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  1. How to wash your vagina?
    How do you wash your vagina?
    10 Health 2959
  2. Can you wash your hair after you highlight it?
    Wash your hair after you highlight it
    8 Style 546
  3. How do you wash your car in the winter?
    8 Cars 45
  4. Why do jeans shrink in the wash?
    8 Style 62
  5. How do you wash delicate clothes?
    5 Homegarden 28
  6. How do you wash eyeliner off your waterline?
    6 Style 58
  7. What do you wash first in the shower?
    what do you wash first when you get in the shower?
    16 General 186
  8. Can I machine wash a suede purse?
    Can I machine wash a suede purse?
    2 Money 73
  9. How to white wash old furniture
    How to white wash old furniture
    3 General 50
  10. is it easier to wash or drie dishes.?
    is it easier to wash or drie dishes.?
    6 Homegarden 22
  11. what setting do you wash whites on in the laundry?
    what setting do you wash whites on in the laundry?
    2 Homegarden 65
  12. vaginal itching
    Why is the outside of my vaginal area itching?
    2 Health 873
  13. Do you wash your hands before or after driving?
    Do you wash your hands before or after driveing? sank You. :) .
    5 Health 78
  14. what are some common female vaginal problems?
    what are some common female vaginal problems?
    3 Health 100
  15. Can face wash remove makeup?
    8 Style 14
  16. Is it safe to machine wash Converse?
    3 General 51
  17. How do you wash a shirt before you tie dye it?
    4 Style 34
  18. How often should dry hair be washed?
    4 Style 20
  19. how to wash white people cornrows???
    9 Style 1893
  20. Is it healthy to wash your hair everyday
    ok should you wash your hair everyday. Is it healthy?
    5 Style 63
  21. How much should you charge to wash all the windows in Dallas?
    How much should you charge to wash all the windows in Dallas?
    2 Money 42
  22. How long until washing hair after a perm?
    how long after a perm can you wet and wash your hair
    3 Style 314
  23. How long should you wait to wash your hair after a perm?
    How long should you wait to wash your hair after a perm?
    6 Style 349
  24. how often do you/should you wash your bed covers ?
    how often do you/should you wash your bed covers ?
    13 Homegarden 43
  25. How often should you wash chemically straightened hair
    How often should you wash your hair after you have had it chemically straightened.
    2 Style 87
  26. Is there hair dye that will last for about a month then wash out?
    2 Style 88
  27. How to tighten vaginal walls?
    2 Health 26
  28. how can i keep washing my face a daily thing?
    4 Health 24
  29. How many times a week do you wash your hair?
    19 Style 51
  30. can you really wash converse in the washing machine or is m sister trying to make me wreck them ??? E
    15 Technology 42
  31. Is it true the less you wash your hair, the more healthy it will be?
    7 Style 47
  32. Does washing and ironing my money make me OCD?
    8 Health 75
  33. Which is better for washing dishes - sponges or dish cloths and why?
    7 Homegarden 52
  34. Is it ok to use face wash when you don't have any pimples?
    8 Style 36
  35. Does Lime Juice help in vaginal odour?
    2 Food 105
  36. Can I wash something in a washing machine if it's had air freshner perfume spilled on it?
    Wouldn't it burn or anything?
    2 Homegarden 16
  37. Should you moisturize your face after every time you wash it?
    5 Style 41
  38. Is there a dose or pill you can take to wash out the fetus?
    12 Health 65
  39. is it bad to brush your hair in the shower after you wash it?
    15 Style 116
  40. What's the best way to wash my penis?
    what is the best way to wash my penis?I have this white stuff on my penis what is it?
    3 Health 188
  41. Can I wash hair that was permed on Monday?
    I permed my hair on monday morning can I wash it today
    8 Style 69
  42. Washing hair
    Do you think its gross if you dont wash your hair once a day
    7 Style 38
  43. Do virgins have two vaginal canals?
    do I have two vaginal canals if im still a virgin?
    3 Relationships 228
  44. How do you wash or clean your retainer?
    Someone please help. how do you wash or clean your retainer?
    5 Nutritionfitness 62
  45. To wash or not to
    Is it ok to wash your kids mouth out with ivory soap
    14 Babies 31
  46. Will mouth wash take the smell of alchol out of our breath?
    Will mouth wash take the smell of alchol out of our breath?
    3 General 96
  47. Is there any side effects if we use mouth wash regularly?
    3 Health 54
  48. how long does t take for cut in the vaginal wall to heal ?
    2 Health 77
  49. What kind of face wash and makeup has worked best for you?
    9 Style 27
  50. is it better to wash my hair every day or ever other day?
    6 Style 17
  51. Is there a way to wash quilts without them getting wrecked?
    2 Homegarden 36
  52. Why do we wash towels?
    Aren't we clean when we come out of the shower ?
    10 Homegarden 12
  53. Why is my vaginal lip bigger on one side and smaller on the other?
    10 Health 71
  54. Why do I constantly have thick, creamy, white vaginal discharge?
    6 Health 583
  55. Is it a good thing to wash your every single day?
    8 Style 21
  56. Will curling after washing damage my hair?
    Will I damage my clean hair if i curl it with a curling wand the day i have just washed it?
    2 Style 24
  57. Can I use shampoo as body wash?
    Can you use shampoo as body wash if you have no more left? or is it bad for your skin
    3 Style 19
  58. Is it possible to use dishwasher powder to wash dishes by hand?
    Is it possible to use dishwasher powder to wash dishes by hand?
    2 Homegarden 63
  59. what kind of soap would be good to 'hand wash' my bra?
    what kind of soap would be good to 'hand wash' my bra?
    2 Style 61
  60. How many times a day do you wash your hair to make it grow?
    How many times do you wash your hair to make it grow?
