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  1. If a guy touches some thing after touching himself
    If a guy touches some thing after touching himself than you masturbate with it can you get pregnant
    4 Sex 112
  2. fingering with bf
    how can i ask my bf to finger me?
    3 Relationships 247
  3. Is it normal to touch myself?
    I like to touch myself that normal
    8 Health 94
  4. how can i avoid touching my face?
    6 Style 43
  5. Is it the same as when a guy touches you?
    is fingering yourself the same as a guy doing it??
    3 Relationships 98
  6. friend has an ipod touch can we text to each other?
    If I have an ipod touch and my friend has an ipod touch can we text to each other?
    9 Technology 34
  7. Apps on ipod touch?
    How do I get apps on my ipod touch?
    3 Technology 43
  8. Jail break an ipod touch
    How do you jail break the ipod touch?
    3 Technology 36
  9. unlock IPod Touch
    How to unlock my IPod Touch? From:1318
    3 Technology 65
  10. My iPod touch
    How do I add videos to my iPod touch
    2 Technology 29
  11. How do I get my cousin to stop touching me?
    8 Family 90
  12. What do you do while being touched?
    What do u do while you get fingered?
    4 Relationships 351
  13. Can an Ipod touch get a virus?
    6 Technology 59
  14. Why is my sister scared of rabbits touching her?
    10 Pets 47
  15. What are some cool things to do on my iPod touch?
    9 Technology 48
  16. How do people do it to text trough their i touch?
    3 Technology 123
  17. Where does a girl like to be touched?
    Where is a girl touched and that gets them horny from being touched there?
    4 Relationships 865
  18. How to seduce a guy without touching him?
    what are the ways that you can seduce a guy without touching him?
    7 Relationships 330
  19. What are the lyrics of touch my body by mariah carey
    What are the lyrics of touch my body by mariah carey
    6 Music 46
  20. Touching a guy
    Can you get pregnant by touching a guys penis?
    4 Relationships 216
  21. Do guinea pigs feel boney to the touch?
    Do guinea pigs feel boney to the touch?
    4 Pets 266
  22. How to get a free iPod touch?
    is there any way for me to get a free ipod touch?
    5 Technology 49
  23. Uploading photos to Ipod Touch?
    How do you upload all the photos in My Pictures to an Ipod Touch?
    3 Technology 47
  24. Should I get an x box 360 or an I touch?
    Should I get an x box 360 or an I touch
    5 Gaming 12
  25. Have they released an Ipod touch with a camera?
    Have they released an Ipod touch with a camera? If not are they going to ?
    5 Technology 19
  26. how can I download pics to my iPod touch from the internet?
    how can I download pics to my iPod touch from the internet?
    4 Technology 44
  27. How do I put movies on my ipod touch?
    how do I put movies on my ipod touch for free
    3 Technology 95
  28. How much is the iPod touch 4th generation?
    2 Technology 9
  29. Where can I get free music for my ipod touch?
    3 Music 36
  30. What do u do when ur bf is not that great of a kisser?
    9 Relationships 73
  31. How to be able to touch your toes, both sitting down and standing?
    4 Nutritionfitness 39
  32. what present can i give my BF for our 1st anniversarry?
    3 Shopping 28
  33. Which is better - iPod Touch 4G or 5G and why?
    10 Technology 21
  34. Is it gross for your bf or gf to burp in front of you?
    15 Health 263
  35. Does 'Dou itashimashite' Translate To "Don't touch my moustache"?
    3 General 68
  36. How much should I sell my 32GB iPod touch for?
    6 Technology 41
  37. How do you set vibrate mode on the iPod Touch?
    5 Technology 97
  38. how do i fix my ipod touch to get online?
    3 Technology 16
  39. Should I buy the Ipod Touch?
    I have the money for it, but I don't know if I should buy it... Should I?
    5 Shopping 52
  40. How do you make a 'How To' on an iPod touch?
    8 Funadvice 13
  41. Are Safari and Youtube free on iPod Touch?
    if safari and youtube free on the ipod?
    4 Technology 18
  42. How do you add a profile picture on here with an iPod touch??
    3 Technology 12
  43. Is being touched inappropriately considered like rape or what is it?
    15 Health 34
  44. Is the " samsung messanger touch " a good phone ?
    3 Technology 11
  45. Is Iphone/Ipod touch worth the cash, and any good?
    6 Technology 17
  46. what going to happen to me when my bf gos to the navy?
    9 Relationships 28
  47. How to persuade her to touch me?
    I touch my girlfriend's things, etc, but she won't touch my penis. How do I persuade to touch me?
    5 Relationships 98
  48. Songs from iPod Touch to iTunes?
    Is there a way to put my songs from my touch to my iTunes and if so how
    3 Music 8
  49. Should I get an ipod touch?
    Should I get an ipod touch? If so 32gid or 64 gig? If not why not?
