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Tablet excessive flow

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  1. whats the difference between a tablet and a ipad?
    2 Technology 19
  2. How can you increase blood flow all over your body?
    3 Health 22
  3. Does anyone else have a pen tablet?
    4 Health 21
  4. How do I keep from losing my tablet pen?
    7 General 37
  5. What kind of tablet should I buy Samsung or Apple
    10 Shopping 39
  6. How to remove excess loose belly skin??
    5 Nutritionfitness 58
  7. Why am I so obsessed by the clear flow of human history?
    7 General 22
  8. Is it normal for a healing wound to itch excessively?
    16 Health 61
  9. What do you think of men that work out and get excessively big?
    36 Nutritionfitness 34
  10. Can i take neurafen (tablets) when i just got my tongue pierced?
    8 Style 125
  11. What can I make with all my excess sugar in my kitchen?
    7 Food 25
  12. Can an excessive intake of sugary foods cause acne?
    7 Health 24
  13. How do you save apps to an SD Card on a Cruz tablet?
    3 Technology 16
  14. Expiry of multivitamin tablets
    Are multivitamin tablets safe to use a year after the expiry date?
    2 Nutritionfitness 54
  15. why do girls feel the need to put on excessive makeup and perfume?
    why do girls feel the need to put on excessive makeup and perfume?
    17 Style 88
  16. What do fish oil tablets do for your health?
    i know there good for you but in what ways and what does it do?
    4 Health 37
  17. How can I stop sweating excessively even when I put on so much deodorant?
    5 Health 64
  18. What is the best color of blouse to wear on a cream color flowing skirt?
    9 Style 85
  19. What does it mean by "days of flow" and "lengths of cycle"?
    its for my medical history?
    2 Health 63
  20. Why can't I get Pinger on my tablet?
    It says it unavailable for my product. Are you kidding me?
    2 Technology 14
  21. What's a good cure for a headache besides tablets?
    What's a good cure for a headache besides tablets? I dont really believe in them
    5 Health 15
  22. When wearing headphones, are you supposed to hear the blood flowing through or around your ears?
    6 Health 3110
  23. What is the difference between an internet tablet and an iPad?
    If anybody can tell me please thank you.
    3 Technology 20
  24. Excercis to help chakra flow?
    does anyone know a good excersise to help your chakra flow better?
    4 Religion 34
  25. What tablet to be taken if I want my monthly period early?
    If I want my monthly periods on same date as previous month which tablet should I take?
    3 Health 72
  26. Excess in Potato
    Among fat protein carbohydrate mineral vitamin which is present in excess in potato ?
    2 Food 12
  27. Excess in Spinach
    Among Fat, Protein, Corbohydrate, Mineral, Vitamin, Which is Present in Excess in Spinach ?
    2 General 9
  28. can potassium gluconate vitamin tablets replace bananas to prevent "Charlie horse's"?
    2 Health 39
  29. Vitamin Tablets
    Anyone know if taking two 250mg magnesium tablets is the same as taking one 500mg??
    2 Health 19
  30. Is it bad to eat more than one chewable 500 mg Vitamin C tablets a day?
    5 Health 45
  31. Do cod liver oil tablets & omega3 tablets make your boobs bigger?
    I have done loads of research into this and I just wanted to know if it does actually work before I go splashing the cash on thing that I don't really need or work.
    8 Style 1613
  32. How do I get actual sperm liquid flowing?
    So I'm 13 and I just started trying to masterbate, all I get is "precum" how do I get actual sperm liquid flowing? If I do it once will I be able to do it again?
    4 Sex 97
  33. How do you give tablets to your dog?
    when you give your dog tablets do you put them in something your dog likes or do you just give them to them and hold their gob shut till they swallow them ??? E
    9 Pets 31
  34. Why is it that when I try to swallow tablets they get stuck in my chest then I feel like I'm gonna be sick?
    7 Health 43
  35. Can orthodontists put a tablet up your bum?
    When I had my tooth out I was put to sleep by an injection, and I was told I had a tablet put up my bum, can they do that? They said it would get into my system quicker?
    5 Health 79
  36. What does take 3 tablets twice a day mean?
    Yesterday I went to the doctors to check out my thoart. I have to take pills, because I have strep thoart. The bottle says take 3 tablets , twice a day? What does take 3 tablets, twice a day mean?
    3 Health 2115
  37. How is it normal if I get blood clots during period and heavy flow?
    im 13 and I have blood clots and a heavy flow and it also soaks through when I sleep is that normal? Because im scared when it comes out and scared if its normal!
    2 Health 81
  38. How can I stop excessive flatulence?
    I have flatulence and cannot stop passing gas. I've been to the doctors and the medicine doesn't work. Whatever shall I do?
    2 Health 59
  39. Which is the best graphic tablet for digital painting?
    does anyone know anything about graphic tablets, such as wacom? if so could you tell what is better for digital painting wacom intuos3, or bamboo fun?
    2 Technology 19
  40. What factors can delay mentrual flow?
    When ovulation has occured already, are there any other factors that can impede menstruation aside from pregnancy?? Just wanna know..
    3 Health 97
  41. When you take tablets for cancer and you lose your hair, do you lose your eyebrows and lashes also?
    It is something that just popped into my head from watching a medical show.
    6 Health 30
  42. When I masterbate with flow of water will I loose my virginity?
    When I masterbate with narrow flow of water will I loose my virginity? When I watch something erotic I feel like doing I never do fingering I only use narrow flow of water which is supplied in pipe will this make me loose virginity?
    2 Sex 1732
  43. How to stop heavy period flow?
    Well im 14 years old and my period flow is not ttoo light but not heavy as I get older will my flow get heavier as I go into my 20's 30's and 40's???
    6 Health 39
  44. Excess goldfish food
    Gold fish...I have a goldfish and a guppy and I got them yesterday and I fed them and there is still food leftover and it sinks to the bottom do I leave it or is it poisonous
    3 Pets 81
  45. What nationality is Nengo Flow and Kendo Kaponi?
    ok so i reallly dig spanish music not to mention i am latino but i was wandering , wat nationality is NENGO FLOW & KENDO KAPONI ? sorry for mispelled words
    3 Entertainment 137
  46. What is a way to ensure your essay flows?
    With every paper I write, I always get comments about how I have good information and points but it does not flow. I attempted to improve this but it seems to not be working. Any tips?
    3 Education 35
  47. How is sniffing crushed tablets bad? or is it?
    I got bored last night so I crushed up half a panadol tablet and sniffed it up like cocaine. It made me a little high but not for very long. I find this fun but is it bad??
    3 Health 200
  48. Best drawing tablet for PC?
    My boyfriend is an artist, and I'd love to get him a drawing tablet. Which is the best brand and model? I've heard good things about Wacom. Has anyone used Wacom Bamboo tablet? What is your favorite?
    2 Technology 45
  49. Vagina lip with excess skin
    is it normal for one of your lips of your vagina, to have a lot of excess skin. like it can strech. its kinda a little inside the lip. and if you pinch any of that skin you cant feel anything. is this ok ??? if not what could have caused it???
