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  1. What IS your taste in music ?
    What IS your taste in music ?
    5 Music 44
  2. What does cum taste like ?
    What does cum taste like ?
    3 Relationships 209
  3. Does my blood taste sweet?
    Does my blood taste sweet?
    9 Health 1569
  4. Redbull does it taste good to you?
    Redbull does it taste good to you?
    13 Food 129
  5. What does cum taste like
    What does cum taste like
    3 Relationships 558
  6. What does sushi taste like?
    What does sushi taste like?
    7 Food 205
  7. what does water taste like?
    what does water taste like
    7 Food 62
  8. what does whiskey taste like?
    12 Food 90
  9. Do squirrels taste good?
    do squrills taste good
    6 Food 90
  10. What food makes you taste good down there??
    What food makes you taste good down there??
    2 Relationships 388
  11. How do you make cum taste good?
    How can you make your cum taste good?
    3 Relationships 1117
  12. wats it taste like
    what does cum taste like
    7 Relationships 202
  13. why does chocolate taste sooo good!?!
    why does chocolate taste sooo good!?!?!?!!?
    8 Food 28
  14. What tastes better Buffalo or Cow?
    What tastes better Buffalo or Cow?
    5 Food 62
  15. What it taste better for you gatorade or powerade.
    What it taste better for you gatorade or powerade.
    4 Food 217
  16. whats it taste like to you?
    What does water tast like to you?
    13 Food 51
  17. do cinnamon cupcakes taste good ??
    11 Food 11
  18. What does Asiago cheese taste like?
    6 Food 326
  19. how do you get the taste of cum out of your mouth?
    40 Health 3667
  20. Which is better tasting - Quiznos or Subway?
    19 Food 24
  21. what is it when you randomly taste salt in your mouth?
    11 Health 231
  22. What is cum supposed to taste like?
    18 Health 190
  23. Do girls swallow and how is the taste?
    do girls swallow cum and what does it taste like
    3 Relationships 1108
  24. Do you know an energy drink that taste good.
    Do you know an energy drink that taste good.
    19 Food 53
  25. Why does Coke taste different?
    Why does S.A coke taste different to U.S.A coke?
    4 Food 131
  26. whats the best tasting achohal beverage?
    whats the best tasting achohal beverage?
    13 Food 59
  27. What food looks a lot better than it tastes?
    4 Food 34
  28. What is the best tasteing liquor to put in eggnog?
    2 Food 56
  29. Is liking how my girlfriends butt tastes normal?
    13 Relationships 208
  30. What does raw fish sushi taste like?
    10 Food 88
  31. What can make a cup of tea taste nicer?
    11 Food 34
  32. Are there any differences between cigars and cigarettes besides the taste?
    6 General 30
  33. Can you make icecream without vanilla and how will it taste?
    3 Food 14
  34. Is it true that you can change the way discharge tastes?
    3 Health 159
  35. What can I do to lettuce to make it taste better when cooking it?
    14 Food 19
  36. why does cheese always taste better melted?
    10 Food 45
  37. Are there any ways of making the taste of your 'cum' nicer?
    9 Style 90
  38. What does "an acquired taste" mean?
    What dose "the recipe you are about to make is an acquired taste" mean?
    7 Food 84
  39. Does sperm taste sweet or bitter?
    how does the sprem taste like is it sweet are bitter
    7 Health 1126
  40. watermelon flavoring does not taste anything like watermelons?
    the fact that watermelon flavoring does not taste anything like watermelons?
    2 Food 21
  41. what should I eat to make my natural juices taste better?
    what should I eat to make my natural juices taste better??
    2 Relationships 2487
  42. What does a womans cum taste like?
    What does a womans cum taste like? Gross or eh?
    5 Relationships 4628
  43. How does EggNog taste with Alcohol?
    Just curious, how does Eggnog taste with Alcohol? I'm just wondering.
    4 Food 69
  44. how does cum taste?
    how does cum taste? are you supposed to swallow it when you suck a dick or what?
    4 Relationships 164
  45. taste buds
    does anyone know how I can get my taste buds back
    5 Food 41
  46. what are some healthy foods that taste good...
    that are not fruits or veggies?
    3 Food 28
  47. Is it just me, or do drinks taste better when you drink out of glass instead of plastic?
    9 Food 21
  48. is it just me, or does Dr. Pepper sometimes have a tiny taste of alcohal?
    10 Food 47
  49. Why do diet drinks taste different from regular drinks ?
    3 Food 17
  50. What tastes better, pumpkin or sweet potato pie?
    7 Food 37
  51. Is it a good thing when someone tells you "you have your own unique taste"?
    9 General 17
  52. Do girls like the taste of cum?
    i was just wondering if girls like the taste of c*m?
    7 Relationships 140
  53. What if you don't like the taste of your partners tongue?
    when your french kissing what if you dont like the taste of your partners tongue
    2 Relationships 95
  54. What does the first kiss taste like?
    what does the kiss taste like? im nevorus to kiss my boyfriend!!!
    10 Relationships 289
  55. is it dangerous to swallow your boyfriends cum? does it taste bad?
    is it dangerous to swallow your boyfriends cum? does it taste bad? thanks
    5 Relationships 1292
  56. Why do love bites taste like blood?
    when I give a love bite my mouth tastes of blood after... I LOVE IT, but why does it???
