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  1. What is cheaper Trailers or apartments?
    6 Homegarden 102
  2. Where are trailers for Marvel Nemesis 2?
    Where are trailers for Marvel Nemesis 2?
    2 Technology 52
  3. How do you make a video book trailer?
    6 Entertainment 20
  4. Can I add cabinets to my horse trailer living quarters?
    Can I add cabinets to my horse trailer living quarters?
    3 Pets 57
  5. What do you guys think of the Black Ops: First Strike Trailer?
    5 Gaming 20
  6. where can i get a really good trailer for toy story 3 ?
    2 Technology 17
  7. What is the song in the Dear John trailer?
    What is the song that plays in the Dear John Trailer? I just love it and I want to download it.
    2 Music 78
  8. What's your opinion on the Canadian show 'Trailer Park Boys'?
    If you've heard of it.
    6 Entertainment 18
  9. What can happen if you dropped a puppy from the top of a horse trailer?
    please tell me what you think.
    6 Pets 30
  10. any new new moon trailer?
    anybody know when a new moon new trailer comes out? im dying to c another 1!!!
    3 Entertainment 47
  11. What is the music from the first "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" trailer called? The music from the first minute of the trailer. What is it?
    3 Music 9
  12. Who has seen the newly released trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?
    I'm so excited after seeing this trailer!
    5 Entertainment 18
  13. Who watched The New Moon Trailer?
    OMG! I am soo exited 11-20-09 CANNOT WAIT! =D did you watch the trailer? Are you exited? Man I am!
    16 Entertainment 32
  14. New Moon Trailer.
    Does anyone one know when the New Moon trailer comes out? Or if it has come out, does anyone have a link to it? (the real one, not the fan made one) Thanks. [: michaela. x
    6 Entertainment 34
  15. Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Trailer
    Amazing stuff!!! New Trailer just came out April 30th. Check out the gigantic robot at the end. Trailer is at Yahoo movies.
    3 Entertainment 11
  16. Who has seen "The Hobbit" trailer, and is excited for the movie?
    Personally, as an avid LOTR fan, I can't wait ... what about you? See it here:
    7 Entertainment 12
  17. Where can I find the real official trailer of breaking dawn??
    Ok I need to know where or even if there is an official breaking dawn trailer??or how to do bellas make up in the movies??? Thanks all help will be apreciated!!!:) Love ya Jessi♥
    2 Entertainment 38
  18. Did you like the trailer for the new Spiderman?
    I didnt like the trailer for the new spiderman. Id rather to watch another spiderman movie with tobey maguire and a new villain that would have been better. What do you think? Tell me please thank you.
    8 Entertainment 29
  19. Why not use the excess trailers in Haiti?
    There were thousands of excess trailers after the hurricane hit New Orleans. Why not use them in Haiti where they are needed? They could be shipped and arrive in a few days. Government authorities do not seem to have much between the ears if this isn't...
    3 Politics 38
  20. What movie trailers are shown in The Dark Knight Rises?
    I just saw the Man of Steel trailer, and I want to show my grandpa because he is a huge fan, but I think it would be a whole lot better if he saw it in the theater, so is the Man of Steel trailer shown before The Dark Knight Rises? Are any other superh...
    3 Entertainment 22
  21. Is travel by trailer a trashy or posh thing to do?
    I saw this show trying to sell me the idea of travel by trailer, saying that rich people are buying RV's now, and some of them looked really nice...but, isn't "trailer trash" a commonly used expression? If it is, wouldn't travel by trailer be a lower c...
    3 Travel 46
  22. what is the name of the mask that utilizes amazing changing technologies that gives the effect of a morphing inkblot as you breath?
    i really want to buy this mask because i want to wear them and scare my dear ones on Halloween. So also mention the site where i can buy this masks. Thanks in advance.
    4 Technology 11
  23. One time felon seeking tractor trailer job?
    I have a CDL class A drivers license. I have no experience and I have one felony. No matter what I do I keep being rejected by all driving co. Q: Should I just look for another proffesstion? I need help!!
    3 Money 43
  24. what is the name of the song ?
    what was the song on the trailer for peter pan ? and who sang it ? here's the trailer if you want to hear it
    3 Music 22
  25. Who is going to buy the new assassin's creed brotherhood game when it launches in November?
    I know I am...check out the official trailer here, too from E3. Seriously, you have got to watch the's *AWESOME*.
