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  1. How to steal wireless internet?
    How to steal wireless internet?
    2 Technology 76
  2. Why do people steal?
    5 General 17
  3. How long can you be put in jail for stealing?
    How long can you be put in jail for stealing?
    11 Shopping 4283
  4. is it stealing to use a crack or a keygen ?
    is it stealing to use a crack or a keygen ?
    5 Technology 29
  5. What should I steal from school?
    What is worthwhile to steal from school that isn't too difficult?
    10 Education 1610
  6. Steal pennys.
    how much is a 1943 steal penny worth? :]
    6 Money 61
  7. Stealing someone girlfrind
    I need some tips how to do that?
    8 Relationships 14
  8. Stealing Something, have you done it?
    Have you stole something from somewhere?
    9 General 34
  9. Why does my dog love to steal peoples tissues?
    9 Pets 45
  10. How to steal cigarettes from a gas station detailed guide?
    How to steal cigarettes from a gas station detailed guide?
    2 General 1398
  11. What is the punishment for stealing a set of rims?
    Well I don't know. What is the punishment for stealing a set of rims?
    7 General 162
  12. Where can I listen to Chin Up Baby - Stealing O'Neal?
    5 Music 14
  13. How long can you go to jail for stealing perscription pills?
    2 Shopping 28
  14. can viruses still steal passwords when the computer is off?
    can viruses still steal passwords and personal info when the computer is off?
    11 Technology 49
  15. can u get fines and probation for stealing narcotics from a pharmacy?
    9 General 37
  16. Why would a friend steal from a friend?
    Why would a friend steal from a friend?? One of my friends has stolen make up, jewelry from me and a couple of my other friends...why??
    13 General 693
  17. Internet stealing
    Is there any way using a psp or ps3 I can steal my neighbours wireless internet
    2 Technology 24
  18. Should a person call the authorities if someone steals another person's video on YouTube to impersonate him or her?
    3 Politics 39
  19. Jail time for stealing car?
    How long can you go to jail for grand theft auto
    3 General 105
  20. Why is stealing wrong?
    We all know it is, but can you list ten reasons why? I had to do this for school. a lot tougher than you think.
    4 General 48
  21. What would happen if I steal a car?
    Im fourteen and if I steal a car from my parents would I go to juvie? I live in colorado
    4 General 21
  22. Is changing price tags stealing?
    I have a question. Is it stealing if you change the price tags on an item and buy it? It is stealing, right? Because my old friend did it and fought with me saying it wasn't!
    17 Shopping 2132
  23. If today is World stealing day...
    What is the first thing you would steal even if you were allowed to but without it's owner knowing it?
    6 General 23
  24. is this still stealing?
    if you get two dollars from somebody without knowing BUT you return it back without knowing they got the dollars?
    14 General 16
  25. can you get accused of stealing even if you were not caught or have been seen on a video taking the money in you'r pocket?
    2 General 23
  26. How can I convince my parents that I didn't steal alcohol?
    what do I do if my parents think I stole alcohol but I really didnt an they dont believe me?
    14 Family 93
  27. Where do I find an editor that won't steal my ideas?
    I need an editor badly but i cant get any of my friends that i trust to do it.
    4 Literature 9
  28. Where can I post original photos and/or written works without the website stealing it & giving it their own copyright?
    4 Funadvice 16
  29. How do people steal flat screens or t.v's?
    It's not like you can just put it in your pants and walk out of the store unnoticed. And no, I'm not planning on stealing a t.v.
    5 General 11
  30. why do people rape,kill or steal kids teens and elders?
    ...i mean i think its sick and deppressing that people do that=\ u?
    10 General 45
  31. What are ALL of the consequences of stealing a car in the state of New Hampshire?
    The car wouldn't be damaged in any way, keep in mind, so that issue can be ignored. :)
    5 Politics 62
  32. What's your opinion about Lindsay Lohan stealing a $2500 necklace from a jewelry store?
    I think Lindsay is too smart to steal a necklace Isn't she too dumb to steal a necklace despite being known as a celebrity
    21 Entertainment 14
  33. Can someone steal your identity from these sites?
    I was just wondering, like if you sign up for certain things like family video, ebay, things like that, can someone steal your identity from myspace, yahoo, gmail, hotmail, any of those sites because i am on those.
    4 Technology 39
  34. When someone steals your Identity and buys say 1,000 woth of stuff before you find out who it is Do you get your money back after they go to Jail?
    3 Money 14
  35. How can someone steal my e-mail account?
    I was signing into a dating chat line. When I entered my e-mail adress,I was told someone else was using my account and I am new to computers.
    2 Technology 74
  36. Stealing pics
    Why do people be puttin emo and scene girls as there pics when it is not really them because like on every social site that I go on I will see the same girls but with different names..if so wickked!
    5 General 31
  37. How can I steal video clips???
    Well its not call stealing its called barrowing lol anyway how do I take some one self video and put it 2 mines like if im talking about it and I wanna show it how do they do and how???
    3 Technology 33
  38. stealing
    im 13 and I stole 40 dollars of merchandice from walmart. I got caught and I have to go to court . I dont know what to expect .does anyone know what I shud do or say ?
    7 Shopping 23
  39. Is it normal for a rabbit to steal another rabbit's food?
    I have two rabbits, boy and girl both neutered. The boy does not go to eat but when the girl does he goes and steals the food and eats it. It's not that bad as the female rabbit's health isn't suffering but the male is definitely fatter. Just wondering...
    3 Pets 57
  40. What happens if the mail carrier leaves your shipped item outside or in your mail box and someone steals it?
    I ordered extensions, but what do I do if someone just snoops around my neighborhood and thinks its a phone and just stills it or something, Im just wondering.
    4 General 67
  41. how can i get my mom to stop stealing?
    she knows my whole family social security and she has been taking money from my family. every time i talk to her she yells at me and im underage but my either family knows she steals but they haven't lock her up because of my sake but i just want her t...
    3 Family 32
  42. Is it bad to steal but then give to charity?
    when ever I go to a store and I see something like little and I like it but its kinda of expensive.. I just put it in my purse.. but to make up for it I donate to people who really need it like cancer and things like that. Is that so wrong???
    12 Shopping 114
  43. Did a fairy steal my money?
    I left my money sitting on my table, and when I went to get it for Church, it was gone!!! My mom, dad, and grandma would never do that. I was reading a story that said faries move stuff and take things. What do you think??? I don't think a fairy really...
    6 Money 22
  44. Is it good or bad to steal from ATMs?
    I found a fullproof way of stealing money from ATM machines. I can make 1000 dollars a night. I'm not really stealing the money since the machines reset in the next day and more money will be added. I'm not hacking accounts, just working around the fla...
    13 Money 26
  45. Myspace photo stealing
    I have someone who I believ got a look at my private profile through an old friend. I believe they might have added pics of my dughter to there profile. I had my profile private to prevent this from happening. How can I go about seeing if this is the c...
    3 Technology 14
  46. what is this considered stealing?
    okay so I needed my pain pills and I asked my firend to get tem for me and she said that she wasnt home so I went there and went through the doorwitch was unlocked and I grabed my pain pills ,. so now she is trying to say that she can get me fo stealin...
    9 General 41
  47. What should I do about my grandmother stealing medication?
    My grandmother is up visiting and I know she has a problem with abusing medications, after the second day of her staying here a large portion of the medications in the house went missing. I confronted her about it and she played the "oh im just a poor ...
