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  1. What should we do about our corrupt government?
    What should we do about our corrupt government?
    19 Politics 37
  2. is it right for a teacher to tell a student he feels sorry for the students mother for having the student?
    6 Education 66
  3. What disadvantages do home schooled students have when compared to students in school?
    6 Education 19
  4. How can computer help students?
    How can computer helps the student?
    2 Education 45
  5. How do you withdraw your student from school?
    How do you withdraw your student from school?
    2 Education 60
  6. Are you satisfied with your government's work?
    6 Politics 38
  7. What does popular government mean?
    2 Politics 17
  8. Should teachers be a student's friends?
    2 Education 12
  9. Who here is a college student and what are you majoring in?
    4 Education 16
  10. what is an "independent student film"?
    2 Education 13
  11. Can an email affect any application, such as a job application or for school?
    my email is
    5 Money 77
  12. In your school, how many students are actively involved in programs such as student government, sports, clubs, etc?
    7 Education 36
  13. What information do I need for student loan applications?
    What information do I need to fill out the student loan papers?
    4 Education 29
  14. Is it the Governments business to get into private businesses ?
    Is it the Governments business to get into all private businesses ?
    7 Politics 18
  15. What form of government does netherlands have?
    What form of government does netherlands have and who rules it now?
    2 Politics 80
  16. How can I get rid of student loan?
    how can I get rid of student loan?
    4 Education 30
  17. I am running for student council. what do I do?
    how the heck am I going to run for student council. please help me now !!! do you have some ideas for me?
    2 Education 225
  18. How are students graded in medical school?
    How are students graded in medical school?
    2 Education 35
  19. How would you define the role of the government?
    How would you define "The role of government" ?
    8 Politics 37
  20. why teachers not understand feeling of the students?
    why teachers not understand feeling of the students?
    6 Education 23
  21. What do you know about student financial aid?
    What you know about student financial aid?
    2 Education 17
  22. How to make my students interested in my class?
    8 Education 22
  23. What does Governance, Corruption and Conflict mean to you?
    8 Politics 38
  24. What are good jobs for college students?
    3 Money 24
  25. Is the federal reserve a Government institution?
    2 Politics 13
  26. What causes students cheating during exam?
    18 Education 33
  27. What am i supposed to say on this job application?
    4 Money 279
  28. What are the functions of the national judicial council?
    2 Politics 19
  29. What will happen if and when the US government shuts down?
    10 Politics 34
  30. Help student council slogan
    Please I need a slogan so I can be in student council my name is genesis ortiz :)
    3 Education 126
  31. Do students bully you in high school too?
    Do students get bullied by other student in high school, too??
    11 Education 44
  32. Best application on a social site
    Which is your favourite application in a social site?
    3 Technology 32
  33. Should the government bail out people in forclosure?
    Should the government be responsible for bailing out people in forclosure?
    3 Politics 13
  34. What is the best consolidation loan program for students?
    What is the best consolidation loan program for student?
    2 Money 13
  35. Can I refile a denied I-690 application to uscis?
    Can I refile a denied I-690 application to uscis?
    2 Technology 65
  36. Can I take a student loan for daycare while in school?
    Can I take a student loan for daycare while in school?
    2 Money 38
  37. How are the number of 'Saved' jobs calculated by the government ?
    How are the number of 'Saved' jobs calculated by the government ?
    5 Politics 43
  38. Application Question?
    On the refrences part on the application, do they have to be over 18 ?
    2 Money 30
  39. What are the powers of the federal government?
    I need a list of powers of the federal government.
    3 Education 29
  40. Do teachers enjoy giving advice to students?
    7 Education 16
  41. What does "present occupation" mean on a job application?
    4 Money 4061
  42. Why can't the government put elderly people on medicaid?
    5 Politics 27
  43. Is it okay for a student that has graduated to text/call a teacher?
    4 Education 27
  44. What does career objective mean in a job application?
    3 Money 142
  45. How can I create my own iPhone application?
    I want create this, so help me.
    2 Technology 17
  46. Can a university deny funding to a student newspaper promoting religious views when it provides funding to most other student publications?
    2 Education 12
  47. How to check the status of a home depot application?
    2 Money 1199
  48. What school events force students to interact?
    3 Education 8
  49. Can the school find out the students IP if necessary?
    4 Technology 15
  50. has a government ever lasted longer than it's race?