    5 Style 19
  61. Is it weird to have anal sex before vaginal sex?
    Is it weird to have anal sex before your have vaginal sex? Like for your first time
    4 Sex 1028
  62. Can you wash a duvet in the washing machine?
    Cuz mine is sort of gross at the moment and it definitely needs to be washed but if it needs to be hand washed I'm just gonna throw it out >.>
    5 Technology 13
  63. How to wash Nike Air Max 2011 shoes?
    washing will damage it?
    4 Homegarden 55
  64. Symptoms of a vaginal infection?
    I was justing thinkin...what are the main symtoms for a vaginal infection???
    3 Health 601
  65. Vaginal problem, a lot of discharge
    I have a lot of vaginal discharge and it smells a lot what can I use to treat it
    3 Health 1398
  66. How do I get the mineral deposits left over on the window after washing the car?
    3 Cars 13
  67. Is it necessary to apply moisturizer after a face wash all year round?
    10 Style 44
  68. How long does it take for one pair of jeans to wash AND dry?
    12 Style 1110
  69. do guys like big (vaginal) lips??
    do guys like it when girls have big lips down below(vagina) if not what should I do??
    15 Relationships 2986
  70. Is it a good idea to wash your face before you go in a tanning bed?
    4 Style 51
  71. Is it dangerous for a cat to wash her\his litter box with vinegar and water?
    6 Pets 18
  72. Does washing your hair with dog shampoo actually make your hair longer?
    5 Style 72
  73. What happens if I wash my hair everyday?
    What happens if I wash my hair everyday? my hair falls every day..:P
    10 Style 82
  74. Does the hymen separate the vaginal wall in virgins?
    If you are still a virgin, does the hymen separate the vaginal canal into two?
    2 Health 486
  75. does wash in wash out hair dye still make your hair darker?
    im dying my hair black from blonde soon, and I want to know if I just use wash in wash out to try it out, will it still make my hair a darker colour when it fades?
    3 Style 48
  76. Is it okay if I wash my hair with a different shampoo and conditioner but they're the same brand?
    7 Style 30
  77. How long does it take to wash hair dye out until it fades to your natural colour?
    13 Style 100
  78. Can I wash my hair on Saturday with regular shampoo/conditioner after dying my hair Thursday night ?
    3 Style 34
  79. Can I use my shampoo as a detergent for hand-washing my bras?
    such as pantene shampoo, i have that.
    4 Homegarden 57
  80. Can you wash your hair when it has been chemically relaxed?I want to know b/c I was thinking of doing it?
    9 Style 19
  81. Do face washes(face washes particularly of the brands- Everyouth, Pond's, Olay etc.) really keep their promises?
    Does using a face wash really give the result written backside of the tube??
    4 Style 16
  82. Should you wash a kids mouth out with soap?
    Should you wash a kids mouth out with soap? I think its okay but I need a second opinion
    16 Family 154
  83. Washing it off w/soap and water?
    This guy came on my hand. So I washed it (my hand) with soap and water...did that get the cum off? Or...what?
    2 Health 41
  84. How often are you supposed to wash your hair?
    How often are you supposed to wash your hair? Everyday, every other day, etc. Thanks
    9 Style 42
  85. what vaginal infection could i have?
    ... i had anal sex then vaginal sex straight after and now i have a bad rash on my labia... what is it
    3 Sex 213
  86. How to keep my hair straight after I wash it?
    every time I wash my hair it puffes up a bit any ideas how to keep it straight?
    8 Style 179
  87. Washing & cleansing 'down there'
    Is that really true? You are not supposed to wash 'down there' with soap? Why ? So what is the proper way of cleansing that area?
    11 Style 628
  88. Why do people have long vaginal lips ?
    I have long vaginal lips , is it normal ? I feel like boys won't like me because of that .
    5 Health 129
  89. Can a guy eat you out when you use encare or options conceptrol vaginal contraceptive gel?
    4 Health 392
  90. How to wash hair bleach off of skin?
    I got bleach from bleching my hair on my hands how do I get rid of it
    2 Style 181
  91. Can I get in trouble for power washing my fence if it sprays my neighboring landowners apartments?
    2 Homegarden 25
  92. Bumps on the vaginal area
    Umm what are these bumps? They sometimes be big with pus in them And they hurt very bad.
    3 Health 823
  93. Is it nasty to use the same hand towel to dry your hands for a week before washing it?
    Do you think that is normal, or nasty? How often should you wash hand towels?
    9 Homegarden 84
  94. why have I had vaginal discharge for 2 years now and still no period?
    I have had vaginal discharge for 2 years now, but I still dont have my period! why dont I have it yet?? im not weird am I?
    3 Health 96
  95. What's the best body wash for guys?
    What's the best body wash im trying new things that smells good
    7 Style 57
  96. Which is safer, anal or vaginal sex?
    I really would like to know which sex is safer and better and y? Anal or vaginal?
    6 Sex 271
  97. Vaginal dischage
    I'm 25yrs old and I'm wondering if you can get an abnormal vaginal discharge from masturbation...or an increase in vaginal discharge...
    3 Sex 1120
  98. Red hair dye washes out in my hair
    I have dyed my dark brown hair red, but the red color keeps washing out. Is there something I can do to my hair to keep the color from washing out so fast?
    6 Style 137
  99. Who washes their butthole in the shower?
    When I take a shower, I wash EVERYTHING. Head to toe. But when my boyfriend takes a shower he doesnt wash his butthole...Am I the only one? lol
    6 Health 86
  100. How do I make sure my laundry doesn't smell when I left it in the wash too long after washing?
    I didn't realize the load of wash had sat in the washing machine for a few hours...and it smells a bit. It's in the dryer now, but I really don't want to re-wash it. Any ideas how to make sure the clothes don't smell bad?