    3 Family 48
  48. What if I got caught stealing and im 17, will I go to jail?
    I got caught stealing a 40 dollar bathing suit and im 17 but I have never done anything really bad or put on record in my life. if I do everything I can to correct the situation and show the judge that I will not ever do it again and ihave been punish...
    4 General 76
  49. Do you think she's going to steal my topic for communication class? (read more)
    this grl in my communication class said what will i be doing for my topic and i said it and she sound so fascinated in it, when a girl asked her what shell be doing she looked at me and said don't know yet. I feel like she might snatch it cause shes re...
    9 Education 32
  50. Stealing Pictures... :/
    I was on a social site earlier and my friend Fay sent me someone else's profile to look at that she found. And they had my pictures as theirs. :/ Pretending to be me. It ticks me off. It gets to my nerves! :/ Why must people do that? Should I c...
    13 General 151
  51. Will my friend get caught for stealing?
    Ok so my friend told me that he steals from places like target and he doesnt think that he will get caught. He told me that when he steals things like undies ( I dont know why anyone would steal undies but hey??? lol ) That he takes them into the chang...
    3 General 27
  52. I'm accused of stealing someones boyfriend.
    I'm 15 and met this really cool guy. He was going out with my old friend. They broke up slightly after we started talking. Shortly after that my friends we're telling me she thought I 'stole' him ? All I ever did was talk to him. He invited me to the m...
    4 Relationships 67
  53. Is this considered stealing? :(
    I work at a grocery store and well obviously we can't sell things that are expired right? Well I work in the dairy department and for everything that goes rotten we have a bin where we throw it and every night they empty the bin in the garbage. S...
    11 General 34
  54. brothers friends stealing my cash!
    ok well my brothers friend needed cash and he went to our house to try to get sum from my brother.well my brother didnt have any and my purse was like ryte ther! so now there's sum money missing.I mean,its only 20 bucks but im scared it might start to ...
    3 Money 40
  55. Should I confront my Mom about stealing money during taxes?
    My mom claimed me on her taxes and she said that I owe the government money but I don't even make enough- I should be getting money back. i talked to my sister who is an accountant and she agreed so did my boyfriend but its too late to do anything sinc...
    2 Family 44
    2 General 29
  57. How to handle my guy-stealing sister?
    Okay what should I do with my sister? She does everything I do. its not like she is some 5 year old that wants to do everything I do. I eat a certain way and she copies how I eat. She says that the way I eat is "interesting". If im doing something she ...
    3 Family 32
  58. my older sister steals the spotlight
    okay so I love to sing and everyone whos heard me thinks I'm really good at it. But my older sisters really good too, and since shes in choir and is older everyone kinda ignores me and I never get the chance to show them what I've got. my sisters goin...
    2 Family 42
  59. What do I do if I'm accused of stealing and I didn't?
    Some of my parents jewlery is missing and they are blaming me for it and i honestly did not do it or know who did it. I got caught shoplifting like 5 years ago and have not been in trouble since. It seems like everthing that goes missing they blame me ...
    5 General 43
  60. How to apologize for almost stealing my best friend's boyfriend?
    hi everyone!!! I did smthing really stupid!!! I almost stole my best friends boyfriend...and she is really mad she dnt even wants to hear for me!!! I told her that I am sorry million times but she dnt cares!!!1 just 4 days ago we were best friends and ...
    3 Relationships 137
  61. How to get back at the girl that tried to steal my man
    a few months ago a girl tried to cum on to my boyfriend. he told her no and he explained everything to me the next day. I dont understand why she would have done it when she knew me and him were in a realtionship. it sounds chilish but I realy want to ...
    2 Relationships 30
  62. My best friend is trying to steal him away
    I dated this guy for a couple weeks, (ok maybe 10 days) and I still have feelings about him My best friend knows about this, she gave me bad advice when we were still dating, like dont see him everyday, play hard to get! So I thought she was being a...
    2 Relationships 39
  63. I'm being accused of stealing when I didnt do it!
    I work at a jewelry store as a second job. at the end of every shift the manager does bag checks to make sure no one is stealing jewelry. so I grabbed my purse before I left and when I opened it for her to check it, there was a $500 necklace in the poc...
    9 Money 236
  64. Sister steals food
    When I try to bake or cook something, my sister stands around in the kitchen the whole time and steals whatever she can. she steals my cookie dough, shell take the ingredients for what im making or the finished product (she'll take the salad veggies w...
    11 Family 36
  65. Lie, cheat, steal, love survey
    ***l*I*e*** How often do you lie? Are you a good liar? Do you get away with it? What is the worst (horrible) lie you have ever told? What is the worst (stupid) lie you have ever told? Are white lies okay? What is the last white lie you told? D...
    13 General 45
  66. This girl really tries to steal my boyfriend
    There is this girl that since the begining of last school year tried to be friends with my boyfriend and he didn't like her. She kept coming to him all time and around the end of this year they kinda became friends. Then she started to spend more time ...
    3 Relationships 14
  67. What is the penalty for stealing another persons clothes?
    My friends boyfriend spit on me, headbutted me, and pushed me into a pole, that left a bruise on my lower back. we pressed charges about 2 weeks ago, and havent heard anything from the cops. i went to my "friends" house, to hangout with her sister. (my...
    3 General 47
  68. accused of stealing at work
    I Have just started working in this shop that sells cards and before my last day I was accused of stealing £40. at the end of every shift we are expected to count the takings that was made and put it in a box which everyone has a key to and that day I...
    3 Money 54
  69. My friend steals my stuff
    I have this friend.she loves play all the time,but when I say stop she's gets mad at me.somtime I can't think when she's around and I move she gets mad at me.when I was leaving school I said bye.she yelled at me "you ain't goning to said bye to my mom....
    2 Relationships 68
  70. Whats the dumbest thing you done
    Whats the dumbest thing you done mine is steal
    8 General 15
  71. accused of stealing
    our son was accused of stealing goggles recently. Initially, I believed him to be guilty. Being 13, I thought perhaps- an impluse? But, we had discussed buying these goggles, and I had told him to pick out a pair, and I would come and see them since ...
    2 Shopping 28
  72. Why is she like, stealing from me ?
    So, one of my best friends, yeah i know i have another question about her, so first, yes she copies me, yes she still does it & it annoys me very much but i'll suck it up & get over it. But what bothers me, this bothers me SO MUCH, i HATE, HATE HATE HA...
    17 Relationships 47
  73. If someone was driving drunk?
    would it be moral, or immoral to steal their car? On one hand, you are stealing, but on the other you are keeping a drunk driver off the road? which is it, moral or immoral
    4 Sex 17
  74. This girl is trying to steal my boyfriend and he's letting her?!!!
    I talked to my mom about this and I just want someone's opinion. My boyfriend keeps in contact with some of his ex-girlfriends but that's fine with me. I have another issue which is really bothering me. There's this girl I didn't know about who's late...
    6 Sex 215
  75. What do you think of this co worker?
    I have a co worker, everytime a customer comes in the store with a nice size shoulder bag, she thinks the customer is going to steal. I saw a man with thick money in his hands(closed palm). He was standing a bit far from this co worker, this co worker ...
    4 Money 42
  76. How to raise $90?
    Do any of you guys have any idea's on how to raise about $90 with in like a week? With out stealing or anything like that?
    3 Money 11
  77. GUYS and Friends?
    how do you handle a friend that likes every guy you like and steals him when you almost have the chance?