    6 Technology 55
  50. Does anyone have the htc touch?
    Does any one have the htc touch? I need adivcee(:
    2 Technology 11
  51. Should I buy a psp or I pod touch help people
    Should I buy a psp or I pod touch help people
    4 Technology 12
  52. Is it forbidden to let someone touch you 'down there' if you feel uncomfortable but you want him to touch you there?
    Like you want your boyfriend to touch you'down there' but you are little shy and when he's going to touch you there you refuse to but then you let him
    12 Relationships 57
  53. what are some good sexual ideas to do with my bf for our 1 year ??
    2 Sex 38
  54. Can you text overseas on your iPod Touch without it charging?
    7 Technology 39
  55. me and my bf fight alot what can i do to surprise him or make him love me more
    3 Relationships 38
  56. When is the shatter iPhone and iPod touch jailbreak coming out?
    6 Technology 14
  57. Why does iTunes take so long to read my iPod Touch?
    3 Technology 15
  58. How much does a ipod touch cost?
    2 Shopping 71
  59. How can i get my bf to undress me? Just a little fantisy lol
    11 Relationships 133
  60. What is the Anime called where a girl can control paper by touching it?
    4 Entertainment 83
  61. is it normal for me to feel jealous when my bf chills with his other friends?
    9 Relationships 47
  62. Is the fear of being touched a sign of anxiety in the past or present?
    6 Health 8
  63. Is the iPod Touch any good?
    is it any good and are they like mega expensive
    11 Technology 47
  64. What is the cause of the white screen of death on iPod touch?
    2 Technology 15
  65. how do i get a bf iv im home skooled!>|???
    6 Relationships 44
  66. What does it mean when my ipod touch screen turns white?
    7 Technology 70
  67. How can I get my toe touches higher?
    and keep my toes pointed.
    7 Sports 32
  68. How or where do I go to get a design on the back of a iPod touch?
    5 Technology 10
  69. Is it true that you could possibly die if you touch mercury?
    3 General 68
  70. What are some websites were I can buy my bf a promise ring that's cheap?
    6 Shopping 74
  71. When someone says "Touche" what first comes to your mind?
    8 Entertainment 49
  72. Where do guys touch?
    Where do guys usually touch girls while they're making out if both have agreed to touching over and under clothes? And where should girls touch the guys?
    3 Relationships 1985
  73. iPod touch
    Hey you guys who has an iPod touch? I am on with mine rite now=)
    3 Technology 10
  74. When I touch my toe..
    How cumm when I touch my toe stuff cumz out of my eye ?
    2 Health 17
  75. Kill every thing you touch...?
    If you had the power to kill anything you touch, what would you do with your power?
    3 General 13
  76. Toe touch help!
    Anyways to make my toe touch and hurky better?
    2 Sports 46
  77. Is Touching Someones BellyButton Rape?
    All my friends are telling me that if you touch someone BellyButton that its considered rape?
    10 General 8621
  78. When is the next iPod touch update?
    When is the next update, change, or price drop for the ipod touch?
    2 Technology 10
  79. Which ipod touch has pingchat?
    what generation ipod touch has ping chat x
    5 Technology 37
  80. How normal is it for thighs to touch?
    Or do only fat people thighs touch, and is it ugly when u see people thighs touch?
    23 Nutritionfitness 104
  81. Why did the touch pad on my laptop randomly stop working?
    - did it break or..?
    2 Technology 12
  82. What are your favourite FREE iPod touch games?
    And can you describe them a little? :)
    6 Gaming 27
  83. Why do I do if my bf got another girl pregnant?
    But I love and he loves me a lot?
    48 Relationships 83
  84. Does anyone know how to add shortening to a pan *without* touching the shortening?
    6 Food 23
  85. How do I get free songs downloaded straight to my iPod touch?
    4 Music 16
  86. why won't my itunes recognises that my ipod touch is connected to the computer?
    2 Technology 49
  87. Is it possible to get apps on a 1.1.5 firmware iPod touch?
    7 Technology 31
  88. Why doesn't it feel good when he touches me?
    What do u do when a guy fingers u if it don't feel good?
    5 Relationships 102
  89. is it true that girls choke on their toothbrush but not when giving their bf oral?
    7 Sex 51
  90. Why did my fingers smell after touching her?
    I Fingered my GirlFriend and my fingers smelled afterward, what is that smell? How do I get rid of it?
    11 Relationships 17540
  91. What are some fun games I can put on my iPod Touch from The iTunes Store?
    4 Technology 10
  92. How many friends have you kept in touch with from high school(or younger)?
    13 Relationships 27
  93. does anybody else get paranoid that their bf is cheating on you while their on vacation?