    7 Relationships 223
  57. pineapple juice make a girl taste better down there?
    does drinking pineapple juice make a girl taste better down there?
    6 Health 9355
  58. What flavours taste better together: chocolate & coconut or chocolate & almonds?
    8 Food 8
  59. Does anyone actually like the taste of those frozen meals in a box?
    15 Food 29
  60. Why does orange juice mixed with alcohol sort of block out the taste?
    12 Food 91
  61. Is it true that when a female cums, the taste is of what they last ate or drank?
    5 Health 88
  62. Why do the ice cubes in my freezer taste like cheese?
    8 Food 35
  63. whats a good sandwich that tastes good with pickles??
    I'm craving pickles at the moment whats a good sandwich that tastes good with pickles??
    9 Food 94
  64. Whould passion fruit tast gud in a pie?
    Whould passion fruit tast gud as/ in a pie? A= yes B= no
    3 Food 9
  65. Is it bad to enjoy the taste of your own semen?
    is it bad 2 enjoy the taste of your own cum (im girl) ?!?
    6 Relationships 615
  66. Does cum taste gross?
    I never have allowed my boyfriend to cum in my mouth because I think it will taste nasty. does cum taste gross?
    79 Relationships 82579
  67. What kind of gum taste like weed?
    But you can buy at agee 15
    10 Food 73
  68. What does Nutella taste like?
    I see nutella this, nutella that and I kind of want to buy some :3
    10 Food 38
  69. Will adding vanilla essence to Coke make it taste kind of like Vanilla Coke?
    8 Food 282
  70. What is a good wine that tastes sweet (not bitter) and isn't horribly expensive?
    9 Food 69
  71. Would an ice cream cone made with herbs taste good?
    8 Food 36
  72. What are some things to add to tuna fish from a can with mayonnaise to make it taste better?
    12 Food 63
  73. taste of cum
    my boyfriend wants to cum in my does it taste...I feel yucky to think that he is cuming in my mouth
    5 Relationships 277
  74. What does cum taste like?
    Like if I guy wants yu to like drink/eat cum ... What does it taste like?? Is it good or bad??
    8 Relationships 768
  75. How many girls like the taste?
    How many girls like the taste of cum? Do you swallow it when you give a blow job?
    6 Sex 975
  76. make it taste better for my girlfriend?
    is there a trick to make my cum taste good for my girlfriend, if so can you tell me please???
    3 Relationships 273
  77. What makes a girls cum taste sweet?
    Ok so this is a weird question.. But what makes a girls cum taste sweet? Or what should she ea to make it taste sweet?
    3 Relationships 2376
  78. Do you think Tap water tastes the same as bottled water?
    I can tell a difference- Can you? I believe bottled water is more addicting!
    13 Food 39
  79. Is it true that to human taste buds, Zima is virtually indistinguishable from zebra urine?
    5 Food 196
  80. How can i make my pussy/cum tast good and smell good?
    8 Relationships 336
  81. Why do I get a strange taste on my tongue every time after I drink some sort of tea?
    6 Food 14
  82. What does pussy juice taste like?
    Does it vary by girl? Does it change with her diet? Is it pleasureable?
    3 Relationships 598
  83. The taste of cum?
    I want my girl to have pleasure when I cum in her mouth what foods should I eat to make it taste good???
    6 Relationships 926
  84. what does it mean when someone says how's the taste of your own foo
    what does it mean when someone says how's the taste of your own foot refering to the saying you've got your foot in your mouth?
    4 General 136
  85. what can I put in a protien shake to make it taste better?
    waht can I put in a protien shake to make it taste better? ps. im on a diet
    3 Nutritionfitness 27
  86. What does a girl taste like down there?
    Well just how the ? sounds I want to try eating my girl out but what the f*ck does it tast like???
    2 Relationships 251
  87. How can you make your vagina taste better?
    My boyfriend told me a didn't taste "good".. So is there any way I can make it take better?
    8 Health 2950
  88. My boyfriend said my vagina taste like
    Well my boyfriend said my vagina tasted like a coper or metal .. We had sex just before that. Can I get my vagina to taste better?
    4 Sex 1018
  89. Which is a better way to eat string beans depending on taste and nutrition - fried or boiled?
    3 Nutritionfitness 17
  90. Does anyone know how fried pickles taste?
    If you could please rate their taste from a 1 to 10 scale.
    10 Food 74
  91. Is vaginal discharge supposed to taste sour?
    ok so my vaginal discharge tastes sour is it supposed to taste sour? Also I don't think I have a yeast infection, but anyways what does vaginal discharge taste and smell like?
    3 Health 1887
  92. Why do the cookies from the "Easy Bake Oven" come out tasting weird?
    Especially the chocolate one.
    2 Food 7
  93. Cum taste?
    I have let my boyfriend cum all over my face and boobs but not in my mouth. I just want to know hat it tastes like
    5 Relationships 770
  94. Party beer best tasting one?
    I have a party next week. Not much of a beer guy myself so not sure which is the best tasting beer out there. Help me out
    2 Food 28
  95. How long does it take for the taste buds on your tongue to grow back after a really bad burn on the tongue?
    6 Health 110
  96. Does Chocolate Taste Good?
    Is chocolate supposed to be yummy for all people? Cause I've never found it to taste all that great.
