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Get help with Stink.

  1. What does PU stand for (as in "PU, that stinks!")?
    4 Health 149
  2. What means if my urine stink very bad while am prengent
    What means if my urine stink very bad while am prengent
    6 Health 257
  3. Why do I stink after having a shower?
    Why do I stink after having a shower like half an hour after
    9 Health 897
  4. How do you know if your pussy stinks?
    2 Relationships 86
  5. What can I do so I don't stink before going to bed without having to shower?
    11 Health 78
  6. Why does sometimes your vigina stink after you have already taken a shower?
    2 Health 194
  7. Why do obese people stink?
    why do fat people smell bad no offense but "some of them stink
    8 Health 201
  8. whats the past tence for stink?
    would it be stunk or stank?
    16 General 35
  9. Why do fish stink if they live in water?
    y do fish stink if they spend all day in the water...I ? this because if I spent all day in the water I smell amazing so why is this
    3 Pets 100
  10. How do I make a stink bomb?
    I need help makng a stink bomb1 can anyone give me a step by step recipie for making a stinkbomb?
    5 Science 74
  11. why do pussy stink when not bathed?
    girls need to know important stuff like that so they won't have a odor
    3 Health 221
  12. Why do my feet stink so much?
    is there a way to make them stop smelling( and yes I do wash them it's always after working)?
    6 Health 73
  13. why does my pee stink bad after strting to have sex w/ my boyfriend?
    my boyfriend and I just starting having sex. I noticed that pee stinks really bad now when I use the restroom. is this bad? why is this happening?
    2 Sex 312
  14. How can I tell my teammate she stinks at tennis?
    Ok well I have a friend and well she is on the tennis team with me, and just to let you know she STINKS, I mean really, so how do I tell her that she stinks without hurting her feelings?
    3 Sports 24
  15. Tell a friend thier breath stinks?
    My friend s breathe smells like crap and am not even kidding can I tell her that and not hurt her feelings?!?!
    7 Style 49
  16. Why do my feet stink?
    Why do my feet stink? I can have new shoes, new socks, clean clean feet scrubbed really good, and by the end of the day, they stink, even if I'm just sittin around the house...
    5 Style 105
  17. Why dog turds stink?
    Is it b'cus of what da eat or like is it b'cus of kind of dog. B'cus I got 2dogs and when 1 do it it realy stink and when the other dose it it dont
    2 Pets 46
  18. Why do I have a vagina that is wet and stinks most of the time?
    My vagina is slimy and wet a lot of the times, you know how when you itch youre butt you have that smell?, well its like that but its a vagina smell..
    2 Health 5448
  19. Why does my period stink so much?
    okay well currently iam on my periods and they stink I don't know why, the smell just drives me crazy any ideas how I could prevent that??? plzz help
    4 Health 135
  20. Why do I still stink?
    I take showers twice a day brush my teeth use baby powder and im still musty at the end of the day im begging someone help me
    5 Health 55
  21. When i hold my pee it stinks?
    I hold my pee for a long time... like today I had to go in the moring around 10am and I use the bathroom around 2pm... so I hold it for about 4 hours. but the point is that everytime I hold my pee for a long time my pee stinks. and when I usally pee ...
    5 Health 562
  22. Friend who really stinks, how do I tell them?
    I have a friend whu really stinks.its not like his feet or anything...its b.o.he seats right behind me and the smell really drives me nuts!!I really want to tell him so how should I say it??
    5 Style 12
  23. Why does my breath stink every time I go to school (I do brush my teeth)?
    it seems to always stink after i eat that gross cafeteria lunch...could the pukey gross mushy food be the prob...should i bring a mint or something lol
    4 Health 57
  24. oh goodness it stinks!!!
    ok so I have three inside cats and they poop a lot. is there anything I can do to make the litter pan not stink sooo bad? I tried all diff. kinds of litter and I use the litter deoderizer but nothing seems to help.
