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  1. What church should I go to?
    What church should I go to?
    2 Politics 27
  2. Do you go to church?
    28 Religion 43
  3. what is church of magick?
    what is church of magick?
    2 Politics 56
  4. Why can't you get married by church again after you've been married by church in the past?
    7 Religion 54
  5. Afraid of Churches?
    Is it evil to be afraid of churches?
    11 Religion 48
  6. What's the difference between bible churches and regular churches?
    What's the difference between bible churches and regular churches? My curiosity aroused.
    5 Religion 51
  7. When was the Baptist Church started and by whom?
    When was the Baptist Church started and by whom?
    4 Religion 71
  8. How long should a church service be?
    How long should a church service be?
    2 Religion 63
  9. Does your church have missionaries?
    Does your church have Missionaries? Just wondering.
    5 Religion 25
  10. How can I promote a church of christ website?
    How can I promote a church of christ website?
    2 Politics 15
  11. What are the Sacraments of the Cathlic Church?
    What are the Sacraments of the Cathlic Church? Just wondering.
    5 Religion 53
  12. Want church do you go to and how big is it ?
    Want church do you go to and how big is it ?
    8 Religion 50
  13. What does it mean to dream of a burning church?
    3 Religion 708
  14. What's the relationship between Church and State?
    What is the relationship between church and state? Do you agree with that relationship? Why? Why not? Should there be a separation between church and State?
    4 Religion 37
  15. Any of you attend church today?
    Any of you attend church today? If so, how was it? I went to church, and, it was great!
    9 Religion 44
  16. Church home
    Will I still go to heaven if I don't have a church home?
    9 Religion 25
  17. How can the local church help to heal the community?
    How can the local church help to heal the community?
    2 Politics 18
  18. Can I attend lutheran churches if I m not a member?
    Can I attend lutheran churches if I m not a member?
    2 Politics 18
  19. Who went to church today?
    Who went to church today? I did, I needed to go!
    18 Religion 29
  20. Why Go to Church to Worship?
    If God is everywhere, why do you have to go to church to worship him?
    41 Religion 62
  21. How did vatican city reform the catholic church?
    How did vatican city reform the catholic church?
    2 Religion 23
  22. Can someone tell me why people hate church people??
    31 Religion 73
  23. Church+gays
    Can you make your confirmation if you are homosexual?
    20 Sex 52
  24. Why do you think separation of church and state is inviolable?
    3 Religion 12
  25. Why do Catholics have to eat that host when they go to church?
    15 Religion 93
  26. What are your thoughts on churches banning interracial couples?
    19 Religion 25
  27. what is the prayer that is said during catholic church services?
    6 Religion 23
  28. What are the circumstances under which an excommunicated Catholic can be readmitted into the church, if at all?
    6 Religion 23
  29. Why do people get confirmed into the Catholic Church?
    9 Religion 81
  30. How can I found church addresses in cedar bayou texas?
    How can I found church addresses in cedar bayou texas?
    2 Politics 11
  31. Advertisement how to convince a teenager to go to church?
    What advertisement I can make on how to convince a teenager to go to church?
    9 Religion 90
  32. Who knows what the Church Of Scientology is?
    Who knows what the Church Of Scientology is? and do you know what they believe? and finally, are you apart of the church? (are you a Scientologist)
    8 Religion 43
  33. ???my mom does not like my church???
    well my mom does not like my church but you cant keep me away from my church what should I do
    4 Religion 39
  34. Church fundraisers
    What are some fundraisers we can do to get money for youth camp
    3 Money 48
  35. Why does my friend's mom hate me because I dont go to church?
    10 Religion 50
  36. What:Is God going to be mad if i left the church i'm in?
    47 Religion 30
  37. Have you heard of universal churches?
    They ask for so much money what to they do with it???
    2 Religion 12
  38. Is anyone active in church?
    Is anyone active in church? If so, what sorts of activities does your Pastor have you all get involved in?
    14 Religion 46
  39. Does your church have Pot Lucks every other Sunday or something?
    Does your church have Pot Lucks every other Sunday or something? Just wondering.
    4 Religion 13
  40. Does anyone play the Organ or Piano in church?
    Does anyone play the Organ, or Piano in church? If Yes, what hymns do you play?
    2 Music 75
  41. Who going to church tomorrow?
    The question is whos going to church tomorrow. I am I love church and we should all attend. JUst a curiosity!
    10 Religion 48
  42. Does your church have Fast and testimony?
    Does your church have fast and testimony? If your church does something like that when does it occur? I can tell you, ours does it once a month.
    3 Religion 30
  43. who believes that if you get out of church bad things will start happening?
    18 Religion 17
  44. Why does Catholicism have big churches?
    Why do they have big buildings like the Vatican? It's puzzling...
    11 Religion 23
  45. What are some major beliefs of the catholic church?
    I was just wondering what some major beliefs for catholics are. Detailed please :)
    3 Politics 44
  46. What is the church's teaching on same sex marriage?
    What is it? What is your opinion? Please tell
    23 Sex 45
  47. What does the Church of Scientology believe?
    What does the Church of Scientology believe? I've heard some things about them and I was just wondering what they actually believe.
    7 Religion 34
  48. Which church is closest to Greek Orthodox beliefs?
    There is no Greek Orthodox church anywhere around my home. What church would be the closest to my Greek Orthodox beliefs?
    15 Religion 945
  49. What do you think about people planning a trip to a casino to raise money for a church?
    6 Money 24
  50. What Do you like about your Church?
    If you dont go then ... well ... uh, yeah. lol =)
    20 Religion 39
  51. Is it bad that I'm agnostic but I still go to church because my parents tell me to?
    6 Religion 61
  52. Does every church??
    ask to give ten percent of their earnings every sunday!
    12 Religion 26
  53. Do you think there is true separation of Church and State?
    In the United States, is there true separation of church and state? and if not, does each religion receive the same consideration?
    5 Politics 13
  54. Church grounded?
    do you think my mom has the right to ground me from going to church?I an the only christian in the family so they don't get it.
    13 Religion 41
  55. how to get donations for my church?