    3 Health 231
  50. How can I stop excessive snacking?
    Everytime I come home from school I snack until I'm bloated can anyone give me advice on how to stop my insane snacking and maybe some healthy good tasting recipies?
    4 Nutritionfitness 70
  51. Do situps and crunches work for getting off excess fat ?
    I have a little bit of fat on my stomach thats driving me crazy - I just want it gone Do crunches work? a lot of people are saying they don't, some say they do.. So - do they!?
    5 Nutritionfitness 39
  52. Why not use the excess trailers in Haiti?
    There were thousands of excess trailers after the hurricane hit New Orleans. Why not use them in Haiti where they are needed? They could be shipped and arrive in a few days. Government authorities do not seem to have much between the ears if this isn't...
    3 Politics 38
  53. iPad vs tablets?
    Which is better iPads or tablets? Pros and cons of each? and Which do you prefer? I have a Samsung tablet atm but have an opportunity to get an iPad some time next year. I need help deciding whether or not to keep the tablet or take it back and get an...
    3 Technology 16
  54. How do I get rid of excess water in my food while cooking?
    I left the pot open but there was still too much water. I turned it up to high heat but the meat started to become dry. Any other suggestions?
    7 Food 982
  55. Which tablet is better - Nook or Kindle Fire?
    I heard about the nook..but didn't really care. My friend has the Kindle Fire...and I think it looks cooler. But I want to learn more about the features, perks, which one is better of the two.
    3 Technology 10
  56. Excess Fat...and A Lot Of It!!!!!
    I have a lot of excess fat around my tummy, thighs, and hips. How Do I get rid of this? I know there are a lot of questions like this, and they all say the same thing. I have tried what you have all said and it doesn't seem to work. Any DIFERENT tips???
    2 Health 35
  57. How can I get my period flow to be way lighter?
    My period is like really heavy and stuff. and I hate it. esp the cramps. but anyway. I was wondering how can I get it lighter besides taking birthcontrol. cause I'm on that and that sure doesn't help me with the flow. So how can I get my period flow t...
    2 Health 146
  58. when I have an orgasim it's an over flow of fluids, what is this?
    when I have an orgasim it's like a waterfall, my girlfriend says it's not normal . We use toys and the clit massager always gives me an over flow of fluids. Is this cum or urine? or perhaps both? She is afraid to provide me with oral sex because of...
    4 Sex 192
  59. what would be the benefits of taking water retention tablets?
    I'm wanting to loose weight quickly before a holiday, and as well as starting a new low fat/ low carb diet, & going swimming I wondered if taking these water retention tablets would help me loose weight?
    3 Food 20
  60. What's the most natural way to lose weight and excess belly fat?
    What's the most natural way to lose weight and excess belly fat? Besides calories, yoga, and fitness. Also; I'd like to ask what are some foods that helps your skin complexion and foods that help lose water weight? Educated responses only please.
    3 Nutritionfitness 42
  61. Are there any foods that can help increase/maintain good blood flow?
    my hands and feet are always freezing and I cant seem to change it. I'm exercising basically everyday and have a somewhat healthy diet, but nothing.
    2 Health 17
  62. Do you think the banning of soccer balls in school after a parent was injured is excessive?
    A Toronto school has banned soccer balls after one of the parents was hit with one and suffered a concussion. Do you think this is excessive behaviour over a rare occurrence, or are school administrators reacting within reason? Read about it: htt...
    6 Politics 16
  63. How many times is excessive masturbation?
    MALE 27 YEARS, UNMARRIED. I mast*rbate at about 4 times in a day on average...some times up to 10 times from past 8 years. I know this is excessive, some times i feel i am the only one who does these many times. let me know the side effects, disadvant...
    2 Sex 101
  64. are all guys born with excess skin on their penis?
    my girlfriend asked when i was circumcised and i said never and she said, "i thought all guys had to do that if they wanted to get rid of the extra skin" and i got really confused because i was never circumcised i dont believe and i dont have that exce...
    4 Relationships 115
  65. Period stops flowing when in water?
    I am unable to wear tampons. That doesn't bother me much, but tomorrow I have my big swim test and if I skip it I will not be able to be a counsellor at the camp!! o.O What do I do? Is it true that when you enter the water, the blood stops flowing? I'...
    3 Health 92
  66. Well excess masturbation cause faster orgasms?
    So I heard somewhere that if a male masturbates he makes himself cum faster each time to experience pleasure faster...which I think makes sense. A male wants to experience pleasure and masturbates...but is it true that if a male masturbates it will act...
    6 Sex 45
  67. Can tablets make you more emotional?
    I was given tablets by the doctor to stop my period while I went on my two holidays and I need to take 3 a day but I have been like an emotional wreck since I started taking them.. the littlest things will send me either into anger or tears.. i started...
    7 Health 35
  68. How to get rid of period pains when I cant take tablets ?
    hi im 14 and I have had a belly ache from this morning and I have tried laying on my belly warm milk hot bath and none of it is working. I cant take tablets yet x any idears ? soo please help xx thank you ...
    2 Health 14
  69. What is the name of the mainstrem "anti-alcohol" tablet?
    What is the name of the mainstrem "anti-alcohol" tablet? Basically, if you have it and then have alcohol, it makes you not want it, like it maks you all flush faced red and stuff. Anybopdy know? And please don't send any "get over alcohol" help. Its n...
    2 Food 69
  70. Good hair growing tablets in the UK?
    this sounds really vain but still I need help! Can any advice me of any really good hair growing tablets in the U.K or tips. I know about keeping your hair trimmed etc please give me advice, I would be really grateful! im forever changing my hair but...
    3 Style 10
  71. Do you think the "continuous flow" heart replacement device will become successful enough to practically end death due to heart disease?
    The device basically keeps your blood flowing without a heartbeat or a pulse and a man was kept alive for a month with this device before his illness attacked other major organs. Read about it:
    5 Health 31
  72. Can sex alter the flow of your period?
    I went out of town to visit my boyfriend, we havent seen each other in months and we had lots of sex, multuple times a day for about a week and a half. Almost always without a condom though, my period started 4 days late today, I had heavy cramps for a...
    2 Sex 14
  73. Does masturbation cause excessive urination?
    hello I am a boy my age is 26 and unmarried. I have developed the habit of mastrubation from the age of 19. the day I mastrubate I feel like urinating too much , like if I have a tea or cofee I gp 4 to 6 times for urine but I m not diabetic. is this b ...
    2 Sex 45
  74. Why is my period flow changing ?
    My periods are just maddd! im due on the 17-18th but this time round I started on the 21st... then just my normal period started then it slowed down yesterday & this morning but now its started fast flowing of blood again and its really annoying becaus...
    3 Health 65
  75. How do I update my Android tablet if the System Update button is missing?
    So about a year or so ago, I bought a cheap Android tablet. I never really did learn how to use it, but I was talking with a friend at school today and he gave me a few pointers, so I decided to give it another try. I want to update it (right now it's ...
    4 Technology 64
  76. Can sex affect the flow of your period?
    So here is the deal.. My boyfriend and I have had sex three times. We used a condom and correctly, I might add. The first two times he didn't climax and the third time, he did but he took it out before it happened. Remember, we used a condom all three...