    14 Relationships 33
  94. ipod touch with cameras in them
    is ther any ipod touchs with cameras in them ,because I cant find one . hah
    2 Technology 10
  95. Why won't my parakeet touch her egg?
    my parakeet layed an egg on the windowsill and I put it in the nestbox now she won't touch it what do I do?
    7 Pets 186
  96. How do I convince my dad to let me get an Ipod touch?
    How do I convince my dad that I should be able to buy an ipod touch
    5 Technology 43
  97. Htc touch diamond
    Does anyone know how I can get more battery life out of this htc touch diamond?
    2 Technology 8
  98. how much is an ipod touch charger
    how much is an ipod touch charger you know the charger that you plug into your computer it is white.
    3 Shopping 57
  99. Boob touching...
    Should I let my neighbor, who is a boy, who likes me, touch my boobs? And if I should should he touch outside my shirt or should I let him go in my shirt?
    4 Relationships 2516
  100. What is your favorite free ipod touch app?
    What is your favorite free ipod touch apps! I need some new FREE ipod touch fun apps! thanks
    4 Technology 22
  101. Is there any place that sells ipod touches for less than $185
    6 Shopping 41
  102. Can someone explain how to get gameboy games for the gameboy emualator from the ipod touch?
    2 Technology 21
  103. What would you do if your bf said his friends gf sent him a pic of her in her bra?
    12 Relationships 71
  104. How can I say 'No' to my BF?
    I want to tell him, do not try to change my trait. I wanted him to accept me.
    4 Relationships 33
  105. How do you send something via Bluetooth from an iPod touch?
    2 Technology 13
  106. Does anyone know a website I can download free music to my iPod touch?
    8 Technology 21
  107. what is this, my bf has been making love to me and his dick head has gone blue, what does this mean?
    6 Relationships 20
  108. how can i tell my bf that i dont like phone sex in a nice way?
    4 Sex 61
  109. What will happen if I update my Jailbroken iPod Touch from 4.0 to 4.1 Firmware?
    4 Technology 7
  110. What makes a good blow job? My BF says it 'does nothing' for him. I want to make it good!
    3 Sex 106
  111. How much does an iPod Touch cost?
    not the new ones with cameras tho
    3 Technology 6
  112. how do you jerk off your bf? and is it possible that if you french and make out too long that you can become preqqo?
    4 Education 110
  113. Why do i feel so bad, after breaking up w/my bf becus he lies so much?
    29 Relationships 39
  114. why do i always seem to be full of static electric charge when i touch things?
    7 General 83
  115. Which phone is better - Samsung Intercept, or Rumor Touch?
    Which one should i get?
    2 Technology 8
  116. Does th HTC Touch Pro 2 have a sim card slot?
    4 Technology 24
  117. Why does my boyfriend touch my tummy so much?
    Hees been doing it a lot lately..
    13 Relationships 2195
  118. what should I get? an iphone or an ipod touch? how much are they?
    so should I get an iphone or ipod touch? what are all the extra things they have on them? how much do they cost? thx!!!
    2 Shopping 23
  119. Is it normal to freak out if people touch your ears?
    Is it normal to freak out when peopel touch your ears ??? And go compleeetly mental when they do ??
    17 General 1131
  120. Ps3 and ipod touch
    Would you buy a 60gb ps3 with resistance and an 8gb ipod touch for $750
    2 Gaming 19
  121. How much does an ipod touch cost?
    Hi.Im just wondering what an ipod touch cost im buying it soon.
    6 Shopping 64
  122. Places to touch a boy
    What are the best places to touch a guy when your just talking or kissing or whatever? Places to turn him on?
    5 Relationships 5592
  123. How do I get my boyfriend to touch me up?
    He keeps touching me but tbh thats about all, how can I get him to touch me more like boobs, vag ect
    3 Relationships 344
  124. Apple Ipod Touch
    OMG!!...The Apple Ipod Touch Is Totally Cool...Lol :) I Just Wanna Know How Much Is The Apple Ipod Touch???
    2 Technology 10
  125. Is there a way to have a blacklight effect on my computer/iPod Touch that actually gives off black light?
    2 Technology 8
  126. How ? my bf just hurt his leg ... i wanna exccite him and make him happy when i see him any ideas??
    3 Health 28
  127. What's the most touching song you've ever listened to?
    There are songs that make people cry...Do you have one?
    25 Music 35
  128. What do girls do while getting touched?
    I'm Ready But Nervous I'm Gonna Mess It All Up. Advice..What Do The Girls Do?