    2 Food 53
  97. Why doesnt chicken taste like eggs?
    How come an egg doesnt taste like chicken when they are the same animal except the eggs smaller and undeveloped? There still the same but the eggs dont taste like chicken why is that
    4 Food 54
  98. Why does my boyfriends cum taste werid?
    Everytime I give my boyfriend head and he cums, his cum tastes werid. It doesnt have a certain taste, but it makes me gag. What could cause his cum to taste werid?
    6 Relationships 823
  99. Why does precum taste better than cum?
    I love giving guys head but why does precum taste so good in every guy but cum so different
    4 Relationships 4031
  100. Why can I taste and smell blood?
    so basically for awhile at random I can smell and taste blood in my mouth. anyone know why? its not when I have a bloody nose.
    3 Health 273
  101. How do we know what colours taste like?
    ma sis need an answer for this question you know oranges are orange and all that so how do we now wot colours tast like?
    3 General 25
  102. Is there any way for a guy to make his cum taste not gross?
    As the title says, I need help on the following question: Is there any way for a guy to make his cum taste not gross?
    3 Relationships 382
  103. What to know does cum taste nasty?
    because I never tried it before and my man whats me to do it but I dont know if I should. I what to but I dont know if it taste nasty.(GIRLS LET ME KNOW ABOUT THIS ONE)
    6 Relationships 255
  104. Really good tasting booze drinks?
    My 21st birthday party is on Valentine's day. Does anyone have any really good tasting drink ideas?
    14 Food 45
  105. Dipping an oreo in water would taste the same as in milk?
    This is a weird and random question but I was just wondering if you think that dipping an oreo in water would taste the same as dipping it in milk. I know that they are different but you don't taste the milk so I would think that it would taste the sam...
    7 Food 1817
  106. Why does my tap water taste extremely metalic after sitting in a glass cup for about an hour?
    at first it tastes perfectly normal but then after sitting it tastes disgusting. Have any clue why this is?
    4 Food 81
  107. When eating out, what's more important to you…the way the food looks or tastes?
    I only care about the taste. It doesn’t have to be plated fancy or handed to me on a silver platter. Food is food. What about you?
    17 Food 111
  108. How to make healthy food taste good?
    ok I have a problem where I like to eat a lot of junk food and I dont like a lot of the healthy foods what can I do to eat healthy and still make the food taste good?
    5 Food 51
  109. Better tasting sperm, how long does it take?
    I know how to do it like fruits and sugary shít but how long does it take for it to take place? Just wondering ( I dont taste sperm)
    3 Health 235
  110. Music tastes
    What causes everyone to have certain favorite songs and crave certain music? For me, it's the music and rhythm I like more than the lyrics. Lyrics are secondary.
    3 Music 18
  111. What taste better: chicken breast cooked in the oven or on the stove in a skillet?
    I usually just season them and cook them in the skillet, is the oven better? Any ideas on how to prepare them other than just seasoning them.
    9 Food 97
  112. What are good salad dressings that don't taste like Hidden Valley Ranch!?
    Something from like Target that are less than $5.00?
    4 Food 11
  113. What can he eat to taste better?
    if my boyfriends cums make me gag what should he eat to teste that good???I heard yogurt???or pinapple???is it???
    3 Relationships 106
  114. Do you think chocolate cupcakes with lemon frosting would be weird-gross or weird-yummy tasting?
    9 Food 7
  115. How does eating a girl taste?
    Well my boyfriend wants to eat me out but I'm afraid it will taste nasty to him and that would be kinda embarassing don't you think.but how does it taste?do you boys like doing it?do you like the taste or dislike it?
    5 Relationships 2245
  116. What is a veggi that tastes good?
    Q: What is a veggi that tastes good? My mom says I need more "nutrition". I'm not fat or anything, it's just I need more veggis. Veggis that taste good. Its kind of weird. Does anybody know?
    12 Food 14
  117. What soda tastes better,coke or pepsi?
    I think coke taste better cause coke seems to have less carbonation and the taste doesnt seem to go away when you drink more than one.which do you think is better?
    13 Food 48
  118. Does red bananas taste significantly different from the normal yellow ones?
    I wasn't even aware that bananas were any other colour than yellow. We don't get them overhere. Do they taste very different from the yellow ones?
    6 Food 37
  119. How can I get rid of the garlicy taste in my mouth?
    I have brushed teeth used listerene and am chewing gum with no luck. Any ideas?
    5 General 43
  120. how to make my cum taste sweet
    does anybody no how 2 make cum taste good because my boifrien is rehli looking 4ward 2 eatin meh out and I dont wanna taste nasty,.
    7 Relationships 295
  121. When my cum taste spicy am I sick I got scared when my ex say that?
    I don't know but I have a small one and can having a deasie stop the growth of it
    2 Health 421
  122. What should I put on strawberries to make it taste sweeter?
    I would like somthing like chocolat. Something to top it off. Give it extra pazzaz.
    5 Food 59
  123. why does my breathe always taste horrible?
    after I brush my teeth they taste great! until about an hour later. why is it like this? my dentist say I have good teeth and gums so I dont understand :/
    2 Health 20
  124. Why do I keep smelling and tasting Windex?
    I keep getting this smell, and taste…it’s so weird. It smells just like Windex (glass cleaner) but I haven’t been around any. :( I get it when I am just chilling watching TV, or when I am laying down...I don't know what it is. :(
    4 Health 555
  125. Why does everything I eat taste like ash?
    Lately everything I eat tastes like crap in my mouth. I don't enjoy eating anymore What can I do so I like food? I don't want to get sick again :/ Peace )O(
    4 Food 1289
  126. What does tofu taste like, also what is the texture?
    I know tofu is healthy, and something a vegetarian would eat instead of meat...but what does it taste like? Is there another food you can think of that tastes similar to help describe the taste?
