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  1. How is furniture recycled?
    How is furniture recycled?
    5 Education 48
  2. How to white wash old furniture
    How to white wash old furniture
    3 General 50
  3. How can you keep cats away from furniture?
    How can you keep cats away from furniture?
    3 Pets 47
  4. What's the best place to buy furniture?
    2 Shopping 62
  5. How to move furniture down stairs safely?
    2 General 16
  6. Why is that only wooden furniture's seems to be in fashion these day's?
    8 Homegarden 30
  7. What is the easiest way to clean leather furniture?
    what is the easiest & fastest way to clean leather furniture
    3 Homegarden 98
  8. How many people change up where there furniture is? How many times a year do you do it?
    2 Homegarden 37
  9. what can be the color of my walls of my bed room when most of my furnitures are chocolate brown in color?
    12 Homegarden 11
  10. Cat peeing on furniture
    My daugher's cat is peeing on my new couch, how do I stop him.
    5 Pets 88
  11. Help get red puke out of furniture
    Help get red puke out of furniture , one to many shots!!!
    4 Homegarden 36
  12. Watermarks on wood furniture
    Help!! How do you get water marks off dark wood furniture??
    2 Homegarden 47
  13. Painting webbing on lawn furniture
    Is it possible to paint the webbing on outdoor furniture? If so - what kind of paint should be used
    2 Homegarden 11
  14. What is the best way to get mildew off canvas covered out door furniture?
    2 Homegarden 39
  15. should i leave school and go for an apprenticeship in furniture making?
    i not so keen on going to college.
    8 Education 13
  16. How to get jelly furniture on Neopets?
    No, it's not for me. lol. It's for my little cousin. She plays on all the time. So how do you get jelly furniture on Neopets?
    2 Gaming 63
  17. What do you call a fine art teacher, who also makes furniture and majors in ceramic works?
    3 General 53
  18. need cheap furniture ASAP!
    me and my friend are moving out together. we have nothing! were can we find really cheap furniture, and by really cheap I mean really cheap!
    9 Homegarden 71
  19. Where can i sell my furniture online?
    I have a desktop table i want to sell. I need a good website to post it where there are no scammers.
    3 Money 18
  20. Why are so many people posting unfinished questions?
    Like, "What should I do when he find out?" or "I received this in the mail" Or "Then he said that" and then there is no more information. Do they think we are Psychic?
    2 Funadvice 26
  21. Why is my cat urinating on furniture?
    my cat started urinating on on bed 5 days in a row. I shut the door to keep her out. Now she is peeing on the couch what is wrong
    20 Pets 4540
  22. How Can Istop my cat from peeing on furniture?
    I have 2 cats 1 is 18 weeks old and the other is 20. The youngest one always pees on furniture. Especially beds. How can I stop it?
    4 Pets 60
  23. When someone leaves furniture on their lawn for garbage pickup, can we take it?
    Someone left a beautiful window pane that I want to use for art, but I was unsure if we can.
    13 General 43
  24. Why does my cat poop on the furniture??
    Does anyone else here have a cat doing this? My cat is about 10 months old,and she was spayed about a month ago. About a week ago,she started pooping on the floor,and the furniture! She still pees in her litter box.
    5 Pets 269
  25. How can I stop my cat from peeing on my furniture?
    I have two cats, one is 6 years old and she started urinating on the furniture when I adopted another kitten. This has been going on for one year can I stop this? Is there a scent or something I can spray on the furniture? Thank you
    16 Pets 358
  26. How do I stop my cat from using the furniture as a litterbox?
    We just moved our two cats into our new home and one cat is using a old lazyboy chair we just purchased as a litter box, what can I do to stop this?
    2 Pets 20
  27. How do you work a room that is 20 by 20 when your furniture is huge {bed-full or queen and a dresser}?
    What is a nice warm but cool that is welcoming for a girl {tomboy} room?
    4 Homegarden 7
  28. My cat is peeing on furniture
    My cat got a rabies shot on Sunday and then started peeing on the furniture on Monday. Are these two connected? We also changed the cat litter brand. Help. if it doesn't stop I don't know how much more we can take.
    6 Pets 55
  29. How should I go about listing an unfinished degree?
    I was originally in a program called Digital Media, and then switched out two years later into Business. I wanted to add Digital Media to my resume since I did learn some relevant things in that program. How do I list that?