    Does anyone know how I could get some information on how to get donations for my church? Please let me know.
    6 Religion 216
  56. Why is it that the Johovah's witness people are the only ones that come knocking on your door to attend their church?
    51 Religion 62
  57. Does it make a difference if you go to church to pray and ask for forgiveness of your sins or do it home?
    17 Religion 67
  58. What does the church say about cigarette production?
    what does the church say about this? can anybody tell me a good link/site on the information about this? THANKYOU
    7 Religion 41
  59. Can a muslim get married in a macedonian orthodox church?
    Can a muslim girl get married in a macedonian orthodox church without converting to her macedonian fionce?
    6 Religion 205
  60. Who can tell me a little about the gothic church?
    Can anyone give me at least an opening paragraph about the gothic church(cathedral)??
    3 Religion 14
  61. What is a good duet song for a girl and boy to sing in church?
    I am in a singing com, and need a good song for a girl and guy to sing in church.
    2 Music 131
  62. Men who go to church
    How are men to act when they attend church? Nice? Are men not their real self? Do they act differently at home?
    8 Religion 12
  63. Is not going to Church wrong?
    I'm Christian and I believe in God, but I have not been to church for several months. and before that several years. Is that wrong?
    28 Religion 382
  64. Need money to build a church
    Can anyone help us build or buy a church that is no longer in use
    8 Religion 193
  65. Why do people at my church either tell me to cut my hair or pick on me because of it?
    what should i do? should i cut my hair right now before tomorrow morning before church?
    25 Style 35
  66. Seperation of church and state in the Constitution?
    Do you think the constitution supports the serperation of church and state? Why or why not? Intelligent debate please.
    12 Religion 39
  67. Anyone that attends church, do you all have a kind Pastor? or Not?
    Anyone that attends church do you all have a kind Pastor? Or not? Just wondering. I know for me, I have a kind and sweet leader in my church. He has the spirit. Would that be the same for your pastors?
    10 Religion 23
  68. What is church
    Why do christians leave denominational religion? Is there a site or magazine for believers that have had it with forms with no power religion?
    13 Religion 28
  69. what shhould i take to sleep away camp for 4 days, im going with this church?
    2 Travel 17
  70. What to wear to church?
    My baby cousin is getting baptised and I dont know what knd of stuff to wear to a church . . . I hate church and I never go so I dont know what to wear
    15 Style 105
  71. The Synagogue church of all nations
    Nobody has answered my question about T. B. Joshua of the Synagogue church of all nations (SCOAN). Is he really a man of God.
    4 Religion 53
  72. How does confession work in the Catholic Church?
    How does confession work in the Catholic church? Does the Preast help you repent? And if any of you happen to be Catholic, do you feel better when confessing your sins? Just curious.
    5 Religion 60
  73. What do you know about the United Penacostal church?
    Just curious, what do you know about the United Penacostal Church? Are they different then some religions? My second part to this, how strict are they? as far as rules?
    3 Religion 61
  74. Do I have to go to church every sunday?
    is not attending a mass every sunday,,(roman catholoc)decrease my faith in the Creator?
    9 Religion 74
  75. Where could I get LDS Church ringtones for my cell phone?
    Where could I get LDS Church ringtones for my cell phone? I've been looking for ringtones from my church. If you know any websites to find them, I'd appreciate it.
    2 Technology 183
  76. Can I still go to heaven even if I dont go to church?
    Can I still go to heaven even if I dont go to church but as long as im a good person and helps the ones in need?
    14 Religion 159
  77. Have you ever fallen at church and your arms touched the floor?
    ladies have you ever fell on the floor at church? you have on long or short sleeves? did your arms touch the floor? im just curious
    5 Religion 29
  78. Gay-bashing Churches
    if churches are supposed to be accepting all of the community...then why do they gaybash people??? I dont find that very christion like at all!!!
    24 Religion 54
  79. Will you be bless if you dont attend church?
    I attend church , but I have"nt been to church in the last three sundays. Will god stop blessing me just because I miss church, someone said how do I expect god to bless me if I don't give him some of my time.
    7 Religion 38
  80. Christians that don't go to church?
    Why is it if someone doesn't go to church people automatically believe that you're 1) not a Christian or 2) you're a bad Christian? You don't have to go to church to worship god so why is it people look down on those that don't go?
    16 Religion 143
  81. Avoid going to church
    Ok my mom keeps bugging me about going to church tomorrow,I don't even want to go because well I don't like it as much as I use t,how do I avoid it.
    5 Family 70
  82. why churches teach all is going to heaven???
    I want to know why all these churches are telling every that they are all going to heaven, that is not what I read in the bible, but all they talking earth burning up and we all going to heaven or hell.
    12 Religion 66
  83. Has anyone heard of Charlotte Church?
    Has anyone heard of Charlotte Church? She is an Opera Singer that's been on many broadway shows I believe and others. I love some of her songs. So, if anyone has heard of her, what do you all think?
    3 Music 9
  84. Do you think that the sale of three churches for $1 is a sign that Catholicism is beginning to fade?
    3 Religion 37
  85. Is it compulsory for everyone to have communion in Catholic Church?
    Is it compuslory for everyone to take Holy Communion in a Roman Catholic Church? I am doing a school project on it and I can't find the answer anywhere! Thanks
    4 Religion 28
  86. Rules for divorce cases by catholic churches?
    Can anyone let me know wht are the rules for divorce cases by catholic churches. Do they grant divorce if both partners are willing ? I heard they dont ? How long before they do finally grant the divorce?
    3 Religion 25
  87. How can a pagan go to a church gathering and not offend anyone?
    Well I am pagan and my mother invited me to a church gathering with her I politly said no thank you buit she kept on she does not know I am pagan. yet,.
    5 Religion 42
  88. Places to get donations for a church?
    I want to build a church for my christian members so I'm looking for adresses like Oprah to ask for donation and others if you know them
    8 Religion 1345
  89. What does it mean when a lady who has given birth is "churched"?
    I am reading a book set in the 1400's and the main character is "churched" after delivering her babies and before she can resume relations with her husband.