    4 Pets 23
  25. What is making my bathroom stink?
    my aunt has a question. my bathroom smells really bad and no one went to the bathroom and there's no dead animals is there but it smells aweful. I think its the sewage is backed up or sewage gas is coming from it and I can't stand it. you can smell it ...
    7 Homegarden 71
  26. How to remove stink from hair?
    i used color oops hair color remover and it did not work, worse it left my hair smelling like rotten eggs. i have been washing it three times a day for two days and it still stinks so bad. what do i do? does anyone know a specific remedy or shampoo tha...
    4 Style 823
  27. what to do I stink !
    I have a problem I stink like all the time even if I talk showers I always smell I wash my hair like everyday I try to wear lots perfume that doesnt work & I sweat a lot & on top of all that im a girl going to high school im always asking people do...
    4 Style 76
  28. Any way to stop stinking?
    Ok so I move a lot and obviously get a bit sweaty. I wear deoderant, but it wears off quite quick. I've tried a few different deoderants, but to no avail. Any way to stop stinking like a hard working sweaty old fart that never showers? Im not that har...
    8 Style 62
  29. How do I tell a guy with bad self esteem he stinks?
    There is this guy I know who has really low self esteem, he has like no friends, and no one really likes him.. He is sorta a loner. We try to be nice, but it's hard to even go near him he smells so bad! How can I tell him without making his self esteem...
    4 Health 64
  30. Why do I stink at school?
    I take good shower every morrning befor I go to school.but when I sit down in class I start to stink and smell so bad,I know it come out of my butt,it bothers me a lot I can't focus in class. Please if someone know I really need help please. I use ...
    4 Health 69
  31. Why is my vagina starting to stink really bad?
    and my vaginal lips itching? i know i dont have herpes, or any other STD's. I've been dating the same boy for five years, and we were both virgins in highschool when we did it. it just randomly started smelling and itching and having alot of white disc...
    3 Health 1096
  32. What can I do about a stink bug infestation in my room?
    Over the past three weeks, I have killed a total of 7 stink bugs in my room. I live in Massachusetts, and I'm a 17-year-old girl. I have no idea how they're getting in, but they freak me out and I read that they can bite. They're only in my bedroom. Ho...
    3 Pets 65
  33. How can I tell him his breath stinks?
    theres this guy thats wanting to be with me but i dont know if i want to be with him cuz he has bad breath and his body parts are foul smelling and it got to the point were i didnt want to kiss him or evan do anything sexual with him its so bad that...
    2 Sex 32
  34. Why does my cat stink?
    I have had my cat for almost 5 years now and around last year his breath started to stink like poop. I am not igsagerating, it litteraly stinks like poop! His breath still stinks like his poop but now the smell seems to be coming for him, everywhere! I...
    8 Pets 115
  35. What if this girl's pussy stinks?
    I had a couple of dates with this cute girl, and last night we went pretty far, but no intercourse. As I was going down there, she smelled like an armpit, the odor was very strong. I slept over, and told her I would call her tommorow, but I'm thinkin...
    10 Relationships 537
  36. What do I do about stinky?
    How do you tell a friend that the stink?
    4 Health 42
  37. Why do I stink ?
    I take showers everday before I go to school I wash my self everywhere on my body. But when I get to school I start to smell bad. Some people I hear sometimes say I smell like sh it% or ass1 . When im siting down in class I feel so unconformable that...
    15 Health 1326
  38. Why does my urine have odor with out a urinary tract infection?
    My urine stinks and my droctor says I dont have a urinary tract infection. why does my urine stink?
    2 Health 129
  39. Stinky dogs
    I constantly give my two dogs baths but they still stink minutes later...what can I do to stop them from stinking up the house?
    8 Pets 63
  40. How to make the bathroom smell nice after you use it?
    Sometimes we use the bathroom and it kinda stinks, we don't want anybody to know it does so, how can we make it not stink while we are in the bathroom before they notice...