    14 Gaming 13
  26. Far and away
    Does anyone know the name of the song that is playing during the Theatrical Trailer of Far and Away?
    2 Music 22
  27. What is this song?
    On the 'fame' trailer whats the first song that plays? + also on 'aliens in the attic' whats the song played on the credits ?
    2 Music 15
  28. Who wants to see the new movie Legion?
    Each time I see the trailer on TV I want to see the movie even more. Who on FunAdvice wants to see the movie Legion as much as I do?
    3 Entertainment 37
  29. Twilight on Ipod
    I was on the official site of Twilight and it had the trailer for it on the first page you come to and it has different ways to watch the trailer like in full screen or smaller screen. It also said Ipod and I clicked on it hoping to download it onto my...
    2 Entertainment 36
  30. Who is ready to see Paranormal Activity 2?
    It's supposedly coming out sometime in 2010...get ready. Who's excited? (Trailer linked below)
    10 Entertainment 17
  31. Who is ready to see the "Eclipse" movie based off the Twilight books?
    I believe it comes out soon. Photo and trailer attached!
    26 Entertainment 42
  32. What ever happend to pauly shore?
    What ever happend to pauly shore I herd he was makeing a movie called oppisite day but I havnt seen any trailer or any thing
    2 Entertainment 53
  33. What is a really good video editing software?
    I really want to make my own trailers, with credits kinda like this : What do i use?
    4 Technology 17
  34. HALO 3: ODST
    Who has seen trailers (& what not) for Halo 3: ODST & thinks that it looks absolutely AWE-SOME???! =) (yeah, girls play video games too!)
    7 Gaming 38
  35. When is the final fantasy 7 remake out?
    I saw a trailer for the remake like 2 years ago, I know its coming out, but has anyone any idea when? Loves that game!
    4 Gaming 14
  36. Devil May Cry movie question
    I have heard that in 2010, Devil May Cry will come with a movie with real people and My question is: Do you have a link where I can see a trailer of the movie that maybe tell me the info about the movie?
    3 Gaming 42
  37. Does anyone know where, and if, I can find "Louder Than Words" by Mariposa Lane Music?
    Its used in the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 trailer.
    2 Music 12
  38. what kind of movies are good for 3d in movie theathers?
    i have seen the trailer of step up in 3d and in my opinion i think the only good movies for 3d are action movies, i mean who is going to see the difference of 3d in this step up movie or a romantic comedy is hard to see that. What do you think?
    4 Entertainment 12
  39. Is there a limit on how far a processor can be overclocked?
    I know there are limitations in terms of heat e.g. you need very good cooling because the CPU gets too hot but is there a limit that the os to speak or a limit on the motherboard? Thanks
    3 Technology 12
  40. How to open bookstore for school project?
    We are doing a slideshow on businesses we would like to open and we need to find info on costs of utilities, supplies, everything...can someone give me a good website to look on?
    2 Education 19
  41. Verbal Agreement between roommates?
    My roommates & I had a verbal agreement for me to not help pay the utility bills They wait almost 2 years without a word, till.. I shared a place with 3 guys. I later landed a job in another state. Before leaving I told the roommates that I wouldn't be...
    2 Homegarden 39
  42. When does Vampire Diaries come out?
    Is the vampire diaries a tv show or a movie because I saw a trailer on youtube and a CW website and got really confused but it looked amazing and I am just about to the read the first book so it would be wicked if it was a tv show. if it is a movie or ...
    6 Entertainment 42
  43. What are the best iPhone 4S apps that start with the letter "I"?
    They can be any,any other category, entertainment,utilities,books,finance,social Networking,medical,etc. Those are some of the categories on my iPhone 4S so can anyone tell me the best apps that start with I?? I know it sounds stupid ...
    3 Technology 26
  44. Resident Evil!!!
    Is anyone else in love with this series? I don't care if it's the games of the movies I'm addicted to Resident Evil 4. a new movie is coming out December 30th called Resident Evil: Degeneration. Watch the trailer, it looks AMAZING!
    11 Gaming 38
  45. Puppy problems
    My puppy is 7 months old now and shes a westie. I keep her in our utility room when im out and at night and shes happy in there... She has nibbled the corners of the skirting board but not to much damage. As she is getting older I want her to start b...
