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  1. Can I go in a tanning bed while peeling?
    Can I tan in a tanning bed while peeling?
    3 Style 6163
  2. All over tan or farmers tan?
    what do girls like more? all over tan or farmers tan?
    8 Style 106
  3. Can an albino person tan in a tanning bed?
    3 Style 88
  4. What do you think about fake tan rather than real tans?
    34 Style 57
  5. Which is the best tanning product?
    Which is the best tanning product??
    2 Style 22
  6. Best tanning
    What is the best way to tan?
    11 Style 66
  7. why dont some people tan?
    why dont some people tan?
    10 Science 283
  8. Why can't you get a tan on your palms?
    Why can't you get a tan on your palms?
    5 Style 62
  9. Do you tan better when the suns not out?
    Do you tan better when the suns not out?
    2 Style 58
  10. When I peel does it take away the tan
    Im a redhead and when I peel does it take away the tan
    7 Style 8823
  11. face peeling
    What does it mean when your face is peeling??
    5 Style 322
  12. Does my tan Look FAKE???
    Does my tan Look FAKE???
    10 Style 51
  13. Which is better/healthier - sunless tanning, tanning beds, or sitting out in the sun?
    8 Health 43
  14. Why does people's skin peel?
    9 Health 111
  15. How do you tan really fast?
    5 Style 64
  16. Does it have to be hot out to go tanning?
    10 Style 79
  17. What is the best tanning oil for me to use when I can't tan to save my life?
    4 Style 133
  18. Can you cook with mango peels?
    2 Food 68
  19. Is there a way to reverse a tan?
    6 Style 40
  20. Does sunburn turn into a tan?
    6 Style 158
  21. why dont I tan
    why dont I tan everyone in my family tans
    3 Style 43
  22. which do you think looks better light hair with a tan or dark hair with a tan??
    12 Style 113
  23. How to get high off of orange peels?
    How to get high off of orange peels?
    2 General 407
  24. how old to fake tan?
    how old do you have to be to get a fake tan?
    3 Style 26
  25. How to get rid of peeling skin?
    How to get rid of peeling skin
    8 Style 1488
  26. sunburn how can you makeit peel faster?
    how can you makeit peel faster
    2 Health 312
  27. How much does a good tan cost?
    How much does a good tan cost?
    3 Style 16
  28. Tanning lotions|tanning oils
    Which tanning lotions or oils work best ? Ireallly need a tan lmao.
    7 Style 94
  29. Is there a substitute that I can use for tanning lotion?
    Is there a substitute that I can use for tanning lotion?
    3 Style 243
  30. How long should you wait to shower after tanning?
    How long should you wait to shower after tanning?
    3 Style 97
  31. What does it mean if your tattoo starts to peel?
    What does it mean if your tattoo starts to peel?
    2 Style 182
  32. How to get rid of a tan?
    I am just wondering How do you get rid of a tan?
    4 Style 48
  33. What can I do so I keep my tan and dont peel.
    When I get tanned from the sun on my trip.. And if I get burnt what can I do so I keep my tan and dont peel.
    2 Style 910
  34. Why does the skin peel off my nose but no where else?
    9 Style 86
  35. How old you you have to be to get a spray tan?
    7 Style 35
  36. How bad are spray tans for your skin?
    2 Style 17
  37. Can you tan better in the water or just laying out?
    11 Style 267
  38. Why does my skin get tanned when I play?
    4 Style 18
  39. How to make a tan go away?
    3 Style 80
  40. Does sun burn turn into a tan?
    6 Style 70
  41. How do you keep from tanning, other than staying out of the sun?
    3 Style 14
  42. What's a good thing to use while tanning that won't cause bad sunburn (not tanning lotion)?
    23 Style 72
  43. Prevent Peeling after a sunburn?
    How do I prevent my skin from peeling afler a sunburn?
    7 Style 329
  44. I love tan!
    any good tanning lotion you know?
    4 Style 13
  45. Does Jergens tan cream work?
    does that jurgeens tan cream work
    2 Style 63
  46. Who else likes going to tanning salons?
    Who else likes going to tanning salons ? =)
    4 Style 21
  47. Is there a way to get rid of a sun tan?
    Is there a way to get rid of a sun tan?
    2 Style 67
  48. Can I feed baby pigs potato peels?
    Can I feed baby pigs potato peels?
    2 Pets 160
  49. Matters in a girl's hottness if she is tan?
    Do you think it matters in a girl's hottness if she is tan?