    6 Homegarden 68
  41. Would you own a corpse flower?
    I think there pretty but boy do they stink
    8 Homegarden 34
  42. Are rabbits easy house pets to take care of?
    6 Pets 26
  43. stinky breath
    my best friend breath stinks all the time, should I tell her
    16 Style 41
  44. cat litter
    how often am I suppose to change my cat's cat litter? (and no it doesnt stink yet)
    3 Pets 21
  45. Sweaty Feet.
    How do you get rid of the sweat!?!? It makes my shoes stink!!
    4 Style 41
  46. My classmates
    Hey, some of my classmates says that twilight stinks, but I think it's cool. What would I do besides ignoring them?
    3 Education 7
  47. How can I get my breath to smell good?
    ok how do I get like really smelling good breathe through out the whole day?? Like where it doesnt stink at all??
    8 Style 87
  48. How do I learn how to play basketball?
    I like playing bball, but I stink at it:) Any advice? Any tips on how to shoot, dribble, etc...
    3 Sports 18
  49. How do you make your breath smell good?
    Okay, so tommorow I'm gonna have my first kiss and I'm really scared that my boyfriend is gonna think my breath is stink! I just turned thirteen so that's why I've never kissed a boy before. Also, I was wondering if anyone had a cure for a twisted/spra...
    5 Health 70
  50. Why are the jonas brothers a band because I think they are ugly?
    Jonas brothers are kinda ugly and they stink explain to me why they are a band theyre not even that good those losers
    7 Music 35
  51. How can I get dark eyeliner?
    I cantnever make my bottom eyelid to look right. and my pencil eyeliners stink! how can I get my eyeliner to look dark, and not melt?
    3 Style 49
  52. Where can I move?
    Where is it cheap, has good jobs, no snow, and lots of stuff to do? I need out of this rotten stinking polluted town.
    3 Travel 13
  53. How do I get rid of stinky cleats??
    My Football Cleats are stinkin pretty bad...(I was on the line and I smelled them) was horrible.And how do I get rid of the stink??
    2 Sports 93
  54. Bellybutton
    My partners belly button stinks!! This normal? My partner says it sweats yellow smelly fluid, this normal? Why do bely buttons smell?
    2 Health 98
  55. Why does cartoon network not show old cartoons anymore?
    Cartoon network doesn't show cartoons like it use to. All they have now is a few good cartoons and cn real, which really stinks. They don't show the classics anymore and I don't have Boomerang.
    3 Entertainment 215
  56. help! my dog stinx!
    my dog has an odor problem. she always stinks & the odor is even worse after I give her a bath. is there some kind of treatment or sumthin 4 this??
    7 Pets 47
  57. Why don't men shave underarms?
    I feel sick when I see a jungle under men's arms!!! And some of them stink badly!! Why don't they just shave it, or trim it, lol, or do anything other than letting it grow and become a jungle!!!
    18 Style 195
  58. How to treat a infection in my vagina?
    Um okay I think I got a virus in ym vagina because it stinks and there is always like whitish and yellowish liquidish thing there so what should I do??
    11 Health 52
  59. Down there smells like fish even though I shower a lot
    ok I am a 15 year old problem is that my vig*na stinks like fish.even tgough I take sevral showers I still stink.and I am afraid my boyfriend will say something but he said he won't and he wants to go down on me but I cnt ..what should I do so...
    11 Health 274
  60. Wy hasent it come?
    I've been have white and clear discharge in my panties for a few years and I havent started my period it is strange please help the discharge also stinks please please help
    3 Health 135
  61. What kind of infection do I have down there.?
    Okay I been having some weird white discahrge then its been itchy down there for how many days in a row ugh its annoying it don't stink or nothing its just been itchy and this weird discharge keeps coming out what is this.? What kind of infection?
    3 Health 28
  62. Hair removal?
    What is better than nair... Nair doesnt work for me and it stinks and it irritates my skin. What kind of hair removal stuff is easy to use and leaves your legs smooth and silky???
    9 Style 38
  63. Can she fart while we have anal?
    11 Sex 131
  64. How to get rid of smell, under house?
    I had a hole in my kitchen drain pipe, I have fixed the pipe but the water and food that went under the house stinks, I have dug out the food, and put lime under the house underneath the kitchen drain pipes. What else can I do to get rid of the smell.