    8 Homegarden 20
  101. Is it stupid to make sure he washes his hands?
    After my boyfriend uses the bathroom, I make sure he's washed his hands. And if he hasn't, I tell him to. Is that mean, or stupid to do?
    5 General 11
  102. Does Anybody know of a good facial wash to get rid of spots fast ? ( that i can get in England ) ?
    5 Style 29
  103. How often is someone supposed to wash their bedding?
    like the pillow cases, covers, sheets, and all that?
    13 Homegarden 58
  104. Vaginal itching on pubic area
    I have a rash with a burning and king of painful burning in the pubic hair area can you tell me why.
    2 Health 1103
  105. Who thinks fatpies salad fingers episodes could be like almost brain washing?
    5 Entertainment 10
  106. What to wash my tongue ring with?
    what do I use to wash my toung peircing they tould me no listerin or salt warter so what do I use ??/ can you tell me what you used
    6 Style 62
  107. How do guys like gurls vaginal hair?
    ok..well I want to have sex..but I don't know how to keep my vaginal hair..I want to know how guys like it so when I do have sex the guy will like it...
    5 Sex 80
  108. What's a good face wash/ make up remover and teeth whitener I can get?
    2 Style 20
  109. home made body wash
    Does anyone have any good recipes for it, and how I go about making it for cheap?
    3 Style 41
  110. big puss bumps on vaginal area
    My mother has these large puss bumps and she thinks its a boil. But what else can they be
    4 Health 170
  111. What is more expensive - washing machines or doing the dishes?
    Does the maintainace of washing machines cast more than just washing dishes the 'ol fashioned way? Or does the soap and water used during washing the dishes stack up more £££??
    7 Homegarden 24
  112. Washing a backpack???
    Ok so I have a north face backpack and it's really dirty can I just wash it like with clothes or do I wash it by itself? Or do I have to hand wash it? It's black I don't have to bleach it or anything
    5 Homegarden 175
  113. Has anyone washed their Chapstick in the laundry?
    Have you ever washed your chapstick in the washing machine adn then still used it!/ LOL how dumb! I have! hehehe
    4 Homegarden 63
  114. Washing pillows
    Can you put a bedroom pillow in a washer machine??? Or in other words can you wash a bedroom pillow that Haves cotton on the end side
    2 General 47
  115. Should we wash off after having s*x?
    Recent study on washing of our private parts after the private work show that washing off the parts within 10 min results in attraction of aids. When should we wash?
    5 Health 27
  116. Is vaginal discharge supposed to taste sour?
    ok so my vaginal discharge tastes sour is it supposed to taste sour? Also I don't think I have a yeast infection, but anyways what does vaginal discharge taste and smell like?
    3 Health 1888
  117. How do I wash ripped jeans?
    I just bought a new pair of ripped jeans, and I know from experience that they rip and tear and ruin further after a few washes. What can I do to prevent further rips and the jeans streching?
    5 Style 44
  118. What is the room where doctors prep and wash their hands before they operate called?
    Like on Grey's Anatomy where they wash their hands and put on gloves? What is that called?
    3 General 13
  119. When: Can you dye your hair while its wet? After you washed it?
    I am dying my Moms hair for her. She has sum gray hairs. My Mom wants to know. Will it not work if your hair is wet?
    4 Style 3809
  120. Do cotton shirts really shrink in the washing machine?
    I've heard they do but I'm not sure..
    4 Style 50
  121. Thinning of the vaginal skin
    Why every time I have sex I tare down below?very bad tares the older I am getin the worse it is.
    2 Sex 157
  122. I have vaginal bumps and never had sex..what do I do?
    Im a virgin and I noticed have a bump on my vagina and I dont know how I got it.
    3 Sex 311
  123. What would happen if I only washed my hair with conditioner for a whole month?
    My scalp is really dry :0
    7 Style 38
  124. Wash hair?
    How often do you wash your hair? Everyday? Every two days? My mom told me to wash it every two days and I was like eww. Lol. I wash it everyday. But she says that it's unhealthy that way.
    12 Style 40
  125. Washing off soda cans
    Are you supposed to wash off soda cans out of boxes, vending machines, both, or where? And for how long, with or without soap, and with hot or cold water or both?
    2 General 18
  126. How should I wash my bras
    I dont want them to cave in or any thing like that but I dont wanna go and buy one of those basket things on the other hand I don't wanna have to hand wash them! what should I do??
    7 Style 60
  127. Neutrogena Oil-free Acne Wash?
    I use neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash, but I havent seen big results yet. Has it worked for you?
    2 Style 12
  128. Washing hair with mayo
    I heard something about washing your hair with mayonaise makes it soft and smooth? how much do you use? how long do you keep it in for?
    3 Style 54
  129. does coloured red hair become lighter with every wash? cuz mine dosnt look as red as i want it too
    6 Style 39
  130. Can you shower multiple time a day but wash your face twice a day?
    I just want to know if you can shower like multiple time a day, but only wash your face in the morning and then in the evening with a cleanser. And if you can do that, after you shower when you not washing your face with a cleanser, do you put on moist...
    3 Style 16
  131. Will semi hairdye wash out if wash 28 times in one day?
    I put loreal castings semi-permanent colour on my hair and its gone patchy brown and bright ginger. If I wash it 28 times in one shower/day will the dye come out? Pleease help lol!.x
    2 Style 182
  132. Can you wash the dishes with bleach?
    Hey! Just out of curiosity and someting, I want to know can you wash the dishes with bleach? And if yes is there anyone who does that? What are the effect of washing/using bleach and the dangers? Someone I know washes dishes with bleach and I was ju...