    2 Religion 46
  90. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints??
    well I want to know what religion they have and explain a little bit about the rules and stuff in this type of church.
    8 Religion 46
  91. What is a testamony for church, I need help with ideas?
    What is a testimony. I'm supposed to come up with one before my next youth group meeting at my church, but I don't fully understand it.
    5 Religion 26
  92. Random Church Question..
    Another random thought.. Are woman preachers too? Like, are they allowed? Cause all the churches I went to/ know has a dude preachin'. Idunno, random thought.
    10 Religion 36
  93. What do you think of the new app to confess instead of going to the church?
    I think this is crazy, why they dont make an app to get married in the iphone that would be cool.
    4 Technology 13
  94. What's the right day to go to Church?
    What is the exact day to go to church ?Because I go on an saturday and people at my church say that day is when jesus was rising but I dont understand because you still worshiping god and it dont really matter what day you go on along as you go?
    9 Religion 76
  95. Talking about their own church
    I have a friend that goes to church and she keeps talking about that our youth service is boring that her friends is better than ours that makes me feel really bad because is like she was talking about god ,me and my pastor.what should I tell her about...
    7 Religion 22
  96. Is sex stuff sinful in the Catholic Church?
    Is M*stu*bat*on, bl*wj*bs, ha*dj*bs, j*ck*ng off etc. a sin? In the Catholic Church
    13 Sex 49
  97. is it wrong to wear chains to church?
    I'm a christian but I also like to have my own style. every time I try to wear my chains to church my parents get all pissy. they do the same thing when I wear my skate gloves. is it wrong to dress like that for church???
    8 Religion 34
  98. Online Churches
    Our family stopped going to church a while ago; but I still want to stay connected to God and learn about him. Are there any churches online that might have videos of sermons once a week? This is what I am looking for. Thanks, Rach
    5 Religion 36
  99. the catholic church "branches"
    why are there so many different kinds of 1 religion? there is roman catholic greek orthidox prespiterian christian why are there so many different kinds? please mind my spelling
    6 Religion 67
  100. Why do women have to cover their hair in some Church's - specifically Lutheran?
    Just curious. Started going to church with my new g/f and noticed during the service all the women cover their hair with a scarf. I have seen in before just never really knew why.
    7 Religion 38
  101. Catholic Church
    I was just wondering why the Catholic Church seems to put so much emphasis on the the Virgin Mary. I have several Catholic friends, all who know the "hail Mary" thing, but none of them seem to know why they worship Mary. Just wondering if any of you (C...
    10 Religion 35
  102. How is it wrong by going to a different church?
    I was born and raised catholic. My family doesnt go to church on sundays that often anymore. But for a year a I have been singing in a amazing church choir at a presbyterain church and loving it! But it has raised a couple eye brows with some members o...
    13 Religion 51
  103. Why won't the church unify
    Eph. 4 says we are to all come into the unity of the faith but it seems like a new division (denomination) starts every week. Why? Apostlequestjohn
    19 Religion 41
  104. Is it wrong to go to church just to hang out with friends?
    hang out with your friends? I Just dont know. All this seems so hard to believe! I mean, no offense to ANYBODY out there, but I just dont understand. How can you believe? It just seems so fictional! Will I have a moment where I will realize and believe...
    7 Religion 74
  105. What if I'm confused about the Church scene?
    i go to church and im in the youth group and im a councler at bible camp but i dont know what to believe in i always just believed what i was told but im kind of haveing seccond thoughts
    13 Religion 44
  106. How can I start going to church?
    I was raised in a family that doesn't go to church or practise any religion, but between my own curiousity & what I have been / am being taught by my christian friends, I want to start going to church. I'm a little afraid because I have no one to go wi...
    17 Religion 212
  107. How can I get my daddy to come to church?
    I'm a Christian and as you know thats more than going to church and readind the bible which is all my dad does but I want him to be saved and and in a relationship with Christ how can I get him in church. please I afraid he will die unsaved and go t...
    17 Religion 36
  108. How can I tell my church crush that I like him?
    is a boy at my church that i like but he asked my Friend out but she said no. i told her i liked him She said that was ok(cuz she did not) I want to tell him i like him but i am shy and i have known him for 7 years We are both in 7th grade. ...
    2 Relationships 38
  109. How many bars & churchs are in Montana?
    Ok well I live in Montana, and there is this joke that there are as many bars as churches in Montana - which I have to say could be true. But I was wondering is there any where to look up an approximate number for either one?? Any Ideas? so far goog...
    2 General 20
  110. my parents wont let me go to church with my boyfriend
    Well my boyfriends papaw died while ws at bball practice and I really need to be there for him so I ask my parents if I could go to church with him and I tried to explain y but my parents won't listen what should I do?
    6 Relationships 76
  111. Why am I so afraid to give my testimony in Church?
    I join the Church of Jeezus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and, when we have free time to share testamony, I'm always so afraid to speak in front of people. How come I'm so afraid to speak in front of people? And, also, How come I'm so afraid to share my...
    5 Religion 70
  112. Why do people act crazy in church?
    i mean its not a concert its church.dancing shouting screaming and a scary silver flag flapping up and down the country side!i had 2 laugh at the dancing tho was 2 funny.but is that suppose 2 happen at a church?
    14 Religion 82
  113. What's it like to be married in this church?
    For those who might or might not be members of the Church of Jezus Christ of Later Day saints: I would like to to know what its like to be married and sealed in the temple? Well, the reason why I'm asking this, is because I'm a member of the church. I ...
    3 Religion 10
  114. What to wear to church to impress a guy?
    what should I wear to church tomorrow it needs to be kinda nice, but still kinda casual I'm not real into skirts and dresses either any ideas would be a huge help ...and well...I'm kinda trying to impress a guy too keep that in consideration
    5 Relationships 56
  115. How can I make my mum happy apart from going to church?
    I make my mom upset by not wanting to go to chuch in the morning and when I dont go she takes away everything like I did somthing to put me in to juvi. what can I do to make her happy or cheer her up beides going to church very early on sunday mornings.
