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  1. throwing knives
    how do you throw throwing knives...
    3 General 17
  2. Can you swallow
    Can you swallow Ejaculate ?
    7 Health 526
  3. Why can't we swallow toothpaste?
    4 Health 103
  4. how can i get more distance in the throw when throwing cards?
    4 General 14
  5. How to swallow a capsule easier?
    How to swallow a capsule easier?
    4 General 46
  6. Where can I learn how to swallow a sword?
    where can I learn how to sword swallow?
    2 Gaming 55
  7. Why do women throw up during pregnancy?
    2 Health 52
  8. How the heck do you swallow a pill?
    5 Health 23
  9. Why.....Is it normal to throw up after having an orgasm??
    3 Health 79
  10. How do I stop swallowing my saliva?
    4 Health 148
  11. What happens If you swallow LISTERINE?
    2 Health 101
  12. if you think hard about swallowing and then you try 2 swallow you
    k is it true that if you think hard about swallowing and then you try 2 swallow you can't???
    4 General 33
  13. Metabolism and throwing up
    Does throwing up make your metabolism slow down?
    2 Health 703
  14. What will happen if you swallow a penny?
    Do you know what will happen if you swallow a penny?
    19 Health 577
  15. How to throw pitches in fast pitch softball?
    How to throw pitches in fast pitch softball?
    5 Sports 29
  16. Is it wrong to swallow your own cum?
    Is it wrong 2 swallow your own cum?
    5 Relationships 309
  17. tounge possible to swallow it?
    is it possible to swallow your own toung to sufficate yourself
    2 Health 59
  18. Would you have to have surgery if you swallowed a ring?
    6 Health 64
  19. why do i throw up in the mornings but then im fine?
    53 Health 64
  20. How can I get over the fear of swallowing pills?
    5 Health 53
  21. What to do with dogs that throw temper tantrums?
    2 Pets 25
  22. Why do rabbits throw the hay out of their cages?
    7 Pets 37
  23. Why do guys want girls to swallow?!
    Why do guys like it when girls swallow?!
    8 Relationships 249
  24. After throwing up!
    After throwing up what can you eat and drink? And how long do you have to wait?
    15 Health 403
  25. Do girls swallow and how is the taste?
    do girls swallow cum and what does it taste like
    3 Relationships 1108
  26. Why does my stomach hurt whenever I swallow cum?
    2 Health 577
  27. When you throw up when drunk does it make you look stupid?
    9 Health 41
  28. How do you throw a party without your parents knowing?
    6 Entertainment 254
  29. Why do I throw up every time I eat lettuce?
    3 Health 295
  30. Are you suppose to flush tampons or throw them away?
    14 Health 97
  31. What are some American wedding traditions, such as throwing the bouquet?
    8 General 18
  32. Does biting your nails and swallowing them make you a cannibal?
    11 General 106
  33. What happens If your hormones are off, can it throw off a pregnancy test?
    7 Health 116
  34. Swallow gum stays in for a year?
    Is it true if you swallow gum does it stay in your bellyy for a year?
    3 General 32
  35. What happens if you swallow chewing gum?
    Is it really indigestilble? What happens when you swallow it?
    8 Food 64
  36. Stopping the need to throw up?
    Tips to stop a person from wanting to throw up?
    3 Health 24
  37. Throwing up white snakes in a dream mean?
    What could throwing up white snakes in a dream mean?
    6 General 92
  38. Swallowing 10 aspirins?
    What would happen if someone swallowed 10 aspirins?
    3 Health 60
  39. You swallow it could you have a baby?
    Cumms inside your mouth and you swallow it could you have a baby
    5 Relationships 174
  40. What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
    3 General 52
  41. throwing up from running
    Have you ever thrown up because you ran so hard?
    7 Nutritionfitness 15
  42. r you suppose to swallow cum?
    are you suppose to swallow cum if he cums and your mouth after givin him head?
    8 Relationships 260
  43. do any of you swallow your own cum?
    ok do any of you swallow your own cum? its supposed to be healthy for you or sumtin like that
    4 Relationships 472
  44. How to throw a football?
    I want to impress the guy by throwing a football really good but how
    3 Sports 116
  45. On your period and you throw up blood?
    If your on your period and you throw up blood the same day is that okay? Or should I tell somone about this?
    7 Health 135
  46. Cinnamon swallow
    why can't anyone swallow one whole spoon of cinnamon a one time?!
    5 General 45
  47. Throw my voice
    Everyone says im a good singer, but how do I throw my voice?
    2 Music 45
  48. is it dangerous to swallow your boyfriends cum? does it taste bad?
    is it dangerous to swallow your boyfriends cum? does it taste bad? thanks
    5 Relationships 1288
  49. How many fast pitches should a girl throw to get in shape?
    How many fast pitches should a girl throw to get in shape?
    2 Relationships 12
  50. Is it harmful to swallow ejaculate during pregnancy?
    Is it harmful for a female to swallow cum when she's pregnant?
    3 Health 211
  51. throw a cat out of the car window, does it become kitty litter?
    If you throw a cat out of the car window, does it become kitty litter?
    3 General 59
  52. How can I throw up w/o sticking something down my throat?
    2 Health 72
  53. Can anybody suggest any dancey party songs for a party I'm throwing?
    11 Entertainment 32
  54. is it bad to swallow those soothers things that numb your throat ?
    4 Health 42
  55. What does it mean to dream a snake is in my house but it is hiding and it was throwing up under my bed?
    3 General 49
  56. What does it mean if for five days I can't help throwing up after I eat something?
    4 Health 30
  57. what does it mean when a guy says "throw that pussy back" during sex?
    3 Sex 709
  58. Can you get pregnant from swallowing sperm?
    can you become pregnent when you swollow sperm ???
