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  1. DO all vets care for reptiles?
    DO all vets care for reptiles?
    3 Pets 61
  2. How to euthanize a dog at home?
    How to euthanize a dog at home?
    14 Pets 10089
  3. How long do you have to go to school to be a vet?
    How long do you have to go to school to be a vet
    6 Education 69
  4. What's the average vet salary?
    What is the average yearly vet salary?
    3 Pets 52
  5. Vet school with my GED?
    If I have my GED can I still attend vet school?
    3 Education 68
  6. Euthanize an old dog painlessly
    Can you euthanize an old dog at home painlessly ?
    3 Pets 1194
  7. Babysitting or Vet?
    what should I do vet or babysitting just wandering what you people think??
    4 Money 23
  8. What's the best college to go to if you want to be a vet?
    8 Education 42
  9. What exactly is it a vet does?
    besides checks the animals
    2 Pets 7
  10. How do you train your kittens without going to the vet?
    5 Pets 12
  11. Classes in high school to be a vet?
    What classes do I have to take in highschool to be a vet?
    5 Education 60
  12. How can I tell if my pup is pregnant without a vet visit?
    7 Pets 20
  13. What can i do for my dogs cut on his leg without taking him to the vet?
    5 Pets 38
  14. What can I do if the vet's closed?
    My dog got two lacerations on her back. what can I do if the vet's closed?
    5 Pets 37
  15. How do you put a dangerous dog to sleep without taking it to a vet?
    How do you put a dog to sleep without taking it to a vet?
    6 Pets 108
  16. How can I euthanize my 14-year-old Retriever at home?
    how can I euthanize my 14 year old retriever at home?
    4 Pets 246
  17. Cost to euthanize cat
    How much does it cost (ballpark) to have my cat euthanized, and cost to be with the cat when the vet performs this service?
    9 Pets 1993
  18. do i have to go to the vet to get rid of my dogs worms?
    5 Pets 57
  19. What is the yearly vet cost of a Capuchin monkey?
    What are the veterinary cost for capuchin monkeys in the first year?
    3 Pets 306
  20. how do i treat the wound on my dogs leg.....without having to see a vet?
    29 Pets 34
  21. Ferret vet in Hernando Florida?
    Anyone know anyone vets in Hernando Florida that take care of Ferrets?
    2 Pets 39
  22. What kind of vet...???
    What type of vet is the person that examines your pets when you take them into the vets for a checkup? Thanks =]
    3 Pets 10
  23. Who makes more money: a vet, a business owner, a doctor, or a journalist?
    7 Money 45
  24. What high school education would I need to become a vet tech?
    3 Education 10
  25. Which Career is better, an Animal Control Officer, or a Vet that works with small animals?
    11 Money 10
  26. How can I be a vet ASAP?
    What does it take to be a vet as soon as possible or when I'm still in high school?
    2 Money 29
  27. Do you think military disabled Vets should be allowed to use toll roads at no charge?
    14 Politics 39
  28. How do vets treat Parvo?
    my puppy is going in to the vet in the am, but I would like to know how they treat parvo?can anyone tell me what they do?
    14 Pets 209
  29. What is the cost to have a vet Euthanize your pet at home?
    My cat is 9 years old and is suffering from Kidney Failure and the AWL has said that they can not fix him, so how much does it cost to have a vet come to your home and give the animal Euthanasia???
    4 Pets 228
  30. Euthanizing a dog at home
    I have an old bulldog and I want to be the one to send him to doggy do I painlessly euthanize him at home?
    3 Pets 206
  31. Vet assistant
    I am taking online courses for vet asst. Should that be enough to get my foot in the door? Thanx
    3 Pets 42
  32. Should I take my cat to the vet?
    my cat sleeps wayyy to much, he only gets up to eat and to use the litter box... is this normal or should I take him to the vet???
    8 Pets 34
  33. Are nursing classes good preparation for vet school?
    Can a student take nursing as preparatory for veterinary medicine?
    2 Education 19
  34. Vet, ict teacher or zookeeper ?
    Should I be a vet , ict (it) teacher or a zoo keeper , I dont know what to pick, because I dont want to be a vet because I dont want to stick my hand up a dogs butt...
    3 Money 39
  35. Vet assistant, is it a good job?
    Does anyone know anything I can go to college for,for only 2 years??is a vet assistant an ok thing to do??
    4 Money 43
  36. How long is vet school?
    Hey Who knows anything about Vet Schools? Like How much they cost? and how long do you have to go to Vet School? what kinds of Grade do you need to be in Vet School? What is the GPA? things like that I need info
    5 Education 113
  37. Should I take my dog in labor to the vet?
    My dog has been having contraction's since she woke up in the morning...but still ...she hasnn't delivered any puppies...what's wrong with her? Should I be worried about this? Should I take her to the vet???
    3 Pets 63
  38. To be a vet
    This may sound stupid but is there an age that you shouldn't even try to become a vet? Is it better to start right out of high school?
    5 Education 27
  39. How much does the vets cost?
    My rabbit has over grown teeth. And the women in pet shop said I should take her to the vet to get them clipped but my mum needs to know how much it will cost about.
    5 Pets 47
  40. Should I take my dog to the vet if he keeps eating grass and throwing up?
    Every morning my dog is so excited to go outside and eat the grass so he can throw up. Is this bad? I'm not sure what I should do about him ):
    10 Pets 59
  41. Helping at a vet's office?
    I want to get a job next summer helping at a vets office...does anybody know stuff they would let a 14 year old girl do just helping
    4 Money 44
  42. How long do you have to go to school to be a Vet?
    Well, I love animals, and I was wonderin how oong why uo have to go to school to become a Veterinarian. And how much would it cost. FOr Canadians?
    2 Education 41
  43. How can you euthanize a dog if the dog is unable to get to the vet
    Our dog has arthritis, hip dysplacia and other medical problems. She is so crippled that there is no way she could get in the backseat of our car to go to the vet. Plus being over 100 pounds we can't carry her in. Both of us are 62 and not strong e...
    6 Pets 377
  44. Why Do They never think of The VET???
    I don't understand why people ask questions about their animals if they are sick... obviously you take them to the vet... hence why there are vets... If you dont know about the animal or anything like that why have it?? if you do not understand to car...
    11 Pets 60
  45. How much does a simple check up for a dog cost at the vet?
    I know it's probably different prices for different places...but I just want an idea of how much it would cost. I just want to take my dog to see if anything is wrong, or if she is fine.
    12 Pets 58
  46. How much will taking my new kitten to the vets cost?
    my friends cat had kittens about 3 weeks ago and my mom said if I paid for it she would let me get one. so I was wondering how much it would cost to take it to the vet and get it dewormed and spayed and get it its vacinations?
