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Sunbed whilst peeling

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  1. face peeling
    What does it mean when your face is peeling??
    5 Style 322
  2. Can you cook with mango peels?
    2 Food 68
  3. Why does people's skin peel?
    9 Health 111
  4. How to get high off of orange peels?
    How to get high off of orange peels?
    2 General 408
  5. How to get rid of peeling skin?
    How to get rid of peeling skin
    8 Style 1490
  6. Can I go in a tanning bed while peeling?
    Can I tan in a tanning bed while peeling?
    3 Style 6169
  7. What does it mean if your tattoo starts to peel?
    What does it mean if your tattoo starts to peel?
    2 Style 183
  8. sunburn how can you makeit peel faster?
    how can you makeit peel faster
    2 Health 312
  9. Why does the skin peel off my nose but no where else?
    9 Style 86
  10. What drives a man into cheating whilst married?
    What drives a man into cheating whilst married?
    2 Relationships 35
  11. Face peeling
    What would I do to get rid of face peeling?
    5 Style 152
  12. Prevent Peeling after a sunburn?
    How do I prevent my skin from peeling afler a sunburn?
    7 Style 329
  13. What do you do after you get a sunburn and start peeling?
    What do you do if you got a sunburn and your peeling!!?
    5 Health 748
  14. Can I feed baby pigs potato peels?
    Can I feed baby pigs potato peels?
    2 Pets 160
  15. What do you put on your face when you have a sunburn and you're peeling?
    5 Style 182
  16. Why do my nails always flake and peel back?
    3 Style 47
  17. is it safe to keep a tampon in whilst in the bath ?
    2 Health 92
  18. How can I hide the peeling skin on my face from a sunburn?
    4 Style 463
  19. What causes peeling besides sun burn?
    5 Health 116
  20. sexaul intercourse whilst on your period can you get pregnant
    if you have sexaul intercourse whilst on your period can you get pregnant/
    3 Sex 134
  21. Peeling back sunburns?
    im sunburned an want to keep from peeling how do I do that
    7 Health 113
  22. Sunbeds
    Y dont I ever change colour on sunbeds?
    3 Style 24
  23. When I peel does it take away the tan
    Im a redhead and when I peel does it take away the tan
    7 Style 8823
  24. What do I do if I peeled the sunburn skin?
    Its raw pink, and I don't know what to do! :(
    10 Health 10285
  25. How do you get rid of the dead skin when you peel from sunburn?
    3 Style 212
  26. Can you really eat apple peelings and do they have nutritional values?
    8 Nutritionfitness 55
  27. Why do boiled eggs fall apart when I peel them?
    Why do Easter Eggs fall apart after boiling? What can I do to stop them from falling apart when I peel them?
    3 Food 674
  28. 10 mins in the sun equal to on a sunbed?
    How much is 10 mins in the sun equal to on a sunbed? =D
    2 Style 465
  29. Is it a bad idea to have sex whilst on your period?
    is it a bad idea to have sex whilst on your period. and if yes y??
    5 Sex 112
  30. Is it healthy blending a whole orange without peeling it (skin on)?
    5 Health 1318
  31. Is it weird to peel my skin when I'm bored?
    do you think its weired that I peel my skin off when im bored?
    8 Health 61
  32. Why my skin peels off after mastrubating ?
    My skin peels off after I mastrubate how shud I stop it is it bad it bleed at times
    2 Health 194
  33. What is a good way to preserve my newly styled hair whilst I sleep?
    3 Style 51
  34. How do you stop your nail-beds from splitting and the skin peeling (very painful!)?
    4 Style 54
  35. Peeling Skin On Sholders?
    I got tan, then my sholders started peeling. What can get rid of this? and what can prevent this?
    5 Style 104
  36. What can I do so I keep my tan and dont peel.
    When I get tanned from the sun on my trip.. And if I get burnt what can I do so I keep my tan and dont peel.
    2 Style 910
  37. Face peeling with acne products?
    How come if you use certain acne products or just nothing, your face starts to peel?
    3 Style 46
  38. what reasons are there for bleeding whilst taking the pill other than ordinary breakthough bleeding?
    is there anything i should be worried about?
    2 Health 28
  39. My Testicle Skin Is Peeling... Help.
    I Have Been Noticing That The Skin On My Testicle Sack Is Peeling. And I Dont Know Why... I AM A Virgin And I Dont Know Why Its Doing This Please Help Me...
    4 Health 573
  40. How can you stop the peeling of sunburned skin?
    How can you get your skin to stop peeling or slow down the process or not make it so noticeable to everyone?
    21 Health 5609
  41. Why are hard boiled eggs sometimes hard to peel?
    I just made some hard-boiled eggs and some didn't turn out right. Why are hard boiled eggs sometimes hard to peel?
    5 Food 256
  42. How do I stop a sunburn from peeling?
    I got a sunburn, it's not bad but it's peeling a little and id really rather it didn't. How can I stop it?
    8 Style 1160
  43. Is it normal for a males skin on his pen!s to peel?
    Im not a boy, so i have no clue on this. Is it normal for the head of the pen!s or the shaft to peel?
    7 Health 40
  44. Who thinks it's weird to video yourself whilst masterbating?
    I am a girl by the way, but I was just wondering, is it normal to film yourself whilst fingering?
    7 Sex 76
  45. Can I use maple syrup as a substitute for corn syrup whilst making peanut butter cookies?
    2 Food 18
  46. Sunburn and peeling
    I have got really BAD sunburn and peeling like crazy it really itches and I cant sleep what shall I do?
    2 Health 270
  47. How do I cure peeling?
    Im peeling all over my back...its itchy and its stinging...I've tried to put ice on it but nothing :(
    4 Health 33
  48. How can I stop my lip from peeling?
    ok I had my lip pierced again and now mylips are peeling like crazy and I dont bite me lip either does anyone no how to stop it peeling
    3 Style 69
  49. Can red wine cause skin to peel?
    Can red wine cause skin to peel? I heard that there may be something in red wine that causes peeling skin. Is this true? If I order red wine with my next meal should I be worried?
    3 Food 85
  50. What can help my face peeling?
    I got sunburned the other day, and now my whole face is peeling.. it looks like sh1t lol..?
    3 Style 44
  51. What is your opinion on supermarkets selling peeled bananas, wrapped up in plastic?
    I found this photo on the web. There appears to be a supermarket that peels bananas and then gives them an artificial peel by packing them in plastic.
    9 Health 47
  52. Hands are peeling how do I get ride of that?
    Heyy my hands are peeling like really badly like when someone sunburns and their skins peels thats like theirs does. How do I get ride of tha? Help!!
    5 Style 44
  53. How to get my skin to stop peeling?
    My nose always peels and bleeds. I hate it. The only part of my face that breaks out or peels is my nose. The rest of my face is fine? And help?
    4 Style 102
  54. Tattoo peeling
    I got my second tattoo exactly one week ago. It hasn't started to peel yet. Is someting wrong?
    6 Style 356
  55. Do beauty marks grow back if they are peeled off?
    my sister did it last night and I felt like smacking her... Because my moms grew back and she had peeled it off to.