    2 Relationships 307
  129. Who Gotta Ipod Touch Or Iphone ?
    Does Anybody Have A Itouch Or Iphone ? If So Add Me :) You Can Add Me If You Dont Too :D
    5 Entertainment 25
  130. what should i tattoo on her booty that would turn me off but make nobody else want to touch her?
    7 Style 32
  131. How much is a new charging cord for an iPod Touch, and where would I get one?
    7 Shopping 17
  132. What should i do when my BF tells me hes sad in a text and i ask him why and he wont tell me then he wont text me back? Should i call him?
    16 Technology 44
  133. Why is two girls making out and touching eachother considered sexy or attractive to a guy?
    9 Sex 105
  134. How can I put music from another computer on my ipod touch ?
    I have my friend's ipod touch and I want to put more music on the ipod without deleting her music
    3 Technology 67
    3 Relationships 49
  136. Really touching lyrics?
    3-4 lines of really deep, touching lyrics? preferably not about love ;D
    10 Music 49
  137. How can I download photos on my iPod touch?
    How can I download photos on my iPod touch? Do they have to be from a file on my computer? If so, how can you get your photo application to recognize your iPod so you can sync them?
    13 Technology 322
  138. What Should I get a iPod nano or iPod touch??
    My dad want to get me an iPod for no reason which is okay by me but I don't know what to get an iPod touch or a nano ??? Which is better?
    4 Technology 56
  139. Ipod touch synchronizing & uploading
    How do I synchronize my touch.. And upload music from itunes to my ipod.. It does not show up once I connect it to my laptop
    2 Technology 55
  140. How to I put games onto an iPod touch?
    How to I put games onto an iPod touch? Have brought the £5.99 thing to allow this. thanks
    3 Technology 54
  141. Touched sperm chance of getting pregnant
    Someone told me that if there was sperm on a towel and I girl touched it then touched herself afterwards she has a chance of getting pregnant. Is this true?
    6 Health 1255
  142. What is the difference between an ipod touch and an iphone?
    What is the difference between an ipod touch and an Iphone, if I have an ipod touch can I use like a phone Too or I can not anybody knows the difference tell me please?
    3 Technology 17
  143. When you touch lip or tongue do you feel
    When you touch your tongue or the inside of your lick do you feeel like loads of little lumps?
    4 Health 69
  144. how to touch a guy when making out...
    how are you supposed to touch a guy when you make out? like guys can grab your butt and rub your back.. what do girls do to guys?
    4 Relationships 630
  145. Could you test positive for cocaine just by touching it?
    I have a drug test soon I really need to know if by touching cocaine the test will come out positive
    2 Drugs 11658
  146. What is the best way to clean my iPod touch screen?
    My screen is really dirty but I don't know how to clean it or what to use to clean it.
    11 Technology 57
  147. iPod touch 3G
    Dose any one know if apple is makeing a new iPod touch 3G or if they quit with the 2G
    2 Technology 38
  148. How do you beat levels 79, 80 ,81, and 91 on the Impossible Quiz for iPod touch?
    2 Gaming 53
  149. new ipod touch and I dont know how to charge it
    ok I was in my room and I got a new ipod touch and I dont know how to charge it HELP ME please!
    2 Technology 13
  150. What do I do about my bf whos going to do MDMA this weekend even though he knows I really don't want him to?
    14 Relationships 19
  151. How do I buy films on my Ipod Touch
    I have an ipod touch. I'd like to know what do you have to go on to buy films on it? How much would they cost?
    2 Technology 9
  152. How do i go about telling my bf that i wanna wait to have sex till were married? lost....
    9 Sex 20
  153. What to do? Ipod touch or somethink else?
    I have £170 to spend and I dont know what to do wid it. Ipod touch 3g Or somethink else like... And I dont know what else helppp
    4 Shopping 58
  154. How long does it take to get REALLY quick at touch typing?
    How long does it take to get REALLY quick at touch typing? Eg. hours, days, weeks, months???
    5 Technology 111
  155. A toe touch...
    is something I can't do. What can I do to improve my horrible toe touches? Exercises, stretches, anything is helpful. Please and thanks. <3
    4 Nutritionfitness 43
  156. Touching urself
    I am really horny and I am 15 but I am scared to touch myself...Like I have done it be4 but it was so tight that it hurt...Any advice??
    2 Relationships 62
  157. Why is he touching me when we are not even going out?
    He is also licking his lips slowly and staring at me the whole time? What does that mean?
    44 Relationships 81
  158. what can anyone say bout if ur parents r tryin to get ur kids to not like ur bf?
    13 Family 28
  159. how do i get my bf to make more moves?
    its our second date and i only got a small hug at the end. what shud i do?