    6 Homegarden 211
  133. When using a sunbed, will washing after take away the vitamin d?
    I was told that if I washed with soap after using a sunbed the vitamin d would be washed off. I was told you should not bathe for 3 days after sunbathing. Is this true?
    4 Style 195
  134. Bad vaginal odor and discharge
    I have very bad vaginal odor and not sure why exactly and I wash and clean very good and douvhe regulary I just cant figure out what the problem is?
    3 Health 152
  135. How do you wash your hair properly?
    I know it sounds stupid but I have a lot of Dandruff and have dark hair it really shows up badly and heard Dandruff can be caused by not washing hair properly??
    11 Style 36
  136. What is this weird vaginal discharge?
    I have sort of greenish/brownish discharge..Is it an infection? do they go away by themselves or should i see a doctor? can these infections spread throughout the body?
    3 Health 40
  137. What is the best face wash at a drugstore?
    I have really oily skin and acne prone skin. It just disgusting to see my self like this.
    7 Drugs 30
  138. washing your hair.
    I havn't washed my hair since thanksgiving morning. its been 2 days so far that I didn't wash it. how often are you suppose to wash your hair? + will I get BUGS?!? ha ha ha BUGS?!?!! insects lol.
    13 Style 109
  139. What can I do to keep my hair from getting too oily while washing it every other day?
    I have been washing my hair every day for many years however, I want to begin washing it every other day to keep my hair healthy. However, after a day, my hair tends to get pretty oily, what can I do to prevent this?
    7 Style 11
  140. Ipod in wash
    I accidentally left my ipod in the wash OMG im so upset When I bang it down to try and get the water out it works If I let it dry out will it work? What do I do to save it?!?
    3 Technology 39
  141. face wash?
    whats the best face wash, to clear up breakouts? I have neutrogena grapefruit cleanser thats in the pink bottle but all it does is make my skin dryout.
    6 Style 18
  142. What do y'all think about washing your childs mouth out with soap?
    I was watching something on T.V., and it has made me question and wonder about something... What do y'all think about washing your childs mouth out with soap? If you think its nessessary at times...when? Is it cruel?
    15 Babies 87
  143. How often to wash bed sheets?
    Hi I was curious how frequently people out there are washing their bed sheets, pillow cases and quilt covers? And what would be the suggested frequency?
    5 Homegarden 150
  144. wash my hair but it still feels and looks greasy?
    o matter how much shampoo I use or how many times I wash my hair it STILL looks greasy.. can you help me with this?
    3 Style 53
  145. Quick way to wash a dog?
    whats a quik and easy way to wash a dog and make them smell real good within like 15 min.?
    3 Pets 26
  146. Are you supposed to wash inside your vagina?
    I've been having some issues with an odor "down there" and I was wondering while cleaning it is it possible to clean the inside too?To make sure the germs get out?
    3 Health 208
  147. How do you bathe a 7 year old girl while babysitting who is unwilling to get undressed even when her mom told me I had to wash her body for her?
    5 Babies 33
  148. Vaginal odor
    Im 13; And my vagina gives A weird odor. Its not very pleasent; And im a bigg masturbater I have no idea what to do; So please help me out Thank you
    4 Sex 63
  149. How do I wash the inside of my vag?
    I was my vagina everyday. Even when I just use water it smells on the inside. It doesnt itch. It just has an odor that I cant control.
    2 Health 93
  150. How can I repair my mp3 player after I washed it?
    Ok well I forgot to check my pockets before I did laundry and I accidently washed my mp3 and then it went through the dryer is there some way I can fix it or am I just out of luck?
    4 Technology 56
  151. How do you wash a huge blanket?
    like a comforter, I think its called? I haven't really washed clothes before and I don't want to ruin my comforter, I can't take it to the dry cleaners or anything.
    6 Homegarden 64
  152. How do I come across less attractive without stopping washing?
    How do I come across less attractive without stopping washing? Its annoying I'm getting the wrong type of attention and want to curtail it somehow.
    4 Style 12
  153. Why is it bad to ring your hair out after washing?
    I've always twisted the water out of my hair after washing it in the shower, but now I have noticed that in hair salons they don't do that, they just wrap it in a towel still sopping wet with water. Is it bad to ring it out?
    4 Style 301
  154. how is it possible can you wash cloths using the dishwasher?
    im pretty sure this is a really really stupid question but my little brother wanted too know
    5 Homegarden 16
  155. itchy flaky vaginal skin
    the skin around my vagina started itching me and then I noticed they became flaky even though the itching has reduced and there are no discharges. what is it likely to be?
    3 Health 766
  156. Is Oxy Body Wash any good?
    I've used other acne products for breakouts like Cetaphil and Clearasil, etc. but they didn't work.
    3 Style 16
  157. What is this vaginal discharge?
    All the time except when im on my period there's always stuff in there kind of like snot[sorry]but not really does any body know why or what it is?
    8 Health 81
  158. When should you wash African American?
    im black and I have a sew in weave right now because im trying to grow my hair out. And my sew in is human hair. I just want to know how often should I wash my hair, so that it stays healthy during the sew in
    3 Style 17
  159. Is it normal to have two vaginal canals?
    one day, I put my finger into my vaginal hole and reached long enough where I felt that there were two ways to go. is that normal for there to be like two canals in your vagina hole?
    5 Relationships 496
  160. Should you wash brand new Tupperware before using it?
    I've got some new Tupperware straight from where ever it's made. Should I wash it before I use it? Biggest thing I'm wondering about is the Popsicle makers..
    2 Homegarden 1938
  161. Wash your hair on a regular basis?
    How often is a regular basis for washing hair? I've heard from once a day, to once every two weeks!!! Eww!! I couldn't wait that long to wash my hair!!! but serisously, how long is it, cause now I'm confused.