    3 Style 1089
  56. Sunburned nose is peeling?
    how can ubtreat a sunburn cause my nose was peeling really bad and its red and it hurts and gross looking I need help???
    3 Health 228
  57. Dont wanna peel
    I burned alittle in the sun today. Do you think baby lotion will keep me from peeling. I dont wanna lose this tan?
    2 Health 1539
  58. What is a comfortable position to read in whilst lying down?
    Well I can never get just a silly question ^-^
    7 General 12
  59. Are tattoos supposed to peel?
    my tattoo is peeling, I went to tha place where I got it done, && he said to stop using the a + d, when I did it got all dry and started peeling...sooo, what should I do
    17 Style 1377
  60. How can I make my sunburn stop peeling?
    I got a bad sunburn,And now im Peeling. Its really gross and Makes me really itchy. Are there any things I can do it make it stop peeling,or At least speed it up so itl stop soon?
    5 Health 186
  61. Why is my skin down there peeling off?
    I dont no why but all of the skin on my balls and p*nis is peeling of I something rong with me please help o ya and im 14
    5 Health 196
  62. What is the best way to peel an orange?
    I have been having trouble peeling oranges lately. They never seem to cooperate when I am hungry. Everyone else seems like an expert.
    2 Food 23
  63. why does my vagina hurt when i have sex and recently it looks like actual skin is peeling out of my vagina not my lips, does anyone know what this could be?
    3 Sex 193
  64. Is it normal to have a sharp pain in my vagina whilst being fingered? And a small drop of blood? And will this reoccur? Yes I am I virgin btw.
    6 Health 133
  65. Sunbed use
    Hi Do any off you use sun beds? How often? And does it actually give you confidence as people say? Im thinking off using them!
    10 Style 24
  66. How do you keep your nail polish from chipping and peeling?
    How do you keep your nail polish from chipping and peeling? I used a clear bottom coat, one coat color, and a clear top coat and it started peeling about 5 days later
    3 Style 40
  67. When using a sunbed, will washing after take away the vitamin d?
    I was told that if I washed with soap after using a sunbed the vitamin d would be washed off. I was told you should not bathe for 3 days after sunbathing. Is this true?
    4 Style 195
  68. wax,shave,peel ...
    is it bad if you shave your underarms ? who shaves his under arms ps:iam a girl :p I tried it once and now I want to do it again its not painful unlike waxing
    5 Style 86
  69. help- face peeling and school about to start!
    im sunburned and my face is going to peel soon and I dont want it peeling for school which starts in a few weeks...a few questions- I start school aug 10th, will my face still be peeling by then? when will my face start peeling if I just got the bu...
    3 Health 797
  70. when you get a slight sunburn, and your face starts to peel a LiTtLe bit, wat kan you do to keep it from getting worse?
    12 Health 40
  71. Get rid of peeling but stay tan
    Ok I got sun burn and after red went away I had a pefect tan but now iam peeling and my pigment going with it how do I get rid peeling but keep tan?
    6 Style 5577
  72. Please help...testicle skin is peeling off
    Hello, I have a really bad problem...why is skin coming off my testicles???its itchy and wont stop burning...can any one help???
    2 Health 126
  73. Is tapping your feet whilst on your heels beneficial?
    Is exercising the lower part of your legs by standing on your heels, and tapping your feet, help your leg muscles or just cause them to be sore and have no beneficent purpose?
    3 Nutritionfitness 12
  74. Should I peel my sunburned skin?
    Okay.. I am sunburnt and am starting to peel in spots on my back and shoulders. The top layer of skin peels off very easily if I touch it. Should I peel it? (I look like a cheeta!) or should I leave it and wish for the impossibble? (an even skin tone)???
    8 Style 5323
  75. how do I make my peeling go away?
    I went to the beach and the sunblck didnt now im peeling really badly and tomorrow im going to california and I DO NOT want to loo al gross. so how do I make it go away fast?
    3 Style 149
  76. Advice on Peeling Lips?
    I have a ' Peeling lip ' issue where I can't wear Lipstick without that Ugly Peeling look to it! I've tried just about everything. Lip fusions, Chapsticks, just a lot a stuff. What would be your best recommendation for COnstant Peels?/ Thanks so mu...
    7 Style 118
  77. Peeled Sunburn to Early
    So, I got a nasty sunburn on my face and I peeled it too soon before the layer of skin underneath was ready to be exposed. Now, the top layer is reddish-pink and very sensitive. What can I do about this to reduce redness and pain?
    3 Health 9980
  78. How do I get rid of sunburn and is it bad to peel it off?
    I went to the beach a couple of days ago and I forgot to put some sunscreen on it and then I got really burnt and now its peeling on my back and it only started today and I have peeled some of it (is peeling bad?) and I have put mosteriser on it but it...
    3 Style 168
  79. How to heal peeling skin?
    I was using that white powder degreaser to scrub pots and my stove burners...and like an idiot decided that I didn't need gloves, so now the skin of my palms is all peeling. Any lotions or other ways of treating that you can recommend?
    5 Health 108
  80. Why are my palms peeling?
    For a few months now the skin on the palm of my hands have been peeling, they puff up then peel, not to mention it hurts like hell. At first I thought it was an allergic reaction to water (cause it would happen when ever water touched it) but now thats...
    12 Health 65
  81. Would glasses stop me from getting headaches whilst being on my laptop?
    Right now I have a headache and I get them quite a lot when I have been on my laptop. I have my brightness turned as low as it will go but it does not help and I do take breaks. Do you think I might need some sort of glasses?
    5 Health 43
  82. Why are my hand peeling?
    Okay so last week I saw like a bubble kinda under my skin so I picked it and my finger started to peel a lot.and the next day all my fingers started to now all my fingers are peeling and when I ut them in water or get a shower they peel even mo...
    5 Health 72
  83. Nipple piercing peeling?
    I just got my two nipples pierced, didn't hurt as much because the piercer froze the nipples beforehand, but I am now noticing that my nipples themself are starting to peel, no not the sin around the metal, the actual nipple is peeling. now I am thinki...
    4 Style 4816
  84. How could I make a homemade facial peel?
    I was wondering if it would be a good idea to crush a lactaid tablet and combine with water to make one (because lactaid contains lactase) , but I don't want to completely screw up my face. Any advice?
    4 Style 29
  85. How can I get rid of sunburn peeling?
    I went fake and bake andgot burnt and now my back is peeling and its all in spots it looks sooo bad is there any way I can make it peel faster of get rid of it because I have a wedding in a month and dont want my back to be ugly please help as soon as ...
    35 Style 1660
  86. Peeling Skin, Help?
    Yes, we all know, peeling skin sucks. I have it on my arms and legs because I didn't use sunscreen and got a bad burn. The burn is gone, but now here's the peeling. While reading up on it, I keep seeing, DO NOT PEEL YOURSELF. Well, too late. I've ...
    2 Health 941
  87. how can I stop that one nail from peeling?
    I am right handed... and the nail on my index finger of that hand grows out, not by much then it kind of splits and you can practically peel layers off of the nail. I like long nails, and due to my job, I am not allowed nail polish or handcream during ...
