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  1. Why are studio apartments more than 1 bedroom apartments?
    2 Homegarden 13
  2. Why sets you apart from your peers?
    4 General 41
  3. What is cheaper Trailers or apartments?
    6 Homegarden 102
  4. Should I rent out furnished or unfurnished apartments?
    If I see fit that this is the purchase for me, should I rent the apartments out as furnished or unfurnished and why?
    8 Homegarden 68
  5. is my apartment haunted?
    is there a way to tell?
    7 Religion 49
  6. How can we get rid of gnats in our apartment?
    3 Homegarden 90
  7. How to write a letter to vacate an apartment?
    2 Literature 187
  8. What if I'm growing apart from my friends?
    Any advice about growing apart from your friends?
    2 Relationships 21
  9. torn apart
    Which church should I go to? I am a Christian.
    7 Religion 24
  10. Which is more affordable: one bedroom apartments or a studio?
    2 Homegarden 11
  11. What are some websites where I can find houses or apartments for rent?
    2 Homegarden 40
  12. HUD low income apartments
    where can I apply for HUD?
    3 Homegarden 49
  13. What's the difference between a condo and an apartment?
    aren't they the same i think they are
    5 Homegarden 16
  14. Why do boiled eggs fall apart when I peel them?
    Why do Easter Eggs fall apart after boiling? What can I do to stop them from falling apart when I peel them?
    3 Food 671
  15. how much do yu think a 2bedroom apartment rent for ?
    4 Homegarden 13
  16. What affects the rate of reaction of Amylase apart from the temperature?
    3 Science 12
  17. How is it possible to tell apart a blue cat from a grey cat?
    9 Style 44
  18. What religions apart from Islam don't allow alcohol consumption?
    7 Religion 4360
  19. Is 1,200 sq ft apartment big?
    6 Homegarden 94
  20. Anyone that lives in a apartment, do you like it?
    Anyone that lives in a apartment, do you like it? Just wondering. I know I live in one and, its a nice apartment.
    2 Homegarden 17
  21. How many pagan gods apart from Osiris died and rose again?
    5 Religion 47
  22. What, to you (our loyal users), sets FunAdvice apart from other "advice" sites?
    7 Funadvice 4
  23. When we grow apart...
    How do I make my ex fall back in love with me?
    2 Relationships 23
  24. How strong is the Virgin Mobile phone reception in a garden apartment?
    3 Technology 11
  25. Is there a website that I can go on webcams with my friends on apart for MSN or Skype?
    5 Technology 38
  26. A1 hamburgers are falling apart, how to keep them together?
    My A1 hamburgers are falling apart, what can I do to make them stay together
    3 Food 56
  27. How much does it cost to build an apartment complex?
    How much does it cost to build an apartment complex in Ga on 17.5 acres?
    2 Homegarden 247
  28. How much does it cost to build an apartment complex for 50,000?
    How much does it cost to build an apartment complex for 50,000 people?
    2 Homegarden 276
  29. What am I supposed to do when I feel that my life is falling apart and I can't put it back together?
    17 General 32
  30. I need help, my life is being torn apart?
    how do I keep my parents together?
    5 Family 19
  31. how can i make my hair big apart from back combing it and using hairspray?
    6 Style 47
  32. what is the name of the asian guy from so you think you can dance that was also apart of a dance company?
    2 Entertainment 93
  33. How to redecorate my apartment?
    I'd like to some tips on redecorating, can anybody help me figure out how to redecorate my apartment? Thanks!
    2 Homegarden 20
  34. What are the differences between apartments, condos, penthouse?
    What are the differences between apartments, condos, penthouse? And like other fancy apartments that have diff names. Please name them and explain what they are
    2 Homegarden 162
  35. Why cant low income people get low cost apartments if you don"t have children in the home?
    2 Homegarden 17
  36. Can I get in trouble for power washing my fence if it sprays my neighboring landowners apartments?
    2 Homegarden 25
  37. What colour woud go with lime green dress apart from black/white?
    What colour woud go with lime green dress apart from black/white, I was thinking red.
    5 Style 55
  38. What are important checklist for possession of apartment?
    Can you suggest me checklist for the possession of apartment? Please suggest me some tips that we should check while buying or getting possession of flat or apartment.
    2 Homegarden 44
  39. What is the best dog for an apartment?
    I have an apartment that is around 700 sq feet. What is the best dog for an apartment? What should I consider for a climate in the bay area california?
    4 Pets 44
  40. Any goos vampire/ romance novels out there apart from twilight?
    I need some more reading material. Any suggestions?
    11 Literature 39
  41. Why do apartments make you pay rent for your pets?
    Why do apartments make you pay rent for your pets well mine does even little pets like fish
    5 Pets 103
  42. Is it true that if you take a bunch of bananas apart, they last longer?
    Cause I heard it somewhere, and I just did it...
    6 Food 22
  43. Why at 17 can we be trialed as an adult can't recurve any of the benefits as one,renting apartments,hotels,etc?
    3 Politics 7
  44. who know an landlord who will rent apartment to a minor with a job?
    do anyone know a landlord who is willing to rent a apartment to a minor who also have a job and can pay their rent on time
    4 Babies 13
  45. Would a relationship work if a person and another person lived far apart like overseas or far away from each other?
    14 Relationships 21
  46. Does anyone know any good skateparks in Newcastle (apart from Whitely Bay)?
    and websites would be useful too :)
    2 Sports 8
  47. Who was the FIRST person to join FunAdvice APART form the Admins?
    AND what was the first queston? Does anyone really know?
    15 Funadvice 35
  48. How can a 17 year old move into an apartment alone if the co-signer has bad credit?
    3 Money 34
  49. How do I get them to stay apart?
    I like this guy in my class but he likes this other girl which tries to be cute and wants boys to like her but I want him to notice me! How do I get them apart and how do I make him notice me?
    3 Relationships 20
  50. Do you know of any apartment complexes in Chicago that accept felons?
    I've a friend who's having some issues finding housing. Any ideas?
    3 Politics 26
  51. Difference between apartment and house?
    I live in a house and you may be living in a appartment. We know where we live. But there is some typical difference between appartment and house which many of the people do not know. What you feel the diffence between a house and appartment?