    9 Religion 36
  116. Im going to a church camp this summer and im gonna have to wear shorts like everyday but i cut myself and i have scars on my legs so how do i hide that?
    How can i make my lips bigger without surgery is there a certain product that will do this for me
    6 Style 15
  117. There is this guy that I catch staring at me during church but when I look at him he doesn't look away. Why does he do this?
    He is 6 years older than me but in our culture that's perfectly normal and his parents are like 10 years apart. He lives close to me and we used to hang out a lot.
    6 Relationships 62
  118. Mormon church should lose tax exempt status?
    It was revealed that the Mormon church was one of the biggest donors behind Prop 8 in California that stripped gay / lesbian couples of the right to, now that they've gone & played politics, they should lose their tax excempt status, right?
    20 Politics 89
  119. Churches against murder
    How come it is that all churches are against murder yet they all have a cross? If you look back into a cross is a murder weapon. It killed jesus and countless other people? All these very religious people wear crosses yet are against murder. Shouldn'...
    18 Religion 125
  120. How common is it for youth in USA to go to church?
    I just see here on FA that there's a lot of young people talking about church, and it's so weird to me. I'm from Norway, and during my whole life, I've been to church 6 times, and all of those was funerals. I'm not baptized, and NONE of my friends all ...
    3 Religion 25
  121. What impact did the Church have on everyday life during the European Middle Ages?
    Okay, so I'm working on this really important project (500 points) and I'm supposed to have 2 paragraphs about the church's impact, but I can't find anything on google. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you guys!
    6 Education 16
  122. Why stress the difference in church denominations ?
    Is not the spliting of churches from their roots contrary to the Word of God? Our faith is not in men ( or women ), or any thought they may have, for all are imperfect and will err. The formation , or conformation, of or to a specific denomination woul...
    3 Religion 12
  123. Ideas for cute church outfits
    Yeah I need ideas for cute church outfits. I hate dresses and ill only wear if I absolutly have to. I was thinking something like black leggings with a grayishh sweater thing on top and some color high heels. But I don't know, just show me what I shoul...
    2 Style 68
  124. Daily Separation of Church and State Quiz
    Who said the following: "In regard to religion, mutual toleration in the different professions thereof is what all good and candid minds in all ages have ever practised, and, both by precept and example, inculcated on mankind."
    6 Religion 29
  125. Dumb for wearing uggs in summertime in church?
    Okay, last christmas I got a pair of uggs, & didn't really wear them cause I didn't have any jeans that 'looked good' with them. So today I went shopping & bought a pairof straight legged jeans to go with them. Its still summertime & I was wanting to w...
    4 Style 35
  126. Can you be a christian and not go to church?
    Can you be a christian and not go to church? I know things about being one like praying everyday, reading bible, etc. But I've kinda stopped that bc I have no way of getting there bc I cant drive yet. and I moved in with my fiance and his family and th...
    12 Religion 60
  127. What do people do with divorce and the Catholic Church?
    If your answer is no the church does not grant divorce then wht does one do ? like my fren is livin in with this married guy and he says catholic churches dunt grant divorce. How does she live her life with him wont it be a sin ? and it would be agains...
    4 Religion 25
  128. If you dont go to church, do you go to Hell?
    If you don't go to church, does that mean you go to hell automatically? I don't believe that's true at all! It doesn't make you a bad person, nor does it make you a satanist... There are plenty of ruthless people that go to church. There are so many hy...
    13 Religion 217
  129. Would you attend church with your child if they asked you too (for non-christians)?
    Im an athiest and me and Chris have been discussing our children lately since we both have very different beliefs. He asked me if one of them asked me to go to church would i go even though its not my beliefs. I personally would if they were under 13 a...
    10 Religion 43
  130. Why if Jesus was modest all the priests , the churches and the Pope wear gold?
    I mean Jesus never wore gold or anything , he was good and modest, but those priests use the name of God to be rich and wear jewlery and expensive stuff and churches made of Gold, but Jesus was born in a manger and live in a modest way. Why these pri...
    6 Religion 40
  131. How to talk to the President of my Church?
    I would like to know how I could ask my Branch President of the Church of Jeezus Christ of Latter Day Saints my personal problems such as relationships? I've been keeping my personal life inside me without telling him. I've been talking to different me...
    4 Sex 15
  132. Should the churches be shut down that kicked out members?
    Recently, one church in my area booted two members (an interracial couple) for voting for Obama. Another required members to go to communion for voting for Obama, as they said it was a "sin". So, given the Church's clear direct interference in polit...
    21 Religion 65
  133. How does it feel for all of you to be baptized in your church?
    Just wondering from your own experiences, how does it feel for all of you to be baptized in your church? I know for me, I felt so different. It also felt so good to have all my sins washed away, and to have the spirit with me. Being baptized into the ...
    4 Religion 65
  134. Should I attend Church?
    I have been invited by a friend to attend church this sunday. I mean, Im not atheist, but I have never practiced religion. I mean, it's just not something my family really does. I. I need some advice. Will I like religion if I attend? I want to...but t...
    8 Religion 44
  135. What if my LDS Church is more supportive than family?
    Would any of you agree with me that my lds church is more suportive then my own family? Well, the reason why I'm asking this is because not only did I have a rough life with my parrents, rest of my family never see me, and they probably could care less...
    2 Religion 10
  136. contemporary church clothes
    I have a really fun, not dressy, youth group on wendsdays. but all of the girls in there are natrually beautiful. I dont wanna look like im trying to hard. I like this really hott guy in there though. there is no rules to what I can wear im wearing dar...
    3 Style 41
  137. My mom wants me to go to church but I don't want to go
    My mom wants me to go to church. I keep giving excuses for why I can't. I am religious in that I believe in God and you must be forgiven for your sins in order to be saved. However, I do not really believe that you have to go to church. I don't know if...
    9 Family 130
  138. Forced to go to church
    I have been going to this one church since I was 5 years old. and I am now 16 almost 17. I started out going valentarily but then just a few years ago I started being forced to go by my parents. I have hated the church that I go to for about over 4 yea...