    3 Education 17
  30. Cat urinating on the furniture
    My mom has a cat, she just moved not evven a year ago. Another cat was brought into the home and then went to be de-clawed; when the second cat came home the liter box was replaced and her original cat started peeing on the sofa, how can we stop her fr...
    2 Pets 51
  31. White bedroom furniture
    I really want white bedroom furniture: full bed, nightstand, tv stand, dresser, armoir (possibly), desk, and desk chair. I absolutely have to have white, but all I can find is kids! I dont want like an old person white furniture set, but I dont wand a...
    6 Homegarden 20
  32. Where can I get cute bed spreads and good bed room furniture???
    So im re painting my room and getting new stuff and I've look like everywhere for cute bed spreads and furniture,,like dressers and stuff but I cant find them of any that are kinda cheep Im 15 and so I want this stuff to last until college so iif you...
    2 Shopping 44
  33. What you think of these unfinished songs
    Well,first I wanna know what you think of these unfinished songs I have written so far.please tell me the whole truth,the honest truth and nothing but the truth: Time: Time passed me by,couldn`t understand,why it cant stopjust take a rest,cause I dont...
    2 Literature 17
  34. Is the Sims 3 for PC and Sims 3 Pets for Xbox the same?
    I know the Sims 3 Pets obviously have pets, but are the clothes and furniture all the same or are they different?
    3 Gaming 15
  35. how much does it cost to add a bathroom in the attic?
    We have a finished loft in the attic and a unfinished back. We were thinking of making a master suite in the unfinished back of tha attic. We think we might need to add some head room to add the bathroom for the suite.HOW MUCH TO ADD HEAD ROOM IN THE A...
    2 Homegarden 87
  36. Habbo coins Cheats
    any one know any cheats or maybe now some ways 2 get coins or furniture???
    18 Gaming 109
  37. Could I make money out of making dollhouses?
    I looked online and collictable dollhouses are pretty expensive and the furniture is expensive as well. How could I make them and sell them?
    3 Money 22
  38. room makeover
    I am wanting to paint my living room with a red accent but Im not sure what color to paint the rest of the room. And my furniture is black
    2 Homegarden 7
  39. TEenage Girls Bedrooms
    I am almost 13 and I have a plain boring room. I have seen some really cute things, but they are way over-priced! Do you have any places with amazing furniture and ideas for less than 1,000 dollars for a piece of furniture? If so... please answer me
    5 Shopping 38
  40. Getting rid of fleas
    how long will it take for fleas o be off carpet and furniture after being spraied with some stuff from wall mart. I treated the pets.
    2 Pets 39
  41. What color should i paint my room?
    any suggestions? i have white furniture and white carpet and i kind of want my room a dark color... kind of like a calming color if that makes sense lol
    8 Homegarden 10
  42. How to get my Chihuahua mix to stop jumping?
    Okay, so I have a chihuahua mix... there is only one problem. I cannot get him to stop jumping! Whether is jumping from furniture to furniture, on people, on the window, in the air. He is a very smart dog and knows how to do tricks and obey, even witho...
    9 Pets 41
  43. Cat hair shedding.
    Is there a way to keep a cat from shedding so much? I have tried to brush her out to prevent it a bit, but she still seems to shed just as much after she is brushed. The hair is all over my furniture and I don't want to get rid of my cat.
    6 Pets 65
  44. teen bedroom ideas?
    k, im 15. now I get to paint my walls. what color(s) should I make it? im think pink walls and white furniture. does that sound too kiddish?
    7 Homegarden 60
  45. Dose have any cleaning company in montreal
    I am David. I am banker. I need to clean my home carpet and furniture. How can i higher a professional cleaning company in my local area. If have any suggestion please provide company link.
    2 Travel 13
  46. Can you get hiv from
    We had a piece of furniture that was given to us it had been broken and had a piece of metal sticking up me and my niece cut our legs on it we found out that the person who had previuosly owned the couch has hiv are we at risk?
    11 Health 63
  47. Would these curtains suit my living room decor?
    My living room decor is made up of mostly black furniture. All our picture frames are black the couches are dark grey among other things. Our dining room is adjacent to the living room and the furniture there is brown. I saw these really nice curtains ...
