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Vet euthanize pet mistake

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  1. Do you have a pet?
    15 Pets 40
  2. What pets do you have?
    what pets do you have
    20 Pets 130
  3. what type pet accessories do you have for your pet ?
    what type pet accessories do you have for your pet ?
    3 Pets 22
  4. Why do How To's have to be so no spelling mistakes, no grammar mistakes etc?
    3 Funadvice 14
  5. Your Pets
    Do you have any pets? What kinds of pets? What are their names?
    12 Pets 35
  6. PET SMART??!
    is it pet smart or pets mart?
    3 Pets 19
  7. Do Christians make mistakes?
    Do christians make mistakes?
    21 Religion 102
  8. What should I name my pet mouse?
    what should I name my pet mouse?
    20 Pets 116
  9. What kind of pets do you have?
    What kind of pets do you have? Just wondering
    13 Pets 24
  10. Are turtles good pets?
    Are turtles good pets?
    5 Pets 47
  11. DO all vets care for reptiles?
    DO all vets care for reptiles?
    3 Pets 61
  12. How do I become the teachers pet?
    How do I become the teachers pet?
    4 Education 40
  13. Is having lots of pets stressful?
    having lots of pets is that any stress on you
    12 Pets 61
  14. How to euthanize a dog at home?
    How to euthanize a dog at home?
    14 Pets 10080
  15. How well do you care about your pets?
    33 Pets 36
  16. Are Yorkies good pets?
    8 Pets 52
  17. Are pet rats nocturnal?
    2 Pets 15
  18. Does anybody have a pet flower?
    14 Homegarden 41
  19. What does your pet do when you arrive at home?
    6 Pets 11
  20. what, in your opinion is the best pet to have?
    14 Pets 61
  21. good pets
    whats a good pet to have in your house
    7 Pets 21
  22. Do pets go to Heaven?
    do you beleive pets go to heaven?
    26 Pets 48
  23. Why are Americans more kind towards pets?
    Why are Americans more kind towards pets?
    7 Pets 41
  24. Are rabbits a good pet?
    do rabbits make good pets
    7 Pets 52
  25. Registering you pets
    How do you register you pets if they are full blooded
    3 Pets 20
  26. what is your favorite pet???
    my fav. pet is a dog how about you???
    16 Pets 44
  27. Is there pet health insurance?
    Is there such a thing as Health Insurance for pets?
    3 Pets 39
  28. Who has a pet python Who likes snakes
    Who has a pet python Who likes snakes
    3 Pets 16
  29. Legal to have a pet capuchin monkey?
    Where is it legal to have a pet capuchin monkey???
    9 Pets 340
  30. Do shihpoo's make good pets?
    Do shihpoo's make good pets
    2 Pets 55
  31. How long do you have to go to school to be a vet?
    How long do you have to go to school to be a vet
    6 Education 69
  32. What's the average vet salary?
    What is the average yearly vet salary?
    3 Pets 52
  33. whats the best pet to get?
    10 Pets 45
  34. How big do pet rat get?
    How big do pet rat get?
    3 Pets 66
  35. How old do pet rabbits live?
    How old do pet rabbits live?
    2 Pets 18
  36. whats ur pet peev?
    9 General 11
  37. What kind of animals do you think should and should not be pets?
    10 Pets 16
  38. is a bunnie rabit a good pet?
    6 Pets 11
  39. Pets which is better
    Which is better a dog or cat?
    6 Pets 12
  40. What is a mistake you've made in your life?
    24 General 19
  41. pet scopeon
    are red scopeon dangerous
    6 Pets 25
  42. What's a good small snake to have as your pet?
    7 Pets 32
  43. What is the strangest or weirdest name you have had for a pet?
    41 Pets 56
  44. How hard is it to have a pet teacup pig?
    2 Pets 10
  45. Is it possible to get worms from your pet?
    4 Health 55
  46. What is the best odor eliminator for pets?
    6 Pets 25
  47. What's the worst thing your pet has done?
    16 Pets 40
  48. what do you like more, cat or dog as pet and why ?