    5 Homegarden 169
  52. apartment small dog or hybrid
    easy to house train for bathroom issue. Dog does not bark much. Hypoallergenic.
    4 Pets 17
  53. Do you normally give your 30 day notice and then start looking for a new apartment?
    what if i don't have much in the way of credit?
    4 Homegarden 18
  54. Can her parents keep us apart?
    my girl friend is 15 and im 17 her parents are keeping us from each other we live in utica ny
    5 Family 32
  55. How much for an apartment and A/C for one month?
    can someone tell me where I could find out? or how much it would cost for an apartment for 1 month and air conditioning.???
    3 Money 31
  56. Is there a cheap good apartments in NJ that isnt in a bad area?
    I need help... maybe a loft or apartment under $1000. *I need to know where in nj is cheap but not in a urban area. That is all.*
    7 Homegarden 30
  57. Should you always go for the cheaper apartments?
    Are the cheaper ones alwasy better or if you can find a decent one for a decent price should you just take that if you think you can afford it?
    5 Homegarden 20
  58. How is Christianity able to spread so quickly among the people in Umuofia in the book "Things Fall Apart" by Chinua Achebe?
    4 Religion 21
  59. Can I tare apart my car in front of my house legally?
    I live in Yuma, AZ & we are taking apart my car in front of my house & I need to know if it is legal to take it apart on my property or do I have to go somewhere else?
    3 Environment 12
  60. How can I get a really cheap apartment by tuesday?
    I got kicked out of my apartment and im living in a hotel until tuesday and if I dont find a really cheap apartment under 200 by then ...well it would really suck.
    2 Homegarden 10
  61. Why cant I install sims 2 apartment life
    my sims 2 apartment life game won't install. my computer reads the disk but when it has to copy the file it says there is an error
    2 Gaming 54
  62. How far apart are your kids from one another?
    I have a 5 1/2 month old and im due in August for another little boy. They will be 11 months apart.
    15 Babies 31
  63. Would it be a good idea for me to save up my money and rent my own apartment next year when im 17, instead of staying with my parents ??
    3 Homegarden 15
  64. 13 and 17 is that to far apart??
    so I really like my neighbor and I think he likes me to but im only 13 and hes 17 I think that he doesnt want to go out with me or anything because im only 13, do you think those ages are to far apart to go ot?
    5 Relationships 53
  65. Can I rent an apartment at 17?
    im 17 and I live in a small village in alaska and I wont to move out to the city, most of my freinds already moved and I was wondering if its possible to rent an apartment at my age
    2 Family 74
  66. Decorating a small apartment
    K so I just got a new apartment and its small which is fine because its only for me, but I was just wondering if anyone had any websites (with photos) of very eligant nice decorating skills!!! thanks so much
    3 Homegarden 23
  67. Would you pay $88 million for a penthouse apartment?
    Apparently someone would ... and did. I understand that's it's a penthouse, but ... $88 million? I just can't justify it. Watch the video:
    16 Money 35
  68. What does maximum income mean (apartments)?
    I'm trying to find an apartment, and everywhere has a "maximum income" limit. Does that mean I have to make at least that much, or does it mean I have to make -less- then that much? I have never had to get an apartment on my own, so I never needed to k...
    2 Money 47
  69. How do I get them apart?
    How do I convince this guy I know likes me to break up with his long distance girlfriend? they're not good for each other, and yeah. jealous as hell here. help?
    2 Relationships 49
  70. crunches, legs apart?
    I've seen multiple vaiations of crunches and some have the legs spread apart wider than your shoulders, while others suggest to have them today, and some are in between. which works your abs more? and does it works didn't abdominal muscles?
    2 Nutritionfitness 89
  71. Can you move out into an apartment before you're 19 in Canada, BC?
    I was wondering if I could move into an apartment with my boyfriend at the age of like 16 or 17, is it legal or no? Could it be possible? Thanks to anyone who has a good answer! :)
    4 Family 14
  72. Can you get an apartment if emancipated in Texas?
    In the state of Texas, are you able to get an apartment if you are emancipated? I am 17 w/child but I'm just trying to figure out what I can do b/c my sister is my legal guardian and she told me that I can't move out w/o her consent.
    3 Family 64
  73. What else can you do to help remove a wart apart from the cream?
    i do try the cream but its easily for me to forget also i find it going down sometimes but then next couple day its normal again..
    8 Health 18
  74. How can apartments and reality deny me because of felonies?
    I have a few felonies from about 2 years ago and im a single mom trying to find a place for us to live but no place will rent to me because I have felonies isnt that discrimination?
    2 Homegarden 44
  75. What would be a reasonable price for an apartment that has 2 rooms and 1 bath?
    I know there is a lot that I need to add... But Let's just say that it is a normal apartment that just has a parking space and a place to sleep and eat...
    2 Homegarden 31
  76. Who is apart of the FFA and has filled out the Placement Proficiency application?
    I'm sitting here filling out the application and my SAE area is Equine Management. What are some really good tips you have on filling out the application, especially with all those little essays Thanks :)
    4 General 10
  77. Apart from advisors, whos the most regular on here?
    I've noticed the regular faces on here. Who do you always notce is on here, and who actualy inputs most? Just curious, because there seems to be people who give advice and people who mainly ask it. What are you and who do you think?
    7 Funadvice 7
  78. My life is falling apart because of 1 mistakes I made.
    My life is falling apart because of 1 mistakes I made. I honestly cant keep living like this. I cant eat & I cant sleep im constantly crying.. I m lost. PLEASE help me :(
    13 General 43
  79. How do I get started with my new apartment?
    How do I get started choosing the right theme, colors and furniture for my new apartment? I would wanna know any sites I can go to for it... please help and gimme some good tips too... thanks fellas!
    8 Homegarden 48
  80. Parents apart
    Why is it when your parent's get in 2 it and 1 of them decide 2 move out 4 awhile that you think it bc of you and then you start thinking that it your fault and you wounder what it was that you did wrong. Even tho that they say it not bc of you it just...