    8 Style 36
  162. Why does my washing machine take so long?
    My washing machine will tell me that a wash cycle will take fifty minutes, however, it reality it always takes several hours. Anybody know whats wrong with it? Its quite a new machine
    5 Homegarden 43
  163. Do I wash my hair everyday?!
    Should I wash my hair everyday?! I have strait hair wiff a few waves in it and my hair ometimes feel realy soft and I have normal hair but its a lil oily. A few of my friends said that I shouldnt wash my hair every day but every other day..what hould...
    7 Style 13
  164. How do you stop permanent hair dye from washing out of your hair?
    I Have just recently dyed my hair black from a bleach blonde, my hair is dammaged and I do belive that the dye is washing out because of the damage. just wondering if there is anything I can do to slow down the process of fading and washing out :) th...
    4 Style 75
  165. Can you use regular detergent in a HE Washing machine?
    I just bought a front loader,high efficiency washer and dryer. Can I use the regular liquid detergent that I have left in the new machine, or do I have to use specifically HE detergent?
    3 Homegarden 49
  166. I lose my fresh waves when I wet or wash
    yo when I wet my hair I lose waves how can I wet my hair and maintain my waves I grow it out first den get a cut like a 3 blowout
    2 Style 55
  167. what kind of soap to wash cat's litter box with
    Does my cat not like the cleaner I use? FANTASTIC :-s maybe I should JUST use dish soap. I am also using Arm & Hammer litter deodorizer???
    2 Pets 48
  168. Will acne go away if I just wash with soap?
    I try a lot of acne treatment, and honestlyy, none of them workk. Wil it just go away if I wash it with any kind of soap 3 times a day? Or mayve even more
    6 Health 50
  169. Lump on the inside of my vaginal lips
    There a quite big lump on the inside of my vaginal lips and it hutrs a little and its red . I don't no what it is and I dont whant to go near a doctor or anything,! Help can some one tell me what it is??
    7 Health 307
  170. washed ipod + un-cooked rice = (Y)?
    k some people that I know, got their ipod washed in the washer, and they put it in like un-cooked rice and it this true? I wanna try it :(
    3 Technology 45
  171. washing hair fish smell
    The past week when I take a shower and wash my hair, it smells like raw fish. Same shampoo, same conditioner, same hair products. No new oral medication. I don't smell that smell on my body, just when I shampoo my hair. Any suggestions?
    4 Sex 548
  172. What do I do with a cell phone that went through a wash cycle?
    My 12 year old grandson left his phone in his jeans and his Mom washed them without checking. He is heartsick. What can we do to see if it will ever work again?
    5 Technology 31
  173. How often to wash my hair?
    So I went to get my hair cut and my stylist asked me how often I washed my hair, I said everyday cause I did. But she told me to wash hair everyother day or even twice a week! Seriously. So I was just wondering how often other people was their hair?
    8 Style 38
  174. What Is The Best Acne Wash That Works For You?
    I Want A Acne Wash That Will Make Them Dissapear Quickly, I Have Acne On My Chin, But It Won't Go Away. I Need Some Drugstore Brand Acne Washes That Will Make Them Go Away Quickly, Also What Is That Medicine you Take That Makes you Have No Acne? Thank...
    8 Style 26
  175. What is the best anti-acne face wash that will clear my face?
    I have acne and I have marks from the acne and I try washing my face but no luck. I've used neutrogena, clean and clear, and clearisil. I have lost hope and please help me.So what is the best anti-acne face wash that will clear my face?
    4 Style 56
  176. what temp of water do I wash my black clothes in?
    what temp of water do I wash my black clothes in? I dont want my skinny jeans (black) to fade.. usually I just throw all my clothes together.. I think yor supposed to wash black clothes in hot water?? im not sure..
    2 Homegarden 66
  177. How do I stop my face from turning red when I wash it?
    it even turns red when I use really cold water and btw I have a little acne and oily skin could that be the reason
    2 Style 184
  178. Is it bad to not wash my hair tonight if I went swimming in a chlorine pool?
    i don't want the chlorine to hurt/ruin my hair, but i took a shower before i swam. will it do anything to my hair if i just take a shower tomorrow? :D
    7 Style 107
  179. Can you wash a dog every day?
    I'm starting to go on walks every night with my dog and she gets really gross afterwards, is it going to be okay for her skin/hair to be washed that often? Thanks to anyone who answers. :)
    12 Pets 120
  180. Should you wash your hair every/every other day?
    Not the most exciting question still... I am growing my hair long in order for it to grow fastest should I wash it everyday or everyother? pleaseee tell reply thankyou so much x
    8 Style 49
  181. Is it ok to use my acne face wash on my burnt face?
    My face is pretty burnt, and i was wondering if it would be ok to use my acne face wash on it while it's burnt. It's also a little oily so i dont want to have any breakouts but im afraid that the wash will hurt my burnt skin. so any recommendations or...
    3 Style 21
  182. How can I get rid of vaginal thrush?
    I have horrid vaginal thrush and I have had it for a while. I can't get rid of it and I've tried all kinds of tablets and pills. It's like a thick white goo kinda stuff. Please help. I'm worried :(
    4 Health 76
  183. What do I do right after washing my curly hair (without gel)?
    Hi I have curly brown hair but what do I do when I wash it. If I use gel or moose, it'll get dirty again obviously...when I use some hair oil it "frizzes". and then I have some straight hairs too. I know it s complicated... thx
    2 Style 13
  184. Can I wash my coins?
    hhey I have these coins and they looked fine awhile ago then I put them away and I brought them out and there sum sort of white chalk on the side I think if I put it in water it would wash off I was wondering can I do that? would it harm them or what c...
    9 Money 16
  185. Why do clothes turn inside-out in the washing machine?
    Unless it's a thick piece of clothing, most of my clothes always turn inside-out (tag outside) after they are washed. I hate having to turn everything back outside-in. ;) Anyone know why this happens? So weird.