    13 Relationships 56
  160. Why my bf tells me to gain weight :(?
    I weight about 105 lbs and my height is 5'2 isnt it normal
    6 Relationships 35
  161. How do I reset my iPod Touch if it has completely frozen?
    It wont restart when i hold down the off button and it can't be found on my computer
    9 Technology 32
  162. How do I get the WiFi to work on an iPod Touch?
    It says unable to join network after putting in the password
    3 Technology 19
  163. Is an iPod touch fourth generation good for taking pictures?
    I know it's not as good as a real camera but I only have a iPod and iPhone??
    5 Technology 8
  164. How do you touch and stimulate a girl?
    and which parts of female body is most sensitive to get embraced? plz its important!
    20 Relationships 232
  165. How do I download songs into ipod touch ?
    OK so i already transferred the songs to this itunes library, how do I put them in my ipod ? xD
    3 Technology 17
  166. How much is the iPod Touch?
    hi, I really want an ipod touch and a NDS lite, but I have to save for them, I no how much the NDS lite is, but I cant find how much the touch is! also is it a phone aswell as an ipod or just an ipod?
    2 Shopping 30
  167. Fear of touch
    Like a month ago my brother touched my arm and I kinda like shook afterwords and now when him or someone touches me I flip out. So should I go to the doctor?
    3 Health 15
  168. What are the advantages and disadvantages or getting an ipod touch?
    So I'm thinking of getting an ipod touch and just wanted to know based on your own personal opinion for those of you that have one, what are the advantages and disadvantages? What do you like/dislike the most about the ipod touch?
    2 Technology 45
  169. I HATE when people touch me!!!
    I ABSOLUTELY HATE when people touch me!!! it drives me crazy!!! Only a few people can touch me without me havin a spaz attack. I don't know why. does anyone else have that? Is there a name for it?
    5 Health 191
  170. Where's the best place to touch a boy?
    See when touching a boy, whats the best place to touch him? like were does he get more enjoyemnt and is there anything girls can do to make them really horny?
    3 Relationships 1075
  171. When a guy touches your Face means?
    What does ti mean when a guy looks into your eyes, and stare for about 5-10sec and then touches your face, and kisses you? does it mean he likesu?
    3 Relationships 1246
  172. Can you touch your toes?
    I can't touch my toes!!! Any good ways to become more flexiable and be able to tough them? Its always a warm up for gymclass, and I am one of the few who can't... Halp!
    11 Nutritionfitness 64
  173. Have you ever fallen at church and your arms touched the floor?
    ladies have you ever fell on the floor at church? you have on long or short sleeves? did your arms touch the floor? im just curious
    5 Religion 29
  174. How to delete bookmarks on ipod touch
    How do I delete the bookmark things on my ipod touch? The ones that show up on the main page. (like ebuddy, myspace, etc)
    2 Technology 108
  175. Can I download the game "Cut the Rope" on an iPod Touch?
    cuz i played it on my friend's ipad and im just wondering if they'd have that for ipod touches too?
    3 Technology 11
  176. How do I convert a YouTube song to my iPod Touch using YouTube to MP3?
    i have most o the steps but i cant figure it out! Help?
    2 Technology 11
  177. How do you get rid of cracks on an iPod Touch?
    One night we stayed in a motel and my iPod fell and hit the tile and cracked.
    2 Technology 53
  178. is it normal for the labret disk to be a angled? the outside stud is straight and the disk doesn't touch my gum or teeth. I was just wondering
    2 Style 54
  179. What to do about preschool sister touching the others vagina?
    My husband caught my 2 year old investigating my 4 year old's vagina. What to do?
    6 Babies 323
  180. what should i do, i have a bf but there is this guy that's in love with me?
    i told him not to because its wrong, and he just said "just let me love you, i dont care." what can i do? anyone help please!
    2 Relationships 11
  181. How can I get to touching my girls boobs without her discomfert?
    Im making out with my girl and I want to get to her chest but dont want to make her uncomfertable
    4 Relationships 295
  182. What type of Veriozon phone should I get if I'm looking for something with a touch screen that isn't too difficult to use?
    4 Technology 18
  183. Free iPod touch games
    how do you get free iPod touch games Im not allowed to put in the credit card number or anything but I want some free iPod touch games on my iPod how could I do that without putting in the credit card numbers
    4 Gaming 52
  184. Can the ipod touch record?
    To record stuff onto my ipod touch, do I have to use the recording headphones that cost 50 bucks or can I Use a regular microphone that I would use with a tape recorder?
    3 Technology 17
  185. ipod touch battery life
    If you were using your ipod touch for non stop reading, how many hours would it last on a full charge?
    2 Technology 37
  186. What is a solution to my iPod touch problem?
    My iPod touch freezes and now it won't start. When I plug my iPod in to my comp. it won't even pull up on iTunes! Can someone help me?