    4 Food 128
  127. Taste of Chaos
    As sad as I am about it.. but I missed last years taste of chaos not knowing my japanese bands would be there... and I don't know if I missed it this year... I'm not updated at all... but anywayz, where can I find the dates and bands for the next taste...
    3 Music 41
  128. Do we have similar taste?
    Is there anyone besides me who listens to sky eats airplane?? :] How about bring me the horizon? devil wears prada? circa survive?
    9 Music 57
  129. Whats your taste in music?
    Whats your taste in music? I, personally, like pretty much anything :p ..give me like 2 of your favorite songs and ill listen to them on youtube :D
    11 Music 63
  130. To me honey tastes horrible
    To me honey tastes horrible && I heard its good to get a table spoon in a day what can I put it in..(not tea)thats all I can think of and teas kinda nasty too..please help
    2 Food 38
  131. What is a woman's vagina supposed to taste like?
    I'm going round my girlfriend's house this weekend and am hoping to get a bit of fanny :p but what should I expect it to taste like?
    2 Relationships 1071
  132. How to help scrambled eggs taste less plain?
    What is the best way to make scrambled eggs? I know how, but is there something I could/should add to make them not taste so plain?! I already know about salt and pepper, but any other suggestions?
    15 Food 107
  133. What does RedBull taste like and is it bad for you if you drink it in moderation?
    I really wanna try RedBull because I always see the ads and I just found out it's non-alcoholic.
    4 Food 57
  134. What does sashimi sushi taste like?
    I have to go to a sushi restaraunt to impress someone and I am terrified because I don't know what sashimi or sushi tastes like! I had always imagined it to taste like poo. Is there proper ways to eat it so it tastes better? Am I risking my life e...
    2 Food 390
  135. Does pineapple change the taste of cum?
    My boyfriend and I agree to give each other oral sex. But I never done it before so I am nervous. Anywaies I read that pineapple and fruits change the taste of cum to a more sweet taste. I want to know if that is true because I want a sweet taste for ...
    6 Sex 727
  136. How to make your vagina smell and taste good?
    I need to know how to make my vagina smell and taste good when a boy goes down on me I'm nervous because I heard my boyfriend is "planning" something and I need to know something that would work ASAP.
    4 Health 3907
  137. The taste of cum?
    Girls, am I the only one who doesn't like a boy cumming in their mouth? I find the taste of cum horrible and its a total turn of for me... my current boyfriend totally understands that... but what if the next guy I'm with doesn't understand that?
    3 Relationships 63
  138. What does codeine taste like?
    According to the song 'Red Lean Purple Lean' it's "sweeter than his 16's" and "a million jelly beans" I was just wondering if the cough syrup really tasted that good...??
    4 Health 56
  139. How will cum taste if I eat tangerines instead of pineapples?
    I eat a lot of tangerines and im like a fiend for them but I've been told and read that pineapples make someones cum taste better will tangerinse also do the same?
    2 Relationships 1160
  140. What alternative products can you sub for dairy products if you cant stand that taste of soy & it makes you want to gag?
    I hv been told I cant hv dairy, animal products nor gluten. So, I am looking for other alternatives. Any suggestions?
    9 Nutritionfitness 23
  141. What can I do to make my penis taste good for my girl?
    Ok im trying to figure out how to make my penis taste good for my girl my friend told me about this site well anyways back on topic,My girlfreind has sucked it before I asked her what it tasted like and she said it tasted like nothing,How can I make it...
    3 Relationships 317
  142. What does semen taste like?
    I have a question! Me and my boyfriend have been talking about me giving him a blowjob and well he asked me if I wanted him to cum in my mouth and if I would swallow or spit! Well what I wanted to know is what does it taste like??? Is it good or bad???
    16 Sex 4129
  143. What do you do, my boyfriend says my puss taste and smell weird?
    Okay my boyfriend and I are very sexual, and a couple weeks ago he fingered and ate me out. But he said that my vagina had a weird taste and smell. I am VERY clean I bathe everyday. What do I do? how do I get rid of the smell? and what is the taste and...
    3 Sex 9915
  144. What does a guyz cum taste like??
    Want to give my boyfriend a bj...wandering what cum tastes like so I can be prepared and not gag or make a it nasty?? is it cold or warm?? Is there anything that I culd eat that taste similar so I can see what its like to prepare for it??
    3 Relationships 330
  145. Why would a guy's cum taste ashy?
    He hadn't smoked in months and the most he'd been eating was Subway that week. O.o I know meat tears his stomach up but would that affect his cum??? O.O
    2 Relationships 69
  146. Does serving tea in a proper tea set make it taste better?
    I'm not much around the house, and when I make tea, it's in a mug, not a chinese tea pot of porcelein. Does serving tea in better serveware make it taste better, or is it used just to make an experience or event out of the drinking of the tea?
