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  1. sunbae as a english word
    what is sunbae in english word
    5 General 111
  2. Do you like Korean dramas?
    6 Entertainment 46
  3. What is this korean drama called?
    3 Entertainment 49
  4. Korean word meaning: sunbae
    What does the Korean word sunbae mean? Is it a term of respect, endearment or just friendship?
    14 General 2468
  5. What is the meaning of yobo (korean) in english?
    What is the meaning of yobo in english?
    6 General 5730
  6. Why is it that people have a negative image of Koreans? the title says ^^
    19 General 69
  7. What are some pretty Korean girl names?
    (and their meanings if possible)
    5 General 139
  8. Does anyone know Japanese or Korean?
    is there anyone here who is japanese and/or korean who can help me with either language?
    12 General 11
  9. What's a good website to learn Korean?
    whats a good site to learn korean fast? and how do you say friend in korean?
    5 Education 176
  10. How did World War II and the Korean War have any involvement?
    Pease explain. Details
    2 Politics 15
  11. What does the korean word "hyosung" mean?
    Just wondering what the word means? Is it just a brand name or does it mean something?
    2 General 807
  12. korean food
    what is the popular Korean dish that is a blend of vegetables mixed with chili, ginger, and garlic?
    2 Food 16
  13. Korean dramas!!! Pls introduce~ ^_^
    Im looking for nice korean drama's or movies... Any nice ones to introduce? Prefer romance and comedy... =d
    4 Entertainment 38
  14. korean movies
    do you think koreans were good in doing films? I just watched one and it totally moved me. do you think so? if yes, what korean film you already watched? or a korean tv series? japanese were also good anyway
    3 Entertainment 18
  15. Koreans
    I'm a fan of koreanovelas and korean sitcoms... I was wondering, what is the best and safest website where I can chat with a korean? I want to learn and interact with them too. Thanks..
    2 Education 51
  16. Learning korean
    Hey, im really trying to learn korean right now, but im having trouble finding a good site to learn from, does anyone know any good sites for korean? Or language sites that might have how to learn korean? Thanks =p
    4 Education 24
  17. What are catchy songs from Korean dramas?
    heyys ! can anyone suggest any good catchy songs from korean drama series? or any asian series ? eg; songs from " my girl" & " princess hours" , them fun happy type of songs ? thanks!!
    4 Music 266
  18. Is it good that North Koreans pledge unconditional allegience to...
    ...their flag and their state every day? If you find anything unappealing in that, have you ever thought about the US pledge of allegiance in similar terms?
    8 Politics 43
  19. Korean Language(HAN'GUL)
    im always surfing a korean website. I noticed that the han'gul(letter) that is posted in the website is different from the real han'gul. for example: ¾È³çÇϼ¼¿ä^^. how can I translate it into real han'gul?pls. I need your knowledge about it. kamsaham...
    2 General 14
  20. Korean girls can't be popular in high school?
    Im in high school, and I feel like in Australia, Koreans can not be popular like Australian/france/etc girls... I get really sad about my culture. People expect aussies to party, go to a sleep over and do things, but they never expect a Korean or a Chi...
    7 Education 19
  21. Looking for korean movie
    It's a love story and it revolves around this girl and guy and they like to cook and eat ramen noodles all the time, that seems to be the theme. And throughout the movie he is concerned for her health and towards the end he gives her a lot of vitamins.
    2 Entertainment 35
  22. Would Korean reunification be a good thing?
    Today is the 20th anniversary of Germany's reunification. Reunification overall has been good for Germany, but even today there are differences between the former East and West in areas like unemployment and education. It has been a long, slow proces...
    2 Politics 43
  23. does anyone know any good korean movies?
    okay so I really like watching korean movies but I haven't seen any that interest me lately. my favorite one was he was cool(also called: the guy was cool) I have also seen jenny and juno, and seducing mr. perfect, and a lot more but those are the one'...
    3 Entertainment 38
  24. FunAdvice Trivia: Who was the only member of M*A*S*H to have served in the Korean War?
    A) Alan Alda (Captain Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce) B) David Ogden Stiers (Major Charles Emerson Winchester III) C) Jamie Farr (Corporal Maxwell Q. Klinger) D) Wayne Rogers (Captain "Trapper" John Francis Xavier McIntyre)
    5 Sex 35
  25. Would people be willing to try Korean Skin Care, make up and or hair care?
    I love korean make up hair care and skin care. I would like to know if people from all over the world would be willing to try korean make up skin care and or hair care. As if the interest is high enough I would like to create an online store. I ...
    2 Style 10
  26. Who can help with a history report on the korean war?
    Many americans have questioned whether fighting a full-scale war against china or a war of containment was the best policy for fighting the korean war. Using the internet, library, and other sources, research how truman and macarthur differed over stra...
