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  1. What do I rinse my mouth with?
    what do I rinse my mouth with??
    3 Health 58
  2. What are tongue piercings for?
    What are tongue piercings for?
    5 Style 259
  3. How do they pierce your tongue?
    How do they pierce your tongue?
    2 Style 137
  4. How do you pierce your tongue?
    how do you pierce your tongue?
    8 Style 148
  5. If you leave your tongue out dry, can you or your tongue die?
    3 Health 1569
  6. do fish have tongues?
    3 Pets 58
  7. Why do some birds have a hard tongue and some have a soft tongue?
    2 Pets 31
  8. Why is my tongue white?
    3 Health 137
  9. Are dogs mouths really cleaner that a humans mouth.? :/
    4 Pets 27
  10. Is it possible to choke on your own tongue?
    Is it possible to choke on your own tongue?
    14 Health 357
  11. Tongue piercings are they slutty?
    Tongue piercings are they slutty?
    18 Style 214
  12. What is the tongue splitting process?
    What is the tongue splitting process?
    3 General 53
  13. How do you hide a tongue ring?
    How do you hide a tongue ring?
    16 Style 124
  14. How to tighten my tongue piercing?
    3 Style 308
  15. How do you sooth a scorched tongue?
    10 Health 62
  16. How to cure a burn on your tongue?
    10 Health 39
  17. White bump on top of tongue?
    White bump on top of tongue? What is it?
    2 Health 300
  18. Should I get my tongue pierced?
    Should I get my tongue peirced
    13 Style 131
  19. What is the hardest tongue twister you know?
    what is the hardest tongue twister you know?
    11 General 121
  20. How to hide a tongue ring from parents?
    How can you hide a tongue Ring from PARENTS?
    8 Family 277
  21. Does it hurt to get your tongue pierced?
    Does it hurt to get your tongue pierced?
    26 Style 266
  22. What can I eat with my new tongue ring?
    What can I eat with my new tongue ring?
    7 Style 187
  23. tongue piercing or tragus piercing
    what hurts more tongue piercing or tragus piercing?
    4 Style 269
  24. Tongue Peircing ??
    Does Getting your Tongue Peirced Hurt ??
    3 Health 38
  25. Your opinion on tongue piercings?
    What is your personal opinion on tongue piercings?
    10 Style 80
  26. how do you get the taste of cum out of your mouth?
    40 Health 3667
  27. Why do i randomly chew on the inside of my mouth?
    7 Style 53
  28. How much is a tongue piercing in UK?
    3 Style 220
  29. will niacin pass a mouth swab
    3 Drugs 347
  30. Is having your tongue split illegal in the UK?
    7 Politics 284
  31. what is it when you randomly taste salt in your mouth?
    11 Health 231
  32. What do you do when u have a little blister on your tongue?
    6 Health 73
  33. Why is my new born puppy breathing from its mouth
    Why is my new born puppy breathing from its mouth
    3 Pets 1202
  34. How to treat a cut inside a human mouth?
    How to treat a cut inside a human mouth?
    6 Health 1959
  35. Mouth ulcers :'(
    Any seloutions to get rid of the mouth ulcers ?
    2 Health 59
  36. Hiding my tongue ring
    How do I hide my tongue ring I have to hide it really good!!!
    3 Style 74
  37. How can you get rid of being nervous and mouth shaking?
    How can you get rid of being nervous and mouth shaking?
    2 General 18
  38. whats the big deal about split tongue?
    whats the big deal about split tongue?
    6 Style 43
  39. when you put your tongue between your lips and blow?
    what happens when you put your tongue between your lips and blow?
    7 General 31
  40. take a fising hook out of turtles mouth
    how do you take a fising hook out of turtles mouth
    2 Pets 117
  41. Why is it that the areas of skin around my mouth are darker?
    Why is it that the areas of skin around my mouth are darker?
    2 Style 41
  42. What to do when he ejaculates in my mouth?
    what should I do if a guy blows his load in my mouth
    5 Relationships 301
  43. Can you eat with your mouth ?
    Can you eat with your mouth closed and you are nose plugged?
    6 Food 15
  44. Black tongue!!!
    Can petpo bismol turn your tongue black?
    5 Health 45
  45. Tongue peircings
    Does it hurt a little or a lot
    4 Style 23
  46. How can I brush the back of my tongue without gagging?
    6 Health 37
  47. How do I stop my mouth from hurting with braces?
    2 Health 57
  48. Why when working out do they say breath in through your nose and out through your mouth?
    12 Nutritionfitness 51
  49. Why do some people's tongue hurt after eating pineapple?
    3 General 55
  50. can herpes of the mouth be spread to cause herpes of the genetals?