    6 Style 55
  50. Face peeling
    What would I do to get rid of face peeling?
    5 Style 152
  51. can coffee help with tanning your skin?
    can coffee give you a tan?
    3 Style 29
  52. What do you do after you get a sunburn and start peeling?
    What do you do if you got a sunburn and your peeling!!?
    5 Health 748
  53. How can I get tan if I do not want to get skin cancer?
    How can I get tan if I do not want to get skin cancer?
    7 Style 51
  54. Is it true that when your a teenager, the more tanned you are the older you look??
    7 Style 25
  55. How do you apply a spray tan correctly?
    4 Style 21
  56. Which tan moisturiser is better - Dove or Johnson's?
    6 Style 27
  57. What do you put on your face when you have a sunburn and you're peeling?
    5 Style 182
  58. Is Emma Watson's (from Harry Potter) tan the fake sprayed type of tan or can she tan naturally?
    I have seen most of her pictures when the weather is warm and she get's tan sometime. Is her tan fake or real?
    3 Style 76
  59. What causes peeling besides sun burn?
    5 Health 116
  60. How can I hide the peeling skin on my face from a sunburn?
    4 Style 463
  61. Why do my nails always flake and peel back?
    3 Style 47
  62. can you still get a tan , if you wear sunblock ?
    8 Style 28
  63. How true is it that a tan makes you look thinner?
    6 Nutritionfitness 23
  64. Does sunblock prevent you from having a tan?
    2 Style 39
  65. What is the best tanning lotion for fair skin?
    6 Style 60
  66. Does Tanning help acne?
    I heard that it may...
    14 Style 80
  67. Are fake tanning lotions bad for your skin?
    6 Style 49
  68. Does the sun make scars worse, or can you tan over a scar?
    6 Style 62
  69. How do I get sunless tanning lotion off my hands?
    9 Style 57
  70. Does a self tanner tan you without being in the sun?
    5 Style 14
  71. How can I get under my knees to tan?
    3 Style 30
  72. How do you tan properly by sun?
    4 Style 38
  73. How to get a good tan without being orange?
    how or where could I get a good tan with out being orange??
    6 Style 61
  74. Peeling back sunburns?
    im sunburned an want to keep from peeling how do I do that
    7 Health 113
  75. whats good for sunburn if you want it to turn into tan
    whats good for sunburn if you want it to turn into tan ?
    6 Style 277
  76. In a tanning bed,how long to you go the first time?
    In a tanning bed,how long to you go the first time
    8 Style 180
  77. Why is being tan so popular?
    Why is being tan so popular? I like my pale skin..
    9 Style 99
  78. Are you supposed to sweat when tanning?
    Are you supposed to sweat and feel nasty when your tanning in the sun?
    3 Style 61
  79. how do i get rid of my fake tan?, its really bugging me its L'OREAL subline bronze , self tanning sprey.
    6 Style 37
  80. What do you do - tan or burn?
    Me, I burn because I'm a red-head :)
    26 Style 55
  81. Do Australian Gold tanning products work well?
    2 Style 26
  82. How do you get rid of the dead skin when you peel from sunburn?
    3 Style 212
  83. Can you really eat apple peelings and do they have nutritional values?
    8 Nutritionfitness 55
  84. How well does sunflower oil work to make you tan?
    2 Style 100
  85. What do I do if I peeled the sunburn skin?
    Its raw pink, and I don't know what to do! :(
    10 Health 10283
  86. How to get a perfect bronze tan?
    6 Style 35
  87. Can a spray tan cover up a red birth mark?
    2 Style 37
  88. Is the rub-on fake tan bad for your skin?
    3 Style 32
  89. Why do boiled eggs fall apart when I peel them?
    Why do Easter Eggs fall apart after boiling? What can I do to stop them from falling apart when I peel them?
    3 Food 672
  90. Can black people tan?
    Can black people tan?? ii always wanted to try,,
    7 Style 83
  91. Tan!!
    what can I do to make my tan fade quicker? please I need help!
    4 Style 25
  92. What are some good tanning techniques/sprays?
    NO TANNING BED! i refuse to go in one of those
    6 Style 19
  93. Full lips Tan Skin
    what about fullish lips on tan colored skin? what color should I try on my lips?
    4 Style 55
  94. What happens if you shower right after you tan outside?
    can ur tan come off?
    3 Style 41
  95. how do i tan more without burning i wear sunscreen but it never works im always left getting a bad burn how can i tan easier?