    9 Relationships 26
  51. Who do you turn in a job application to, or how do you find out who to give it to?
    5 Money 20
  52. How do students succeed International Baccalaureate Program?
    2 Education 13
  53. what does course of study mean in a job application?
    5 Money 8709
  54. why do the students of final yr submit projects?
    3 Education 8
  55. i know this is dumb but what is an "applicant" is it me or someone else?
    2 General 10
  56. Is it wrong for a male teacher to wink at students?
    7 Education 66
  57. Are student loan consolidation programs good?
    Is student loan consolidation program is good solution for students?
    2 Money 8
  58. What are the applications of Fourier Series in our daily life?
    5 Education 922
  59. How come expelled students can't be cyber schooled?
    7 Education 26
  60. what does degree/area of study mean in a job application?
    8 Money 15768
  61. What are some things you know about the United States government?
    5 Politics 23
  62. What is the big deal about being student of the year at your school?
    4 Education 39
  63. How can I get money from the government to pay my bills and things
    How can I get money from the government to pay my bills and things
    3 Money 45
  64. Who all are college students?
    Just curious...How many people on here are college students? and what are you majoring in?
    11 Education 20
  65. Should the government run and control health care?
    Should the government run and control healthcare?
    7 Politics 21
  66. Are credit cards helpful for college students?
    Is credit card helpful for collage student ?
    3 Money 30
  67. Does anyone know any examples of government public good?
    Does anyone know any examples of Government public good?
    2 Politics 42
  68. Would you tell an administrator if you saw a male student who you knew argue with and hit a female student after school?
    7 Politics 15
  69. Being a foriegn exchange student...
    Does being a foriegn exchange student look good on your college application?
    3 Education 14
  70. Do law firms usually take Volunteers who are not law students or paralegal students yet and have no prior experience in Law?
    If so, How do I ask for a volunteer position?
    2 Money 8
  71. What are the pros and cons of having the government in our eveyday lives and do you approve?
    11 Politics 193
  72. When they ask you Type of Business in a job application what does it mean?
    3 Money 14106
  73. Why does the government not have a better health care plan for the elderly?
    3 Health 24
  74. When you're talking on the phone is the government (or people) listening?
    11 Politics 34
  75. Catchy student council sloagans
    I need one that rhymes with haylee krupp Please help asp.
    2 Education 309
  76. What places besides WalMart have online applications that I can fill out?
    5 Money 49
  77. How do you lead a group of young students to good morals?
    4 Sex 11
  78. Is the fortune teller on Facebook's astrology application real?
    2 Religion 22
  79. Do you guys believe the government is getting to involved in our freedom?
    11 Politics 8
  80. What government building do I have to call so I can know my last name?
    2 General 14
  81. does people to people student ambassador program cost money?
    4 Education 15
  82. Who knows of any good government conspiracies or underground societies?
    3 Politics 35
  83. Do you think it's wrong for people to have babies and have government support?
    26 Politics 22
  84. When you turn in an application for a job do you always have to give a resume'?
    3 Money 66
  85. Where should an exchange student from the USA go - France or England?
    5 Education 15
  86. Do you think that dating an international student would work out?
    22 Relationships 38
  87. Who feels the government is doing enough to stop the oil spill?
    8 Politics 23
  88. Do you think schools should be allowed to spy on their students on the computer?
    22 Education 47
  89. Job application
    How old do you got to be for you can get a job at school?
    2 Money 95
  90. HS Students Only
    What is your favorite subject if your in the 10th grade?
    6 Education 6
  91. how much hrs can the college students tape recorder record?
    4 Music 8
  92. what advice will you give a new high school student?
    5 Education 54
  93. What does Major mean on the Education part for a job application?
    4 Money 6727
  94. Who knows if teachers can get fired by cursing at students?
    4 Education 10
  95. How can I get my parents off my back about college applications?
    What's the best way to get your parents off your back about college applications?
    2 Education 39
  96. Any a level students studying Biology?
    Hei there! Any a level students studying Biology? If so what do you think of the course? :)
    3 Education 20
  97. Government check
    What is the website to see how much and when I will be receiving that check from the us government?
    2 Money 12
  98. Government and the Media
    does anyone else agree with me and beleive that the government runs the media?
