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  1. Gum wrapper
    What gum wrappers edible
    11 Food 662
  2. Types of edible crab?
    what are all of the types of edible crab?
    2 Food 52
  3. is it true you can eat your gum wrapper with your gum?
    12 Food 276
  4. How to make cool things out of candy wrappers?
    2 Literature 98
  5. How do people find out if an unknown food is edible?
    3 Food 13
  6. What's the hottest type of edible spice spray?
    what is the hottest and most spicey type of edible spice spray
    2 Food 20
  7. How long does it take for bananas to grow and be edible off a banana tree?
    2 Homegarden 71
  8. Does anyone else make gum wrapper beads?
    I can teach you how.
    2 Literature 16
  9. Are Stride Gum Wrappers really edible?
    Kids in my school swear that eating Stride gum with the wrapper on is completely edible. Im not going to lie,I've tried it many times,and I hafta say,It makes the gum taste sweeter. but was this intended by the creators? Is it really okay to eat it?
    13 Food 1836
  10. Edible lotion?
    does anyone know where you can get edible lotion? and do you know the product name? thanks, xoxo!
    2 Shopping 82
  11. Has anyone else heard that you can eat the wrapper of stride gum?
    So my friend told me today that you can eat the wrapper of stride gum, I didnt believe her so she told me to look it up, and so I did, but everything I've found doesnt say wether or not you can actually eat. She told me it just dissolves... Has anyone ...
    12 Food 58
  12. why chew gum with the wrapper!?!
    I have a really big question..! people keep asking me why I don't chew gum stride to be exact. with the wrapper.. I don't understand. why do you chew it with the wrapper...?
    10 Food 69
  13. What should my edible cell organelles be made of?
    im making an edible cell for a project and was wondering what I should make the organelles out of. The actual cell itself is a cake sooo yea! thnx
    2 Food 44
  14. Improve stride to gain speed running?
    I have a a fairly good endurance but I am not at all a fast runner. How can I improve my stride to gain speed? Are there any techniques or exercises that focus on this?
    2 Sports 43
  15. What is the flavor of the stride mystery gum?
    Or what does it taste like. I keep seeing the commercial but they dont sell it by me so I am curious of what I am missing.
    2 Food 20
  16. What is the "secret" Stride gum flavor?
    I'm thinking of buying it but I don't wan't to try it just yet becouse I have had mixed reviews.
    2 General 45
  17. Are stride rappers eatible?
    Yes I tried it many times and it might not say it on the box but try it your self I learned it froom my big brother
    4 Food 36
  18. Can Stride be sued for lying that their gum lasts long?
    stride just tastes awesome is the company allowed to lie like that? will they get sued? if so they can burn in hell waste of my $1.29 (included tax)
    9 General 43
  19. Why does my cat chew on plastic wrappers?
    No matter how many times I make sure I put the wrappers deep enough in the trash can, my female cat Mischief always manages to get them out, then drags them off, and chews on them. Why does she do that?
    7 Pets 44
  20. Is there an "Occupy" movement in your city and, if so, have you participated?
    Where are the groups settling and what strides have you taken so far?
    15 Politics 18
  21. Whats the best type of gum out there?
    Stride? Winter Fresh? Juicy Fruit? I want to try em all.
    13 Food 53
  22. Does anyone have instructions on how to make Starburst necklaces?
    I cant figure out how to make starburst necklaces. I have so many wrappers saved but I cant do anything with them.. anyone have instructions on how to make these?
    2 General 57
  23. Why is my mom's dog scared of everything? stuffed animals and random items like candy wrapper? Or Christmas bows? Or music??? lol
    9 Pets 55
  24. What are the technologies out there that may overtake the current battery technology.
    I know there have been great strides in ultracapacitors, and hydrogen fuel cells. Is there anyone out there that keeps track of these?
    2 Technology 13
  25. Bread burnt on outside and not done on inside
    So I'm kinda like baking this bread type of thingy... the outisde is like all burnt... but the inside isn't like done! is it still edible? likee is it ok to eat?
    8 Food 440
  26. What countries do you want to visit?
    What countries do you want to visit?? I really want to visit japan. I was going to save money but I spent it on gum (I'm chewing it right now!! stride- spearmint :) ) then I want to visit china to see how similar and different they are to japan.
    17 Travel 46
  27. Stupid Nagging Injury
    Im tired of wondering what this injury is on my left hip/buttock I cant tell but is really annoying and does know what it is? I do run a lot so im thinking my strides are to long or something.
    2 Health 20
  28. Can toddler eat reheated brocolli and cabbage
    Can toddler eat reheated brocolli and cabbage? I got this friend who insists that it is poisonous and he is adamant about it. As far as I know it is edible raw so I am not sure why it would be a problem to feed a toddler a reheated ones.
    3 Food 71
  29. if you can help me thank you if you cant thanks for trying
    ok well I think I have pica(eationg disorder) well I tend to eat stuff like buttons,paper,other non edible stuff do you have any advice that will help please and thank you!
    3 Health 51
  30. Can anyone unwrap a starburst with their tongue?
    Oh and another question : does anyone know how to unwrap a starburst with their tongues? Omg I"ve trying it until the wrapper got soaked and I was like argghh (saw it on t.v, so sure it can be done) and I am like argh right now
    12 General 441
  31. what do you do to overcome your shortcomings ???