    2 Style 22
  88. My skin on fingers peeling of wdf did las year to
    my skin on my fingers, 3 - 2years ago I was at skl and my skin was peeling on on my fingers an abit on my hand peelin of too. and last ye, it peelied of on my finger tips agen!!.. but not at bad, and now I've got the skin peeling of agen on all 4 fing...
    5 Health 53
  89. Sunburn peeling leaving ugly spots
    I just got a really bad sunburn and it peeled and everything but the area that peeled is a lighter tone than the skin around it and it looks terrible, and the problem is, I gotta go to camp a week from the first day of the burn. How to I restore the na...
    7 Style 1823
  90. how long do facial peels take to heal?
    k, I heard that TCA peels really reduce the visability of scars, and I want to get one, but I dont know how long it takes to heal... and I cant miss to much time because of school any extra info about this would be appreciated :)
    2 Style 93
  91. Badly Sunburned and Peeled
    I have a huge burn on my back and it has peeled, so some of my back is like a pink colour and the rest is a tan colour. What do you suggest would make the pinkish spots go away?? And the worst part, I got the burn like 2 weeks ago and nothing significa...
    2 Style 77
  92. Sunbeds?
    I'm fairly pale but I do tan in the sun and go fairly brown, so my skin isnt that fair, im starting to go on the sunbeds to get a basetan and a little brown before my holidays in 16days =D How many minutes a week do you think I should do? I was thinkin...
    3 Style 26
  93. Can you use white glue all over your face as a peel off facial mask?
    in some youtube videos there are people using white glue (eg. elmer's white glue) on their noses as an alternative to pore strips. I was wondering if it would be alright to use all over your face like a regular peel off mask but at a cheaper price? pl...
    5 Style 122
  94. How can I even out my peeling skin?
    Okay, so I've only had the sunburn for two days then it instantly went tan. A few days after that. It started peeling. And now it looks sooo nasty cause I've got spots of tan where it didn't peel off still on me, while there are other parts where I'm l...
    21 Style 75800
  95. Feeling like your fallin, whilst trying to sleep.
    Ok, has anyone ever been really tired, they are lying on their bed,sleepy, when all of a sudden you suddenly jump, and feel like uve just fell from sumwhere? Lol.. If you have why do you do it? Or wht do you think about it? Dont you think its wierd? lol
    15 Health 82
  96. Light makeup for peeling skin
    I start school pretty soon and my skin is peeling bad because I got burnt at the beach. Everytime I put of concealer it makes my skin look horrible. Whats some good and light makeup to use for my dry skin. I also have acne so I dont want something that...
    3 Style 58
  97. My friend peeled a giant chunk of skin of his foot and dared me...
    To put it on the bottom of mine...So I said what the hell, and did it. Unfortunately, I forgot I had a wound on the bottom of my foot, and when I took off my sock the next day, his skin had...grown into my foot or something. I can't get it off, and it ...
    11 Health 44
  98. Peeling on my new tattoo
    I recently got a color tatoo on saturday and this morning I woke up and it was peeling but I have a black ink only on my other arm and it didnt do to much peeling.I was just curious if it's normal.And I know all tatoo shops are supposed to be sterile a...
    9 Style 101
  99. How safe is it to have unprotected sex whilst being on the contraceptive pill?
    Me and my boyfriend started off having sex just using a condom, after a month of two we decided upon starting to use the pill. I am on the second week of my first packet and we recently had unprotected sex, personally I am not to worried about this b...
    9 Sex 74
  100. Skin peeling!!!
    Okay, so while I was camping I didn't put on any sunscreen because I'm really white, and I wanted to get a tanned. But that didn't happen, instead it turned into a huge red lobster sunburn. No joke. 2 days later, it started peeling, and me being an idi...
    7 Health 216
  101. what are the symptoms of lip cancer?
    can they be peeling of lip, because i peel my lip all the time, and sometimes the inner part too, i am scared to death,, is it bad to peel your lip? does it cause lip cancer?
    2 Health 36
    7 Style 52
  103. Do you come on here at school?
    Is anyone on here now at school or do you come on ere whilst at school?
    7 Education 11
  104. How Do I stop my face from Peeling??
    Exfoliate? YES , Done that with a scrub. Doesn't work. Toner, yes. Moisturize. again Yes. *sigh* I can never win. My scalp and all around my hair line flakes like mad. I did badly bleach my hair at one time but that was 2 YEARS AGO; giving my hea...
    7 Style 82
  105. How can I heal a peeling sunburn?
    What's up guys? So, I'm a very outdoor oriented person, and always tan easily, being half Brazilian. I'm freaking out because about a week ago, maybe less, I fell asleep while laying out by my pool. I got sunburned but every other time I burn I go str...
    16 Style 1226
  106. Raw Skin After Sunburn
    I got sunburned like 8 days ago and I started peeling two days ago.. underneath the peeling skin is a pinkish color... is it normal/? I never had it happen after a sunburn before.. and the peeling skin is like a leathery feel
    5 Health 9469
  107. Quickest way to get rid of a sunburn?
    What is the quickest way to get rid of sunburns? Without peeling?
    4 Style 197
  108. nose!
    It peels all the time..I put lotion on it..moisturizer..creams..whatever, It never stops peeling..any advice?? Has anyone had this problem and solved it?? If so what did you do??
    2 Style 67
  109. Why do many teens feel it is not cool to use protection when tanning?
    When you use the right product you will tan at the same level and will not experience any burning, pain or peeling. Why do you feel is important to show off to other people that you are burn and peeling?
    20 Health 55
  110. sun burn
    I got a wicked bad sun burn at the beach on my face, I've been putting aloe gel on it so its not as red now, but I have some blisters/bubbles on my face from the burn. will this end up peeling? if so, is there a way I could prevent it from peeling?
    3 Health 68
  111. Redness of sunburn
    How do I get rid of the redness and iriation of sunburn when my face peels my face is peeling and I tried cover up but it didnt work and I really really wan t to get rid of the redness on my skin but still kind of have a tan skin conplection
    3 Style 81
  112. SKIN TONE HELP!!!!!!
    Hello, I am getting married in 10 days. This past weekend I got too much sun on my shoulders and I am peeling like crazy on my shoulders and into the top middle of my back. I am wondering what to do to even out the color. I naturally have a darker skin...
    3 Style 5262
  113. Non toxic oven cleaner
    Do I have to wear my rubber gloves whilst using oven cleaner, even it's a non toxic oven cleaner?
    3 Homegarden 12
  114. Stronger Finger Nails
    How can I make my finger nails stronger, because I have been growing them and they keep on chipping, breaking and peeling and are very weak.
    3 Style 53
  115. Multi skin
    I went to the beach a month ago and started to peel because of sunburn on the fourth of july. Only a small areas of my arms peeled and lighter skin apesred. Other than that, my other skin is really dark. Why are there pigmentations and how can I get ri...
    5 Style 105
  116. What are these brown spots
    I got sunburnt recently and once I finished peeling I noticed brown spots on the back of my hands and arms, what are they?