    4 Health 73
  51. Why did my cat have her full mouth on the kitten's throat?
    9 Pets 103
  52. Does it hurt more when you get your tongue pierced, or when you get your bellybutton pierced?
    34 Style 2124
  53. When you get cotton mouth is your mouth really dry or just numb?
    For those who don't know what it is from researching or smoking don't answer.
    4 Health 45
  54. Why do I love kissing girls with tongue piercings?
    18 Relationships 195
  55. When you pierce your tongue is it better to do it fast or to do it slow?
    5 Style 63
  56. Has anyone pierced their own tongue?
    Has anyone ever pierced there own tounge ?
    3 Style 65
  57. How do I clean my tongue rings ?
    7 Style 155
  58. What are the chances of a tongue piercing getting infected?
    4 Health 213
  59. How long does it take for the taste buds on your tongue to grow back after a really bad burn on the tongue?
    6 Health 110
  60. whats up with this crazy huge ulcer on my tongue?
    5 Health 27
  61. What's the best way to cool your tongue after a chili pepper?
    What's the best way to cool your tongue after a chili pepper?
    9 Food 115
  62. Whats the name of that cloth they put over your mouth to kidnap?
    Whats the name of that cloth they put over your mouth to kidnap?
    6 General 491
  63. What reason would a guy not like a tongue ring?
    What reason would a guy not like a tongue ring?
    7 Style 96
  64. What do you think about tongue splitting?
    Would you ever get your tongue split?
    30 Style 60
  65. tongue piercing swelling??
    How long did it take the swelling for your tongue to go down?
    3 Health 577
  66. tongue ring how long to wait before changing it?
    for those who have their tongue pierced, how long did you wait before changing it?
    2 Style 143
  67. tongue kissing
    whats the best tongue movement for a beginner
    3 Relationships 162
  68. A cut inside mouth
    I have a cut inside my mouth whit puss what can I do to heal it?
    3 Health 361
  69. What do I do if he cums in my mouth?
    If I give my boyfriend head and he cums in my mouth what am I supposed to do ?
    6 Relationships 348
  70. How can I make my tongue longer?
    How can I make my tongue longer without getting it cut?
    6 Style 683
  71. Can I get pregnant my preiods each mouth is only 2days
    Can I get pregnant if I only come on 2days of the mouth
    7 Health 24
  72. What's the best way to pierce your tongue?
    what's the best way to pierce your tongue with out it getting infected
    6 Style 57
  73. What tricks can you do with your tongue?
    I was just wondering what type of tricks you can do with your tongue, whats possible to do?
    9 Health 130
  74. Will mouth wash take the smell of alchol out of our breath?
    Will mouth wash take the smell of alchol out of our breath?
    3 General 96
  75. Tongue piercing healing process
    What are the restrictions I would have during the healing process of a tongue piercing?
    3 Health 374
  76. Does the Monroe piercing hurt worser than a tongue ring?
    Does the Monroe piercing hurt worser than a tongue ring? The tongue ring didn't hurt at all to me.
    5 Style 203
  77. Is a dog's mouth cleaner than a human's?
    they say a dogs mouth is cleaner than humans mouth's ... what do you guys think??
    10 Pets 177
  78. Can I put numbing cream on my tongue that I just got pierced?
    7 Style 2050
  79. Can i take neurafen (tablets) when i just got my tongue pierced?
    8 Style 125
  80. why does warm salt water help mouth ulcers?
    5 Health 61
  81. I can't chane my tongue bar help???/
    can't unscrew the ball
    5 Style 91
  82. Is a boy horny for you if he blushes and starts pushing his tongue in and out?
    8 Relationships 66
  83. How long after a lip piercing and tongue can you safely change it?
    12 Health 185
  84. Is it normal to have little bumps on the very back of your tongue where you can't brush?
    4 Health 44
  85. Why am I getting so much irritation around my nose and mouth?
    3 Health 27
  86. Why do my front teeth hurt when I breathe through my mouth?
    And how can I fix it?
    2 Health 74
  87. How Many People have a tongue ring?
    Have a tounge ring I have a tounge ring its raw
    9 Style 111
  88. Is there any side effects if we use mouth wash regularly?
    3 Health 54
  89. How to get my tongue pierced without my parents knowing?
    how can I get my tongue peirced without my parents knowing???
