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  1. How is a dad emotionally abusive?
    6 Family 25
  2. What to do if my parents abuse me?
    my parents abuse me, what should I do?
    10 Family 143
  3. Why do we have child abuse?
    Why do we have child abuse?
    4 Babies 30
  4. How to trust a cheater?
    how do I trust a cheater
    4 Relationships 47
  5. Considered Abuse?
    what is considered abuse?
    4 Babies 5
  6. child abuse
    4 Babies 75
  7. What are your emotional outlets?
    16 Music 34
  8. A Mothers Trust
    How do I regain my mothers trust??
    2 Family 12
  9. How can I trust my boyfriend if he cheated on me?
    what can i do to trust my boyfriend that once cheated on me?
    3 Relationships 43
  10. How do I convince my Mom to trust me?
    how do I convince my mom to trust me???
    4 Family 72
  11. bottled up emotions
    why do people bottle up their emotions
    7 Relationships 56
  12. Abuse- wright or wrong?
    4 Family 24
  13. Do you trust the police?
    Heyy, do you trust the police??
    6 General 34
  14. What are all the signs of a dog being abused?
    4 Pets 41
  15. What should I do about my boyfriend mentally abusing me?
    11 Relationships 70
  16. Why are women more emotional than men?
    11 Relationships 52
  17. why do people abuse children/animals/girlfriends?
    12 General 37
  18. How much trust do you have on your memory?
    23 General 34
  19. What's your opinion on animal abuse?
    24 Pets 88
  20. What do you think of guys that are abusive?
    8 Relationships 31
  21. how do i convince my parents to trust me again ?
    4 Family 77
  22. What exactly is "emotional imbalance"?
    5 Health 16
  23. Is there a color for Child Abuse?
    4 General 16
  24. What is the likelihood of someone continuing the pattern of abuse, if they were abused themselves?
    and what makes them that way?
    9 Family 48
  25. Where does being trusting end and being gullible begin?
    Where does being trusting end and being gullible begin?
    2 General 41
  26. Abusive parents
    How to move out if you are underage and you parents are abusive
    5 Family 23
  27. Why is having emotions good or bad?
    Why is having emotions good/bad?
    4 Relationships 23
  28. What is - emotionally attached
    What is it ? Emotionally attached to some one , how can you stop it?
    2 Relationships 1147
  29. Is being whipped with a belt child abuse?
    is being whipped with a belt child abuse?
    36 Babies 1656
  30. How do emotions trigger tears scientifically?
    2 Health 18
  31. Why is solvent abuse bad for your body?
    6 Health 29
  32. What are the emotional effects of Downs syndrome?
    10 Health 75
  33. What do you think when you see red, what emotion?
    11 General 79
  34. Why is it that music can express my emotions better than I can?
    2 Music 46
  35. What is your understanding of "Emotionally Scared"?
    What is your understanding of "Emotionaly Scared"?
    2 Health 298
  36. free ringtones website. Should I trust?
    should I trust those websites that say free ringtones?
    3 Technology 24
  37. Who do I talk to if I got sexually abused?
    I got sexually abuse... who do I need to talk to and what should I do???
    4 Sex 40
  38. How to report abuse on my profile?
    How do I report abusive and offensive comments?
    6 Funadvice 6
  39. Why is it so hard to get out of an abusive relationship?
    To get out of an abusive relationship for people?
    4 Relationships 40
  40. How can I find a guy I can trust that isn't gay
    How can I find a guy I can trust that isn't gay
    6 Relationships 17
  41. why are females afraid so show emotion???
    why are females afraid to show emotions to their boyfriends???
    2 Relationships 72
  42. Can I trust online coupons?
    Can I trust online coupons? Is it safe to use them?
    4 Shopping 72
  43. Report of abuse
    If any one abuse me here what can I do? and what action take by you?
    4 Funadvice 17
  44. How emotional do you really get when you're pregnant?
    4 Health 38
  45. How do I stop emotional eating
    argh, how to stop?! I cant stop it.
    4 Health 23
  46. Can you take your parents to court for child abuse?
    6 Politics 153
  47. How can we build trust to sell art online?
    4 Money 8
  48. How can my mom stay with my stepfather knowing that he abused me?
    7 Family 17
  49. Is attitude a positive or negative emotion ?
    What to do when you know that you have attitude ?
    8 General 12
  50. What songs do you listen to when you're extremely emotional?
    19 Music 30
  51. How can I overcome my really bad trust issues?
    5 Relationships 18
  52. Why are all of Eminem's songs about abusing his girlfriends or his mom?
    6 Music 44
  53. Is PayPal a trusted, good website to go through?
    5 Technology 8
  54. Whats the Difference between LIFE and EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE???
    3 General 10
  55. Why do we feel so much emotion when we look at our children?
    4 Babies 7
  56. Is it normal for estrogen pills to make you over emotional?
    4 Health 21
  57. What do you think of Palin's abuse of power?
    8 Politics 9
  58. How to get your parents trust back?
    how do you get your parents trust back when they already hate you?