    5 Pets 9
  49. What pet do you have?
    I have a dog, his name is chuck
    19 Pets 70
  50. How to help my pet become protective?
    how do you get to get your pet to be protective?
    4 Pets 40
  51. Pet rats
    Do pet rats have diseases and can you catch them if the rat bites you
    5 Pets 38
  52. pet dogs
    pet dog if her nose is warm is she sick?
    3 Pets 42
  53. Unusual or gothic names for pets?
    Gothic or uniqe names for pets.
    15 Pets 414
  54. What kind of animals are found in a petting zoo?
    What kind of animals are found in a petting zoo?
    3 Pets 29
  55. How to care for a pet capuchin monkey?
    What do pet capuchin monkeys eat?
    24 Pets 402
  56. Babysitting or Vet?
    what should I do vet or babysitting just wandering what you people think??
    4 Money 23
  57. How do you enter a secret code to adopt a pet?
    How do you enter a secret code to adopt a pet?
    2 Pets 22
  58. Vet school with my GED?
    If I have my GED can I still attend vet school?
    3 Education 68
  59. Euthanize an old dog painlessly
    Can you euthanize an old dog at home painlessly ?
    3 Pets 1194
  60. Whats the name of your pet(s)?
    What's the name of your pet(s)? my dog name is Neeko
    18 Pets 60
  61. What Animal makes a Fantastic Pet??
    What animal will make a fantastic pet?? *just curious*
    18 Pets 28
  62. snake pets
    is it not health/bad to have snakes as pets? do they bring disese?
    3 Pets 15
  63. Sims 2 pets twins
    Can you get your pet to have twins
    2 Gaming 37
  64. Who thinks having a pet snake is weird or creepy?
    Who thinks having a pet snake is weird or creepy?
    13 Pets 59
  65. who do you think its a better pet a cat or a dog.
    who do you think its a better pet a cat or a dog.
    9 Pets 32
  66. What are disadvantages of having a weasel or ferret as a house pet?
    4 Pets 59
  67. How to get over a pet dying?
    how did you get over your fav animal dying? :( :(
    10 Pets 166
  68. What exactly is it a vet does?
    besides checks the animals
    2 Pets 7
  69. What's the best college to go to if you want to be a vet?
    8 Education 42
  70. pet symptoms
    what does it mean when a god shakes?
    4 Pets 32
  71. Do you prfer your pets to be from the pound or buy them from breeders ?
    11 Pets 29
  72. What do pet rats eat?
    12 Pets 59
  73. Can you buy sugar gliders from the pet store?
    7 Pets 16
  74. If there's a fire and you have a pet fish will you try to save your fish?
    17 Pets 65
  75. Which is the more entertaining of the two to have as a pet - A cat or a dog?
    17 Pets 23
  76. How do you train your kittens without going to the vet?
    5 Pets 12
  77. Who is going to buy their pet a Christmas present?
    What are you buying for them?
    15 Pets 33
  78. What animals are you allowed to keep as pets in Queensland?
    2 Pets 54
  79. Do those Chia Pet things really work?
    4 Homegarden 11
  80. Why is my pet turtle afraid of me and refuses to eat?
    7 Pets 44
  81. Classes in high school to be a vet?
    What classes do I have to take in highschool to be a vet?
    5 Education 60
  82. Where to get a ferret besides a pet store?
    Where can you bye ferrets at besides a pet store?
    7 Pets 47
  83. Weirdest name you have ever or will ever name your pet hamster?
    Whats the weirdest name you have ever or will ever name your pet hamster?
    5 Pets 25
  84. Allergies pet is constantly scratching
    Our pet is constantly scratching and he does not have fleas or ticks.
    3 Pets 28
  85. Crazy pets
    So if you have a pet, what's the craziest thing they've done?
    7 Pets 24
  86. What is the best pet to have when you have a fur allergy?
    What is the best pet to have? when I have allergies to things with lots of fur ??
    6 Pets 18
  87. Does anyone else miss those giga pet things?
    Does anyone else miss those giga pet things?