    Are you hard on yourself or forgiving? Do you make every effort to be and do better or do you prefer to stay passive and sort of coast through life with no sense of responsibility? Do you make big strides in trying to improve yourself, take baby steps,...
    4 General 15
  32. How can I tell my parents I smoke?
    Im 14 and been smokin for ages now but still dont no how to tell my parents they both smoke so I dont see t being a issue. I no it will be easy telling my mum as she will just take it in her stride but I dont no how to tell my dad as I havent grown up ...
    6 Family 61
  33. Cake icing advice
    Just wondering what is the est type of icing to use for decorating a cake that is going to have one of those edible icing pictures on it I also need it so that I can pipe the icing in swirls on top of it.. thanks a heap:> p.s if you know simple re...
    3 Food 21
  34. What kind of body language attracts a women to a man and vice-versa?
    My teacher was talking to us about body language affects how a person thinks of you on sight. Sometimes subconsciously. He stated that long stride and a straight back attract women. Are there other things? Provide any other info you have on this please.
    11 Relationships 19
  35. A song I wrote for a girl
    Well last night to this morning, me and my friend wrote a song. The song is based on what me and this girl went through. I'm really falling for her and she's really falling for me. we did dated each other until something went wrong. then we stopped tal...
    7 Literature 83
  36. What Kind Of Nut ?
    I'm growing two tomato plants outside my apartment. Yesterday the only large-sized tomato (not even ripe), was stolen by one of maybe four people who came over. It wasn't even edible and needed a chance to grow. It's not the value of the darn thing; it...
    7 General 14
  37. Why won't my horse canter?
    I have just got a new horse (wide cob), and he is lovely. He does what I ask when in trot, but I am finding it really hard to put him into canter. I don't like smacking him because every time I have done and he goes into canter, it feels like he is buc...
    2 Pets 34
  38. Pet mice???
    Ok, well, I have three pet mice. (one black one named Deliah, one orange one named Coa Coa, and a black and white one named Moo Moo. They are all girls.<3) I love them very much but, I want to know what I should put in their cage to make them get into ...
    4 Pets 16
  39. My dog is just like a human?
    1. He watches TV 2. He sits on the couch and sleeps on my bed with me 3. He has stuffed animals (Even though he chews them) 4. Once my mom had gotten him duck jerky treats and they were on a little cart in the middle of the kitchen and he got them o...
    8 Pets 33
  40. My boyfriend wants to eat me out
    My boyfriend wants to eat me out in other words have oral sex but I'm afraid he mit smell something funny ,or if I cum he mit lick it and it may taste funny. so I went ahead and tasted my discharge or cum whatever you call it . I know it nasty but I h...
    4 Sex 1152
  41. Should we get a new vibrator?
    Ok, so my boyfriend and I have been together for 5 months now and our sex life is wonderful aside from him having a smaller penis....So, i was kind of well, getting bored...So, I suggested we try a few new things such as a book on positions and some ed...
    3 Sex 20
  42. Do you want your country to boycott the 2008 Olympics?
    While China has made huge economic strides in the last couple decades, the government still keeps a tight lid on media activity. And while hosting the summer Olympics helps bring China onto the world stage, it also brings thousands of journalists and ...
    6 Politics 29
  43. what do you think of my poem?
    hero time bomb I leave my home and the ones I love, To protect them and their home, I must hide my sorrow and show only pride, In my strong confident stride. I’m a turtle always shielding my self, People see a hero in me, But inside I’m exhaus...
    3 Literature 15
  44. Why do people feel that animals are unequal to humans?
    So many people believe that animals aren't equal to humans... I just read this article by a guy who complained that Animals weren't equal to humans whatsoever. I strongly disagree! First of all, just because some animals are edible for humans doesn't ...
    13 Pets 59
  45. How bad is it to go drinking on an empty stomach?
    Okay so I realize it's not the best thing for me but here's my situation, until my paycheck comes in the mail I've got about 16 dollars I have literally nothing to eat in my house and what I've had so far for dinner is a otis spunkemeyer muffin (one of...
    6 Food 40
  46. What should I say to my mom about this issue?
    okay for this question im looking for some advise from parents. I'm 21 years old and a responisble person. I work 40 hrs a week, never miss a day, im a full time college student, I take care of a lot of things around the house. I pay my parents rent an...
    6 Sex 51
  47. How do I deal with my roommate ?
    I moved in with my roommate about six months ago. I'd known "Dave" for about two years before moving in with him. But over the past six months, I've encountered a lot of problems with him that are putting our friendship (and my sanity) in peril. ...
    9 Relationships 31
  48. What do you think? Do youthink he likes me?
    theres this guy who rides my bus.. I like him and I think he likes me. What do you think? Mon:I was shivering on the bus and he said maybe I need to get a better jacket and I was like yeah probably Tues: my bus driver had parked on the side of my h...
    2 Relationships 18
    Untitled `Page 1 Chapter One, Defiance “I don’t want to go to some stupid private school. I was happy where I was! Why can’t you ever just leave me alone?” I pleaded. I could tell by the expression on Paul, my uncles face, that no matter what I ...
    7 Literature 46