    2 Pets 9
  47. This is what the vet my pet told me
    The lady told me I have to wait because my maltese chihuahua is to small plus it is not heavy so the vacines could actually harm him I have to wait till he is 10 weeks old does that make sense
    3 Pets 12
  48. Euthanize dog at home
    My dog is 11 years old shep/lab mix hips are going ,he barks a lot he weighs abount 120 lbs.cannot get him in car to take him anywhere.Would like to have him euthanized at home but who do I call to have this done?
    7 Pets 1730
  49. Should I take my turtle to the vet?
    I have 3 baby turtles, and two of them are fine but one of them has a really soft shell, and his shell is getting softer. Should I be worried? should I take it to the vet? The other two have hard shells, but they are different breeds. Michelangelo do...
    3 Pets 83
  50. I need a vet now!!!
    My dog was attaked this morning by another dog. He got bit about 5 times in his front right leg. I think it is broken. He also got nipped once on his other front leg, and his back right leg. He is still bleeding a little bit, I dont know what to do ...
    15 Pets 65
  51. How much does a vet charge for a cat checkup?
    I have no money and I'm pretty sure my cat doesn't have health insurance. We've only taken my cat to the vet to be declawed and get his shots when he was a little kitten. We've had him for 12 years and now that I'm concerned with his health, I'm stil...
    3 Pets 99
  52. What do vets do to a cat who lost (fur or skin) on its tail because it got stuck in a trap?
    My male cat who's one year old got his tale stuck in a trap,he's a russian blue and has blue skin,when he managed to escape the trap (i wasn't there) an inch of his tail had no fur and was pink (no blood or vains) and its in the middle of his tale.I my...
    5 Pets 75
  53. Photographer or vet?
    Which job do you think would be better for me? I need to think of a job so I can see what highschool is best for me. I love animals and taking pictures and traveling. if I were a vet I would like to make a nice amout of money so how much can a vet ma...
    4 Money 53
  54. Pet Home remedies, Vets HELP please!
    I NEED HELP! My Mouse is scratching his hair OUT! I need to know if anyone knows any Home remedied I could use on pets to stop itching ? He dont have mites he has OCD, and I keep giving him things to do but his itching is just gunna keep going because ...
    3 Pets 12
  55. What is a good job for a young vet.
    I will be 21 when I get out of the Navy, I still have a year to go, I hate my job in the navy, which is pretty much like working at the post office, and I have a lot of tattoos, hands, arms, neck, etc. I am very free spirited and plan on going to colle...
    5 Money 5
  56. Euthanizing My Dog
    My dog "Buttons" bit the mailman and we have to put him to sleep. My amish friend told me that they always put their dogs to sleep by whacking them in the back of the neck with a flat bladed shovel. He felt that this was the most humane way to perform ...
    8 Pets 138
  57. Question about veterinarians...
    What is a registered vet tech? And what do they do different from a reg. Vet?
    2 Pets 16
  58. What class do I need 2 take in high school to become a Vet?
    Im 13(I'll turn 14 in April) and in the 8th grade and will be going to Dreher High school in South Carolina.And I want to become a veterinarin(SP) for animals mainly pets.And I talk to my dad about what class I NEED to take like:Biology,Chemistry,Algeb...
    3 Education 41
  59. Dog lover?
    Euthanization at home
    13 Pets 66
  60. When is the right time to have your dog euthanized?
    Our dog is 15 years old, so she's no puppy, but for that last few months she's been confused, she falls down a lot, wets herself in her sleep, and has seizures. One would obviously say it's time to put her down. The problem is - she's still so happy...
    12 Pets 42
  61. I wanna be a vet
    Hi, I was just wondering, can anyone refer me to a website or tell me a bit about what I would need to know to be a small animal veterinary surgeon. I am only 14... but... My Dad is like a computer genious he knows how to do anything and everythi...
    2 Education 12
  62. Is there a humane way to euthanize our 15-year-old dog at home?
    Our little Teddy is 15 years old and is going downhill fast. If he makes it up the stairs to go outside, he falls over with a seizure. He is having seisures all the time. One of them lasted about four or five minutes and he couldn't move for 1 1/2 h...
    5 Pets 1118
  63. What would you do, if the vet prescribed this dosage for your dog?
    This question is long, but if you have the time, can you please read and give me your opinion? About 1 1/2 months ago, I took my Chihuahua Bandit to the vet, because he was wheezing, he was congested, his glands were swollen and he was gagging every ti...
    5 Pets 61
  64. How to tell from home if my dog is pregnant?
    how can I tell if my dog is pregnant from home? I can't afford a vet for her.
    22 Pets 278
  65. Is there a career to do with animals where you don't have to go to school for more than a few years?
    but not a vet or anything to do with that.
    4 Education 30
  66. kitten with possible worms
    I took my kitten to the vets on monday and the vet said he has worms so he wormed him but no worms have come out and he is very long will it take and could it be something else?
    5 Pets 45
  67. Cat has cold?
    I need to know if there is anything I can give him. His eyes are watery and he is sneezing! Now listen up, I cannot afford a vet and don't go 'if you can't afford the vet then you shouldn't have him' because I used to be able to afford the vet but by d...
    6 Pets 45
  68. Should I return to my original vet after this incident?
    My puppy denver, just had his "cryptorchid" neuter surgery on friday, april the 18th. In the past, I have post a question about how much it should coast for this type of surgery. I've have recieved couple of good answers, and yet I decided to stay wit...
    7 Pets 37
  69. Has any of you, ever had a Necropsy done on your dog?
    Has anyone ever had a Necropsy performed on one of their dog? Did you get the answers to why your pet died? My little Chihuahua Gigi passed away from Liver Disease. She was only 2 1/2 years old. She was never sick a day in her life, until this happened...
    3 Pets 60
  70. How to tell what is wrong with my cat?
    If I am worried about my cats health and don't have the money to take her to the vet could I bring her into the vet and tell them I just found the cat thats its not mine, will they take the cat and help it out? without me being resonsible financially?
    7 Pets 49
  71. My dog was never actually fixed.
    We took my australian shepard to get fixed two years ago. I recently saw her letting a male mount and became suspious, so my mom took her to the vet for an x-ray. It revealed that she had never been fixed, and was pregnant. My parents are furious. The ...
    8 Pets 14
  72. what are sum cool jobs?
    not ovious ones like doctor or vet!thanks
    2 Money 16
  73. dying dog. Please help!!
    My puppie is dying painfully and slowely. How do I put her out of her misery without shotting her or taking her to the vet? But I want to put her out of her misery fast and not painful! Please help me. We cant afford to go to the vet.
    7 Pets 346
  74. How do I make my cat drink?
    My cat had a blocked bladder and came home from the vet yesterday. The vet told us to make sure he drinks a lot of water. But since he got home, he hasn't wanted to drink water at all. How can I make him drink?
    4 Pets 39
  75. Is my dog having puppies?
    my dog this having milk cameing out her nipples is this mean she this having puppy? when yeah how long do I got to see will have them, since I cant go to a vet around here the next vet this 2hours away fron me what do I do?