    2 Sex 1211
  77. Why is my flow so heavy??!?
    ok so I have had about 8 periods and they ALL were really heavy...and im talking 6-9 tampons a day to avoid leaking, school is terrible and I really want help. Also I feel sick like I wanna throw up and im really pale, my cramps get so bad I almost cr...
    5 Health 150
  78. Do cold & flu tablets actually work?
    Hey guys, I have a bad cold, it's driving me nuts. My nose is running like a tap, I feel tired, I have a headache and my throat is dry and hurts. I usually just suffer through it until I get better but I know that some people feel the need to buy cold/...
    3 Health 122
  79. Go with the Flow?
    Me and my girlfriend have been talkin' about stepping it up to 3rd base. (basically oral sex) and I asked her what she thought about going to 3rd base and if she didn't want to it was totally cool, nothing in our relationship would change, I didn't wan...
    3 Sex 22
  80. Is This Flow Good For a 13 Year Old
    Tell Me What you Think. Life tight until you get stab by a knife everyday I see kids having their child's play knowing one of these days we're all going to ash I want to blast the devil off his a** this is real rap I never take a nap bec...
    7 Music 12
  81. How to get rid of excess skin after losing weight?
    I use to weigh around 185 pounds and I lost a good bit of weight about 3 years ago now I weigh around 142 and I have flabby thighs a little bit of belly fat from where I lost weight...I want to tone up my thighs and belly but I don't want to loose to m...
    3 Nutritionfitness 151
  82. Why does my flo flow like a waterfall?
    My friend caitlin, she has this really stinky period funk... So like does that mean her vag / pussy is dirty? And like... If she has a heavy flo, how do I tell her to wear a bigger tampon to trap in the smell?? Haha, well just for kicks guys, Y...
    2 Health 290
  83. How can I lose excess weight?
    well I'm 15 years old at the height of 5"2 almost 3 and I weigh approximately 165 pounds. I need a quick & easy way I can maintain to lose my weight. I would like to have smaller thighs, a flat stomache and fat off of my arms. can someone please help m...
    3 Nutritionfitness 23
  84. I'm what some would consider a skinny fat girl. How would I get rid of excess fat?
    Okay, so this is like my third thing about losing fat. I'm just trying to get rid of it before the summer. One person suggested yoga, but I haven't found one that works right with me yet. I'm also what some guys would call thick but the good way. I...
    5 Nutritionfitness 18
  85. What's the permanant damage from excessive laxative use?
    Hi, I recently discoverd on the internet that the majority of bullimic individuals consume laxatives which can vary in the amount consumed. I am also aware that they can cause damage to the Bowels if taken on a regualr basis, but what would be the long...
    3 Health 119
  86. Excessive oily skin!
    help! Just in the past 2 weeks my skin (mostly my face) has been very oily. I can literally feel the oil on my skin and am having bad breakouts. I never had this problem before. I haven't changed my diet, beauty products, the weather hasn't changed, or...
    3 Health 1314
  87. Can anyone name some good quality drawing tablets?
    The computerized ones of course. My boyfriend is an artist and would like to get into design. I'm hoping for something that isn't too hard to use and won't freeze up or break after a couple of months. Please also mention any additional products I m...
    4 Technology 12
  88. Excess flesh hanging out of vigina
    Hello, I am in my teens and about 18 months ago a large piece of flesh grew and hung outside my vigina. I was a bit worried at first but just ignored it. It was uncomfortable but I slowly got used to it. It's the same colour as the rest of the inside o...
    18 Health 9389
  89. Does excess mast*rbation cause fertility problems?
    im 20yrs old now and have been mast*rbate]ing since 13. I mast*rbate sometimes several times a day, seven days a week - I actually have to make a real effort not to... I tried the whole 40 days and 40 nights thing and it proves even harder than the act...
    3 Health 55
  90. What graphing tablet do I need to get for my computer?
    So i want to go into graphic design, but right now I'm still in high school(lol) but i do a lot of Gimp editing with my pictures and i was wondering if a tablet would help? like with the eyeliner and drawing things since the mouse is a total pain to ed...
    3 Technology 12
  91. Could I still be a diabetic even if I don't drink excessive amounts but have all the other symptoms?
    my dad was diagnosed with diabetes when he was 16/17 which is the same age as me. but me and my family moved out so there for we had to change doctors and we all had to take a urine sample this morning. however i got a phonecall this afternoon saying t...
    4 Health 23
  92. Is this a sign of pregnancy?
    Is excessive vaginal mucus a sign of pregnancy?
    2 Health 197
  93. CHAKRA
    Anyone know how to help chakra flow?
    9 General 48
  94. Could these circulatory/blood flow problems be caused by a serious condition? (read more)
    Why do I keep waking up with no blood flow in my arms/hands and whenever i have them upright for a really short period of time, i lose blood flow too? I'll wake up and won't be able to move my hand because it'll be so painful, so I have to veeery slowl...
    10 Health 24
  95. What should I do? go with the flow or not?
    I been seening that I been changing. before I was focus on Making a better life for myself. but now it just seem like am forgetting about all that and taking a wrong turn. ( seriously). before I was more focus on school and trying to move to a better c...
    4 General 11
  96. heavy flow and blood clots during period
    I'm 16 and have always had a hard time when it comes to my period. when I was 13 my period didn't stop for months and I got really bad anemia. I was put on the pill but have recently stopped cause I didn't feel the difference. I still got heavy periods...
    10 Health 1483
  97. How can you lose excess fat off of your pecs?
    I do not have what some consider to be "man boobs" but if I do not take care of it, then they could end up becoming just that. I am rather slim, but I have gained some weight over the past couple years due to the way I eat. I've been trying to eat le...
    2 Sex 47
  98. Herbal supplements
    Has anyone taken the following and felt dizzy (1) kelp tablets (2) alfalfa tablets And what is chromimum picolinate used for?
    3 Nutritionfitness 9
  99. vitamin supplements
    ok I dont know if this is true but someone told me that multivitamin tablets and fish oil tablets contain fat and calories :? is this true?
    2 Nutritionfitness 34
  100. Does Paracetamol make you gain weight?
    Could Taking Tablets (Paracetamol)Make Yuu Gain Weight ?
    3 Nutritionfitness 1046
  101. Who thinks having your lip and tongue pierced is excessive?
    I don't useally care what people think. I mainly just have my ears pierced a few times and I just got my lip pierced 2 weeks ago. I really really like tongue piercings. I think their super cute. Useally idgaf what other people think of me,because I hav...
    5 Style 52
  102. Is $500 a fair price for a tune up and an oil change?
    I think it's pretty excessive, myself.
    17 Cars 43
  103. What are tips for planning a wedding on a budget?
    What are your tips for planning a wedding on a budget? What do you consider to be priorities for a wedding and what are excesses that can be cut out of the ceremony/reception?
    3 Money 57
  104. Is clear discharge from my breast cancer?
    I haven't missed my period, but clear fluid is flowing from my breast...