    12 Style 333
  90. STD somewhere besides your mouth or "private" parts?
    can you get a STD somewhere besides your mouth or "private" parts?
    4 Health 189
  91. Tongue piercing dangerous?
    How dangerous is it to get your tongue pierced? What risks would I run?
    4 Health 312
  92. What does "Put You Foot In Your Mouth" mean?
    What does it mean when someone says that someone else has there foot in their mouth?
    3 General 105
  93. What is best way to give a girl an orgasims with the tongue?
    What is best way to give a girl an orgasims with the tongue? What is the fastest too?
    14 Relationships 1312
  94. in her mouth
    why do boys like to cum in girls mouth so much why not some where else
    5 Relationships 224
  95. How do you handle someone with a foul mouth?
    Some people just can't be ignored! How do you handle a sewer mouth?
    3 General 41
  96. Tongue piercing
    K I want to get my tongue pierced What are the pros and cons?
    11 Style 194
  97. Are tongue piercings attractive? Do you give better head?
    Do girl give better head when there tongue is pierced? and is it attractive?
    8 Style 741
  98. What if you don't like the taste of your partners tongue?
    when your french kissing what if you dont like the taste of your partners tongue
    2 Relationships 95
  99. Which mouthwash is better for tongue peircing bioteen or listerine?
    what mouth wash is better for tongue peircing bioteen or listerine?
    6 Style 394
  100. Braces (Mouth ones)
    I have braces and was wondering why people are like geeks because they have braces?
    6 Style 42
  101. When your tongue turns white does that mean you're getting strep?
    18 Health 49
  102. Meaning of splitting tongue
    What is the true meaning and description of a person splitting there tunge
    2 Style 92
  103. Should I get my tongue tattooed?
    would i b able to eat?
    14 Style 21
  104. What is this feeling in my mouth on my tooth I am chewing anything sweet and then it feels very sensitive?
    3 Health 25
  105. Did anybody have a really bad smell in their mouths when their braces came off?
    4 Health 65
  106. Do tongue piercings give you a lisp or cause problems while talking?
    7 Style 167
  107. Sore tongue smoking weed?
    Can smoking weed give you lung cancer?
    16 Health 2939
  108. What's the tastiest thing that's been in your mouth today?
    Mine was pork chops :)
    11 General 14
  109. Should i pierce my tongue or lip.? And Whitch One It Prettier.? Lol
    43 Style 52
  110. What does PMSL mean, and what does "tongue in cheek fun" mean? Or something like that -_-
    5 General 44
  111. What is that black stuff around my dogs mouth?
    My dog has all this black stuff around his mouth and I would like to know what it is
    4 Pets 728
  112. Should I get ma tongue percied?
    Should I get ma tongue percied?? Does it hurt??? Or belly button instead??
    11 Style 65
  113. I got my tongue peirced and it hurts like hell
    I got my tongue peirced and it hurts like hell should it be happening I got it yesterday
    6 Style 46
  114. Cotton mouth.?
    Is that from smoking.? Can you please tell me all you know about cotton mouth because apparently my "boyfriend" has is because of smoking.
    2 Health 42
  115. Words to Mouth While Kissing
    I like to mouth the word "peaches" Do other people mouth words? What do you say? Or is that just something weird I do?
    4 Relationships 84
  116. Why do people like to stick their tongue out in their pictures?
    some are even long one out.
    11 General 71
  117. How can food pass from the mouth to the stomach even though you're lying down?
    12 Health 41
  118. Do guys like it when you bite or rub your teeth gently on their tongue when kissing?
    16 Relationships 169
  119. Tongue rings
    How many yall girls like guys with tounge rings
    3 Relationships 23
  120. Is it easy to pierce your own tongue?
    and if so where do you put the needle so it dosent hit any vains?
    11 Style 63
  121. Sore white bump on my tongue
    I have a tiny white bump on my tongue and its really Sore :( what is it and how can I make it go away!
    20 Health 1887
  122. Vodka can make foam come out of your mouth while sleeping?
    Is it true if you drink a lot of vodka when your sleeping foam can come out of your mouth?
    8 Health 409
  123. How to treat a cut inside a humans mouth?
    How to treat a small cut in the inside of a human lip? a small white gash inside a human mouth
    4 Health 624
  124. What does it mean if I can put the head of my dick in my mouth?
    I was experimenting and I found out I can put the head of my d*ck in my own mouth.
    4 Relationships 132
  125. Can you sing right with a tongue ring?
    if I got a tongue ring would I not be able to sing anymore? or at least right?