    3 Family 12
  81. Does anyone else enjoy reading something and picking it apart(like look for it's meaning)?
    I downloaded an app for my iPod that gives you quotes, and while some are stupid/silly there are some that are really deep and moving, and I actually really like it.
    2 Literature 32
  82. Why does my sims apartment life freeze?
    After the opening video my sims apartment life freezes on the loading page. I have to keep doing ctrl alt delete! I had to reinstall in on my new laptop because my old laptop broke. It worked on my old laptop and I have the same now. I'm really annoyed...
    4 Gaming 12
  83. My friend and I are pulling apart
    My friend and I are pulling apart We hardly talk, and I feel like we dont have anything in common anymore Should I keep putting forth the effort even tho im the only one who tries Or give up and go our separate ways
    2 Relationships 7
  84. What exactly does the rental price on an apartment mean?
    So I'm looking to rent an apartment next year and I was wondering, do the prices they display mean you have to pay that much each month or is it for a set time? Like a rental price of $5,000 will get you 1 month or get you 6 months or something like that?
    6 General 30
  85. What should I get my 14 year old boyfriend? apart from money?
    He likes ps2 and wii but he sed if I spend over $30 then he will be mad , I already made him a book of memories but I want something more then just that. I have no idea! help me !?!?!
    5 Shopping 55
  86. How to decorate my new apartment?
    I am in my new apartment and don't know anything on how to decorate it . I go to the flea market for ideas but I think I need to step up on my standards . I am a combination of a gothic contemporary hippie with no style any suggestions. And I also have...
    5 Homegarden 51
  87. How can I make my mum happy apart from going to church?
    I make my mom upset by not wanting to go to chuch in the morning and when I dont go she takes away everything like I did somthing to put me in to juvi. what can I do to make her happy or cheer her up beides going to church very early on sunday mornings.
    9 Religion 36
  88. How much does a typical 3 bedroom apartment or small home rent for where your from?
    My fiance always talks about moving but i dont think he understands how cheap the cost of living here is. We pay $600 a month for a 3bedroom 2bath small home.
    22 Homegarden 94
  89. Do you believe that children closer in age or children furthur in apart in age tend to get along and bond better?
    I have a son who is two and im afraid he will miss out on that sibling connection of hes an only child, but were not ready to have another just yet.
    10 Babies 51
  90. How far apart are the cones in a three point turn when trying to get your license?
    I am going to be trying to get my lincese soon and the only thing I have not done yet is the three point turn. My driveway is the perfect set up for it I just need to know how far apart the cones are when they give you the test so I know where and when...
    2 Cars 389
  91. What are some healthy foods a vegetarian can eat that isn't carbs or too fatty (apart from vegetables)?
    Ive been a vegetarian for two years, and been fine, but recently I'm having trouble with the amount of carbs I eat, I try to eat more complex carbs but i am finding it hard, I need some new ideas for food to eat
    17 Nutritionfitness 39
  92. Two theft felonies, where can I find a job and apartment?
    I have two felonies, and there both theft. I was wondering where I could find a job in, Davenport or Bettendorf, Iowa. I'v been looking and no one wants to hire me, because of my two felonies. I was also wondering about housing, I'm looking for a studi...
    3 Money 17
  93. What to do if a neighbor walks into a apartment without knocking?
    I had one of my neighbors try to open my door which thank god it was locked. I was quite startled and so, I opened it and he was asking for his brother which I told him, "I don't know him" Then luckily, he apologizes for trying to walk in my apartment...
    2 Homegarden 38
  94. How come apartments in senior centers get dry?
    During the winter months, the apartments in the building where I live get really dry. I live in subsudized housing in one of those Senior centers. It's dry and it gets cold. What causes apartments in Senior centers to be dry? And cold? Even with our h...
    2 Homegarden 19
  95. do you have a brother or sister and even though you're at least one to two years apart you get mistaken for twins (or you used to) and you're not?
    my brother casey and i are like one and a half years apart and that used to happen all the time, and it sometimes got really annoying cuz we acted so different alot of times...haha
    12 Family 39
  96. How far apart can twins be born?
    how long can twins be apart from birth can they be days apart? or hours? I really dont know but I think it can only be hours because I never heard of a such thing of days apart but let me know im just wondering has nothing to do with the possiblity of ...
    6 Health 233
  97. did a ghost in my apartment do this?
    I got home earlier the apartment was locked nobody could get in and I found the tablecloths and everything on it on the ground underneath it this has never happened before I wasn't scared it much it was like a friendly ghost was trying to cheer me up o...
    9 Religion 26
  98. Why are there roaches in my apartment?
    I have HUGE roaches in my apartment and I can't get rid of them! And I am a VERY clean person! I am constantly doing my laundry and cleaning my floors and I NEVER leave food or dishes around! I am really scared of these roaches! And I really hate them!...
    2 Homegarden 53
  99. Is it OK if my period is 17 days apart?
    my period is only 17 days apart instead of like 28 or 30... and that's counting the period like seven of those 17 days I have it so I only have about 10 days off of's really frustrating because it just seems like I have it alll the time. a lot o...
    3 Health 271
  100. Apartments in pittsburgh
    I plan on moving to pittsburgh soon after I turn 18 [or when ever I have the money to move out on my own] and am looking for a decent apartment.. I've been looking on different websites, and all the ones I find have horrible ratings and reviews. I want...
    2 Homegarden 19
  101. What am I going to do since my life is falling apart
    I need some serious adivce here my life is going the drain and im denying it but deep down I realize it I just am bascily letting my life fall apart and dont know how to stop im only 13 and im into drugs, drinking, and sex I really dont want to talk to...
    2 Sex 19
  102. What apartments in Michigan won't deny you because of a felony?
    My husband & I are trying to find a nice apartment in MIchigan, but because he has a felony a lot of places will rent to me, but not him. He was convicted almost 10 years ago & shouldn't be judged because of a bad decision made so long ago. We want to ...
    2 Homegarden 210
  103. Is living in an apartment an embarassment?
    Hey I live in an apartment with my mom And there aren't many buildings in my neighbourhood.. In fact his is the only building in my whole region All the rest of the people live in gigantic three garage houses Including all the people in my high sc...