    2 Health 89
  105. How does this sound?
    Guitar in hand It plays my heart's tunes As here, in my bathroom, I stand Eyes closed All emotion flowing from my heart into my hand Then out of my guitar's notes Here I stand All emotion flowing Lost and confused My hurt is now showing ...
    5 Literature 15
  106. How to fix damaged hair
    My hair is breaking because of excessive straightening. Because of this, I dont straighten my hair as often to give my hair a break...but how can I repair it?
    5 Style 41
  107. What does pV=k stand for?.
    Just a question to get your brain flowing.. Can anyone tell me what pV=k stand for??
    3 Science 560
  108. How can I grow ?
    Am only 5ft and I really want to grow, does anyone no how you can grow fast naturly or by taking some kind of tablets ?
    2 Health 36
  109. had sex during my period could I be pregnant?
    I had sex in the middle of my period and after it slowed down the kept flowing for 3 days could I be pregnant?
    3 Sex 27
  110. Will water help me pass a urine drug test?
    If I drink excess amount of water before I take a urine drug test, will I pass?
    7 Drugs 11329
  111. Nervious
    im 34 year old my blood presure is not normal BP. 140/100 or over how in so take LACIPIL TABLETS and ATENOLO THERABLAC TABLET after few days i will be "NERVOUS" & "DEPRESSION"and now get nervious, How to prevent this nervious and depression?..... bhoycabs
    2 Health 48
  112. How to help my dry hair?
    Hi, I am suffering from very dry hair. I use conditioning shampoo. I take omega 3 tablets. I eat very healthy. I do suffer from muscle pain but have it under control with glucosamine sulphate and calcium tablets. Any advice? Cher
    12 Style 48
  113. Why when taking a bath doesn't water get obsorbed into the Vagina?
    Curious to know when a woman bathes, why water doesn't flow into the vagina.
    3 Health 71
  114. Thrust and pregnancy
    hi there my partner is 21 weeks pregant and she has a swollen virgina and thrust she has had some tablets from the doctor.
    2 Health 41
  115. What do you think of public affection?
    Once again, I am curious what your opinions of it is. I don't mind it as long as there isn't excessive groping involved.
    33 Relationships 52
  116. Pregnancy Possibility
    Hello, Iam 25years old. 3 years completed for my marriage. I am trying from 1 year to get pregnant but I can't. I am having hypothyroidism from 1 & half year I am taking eltroxin50 per day 1 tablet before breakfast. Two days I did the report of Thyroid...
    3 Health 31
  117. How do you pronounce this?
    ok so im stumped! you know that guy Flo Rida? well how the he** do you pronounce it?! is it like.. "Florida" as in the state or "Flow-Rider" or like "Flow-Reeda" I know this might be a slightly retarted question...
    10 Music 63
  118. When does my mate become a man?
    My friend keeps pestering me about this. He had meningitus and now his penis dont grow even when he is on his tablets
    5 Health 14
  119. Do you like my new poem?
    I just wrote so give me some pointers! Rain Drips into the gutters onto the streets Rain is everywhere Falling it drips down the windowpane and flows into the lane flowing through the streets flooding my mind part of nature part of me TA-DA!!! What d...
    4 Literature 20
  120. How do you take care of oily skin?
    I was my face before school and take all the excess oil off, but by 3rd period, my face is shiny again. Any tips?
    10 Style 61
  121. Anyone knows where i can get an ipad for 200 hundred dollars?
    If you know where i can get an ipad for 200 hundred dollars or a tablet similar to the ipad tell me please thank you.
    2 Shopping 13
  122. Can women take Viagra?
    what wud happen to a girl if she was to eat some viagra tablets. does it du owt??? lol just wondered
    2 Health 26
  123. What's it take to find a tolerant and open minded woman?
    Is a Satanist doomed to be single in this world of excessive ignorance?
    24 Relationships 41
  124. Inhaling pot smoke
    Is it possible to get high from inhaling the excess smoke if you're around people smoking pot, even if you dont have any for yourself?
    5 Health 54
  125. Why is my computer doing this strange ribbon thing around the edges?
    It just keeps flowing like a ribbon in the breeze and its driving me crazy! Help?
    5 Technology 10
  126. Is too much masturbation bad for the body's strength?
    You don't think excess masturbating can make body weak or lose strength, and ability to do sex late?
    3 Sex 185
  127. Coffee house, indie, folk, something?
    Coffee house music? Anybody? Nobody listens to the stuff that doesn't flow mainstream...?
    2 Music 14
  128. Vaginal Infection..please help!
    My boy friend and I had intercourse last week end. Now I have burning sensation during peeing. and today I noticed blood while urinating. I did consult ma doc but I wanted to know if this will reoccure. Will I have to take care while having S**? and ...
    2 Relationships 67
  129. How side bangs?
    I can not keep my bangs to the right side!they always flow back to random parts!!can you please help?any tips on keeping them to either side?please please help!!!
    6 Style 22
  130. Are my chances of breast-feeding reduced by an uplift?
    Okay first of all i'm not pregnant and do not have children either. but i was wondering if i had an uplift (surgery to remove excess skin around my breast) will it affect my chances of future breast-feeding my childen? (because my breast are becoming s...
    2 Health 58
  131. Where can I find a computer/laptop wholesaler in Miami Florida?
    The following questions i want to be in the location in Miami Florida. and a cellphone, tablets wholesaler? Does anyone know a site ?
    4 Technology 18
  132. What will cure ringworm?
    I have ringworm on my arms and I have a 150 mg tablet of diflucan I got for thrush and it says its used 2 cure ringworm but I dunno should I take it ??
    3 Health 19
  133. What to do to pass a urine test next week?
    I have a urine test next week, and I haven't smoked in 10 days and have been taking azo cranberry tablets, whatelse can I do to pass this test?
    2 Health 192
  134. How Can I help someone with OCD?
    OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)...someone that washes hands excessively, checks things repetitively, counts things, etc.
    6 Health 43
  135. How to strengthen my breasts?
    I have pretty ok size of breast but it is so lossey.. Its not tight..the muscles are flowing here and there...tell me any medicines please
    4 Nutritionfitness 230
  136. How to deal with frizzy hair?
    normaly my hair is nice an flowing ,but lately it has been ftizzy.I need major hair help .please reply to me so my hair will look good again.
    2 Style 9
  137. Are these drawings good for a thirteen year old?
    I made all of them on facebook. Do you think they're good? Oh, and for the first two, I didn't use a tablet.
    11 General 75
  138. Is this true about after giving birth?
    So I just heard that after you have a baby you get a really bad period with extremly heavy flow and it lasts up to 3 weeks???
    3 Health 16
  139. How does physics integrate biology in this?
    I have a misunderstanding in human biology... as its known, when the blood pressure drops in human body, the autonomic nervous system (the sympathetic) stimulates the body to decrease blood vessel diameter, to increase the blood flowing speed, and t...
    2 Science 18
  140. How to become a fat and stronger?
    I m so thin and weak , want to become fat suggest some tablets or tonic ,so that I can increase my weight and height in one month can you help me ?
    4 Nutritionfitness 26
  141. Is there anything like Pepto Bismol in pill form?
    I have frequent stomach aches and always carry Pepto Bismol chewable tablets with me. But I can not stand the taste. Is there anything like it that I can just swallow??