    3 Homegarden 150
  65. How can I make my tail smell better?
    My tail stinks even after a showerand good washing. I've tried baby powder but it only works for a little while. It is like the smell is in the skin around my tail whole.
    2 Health 74
  66. How do you calculate a reverse mortgage?
    And can anyone give me more info on it? What is it? I see ads for it like the picture below EVERYWHERE. Who qualifies for it? Help! I stink at first-time homeowner stuff.
    5 Money 16
  67. How do I get bigger boobs?
    well I am 13 years old and like I am very active, I dont have my peirod but I want bigger boobs, I mean all my friends have them I am a stinking 32 a and I really want bigger boobs!! please help!!! thanks! :)
    9 Style 55
  68. Why does my best friend talk crap about my boyfriend?
    so my bestfriend starting talking crap about my boyfriend and I confrunted her and she still did it. weve been through soo much together and have been friends forever but it stinks because im happy with my boyfriend but she makes me feel like crap whe...
    2 Relationships 60
  69. why do I have to pee when im haveing sex???
    why is it that everytime my boyfriend and I have sex I feel like I need to pee real bad, and I think I do but the thing is that it doesnt smell like pee it smells way defferent and no it does not stink Please help???
    3 Sex 972
  70. Why do you have to keep nightcrawlers cold?
    Why do you have to keep nightcrawlers cold? And...what would happen if you didn't? Because I bought some today, and they STINK! There's no way I'm putting them in the fridge! But I don't want them to die if I leave them out. It's only supposed to ...
    2 Pets 83
  71. What are some good hair products?
    I use creamy baby oil on my hair since I've been really young to slick it back once I sweat it out. My boyfriend is always complaining on how my hair stinks. What are so good hair products that will make my hair smell different
    2 Style 18
  72. How can I get rid of the odor from my mattress?
    So a week ago i got a new mattress. My cat has been very ill recently and has been urinating on it through out today, it STINKS. I dont know what to do about the smell. Especially since this matress is new. Any ideas?
    4 Homegarden 53
  73. dog training
    I am pet sitting for my mom, and all the male dogs are marking there territory, and my house is starting to stink...I work 12 hr days, and they are house broken...what can I do besides kenneling them...I dont have 6 kennels...HELP
    4 Pets 19
  74. Who should win American Idol?
    I already know that I like Melinda Doolittle the best, I really hope she wins. Sanjaya Malakar is my least favorite. Even though his personality is cute, his voice stinks. Who do you want to win?
    2 Entertainment 10
  75. How do all europeans hate americans?
    I've been in switzerland and I just went to germany and I'm getting the stink eye Im not some fat abnoxious american either hahah well im a little obnoxious but wutev im almost 15
    9 Politics 115
  76. I would like to stop smoking!
    I have been smoking about 10-15 cigarettes a day for almost 6 years now, all my friends smoke, but not my family, so thats good...but they think I stink! So I'd like to stop and be successful the first time. Any tips??
    6 Health 32
  77. Help!!! My boyfriend fingered me wrong
    Long story short, my boyfriend fingered me wrong and it hurt and I was bleeding when I got home and in the morning my discharge or cum smelt different and stink. Can I get a infection from him doing it wrong? Why was I bleeding? why did my cum smell di...
    7 Relationships 161
  78. what is the best type of deoderant to use that will last long?
    i want to know because every day i have to walk a mile to school and by the time i get to school, i dont stink, or anything, but i feel dirty and dont like it, and i dont like having to reapply it when i get in the building
    12 Style 21
  79. Can you get high off of second hand smoke?
    I was in the car with my friend and her mom started smoking. I think it stinks really really bad so I was holding my breathe but then I couldn't hold it anymore and took a deep breathe then I felt kind of drunk or dizzy or somfin
    6 Health 53
  80. How can I become a good singer?
    To be honest I kinda stink at singing, but I really love doing it. I've always dreamed of becoming a famous singer, and I know it won't come true if I just sit and wait. Do you have any great adivice for me? Please, I'm desperate.