    5 Health 184
  117. How to treat burns?
    Well, it's like this, I used a peeling product on my face.. Its says it peels pimples,acne etc.. And after a couple of days, my face has burns on it and maybe because of the product that I use.. And I really dont know what to do.. I cant go to shool li...
    2 Style 12
  118. Why is salt better and more "healthy" when added during cooking rather than after?
    Well....I was was told that adding salt whilst cooking a dish is better for you than adding it afterwards, if so, Why?
    12 Food 81
  119. get rid of shaving rash
    almost everytime I shave I get a rash, how do I get rid of it, I use soap etc whilst shaving but my skin is so sensitive
    5 Style 152
  120. Finger up Bum
    Why does my girlfriend like this??? I can't see the pleasure...tried it whilst having a wank and didn't do anything for
    9 Relationships 520
  121. How do I stop these white spots of dry skin from appearing on my face?
    These white marks that easily peel off keep appearing in my face how can I prevent them ?
    7 Style 28
  122. How do I reduce redness in my face?
    I have acne. Not terrible, I guess I would call it mild. So obviously I wash my face. I think that the face washes I've been using are a little harsh. Now my face is red and dry and I have peeling skin and my face stings. How do I get rid of this? I wa...
    3 Style 50
  123. Can you have panic attacks in your sleep?
    If not what's can you have whilst sleeping, that wakes you up, that's similar? Pretty sure it wasn't because I was dreaming of falling before anyone suggests it. :/ Any ideas?
    5 Health 32
  124. What are the white bumps on the shaft and head of my penis?
    I noticed some white little bumps on the top half of my penis shaft the next day after have intercourse with my wife. This is the second time I get those bumps but this is the first time I start peeling after they go away. I would greatly appreciate it...
    2 Health 178
  125. Trouble positining myself during sex. Please help
    im an 18 year old virgin, I've did everything with a girl apart from sex. however, I have attempted to have sex but I have trouble positining myself properly whilst putting my penis into her virgina. I know she can always go on top but I want to be on ...
    2 Sex 54
  126. Does putting an iPod on hold waste the battery?
    just a random question I always wondered, some people say putting your ipod on hold whilst listening wastes more charge but some say not on hold wastes charge?! which is right?
    6 Technology 47
  127. is it supposed to be burning?
    I put a peel off facial mask on and it's like, burning my face. Is this normal for those things? Because it's never happened before but maybe it was just the kind I used before?
    5 Style 1776
  128. How do I remove fake nails?
    I got my nail done with fake one 2 weeks ago. # nails kinda just peels off easily, but now it looks funny so I want to take off the other one WITHOUT going back to the nail salon. What could I do do there not painful to peels off. I know acetone but I ...
    7 Style 79
  129. Acrylic nails ruin nails?
    I get my nails done regulay and im just wondering is it just my nails or does anyone else have really bad nails after they have had acrylic? Mine all peel ? X
    4 Style 77
  130. Why do I get colder easier and more than other people?
    Yesterday i was shivering, whilst my friends jst felt a little cold, I on the other hand was freezing. It has always been this way with me.
    14 Health 39
  131. What do you think is the best kind of fake blood for haloween?
    Ive been told that cheap ones can peel off and dont actually look very real, what make is the best.
    6 Style 16
  132. Really bad sunburn/Peeling on my 3 yr old
    My 3 yr old son got really sunburned, he was wearing some sunscreen (not enough obviously) He had some 2nd degree burns on his shoulders, they've now begun peeling. I'm wondering what I can do to help with the peeling. I've been told using lotion is a ...
    3 Babies 389
  133. I Hate His ex Girlfriend
    My Boyfriend has just told me that whilst I was on holiday he had sex with his ex girlfriend but he said he would never do it again and regrets and wished he didnt do itt but I dont understand why did he do it !!
    3 Sex 43
  134. Facial scars
    I have a bunch of light/ shallow pimple scars all across my forehead. You can't really tell I have them since I wear make-up and have bangs but I was wondering if a light-moderate chemical peel would help. I know for some peels your face needs recovery...
    3 Style 30
  135. Whats wrong with my fish?
    It keeps floating vertical anf then upside down then its swims normally then like a few seconds later its floating upside down again? It keeps doing this, its breathing whilst it is upside down. I only brought it yesterday?
    5 Pets 49
  136. Worried about my foreskin
    Im 13 and I cant peel back my foreskin, I've posted this before and the advise I got just made me more worried, I dt want to tell my parents because its embarising but I want to fix it. im scared about infections, can someone give me some advise, im on...
    12 Health 118
  137. How can I get a nice tan without getting burnt
    Im going on a trip soon, and I was just wondering how can I get a nice tan without getting burnt since I dont really tan when I have sunscreen. Even with sunscreen and I get burnt and say I do get a tan how can I keep it without peeling.
    2 Style 245
  138. How can I improve this film project me and my friend have worked on?
    Okay so this is mine and my friends first experience in any filming or editing or anything of that sort. I filmed, edited and directed it whilst my friend acted and helped with the editing. What help can you give us to improve it?
    3 Education 13
  139. PvP music
    I need music to listen to whilst I pvp in WoW heh I play a rogue, I like techno and only a selected few of metal and hip hop is ok but yea any suggestions?
    2 Music 41
  140. How do I take charge in bed?
    Me and my boyfriend are into roll playing whilst in bed. Until now, he's always been in charge, but I want to surprise him and take charge. We own handcuffs and he loves it when I put them on him, but I don't know how to drive him really crazy. What ca...
    3 Relationships 82
  141. ???face change???
    Why is it that sometime my face change, sometime I look very pretty other times ugly...with looks very noticeable whilst other days it goes unnoticed. Do most people experience such even the prettiest ones
    3 Style 19
  142. Fingernail problem
    Yeahh, I'm not sure if my fingernails are damaged/retarded/normal or what. See, my fingernails are all peeling...if that makes sense. There's like slivers of the nail coming off. On the surface, not the tip. Idunno, anything??
    3 Style 40
  143. Tattoo cracking
    my tattoo has started to get small craks in it. My first tattoo was on my back so I'm not sure if these cracks are normal, although I do remember the first one peeling. Are these cracks signs of scabbing or is this normal after 9 days?
    4 Style 214
  144. how to get rid of morning eye crust
    k every morning I wake up and have eye crust and it wont wipe off unless I peel it completely off which takes 4 ever ny suggestions on how to get rid of it easier?
    8 Health 5290
  145. good cream that will make me chang colour
    I knwo sunbeds are bad an damage your skin.. but can any one tell me whats a good cream that will make me chang colour on them because my legs never change colour an were could I buy the cream from x
    5 Style 15
  146. What are these scale things from my turtles shell?
    I have a Red Eared Slider, and its constantly basking under the heat lamp, but these thin scale like pieces of shell are peeling off and getting into the water. Is this normal? If not, what can I do to help it?
    2 Pets 41
  147. Some good build up tan lotions in the uk?
    I need a list of some good build up lotions for a tan etc dove summer gloww .. Gradual build up as im not really keen on going on sunbeds now ... Anybody know any?
    3 Style 21
  148. Skin from vagina
    Whilst on my peroid I had two pieces that look like skin come out from my vagina. They are about an inch long and have some blood clots in it. Im guessing that it is some type of skin but have no idea what from and Im a bit worried. Any ideas what this...