    8 Health 17
  142. Should I plan something for when he gets out of jail?
    My boyfriend is getting out of jail. He has been in there for 2 months, this is the longest time we have spent away from each other. I have not had sex in 2 months!!! I want to do something romantic and sexy. Should I plan something or just go with the...
    3 Sex 48
  143. When does Niacin work?
    Does Niacin work if it doesn't burn? I took like 10 500mg tablets that I bought from GNC and didn't even burn and I take random drug screens.
    2 Drugs 710
  144. Side effects, must you take too many?
    Isnt true that in order to experience side effects of herbal supplements, minerals, etc you have to take more than one or two tablets a day.
    2 Health 10
  145. Does taking vitamin supplements harm your stomach?
    so i decided to take supplements. i bought off he counter calcium tablets and ever since i ve been taking them my stomach is always upset? does this happen to people taking supplements.
    12 Health 84
  146. What's the basic cause of dandruff and how do you get rid of it entirely?
    whats the basic cause of dandruff how d u get rid of it entirely besides shavin the head off or washin it in excess usin all kinds of shampoos ??
    7 Style 48
  147. Coverflow
    Ok so anyone with the new ipod knows what a cover flow is...well you only get the cover of the album if you buy and music off of itunes...but is there anyway to get get the cover if you use a cd and download it?
    3 Music 26
  148. Major clotting while on period?
    I have had quite a few blood clots today... more that usual.. and it is only day 1 of my period... I think I might have something wrong? is this normal? my flow today is super heavy...
    2 Health 67
  149. irregular bleeding and spotting
    I've been diagnosed with endometriosis in jan 08, jan 31 had a normal 5 day period. feb 26, 5 day normal period . mar. 21 & 22 spotting then flow that lasted 8 days. april 1-13 I had sore tingling breast. and cramping. apr 10 spotted for 4 days then...
    5 Health 20
  150. light brown peachy dishcharge
    that looks like a peach color,its been happening for a few days now,its not even a flow its just their when I wipe,what is this? my period was March 13th and it lasted 8 days.
    5 Health 615
  151. Edwards lullabye
    Ok what song do you think sounds most liek edwards lullabuy, from twilight of course? Mine is river flows in you by yiruma. Seriously listen to it its amazinggg! <333
    2 Music 11
  152. What does putting a lighter near a wound do?
    I just saw it in the movie vampires. daniel baldwin put a lighter to his wound, after being bitten. was this a thing to prevent from turning into a vampire or does this help heal the wound or stop blood flow?
    3 Religion 30
  153. What will this medacation do to me ?
    The stuff is lexapro 20 mg tablets Its for my anzitie and depression I didnt start taking it yet though so um can someone tell me what it might change about me ?
    2 Health 20
  154. Two periods a month
    This just started in the last 3 months as a young girl I was very unregular could go months without since my kids regular but never been a heavy flow and still not
    2 Health 47
  155. Tampon Drama
    I've tried insurting a tampn 3 times now and whenever I try it really hurts I did what it sayd on the packet I used the smaller sizes and I tried when my period flow was heavy. So why does it hurt ?
    6 Health 51
  156. What realtek driver can I use to keep my pc from crashing?
    I have a tablet pc that I am reloading and there is no sound. Evertime I load the realtek driver I get the bluescreen of Death. I have tried older and newer versions but the same results.
    2 Technology 42
  157. Does it sound like I might be pregnant?
    I usually have a period for 5 days with a heavy flow last month it was light bleeding which lasted 1 in a half days then I spotted for two can you help me
    2 Health 44
  158. Power of Gold
    how can I increase my breast size and what is the duration of increament. If possible the hemopaty tablet or may b antiboitic with afortable cost not too much over 10 to 20 dollers. Thank You
    4 Health 16
  159. How can I get rid of vaginal thrush?
    I have horrid vaginal thrush and I have had it for a while. I can't get rid of it and I've tried all kinds of tablets and pills. It's like a thick white goo kinda stuff. Please help. I'm worried :(
    4 Health 76
  160. How can I increase circulation to my hands?
    I'm in decent shape and do some sort of workout everyday so blood flow in general is good but my hands are always freezing and cold to the touch so is there anything I can eat or do to help this?
    2 Health 13
  161. Melatonin.
    I'm used to taking one 5mg of melatonin but I was wondering if it were safe to take two 5 mg tablets in one night. Just for the beginning of the year to get back on normal sleeping habits
    4 Health 17
  162. Vaginal Infection
    Hi all...Its awkward to talk about this but did anyone used Vaginal tablets? If yes, I want to discuss something...I am using them now.last night I used one. have another 6 to use. Please post your comments. Thnks
    4 Health 71
  163. What are rickets?
    What are rickets? I have had an itch and a burn that wouldn't go away forever and I had assumed it was hemroids but my doctor now says I have "rickets". Or something that rhymed with "cricket". I don't make any noise down there just pain, itching, a...
    2 Health 15
  164. Toilet breaks at least twice a night, every night
    what is with that and is it normal? I have to drink lots of water but don't think it is excessive. why can't I just stay asleep and not wke for toilet breaks? And will a guy every except me if I wake multiple times in the night to pee???
    3 Health 40
  165. Ways to improve a poem?
    I've been writing poems for about a year. They never really seem to flow, if you get me. How can I get them to roll abit more off the tounge? Just make them sound better? Any good techniques I could use?
    2 Literature 67
  166. how can i get my period to go lighter ?
    my period isnt very light but its not that that heavy but still want it to die down. i dont like having my period and im reallly wanting it to die down, like go lighter and flow out slower. no meds please, and baths just dont help. please help asap?!
    8 Health 27
  167. I think I love him
    I been with mah boyfriend for almost a year, and I really think I'm in love with him, but I just dont know how to tell him. I mean he's 19 and am 15 can I tell, I want to tell him but the words would never flow out ...someone please help me
    2 Relationships 16
  168. the guy I like
    ok so im still unsure about the online guy im seeing should I just go with the flow and give it a little chance or should I just go with my gut feeling and leave it rite away because I dont feel that tis guy can always be real
    2 Relationships 9
  169. going to be 16
    im going to be sixteen and my dad and mom still treat me like a child... meaning no parties no going to fwends house with out them knowing the parents.. and its sooo... wack!!! what should I I tell the to back off or just go with the flow..?
    6 Family 30
  170. Below are six clues to six words.
    Below are six clues to six words. When arranged in the correct order, each word is an anagram of the previous word with a letter removed. capital of France snake headache tablet single article twisted ankle coarse file equally
    2 General 25
  171. I can't live with this constant blushing
    I suffer really bad with constant blushing, its not because I'm shy because it happens when there is not an embarrassing situation.. it even happens within my family, its really getting me down and want to do something about it now... So today I went ...
    3 Health 49
  172. How could I make a homemade facial peel?
    I was wondering if it would be a good idea to crush a lactaid tablet and combine with water to make one (because lactaid contains lactase) , but I don't want to completely screw up my face. Any advice?