    4 Homegarden 609
  186. How do I get paint to wash out of clothing?
    I got some paint on my blazer jacket and I wanted to know what to use to wash the paint out of the cloth. It is wool and I know that our dry cleaner will charge me a small fortune for them to fix it. Is there some sort of miracle product for gettin...
    2 Homegarden 128
  187. Do you have to wash meat off before cooking it?
    I always wash raw meat off once I take it out of the package, but today I was watching Rachel Ray and she takes raw chicken right from the package and starts grilling it! Aren’t you supposed to rinse it? Or does cooking it kill any bacteria?
    7 Food 844
  188. Who knows if it is possible for a face wash to cause break outs?
    I have extremely sensitive skin, and I bought a face wash that helps to prevent acne (so it says), but I've been breaking out. I assumed it was because of the cold weather making my skin dry, but I was wondering if it was possibly the face wash?
    6 Health 38
  189. What kind of ink can I use on my jumper that won't wash off?
    I've bought a jumper and I want to colour it in and add some colour to it. I'm not sure what kind of ink to use. Would permanent marker wash off or permanent pen in the washing machine? If anyone knows anything that won't wash off and will last please ...
    10 Homegarden 29
  190. How do I get rid of a clear vaginal liquid that leaks often?
    It started with my period at the age of 13 and as carried out for a year. I am forteen and the leakage has gotten worse. It is a smelly substance.
    3 Health 81
  191. Wash my face all the time but still get breakouts
    ok I wash my face all the time and still I get breakouts... I dont eat all of sugar and I'm not that stressed...I dont know what it is... who has any beauty tips or anyhting that will help my face... cus what I'm doing seems not to be working... HELP P...
    9 Style 129
  192. Why do my eyelids burn and become sensitive after I wash makeupoff?
    So, sometimes I use soap to wash my makeup off while im in the shower. after I get out, my eyelids burn reallly bad and are almost to sensitive to touch and are kinda sticky. what does this mean? and why does it do this? thanks, :).
    4 Style 1079
  193. How come when I wash my face it gets red and doesn't feel refreshed like people say it would?
    cuz people always say washing your face keeps your skin healthy and all that but it just makes mine pink and itchy and not refreshed. ???
    5 Style 24
  194. Vaginal Infection
    Hi all...Its awkward to talk about this but did anyone used Vaginal tablets? If yes, I want to discuss something...I am using them now.last night I used one. have another 6 to use. Please post your comments. Thnks
    4 Health 71
  195. Is it okay if I use water to wash my flute?
    This morning I was painting while dancing around,and got green paint on my flute. I dont remember what my old band tutor told me about cleaning,so I was wondering if it would be okay if it got water on it.
    5 General 82
  196. How long after vaginal distress do you have your first period?
    I have this white/clear jelly stuff oming out my soon after this do you think I will start my period?my boobs are geting bigger,im getting taller ect.
    2 Health 75
  197. How to girls shave their vaginal hair?
    I asked my friends how to shave and they say the nicker line and I was like ok because I didnt want to look stupid. what is the nickerline? how do you know which bits to shave? help thanks
    4 Relationships 336
  198. Vaginal itching before menstruation?
    Vaginal itching before menstruation? I have had this problem for years. I just figured it was normal. No matter what I do I itch. I wash with water twice daily to try and avoid the itch, but it seems unavoidable. This happens every month around tha...
    5 Health 4662
  199. How much does a regular washing machine weigh?
    I'm not talking about a high-efficiency model, I'm talking the older-style washers with the agitator in the center and the heavy motor on the bottom.
    3 Homegarden 131
  200. washing machine overflowed and caused a flood
    our washmachine overflown through the nite dont know how that happend but everything is floating in water im not sure how we gona get that fixed any ideas?
    4 Homegarden 19
  201. What is the kindest thing to wash your face with on a daily basis?
    At the moment I use a flannel...I've heard that it's not so kind to your skin and can be to rough. Plus as well at the moment I have dry skin from over ex foliating. What is a good thing to wash your face with in a morning and before bed? Thank you.
    11 Style 76
  202. Shower washing off tan?
    When you go tanning in a tanning booth and then afterwards you take a shower does it wash away your tan? I heard somebody say that today but also another friend told me that the shower actually makes your tan look better and brings out your tan..which ...
    4 Style 127
  203. brownish vaginal discharge before period?
    why do I have thick brownish discharge? It's like having a period before my period. I suffer from leg cramps, heavy bloating, extreme fatigue,depression and a thick,brownish discharge for three to four days before I actually get my period. Please advise.
    30 Health 10954
  204. Razor burn on the vaginal area
    Ok I shaved down there 2 days ago. I have razor burn so severe that I have bumps all over and around my clit. Its soo swollen down near my anal area that its hard to use a tampon is this normal?
    5 Health 1304
  205. Vaginal irritation
    whenever I have unprotected vagina gets irritated. I think this is because the ph of the mans thing throws off the one in the vagina an irritates it because I am very sensitive the inside is clean and I have no discharge but the outside is sw...
    4 Sex 111
  206. album wash
    I tried signing up for but it wont let me it always has a anti robot or something like a number 3856390 but when I tri to sign up it has a red * beside it and I cant sign up help and does it provide the original music
    2 Music 123
  207. can subliminal messages in adds actually brain wash you?
    ( silly question i know, but i love typing random things in google, and found the hidden messages, then some conspiracy perosn said they are trying to brain wash us, it kinda freaked me out!! lol:)
    3 General 39
  208. Vaginal Bump
    I just had sex with my boyfriend and now I have a bump in between my lips fro my vagina mylabia minoria is swollen and I dont know why is it because he sucked on it too hard or because we had sex doggystyle I dont know what it is but its stings every t...