    8 Homegarden 71
  104. Apartment Leasing
    I am interested in finding out what is needed to start an apartment complex in the state of Texas? I am looking at a location 35 miles southeast from Dallas and looking at the market in the region very little to no apartment complexes are found. I ha...
    2 Homegarden 35
  105. Hate being apart from her
    well I knew this was going to happen but the love of my life and I broke up because I'm going down a Road that'll just leave her in pain so I had tto break up with her and I told her this but she didn't listen what should I do now? P.S. like 10 minute...
    4 Relationships 38
  106. What is the thing with the tiny apartments?
    Lately, i realized that there are a lot of stories in the media about people living in tiny apartments of 130 squares or less and they expect we accept this like a good thing , Then i have heard that in china people live like this, but even those tiny ...
    2 Homegarden 32
  107. How do you deal with fleas at an apartment?
    Live in a complex for the elderly and handicapped, and a few people on our floor have fleas (cuz they have pets), and I think I have them. (Have tiny bite-marks on my feet, ankles and calves, and have felt bites during the day while I'm sitting at my ...
    3 Health 18
  108. DRIFTING APART!!! me & mii bestie are like sisterz. I wuv her so much ( az a sis & straight!) that I would take a gun shot 4 her. but dis school year we only have 2 classez 2getha. we are both meetin new freindz...& I feel like we are going 2 drift ap...
    3 Relationships 24
  109. Breaking apart
    My boyfriend and I don't have anything to talk abt anymore. We called just to say when we could phone again. I hate it when he's not crazy about me. We've been dating for abt 4 months but we haven't hugged or anything. Just holding hands and me kissing...
    6 Relationships 17
  110. Legalities of owning an apartment?
    I'm currently looking to purchase an apartment building. There are 3 units, and what I'm asking is what legalities will I encounter and have to take care of before I put the units up for rent? Is a lease a good idea? Will I need just home owner's in...
    2 Money 13
  111. Which apartment to lease this summer?
    I have a choice to make about which apartment to lease this summer. My choices have come down to a 2/2 with a sunroom on the 2nd floor, or a 2/2 on the 1st floor with upgrades (hardwood floors and wood blinds). I have a 1&1/2 year old. I would love ...
    3 Homegarden 27
  112. falling apart! :[
    I really am not interested in my boyfriend anymore, and I don't want to be the one to break us up because I will feel bad and I'm waay to chicken to do it in person or over the phone, and I dont have texting anymore :/ ...and I told him I wanted to get...
    5 Relationships 8
  113. Sims 2 apartment life, can you help me?
    Okay, so I have a lot of sims 2 games (really addicted). I have: Sims 2 freetime Sims 2 university Sims 2 Sims 2 pets Sims 2 nightlife Sims 2 seasons Sims 2 christmas party pack Sims 2 festive edition Sims 2 bon voyage And sims 2 apartment life But ev...
    2 Gaming 56
  114. apartment dogs? and bulldogs?
    I would like to get a dog but I live in an apartment. I would like a relaxed dog and sort of active. I wouldn't want a dog jumping every were. I know that all dogs are different but is there any dog who fit this. I heard bulldogs are good, but seer the...
    3 Pets 9
  115. What should I do about not having a social life apart from my boyfriend?
    I have no social life apart from hanging out with my boyfriend. He has mates who he goes to clubs with and sees fairly often, I on the other hand seem to have no friends anymore whatsoever. One of my old best friends goes to college and has her own cir...
    3 Relationships 38
  116. How to spark up a realtionship thats falling apart?
    How do you spark up a relationship thats falling apart? -- We are 15, been going out for almost 2 months.. and this past week we have been sort of separating. Nothing big happened we just dont talk like we used to and dont see each other as often as ...
    4 Relationships 14
  117. College Apartments
    My 2 best friends and I are going to college next year. They are guys and I am a girl. We are looking at a three bedroom apartment. I can't even spend the night at the house of a friend that I've known for a while without getting homesick. I am ok with...
    6 Relationships 13
  118. What would you do if someone in the apartment next too you needed help?
    There is a person in the apartment over banging on the door like a fiend, it's really late like 12, And i can't help but feel bad, i would never call the cops or the apartment manager but i also, don't want too help someone who does not want me too hel...
    3 Environment 21
  119. Why am I getting my periods so far apart?
    for some reason I get my period like once every 6 months I dont understand why bcoz I first got them when I was like 11-12 and they used to come once a month but for the past couple years they hardly ever come? anyone know whats wrong with me? my mum s...
    2 Sex 208
  120. What do I do when my family is tearing my relationship apart?
    My boyfriend finally told me my family is driving him crazy, to the point where he doesn't wanna come over anymore. My mom always makes comments insinuating cheating on his end.. (He'll get here at 6pm instead of 5pm and she'll question him) My little ...
    9 Family 38
  121. How to really be apart of this group
    Im going to be a sophmore next year. I go to a school where there are more guys then there are girls. I dont really have a best friend thats a girl, so I hang out with gurls from a school of all girls. They're all really close and when we hang out I a...
    4 Education 26
  122. How can you tell the gender of a mouse?
    how can you tell mice apart???
    2 Pets 75
  123. How do I stop this feeling of dread whenever we talk and are apart from each other?
    My boyfriend and I have been fighting quite badly a while back, it has stopped however, and things are beginning to seem really good again. Problem is, when we fought, most the times they began when we were apart, usually when he was away. During those...
    10 Relationships 62
  124. How can I stop my life from falling apart?
    my life is fallinga apart and I dotnknow what to do I need your help! any bodys help! my mom hates me becsoue she thinks im rebelus all I am akisn is for a latter curfue and to be able to see my friends agian she took away myf riends im not aloud to s...
    8 Family 39
  125. Irregular Periods: 6-9 wks apart
    My periods are very irregular. I have never had a "monthly" period. Mine are always more like every 6 to 9 weeks apart. I know this is not normal. I am 21 now and have had my period since I was 10 years old. I've done some research and have seen ma...
    3 Health 188
  126. 14 days apart normal??