    15 Religion 165
  139. what song to sing in christmas in church?
    the youth are called to do a performance in church in the evangelistic meeting in church in conjunction to the Christmas eve. I mean there will be non believers coming and I was bursting my veins to figure out the perfect song,but it didnt work.. I al...
    4 Religion 21
  140. Is anyone on funadvice a member of Anton le vay's church of satan?
    Is anyone on funadvice a member of Anton le vay's church of satan? I am fasanated to know. I have read about anton le vays church of satan and from what I have gathered it is not about biblical based rituals, but it leads to the meaning of the wor...
    8 Religion 67
  141. Why I don't go to church is it right, what do you think?
    I had been thinking about going to church then I changed my mind. the first thing that happend was I read The Da Vinci Code and learnd the church was hiding stuff from us. that much absolutly is true, the vatican admitted it, so I'm afraid that I could...
    14 Religion 4
  142. He is only allowed to marry within his church?
    Well I've liked this guy whose name is Jimmy. And well I know he likes me too. I can tell by the way that he looks at me. But we are never going to be able to be together because of his religeon. He is Christian and I found out a couple of days ago fro...
    6 Relationships 36
  143. Church and State!
    The pledge of allegiance question reminded me of this point. If there should be sepperation between church and state, to what do we owe the morals that should (and often do) guide our laws? To clairfy, why do people say it is wrong to do this or that, ...
    5 Sex 13
  144. When voting do you support or reject the church's position ?
    For Catholics only please: Cardinal Edward Egan of New York, the leading Catholic prelate, declared abortion "no less heinous than what was perpetrated by Hitler and Stalin," the Boston Globe reported. The newspaper column was illustrated with a pictur...
    11 Politics 41
  145. Catholic church exhibition about the inquisition, why?
    Everybody who's studied history knows: it's wrong to kill people over religion. Now, the Catholic Church has an exhibition to try to shed some light on this period in their history to also illustrate how people "misunderstand" what happened. Fact: 1.8%...
    6 Religion 39
  146. ii haven't been 2 church iin liike 6monthsz
    ii haven't been 2 church iin liike 6monthsz, when ii used 2 go, all they did was cause arguments, drag ma name in2 iit, and tlk a lot of shyt when ii didnt show upp 1 sunday. ii was thinkin of going baq, when ii get ma tattoo, and go high or drunk. w...
    7 Religion 22
  147. My mom and my church...
    Sorry this is kindof longish... But ok, I love my mom. She is the best mom ever. But I am also really strong in my faith and my mom has stopped going to our church. There are some people there that she doesn't get along with and she is letting them get...
    10 Religion 33
  148. Should there be a respectable dress code for women at church?
    I do because they are then going into a church where these men are trying to reent for committing adultry and here you have these other women who are making it impossible when they go to church looking like they should be going to wild parties.I'm attr...
    20 Religion 66
  149. Why can't I tell my church leader about my phone bill?
    I've been having problems with my cell phone bill. Fortunately, my friend whoes like grandma is also helping me with my finances since I have the visual impairment and been blind since birth. Well, both her and I aren't able to have courage to tell o...
    4 Religion 27
  150. Do I need to have Godparents to join a church?
    I am 16 years old and I am thinking of becoming a christian and joining a church. I want to get christianed but nothing too big, just my dad, mum, brother, sister and my dad's parents. I wanted to know if I need to have godparents as I have been thinki...
    14 Religion 57
  151. Mormon beliefs?
    what are some major beliefs of the mormon church?
    4 Religion 38
  152. what's the word when you are::
    Banned from religion or your church?!
    6 Religion 12
  153. How to convince a teenager
    How to convince a teenager to go to church? What can I do?
    11 Religion 142
  154. Do you all pay tithing?
    Do you all pay tithing? If so, how does it work in your churches?
    14 Religion 43
  155. my mom is forcing me to go to church...
    I am sixteen, and my mom wants to force her religion on me. I was a christian until eighth grade. up until that time, I had been going to church and I was pretty into it. around eighth grade, I became agnostic, and in high school, I became an all ou...
    19 Religion 854
  156. Why Go TO Church to Worship
    (ACTAULLY READ THIS) Okay basically what I'm asking(I'm actually asking this now, it just kinda hit me) Why was the churches originally made? If god was everywhere, why did they have to make a building? & since a building is man made, why wouldn't the...
    13 Religion 38
  157. How do I make my parents go to church with me?
    I wish my parents would go to church with me ..but they always making lousy excuses...the only time they'd go is if I 'm playing a talking donkey or a whale..I think they do that on purpose just to cam record me making a fool of myself in public...and ...
    7 Family 21
  158. How to not be so scared of church?
    okay. im young. I am soo scared of church. I dont know why I guess I was never involved with my churches youth group when I was little and when I meet my friends & went to their youth group I was never treated the same as them because I didn't go there...
    10 Religion 58
  159. Does anyone who KNOWS about the Church help me with my conversion?
    I have seriously considered converting to Catholicism for some time now. I have received good advice from good people and negative advice from people who supposedly think they know everything there is to know about the Catholic Church. I know I can con...
    59 Religion 120
  160. torn apart
    Which church should I go to? I am a Christian.
    7 Religion 24
  161. wicca?
    are there any wicca churches? or is it just a religion you do in your own time? thanks :)
    4 Religion 31
  162. What should I wear to church with him..and is this a date?
    Okay so my friend has been asking me for weeks to go to church w/ him since the first day he met my dad he said we all should go and we made plans for that sunday but my dad went out of town so we couldnt a few weeks later he asked again and I s...
    9 Style 20
  163. Why is my Mom forcing me to go to church camp?
    ok, my mom and I well...get along really good... but lately my older brother and her have been arguing... I thk dats how you spell it...n-e wayz my mom found out that the church is sending teenagers on dis camping camp...ewww! she paid f...
    4 Family 143
  164. Why is my church youth picking favorites?
    We went on a youth trip I had fun because of the ministries and band. My favorite christain band was there I have always wanted 2 meet them personnally he told everyone he was gonna sign autographs the youth told me I can't go. Then the youth leaderwas...