    2 Homegarden 45
  48. Get paint in my carpet out?
    how can you get year old water based paint out of frieze carpet? I got up almost all of it during the incident but without furniture in the room its quite noticeable, since we are trying to rent
    2 Homegarden 121
  49. Teen girl..15...bedroom
    Ok.. My bedroom is small. Im gonna paint it white trim and pink walls. What should I do? Like what furniture, Stuff, decor, and stuff should I use? What should I do?
    3 Homegarden 24
  50. House Moving
    We live in rented premises in Mumbai We want to shift to Kolkata. Does anybody have any idea what we can do with our household furniture,tv, utensils etc? Will it be economical to transport these items by road?
    2 Travel 19
  51. How do I get started with my new apartment?
    How do I get started choosing the right theme, colors and furniture for my new apartment? I would wanna know any sites I can go to for it... please help and gimme some good tips too... thanks fellas!
    8 Homegarden 48
  52. what can I do about my cat ?
    My cat is horrible >< she bites me , she scratches me , she scratches up our furniture , she won't sit still for more than 3 seconds , we've tried spraying her with water , I've tried putting her in our garage , but she meows so loudly I have to let ...
    7 Pets 27
  53. I can never finish a piece of work!
    I like writing ( songs, stories, poems, etc ) but I can never finish anything! I've only ever written 1 whole song, and my note books are full of unfinished stories. How can I get myself to finish something?
    3 General 28
  54. What bedroom theme options do I have using the colours light blue, turquoise, or light green?
    I'm moving my bedroom into a different room, but I don't know what colors to paint my room or what theme. My only real color options are light blue, turqouise, or light green. Please help!!! Also, if it helps, my furniture is white.
    11 Homegarden 28
  55. What is an unusual rule that you have in your household?
    What is the reason for that rule? In my house, it is forbidden to sit on blanket that has been tossed on any of the furniture. The reason being, is that my cats like to burrow inside the blankets and you can't always tell when a cat is hiding in the lu...
    39 General 39
  56. How do you get over muscle stiffness?
    My wife and I moved this weekend, and my muscles hurt. Everywhere. Is there anything I can do to speed the recovery, as I feel really stiff from lifting boxes, furniture, computers...etc. Is it as simple as "drink water and stretch?" or is there someth...
    3 Health 39
  57. Who knows of any good PET virtual websites?
    Does anybody know of any good virtual websites in which you look after a pet and feed it and play with it but please do not suggest one in which you have to pay real money to buy good furniture and clothes. Also please do not suggest Moshi Monsters:...
    2 Gaming 38
  58. What colors shall I use in paint & tile in my bathroom?
    I am completely doing over my 6x8 bathroom, except for the tub and I shall have that repainted. I like warm colors. I currently have a pedestal sink which I shall remove as it gives me no counter space. What colors would you suggest for tile, furnitur...
    2 Homegarden 19
  59. What really happens after you die?
    What really happens after you die? OK let me explain,I belive in God&Jesus,but also I belive in other religions.So I'm asking this because I want to know what other people belive/think/know.I belive that anything is possible.I belive vampires could exi...
    13 Religion 37
  60. Groups of Things
    I will give you 15 groups of things, and you will write down the thing from that group that comes into your mind first Girls name Singer Book Color Vegetable Alcohol Beverage European Country Fruit White coloured stuff Chocolate Brand Actor A piece...
    7 General 120
  61. What are home decorating trends this season?
    What are the decorating trends this year/or season for a home? What room scents are the most popular, candles, incense, etc. What flowers are popular for Fall and Winter(store bought of course)? What colors are in as far as wall color and general ro...
    2 Homegarden 16
  62. What can I do to make my brother less violent and more nice?
    My 11-year-old brother has these violent outbursts of anger most days. I really upsets me and my family as its not nice for any of us. He attacks us and it scares me. He is really violent and goes crazing and he damages and breaks our furniture and oth...
    4 Family 52
  63. Tips for controling cat urination
    My 2 1/2 year old male cat has started peeing on our furniture. We immediately took him in to the vets and found out he had a severe urinary tract infection. After months of treatment, the UTI has cleared up, but he is still urinating. Any idea's on...
    2 Pets 61
  64. What can I use to decorate my bedroom walls/bed?
    Well. My room is painted purple, with a magenta border, and I have purple carpet. I have a full size bed too. My walls seem pretty bland, and my bed doesn't even have a headboard! so until I get new furniture, how can I decorate my room, and bed. witho...