    2 Food 17
  147. Music taste
    Does anybody else like old punk music? Like, not greenday and stuff like that. I mean stuff like the stooges, and the distillers, rancid, black flag? Because I've hardly met anybody with the same music tastes as me? Just courious hahaha
    6 Music 33
  148. No more taste in WWE?
    I don't know what's wrong with me but for the last 5 weeks I haven't watched a full episode of SmackDown like I normally do,then in January I stopped making WWE fan sites on ms,did I loose taste in WWE?
    2 Entertainment 12
  149. Taste bud fallin off?
    Ummz..I have dis thing on my tounge..itz feelz & lookz like my taste bud iz comin off. It really hurts..and I cant pull it off because it hurtz 2 much...what do you think it iz?
    3 Health 73
  150. What do you think Pokemon would taste like?
    Something I've been pondering for a while now. Do you suppose if Pokemon were real, people would eat them as well? I mean, many of them look like animals so logically perhaps they would taste like one. Which Pokemon do you think would be the tastiest?
    10 Food 35
  151. What should I mix to make my smoothie taste decent?
    okay so im planning on making a fruitsmoothie... I have strawberries..rasberries apple bananas(not ripe yet so neveermind) ..and..umm peaches...what ones could I mix together for it to taste decent??
    2 Food 50
  152. What can I do to brown rice, or make with it, to make it taste good several hours later and microwaved?
    I find that whenever I made brown rice, it tastes disgusting when I eat it later and microwave it. I want to pack it for my lunch when I go on campus but I have run out of ideas how.
    2 Food 14
  153. sweet tasting jizz
    lol so okay I heard you can make cum taste good for girls... my girlfriend never givin head because she heard it taste nasty but you can drink pineapple juice to make it taste better... about how much do I have to drink for how long until itll be bette...
    4 Sex 353
  154. When you first tried coffee how did you react to the taste?
    When I was younger and my mom asked me to hold her coffee and she went to a different room I'd try a sip and think it was disgusting. It smelt so good French vanilla.
    15 Food 17
  155. What could cause an odd taste in your mouth every time you eat?
    For the past couple of days, every time I eat (different foods)...I get the same odd taste in my mouth. It's not a horrible taste, but I just don't like it. It's not normal....I want to taste my food, not that odd taste. Food usually tastes like it sme...
    19 Health 54
  156. Is there any dog food that has the same taste as cat food?
    I have a chihuahua and she really likes eating the cats food (purina healthy naturals or something), but she won't eat her own food usually (Iams Smart Puppy). Is there a food for dogs that has a similar taste to the cat food or just something else tha...
    4 Pets 32
  157. I hated the taste of him
    my boyfriend was fingering me and I started to orgasom and then like I was moaning and he rapted his leg's around my leg and started to hump me this made me cum so he started licking my cum and stuff I gess he liked the tast of it but when I started gi...
    5 Relationships 230
  158. what is the best tasting way to cook turkey legs?
    so im having turkey leg (drumsticks) whatever youw ant to call it..tonight..and im not sure how to cook them.i've heard of deep frying and regular frying..which way is best?..bake, fry or deep fry?
    2 Food 36
  159. How different is the taste of alligator meat compared to chicken or beef?
    I've heard it said that alligator meat is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and even contains muscle-building protein, more than beef or chicken.
    8 Food 92
  160. Why does water taste different at night?
    I had a perfectly good water bottle in the fridge that I put in around 6 PM. Then I got up just now and I was like Dayummm I'm thirsty! So I went and got my waterbottle and drank from it and it tasted REVOLTING! I had taken sip from it right before I p...
    14 Food 1495
  161. Why do I taste ejaculate when its bein let go inside of me
    This is the strangest question ever!! but I noticed that everytime in the past when my x husband would ejaculate in me I could taste it in my mouth,odd thing is that he went in me not my mouth,I still have that spell to this so what do you think
    3 Relationships 297
  162. How can I make healthy food taste as good as junk food?
    using pre-bought snacks and recipes? I am just wondering how long it takes for me to like healthy better than junk food so my taste buds change. But any suggestions on my main problem would be helpful. Thank you,
    4 Food 60
  163. How can I help her get over the taste?
    My girl wants to give me head, but she has had a bad experience in the past. so everytime she tries now, she do for alittle, then she"ll gag, and then she'll have small flash backs, and the taste of pre-cum gets to her. how can I help her? Also how can...
    3 Relationships 17
  164. What is your taste in Jewellery?
    My friends and I were discussing it and it is quite interesting to hear the different things that people like. For example I like fine jewellery that is either silver, copper or gold and I would never wear beads or anything like that. That is if I wear...
    13 Style 81
  165. Why do people judge you for your music taste?
    Why do people judge on you for what kinda of music or songs you like? beacusei looove john lennon, the beatles, flobots,aqua,flyleaf,toy-box,the pack, and eminem. and just because they dont like most of the bands, they choose to hate me, >[
    13 Music 122
  166. Why am i getting this sweet taste in my mouth?
    For some reason lately out of the blue i'll get that artificial sweetner taste in my mouth. It's not unpleasant but id sure like to know the cause of it. I'm in great health and have great oral hygine so it's not health related or hygine realted. This ...
    4 Sex 59
  167. How to make sunny-side up eggs taste better?
    I have no problem with cooking eggs sunny-side up but if I don't put anything on them they taste horrible. I tried salt but it was kind of disgusting, guess I put too much but I'm not sure. I had them once when I was little and they were wonderful, I d...