    6 Music 35
  81. How can I make my vagina smell better?
    I have a smell but it doesn't stinks or nothing it just isn't a smell I want down there. I want my boyfriend to perform oral sex on me but I am scared of what he would say and do. When he does I want him to like it and not smell a smell down there that...
    30 Sex 75696
  82. Wake up stinky
    Lately my mom and my sis and my son tell me I stink when I wake up. Why could this be? I dont smell myself but im being told every morning. What do I need to do? I shower thoroughly everyday. Help me... I have been avoided staying a frends houses overn...
    5 Health 72
  83. How do I potty train my silly kitten?
    Hey! I'm really excited to get my baby kitten this Thursday but I'm really worried about her little trailings! Haha, they really stink! Any tips on how to hide the odor? Any litter that makes that cat recognize, "hey, I should poop here!"? Any tips ...
    2 Pets 15
  84. How do I get rid of the throw up smell in my carpet?
    okay my friend threw up on my carpet after our amazing night of drinking. I cleaned it up but it is right new to my vent which blows hot air and my room stinks like throw up. Honestly I've sprayed my room with air fresners but this smell will not go aw...
    10 Homegarden 195
  85. Nipple Piercing
    I have had my nipples pierced for like 7 years but I've also noticed that this white crap comes out of them and it stinks. I've tried washing them everday and them finally I took one of them out to see well, I guess I dont no why I took one out but an...
    11 Health 18699
  86. Gross problems with my legs
    Okay. So I am having these gross problems with my legs. I keep getting these big red pimple things and when I pop them there is white ooze that comes out of them and the ooze stinks. After they been popped and all the ooze is out, it starts bleeding an...
    2 Health 53
  87. What is this smelly slimy thing coming out of my vagina ?
    Okay so I started being sexually active with my boyfriend and my vagina has never stinked or anything has ever been down there but after like 2 or 3 months I started getting some Stinky slimy thing down there you know in my vagina and Its very uncomfor...
    3 Sex 1790
  88. Why wont anybody ever talk to me?
    In school I sit by myself every day and nobody ever even bothers to come talk to me. I started school in september and not one person will talk to me. Yeah im shy, but if they would give me the time of day I would talk to them... Do they think I stink?...
    3 Relationships 45
  89. Brother in law
    My brother in law is having trouble with a child in school. He is a teacher and has a kid who just smells awful. He stinks and is white trash. He is the eighth kid out of 12 and one youngest ones are 1 year old. He does not want the mother of this boy ...
    2 Family 22
  90. Why Does It Smell?
    Ok this is how it is. My friend asked me why does her Crouch stink? I kinda looked at her and said im not sure. What comes out she said the white stuff and I said oh so you mean you discharge and she said yes. But the she keeps asking me and she said i...
    7 Relationships 131
  91. I need to lose fat.
    I have a big stomach, and big theghs. it stinks cause in not over weight but every one in my grade is under weight exept 3 people no joke they all have flat stomachs and thin theights their boadyalook like super models compared to me I eat too much and...
    5 Nutritionfitness 41
  92. My teacher is too touchy-feely? no what I meen?
    She always pats people on the head, rubs your shoulders, rubs your arms, frizzes up your hair. got any teachers like that? what would you do in my position? p.s. it's not just me, she does it to everyone. and shes not attractive, And her breath stinks....
    5 Education 138
  93. Websites for statistics about smoking vs. non-smoking.?
    I have to write a compare and contrast paper...and im doing smoking vs. 3 topics are...1. heath 2. Cost 3. how nasty it taste and stinks. and I really need some websites to help with of americans have lung cancer 10% ...
    2 Health 100
  94. What makes people not want to be hygenic?
    Like I dont understand why people want to be like that. I know PLENTY of people who say they don't always take showers and its manly females.People think boys have the worst hygiene but I've never heard a guy saying about how he skips showers. i think ...
    22 Health 63
  95. Why do I get itchy when wearing tampons?
    When I wear tampons my vigina itches real bad..on the inside and around my lips I am 14 years old(im not a vigin and I shave) I am on the pill. This didnt start till after I started taking the pill!..I have this white creamy discharge, it doesnt sti...