    6 Politics 42
  99. Foreign exchange student?
    Do parents have to agree for their kid under 18, to be a foreign exchange student?
    4 Education 27
  100. One World Government
    Do you think that would work out alright? If we had a one world government?
    6 Politics 22
  101. Any objection to the government coming into your home to control yo
    Any objection to the government coming into your home to control your thermostat ?
    11 Politics 18
  102. How to start a government funded active adult group home?
    How to start a government funded active adult group home?
    3 Homegarden 158
  103. Is it right for students to use credit cards?
    Today mostly students using credit cards. Is it good for students?
    5 Money 10
  104. What can happen to a student who is caught cheating (red handed) in your country?
    18 Education 26
  105. is the U.S. Government planning a draft in the near future?
    and what is your opinion?
    7 Politics 19
  106. Are there any screen recording applications for Mac that don't lag when I try to record gameplay?
    5 Technology 44
  107. Why do more and more students fall pray for scam sites even after knowing most of them are scam sites?
    4 Money 41
  108. How can I call an employer and ask if they received/reviewed my job application that I did online?
    4 Money 36
  109. When you are gonna turn in a job application what is the best thing to do or say when turning it in?
    5 Money 30
  110. How many students (of high school) are appropriate in one class?
    9 Education 58
  111. Do you believe the government is hiding aliens (like from other planets) from us?
    18 Politics 37
  112. Do you think teachers should be allowed to "friend" their students on social networks?
    8 Politics 43
  113. Do you believe that bullying affects some students in school on a daily basis?
    8 Education 15
  114. Does the government track every site we visit, even our emails?
    and can they even do that?
    10 Politics 21
  115. Why is the Thai government cracking down so hard on the red shirt protestors?
    2 Politics 9
  116. Is the government cutting out SSI this next month, or is this just a stupid rumor?
    4 Money 23
  117. What is one supposed to do after submitting a job application?
    Are you supposed to call? If so, what does one say?
    7 Money 65
  118. Why The Government May Want To Tackle Different Causes Of Inflation?
    2 Politics 42
  119. What are your views on how the Chinese Government can control the weather?
    13 Politics 40
  120. Does going to school for nutrition & dietetics make you a medical student?
    4 Education 27
  121. How can I shut noisy students in class room without offending them?
    17 Education 37
  122. Purpose of government
    Do you think the purpose of government is to protect the individual or the protection and advancement of the society as a whole?
    2 Education 23
  123. Student Council Represenative!
    okay im runing for Student Council but I need a slogan but I dont want it to be a corny or stupid slogan. any ideas? I need ideas in less then 2 days!!!
    3 Education 196
  124. How can a public school deny a student from going there?
    can a PUBLIC school not accept a student there when they belong to that district?
    7 Education 20
  125. Can dental assisting students in connecticut take x-rays?
    Can dental assisting students in connecticut take x-rays?
    2 Education 35
  126. What should I do When the people to people student abassador?
    When the people to people student abassador program mailed me a invatation to go to Japan should I go?
    3 Education 14
  127. Are there online job applications for 14 year olds?
    what website can provide online job applications for 14 year olds?
    6 Money 340
  128. What are 5 reasons to trust the government?
    What are 5 reasons to trust the governement and 5 reasons not to trust...yes it's for a research
    6 Politics 176
  129. Does the government pay companies for hiring felon?
    When a company hires a felon, is there a government grant or money that they get for hiring them?
    3 Money 202
  130. What slogans - I am running for my student council. Name = Tamara?
    Hey I am running to be a PCCR - which is a parent community council rep. My name is tamara. Do you guys have any good slogans. Please help ASAP!
    2 Education 59
  131. How long is a reasonable time for a new Government to prove that they can run a country?
    10 Politics 21
  132. How do college students apply for a scholarship?
    do professors give out scholar ships?
    5 Education 23
  133. Student Activity Council
    Hi, my name is Samantha Singh and I'm running for my schools secretary and I need a slogan...can anyone help me? Thanks :)
    6 Education 84
  134. Is god going to let liars get away like the government?
    13 Politics 35
  135. Can schools suspend students for refusing to recite the pledge of allegiance?
    4 Education 13
  136. When it says "employer" on applications (especially going to the clinics) what do people write?
    3 General 11
  137. TV series Overhaulin show applications
    how do I get my car piccked for the tv show Overhaulin?