    9 Health 2067
  59. swallowing pills
    does anyone else have problems with swallowing pills/medicine?? any advice...thx
    7 Health 36
  60. sucking of penis & swallowing the liquid
    pl advice me any affect will be there in swallowing the pennis liquid
    4 Relationships 241
  61. Woman swallows semen often will it lower the chances of
    If a woman swallows semen often will it lower the chances of her getting pregnant?
    8 Health 147
  62. What Is Better Spit Or Swallow ?
    a lot of My Friends Spit When There boyfriend Cums In There Mouth But tHere Are A Few That Swallow Which Is Better ???
    5 Relationships 697
  63. If a boy throws away your friendship, was it real?
    if a boy can come throw your friend ship then is that a real friendship
    2 Relationships 10
  64. Getting drunk without throwing up?
    So here is the thing. I want to get wasted/shitt-faced/plastered. But I dont want to throw up. So what is the secret of getting drunk and not throwing up?
    11 General 1012
  65. What would happen to someone that swallowed a battery and didn't get help?
    8 Health 42
  66. When the baseball pitcher throws the ball, why do they sometimes say "ball" instead of "strike"?
    9 Sports 15
  67. what does it mean in the selena video when they throw the rose at her her feet when she is singing dreaming of you?
    2 Entertainment 124
  68. What kinds of outfits can I throw together with my cute, white skirt (it's dressy)?
    3 Style 27
  69. Swallowing without chewing?
    If you swallow your food without really chewing it, will this make you get bigger/gain weight???
    5 Nutritionfitness 46
  70. How to stop swallowing a lot when I get nervous?
    I swallow a lot because I get nervus. ..anyone know how to stop it and why it happens?
    7 Health 2917
  71. Are there dangers when swallowing cum?
    are there any dangers to swallowing a dudes"s come? if there are could you please tell me:] thank you;]
    3 Health 1015
  72. How To Throw A Boomerang??
    Does anyone know how to throw a boomerang and actually make it come back to you? I can't figure it out! :)
    4 Sports 36
  73. How do you throw a football far and high?
    I can throw spirals and all that but not very far or high. Please tell me the exact steps.
    3 Sports 50
  74. What if I was to swallow cum?
    I know this is a really stupid question but if I was to swallow cum could I get pregnant??
    7 Health 491
  75. Discus Throw
    hey... anyone got any tips on throwing the discus to make it go farther?
    2 Sports 53
  76. how do you throw the best sleepover in the world?
    I dont want my friend to get bored
    2 Babies 59
  77. Why are people throwing white powder on celebrities?
    First Ryan S. now Kim Kardashian
    6 Entertainment 541
  78. How can you act like you swallowed birth control ?
    My mom watches me take it how can I act like I swallowed it any ideas thanks
    7 Health 18
  79. How do you throw sand in soldires faces in assasins creed 2??
    One of the achevments in the game is too stun 4 soldires by throwing sand in their faces, how do you throw sand in their faces??
    4 Gaming 80
  80. What to do if I feel like throwing up?
    I feel like throwing up and I dont want to make myself throw up cause its disgusting and I just dont like it in general I also took some advil?
    3 Health 84
  81. Can you break out if you swallow?
    I been giving oral to my boyfriend ... and I have realized I have begin breakin out now that I swallow he's cum .. what do you guys think?
    4 Sex 184
  82. How come drinking water or the thought of doing it after I eat makes me wanna throw up or gag alot ?
    16 Health 69
  83. why do i throw up everything i ea,t and how can i hold my food down?
    this has been going on for a week, and im not even sick
    16 Health 60
  84. How healthy is it to swallow after giving oral to my guy?
    I always swallow after giving my boyfriend oral, I just want to know if it is healthy or shoud I stop?
    4 Sex 1216
  85. How to fight the urge to throw up?
    I have been throwing up since oct. 2007. I have lost 30 lbs. but now I can not stop. I am scared.
    4 Health 225
  86. what happen if one swallow cum.
    dear, I want to know that if my wife swallow my cum, then what will be happen to her? is this good or harmfull or nothing?
    5 Relationships 603
  87. Swallowing is killing?
    If you swallow s*men are you technically killing or eating your child? Are you killing a life? Or is it not considered eating your child? Confused as to when it is considered an actual lifeform.
    10 Health 248
  88. What happens if I swallow one of these...???
    Flouride/ toothpaste/ mouth wash/ blood. Is it really bad???
    6 Health 74
  89. Why am I throwing up in my mouth?
    If I burp or yawn sometimes just a little throw up comes up and I swallow it but the taste is awful it happens everyday! why does that happen?
    4 Health 1849
  90. First time swallowers?
    I was wondering who here swallowed cum during their first blow job. Was it hard? Did you do cause he asked or you wanted to?
    3 Sex 166
  91. How do I make myself throw up?
    I can`t throw up no more ! I`ve been trying for a week now as soon as after I ate, and nothing would come up ! * need help on tips to throw up .
    3 Health 952
  92. Is it true that swallowing sperm gives guys longer erections?
    is it true when a guy swallows other's guy semen he has harder and longer erections beacause of male hormones in the semen?
    2 Relationships 113
  93. how do I stop throwing up?
    I keep throwing up at school but I have got so many projects to do I dont want to go home. I am only 13.
    3 Health 45
  94. Is it true that you can swallow your tongue?
    is it true that you can actually swallow your toung? if so how is it possible bcoz its stuck to your mouth ... please help lol
    5 General 82
  95. Should I tell my girlfriend to swallow my cum?
    My girlfriend offerend to give me a blowjob, and I dont know if I should tell her to swallow it. Some advice would be great.
