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  1. flirty truth or dare questions and dares
    What are some flirty truth or dare questions or dares?
    22 Relationships 79016
    I need dares for truth and dare GUYS ONLY
    5 Gaming 363
  3. what is the worst truth or dare that you have been asked to do?
    what is the worst truth or dare that you have been asked to do?
    7 Gaming 182
  4. I need 10 dirty dares 4 truth or dare
    I need 10 dirty dares 4 truth or dare
    3 Relationships 2616
  5. What are some "dirty" truth or dare ideas?
    What are some "dirty" truth or dare ideas?
    8 Entertainment 4864
  6. Truth or dare questions?
    What are some good truth or dare?
    3 General 160
  7. Tell me what the truth is
    Tell me what the truth is!?
    17 Politics 36
  8. what are some really personal truth or dare ?'
    what are some really personal truth or dare ?'s
    2 Gaming 1800
  9. what are some good truth or dares stuff?
    2 Entertainment 89
  10. Truth or dare questions
    I need some questions for the truth or dare game...
    2 Entertainment 155
  11. What are some good truth or dare questions, Clean or Dirty.
    What are some good truth or dare questions, Clean or Dirty.
    8 Gaming 726
  12. Play funadvice truth or dare on here?
    Play fun advice truth or dare on here
    10 Entertainment 138
  13. Truth or dare ideas?
    any one have any good truth or dare ideaas??
    7 Gaming 70
  14. Good truth or dare ?
    What are some truth or dare ? For my 15 bithday party
    4 Entertainment 71
  15. how did you know the truth about Santa?
    17 General 34
  16. What do you live for? You personally and truthfully.
    23 General 45
  17. Crazy dares?
    What can you think of?
    2 Entertainment 124
  18. How do I know he's telling the truth?
    6 Relationships 57
  19. good naughty dares to do in truth or dare
    what are some good naughty dares to do in truth or dare going to be in a hotel room with both girls and guys
    3 Relationships 1380
  20. Dirty truth or dares
    What are some good/dirty truth or dares? There are going to be guys and girls
    2 Relationships 9490
  21. Truth or dare questions
    I need some good truth or dare questions it could be anything
    3 Entertainment 129
  22. The ugly truth?(:
    What is the parental guide for the ugly truth?
    2 Entertainment 51
  23. Absolute truth?
    Does anyone believe there is absolute truth?
    6 General 37
  24. Song "truth dare" by insane clown posse on lime wire?
    Is the song "truth dare" by insane clown posse on lime wire?
    3 Music 25
  25. Do you think truth is subjective or objective?
    15 Education 38
  26. What are good Truth or Dare questions?
    Does anyone have ANY good truth or dare questions??? CLEAN OR DIRTY IT DOSNT MATTER!!!
    12 General 2164
  27. What are some clean truth or dare questions?
    Hi! Do you know of any truth or dare questions that are clean? Nothing dirty please!
    30 Entertainment 10282
  28. Dirty Truth or Dare Questions for guys.
    I need some dirty truth or dare ideas for guys to play. Just guy and as dirty as they can be please.
    4 Entertainment 828
  29. Truth or dare game questions
    Me and my boyfriend play truth or dare ovr texting. Wut are some good truths or dares?
    3 Relationships 3206
  30. What are some fun sexual games to play besides truth or dare and are u nervous?
    12 Sex 669
  31. Does anyone know any good truth or dare questions?
    I need some really really good truth or dare questions. Anyone have any.? Im female.
    6 Entertainment 112
  32. Dare devils!!!
    What are the best dares with guys and girls??
    2 Relationships 76
  33. What do you usually choose when playing "Truth or Dare?"
    I find that most ppl choose truth instead of dare..... hmmmm why? lOl
    13 Gaming 53
  34. What are some good dares to make in playing truth or dare?
    I am going to hang out with this guy soon and I think it will be fun to play some naughty truth or dare. Well, actually just dare. I know some of the things he can dare me to do. But what are some things I can dare him to do?
    4 Entertainment 287
  35. Dirty truth and dares
    What are some dirty truth or dares I could ask? having a party with boys and girls and I want to play.
    10 Gaming 224
  36. fun truth questions to ask at a sleepover?
    What should I do at a sleepover
    5 Entertainment 261
  37. Truth
    Have you ever licked a girls boob
    5 Relationships 129
  38. have you ever been dared to do something embarrising
    if you did what was it? and do you regret it?
    2 General 72
  39. Good dares 4 truth or dare
    Hey, anyone got dares so gross involving the toilet, but nothing to do with having a dump, like lick the toilet seat, but much, much more gross!
    2 Entertainment 238
  40. truth or dare game!
    okay, so I'm interested in seein what people would dare or ask others to do. got any truths or dares?
    3 Gaming 59
  41. Any good questions or dares for a game of truth or dare?
    Has anyone got any randomdares or good questiones for a game of truth or dare. Me and my mates always end up playing but end up repeating the same things. Anyone have new or random ideas?
    9 Gaming 589
  42. What are some truth or dare qustions for the bar?
    Its my friends birthday party tonight and she wants some fun truth or dare questions to play at the bar!
    3 Entertainment 136
  43. naughty dares
    what are some really super naughty naughty dares you know?? very naughty as you can get
    4 Gaming 798
  44. Truth questions?
    Please give me some good truth questions...x
    3 Gaming 97
  45. Truth Boxes on Myspace, are they stupid?
    Do you think Truth Boxes on myspace are stupid? I don't know if I do or not.
    6 Technology 12
  46. trurth or dare
    hey I need some good truth or dare q's
    7 Gaming 109
  47. Would you rathe be happy and not know the truth
    Would you rather be happy but not know the truth or sad and know the truth?
    6 General 24
  48. Truth or Dare questions
    My friends and I are having a party and are stuck on truth or dare questions. What are some good ones for gr. 7s?? (co-ed)
    12 Gaming 175
  49. Truth or Dare in the pool?
    Truth or Dare in the pool? were going out for a midnight swim and there will be 3 girls. 2 will do ANYTHING needs to be something in the pool. NO LIMITS!