    2 Technology 5
  187. How do I get pics off my ipod touch on to funadvice?
    I have an iPod touch and have pica downloaded on it and want to put some of them on this website if anyone knows how plwz help!
    2 Funadvice 19
  188. just curious, can your partner find out your taking control birth pills or the doc? for EXAMPLE: my bf wants me to have kids and i pretend i want
    4 Health 13
  189. Why can't I upload pictures from my iPod touch to funadvice?
    I have the pictures I want to upload in my picture library, but when I go to the website and click upload pictures, It won't let me. Whyy?
    2 Technology 38
  190. What do I do now that I just moved in with my BF of 1 year and discovered I have more affinities with another guy 7 years younger than me?
    I think he likes me back too.
    8 Relationships 32
  191. Does it hurt a girl to touch her after her period?
    is it bad to finger a girl right after she gets done with her period? I fingered my girlfriend and I got a lil blood on my fingers. did it hurt her at all?
    3 Relationships 1847
  192. Which part not to touch?
    Dont have more details. I just want the answer. Girls should answer my question. Please girls its important. If any guy has the answer so he can also help me
    5 Relationships 455
  193. How do I know if she enjoys when I touch her?
    my girlfriend and I have ben together for almost a year and I fingered her lastnight for the first time. It was the first time she had ever ben fingered. how do I no if she is enjoying it.
    4 Relationships 446
  194. How can I upload pics on the IPod Touch?
    I don't have the slightest clue. I hear you can do it from ITunes but I dont see how. Can anyone help me out please?
    7 Technology 47
  195. How to break the touch barrier with him?
    How do I break the touch barrier with this guy I like? we talk a lot and I think he likes me but our relationship hasnt gone any farther than talking and flirting. how do I break the touch barrier with him? any advice helps. thanx :)
    3 Relationships 275
  196. Touch screen Computer ( Cool?)
    think about what if they made a touch screen computer. all you would need is a keyboard. no mouse needed cause it touch screen. I think that would be freaking GREAT!!!. who else think this would be a nice idea
    6 Technology 10
  197. Ds touch wont work
    My ds is not working The touch part wont work but than I re-calabrated it and it still dosnt work. Does anyone no what eles to do?? I love it to bits!! Caitie1994
    2 Technology 12
  198. What if I touch my vaginia with dirty hands what will happen?
    Ok so I was watching a movie. I started touching myself. A little while later I had small bumps inside my vaginia. Is that normal
    3 Health 234
  199. How do I set up wifi internet on my iPod touch?
    Okay, I just got my iPod touch yesterday and I already have wireless internet on my laptop and I just don't know how to get it on my ipod. Help please.
    2 Technology 25
  200. What does it mean if your boyfriend touches your face while your kissing?
    When my boyfriend and I make out he touches my face or rubs my hair, he doesnt do this all the time but its what he mainly does. What does this mean? Does it mean hes really into me or he doesnt know what to do with his hands?
    3 Relationships 1418
  201. How many songs and apps, etc., can a iPod Touch 4g 8gb hold?
    i want a ipod touch 4g , wondering if 8gb would be enough because i listen to ALOT of songs and apps etc
    5 Technology 56
  202. Why does my cat get angry when anyone touches her back feet?
    The only thing that is different about my cat to others is that she is a polydactyl feline. Polydactyl means she has more toes than other cats.
    6 Pets 75
  203. Can you call from an ipod touch 8gb?
    Do you have to download anything or buy?? Or is it free?? Please answer I'm getting one for christmas.
    3 Technology 36
  204. How do I upload pictures to my ipod touch?
    Every friend that I have has pics on there.. I ask how they did it and they all say the same answer ''my cousin did it for me'' Or '' I dont know just did it!!''
    3 Technology 33
  205. what can I use to clean my Ipod touch w/o harming it?
    The screen is greasy and I was wondering what I could use to clean it. I don't want anything to leak into it. Thanks! =)
    2 Technology 40
  206. What can I put on my iPod touch?
    I know I can put songs, videos, things like an iPod does. But can I get the same things that's on the iPhone onto my iPod touch, like the weather, and directions to different places. And what about texting? Could I get texting on my iPod touch?
    3 Technology 53
  207. Do gangstas hate people touching their hand?
    ok, so im not gangsta or anything I just act it sometimes and my frnd was like to dis guy or dont touch her hand..she's gangsta. So I was just wondering if its something that gangsta's hate. (People touching there hand)
    2 Relationships 37
  208. How do I put music on my ipod touch from playlist?
    Okay so I got music on my ipod touch but I want music from play list So how do I get playlist songs on to my ipod touch? I realy need help please and thankes
    2 Technology 64
  209. Does the touch pad on your laptop, mess up your typing?
    When I am typing on this computer, I will see that I am ty ping in the middle of my sentence, this is cause because my thumb is over the top of my touch pad and moves my curser.