    2 Religion 36
  165. Why am I the bad guy for waking everyone up to go to church?
    I hate the responsibility of waking my family up in the morning! I am always the happy, ready to face the world girl every morning but the husband and the 4 yr old are both the I hate the world, make it stop for me kind of people. I have tried everythi...
    7 Family 37
  166. How can I go to the Church when my pastor treats me this way?
    I'm mad at my pastor and her best friend. They are both 42 years old. Her best friend, who is also a minister in the church and I are supposed to be prayer partners. She became my friend, so I thought, but recently I found out that she has been goi...
    7 Religion 139
  167. What should I do about racism in church?
    Well it's only a problem I've dealth with in Indonesia not anywhere else... I sit down at church and once in a while the pastor will make a joke about black people... He'd make america as an example that black people can't be anything in life...I...
    6 Religion 31
    I belong to a baptist church. been saved and baptised in a baptist church. any body out there of baptist faith. sorry for the word baptist so much lol
    5 Religion 16
  169. Would some of you think Obama's religion is a cult?
    Would some of you think Obama's religion is a cult? They don't discuss this in the news media anymore but, I don't think the trinity church is a church I would attend. Not only do I think it's a cult, but, his pastor that transferred to another churc...
    12 Religion 18
  170. Is my dad going to Hell for this?
    My dad cheated on my mom with two girls. One went to church with me & my dad, and he's been lying about going to church for God. (I think?) Is he going to hell for this?
    13 Family 125
  171. Baptisism for a new christian
    Okay, so I'm a new Christian. I did like a Public Declaration of Christianity sort of thing at my friend's church (now my church?). My question: do I get baptized right away? Or do I wait until the summer (there's like a church campout where you can ge...
    8 Religion 30
  172. Things I bet you've never heard in church
    TOP TEN THINGS YOU NEVER HEAR IN CHURCH... 10. Hey! It's my turn to sit in the front pew. 9. I was so enthralled, I never noticed your sermon went 25 minutes over time. 8. Personally I find witnessing much more enjoyable than golf. 7. I've decided ...
    7 Religion 68
  173. How to get deeper into Gods word
    How to get closer to God if I can't go to church
    9 Religion 134
  174. What would be a good group name?
    I am trying to start a group at my church for college students. Some group names we have at our church are "Collide" "Impact" "Fuel" "Ignite" "Thrive".......what would be a good group name?
    37 Education 33
  175. Does the Illuminati really exist?
    ...and if ''yes'' why?...does church of satan also exist???
    10 Religion 48
  176. Meaning of lyrics.
    What do you all think these mean? This is my church This is where I heal my hurts It's a natural grace Of watching young life shape It's in minor keys Solutions and remedies Enemies becoming friends When bitterness ends This is my church (x3...
    2 Music 8
  177. Does anyone have a spiritual relationship with leaders from Church?
    Does anyone have a spiritual relationship with leaders from church? I can tell you, I do! I love my church leader for he's kind, caring, and is concerned for everyone's spiritual well-being including mine. He won't judge or anything. If you have someth...
    2 Religion 23
  178. How can I know if there is a god
    I left the LDS church and know I dont know if there is a God.. Isthere a God??
    22 Religion 49
  179. who is in their school band??? :D
    who is in their school band(or church band) and either plays the flute or clarinet? if you don't play those then what do you play? I play clarinet and flute. :)
    6 Music 21
  180. Rasing money for youth group
    What are some suggestions of ways you can raise money for youth groups at churches?
    5 Religion 50
  181. Heaven and hell? (sins and death)
    I know this is kind of stupid of me but my mom and I dont go to church. I used to go but we stopped going when we moved out of my home state. Now I go every now and then with my friends to their church. I was wondering what are the seven deadly sins an...
    20 Religion 6
  182. A question for Christians
    Where do we recieve biblical authority for instrumental music in church?
    25 Religion 37
  183. what do you think about this
    I want god in my life but my mmom is always working. and we cant go to church. I dont want to go to a church where I am by my self. and none of my friends go, so like I dont know what to do
    11 Religion 34
  184. What ever you ask in my name...
    Is the power of prayer still available as in the early church?
    8 Religion 46
  185. Do you all dress modestly?
    Do you all dress modestly? If, yes, what kinds of clothing are you most comfortable in? And, if you go to church, are you reserved?
    6 Style 38
  186. Do you have to be baptized to be a Christian?
    I am a strong believer but not baptized. I go to church, pray and do everything that Christians do but just not baptized so can i say that i am a Christian?
    15 Religion 59
  187. Sunday School
    Assuming those who attend church went this sunday...what was discussed during Sunday School? did you get anything out of it?
    5 Religion 18
  188. Do you think I've been to a Satanic Church?
    Okay...When I was about father took me and my cousin on his business trip to Kenya...I remeber it wasn't in Nairobi it was out of town... One day when the sun was almost down..Me and my cousin were playing football...sorry soccer...she kicked i...
    3 Religion 15
  189. Free choise
    You stated that you believe like members of the church of Christ. I was raised in the church and my Dad was an Elder for over fifty years -- Brummell Av church of Christ here in Bridgeport, AL My question is: Would you like to discuss our belief? I...
    2 Religion 14
  190. Is it easy to be mixed up into religions?
    I'm trying to help one of my good friends out. He wants to join the Churcfh I belong to. And that is the Church of Jeezus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He is so confused right now. He joins the United Brethen Church right. And I would like to know wh...
    4 Religion 20
  191. Whats New Orleans like?
    I was invited to go on a church trip to new oreleans with my friend. Whats it like?
    2 Travel 10
  192. Should they be charged with a 'Hate crime' ?
    If the arsonist/s who burned the church where Sarah Palin attends is caught - Should they be charged with a 'Hate crime' ?
    8 Politics 27
  193. What do you think about Jesus?
    I go to church about every sunday and what do you think? my mom says I should go but I don't know help...
    17 Religion 48
  194. Reason for being saved?
    What's the reason for being saved? I don't understand anything about being saved since I'm not a member of any church that talks about being saved. I'm LDS.