    2 Style 21
  96. How long should I tan???
    I am 15 and I want to start tanning. I need to know how long and how often I can tan???
    5 Style 34
  97. Tanning bed or actual tan in the sun which one should I get?
    Well I want to know should I get a natural tan or go to a tanning bed? I like being out in the sun and a tanning bed isnt a real tan to me. Which one is better and what should I chose?
    8 Style 102
  98. Is it a good idea to wash your face before you go in a tanning bed?
    4 Style 51
  99. Is it healthy blending a whole orange without peeling it (skin on)?
    5 Health 1318
  100. How many types of self-applied fake tans are there?
    7 Style 14
  101. How do I get my sunburn to go away fast and not turn into a tan?
    38 Style 93
  102. Can using a tanning bed cause my hair to lighten it's color?
    9 Style 355
  103. Get rid of peeling but stay tan
    Ok I got sun burn and after red went away I had a pefect tan but now iam peeling and my pigment going with it how do I get rid peeling but keep tan?
    6 Style 5577
  104. What color eyeshadow looks good on tan skin?
    im a tan color. what color eyeshadow would look good on me??
    6 Style 159
  105. Why my skin peels off after mastrubating ?
    My skin peels off after I mastrubate how shud I stop it is it bad it bleed at times
    2 Health 194
  106. Is it weird to peel my skin when I'm bored?
    do you think its weired that I peel my skin off when im bored?
    8 Health 61
  107. What is the best way to get a tan in Winter?
    I don't want to use a tanning bed.
    20 Style 66
  108. Is there a way to not get a tan?
    Yeah like the topic says is there anyway in not getting a tan?
    4 Style 17
  109. Colour of underwear for tanned skin
    What sets a tan of better Black? White?
    9 Style 102
  110. Does Joanna Levesque get a tan or does she sunburn?
    I've never seen her tan before.
    2 Entertainment 65
  111. How to get a tan?
    How can I get liek tan w/o gettin burned not at a tannin bed
    2 Style 20
  112. How can I tan fast, but without going into a tanning salon or using tanning oil?
    summer is coming and i would like to be somewhat tan when it gets here. i love laying in the sun, but i was wondering if there was any way to tan quickly without the use of tanning oil. or maybe a substitute for tanning oil with something i might have ...
    3 Style 67
  113. Peeling Skin On Sholders?
    I got tan, then my sholders started peeling. What can get rid of this? and what can prevent this?
    5 Style 104
  114. Tanning protection
    I want to know what can I do to meke my tanning more safe in those tanning beds I like tanning but I wnna do it more safely any suggestion?
    3 Style 30
  115. What is the best tanning bed lotion?
    Like what is the best one, name please?
    4 Style 44
  116. How do you stop your nail-beds from splitting and the skin peeling (very painful!)?
    4 Style 54
  117. Does anyone know of a good indoor tanning lotion that isn't too pricey?
    3 Style 9
  118. Would caramel/golden brown/blonde hair look good on tan skin?
    3 Style 24
  119. What's the best way for me to tan?
    its really hard so whats the best thing I can use?
    9 Style 24
  120. What will happen if I use a self-tanner and go to a tanning bed?
    6 Style 61
  121. Tanning salon
    can you go in twice a day?- if so how long will you go for on like each time? (=
    2 Style 33
  122. Face peeling with acne products?
    How come if you use certain acne products or just nothing, your face starts to peel?
    3 Style 46
  123. What to use to get a tan?
    I want to know what use to get a good tan for fair skin.please help
    3 Style 39
  124. What would be better a real tan or fake one?
    Gettin a real tan or a fake 1? Xx
    6 Style 12
  125. Do you wear a bikini when you're getting a spray tan?
    Do you wear a bikini when you're haviin a spray tan?? fankss -x-
    4 Style 87
  126. Why is it so hard to tell if celebrities have a real tan or a fake baked sprayed tan?
    I really do not know the answer for this but can someone tell me if someone or any person it does'nt have to be a celebrity that would get an all over spray tan or simply an all natrual tan?
    2 Style 15
  127. Spray Tanning tips?
    Im going spray tanning soon and I've never done it before. So do you have any tips for a great tan?
    3 Style 14
  128. How to tan faster on a sun bed?
    How do you get tan? Because my skin is white but I wanna get tan in 3 weeks!
    6 Style 76
  129. What is the best thing to put on your skin for a relatively quick, really good tan ?
    6 Style 59
  130. Where can I find some cute (tan) skinny jeans in a size 3 with a short inseam?
    3 Shopping 19
  131. Are there any effects when trying to tan with a tattoo?
    Will anything happen to my tattoo if I go out and sit in the sun?