    3 Sex 226
  96. What do you think about the iraq why getting 3 years for throwing a
    Shoe at bush do you think he should have gotten that long in prison for just throwing a shoe at someone
    8 Politics 15
  97. How to stop swallowing so much?
    I swallow a lot even when I'm not nervous and its really starting to bother me. How can I prevent this from happening so much?
    2 Health 54
  98. Why do guys love it when girls swallow?
    Why do guys love it when a girl swallows? What drives them crazy about it? I've never givien head but I just want to know.
    2 Relationships 325
  99. Why don't I throw a fist?
    Whenever someone pisses me off at home or at school I always yell at them to stop them from pising me off any further,why don't I ever throw a fist?
    2 General 13
  100. What happens when you swallow bubble gum?
    its for a science project due in 3 days. we don't have enough information.
    3 Food 72
  101. What does it mean if you drink something and you get this random pain from your chest all the way down your side to your stomach after you swallow it?
    3 Health 23
  102. Why is it that when I try to swallow tablets they get stuck in my chest then I feel like I'm gonna be sick?
    7 Health 43
  103. Can some foods help me throw up easier?
    everytime I try to make myself throw up it takes forever and then only a little comes out so I was wondering are there certain foods that I can eat to help me throw up easier?
    5 Health 465
  104. what does "throwing caution into the wind" mean?
    What does"throwing caution into the wind mean"??a friend said it2me 2day when I asked him &&my friend madi2ask sumbody out4me,so do you know?
    3 Literature 101
  105. Why did my friend throw up after bending over to pick up a book?
    My friend was bending over to pick up a book for school and suddenly got the urge to throw up. Does anyone know why this would happen?
    3 Health 300
  106. Why do I keep throwing up?
    I missed school all last week because I kept throwing up. Yesterday I felt pretty good but this morning I threw up again
    4 Health 31
  107. Why they throw out
    So I have a parakeet that lays eggs but just throws them out of her nest the next day and I find them on the floor and this happens to her a lot and there are other birds with her is that maby why?
    2 Pets 88
  108. Why am I throwing up at five months?
    Is it ok to be having nausea at five months pregnant for three days? Is it ok to throw up more than three or four times within twenty four hours at five months?
    2 Health 54
  109. Ah,What'll Happen If You Swallow a Battery??
    Agh, random thought. What'll happen if you swollow a battery?? ..Or would nothing happen?? Idunno, random thought.
    5 General 69
  110. Do you know a real spell for letting the person throw up!!!??
    not reallly a bad evil satan spell its just normal ones...
    8 Religion 280
  111. What can I do for a dog's diarrhea and throwing up?
    My dog has thrown up about 3 times and had diarrhea off and on all day. Is there something I can give him or should I just take him to the vet in the morning?
    6 Pets 45
  112. Doesn't throwing up your food make you bloated?
    She throw's up her food. She's always complaining about being fat. And she isn't. But when you throw up your food doesnt your stomach like bloat and your face gets bigger too?
    10 Health 5808
  113. swallow cum will double chances of pregnancy?
    I want to know if my wife swallow my cum then what will be happen to her. is this good ,harmfull or nothing. some one told me that by swallowing this , her chances of pregnancy will be double, is this true?
    7 Relationships 1404
  114. How is swallowing cum good for you?
    Cum is good for you to swallow cause it has lots of protein but what exactly is good about it like does it help your skin in some type of way??? A Girl Who Is Curious.
    34 Health 11602
  115. are q-tips bad for dog to eat will the make it throw up or sick
    my dog like to eat q-tip i wont to know it will throw them up or puke the out or something
    3 Health 96
  116. Why do horses throw you off?
    my friend got thrown off by her horse, & I was thinkin why do horses throw people off, I thought they were nice; I have riddin like 6 horses & havent been thrown off yet=)
    5 Pets 167
  117. what things should i get to start throwing knives?
    iv been looking around at knives and videos and i was wondering if any one has ideas as to what knives i should get and if there is a good book/video on how to throw
    3 Sports 39
  118. Why do I always feel like im gonna throw up?
    every day I feel the same way. I've been feeling it for three months now. what is going on?
    4 Health 98
  119. Who thinks it is okay to give your dog a little Pepto Bismol after throwing up?
    It says it is alright online.Please answer quick.
    9 Pets 63
  120. My girlfriend won't swallow... girl and I have been out for almost ten months...the thing is, we're sexually active, but she wouldn't swallow my can I suggest her to do that?
    7 Sex 903
  121. Why she throws up>
    My pup she runs and play and she throws up a little(like a dime) is it ok cus shes playing...when can I give her it until she has teeths..because I still give her bottle...
    4 Pets 13
  122. Should I take my dog to the vet if he keeps eating grass and throwing up?
    Every morning my dog is so excited to go outside and eat the grass so he can throw up. Is this bad? I'm not sure what I should do about him ):
    10 Pets 59
  123. Why do I feel like throwing up all the time?
    I have a weird stomach problem, it feel like I'm going to thow up ALL THE TIME!!! and I cant every time I try! any explanations?
    10 Health 450
  124. What should I do about him wanting me to swallow?
    well this guy is trying to get me to swallow his cum and I won't because it gags me and he knows that it does and it taste salty and I don't like it but he still wants me to take his cum in my mouth.
    7 Relationships 195
  125. Swallowing Gum... ?
    What exactly happens when you swallow gum? I don't do it, it's too freaky lol I'm scared of whats going to happen. I dont think it would make somebody die... ?
    19 Food 439
  126. When you throw up blood, where it comes from?
    how can you throw up blood where you qet it from are you bron with it? where it come frum like cancer? I want to know about cause I alway wonder...are ther somytOms; you know you have it or somethinq?