    2 Education 193
  27. Good Japanese or korean horror films?
    Recently I've been getting really into theese, anyone know any good titles? I've seen battle royal 1 & 2, dark water, tale of 2 sisters, ring, grudge, one missed call, versus, the quiet family, doll master, moon child pulse, the ghost and premanition. ...
    7 Entertainment 40
  28. I was just wondering...
    If the N. Koreans were invading would you fight them
    10 Politics 15
  29. where to get Asian (specifically Korean and Japanese) music?
    Hey. I'm really interested in Korean and Japanese music, and I was wondering...Where can I either download tracks online, or buy whole CD's in rl? Btw, I live in the Gaithersburg, MD area, if that helps. See, what happened is--before anyone askes--I ha...
    6 Music 13
  30. Can you tell me what does this word mean?
    Sunbae ji hou.. What this?
    3 General 82
  31. Chinese porn
    Which site can I download chinese or korean porn Where the story line is in the past (what they ware/
    4 Entertainment 119
  32. Why do I choose such weird and unique names for my pets?
    Cockatiel - GhostFreak Cat 1 Meong meongi (Korean for Dog usually said by lil kids as they dont know how to say gae (dog)) Cat 2 Kangta (Korean for strong punch as she used to slap meong meongi on the face when we got her home and meong meongi always...
    5 Pets 10
  33. Where can I watch Infinity Challenge ENGLISH SUB?
    Where can I watch Infinity Challenge ENGLISH SUB? I need websites where I can watch the korean comedy tv show called Infinity Challenge ENGLISH SUBBED! I already know youtube, and veoh. PLEASE HELP ME AND TELL ME WHERE I CAN WATCH THAT KOREAN SHOW!! T...
    3 Entertainment 319
  34. asian songs?
    what is your favorite korean, japanese, chinese, or anything asian songs. it can be rock, pop etc.
    6 Music 36
  35. What the song the Gangam style is about?
    I dont know what it says because its in korean, if you know what this song its about tell me please thank you.
    4 Music 12
  36. What is the difference Between These 2 azn Dramas (please read) :]?
    I wanna Watch the Azn Drama "Boys over Flowers" But theres also a "Boys before Flowers" and they're Supose To Be the Samee Thingg But One Iss korean and one Iss Japanese. Umm, if so Which one is the Korean Version and Iss that Really the difference Bet...
    2 Entertainment 18
  37. Do I look like Song Hye Kyo?
    Do I look like Song Hye Kyo? (the korean celebrity?) Some say I do... What do you think? The picture you see on the right is a picture of Song Hye Kyo
    3 Style 66
  38. Korean or Chinese...
    I know this is a chinese song, but some of it looks like korean... does anyone know how I can tell?? or if anyone does know... please tell me?? Jie kai wo zui shen mi de deng dai Xing xing zhui luo feng zai chui dong Zhong yu zai jiang ni yong ru hua...
    5 General 151
  39. What genre did people listen to during the 70's?
    What genre did people listen to during the 70's? Im really out of touch with american/english music. I'm lost in my korean music XD
    5 Music 120
  40. Why do my boyfriend's family always talk in a separate language?
    first, sorry bout the lame title, but I couldnt ask this question because it seemed similar to others but its not >.< My boyfriend is korean, and I am english. We are in the uk and staying with a korean host. she seems really nice, but when its the 3 o...
    2 Relationships 18
  41. A Question about Languages?
    Dose any body know how too speak other languages like Spanish,German,Franch,Runssian,African,Chinees,and Korean?
    13 General 31
  42. Which Asian spoken language is hardest to speak/write?
    I want to know out which one out of Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese which one is the hardest. I want to visit two of the three if not all three.
    7 General 15
  43. Why won't my mother let me date?
    She does let me date, but no one if they are not japanese. I fell in love with a korean guy and I knew my mother would not be happy about it. I can't leave him.
    20 Family 45
  44. Is authentic ramen noodles bad for you?
    I'm not talking about that packaged crap you buy at the grocery store. I'm talking about the authentic Japanese or Korean cooking.
    3 Food 20
  45. Is there a certain 'group' of people you have a sweet spot for?
    like i have a thing with english boys and korean boys lmfao just askinggg, not tryna be mean or anything
    8 General 13
  46. What if I drink lactose free milk and I'm not lactose intolerant?
    I have found a milk that is really tasty and reminds me of Korean milk. The thing is its Lactose Free milk but I am not lactose intollerent. If i continue to it will i be unable to drink normal milk ?
    2 Health 41
  47. Can you create an email and set it to be send in a year?
    I watched this korean movie, Daddy long Legs & i got curious about this email a girl sent to herself but to be received in a this possible
    10 Technology 13
  48. Who here watches asian dramas?
    omg... I'm like in love with these asain dramas.. my favourite are the korean ones.. hehe I'm actually addicted to them... I'm a dramaholic! which ones are good?
    4 Entertainment 12
  49. What you consider to be fat?
    What do you consider fat? I was reading this artical on a famous korean girl group and they were calling her fat this girl couldnt have been bigger than a size 4 she is thin but in korea they consider her fat... so basicly I want to know what people co...