    4 Style 16
  132. why do spanish people put "¿?" on there words like "¿Por que tan serio?"
    5 Education 15
  133. Why does my skin appear blotchy after tanning?
    I've never had it before until today, I was wondering how I can treat it.
    5 Style 166
  134. How can you stop the peeling of sunburned skin?
    How can you get your skin to stop peeling or slow down the process or not make it so noticeable to everyone?
    21 Health 5608
  135. Why are hard boiled eggs sometimes hard to peel?
    I just made some hard-boiled eggs and some didn't turn out right. Why are hard boiled eggs sometimes hard to peel?
    5 Food 256
  136. Is it normal for a males skin on his pen!s to peel?
    Im not a boy, so i have no clue on this. Is it normal for the head of the pen!s or the shaft to peel?
    7 Health 40
  137. Weird tan?!
    What is going on?! Everywhere apart from my legs get a nice golden tan. And my legs just look weird? Why is this? :
    3 Style 35
  138. Where can I buy St. Moriz tan ?
    Where can I buy St. Moriz tan? I live in rotherham and I dont really see them in shops.
    2 Style 37
  139. How do I stop a sunburn from peeling?
    I got a sunburn, it's not bad but it's peeling a little and id really rather it didn't. How can I stop it?
    8 Style 1154
  140. My Testicle Skin Is Peeling... Help.
    I Have Been Noticing That The Skin On My Testicle Sack Is Peeling. And I Dont Know Why... I AM A Virgin And I Dont Know Why Its Doing This Please Help Me...
    4 Health 573
  141. Best place to get a light fake tan?
    I am going to get a fake tan done but I want it to be light and as natural as possible I don't tan naturally, where is the best place to go?
    4 Style 65
  142. Is SPF 55 sunblock good for tanning?
    I want to get a tan but the only sunblock i have is spf 55, sp will it give me a tan or leave me white?
    4 Style 119
  143. What is the best kind of outside tanning lotion that is under $20?
    im trying to get tan before the summer what is the best tanning lotion I can buy for under $20?
    2 Style 53
  144. Does foundation and tanning cream give you pimples and blackheads?
    If so, if i stopped wearing both, would i stop getting them?
    5 Style 40
  145. Does a spray tan stop u from having pimples?
    cause when i used it i didnt have pimples but when i stopped i got them back from before?
    2 Style 60
  146. How important is a tan to guys?
    I used to go tanning, but I don't want to continue with that. The thing is if I don't go tanning I'm really white. I like having tan skin, but I don't want to do it in a tanning bed.
    8 Style 26
  147. Is there a limit to how tanned I can get?
    Is there a limit to how tan people can get? I am naturally a little tan, but am darker now than i ever have been, but i was just wondering is there a point where my skin will no longer tan, but just stay the same?
    4 Style 1062
  148. How can I tan if I have realy fair skin?
    So I'm realy realy white, and it's so hard for me to tan, I can burn that's it! Anyone know what I can or should to do get a tan ? Thanks :)
    4 Style 21
  149. How can I stop my lip from peeling?
    ok I had my lip pierced again and now mylips are peeling like crazy and I dont bite me lip either does anyone no how to stop it peeling
    3 Style 69
  150. Lump in my stomach in the tanning bed
    I get a big lump in my lower stomach when I lay in the tanning bed. It moves..and it hurts. What could it be?
    7 Health 150
  151. Sunburn and peeling
    I have got really BAD sunburn and peeling like crazy it really itches and I cant sleep what shall I do?
    2 Health 270
  152. How do I cure peeling?
    Im peeling all over my back...its itchy and its stinging...I've tried to put ice on it but nothing :(
    4 Health 33
  153. How do I tan without burning?
    I wanna get really tan because im going to the beach tomarrow so I figure its the perfect place to tan. How can I get really tan without burning???
    5 Style 88
  154. I need a tan.
    Im and really white, and when I tan in the sun, I burn really easy. so is there anything becides going to a tanning bed?
    6 Style 63
  155. How do tanning beds work?
    How do they work? This may be a dumb question but I never actually got in one.
    2 Style 32
  156. How would you dress up a plain peach-coloured dress with a simple tan belt?
    6 Style 49
  157. Best tanning oil?
    I need a good fast working tanning oil. Prices would also be useful.
    3 Style 239
  158. How...Do you have to schedule an appointment to go tanning?
    I am going to a tanning salon for the first time I don't know anything about it like do I have to schedule an appointment or can I just walk in?