    5 Pets 14
  88. how to make babys on sims pets 2 for ps2?
    how to make babys on sims pets 2 for ps2
    4 Gaming 15
  89. Pet jellyfish?
    Can you get pet jellyfish? What are they called? What do you feed them? And where can you get them? Thanks :)
    4 Pets 47
  90. A better pet?
    Which is a better, more fun pet...a chinchila or a sugar glider?
    5 Pets 44
  91. Funny pet stories
    Whats the funniest thing your pet do.
    9 Pets 25
  92. Pet bedding?
    What is the best bedding for a guinea pig cage?
    3 Pets 8
  93. what do you see as the pros and cons of owning a family pet?
    7 Pets 20
  94. What can i do for my dogs cut on his leg without taking him to the vet?
    5 Pets 38
  95. Why do people think Chimpanzees are cute and will keep as pets?
    7 Pets 9
  96. what more pets can i have other than cats,dogs,rabbits,birds and fishes?
    15 Pets 34
  97. How can I tell if my pup is pregnant without a vet visit?
    7 Pets 20
  98. Is there such a thing as pet insurance?
    you know like for an animal
    4 Pets 31
  99. Why Do People Apologize When All They're Going To Do Is Go And Make The Same Mistake Again??
    2 General 12
  100. Are hedgehogs legal pets in australia?
    I am looking into geting a hedgehog as a pet, are they legal in queensland australia?
    3 Pets 585
  101. Why don't pets get their period?
    howcome pets dont have periods like humans do?
    5 Pets 46
  102. Does Pet Co execpt un-wanted animals?
    Does Pet Co execpt un-wanted animals???
    6 Pets 53
  103. How can I euthanize my 14-year-old Retriever at home?
    how can I euthanize my 14 year old retriever at home?
    4 Pets 246
  104. What can I do if the vet's closed?
    My dog got two lacerations on her back. what can I do if the vet's closed?
    5 Pets 37
  105. How do you put a dangerous dog to sleep without taking it to a vet?
    How do you put a dog to sleep without taking it to a vet?
    6 Pets 108
  106. How to stop a pet from shedding?
    is there anything you can give to a pet to make it shed less?
    9 Pets 99
  107. What is the best website to search for a pet to adopt?
    What is the best website besides Petfinder to search for a pet to adopt?
    2 Pets 21
  108. Pet Choice, which reptile to get?
    I can get any pet I want. But I want a repile what type should I get??
    4 Pets 24
  109. What is the cost to have a vet Euthanize your pet at home?
    My cat is 9 years old and is suffering from Kidney Failure and the AWL has said that they can not fix him, so how much does it cost to have a vet come to your home and give the animal Euthanasia???
    4 Pets 228
  110. Cost to euthanize cat
    How much does it cost (ballpark) to have my cat euthanized, and cost to be with the cat when the vet performs this service?
    9 Pets 1989
  111. What kind of vet...???
    What type of vet is the person that examines your pets when you take them into the vets for a checkup? Thanks =]
    3 Pets 10
  112. What percent of America has one or more pet dogs?
    Pleassseeeee help! :)
    4 Pets 8
  113. What would you do if your child was given an alcoholic drink at a restaurant by mistake?
    22 Food 46
  114. What are some cool games and tricks to play with/teach pet mice?
    2 Pets 40
  115. What is the yearly vet cost of a Capuchin monkey?
    What are the veterinary cost for capuchin monkeys in the first year?
    3 Pets 306
  116. How can I get rid of nats in my house,without hurting my pets?
    2 Homegarden 32
  117. How to be teachers pet?
    Question says it all :) all teachers..not only a specific one xD
    4 Education 35
  118. Are rabbits easy house pets to take care of?
    6 Pets 26
  119. do i have to go to the vet to get rid of my dogs worms?
    5 Pets 57
  120. What are some cheat codes for money on Sims 2 pets on ps2?
    10 Gaming 54
  121. Pet Taranchula
    I love mine (: my question is, who else has one???
    7 Pets 54
  122. What would you rather have as a pet - an awesome tiger or a lion?
    22 Pets 43
  123. how do i treat the wound on my dogs leg.....without having to see a vet?
    29 Pets 34
  124. Is there a certain age to be able to buy an animal from the pet store?
    4 Pets 13
  125. is a squirrel an ok pet to have around a 2yr old and a 4yr old?