    3 Relationships 14
  78. Are robbery and theft the same???
    Are robbery and theft the same or are they different like do you have to steal so much stuff for it to be considered robbery or theft
    3 General 16
  79. Daily Bible Quiz
    Where is this scripture found in the bible ? "Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, ...
    3 Religion 33
  80. Issue with my boyfriend stealing
    I been with my boyfriend a little over 4 years. He hasnt kept a job more then 3 months and is a thief and constant liar. I know im stupid to stay with him but I broke it off like 5 imes on and off but he knows how to have me right back in his arms. I l...
    8 Money 502
  81. trying to get pregant
    can I steal concevie 5 days befor my cycle
    4 Health 32
  82. What's the worst thing you've been caught doing?
    Just curious, like drugs, stealing ect...
    27 General 40
  83. How do I convice my sister that I did not steal from her graduation money?
    Okay. So I have a slightly checkered past. By this I mean I have been guilty of taking money from my brother before. But. Before you go and tell me that it is wrong and how could you do such a thing, I know this. I know that it is not right and it is n...
    3 Sex 74
  84. Does surgical steel set off metal detectors at the airport?
    My piercings are surgical steal.. And I can't take them out. Will they set off the metal detector?
    4 Travel 1389
  85. Your Music.
    I'd like to know what your favorite song(s) are at the moment. I'd like to steal some songs to put on my iPod. ha. [:
    5 Music 41
  86. Does anyone know this Nickleback song?
    what song is this by nickleback "I dont want to be a wise man, I dont want to be a poor man stealing" thnx
    4 Music 19
  87. Help him find friends?
    How do I help my boyfriend finds friends that don't do drugs, sleep around or steal? I want him to find good people to hangout with.
    3 Relationships 13
  88. How can I hack back my Gaia account?
    I had this one account and it got hacked I want to be a hacker and steal back my account can someone show me a way to where I can hack into accounts so I can be cruel?
    10 Technology 315
  89. What should you do about Annoying friends who copy u?
    She always steals my ideas and claims them for her own and says some hatedul thing sometimes I just want to ditch her but can't
    2 Relationships 30
  90. Has anyone here been victim of identity theft?
    I don’t always check my credit card statements as carefully as I should. Has anyone here been victim of identity theft? What can I do to make sure no one steals my identity?
    5 Money 42
  91. Should I buy the clothes from china
    Should I buy the clothes and some stuff from the website at china and can I trust them and sent them the money by paypal .does they gonna steal my money without I get my order ?
    5 Shopping 47
  92. Who knows a website where you can post your story with copyrights?
    Is there a website on the internet where you can post stories that you write and get good feedback but there is a good copyright system? Where you can copyright all of your work so no-one can steal it.
    3 Literature 33
  93. When I apply for a job online do I have to give them my social security number or not?
    How do i know if they are not going to steal my identity. What do you think tell me please thank you.
    3 Money 88
  94. How do I block people from bouncing off my internet?
    I was wondering how I can make a password or whatever to keep people from stealing my internet. If anyone knows, please answer. Thanks. =]
    4 Technology 158
  95. Black pants/jeans
    Where is a good place to find them?? also camo pants, but im a girl so no guys section. if I wanted to do that id steal my boyfriend's pants.
    2 Shopping 15
  96. How can I make up a song on my own?
    So I'm like really interested in becoming like a singer or watever... But I need like some ideas in how to make up a song of my own. I think that wud be better. Instead of stealing some other song ...
    9 Music 167
  97. What are some songs that have to do with...?
    I am doing a report on music and need songs with the title and lyrics having to 1. Gold 2. Stealing 3. Egypt 4. Heroism 5. Bravery
    4 Music 36
  98. What nirvana song is this
    It by nirvana but I cant remember the song "take time with the wounded hand, cause it likes to heal, I like to steal , im half the man I used to be"
    2 Music 11
  99. How do I stop this
    How do I stop being so heartless I mean dang I met some mean people in my life. But jeez I could steal someone wife. Make her have a baby. and just forget about her and the baby. how do I try to be nicer
    7 General 13
  100. Is it normal to still love him?
    hello again.I love my boyfriend but he steals, smokes, and drinks and yet I love him sooo much and I dont want to break up but do I have another choice???
    3 Relationships 14
  101. My poem ( no title yet give it one?)
    She watches her shadow as she walks Her hair responding to the wind And momentum Shoulders square Sun siphoning enthusiasm From behind I gesture at the scattered sky For the sake of white-tipped gloves And wish the arrow-winged birds Would never vacat...
    4 Literature 18
  102. No shine in my hair:[
    I straighten my hair because I have super curly hair but my hair is so dry once I straighten it and my sister keeps stealing my chi shine thingy so its so dull with NO shine what can I do preferabley natural but im very flexable! I need shine and I ...
    3 Style 47
  103. Leaving the job in peace
    how does some boss leave the work place with his workers unsupervised? I saw some of the have camra to record them working, does that really work ? is there a site that has more info about leaving the work place to the workers and that they would do th...
    4 Money 57
  104. Photos Being Stolen
    I'm not sure who keeps doing it but someone on FunAdvice is stealing other peoples photos and I've already seen 3 members' photos on Google. Why is this and who keeps doing it? So far I haven't seen mine.
    9 Funadvice 14
  105. Hide my money from my thieving sister?
    I hide my money from my theifing sister? I have a small safe, that'd be pretty hard to break into, but she's a master at breaking into them... And now she knows where I hide it. I'm trying to save money, and it's hard to do if your sister steals it all...
    9 Money 89
  106. Transformers question
    So: 1. In which of the series, the transformers are drawn on PC and they are 3d? 2. In which of the series/ episode the autobots found a new, powerful robot and the decepticons tried to steal it? (in the end the new robot dies)
    2 Entertainment 10
  107. Dogs Fighting!
    My puppy keeps fighting her mom, all the other puppies we sold..and we are keeping this one...and the mother steals all the food from the pupy. She has gained about 5-6 more pounds. That is a little to much for her breed. Please help me!
    2 Pets 18
  108. Help thiefs in neighborhood
    Ok tonight I was down the street walking home and I seen 2 guys buy my moms work van they were by the gas tank like they were trying to steal gas what should my mom do
    4 General 7
  109. Why is my 6 year old brother being so bad?
    My 6 year old brother keeps swearing,stealing, and being mean to other kids. He also acts like a gangster and likes that gangster stuff. Why is he being this way? I think he will be really bad when hes older.
    4 Babies 57
  110. Do you Trust?
    Would you trust putting your own lyrics or poems on a site like this? I wouldn't. I'm afraid someone will steal them. you can't do anything about it then. all your hard work meaning nothing. it's a shame, but people do it everyday. :(
    9 Literature 26
  111. My boyfriend might do something illegal..
    Ok, my boyfriend has a couple of friends who are planning to steal a x-box360 from a gamestop. He might go along just to see what happens. What could happen to him if they're caught?
    3 General 13
  112. How can I stop people from copying pictures from my website?
    Im about to make a website for my artwork but I dont want people stealing my work by copy, paste.. how can I block people from takeing my artwork? Do I have to copyright all of my work because I think that would be really hard to do
    11 Technology 88
  113. Why does it seem like the good guys get screwed?
    why does it seem like no matter how good of a person you try to be, no matter how much you try to do the right things in life, you still get screwed over? why is it that the people who always do wrong in their life(steal, cheat, lie) seem to be living ...