    2 Health 87
  127. Why do my acne scars become noticable after I throw up?
    Everytime I throw up the acne scars on my face become a lot more red and noticable. I dont know if this happens to anyone else or if anyone can give me a answer!
    2 Health 66
  128. throwing up blood
    my brother recently had a grand mal seizure , and he's been taking all kinds of medication ,his recent medication has been making him throw up some blood , he's gone to the doctor , and the doctor doesn't know what to do , is there anything we can do ?
    4 Health 12
  129. Accidentially swallowed listerine
    I was just rinsing my mouth with listerine after brushing my teeth and my new kitten came up and clawed the back of my calf and I swallowed about 3/4 of a mouth full. Will I be ok?
    4 Health 157
  130. How to tell my Mom I'm pregnant if she'll throw me out?
    can you help me with some advice im only 14 and pregnant but scared to tell my mother because shes going to put me out what should I do
    11 Family 63
  131. throw out a random fact or opinion
    soo I just want to hear some random things... Like I think cookies should be eaten in threes and with a glass of milk. Fact!
    5 General 39
  132. Shaved my legs and cut them with a throw away razor.
    I shaved my legs with a throw away razor. What does anyone think of the throw away razors? Should I continue using the throw away razor or get something else? I didn't cut under my arms fortunately but, I cut part of my legs. Let me know what to do o...
    8 Style 61
  133. Why is my silky throwing up once a day?
    It seems like my 1 year old silky throws up at about 4pm 2 or 3 times a week, but seem s fine otherwise? Should I take him to the vet?
    6 Pets 72
  134. Is it healthy to swallow cum?
    I'm NOT planning on ever giving head, but I'm just wondering is it healthy to swallow? And I heard that it takes like whatever the guy last ate? Is this true?
    13 Relationships 1513
  135. How do I throw away my cousin's nasty dinner without notice?
    My cousin is having dinner tomorrow and her food is not that good, she is real sensitive about her cooking and I do not want to hurt her feelings. How do I throw away the food without anyone noticing?
    2 Food 58
  136. Can a blown outlet throw off an entire circuit?
    I overloaded an outlet last night and tripped a circuit. We cant find a tripped breaker so does the problem lie within the outlet itself? Does the outlet have to be changed?
    5 Technology 13
  137. Can throwing up become addictive?
    I was just wondering because I was reading a book called identical and she made herself puke, and I was wondering b.c. My friend does it and now im kind of woried about her so thanks : )
    7 Health 1089
  138. How to make myself throw up?
    ok I want to become bulimic but every time I try to through up, I just gag... is there anyway to do it with out sticking my finger down my throught??? please help
    7 Health 62
  139. How would you make yourself throw up?
    Okay in science class were doing a lesson on poision and one of the question was you swallowed drug "x" and you need to induce vomiting. my question is how would you make urself throw up if you swallowed a posinious substince and your suppose to induce...
    4 Health 168
  140. What to do about a really bad dry cough making me feel like throwing up?
    The back of my throat feels so dry that it constantly feels like something is nudging the back of my throat and it is constantly making me feel like I need to throw up. When I cough, it makes it even worst. What can I do to make it feel a little better?
    8 Health 41
  141. cccan you get aids from swallowing cum
    cccan you get aids from swallowing cum, giving head, being eaten out? or anything else besides sex? help me please, I realy needa know thisss.
    5 Sex 248
  142. Why does it hurt when I swallow food?
    I went to have breakfast this morning and it was so painful to swallow..I can speak fine, move my neck good but when its time to eat food or drink it hurts. This has never happened to me before. What is wrong with me?
    3 Health 98
  143. Why does vicodin always make me throw up?
    I rarely take it.. maybe every few months when my cramps are unbearable. But it gives me a bad stomachache and I eventually throw up.. why am I like this with vicodin and not with any other medicine?
    7 Health 68
  144. Should I be worried about my puppy throwing up white liquid?
    Hi my puppie throw up but it was white liquid is that commened or do I need to be worried or dose anyone know what the cause of that is she throw up white liquid 3 tues ago last weekend and today/tonight should I be worried any idea what it could be
    2 Pets 94
  145. Why did I throw up my vitamins (read more)?
    I took a pain reliever right before I took my vitamins because when I took the pain reliever i remembered them, is that why I threw them up or another reason? I also threw them up like 2-5 minutes after taking them.
    6 Health 31
  146. How can I throw up easier?
    Hey, Erm, I generaly make myself sick after eating. It doesnt bother me as I have done it for a while now, I was just wondering if anyone had an easier way of doing it? Thanks, klo xxx
    3 Health 76
  147. how do you get rid of a sore throat when u can't swallow anything?
    its not strep but it sure is painful, and i haven't been able to eat or barley drink for 3 days....
    19 Health 63
  148. Why do I throw up on the first day of my period?
    I've started my period in 6th grade. Ever since I have occationally puked on the first day of my period. I have to miss school, work, and family events sometiimes because I throw up. What can I do??? And why is this happening???
    9 Health 367
  149. parents are gone for a week, how do I throw a good party?
    my folks are gunna be gone for a whole WEEEK and leaving me alone with every thing, id love some advice to throwing an awesome party... HA :))
    3 Entertainment 63
  150. Is it possible to listen to a song and want to throw up?
    I've always wanted to know. Sometimes the radio plays a fast song or a slow song and I feel queezy. When I turn it off I instantly feel better.
    6 Music 7
  151. If we were at a party and you told us you could swallow people...
    Whole and alive, and I burst out laughing at you and called you a fool, then dared you to do it to me since you claimed you could, what would you do? What would be the reaction of the group?