    10 Religion 26
  195. boston what the weather is like there?
    I'm going to go to boston over spring break with my church. does anyone know what the weather is like there?
    2 Travel 9
  196. Which religion am I?
    okay, so I wasn't baptized in any particular religion because my parents think church is silly. but my friend takes me to Mormon church when I sleep over on sat. night. does tat make me Mormon because I kind of joined? should I be re-baptized?
    9 Religion 32
  197. Can people of different religions get married?
    I am in a situation where I am a roman Catholic and my Girlfriend is Pentecostal. Adhering to old traditions of getting married within the Brides home church would we be allowed to be married within a Pentecostal church even though that I am not Pentec...
    12 Religion 260
  198. Can I be a Christian and still participate in my culture? christianity but im still confused... im native at times I will participate with the 7 drum religion...I doubt anyone on here knows what this is...or even knows about the dreamer
    9 Religion 37
  199. Why do I feel bad about this?
    I go to church. & I believe 110% in God. I almost always go to Sunday school & church after that. My dad was a youth advisor for evening service when we had youth meetings. But ever since he cheated on my mom & stopped coming to church, I've stopped...
    5 Religion 31
  200. Is seventh day adventist a cult
    Hi. I'm just wondering if my religion is a cult or not. Some people say it is and some don't I know that the churches in usa wont let their members wear jewelery but my church does. Is what ellen white said true?
    16 Religion 95
  201. Never baptized
    Okay, I was never baptized. I don't go to church, but I believe in god and all. What are the disadvantages of being non baptized? Honestly how do you feel about that?
    10 Religion 71
  202. is it okay for a preacher to lie?
    my preacher does out side of church jobs but when he worked at our house he lied and told a relative that he was at work but he wasn't
    9 Religion 41
  203. Offering
    They make us to believe in church that the more offering you give to God, the more God blesses you. How is this possible because God don't collect those gifts himself.
    12 Religion 50
  204. What religion are you and why.
    What religion are you and why did you pick it. Im unitarion because it welcomes all people all religions and all lifestyles.and I respect everybody so being unitarian is perfect for me.
    17 Religion 30
  205. How would you feel about getting married on February 29th?
    There is a couple at my church doing this and I'm just not sure what to think.
    17 Relationships 44
  206. What makes you happy everyday?
    What makes you happy everyday? I would have to say, for myself, it's being around my friends and being in church. Also, at home as well.
    11 General 35
  207. What do I do about piercings and church?
    Okai. So im LDS aka Mormon. Please don't make fun of it,and no mormons don't have more then one wife and we don't do pilgamy! Anyway,so I have been a member my whole life. In the religion,we are told,if you desire to have a piercing to only have one mo...
    13 Religion 92
  208. How to find my religion?
    My family goes to The Church Of Christ Church, but I don't know that I believe in everything the teach/practice. I'm trying to find a religion that I believe in and can be active in. Does anyone have any tips on how to find out what religion you are? P...
    18 Religion 84
  209. Should Catholic and Non-Catholic's date? marry?
    Are there any Catholic and Evangelican couples here?or does anyone know any? I was wondering if the relationship worked out ok? how did you decide what church to attend...where to send your kids to school...which church to get married in? should marria...
    3 Relationships 6
  210. Do you all have a spiritual leader to look up too?
    When going to church, do you all have a spiritual leader such as your Minister, Pastor, Preacher, ECt to look up too? Someone you can pour out your emotions too when needed besides heavenly father? I know we need to pour our emotions out to Heavenly f...
    4 Religion 39
  211. Religion has been corrupted by man?
    What did you think of when you first read that Statement? Christians vs. Islam? Christians vs. Satanist? Christians vs. Wiccan? What is the connecting factor in everybodies thoughts? Christianity. Now before anyone reads this and starts trying to be al...
    21 Religion 62
  212. Am I the only one who likes boys she can never have?
    Has this ever happened to anyone or is it just me? So I liked this guy from my church and then we ended up moving churches. There is this boy that I dont like anymore since he just moved to San Fransisco. There is another boy that I recently started l...
    2 Relationships 8
  213. What does the biblecal name Joel mean?
    What does the biblecal name Joel mean? I love the name Joel for that's my LDS church leaders name. I know the bible has the book of Joel but, I was just wondering what that means. Does it have any meaning?
    2 Religion 73
  214. who can explain religion to me?
    i go when im forced i believe you dont have to go to church to be a christian am i right or wrong what is your opinion?
    24 Religion 38
  215. How do I have a positive attitude around my family?
    How do I improve a much better attitude around my family like I do when I'm at church? Right now it's not the best
    4 Family 14
  216. A good subject.
    I'm 15 but I want to teach our church's youth group. What would be a good lecture? Thanks
    6 Religion 13
  217. How do I tell my friends I am now a Pagon?
    my friends know that I was a christian ... but they think I still am ... they know I hate going to church and have a lot of disagreements with it ... but how do I tell them I am now Pagon
    9 Religion 38
  218. Can god trust you with trouble, if trouble is nessacary?
    My pastor asked us this today at church and i want to know your opinion.
    14 Religion 39
  219. When it is a good time to tell a boy that you like him?
    I like this boy at my church and I don't know if he like me back but we are very good friends and I want ot ask him for his #
    3 Relationships 15
  220. Is there a higher power
    I have to ask is there a higher power at all ny last year I lost a good job for doing my job then I could find a job even a part time job over the entire year. So I ask if god exists then why did I suffer the whole year? I used to go to church I put my...
    5 Religion 16
  221. Where would you prefer to get married?
    At a beach, at his/her parents house, on an island, in a church, in your backyard, outside, etc. (:
    13 Religion 26
  222. Searching for truth
    I'm a christian, and believe in god... Learning from church god is the only true and real god...but if that's true... Why are there so many other different beliefs and gods?
    15 Religion 32
  223. Differences in places of "worship"
    Differences ...why do the Jehovah Witnesses kick someone out for studying the Bible more than the Watchtower publication, and if the LDS do not tithe, they get the same boot. "Try" to get off their roll and it takes years of letter writing. Change ...