    17 General 264
  114. Should I tell her?
    My friend has been going out with a boy for 6 weeks and she really likes him and he likes her but this other girl is his best friend and we think she's trying to steal him but he just recently tole me on msn he likes her aswell as my friend I dont no w...
    4 Relationships 9
  115. How do I make my boyfriend turn Christian?
    Hes a non christian man, but um, hes a believer and doesnt believe in sex before marriage or drinking and stealing and killing and all of that so it shouldn't be much of a tough task but I just dont know how to start,..
    20 Sex 609
  116. How should I apologize to my brother?
    Early today at dawn I falsely accused my brother of stealing a game of mine and I happen to start a big raucous over it. I felt stupid and not only that I disrespected my mom yelling at him when she was there. I felt dumb because I didn't play my game...
    3 Family 68
  117. what would you do if you got locked in a mall for a night?
    what would you do if you got locked in a mall for a night? lol :D I would go to the book store and read some, then go watch movies, then go eat all I want! lol stuff like that! :D (hopefully I wouldn't be charged for 'stealing' the food lol)
    10 General 74
  118. Mapleleaf, private server fer maplestory
    I need a direct link to it, please? :p && Don't try to scam me, because my boyfriend has the program and he will know if its a scam, Xd Plusss.. I dun have crud that anyone would want to steal. :p
    2 Technology 60
  119. Why is my friend acting this way?
    I've had some issues with one of my friends. A couple of winters ago she supposidly got raped, and she even had bruises all over her. But most of us have doubts about that night. and then some time after that she began stealing things from my friend an...
    8 Relationships 15
  120. What happened to creativity in music?
    Did somebody steal it all for themselves? did the government blow it up because it was threatening? did people forget that word exists? or did is just up an disappear? I know I'm not alone when I say that music over the past decade has become so un...
    4 Music 56
  121. How to end a long Friendship?
    My friend and me have been best friends, since we were 7 and 8 were both 18 now, but the thing is that I dont want to be friends with her anymore. She steals all my boyfriends and friends. Most all of my family really does like her cause of what shes d...
    6 Relationships 15
  122. Barbie Designs
    I've thought of some ideas for a Barbie doll, and I've drawn them (theres 2, but I'm not going to give them away unless someone steals my ideas) and I wondered how I can get my designs through to Mattel, the suppliers of Barbie?? I'm surprised no-one h...
    2 General 43
  123. The effect a puppy has on my dog
    I have a 5 month female westie puppy and a 2 yr old male westie. It seems around the time we got her he isnt eattin as much. He was beein sick a lot so hes been the vets had blood tests and is on some meds but hes just not eattin he isnt eattin a quat...
    4 Pets 42
  124. Tattoo ideas?
    I'm considering getting my first tattoo in the near future and I've been searching all over for ideas. Google searches for tattoos, image searches, browsing through, comic books, I'm running out of ideas. I don't want to rush into...
    5 Style 37
    ok so I started my 2nd secondary school a little late in year 7, I was talking to a popular boy who I thought was just a regular guy I was glad people were talking to me asking me the silliest questions but I was happy I was making friends,including w...
    2 Sex 15
  126. What should I do, my friend hates me because of a guy?
    My GAY friend hates me because the guys he likes, likes me, & I dont even have feelings for them. He doesnt wanna talk to me & he even deleted me on ym & a social site. He spoke to one of our common friend and threatened to "kill" me because I've "been...
    3 Relationships 40
  127. Why we let this happen?
    I have heard in the news things like the subway wanna increase the fare and cut some services and now I heard that juices going to increase too, but they are going to be in a smaller size, so why we have to pay more for less service or a bad service, ...
    2 Money 15
  128. little theif
    my beloved 6 momth puppy leo hes a labradodle(dont lagth at the name there cute loveble enerjetic) keepes stelling evry thing he even jumps up on units and steals things how do I stop him appart from tiding and giving him toys(tried them)
    3 Pets 27
  129. What am I supposed to do about my smoking?
    this is really long, but I need help.. from parents.. im 17 and I smoke.. I picked it up from my "bff" when I was eleven.. I havent been able to quit since.. I know its terrible. I hate myself for it. I steal my dads/moms cigarettes.. and I cant ...
    2 Family 44
  130. Do you think she could like me? (continued)
    What you talking about , I'm not to steal her from him, I'm just saying how to get her to like me because I think she be looking at me because I be talking to her friends the most. Besides, she only been with him for seven months at the beginning of sc...
    2 Relationships 16
  131. Some hag is trying to get at me man
    Timi and I have been dating for a while and there is this girl that has liked him for 3 years. and she said told him that he should date me . however, she has told everyone else that they were getting ready to date and I just "swooped" in and stole him...
    2 Relationships 11
    I just want to know what people out there have done to break the law like back in the day when I used to truant school used to go stealing cars became a habit didnt stop doing it till one of my mates got busted so yee whats something you have done
    8 General 26
  133. Cameras in classrooms, invading privacy or surveillance?
    My school is over the top big on survalence. I already think theres no privacy because of cameras. There are cameras in every hall way and out the exits. I think its okay to have cameras around exits but anywhere else should be considered invading stu...
    11 Politics 144
  134. Why is she like this to me?
    Okay I have a friend and when-ever I am hanging out with someone else or having a new friend she gets all mad an says stuff like I am so bored when she knows I am already busy with someone else... Or she says now she is stealing you from me and stuff!!...
    2 Relationships 6
  135. Is believeing in Horoscopes and getting your palm read bad?
    I dont know if it is a sin or bad to check your horoscope or go to a psycic lady ivee never gone to one but id like to know if its bad I mean I heard its all fakke and stuff to that those people just steal your money but im just curios :) ohh and by ...
    14 Religion 90
  136. Legal question, UK ONLY(american laws are different!!!)
    Hypothetically if I have a list of offences that one man has commited over the course of roughly 10 years, including common assult(battery and threats), theft(stealing an x-box,Ds and an expensive pair of shoes) what could one do?
    2 General 12
  137. would you ever do any of these things?
    touch an electric fence to see if it hurts? (yeah.) peirce your belly because a guy said it would be hot? (thinking about it. can't hurt that bad right?) get snakebites because they make kissing fun? (and other reason... so maybe.) mess around with ...
    17 Sex 156
  138. Shoplifting
    My friend used to steal from a couple of stores but she got caught once and ever since then she never stole again and isnt planning on it, its been 4 months and hasent been back to that mall since but now she wants to know that if she goes back to the ...
    5 Shopping 40
  139. Why did the Republicans try to rob the poor college kids?
    Back when I was in college (10 years ago) the Republican led congress tried to push through a bill to *eliminate* grants for college kids. This was at a time when the budget was balanced and my costs were going up 13% per year, while the grant money wa...
    15 Politics 39
  140. Is it safe for an artist to put pictures of their art in their album on this site or is it easily stolen?
    I just want to be safe. My art is my career after all, but I do like posting it sometimes. Is it safe to do so on this site? I didnt read the terms and conditions (shame on me :P) but i do know that if you post an image on facebook then the image becom...
    9 Funadvice 14
  141. Internet harrassment
    What should I do if a crazy stalker woman has been hassling me for 3 months, emailing me all the time, signing me up to numerous websites under disgusting usernames, and now she's impersonating me and stealing my pics and posting them up as her own, pr...