    3 Health 45
  149. What can I do to make it easier with my boyfriend after a night out partying?
    My boyfriend and I like going to parties with our friends and having a laugh, but it's always a bit awkward when we meet up the next day and have sobered up; especially if we got up to a bit more intimate whilst tipsy. What can I do to make things a l...
    5 Relationships 16
  150. Does anyone else's dog have a farting problem?
    Gross, my darling dog has a farting problem. Lol...I was just sitting here typing and all of a sudden...noxious fumes, the wallpaper starts peeling, and she's glancing at me out of the corner of her eye. Anyone feel my pain?
    12 Pets 111
  151. What to do..burn from hot water, help!?
    My sister applied a facecloth with water too hot & it burnt a patch of her forehead. The skin peeled & now it's all red and noticable. She has a party to go to in a few days, any quick remedies on getting rid of burns?!
    4 Health 23
  152. Where can I get "Background music" for my radio show?
    I have noticed on some radio shows they loop certain sections of a song or play instrumental songs in the back ground whilst talking. I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a source for this stuff out there or do you have to make them yourself?
    4 Music 60
  153. Why do I cough when cleaning my ears?
    When I use a cotton bud to clean my ears out, I don't think I'm going to far. But whilst doing it I'll get this sensation down the same side I'm cleaning and sometimes it will make me cough too. It doesn't hurt or anything, I just wondered why I get th...
    4 Health 78
  154. FunAdvice Trivia: What process removes the poison from cashew nuts (read more)?
    The Cashew tree, from the same family as poison ivy, offers cashew nuts with a shell that has a poison which irritates the skin. What process removes the poison from the nuts? A) washing B) roasting C) peeling D) drying
    5 Health 54
  155. victim's revenge.
    I know people say 'forgive and forget' but I don't believe that. when people throw something at me, I pick whatever it is, no matter how gross, and when they least expect it I'll shove it all over their face. like, orange peel for example. Who's with...
    7 General 25
  156. My eyebrows
    I shave my eyebrows off, and have for about 4 years. (yes, on purpose - get over it. your silly little comments seriously wont bother me, I get criticism all the time, so if I was you, I'd not waste your time/effort 'answering' my question! I'll track...
    6 Style 22
  157. What can I use to cover my face when I go out in the sun, and I'm using an acne medication?
    Im using an acne medication, and i want to go out to the beech, but i dont want to tan my body and cover my face, that wouldnt be a good tan. So if i put tanning lotion on my face would it help me to not start peeling because of the medication i am usi...
    8 Health 99
  158. desprite help us
    I am 25 my husbend is 28 we both think this is the right time to start a family. but whilst trying we had tests that revealed he is fine but I have psos what can we do to emprove our chances will we ever be pregnant please help. heartbroken
    2 Health 15
  159. What can I do with this horrible skin condition?
    i have had this peeling, burning, itching, ugly looking skin rash around my mouth for nearly two years now. i break down constantly about it of how much it itches and dries out and peels. i cant take ot anymore its ruingin my social life. i had to brea...
    6 Health 24
  160. How do you get spray paint off of your hands?
    I was working on yet another school project and now I have spray paint all over my hands. I've tried soap and water, nail polish remover, and even trying to peel it off, but nothing seems to work. Any ideas? I need it off by tomorrow morning!
    5 General 43
  161. is my belly peircing infected ?
    my belly button has been done for a few weeks now but its still red and some puss comes out. it has a little bit of peeling skin around it my mum said thats just new skin forming around it but im still curious can anyone help out ?
    5 Style 31
  162. Is my mood ring causing this ?
    I'm wearng a mood ring and now there'a a green line going across my finger , I know it's from the copper in the ring , I thought it was nothing major , so I continued to wear it , but now I'm losing skin in the green circle , it's peeling off and my ha...
    3 Health 25
  163. Dry Lips, Any suggestion of lip care?
    Been having problems with my lips for awhile- chapped and hurting, And recently, I noticed the skin on my lips has been peeling, leaving them raw and REALLY painful. I really want something that can get my lips to heal and keep them moisturized and hea...
    7 Style 54
  164. Whats the best way to clean candle wax off of counter tops and from the inside of pots?
    (I was making candles for Yule gifts and spilled some melted wax on the inside of the pot and on the counter. The majority was easily peeled off, but there is still a waxy film I'm having problems removing.)
    10 Homegarden 96
  165. The BEST Lipstick??
    Lipsticks I have used in the past (which I do not recall brands) have gave me very dry-lipped mouth and peeling. It would be so Great to find a lipstick that Lasts and stays put upon your lips AND Does Not Chap them! Any Ideas and Advice? Th...
    4 Style 19
  166. What can I do to get rid of all these tiny bumps on my forehead?
    They aren't red. They're leftover from acne i hae before. I've tried scrubs, creams, cleansers, peels,going to facials, thething with the needle. Nothing will get ridof them. Can someone recomend something for me to try?
    6 Style 22
  167. My pregnant chihuahua
    Is it ok to leave my 3-4 week pregnant chihuahua in with my other little boy or should I seperate them (he doesnt mount her he is definatly gay)? And when will she start showing? And should I give her any extra suppliments whilst she is going through t...
    3 Pets 64
  168. Spots and dry, sensitive skin.
    I have had spots for 5 years now. So I have tried so much in the years. But if I use something strong to get rid of my spots, it dries out my skins and my skin peels off. &The sensitive stuff doesnt clear my spots. Is ther anything that will get ri...
    2 Style 31
  169. Has anybody ever done anything more embarrising than the following?
    Has anybody done anything more embarrissing than me whilst being drunk?? :( My story: I was paraletic and had a poo on my mates floor Do you have a worse story than me :/ ?? Im like feeling really embarrassed at the moment and I think my frien...
    3 General 19
  170. How to get rid of acne with super sensitive skin?
    I have small patches of pimples that won't seem to go away no matter what I do. The problem is that my skin is so sensitive so I can't use most acne washes because it makes it worse and makes my skin burn and peel. Anybody with really sensitive skin ...
    10 Style 44
  171. BIrtmark I feel liek peelin it off..
    I have this birthmark on the side of my face I Look like ethose doggies that have half white half brown.OMg im always hiding it.with my hair I don't know what to do sometimes iwant to peel my face half off ..I really dont like it like comeon why my face..
    3 Style 27
  172. Am I a geek?
    if I spend 20 hours of the day sat in front of my xbox playing call of duty online and talking to lots of dullards about it, whilst wanking over old copies of the sun and fhm and never going outside or speaking to any real people... am I a geek?
    14 Gaming 38
  173. Guess who got a new bra?
    ladies only !!! whilst out shopping today ,caught a glimpse (ok ok I was checking me out) of myself in a window ,to my horror one of my boobs was about 3inches lower than the other ,high tailed it to the loo to adjust the bra straps,and found it had a...
    9 Shopping 14
  174. How can I motivate myself through my diet?
    I find it very difficult to stay motivated whilst dieting, which generally results in a failed diet. Also through my diet I dont exercise everyday, which I would like to, but yet again I lack motivation. So what I am asking is, if anyone has any tips f...