    7 Pets 20
  126. Ferret vet in Hernando Florida?
    Anyone know anyone vets in Hernando Florida that take care of Ferrets?
    2 Pets 39
  127. where do you buy the new addion elephant 4 littlest pet shop?
    where do you buy the new addion elephant 4 littlest pet shop?
    2 Shopping 50
  128. What's the best pet to have in college?
    What would be the best pet to have while you are in college? I need something to cuddle lol
    7 Pets 43
  129. Which to have for a pet? Fish, or a cat?
    Which to have for a pet? Fish, or a cat? That means, which one would be easier to handle?
    10 Pets 21
  130. Sims 2 Pets PS2
    In Sims 2 Pets PS2 can someone die? Also can you marry?
    2 Gaming 18
  131. Which monkey makes the best pet?
    Which monkey is best as a pet: Capuchin, Marmoset or Squirrel monkey. Thanks
    10 Pets 1522
  132. What is mean by "pet sitting"?
    How to choose and find a good pet sitter in atlanta?
    4 Pets 26
  133. biggest Mistake
    Whats the biggest mistake you ever made in life?? Did you learn anything from it ?? Or was it just a bad mistake ??
    2 Entertainment 13
  134. Should I get Sims 2: Pets?
    I have heard that Sims 2: Pets is an expansion pack for Sims 2. Is this true? Plus, should I gets Sims 2: Pets if I have Sims 2?
    3 Gaming 44
  135. What high school education would I need to become a vet tech?
    3 Education 10
  136. Which Career is better, an Animal Control Officer, or a Vet that works with small animals?
    11 Money 10
  137. What do you feed a pet frog?
    It's been so long since I had one I can't remember xD
    26 Pets 42
  138. What should I name my pet spider?
    Its small and black and has orange spots and no its not a black widow.
    19 Pets 85
  139. What are small animals to have as pets?
    whats better mice vs. bunnies?
    8 Pets 41
  140. Who makes more money: a vet, a business owner, a doctor, or a journalist?
    7 Money 45
  141. Can you keep a hyena as a pet?
    I read its becoming more common, and i want one!
    7 Pets 104
  142. What is the pet most likely to kill you between a lion, tiger, bear or Indian Elephant?
    6 Pets 45
  143. Do anyone know if it's difficult to make a pet profile page on Petizens?
    2 Technology 16
  144. pet grooming
    I need to trim my chihuahuas nails but he bites , any suggestions
    5 Pets 41
  145. new pet ducky :}
    I got a new pet ducky and named him crouton he is the cutest thing ever!
    10 Pets 30
  146. Have you made a fortunate mistake?
    Have you ever made a mistake that turned out to be a good thing? Can you share it with us?
    3 General 130
  147. How to get a pet
    How do you get a pet in urbs sims in the city for DS please answer soon
    2 Gaming 29
  148. How can I be a vet ASAP?
    What does it take to be a vet as soon as possible or when I'm still in high school?
    2 Money 29
  149. What's the biggest mistake you've made in your life?
    What's the biggest mistake you've made in your life? I can tell you, I've made plenty. I'll make more mistakes as I go on in life.
    4 General 26
  150. Is the Sims 3 for PC and Sims 3 Pets for Xbox the same?
    I know the Sims 3 Pets obviously have pets, but are the clothes and furniture all the same or are they different?
    3 Gaming 15
  151. Free pet classifieds?
    so why is it I posted my pet on pet finder and all I am getting is emails from scam artists? is there a better free pet classifieds I can use?
    5 Pets 25
  152. would a small pet shark be a good pet?
    I think it would be cool. but I dont know what kind of shark stays small and doesnt get really big. anyone know of any good species?
    5 Pets 79
  153. Do you hate it when people talk to their pets like they are really understanding everything they say?
    18 Pets 40
  154. Pet shitzu
    What can you use on a shitzu to keep them from itching and digging so much. my shitzu scratches so much he bleeds?
    3 Pets 40
  155. When a guy gives you a pet name ..
    Such as lil one is he being nice or showing interest?