    2 Pets 132
  76. How long dose it take for a dog to have her puppy's?
    How do I know when my dog has had her last puppy? Should she go to the vet if shes takeing too long?
    2 Pets 75
  77. What is Fenbendaz?
    what is fenbendaz given for dogs? I just went to the vet and this was presbribed to my dog. they said it is use to eliminate parasites. (?)
    2 Pets 91
  78. How do I fix my dogs nose?
    One of my dogs nostrils is starting to close up. She is a four year old miniature dachshund and recently her nostril started to close up. She has been sick for a while and we took her to the vet but the vet never said anything about her nose getting li...
    4 Pets 309
  79. How to tell when a dog is Pregnant
    How can you tell if you dog is pregnant without going to the vets office...and got lose with a male dog that has not been nuetured
    3 Pets 79
  80. What are the benefits that a veterinarian gets?
    im doing a school project and I chose vet as my career, but I cant find one of the requirements- what benefits does a vet have? and by benefits I mean insurance, vaca days, sick leave, etc. any help at all is appreciated!
    3 Pets 29
  81. When you grow up?
    Personally I want to be a radioactive monkey or if that fails a vet nurse, Im asking because im boreded.
    4 Money 41
  82. PitBull has Worms.
    I belive my Pitbull has worms; Is there anything I can buy from a store too get rid of them ? or do I need to take him to the vet ?
    4 Pets 114
  83. What do I do?
    My puppy has green runny snot coming out of his nose and it smells really bad should I take him to the vet?
    4 Pets 129
  84. What could I do to treat my dog at home with pervo?
    I can afford the treatment for pervo @ my vets clicnic, so how do I help her beat pervo @ home?
    2 Pets 34
  85. What jobs to australia / america / new zealand need?
    not things like doctors, nurses, vets. just other jobs?
    3 Money 9
  86. How big of a house can this kind of couple own?
    How big of a house can a photographer + clothing line owner and a vet worker under the same roof own?
    7 Homegarden 17
  87. How much do kitties cost?
    We just adopted a new kitty in our house and it's my first pet! I was just wondering how much does it cost to vet it? and how much does it cost to be neutered?
    2 Pets 60
  88. guinea pig with crust in lher eye.
    I just got another guinea pig and I've noticed that she has some crust in her eye but its not a lot and its not in both eyes its onley in the right , if you say go to the vet I knoe my mom would take her to the vet because it cost to much but what does...
    2 Pets 20
  89. Another question...
    Ok this is a bit of an update on my dog. We called up another vet, and he thinks there is still hope. There's a different surgery we can try and the vet is pretty hopeful that it'll work... so we just might be able to save her yet! What are your tho...
    10 Pets 15
  90. What do I do my hamster is gonna die??
    I have a syrian hamster that is a year and about 3 months old. All she does is sleep she dosnt run on her wheel ever she is weak and her tail is a little runny but not like wet tail... What do I do its been like a week I dont no do I call a vet which ...
    6 Pets 42
  91. fatty lump
    My shitzu has a large fatty lump on her chest,the vet says it is harmless she is 13 yr old. can you advise,
    2 Pets 48
  92. Does anyone know a free website to ask questions about my chihuahua?
    I refuse to pay 25.00 for advise from a vet, they should do it for free.
    2 Pets 15
  93. My Bird is Sneezing
    My cockatiel is sneezing and his nostrils are red. Is that a red flag. Should I take him to the vet? Try and give me an answer ASAP
    3 Pets 75
  94. What is wrong with my guinea pig?
    he is scratching most of his hair out and going bald!:o and he has dandruff or something :S do i take him to the vets
    2 Pets 41
  95. Dog has puss in hes poo
    Read my other questions than ul no whats going on .. Vets told me dog had puss in hes poo what could that be
    2 Pets 28
  96. Veterianians and hamsters
    Does the vet place take hamsters to because I need my hamsters claws clipped and I need to get hescrathing problem checked out
    3 Pets 9
  97. What can I do for a dog's diarrhea and throwing up?
    My dog has thrown up about 3 times and had diarrhea off and on all day. Is there something I can give him or should I just take him to the vet in the morning?
    6 Pets 45
  98. Vaccinations
    my puppy had her last vaccination eleven days ago, and the vet said don't walk her for two weeks, but she has been driving her mad! we heard from lots of people that we can walk her after one week. I took her for her first walk yesterday, four days bef...
    5 Pets 46
  99. eye problem
    my dog shitzu poo woke up with closed and swolen eye,,,she try to open it but she cant,,should I take her to vet
    3 Pets 25
  100. think my dog has worms but not sure
    hello I think my dog has worms but not sure I dont have the money to take him to the vet is there any way that you I can get something of the counter if he does?
    4 Pets 61
  101. Why is there blood in my cats poop?
    My cat was recently sick, and she stopped eating and got sick and we took her to the vet. She recovered from that, but not whenever she poops there is blood in it. What is happening?
    2 Pets 56
  102. Kittens!
    Well, my cat had kittens a couple of weeks ago, and we need homes!! What can I do to try to find homes, should I contact the vet? or newspaper?
    4 Pets 19
  103. Dog spaying
    I just recently got my dog spayed and I took the wrap off like the vet said. now she is biting/itching. Any reccomendations on how to get her to stop?
    3 Pets 16
  104. White nose on cat
    My albino white cat has just had a fight and now has a white nose, he gennerally has a pink nose, he has also been nutered. HELP should I take him to a vet or will this pass
    3 Pets 49
  105. Going back to school...
    I am planning on going back to school this fall for vet Technition...has anyone gone to school for this and any advice would be helpful..Thanks!
    2 Education 29
  106. Blood - worm - vomiting - not eating- Dog
    Okay, my dog is At The Vets!! and has been for 3 days, they thought it might be parvo... They said they wait itll they see the blood and that to make sure it is parvo... right.. so hes not been eating or drinking hes not deehirgrating yet.. he keeps b...
    7 Pets 123
  107. Why is my dog missing hair on her back thighs?
    Its kind of like this, but it's on her theighs, this isn't my picture, just saying. I thought it was mange, it could be but I dunno, she doesn't really go to palces with other dogs so I don't know how she would get it. Don't say take her to the vet cau...
    9 Pets 26
  108. Too soon for puppy shots?
    I asked a pet store when can I get my puppies his first shot because there is a mobile vet coming on saturday around my neighborhood really cheap but my puppy is 5 weeks today and the lay said it is to soon what should I do ? should I seek another opin...
    11 Pets 219
  109. When my dog was hit his scrodim was smash, he now has blood in pee?
    My dog was hit by a car 3wks ago on his left side, now he has feeling back in his legs but his left scrodim sack has shrunk, his right is so enlarged and his pee has a little blood in it. I'm going to take him to the vet, but I'm alittle scarred bout w...