    4 Entertainment 1036
  50. truth of jews
    please tell me the real story of jews
    4 Religion 30
  51. Why do people easily believe in lies rather than the truth?
    10 General 67
  52. Is the moment of truth real show or is it fake ?
    5 Entertainment 628
  53. How do I decorate for a Dare-Devil themed party?
    5 Homegarden 58
  54. Moment of truth
    Did you ever farted near someone?
    5 Entertainment 21
  55. Who like to play truth or dare?
    Who likes to play Truth or Dare? jw and whats the deal with spin the bottle lol thx im bored thats all lol
    6 Gaming 77
  56. Good truth or dare questions for a girl/boy party
    what are some good truth or dare questions for a girl/boy party my friends and I are having. (nothing too extreme but interesting stuff if possible for gr. 7s)
    6 Gaming 396
  57. Whats the funnest dare your partner has done?
    Whats the funnest dare your partner has done? Whats the funnest dare you have done? whats the stupidest thing you have done in life?
    4 Entertainment 28
  58. What are some good dares that I can do by myself, anal dares work?
    I have stuff I can use for the anal dares and the regular ones. please make them dirty. I need to stay in my room for them.
    3 Relationships 504
  59. Does anyone know the truth why Micheal Jackson bleached his skin?
    9 Entertainment 18
  60. Whats the truth?
    has anyone had an outer body excperience?? or is it rubbish??
    4 Science 13
  61. Guys: Have you ever been drunk and kissed a guy on a dare?
    3 Relationships 153
  62. Very dirty truth or dare questions
    I just need dirty ones! Hehehe! I am having a sleepover with one of my friends and I need dirty ones. Mostly Dare I like that better. So come up with dirty ones please. No websites!!
    22 Gaming 11955
  63. Fun truth or dare questions for teens??
    What are some good truth or dare questions for teens?? The party im going to have is co-ed and were all really outgoing to basically up for anything. :)
    8 Entertainment 626
  64. Lie vs truth whats better?
    Whats better? A lie that draws a smile or the truth that draws a tear?
    5 General 65
  65. good series of book something like The Sword of truth series?
    whats a good series of book something like The Sword of truth series
    7 Literature 16
  66. is the verizon Dare phone any good?
    is the verizon Dare phone any good? im thinking of getting it..
    2 Technology 18
  67. What are good truth or dare questions for a party?
    I'ts my birthday soon and I can't think of any truth,dare,double dare or torture questions. and I don't wont any thing rude cause my parents will be there. HELP ME !!!
    4 Entertainment 286
  68. lets play truth or dare rait now!!
    k so say if you want a t or a d then sombody will give you it! Tell the whole story what happened!
    6 Gaming 81
  69. Naughty Truth or dare?
    ok does anyone know any REALLY good *hott&&naughty* truth or dare questions to ask a guy a make them kinda want more and you know kinda tease around with them ;]]]
    3 Relationships 6636
  70. Extreme Truth or Dare questions?
    Anybody know any extreme truth or dare questions? Im thinkin bout playin that at my b-day party. and there will be girls and guys there? Any ideas?
    5 Entertainment 1324
  71. What are some good dares to dare girls?
    I am really running out of dares for girls. truths are easy to think of its jsut the dares that stump me. if I could get some ideas (perverted or not) preferably perverted that would be great... thanks
    3 Entertainment 328
  72. tell me da truth...don't lie
    what do guys really look for in a girl??
    2 Relationships 36
  73. truth on relation ships
    how do you realii kno iif a boii realii loves up
    3 Relationships 26
  74. What are some good dares for truth or dare played by 12-14 yr olds?
    I always suck at creating dares in this game..but wee all 12-14...there's both boys and girl's playing...any suggestions? Please, nothing 2 gross, it could be kiss or something...but no sexual stuff
    4 Sex 512
  75. Truth box on a social site
    How can you find out who wrote in your a social site truth box I need to no !!! Please help .
    10 Technology 47
  76. Extreme Truth or Dare ideas for teen girls.
    Me and my friends play truth or dare when we get bored. We are like super darers we are running out of ideas. If you have a good idea please put it down. Nothing is too extreme.
    5 Entertainment 1089
  77. Is there a difference between lying and not telling the truth?
    What do you think? If you avoid telling a person the truth, is that lying? I don't think so! If you don't say anything, them how can you lie?
    5 General 440
  78. What are some good truth or dares?
    right I love this game yarrr I need some bare dirty truth or dare, get truth out of people that they wouldnt want people knowing. pretty daring dares if you know what I mean!!! come on guys give me some good ones...
    19 Gaming 532
  79. questions I can ask in a truth and dare
    ok theres a truth and dare thing coming up and I am crap at thinking on the spot so please can someone give me questions I can ask in a truth and dare thing aswell as dares I can give to do. btw this aint like the kiddy things proper adult thing.
    7 Relationships 2356
  80. What are some sleepover truth or dare games?
    What are some really good games to play at a young teenagers party. something really fun and embarassing and it needs to have a lot of thrill. All girls party
    4 Babies 80
  81. dirty truth or dare ideas?
    ok this isnt flowerchild im her friend and I told her I wanted to go on the internet and look up some dirty dares so she said "go to funadvice" so could you please give me some VERY VERY dirty dares?
    13 General 670
  82. Truth Or Dare Questions!
    ok so im having a sleep over with 7 guys and 6 girls plsu me and I need nasty/dirty truth or dare questions since were all taken! can anyone come up with a bunch of truth or dare questions! thanks no websites please :)
    3 Entertainment 309
  83. What is the truth, does masturbating make your penis bigger?
    My friend told me that jaking off makes your penis bigger is that true
    8 Sex 103
  84. Dare I ask it. . .
    What happens if every team in the NFL goes 8-8?
    4 General 13
  85. Truth serum
    Is there such thing as a truth serum? If so, why don't police use it on highly-suspected criminals for honesty?
    5 General 73
  86. Any good Truth or Dare questions?
    My sweet16 is coming up in 8 days... I'm extremely excited.. what are some good truth or dare question.. doesn't matter, it could be sick, gross, funny... anything, I need ideas!!!
    2 Entertainment 294
  87. Truth or dare questions!
    I'm in need of some truth or dare questions - I'm going camping with a friend and Ijust... lack imagination when it comes to this. Got any? Oh, and add some sick, funny, weird and extreme ones please :)
    3 Entertainment 50
  88. what are the dirtiest dares you can think of?