    6 Technology 16
  142. Whats a cool name for a demonic army
    well you all may think this is lame but me and a few friends are creating a new army for warhammer 40k but just for fun and its like a cress between necrons, chaos space marines and a "stolen" bit from every army (its their special ablility where they ...
    5 Gaming 339
  143. How to prove to my sister I didn't take the phone?
    Hi, im 16 living at home with parents. I spent a weekend at my sisters house who is 30 and she has 3 kids, aged between 2-12 Anyway.. I get accused a lot of stealing, and now me and my sister are fighting again about a missing phone. What can I do to p...
    4 Family 62
  144. Do you still drink milk?
    Except for animals under human influence and Western gulls who steal milk from lactating seals, humans are the only known species that drinks the breast milk of another species, and the only known species that continues to drink breast milk into adulth...
    5 Health 59
  145. How can I get my life back together? (read more)
    Please don't judge me too harshly... After my Father left when I was 7 when I "officially" started with stealing from stores and lying to everyone. Then a year or so passed... I stopped stealing then. 9-ish, I started burning parts of my arms, and t...
    8 Health 29
  146. Trusting someone
    A friend of mine and I were hanging out the other day and he happened to lose his ID and Credit Card, this also happened the weekend before when we were hanging out (we used to hangout out almost everyday but work has been busy for him) to get back on ...
    2 Relationships 27
  147. Bullying getting worse =(
    Ok well laughing at the bullys didn't work and now its out of control =( my so called friend has been stealing from the girls change rooms (taking stuff out of people's bags) and has turned around and blamed it on me and my best friend and some girl is...
    2 Education 9
  148. corrupted leaders
    We are living in a corrupted world, full of evil, the strong is controlling the weak, the rich is stealing from the poor, and so on, and what are the leaders doing, I guess amusing themselves in attacking other countries, like America who accused Iraq ...
    8 Politics 74
  149. Intrusion detection
    I believe my ex husband and his wife hacked my computer to steal information I have emailed to my attorney, I have verizon wireless and couldn't get on my internet last night because another user was currently the ex calls my daughter with i...
    3 Technology 27
  150. Who can give me some working pokemon saphire codes for vba?
    I'm playing pokemon saphire on the vba emulator and I have been having no luck finding gameshark codes that work and that are real. Here is a list of codes I really need(ones with * are really important: Steal trainers pokemon* All items* (espieca...
    2 Gaming 34
  151. What do you think of this poem?
    My tears fall slowly, Down my cheek. I'm trying to not show it, Because I'm weak. I've tried so hard, And got nowhere. I wanna go far, I wanna be there. [points finger] :] My life blends in, With life everday. I try to be me, But I'm fading away. So to...
    6 Literature 13
  152. Um...Actually scared..
    My brother's friend got arrested..{alvro} He got caught stealing gum or some crap. My brother was stupid enough to just STAY there and watch! {me:retard} Sooo my brother got brought in for questions and he only said what he saw which was not much, a...
    5 General 27
  153. What Should I do about my neighbor?
    My neighbor is really trying to get me into serious trouble with the police. She calls them over everything. Some of it is my fault, I can own up to and take responsibility for my actions. Here's the deal. She's called the police on my for putting a ...
    11 General 70
  154. What is a good name for my fashion line?
    soo im a teen and have been makin my own clothes since I was 10 and I want to make my own line. I like want to have a name that represents my clothes. My friend is doing the same thing but she already has a name for her line and its name is lol :) and ...
    6 Style 18
  155. how to change dogs microchip info?
    I had a question about my pitbull puppy I bought her from a good friend of mine. My friend adopted her from the indianapolis humane society and so they inserted her info on the pups microchip, but now she belongs to me and I live in georgia and I want ...
    2 Pets 75
  156. Hateful no christian!!!
    Why is it that when christians don't advocate homosexuality we are portrayed as judgemental hypocritical intollerant homophobes? I think that it is perfectly fine to go along with the teachings of god and the church. I am christian. I dont agree wit...
    66 Sex 39
  157. What now, lesbians and confusion (continued)
    So if you read my other qiestions There is this girl I had been fantasising over I have a boyfriend Yet I chose to make a move on her She stayed over at my house and I played it off like I was trying to steal her blanket (we were both on my bed) When ...
    3 Relationships 15
  158. What would be the perfect lovestory conflict in your opinion?
    I am writing a lovestory/drama/tragedy etc... but im having a writers block. :( And I need some ideas for a problem that totally splits the story.I know you would need a description os the story but I dont want anybody to steal my storyline,sorry.But j...
    3 Literature 46
  159. My sister she is 14 and she's a little to wild
    Ok so this is whats up My sister she is 14 and she's a little to wild For her age and I know cause I was that age But any ways I caught her havein sex And 2 days later witch was last night Her and her friends was smokin weed And I heard storie...
    4 Sex 29
  160. How much trouble am I going to get in?
    I had a pair of brass knuckles,from forever ago. I had actually totally forgotten about them.anyway, my little brother deicded he was going to steal them, and threaten some kid at shcool with them today.he got suspended, and the kid's mother called the...
    11 General 33
  161. Long Lost Friend
    Last night due to the technology of the internet my best friend that I hadnt seen since I was 8 years old im now 16 happened to contact me over another site. I was shocked. and were catching up soon. ( we used to play mummies and daddies ) hahaha. and ...
    2 Relationships 9
  162. how to keep my maxima from getting stolen?
    i just bought a 97 maxima yesterday and i heard they're easy cars to steal & that a lot of people want one so my chances of it gettin stolen is greater. Right now there's a factory alarm already on that i was just wonderin if thats enough and if i lock...
    11 Cars 32
  163. Why do you make God to be the enemy
    I just want to ask why you people think believing in God is such a bad thing? Why is it so hard to believe in something that simply wants to make you a better person and Let you live a life of happiness and bliss. To have hope in a new day. To love...
    10 Religion 48
  164. Tickets with police
    today at school I got into my friends locker and took her pepsi and feygo(another type of drink) and then later in the day she asked me if I got in her locker and took her stuff because her ipod was missing and so was her sisters cell phone. I didnt ta...
    5 General 7
  165. New song!
    This one is about rabbits. I made it myself. Not as good as the pony song, but pretty cool Rabbits rabbits rabbits Whoo! Rabbits rabbits rabbits Whoo! Rabbits in the garden, Stealing all the plants Rabbits in the cellar, Talking to the ants ...
    5 Music 41
  166. Boyfriends in jail
    So my boyfriend is in jail. This is the longest I've gone without talking to him. I have no idea when he's getting out My parents won't let us be together but I've been with him for a year and 4 months. He went to jail fr stealing pills n taking tools ...
    2 Relationships 30
  167. Can I be arrested from false theft accusations ?
    I work in a grocery store warehouse, and was fired under the impression that I was stealing. Supposely there were items going missing. They said they were doing a 3 month investigation and they have me on camera walking from the locker room to my car ...
    6 Money 45
  168. What kind of trouble do you get fr shoplifting at age 14?
    Oky,so I gt caught shoplifting at jc penney I live in maryland,I steal abt $40 so da manager called da police,and they didnt arrested me dey just told me 2 pay abt $123 somethin like that and told me 2 go 2 court,I was wondring what will they do 2 me i...
    3 Shopping 31
  169. My Parents Are Overprotective!
    I need help with this, it's getting ridiculous! I just turned 20 and they think I can't handle playing Grand Theft Auto 4 for Xbox 360! I mean it's not like I'm going to go out and steal a car! I'm not impressionable But my mother thinks since...