    4 Style 29
  173. Can I download these apps on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1?
    I'm looking into buying this tablet, I really like the look of it. I was just wondering if for games, I could download games like Draw Something and Angry Birds, all those types of games that you can get on your phone.
    4 Technology 12
  174. I want to play high school sports
    I want to play volley ball and run track next year but ihave a verry strong flow and im scarred to use a tmpon and dont know what knind to use. HELP?
    2 Sports 33
  175. Is there any risk of me getting pregnant?
    I am 24 usually I will get periods if I use any pill or tablet otherwise I don't get periods normally.I went to doctor she told me harmonal I am in birth control pill,is there any risk to get pregnancy due to my problem?please giv me an a...
    5 Health 96
  176. Does this apply to you??
    Life is complicated, way complicated :\ Boys, school, parents. I dont see why people are so obsessed about appearances, and cliques, im not going to lie, I worry about these too, much not as much as many people. I try to go with the flow, but its ...
    3 Relationships 20
  177. regaring pregnancy
    I got my period before 2 mths last perod was 21 st dec 2008 and now I got 22nd feb 2009 and all my last 4 mths perods were on 30 days cycle can I be pregnant ? and stil get period but it is not heavy flow.
    2 Health 17
  178. concieving ?
    to start;;; im not looking for lectures from anyone..just an answer to my question without any judgement. so I just got over my pierod yesterday//2day...I was flowing veryyy lightly my pierod is basically over...whens the best time 2 concieve...
    8 Babies 49
  179. Dog Prescription
    So, puppies got an infection and a rash, we went to the vet and got 5mg prednisone to give her. My question is, the bottle says 'give 1 tablet twice daily' so does that mean cut the pill in half, or 2 a day?
    4 Pets 18
  180. Is she pregnant
    Pls help me with advice. I had sex with my girl on 27th June, it was unprotected. The next day she drank Mestrogen, 2 tablets. Her menstraul period was due on Wed 1st but up till now she hasn't see her period, is she pregnant? Am afraid.
    5 Sex 80
  181. Eighteen could I be pregnant?
    I have had unprotected sex a week before my period then I had unprotected sex the day my period was suppose to come the next day I started my period it was from 7-11/ 7-13 and was heavy.I am tired everyday and just want to lay in bed, no vomitting or e...
    2 Sex 58
  182. Sudden vaginal bleeding
    I am 23 years old girl ,have got involved in intercourse with my partner (in unprotected sex) and had an I-pill contraceptive tablet to restrict any kind of unwanted pregnancy, the week of consumption of the tablet I diodnt faced any problem , but ext ...
    2 Sex 54
  183. Where can a 15 year Old Work?
    I just turned 15 a while back so yeah I was thinking I want to get some cash flow and start earning some Honest Money I know I need a workers permit I think...But Don't know where to get one. Anyone know Where a 15 year old can work or get a workers p...
    2 Money 74
  184. What could be the reason for regular pins and needles in my legs?
    I have been getting pins and needles quite regularly in my legs, even sometimes when I'm just sitting normally and not restricting blood flow or lying on the couch. It's pretty annoying. Does anyone know why this could happen and how I could have it re...
    7 Health 14
    I WROTE ANOTHER SONG. TELL ME HOW YOU LIKE IT. LET OUR I want you and I hope you want me to we belong together let us let this be true I think of heaven when I think about you let me slip you in my pocket so we will always be ...
    3 Music 60
  186. Can I have touch screen support on Windows XP home/professional/media centre?
    I know this is an odd question! but my uncle just gave me an old tablet PC from 2001, its a fujitsu stylistic 3400 :) the good thing is that, it works!! only down side is that it has windows 2000 "/ I don't have windows xp tablet edition on disc an...
    2 Technology 64
  187. can I dye my hair with Jolen cream bleach?
    Okay so I have this little thingy and its called : "Jolen creme bleach" - lightens excess dark hair. its says its for face, arms, body, and brows. What if I want to use it on the hair on my head? Will it work? will it make my hair fall off or some...
    3 Style 2665
  188. Could anybody help me out
    I'm trying to change out my air filter in my 2002 WRX but the intake tube opening is about 5 inches wide where would I find a part to exchange the aftermarket tubing but just that section the problem is that it has the air flow sensor in the section. ...
    2 General 17
  189. What does this saying mean?
    Pay attention to your emotions and notice where they take you. You have an excellent chance to talk through whatever comes up as long as you don't get stuck in one spot. Exploring uncharted emotional territory expands your heart, allowing more love to ...
    2 General 17
  190. why is my period all the sudden so bad?
    this is an akward subject but my period is never really bad, but this month i got reeally bad pains and they shot down my legs and it made me sick in the stomache. and it was realy heavy blood flow. it made me miserable. does anyone know why i could be...
    3 Health 60
  191. Am I infected after having an abortion?
    I just had an abortion 6days ago.. and I also used MISOPROSTOL. I drink the 2 tablets and put the other 2 tablets on my vagina.. after 2hours I started feeling cramps and I started bleeding but that was not a heavy bleeding. Then after an hour I felt t...
    2 Health 175
  192. What Med is This?
    I've been having really bad neck pain the past few days, and one of my friends gave me a pill that she believed to be a painkiller of some sort, but not sure exactly what it is (Percocet, Vicodin, Oxycontin, etc). I've been combing through the inter...
    2 Health 38
  193. How much breastmilk/formula should my 6 month old be eating a day?
    Right now he eats four 4oz meals and four 2oz meals a day, so a total of 24oz, but I feel like he doesn't eat enough! Plus he eats a bunch of small meals whereas all the other babies at this age eat around 6-8oz a feeding! He does get rice cearel once ...
    4 Babies 48
  194. How to prevent nightmares without medication?
    My friend struggles to sleep at night.. A hell of a lot has gone on with her recently & often it's too much for her to cope with.. Her parents disagree with her having any sort of tablets due too a suicidal attempt on Christmas. What other things can s...
    3 Health 31
  195. Who thinks I'm defying my religion?
    Okay, so im a devoted Christian, but I'm bi-sexual. I've read the bible, meaning, I know being gay/bi-sexual does'nt flow with God. So, am I defying God by being bi? Some people think I am, other's don't. I'm a confused 13 year old girl.Help?
    24 Sex 52
  196. How can i get past the "select wifi" screen if in am getting on to my nexus 7 for the first time?
    I just bought a google nexus 7 tablet. I am stuck on a screen that says "select wifi". if found my internet connection, but it keeps on jumping from "authenticating" to "connecting", but it doesn't budge other than that. I need some help ASAP PLEASE...
    3 Technology 10
  197. Losing fat without gaining muscle
    Ohk. I've always wanted a flat stomach with barely visible abs. But how do I get that without building up muscle on fat?? And also what is the best way to lose inner and outer thigh fat without getting muscle because frankly I already have thigh muscle...
    2 Nutritionfitness 23
  198. How can I calm my nerves?
    How can I calm my nerves? I just had auditions for the school musical, and I am extremely nervous! not only that, but I get super nervous before tests and while I'm waiting to get them back. It is stuff like that that gets me very nervous to a point wh...