    3 Relationships 44
  156. Pugs as a Pet
    Are pugz good dogs to have and is it true they have lots of health problems.
    2 Pets 13
  157. Are ferrets a good pet?
    What are the pros and cons of owning one? Can they be dangerous, or troublesome?
    14 Pets 37
  158. Do you think military disabled Vets should be allowed to use toll roads at no charge?
    14 Politics 39
  159. What are some house pets besides dogs, cats, reptiles, rats/mice, hamsters, and fish?
    20 Pets 47
  160. pet saliva
    If a dog licks your plate after you are one with it and then you wash it does the saliva stay on the plate even after washing
    9 Pets 25
  161. What should my pets be for halloween
    I have a horse dog cat and I'm going as a three musketeer
    8 Pets 33
  162. Where can I put pictures of my pets to get them in a magazine?
    Does anyone know any sites I can put pictures of my cats/dog on and get them in some sort of pet magazine?
    6 Pets 44
  163. Crickets for pets?
    I want to get crickets. Field crickets. How do I take care / breed them? They are pets , not fish food!!!
    7 Pets 14
  164. Which pet shop boys song is this?
    whats the song by pet shop boys when its like really classical then it goes into hiphopp. :S?
    2 Music 18
  165. How do vets treat Parvo?
    my puppy is going in to the vet in the am, but I would like to know how they treat parvo?can anyone tell me what they do?
    14 Pets 209
  166. Best Pet Reptile
    Between frogs,and reptiles,lizards,etc. Which is best as a pet and why? I want to get one,but not sure which.
    7 Pets 13
  167. whats with the parents/ pet q's?
    why do people ask why they can't have a pet? can we REALLY do anything to influence a parents decision?
    7 Travel 11
  168. How can we go on vacation if we have pets?
    me and my family want to go on vacation but some one has to feed our pets i dont know wat to do
    2 Pets 13
  169. Why do apartments make you pay rent for your pets?
    Why do apartments make you pay rent for your pets well mine does even little pets like fish
    5 Pets 103
  170. What should I name my new pet Crocodile?
    the question says it all lol, just wanting some ideas. thanks! :)
    5 Pets 346
  171. Pet chimps??
    In the news the other day a pet chimpanzee ripped off (literaly) a womens face. Should people keep chimpanzee's as a pets? LOL!!!♥
    9 Pets 39
  172. I think I made a huge mistake
    I might be ...I think that I masde another huge mistake that envolves umn.. babies :(
    6 Health 14
  173. Where can I work with pets at 14?
    I'm 14 years old and I am looking for a really cool pet job. Can you help me out ?
    3 Money 33
  174. Euthanizing a dog at home
    I have an old bulldog and I want to be the one to send him to doggy do I painlessly euthanize him at home?
    3 Pets 206
  175. Does the Sims 2 Pets for Playstation 2 need the actual Sims 2 game to play (like on pc)?
    6 Gaming 24
  176. Best pet for a dorm room?
    So this coming semester, I will be dorming for the first time, and I was wondering what would be a good pet to have in a dorm room?
    13 Pets 593
  177. Is there a difference between a "pet peeve" and a "habit"?
    My friends and I have been talking about Habits and the word "Pet Peve" came to mind and I was unsure if there was a difference or not.?
    3 General 60
  178. What's your pet's name?
    I need some ideas: what did you (or someone else) name your family pet and how did it get that name? Any cool names that you've heard?
    17 Pets 41
  179. What are your pet peeves?
    I hate it when people (especially my siblings) never admit when they're wrong.
    9 General 33
  180. pet ghecko help
    I have a pet, ghecko/lizard, and was wondering if I have to keep the light over him all day, and night or only during certain time of day?
    5 Pets 21
  181. I decided to go to Paris with my boyfriend is it a mistake?
    I decided im going to paris wit my baby. do anyone think im making a mistake
    4 Travel 37
  182. This is what the vet my pet told me
    The lady told me I have to wait because my maltese chihuahua is to small plus it is not heavy so the vacines could actually harm him I have to wait till he is 10 weeks old does that make sense
    3 Pets 12
  183. My pet rat
    Ok im getting a new pet rat should I name her or him rattatulie???I think ist cute do you??