    4 Style 55
  126. How to get rid of this yellow little bump on my tongue?
    I think i burnt my tongue and then that showed up :/
    4 Health 29
  127. Tongue piercing, how much will it cost & where to get it done?
    Where can I get a tongue piercing and probably how much will it cost? Thinking of getting one.
    2 Style 148
  128. Should you wash a kids mouth out with soap?
    Should you wash a kids mouth out with soap? I think its okay but I need a second opinion
    16 Family 154
  129. How can I make my tongue smaller?
    my tongue is really fat and long && it makes me have a really badd tongue thrust and lispe.I hate it
    2 Style 1380
  130. Why do I get a strange taste on my tongue every time after I drink some sort of tea?
    6 Food 14
  131. what kind of balls are usually on bioplast tongue rings? are they acrylic or steel? help!
    6 Style 45
  132. When we were drunk and on our own my friend put my finger in my mouth a few times... what does this mean? she is gay and we are both girls
    7 Relationships 210
  133. What gives some men the license to have a short attention, sharp tongue and rude attitude?
    4 Relationships 20
  134. What if you plugged your nose and your mouth while you sneezed, would it come out of your ears or would your head explode?
    7 Health 51
  135. get pregnant if cum goes into your mouth?
    Ok so I hear you get pregnant if the boys cum goes into your vagina. Do you still get pregnant if it goes into your mouth?
    6 Health 94
  136. What should I do if my tongue peircing has pus around it?
    I just got my tongue picered for the second time and this time it do not hurt but there is pus around the area.
    3 Style 854
  137. Get your tongue pierced, does it effect your talking
    When you get your tongue pierced does it effect your talking much ? And what are ways to make the swelling go down ?
    11 Style 2448
  138. Tongue twisters
    How many tongue twisters do ya know put one down? I want to learn new ones
    6 General 58
  139. Where to get cheap tongue rings?
    Do any one know where (as in a website) I can get some tongue ring mainly the balls for a cheap price?
    2 Shopping 46
  140. how can I get her to let me cum in her mouth?
    I just wanna know why she will let me cum on her boobs but not in her mouth. I mean she sucks the cum off my penis after I cum
    7 Relationships 324
  141. Mouthwash for tongue ring..
    What will happen if you dont use any mouthwash like listerine if you have a tongue ring? Is listerine or any other mouthwash product important if you have the tongue ring?
    3 Health 95
  142. New Tongue peircing
    I just got a tongue peircing on may many times of day do I rinse my mouth out?
    2 Health 32
  143. Why do they like cumming in girls mouths?
    Why do guys like cumming in girls mouths? Like even when I toss off my boyfriend he wants me to move so he can cum in my mouth ? Is it wierd?
    3 Relationships 467
  144. When you touch lip or tongue do you feel
    When you touch your tongue or the inside of your lick do you feeel like loads of little lumps?
    4 Health 69
  145. Do they make non-metal jewelry for oral piercings besides tongue rings?
    2 Sex 18
  146. why is there a liquid coming out my tongue piercing?
    I mean its not puss but its a liquid coming out of the piercing spot what is it and wats with the white ring
    4 Style 150
  147. Opinions on nose or tongue rings?
    what do you think about nose/tongue rings?? I really want to get my nose pierced.
    7 Style 43
  148. Will sneezing with your mouth and nose plugged make you explode?
    If you are about to sneeze and plug your nose and your mouth just before you do. . what would happen would it go out your ears or would your head Explode. . .
    6 General 208
  149. why is mouth and lips drying up so fast?
    i'm drinking plenty of water but still why is it happening?what can i do?
    3 Health 27
  150. When can I change my tongue ring???
    When can I change my tongue piercing? I just got it done 5 days ago. Im so confused
    8 Style 527
  151. Does it cost money to go to a piercing shop and get your tongue ring changed?
    i have my own jewlery
    2 Style 94
  152. How do I floss my back teeth when I have a small mouth but big hands?
    and long fingers that have trouble fiting in my small mouth?
    3 Health 72
  153. Where do I buy jewelry for my tongue webbing peircing?
    Where do I buy the jewelry to put in my tongue webbing. Can I use an eyebrow piercing jewelry or something? Or is their specific jewelry for a tongue webbing piecing?
    2 Style 52
  154. Do you have any information on a tongue web piercing?
    I've been thinking about getting the webbing of my tongue pierced [underneath]. can anyone who has it done give any information about it?