    8 Entertainment 133
  138. What were some popular drinks with teenagers / college students in the 60's and were there any drinking games or such?
    3 Food 11
  139. Is it strange for a male teacher to tell a female student they have beautiful eyes?
    8 Education 19
  140. What should I write "about myself" when I'm filling out a college application?
    Please help Thank you :)
    3 Education 25
  141. What would happen if you exceed 10 minutes of Nair lotion application ?
    8 Style 588
  142. Do you think its fair for teachers to get fired because student scores are low?
    6 Education 30
  143. Do you believe all students in public schools should be subjected to random drug screens?
    5 Drugs 13
  144. What would happen to health insurance companies if government takes over the health insurance system?
    3 Money 42
  145. What are the best free or not free ipod applications?(: Thankkksss?
    3 Technology 16
  146. How can I start a brief statement of why would I be an ideal candidate for a job application?
    4 Money 112
  147. Musicians or students
    How long have you been playing your instrument and what is it bout your instrument that makes you want to play it??
    9 Music 13
  148. Who said..."the Government of the United States of America is not,
    "...the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion"
    7 Religion 28
  149. Government healthcare
    What makes government the solution and why cant people go with out healthcare or insurrance companies
    2 Health 15
  150. Government Auctions? Yay or nay?
    Is there any good government auction resource that I can use to things on the cheap?
    2 Education 11
  151. Are credit card applications bad?
    whn i fill out a credit card application and i dont get i hurting my credit?
    3 Money 18
  152. people to people ambassadors student trips
    is the people to people ambassadors student trips good ???and how can I know how much they are paying for the 2010 trip...
    2 Travel 35
  153. What can make students want to learn?
    What motivates students To wan to learn in scool what rewards can I give them'
    5 Education 21
  154. What are your favorite freeware applications?
    What are your favorite freeware applications? I really enjoy snippy/find my credit card/convert...and others
    4 Technology 45
  155. Student Council slogan 5th
    My son is running for 5th grade vice president, his name is Chad Everhart anyone think of something??
    2 Education 991
  156. What would be some good ideas for 5th grade student council slogans?
    I have two kids running. Names: Ricky and Cody (sometimes called "code")
    2 Education 62
  157. Student Council/Government ?
    I got nominated for student council yesterday , and I have to write a paragraph on why I should be in student council . can someone help me outtt ? PLEASE .
    3 Education 533
  158. Student Council Campaign slogans?
    Hey plp, I'm running for student council at my middle school and I need some help. Anyone have any catchy and/or funny or totally awesome slogans from some posters?
    12 Education 4024
  159. Is it legal for a lecturer to marry his student in your country?
    He is 32 and she is 23 years old.
    9 Politics 27
  160. What are some specific examples of the government getting involved with business around the 19th century?
    3 Money 20
  161. Is 5 hour energy bad for students to drink to stay awake for school?
    8 Health 88
  162. where can i find a list of past and current governments (and the the names of the countries) and when they started and when they ended?
    2 Politics 18
  163. Is it true the government drops first-time offenders?
    Is it true the gov't drop first time offenders on crimes
    2 Politics 7
  164. Where can I get certification in Windows Applications like Excel or Access for resume padding?
    4 Money 16
  165. Why is the government allowing more fast food restaurants to be built?
    is it so the employment rate can increase?
    5 Politics 8
  166. Why do we need student loans?
    today I was searching for my personal loan I saw student loan...then I thought why do we need. can someone tell me?
    2 Education 58
  167. Your opinions on government
    What are your opinions on democracy, the presidential race, the candidates, our government now and what it will be like? Just want to hear some thoughts! :)
    2 Politics 9
  168. Government made the H1N1 flu?
    Do you think the government made the H1N1 flu to kill off some of the americans so we would stop being over populated?
    15 Politics 54
  169. Slogans for student council poster
    Hey everyone I'm olivia and im running for 9th grade student council and have to make posters. So does anyone have some great slogans I could use that cross the point but are some what funny?
    6 Education 1516
  170. my daughter is running for student council at her elem. school.
    we are trying to make a GREAT election poster. I need some great slogans...PLEASE HELP! this is the second year in a row she was nominated.