    I took a pregnancy test the 22 of august. it said pregnant, actually I took 4 and they said pregnant.. and 2 said not pregnant... Then I started bleeding the 24th it lasted 3ish days, well 14 days later I started bleeding again, it lasted 6 almost 7 da...
    4 Health 28
  127. What are some good pets for apartments that don't allow cats and dogs?
    I'm moving back on campus, and I'm allowed to have small caged animals, fish, and anything that will fit in a 20 gallon tank. I was really wanting a kitten or puppy, but that won't happen after the move. Any suggestions of something that may be an okay...
    13 Pets 56
  128. My life is falling apart
    My sister is in the hospital for many different reasons. she tried commiting suiside last night and just all this differnt crap has happened. its gone on for the last five years and I don't know what to do. I feel like I need to talk to someone but I d...
    5 Family 17
  129. What do to for a hungover?
    what's the best remedy/remedies for a hungover, apart from coffee (ewee)?
    7 Health 49
  130. how canu tell
    how can you tell a male and female goldfish apart
    3 Pets 19
  131. What are your favourite (English) websites?
    Obviously,apart from facebook ^.^
    11 Technology 8
  132. Only people livin on their own
    How much is the rent for your house or apartment?
    7 Homegarden 22
  133. Why is everything in my life falling apart ?
    My grandpa is dying, I lost my best friend, my father doesn't care about me, I got my friends family to hate me, got the cops called on my family, my mom can't get a loan for the house we want to get, my car and our washer and dryer broke. It seem...
    4 General 98
  134. Everythings falling apart.
    My mum overreacts in everything, like today; My sister was getting ready to go out and she had to leave in 20 minuites. I share a room with my sister so I was in bed. My mum asked my sister to go to the shops for her and my sister said she had to lea...
    4 Family 16
  135. Who knows what the Church Of Scientology is?
    Who knows what the Church Of Scientology is? and do you know what they believe? and finally, are you apart of the church? (are you a Scientologist)
    8 Religion 43
  136. How do you prevent Break-ins?
    I live in an apartment complex and I was wondering if anyone has tips on preventing a break in. I really want to move to this new apartment complex but have read reviews that there have been break ins into cars and an apartment when someone was home! T...
    5 General 50
  137. Where can I make a new email address?
    Where can I make a new (free) email address? (apart from hotmail)
    4 Technology 42
  138. BMW, why do you like BMWs?
    what are your other interest apart from BMW? can you tell me more about your self
    3 Entertainment 17
  139. Whats the greatst languge
    Whats the greatst languege aparts from irish and english?
    14 General 15
  140. How do you get rid of a splinter?
    apart from using tweezers what do you do 2 gt rid of a splinter???
    2 Health 66
  141. Do you think seances work?
    Have you ever tryed one? Ever been apart of one? If so, did it work? what are your thoughts of it
    14 Religion 37
  142. How can I prevent dry skin?
    how can i prevent dry skin? apart from using petroleum jelly..
    10 Style 18
  143. how to calm down
    just bin made unbelievably peed off and am ripping things apart! how do I calm down???
    7 General 17
  144. Are we falling apart?
    Please one person respond Its almost been two years of our relationship and im not sure if were falling apart or not. We were great in the begining we never hung out for the first six months in our relationship. We were always happy and smiling. But i...
    11 Relationships 47
  145. Is my relationship falling apart?
    Me and my boyfriend have been going out for 5 months now. He is 17 and I am 16 and we have had some rough times but lately its different. He used to say corny sweet things to me, and throw his arms around me to give me hugs all the time but lately he s...
    2 Sex 10
  146. What's the Diff?
    R&B, Rap and Hip Hop. What sets the 3 apart?
    3 Music 21
  147. To soon people?
    I've been with my boyfriend for a month and have done everything apart from sex, is this too soon?
    2 Sex 9
  148. Why won't they stop fighting?
    Help me! My mom and dad are fighting again, there tearing me apart! What am I supposed to do???
    8 Family 10
  149. Who wrote this?
    no mountain nor sea no thing of this world could keep us apart because this is not my world you are
    2 Literature 48
  150. Why are people rascist?
    Why are people rascist??? I mean whats the difference between black people and white people apart from the colour??
    3 General 14
  151. Least sore piercing ?
    Apart from your ears, which part of your body to pierce is the leaast painful ?
    12 Style 117
  152. What dog to get?
    I want to get a dog as a pet. I have a small apartment. What kind of dog would you suggest?
    17 Pets 39
  153. What is the aryan cult?
    My girlfriend asked me if I wanted to be apart of the aryan cult but I need to know what it is first
    4 General 21
  154. What can I do besides sleep?
    Im so bored it 5:54am in ireland what wil I do aparts from sleep
    10 General 21
  155. I need some help
    I am looking for a hud approved apartment's in nh and I can't seem to find any sites to look for apartments other then union leader and craigs list and all I got was 2 places so does any one know any other
    2 Homegarden 17
  156. My friend has chlamidia from her boyfriend.
    Friend have chlamida but she hasnt done anything with any other boy apart from her boyfriend, and her boyfriend is sying he hasnt done nothing with anyone else apart from her, so he took a test to prove he hasnt got it, now there waitin for the results...
    3 Health 83
  157. I need ideas to ask her out and set me apart.
    There is a beautiful young lady that I work with, we'll call her Kadee just for this. As far as I know she's just about everything I'm looking for in a girlfriend: smart, motivated, sassy enough to keep me on my toes, and maybe top 3 best looking femal...
    3 Relationships 20
  158. Smooth and soft
    I damaged my hair and now its falling apart and its dryed out how to I get it back to feeling smooth and soft?
    4 Style 26
  159. Can I clean my 8 months baby's gum?
    Can I clean my 8 months baby's gum? She just cut a tooth. And what can I use apart from tooth paste. Of do they have paste for babies?
    2 Babies 34
  160. I want to be closer with my religion
    how do I become closer with my religion being a christian ...??? I want to love god and be apart of him..he has helped me through so much
    8 Religion 38
  161. Appartment living?
    What do you think of apartment living? Do you think its crappy, nice,richyy,or okay, or etc..