    3 Family 27
  170. Stolen ipod
    Ok so one day my friend and her brother cam to my house I left my ipod at the table in the living room that day when I got home from school and after they left I couldnt find it anywhere I don't think my friend wud of stole it but her brother may of I ...
    5 General 51
  171. What ddo you think about this song?
    Sorry I had to put two D's to make it not go to ann old question and say, "This question is already answered!" Ughh stupid. Anyway I wrote this song for my band called Blind Jump (thats the band name lol). I should tell you about the band first, or els...
    2 Music 42
  172. The Pumpkin Roll
    So my town has this tradition where upperclassmen steal pumpkins about 3-4 weeks ahead of Halloween. Then on a random night we all go and smash them in the road on this big hill in town. Then people slide down in the pumpkin guts in recycling bins and ...
    4 General 16
  173. Stephanie Meyer stole my book title :|
    I've had the idea for AGES now for a trilogy of novels and the first one would've been called Twilight :| I wouldn't feel as uncomfortable about this if both my Twilight and Meyer's Twilight were the first novels in the series'. So what I'm asking is...
    7 Literature 48
  174. Its nothing.
    Nothin more to say, nothin more to do. Nothin more, not even if I love you. If I could, I'd have the moon at your heel. For no one could love you as I do, still. So much you meant, so much I thought I did. I wish for anything else, for I beat......
    5 Literature 10
  175. How to help my friend who smokes?
    I have a friend who smokes, a lot. She's so addicted she goes around her house looking in ash trays for what she calls 'stubbies' (ciggarrettes smoked almost to the filter). I've told her many times that she needs to stop but she doesn't listen. Her mo...
    2 Health 37
  176. A survey thing because I am bored.
    So yeah, fill it out if you want. Have you ever... Gone on a blind date Skipped school Saw someone die Cried yourself to sleep Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? Been kissed under the mistletoe Been skinny dipping outdoors. Lied to some one...
    11 Sex 47
  177. Friends mum is a thief
    Today I woke up in my friends house to find that my friends bank card had gone. We called the bank to report it lost or stolen. The card was blocked and then we researched when the last time it was used. We found out that it was used at 1:24am for £250...
    6 Family 11
  178. Should I tell the police
    My boyfriends ex wife has 5 warrant out for her arrest, ranging from theft of identity, theft, fraud, writing bad checks etc. she has his little girl and she steals, lies and is not the best person. I worry about the little girls situation. I dont thin...
    6 Babies 26
  179. WWE Entrance Music
    What is your favorite WWE Entrance song/music. Top 3 Superstars themes 5. Your're Gonna Pay (Undertaker) 4. Whats Up (R Truth) 3. I Lie I Cheat I Steal (Eddie Guerrero) 2. Hart Break (Bret Hart) 1. Voices (Randy Orton) Top 5 Divas Themes 5. Glamazon...
    5 Music 65
  180. What you think of this poem?
    Everytime I hear our song, I play it again; on and on. My tears flow quickly, Faster than fast. I really miss you, I thought it would last. My life goes on; yes I understand, But all I want is to have you again. You stole half of my heart, I k...
    5 Literature 9
  181. Who has some good fill up the space ideas, im wiriting a story :d ?
    Well im writing a story about a female author. She is a popular thriller/mystery writer and at an award a newbi writer (female again xd) wins the best thriller/mystery book blah blah prize which the first author won each year. Now she cannot write a ne...
    2 Literature 37
  182. What was your best ever (and harmless) Halloween trick?
    When I was about 18, I took a door from storage in my mom's garage and some friends and I carried it around the neighborhood with us. We would stand the door up in the doorway of a house and ring the bell. They would come open their door and see - a ...
    13 General 31
  183. Why does my mom act like she does, and what can I do?
    Im 17, will be 18 in 6months, but this has been going on for 2years and I cant take it anymore. it all started when she met her now husband. he hates me. he tells my mom how to raise me and I have to buy my own food, which he usually steals if I dont h...
    4 Family 28
  184. How to deal with my 14 year old sister...
    Well I know shes at that age where shes going thru a lot mentally and changing...but d a m and shes making my family miserable! treating my parents like crap, she is stealing my ciggarettes, what!!!shes only 14! I've tried hiding stuff in numerous plac...
    4 Family 54
  185. Should they break up?
    my friend's boyfriend is nice to her and all of her friends in person, but does stuff to her that she doesn't like. he is always flirting this other girl, and she has pointed out that it bothers her, but he continues to do it. he HATES it when she talk...
    2 Relationships 19
  186. first poem I've written in months
    it's called (just a ghost) I cryed today, I fell to the ground, thinking how I thought that life was so great, I guess I lied to myself again. I tried to love but I could only feel hate. I can't forgive the friends I thought I had, because I realized ...
    4 Literature 7
  187. Caught Shoplifting
    Recently me & my friend got caught taking $100 worth of items from a retail store.. Im 19..A certified nursing assistant & also a phlebotomist.. I accidently left my wallet in my vehicle & made a very stupid choice not to go get it.. I am scared th...
    11 Money 75
  188. How much the shoplifting's fine at Fry's Electronic in usually is ?
    My younger brother got caught of stealing 2 screen protectors (10 bucks each) at Fry's Electronic in San Jose . He was nice and listen to the security when he got caught . Later the police came and gave him a ticket so he has to go get fingerprint at t...
    2 Shopping 99
  189. What do you think about my poem(: ?
    Let it all loose. Just let it go. Let ir flow freely, And let it show. Your future is what lies ahead, And life will fall to shine again. Just live life fully And dont play too many games. Cause in the end, Life will put you to shame. So don't try to ...
    13 Literature 8
  190. Should I take my Canon to Sharm El Sheikh with me?
    I have the canon 550D, its an expensive camera and i saved up a VERYY long time for it. I value it very much and i would hate to lose it, its also not insured. n Monday me and my sister and mum are going to Egypt for a week and its our first holiday ...
    8 Technology 20
  191. do you think I went a lil to over board?
    so today at universal we were doing a charity walk, what we did was we had to take all these kids with down syndrome and show them a good time around the park, sooo anyways we are in this place where you can shoot balls at people and so the kid I ...
    6 General 32
  192. Why don't preppy girls ever like the little emo guy?
    dont you ever see that little emo guy in your class writin poetry and looking like a loser and who has a crush on u? why dont you ever like the kid? is it just because you don't want to look bad for all your other ''friends'' who seem to betray you an...
    11 Relationships 71
  193. Scene, out of control?
    I took a minute, to look at my myspace and funadvice profile to see how many people were "Scene" Seems like all the teens nowadays are getting these funky hairstyles, changing their myspace/facebook/messenger/funadvice names to suicidal/emotional/dep...
    6 Style 14
  194. Do you think this might be true when you die?
    im catholic by blood. I believe in God and I believe in most of catholic beliefs. But I also believe in reincarnation and karma and Buddha and I also belive that suicide is not a sin and the only way you go to hell is if you rape, murder (unless for se...
    5 Religion 43
  195. How To Protect My Music
    I'm a song writer ... well actually a lyricists. I wrote a song for the family of a girl at my school who died in a car accident. Well the family gave it to a cousin who put music to it and sang it at the funeral. He's recorded it over at a friends ...
    2 Music 51
  196. Why is he cheeting on his girlfriend with me ?
    Okay so im always at the nurses office helping out, and there this veryyy cute boy who has a girlfriend. But theres beds in the nurses office and I was sittin with him talking.. And once his girlfriend left he was kissin me and touching mee and he put ...