    3 General 9
  152. How many bugs do people swallow at night?
    I read somewhere that you eat up to 8 spiders a year in your sleep. This being the era of junk food, that must be where we get our protein.
    4 Pets 189
  153. Dog Throwing Up?
    My Family's Dog Biscuit Is About 3 To 4 Years Old. She Has Been Vomiting And Is Acting Very Weird, She Has Been Lying Down All Day. My Family Can't Afford Vetenarian Assistant Please Help!
    4 Pets 48
  154. Feeling like throwing up, any ideas for ways to calm my stomach?
    This afternoon, I've been feeling pretty nauseaus for a few hours. And because I've been feeling like throwing up, I thought I'd ask if anybody has an idea on how to calm my stomach? Today has been pretty stressful, which is why my stomach is acting ...
    5 Health 625
  155. Thomas the train recall, I need to throw them away right?
    Since thomas the train was recalled, I need to throw away my kids train set, right? They haven't played with it for about a year or so, however, for a long time that was one of their favorite toys. I still can't believe that the thomas the train sets h...
    6 Babies 60
  156. How hard do infielders throw?
    When a ball is hit to short stop or third base, how fast, in mph will the ball be thrown to first? everyone talks about how hard pitchers throw but I have to assume short stops and third basemen have to be throwing around 70 mph. Does anyone know?
    2 Sports 67
  157. How do I throw a baby shower when all my friends are guys?
    My best friend, bless her heart, is more excited about my new pregnancy than i am, and wants to help plan the baby shower. The problem is, almost all of my friends are male. Any ideas on what i should do in this situation?
    8 Family 13
  158. Why would he throw that in there and should there be an apology ?
    Can anyone tell me why Obama today, in a speech subject: The Economy, would he take a shot at Nancy Reagan saying, ""I didn't want to get into a Nancy Reagan thing like a seance" - Why would he throw that shot in there and should there be an apology ?
    25 Politics 40
  159. How do I find "swallow it's rude to spit" tshirt?
    Ok. I have to find this t-shirt. Please please help me. I've tried to find it online but cant. Normally it's blue..and on it is written "swallow, it's rude to spit". If you know where I can find it, I'll love you till my death. Please help me?
    6 Shopping 72
  160. Riddle!!<3
    What can be swallowed, but can also swallow you?
    6 General 13
  161. What should I do, my cat swallowed a hair elastic?
    I had a small, really thin hair elastic sitting on the table, and my young cat (~6months) grabbed it and really quickly swallowed it! I didn't even have a chance to take it from him. He didn't choke or anything, he just swallowed it and kept playing wi...
    5 Pets 146
  162. How do I swallow a really big pill?
    haha yea I have trouble with these things. I have a prescription for these HUGE allergy medication pills and I can barely swallow them. and everytime I do I start to choke lol. how do I get it down really quick and choke-free? xo
    8 Health 69
  163. Where do you throw away discs?
    Okay, so my mom wants to get rid of a bunch of discs (for many reasons) and she told me to go throw these at the trash. I'm just wondering if I should do it, and if not, where is the best place to get rid of discs? I'll appreciate quick answers :D
    4 Technology 55
  164. Can you get pregnant from swallowing?
    my friend gave her boyfriend a blowjob and he cumed obv. and she spat it out but still had some in her mouth and swalloed and she could taste it and she told me just this minuite and I was like omg I think you can get pregnet!!! so we rushed on here s...
    3 Sex 150
  165. Is there a quiet way to throw up?
    doing the whole apple a day thing & not eating after 4.30 but is there anything else? oh also when i purge i'm really can i hide the fact i'm purging? cheers :) x x x
    2 Nutritionfitness 53
  166. My Very First time throwing a sleep over!!Help!!
    Im hosting my very first sleep over and my house is small because we save money and were a small family but my friend im inviting has a big house and I feel weird abot her being over because she might think its too small and...well what do you think??
    6 Entertainment 55
  167. Headache after swallowing c*m?
    Whenever I give oral to my boyfriend and swallow, I always get a really horrible headache, and it usually doesnt go away for a while. He's only had sex wiht me, so I really dont think hes got any stds, plus I dont have any other symptoms. Only the head...
    2 Sex 1748
  168. Am I throwing up from eating meat?
    about 3 months ago I decided to become a vegetarian. a few days ago I started to eat meat again because I wasn't getting enough protein and I wasn't healthy. this morning I woke up and have been throwing up and I have a headache and diarreah. could thi...
    7 Health 64
  169. Sometimes after practice or durring I throw up after doing sprints
    Sometimes after practice or durring I throw up after doing sprints. I get this reallyy sick feeling and its not because im new to the whole running thing bc I've always done sports...any tips? And does this happen to anyone else often?
    4 Sports 303
  170. Do you think a giant snake could swallow me down to my ankles?
    I figure it couldn't get over my feet cause they're vertical and all compared to my legs...I'm a 5'9 165 pound guy...Is that at all possible?
    6 Pets 40
  171. What to do when a child throws a fit?
    I have a four year old who I babysit for, and he has a tendency to throw a massive hissy fit whenever he doesn't get his way. He'll throw things, yell out things, stomp around the house, lock himself in his room, hit people, etc. When I try putting him...
    6 Babies 50
  172. What makes a person throw up???
    Okay I think my little sister who's 5 ate something really bad and I need her to throw it up. I can't make her gag she's wayyy to scarred which I can what are some drinks or things that will make her throw up...she is willing to try any...
    5 Family 11
  173. swallowing cum
    ok im a magazine I saw this comic thing where there were 2 sperms and one asked are we there yet and the other one said no we just passes the tonsels. in other words can you get pregnant by giving someone a blow job?