    I am having a sleepover with my friend and we always play TorD when we have sleepovers. We will do anything that you suggest.
    4 Gaming 266
  89. Is telling the truth snitching?
    ok here, the deal is my cousin broke his dads fridge i told his dad da truth is that snitching?
    9 Family 155
  90. What a some good dares to do at school?
    Well some times at school it gets real boring so I need some good dares to dare people at school (: But make them good!! :D
    3 Entertainment 231
  91. Should I tell the truth whether I'm emo?
    Wht should I do should I tell the truth weather im emo if I get asked if im one?
    11 Style 24
  92. This is for people that enjoy dares
    Can you do the truffle shuffle ??0-0 Really and how well xd
    2 General 27
  93. Truth or Dare
    Okay, does anyone know of any good TRUTHS or DARES ? If you do, I'm looking for some to give to my friend who really needs them. If you can name more than one that would be great. Also, this game is for some teenagers, I'd like some intense ones if yo...
    3 Entertainment 77
  94. I know your tired of all these quistions but answer truthfully ple
    what do you guys think when you first see me?
    3 Relationships 18
  95. Fun Truth or Dare Questions for an All-Girls Sleepover?
    my friends Kenzie, Jemia, Lindsay, and Shannon are all coming over to spend the night, what are some good Truth or Dare questions? *T or D websites would be gr8, anything other then*
    16 General 5109
  96. I need some fun (sexual) dares plż
    Ima bout to play truth or dare with this guy I like .. I need some fun (sexual) dares plż Or some truths Let me have whateverr you've got I really want some truth or dares dares especially (((:::
    3 Sex 842
  97. What are some gay dares?
    Hi well me and my friend like to play truth or dare. What are some pretty insane gay dares to dare him with? I know its stupid but for kicks ...and he is hot... What are some gay dares? And how would I ask them?
    2 Entertainment 992
  98. Male masterbation dares
    me and my friend have been doing some dares over texting and she cant think of any. I am 15 and it has been fun but she cant think of anything. can you help me find some dares for her to ask me?
    12 Sex 1049
  99. Good truth or dare questions?
    Ok am at least trying to play truth or dare mostly dare.but I cant find any dares to ask my friend. I also need help with makeing my friend do the dares...( like take of your shirt and stuff.) so chould you help me find a way to bolth questions? Please.
    9 Entertainment 906
  100. Truth and Dare for guys
    ok I need some kinda kinky-naughty truths and dares 4 one of my friends hes a guy and me and him like each other but were not going out but we like 2 play truth and dare but I always runn outta things what are some that will keep him intere...
    2 Relationships 208
  101. Which Bible is the truth?
    I've been in wicca for awhile, I was a agnostic, I was catholic, and I was christian...but with so many bibles out there...whats the truth? please help!
    43 Religion 38
  102. What are some naughty dares to do alone?
    Hi I am a 14 year old guy and I need some good dares to do by myself when im bored and they need to be naughty.
    7 Relationships 4294
  103. The dirtiest dares for 1 person 2 do alone please
    I need someone 2 give me the dirtiest dare they can think of for 1 person 2 do alone please please please please help me
    4 Relationships 914
  104. What are some of the "dirtyest" dares out there(1 girl and me) :)?
    Me and here are stright. But dont mind at all. We are in it for fun. Give me the dirtyest ones out there please.
    7 Entertainment 104
  105. If I dared you to cram as much of your foot as you could in my mou
    For 5 bucks, how much do you think you could fit inside?
    3 General 8
  106. need help with perverted dare ideas
    Me,my friend(girl), and my two guy friends are playin truth or dare and its a perverted only truth or dare and I need help with some dare ideas. I like one of the guys if that gives you ideas. So give me all the perverted and horny dares ya got! Thnx!
    2 Relationships 586
  107. Do you have any good dares or truths?
    Ok its my friends birthday sleepover soon, she's having a couple of girls & some boys staying till late so we were going to play truth or dare & she wants me to come up with some questions but I'm no good. So do you have any good dares or truuths? Th...
    2 Entertainment 48
  108. Who can give me extremely naughty tord dares?
    I only want dares. Dirty ones! Boys and girls playing, make the dares as naughty as possible! :d
    4 Entertainment 188
  109. What is it with girls wantin to dare guys to kiss each other?
    I commented on Some dare thing and all the girls were talkin about dudes makin out. I mean Really? what the crap!
    4 Relationships 72
  110. dice dares 4 my 9 year old little sister
    I cant think of any! nor can she! I need some for her! HELP!
    2 Babies 236
  111. Truth or Dare Ideas!
    Hii! :) Im having a g2g/small party this Friday & me and my friends love to play Truth or Dare. (Most of them are over 18, but we still love it. LOL.) So now I want to know if you know some emberassing/intimitate/funny questions to ask while play...
    4 Entertainment 210
    im bored and want to see how many people will anser this so go ahead and write the dirtyest dares and dare questions you can think of!!!
    6 Relationships 4619
  113. What are some good dares to do in a tent with only girls?
    Im going camping with loads of my friends in atent tomorrow so I need some really good dares!! We will do any thing!!!
    4 Entertainment 321
  114. Who knows any good dares for me and my girlfriend?
    Umm. Okay so im a girl and I have a girlfriend. We are willing to do any dare. Hehe. Soo lets hear 'em!!
    3 Relationships 68
  115. Little bit of truth?
    "here I say to you that all religions are human-made. No human-made religion is “the true religion.” each organization has a little bit of truth here, a little bit of good there. But none are complete." -god
    12 Religion 21
  116. Will we ever know the truth about Roswell?
    What do you really think happened in Roswell in 1947, it was a long time ago, but I've always been intrigued by that, will we ever know the truth
    4 Science 63
  117. The truth about dec. 21 2O21.
    I keep hearin a bunch of theories about how the earth will be destroyed on dec 21 2O21. anybody else know about this?
    15 Science 40
  118. Searching for truth
    I'm a christian, and believe in god... Learning from church god is the only true and real god...but if that's true... Why are there so many other different beliefs and gods?
    15 Religion 32
  119. How to tell my son the truth?
    My babys father left when he found out I was pregnant. how do I tell my 5 year old son his father never wanted him.