    4 Pets 13
  110. What do I do when my pregnant Chihuahua is having babies?
    I had a female chihuahua since december 7,2006 and I took her to the vet and they said shes pregnant since august...what do I do when her babies are born?
    13 Pets 158
  111. Dog's hair falling out
    my dogs hair started falling out round his neck the vet said it would grow back but its just getting worse any idea
    5 Pets 52
  112. How to tell the age of a dog?
    How can you tell the age of a dog? I work at a shelter and all of the vet techs look at their teeth but I never have asked what they are looking for. Are they just seeing how dirty the teeth are and then guesstimating?
    3 Pets 49
  113. What degree do I need to own and operate my own animal hospital?
    I was just wondering what degree do I need to be able to own and operate my own animal vet clinic. Health care management? Accounting?? Buissness management?
    3 Money 87
  114. shitzu care
    I have a shitzu puppie that smells I am told there are glands to clean in a shitzu is this true and will a pet groomer do the job or must I take it to a vet???
    4 Pets 52
  115. How do I feed my dog a carrot?
    my dog hates carrots. I try not to force him but the vet says the protein he needs is from carrots. I sound like an idiot but seriously.
    5 Pets 41
  116. Help my bunny is sick
    Ok my little bunny jakey is sick her head is tilted I to the vet her head is not better How do I get rid of it she's a mini rex
    2 Pets 35
  117. What did you want to be when you were little?
    the title kinda explains it, what did you want to be when you were older? I wanted to be a vet then a ninja then a power ranger! lol it changed every day
    16 Money 21
  118. Why is my cat vomiting a lot?
    I took him to the vet and done all she asked but he is still vomiting, I heard it cud be worms, stress or both, what is the most likely reason?
    4 Pets 24
  119. Puppy shots
    ok so we were gonna go to get my puppies shot and the examtoday at the vets office along with my neighbors puppy but dey decided not to go because dey wanna go get the rabies one on may 10th at petco. so my question is what is the parvo shot? would it ...
    4 Pets 37
  120. Is Benylin cough syrup dangerous to dogs?
    Our vet said that we could give our dog the cough syrup, but I am a bit apprehensive. Isn't this suppose to be dangerous to animals.
    2 Pets 114
  121. chihuahua had a c section has a infection won't eat or drink,
    my chihuahua had a c section and has a infection and is on meds from the vet, she not eating or drinking, can I give her egg yolks and how many a day,
    5 Pets 49
  122. How long till you can tell if a dog is preg?
    just wondering...I know a lot of the signs, but w/ out going to the vet, how long does it take to notice the signs?
    3 Pets 108
  123. What to give a puppy for pain?
    My American Bulldog puppy got her back leg hit by a car today is there anything I can give her for pain until I get her into the Vet?
    3 Pets 54
  124. help kitty cat
    my cat is peeing red what should I do I told my grandma but she dosent care I know he needs to go to a vet but I dont know so help
    6 Pets 37
  125. What do I do if my puppy has diarreah and is throw up?
    I have an 8 week old boxer and he won't eat. We took him to the vet and they gave him an injection and some meds to put in his food but he won't eat his food so therefore is not getting his meds. When he does eat a little he throws it up and has very f...
    4 Pets 32
  126. dog problem
    ok so my puppie had this watery eye and she keeps it close and it gets all gooy and stuff what do you guys think it is? and do you think I should take her to the vet?
    2 Pets 43
  127. Shitzu sick
    I have a shitzu and she hs been puking for a couple of days I have given her water I am not sure what else to do for her and cannot afford to take her to the vet do you have any suggestions
    6 Pets 62
  128. My Kitten Was Spayed- Is she meant to be on painkillers?
    My kitten was spayed yesterday and she was fine but today she is very sensitive (which is to be expected), but was my vet meant to supply me with any painkillers for her? She didn't give me anything for my kittens pain.
    9 Pets 70
  129. Kennal cough
    I have a puppy that has kennal cough he is on ant. And cough pill. I have two older dogs that are 4 & 3 they are up to date on shots, do they need to see the vet. Now with the puppy having kennal cough?
    2 Pets 22
  130. What kind of Classes I should take?
    What Kind of Classes should I take to be in a Pre vet Degress? Like what other classes I should take while im thinking about going to the community college... I dont know what else I should take.
    2 Education 20
  131. Dogs ears
    My dog just had her ears cleaned out by a vet because she had a really bad yeast infection. The hair around her ears is really long and it think it might help if I cut it. Should I cut the hair around her ears?
    5 Pets 50
  132. Mucus in puppy's mouth
    My 9-week old lab puppy had thick clear mucous in her mouth - what could that be? I took her to the vet and she checked out fine.
    4 Pets 68
  133. My step daughter 5 1/2 months old Chihuahua
    my step daughter has a Chihuahua that is 5 1/2 months old & he mite have parvo what can we do to help him? untel she can get some money to take him to the vet?
    7 Pets 33
  134. Why did she get sick?
    I have a Chihuahua named Daisy, who 2 months ago, was treated by a vet for an Ear Infection. She was on Panalog Cream for 2 weeks. Her infection cleared up and she was also cleared by the vet. I had to take her back to the vet again this past Monday, b...
    6 Pets 58
  135. why has my rottwieler lost weight and has sores around his butt?
    I have a Rottwieler, I took him to the vet for his shots twice. He started losing weight,his eyes looked pale,he stopped eating, and sores broke out on his butt and stared to spread.I called a vet to see what's wrong. He gave him a shot and told me to ...
    5 Pets 34
  136. Scholarships for school
    ill be a freshmen next year and I really want to be a vet when I graduate does anyone know ways of getting scholarships other than good grades
    5 Education 16
  137. Puppy lacks nerve function...
    Hello, I received a 3 month old, 2.2 pound shi tzu female puppy from my son for christmas. I took her to the vet for her first check-up because I was worried she wasn't going to the bathroom without my assistance. the vet gave her a check-up and said...
    6 Pets 20
  138. Why do I always picture myself as a male when I think of my future?
    (I'm 14) Whenever I think of my self as an adult, I want to be a vet, I always think of myself as a male (I'm a female) and I have to remind myself that I am a female. Am I gay or something?
    6 Pets 39
  139. Dogs cut leg
    My dog has a deep cut on his leg you can see the flesh underneath it is starting to smell and he cant put weight on it we are seeing a vet tommorow what can I do in the mean time
    4 Pets 48
  140. worms
    my dog has worms that look like spaghetti and the vet said it is because he ate a flea ? I've wormed defleaed him and he is an inside pet and don't have flea's ? any advic. I would be greatful
    7 Pets 84
  141. what is a cataract?
    I think my bunny has one.. he has a huge white spot on his eye near his pupil. are they a big deal? does he need to see a vet?
    3 Health 18
  142. Ferret+2 cough drops=(
    Hey, my ferret just ate two cough drops, I made him drink a ton of water, anyone know if he's good or if I should take him to the vet?