    3 Nutritionfitness 45
  50. Can you become a voice actor without any acting experience?
    I have have done a few FAN DUBS of different animes and cartoons in Both english and Korean....but have no official acting experience, is it nessasary? If i have some demos i can show people?
    4 Money 40
  51. How to get that perfect thin Asian hair?
    LOL its just that japaneese and chineese and korean etc. girls have amazing thin hair! just beautiful hair! Is there a possible way to get this thin, shiny, cute hair? lol =) please help!!!
    4 Style 53
  52. Will an asian guy like me? what are they like in relationships?
    hey. im 17 years old, and im from belgium. Im interested in this korean guy but before I do anything about it, I would like to know more about certain things. so if any of you guys know, and have the time to tell me, I would appreciate it if you cou...
    5 Relationships 21
  53. Addiction to music
    I am addicted to music. I love rock, pop, jpop/jrock, anime music, a song in korean, a song in chinese, 2 songs in sweedish, a goth metal song, some are and b. pretty much anything that captures my ears. I love it and am addicted to music. Anyone else ...
    4 Music 30
  54. Can you suggest me good acapella songs?
    I'm South Korean. I'm looking for good acapella song for my circle camp(music camp) What kinds of song I looking for are bright and pure feel songs. Please avoid too general songs. I hope something I can feel fresh and exiciting. Thank you!
    2 Music 149
  55. What are your top 10 fridge or pantry ingredients?
    (no order) 1. Light Soy Sauce 2. Korean Chilli Paste 3.Korean Soybean Paste 4. Garlic 5.Ginger 6.Onions 7. Frozen Peas 8.Sugar 9.Olive Oil 10. Salt and Pepper
    12 Food 50
  56. Do you think that Asian girls are pretty?
    Do you think that Asian girls are pretty? I mean, compared to other races. and please, don't say "everyone is beautiful in their own special way", I want to hear what you REALLY think, not what you would say if you were on a T.V. show, trying to soun...
    11 Style 392
  57. Any good Asian music?
    Hey there! =D I was just wondering if there are any good Asian music that you would like to recommend. I'm leaning more towards Korean and Japanese..and some Chinese but anything other than those are wouldn't hurt to try anything new. An...
    15 Music 43
  58. Should I tell my Counselor I'm getting bullied?
    Ok, so at my school we have 4 teams, and I'm on the Puma's but right now I want to swtich because my so called friends keep calling me korean trash and all of that stuff. My coulsler says I can't switch unless its really nessacary. But I didn't tell he...
    18 Education 28
  59. Somewhat Jealous
    Do you think girls that have children between 18-21 ruin their lives? People I graduated high school with back in 08 are having kids left and right. I kinda feel jealous that they are having families and I'm in college, studying Japanese and Korean and...
    2 Relationships 26
  60. who can answer my martial arts question?
    For the past 5 or 6 years I have been wanting to learn martial art. The problem is that my parents think it is stupid and too expensive and wont let me do it. My cousin has a high rank in the Korean Han Mu Do and he could teach me, but I rarley see hi...
    3 Sports 14
  61. What movies/tv shows made you cry?
    so I am watching Criminal Minds right now and some episodes are just so heartbreaking. I dont usually cry because of real events though haha :S but I sometimes cry bec of movies/tv shows LOL so what movies/shows made you cry? c'mon spill :) there m...
    16 Entertainment 36
  62. Why do people say stupid stuff like "ching chang chong" when there talking about or are around Asian people?
    that so retarded and makes no type of sense just because that's not actually what they say or sound like, i don't get it,like what does it even mean, and what are peoples intentions when they do it? are they trying to be funny or cool, or they really t...
    20 General 100
  63. Intellectual Black girls...where are they?
    These days I rarely see intellectual black girls'. Most of them are so stuck on being in love, dropping out of school and being baby mamas. Why is that? The numbers are so big when I see that amount. It's really heartbreaking. Thing is there needs to b...
    4 General 47
  64. How to tell the Polish people in my life that I don't really care for the language and culture?
    Well I am 1st generation Aussie (Australian) and the rest of my family are polish. every polish person we know always get upset and me and my mother that she never tought me polish and at me for not wanting to learn. I acknowllege where my roots are fr...
    5 Family 33
  65. The Teacher's Of Today
    There is too much emphasis we put on our color we need to get down to basics and culture Our children ask questions when they just don't know, the answers we give, they'll use as they grow. It is a natural attentiveness for children t...
    2 Literature 17
  66. pick one! now, just choose! I dont know why just do it!
    you gotta pick a girl!!! which one and why? =] (this has no meaning, im just reallyyy bored, and am making up random surveey thingys, oh and they are all 13, and based on people I know, haha :P) thatonegirl =] : looks: well well well, lets see, she i...
    15 Relationships 51