    13 Babies 53
  120. what do i doo i think my boyfriend is cheatin on me i have heard alot of rumours how do i find out if he is? how do i get the truth? someone please help me :(
    4 Technology 22
  121. Whats a good dare?
    my friend and I are playing truth or dare and I cant think of a good dare any ideas? we aren't going too nasty we have limitations we cant go outside our house and we are LDS so cant be too bad...
    2 General 80
  122. What is the craziest thing that you have ever done as a dare?
    I was just curious of what are the craziest thinngs that you have ver done in a truth or dare game or just a regular dare. Me and my friends were thinging about playin it with some girls so we just wanted some ideas! thx
    5 General 93
  123. 'Lying' vs 'hiding the truth'
    I think its morally wrong to lie but so is hiding the truth. Some of my friends disagree with me because 'hiding the truth' is totally a different thing altogather. Do you agree? Whats your opinion on this?
    8 Sex 392
  124. What are good dare ideas for truth and dare?
    Hey, does anyone have some really good dares for truth or dare? I have about 50 already but I still need some more! There is going to be about 10 of us all in like girl/boy couples(not neccessarily boyfriend/girlfriend) and a lot of alcohol. So I need ...
    27 Gaming 4942
  125. do any of you have the lg dare..or do you like it?
    do any of you have the lg dare? if you do do you like it? what do you like about it? do you like texting on it? it is good to play games on? tell me what you think about getting this hone I need to no if I really want it
    3 Technology 43
  126. What truth does it have that takin pills make your breast grow?
    I heard that when you start taking birth control pills your breast grows and I want to know if its true
    3 Health 481
  127. Dare to answer
    So cmon ...ask me some thing bout tats and piercings ? I got plenty , like to skate and surf and fun fun fun.
    4 Style 42
  128. How do I get my boy friend to tell me the truth?
    I know its something going on with my boyfriend but I just dont understand why he wont open up and tell me helllp
    2 Relationships 31
  129. I went to a physic do you think they tell the truth
    Have you been to one before? How do you know when they arent just saying things to make you want to come back?
    8 Religion 11
  130. Who has nasty t or d(truth or dare) questions?
    I got an app for my itouch and it has some pretty nassty ones but me and my friends can get pretty dirty! You can also type in your own and I really need new ones before our group plays! Im talking dirty!! Just no sex! But usually we have like handjobs...
    2 Sex 230
  131. what are sexy dirty dares for public 3 boys 3 girls?
    I some Dirty, Sexy dares to play with a group of people in public ( no sex) there are 3 girls and 3 boys ;) , 1 of the girls is going out wid the other boy but they dont mind
    2 Sex 541
  132. What should I dare my boyfriend to do over texting?
    Well... We've been together for a few months. Gone REAL far. Like really really far. We're both 14. Anything dares are welcome! But it's over text.
    2 Relationships 427
  133. Some good Truth or Dare stuff?
    I looove to play truth or dare, but I never know what to ask people or dare people! I'm not looking for anything gross like "chew up a wad of paper and make someone eat it" sort of things... Dirty things are okay though. ;D I play with girls and guys ...
    8 Entertainment 225
  134. How do I tell my 13 year old daughter that I know that she is not telling the truth and that she can learn from it?
    I easily got mad and start yelling at her whenever she is telling a lie.
    8 Babies 36
  135. Truth or Dare suggestions/ideas?
    Hey, I'm having a G2g/small party at my house this friday, and ofcourse we wanna play Truth or Dare. Most of the guests are over 18 but we still loveee to do it :) Now Im wondering, do you guys have any fun Truth or Dare ideas? Like really emberas...
    2 Relationships 76
  136. People not taking the truth
    Why do people always/usually believe the opposite of the truth, I mean why do they not want to take the truth? Why do they say the person is lying when they have no proof at all and/or they dont know that person personally? It annoys me that people do...
    3 General 24
  137. what) Is paranormal activity based on any truth?
    IS Paranormal activity based on any truth it has actors and directors but at the start of the film it states (thank you to the families and police for supplying this footage) so does it have some real and some false footage Its an intresting film
    5 Religion 133
  138. What is one of the worst things you have ever been dared to do?
    What is one of the worst things you have ever been dared to do?? I have been dared to run across the neighbors yard and knock on their door in my bra and underware and ask if I could use their phone!! and they actually let me use it!!!
    7 General 73
  139. What can I do to look cool and hav fun at skl break dares ? play footie wiv boys ? or chat up my bf? or whatevs plz helpxx
    4 Education 18
  140. Any good ideas for dares?
    Any good ideas for dares? There was a cool one somewhere else: Get tickled and dont laugh or move for 2 whole minutes, but I don't know who would tickle me. I LUV bein tickled but I don't know who wud do it for the dare. help w/ that or any other dares?
    3 Gaming 93
  141. FunAdvice Trivia: The first child of English parentage, Virginia Dare, was born in which state?
    A) Virginia B) Georgia C) North Carolina D) Massachusetts
    7 Funadvice 17
  142. What is truth?
    I thought it's time for some nice and healthy philisophical questions on this thing. Im studying philosophy at the moment. So the question is pretty much straight forward. I just want to know what you think 'truth' is
    4 General 18
  143. can anyone give me evil dares?
    could you possibly tell me some evil dares that use the following supplies? supplies: 2 black skateboarding shoes, two dried up old socks, and a blanket
    5 Entertainment 188
  144. Mean dares
    Got any dares that are mean like rub your feet in somebodys face and they cant push them away or they will have to sit outside tied to a tree for 3 hours? But worse, much, much worse
    5 Entertainment 254
  145. What are some good dares?
    I have me friends over all the time.we always endup playing truth or dare.we cant think of anything.give us some truth or daers.anything.we are the type of people who would do anything ;) clean or dirty...perfurably very very very dirty
    7 Entertainment 207
  146. Truth Or Dareee :)
    heya so I was just wondering if anyone could give me a (small) list of kind of naughty truth or dares to do with my boyfriend, my best friend and her boyfriend. Nothing too extreme but yea:p Thanks yo!
    2 Entertainment 63
  147. Is she telling the truth
    Ok yesterday I was talken to this girl I like online and somehow in the conversation I said, what are you doing masterbating, and she said ew thats nasty I dont do that, do you think she is telling the truth or just trying to hide it? I need some answ...