    5 Family 124
  59. Emotional Neglect
    What would be an example of a mother emotionally neglecting her child?
    4 Family 14
  60. What are Your Thoughts on 'Trust'?
    I'd like to know your thoughts and perspectives on 'Trust'.
    7 General 60
  61. Trust Tester?
    Is There Any Way You Can Test A Guy To See If You Can Trust Him?
    4 Relationships 20
  62. Is it considered abuse when parents hit their children to disciplin
    Is it considered abuse when parents hit their children to discipline them?
    21 Family 648
  63. Abuse songs
    I need songs about abuse. Sexual physical and emotional... Anyone??
    6 Sex 109
  64. How can I get his trust back??
    I lie to my boyfriend and now he said that he don't trust me anymore. what should I do to get his trust back??
    2 Relationships 9
  65. More Emotional
    I Want To Be More Emotional, How Can I ? Besides Thinking More And Stuff I Wanna Be Really Emotional.
    10 Health 21
  66. Song: Don't Trust Me
    In the song Don't Trust Me, I was wondering if in the chorus he is saying,"Never trust a ho."
    5 Music 49
  67. Can you call 911 if you see someone abusing an animal?
    9 Pets 68
  68. Can I trust to download that free game Champions online?
    3 Gaming 58
  69. What is emotional eating?
    I hear about it a lot but I dont know what is it
    10 Health 20
  70. Do you think it's wrong to go back to someone who's abused you?
    38 Relationships 41
  71. Where or what is a good site for sexually abused children that are no longer children?
    6 Sex 10
  72. What do u think of that phrase "a man that trusts no one can be trusted" ? Do u think it's true or false ,i want to know ur apinion :]
    2 Literature 27
  73. Is there a way to teach yourself how not to get emotional about certain things?
    7 General 77
  74. Do you think there is a difference between drug users and drug abusers?
    Or is it all the same? I personally think there's a difference.
    8 Drugs 21
  75. Abuse Songs
    I needs songs about abuse... any kind. as many as you know and artists
    5 Music 69
  76. Least favorite emotion
    If you can get rid of one emotion which one would it be
    14 Entertainment 38
  77. Whyy do people sexually abuse other people
    Whyy do people sexually abuse other people :( its gross and I know how it feels
    6 Sex 16
  78. How can I prove to a court of law that I get abused by my spo
    How can I prove to a court of law that I get abused by my spouse?
    2 Religion 13
  79. How many of you out there have abused your parents?
    How many of you out there have abused your parents???Maybe not directly on their face but in your heart?
    4 Family 8
  80. How trusted is WinRAR from viruses?
    I want to download it and it says that it is trusted and free from spyware. should i trust it?
    3 Technology 48
  81. What are 5 reasons to trust the government?
    What are 5 reasons to trust the governement and 5 reasons not to trust...yes it's for a research
    6 Politics 176
  82. How does one hide their emotions, create and maintain a stoic mask?
    19 Health 40
  83. Do instances or situations only impact us emotionally or intellectually when they are relevant to us?
    11 General 22
  84. Is Amazon a good and trusted website to buy things off of?
    have you had any problems with it?
    7 Shopping 40
  85. What should happen to people who abuse the elderly in the nursing home, because they are defenceless?
    6 Politics 16
  86. How did you feel after your first time having sex like emotionally and mentally?
    5 Sex 54
  87. How do you learn to trust people, if you have been lied and betrayed so many times?
    5 General 63
  88. Is it possible for me to get emancipated if I'm getting mentally abused from my mom ?
    5 Family 16
  89. Is Being In An On Again Off Again Relationship Like Being In An Abusive Relationship?
    Yes Or No? Explain Your Opinion Thanks.
    3 Relationships 37
  90. does anyone know how i can learn to read people's emotions better?
    6 General 14
  91. Who thinks status updates are a good way to vent your emotions?
    12 Funadvice 16
  92. Should 16 year olds in Scotland be trusted with the amount of responsibility they have?
    3 General 22
  93. is it normal for a teenager to miss their parents even though they were abusive?
    3 Family 39
  94. What are the emotional and physical signs
    That your getting your period for the first time?
    4 Health 50
  95. Songs on child abuse?
    Does anyone know any songs about child abuse besides Concrete Angel ?
    7 Music 109
  96. Gaining trust of a parakeet
    I have a male parakeet and me and my friend are trying to gain it's trust but when we try and pick it up it just backs up?!!? what should I do?
    3 Pets 36
  97. What is emotive language?
    I have some homework and we have to include emotive language, but im not sure what it is. Can anyone help ?
    5 Education 50
  98. What if my brother is abusive to my Mom?
    My brother is 17... and abusive to my mother. what should I do? Im afraid for her life.
    6 Family 68
  99. how to deal with having emotional irregularity disorder
    I have lately being told that I have emotional irregularity disorder. Don't know how to take it. What do I do??