    4 Education 154
  171. Need help in student council application
    Okay so im want to be 10th grade representative...and im stuck in this one part of the application that says "The reason I want to be a member of student council is:" and there you have it thats where im stuck. The real reason im want to be in it is b...
    3 Education 3434
  172. What do you think of the Government raise the retirement age, if the average world life span is 67?
    6 Politics 34
  173. How should a school environment be like if the intentions planned for students are to make the best out of their learning experience?
    3 Education 15
  174. Anyone know how to know if the government is paying off its debt?
    How do you find out if the government is paying off its debt? Do you think they really want to payit off or will just ignore the debt?
    2 Politics 15
  175. how to write a speech for high school students on career choices
    please help its for my project
    2 Education 1144
  176. Students studying abroad
    Hello, I need to write a caption for an assay about students studying abroad. Please help Jen
    2 Education 8
  177. Should I add volunteer experience instead of work experience when filling out job applications?
    Just wanting to know when filling out a job application because I have no work experience, and only have volunteer experiences. and EVEN when the application does not ask for volunteer experience, should I still add in my volunteer experience to the jo...
    4 Money 66
  178. How many times a week or a month should a stressed out working college student practice yoga?
    Should I just do it only when I am stressed?
    5 Health 37
  179. Would you favor less government with more responsibility or the reciprocal of that?
    Or you can air out your own opinion on what kind of government you like :) all are welcome!
    20 Politics 31
  180. who holds the real power in texas government? please please please please please!!
    does anyone know who holds the most power in the texas government?? what is his position and name? Thanks
    3 Politics 891
  181. Why don't people in Massachusetts and Philadelphia have to fill out criminal history on applications?
    i want it to be like that in my City!!
    2 Money 11
  182. Can you still get a job if you're 14 and you don't put any references down on the application?
    (It doesn't say I have to)
    7 Money 31
  183. Studen Council Slogan
    My 4th grade daughter is running for student council. We were needing help with a slogan. Her name is Olivia.
    3 Education 123
  184. What are your thoughts on the US government making people get health insurance or face penalties?
    26 Politics 52
  185. When you call back to check for the application you turned in a week ago how or what could yuu ask them?
    3 Money 51
  186. Why don't respective governments take action to recover all the black money to improve countries economy?
    2 Money 14
  187. What do you think of the Governments plans with your 401K?
    Obama wants to use your 401K to put toward government debt, I think this sucks.
    4 Politics 10
  188. How long after filling out a job application should you wait to call them back about it?
    10 Money 74
  189. What types of things would you put under hobbies and abilites to make your application look good?
    2 General 10
  190. Why does your race/ethnicity matter on a job application?
    I've always been curious, why does it matter. I feel...never mind.
    4 Money 73
  191. Would it be acceptable if the Government establishes a national pol
    Would it be acceptable if the Government establishes a national police-type force to ensure Government policies are carried out ?
    24 Politics 25
  192. Are student loans a viable option?
    Are student loans a viable option? Dont you think its an unhealthy practice of pushing young students to debts early in their life?
    4 Money 18
  193. Why did the u.s. Government decide not to make the "steel penny"?
    Why did the u.s. Government decide not to make the "steel penny" back in the 70's And why is it illegal to own one of the few "test coins"?
    2 Politics 42
  194. Can a convicted felon work for the federal government?
    Can a convicted felon work for the federal government, ie Corp of engineers, EPA ect.. thanks
    22 Money 4177
  195. Student Council Ideas?
    I am on my school's student council. Does anyone have any new or out-of-the-ordinary things they do at their school? Any fundraising ideas? We have spirit weeks (class color day, cowgirl/cowboy day, movie character day, twin day, and school color day) ...
    6 Education 1030
  196. Is it too soon to call for a follow up to a job application?
    I put in an application on friday is it too soon too call to see if they looked over it.? because the manager seemed really into me?
    3 Money 52
  197. Tips to become the best student in my university
    I am in my first semester in my university so that I want some tips to become the best student in my university and I am going to do facult of information technology
    2 Education 63
  198. What are some good long-term goals(5 yr. span) to put on a job application?
    2 Money 25
  199. How many people are/were a full time student while having a job?
    What was the job and how were you able to handle the work load?
    10 Money 55
  200. What did governer of new york do?
    Lately I've been Seeing something about this governor His name starts with s Anyways what did he do?