    4 Health 5716
  96. Why do guys think farts are SOO funny?
    I mean, I'm not gonna lie, I often stifle a laugh here and there, but they think it's the funniest thing in the world. My boyfriend is almost 24 and he thinks it's sooo funny! I'm just curious, what exactly is so funny about it? I'll admit, it can be f...
    30 General 56
  97. guess whats happened to the new school bell!
    at my schhol, as a classroom dismissing and a recess/lunch ending, we hear the FRIENDS theme song! yeyyy! too bad about the fire that burned the place where the original bell was. that stinks for me...but, im so glad. I want the bell to stay! I dont kn...
    3 Education 18
  98. Pet Stains
    I have a 14 week old Alaskan Malmute puppy who cannot seem to get the house training thing down. In fact for the past week even if we take her outside she waits until we get in the house to go potty. My apartment stinks and there are pee stains everywh...
    8 Pets 43
  99. what should I do if my sister doesn't take care of her dog?
    her dog starve to death I mean she leaves him alone outside and barly plays with him if its not me or my step dad we both give him food for he can live and not be all skinny and bones like he is now!!! my sister leaves him by himself and her room stin...
    10 Pets 346
  100. Bathtub tap rushing on vagina, how do I know if I climaxed?
    If my vagina stinks or smells good like it should. Also I was trying one of the masturbation things that was on here (the bathtub faucet one) and since water is running on my vagina how would I know if I had a climax? I mean I will shake and then it wi...
    5 Sex 608
  101. Funky a** breath!
    Okay, I feel incredibly awful for saying this about my boyfriend, but he has bad breath. He came close to kiss my lips, but I refused because... his breath stinks! I don't know how to tell him without hurting his feelings, but I really want to kiss the...
    2 Health 43
  102. Rip One
    This is a comedy song I just came up with,has to do with something I did at school and it's called Rip One Going on with my day riding the bus to school like I have been since the start of school While on the way to school I just start to think o...
    3 Music 51
  103. cats and how do I get them to stop doing there douty in my yard
    I am so tired of these darn cats peing and pooping in my yard . help The pound and I know each other well . Thay gave me a trap about 2 years ago . the nabor keeps branging new cats home every day . It stinks so bad in our yard . I cleen it up ...
    5 Pets 48
  104. Is 70° warm enough to wear a thin-strap dress?
    I'm going on a field trip to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston today, and It's going to be 70° outside, and I want to be comfortable. I have this dress that's about to my knees in length, but the straps are like 1-finger length. I don't want to be cold...
    4 Style 23
  105. Can you potty train a dwarf rabbit?
    I might get a Dwarf Rabbit fo Easter and the only problem is that my mamaw says they poop and pee a lot and it stinks and I had a guneia pig when I was younger like I don't know maybe like 9 and now I am 12 so I thought maybe I can take care of one bet...
    8 Pets 162
  106. Downs stairs how to make it clean =D
    Okay well I have a fake dick and I put a condom on it and took it inside the shower and was playing aroun with it and than about a day later It hurt to pee and my pee started to stink bad.. But I dont understand why And this is my first anything bing ...
    2 Health 45
  107. Is there really a majority of people that smoke pot?
    I know several people in my so called 'friend' group that smoke pot often. I personally don't smoke pot, but the people who do make a big stink about it. I have nothing against it, I just don't do it, so when they smoke pot I don't join them, or if the...
    20 Health 45
  108. How do I stop my vagina from smelling like rotten fish?
    For some reason, day after day, week after week, I am noticing that my vagina is starting to get smellier and smellier, to the point where I can not even stand it myself anymore. The stink is now permeating my panties, ruining the air quality around my...
    2 Health 489
  109. Guys, a little cologne advice?
    Alright, so my boyfriend really isn't a big cologne wearer, in fact he says most of the smells are far too strong for his taste and he really doesn't like the way they smell on him... Now he wears deoderant and he showers on a regular basis and he doe...