    4 Pets 26
  184. Pet bird
    My friend got a pet bird and he can't remember the name but it's small pure green and he remembers that it's name started with para?
    3 Pets 50
  185. raccoon for a pet
    I want to get a pet raccoon, what can I use for bate? and what time do they have babys? I live in florida if that helps!
    13 Pets 90
  186. Vet assistant
    I am taking online courses for vet asst. Should that be enough to get my foot in the door? Thanx
    3 Pets 42
  187. Is it legall to have a pet penguin???
    I really adore penguins and I want to own one but I don't know if its legall or not.and if it would be safe to have a pet penguin?
    4 Pets 61
  188. Is sims 2 pets fun?
    What do you do on it and is it fun and is their any cheates on it? Please tell me evrything yo know about it!
    3 Gaming 36
  189. What's your biggest pet peeve?
    One of my biggest pet peeves is my boyfriend putting the empty ice tray back in freezer! This drives me crazy... What your or one of your biggest pet peeves?
    13 General 66
  190. I have a Question about a good house pet?
    What good house pet will be good too have,will it be a Hyena,Tiger,Peitpoll,Rocealer,or Germen Shperd,wich one?
    5 Pets 18
  191. Shuold I get a cougar for a pet?
    Should I get a pet cougar im thinkin that would be "gnarly" should I or would it be to much to handel cus im a teen
    13 Pets 50
  192. how can i over come , making a mistake?
    im so sensitive and when i make a mistake especially if it something i care about , and i cant enjoy my day when it happens !
    5 Babies 32
  193. Pet groomers
    Anybody know any good pet grooming place for rabbits near 91765? If not do you know how I can find one?
    2 Pets 16
  194. Should I take my cat to the vet?
    my cat sleeps wayyy to much, he only gets up to eat and to use the litter box... is this normal or should I take him to the vet???
    8 Pets 34
  195. I need help on pets
    ok I need help like now what is the best kinda of pet for kids please answer quick asap
    10 Pets 13
  196. My pet boxing turtle got out what should I do?
    My pet boxing turtle got out it was outside in a 6 high in thing but I dont know how it would have gottne out what do I do
    4 Pets 49
  197. Do you recycle pet names?
    Cause sometimes you call one person a lot of pet names and don't have anything to call someone else. So do you?
    3 Pets 17
  198. Pets names
    What is the name of all of your pets? Mine are trinity (cat) , forrest (dog) , domino (dog) , keikers (cat) , and 3 unnamed kittens
    11 Pets 30
  199. Help me on sim 2 pets to make a baby?
    Can some one help me on sim 2 pets to make a baby and this game is lame if they cant have kids or have sex.
    3 Sex 40
  200. Are nursing classes good preparation for vet school?
    Can a student take nursing as preparatory for veterinary medicine?
    2 Education 19
  201. What's the tallest breed of dog without being obscenely skinny like a greyhound that you can buy to keep as a pet?
    16 Pets 37
  202. whats a good pet to buy if u have a small flat and have a 1 year old son?
    6 Pets 56
  203. What do I do for my pet ,it has a scratch on the eye ?
    She was playing out side and ran into a tree branch, she keeps watering and she keeps running
    3 Pets 16
  204. what is you favorite kind of exotic pet
    what is you favorite kind of exotic pet-boa,monkey,tiger,(ect) my favorite kind of exotic pet would be a bush baby I think there cute.
    4 Pets 23
  205. Vet, ict teacher or zookeeper ?
    Should I be a vet , ict (it) teacher or a zoo keeper , I dont know what to pick, because I dont want to be a vet because I dont want to stick my hand up a dogs butt...
    3 Money 39
  206. Was it a mistake getting a Wii instead of XBOX 360?
    hey people I bought a wii and I dint buy a 360 I want to know if it was a mistake to buy a wii instead of a xbox 360
    2 Gaming 21
  207. Vet assistant, is it a good job?
    Does anyone know anything I can go to college for,for only 2 years??is a vet assistant an ok thing to do??