    3 Health 15
  199. Sex during period-- now itchy
    I'm on my period and my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex (for the first time, because I thought it was safer on period to do unprotected) and he did finish inside me. It's been two days since and this morning I stopped bleeding but it's been really...
    2 Sex 1386
  200. losing myself
    how do you keep your kool? how do you remain clam as you go w/ the flow?how do you stay content? I have trouble with thoughs things there are just sum days we I feel on top of the world and then I hit rock bottom and if feels like I don't know who I am...
    3 General 39
  201. Any women on here actually go into labor at home and had there water break - what exactly happens?
    With my first child i was induced and had my water broken at the hospital, i never went into labor naturally. Does it flow out alot? How do you get to the hospital without being all wet? lol. Sounds stupid...but im curious.
    5 Health 34
  202. Who thinks its bad too use only toilet paper instead of pads?
    Hi I am 13 and I got my period when I was 11..I have used only toilet paper the whole time.. I tried pads for one day but I didnt like them. I have a really light flow. My mom said its not good to use toilet paper but I do anyways
    6 Health 2110
  203. Do you think the Certain Dri antiperspirant works?
    okay so i recently went to walmart and got certain dri. and i got the one where ur suppose to put it on before u go to bed. so uhm i got that now does that stuff actually work? i dont have hypohydrosis, i just have an excessive sweating disorder where ...
    12 Health 32
  204. Why is semen coming out of me?
    After having unprotected sex I noticed I was leaking a lot and having this wet feeling. This continued for several days than I noticed I was having excessive vaginal mucus. I was told that it is semen coming out of me. Could this be true and is it supp...
    2 Sex 114
  205. What should I expect when going to doctor's about my depression?
    I became depressed this February gone and I went to doctors in March, he said the first thing to try would be therapy, I had two months of that and it kind of helped to talk to somebody who I don't know, just somebody to listen. But I feel the same if ...
    4 Health 15
  206. Facial Hair...
    I have unwanted facial hair and I pluck it ALL THE TIME.!!! And it drives me absolutely crazy...I shaved it a few times which was very stupid...and its very thick.My grandma told me that plucking makes it grow thicker.Then my aunt and I discussed bleac...
    4 Style 84
  207. how can i get over my dad having a heart attack ?
    in 2005 it was 3 days after my birthday and my dad called me in the bathroom and asked me to get his heart burn tablets i couldn't find them i got my mum and she did nothing so i got someone to ring the ambulance hes okay but now but after witnes...
    5 Health 38
  208. dis is inbrassing but I need ans
    ok well im 20, and I feel reali unconfortable bout the size of my chest, is their any tips on how to get them to grow quicker, I took bout a yr ago voltro tablets dey wer meant to make dem grow bigger but d tablets wer sh*t 300euro 4dem. I was also to...
    3 Health 60
  209. Bleeding but Pregnant?
    If you didn't read my previous post, I pretty much said my boyfriend & I had safe sex but my period was late and I was concerned. Now, I am having my usual period like symptoms and bleeding but the flow is so, so light. Thats not usual for me. Does any...
    2 Sex 35
  210. Did the judge overstep her bounds ?
    A Canadian judge ruled that a 12-year-old girl was "excessively" punished when her father told her she could not go on a school camping trip because she had broken family-rules for use of the Internet - Did the judge overstep her bounds ? The Globe ...
    9 Family 44
  211. Prego
    Can I be pregnant?I was on my period when I had sex and after that it had a lite flow then it stopped.n now my stomach hurts and sometimes in the morning I feel sick but I don't throw up and the afternoons I feel sick sometimes and I eat a lot and im h...
    6 Sex 50
  212. How much food is my puppy ment to have a day?
    Apperently your ment to give your dog/puppy 300kg a day? 150 in the morning and 150 at dinner. Is this correct? Also does it matter if your puppy or dog doesnt eat their breakfast but eats there dinner? And If you dog doesnt eat probably, you can ...
    4 Pets 45
  213. Mid cycle spotting
    I have a very regular 26 day cycle and I never spot in the middle of my cycle. My last period was a bit weird but I didn't give it much thought till now, the first 3 days of my last period was spotting (brown to almost black in color) then on the 4th d...
    2 Health 118
  214. spiritual atheist?
    random thought: I consider myself a spiritual atheist would you guys say im full of shit lawl or does anyone feel the same way? im spiritual because I believe in what we know to be real (the natural ebbs and flows of life and nature) to be spiritual ...
    10 Religion 9
  215. How to treat pcos?
    Hi I feel so embarassed because I suffer from pcos and have a lot of excess hair growing on my stomach,thighs,between my breast and face.the dr put me on glucophage xr because my insulin levels are 38 -I am overweight and have acanthosis nigricans- my ...
    2 Health 29
  216. Can obesity at a young age cause certain facial features to change from what they would have originally been?
    My litter sister was extremely obese when she was younger and still growing and now she has a wide flat, kind of pig nose and no one in my family has a nose like that so is it possible her nose became like that from all the excess fat she had on her face?
    3 Health 20
  217. My cat
    My cat has a water dish problem he cant use his water dish when he drinks out of it he pulls it all over the place then we we watch him do it he hits it and the water flows out all over the kitchen and every time we leave the house his water dish is al...
    3 Pets 19
  218. Stabbing Pains
    I have been getting stabbing pains in my stomach like some one is stabbing me and also headaches. it only stops after I eat and I am not starving myself. I sleep roughly 10 hrs a night but it is also hard to get to sleep. my friend had same thing and t...
    4 Health 562
  219. I wonder how often most women do masturbate?
    I am 20, and I have never masturbated before (or really wanted to.) I get what I want from my boyfriend of over 2 years, but sometimes I wonder how often most WOMEN do masturbate. My roomate in college told me she does it on average 7-10 times a week, ...
    8 Sex 54
  220. Monthly aches...
    I undergo a lot of pain during my periods. As suggested, I drink plenty of water and hot drinks to avoid all this trauma but I dosen't seem to help me. Also, I get heavy flows and this makes me irritated all the time, keeping me out of work for atl...
    4 Health 23
  221. Can you wear two tampons??
    My friend says she had worn two tampons before to like go to the pool or something...she said she put one in then help the string and put another in...can tht be done or would tht be dangerous...plz on my period and goin swimming tomorrow a...
    8 Health 224
  222. Can I be pregnant and have a normal period?
    I didn't know if it was possible for me to have my period and still be pregnant at the same time. I got my period on time and I had my normal signs. my cramps and headache the day that I received my period. my breast don't hurt but my stomach feels tig...
    4 Health 294
  223. Is my abortion successful?
    Ok we did it.. we did the abortion awhile ago using cytotec/Misoprostol after 2hours of taking the tablet I experienced bleeding and I saw many blood clots and I feel cramps in my body.. but after I had blood clots my cramps are lessen.. Im 4weeks pre...
    2 Health 668
  224. travel sickness
    do you think travel sickness/ motion sickness is in the mind? I used to suffer from it when I was young, but no more but according to my friend he has it really badly. But a miracle must of happened. (either that, he doesn't really get travel sick). ...