    6 Homegarden 25
  162. WWE Superstar
    Can anyone tell me how to become a wwe superstar I ahev no experiance apart from mucking about, and I am very young for a superstar
    6 Sports 52
  163. Weird tan?!
    What is going on?! Everywhere apart from my legs get a nice golden tan. And my legs just look weird? Why is this? :
    3 Style 35
  164. How long I have to wait for public housing in nyc.
    If I have applied for public housing in nyc how long I have to wait for an answer to know if I get the apartment or not.
    3 Homegarden 177
  165. What should I do if my ex says he still loves me?
    I liked this guy we went out 2 times and now were apart but he says he still loves me what should I do?
    9 Relationships 20
  166. Can I get a golden retriever?!
    Is a golden retriever good for an apartment? I live in an apartment but it isnt too small... And I have space for it to play everyday, it's like a yard but its where cars park there. Plus I am able to take him for walks everyday. What do you think?
    5 Pets 14
  167. what do I do about my parents,they are keeping us apart???
    brace urselves this mite be long... ok so im 17 and my boyfriend is 19,n for our age we are pretty mature enough for handling drastic situations.anyways im a hindu girl and he is half christian-muslim.and we started dating about a year ago,n we got rea...
    2 Sex 58
  168. My Life Is Falling Apart
    Yeah so im 13 and I have a couple of problems list is -Dad -Step Dad -Step Sister -Austin -Home -Myself so my parents split up around christmas and off course I under react now im liveing with my mom and step dad who I dont like and I've kind of...
    2 Sex 27
  169. What to do when my boyfriend is tearing my family apart?
    After being divorced with two children for the past 5 years, and dating numerous, numerous, people, I think I have finally found the one that I want to be wtih for the rest of my life. Although he can be controlling and jealous, I love the relationshi...
    4 Relationships 93
  170. Where can I get cheapest sims 3?
    Apart from ebay, I've seen hmv & game is £30
    3 Gaming 44
  171. What would happen if we have no moon?
    or if it gets hit by a meteor and breaks apart, will earth still be habitable?
    9 Science 28
  172. Who is an army cadet?
    I'm considering on becoming apart of the Australian army cadets and was wondering if anyone had any information about it and what their opinions are about it.
    4 General 17
  173. how can I move out underage?
    how can I move out and be able to go to school and able to pay my apartment because I dont get along with my family
    2 Family 56
  174. What cities or towns in New Jersey are very safe?
    I want to rent a apartment one day with my friends.
    2 Travel 21
  175. 15 and pregnant
    Ok my baby daddie thnks we shud get our own apartment so when I have the baby he or she will have his or her on room and we cud have more space and we have the money but like we dont have enough for both the apartment an a stroller and a car seat and t...
    16 Babies 20
  176. How do you usally kill tyme
    ummm im in my brothers apartment and I usally play around with the elevaters but now im bored
    5 General 9
  177. Another tricky picture
    Apart from the nine africans,what else do you see in the picture?Something related to africa!
    4 General 19
  178. How to get Super Glue off your fingers???
    my friends stuck my fingers together at school, lol. I got them apart but how do I get the glue off your fingers?
    6 General 77
  179. Wierd feeling
    Is it normal that if a couple hasnt had sex for a while, that eachother start to kinda feel they are drifting apart?
    2 Sex 19
  180. How do you deal with a drunk stepmom?
    I have a stepmom who is very mean to me and she is always drunk and is tearing my family apart. Please somebody help me.
    2 Family 107
  181. Setting up wireless internet access on my laptop
    I have a new laptop with wireless capability. I also have high speed internet which I have hooked up to another computer. I am getting on the internet (on my laptop) via my apartment complex' internet signal, but it is a very weak signal. How do I s...
    2 Technology 14
  182. Issues after my xboyfriend tried to commit suicide in my apartment
    Ok so this is kind of long. I had a boyfriend of 4 years who moved across the country to go to school, I at the time was still in high school. We did the long distance thing for a year and it went great so after my full ride to school fell thru I mov...
    2 Relationships 47
  183. How do I bless my apartment from spirits?
    This may sound really scary but I need to know how to bless my apartment because a few days ago my Gf''s friend and her son spent the night and that night her son never acted this way, but he was really hyper all night and he was crying for no reason t...
    10 Religion 129
  184. How do I make some VERY annoying college kids be quiet?
    The apartment im staying in is on the second floor, there are three floors in the apartment complex. I am not so lucky because the people in the floor above me party alot like every other day!! Sometimes I cant even sleep at night!
    11 General 45
  185. Parakeets
    What does it mean when a male parakeet bobs his head up and down in front of a female? or when he chirps to her a lot? Does it mean he wants to mate or it's apart of mating?
    2 Pets 30
  186. When it all falls apart
    I'm not sure where to start, or what the problem is. All I know is that there deff is one. I'm 15- of course I'm going to be emotional. Of course I'm going to have my share of problem's...that's just life. But I haven't been happy for a while- regard...
    4 Family 33
  187. What should I do with my girlfriend when I see her once a week?
    I see my girlfriend once a week. I always miss her and we live far apart. What should I do? I really like her and do not want to break up.
    3 Relationships 57
  188. Skin prob
    I want my skin pale. It used to be. But it's been tanned for a long time now... How do I get it pale asap apart from using lotion?
    2 Style 21
  189. Why is the power supply in a computer still dangerous even if it has no source of current?
    I was taking apart a computer. I opened up the power supply and I was told off because it was Dangerous.
    2 Technology 10
  190. allow ripping and tearing in puppies
    do puppies really need to be allowed to rip things apart? should they be corrected?he uses his front teeth to rip and tear
    7 Pets 19
  191. what do I do when my family is falling apart?
    today is probably one of the worst days of my life, school was fine then when im walking inside I smell somthing wierd and my mom came inside too but she ussually dosnt b.c. she needs to go to work. but then I asked do you smell that? and then I relize...
    8 Family 58
  192. Moving in with my girlfriend
    My mom and I talked earlier about my girlfriend but I didn't tell her I want to move into an apartment with her,how do I break it to her and make her understand that I love her?