    4 Pets 129
  143. Why does my dog have spots on his skin?
    My dog has been having red/brown spots on his skin on hsi back. And I asked the vet, she said it might be an over reaction to a bug bite but idk. We still dunno.
    4 Pets 41
  144. My dog is having puppies
    Shes a 2yr old golden lab, how many pups do they have??? And what am I spose to do when she starts going in2 labour??? Do I rush her to a vet???
    10 Pets 81
  145. What can we do to help our sick puppies?
    Both of my dogs are sick they dont wanna eat and keep throwing up the vet said that they dont think its parvo but we wont know what to do can you please help me?
    3 Pets 40
  146. What's wrong with my hedgehog?
    he has bubles coming out of his mouth nd just looks helpless ii cant do anything aout it. is it normal? can i take a hedghog to the vet?
    3 Pets 42
  147. What promising Career? Animals?
    I want a career working with animals. I would want to be a vet but I cant stand seeing blood. I have a very weak stomach. What careers involve interacting with animals but dont involve blood.
    3 Money 38
  148. Can my chihuahua die from eatin abone?
    My dum a** boyfriend gave my 5 pd chihuahua a huge pork shoulder bone to chew on shes was throwin up all night so I took her to the vet in the mornin he did ex rays and gave her meds but shes still sick shes not throwin up or has diahrea but shes not p...
    3 Pets 63
  149. My guinea pig refuse to move his legs
    My piggy is bout 5 months.He recently got his right leg injured.It swelled up and therefore I noticed he stopped eating. I took him to the vet a day or two after I saw his swelled up foot. The vet proscribed me antibiotics and a painkiller. After a wee...
    2 Pets 39
  150. hes shaking!
    I just got a kitten and hes really warm right now and he isnt as playful he shakes and his nose isnt wet I am freaking out is there something I can do before I have to run to the vet? money is tight!
    3 Pets 38
  151. Dog with fever?
    My 2 year old terrier mix has been feeling really warm to the touch lately. Can dogs get fevers like people? Should I take her to the vet?
    4 Pets 131
  152. My english bull dog!!!
    He throws up and hasent went to the bathroom for like a week he is not eating right and it been going on for more than a week I took him to the vet they said he didnt have parvo
    2 Pets 26
  153. How often should our cat have food in her bowl?
    Our cat is always hungry, we had her for about t 3 months, she was a stray, vet says about a year old. She always wants to eat and is getting fat. How often should a cat have food in their bowl?
    7 Pets 18
  154. Pet rats
    1 of my rats are really ill but I dont have money to take het to the vets what is the best thing to do I have thort into putting her down my self but how do I do it so she dont die in pain
    2 Pets 27
  155. Can you get your money back? Or take to court
    Can you take someone to court and get your money back for selling you a sick puppy you had for 24hours?? .. And a whole weeks of vet bills.. Than it dies because of parvo?
    9 Pets 39
  156. Why is my silky throwing up once a day?
    It seems like my 1 year old silky throws up at about 4pm 2 or 3 times a week, but seem s fine otherwise? Should I take him to the vet?
    6 Pets 72
  157. Euthanasia at home.
    I have wanted to keep my cats in their own home for euthansia, instead of going for a traumatic car ride, and then into the vet. I'd rather hold them as they pass instead of watching the vet insert the needle, and waiting to hold them until they have a...
    3 Pets 53
  158. Why can't my cat use the litterbox?
    what do I do? My cat just pee and doodoo everywhere?!?! She know how to use the cat litter She just start to pee everywhere and doodoo. and her pee smell real strong!!! Should I take her to the vet or something? and Can animals be "special"?
    6 Pets 40
  159. Why do dog's stomachs twist or flip?
    My dog died on friday morning and the vet said that she had a twisted stomach. She also said that even if they had the time to fix it, it probably would of flipped again. Why are dogs so different from other animals?
    4 Pets 321
  160. Paralysis of cat
    My cat is at the vet suffering from paralysis from tick bites. It turns out some ticks are like poisonous snakes. They secrete a deadly neurotoxin. She will probably die. Does anyone have any advice?
    3 Pets 11
  161. Why is my Pomeranian not pregnant?
    I bred my poms on 05/01/08 and they had 6 ties each lasting from 10-30 minutes. I took my female to the vet yesterday to have her examined to determine for sure that she was pregnant. She should be about 48 days along. The vet did an examination onl...
    3 Pets 70
  162. Cat with itchy ears
    My cat had ear mites when she was a kitten and now she's constantly itchy... The vet says the mites just made her ears sensitive, she gave her a shot, but said she wouldnt constantly give her shots... Is there anything I can do to make her more comf...
    3 Pets 36
  163. Whats wrong with your dog if shes not going to the bathroom?
    ok my pitbull has been acting really sad I don't know why and sometimes when I go up to here she gets scared should I take her to the vet or what help
    4 Pets 44
  164. staph infection in my white boxer puppy
    I have a white boxer who is 6 months old. She was put on <a href="http://healthyhappydogs">prednisone</a> because of really bad scratching and it has helped her. She is almost off of it only 5 pills left. She is going to get spayed on wednesday and I j...
    2 Pets 59
  165. Puppy injection??!!
    My pupis now 10 weeks ols ans she has had on injection which the breeder gave to her around 7 weeks old then I took her to the vets at 9 weeks and she had a jab and I was told after 10 days se can go for walk. But the vet wasnt clear as my puppy has an...
    4 Pets 50
  166. What do i do if i think my dog has parvo?
    so i looked up the symptoms and my 10 week old puppy has had loss of appetite since yesterday night, diarrhea, vomiting, and i believe her diarrhea was blood dis morning. i don't think i will get her back if we take her to a vet because i know it will ...
    8 Pets 52
  167. Abandoned Kitty Advice
    We found an abandoned kitten this week at work, I took her to the vet to see if she was alright and find out her approximate age. The vet said as of 4/7/08 she was not even 3 weeks old yet. The vet is also telling me that as soon as her teeth come in...
    6 Pets 37
  168. Is 12 too old to have my dog neutered?
    My 12 yr old mixed australian shepard has not been neutered. One vet said to get it done. Another said he is too old. He has had no health issues except some arthritus.
    4 Pets 116
  169. how can I ever get over the guilt that I feel over the death of my beloved cat?
    If only I had taken him to the vet maybe a week earlier.He was twelve and had suspected cancer . I am dying of grief and and don't know what to do?
    2 Pets 35
    5 Pets 74
  171. How do I get my 1 yr and 3 month Boxer to gain weight?
    I have had my dog since we got him from the breader. He has always be very thin. Vet told me to watch him after his last set of shots in March 2009, but said I should see 2 ribs with a Boxer. In Oct. he got really thin. I could see his back bone, 4...