    4 Money 43
  208. How can I start a pet sitting service?
    I want 2 start a pet sitting service but there are 2 kids in my history class and they would laugh at me if I gave them a flier.
    2 Pets 20
  209. Is this a good pet nickname for my boyfriend?
    Vanilla Sunshine? He's a tall blonde with hazel eyes and light freckles.
    5 Relationships 31
  210. How to delete a post made by mistake?
    Sorry...I tried to erase it, but, it wouldn't budge, if you can take it off, I would appreciate it.
    2 Funadvice 35
  211. How do you adopt a foo pet without payment?
    I don't want to pay because i know my mom and dad won't let me.
    3 Technology 66
  212. Where's the bulletin board on Sims 2 Pets (Gamecube)?
    Well, I was wondering where the bulletin board was. But I can't find it... Can someone help me?? Please! :) :)
    2 Gaming 45
  213. How long is vet school?
    Hey Who knows anything about Vet Schools? Like How much they cost? and how long do you have to go to Vet School? what kinds of Grade do you need to be in Vet School? What is the GPA? things like that I need info
    5 Education 113
  214. To be a vet
    This may sound stupid but is there an age that you shouldn't even try to become a vet? Is it better to start right out of high school?
    5 Education 27
  215. Should I take my dog in labor to the vet?
    My dog has been having contraction's since she woke up in the morning...but still ...she hasnn't delivered any puppies...what's wrong with her? Should I be worried about this? Should I take her to the vet???
    3 Pets 63
  216. Fancy rats..are they good pets?
    I really want this fancy rat at a petstore, and I think I might get it after I research some more. Do fancy rats make good pets? Also, what do you think of chinchillas?
    8 Pets 42
  217. can you buy salamander lion amphibians as a pet in the u.k?
    Helllo. ii was wondering can you buy salamander lion amphibians as a pet in the u.k? my dad and I waanna no. Please anwser x
    3 Pets 80
  218. How do you beg your parents to buy you a brand new pet?
    How do you beg your parents to buy you a brand new pet cause I need one my favorite hamster died her name was oreo?!
    5 Pets 46
  219. what are some examples of mistakes that cannot be forgiven?
    I need some examples of mistakes that cannot be forgiven , its for an essay I'm writing in french and im only looking for some ideas thank you for your help
    5 Literature 73
  220. Why do men & women Mistakes my Eyes with contacts
    Okay,I got Light brown Redish eyes. Why do Men & Women mistakes them with contacts? C'mon,I mean seriously?
    5 Style 8
  221. what kind of pet should I get?
    what kind of pet should I get? I need to keep it in a cage, since we're not going to have a yard, but my dad hates birds..
    10 Pets 50
  222. What is the most funny pet name you know .. Or choose with me?
    Chunky Hulk Cezar Bambino Blotto Tiger Please which is the funniest name here
    11 General 27
  223. Why am I nervous now that my pet has died?
    I cried it out after she died in my hands and then felt nothing. Then I cried some more but now I keep feeling nervous and slightly sick. What's going on? x.x
    5 Pets 11
  224. Which agamid would make the best pet?
    I want one that doesn't bite and I can hold, and looks pretty cool.
    3 Pets 43
  225. Pet Illness
    My 11 month old Yorkie oke up fin this morning but now she threw up three times what could this be?
    3 Pets 17
  226. Does anyone else talk in a different voice when speaking to your pets?
    i my voice gets all high when im talking to my dogs haha
    20 Pets 49
  227. Homemade Pet Wheelchair.
    I made a wheelchair for my dog and I have been wondering about improvements on it. Take a look at the picture I posted here. Anyone done this before?
    3 Pets 101
  228. Do you have a pet(s)?
    Do you have a pet(s)? What type of animal is it, whats his/her name and what do you love most about your pet(s) I have a pet hamster called Hammy Pie and I love her because she is so cute and adorable and crazy like me lol :P There she is ---)
    34 Pets 46
  229. How much does the vets cost?
    My rabbit has over grown teeth. And the women in pet shop said I should take her to the vet to get them clipped but my mum needs to know how much it will cost about.