    7 Health 93
  100. Trust pill
    Hmph trust pill?is that safe for a first timer?pls help!
    3 Health 85
  101. Child abuse is when you have bruises and cutts
    Child abuse is when you have bruises and cutts and scratces and welt marks is that true
    7 Family 40
  102. Child Abuse presentation for school
    If you had to listen to a presentation on child abuse what would you want to find out?
    4 Education 33
  103. Is this child abuse
    Making a child do push-ups and sit-ups is this child abuse
    10 General 13
  104. What should I do if my brother abuses me?
    What should I do if my brother abuses me??? And its not like a playful hit or anything its like abusive and he is 23 years old???
    23 Family 49
  105. Why does nobody trust me ever, I've never even lied to them, what should i say?
    6 General 39
  106. Should i let go of her because rumors tell me not to trust her and im going away this summer?
    5 Relationships 37
  107. what are ways over the summe ri can prepare for highschool ? like both phsically and emotionally ?
    4 Relationships 23
  108. What is a (preferably country) song about a guy who saves a girl from her abusive household?
    3 Music 56
  109. Can I trust heat products from Sally's Beauty Supply Store?
    4 Style 40
  110. The song don't trust me by 3oh3?
    Who really gets that song ? It kinda makes sence but not really
    3 Music 8
  111. How to help my girlfriend who is physically abused by both parents?
    How to help my girlfriend with abusive parents she needs to get put but is to afraid to
    9 Family 45
  112. What are some good fiction books on child abuse?
    I'm looking for some Good interesting fiction books about child abuse...Any suggestions?
    3 Literature 40
  113. Would you trust them?
    4 Relationships 15
  114. Animal abuse
    Why do some people get the pleasure out of abusing, mistreating, and possibly leading to killing animals?
    6 Pets 32
  115. question is reported as abuse and sent to that place?
    what happens if your question is reported as abuse and sent to that place? I dont want to be deleated... :,(
    12 Funadvice 36
  116. Why wont my dad trust me with anything ?
    Why doesn't my dad trust me ? He used to trust me I've done nothing wrong and all of a sudden he doesn't trust me.
    4 Family 40
  117. How does child abuse happen?
    what age group are most likely to to sexual abused ? what age group sexual abuse children/ teens ? how do they get them into the place to sexual abuse them ?
    17 Sex 37
  118. Which is the worst form of drug abuse?
    what is worse, drinking, getting high, or smoking?
    9 Drugs 60
  119. Why are some teens abusive in relationships?
    Just saw a very sad clip from a movie where a teen punched his girlfriend.
    6 Relationships 8
  120. How do I stop being so sensitive and over-emotional?
    I used to be completely emotionless, now it's the opposite and I hate it.
    8 Health 49
  121. what should you do if you're being mentally, physically, or sexually abused at home?
    Not saying this is happening..
    8 Sex 10
  122. Finding it hard to trust...
    My guy friend says he's really into me, and I'm really into him. But after he ignored me for a year, can I trust him?
    2 Relationships 9
  123. Can Ritalin lead to abuse and depression?
    I just received a prescription for ritalin and I have heared a lot about it. Can it really lead you 2 abuse and depression ?
    2 Health 39
  124. How should I organize a 10-slide slide show about abuse when I only have 3 major topics?
    physical abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect?
    10 Sex 10
  125. Child abuse. What goes through there heads?
    What do ya think goes through a parents head when there abusing a child;; and what do you think goes through a childs head when they are being abuse or lieing about were htey got a bruiss?
    5 Family 80
  126. What do you do when you have conflicting emotions?
    You know that something is wrong and it needs to be fixed but are to use to it you want to keep it there?
    5 Health 17
  127. How can I stop emotional binging?
    Hello. Im on diet recently.. But I cant stop my emotional bingeing.. Help me please..
    2 Health 46
  128. What are some trusted coupon sites?
    Looking for websites that have coupons, that are on a trusted, up-to-date site. That won't send me annoying emails.
    11 Shopping 78
  129. what are the consequences that parents can get from mentaly abusing their child?
    and can that child go to a foster home if she wanted?
    4 Family 27
  130. what to do wen u have parents that dont trust u bcuz u did 1 think wrong?
    12 Family 19
  131. Has anyone ever been verbally abused?
    hey anyone here been verbally abuse? well I saw this thing about verbal abuse on yahoo so I wanted to know if anyone have been abuse{verbally} how did it effect you and how did you deal with it?
    5 Health 22
  132. Is it strange if I like the abuse?
    I have a girlfriend and sometimes she tortures me and tells me not to masturbate, but I kind of like it, is this wrong?
    3 Sex 15
  133. How to tell my mom about emotions
    I want to do it, I want to tell my mom, im sad, but how do I go about it, I dont want to hurt her feelings...