    3 Style 12
  159. Fake tan problem.
    I totally messed up applying my fake tan. Lol. And tommorow I have to see my boyfriend!! Help!
    4 Style 25
  160. How to tan faster?
    How can you tan faster without going to the tanning bed and fake tanner. I need a natural tan in 3 days!!! PLEASE HELP!
    7 Style 719
  161. how many times you need to go to the tanning salon
    does anyone know how many times you need to go to the tanning salon before it starts to make a difference?
    3 Style 87
  162. How do you tan faster without getting a sun burn?
    I am a person who wants to tan but I really don't have the time to tan... I was wondering if there is a faster way I could possibly tan
    2 Style 173
  163. Whats a best/worst tanning place?
    Im planning on going tanning But I need some info Whats a good tanning place In hamilton ontario canada! :)
    5 Style 47
  164. Dont wanna peel
    I burned alittle in the sun today. Do you think baby lotion will keep me from peeling. I dont wanna lose this tan?
    2 Health 1539
  165. Things I could do to make myself tan easier
    I didn't have time to go to a tanning salon before my vacation, so can anyone tell me some things I could do to make myself tan easier while I'm on vacation?
    2 Style 53
  166. Can red wine cause skin to peel?
    Can red wine cause skin to peel? I heard that there may be something in red wine that causes peeling skin. Is this true? If I order red wine with my next meal should I be worried?
    3 Food 85
  167. Spray tans
    Do spray tans turn you orange? And how long do they last. I'm really pale and tanning out side just doesn't seem to work!
    3 Style 37
  168. How can I get tan?
    everyone at ma school is really tan and im like really white I've tried tanning but it never works what should I do??
    8 Style 64
  169. What can help my face peeling?
    I got sunburned the other day, and now my whole face is peeling.. it looks like sh1t lol..?
    3 Style 44
  170. Is tanning good for your face?
    At first it seems that tanning helps to clear up your face, but I've heard that it isn't really. What information do you have on this?
    4 Health 90
  171. Tanned skin
    Why do western people seem like prefer to have tanned skin? I always wondered why.we always want our skin fair...
    2 Style 41
  172. Healthy tan other than soaking in sun?
    How can I get tan in a more healthy way than soaking in sun... && without looking like an orange oompa looompa?
    5 Style 22
  173. What is a good fake tanning product?
    Does anybody know of a really good fake tan? For the face and body?..... Nothing too dark, or too light...
    3 Style 25
  174. What is a good brand of fake tan that you spray on?
    im really bad at applyn the cream ones.
    5 Style 18
  175. What's the best way for someone with very fair skin to tan naturally?
    Like what oils or how long or any other information?
    10 Style 45
  176. Any products that make your skin tan faster?
    lol the world has lots of stuff so I thot maby
    4 Style 51
  177. What happens to uour lips if u apply tanning lotion to them?
    dp they get lighter or darker or what?
    3 Style 37
  178. How do you get a good tan at home?
    Well my skin isnt pale its fair and I just want it olive...
    2 Style 45
  179. do you go naked if your tanning indoors?
    lol. thats a funny question.. or should I just wear my underpants.. lol
    9 Style 97
  180. When should I start tanning if I want to be tanned for prom?
    I've never "fake" tanned before. I'm don't want to do spray tan. But like in a tanning bed or booth. Whatever. But I want to get nice and tanned (NOT orange) for May 29th, which is prom. I don't wanna be pale. But I'm not really sure when I should star...
    3 Style 226
  181. tanning tricks and tips??
    I've herd that eating carrotts while you tan, help you tan faster. I dont believe in tanning salons or spray/ ltion tans. only natural ranning. do you know any tricks to tan faster???
    2 Style 86
  182. Will suntan lotion prevent tanning?
    If you use sun tan lotion will you get a tan? Cause I really don't want to get a darker tan and cause I'm going to the beach soon.
    3 Health 108
  183. Tanning and pimples?
    If you go in a tanning bed, will your pimples get darker too? Or will just your skin get more tan? Because I have a dance coming up and I need to blend the scars in with my tan skin.. So what should I do? Please help.
    5 Style 111
  184. How can I even out tan lines without tanning beds?
    I am a soccer player, so I have "the soccer tan" on my legs. It is just my knee area that's tan because of my shorts and shin guards. This makes my shins look so white!! I get countless comments on how bad my tan line is. What's the easiest way to even...
