morrning befor I go to school.but when I sit down in class I start to stink and smell so bad,I know it come out of my butt,it bothers me a lot I can't focus in class. Please if someone know I really need help please. I use ...
    4 Health 69
  209. Why can't I get wet?
    Last night I was trying to masterbate and I couldn't get wet! I tried everything! I watched po rn for 3 hours, rubbed my pu ssy lips and c lit, pinched my nip ples, and ice. I tried almost everything and still couldn't get wet! I couldn't call my boyfr...
    4 Sex 74
  210. My cell phone got wet!!
    This morning I was drinking some cold water and I accidently dropped my razr2 while it was still on . I quickly got it out and took out the battery and dried it . But then I turned it back on and only the keypad lit up and it didnt vibrate when I tou...
    6 Technology 41
  211. What can I do about a stink bug infestation in my room?
    Over the past three weeks, I have killed a total of 7 stink bugs in my room. I live in Massachusetts, and I'm a 17-year-old girl. I have no idea how they're getting in, but they freak me out and I read that they can bite. They're only in my bedroom. Ho...
    3 Pets 65
  212. White ok?
    When I get wet its not clear girl wetness, its a whitish thin wet. Is this normal?
    3 Health 845
  213. Why is my vagina starting to stink really bad?
    and my vaginal lips itching? i know i dont have herpes, or any other STD's. I've been dating the same boy for five years, and we were both virgins in highschool when we did it. it just randomly started smelling and itching and having alot of white disc...
    3 Health 1096
  214. Can you get synthetic hair wet?
    Ok so I have those clip in jessica simpson hairdo extensions, the synthetic kind, and I want to wear them to the club this weekend, but it is a foam party, which means my hair will get super wet, lol so I want to know if this is okay for them? I've hea...
    5 Style 1543
  215. What Can I do about my Wet Blackberry??!!?
    Okay here's the story Yesterday night my phone was sitting in the tray in my car and I spilled coffee on it (so it was completely submerged) and realised like 5 minuites later... I tried to turn it on right away witch was not smart because then it fla...
    2 Technology 11
  216. How can I tell him his breath stinks?
    theres this guy thats wanting to be with me but i dont know if i want to be with him cuz he has bad breath and his body parts are foul smelling and it got to the point were i didnt want to kiss him or evan do anything sexual with him its so bad that...
    2 Sex 32
  217. How Do you fix a wet ipod touch?
    Okay so my family from North Carolina came for Christmas and got me an ipod touch ...its been good for a while and today I accidentally drop it into a huge puddle of the rain...and I turned in on and now it has nothing that can be touch and I don't hav...
    3 Technology 35
  218. Wetting my dogs!
    Soo you knowhow itsd summer! Its soo hot here in vegas but yea since my dogs are outside dogs they manage they have shaddy areas and plenty of water :d! But I usualy throw a bucket of water on them to cool my dogs of but only one of my dogs hate it,,...
    4 Pets 26
  219. Why does my cat stink?
    I have had my cat for almost 5 years now and around last year his breath started to stink like poop. I am not igsagerating, it litteraly stinks like poop! His breath still stinks like his poop but now the smell seems to be coming for him, everywhere! I...
    8 Pets 115
  220. Would you ratter thing
    Would you ratter put on wet socks for a week or wet underwear for a week??? Its a would you ratter thing!!!] I say wet socks for a
    5 Entertainment 124
  221. What if this girl's pussy stinks?
    I had a couple of dates with this cute girl, and last night we went pretty far, but no intercourse. As I was going down there, she smelled like an armpit, the odor was very strong. I slept over, and told her I would call her tommorow, but I'm thinkin...
    10 Relationships 537
  222. how can I get wet
    Ok so when my boyfriend comes over he fingers me for like10 for 15 min and ill be really wet and then either he will get tired or we have to stop for one reason or another (ie parents and such). Then like an hour or so later he will try again and it wi...
    3 Relationships 156
  223. How to get 'wet'
    Ok so when my boyfriend comes over he fingers me for like10 for 15 min and ill be really wet and then either he will get tired or we have to stop for one reason or another (ie parents and such). Then like an hour or so later he will try again and it wi...
    2 Relationships 45
  224. How can I stop my kids from wetting the bed?
    I'm a single mother of a 5 and 3 year old, my daughters wet the bed almost every night. I make sure they have nothing to drink 2hrs before bedtime and make them pee couple of times before bedtime. I work all the time and not able to wake them up in the...
    3 Babies 53
  225. wet phone ):
    okay, so I just droped my phone in the toilet (it was flushed) and I screamed then I saw the screen turn white and I reached down and got my phone, took all the parts off, the back, and the battery and blowdryed it right away. I was so happy when I tur...