    7 Sex 55
  174. How can I convince my friend to stop making herself throw up?
    im scared for my friend. She's not fat at all. But Im wondering how much is she actually loosing by doing this? Like will she loose lbs within minutes or what? maybe if I can convince her that its not even helping with weight loss she will stop. does s...
    4 Health 451
  175. What's a good tip for keeping the body steady when throwing a bowling ball?
    I have an average of 175, I'm 20 years old and I use a 15 pound ball and I'm a stroker. I have difficulties with keeping my body steady while walking down the approach towards the foul line.
    3 Sports 58
  176. Why did I throw up from one shot?
    So I am a huge alcoholic.. But last night for some reason I barely had one shot and I puked ... I don't know why my body jsut rejected it!! I dont understand what happened.. Some people say its because im pregnant.. But I highly doubt it
    6 Health 556
  177. Would it be okay to make myself throw up if I ate something that's making me feel sick?
    I'm pretty sure it's from what I've eaten. I am resting until my stomach feels okay again because it is really bothering me. I feel like I want to throw up. I've taken medicine but I'm still in pain. Is it possible that i could be food poisoned? Should...
    31 Health 78
  178. Is there anyway that restaurants who throw food can give that food to the people
    I used to work in a food factory and they sent me to throw a lot of good food like flour and beans and they were good, but for some reason that i would never understand they prefer to throw to the garbage instead of give it to somebody who need it. Sam...
    5 Food 30
  179. If you found a playboy or similar magazine in your teens room would you leave it or throw it away?
    Chris's parents recently found some playboys that chris had gave to his 16 year old brother and they threw them away...i dont see the harm. If my teenage boy had them i would just leave them and not mention it. Its just a magazine.
    12 General 72
  180. How do I get rid of the throw up smell in my carpet?
    okay my friend threw up on my carpet after our amazing night of drinking. I cleaned it up but it is right new to my vent which blows hot air and my room stinks like throw up. Honestly I've sprayed my room with air fresners but this smell will not go aw...
    10 Homegarden 195
  181. Can you get pregnant from swallowing?
    okay .. I gave my boyfriend head tonight..and im freakin scared out of my mind.. can you get pregnant from swallowing cum.. I knew all the precutions but this... and I wasnt thinking.. it was in the heat of the moment.. I think im ovulating..[sp] and I...
    10 Health 606
  182. What do I do if my puppy has diarreah and is throw up?
    I have an 8 week old boxer and he won't eat. We took him to the vet and they gave him an injection and some meds to put in his food but he won't eat his food so therefore is not getting his meds. When he does eat a little he throws it up and has very f...
    4 Pets 32
  183. Do you think it was favouratism that allowed Justin Bieber to throw water balloons at police with no consequences?
    Yesterday, Justin was messing around with his crew and tossed water balloons at two police officers, who just let him walk away. Do you think the officers just shrugged it off as good natured fun? Would they have been this lenient with any other teen?
    7 Entertainment 22
  184. Does anyone here know how to throw a "come-back" pitch?
    Sorry I don't know the right name for it but it's become popular in the major leagues now and basically if I would throw it(I'm a righty) I would throw it at the hips of a lefty batterand it would have a HUGE break and come back into the middle of the ...
    6 Sports 35
  185. I swallowed a bone
    I swallowed a bone maybe 2 inches long, and half an inch wide. I'm actually not even sure if it was a bone...I wanted to spit it out but decided not to (I know now that I shouldn't do that). I did that on Friday, and since Saturday afternoon (for two d...
    2 Health 48
  186. FunAdvice Trivia: Sri Lankan spin bowler Muttiah Muralitharan has been called for throwing by which umpires?
    A) Tony Crafter and Harold Bird B) Stephen Randell and Ray Titmus C) Roy Emerson and Darrell Hair D) Steve Dunne and Robin Baillache
    9 Funadvice 11
  187. I always feel like I am going to throw up after I eat
    It doesn't matter what I eat but after anymeal I always feel like I am going to throw up even if I dont eat that much. I find that closing my eyes helps the urg go away. I mean I hate throwing up and all and it makes me upset that my body keeps doing t...
    5 Nutritionfitness 362
  188. How can I make myself throw up?
    Dont take this da wrong way or nothing I dont want to do it to get skinny I have a few health problems and so whenever I eat anything I get really sick in my stomache a few times I've thrown up and I've felt so much better but I dont no how to force my...
    12 Health 1372
  189. Why am I always throwing up?
    Ok, i've just gotten over swimmers' ear, and now every time i eat something or drink something, i throw it up about 2 minutes after. I feel weak and i'll eat and eat and then keep throwing up. It's gotten less frequent now, but no matter how much i ea...
    5 Health 91
  190. My dog just swallowed a whole chicken leg with no meat on it
    My dog just swallowed a whole chicken leg with not meat on it and he dident even chew it!!! What do I do please help!! Also when he was a little puppy only like 3 months old he ate a bunch of chocolate! Would that affect him to? My mom keeps saying hes...
    13 Pets 123
  191. my puppy swallowed something!!
    this afternoon I found my puppy under the stairs, after looking for her everywhere, there is all sorts of junk under there, she came out coughing and splutering, she tried being sick but then swallowed it, she carried on trying to be sick, but stopped....
    4 Pets 38
  192. Feeling like throwing up since last night
    I've been feeling like throwing up since last night. After eating two corndogs, I dont know if it was the food. Or im prego. Im 15, I've only had sex once in my life. I dont think I can be pregnant. If I am, its only almost two weeks into it. But im ha...
    3 Sex 39
  193. My friend is throwing his life away. what do I say to him?
    k, in the past year he's gotten into drugs, smoking, drinking, skipping school, and some other bad crap. I can't just stand by and watch him thow his life away, but what should I do? should I say something, and if so, what do I say? without sounding l...