    9 Food 135
  168. What is the fondant bakery's use to make cakes actually made of, do you eat that part, and what does it taste like?
    When I watch shows on TV like cake boss, or ultimate cake off, or anything I see they use fondant a lot, but it doesn't look very good. It looks like play dough. Are you actually supposed to eat that?
    6 Food 16
  169. The taste of cum
    What should I eat to make my natural juices tase sweet and qoog? You see, my man and I are qonna spend valentine's day very romantically. And there's no doubt he's qonna eat me out..whta fruits should I eat?? Like I know I qotta eat pineapple and straw...
    4 Relationships 123
  170. What does pumpkin pie taste like?
    I have only ever eaten pumpkin in savoury dishes and it seems really strange to use it in a sweet pie. Im kind of intruiged... But also worried about making it as it sounds like it tastes bad! Does it actually taste good or is it just some bizarre trad...
    15 Food 182
  171. How can I make food taste like it's spoiled?
    Trying to dissuade a family member from his insistent cuilinary experimentation which only he likes, leaving the rest of us to either suffer through it or starve. Is there anything one can do to food once it's been prepared to make it look, smell, or ...
    4 Food 29
  172. Do you think Roger Ebert crossed the line with his poor-taste tweet about Ryan Dunn's death?
    For anyone who doesn't already know, Roger Ebert tweeted the comment "Friends don't let jackasses drink and drive", only hours after news of Dunn's death became public.
    9 Relationships 29
  173. Will it taste bad if I give him oral sex?
    My profile says I am male, but I'm actually female, it just won't let me change it. anyway, I want to give my boyfriend oral sex, however I'm kind of nervous because I'm afraid it will taste bad. What does a penis taste like? I've heard stories about ...
    6 Sex 165
  174. What food tastes good but is healthy?
    Help, I am trying to eat healthy along with exersize, but the problem is, I love a lot of the food that I eat but it is full of fat yet I seriously cant seem to put it down , Question,what king of foods(groceries) can I buy that are delicous but ar...
    3 Food 38
  175. How can I season my steaks to make them taste good...?
    I don't have much to season it with I have salt, pepper, garlic powder, chili powder, seasoned salt, oregano, and basil.... I am going to use a counter top grill, something like a George should I season/marinate make them good? I...
    11 Food 49
  176. What can i do with wheat bread so that i dont waste it, when i cant stand the taste of it?
    We get 4 loaves of whole wheat sugar free bread every month through wic and i can not stand it. Ive tried sandwhiches, toast, grilled cheese...its all gross. I dont want to throw away food but i have no clue what to do with it.
    7 Food 23
  177. How can I approach my husband about controlling my taste?
    I'm a young lady of 27 years and married for 7 years now. I have a son. My husbands loves me but I noticed since some time that he keeps on pinpointing about my taste (especially of clothes, and when choosing other stuffs). I'm making considerable ef...
    3 Relationships 40
  178. What alcoholic drink tastes the best?
    so I used to think drinking and partying was a bad thing until I finally did it this weekend! it is so much fun. The people are really friendly, well because they were drunk..I didnt drink too much just the right amount I wasnt going crazy or anything....
    2 Food 28
  179. How do I make my black frosting not taste bitter?
    YIKES! I just made a whole batch of black frosting for a huge cake this evening. It tastes SO incredibly bitter that its nearly inedible. Does anybody have any tips for making this batch NOT taste bitter? Can I add extra powdered sugar or vanilla or AN...
    4 Food 214
  180. What are some ways you find music that appeals to your tastes?
    So I use pandora, but sometimes I find that the songs that they give me don't exactly suite and I constantly find myself just not listening to anything at all. It's been quite a while since I found something that appeals to me, by a while I mean a few ...
    9 Music 40
  181. Which Anime suits my tastes?
    What Anime would you recommend to me? One Piece is amazing, it's the anime I'm probably not going to stop watching until I'm done with it because it is so great. :P After I'm done with it, I wanna watch another really good one. What would you say would...
    20 Entertainment 51
  182. I cant taste anything but I can smell...
    I was eating chocolate ice cream... couldnt taste a think... But my nose isnt plugged... and it felt like eating frozen tasteless milk... The only way I would know I was eating it, was that I could feel the cold and presence in my mouth... before I ...
    2 Health 82
  183. How to make sure I taste good for my first kiss?
    I have never been kissed. And I'm curious...I hear so many people talk about their kisses tasting like something. And...I have this friend. Haha, well, friend who I'm interested in. We've agreed to keep it as friends but we talk about everything. He to...
    10 Relationships 5048
  184. Cake question
    If chocolate cake tasts like chocolate, and vanila cake tasts like vanilla, then what does red velvet cake tast like? (serious question)
    4 Food 16
  185. How do I make diabetic desserts that tastes good?
    My boyfriends brother is an insulin dependant diabetic and we are having dinner with him tomorrow night. I got the task of making dessert so I made a blueberry cheesecake. It was pretty easy to make a diabetic version of that, only hard part was no one...
    4 Food 77
  186. why am I having 2 weekly periods and have a bad taste in my mouth?
    I have been having light periods just under every 2 weeks for the past month and a half, I also have a bad taste in my mouth and it has been coming and going for the last month or so. This has happened before about a year ago without the bad taste but ...