    5 Style 312
  185. Hands are peeling how do I get ride of that?
    Heyy my hands are peeling like really badly like when someone sunburns and their skins peels thats like theirs does. How do I get ride of tha? Help!!
    5 Style 44
  186. How to get my skin to stop peeling?
    My nose always peels and bleeds. I hate it. The only part of my face that breaks out or peels is my nose. The rest of my face is fine? And help?
    4 Style 102
  187. What is your opinion on supermarkets selling peeled bananas, wrapped up in plastic?
    I found this photo on the web. There appears to be a supermarket that peels bananas and then gives them an artificial peel by packing them in plastic.
    9 Health 47
  188. Oil && tanning
    Can you put baby oil on your skin and then go out tanning? Or is it bad and make you burn easier? Because I dont have tanning oil an di was wondering if baby oil worked?
    3 Style 636
  189. Is Le Tan Deep Bronze Creme good?
    Is Le Tan Deep Bronze Creme good? Is it more brown or orange ? And does it fade well? Also what are some good fake tans out there? Details THANKYOU
    3 Style 20
  190. Tanning solutions
    How to get a nice tan because my white skin seems to relflect sun and none of the tanning lotions work I've tried them all!!!
    3 Style 112
  191. What makeup looks good on black hair and tanned skin?
    what kind of makeup looks good on black hair and tanned skin? I have black hair, tanned skin and dark eyes. Anyone have any ideas on the makeup I could use??
    6 Style 58
  192. Sunburned nose is peeling?
    how can ubtreat a sunburn cause my nose was peeling really bad and its red and it hurts and gross looking I need help???
    3 Health 228
  193. How do sims tan on the sims 2 seasons?
    How do sims tan on seasons, I heard they can but even when I dress them in swimwear and make them lay in the sun, nothing happens, how do you do it?
    3 Gaming 73
  194. Tattoo peeling
    I got my second tattoo exactly one week ago. It hasn't started to peel yet. Is someting wrong?
    6 Style 356
  195. Is it possible to get sunburned when you've already got a tan?
    My sister is convinced that once you're tanned you can't get sunburned so i just want someone to confirm this?
    11 Health 61
  196. How can you look tan or get tan without tanners or sprays?
    I get tan easily but it just turned spring weather and I need easy ways to look tan without fake sprays or tanners. And I try to get outside a lot but is there a certain amount of hours to be in the sun each day or techniques to get tanner looking? (I ...
    2 Style 17
  197. Do beauty marks grow back if they are peeled off?
    my sister did it last night and I felt like smacking her... Because my moms grew back and she had peeled it off to.
    3 Style 1079
  198. does tanning beds hurt?
    because i asked my mom if i can go into one. but first im gonna do a spray tan. but when i turn 14 i am gonna go in a tanning bed.. because at our tanning salon that is the age we can go. so does tanning beds sting or hurt?
    6 Style 87
  199. what would happen if you used tanning bed lotion outside in the sun?
    Just wondering, if you used tanning lotion (lotion you put on before you go tanning in a tanning bed) if you used it out in the sun, like just laid outside for thirty minutes.. what would happen?
    3 Style 129
  200. What is a cheap outside tanning lotion?
    I really want to get tanner. My parents will not let me tan in a tanning bed so does anyone know of a good outside tanning lotion for $20 or under that works?
    2 Style 29
  201. Are tattoos supposed to peel?
    my tattoo is peeling, I went to tha place where I got it done, && he said to stop using the a + d, when I did it got all dry and started peeling...sooo, what should I do
    17 Style 1377
  202. Are tanning salons open when its raining/thundering?
    I wanna go tan today. And its raining a lil and thundering. Does anybody know if tanning salons are open when weathers like this? Thanks, :).
    3 Style 32
  203. How can I get rid of my tan line?
    Okay this is my second year being a majorette at my school and I dont really tan at all but I have a light tan line where my shorts have been! I have layed out some but its not helping!
    3 Style 123
  204. How can I make my sunburn stop peeling?
    I got a bad sunburn,And now im Peeling. Its really gross and Makes me really itchy. Are there any things I can do it make it stop peeling,or At least speed it up so itl stop soon?
    5 Health 186
  205. Anyone gone to a tanning booth or salon?
    Has anyone ever been in a salerium or in a tanning booth of some sought at a proffesional tanning shop? Whats it like? And is the finished result okay?
    3 Style 24
  206. Tan or pale?
    Okay everyone, I was wondering, would you rather be ULTRA MEGA tan, or SUPER white. lmao. and which do you think is more attractive?