    3 Religion 12
  224. I need some good music!
    ok so my church is in charge of the music for a dance and I need some good songs to play. teens now a day are very picky. any suggestions???
    2 Music 33
  225. Should I tell the man I met about my problems?
    Hi its goodgirl124 again, I met a man in college today and I really would like to be friends and no more no less. What if I start running into trouble with him latter on, and I don't tell any of my friends including, my branch president of my lds churc...
    3 Relationships 18
  226. Bible verses that say dance
    Ok everyone I am doing a dance "recital"thingy at my church this year and I need all the bible verses you can think of that say dance please:) thanks
    4 Religion 87
  227. Where is the holy grail of crist?
    Yesterday I watched an indiana jones movie where he was looking for the holy grail of crist, do you think that could really exist or if the church has it? What do you think?
    6 Religion 48
  228. Greet the day with a smile
    Hey! It's Sunday. I am already up to greet the day. It's 7:45 a.m. sun is not up yet. I believe I will go to church today. I will try to be more optomistic than pesimistic as I go through this day. I have been told if you take ownership of the negat...
    3 Music 37
  229. Why do people have so many rumors about Mormons?
    I think it's kinda interesting that other religions pick on the mormons. Most churches take heat when they first start out, but the heat with the mormons never ends. There are so many rumors and random beliefs about the LDS church that aren't true li...
    6 Religion 67
  230. Are homosexuals going to heaven?
    If a gay person believes Jesus and accepts him as his personal savior, and wants to go to heaven, will he? And will people from all different church denominations go to heaven too?
    52 Sex 129
  231. What's music for a flute and solo?
    my unlce and i are going to preform at church_him doing vocals and i will be on teh flute? can you help me with some book choices that would be avaible for what we are doing>?
    2 Music 13
  232. I want to be confirmed
    I want to be confirmed into the Catholic Church. I live with my Grandma, and both of my real parents are still in the picture. Neither of them are very religious, should I tell them and invite them to my confirmation?
    4 Religion 51
  233. Condemned 2 hell?
    Will you got 2 hell by the music you listen 2? And if you dont got 2 church? I heard rumors that people are sayin "u wont go 2 heaven if you dont go 2 church" or "the music you liten 2 is gonna condem you 2 hell" can someone tell meh is that bs or what...
    22 Religion 41
  234. What kinds of jobs can I get while in the National Guard?
    I was talking to a friend of mine at my church 2 weeks ago, and he only mentioned Communications. What other jobs are there in the National Guard that I can get into besides Communications?
    2 Money 16
  235. How do I get my girlfriend back?
    How do I get my girlfriend back when she broke up with me. We dont go to the same school, we see each other at church. Were 15 and we went out for 2 months and I really want her back. What should I do?
    3 Relationships 16
  236. Athiest?
    Honestly I call myself an athiest but im not sure if that is truely my religion. I dont believe in god at all. I dont believe in the bible. I dont go to church. So what religion do you think fits me?
    11 Religion 37
  237. Why do Mormons advertise their religion?
    No offense is meant with this question, I am genuinely curious as to why the Church of Latter Day Saints chooses to advertise their religion all across the web.
    10 Religion 33
  238. Should I stay friends with this girl even tho she's athiest?
    I'm 13 and I have this friend who doesn't believe in God. She believes in all those things like the god of water and the god of this and the god of that. She believes her real dad was the water god, and she was sent to her parents or sumthin like that....
    31 Religion 36
  239. I am not right with the lord yet!
    How do I find him? I have been to churches and dont feel him anymore. I use to go all the time but now life seams so busy and I have so much going on!
    8 Religion 63
  240. Bringing friends to vbs?
    ok I'm haveing troble with this do more children get saved at VBS (vacation bible shcool) than in regular church?
    3 Religion 35
  241. What do you think...Should I ask him to the movies?
    okay so Christmas break begins thursday and there's no school friday so I won't be able to see my crush untill schools back in so should I ask him out to the movies friday while were walking home from school since I'm going to church with him sunday......
    4 Relationships 32
  242. What is Agnostic(religion)
    What is the Religion of Agostic and what do they believe and pratic in their worship. Do they believe in Jesus God the Holy spirit and the bible and have a church they worship thay worship at. What is some of the Denominations that believe in Agnositic...
    9 Religion 48
  243. What murders can go to heaven?
    I want to know this answer...I don't see how you can murder and rape and kill kids or even go on a shooting spree at church and be forgiven.
    17 Religion 221
  244. parental trouble
    my parents dont like the music I listen to and I think I worship the devil. im a christain and love giong to church. I just like hardcore music. what should I do?
    9 Family 28
  245. holy ghost?
    what really is that? This lady was screaming and jumping up and down in church and and my friend told me she caught the holy ghost, is that necessary for a person to scream and stuff, I think that is so uncalled for.
    11 Religion 69
  246. Can't work everyday
    I want 2 work at church`s in cordele but da thang iz I don`t have a way 2 work everyday and I don`t want 2 work anywhere in my community how do I solve diz problem
    7 Money 22
  247. Why do I sense my dad is cheating again?
    Okay, if you read my other questions, you'd know what I'm talking about. I'll try to make this short & to the point. My dad got caught cheating on my mom with two other 'insert bad word here'. My dad stopped going to church because one of the 'insert b...
    5 Family 34
  248. How can I learn more about Jesus and christianity
    are there any websites, or places (or people) where I can learn abut jesus and god and christianity? my mom wont let me go to church, but I really want to know. I've made a lot of bad decisions and I want to know how I can get god to forgive me and I ...
    13 Religion 34
  249. Temptation-christians please
    Ok I need some advice from real christians. I met this guy who started coming to my church and we cant date bc my parents think im too young. Well, we recently had a lock-in at church and me and him made out several times in the church. And it got pret...
    13 Sex 38
  250. DO they hate me?
    Last church day I go with my family. But I'm getting weird looks from everyone there. I'm getting really turned off with my faith because I'm being called a filthy sinning you know... However no one had approched my parents about this. I am afraid some...
    4 Relationships 9