    2 Style 37
  155. Mouth Sore
    What is this sore I have in my mouth?? It is stinging and annoying because I cant move my mouth withouth it stinging. No it is not an STD because I never did it. It is red. Anyone knows???
    5 Health 72
  156. How/is it bad to draw on your tongue with sharpie marker?
    My friend drew on her tongue with a sharpie yesterday, and it still isnt off of her tongue. So, is that bad? lol
    16 Health 6876
  157. Tongue rolling?
    Apparently tongue rolling is suppose to pass from parents to child but both my parents, by grandparents and my sister can do it! Whats wrong with me?!
    2 Family 24
  158. Cold mouth
    Why is it that when you chew mint gum and you drink something it is alwayse colder than what it really is.
    4 Food 8
  159. Where my ring is at my tongue is soar is is a white bump?
    Do I have an allergic reaction to my tongue ring? Or does it still need time to heal?
    3 Style 568
  160. Why does my tongue still have a crater around my tongue peircing?
    I've had my tongue pierced for about a year now and I still seem to have a crater on the top of my tongue because of the tongue ring. The crater usually happens when my mouth gets dry and always when I am asleep. Please let me know why you guys think t...
    2 Style 371
  161. Could a tongue piercing harm my baby?
    I'm 8 months pregnant. Could piercing my tongue (professionally) harm the baby in ANY way?
    4 Health 42
  162. I wanna get my belly button peirced and my tongue
    I wanna get my belly button peirced and my tongue... but... I don't want mmy parents to find out... how would I do that?
    5 Style 35
  163. Tongue or Lip piercing?
    I either want my tongue pierced oe my lip pierced.. But the thing is my mom CANT find out!!
    15 Style 135
  164. tell about your experiences with tongue ring
    Okay so I am just interested to read your stories of your experience with having your tongue pierced! good or bad!
    2 Style 50
  165. Speaking in tongues
    Where is it in the Bible that Jesus said that He gave the diciples the gift of tongues the language of the Holy Spirit?///
    5 Religion 48
  166. Does a tongue piercing hurt?
    I am going to get my tongue pierced on Friday, I was wondering if anyone knows if it hurts more then a belly button piercing.
    6 Style 75
  167. Where to get a tongue ring without my parents?
    I want to get me tongue pierced, does anyone know where I can go to get it done without my parents there with me???
    5 Style 16
  168. How can you clean your tongue after piercing?
    Every morning before school when I brush my teeth, I use a "tongue scraper" to clean my tongue. After pierceing my tongue, will I still be able to use this, or should I find a different way to clean my tongue?
    2 Style 163
  169. Lump in mouth
    Hi I just found a lump in my mouth tonight its at the top of my mouth but at the back its red lump and its got white in it and red little spots in it. What could this be?
    2 Health 100
  170. Painful tongue ring
    Does piercing your tongue really hurt and that you cant eat for a week? How can not this happen? Is there any way I can have a tongue ring and not experience these? Thanks!
    6 Style 102
  171. Women, do you find tongue piercings attractive?
    was thinking about getting tongue peirced wanted to know how many woman find it attractive
    8 Style 74
  172. Do you open your mouth when you put on mascara?
    Everyone I know opens their mouth when putting on mascara, except me. I find it easier to keep it shut. How about you? Britz
    10 Style 62
  173. Tongue piercing and braces?
    ok I have braces and I'm gett ing my tongue peirced this weekend or next weekend, will it affect my braces or what else??
    4 Style 212
  174. Where can i get my tongue pierced???
    does anyone here now where in massachusetts i can get my tongue pierced under the age of 18? I'd really like to know. THANKS!
    3 Health 27
  175. Tongue Studs...?
    Haha have any of you out there heard about a vibrating tongue stud, or one that lights up.? I just heard about it today, and I find it hillarious and disturbing... What do you think about it?
    5 Style 48
  176. How to get rid of mouth ulsters?
    ello every1 does anyone no a way 2 get rid of a mouth ulsters please answer fast :)
    3 Health 332
  177. Tongue piercing infected or not ?
    I just got my tongue pierced 2 days ago And latly its been getting purple around My piercing is that normal ?
    7 Style 46
  178. Is it true that you can swallow your tongue?
    is it true that you can actually swallow your toung? if so how is it possible bcoz its stuck to your mouth ... please help lol
    5 General 82
  179. Does it matter if my tongue piercing isn't centered?
    Guys,My tongue piercings is slightly toward the left side of my tongue.Not in the center.What can I do?Does it matter?It is slightly only.