    3 Sex 181
  209. What should I wash my newborn kitens with?
    I read in an article an antibacterial but I also heard that it can cause health problems when they lick themselves dry... I know I cant use flea shampoos or other cat shampoo they are too young What do you suggest thankyou
    10 Pets 90
  210. Ate an Apple without Washing it??
    Okay, so today at lunch I stupidly ate an apple segment with honey (like I do everyday) and I forgot to wash it off first. My dad flipped out! He said I could die from E-Coli poisoning. Is this true??? I am like freaking out now!
    4 Food 81
  211. VaGiNaL DiScHaRgE
    ahh, I am really scared. I have this gooey stuff in my vagina every time I go to the bathroom. I am worried. Some people say it is vaginal discharge...but what is that? when I woke up this morning, it was on my underwear and it was yellow. but otherwis...
    9 Health 121
  212. What is wrong if I've been vaginally bleeding for a month non-stop?
    I've had bleeding for around 3 weeks non-stop. I am on birth control and have been the whole time, even when I miss it I make sure to use a type of protection. What could it be?
    4 Health 73
  213. vaginal discharge question
    ok, this is a little embarrassing but I've noticed that the discharge in my underwear has gotten almost sticky looking. it's either clear or white so there's no color change and there's no odd smell. is there still something I should worry about?
    4 Health 2700
  214. What are these bumps on my vaginal wall?
    im a virgin and sometimes i get bumbs on the inside of my lips. it can't be an STD but i just dont know what it is. the bumb is sort of hard but i only feel it when i touch it, and only when i touch it is that it gets itchy sometimes. i dont know what ...
    2 Health 26
  215. Vaginal issues
    My vaginal lips, or whatever you call them are pretty large, the are thin, like they are sposed 2 be, but they are really long and wide. I know this sounds wierd but I've looked at pictures of vaginas on wikipedia to see what they are sposed 2 look lik...
    3 Health 81
  216. vaginal problem..need help!!!
    my girl friend had a deep red discharge this week...not menses and it also didnt look like blood also had no 3 days it stopped...we had sex last there something wrong???
    2 Sex 35
  217. Is clear vaginal discharge normal when pregnant?
    Hi all again! I am having a blood test next week to confirm pregnancy. The consensus is that I am... However, I am experiencing quite a lot of clear viginal discharge throughout the day and night for around 3-4 weeks now. Normal?
    5 Health 859
  218. How to wash my Bra...
    Okay, every single time I wash my bra in the washer it gets all weird and doesn't fit me the same. I just bought a new bra and I REALLY like it, and it has just a little padding in it because I don't like when people know I'm cold... (You know what I m...
    5 Style 37
  219. nuetrogena ance face wash...use..?
    do any of you guyz ue the neuttrogena oil freen acne wash...I just got it through a freebee of teen vouge and I wanted to know for the people that use it do you put on lotion after or does it keep your face pretty I guess..."un dry" so its fresh and mo...
    2 Style 39
  220. how do I wash clothes?
    this is going to sound so pathetic. lol im home alone and I have jeans that I need washed so im like whatever and I put them in the washer with some other clothes of mine. and then I just put th cup of detergent or whatever in and then I pushed the but...
    7 Homegarden 22
  221. What is with the ingredients in body wash?
    I was comparing the ingredients from my Old Spice body wash to my Irish Spring Body wash, and I noticed that they are both almost identical! Then only difference was the flavor (?) Like Red18, and Green 12 or something like that... So my question is...
    2 Style 8
  222. why does black pernament dye come out of my hair every time i wash my hair?
    I recently dyed my hair midnight black. I followed all the instructions and even used the conditioner in the package. I have done this several years ago and same thing happened; i would see the water turning purple/ blue every wash. Note: i washed the ...
    9 Style 85
  223. Is brownish vaginal discharge normal?
    Hi,I would like to know is it normal for a brownish discharge because last month January I had it. Now this month I had it again with some day is brownish, another day is like red-brown or sometime just red. Not just that my tummy are bloated too. I do...
    5 Health 558
  224. My soft shirt turned rough after washing...
    Hi everyone, I recently got a soft Hollister shirt. It was soft and I loved it. But then one of my family members, already washing a load of clothes and wanting to be nice, washed mine also and it's rougher now. It's not super rough, but not as soft...
    2 Style 68
  225. Yellow spider eggs on washing line
    I went to put my washing out on the line the other day and I noticed that there were little yellow eggs on the pegs, there were also some grown spiders around. So I I assume that they were spider eggs. So I removed the pegs and wiped down the line. Th...
    2 Pets 416
  226. Brown vaginal discharge.. Normal?
    Just recently I have been getting light brown discharge on my underwear. It comes every day and sometimes its bloody as well. I have been having painful abdominal pain randomly and lots of back pain. I've had this discharge for about two weeks and I am...
    3 Health 5592
  227. Why don't people wash their hands after being on the toilet?
    Alrighty, so I havent posted a question for a while but there is something that is bothering me. Why are some people so against washing their hands after they have been to the toilet? Is it lazyness? Is it because you think there isnt any point? Is it ...
    5 Health 55
  228. What could I do to wash off my acne?
    I am 14 years old and I have acne all over my face, chest and back. I had acne until when I was eight. I don't want to spend all of my teenage years with an ugly face full of acne. My face looks as if I am in my twenties . And when people hear and know...
    4 Style 32
  229. Vaginal Rash
    I have small red bumps "down there", it doesn't cause me discomfort although I am known to let things slide.. I am just trying to figure out if it is from shaving (yes I shave with a razor), heat rash type thing or something more serious? Is there ways...