    3 Homegarden 71
  65. What are some english quirks and customs?
    I might be moving to England in a year, and was just wondering if anybody could share with me experiences of living/traveling in England or some traditions, phrases that I won't be used to etc. I've only ever lived in New Zealand and I'm also worried a...
    10 Travel 28
  66. Break bad news to a roommate...
    I am in a sticky situation...My roommate and I live in an apartment right now and we agreed to move in with this other girl many moons ago. We LOVE our apt. and love having just us two living here. We are supposed to move in a month. Well, we don't rea...
    2 Homegarden 10
  67. How to decorate my new house?
    So we just moved to a cute little house in Durham, NC. The colors are very bright...but are accented. One of the rooms has two bright orange walls...and I'm lost on how to decorate it. We're thinking of making it a 'gaming' room, and just putting in a ...
    8 Homegarden 44
  68. What is the general cost for having a cat declawed?
    I've never had a cat declawed, as I find it inhumane, but I have one cat whose claws grow into hooks. Even when we trim them, she isn't able to retract them, and she often gets "hung up" on furniture and we have to wiggle her claws out to get her down....
    14 Pets 48
  69. What is the strongest possible pesticide that can really work on getting rid of bed bugs?
    Please can anyone help me!!!!! I recently moved into this house that i know now was and is infested with bed bugs. I really really need to get rid of them for the safety of my baby and mysefl. I dont have the kinda money to just up and move and i real...
    3 Homegarden 24
  70. Why hasn't this been invented?
    I heard that when something is plugged into the wall and turned off, it still uses up electricity. Why isn't there something that detects when the device is off and 'unplugs' it from the outlet, or shuts off power to that specific outlet? Would it be t...
    4 General 11
  71. Kitty Cat
    Am I able to train kittens NOT to jump on my furniture before they become cats? Are they smart enough? Also can you train them to comeon command? If I got a cat, it would stay indoors, like my Yorkshire Terrier, Tanner. I have fallen in love with a kit...
    6 Pets 25
  72. Teen bedroom idea?
    ok. my room is small. it has a eggshell wallcolor and whiteISH carpet that is kinda grey at the same time.. cant explaine that.. but it has white trim. my furniture is mixed colors. I am on a low budget and I CANT paint the walls so DONT SAY ...
    3 Homegarden 28
  73. My puppy is afraid of everything
    I have a 5 month old Belgian Malinos that is afraid of everything. She will not even go outside if the wind is blowing. How can I help her get past her fears? We go to the Dog Park every weekend and she seems to play with dogs and greet people without ...
    4 Pets 75
  74. Bedbugs how can I tell?
    I am worried that my 10 year old is being attacked by bedbugs. I have had exterminators come out to inspect, 3 different ones, one guy said yes and the other 3 said no. I have changed my son's bedding and use allergie protective mattress covers and a ...
    2 Health 19
  75. My cat has a problem with the litter box
    My cat is 7 years old, so is the other cat, but the problem is, my cat doesnt use the littler box to poop, he goes on the concret around it, (the cats are in the unfinished part of the basement) he pees in the litter box, but I noticed he poops like ev...
    7 Pets 34
  76. When will my baby walk?
    My son iss 11 months old, and has been cruising around furniture since he was 7 months. he is now standing perfectly on his own (started a couple of days ago). im just wondering when he'll start to walk. I know one year plus is norm, but then other ...
    11 Babies 68
  77. Dog Survey!!!
    Dog Survey!!! 1. How Many? 2. Name(s)? 3. Gender? 4. Their Birthday? 5. Age? 6. What trick scan they do? 7. Nickname? (I call my dog, Jack, Jackers!) 8. Breed? ---On a scale of 1-10--- 9. Cute level? 10. Smartness? 11. Nice? --- Does you...
    6 Pets 56
  78. What can I do to make my room awesome with bad carpet?
    Ok I have really ugly carpet. I love wood for a bedroom, but mom says I cant tear up the carpet. it was originally light pink, but has faded so much its closer to an ugly white... Like white with the tinyest pigment of pink in it. its horrible. my ...
    6 Homegarden 115
  79. Why is there flames in the picture?
    I was having a talk with my dad about the house, I only live with him. But we've both said we can hear footsteps around the house in the night, he thinks its the cat, but I said its too heavy and loud to be a small cat. Also I hear scraping of furnitur...