    5 Sex 114
  148. Where dare?
    Hi when I play truth and dare at a friends house (I'm a girl by the way) it always gets kinda steamy. Like kissing and touching each other. Does this mean she's gay. And I'm bi and am I weird doing this even if I don't like her?
    2 Relationships 43
  149. What are some movies that revolve around the central theme of truth, lies, or deception?
    I know there's a lot but I'm totally drawing a blank right now. Trying to do a project lol
    3 Entertainment 134
  150. How can I get him to tell me the truth?
    Ok so I like this guy that I've liked for a while and he used to like me but he told me he likes my friend who is completly in love with her boyfriend but he told her he really likes me and he says he kinda likes me but feels I dont like him and he wan...
    2 Relationships 49
  151. How Truthful Are You?
    Most guys are very rude when they talk about girls. ( I said most..99.9 xP) Like they talk about sex and nasty things, most girls don't like it. Guys be truthful 1. What do you really think of girls? 2. Why is it always sex? (just hormones or somethi...
    2 Sex 52
  152. some good truths and dares please? cheers!
    ok, let me paint the picture abit before I ask the question. ok theres gonna be at least 5 of us, maybe more 3 guys (incl. myself) and 2 girls, THERE MIGHT BE MORE, DEPENDS. right so we're gonna be playing truth or dare, and I was wondering what kind o...
    3 Sex 191
  153. dont judge because we dont belive judge because we see the truth
    No we arent satan worshipers no we dont hold gruges on god no we dont think its cool we just dont believe have any atheist or non belivers of god have ever had there feelings hurt for what you belive in?
    19 Religion 49
  154. Is 'Salo or 120 days of Sodom' based on truth?
    is 'Salo or 120 days of Sodom' based on true events??? I watched it and im intrested to find out if it has any truth, completely made up, or trying to make fasicm look more evil and sadistic then it seemed to be
    3 Politics 160
  155. The truth about lying
    While majority of people in a recent survey said that people were more honest ten years ago.And some older people too were saying the same thing.Now the question is:Is telling lies a new trend in present generation?
    4 General 29
  156. is he telling the truth...............does he really loves me
    talking about facebook and yahoo.....if he really loves me and his telling the truth why he cant let me show his fb profile or what his doing in the fb nor he doesnt accept me as his friend.......and.....he told me nothing to worry coz his always mine...
    6 Relationships 14
  157. What are some dirty truth or dare/20 qs for talkin on net?
    K im talkin to this guy on the net I wanna make him horny (have meet him went to sschool with him I moved towns) so these should be your best horny qs, and how to do dare on msn im thinkin webcam
    2 Relationships 385
  158. What are good dares for two 14 yr old girls sleepover ?
    I really need some help with dares for me and my mate to play but I dont want them to be to extreme or to childish and I checked the internet and I just cant seem to find any. Can anyone help?
    4 Entertainment 120
  159. Should parents tell children the truth about Santa Claus?
    Should parents tell young children the truth about Santa Claus, namely that he doesn't exist and that it is the parents who fill the stockings and put the gifts under the tree, or let them figure it out on their own? I feel that children will figure i...
    21 Babies 41
  160. what are some really good dirty dares for my party?
    my party is going to be at my house and I am going to have 2 girls and 3 guys. my parents are not going to be back till at least 1:00 - 2:00 am. my friends are kinda dirty and I want to make sure they have fun and me too so make the dares as dirty as y...
    8 Entertainment 209
  161. Who is telling the truth?
    I just recently broke up with my boyfriend.. This was after I found out that he was threatening my best guy friend.. My friend said that my boyfriend didn't want him talking to me.. I confronted him and he said it wasn't true and that Daniel was lying...
    2 Relationships 31
  162. What if I've been dared to go commander at school?
    My friends and I played truth or dare last night. They said when we go back to school to go commander on a dare. They also said I have to wear a skirt. What should I do. Also they said I could just stay one day naked instead so what should I do. And we...
    4 Education 20
  163. What should I ask during the Truth game?
    Me and the girl I love play this game called truth. She doesn't know I love her. We had a relationship before amd I've loved her ever since I ended it. We've stayed good friends. Anyways I need some questions to ask her that kinda show my feelings
    4 Relationships 37
  164. I got to know that he likes me so I asked him wats d truth
    I have a best frnd . I got to know that he likes me so I asked him wats d truth but he said no ,he said that I have not trusted him actually I believed someone when she said that my best frndz likes me. so my best frnd den broke up with me because I th...
    2 Relationships 12
  165. Does paranormal activity have any truth behind it?
    Apparently it was based on a true story which I was willing to by(to an extent cause some weird stuff does happen) but now there is gunna be a second one=/ which makes it seems completely fake and all just a movie(no truth) so does anyone know?
    4 Entertainment 31
  166. Does any 1 no any dares for a halloween party for 13 year olds???
    im having a halloween party with some of my friends it will be boys and girls and we have some dares but not many so can you suggest some and do you no and games we have already got spin the bottle dares murder in the dark limbo and 7 mins of heaven!! ...
    2 Entertainment 60
  167. How would I write a thesis about the rhetorical strategies Al Gore uses in the movie "Inconvenient Truth"?
    I know he uses alot of hyperboles and pathos, logos, and ethos, then he uses metaphors and euphemisms and sarcasm but im not sure how i would write a thesis based off that
    5 Education 19
  168. Didn't tell my Mom the truth
    okay yesterday my mother ask me was I having sex and I told her no (which I haven't) but she also ask me, are you masturbating and I told her no (that was a lie) what should I do because I don't know how she is going to react. btw I am 14 years old...
    9 Sex 83
  169. LG dare, Env3, or EnvTouch??
    ok I get a new phone august 7th and I don't know what I should get, im stuck between the LGenv3, LGenvtouch, and the LGdare. anyone who has any of these phones please tell me if they are good or not and which one I should get. thanks for the help!!!=]
    2 Technology 46
  170. How do we know which religion is the TRUTH?
    I have read many responses to the question...What is teh difference between Christianity and Catholicism. I can't hellp but wonder which opinion is the truth. How can we distinguish between false knowledge and tha truth? We can get lost in many reli...