    6 Health 59
  230. Inserting birth control pill vaginally
    I had a trip to the gynecologist today and he told me that if a women has a very upset stomach or is vomiting and on the birth control (I.e. there is a chance that she might be vomiting it out etc.) then there is an option for women to take it vaginall...
    4 Health 76
  231. Any non toxic bath wash for cats?
    I am highly allergic to poison IVy and the woods behind my home is overgrown with the stuff... We do not like the cat to run out of the house, and every time he does we have to bathe him... Well, I feel like I am putting toxic wash on him every time....
    6 Pets 40
  232. Weird vaginal bleeding
    Okay, so me and my boyfriend had sex, on the last day of my period and the condom fell off. We got the Plan B pill 2 days after. And A day or so after I took the pill I've been bleeding. And it's not like period blood, it's like I'm bleeding from a cut...
    2 Sex 359
  233. Vaginal Discharge during intimacy
    there was some sort of discharge while I was fingering my girlfriend. This is not the first time I have fingered, gave an orgasm or experienced a lot of fluids while being intimate. However this is the first time that it all came flying out at once. ...
    4 Health 45
  234. tips for shaving the vaginal area
    I guess my vag area is really sensitive so when I shave it hurts pretty bad. and I can't shave the next day when the stubs start to grow back because I did that and now I've got red bumps and it really itchy. So what I want to know if anyone has any ...
    7 Style 323
  235. How can you get rid of thrush (vaginal) ?
    Basically I have had thrush now for like a month, when I got it, it was like creamy gunk coming out. Now its stopped doing that but I have little lumps on my vagina, whenever I wipe it stings like mad, now it starts to burn. I've been putting sudacrem ...
    3 Health 1144
  236. Vaginal itching/bump
    Im 18 years old I've been sexually active for almost a year. After having sex with my boyfriend I notice some itching in and aroung my vagina. I was takeing amixocilan and itching of the vagina is a side affect. I stoped takeing it and it still itches ...
    2 Sex 1277
  237. Can sperm get washed off by water?
    Like running your hand under cold water? My friend took her boyfriends condom off and said while she did he could have sworn something got on her hand and she said she just ran her hand under water then went to the restroom. Is she safe ?shes on the pi...
    8 Relationships 14786
  238. Does blue hair dye get washed away after a while even if permanent?
    I want to highlight my dark brown hair with blue but I'm afraid it will start fading away wash after wash because my friend went to the salon and got her lowermost hair dyed blue but after 4 washes the blue was gone and replaced by an orange-y blonde. ...
    5 Style 102
  239. How do you wash out semi-permanent color out quickly at home?
    I have magenta hair now and it's faded to a blondish color towards the tips. How do I wash it out quicker? I left the dye I used for touching it up on for more than two hours. I heard that with the brand I used, the longer I left it on, the more likely...
    3 Style 112
  240. Why am I having vaginal bleeding?
    To be short and get straight to the facts: I have been sexually active for almost 2 years. I bleed during masterbation (with an object) I'm on birthcontrol. I've told the doctor and at the time they said it was because I wasn't taking the birthcont...
    7 Sex 53
  241. What is the best possible face wash for teenagers?
    Personal experience & Opinions are very much appreciated! My skin isn't extremely oily, and I don't have acne, but I do have slight break-out in the 'T Zone' if you will, and my skin is only slightly oily. I'm not very helpful here obviously, but I ...
    6 Style 23
  242. Hair washing ?
    Hi im going away for 2 weeks, but the thing is I wont be able to wash my hair at all while im away for various reasons. I hate going without washing my hair at least 2 times a week so I want my hair to be as clean and not greasy as possible. I've heard...
    4 Style 24
  243. Vaginal discomfort and burning
    hey im a teen who has vaginal discomfort it itches an burns but I have had problems like this before an it has always juss gone a way but this time it burns to urinate. I haeve had mi period but it is somewhat irregular an it's 7 days long I'm still a ...
    4 Health 164
  244. Vaginal Infection..please help!
    My boy friend and I had intercourse last week end. Now I have burning sensation during peeing. and today I noticed blood while urinating. I did consult ma doc but I wanted to know if this will reoccure. Will I have to take care while having S**? and ...
    2 Relationships 67
  245. Me and my cuzin are thinking about dog walking and washing?
    just around our neighbour hood and we are thinking about charging $5-8 but we're not sure the final price And we know for sure that walking only will be $4 and washing will be $3 Cheap I hope lol Is that a good idea? I'm 13 and she's 9 but we're j...
    2 Pets 11
  246. Vaginal discharge
    I just got off my period last sunday its not thursday.every since I have been have a strechy clearish discharge then sometiems its white I know discharge is cleaning out the vagina but it has a slight embarrassing this normal? And could a dou...
    4 Health 195
  247. Acne washes?
    I've been getting a little breakout of pimples on my jawline. and its really annoying me, it hasnt really gotten bad, but it runs in my family that like, you get really BAD acne when youre young, and I havent yet, and now im sorta breakingout. I eat ...
    3 Style 14
  248. Did I break the washing machine?
    Ok heres my story.I was told to go turn the washing machine on.I didnt hear it so I didnt.there were clothes in there with bleach in them.later that day I was told that I had ruined the wachien machine by not turning it on.they said it was either A-the...
    3 Homegarden 112
  249. Vaginal thrush
    Vaginal thrush I know its from sex but what causes it? To happen ? Becoz if only been with one partner but everytime we have sex my thrush seems to get worse I had been to doctor they gave me treatment but it didnt work so doc said I had to go back bec...
    2 Sex 52
  250. who knows the best face wash ever?
    o.k well I have some slight blackheads on my nose, and uh those weird pore looking things under your eyes [if you know what I'm talkin' about] so who, from their own experience can tell me the best facewash that can clear all of these things and mor...
    5 Style 43