    2 Relationships 53
  194. What else is he going to throw at me?
    Well if any of you have read any of my other questions you know that my husband decided on Wednesday that he wanted out of our marriage, then on Friday I found out that he was "seeing" someone else. Now tonight he gets home from being with her and tel...
    4 Relationships 18
  195. Why do I keep throwing up?
    i got my tonsils taken out :( and i keep throwin up i ate KFC mac an chesse and then i threw up then i tried takin my liquid pain medication an i threw tht up an then i ate a popsicle an threw tht up i rly want to stop throwin up cuz it rly hurts my ...
    2 Health 59
  196. What's a good lie for throwing up?
    my mom made a freaking doctors appointment because she thinks i threw up my food a lot. its so annoying because shes so nosy. anyways i do throw up my food but im completely in control i havent like totally lost it i know what im doing. andim not under...
    2 Health 22
  197. toddler upset stomache
    4 Babies 34
  198. Have you ever been cummed on?
    Have you ever been cummed on? Where? Did you like it? Ever swallowed?
    3 Relationships 244
  199. Why does my kitty keep throwing up?
    My cat wont stop throwing up im not sure whats going on but I live in a vevy small town o theres no vet, so I was hoping someone could help me with my ideas of why she might be. and by the way the puke is liquid and light brown. 1.she ate a good ammou...
    3 Pets 44
  200. Help me stop throwing up
    I'm bulemic, and it's gotten to the point where I don't even have to stick my finger down my throat,. My body just naturally throws up when I eat a certain amount. I like it, because I feel less guilty, because it seems as though it's happening natural...
    5 Health 59
  201. I am terrified of throw up
    Ok SO I HATE not sure I know anyone who likes it lol but I mean I want to be a parent someday, and also work in the medical field... but I am LITERALLY TERRIFIED of throw up.. I dont know what it is. I cant see it when its happening and I kno...
    6 Health 30
  202. Why is my dog throwing up in the morning?
    have a 8 week old male Hound/German Shepard mix, as of three nights ago he started waking up dry heaving and sounding like he is trying to cough something up. This only happens when he wakes up from sleeping almost all night; sometimes he makes it till...
    2 Pets 213
  203. Why am I throwing up when I'm not sick?
    I woke up this morning, and the first thing i did was go to the washroom dry heaving. Then I want to put the turkey into the oven, while doing this i dry heaved 2 more times (I figured weak stomach with raw turkey). When it was in, I got into the showe...
    9 Health 37
  204. What to do if my daughter may have swallowed a magnet?
    I have a question, my 16 month old was in my oldest daughter's room, we thought all the doors were shut, but it was left open. I was in my bedroom & husband was in the living room. My 16 month old walked into my room holding a handful of my daughters m...
    4 Babies 38
  205. When someones throws up to be skinny do they start off slow?
    Oky well I seriously think my friend is becoming bulimic, shes thrown up 3 times the first 2 times it wasnt th much and that bad so didnt say anything because I thought mabye she was sick but today puked again for the third day in a row and it was kin...
    2 Nutritionfitness 38
  206. Hurts to swallow
    I've been ill with a slight temperature, all the normal cold symptoms, but especially a sore throat. My glands have been up for about 3 weeks now. I can feel them, they feel massive! I had that checked out, they said it wasn't anything to worry about, ...
    2 Health 48
  207. Can I get pregnant from swallowing c*m?
    I am 13 I will be 14 soon I been seeing this 20 year old & will last night when my mom & dad went to sleep he picked me up & we went back to his house & went down to his room & were maken out then I started to give him a hand job then he asked me to gi...
    39 Health 777
  208. getting a disease from oral?
    Can you get a disease if you swallow cum?
    4 Sex 192
  209. What muscles are used in a soccer Throwin
    what muscles are used in a soccer throw in?
    2 Nutritionfitness 129
  210. Why Am I throwing up on the first day of my period?
    Today I woke up and was fine for the most part. I have been worried because I was 5 days late for my period although my boyfirend and I haven't had sex yet, but he has cum on me near that area. I woke up and found out that my period came so I went to s...
    2 Sex 40
  211. Why do I feel full and like throwing up when I eat? is 1-5-07 and we had pizza for dinner...and yeah im trying to gte skinnier but my mom made me eat sum and OMG...after taking the 4th small bite of that pizza I got FULL like seriously...and my mom made me take another bite and OMG...I looke...
    3 Health 139
  212. Throwing the first punch
    All my life I have been pushed around like a sack of potatoes in a basket,and I really hate it now. The main person that is a huge issue to me and why I may be always pissed off is cause of a boy named Isaiah which is in my 4th period class. When I sat...
    4 General 71
  213. why am I throwing up?
    so about a year ago I got really sick from eating a salad and lost a lot of weight. (I went from 112 to about 90 in less than a week) I was scared to eat because everything I ate I threw up so I stopped eating for a few days. well its been a year in a ...
    3 Health 86
  214. Throw daughter out?
    my 19 yr old daughter is dating a guy, who has been to jail several times for alcohol, drugs, assault. He has no job, no car, no license. Didnt graduate, no GED. He dumps her all the time. He even told the town she gave him an STD. This guy came into ...
    5 Family 7
  215. What do i do with my old mp3?
    Its broken and won't work do i throw it?
    7 Environment 14
  216. how does cum taste?
    how does cum taste? are you supposed to swallow it when you suck a dick or what?
    4 Relationships 164
  217. What soothes a sore throat?
    =/ Hurry.It hurts to swallow. ='[
    6 Health 55
  218. Pregnant without vomiting?
    Is it possible to be pregnant without vomiting if not how soon before you do throw up?