    27 Religion 40
  171. What doe's it mean when play true or dare with two girls?
    I really like this girl but she also by best friend and she know's that really like her so on new years eve it was me and her and her cousin who is a girl as well was playing true or dare so my best friend dare me to turn of the light and kiss her or h...
    3 Relationships 58
  172. Has anyone seen Love Me If You Dare, the french movie?
    Has anyone seen Love Me If You Dare, the french movie? It's like a total mindf*ck. At the end they get like, buried in cement in a well thing. I don't know really :S Anyone who's seen it: what did you think? I love the movie, soo soo sooo much. It's on...
    3 Entertainment 39
  173. What are some non-perverted truth or dare questions?
    Ok well I have a guy friend who I used to date but now we are just friends and he is one of the most perverted guys in our school. Even tho he is really perverted, he nice, funny, and easy to talk to and thats why I'm friends wit him. When we get bored...
    2 Entertainment 316
  174. How do I make it look like I have no boobs for this dare?
    ok so i have to do this dare/bet where i have to act and look like a boy for 3 days. so how do i make it look and feel(if soemone were to rub my back) like i have no boobs at all? so i cant wear a bra cause they woudl see the outline of it.. so yeah wh...
    6 Style 42
  175. How do you accept that they'll never tell the truth?
    I'm having trouble letting go of something a person won't admit to. I know the truth, and they still continue to lie... I find myself bringing it up to them all the time, and they're getting annoyed. I know they will never admit to it, but I still can'...
    7 General 42
  176. The truth of the matter
    I realize the question that I am going to ask may be controversial. I do not mean to offend. Can a person who hates/cannot stand/does not like Caucasians truly call himself or herself a Christian? I am asking this question because there are people who ...
    3 Religion 33
  177. How can I get people to answer truthfully?
    I am working on a project that requires me to ask questions of total strangers on the street. one of the biggest challenges I face is that I can't seem to find a way to get honest answers. Well, I think that some of the answers are honest, but I can'...
    3 Education 19
  178. Do you feel there is truth to paranormal activity?
    Do you feel there is truth to paranormal activity? Have you heard noises and you know you are the only one there? Perhaps you have found a coin or coins in an odd place? As of late, I have caught several episodes of this particular show (Paranorma...
    8 Entertainment 37
  179. Facing the truth
    Hi I have a bursary and I failed a subject, I dont know how to tell the people incharge of it about this. I can phone them But im just very scared :( Im scared that they will terminate it and I will be left with debt I passed all of the others and im...
    3 Education 23
  180. Update on the dare about my friends skin on my foot
    Yeah, so to recap, my friend peeled off a giant piece of thick skin from his foot, dared me to put it on mine, I did it, and forgot I had an open wound on my foot, and now his foot skin has healed onto MY foot. It's healed over almost completely, but I...
    9 General 14
  181. What's the truth about John Cena's relationship status?
    Okay people! I am a huge john cena fan!!! I love him!!! Hes so cool... But any way im confused, does he have a girl friend??? Is he married?? What help!!! Any way with some people saying he does and yet some people saying he doesnt, can some 1 just giv...
    3 Entertainment 47
  182. Ok I need a truthful answer whatever it is
    I got raped a few years back it went to the police but nothing ever happened I want to write it down but not as if its from me as if its about someone else but I dont know just to kind of get it out in the open but without having to speak to someone fa...
    5 Health 10
  183. My friend peeled a giant chunk of skin of his foot and dared me...
    To put it on the bottom of mine...So I said what the hell, and did it. Unfortunately, I forgot I had a wound on the bottom of my foot, and when I took off my sock the next day, his skin had...grown into my foot or something. I can't get it off, and it ...
    11 Health 44
  184. What would be the correct way to write this?
    Satan blinds people to the truth. OR Satan blinds people from the truth. Because I read it in a book as [people to the truth] but I'm believing its [people from the truth]
    14 Literature 21
  185. What do you all think of me?
    what do you all think of me truth please
    2 Relationships 13
  186. Should I tell my friend the truth?
    Okay I have this guy friend who is like a brother to me named, Dave and his twin sister divine is like a sister to me. Okay Dave is talking to another one of my friends Kathy and they are getting really close, but today I saw Dave getting head from som...
    2 Relationships 58
  187. the truth about pigeons
    I belive the pigeon are up to something!!!!! yesterday I was waiting for a bus and this pigeon landed right next to me! it watched to see my reaction......they nest in my shed and my friends roof!!! pigeons are also working with the wagtails too and se...
    3 Entertainment 16
  188. Xstrem dirty dirty Dares
    ok I will be having a party of girls. my perents will not be coming home till about 1:00-2:00 am they will be at a party. They know were playing. LOL so light or dark does not matter. My friends like to play the very dirty way so I guess net week I wil...
    19 Entertainment 6501
  189. I need to talk to him. But I want him to tell me the truth.
    I need to talk to my Boyfriend. But theres apriblem, I want something more from him. More than just a "Yeah..." or "I like you" How can I get him to tell me how he really really feels about me. I also think he likes my friend. I would like some h...
    2 Relationships 35
  190. Should I hide or tell the truth that I have mildly hearing problem?
    Suddenly I got 2 know that I have hearing problem I have2 use hearing aids.will I be able to get a man of my life who is hearing and idol? I dont use hearing aids til today and my family member never realised it that I have hearing plm. They are searc...
    2 Relationships 19
  191. LG Dare or Voyager?
    I get to get a new phone SOON and am so excited! Just one thing... I CAN'T DECIDE BETWEEN THE LG DARE OR THE LG VOYAGER! My service provider is Verizon Wireless btw. So I really think the Dare is TOTALLY awesome but is it harder to text with the touch ...
    6 Technology 138
  192. Why won't my Mom tell the truth about her dating?
    my mom is dating someone and she thinks I dont now but I've found so many things that lead to it. plus I know who he is because I've met him twice and I dont really like him. I've found his clothes in closets, after shave,sex toys and his msn was onli...
    5 Sex 40
  193. Playing games
    Is thre a online truth or dare game that adults can play
    2 Gaming 58
  194. my question for everyone.
    Have any of you ever played the game truth of dare.
    10 Gaming 62
  195. How Dare she do this to me?
    Hi, I hate this girl in school and she was horrible about my family and told lies she went around my year group telling everyone that my dad Threatened her and last week on wenesday which was parents evening my mum had a right go at her and she is clai...