    2 Pets 25
  46. How do you think AVP is going to turn out?
    OK...I just watched the trailer for the new game Alien vs. Predator. It looks awesome. The cg is great. My boyfriend has pre-ordered AVP...How else has done the same, and what do you think it will be like?
    3 Gaming 26
  47. How to monitor any changes in file & folder in a file server
    I want to do auditing on file server win 2003. I want to find logs for file/folder creation,deletion,create share,delete share...etc. Please suggest some good monitoring utilities for the same purpose Any suggestions would be appreciable !
    2 Technology 17
  48. Who else is depressed about the look of the new Devil May Cry game?
    I just saw the trailer for the new "DMC" game. Made their new character "Dante" looks way to emo teenage angst :(. Why couldn't they just have left it alone T_T
    5 Gaming 40
  49. What are some songs that can relate to the themes and events of the book "A Seperate Peace" by John Knowles?
    I'm supposed to make a photo presentation with the song (Or it could just be a soundtrack) and need a good song that could fit with the mood of the book. I want to imagine it sort of like a movie trailer.
    2 Literature 34
  50. How can my dads 1994 chevy dually (454) be on Overhaulin?
    My dad works 7 days a week almost every week in Galveston. As you know hurricane Ike came to Galveston and destroyed so much. One of the those was my families home. Now my Dad, Mom, an younger brothers live in a fema trailer on two acres of land. My da...
    2 Entertainment 50
  51. Mandy, will your cover of "Umbrella" be released for purchase?
    I love the cover version! I can't seem to find anywhere that sells this track. Has it been released for purchase? or if not when will it be? Hope all is well with the tour, I heard you canceled a concert, hopefully nothing too serious! Oh, when wi...
    2 Music 7
  52. What about Geos?
    I hate seeing these commercials for cars that get an "amazing" 32 mpg. My dad had a 1994 Geo metro that got 45! I definitely think that they should start making Geos again. I know that there are hybrids, but a 2009 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid 2WD Sport U...
    5 Environment 23
  53. Twilight Annoyences...
    Okay just for randomness has anyone found things in Twlight that is completly wrong that most dont notice? Example: look at the scene where Edward saves Bella from the van. She has headphones in her ears but in the book she says that she doesnt like mu...
    5 Entertainment 30
  54. Would you kick your cousin out because your boyfriend thinks there's something going on?
    my moms bf told her to kick her cousin out or else he was going to leave, her bf has barley been here for about 3 months and has barely started giving my mom money for rent, food, utilities. hes always accusing her of stuff. i told her that this was go...
    9 Family 41
  55. This is one twisted dream... What's it supposed to mean?
    Ok so I had this dream last night: A was a guy, in a trailer, and I was making myself "happy". And it was like I actually had a penis, it felt really real. Then I j*cked off, and while I was doing that, I snapped off my penis (like lego) and I squeeze...
    4 General 24
  56. Am I getting ripped off?
    My husband and I recently signed a lease to house sit for 2 years. The deal is this: We pay $400 a month, take care of their cat, garden, plants, home, yardwork, shoveling snow, etc. They pay for all the utilities. They don’t want us doing anything to ...
    3 Homegarden 37
  57. Do people really like "Die antwoord" band from South Africa?
    I have seen a few interviews where people say how much they love Die antwoord but I mean seriously? People in SA hate them and see them as Trailer trash. My opinion is that they give SA a really bad name by touring international and saying this is Sout...
    2 Music 12
  58. Who knows there'll be a season 5 of zoey 101?
    About 4 months ago, I checked up on zoey 101's wikipedia, and it said there would be a season 5 starring Jamie Lynn and the cast and BRITNEY would be principal but it's not there anymore. people said they saw a trailer for it and it would be on 21st De...
    5 Entertainment 95
  59. Who know's what the name of these two song's from JerseyShore are. ?
    In the trailer when they are at the club what song is that .? it sounds like uh huh your goin home with me .then in season 2 episode 1 what is the song when its torward the end of the episode and they are the club .?Sounds like whyyyy cant you say you...
    2 Entertainment 56
  60. I saw a ghost...
    Really I saw a ghost when I was like 7 or 8 years old. So I'm gonna explain what I saw and where bla bla bla then mabey it wasen't a ghost or somthing so you tell me . Ok so I was sleep in my backyard in a trailler alone. Because I though it was fun a...
    7 Religion 33
  61. How do I find out my direction in life?
    I am 38 and I still havent found out what I want to be when I "grow up"! I have had several diverse jobs but none of them really fulfilled me and I can't help thinking that this is how the rest of my life is going to go. I know what things give me ...