    2 Nutritionfitness 18
  175. Who out there have eaten crawfish before?
    Ive never been up north but from what i hear most people up there dont eat them and call them mud bugs. We absolutely love them, nothing better than a crawfish boil some ice cold beer and standing around a table peeling eating and suckin on the heads. ...
    7 Food 27
  176. How can I cheer my brother up?
    He's been on holiday for 2 weeks to Turkey without any family and he was really homesick. The carnival where I live was on not too long ago, whilst my brother was on holiday and I saw his girlfriend holding another boy's hand. When my brother got home,...
    13 Family 15
  177. Sunburn help?
    I went swimming for two days straight && forgot to put sunscreen on my face. =p' So now, I have a wicked sunburn on my face. I put aloe vera on it like a couple times a day. But my skin in still getting dry and peeling a little. And it's almost starti...
    6 Health 68
  178. Foreskin Problem,
    Right so, im 13 and im haveing a problm, I cannot peel bck my foreskin, and I understand this can case infections and is just un hygei, but I've tried and its like the top of my foreskin is tight ad I cant pull it over the tip of my peie. im unsure wha...
    13 Health 36
  179. not so attractive
    lately I've been gettin blackheads on ma face...I heard eatin fatty food a lot of chocolate and butter makes blackheads to appear so im avoidin all of that...I tried face creams for da blackheads and even peels...u know and e thin that might work?
    6 Style 45
  180. Suburn!
    The other day I was at a horse show and didn't realise I was burning I had no time to apply suncream and when I got home the burning is terrible. My back and shoulders are red raw and sting so much! If thats not bad enough I'm starting to peel I've bee...
    2 Health 72
  181. Update on the dare about my friends skin on my foot
    Yeah, so to recap, my friend peeled off a giant piece of thick skin from his foot, dared me to put it on mine, I did it, and forgot I had an open wound on my foot, and now his foot skin has healed onto MY foot. It's healed over almost completely, but I...
    9 General 14
  182. Do braces affect your looks?
    Do you feel a person having braces on their teeth has an impact on how they look.. I never thought it did I felt that the braces were there to help them and that they can still be beautiful or good looking whilst having braces.. but I am getting braces...
    28 Style 295
  183. my skin is so sensitivee
    my face is gettinggg veryyy clear like I only have 3 zits an its almost all gone an I use retin-a it works hella good an the problem is my face is drying out an lotion isnt really helping I needdd helppp how to fix thatt because its like peeling a litt...
    3 Style 24
  184. Will black hair suit me?
    I have dyed my hair dark brown but the brown always fades so quickly!!! I like dark hair so I was considering dying it black but I wasnt sure if it would look nice. I am quite dark skinned anyway and use a sunbed so it wouldnt make me look pale but I a...
    2 Style 44
  185. How to de-electricize a TV?
    So I'm taking apart a TV and I know they can store power in them for a long while even when not plugged in and I could easily electrocute myself to possible death by ignorantly fiddling with it. Anyone know how I can slightly ensure there to be less e...
    5 Technology 32
  186. Is this a good skin care regimen?
    Daily facial cleanser oily to normal skin (i use daily) Queen helene gentle oatmeal n' honey facial scrub ( i use two times a week) Freeman feeling beautiful Facial Avocado and oatmeal clay mask ( use once a week) Freeman feeling beautiful Fac...
    2 Style 16
  187. How can I start keeping track of my period
    I have never took track of my period! is that kinda bad? I'm not sure whether somethings up with it, either. whether its coming too early, late, or even if I've missed a month! how can I keep track? and whilst we're on the subjecvt, is it normal fo...
    3 Relationships 67
  188. What helps eybrows grow back.
    I am 13 and I use to have really busy eyebrows. I started plucking, and I woul do it every week or so about a year ago. And my eyebrows have come down to nothing. I am nw leaving them to grow back. Wich will loook horrible whilst growing. But after the...
    7 Style 53
  189. Why am I developing boils under my arms?
    For the past six months or so I have been developing multiple abscesses or boils under my arms that are extremely painful and uncomfortable. One of them had the skin getting thiner and peeling away and now its an open wound that always has drainage. Th...
    11 Health 692
  190. I got a really bad sunburn, how do I look more even?
    I got a really bad sunburn and now it is peeling in huge spots. But not at all in others. It has caused my skin to look hideous. I have areas where it is really dark from the burn and others (almost the length of my upper arm and lower arm) where it is...
    2 Style 115
  191. How do I dress kawaii style im 14 and need to know?
    Im 14 and have decided to change my style. I am fed up of the usual jeans,scarf and top,including all my other styles. I saw kawaii whilst I was browsing japenese styles on google images and I fell in love with the style. Please help me to find and app...
    2 Style 46
  192. Why am I suddenly feeling like I'm ready for a baby?
    im 19 turning 20 in september, I ave a fiance of 2 and a half years, I have a job where I work 2 days a week whilst im at college but I live my parents and he lives with his (he has a well paid full time job at the airport). I have recently started fee...
    4 Babies 33
  193. Do you know a diet plan that works?
    I'm 13 years old and I weigh 11 stone. I want to lose weight but my mum makes all my meals so I have to eat them. Help me lose weight. I don't eat breakfast because I don't want to put any weight on. I have a drink and a nutrigrain bar for dinner whils...
    5 Nutritionfitness 14
  194. Help! Verruca came off with cuplex gel and It's stinging like mad!
    I have a quite bad verruca on my foot and I have Cuplex Gel that was given to me by my doctor to get rid of it. I have only been using it for about a week and just now I was peeling it off to put a new layer on and when I did the whole actual veruca ca...
    2 Health 317
  195. Funny and embarassing moments
    Anybody have any really funny or embarassing moments happen to them? I have quite a few stories but one of my favorites has to be when I was leaving denny's and slipped on a tater-tot onto a banana peel. it didnt hurt much but my side did after laugh...
    4 General 19
  196. Did forgetting to take birth control mean I could be pregnant?
    I started cerazette 7 months ago and have never had a period. But earlier this month I forgot to take 5 cerazettes whilst on holiday, I had intercourse during that time. Its a week till I would be due for my next cycle and I have all the symptoms of co...
    2 Health 23
  197. White spots on my arm?
    Ok so I got sunburnt about two weeks ago and I'm hawaiian/latina so I dont normally do that, and now there are white spots (where the skin looks like it's peeling, its really just cracked, and then there are spots) on the tops of my arms and across my ...
    6 Health 73
  198. how to react? :)
    Well basically me and my boyfriend have been going out for about 2 and a half months now I see him everyday (at school) and I go round his house at least once a week and him comes round mine the same. We've been talking and we agreed that the next time...
    2 Relationships 18
  199. Where to buy nice waist belts in smaller sizes?
    howdy, I was just wondering does anyone know where you can get some really nice waist belts in smaller sizes. Like the ones with adjustable sizes. All the ones in topshop,riverisland etc are too big...actually I have seen some adjustable sized ones but...