    8 Style 30
  207. Why is my skin down there peeling off?
    I dont no why but all of the skin on my balls and p*nis is peeling of I something rong with me please help o ya and im 14
    5 Health 196
  208. What is the best way to peel an orange?
    I have been having trouble peeling oranges lately. They never seem to cooperate when I am hungry. Everyone else seems like an expert.
    2 Food 23
  209. how to get out red food color from a tan carpet
    I'm still trying to figure out how to get out red food color from a tan carpet, any help would be greatly appreciated
    2 Homegarden 65
  210. What are the Risks of Tanning Beds?
    I heard somewhere that you have more of a chance of getting skin cancer from tanning beds. What are the risks and how often can I go without totally ruining my skin?
    3 General 34
  211. is tanned or medium skin better?
    im medium skin but dont really want a tan as I think it looks fake and I prefer natural look..which would be better?
    3 Style 34
  212. How can I get a nice tan without getting burnt
    Im going on a trip soon, and I was just wondering how can I get a nice tan without getting burnt since I dont really tan when I have sunscreen. Even with sunscreen and I get burnt and say I do get a tan how can I keep it without peeling.
    2 Style 245
  213. Salt && tanning
    Okay so I have another quick question about tanning. If you put salt in the water of a spray bottle and then spray it on your skin before you go outside to tan, is that bad too? Like if you spray salt water on your body then go tan, will you actuall...
    3 Style 55
  214. why does my vagina hurt when i have sex and recently it looks like actual skin is peeling out of my vagina not my lips, does anyone know what this could be?
    3 Sex 193
  215. What's the best Sunless tanning lotion? .. Please tell me the price aswell, & i dont want it turning out orange, LOOL
    2 Style 11
  216. Make up for light brown eyes and light tan skin?
    I have light brown eyes and light skin but I don't really know what colors I sould use to make my eyes pop. Any help here?
    6 Style 50
  217. Sun tan
    Hi My hand's skin colour is darker than that of my body.someone please tell me how make my hand's skin's colour tone same to that of my body colour tone
    3 Style 12
  218. How do I get tan without getting sunburned? I hate being pale! please help me and all other people who need the question answered.
    3 Style 98
  219. why is my tanning lotion smearing?
    why does my lotion smear its the healthy glow kind but evertime I use it it smears like so how can I get it to stop and look nice!!!
    2 Style 29
  220. How do I tan my fare skin?
    Ihave white , but italian skin. I can get a tan but its diffucult and usually I become too lazy.. Whats some advice on getting a good tan over the summer but not from a tanning salon?
    2 Style 40
  221. Why do many teens feel it is not cool to use protection when tanning?
    When you use the right product you will tan at the same level and will not experience any burning, pain or peeling. Why do you feel is important to show off to other people that you are burn and peeling?
    20 Health 55
  222. I'm having problems with my tan.
    ok, I'm not as white..I guess you could say? But I'm not tan at all...and I try to tan but I just can't I don't tan easily, and I was wondering if it isn't that bad if your not tan. Because I always feel like you have to be tan because a lot of people ...
    6 Style 19
  223. How do you keep your nail polish from chipping and peeling?
    How do you keep your nail polish from chipping and peeling? I used a clear bottom coat, one coat color, and a clear top coat and it started peeling about 5 days later
    3 Style 40
  224. How can I get a nice and easy tan?
    This boy at school says that I need a tan because I am really pale. I want a tan like Vanesa Hudgens. But my mom doesn't want me to get in a tanning bed. So how would I get a nice tan like Vanessa's without getting in a tanning bed?
    4 Style 17
  225. Safe way to tan?
    What's the safest way to get a tan? I know probably laying down outside in the sun, but should I put anything else on to protect my skin?
    2 Style 40
  226. Difference between stand up and lay down tanning?
    Is there a difference in lay down or stand up tanningbeds as far as how tan you get? Because I've heard you get tanner in a lay down and I wanted to know if that's true. Also, I heard that your legs get tanner in a stand up, is that true too?
    5 Style 198
  227. Should boys wear fake tan ?
    hey im a boy and im like really really pale should I wear fake tan I tried it before and quite liked it so am I gay ? please help ASAP
    5 Style 79
  228. What hair color should I get if I'm tan?
    I Have Tan-ish Skin, and My Hair Is Kinda Brownish-Golden color.....What color should I get it done???? Please answer me!!!