    3 Pets 94
  172. What do you think about this product?
    This is long, but if you have the time, please read and answer!!! Have any of you heard or used a product called Zymox Otic with Hydrocortisone on your dogs ears? Is it safe? Does it work? How did your dog react to it? I was told that Zymox Otic, is v...
    8 Pets 37
  173. shitz zu won't eat after spine surgery
    My friend came back from vacation and found her dog dragging her two back feet , dunno what happened to her , took her to the vet and had to go into surgery something about a disc on her spine , surgery was succesful and vet kept her for about 4 days ...
    2 Pets 51
  174. Cornell.
    hello, my wish is to go to Cornell Uni. in NY. I want to be an equine veterinarian. Here are a few questions I've been going over. oh and I'm a freshman. What looks fantastic on a college resume? Are there equestrian scholarships avalible for equine ...
    2 Education 16
  175. How can I convince my parents I ready for a Horse?
    So I'm 15 years old, a sophomore in highschool, and I really want to convince my parents Im ready for a horse but they don't notice. I've been working at 3 farms for the past 4 years, as a lesson assistant, a horse trainer assistant, and a vet assista...
    9 Pets 61
  176. What is wrong with my 9yr old cat?
    My cat was very ill on monday so we took him to the vets where he stayed for almost two days. They did various tests and put him on a drip. The vet said george had minor liver problems but nothing to worry about and said his teeth look bad but that too...
    3 Pets 38
  177. How can I figure out a future career
    I am so confused ,I really want to work with animal's as a future career but I don't wan't to be a vet because I don't want to have to put down a animal or deal with blood.,I don't want to be a marine Biologist because I don't like shark's. What should...
    2 Money 42
  178. I have a boston terrier
    just yesterday she was not blotted but this morning it looks like she ate a cow she is huge... They vet was suppose ti have fixed her?? I know it sounds weird but could they have messsed up on fixing her?
    2 Pets 50
  179. which dream is better
    ok I got 3 big dream but I only can be 1 so please help me decided on them 1. is to be a chef I dont know why but I alway enjoy cooking and stuff probably because I like to eat^^ it seem so fun to do 2. is to be a Vet I alway love animal they ...
    5 General 25
  180. Worried about my one year old chihuahua
    I have a year old chihuahua that I was not going to breed but my room mate had a friend come over with two male chihuahuas when I was not home one day and they all left and the male was locked into her when I came home. I am not sure if it took it have...
    4 Pets 27
  181. Starting college in august what should I study?
    This is to go with my last I am starting college in august...I was hopein to go into some marine biology..but then I was like I don't know...then I was thinking about vet I don't know???any interesting careers out there?
    2 Education 19
  182. why wont my dog stop licking and biting her paws?
    it doesnt look like anyting is wrong, but im worried and it is alot of $$$$ to take her to the vet? does anyone know what could be wrong?
    11 Pets 16
  183. How do I know if my Male Cat is Fixed?
    I got my cat when he was 3 months old. I took him to the vet to get fixed when he was a little older like 6 months or whatever the age is that you can get your cat fixed. Since then he has sprayed all over the walls, pees on our persian rugs, my bed, t...
    4 Pets 59
  184. How is this possible?
    Just a little Update on this situation, before I ask my real questions! I have a tiny Chihuahua named Zoe! She weighs 3.5 pounds. She is almost 2 years old. Six months ago, Zoe was diagnosed with Liver Disease, through some bloodwork she had done, when...
    8 Pets 23
  185. I need help with baby mekko what should I do
    Hi my name is Morgan I am 19, my dog went after a baby raccoon kit and broke it hind legs. I have taken it in and kept it save. I have also call wild animal rescue and am still waiting for a call back. I call my normal vet and they do not take raccoon...
    3 Pets 39
  186. Cat pees on everything!
    I dont get it, my cat uses his litter box, but if he sees anything laying on the ground... A shirt, a sock... W/e he pees on it. Does nebody have any idea why he might be doin this. Im a 21yr old first time home owner, so I dont want to take him to the...
    5 Pets 16
  187. Why is my Chihuahua biting his tail?
    Why does my 2 yr. old Chihuahua keep biting his tail? He bites it and it bleeds everywhere. He knows it hurts him because he cries when he is biting it. The vet gave us a pain killer to give him and an antibiotic. But he does not tell us why he is biti...
    4 Pets 199
  188. my dog??
    ok I have a dog and he ran into my mini fridge and it fell on him. we took hm to the vet she said he was gonna die and he has been throwin up and crapin a lot but its ben 3weeks and he hasnt died yet is that normal??
    7 Pets 30
  189. Why is my dog limping?
    Theres a cut on his foot.What can i do for this?Is it something serious?He won't even let me touch it.We can't take him to the vet since money is tight at the moment.But do you think he will be alright?
    5 Pets 27
  190. I have a 6 week old kitten who is very skinny and has stopped eatin
    from its mother I have been giving it half an aspirin twice a day what else can I do to get it back healthy without going to the vet
    7 Pets 76
  191. How do I stop my dog from being mean?
    I have a 2 month old australian shepeard mix, she also has some heiler in her too. Anyways she's generally a nice puppy, but she always snaps at the vet and barks at her. How do I stop her from becoming a mean dog?
    4 Pets 175
  192. Is my pom pregnant
    I've taken my pom to the vet and the vet said she cant tell if shes pregnant, her nipples are swollen and baggy her abdomen is often hard and swollen though not huge I've read so many articles and its made me more confused as some pictures of pregnant ...
    3 Pets 72
  193. My cat is pregnant...but I'm going on holiday
    My Cat is pregnant but I'm going on holiday in 8days. We took her to the vet and he said she will give birth within the next 2 -3 days 4days later and nothing has happened... What should I do?
    3 Pets 207
  194. My rabbit ate Plastic? what now?!
    My rabbit chewed on his little hut inside his cage,and he ate a part of it. Its plastic,and I know rabbits cant puke,and I doubt they can digest plastic.. So now what do I do? will he be okay? or should I take him to the vet? and why did he do thi...
    7 Pets 843
  195. Artifically Inseminated Dog
    My irish setter was AI by my male dog 2 weeks ago today. She had a test at the vet saying she was in heat. Yesterday there was some drops of blood. Is this a bad sign?
    2 Pets 38
  196. Lame Kitten
    I've had many cats and seen many litters born in my lifetime, but this is the first time I have encountered this. My cat gave birth to 3 babies almost 4 weeks ago. They are all healthy and doing very well, and they are even up and running around now...
    15 Pets 203
  197. Volunteering for 13 year olds(almost 14)
    I would love to work at a shelter, it's just that my parents won't be able to come with me and I was hoping to find somewhere I could volunteer alone. Which is why I thought trying a vet would be a good idea. To clean cages and stuff and just kind of s...
    3 Pets 300
  198. Newborn puppy care?
    My neighbors dog just had puppies. She's only a year old. They went into get her spayed, and found out she was already pregnant. She is a mutt about the size of small australian sheaprd. They took her to the vet once during her pregnancy, and everythin...