    4 Relationships 63
  196. Why wont he tell me the truth? or is he already?
    Well. im dating this guy and it was his birthday.. (we just started dating) I did not get him a gift, I only hugged him. he said he isnt mad that I didnt give him a gift. but I just feel like he is!!! I really like this guy and I just dont know what to...
    2 Relationships 70
  197. Why can't some people accept the truth?
    I have a friend and she's very unorganized and everytime I tell her that she gets mad and says that she is organized but she's left her purse at school, and at home. She can't really find anything when she needs it and she still likes hannah montana, w...
    15 Relationships 100
  198. If you knew the truth about something, would you say it?
    I'll try to keep this short.. There's this guy I had feelings for, he said he loved me, wanted to be with me, etc.. He's also my best friend.. but it seems like he kind of played me.. he ended up having a girlfriend, and led me on until I got smart. ...
    7 Relationships 7
  199. How do you get out of a massive lie without telling the truth?
    I told a really massive lie. More than one... I'm a compulsive liar. Now I've been caught out in one of them, and I've lost 3 of my closest friends. 2 of them I don't really care about, because they're bitches anyway. But the other one is the most amaz...
    6 General 118
  200. What is the truth about God and life?
    I don't want anybody to fight here. Just tell me what you honestly think and discuss in a friendly way. Nobody is ''stupid'' for believing something different than you. I am just wondering which religion is the real one for one thing. Let's assume Chr...
    23 Religion 39
  201. What do you think of my picture?
    What do you think of my picture? tell me the truth
    4 Style 62
  202. Should a guy know the real truth if you ever cheared on him?
    Well I have this boyfriend and so I cheated on him with my ex but like I didnt mean to. My ex asked if he could come over to hange so I said yea so we hung out but like we kisst and all that. I told my boyfriend abt it but like a way different part, th...
    6 Relationships 19
  203. should I tell the truth or should I keep going??
    I am 23 yr old female and I got married few months back.I faced a bad marriage so separated from my husband.but still not divorced.I joined a matrimonial site for time pass.then I chatted wid 2-3 boys and when I told them the truth about my separation,...
    2 Relationships 17
  204. what do you think? random writings based on truth..
    I feel the pain crashing down, caving in all around. it happened a year ago today, but ever so strong I feel the pain.I woke with a cold shot through my chest, I can't breath and I can't rest.I hear a whisper in my ears, I don't want to open my eyes.. ...
    2 Literature 5
  205. How can me and my friend gain 5-10 pounds in a week for a dare?
    me and my friend are very skinny, so we made a bet starting in 3 days that the first person to gain 5-10 pounds of fat wins the bet! So please give reasonible answers not just saying " eat mc donalds" and we also agreed to not do it the healthy way lol...
    4 Nutritionfitness 16
  206. Is there any truth to the oft sited rumor that Russian and Ukrainian women make the best lovers?
    Though I have had girlfriends from every corner of the globe, I hesitate to claim one nationality of women trumps another in the bedroom. Perhaps I am wrong and my friends residing in Eastern Europe would certainly say so. They claim the girls there ...
    9 Sex 35
  207. Sleepovers!
    Me and my best friend are having a sleepover partey(party;-) ) and we need help of some games and all that, and does anyone have some good dares for the game truth or dare???X thnx
    6 Gaming 22
  208. How can I find out the truth?
    Okay so I was on my bfs a social site page, and a bunch of girls were flirting with him,and taking pictures showing there clevlage on purpose,bending over while wereing totally short skirts that allow pepole to see their thongs, and stuff like that. An...
    2 Relationships 10
  209. how can you tell
    how can you tell that a player guy is reely telling the truth
    2 Relationships 20
  210. What is the truth? did Moses see God?
    Question for theists of Abrahamic religions. Well, God spoke directly to Moses: God said :"We sent the revelation to Nûh(Noah) and the prophets after him; We also sent the revelation to Ibrâhîm (Abraham), Ismâ'îl(Ishmael), Ishâq(Isaac), Ya'qûb(Jacob)...
    3 Religion 34
  211. How to get out of a big lie, without telling the truth?
    Ok before i start asking for advice... Please no mean comments or judgement! I know my lie is stupid.. But there was a reason why i told it. This year has been a really hard year for me i went from super popular for having 6 friends.. And thats it. 2 o...
    16 General 2863
  212. What do you think is the truth about being the proper weight?
    I see a lot of girls coming on this site concerned about their weight, thinking they are overweight, worrying about being bigger than average. It seems they have been staring at too many magazines and tv shows where the models are airbrused or unhealth...
    37 Nutritionfitness 78
  213. Confusing riddle
    You approach two talking doors. One door leads to the city of truth, while the other door leads to the city of liars. You do not know which door is which. You are able to ask only one question to determine which door is which. The door that leads to th...
    8 Gaming 73
  214. I told a HUGE lie and now I need help. I can't tell the truth.
    I was talking to my friend and she was going off on her mom. I nodded the entire time and said that people knew that her mom was crazy then she asked who. And I said my mom kinda knew. Then I quick changed the subject and talked about a trip we were go...
    6 Family 150
  215. Do you Think the Public and Soldiers Deserved the Truth?
    Friday, April 11, 2008 George Bush, explaining to ABC's Martha Raddatz his upbeat "stay the course" style rhetoric in 2006 even when Iraq was in a downward spiral -- ... the president insisted he did it to keep up troop morale. "That's as muc...
    14 Sex 14
  216. Why do I dare a guy to sex me in the window?
    When I'm on the drink with the husband and we have had a few, we tend to get in the mood with eachother, I get very horny sometimes to the point that I want people to see us having sex. I live in a quiet area and I respect the people living around us....
    4 Sex 45
  217. Italian men
    I've heard that all Italian men cheat...any truth to that?
    5 Relationships 90
  218. Am I pretty?
    Please tell the truth, I won't be hurt.
    23 Style 43
  219. How Come?
    How come people can't handle the truth? They get mad because of it, and want to believe they're right. Why is this when they can't change the truth anyway?
    4 General 13
  220. Tell him the truth but h0w?
    s0 this is really c0nfusing just bare with me please... this guy I like, he likes me 2 and he d0esnt kn0 if he wants t0 date. but he keeps kissing me... 0k n0w I feel b0th 0f these, 1.) He is ust playing with my heart 2.) He is just acting this wa...