    2 Style 248
  229. What is a good color to paint my toes on tan skin and dark features?
    By dark features i mean dark hair and eyes and i have like a sun kissed tan naturally
    11 Style 53
  230. How do I get a tan
    I have pale skin and everytime I go on holiday I dont get a tan, I could lie in the sun all day and still wouldnt get a tan, im going on holiday next month. Is there any way I could get a tan when im there?
    11 Style 109
  231. help- face peeling and school about to start!
    im sunburned and my face is going to peel soon and I dont want it peeling for school which starts in a few weeks...a few questions- I start school aug 10th, will my face still be peeling by then? when will my face start peeling if I just got the bu...
    3 Health 796
  232. How do I avoid getting tan?
    my skin gets one or two shades darker in the summer. I like the way my skin looks in the winter, so how can I keep it that way? how can I NOT get darker?
    5 Style 23
  233. when you get a slight sunburn, and your face starts to peel a LiTtLe bit, wat kan you do to keep it from getting worse?
    12 Health 40
  234. wax,shave,peel ...
    is it bad if you shave your underarms ? who shaves his under arms ps:iam a girl :p I tried it once and now I want to do it again its not painful unlike waxing
    5 Style 86
  235. Are there any alternatives to tanning oil?
    i want to get a tan but i dont have tanning oil lol and my mom wont buy any. i tan quickish but i want to get a really good tan. i do tan with sunscreen though.. nd i of ccourse will be using sunscreen. but what are some things that help you get tan???...
    11 Style 307
  236. Do guys prefer tan or fair skin?
    ... do guys perfer girls who are tan or do they like girls who have fare skin ??? I have realy fare skin I have never been to the tanning bed but a lot of my friends go a lot ... my boyfriend says he likes fare skin ...
    9 Style 43
  237. How To Make Myself Tan
    How can I make myself tan without using a fake tanner? I am outside for almost three hours everyday and barely get tan. I need help. I'm so pale!
    4 Style 94
  238. Really light skin, what's your opinion on tanning?
    If you have naturally light skin should you tan ? I dont think I should, whatdo you think of light skin? im not going to try and tan but if it happens, it happens. do you guys think light whiter skin is attractive or pretty?
    8 Style 49
  239. What's the best tanning oil that can be purchased in the UK?
    im going pn holiday as you probably know but i never tan and never burn !! so i need to get a product that will help me tan !!
    5 Style 17
  240. tan on cloudy day?
    I'm going to a small beach in connecticut on monday, and I want to tan so bad! however, it's going to be cloudy :/ will I even be able to get a tan ? or does it have to be direct sunlight ?
    2 General 64
  241. What are some household items I can use to tan better?
    i have heard that you can use lemon juice to lighten your hair with the sun, but what can i use to help me tan better that are comonly found around the house?
    7 Style 358
  242. Tanning beds
    How long does it take to make a big difference in skin tone if I go into a tanning bed everyday for 12 minutes, and gradually increase the time?
    6 Style 63
  243. How to get rid of a fake spray tan?
    Just had a spray tan,hate the colour its turned out Tried bathing to get rid of it, and baby wipes nothings working Any suggestions how to get rid of it? Aha
    2 Style 52
  244. Home remedies for tanning lotion.
    What could I use as a substitute for tanning lotion?? Im not worried about getting burnt. Maybe Cocoa butter, lotion, etc. thanxx.
    3 Style 73
  245. Florida Tan! one week long enough?
    Is it possible that still with lotsa sun screen each day at the beach, that I can still get a killer sexxxy tan??
    4 Sex 11
  246. What is a good self tan that wont go streaky?
    What is a good self tan that wont go streaky? Because I've never tried it before and I dont want it to look really orange and not really bad. Thanks!
    3 Style 24
  247. Help with makeup colors for brown hair and tanned complexion?
    What colour makeup would look best on me?? I have brown hair and brown eyes I also am, white but have a nice tan ??? any advice
    2 Style 70
  248. How do I get a fast tan wit out going to a tanniingg salon?
    I need to get tan for a trip coming up because riight now I'm too white to wanna wear sots
    5 Style 34
  249. How can I get a tan from the sun?
    My friend wants a nice kinda dark, natural looking tan. And she doesnt want to use that fake tan, because it makes you look orange. Please is there anything to get a tan fast and affective?
    3 Style 54
  250. How can I tan in the sun without burning?
    I have really light skin and I want to tan. But I usually just burn. What is a way I could tan without using spray tanner or sunless lotions? Is there someway that would help me tan in the sun without burning?
    2 Style 56