    5 Technology 43
  226. Why do I always feel wet down there?
    Alright, well I'm 17 years old, about to turn 18 soon. I'm still a virgin. I missed my period last to last month and two weeks later I got it..and that's never happened to me before, I got my period when I was about 12 an it was normal, up until when t...
    7 Health 1895
  227. How to stop having wet dreams?
    I have a problem, I keep having wet dreams. It happened mabey once when I was younger, but a lot more often now, and now im almost 20. Its not every night, but mabey 2 times a month, which is pretty bad if you ask me. I havn't had sex in a while, an...
    3 Sex 40
  228. What do I do about stinky?
    How do you tell a friend that the stink?
    4 Health 42
  229. Why did my girl get wet so quick ?
    Me and my and girlfriend of 3 months were fooling about on my bed and ended up in a long kissing session, she was wearing a low top so I pulled it down showing one of her breasts and whilst kissing her massaged here breast and nipple after a bit of th...
    6 Relationships 409
  230. Girls only!! Constant 'wetness'
    This is really embarrissing for me to talk about even though I dont know any of you but for the past few days I have been constantly wet down there if you get me, like 24.7 and today it got to the brink of uncomfortable to walk, and its not white or an...
    5 Health 101
  231. Why do I stink ?
    I take showers everday before I go to school I wash my self everywhere on my body. But when I get to school I start to smell bad. Some people I hear sometimes say I smell like sh it% or ass1 . When im siting down in class I feel so unconformable that...
    15 Health 1326
  232. wet hair look???
    I have like medium length natural curly hair. however it tends to be a liitle frizzy and sort of poofy and dry. I tried a lot of dif conditioners and stuff but nothing really seems to help. when I get out of the shower and bbrush it I love how it looks...
    2 Style 38
  233. Why does my urine have odor with out a urinary tract infection?
    My urine stinks and my droctor says I dont have a urinary tract infection. why does my urine stink?
    2 Health 129
  234. Does my hamster have wet tail?
    I just got a syrian hamster, three days ago. He's got a stink and a wet bottom now, but he's still eating a lot! He's the funniest thing he sleep walks and even sleep eats. Good thing he does not sleep run on the wheel, lol! So, he's sleeping on top o...
    9 Pets 181
  235. Getting bored of the masturbating techniques, is this normal?
    So I masturbate, I do get wet, but not pouring wet.. It's just slightly wet. Is this normal? If not, how can I increase the "wet-ness" And I am getting bored of the masturbating techniques I use. If someone could suggest something it'll be great.
    3 Sex 337
  236. How can I relax during sex, I cant stay wet?
    me and my guy started having sex a few weeks ago, the thing is I cant seem to stay wet and after 15 minutes of intercourse I get pretty sore. When hes not around I get turned on just thinking about the way he touches me, and when we cuddle my pussy get...
    2 Sex 33
  237. Can lightning electrocute itself?
    What happens to lightning when it gets wet?
    7 Science 38
  238. How long until washing hair after a perm?
    how long after a perm can you wet and wash your hair
    3 Style 314
  239. How do I no if I cum
    How do I no if I came.. Am always wet but how do I no if I cum???
    15 Relationships 115
  240. cats?
    why do cats hate getting wet? honestly its ridiculous
    5 Pets 25
  241. Stinky dogs
    I constantly give my two dogs baths but they still stink minutes later...what can I do to stop them from stinking up the house?
    8 Pets 63
  242. How to make the bathroom smell nice after you use it?
    Sometimes we use the bathroom and it kinda stinks, we don't want anybody to know it does so, how can we make it not stink while we are in the bathroom before they notice...
    6 Homegarden 68
  243. What is wrong with my vagina..please help?
    Ok im a girl and me and my friend have been having sex for a while but now a days I juts havent been getting wet like I use to. And it hurts most times while were doing it because im not wet but I make him keep going until he comes because I dont want ...
    4 Sex 258
  244. How do you scrunch hair?
    Like can you wet it and put some moouse in it or how would I do this?
    6 Style 53
  245. Would you own a corpse flower?
    I think there pretty but boy do they stink
    8 Homegarden 34
  246. Scrunched hair?
    In your opinion, does scrunched hair look greasy? Caz its wet?
    3 Style 54
  247. When does hair take in nutrients the most?
    I was wondering if hair takes in nutrients more when it is is wet or if it is dry. Thanx
    2 Style 33
  248. need masturbating tips
    hi everyone I am wet and horny like all the time does anyone have any tips on how I can masturbate so I am not so wet all day long please help need them now
    4 Sex 158
  249. Are rabbits easy house pets to take care of?
    6 Pets 26
  250. stinky breath
    my best friend breath stinks all the time, should I tell her
    16 Style 41