    2 Family 42
  134. When a guy blames his gf for everything even when its clearly his fault is that a sign of mental abuse?
    if not what are signs of mental and verbal abuse.
    13 Relationships 64
  135. How to mentally abuse someone?
    This is for a story! There is this guy that is really mad at a girl..I need to know ways of mental abuse!
    5 Literature 300
  136. Is it normal for abused people to hide it?
    Is it normal if your abused you dont show any emotion and you cant tell that person is abused? Like you see them as a perfect person?
    7 Health 25
  137. Loratab abuse
    I had to take one of the strongest Loratabs there was and it just made me feel sick. Why do people abuse it? If you can help, thanks.
    2 Health 61
  138. Have you ever heard "Dont Trust Me" By: 3oh!3?
    Have you ever heard "Dont Trust Me" By: 3oh!3 I love that song if you havent heard it you should really listen to it
    4 Music 18
  139. Where can I find articles about child abuse?
    I have to look for an article on Child Abuse for a school project but I don't know any sites, help anyone?
    2 Family 10
  140. What are posatives to being emotional?
    I over react all the time. Cry all the time. Get mad all the time. Over happy all the time. Its just depressing. I wish I wasnt emotional.
    2 General 8
  141. How do I know which of my messages was considered abusive?
    how do I figure out who said my message was abuse? because I got an email that said someone said my message was abusive who said thast because thats not true
    2 Funadvice 21
  142. Does anyone have a difficult time getting emotions out?
    Does anyone have a difficult time getting emotions out? Well, I know I have a difficult time getting certain emotions out but, eventually I need to let them out. So, I was just wondering if any of you have trouble letting them out or not.
    5 Health 23
  143. How to stop emotional eating?
    how I can stop being addictive and emotional eating..I need to drop 20 pounds but without being anorexic...please help
    4 Nutritionfitness 42
  144. How can I makeup for telling my boyfriend that I don't trust him ?
    I just don't know why I told him I don't trust him and now he is feeling really hurt and doesn't want to speak to me.
    4 Relationships 16
  145. Physically abused by my parents
    Ok, I'm 16 and I get physically abused by my parents. Not a lot but enough that I am always depressed. Can I moveout?
    11 Family 49
  146. what is the best bank to get a bank account at that I CAN trust..that WONT charge u fees or stuff like that??
    2 Money 12
  147. How can I be emotionally independant?
    I usually feel as if I have to be surrounded by people, like friends and my boyfriend to make me happy. How can I be more independant?
    2 Health 30
  148. How can I show more emotion?
    I'm in a relationship and I care so much about my boyfriend. But I can't ever show it because there's just something in the way. How can I get over this?
    4 Relationships 34
  149. How can I trust my friends?
    ALL my friends have boyfriends and when I tell them about things that are happening in my love life they tell their boyfriends even though I tell them not to.. What should I do?
    2 Relationships 5
  150. What is the most trusted cosmetic surgery company in the UK?
    Ignoring price, what is said to be the most trustworthy and best cosmetic surgery doctor?
    3 Health 10
  151. Who gets abused more? Animals or people?
    I was just wondering cause everyone thinks its stupid that I want to help animals more than people
    8 Pets 77
  152. what could i put on my leaflets advertising og walking that would make people trust me to walk there dogs?
    3 Money 12
  153. What are the Differences between emotional affair and being friendly?
    Is there a line that we have to cross to get from one stage to the other? How do we know our limits?
    12 Relationships 34
  154. She betrayed my trust
    My friend told my crush that I liked him, and found out he has a girlfriend. Now I'm confused about what to do. Help?
    12 Relationships 48
  155. Could you ever trust someone completely knowing that, in the past, they ended the life of another human?
    10 General 11
  156. How can I deal with my dad abusing me?
    my father abused me. he is 39 and im 14. he abused me because I missed an assignment and I have a d in that class. its french. please help.
    9 Family 36
  157. Abuse or discipline??
    What is considered to be abuse? Is [slapping],[hitting with belt, or telephone cord or etc. ], leaving harsh painful marks and bruises abuse
    7 Family 218
  158. How do I get my chinchilla to trust me?
    I've had a chinchilla for about a week but he dosent trust me and when I let him out it takes hours to get him back in his cage anybody have any ideas how I can get him do trust me or come to me?
    10 Pets 227
  159. How many emotions can a human feel?
    I was thinking how many emotions can a human been feel? anger, happiness,sadness but then theres mixed up ones love/hate how many can one person feel??
    7 General 92
  160. What counts as child abuse?
    In a house hold, what counts as child abuse from parents I mean where is the line drawn? Yes verbal emotinal and physical
    4 Health 183
  161. Guys: What makes you trust girls the most?
    What says you can trust a girl the most? Expeciallly if this girl and others have hurt you or caused distrust in your past. Be honest please.
    2 Relationships 27
  162. Who knows if it's true that Pepsi Co left out "In God We Trust" on their new cans?
    Is this just a rumor, or a different company or true?