    5 Politics 12
  201. Why can't they put a limit on the salaries of government officials?
    And that's all the money that they can make early,so they will not be tempted to take money for favors?
    2 Politics 12
  202. Do you think it would be beneficial for the government to invest into getting people to the gym?
    I think it should because it would cut the cost in healthcare
    9 Health 17
  203. Can purchases be made with a student Paypal account?
    And also can payments be recieved from sites like gpts?
    3 Shopping 13
  204. how can i make my parents understand that i am not an A grade student as my sister?
    .that i will never be able to get a scholarship based on my grades?
    2 Family 23
  205. what the hell is human proinsulin and insulin, antibody production, assy development and clinical application ?
    2 Health 20
  206. Where would you relocate (country wise) for a year as an exchange student if you could?
    Me: Canada, in Banff or Jasper.
    23 Education 35
  207. Why doesn't the government limit the ability for cars to go over 100km/h since it's the maximum speed here in Canada?
    27 Politics 35
  208. Why is the government spending so much unnecessarily?
    Ever notice it seems like all the government ever does is ask 'how much does that cost? Ok sure, spend it. Don't have it? Ok sure, print it then spend it.' ?
    11 Politics 19
  209. What website URL do I enter on the Google AdSense application so I can use it with FunAdvice?
    I did a search and I am still confused. I don't have my own website so on the Google application it ask me for an URL. What do I put for a website?
    2 Funadvice 12
  210. What schools offer medical scholarships for international students?
    Plz any idea of schools offer scholarships 4 international students n where can i get registered for their tests???
    4 Education 13
  211. A high school student has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.
    What factors increase his risk for developing diabetic ketoacidosis?
    2 Health 45
  212. Is anyone in Who's Who Among American High School Students?
    I just want to walk to someone in there to see if they have this year's bk
    9 Education 178
  213. Does the Library of Congress have books in it that non-government people can check out for leisure-time reading?
    2 Literature 17
  214. How does having more than one test a day impact students' learning?
    My son needs quotes for an editorial assignment. Thank you!
    3 Education 31
  215. Why did the government let the debt build and build up instead of paying it off when it was smaller than what it was today?
    How could they let it get this far and so bad?
    7 Money 32
  216. Which iPhone application is this?
    which is the iphone application that when you get the iphone close to a radio, the phone automatically tells you all the information of the song playing, name, artist, everithing?
    2 Technology 6
  217. How can I get a application for the show Overhaulin'?
    How do I get a application to have my father's 1979 Transam restored on your show overhaulin'? My father is disabled and can't afford to restore it himself and he can't do the physical labor either so can you help?
    2 Entertainment 149
  218. What is the difference between a job application and a resume?
    Sometimes the companies ask to attach a resume with the job application, but I think is the same thing. What do you think? If you know the difference tell me please thank you.
    4 Money 54
  219. What are good student exchange programs?
    Does anybody know a good students exchange program in U.S.A for those who study in university (give me web site name if it's possible).
    3 Education 25
  220. Different between Biodata, Application Form, Resume, and CV
    I would like to know whats the difference between Biodata, Application Form, Resume, and Curriculum Vitae. . .thanks for the help. . .
    2 Money 464
  221. Why are they Gettin rid of Student metro cards!!??
    OMG, I heard that there taking away student metro card and makin us pay for them !!!? WHY? What else are they taking awayyy?
    2 General 10
  222. Should students get paid for good grades?
    Do you think that students should get paid for receiving good grades? this isnt for a homework assignment or anything. I just want to know what people think. I think we should!
    8 Education 105
  223. How much damage do you think Wikileaks is going to cause to the United States government, with the secret US Embassy Cables?
    5 Politics 12
  224. Is it wrong for a 20 year old student to go out with her professor who's in his mid 30's? friend teacher (college) asked her out?
    15 Relationships 19
  225. Should a teacher be fired for telling a student this?
    ...that they are hopeless,never will amount to anything in life, and they should go ahead and stop caring now?
    24 Education 28
  226. Which is best to claim on student taxes?
    What is Ideal to claim on taxes so I do not end up owing the Gov more money? 1 for single not married or 0?
    2 Money 14
  227. Have standards been lowered in government?
    In Gov't, what happened to the True High Ethical Standard of 'even the appearance' of an impropriety disqualified you for a position ?