    16 Pets 164
  199. Cat has Bloody Stool
    I got my cat from NOAH about 3 months ago. He was wild but seems to be very healthy. I took him to the vet when I first got him he's had all his vacines and they even checked his stool so everything should be fine right? Well I cleaned the litter box o...
    4 Pets 46
  200. How to stop my dog from getting pregnant?
    my female dog got out some how thanks sis ...but any way when I found her she was stuck to a local dog this was just about an hour ago so is there any way I can stop this before it stars...I'm calling the vet first thing in the morning
    3 Pets 174
  201. Shi tzu undershot bite?
    Bought my 8 week shitzu pup 3 days ago for £300.took her to the vets for her 1st jab and he told us she was undershot.should I take her back?
    3 Pets 95
  202. How can I make my cat stop peeing everywhere?
    I have purchased every product made to remove urine smell yet my cat continues to pee on the sofas, rugs. I had taken him to the vet about a year ago, and he was fine yet he continues to pee. What can I do
    6 Pets 51
  203. Dog going Blind?
    Female, English Bulldog, Gracie has recently had discharges coming from her right eye. It's very stringy. Took her to the vet, she gave us some prescription eye drops which helped some, but now it seems that the right eye has a white film over her eyeb...
    2 Pets 86
  204. Sick chihuahua
    I have a 5 year old chihuahua about 5 lbs. Last night she started acting a little lethargic and whiny. She hid under the couch when it was time to go out before bed. She did her business when I carried her outside, but she usually runs outside as so...
    3 Pets 85
  205. What's wrong with my cat?
    My cat seems to have a fur problem. Right above his tail, all his fur is coming off. He's been seeming to lick tere a lot, so I'm thinking he's itchy there, or something. I've taken him to the vet a few times, but even they don't know what to do! Do yo...
    7 Pets 37
  206. how long does my gog stay in labor?
    my dog has been in labor since sat at 1 pm and its sun 11am should I be worried its her second liter she keep pushing but no pup yet when should I call the vet how long could this last?
    2 Pets 163
  207. How do you stop a dog's ear infection?
    My dog is constantly getting ear infections that produce gobs of a black sludge like substance. Every time I take him to the vet it cost $100. Any suggestions on how to prevent the infections or a home remedy?
    4 Pets 88
  208. I have a dog and she is breathing funny.
    My dog is breathing funny and I don't know what to do. It sounds like this asma or couphing or choking and she has minor shaking and shes not eating. Im taking her to a vet tomorrow but I need to know whats wrong with her now before it gets any ser...
    2 Health 56
  209. What is wrong with my dog?
    My dog has been coughing. He is not himself allthe time. He don't want to eat. Some say parvo but he has had his shots. others say heartworm but he is on heartgard. I am trying to find out if he has a cold or if someone may know what it is. I can't aff...
    4 Pets 53
  210. My cat just isn't losing the weight
    Please help me...I have a cat who will be 7 october 30. He is 18 pounds and really needs to lose some weight. I've been doing everything the vet told me to do, lesser portions of food (which he doesnt even eat all of it), only 3 tiny little temtations ...
    6 Pets 53
  211. Looking for scottish terrier scottie
    I need to know if anyone know a breeder or rescue who deals with scottish terrier's. I work at a vet hospital and my friend just lost her scottie of 13 years due to heart problems. Please let me know.
    3 Pets 11
  212. What on earth am I going to do?
    I really want a career involving animals but I want it to pay a reasonable amount of money. I just can't think of one! P.s. Not a vet or working in a zoo. What is an animal phsychologist??? help would be much appreciated!
    3 Money 39
  213. How do I treat my dog's hot spots and constant itching (not fleas)?
    My dog is on flea/heartworm medication. He is scratching and pulling out his hair. Scabs and reddening skin. I am using hot spot treatment and shampoo (medicated for itching) that I got at the store. Can't afford the vet. What can I do?
    2 Pets 29
  214. Cat Problems
    I don't know if anyone has had a similar situation, but I would appreciate anyones input. My cat is 3 years old now and for the past 6 -8 months, he has this recurring problem where he constantly, obsessively licks at his fur, creating these terrible h...
    10 Pets 27
  215. what is this thing on my dogs leg?
    my dogg has a wart like cist thingy on his leg now I dont want to go to the vet because it runs me about 600 dollars has anyones dog had this problem. he likes licking it a lot and it continues to grow sometimes it bleeds only when he bites it. a frien...
    7 Pets 105
  216. Bloody diarrhea
    I rescued a dog from someone last night and she has bloody diarrhea, usually bloody diarrhea smells really bad and this does not. I was just wondering if there was any way it could just be stress related? I work at a vet clinic as a groomer so I know I...
    9 Pets 40
  217. Help for a Saint
    I have a Saint Bernard that I got from an animal rescue league. He is a great big, loveable fellow. He has a paw he limps on. We have been to the vet twice and she can find nothing wrong. He licks it often. Any ideas as to what may be the problem?
    2 Pets 13
  218. Help with computer game
    I am trying to set up this game for my sister called "Zoo Vet". I have l\already installed it but when I open the program is says: Where is "main"? main File not found. Please verify the correct file name was given.
    2 Gaming 11
  219. Dog throwing up blood
    Ok, my dog is a corgi/pom-pom mix. He is like 9 or 10. He has had this strange cough for over 2 months. We took him to the vet and they gave us pills. Those didn't do anything, actully it made it a little worse. We took him back to the vet, they said i...
    7 Pets 59
  220. My dog's Sclera (the white thing) is encroaching on her Iris
    My dog and I were wrestling, and she jumped onto my hand, and I accidentally poked her eye. It looks like the bottom of her Sclera (the white thing) is encroaching on her Iris and pupil. What should I do? Would eye drops from a vet be sufficient? Is t...
    7 Pets 133
  221. Should my dog get fixed?
    I have a pure bred female miniature pinscher and I think we should breed her. My dad wants to get her fixed. And my mom isnt really sure. The vet said it is better to get fixed but I think that is kind of mean. What would be best getting her fixed or b...
    15 Pets 62
  222. Please help its my dog
    I have been noticing my dogs mouth is always open and he won't close it. His breath smells so bad and we can't fins anything wrong with him. He can't eat or drink it just falls out of his mouth. Should we take him to the vet or what?? Do you know what ...
    12 Pets 205
  223. I think my cat is not very smart, any ideas?
    5 Pets 57
  224. naughty kitty
    from previous question; kitty always has fresh kitty litter and is in the laundry where not many people has had a health check but is very hard with him as his mother was a stray cat and my cat is very timid and very scared and dosnt like other p...
    4 Pets 31
  225. baby chiauaha stool had worms in it
    My little baby chiauaha just came here to new york on the plane from puerto rico.. he was fine all day and now all of sudden his stool had worms in it..and they are comin out even when he is not oging to the bathroom. What is this caused by and what c...