    6 Food 49
  163. How well can I trust a doctor?
    I am under 18 and I want to talk to my doctor about some things that I dont want my mom to know about. Will the doctor say anything if I dont want her to ?
    2 Health 19
  164. What is the one troublesome emotion that you struggle with the most?
    And what are your plans to fix it? I'll just tell ya all right now for me it's worry. What do you deal with?
    5 Health 11
  165. Can god trust you with trouble, if trouble is nessacary?
    My pastor asked us this today at church and i want to know your opinion.
    14 Religion 39
  166. What is a better way to take out emotions so you dont have to cut?
    I cut and try to commite suiccied, I dont know any other ways to take out my emtions, any advice?
    7 Health 27
  167. Physical Abuse problem
    There is a boy used to abuse me a lot with his belt, fist, or a book. Now he is at my school and he might do it again if we have classes. What should I do? I can't face the world with that boy and his abusing self
    3 Health 22
  168. My mom abuses me
    My mom abuses me because I'm a christian. I don't know what to do because my dad left us and I have brothers and a sister who are all younger than me. Please help me figure out what to do.
    4 Family 43
  169. Should I try and trust my friend again?
    My best friend told me one of my friends was talking behind my back. I really don't like that!! I hate drama!! Now that friend that was talking behind my back is trying to be my friend. what should I do? Should we be friends again? Do you think I can t...
    3 Relationships 23
  170. Why do people get off on useing, abuseing and hurting people?
    Why do people get off on useing, abuseing and hurting people? I dont see it nor do I understand... Is it really that hard to be faithful? Why cant people just mean what they say?
    8 Relationships 48
  171. Trusting people online?
    Can you ever really trust people on the Internet...? I dont think you can and I've learned the hard way ..that's just my opinion I guess...
    11 Technology 30
  172. Does anyone else get emotional from this Ludacris song?
    Does anyone else get emtional with the song "Runaway love" by ludacris?? It hits hard in my heart. Does this happen to anyone else?
    7 Music 24
  173. Who here likes/knows song don't trust me?
    Anyone like/know this song? Im sure many of you do know it :d I love it :p lol
    6 Music 17
  174. Why does he hit me and abuse me?
    Who can help . I really need help please if your having he same issue or you where please im begging you please help I cry everynight to get to sleep?
    8 Family 51
  175. How to be less clingy and emotional?
    I love her a lot but I feel like the way I show this is driveing her away. And its hard for me to stop
    5 Relationships 39
  176. What exactly is an abusive message?
    because I've had a message that I think it is but im not all that sure please write back ASAP thanks x
    2 Funadvice 12
  177. How do I get my boyfriend to trust me?
    I want my boyfriend to trust me. I have never done anything for him not to trust me. He says its because he has been hurt so much. He is accusing me of sleeping with other guys. I lost my virginity to him I could never do anything to hurt him.
    8 Relationships 23
  178. How to show youre guy you trust him?
    Hey guys, having a nice weekend? In school me and my boyfreind had abit of a falling out. And he thinks I dont trust him,, when I really do. How can I show him I trust him with my life? Thanks guys (:
    3 Relationships 89
  179. Accidental abuse report
    What will happen if you accidentally pressed "report abuse" on a user who didnt do anything bad!!!? I didnt mean to... I hope her account doesnt get cancled!
    4 Funadvice 42
  180. Dont trust me
    I was wondering if you saw the music video for dont trust me if you htink its good at all or if I should make a another one and post it on youtube for other people too see
    3 Music 39
  181. Why does woman fall inlove with someone who abuse them.?
    Why does woman fall inlove with someone who abuse them.?I have a friend who's going thru a situation like this.Everytime I want to step in then she covers for him.WHY???
    3 Relationships 46
  182. fun advice Emotion Icons
    how do you get the yellow icons to appear next to your texts instead of typing :-) or :-P or :-( etc thanks
    5 Funadvice 47
  183. How to leave an abusive relationship
    Girlfriend speaks to down to me, screams, calls me all the names under the sun and even puts me down. What to do? If you're in a relationship like this, here is what you can do to get out of it.
    7 Relationships 32
  184. How can I trust my old bestfriend?
    Ok I was friends with this girl since 5th grade now she starting to change and be fake and I want her backk.
    3 Relationships 8
  185. what are some suitable titles for a horror story about teenage girls who get murdered by someone they realy trusted and that person turns out to be a pschyco?
    2 Literature 61
  186. We have to trust that is true everything that machines say or not?
    If a person says something we refute them, but if a machine says something we have to believe it i mean we can not refute it. What do you think? Tell me please thank you.
    2 Technology 6
  187. Do all guys like being abused by their Girlfriends?
    I, I guess abuse my boyfriend, But he says he likes the abuse o0o So I was wondering because I torture him and I tell him not to masturbate. Like right now he's not allowed to masturbate for about 4 weeks. Do a lot of guys like that?