    3 Relationships 17
  193. sex obsesed
    hi people I am 14year old male and I have a sex obsesion what else can I do apart from sex its self and masturbation to pleasure my self thanx
    6 Sex 241
  194. How do I do a good "screamo" scream??
    I'm the lead vocalist in my band, and I need to learn how to do a good scream without ripping my throat apart :S
    9 Music 115
  195. Depression
    I'm curious about the symptoms of depression. I feel tired all the time. My apartment is a mess, I have no motivation in cleaning my apartment. When I'm working, I try to tell myself I'm going to clean my apartment. when I get home, I just sit th...
    6 Health 14
  196. What are Some Artists or Songs that Sound Like the Killers?
    songs that sound like the killers or similar to them. && an example could be Tear You Apart by She Wants Revenge thanks;;
    3 Music 83
  197. P.E is there any ways of getting out of it ?
    tomorrow I've got p.e first period, and I really dont wanaa do it ; is there any ways of getting out of it ? apart from notes ? :S
    10 Education 95
  198. How do I tell if my relationship is over?
    how do I tell if my relationship is over theres no spark anymore and it seems like were drifting apart the sex is still good but not great anymore
    2 Sex 12
  199. Why are the housing projects nicer than other complexes in my town?
    How come the housing projects are nicer than any of the other apartment complexes in my town? I mean they are really nice, like made of stone with covered parking garages and way cute on the inside too! Before today, I thought that they were the most e...
    3 Homegarden 20
  200. Bad reputation.
    Once you have a bad reputation do you always have it? Or can you change people's mind about what they think about you. Cause none of this stuff about me is true. What do I do.??? My life is falling apart.
    4 Relationships 26
  201. Art at school
    Is it just me or does anyone else think that art at school is a waste of time as it doesnt teach you anything apart from how to draw, and what will that do to help you in life
    7 Education 46
  202. How to find a place to stay?
    Im having a baby in may and im also going to college at ga state but I have no place to stay I want an apartment but they are all so expensive
    3 Homegarden 16
  203. How can I get out of the gang I'm in?
    Well I'm 13 years old and I am in a gang ,how do you suggest I get out. I'm really scared and don't ant to be apart of it .Please help.
    12 General 125
  204. I don't care about mii bday comeing up...
    mii and my bff are turning 17 a daii apart but we both dont feel like its our birthday like we really dont care why do we both feel like this??
    3 Entertainment 16
  205. what is a good airsoft gun?
    i want a AEG i want one that is easy to take apart and upgrade but not a total load of crap....any ideas?
    4 Sports 12
  206. Space
    Since space is a vaccum, if you go into space without clothes, will you be pulled apart? Whan you are, will your blood be blue? No questions please. Thx
    9 Science 69
  207. What is a good way to get closer to your boyfriend?
    okay... My boyfriend and I have been dating for 1 year 5 months and 1 week... and he thinks we are drifting apart how do I get closer?
    3 Relationships 46
  208. what the name of r&b group video of them singing on steps?
    its a video of a four or five r&b members sitting on steps of a apartment building singing a slow song
    2 Music 107
  209. "girl" bleeding normal ??
    Ok so my last period ended like 12 days ago and I am bleeding very lightly is that normal?? My periods are usually 30 days apart
    6 Health 83
  210. Is it wrong to hate my last name?
    Every time someone asks me my last name I feel ashamed to tell them what it is as if I hate my last name. Is it wrong to hate it cause I do? Hart is apart of my nickname.
    10 General 476
  211. Last Question...
    (cyst or appendix) if the pain goes away for a while and comes back later.. can that tell apart whether it's appendicitis or a cyst??
    2 Health 21
  212. How many miles and hours is Cleveland, Ohio from Nashville, Tennesee?
    I asked because I miss my boyfriend, and I want to know how far we're apart.
    5 Travel 42
  213. How do I get my parents to leave me alone?
    my parents are driving me up the wall, its cus they dont leave me alone. how do I keep my parents far apart from me? they make me really stressed all the time.
    4 Family 31
  214. How can you hook up your ipod to your car radio?
    Anything apart from the transmitters, the music would constantly die unless I held up the transmitter at a certain angle.
    5 Technology 25
  215. How do you do a self tounge piercing?
    How do I give my self a tounge piercing and not suffer the concequences of having one!(like getting it infected and all thos romurs I here like having your tounge ripped apart or what ever)???
    5 Style 58
  216. Women in the miltary
    im 15 thinking about my future and if joing the miltary could be apart of it . I know wemon cant serve in combat situations but I want to be apart of something I dont want to help injured people . I want to hold a gun or jump out of a plane just becau...
    3 Money 40
  217. How to keep things clean and organized?
    Why is it so hard to keep an apartment clean... I clean everyday and by the end of the night it gets 10 times worse then it was when I first started!!! Any ideas on how to keep things clean and organized?
    3 Homegarden 45
  218. What's the best food to use for mouse traps?
    What is the best food to use for mouse traps? Am looking into getting some mouse traps, because we have at least 7 that run around the apartment all the time. I don't want to kill them, just get them out of the building.
    5 Homegarden 213
  219. Good songs for ipod
    I really need some good songs for my I-pod guys. Anything apart from emo, country, classical. Fire away! x
    2 Relationships 14
  220. trying to find my dad
    I am trying to find my dad but I know nothing about him apart from that his name is bob and that when my mother met him he lived in mottenham, my mum knows about him but wont tell me, how do I go about it?
    2 Family 29
  221. cat eye watering
    I've noticed one of my cat's eye is watering more than usual. It's not red, swollen, she doesnt seem to be in pain, there's nothing there apart from extra water... Any ideas?
    3 Pets 63
  222. My phone isnt working
    My phone isnt working. It says please insert sim card. My sim card is in it,. So I took my phone apart, than I put my sim card and battery back in it Correctly and it's still not working. Please help!!!
    5 Technology 23
  223. Problems with my marriage
    My husband use to say he doesn't won't To be married anymore.we then work it out. Then a couple months ago,he break the bed down so I couldn't sleep in it,and said he didn't cared where I sleep at. So I went out and look for an apartment,then we work...