    3 Shopping 52
  200. Could this be a rash on my eye?
    My eyea have beeb hurting soo much lately and I just don't know what it is. My eyes have been like peeling on the corner and I've been having a lt of eye buggers too"/ Like I get then so much that when I wake up ij the morning my eyes are like glues to...
    2 Health 27
  201. Losing weight loses boobs but what about toning
    ok so I know losing weight will make my boobs smaller and I love being a 36c-not too small not too big - lol but how about toning up will that make my boobs smaller, im not exactly fat , im somewhat soft my stomach looks flat whilst standing but if I ...
    3 Nutritionfitness 31
  202. Should you take the mornin after pill if you think your pregnant
    Ok I mite be pregnant but I dont want to keep it if I am,, im still having sex with my boyfriend, so just incase I've still been taking the morning after pill, I havent took it whilst I might be pregnant, I had sex without a condom on new years eve, so...
    7 Sex 91
  203. What is this coming from my nipple?
    ok well its winter and I already expected my nipples to get a bit chaped like they did last year but now its just ridiculous. my right nipple is a little chapped and peeling a bit but its not all that bad but my left one is peeling, it hurts, and there...
    6 Sex 345
  204. Sunburn and healing
    ok so I spen the entire day out side today and have a sun burn on my chest, back and arms really nicely. My cousins wedding is in a week and I need it healed, it is one I am fairly sure will peel as I am pretty red. Any information on how I can get i...
    4 Style 36
  205. What!? I dont know... Did I have a Miscarriage?
    I was on my pill, I had sex. I was always lousy with my pill and forgot it now and again. Took late. Plus its not 100% effective. Then whilst taking, and 2 weeks too early, I had a 10 day 'period'. I felt sick in themornings, I had pains, and I bled fo...
    3 Sex 26
  206. How to get my Mum to be less overprotective?
    My mum is really over protected .. if she see's me wearing a low cut top with my boobs bouncing out she comes up to me and starts pulling my top up .. im 16 and she still treats me like a child .. she says to me 'Your dad doesnt want to see them' and ...
    12 Family 44
  207. What happens if a wart is left untreated?
    i have two small warts on my toe and when i showed my dermatoligist he gave me a mix to apply every night to them, its basicly vaseline and a type of acid. But now thick layers of my skin is peeling away andthere are raw spots, it hurts to walk on it, ...
    4 Health 412
  208. What can I wear to a party and look hot?
    its my mates party in a week and its going to be the party of the year .. but im really stuck on what to wear .. its sa fancy dress one too .. but I was thinkin of wearin normal clothes and thn like sum bunny ears and tail?... but I want to know what n...
    2 Style 49
  209. What's wrong with my breast?
    for the past month my breasts have been very itchy and red. During the day my nipples stick to my bra and i have to peel them off which is very painful. I've been putting anti-itch cream which cleared up my left breast but my right one is still acting ...
    9 Health 83
  210. What would be a good video camera for nail art tutorials?
    I really want to start doing nail art tutorials but I know very little about camcorders/video camera, see I don't even know the right name! It doesn't have to be really fancy, I want one that can zoom in quite close whilst still staying focussed an...
    2 Technology 64
  211. What brand of fabric glue is best?
    Im making my on costume for halloween because i cant find one that i want. I'm making a poison ivy costume (from the comic book) with a skin colored leotard and fake plant leaves. But should i use fabric glue? im afraid if i glue them on then put on th...
    2 General 22
  212. Why do I swear while sleeping?
    I used to swear whilst I slept a couple if years back and after a while it stopped. Recently it's started again, it's not only me swearing but I wake up bolt upright, heart pounding, and sweating. I'm not waking up from a dream, because I dream very ra...
    3 Health 270
  213. Tongue pierced skin missing?
    Today will make it a week that I have had my tongue pierced. It's good I didn't have any swelling the barbell was just too large witch made it hard to talk and eat. Now my tongue is white looking and around the hole the skin is red and in some spots it...
    2 Style 188
  214. Is masturbating with a shower jet on my clitoris safe?
    Im a teenage girl and I've been masturbating for a while now, but I don't use my hands or fingers. I have a power shower and I turn it onto the jet mode and whilst taking a shower I sit down and press it down below. I think it hits my clitoris but I'm ...
    2 Sex 353
  215. I'm Starting A New College
    I've finished my GCSEs and my school has a sixth-form centre, but I know that it is a load of bullshit, so I applied at a nearby college, whilst all of my other friends are going to sixth-form or another college. My boyfriend was suppose to be going...
    2 Education 24
  216. What are the chances she is pregnant from pre-cum on pill?
    Me and my girlfriend recently had unprotected sex for the first time. She is on the pill (microlite) and takes it at the same time everyday. She asked her doctor if it would be ok to have sex without a condom whilst o the pill and her doctor said that ...
    4 Sex 2065
  217. girls ...acne on chest help!!
    im a 38b ...self concious as it is with my chest and now I got spots on chest aswell! ...any girls had this before? please tell truth even a message if dont want to show your identity...I would be grateful for your help .. im off on holiday in few week...
    2 Style 55
  218. Dry skin, what type of moisturizer and facewash to use?
    I have REALLY dry skin, to the point where it starts to peel sometimes around my nose, mouth and eyebrows, yes I know disgusting. I've tried everything, and NOTHING works. whats a good moisturizer, and face wash?! I have minor acne, so nothing to heavy...
    6 Style 53
  219. How do I get iTunes to sync music correctly?
    I just recently got a new hard drive. I moved the music from the old one to the new one, and whilst my computer was down, I bought two albums from a band. When I got it back up, I installed iTunes, and plugged in my iPod Touch. It synced one of the alb...
    2 Technology 50
  220. Whats the best type of lotion for sensitive skin?
    Okay I love to use Johnsons(baby or adult one) and I also like Gold Bond. Which ones do you recommend? And which ones can you put on your face. My skin is really sensitive and when I use any other lotion other than those two my face get irriated(g...
    6 Style 53
  221. Skin Treatmentss
    right now, I dont really have a facial cleansing routine. I just wash my face with dove green soap, and then put on this mousturizer called timewise. but my nose is ALWAYSSS peeling. its gross.. and I am breaking out more than ever, I have 6 pimple...
    2 Style 21
  222. Why do some parents live their lives through their kids?
    Children, as young as 10 are brought up by their parents to ‘break world’ records and some children have succeeded, whilst others have died trying. For examples, sail around the world alone when you are only 16 years old or fly an aircraft unassisted ...
    3 Family 166
  223. Fly on food?
    I went to a restaraunt earlier it was really expensive and I was in the middle of eating when I went to the bathroom. I came back to find about 3-5 large flys circling my meal, we were outside and my parents were on another table whilst I was on the ki...
    3 Health 36
  224. How can I make my cat happy again!?
    A couple of months ago, I moved to a new house. Near a really busy road. After a few weeks, one of my two cats died. My other cat seems really lonely and she's always hanging around me! She seems really depressed. How can I make her happy again? My sis...
    4 Pets 60
  225. How do I get rid of both dryness and pimples?
    I've got kinda dry, kinda oily skin so durring the winter my face gets really dry, usually my nose and sometimes my cheeks and/or chin gets really flaky and starts to peel, but I still have a few pimples. My nose is the worst. I use lotion, but it does...