    2 Sex 51
  188. trusting him
    I have been getting hurt by a lot of guys latley but I met this new guy but hes friends with some of the guys that have hurt me bad. I was told he likes me but I dont know if I could trust a guy just because I've been getting hurt. how will I know if I...
    2 Relationships 16
  189. Other Child Abuse Orgaizations
    What other organizations are there for Child Abuse? I was looking online and all I could find was CAPA. Is there realy that little of organizations out there!? If anybody knows anymore could you please tell me?
    4 Family 26
  190. My trust between my mum and I.
    My mum and I have had an arguement I told someone something she told me not tell and then she lied to that person. I know I have lost her trust please help me to tell me what I can do to regain the rust between us.?!
    6 Family 15
  191. do you trust myspace
    something random and just wondering, do you trust myspace and so you really believe everyone on there (like who they say and what they say). I think theres way too much posers ont here. what do you think?
    2 Technology 12
  192. Child abuse shirts
    I want to get a shirt that makes people aware of child abuse. Does anybody know where I can get one? I want to try and make a difference, even if it's just in a little way.
    5 Shopping 34
  193. How can I put my project topic of teen drug abuse in a question?
    Im struggling in putting my research topic about how teen drug abuse into a question. I would like to do it in if teens drug abuse have to do with the way they live at home or their problems at home. Details please.
    7 Drugs 20
  194. How do I let go of being abused?
    No detals I dont want to talk about it it happend in the 4th grade im in the 11th now buh it still do I let go?
    3 Health 29
  195. Why is fog able to drive one's emotions ?
    as we get deeper into the fall/winter the fog gets thicker and stops burning of by the afternoon...Do you like this time of year ?
    3 General 12
  196. Trust or Not?
    I found out my husband has a profile on lava life (the dateing website) He said that he made it when I broke up with him and then he forgot about it when I took him back. Should I believe him?
    4 Relationships 28
  197. What are your feelings about the riot caused by Penn State students after their coach was fired for concealing s**ual abuse?
    Read about it:
    3 Politics 12
  198. Two out of 5 people in my family abuse me what to do?
    Two out of 5 people in my family abuse me.. What should I do??? And if I would call the police they wouldn't do anything. And then I would like get hit so hard after... What should I do other than calling the police??? Im 13..
    11 Family 30
  199. Emotions and Guys
    How come guys can't show how they really feel about girls? My boyfriend know says that he can't explain how much he really loves me. I was wondering if guys in general can't express emotions like girls can?
    2 Relationships 31
  200. im 14 and my emotions chanche everyday!
    im confused! im 14 and my emotions chanche everyday! I get happy and ten im craing 4 eve! I feel sad and don now what 2 do whats wrong?
    6 Health 27
  201. How do you deal with your emotions?
    How do you deal with your emotions? When your sad, angry, confused, etc, what do you do to deal with it? I personally take long walks, and punch stuff ;) *not people and animals before anyone starts on me...* :P
    6 Health 14
  202. Do you belive that petsmart abuses their animals?
    I know or at least I think I knoe that petsmart does abuse their animals. I have done lots or research. if you want I can give you a site that it says it on. But I was just wondering if anyone belives that.
    11 Pets 43
  203. Venting emotions in a healthy way?
    Does anyone have an healthy ways of venting their emotions??? I feel like crying and hurting someone/thing... no I just feel really destructive... I need a new method as my previous on wasn't very "healthy".
    4 Health 52
  204. Help a animal abuser!
    Okay theres a animal abuser on youtube,his user is animalabuser54,he puts his dogs in the washer in ther freezer,yells a them,throw stuff at them ,how can I reporn him?
    8 Pets 14
  205. Why don't my parents trust me alone with a boy?
    Why don't parents trust me alone with a boy? Like I was hanging out with my friend and our boyfriends and they went inside for 1 min without a parent and they flipped out. I don't get it. What's the big dell.
    11 Family 71
  206. songs and emotions
    when I am in a certain mood I like to listen to songs that reflect that mood. does anyone know any songs that say like how right this love feels or how happy someone makes you
    3 Music 18
  207. how long would it take for me to earn my parent's trust and my teenage rights back after i get in trouble at school twice in matter of two weeks?
    8 Family 24
  208. Where could I get free ringtones? can I trust myxer?
    I have verizon wireless(the juke). I went to myxer and it says the ringtones are free. But would you have to pay for internet use? If you do is it a lot?
    5 Entertainment 67
  209. Why say stop animal abuse when it wont be stoped?
    So animal cruetly is wrong I am against it. they all say help us stop it. but then I watched this vid of how they make us meat thats animal cruetly. why dont they stop that to?
    6 Pets 14
  210. When somone lies to you once should you continue to trust them?
    It wasnt a big lie...Im kinda just afraid that his lies will escalade into bigger lies..I just dont wanna deal with it if it begins to worsen.