    2 Sex 97
  197. What do you think(criticism)?
    The lay in distraught, The corpses fester, Just in time for dinner, In this dismal grot, It's a real killer. A Scene So obscene, They chow down like heathens, Gorging themselves Without given reason To their solemn frown Or indig...
    4 Literature 11
  198. Why is my boyfriend being a jackass to me and telling other people
    My boyfriend is 17 years. old and I'm 15(Girl) he been telling other people our bussiness and he always tell me don't tell me our bussiness, then one day, he got this jod and he only spent 200 on me, he always say he spent a lot on me and stuff...My fa...
    2 Relationships 45
  199. I wrote a song, please be honest!!!
    It’s now lost, And it can’t be found Cause no ones around To search and find It’s all over And it can’t go on What we had is gone and gone I miss you, I’ve cried over this for so long I miss you It’s finally done, now your gone But I’m here Left in ...
    4 Literature 18
  200. 13-year-old friends getting drunk on weekends--what to do?
    I have two friends who are both thirteen, and every weekend they would get together and I'd get these really weird phone calls. I'd answer and they would be screaming or running outside during a thunderstorm or in the rain or snow, making whale sounds....
    10 General 69
  201. why wont they trust me?
    ok well..I used to lie a lot, to everybody about everything, and got myself into some pretty bad sh*t and I used to do some pretty bad thing. and I lost a lot of friends because of my lieing and sh*t..and well once I realized what a deep hole I was in ...
    3 Relationships 9
  202. Should I hold a grudge about my stolen boyfriend?
    My ex-boyfriend we broke up like 6 months ago. He left me for my best friend. He broke up with me actually we only went out for about 2 weeks anyways. After he broke up with me I felt like such a dumbass. Anyways it was really occurred between us so we...
    2 Relationships 26
  203. How can we get me brother to leave the house?
    I live with my mom and brother.. My brother is 17 years old, and he is too violent... He uses curse words to talk to me an my mom all the time. He has been in a mental instituion before, he has even been to boot camp due to a violet act... He is cons...
    3 Family 19
  204. questions about emancipation and stuff.
    okay so I have a few questions about emancipation and stuff. 1. when you get emancipated I know you're supposed to be able to support yourself financially and stuff. when you're a minor and you have a job and you want to get emancipated do you also ge...
    2 Politics 56
  205. GUYS: Ever been labeled as a pervert? Funny stories welcome!
    Like it says in the title, lol. I have, multiple times, as if I lved in an anime. My funniest story, though, was the first time this happened...See, in middle school, I had a female friend who ALWAYS wore long jeans for some reason (which I later found...
    2 General 88
    can I be seen can I be heard why am I a lonely bird I fly alone and cry alone but no one cares because I am on my own it takes the time that I knew it would to hang around like robin hood I steal from the rich and give to the poor but this lonely h...
    6 Literature 32
  207. Why do I have the worst luck?
    I'm 19. I consider myself good looking. I've had one girlfriend, which was a 15 month relationship that went sour. I have been talking with one girl that is a freshman at my college this year. We've been talking all summer pretty much and we both wante...
    3 Relationships 41
  208. I can't stand having an older brother!
    ok I have a brother who thinx that he is the sh*t and he is not for as long as I have known him he has abused me and my sisters, take away our posessions, steals money, cursed me and my other sisters out. On top of that he wants to be some kind of ...
    3 Family 35
  209. Illegal Immmigrant
    I work in a church raising funds for unfortunate families. On portion of the team raises money to help the priests go to school and have a healthy living home. The head of that department is an illegal immigrant who don't care what happens to the next ...
    5 Politics 10
  210. How can I talk to my daughter and her husband about missing pills?
    I have a 24 year old daughter. She has 2 children and lives with her boyfriend (the children's father) at his father's house. We are white and her boyfriend is mixed (his father is black and his mother was white). This was very upsetting for us at ...
    3 Family 35
  211. How can i fix it with my bf?
    My boyfriend and I broke up 3 days ago because he looked through my phone. I've told him before that i didn't like it and not because i have anything to hide but because it's my property and i want my privacy. So on my birthday we went to this bar/rest...
    3 Relationships 19
  212. Should I tell him now or after?
    okay so a few days ago, I poured a little bit of baby oil into my "mother's" water bottle which was sitting on her dresser for 2 days. I did it because for the past year, she has been stealing me and my sister's clothes, shoes, or whatever we own and d...
    6 Family 10
  213. Really scary neighbor problems...
    Ok, well I have these neighbor problems. They ar e really bad problems. Ok, so my 3 best guy friends and I where buying fart bombs from the ice cream truck and we got 8 all together. We used them all accept for two. One of them we threw in a UPS truck....
    6 Relationships 38
  214. Should I move out to keep my sanity, or stay and go nuts?
    Hey Everyone, Being the scape goat in the family I have been tormented, abused (physically, mentally, emotionally and any other way possible) and ripped to pieces inside over the years of my life. I am 18 very soon to be 19 and I am losing my sanity h...
    31 Sex 166
  215. How can I make this poem better, and what are your thoughts on it?
    (Claimer; I wrote this all on my own, every word written here was written by me, with no other persons help, editing or ideas.) So here it is: I hear voices in the night from people previously passed. Some smile, though not at all kind Their g...
    9 General 31
  216. Survey #1
    What do you like better??? Cherry or strawberry Blue or pink Curly hair or straight hair Math or science Clothes or shoes Shopping or reading Twillight or nick and noras infident playlist Chris brown or jesse mcartney Ashley tisdale or vanessa hudgenes...
    6 General 32
  217. Are you a good person?
    If there is a Heaven, do you think you are good enough to go there? To answer this question, try taking this test to see if you are a good person: (I know that I'm not.) 1. Have you ever told a lie?("white" lies are still lies.) What do you call som...
    5 Sex 18
  218. Same Gender marriage
    I've never understood why its so hard for states to just accept and allow Gay marriage..I mean we have people out there raping kids and killing others and stealing and if you were to see how many of them were gay..I doubt it would be as many as the str...
    2 Sex 12
  219. Hearbreaker, feedback?
    My life is now a shattered glass the pain I feel I cannot compress the lies you've told the truths you've stole are all now gone forever more what can I say when you run away the time it takes for you to say that your the heartbreaker love breaker hear...
    2 General 7
  220. Which brother?
    it all started I met this guy, mike. we totaly hit it off. I was the new girl. we bacame close. but we never fooled around, I wanted to have sex with him.. beecause I was crazy about him.. I told him that.. (not in a whoreish way tho) and he got scared...
    2 Sex 23
  221. I do look like the crazy one
    passive aggressive husband I havent done any thing wrong then states that I am psyco and that I need help. he lies cheats steals and tells me I am crazy he lied about having a cell phone and a car in a nother womans name when he appologized it went lik...
    3 Relationships 17
  222. What do you think of these assessments ?
    What do you think of these assessments ? COWS Isn't it amazing that during the mad cow epidemic our government could track a single cow, born in Canada almost three years ago, right to the stall where she slept in the state of Washington? And, they tr...
    12 General 37
  223. she ruined my hair
    How to make it grow fast! A couple days ago I went to my favorite salon. While there I was sat down and had my color put on 60 minutes later after she had taken another customer my hair started smoking! She fried my hair so bad she had to cut most of i...