    11 Money 38
  62. Would this water be safe to bathe in, or brush my teeth with?
    Okay, so when you look at the attached photo, you'll see something rusty colored over our drain (and yeah, the bathtub looks horrible too), which was some scrubber that didn't really work for me, so it's used to catch water from the leaky faucet.. and ...
    5 Health 28
  63. How can I find Lexxi my pony?
    I was wondering if anyone knew how I could find my pony who was swapped for another pony? What happened was that my mum swapped my pony for another pony in england (im from scotland) and the woman who got my pony was horrible and she tried to force her...
    3 Pets 34
  64. ATV transmissions Manual VS. Auto
    I currently have a 2005 polaris trailblazer, my dad has a DS 650(race ready) and I was thinking about using his or getting a raptor, would it be that differrent to ride considering mine has an auto transmission, would it take long to adjust into powers...
    3 Sports 58
  65. Polish speakers needed!! (translation)
    Its from a little gadget in my home. (its Polish I think) Here it is: Utilize o regulador no topo do difusor para ajustar a intensidade da fragrancia (1: Intensidade minima. 5: Intensidade maxima). And this too: Para substituir a recarga, re...
    3 General 43
  66. What should I fight this guy?
    Theres this guy that keeps callin me a white cracker trailer trash/ white c*m face/ snowball and whole class laughs the guy is black & almost my whole class is white I dont why they hes kind of talking about all of them as well one day I thought about ...
    6 Education 60
  67. What can I do to improve my Media Film story?
    Im making a film trailer in media and I need peoples opinions on my film story or what I should do to it My story plan is about a girl who you dont see in the film because the camra is her and you only see her in pictures and in the mirror.She is the...
    2 Education 46
  68. How can I get regular visitors to my site?
    I wanted to know if there is any better way of advertising your site.. I am currently using google and yahoo paid advertising so that I can get my website in sponsored list. I get a lot of traffic when advertising but when I stop the ads there are lite...
    2 Money 14
  69. Pain during sex
    Hey everyone, it's been awhile I know but at least I'm here now. I have a problem, I've noticed that on 3 occasions now that sex is becoming very painful and I don't know why. The 1st time was last week and the other two times this week. The pain is n...
    6 Sex 53
  70. Stray dog
    We have a stray dog that lives under our trailer and it's getting out of control recently it came full force chargeing at me luckly I had a large stick with me and I hit the groung hrad to try to make a loud noise and thank god it worked but the dog is...
    7 Pets 31
  71. Who's excited for the Clique?
    Has anybody read the CLique Books? I have and I love them to death. I am completly and utterly obsessed. I can not tell you how much I am! I love them! So my question anybody as excited for Claires story the movie and P.s I loathe you to come o...
    5 Entertainment 10
  72. My parents think I'm turning out like my sister!?!
    So, I'm in college, a freshman and 18. My parents won't let me move in with another friend, we are both female. I think they think I'm going to turn out like my sister, She is married and has 2 kids, a GED, makes mininum wage, her husband won't get a j...
    10 Family 45
  73. Eviction, is this legal?
    I have a friend who's family was told by their landlord that they had 24 hours to leave the trailer they were renting. In high school I took a class on business law and I am sure that a landlord has to give at least 30 days notice to a renter before ki...
    10 Homegarden 38
  74. I want to get a job that will pay a good
    Okaii so I want to get a job that will pay a good amount but I'm not sure what I should do as I'm only 15 and I'm trying to get enough money for a flat either next year or year after... so I will be busy doing easy jobs like dog walking etc. and a few ...
    2 Money 31
  75. What are performance tips for Windows XP?
    My laptop is about a year old, and I don't know much about computers even though I work on one all day. To keep it running well, I only do a few things: defrag hard drive delete temp files / (run disk cleanup utility) windows update for the latest patc...
    3 Technology 20
  76. How do I tell if my Shihtzu is pregnant
    My shih tzu, I think is pregnant she has thrown up three times, her teets are huge shes not been eating as much as usual, shes been really lazy, and when we take her on walks she refuses to go more than 100 ft. and our 12 yr old shih tzu has no proble...
    3 Pets 251
  77. Not fitting in with family
    This Christmas, me and my mom are planning to go visit our family in Virginia. I feel a little excited but at the same time I kinda hate the idea. The reason why is because I feel like I really don't fit in with hardly anyone up there. I feel like I'm ...