    2 Relationships 9
  211. why so emotional?
    sometimes I cry for no reason I could just be sitting there with nobody talking to me and ill cry also if somebody even comes close to yelling at me I start crying why is this?
    4 Health 16
  212. How do I gain my dads trust, and still keep my boyfriend atleast??
    I'm 19. My parents don't let me go out. (especially my dad) My boyfriend might leave me for this reason?
    3 Family 13
  213. How can I get my cat to trust me again?
    For ages now, my dad and brother have hated my cat and have tried to purposely scare her.. it's now gotten to the point where she's scared of everyone in the house, and only comes inside to eat.. how can I get my cat to trust me again? :(
    4 Pets 47
  214. New us dollar coin missing in god we trust?
    Will you refuse this coin and let the gov't know how we feel? I just got e mail about a new dollar coin coming out. And you got it! It is missing "in god we trust" will you refuse it and ask for a dollar bill?
    17 Money 49
  215. How can I help my cousin stop abusing Pills!!! PLEASE HELP!!!?
    he has been taking them for like 3 years, and I am really worried about him... how can I really help him? I love him to death, and I don't want him to stop trusting me either! HELP..
    4 Health 31
  216. Trusting someone
    How do you start to trust someone when you just met them an you dont really know wut there bout like they claim there trust worthy but how do you know that you kan give them your heart without breakn it please let me knooo
    2 Relationships 39
  217. Why does my autistic brother not seem not to be able to connect with his emotions?
    I have never in my 15 years of knowing him wittnessed him experiencing any emotion other than anger, never sadness, he has zero it normal that he doesnt feel real emotion??
    4 Health 35
  218. Do you think parents of severely obese children should be charged with child abuse?
    Why or why not? Some people believe they should, because obesity is harmful to their child, and could even cause death... they believe the parents allowed it to happen, so they think it should be considered child abuse. I don't think it should b...
    16 Family 34
  219. What would you do if your stepdad was being sexually abusive?
    What would you do if your stepdad was was being physically and sexually abusive and you couldn't leave because your mom was dying and you needed his money? You're a teenage girl in high school, don't know your dad and you don't trust anyone.
    8 Sex 5
  220. Trust issues with my boyfriend?
    How can I prove to my boyfriend of over a year that I do infarct trust him? Hes always had trust issues but it seems as though he still cant find it in himself to trust me. He constantly thinks im cheating on him with his friends. Hes very jealous. And...
    2 Relationships 38
  221. When your an empath how do you block out the emotions?
    I have been showing signs of an empath and now I am so confused in my life I need help from fellow empaths I have heard reiki can help but I need to learn about reiki I dont know what it is. Please help thank you
    4 Religion 89
  222. How can I deal with emotional outbursts?
    I have completely moved on, but at some specks of time, suddenly the feeling of sadness rises and makes me think and say stuff I don't wanna :/ Any suggestions how I can deal with these?
    9 Health 19
  223. Why does birth control make you very emotional?
    I'm on birth control not to have sex but for other reasons. But like I cry about everything that I would have just blown off before. And I eat like crazy.I wan't to know how to make it stop and why does it do that?
    2 Sex 118
  224. Should I tell my whole family about this sexual abuse?
    Is it bad if i dont tell the rest of my family about my sexual abuse/rape experience and who it was? Only my sisters, dad, and aunt know...should i tell my close cousins 2 and the rest of my family???
    8 Sex 34
  225. How does one get over child abuse?
    My dad abused me and my family for years. I'm glad that we finally left him four years ago, but I'm still having trouble letting go of the past. Help?
    5 Family 22
  226. Will I ever be able to trust my wife again?
    I recently found out my wife had an affair with a married man. She wanted to leave me and marry him but he said no. She said in all affairs, things are said but not meant and wants to work things out with me. I feel she is with me only because he said...
    2 Relationships 50
  227. How can I trust him?
    Theres this guy who I really really like, and he says he likes me too and that we have a lot in common he textes me all day and is really sweet, but his best friend is my ex who did a hit and run, I dont know if this is all a set up should I trust him?
    5 Relationships 16
  228. How do I NOT trust people anymore?
    I used to not trust anybody but that resulted in me being alone all the time.. so I decided to let my wall down, and now I got hurt.. I can't stop being naive and it's ughh.. how do I not let people get to me anymore? How do I put a wall up so I don't ...
    6 General 44
  229. Abusive
    My boyfriend is abusive everyone either says hes the pinp and im the hoe or he chris brown and im rihanna. Soo I dont know what to do I brake up with him he nevver leaves me alone what should I do..???
    4 Relationships 18
  230. How can trust be reestablished?
    Me and my boyfriend had been going through a bit of a rough time a short while ago. It's been pretty hard, but i love him, he loves me, just, some of that trust that was there before is not there anymore. How can I learn to trust him anymore? I am not ...