    3 Travel 19
  225. how to get rid of acne and acne scars from spots
    same as title... I have acne and just got lucky found some new product that helped me a lot my skin has totally cleared up :D. although now I been left with lots of scars when I use too pick at them.. I regret it bigtime now but need to know how to ...
    5 Style 35
  226. Cyst in right ovary
    I have a large cyst (64mm*54mm) in my right ovary, im using contraceptive pills from past 2 months, I want 2 conceive as early as possible as my doctor is telling to continue the tablets for other 4 months or go for operation (blasting the cyst) Ple...
    2 Health 45
  227. Is it normal to get my period twice in a month?
    Hi, My period ended 2 weeks ago but it didn't really stop, everyday just a little bit would come out but it didn't stop and just yesterday all of a sudden it came full flow again! This is my second period for the month when I usually have it once a...
    3 Health 28
  228. Will gargling salt water help a sore throat?
    Will gargling salt water help a sore throat, I've been doctors an been taken pencillin, but how long will it take to start helping my throat and stop the pain and for the swelling to go down, I got my antibiotics today and have took 4 tablets already t...
    5 Health 63
  229. Can't get pregnant
    What could be wrong with me? Is it normal to not get pregnant after a lot of sex? I have un-protected sex a lot with my husband, and I never get pregnant. I have excessive hair growth that might be 'Hirsutism' or 'Polycystic Ovary Syndrome' I'm going t...
    2 Sex 15
  230. What's this stuff coming out of my vagina?
    hey this is a kind of awkward question but maybe someone will help me and please please tellme all you know about it. im 16 years old and I have sort of clearish white liquid (kind looks like a gel texture) and is gooey stuff that flows out of my vagin...
    11 Sex 5088
  231. Why do the various federal politicians refer to the opposing side as "nazi's"?
    This was even in the news recently, some overpaid bureaucrat was suggesting that the term was being overused...imho, it should never have entered standard political discourse, even to frame disagreeing positions, in the first place. Is the excessive rh...
    11 Politics 35
  232. Why is flo rida's new song right round not on itunes?
    I found it on another site (listening to a stream now)...but, I wanted to *buy* it. It's not on Itunes yet...seriously, that's not right. I want to send this guy (and the woman on it) Money, you know, for their work. I'm not about to find a CD store.....
    3 Music 46
  233. Do iron vitamins work?
    I went to go and give blood today but the nurse said my iron levels was to low. She said that IU was perfectly healthy and they just like it to be a little higher for giving blood. I'm going to try eating my things with iron in but would taking iron ta...
    6 Health 24
  234. Why is my period getting lighter every month?
    Ive been on the pill since i was 14 and i am now 19 my periods have only just started getting lighter and lighter i am not even filling up a tampon for light flow but the pain is getting worse and im also having hot flushes all the time even when its c...
    8 Health 67
  235. im pregnant and so stressed
    I need something to keep me calm as im not that far gone and dont want to take any tablets im getting really stressed really easy at anything tho. like my cat meowing lol I no what most people will say its your hormones but I need something to help m...
    2 Health 20
  236. What to talk about with a guy
    Hey guys! So there's this boy at school. We both kind of know we like each other... I know for a fact that he likes me and I'm pretty sure he knows I like him also. There's just one problem. When we're together.. it's like... I don't know hard to tal...
    2 Relationships 15
  237. Implantation bleeding or pregnancy?
    Ok I had unprotected sex on feb 26 and on mar 4 I started cramping and bleeding. It started off brown when I started then went red for 2 days. Today it was brown then it stopped of about an hour or so. Then I started dripping drops of red blood. Now im...
    2 Sex 529
  238. How do you know when it's time to put your dog to sleep?
    He's only 8 years old, already has arthritus and he's deaf. He struggles to walk and it's hard to watch him like this. He has tablets to help treat his arthritus, but they don't seem to be doing anything. He doesn't play anymore, but he still eats his ...
    2 Pets 38
  239. puppy ,jack russell Should I give him milk or water
    we have brought our children a puppy ,jack russell . called him MAX He is neally 6 weeks old ,but he has been sick twice and ,always nipping , Should I give him milk or water , he has had no jabs until thursday ,keeping him in the house only goes ...
    8 Pets 1060
  240. poems poems another poem
    Silence comes and silence goes Always the same old highs and lows, The highs are rare but it's me that's weak, Everyone has an evil streak, You see me now, though I try to hide I say I'm fine, but I could've lied, Death has come, like before, It...
    2 Literature 9
  241. How did this happen to me?
    Hi My name is Hailey Lovasz, I am 14 years old, I have been having problems with my ovaries very bad lately...for 4 months I have had constant pain, I've not seen the GYN yet, but my family has a history of endimitriosous( a cancer caused by over ...
    3 Health 34
  242. What kind of milk can I give my dog?
    My vet said my dog needs more calcium. He said he was out of the calcium tablets and wouldn't get another shipment for about 4 to 6 MONTHS!!! AHHH!!! lol! K so can I give my dog Lactaid milk? And lol my cat is laying next to me snoring as I am writing ...
    7 Pets 168
  243. Could my Mom die from asthma?
    my mother has suffered from asthma for about two years now and I panic a lot when I hear her cough and choke and I don't know what to do. my question is, could she die of asthma? the doctor sed she gets it from house does and the stuff shes allergic t...
    4 Health 27
  244. There is no end (new song)
    This is called "no end" Im at the end of my rope I dont know how to cope This pain is just too real There is no end to how I feel You say you would follow me That you would give up everything for me Just to ...
    3 Literature 14
  245. What is another line for my poem?
    So I wanna write a poem to the guy I like telling him he should open up and not be afraid to . So this is how far I got : Open up , Let yourself go, Things getting shaky, Just go with the flow, I hope we can try it, Just set your heart free. Through th...
    4 Literature 13
  246. I am comfort eating
    Im putting on so much weight! And as I gain weight I get more depressed which leads me to comfort eat. Im terrible at diets and find it really hard to stick to them. Can anyone help me? I need a diet that will help me loose al of thta excess weight on ...
    2 Nutritionfitness 13
  247. Getting rid of loose skin?
    for the last few years I've been losing weight I went from a height of 5'6 and 206 pounds to a height of 5'10 and 156 pounds . now I have lots of loose skin around my mid-section which I cant get rid of.I work out a lot but nothing helps im very self-c...
    3 Style 94
  248. dehydration may have been the cause of my period ending a few days
    I am just getting over a very bad case of strep throat, and during that time I started my period at a normal date and everything, normal flow if not a just a wee bit heavy. However, as the strep went on I was unable to eat or drink pretty much anything...
    2 Health 23
  249. Have you been through the new TSA screen pat down yet?
    I know that as of November first, they're mandatory but if the airport has a scanner (there are about 80 or so with scanners) then you have the option of getting felt up, OR simply going through the full body scan. I'm a bit concerned with all the hype...
    10 Travel 40
  250. Can someone help me please?
    I am bored and lonely most of the time. I don't have much friends and have a hard time making friends. Most of the time I'll go everywhere by myself and end up sitting in a fast food restaurant alone for hours just fooling around on my tablet. My life ...
    6 General 12