    4 Homegarden 30
  80. Will a full size bed fit in my bedroom?
    2 Homegarden 535
  81. 12 yr old cat soon to be put down?
    I have a 12 yr old cat its really annoying the hell outta me lol...The thing will meow and meow and meow ( as if its in heat ) yet I've been told by my mother in law to be that he has been fixed..(she used to own the cat before us) Im assuming it...
    4 Pets 43
  82. Why do I dream these things?
    ok here is my question..its really buggin can someone help me..ok I am dreaming about a guy that I had a relationship with 8 years ago and it didn't last long..I am happly married now with a child and I keeps having these dreams about my ex boyf...
    3 Relationships 19
  83. Convince for a cat?
    I want a kitten so bad! But my mom won't let me, she say we can't afford it, but belive me we can, she doesnt want a cat, and cause she thinks we have to much pets, we dont, we only have three, a hamster a dog and a chinchilla,and she doesn't even help...
    3 Pets 11
  84. What can I do if I think my friend stole my iPod ?
    Okay So On Wednesday My Friend Came Over And We Kicked In My Room, We Watched tv And Talked, And He Brought His iTouch And I Had Mine, And I Layed My iTouch On My Bed And Then When HE Left It Wasnt There, :/ I Texted Him If He Took It By Accident ...
    9 Relationships 54
  85. Can't download custom hair clothes makeup
    I have the sims2 expansion packs sims double deluxe,university,open4 business,night life,bon voyage,celebration stuff,seasons,freetime,apartime life,teen style stuff,h&m fashion stuff,sims2 kitchen&bath,glamour life the problem is I use to download cus...
    2 Gaming 44
  86. Cat Fleas
    I have a rental property, the previous tenants had cats, kept the litter box in the unfinished basement, however the cats had the run of the house. The house was vacated 4-5 weeks ago to include cats. We cleaned house top to bottom to include basemen...
    2 Pets 23
  87. Mother-in-law and sister-in-law trouble
    My sister-in-law's husband works overseas for the state department and is afghanistan for a year. She is currently living 3 and a half hours from my mother-in-law who is 78.{her mother} she has two children ages 10 and 12 that my children don't really ...
    2 Family 95
  88. How do I tell my parents I want to move out?
    ok well heres the situation. I live in australia and im 17. no im not those immature 17 years olds that say they want to move out because they cant go to parties or whatever. thats just stupid. I've had enough, I have been with my boyfriend for 2 and...
    8 Family 276
  89. What)Should I leave this part off? Add on? What do you think?
    PLEASE FULLY READ BEFORE ANSWERING I'm looking for constructive criticism, ideas, and opinions. Kind of unfinished. Still in a bit of a raw state. The topic I was given was "miles of smiles" This is how I interpreted it=> Walking down miles o...
    2 Literature 21
  90. Why does my boyfriend want space?
    My ex and I have only been together almost 5 months. I know it's short but right when I met him we hung out the one night, two days later we were together. Within two weeks we found ourselves saying we loved eachother and meant it. He told everyone you...
    5 Sex 93
  91. Why cant my fiance see him working so much is ruining our family?
    I have been with my fiance for 8 years. We have 2 children together, he does not know how to balance work and home. He works all the time , and I feel so alone. He leaves for work at 5 am and sometimes dont get home till like 7pm ,so he dont even see t...
    4 Sex 39
  92. How do I get through to my teenage daughter that she is being selfish and disrespectful?
    She is constantly yelling (even though we don't) back talking, leaving dishes under furniture and eating EVERYTHING not leaving any for her little brother and sister. We've already taken cell away, internet, etc.. she has good grades but only by luck...
    16 Babies 274
  93. Sims 2 Pets for Gamecube ovens keep breaking
    OK I need help!!! Ok so this first house I made on sims 2 pets for gamecube was really really nice but I had three freakin ovens in my kitchen... Like the first oven worked for a while but then it wouldnt work when I walked up to it with food it just g...
    5 Gaming 98
  94. My cat is pooping everywhere!! HELP!!!
    My 13 year old cat is really making me crazy! She is female, spayed... when I lived at my parents house, she would poop right next to her litterbox and NEVER in it. I got married and we moved into a brand new house and she started using her litter b...