    4 Relationships 35
  231. Do kids block out sexual abuse if they were very young?
    I believe I was sexually abused as a little kid. I have snippets of memories from it, but I cant remember it fully, and being a traumatic as that should be, I feel like I should remember more. I read somewhere that many kids block out sexual abuse frm ...
    2 Sex 155
  232. dont trust god anymore
    god has taken many people that I love away by death and I don't trust him anymore when he took my grandpa away my grand mother desidedthat we needed to support god so we started going to church would you trust god after that?
    19 Religion 41
  233. How do I get my rabbit to trust me?
    I have a 8 month old lionhead rabbit, and I have had her since she was 5 weeks old. I would think that by now she would trust me, but anytime I get near her she runs away and stomps her feet!! I have no clue how to get her to trust me, does anybody know?
    3 Pets 64
  234. How do you stop caring about stupid drama, and who to trust?
    Me and my friends always get into fights , and theres always drama. One of my friends just wants me to herself , but when I do go to her she ditches me for my other friend. Another one of my friends is always there for me but the friend that always dit...
    4 Relationships 42
  235. virbal abuse???
    what do I do if I cant take anymore of my dads crap and would do anything...ANYTHING to get away from him...within not suicidal...but I would run away or something like that...
    2 Family 57
  236. Can I trust AdSense and PayPal?
    for blogger it asks me if i want to collect money by letting ads be on my page ... is adsense like safe? or will i end trouble-some? the same with this pay pal ... ???
    3 Technology 15
  237. isnt the medication Ativan supposed to help you not be so emotional?
    Every since I started these pills I cry everyday, and sometimes for nothing at all, I will just be sitting there and the tears start rolling, is that normal?
    3 Health 11
  238. Emotionally "jumpy"
    I had a bad time in school. Came home and suddenly got the urge to cry but a moment later the sadness just vanished. Is this normal or my mind just got screwed?
    3 Health 40
  239. Ok it's time to think deep thoughts! Everyone be all emotionally deep and shit
    What do you think about the sentence "We live to find the meaning of life and yet we don't realize that LIVING IS the meaning if life." O_O watchu guys think?
    3 General 41
  240. Controlling emotion
    I cant controll my emotion.. I cried easily and thts embarassing >.<.. How can I change? How can I be more tough? And.. How to stop worrying to much? I always worried about something.. Always!! If something going wrong.. I cant just stop thinking a...
    3 Health 18
  241. Do you Trust?
    Would you trust putting your own lyrics or poems on a site like this? I wouldn't. I'm afraid someone will steal them. you can't do anything about it then. all your hard work meaning nothing. it's a shame, but people do it everyday. :(
    9 Literature 26
  242. Was it overdue for the Vatican to declare that Fernando Karadima was guilty of abusing children?
    I just read that the Vatican finally declared there was a priest that was guilty of child this overdue, or do you think that it was only a result of the constant public pressure for the Vatican to do something that they finally threw a pries...
    6 Religion 14
  243. Sexual Abuse
    When I was a child I got sexual abused by my brother, my parents didn't no about it, because he said he would hurt me more... I hated it.. more than anything. Now, its been 8 years.. and he is doing it again.. How do I tell my parents? And to get the...
    19 Sex 27
  244. How to get my parents' trust back?
    Ok, well I recently had an incident that involved swallowing pills and cutting my wrists and now my parents dont trust me to go out or anything. I always have parties to go to and now they wont let me out. What can I do?
    6 Family 51
  245. how can i write emotionally powerful songs and lyrics like the ones in atreyu songs?
    (if you cant understand just look up the lyrics to some songs) their songs, as 'grungy' as they may be the lyrics are powerful and emotional and i want to know how to make using powerful/emotional words a habit?
    5 Literature 38
  246. How to gain your moms trust
    Well I just turned 13 3 days ago and I am mature enough to do things independantly...but I dont think my moms trusts me. Do yo uknow how I can get her to beleive me. Or do you know why she thinks I am not mature enough!?
    6 Family 51
  247. Can having less than the recommended sleep affect your emotions?
    I have been sleeping less and less and I feel like my emotions are everywhere. I feel like crying at the slightest thing but I can also be super hyper at times. I am basically living on energy drinks to keep me awake at times but I just wondered if it ...
    5 Health 14
  248. Are depression medications healthy emotionally?
    Are anti-depressants really all that healthy for emotions? I am feeling sort of depressed a lot of the time and wondering if medication is a good option. I'm worried it would just change how I feel. that would mean my emotions were being changed by a ...
    3 Health 10
  249. How can I open up to people after going through emotional trauma during high school?
    I was often picked on because of my Dyslexia, now I can barley look any one in the eye... can someone please give me advise on how I can open up to my peers??
    2 Education 11
  250. he loves me and that he wouldn't cheat on me, but I don't trust?
    my boyfriend tells me he loves me and that he wouldn't cheat on me and he also says that he want break up with me for anybody in the world but sometimes I get this feeling that he is cheating on me or that he wants to break up with me and when I ask hi...
    2 Relationships 56