    6 Technology 42
  210. iPod touch app
    My friends cousin has an iphone app where you put the phone next to a speaker and it reconizes the song. is this availabe for the iPod touch and what is the name of it and is it free? thanks
    3 Technology 39
  211. Why wont my apps sync to my ipod touch?
    Okayy, so I just got an ipod touch, and when I try to syc the apps from my computer, it wont work. it says that they synced, but when I looked at my ipod, only the oringinal things are on there. What can be wrong? And what can I do?
    3 Technology 39
  212. How do I get my boyfriend to touch my boobs?
    Okay so my boyfriend and I have been going out for a little while, and I want him to touch my boobs, but he says he feels weird or like he's being a perv. I want to turn him on and stuff so yeahhh what should I do?
    3 Relationships 697
  213. He likes to touch me
    At school I sit next to this guy and he likes to touch me. I don't know hat to do. I tell him to stop,but he just laughs and says nothing. I'm so confused! Helppp!
    3 Relationships 31
  214. I pod Touch
    Is the Ipod touch Good or does it freeze to much or break ? or any misfunctions? AND will I get exchange/refund if I buy it? from apple store or bestbuy / future shop?
    5 Technology 41
  215. How do you put songs on an iPod touch?
    So, I got an iPod touch for Chirstmas and I put all the songs that I had on my old nano, onto my touch. I got two new cds for birthday and I was going to put them on my iPod, and it put them on iTunes, but when I plugged my touch in to my computer, it ...
    2 Technology 61
  216. How will he touch me and how should I touch him?
    Ok so me and a good guy friend are probably going to be fwb's but the thing is I've never done anything with a guy. He trusts me a lot and I trust him a lot and he said I could set the boundaries so I kind of decided we could makeout and like touch but...
    2 Relationships 181
  217. Why won't my ipod touch let me download/watch movies?
    I don't know if maybe I'm doing it wrong, but when I sync a movie to my ipod, I can't see it? can someone tell me what to do please?
    4 Technology 55
  218. Why haven't I had my period since he started touching me?
    my boyfriend recently started fingering me. I havent gotten my period in over a month, this is around the time he started. is this something I should be worried about?
    2 Relationships 127
  219. bearshare and ipod touch
    is there anyway I can get the files I download from bearshare into itunes? I've tried everything and nothing seems to be working. anysuggestions
    5 Music 39
  220. How else can I touch my guy when we make out??
    What else can I do to my guy when we are making out? Like he grabs my ass and all that, but what else can I do to him besideess tousle his hair and have my arms around his neck? Help please!
    4 Relationships 3314
  221. how do i find the password to my internet so i can connect to it on my ipod touch?
    i had the password for our network on my ipod but i reset my ipod today so it deleted it and now idk how to find it? i was looking on our router but its not there..we have verizon fios. so how can i find the password to the network so i can connect to ...
    2 Technology 10
  222. How do I sync my apps onto my ipod touch! I have done everything!!!
    How do I sync my apps onto my ipod touch! I just bought like 15 apps from the apps store and I pluged my ipod touch in, and I clicked on the ipod and clicked on the "applications" tab and clicked sync. Even after that it doesn't sync anything!!!
    2 Technology 48
  223. Who doesn't have this problem with iPod touch?
    I always put the wrong because my fingers are too big for the small keyboard on the iPod? Have you ever had this problem tell me please thank you.
    4 Technology 7
  224. What are some new touch screen phones that recently came out that I can upgrade my phone to?
    what do u think is the best? what is ur pinion on which phone i should get?(with good features)
    9 Technology 8
  225. Fear of Touching my neck
    Look, I have this fear of my neck being touched..or all of a sudden I get very anxious so I start touching my neck and get really worried as if something is going to choke me soon.! How do I get over this, im scared it will turn into an OCD.?
    3 Health 79
  226. Ipod touch or psp
    I have a psp now, but I have been thinking about selling it to get an itouch I dont really use the psp for anything more than music, but the itouch is a little pricey Which is better
    2 Technology 11
  227. How do I delete songs from my ipod touch?
    On my itunes when I click on song it is ment to turn blue but it is just staying grey and I cant click on them at all, is so annoying!! can anyone help??
    2 Technology 65
  228. What is a fun free app for your ipod touch?
    I love my ipod but I also like their apps but I dont have so much money (im broke) to spend on it so does anyone know any fun/cool apps for an ipod touch
    6 Technology 34
  229. Why can't I get online on my iPod Touch?
    Why can't I get on the internet on my new iPod touch? I checked the networks I joined and it says I am connected, but when I click on Safari or YouTube, it says that it cannot connect to the server. What is going on here?