    4 Politics 6
  228. Math students
    Classify The Triangle By Its Angles And Sides :Its a triangle w/a box at the top I dont understand this can somebody help me?
    2 Education 15
  229. Can a teacher get fired for making a student clean a microwave/ cleaning with the fumes from the water?
    Well maybe not fired but they still shouldn't do it?
    9 Education 45
  230. How can I help this student go to a better school when his parents don't approve?
    My students dreams to to go school A (the best in town) his parents do not approve of his dream since the location of the school is a bit far from house.
    4 Babies 20
  231. How to have fun with a Spanish exchange student?
    For the summer, my friend and I are getting an exchange student from Spain. What should we do to have fun with her? Obviously, basic things. But how do we give her the ultimate summer trip experience?
    3 Travel 32
  232. Do you have to be in college to apply for a student loan?
    3 Money 36
  233. Foreign exchange student programs ?
    Are there any good , reliable , and safe foreign exchange student programs I can join ? I want to go to other countries and meet other people and learn about their culture :)
    2 Education 47
  234. Are you an art student?
    Are you an art student? B&W picture... I once photographed a white cat on a white picket fence. There may have been white snow as a backdrop. Been so long ago...
    2 Literature 13
  235. Letter of application for Work Experience
    What is a good opening line for a letter of application for work experience? And do I need to send in anything else with the letter (e.g. resume, references)? Thanks!
    5 Money 97
  236. Does anyone know if employers actually look at applications turned in over the internet?
    People have told me they don't really check up on them too much compared to paper applications.
    5 Money 37
  237. What are good ideas for a student government campaign?
    I am planning on running for the student elections at my school, in two weeks. I have two minutes during our 'election assembly' for a presentation (video/acting/etc.). Does anyone have any good suggestions for a video or presentation that people will ...
    11 Education 413
  238. Why does every school around the world decide to give the students breaks in June?
    i mean different states should have different month vacations?
    10 Education 9
  239. Are there any Federal grants or scholarships from the U.S. Gov for students studying internationally?
    i'm trying to study in Europe but i can't do it without help financially.
    2 Education 13
  240. What do you know about student debt?
    who has it, how much you got, what are you doing about it? School time is here, lets talk about the reality about borrowing money for school.. anyone?
    29 Education 18
  241. What jobs/careers could be good for a student of CADD?
    I am currently taking CADD (Computer Archtecture Drafting and Design) at my school, and it intrests me a lot
    5 Technology 32
  242. What is a creative student counsil slogan?
    I really need really creative and unique slogans to use for my campaign as 10th Grade Representative. Anyone have any ideas?!
    3 Education 173
  243. ipod touch applications
    I have the ipod touch and just got a bunch of applications (games etc) off of itunes. but now that they're in my library under "applications", I can't get them onto my ipod!!! dragging them over doesn't work. can anyone help me???
    2 Technology 10
  244. Should I go to Australia to be an Exchange student?
    So today I recieve a rather interesting piece of mail from the Student Ambassador Programs stating that I am elidgable to go to Australia as and Exchange student for 17 days. Should I look into this?
    16 Education 19
  245. question about U.S. federal government run health insurnace plan
    Do you thiink that a federal government run health insurance plan will be approved before midnight ET 31 Dec 2009
    8 Politics 20
  246. Does anyone know how to submit a petition to a local city government?
    Specifically regarding traffic/the installation of speed bumps? Are there forms online?
    3 Politics 8
  247. Is there a government loan like this?
    Has anyone heard about a goverment loan that for ex. on a $100,000 loan you don't pay interest for $20,000 of that $100,000? If you have I would like to know what is called.
    2 General 13
  248. Should the government stop the making of cigerettes?
    As we know all that cigerette smoking is injurous to health. And it also may lead to cancer. They why does the govts don't take steps to stops the making of cigerettes?
    7 Politics 16
  249. What are your feelings about the riot caused by Penn State students after their coach was fired for concealing s**ual abuse?
    Read about it:
    3 Politics 12
  250. Finding a good list of movies for Psychology students?
    Finding a good list of movies for Psychology students? Got any ideas. would be nice if I could find a list broken down by movie categories such as "action," "comedy," "drama" etc.
    4 Education 81