    2 Health 52
  187. Do you like cornflakes?
    so cornflakes taste deliciouse
    6 Food 72
  188. horrible kook
    Have you ever tasted someones cooking and it tasted horrible, but you did not want to tell them?
    2 Food 15
  189. How does it tastes?
    I am 22 and my boyfriend is 24. We have been sharing a great sexual relation since last 8-9 months.we have tried a couple of things like fingering,handjobs and so both of us want to proceed.he wants me to give him a blowjob and I want him to lic...
    4 Sex 62
  190. Why does my vagina taste "salty"?
    For the first time in like five months I let my boyfriend give me head again. We've been dating for 7 months, and we're sexually active, but I'm so insecure about how my vagina smells.. and if it smells it tastes bad. So for the longest time I've b...
    2 Sex 22072
  191. How is evaporated canned milk different from regular milk?
    What makes it taste different? It doesn't taste good at all.
    2 Food 14
  192. Eating out a girl
    Okay so I was wondering what a vagina tastes like because my boyfriend has wanted to eat me out but I dont let him because I feel disgusted by what it might taste like, so what does it taste like?
    7 Relationships 1071
  193. Do you think this will taste good for my daughter?
    Me, my son, and my father in law are making milk shakes tonight. I dont want to leave my daughter out so I chilled 8 oz of formula and froze two containers of banana vanilla baby yogurt. Im going to blend them with a little rice cerial. By the way shes...
    4 Food 28
  194. What's up with fake butter?
    what's up with that "fake" butter that tastes more like "real" butter that "real" butter does?
    3 Food 20
  195. Tastey cum
    So I wanna make my cum taste better for my girlfriend. What things can I eeat or do to make it taste better. Any suggestions?
    2 Relationships 614
  196. BlowJob (GIRLS Only)
    When you give a blow job does the Penis taste like bad I mean I've always wondered like if it tasted good or bad and waht does sperm taste like it seems gross to mee so when you did it did you like it? Did it taste weird?
    9 Sex 930
  197. What/ Is it true smoking kills your tastebuds?
    I once was told that smoking kills your taste buds if this is true then do you regain your taste buds when you stop smoking? and why does smoking do this? and how bad can it get?
    9 Health 130
  198. whats the difference between pepsi and coke ?
    except for the name xD its just a random question iive tasted both of them and they taste the same =S
    7 Food 66
  199. Healthy food
    What food tastes good but loses weight?
    2 Food 11
  200. female cum?
    whats it called?? whats it taste like??
    4 Relationships 417
  201. What are Crepes?
    What are crepes and do they taste good? I am making these foods called "Crepes" and I'm not sure how good they will taste either.Does anyone know how good they taste and are they easy to make? PS: we have to make them on our own in seperate groups so n...
    6 Food 48
  202. healthy foods?
    what are some healthy foods that are good to eat when your on a diet that taste good?
    2 Food 38
  203. Is there butterscotch in "Werthers Original"?
    'cause to me, I taste that more than "caramel"?
    3 Food 58
  204. What wierd masterbation?
    Is it wierd that while masterbation I kinda want to taste p*ssy, and cause theres no girls around is it wierd to want to taste me own p*ssy?? Help me
    7 Sex 104
  205. Is it true that cannibals don't eat...?
    Is it true that cannibals don't eat clowns because they taste funny?
    4 Entertainment 19
  206. What is easier to make, cobbler or pie?
    And which tastes better?
    3 Food 9
  207. My boyfriend wants to eat me out
    My boyfriend wants to eat me out in other words have oral sex but I'm afraid he mit smell something funny ,or if I cum he mit lick it and it may taste funny. so I went ahead and tasted my discharge or cum whatever you call it . I know it nasty but I h...
    4 Sex 1152
  208. Is nicotine gum bad for you and how old do you have to be to buy it?
    5 Health 55
  209. special brownies
    any ever made/tried special brownies? how were they? did they taste good? how messed up were you?
    5 General 31
  210. Cum, just wondering
    See the cum that comes out a girl does it taste the same as the cum that comes out a boy ?
    3 Relationships 1620
  211. How can you make unhealthy foods become healthy?
    Or taste somewhat the same?
    4 Nutritionfitness 23
  212. why do they hate him
    what do I do when my family thinks I have bad taste in men and hate my boyfriend
    3 Relationships 16
  213. Why is a tomato called a fruit ?
    Why is a tamato called a fruit cause fruits to me taste sweet and veggies tast like a veggtable so I think a tamato should be considered a veggtable but I dont know why people consider a tamato a veggie
    4 Food 36
  214. Cuum.
    My boyfriend likes when I give him a blow job and then swallow the cum. But I do not like doing that at all because it tastes just sooo bad. And I was just wondering is there anything that I can do to lessen the gross taste?
    5 Sex 253
  215. Is it ok to kiss someone after eating ice cream?
    Or will it taste bad?
    21 Relationships 256
  216. I like my boyfriends sweat...
    Is it weird for me to like the smell and taste of my boyfriends sweat? Is it healthy to lick?
    2 Relationships 185
  217. What is fried ice cream?
    How does it work? I tasted it once, but I still don't get the concept.
    2 Food 43
  218. Rice Cakes, best brand and flavor?
    Do you like rice cakes? Whats the best tasting brand and flavor?
    2 Food 166
  219. What is caviar made of - fish eggs, or snails?
    What does it taste like? What is the texture?