    2 Family 112
  78. Two things you guys can help me with ( if you have the time :) ) First : How can I make my skin really pale?
    I put 30 sunblock on all the time, its done a little, i think there's a 45 in my mums car, but is there any other options that work hell of a lot quicker?? Second: If you can do anything like make-up and can make scars, can someone tell me how to do...
    5 Style 11
  79. Should abortions be mandatory for those under the legal age of adulthood?
    In Australia the legal adult age is 18 and I beleive that kids under that age (or what it adult age is in ur country) should not be aloud to have a say in what happened to the kid (if they are pregnant) why? because what kid has the means to suport a k...
    22 Sex 23
  80. How to tell my Mom that I want to move out?
    I'm 17 and I want to have some more room to grow. I have talk to many people about wanting to move out of my house. I have already been accepted to college and I almost have enough money to get a car. I have a job 25 hrs a week and I still manage to ge...
    8 Family 136
  81. Is this Big Brother?
    California: Add thermostats to the list of private property the government would like to regulate as the state of California looks to require that residents install remotely monitored temperature controls in their homes next year. The government is see...
    7 Politics 22
  82. Making me take 4 classes
    I wrote on here a week or so ago about my parents, Now they told me I have to go to school full-time to stay on their insurance. I have been paying for my school for a year, I had to buy my own desktop computer (I wanted a laptop), I was told by my d...
    3 Family 8
  83. Why as a one time convicted felon can I find employment?
    I was convicted in 2004 with a drug felony charge. The sad part of it is I had never been in any trouble before nor since then. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I even have an affidavit from my attorney signed by my co-defendant that I had n...
    4 Money 163
  84. Do you think I should be allowed to move out?
    Alright here is my position. When I was 8 years old my dad was put in prison and my sister which at the time was I believe 14 or 15 was just getting out of JDC(Juvinial Detention Center) and getting ready to move in with her 21 year old boyfriend whom ...
    7 Family 36
  85. How do I make my friend feel safer?
    There is this 12 year old girl that I tutor. I tutor her in Math. (I know I have been asking a lot of questions today but this one just happened.) I tutor her on Sundays,Wednesdays,Fridays, and sometimes Saturdays. She has a VERY bad home life. She has...
    4 Sex 29
  86. How can I get more traffic to my home-based business site?
    I own a home based business. Over 45 days ago, I invested in a business opportunity, that involves connecting customers to Loan authorities; regarding Mortgages, First time Home Loans, Refinancing, & Debit Consolidation. I have my web site up & running...
    2 Money 23
  87. Should I stay in this unequal marriage?
    I have been married now for 26 years. We both always worked and different shifts. In the beginning I did not mind. I had friends and family to keep busy with. Then a few years later the kids came. When the kids came nothing changed. He never help...
    3 Sex 32
  88. How to organize a successful Harvest Festival?
    I am an 18 year old girl and I want to organize a harvest festival at my church to help raise money for a youth group trip this winter. We need a total of $2800.00. and we already have raised $1042.00 so we are a little under halfway there. we have a...
    2 Entertainment 119
  89. What are my chances of winning Social Security Disability?
    Thanks to all that Answer in Advance, iam a 41 Male but closer to 42 , but I look more like 32 to be honest, I was a tractor Trailer Driver, had a bad accident, Now iam Suffering From 5 Herniated Dics, Fatigue, Dizzyness, Server Lower back pain, and Se...
    2 Health 19
  90. quarantine movie reviews
    I just finished watching the movie Quarantine (2008) and I want to know what you think of it. I thought it was pretty basic when I saw the trailer. people are stuck in a building full of zombie-like people, and they are stuck inside, blah blah blah......
    3 Entertainment 65
  91. Do you think this short story is well written?
    A news broadcast blared on every T.V in the country as it reported a letter found written by a straight "A" honor student. "I remember like it was just yesterday. My favorite pet, Deamon, a small black and white cat had vanished. Youth ...
    3 Literature 44
  92. What would be a good title for this short story i wrote for a class theme on lies? I dont want to name it lies because it seems to cliche
    A news broadcast blared on every T.V in the country as it reported a letter found written by a straight "A" honor student. "I remember like it was just yesterday. My favorite pet, Deamon, a small black and white cat had vanished. Youth a...
    3 Literature 40