    12 Style 55
  110. How to fix my computer?
    My computer has been acting really strange lately. But ever since I got it there seemed to be something wrong with it but lately its been really bad. My computer shuts down like every ten secs randomly and if im playing a game on it it randomly turns o...
    3 Technology 25
  111. Does my hamster have wet tail?
    I just got a syrian hamster, three days ago. He's got a stink and a wet bottom now, but he's still eating a lot! He's the funniest thing he sleep walks and even sleep eats. Good thing he does not sleep run on the wheel, lol! So, he's sleeping on top o...
    9 Pets 181
  112. What can we tell him so he'd listen?
    This is going to be quite gross. 5 years ago, my step father had 2 heart attacks.. Since then, he;s been neglecting his diet, his lifestyle change and pretty much his health. He has become very lazy, and no, I don't want to hear "the heart attacks can...
    3 Family 11
  113. Should I act on my impulse?
    Long story, but there's this guy...who I am in love with. We're not together or anything, but I've been in love with him for years...3 or 4 to be exact. If you read my other question, I named him as 'Mr X'. I am newly single and so is he, and I have t...
    5 Relationships 21
  114. Dog only uses one side of his mouth
    First let me say that I am not a new animal owner, I have had dogs, cats, ducks, birds, gerbils, rabbits etc. my whole life. My problem is I have a 7 month old Boston Terrier who all of a sudden will not use the right side of his mouth. When he l...
    4 Pets 658
  115. What to do when a senior hates me?
    So, this senior at school hates me. she says I think im better than everyone else. and she also says that "I walk around like my shi*dont stink, and I always got my nose in the air" well, shes known to be a bada*s. shes one of those girls who smoke, d...
    4 Education 57
  116. I want to stop my period! HELP!
    I CAN"T TAKE IT!! I'm fourteen, I've had been regular for two years now, I hate planning my life around my period! So I want to say SCREW calanders and canceling on my friends and my work, plus being misrible at school is a nightmare! cause it's soo ...
    8 Sex 71
  117. Which appartment should I get?...
    well here is the thing, I am 21 with a two year old daughter. Have not yet had my own place. I finally got a good job (an hour away from where I live) and am ready to get an apartment. I need a two bedroom b/c of my daughter. There are two I'm looking ...
    4 Homegarden 16
  118. Everything is going wrong for me..advice!!!
    Its only been the first day of high school and I hate it! My classes are boring the teachers are horrible I have nobody with lunch. except for some people Ii know but I don’t care to see them. I think I’m just afraid to move on. I feel like I have so m...
    2 Relationships 42
  119. New Song - feedback
    It's been a while since I wrote but this song is personal,I call it Word Affect - please don't trash it Living through a very fu*ked up life yet nobody sees it Trying so hard to live it through to the day I leave yet it's getting harder each day...
    3 Music 12
  120. Should I feel bad for keeping a military knife and steel bat to use against my brother if I have to?
    My brother is a grown man and has threaten me many times and he has beaten me us once. So I keep Military Knife and steel bat in my room close to my door. Just in case. Sometimes I feel bad but I know I might need it. My dad works out of town and my m...
    5 Family 16
  121. Why does peroxide not work in my hair?
    Okay, first, my hair is my precious. I don't skimp on any treatment that will make it shinny, healthy, and over all beautiful, and I don't trust anyone but me to touch it. Unfortunately, I am a broke college student and with most of my money going to s...
    2 Style 48
  122. My husband has lied, had affairs, slept with prostitutes
    I think I am in shock. I discovered 10 days ago that my husband of two & a half years, a man I have been with for nearly 8 years has lived a completely secret duplicit life away from me. He admitted to an affair with his secretary a year ago after I di...
    4 Relationships 81
  123. One day I met a sweet gentleman and fell in love...
    Baked beans One day I met a sweet gentleman and fell in love. When it became apparent that we would marry, I made the supreme sacrifice and gave up beans. Some months later, on my birthday, my car broke down on the way home from work. Since I lived in ...
    6 Relationships 62