    5 Pets 46
  226. Dog has waxy ears
    My dog is in big trouble!! his ears are filling with wax! they are coated with it!! we have brought him to the vets several times and clean his ears Daily! Do you guys know any recipies? Maybe we can prevent the earwax from coming back agian!
    2 Pets 47
  227. Strange Phobia of X-Rays
    I have Radiophobia. (Fear of X-rays) Anyone think that's weird? If I see one, I'll freak out and I can't go to Hospitals or Museums because of it, and I want to be a Vet someday. How can I get over this fear without exposure?
    7 Health 51
  228. Parakeet egg laying
    I have a male and female keet in the same cage. She started laying eggs on April 26, 2009 by last week she had laid 5 eggs. Then I looked this morning and she had laid two more for a total of seven. She incubates them like a good little mommy. Will she...
    2 Pets 125
  229. my cat's mouth is bleeding,
    My 5 year old cat was diagnosed with oral bartonella disease, when we took her to the vet they said it was a pretty bad case(we couldnt tell she needed to go to the vet because it's in the back of her mouth and we couldnt see) they gave us medicine...
    7 Sex 137
  230. Pregnancy test for dogs?
    I know it seems kinda stupid but can you get a pregnancy test for the dog. My dog might be pregnant because she and the neighbors dog got stuck together. But the vet told me she was not able to have puppys because her nipples were not strait and th...
    13 Pets 804
  231. how to convince my parents to let me make my own career choices?
    hey u parents want me to do something in the medical field when i grow up like be a doctor or a vet or something....i want to be a vet, but i want to be a trainer at sea world even more....they keep telling me that i have to do something in t...
    5 Education 22
  232. what should we do about our cat?
    I moved in with my sister about 4 months ago, I brought my cat with me, she has 2 cats. They are all male, my cat is used to being dominate male, and so is one of her cats. They fight constantly, well about 3 days ago her cat started peeing on the couc...
    4 Pets 21
  233. spaying a Yorkie
    My female Yorkie just turned 6 months old. When is the best time to have her spayed? Also, someone suggested having it done at a shelter, as they might be cheaper. Any feedback on this? I do need to balance safety with price- how do I find the right v...
    4 Pets 238
  234. Can you make your own bird ID bands?
    I was wondering because I've seen some breeders make them out of paper or something like that to go on the birds leg Can I buy the metal ones from my vet? how much does it cost? if no, then where can I get bird ID bands? Please include link if...
    2 Pets 36
  235. ear ache for dogs
    my dog is a peekapoo, shes 7 years old and I think she has a ear ache she has been shaking her head a lot and its hot and red. I cant go to a vet, my mom doesnt think its that bad but im still worried..
    4 Pets 82
  236. Should I put a Rottweiler into a home with children?
    We just got a 2 year old Rotti from a family friend who is also a Vet, the Vet told us that the dog didn't show any signs of aggresion with her but because she had 3 other dogs and a child on the way she couldn't keep it, which she found on the street....
    9 Pets 38
  237. What can I do... Cocoa is 18 years 4 months?
    I have an 18 year old male Chihuahua. His name is Cocoa and yes he is really 18 years old. I took Cocoa to the vet has he has been having quite a bit of pain about 1 1/2 hours after eating. Blood tests over all came back normal or just slightly elevate...
    3 Pets 26
  238. My gerbil is sick!
    I think my gerbil might be sick does anyone know anything about them? I just got him from a friend yeaterday and he wasnt sick then. One of his eyes is kinda squinty and the other is closed. I cant afford to bring him to a vet so dont suggest that but ...
    4 Pets 218
  239. Daisy is sick
    My dog is 7 weeks and has not been eating on her own for 2 days I been feeding her with a dropper pedialyte and gerber the vet said she probably has a virus he just gave antibiotics and vitamins but she keeps throwing it up does anybody know what is...
    4 Pets 147
  240. Shivers in a Cocker Spaniel pregnancy?
    My 4 and a half week prehnant Cocker Spaniel began shivering at random intervals. I have made a vet appointment for a calcium level check and exam. This was a planned breeding and my other girls never showed this shivering. Any ideas???
    2 Pets 52
  241. Puppies won't eat puppy food
    I have two female Dixie puppies. I can't get them to eat puppy food. The vet suggested science diet or soft food, but they still won't eat it! They do however eat my older dogs pedigree. They are about 4 months old now. Is there any kind of supplement ...
    3 Pets 56
  242. Prepared for the responsibility
    I graduated college this past year as a Vet Tech and at the moment I do not have a job in this town that I recently moved to. The vet clinics around here aren't looking for a tech so I've applied at a few places and today I recieved a call from an orga...
    3 Money 36
  243. Dog Prescription
    So, puppies got an infection and a rash, we went to the vet and got 5mg prednisone to give her. My question is, the bottle says 'give 1 tablet twice daily' so does that mean cut the pill in half, or 2 a day?
    4 Pets 18
  244. Toonces is back, can I give him Duoneb?
    I can't believe it. He's drinking water but won't eat. not even fish. hes having respiratory problems. Does anyone know if he can have duoneb? ipratropium /albuteral. any suggestions on what to do till tomorrow. Vets are not open. Thanks
    12 Pets 84
  245. How do I treat fluid in my dogs ear?
    I can hear the fluid when I rub his ear vigorously. He will then always shake his head. he shakes his head often. I've cleaned the ear and there was little wax and dirt. what is the fluid and should it be left alone as a natural condition or do I ha...
    4 Pets 916
  246. this is really bothering me
    I had a 10 year old shitzu. She was laying on our bed and sneezed really really loud a couple of times. I notice a slight blood tinged fluid that came out of her nose. I called a vet , not my regular one as he was away and the emergency vets charg...
    3 Pets 48
  247. Why is my older dog is sneezing a lot ?
    I brought home a pup a couple of weeks ago ( from a reputable breeder) he was up to date on his shots. Both dogs now have a clear liquid discharge from their older dog appeared to have labored breathing so I ran her to the vet today who told...
    2 Pets 111
  248. what shall I do?
    im a girl of 16 and up untill 2 weeks ago I wanted to be a vet. now I dont think I can do it. I watched a lot of war strories and movies like platoon etc..... and now I cant stop thinking about joining the army. I feel embarrised about saying to peopl...
    3 Money 14
  249. When do a puppy's testicles fully drop?
    my 8 month old puppy 's testicles has not fully drop yet. As of today only one testicles has drop, but the second doesn't seem to appear at all. Should I take him too his vet right away? Or should I wait until he turns 1 years old? thank you for your h...
    9 Pets 2100
  250. I think my puppy has parvo!
    ok so last night my puppy (6-8) weeks old started puking his food up and started to have diharrea and then it started to get bloody then he is really skinny we are taking him to the vet today at two thirty but what sould do till then
    3 Pets 73