    3 Technology 170
  230. Can you get HIV from sperm touching a cut?
    ok my friend wants to find this answer: when you ejaculate sperm and it touches your own blood from some cut ANYWHERE (finger, leg etc.) do you get AIDS/HIV ?
    4 Health 244
  231. How can I tell him to stop touching me?
    So there's this guy and he's like always touching me & putting his arm around me & stuff. It's really weird. And one time he asked if I wanted to make out..? What should I do? & How do I tell him to stop?? =/
    2 Relationships 32
  232. ipod touch applications
    I have the ipod touch and just got a bunch of applications (games etc) off of itunes. but now that they're in my library under "applications", I can't get them onto my ipod!!! dragging them over doesn't work. can anyone help me???
    2 Technology 10
  233. how can i save up 178+ dollors to buy an iPod touch?
    ive tried saving money but its jes really hard and it gets spend up too fast. thanks :)
    5 Money 40
  234. who My step dad came into my room last night and grabbed my boobs and touched my vagina he is 43 and im 14 my mom is on a business trip what should i do?
    5 Health 201
  235. How do I get this boy to stop touching my butt?
    There is this boy who sits behind me in class and he always has his hands on my butt. I've told the teacher numerous time but everytime she just told him to stop. How do I get him to stop?
    11 Relationships 124
  236. Where Should I Touch My boyfriend While We Kiss
    Me and my boyfriend kiss and make out a lot. but my hands usually stay in his hair or around his neck. I dont want sex. please help.
    3 Sex 1105
  237. What can I do to look cool and hav fun at skl break dares ? play footie wiv boys ? or chat up my bf? or whatevs plz helpxx
    4 Education 18
  238. Why is my iPod Touch not downloading apps?
    I have never had a problem before, but there are about 6 apps that all say waiting. I just updated a few apps one day, and they never loaded, and i can't download any new apps. Does anyone know the problem?
    5 Technology 71
  239. How can I get the pictures/videos to download from my iPod touch to my computer?
    Whenever I plug it in it used to have a screen that popped up & would let me download my pictures/vids but it doesn't anymore. :/
    7 Technology 33
  240. If he did touch my arm or hand will something happen?
    Ok there is this person I know and he put his hand down his pants and tried to touch my arm or hand! I have generlized anxiaty disorder and I am really freaking out! I do not know if he touched my arm or hand or not. when I freak out it is like I ca...
    3 Health 67
  241. Is it true that touching your boobs will help them grow?
    is it true that if you touch your boobs they grow faster well I was also wondering if there is any onther way to grow your boobs besides creams and that stuff I have to buy just natural growth please help
    4 Style 4273
  242. Where can I touch a guy
    to turn him one while were making out? I've never madeout before but my guy friend said he'd teach me and while were doing it I wanna turn him on so he like wants more. We agreed to touching over and under clothes if that makes a difference.
    2 Relationships 198
  243. Why doesnt my boyfriend ever want to touch me?
    he always says he doesnt want to be to clingy but the fact is he does not touch me at all. if i was up to him we would go a day without even hugging let alone kissing or more.
    11 Relationships 244
  244. Australian museums exhibition on dinosaurs are designed to be touch
    Displays I the Australian museums exhibition on dinosaurs are designed to be touched, offering visitors ___ experience. A.An Odoriferous B. An Archaic C.An Aural D.A Tactile
    2 Education 22
  245. how do I get my baby cousin to stop touching my boobs?
    My baby cousin always squeezed and touched my boobs as a baby ( i nursed him once) now hes almost five and he still touches my boobs every once in a while and even asked to see them idk how to tell him they are off limits now :(
    10 Babies 194
  246. why do me and my bf fight so much ..?
    ? is it becuz im not scared wat people say about me ..& ill tell him stuff the stuff he not sopose 2 knw && im very truthful..
    14 Relationships 58
  247. how come i dont like having sex with my bf?
    i used to have a very BIIGG sex appetite but now with him i dont! and when we do it i have to think bout doin it w some1 else other than him in order to get an orgasm!!!
    3 Sex 48
  248. How can I get my bf home if he's passed out?
    Do I leave him at out friends house for the night, call a cab, or ring his mum to pick us up at 12:47 in the morning?
    4 General 22
  249. Who thinks you should be allowed to go out/have a bf if your responsible?
    do you think you should be allowed to have a boyfriend and go out more if you show your responsible such as doing good in school and doing chores around the house or what would be some reason why you shouldn't be allowed to do either of those?
    20 Relationships 22
  250. I cant touch my hair now, what do I do?
    I color my hair tuesday and got burn so I wash it thursday night and got a relaxer done on saturday morning. now I wakes up with my pillow and I cant touch my hair because its coming out with the color.. what doi do?
    2 Style 40