    3 Relationships 15
  221. How to get him to love me?
    Well theres this kid thats so hot and we play truth and dare some times and I want to know how to dare him so he will make out with me and his name is cody garcia and he lives in falmouth
    2 Relationships 30
  222. How should I tell hi the truth? Need help today please!
    How do you get over a guy that doesn't like you? Thats the drama im going trough right all started when my "friend" ashley made this stupid note saying I loved this guy..and I really didnt even know that note existed...and well she gived it to...
    5 Relationships 47
  223. How would we bring truth and justice to the federal reserve?
    I'm all for doing it. Trouble is...I don't have any personal connections with the American wife does, with her government, through family. So I've been contenting myself with what little ideas I can contribute, all the while thinking, h...
    3 Politics 28
  224. A rhyme poem.
    I usually dont writ e rhyming poems but heres one. I dont know if its good but well... here it is. The Truth Hiding from the truth, isnt so bad. Knowing the truth, can be so sad. But its not all that horrible, when you have friend on your si...
    6 Literature 106
  225. How do I get him to tell me the truth?
    I just got married a few months back. And before my husband and I got married . We had a long talk about how I don't feel that once we are together the way we are that I don't like hm to be watching porn or girls stripping, the only video I would let h...
    7 Relationships 150
  226. Help!!! I told a huge lie, need to get out w/o telling truth!!!
    Help!! Told huge lie, and need to find a way out without telling the truth!!!? Help!! I told a lot of my friends that I have all these other friends who are awesome - and I gave my fake friends these bolgus email adresses, and put together two of my r...
    16 General 3913
  227. What should I do if I can never find love?
    I am lonely. I have never been in love. I never will. That is the truth. Should I join a monastery?
    3 Relationships 29
  228. what is the stupidest thing you've done?
    what is the stupist thing you've done because someone dared you to?
    6 General 44
  229. How do I get my best buddy to play t or d ?
    Me and my freind play truth or dare a ton but she will never do dirty dares like get nude and dance or evan strip for 5 seconds I have tried evry thing
    9 Entertainment 46
  230. What is?
    What is the worst dare you have ever givent to someone and one you have been given?
    4 General 36
  231. How much does it cost to get your screen changed on your phone?
    4 Technology 38
  232. girls in glasses
    do you GUYS think girls who wear glasses are cute tell me the truth of what you think
    7 Style 15
  233. Why would he kiss me if he has a girlfriend?
    ok so I had play practice tonight and backstage 7 of us were playing truth or dare. my ex of a year was there. one of my friends got smart and dared him to kiss me. well he debated but he came up to me and did it. well he also has a girlfriend of ten m...
    5 Relationships 34
  234. What are some Christian websites to learn astronomy?
    what are some Christian based websites that I can learn about astronomy and that I can trust to tell the truth?
    4 Science 57
  235. how do you know?
    how do you know if a guy is only telling you what you want to hear? OR if he is really complimenting you & telling you the truth?
    3 Relationships 15
  236. Am I pretty?
    Am I? I think I am but I don't know anymore... please tell the truth!!! thnx
    5 Style 35
  237. Why is the world full of evil?
    12 Religion 70
  238. Lies to a boy!!
    If your friend lies to a boy that you and her like but you told the truth what sould I do about the other girl?
    2 Relationships 13
  239. How to gain 6 more inches to my butt?
    I need hella help im trynna gain 6 more inches to my butt how can I do it I need da truth people are sayin that squats only work for yo thighs and oda people are sayin its for both your thighs and your butt I need da naked truth I need a big butt by 5 ...
    4 Nutritionfitness 859
  240. how do I kiss and finger her if I'm not a lesbian?
    Me and a friend a few monthes ago got dared to do things. And I know we both finger ourselves, but I kinda want to get far with her I'm not a lesbian but I kinda want us to like kiss, finger, eat each other out...ect. Should we just play truth or dare ...
    5 Relationships 138
  241. what do you think of this poem?
    why should I believe you? how CAN I believe you? all I know from you is lies. truth cant be found, no matter how hard one tries. all the truth I know my mind denies. for the few truth you've told me cut me down to size. I wish I knew what went o...
    2 Literature 16
  242. Run Away 4
    This song is called Run Away VI for Mocking Truth,I hate saying CD now. Refusing to listen to people when they say the right thing when you know your wrong Understand what you do is not the right path to go down and it's true Nobody but yourself is t...
    2 Literature 11
  243. Isn't this the cutest baby you've ever seen?
    isnt this the cutest baby you ever seen?tell me the truth
    9 Babies 35
  244. Does God speak in word pictures?
    Does God paint pictures... or examples... to teach spiritual truths?
    2 Religion 41
  245. Is Santa Claus real?
    I want to know the truth from an adult or sombody who knows. I'm 13 so its not like I'll be crushed. I'm just having doughts and I really want to know the truth. Only true answers please.
    49 Entertainment 129
  246. what is my boyfriend prblem you ask its a guy I have lked 4 3 year askedme?
    well today I had my best guy friend over Devan Worrick and we were playing truth or dare. and I picked dare and he dared me to kiss him so I did and it was the perfect kiss ever and I ike fell in love with him that moment adn then later that day he ask...
    3 Relationships 17
  247. my boyfriend
    he lives in a different state so im really upset and dont know if hes telling the truth when he says he loves me and that hes going to come to my state and be with do I know hes telling the truth? I love him to but its hard since he lives outa ...
    2 Relationships 10
  248. Does D.A.R.E. work?
    Does DARE work? I had to take DARE 2 times, in 5th and 6th grades, but I would like to know if anyone thinks it actually works to prevent kids from using drugs?
    9 Education 43
  249. Who wants to know the truth about Judaism?
    Okay, so you may have heard many things about Jews, both true and not true. I'll give you a basic overview of being Jewish and if you have any specific questions like why we keep kosher and so on I'll answer those. I know, I'm just thirteen and I'm no ...
    14 Sex 28
  250. Does anybody know who YHWH is?
    dose any body know who yhwh is? he's a god the truth ..any body? I know sombody know's who im talking about..any body?
    6 Religion 53