    4 Style 90
  224. How if I make my boyfriend mad enough do I know if its abuse?
    We have been together for about a year or so. But I can say the way we got together wasn't quite right, I was his rebound. Which turned into being in love I guess. But I'm an argumentative person and I am a little rough but I don expect to get hit like...
    3 Relationships 45
  225. The choice between the mother of my child and the man of my dreams.
    This is not a choice that I want to make. I want to marry this woman and I want to have a normal family life. I want another child, someday. I have wanted a family for as long as I can remember. I just didn't expect this man to come along and steal ...
    4 Sex 36
  226. Out of my depth
    Okay so I have an alaskan malamute hes a boy and his name is max. Well we used to have a lab but he got stolen and we had him as a playmate for max and to bark at strangers because my malamute is too friendly and he cant bark and I dont want anyone to ...
    3 Pets 20
  227. Complicated Love Question
    Alrighty then... So I've been dating this girl, Kathleen, for like 2 months now. We started off as best friends, and were that way for about a year. And hey, we are perfectly happy together. That's the good part. enter Mattie, this b*** I used t...
    2 Relationships 85
  228. What can I do about her?
    My sister keeps coming in my room, (which I have really big issues about, I hate people going into my personal space) she keeps stealing from me, taking my new stuff and my clothes and shoes, accessories etc. And she is constantly taking money from me....
    13 Family 19
  229. Should I forgive or punch someone who kicks my bible around?
    I know you might think...well why doesn't she just throw that right in with the other sins... But isn't like kicking God's Holy Word like kicking God himself...I mean who has the nerve to do that?... I know if you kicked the Quaran things would p...
    21 Religion 74
  230. what do I do about my shoplifting incident?
    Me and my boyfirned went to target and stole some stuff I took some movies and put them in a bag and had an old reciept and returned the movies I had stolen for cash and bought stuff. so my boyfriend had the bag when we were leaving the store and we w...
    6 Family 42
  231. What do you think of this song?
    I just made this song just now it's called "In My Eyes" please don't steal it: (Verse) Everyday I see murders Most my time is always in the darkness Just looking for some help that not many can provide I just want to show what I see in my eyes This is...
    4 Music 11
  232. Why am I suddenly becoming more violent around my period?
    ok, lately I have noticed a pattern forming in my temper, and my periods. I don't know why?? I have two brothers, and we ALWAYS used to play fight...and sometimes it would get VERY aggresive...and very OTT... you know, to the death stuff. however, la...
    3 Health 65
  233. Who can give me good tips bout runnin away?
    Heya all, I am planin on runnin away from home...with my mate. I got knowlage bout Survial and go to Army cadets so know a lot bout hidin and survivin on what is around. I got a bag packed already and got half a plan. I wanna go as far as possible ...
    8 Family 35
  234. My cousin is ruining my life!
    About 6 months ago, my cousin started hanging out with me and my friends, and it was pretty cool then, cause like I thought it was good that we were all hanging out together and stuff, but lately it seems like shes trying to push me out of the group, l...
    5 Family 150
  235. Who thinks this song I wrote is good?
    (Look just to let you know, im a beginner. So NO bad words, Or bad comments. If you dont like it or if you think it sucks, DO NOT say that it does. I work hard on these and to have you tell me its bad hurts so comment ONLY if you have advice or if you...
    6 Literature 18
  236. Stuck in the house grounded!
    Hey has anybody been grounded from fourth of july activities? Or any other major holiday that you know is way fun? Yeah I got grounded yesterday and I have been stuck in the house all day!! But my mom has been sick all day too! I still haven't been abl...
    2 General 45
  237. How do I get them to change!??
    Why do people judge others by the colour of their skin, sexual orientation and language they speak or what country they are in?? I realy hate it. My mum and dad are both very very racist andi'm not! I'm am totally sick of it!! They know I h8 it and do...
    2 Sex 15
  238. Crazy siblings!
    Hey everyone, please bare with me and read this whole thing ! So let me give you a little info. My 43 year old dad got maried to his 38 year old new wife two months ago. Up until now her three kids have been living with there dad, but now that school...
    5 Family 44
  239. what should I do about an old lover?
    alright, well...when I was a sophomore in high school I had this thing with a kid who was a junior. he refused to date me, but we kept interest in each other for about a year, and then lost contact somehow. The other night, he sent me a message through...
    4 Relationships 21
  240. Please help. How can I change them!!
    Why do people judge others by the colour of their skin, sexual orientation and language they speak or what country they are in?? I realy hate it. My mum and dad are both very very racist andi'm not! I'm am totally sick of it!! They know I h8 it and do...
    4 Sex 30
  241. What religion am I?
    I was born to a mildly christian (church of england) family - I am christened but don't attend church often (with guides for sister at christingle is about it). I don't beleive in any god I am aware of however I try to be helpful and friendly to those ...
    12 Sex 42
  242. My two Dogs fight all the time...
    I have a 5 yr old Golden Retriever and a 1 1/2 yr old Brittany Spaniel Lab mix. I love both my dogs. However Hank the Saint/ aka Hank the Gentle Giant (My Golden) is my favorite. Roxy- the Brit/Lab- is a spoiled obnoxious and demanding "pup". However s...
    3 Pets 196
  243. What do I do about some snobs trying to get me in trouble?
    long but pleasssee readdd...K well me and my boyfriend were at a basketball game. And it was almost over. I was leaning over on the bleachers because my stomach was hurting really bad and he was next to me asking wats wrong and im guessing it looked li...
    6 Politics 41
  244. Can I get my male friend back?
    We've Talked A LOT over the phone, and we had 'Some Most' things in common except the whole "Oh, when you grow up. . just have kids like everyone else cause that's the part of life." NO IT ISN'T. I'm not like that. I'm against that. And no one will ev...
    3 Relationships 48
  245. My Son Stole From My Boyfriend
    Last March my boyfriend and I found out that my 13 year old son had been stealing from him. We're not sure exactly how much he took. We think it was about $60. I punished my son for what he did, and made him pay the money back to my boyfriend. As time ...
    3 Babies 171
  246. What does my dream mean?
    Hmm about my dream...the thing is that it was one of my love related dreams but this one is weirder. I was with a little girl about 8 years old. She had brown hair and a red headband, I was at school and no one pointed out that a little girl not in a...
    2 Relationships 16
  247. Am I the only one in this situation?
    My parents are control freaks. I am 17 and not allowed to do anything! The only reason im on the comp rigth now is cause im at my sisters house baby sitting, and I took the laptop my brother gave me (which is not allowed in my room, and I cant be on it...
    2 Family 13
  248. Musical Misogyny: Good or Great?
    I've been listening to the complete works of 'Led Zeppelin' for the first time in ages. The casual misogyny in their songs struck me like it never did before. Much as I dislike misogyny on a personal level, using the subject as the centre of their musi...
    2 Music 108
  249. My mum just wont accept that my problem needs medication
    So.. I have moderate insomnia and moderate depression... they create a vicious cycle... but I have medication... wich cant really be called extreme.. I only take andaxine and stilnox.. and ONLY whe im going to sleep... I take two adndaxines 1 hours B...
    6 Family 34
  250. What will happen when I'm faced with my thieving friend?
    Um.. I had a friend sleep over at my house a week ago and she has a bit of a reputation for stealing peoples stuff.. I never really believed it because I thought we were pretty close.. then I went in the shower.. and when I came out she asked me if she...
    4 Relationships 23