    3 Health 187
  219. 10 month old - throwing fits during diaper changes
    My son Noah, in the past week has been freaking out every single time I change his diaper. He screams like your hurting him, arches his back, and will do anything he can do turn over or get away from you. This only started recently and I wouldn't be to...
    9 Babies 157
  220. How to treat bulimia at home?
    How to treat bulimia at home because I cant tell any body Im sick of throwing up every day I throw up blood somtime
    3 Health 29
  221. Dog throwing up blood
    Ok, my dog is a corgi/pom-pom mix. He is like 9 or 10. He has had this strange cough for over 2 months. We took him to the vet and they gave us pills. Those didn't do anything, actully it made it a little worse. We took him back to the vet, they said i...
    7 Pets 59
  222. How do you freak dance?
    5 Entertainment 64
  223. Can you chew the pill?
    Can you chew the contraceptive pill? instead of swallowing whole x
    2 Health 44
  224. How to be bulimic without gag reflexes?
    How do people who don't have gag reflexes make themselves throw up?
    3 Health 326
  225. rice on the ground and leting them eat it kill birds?
    can throwing rice on the ground and leting them eat it kill them???
    5 Pets 59
  226. How to get rid of fleas in a carpet?
    How can one get rid of fleas in a carpet without throwing the carpet out?
    5 Homegarden 52
  227. When do you start vomiting from pregnancy?
    someone help me..when your pregnant when do you start throwing up
    4 Health 32
  228. Can she be Pregnant if...
    Can a GIRL become Pregnant if she swallows SPERM while giving BLOWJOBS?
    3 Sex 48
  229. How can a tennis ball throw itself; is it cursed?
    Well what happened was me and my friend were down at our school at about 6:30 - 7:00 and we were just coming into the school when a tennis ball rolled down the middle of the yard and we thought that someone had rolled it to scare us so we looked to see...
    9 Religion 68
  230. Help my friend please
    My best friend I think is bulimic but I know when she eats healthy she doesnt throw up but say we go out for dessert I caught her throwing up all of it!! does she have bulima, is there such a thing as being in "control". I only saw her throw up desser...
    3 Health 22
  231. Whats going on
    Every time I eat I throw it up and I dont make my self throw it up I just cant hold it down does anyone have suggestions like what it could be
    4 Health 15
  232. Why do girl get periods?
    I dont get why girls have to go throw all this bleeding once a month and boy only have to go throw wet dream once a year I hate it so why duz it only happen to girls
    5 Health 47
  233. How much comes out when he ejaculates?
    soo my boyfriend likes when a girl sswallows his cum uhm.yeah how much about comes out. like how much will I be swallowing.. and if I dont want to swallow where do I spit it out
    7 Relationships 89
  234. Slipknot song has the lyrics "the rain will kill us all"?
    What song has the lyrics "the rain will kill us all, throw ourselves against the wall..."
    6 Music 84
  235. What kind of music do you like?
    what kind of music do ya like throw out suggestions im bored
    8 Music 25
  236. What's Wrong With Me?
    Every morning I throw up. After I eat I throw up. Some days I no even ate. I get bad tummy aches that hurt so bad I cry. Is this IBS or something?
    3 Health 19
  237. what would men like women to do after they cum?
    what would men like women to do after they cum? (swallow, spit, etc)
    5 Relationships 82
  238. Are apples going to make me fat?
    I ate about 4 apples today does it going to make me fat should I throw it up ?
    7 Nutritionfitness 25
  239. Could I get pregnant by blowjob?
    I often swallow my boyfriend's cum after blowjob but could I get pregnant ?
    8 Sex 325
  240. What are some good party snacks and beverages?
    So we are throwing a party and we need some good ideas for snacks and drinks to have there.
    2 Food 12
  241. How to say sorry?
    How do you write a sorry letter to a teacher for accidentally throwing somthing at her?
    5 Education 35
  242. Ever masturbate? Ever been caught masturbating?
    Ever masturbate? Ever been caught masturbating? Ever give head? Ever have anal? Ever have sex? Ever swallowed?
    13 Sex 193
  243. any good techno songs?
    I need some good techno songs for a party im throwing on saturday.
    4 Music 40
  244. Question for the guys
    Do you guys like when a girl swallows your cum and then makes out with you or is it gross?
    3 Relationships 70
  245. Feel sick after eating
    So after I eat I always feel sick. Like I'm gonna throw up sick. And I dunno what's wrong with me?! I'm not pregnant because I don't have sex. So any ideas? It never fails! But I don't throw up, I just feel like I'm going to.
    8 Sex 59
  246. Girls giving head
    Why do girls like to suck penis and swallow the cum?
    5 Relationships 462
  247. 7month old pomeranian mixed throwing up? please help.
    Hi, I just got My puppy going on two weeks, he's a 7month old Pomeranian mixed. today he was doing fine. he came in contact with another Pomeranian it was a female she was 10weeks old. he tired to get some sex, but I didnt let him, he tries to eat eve...
    3 Sex 79
  248. I don't want to throw out our relationship Okay well about 10min ago I was talking to my [[boyfriend]] & well he was telling me about this girl rite & well 4 the 1st time ever I didn't get jealous!!& den my friend johnny texts me & I tell him what it said && he gets all mad [...
    4 Relationships 44
  249. pregnant or not pt.2
    k so if im stil queasy but not throwing up... and I ate eggs but want to throw up and it's like im not full with food what should I do..I can't get a pregnancy test because I have no money
    8 Health 19
  250. Throwing up on my period
    the same thing happened exactly this time last year. and it starts out like normal cramps but then it gets worse and worse to the poin where I cant sit still because the pain is too bad. and eventually I break into a cold sweat have diarrhea soo bad...
    10 Health 162