    30 Food 34
  220. Why do people drink coffee?
    Why dose people drink coffee? Especially, black coffee has bitter taste :(
    16 Food 85
  221. What is the best way to take gross crushed up meds with sugar?
    Iknow I will be able to taste it still(I sampled a bit) and its horrible. How do I put it in so I wont taste it. thanks.
    11 Health 52
  222. Whats the best and easiest smoothie to make?
    Is there a smoothie that tastes great and is really good for you?
    3 Food 16
  223. Is cum eating good or bad for girls/ladies?
    I am a 27 year old lady, I want to know about cum eating. I heard it has lots of protiens. If I taste my boyfriend cum, I meant if any pregnancy issuees... I like cum taste iwant to taste that , becoz I want know it clearly .. Please give me any advi...
    6 Relationships 500
  224. healthy sugary foods
    is there some sorta food that taste like candy or something but is still healthy??
    3 Food 41
  225. Get it licked...
    Guys do you like the taste of her thing down there?? And ladies vise versa
    5 Relationships 36
  226. Best brand of Breath Mints?
    wut is the best brand of breath mint, the longest lasting, best tasting...=D
    8 Food 69
  227. Low cal meals
    Any idea for low cal meals that dont taste like rabbit food?
    6 Food 32
  228. Chips ahoy vs Oreos
    Whats taste better to you chocolate chip cookies or oreo cookies?
    15 Food 77
  229. Why does my dog eat grass?
    Every once in a while my dog eats grass, but I don't think the little thing likes the taste. Why is she doing this?
    4 Pets 46
  230. what kinda protein bars are good to eat after working out?
    when are you supposed to eat protein before or after your workout or both? and what kinda protein bars are good to eat? that taste good...
    3 Nutritionfitness 42
  231. What are some nice recipes for dinner ?
    What can I cook for the family which is simple but it tastes nice and it does not take forever to cook ??
    3 Food 23
  232. Does anyone know how to cook tofu?
    Does anyone know how to cook tofu...and if it tastes good it would be even better
    3 Food 29
  233. Where do you get fondant from?
    Does it taste bad? Can you buy it pre-made, possibly?
    14 Food 16
  234. I need some help
    ok now I no this is a little weird but I care bout my girlfriend more than anything and well the first time she gave me head she says I didnt have a taste and the second time she did she said that I tasted bitter I just wanted to no if there was like a...
    2 Relationships 63
  235. What are some very low calorie foods?
    I'm looking for some foods that are very very low calorie and low fat but also taste good. Any suggestions?
    4 Food 21
  236. Barbecue steaks, anyone else want one?
    You know what I have the taste for? Some barbecue steaks on the grill, what about you guys?
    8 Food 33
  237. Seeds that are good for you?
    Does anyone know of a seed that I can add to my daily diet as a snack or with salad etc that has a good nutrient but is quite nice tasting ? I think it was sunflower seeds I tried and I just couldnt get used to the taste!
    3 Nutritionfitness 24
  238. What's the best fast food restauraunt?
    I like fast food but some of the food tastes too there any fast food thats wholesome and not so greasy?
    13 Food 162
  239. What healthy snacks can stop my chocolate craving?
    I need healthy chocolaty/chocolaty tasting snacks for my choclate craving. Any ideas???
    4 Food 24
  240. How to make chocolate truffles?
    I tasted them the other day and they were delicious . Does anyone know the method and ingredients to make them?
    2 Food 9
  241. How to eat tomatoes?
    I really, really dislike the taste of tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes, regular tomatoes, green tomatoes, I just don't like the taste of them at all. But I'm starting a fat flush and tomatoes are one of the main things I'm suppose to eat (because they're extr...
    4 Food 26
  242. What are motivational phrases to be skinny?
    What are Some good motivationall phrases for being skinny For ex: Nothing tastes as good as it does to feel skinny. But better ones??
    7 Nutritionfitness 37
  243. is the saying "I bet you can't just eat one" true??
    is the saying "I bet you can't just eat one" true?? is a chip or food that you cant just have a taste of? even if your not hungry?
    5 Food 74
  244. My friend sprayed ant spray in my face the other day
    My friend sprayed ant spray in my face the other day am I going 2 bee ok I can still taste it
    4 Health 46
  245. Is drinking vinegar bad?
    My best friend really likes the taste of vinegar. She will just drink straight from the bottle (white vinegar). Is that bad for her?
    5 Style 213
  246. What is lard?
    What exactly is lard? I know more healthier restaurants don't use it, is it bad for you? Does it make food taste better?
    7 Food 59
  247. what is the sauce/dressing that is often used in pasta salad?
    It's clear, has a bit of a sour taste, and very wet looking.'
    4 Food 26
  248. Vegetarian food healthy things to snack on?
    Im a young.. Starting vegetarian... What are good..healthy things to snack on.. That taste good?
    6 Food 34
  249. Opinons on Absolut Vodka?
    heyy summer's here and so are the parties..and I just wanted some opinions =) anyone's opinion on absolut vodka taste? the first shot reminded me of nail polish remover (not that I've ever tasted that of course) but then it was okay a few seconds late...
    6 Food 17
  250. Sugar dips
    I really love sugar, who doesnt, jk. but what are some other foods besides fruit that I can dip in sugar that tastes really good.?
    6 Food 19