    5 Style 211
  180. What do I do if my tongue ring split my tongue a little?
    I got my tongue done probably 5 days ago and I guess I pulled it or something and it split a little in the front and the ball of the ring kinda sinks down in my tongue is that bad and will it go away? Or should I just take it out? Annd is it normal for...
    4 Style 2321
  181. What do you do when he cums in you mouth?
    So what do you do with it? My boy friend is 17 and im 15...we have been talking about oral sex and I was just wondering.
    4 Sex 170
  182. Purple spots on tongue
    I have purple spots on my tounge and don't know what they are I have 2 of them, I ate crablegs last night! Concerned!!!
    2 Health 92
  183. How hard is it to hide a tongue ring?
    how hard would it be to hide from parents until it's healed and I can put a spacer in? is it noticable when the barbell is in?
    3 Style 34
  184. What to wash my tongue ring with?
    what do I use to wash my toung peircing they tould me no listerin or salt warter so what do I use ??/ can you tell me what you used
    6 Style 62
  185. How do those magicians make cards come out of people's mouths?
    They tell them to cough so they can spit them out and then they say, "is that your card?". They can't have all of that planned, can they?
    4 Entertainment 43
  186. i have a white thing on ma side of ma tongue what shall i do
    A couple of days ago I ma side of tongue started to hurt i saw one white bump on ma tongue what shall i do
    11 Health 81
  187. Why does The Back Of My Mouth Hurt Like Where the dangling Ball Is?
    for some reason the back of my mouth where that dangling ball is it hurts all near there and I don't know why:( an it hurts to swallow an if I drink like soda it itrritates my mouth back there help!! :( :(
    4 Health 58
  188. is it possible for your tongue to grow?
    lately i feel like my tongue has grown inside my mouth and it is difficult to breathe out my nose and makes me feel sick?
    3 Health 166
  189. 5 good reasons for a tongue ring?
    I need five good reasons why I should have/get a tongue ring for my mom so I can get one here are my reasons so far - Im paying for it - Its my tongue
    8 Style 911
  190. Where do you get vibrating tongue rings from?
    I got my tongue pierced last week without my rents knowing. And I was wondering where do you get vibrating tongue rings from? Thanks X
    2 Style 83
  191. What type of tongue ring would be best?
    K im wanting to get my tongue pirced but im wondering what type of tongue ring would be best because I dont want to wreck my teeth...
    7 Style 143
  192. Are you supposed to breathe through your mouth or nose?
    Are you supposed to breathe air through your mouth or nose? Ii know when you work out, you're supposed breathe through your nose. Butt what about when your sleepin? Or like normally ?
    4 Health 66
  193. Tongue ring question!
    Okay when is the earliest time that I can change my tongue ring? I got it done last friday, and I cant wait to change it :]
    2 Style 43
  194. How bad do tongue piercings hurt?
    Okay on a scale of 1-10, how bad does a tongue piercing hurt, and for how long does it hurt. Also do they get infected easily?
    8 Style 137
  195. How do you use your tongue ring when sucking dick?
    I just got my tongue pierced and I know how to give head but are there any special techniques I can do while im giving head?
    4 Relationships 744
  196. What is this skin underneath my tongue?
    Its growing around my new piercing and if I move my tongue a certain way, it hurts from the bottom. What is it? Is it normal?
    5 Health 223
  197. Want to get a tongue ring without my parents knowing
    Ii want to get ma tongue pierce but with out ma rentz findin out or there freak
    3 Family 43
  198. How do I get my parents to let me get my tongue pierced?
    Let me get my tongue pierced ?? Im 13 and have other pirecings but they dont want to let me get this one what do I do or say to make them let me ???
    4 Family 23
  199. Where can I get a Rolling Stones jacket with the tongue sticking out?
    I want to buy my boyfriend that for his birthday so please help.
    3 Shopping 18
  200. Could I get my nose, tongue, and cartilage pierced in one session?
    If so how much would it cost? Or if nawt, how much does each cost?
    9 Style 22
  201. Can cold sores spread from mouth to penis?
    What if I have a cold soar and I gave my boyfriend head. Would something happen?
    8 Health 658
  202. Why am I throwing up in my mouth?
    If I burp or yawn sometimes just a little throw up comes up and I swallow it but the taste is awful it happens everyday! why does that happen?
    4 Health 1849
  203. What is your opinion on grills, the kind people wear in their mouth?
    I personally think they look silly, and aren't attractive at all.