    5 Pets 47
  230. What are small pets that you can have?
    What are some small pets that you can have? (All I want to know the name of the animal you is small and doesn't cause much noise, I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW about how to take care of the animal or anything else, all I need to know some names of pets that a...
    7 Pets 30
  231. Pet Home remedies, Vets HELP please!
    I NEED HELP! My Mouse is scratching his hair OUT! I need to know if anyone knows any Home remedied I could use on pets to stop itching ? He dont have mites he has OCD, and I keep giving him things to do but his itching is just gunna keep going because ...
    3 Pets 12
  232. Why are my pets dying?
    ok I have had two dogs in two years every time I get a pet it always seem to die even my hamsters am I doing something wrong
    8 Pets 100
  233. What are good pet names for my boyfriend?
    I got a new boyfriend and I was looking for some cute pet names for him that would be funny and cute everytime I tell any let me know! thanx
    6 Relationships 130
  234. Is something wrong with my pet mouse?
    She is obese and her eyes look sratched and red. I think she looks like she's in pain. How can I help her, and what might be wrong with her??
    3 Pets 52
  235. who thinks that everyon's 1st Time, is sometimes a mistake.. i heard that staement in vanessa carlton's song "white Houses?"
    3 Music 12
  236. Did the U.S. learn from past mistakes at the end of WW2?I have t
    I have to answer the question listed above but I don't know how 2 start it off. Can someone help me?
    4 Literature 1249
  237. Can pet turtles live outside in cold winters?
    If we get turtles and they live out side can they stay there in the winter (I live in Nebraska and threre are clod winters) or should I bring them inside?
    4 Pets 684
  238. How should I feel when my pet died?
    Omg my pet oso died he was only 6 weeks old he died of 3 tipes of worms and 1 desies so... How should I feel (ohh yea btw I did take him to the pet) ???
    4 Pets 30
  239. Do rats make good pets?
    Do rats make good pets? I hear they are really clever and clean. Also on the side, is there a good and bad breed of rat, and where in South Australia could I get some?
    10 Pets 51
  240. What would make the best pet?
    my dad lettin me get a pet should I got a dog or cat I was thinking a cat cause there soo cute but which is more work which is better?
    8 Pets 31
  241. Do boxer puppies make good pets?
    I'd like to know if boxer puppies make good pets? I want a boxer puppy.Is this a good choice?I leave on a farm with plenty of runing space.
    4 Pets 72
  242. Why when my laptop goes into sleep mode by my mistake i can't get it at out of it without shutting it down?
    it's really annoying.and when i restart sometimes it logs me out of all my websites! why is this?please.
    3 Technology 16
  243. Should I take my dog to the vet if he keeps eating grass and throwing up?
    Every morning my dog is so excited to go outside and eat the grass so he can throw up. Is this bad? I'm not sure what I should do about him ):
    10 Pets 59
  244. Can financial aid make a mistake?
    the first week of the semester they send you a check and i received over 1,000 now i got another one over 1,000?
    5 Money 13
  245. What are some good pet names fo a cat?
    I wanna get another cat, but I don't know what I would name it. I need ideas, so type some. Please answer this.
    5 Pets 40
  246. Pet Help!
    I have got a lovely rabbit who I take very good care of but I really want a hamster or gerbil. My mum and dad say no. HELP.
    2 Pets 17
  247. Which pokemon would you like as a pet?
    I would love to get ditto, just because he can change into anything and I can squish the life out of him and he'd still be alive! :) What about you guys? :D
    39 Pets 32
  248. Oh No! Race Mistake!
    what do you do if you thought someone you were crushing on was 'black" but then he says he's not ?[p.s. he seemed really irritated at the fact that I was shocked that he was puertorican]
    5 Relationships 14
  249. Pet rats- good or bad?
    ok im just asking for the people who own pet rats. do you think they make good or bad pets? and are they hard to take care of? I curently have 2 cats and a dog do you think it would be a lot more work with a pet rat?
    5 Pets 84
  250. heavy petting.
    Im doing this for a friend. She and her boyfriend had just done heavy petting and he cummed.. but not inside of her but near the pubic hair area.. does that mean that she can get pregnant? thanks..
    2 Relationships 218