    9 Pets 188
  95. room ideas
    ok so im bored today and have decided im going to paint my room white. my room is in the basement and has no windows therefor no natural light also therefor very dull, dim room. oh and did I mention the dam room is beige right now :S anyway I just wa...
    7 Homegarden 33
  96. I'm kinda nervous cause I'm a virgin
    Ok so Saturday night I Went to the movies with my boyfriend. We were watching the movie and then his hand is on my boob. I'm like oook and I just ignore it then somehow I don't even remember how it happened but his hands went down inbetween my legs. He...
    2 Sex 205
  97. How long does it take for a dog to show signs of pregnancy?
    Hi my name's ashley and I'm 13 years old and my cocker spaniel dogs got stuck together about 20 days ago and my female cocker spaniel hasn't been sick or any thing. could this mean it's a false pregnancy or is it good? she's been acting the same as usu...
    7 Pets 628
  98. How do you convince your parents to get a divorce?
    My parents have been married for 29 years and for the past 10 or so things haven't been going too well. I live at home with them and my two older brothers. My dad is an alcoholic and he has been for quite some time now. He drinks every night when he co...
    17 Family 161
  99. Fun things to do at a sleep over??
    I have some ideas here but would like to hear more... Prank call an auto body or a grooming salon, if no answer leave a funny message. Sing country/bluegrass while doing a paddy-whackin' knee slap. Standing long jump contests while balancing moose ant...
    6 Entertainment 50
  100. How do I deal with my mum?
    I love her but I really don't like her sometimes! She makes it really difficult to live in the same house as her. Ill do a list iutll be easier :) I know im going to sound really really selfish but it really is starting to get me down 1) she calls me...
    6 Family 36
  101. What do you think is best to do?
    Okay so me and my mom are planning to move back to our hometown in Virginia. We found a house there and right now we're about 95% sure we're moving. We're living in Georgia right now. My mom wants to move sometime in early August maybe but the house we...
    3 Travel 15
  102. How can I refuse gifts without hurting the giver?
    So, here's my problem. My brother is having a very difficult time, he is ill and he can't work. So my parents help him a lot. They pay his home, his phone and electricity and sometimes his food. I moved out some years ago, I live with my husband and my...
    14 Shopping 26
  103. Angry Wife--Husband denies relationship
    For the second time in three months I have found emails (he left them on the computer) he usually NEVER does this, so I think he subconsciously wanted to be caught. Either way, the last set of emails he's admitted to seeing, talking to this woman regul...
    4 Relationships 34
  104. How can I deal with my mother's boyfriend?
    My mom started dating this guy after she and my father got a divorce, and they have been dating for about 2 years now. At first he (Louis) was really nice to me, my mom was happy, and all was well. However, about 6 months ago, things began to change....
    2 Sex 46
  105. Being forced into Accounting. I hate it.
    So my parents are absolutely forcing me to go into accounting. My brother is a Chartered Accountant making over $100 000 a year and my sister is well on her way as well. The problem is, that my brother and sister both aren't exactly my role models. My ...
    7 Money 211
  106. How to convince my parents to get a ferret?
    Well I am responsible for my own cat two rats and sometime I feed the dogs.My point is that I really want a ferret.Yes most people are going to say that teenagers are going to grow out of thir pets or thay dont have the time to do the stuff that they n...
    12 Family 540
  107. My ex cheated and robbed me/but I gave him herpes
    I was dating a guy for three years. He was so nice and he surprised me with gifts and he was the best at first. We loved each other a lot, well atleast I know I did. I found out later in the relationship that I had an std...called herpes. I passed it t...
    3 Sex 83
  108. Pregnancy question please answer!
    Please, I dont need rude comments, please just answer my question. I really dont think I am, but im moving from state to state and the soreness im getting from lifting really heavy boxes sounds like whats being described and im tired, but I work hard a...
    4 Sex 88
  109. What to do about my nasty, annoying neighbors???
    Okay, I just moved in here about a year ago, and the people who live above me (2 family house) moved in about a month after me. Since they have been here, they have been nothing but trouble. They are loud, rude, and tactless. They don't blast music but...
    7 Relationships 68
  110. How can I help my friend, or even support her after I read something like this she wrote?
    I wake up in the morning and know how the day is going to turn out. A lot of people say being positive will make it all better, but I've been positive for so long with nothing in return. Well, I guess that's not true. I haven't tried hard enough, I su...
    13 Relationships 33