    10 Style 18
  204. When you chew with your mouth open, is it bad for your health??
    I need reason for why people shouldnt chew with their mouth's open, other that it is vile and disgusting, and indecent, and not polite. Th
    2 Food 65
  205. Clear tongue ring?
    my parents REALLY HATE peircings and I want a tongue ring so bad!!! is there anywhere I can buy a clear one in houston texas
    4 Style 46
  206. How is it possible 2 get your tongue pierced w/out your rents notic
    Wanted to get my tongue pierced wanted to know if there was a way that you could hide it from the parents...??
    7 Style 73
  207. Tongue ring help with giving a blow job?
    I was thinking of getting a tongue rings in the near future and I was wondering if they actually do help with giving a blow job? or does it make a difference?
    4 Sex 124
  208. Why does fun stripes gum make your mouth water?
    im chewing fun stripes gum and i cant stop its making my mouth water really bad wtf is wrong with me
    9 Food 52
  209. Why do guys stick there fingers in your mouth?
    I'm curious why do guys stick there fingers in your mouth and what are you even supposed to do? haha I had this happen not to long ago and was totally thrown off.
    8 Relationships 16704
  210. Sore in my mouth
    I have this weird looking white thing in my mouth that hurts really bad it's on my bottom lip inside under my bottom teeth is there anything I can do?
    7 Health 168
  211. Breathing through mouth when sleeping
    Since 2 years ago I started sleeping with my mouth open because I cant breathe through my nose when I'm going to sleep. is this bad?
    2 Health 54
  212. Where can I read about the kids who put the firecracker in the dog's mouth?
    I think sometime recently, a kid put a firecracker in a dogs mouth and taped it shut! Who was this kid? Or kids?? And where can I get the FULL story???
    4 Literature 34
  213. What is tongue tornado?
    I want to know it's definition and procedure of the tongue tornado, in the movie american pie the talk about it. Please if anyone knows, I m listening.
    2 Relationships 1005
  214. Mouth problems
    I have a line of dead skin on my cheeks and a sort of rough tongue. Do you know a way to make it go away?
    2 Style 14
  215. How can I give my boyfriend head with my tongue pierced
    How cam I give my boyfriend head with my tongue pierced? Also... Kind of random can I chew gum (blow bubbles ) hehe
    4 Relationships 15988
  216. What do you think of people that eat with there mouth ope?
    I can't stand it, this is why it do not go to the theater, don't much care for going out to eat, or do things where there may be people eating around me.
    20 Food 35
  217. What do I do with my tongue while kissing?
    i was kissing my g/f yesterday and i froze..i didnt know wat to do with my do i move it around?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? ..pllzz help!!
    4 Relationships 72
  218. Where can I go to get my tongue pierced without a parent signature?
    Do you know any piercing shops where you dont have to have a parent signature thats in winston salem?
    3 Style 92
  219. Tip of my tongue
    Whats the guys name that got murdered? He played on kung fu as kane! Idr his real name.
    3 Entertainment 26
  220. How can I get rid of the garlicy taste in my mouth?
    I have brushed teeth used listerene and am chewing gum with no luck. Any ideas?
    5 General 43
  221. Whats the price difference for a tongue ring at Platinum Ink on Saturdays and Sundays?
    North austin is the Platinum ink I go tooooo .
    3 Style 14
  222. If I bought an 18 foot python and it got my hand in its mouth...
    Do you think it could swallow my arm to the shoulder before it had to stop?
    4 Pets 17
  223. Can your tongue blister after being burnt on, say, really hot pasta sauce?
    If so, would it take several days for this to happen?
    9 Health 31
  224. How great are tongue piercings?
    I wanna know if a tongue piercing really makes all that big of a difference in the bedroom. Like does it really? Or is it more just a turn on for guys, not the actually pleasure of it?
    4 Style 119
  225. Which do girls prefer in bed, tongue, penis or vibrator?
    hey girls, doing a "survey" here.. lolz Do you prefer a (a) vibrator or (b) penis or (c) tongue in your vagina? Thanks to those who answer.
    9 Relationships 215
  226. What's a good tongue twister that is funny/hard?
    yeah, so what's a good tongue twister, like fuzzy wuzzy, or sally sells sea shells, or the chuck one hahaha
    7 Entertainment 20
  227. Is my New Tongue piercing infected?
    my tongue is swollen because I got it peirced yesterday... on the bottom It has this White kind of Mucusy Stuff Around the Barbell Is it infected?
