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  1. Can I buy syringes from walgreens?
    Can I buy syringes from walgreens?
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  2. Why do they call Walgreens, "Walgreens," if the walls in Walgreens ain't green?
    4 General 74
  3. what time does walgreens open?
    what time does wlgreens open usally?
    2 Shopping 86
  4. who knws if they sell india ink at walmart or walgreens?
    do dey sell india ink at walmart or maybe evn at walgreens
    3 Shopping 961
  5. How much does it cost to print pictures at Walgreens i have 29 to print?
    I have 29 pictures to print and i have no idea how much it will cost and what size to put it on and can i bring it on a flash drive and how long do i have to wait? Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3 Money 171
  6. Where can you buy a syringe?
    so, does anyone know were I can buy a seringe?? (needle the doctor uses for shots) its not for drugs I swear to god and all that is holy im clean, but im just wondering...
    2 Health 55
  7. how old do you have to be work at publix?
    Or walgreens in ruskin florida?
    2 Money 65
  8. Bump-its!
    Does any store (like walgreens) sell bumpits? Or is it just an over the phone product
    7 Style 49
  9. Find green tea and black tea in your local grocery shop?
    Can you find green tea and black tea in your local grocery shop? Like ralphs, albertsons, walgreens?
    2 Shopping 17
  10. Hair Clear Gloss?
    Has anyone ever tried it? I'm thinking about getting it from walgreens + trying it. Would you suggest it? (:
    2 General 35
  11. Where can I convert my black and white picture into a colored one?
    Is there a place in the internet where I can convert my black and white picture into color that I don't have to download anything? Or do Walgreen's or CVS have a machine thingy to do that?
    4 Technology 12
  12. Vagina tightening cream
    Can anyone please tell me how to get vagina tightening cream, or how I can tighten my vagina? And if I can get vagina cream is there any possible way its at a store like walgreens? Or any names? Thanks <3
    9 Health 451
  13. Where can I find hair thinning shears?
    Ok so I already cut my own hair but now I want to thin it I cant find hair thinning shears any where? I already tried Wal Mart- Meijers, Cvs , Walgreens you name it. where do you think I could get some
    4 Style 774
  14. best liquid foundation ?
    Is their any good liquid foundation I can use that doesnt leave your face oily , last long , and has good coverge for pores or acne scars.One that I can find at walmart or walgreens .Please help .
    2 Style 16
  15. Pink underneath?
    So I bought pink hair dye from walgreens the other day. and I was wondering since it came with a bleach kit should I use it? I'm only doing underneath my hair and maybe my tips. I dye my hair black all the time, so thats why I'm wondering, or just I ju...
    5 Style 89
  16. Intelligender test... Boy or girl
    So today at walgreens I saw this thiung called the intelligender prediction test. I was wondering if anyone has used it before. It was on sale for 7 dollars instead of 40. So me being curious I bought it. Has anyone ever used it and was it accurate?
    2 Health 18
  17. Fade creams...
    Okay so I want to buy a fade cream/skin lightener/skin whitener to help diminish the brown spots/scars left from pimples...what is the best kind for oily acne prone and available at cvs or walgreens please!
    3 Style 43
  18. how do i get rid of black hair ?
    ive dyed it black a couple of times . & now i wanna go back to my normal hair color which is brown . i thought of getting this thing @ walgreens called " color oops" but im not suree . what if its a waste of money . i tried dying it a lighter color but...
    14 Style 37
  19. Why is it so awkward now that I told my Mom?
    I just figured out I got my period yesterday. I never wanted my mom to come home, I had told her on the phone so she went to went Walgreen's and got pads for me. today she asked me if I was having cramps, I said no she said lucky, I was walking back to...
    3 Family 19
  20. Where can I get a gel eyeliner (The kind that you dip your angled brush into)?
    I've seen girls use it in there makeup tutorial YouTube videos, but I've never seen it in stores,(but I've never actually looked when I'm there, usually i look for liquid eyeliner but i just never happened to come across it in that section). do they ha...
    10 Style 28
  21. Should I (ever) get back with my ex-boyfriend?
    I took a quiz on this and it said "Absolutely! Run to his/her house NOW and tell them that you need em back in your life because you know you can't live without him/her. You guys are meant to be." Have you ever had a gut in feeling in life? I get th...
    6 Sex 29
  22. What do I do if the 6 week old puppy I found won't eat?
    I found a puppy 4 days ago and he has been to the vets and has been dewormed and is on antibiotics for cyst. He refuses to eat from his bowl but will go there for water. He accepts food and keeps it down when I syringe feed him. I have noticed that aft...
    6 Pets 76
  23. Can cold medicine cause you to fail a urine analysis?
    I had to go take a urine test last thursday for a job that has just hired me. I do not use any dr.ugs however, i have been using wal-phed (walgreens version of sudafed) to fight a cold since last tuesday. I have been waiting for them to call and let ...
    8 Education 94
  24. How can an active person lose weight?
    I have been on swimteam my whole life and workout 1-2 hours a day.. but.. I am 5'7' 160lbs. and a size 8. I was thinking about trying NV. Has anyone tried it? I am going to Florida April 1-4 and would like to be "bikini ready" by then. I would mainly l...
    3 Nutritionfitness 30
  25. Whats the wierdest or coolest thing you have found in a new house?
    I mean like a house you have just moved into be it new or old rental or owned. I do house cleans where someone moves out and we clean everything in it. There is always stuff left and we have found things like a fake vagina and trophys even ultrasound p...
    11 Homegarden 54
  26. the boy of my DREAMS`
    haven`t been on for a LONG time but yes =] . I need some advice on a guy that I really like. well he`s my type of guy like big lips & chinky eyes . hes 17 & im 13 but he thinks im 14 =] ; doesnt really matter to be honest. but anyways likee the first t...
    2 Sex 48
  27. Dying my "cappuccino" brown hair barbie doll blonde
    I have also dyed my hair from raven black back to barbie doll blonde before (about 5 years ago) and don't quite remember if I used the "Superblonde" bleach ($15 @ walgreens) once or twice when lightening it. I am just asking whether I should bleach my ...
    2 Style 156
  28. HELP on pimples , dry oily skin ?!!!!
    for the last couple of days I have been getting pimples , I dont know how I got them all of the sudden I have little pimples on my forehead.I have also goten a couple on my cheeks.I hate how they skin also have dry skin and oily skin.It looks ...
    7 Style 40
  29. Not ready but might be
    My period is 8-12 days late but I don't want to say im pregnant just yet. I don't want to be pregnant at all. I got so many many future plans for life. I know what you thinkin, I shouldve thought about that before right? But its so funny cause I just w...
    2 Health 20
  30. I feel like a little kid
    a few months ago, I noticed I was getting a cavity, so I wanted to get it filled... and I've gotten dozens of cavities filled, so my mum made the appointment and I went. I havent gotten I cavity filled in years, all they did then was stick a light in m...
    8 Health 80
  31. Italy's favourite Saint
    Did Italy’s favourite saint faked his stigmata? Historian Sergio Luzzatto’s book, The Other Christ: Padre Pio and 19th Century Italy reveals Padre Pio, who was made a saint in 2002, had used carbolic acid to get the Christ-like wounds in his hands. R...
    5 Religion 61
  32. Has any of you, ever had a Necropsy done on your dog?
    Has anyone ever had a Necropsy performed on one of their dog? Did you get the answers to why your pet died? My little Chihuahua Gigi passed away from Liver Disease. She was only 2 1/2 years old. She was never sick a day in her life, until this happened...
    3 Pets 60