    2 Relationships 4
  224. What kind of quotes are there when you lose another best friend?
    I always seem to lose my 'best frens'. We just grow apart or just fight and just forget about each other. Do you know any quotes about the kind of situation im in?
    3 Literature 44
  225. Dreams of pregnancy
    I keep having dreams that im pregant but I have been strelized so wot does that mean any body knows and yes I do want a baby so apart from it being that any more advice x
    2 Religion 14
  226. Would this be out of line?
    I am transfering to a larger apartment in the same complex. Would it be out of line to ask if the maintenance could install cabinet safety locks before I move in if I buy the equiptment?
    5 Homegarden 9
  227. Should I put my pet down because he gives warning growls?
    He's been so loyal and he's been apart of my family for a least 7 years. But he's starting to get old ya'know. :(
    5 Pets 25
  228. Why is my psp battery dying so fast?
    One time I tried to turn my battery in to a pandoras battery by taking it apart when I tried to take it apart by sticking a little knife in it it made a crack noise so I stop and tried turning it on but it didnt turn on I thought I broke it I put it on...
    4 Technology 142
  229. Kevlar- Im not a nerd!!!-- so help me
    Does anyon have any idea what kevlar is used for? For school I have to do some homework on kevlar, and I have no clue what it is used for apart from bullet proof vests. does anyone else know? Please help me...
    4 Education 13
  230. How do you factor -8x + 24x - 18?
    Who can factor this question for me im in grade 11 but this is also apart of the grade 10 math. and please show the steps. thank you.
    8 Education 63
  231. How can I get taller?
    Apart from surgery is there any other way I can make myself taller? Im like 16 and im 1.57 or so cm tall, I need some height! People call me shorty...
    11 Nutritionfitness 80
  232. What's the right way to eat sushi?
    I know this is random, but how are u supposed 2 eat sushi without it spilling all over u? [whenever I eat it, it falls apart and gets all over my shirt] lol
    4 Food 15
  233. What is the matter with me?
    Ok so my ex and me have been apart for awilie but you see over the past few weeks I have been dreaming about her and not sex dreams either. What does this mean? She sappoable has moved on, I some what have to but I still have a lot of feelings for her ...
    2 Sex 13
  234. cute nicknames for my boyfriend
    I can't think of any cute nicknames for by boyfriend.. apart from baby, etc. his name is chris.. any ideas..?? nothing like cutie, babycake, etc..!! thanks x
    8 Relationships 1121
  235. How many tests to take?
    I took 3 pregnancy tests- 3 days apart and they're all negative... Can I still be pregnant? And I did use protection after 10 seconds without protection
    2 Health 41
  236. Where can I find an online latin translator?
    does anyone know where online I can find a latin translator? I'm doing a project and need to write the genus,species for taxonomy. (and im not cheating because thats apart of the project, to find it online)
    2 General 49
  237. Your Favorite Techno Composer?
    Just say who you like. Maybe a couple of song names? Underground? Major? What Sub-Genre are they apart of (German Bass/Trance/Hardcore/Etc.)
    15 Music 42
  238. What is one book that has changed your life?
    Apart from the bible which I highly recommend everyone read, 2nd to that, the book that has changed my life is "supernatural childbith" by jackie mize, This book is a must to read, Anyway what is your book has changed your life & that you highly ...
    11 Literature 8
  239. Moving out of parents room
    I have a 20 year old daughter and a 3 year old son. I have a two bedroom apartment. my daughter has her own room and my son shares a room with me and my husband. at what age does a minor child have to move out of their parents room.
    3 Family 21
  240. Can I just leave my house at 17?
    i am 17 years old and live in texas i am moving out or wanting to move out. i have a place to go an apartment and i do not have to pay any bills but jus to go to school and finish up school. can i jus leave my house and move out?
    4 Family 55
  241. My life is falling apart.
    So, summer has started and I'm all happy.. Or was. I barely passed and all. So no summer school. And I'm glad I get to be home by myself 2 days a week. But my mom is freaking out and turning into a b*tch. Because of an unknown reason, she's taking aw...
    8 Family 37
  242. Living costs
    Can someone tell me how the rent system is? So I rent an apartment, and I pay in the deposit, but isn't there any Realtor fees? And what about monthly bills-water, electricity? They come separately? I know there are some apartments where the costs are ...
    3 Money 25
  243. How much would it cost to move to and live in LA?
    I plan to move there in a few years. What would it take to live in a decent sized apartment with a few friends in LA? Including: -food -rent -bills -etc.
    3 Homegarden 10
  244. How can I lower my electric bill?
    How can I lower my electric bill? My girl wants it near like a sauna in the apartment from the heater and it is killing my electric bill with high rates and electrical service charges. I want to conserve but I don't want to lose any heat.
    4 Money 43
  245. What should I do about this cat that keeps appearing on my porch?
    I found a cat that is light golden/tanish and extremely fluffy. It keeps appearing at the porch of my (mom's) apartment everyday. I have giving it a bit of milk so it will not be hungry but my parents hate the cat. What should I do?
    4 Pets 26
  246. How to make lips look pale?
    does anyone no how to get your lips look like a palelyy colour ? without putting foundation on them :/ orr is there no other way apart from using lip'gloss ? :L
    7 Style 921
  247. Am I pregnant if I'm late and have cramps?
    I am a little late on my period but I keep on getting cramps like I am about to get my peroid my boyfriend says we are not ready for this and it will tear us apart. are there chances I am preg, and what should I do?
    4 Health 90
  248. Hate having to find the whole to finger her
    When me and my girlfriend are having oral I hate having to find the whole to finger her in because her vag*na fold always cover it and its hard to move them apart and start anyone no anything easier?
    2 Sex 36
  249. conversation starters
    I need some good conversations starters apart from the normal "how are you", "how was your day", "what are you doing on the weekend" etc.. But nothing like "What kind of music are you into?" "what are you hobbies?". No lame sh*t like that. suggestions?
    2 Relationships 18
  250. When to tell a girl you been sleeping with her boyfriend?
    My ex and I been apart from a while and recently we have started sleeping together again. Only prob is he has a girlfriend and im startin to wonder if I should tell her? He is being a right prick to me and using me when he wants.
    3 Relationships 26