    2 Style 35
  226. Why does my puppy bite me?
    Hi have a goldendoodle who is 4 months old and sometimes he bites me for no reason. yesterday whilst in the park I was throwing his ball which he was quite happy to retrieve then after the 3rd throw he didn't run after the ball but jumped at me and bit...
    13 Pets 170
  227. Is there a test to detect anal sex?
    this is the story ... well my friend was asleep and we were with about four 3 boys. I was laying with my boyfriend, the other girl was laying with her boyfriend and my friend slept next to my boyfriends mate. and apparently whilst she was asleep the bo...
    6 Sex 102
  228. Wisdom teeth at 15?
    Hi over the past 3-6 days I have been getting a gradual pain. I first noticed it when I was brushing my teeth and whilst brushing at the back I felt a pain. its like RIGHT at the back I cant really see it. and everytime I try and open my mouth it just ...
    2 Health 66
  229. I carry the conversation most of the time..what should I do?
    Okay so more boy trouble :/ As I said before I find this guy cute and all. We've been talking and generally conversation flows and its quite easy to talk to him. But it feels like I'm the one asking the questions and carrying the conversation along. F...
    2 Relationships 18
  230. Why did my girl get wet so quick ?
    Me and my and girlfriend of 3 months were fooling about on my bed and ended up in a long kissing session, she was wearing a low top so I pulled it down showing one of her breasts and whilst kissing her massaged here breast and nipple after a bit of th...
    6 Relationships 409
  231. is my belly piercing infected?
    I just got my piercing a little over a week ago. and it's been fine. but a couple days ago I found that after doing the daily salt soak there was a little green thing that was attatched to the bottom hole. A friend recommended that I just do the salt s...
    2 Style 41
  232. Sunburned really bad
    Hey Everyone:D thanks for reading. Well on july 4th I went to the beach from 9am-4pm (pretty long hughh??) So Duh.! What did I get?? Major sunburn.YIKKKESSS! s:( On the same day, I applied petroleum jelly to my face. And now its the official 3rd day, I...
    5 Health 223
  233. What to do about this girl at work who has been saying bad things about me?
    Hi, there is this girl at work and when I first started I thought we were friends. It turns out she has been talking about me behind my back and spreading lies. Her and another girl at work constantly bitch about me and other girls at work. It's gotten...
    5 Relationships 49
  234. What do you think about a doggy daycare?
    I was thinking about a business idea in my area. A doggy day care would like everyones feedback, I thought of this because I always walk my doggys down to the local shopping centre but refuse to tie them to a pole whilst I go inside (for obvious reason...
    11 Pets 37
  235. What are ways to clear me of Acne for good?
    Ok well I am kindof obsessed with getting rid of my acne. My skin is very sensative so whenever I try a new product, my skin get red, itchy and it peels so even tho it hurts, I still do it. But I have tried asprin, toothpaste, proactive, dermatoligist,...
    2 Style 28
  236. How can I give my hands a makover using home materials?
    My hands are kind of dry. And my nails are gross. I also have a lot of dry skin around the fingernails. So my quesiton is: How can I give them a "make over" Please answer vvv- How can I get them softer? How can I get all the Lose skin that...
    2 Style 60
  237. How can I get rid of a rash under my bottom lip?
    iv had it for a month and ahalf now. i originally just thought it was chapped but iv put on vasoline like 3 times a day and 3 strong chap sticks like 20 times a day and nothing has worked. i went to the doctor but wat he gave me didnt worked(microgel)....
    7 Health 39
  238. Why am I being treated like this?
    I just started college a couple of months ago, its quite far from my house and I go with a small group of friends from my town. All my friends have boyfriends and I dont. Which makes me question myself a lot. They all go out to parties at each others h...
    2 Relationships 61
  239. What ..My 12 week old puppy got into garbage should I be worried?
    I have a 12 week old husky samoyed tuesday night she got into the garbage friday she started having loose stools. Yesterday I noticed she had peeled potato skins in her stools. besides her having a upset tummy she is perfectly healthy no vomiting still...
    2 Pets 21
  240. Hamster Help!!
    I bought a syrian hamster around july 2008, everything was going fine untill sunday 15th march 2009. The hamsterwas healthy, running around a lot, in its wheel, fed and waterd well. We woke up to find it stone cold, soaking, curled up in a ball. We tho...
    2 Pets 357
  241. How can I create victory rolls with shorter hair?
    My friend's 18th is coming up and my outfit reminds me of something from the 1940's in terms of its pattern, so I want to recreate such a look with my hair, whilst my outfit gives it that more modern edge. The only problem I have is that my hair is jus...
    3 Style 9
  242. How to help rabbit?
    So I need some advice on how to help my rabbit be more confident around people, I have had her about 2 weeks now and she is pregnant (found out after I brought her) the woman I brought her of kept her in a hutch with 3 other rabbits in a shed an they d...
    4 Pets 19
  243. What can make a foot tattoo fade?
    I just got a peace sign on my foot about 8 days ago. It itches every so often but I only scratch around it, not on it. I put on the A&D ointment that the tattoo artist gave me for about 3 or 4 days, then I finally bought some Lubriderm Seriously Sensat...
    2 Style 199
  244. Would You Consider This Child Abuse?
    I was so upset and livid yesterday about the news report of the two women who hosed down a small children. Yesterday, the mother of the 2 year old toddler turned herself in. She claims the child had a tendency to throw tantrums and usually she would ...
    29 Babies 309
  245. Condoms turn him off
    So I have a boyfriend who I love very much!, we've had sex, which was about a month ago (we both lost our virginity then). And since then we've tried, and we're both ready, then realise we need a condom, luckily there just by the side of the bed but ...
    4 Sex 46
  246. Compensation for Brit Soldiers, who agrees?
    ok, this is going to cause some uproar amongst Brits,(maybe?), but this whole compensation for Brit soldiers is annoying. Whilst getting ready this morning, I was listening to the radio. On the news it mentioned how one Brit soldier got 150,000 pounds ...
    6 Politics 13
  247. Is my belly button ring infected?
    I got my belly pierced a couple of months ago and I been using a surgical steel belly ring but I noticed that it started to get purple around and inside my belly button also there were little bumps all around. and also its red all around the purple pa...
    13 Style 122
  248. Do you like my poem?
    Here is yet another poem of mine, that I had to do for school. Could you give me your opinions on it? I can see the deep blue ocean. I hear children laughing, playing in the shallow waters. I can taste salt, whilst I lick my lips in anticipation. Anti...
    7 Literature 21
  249. what to take to help skin cells regenerate
    how can I get skin cells (especially on my face) to regenerate quicker? I want to better my skin, I've been recently having a lot of problems lately after having perfect skin all my life... obviously my nutrition is terrible and is the main problem.....
    5 Nutritionfitness 268
  250. Best friends- well used to be!
    I fell out with a really close friend beginning of july and its now the end of august. we was so close and told each other everythink, I jsut wish we was like this again! Shes willing to be mates again, and I want to, but I just cant! I dont know why e...
    3 Relationships 21