    9 Style 597
  228. What is wrong with my mouth :/ ?
    My mouth is becoming really numb and really sore on the inside. It's quite embarrissing and disgusting but truth, I keep dribbling and I cant help it :/
    2 Health 19
  229. What do y'all think about washing your childs mouth out with soap?
    I was watching something on T.V., and it has made me question and wonder about something... What do y'all think about washing your childs mouth out with soap? If you think its nessessary at times...when? Is it cruel?
    15 Babies 87
  230. what do I do if a boy cums in my mouth?
    I want to give my boyfriend head and its my first time and im scared I will do it wrong and im just wondering what I do if he cums in my mouth and whether to swallow it or not?
    6 Relationships 928
  231. Why is my puppy's nose running and mouth so slobery?
    My friends puppy just had a 7 in one at home shot. Now it has a runny nose and watery mouth. Is still eating and drinking.
    2 Pets 195
  232. Shall I get my tongue pierced?
    soo like I'm thinking about getting my tongue piercedd for my 16th birthdayy. howww much does that usually cost?
    11 Style 46
  233. What is a mouth blister?
    I have this yellow circle thing inside my mouth. On the inside of my bottom lip. Im assuming its a blister? But I could be wrong, I need help on what it is for sure. Can you help?
    3 Health 101
  234. Open mouth
    How do you keep your mouth closed when u are asleep ?I do it a lot and get soar or dry throat!does a fan or ac make it worse?
    2 Nutritionfitness 22
  235. What's the tongue piercing process?
    sweeet, my birthdays tmrrw and my moms letting me get my tongue pierced I just wanted to know when you go to get it done, what do they do? do they numb it, or whattt?
    7 Style 44
  236. Mucus in puppy's mouth
    My 9-week old lab puppy had thick clear mucous in her mouth - what could that be? I took her to the vet and she checked out fine.
    4 Pets 68
  237. Snake eyes tongue piercing, how long will it take for it to close?
    I just got my snake eyes two days ago (tongue piercing) If I take it out any time soon, will the holes close up fast?
    2 Style 3907
  238. how does it feel to get your tongue done??
    my mom says it wont hurt it will be like a little sting is it true pleace help
    2 Style 13
  239. How much is a tongue piercing?
    Well, I know it's different in like every shop.. but what was yours? or what would you think it will be? thanks x
    3 Style 35
  240. Why is it that when I smile my mouth starts twitching on the sides. People say that I dont smile naturally?
    But I thought I did, but I couldnt hold my smile for more than 3 seconds.
    5 Style 50
  241. How can I tell my strict parents I want a tongue piercing?
    Their really stricked so I want to say it in a really nice not make them go insane on me
    3 Family 60
  242. Does Listerine help mouth ulcers and/or sore throats?
    Just thinking because it kills bacteria? Although it's probably too strong, right?
    4 Health 78
  243. What does tongue kissing feel like??
    I always see people doing it everywhere,at school on t.v. At the pool in the car everywhere,is it really that great?
    4 Relationships 109
  244. Why is my tongue webring still sore?
    I got the under side of my tongue peirced about a month ago and it still a little sore whenever I move my tongue around and stuff. does anyone who have it know if it's okay?
    3 Style 41
  245. How old do you have to be for a tongue peircing in england?
    I am almost 14 and was thinking about getting my tongue peirced. Can anybody tell me how old I need to be and if it hurts?! Any comments on tongue peircings altogether will be appreciated. Thanks xxx :)
    2 Style 27
  246. Tongue infection??
    I got my tongue peirced & I've had it for a month now so I decided to change the ring & now constantly this white liquid comes out. Its so gross? IS that even normal?
    4 Style 36
  247. Ulcer in my mouth
    Ok so I have a ulcer in my mouth...and I just really want it to go away I have been having it for like five days how can I make it go away and how long do they last..thanks a bunch for the help...
    2 Health 44
  248. When can I start to eat meat after I get my tongue pierced?
    I recently got my tongue pierced, but everytime I try to eat anything but pudding, it hurts. When will it start to feel better so I can eat other foods?
    2 Health 62
  249. I think I cut my mouth with my toothbrush
    I was brushing my teeth about 3 min ago. and I was spitting. it look Like blood was in my spit. So I open my mouth. and it look like I got a cut by my Front teeth. did the toothbrush Cut me?
    5 General 151
  250. Braces and tongue piercings?
    So I REALLY want to get a tongue piercing but unfortantly I have a brace. (Removeable type but am getting train tracks soon) Will the piercer still do it? Tah x
    2 Style 110