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  1. My tampon hurts when I take it out.
    Ok so I used a tampon for the first time today. I put it in all the way. At lunch I went to the bathroom and was leaking down the string. Thinking great it will come down reall easy so I went to pull it out and it hurt! I looked and it didn't have any ...
    6 Health 843
  2. questions I can ask in a truth and dare
    ok theres a truth and dare thing coming up and I am crap at thinking on the spot so please can someone give me questions I can ask in a truth and dare thing aswell as dares I can give to do. btw this aint like the kiddy things proper adult thing.
    7 Relationships 2355
  3. Will my cat's fur grow back?
    Today my cat picked a scab off her head and a chunk of fur and some black skin layer came off. I was wondering if she would need that skin to have her fur grow back and if the layer around the bald spot would join together and it would heal itself or i...
    6 Pets 1494
  4. Why does my vagina taste "salty"?
    For the first time in like five months I let my boyfriend give me head again. We've been dating for 7 months, and we're sexually active, but I'm so insecure about how my vagina smells.. and if it smells it tastes bad. So for the longest time I've b...
    2 Sex 22072
  5. How to shave around the clit?
    I like to shave the area around my clit and vagina, but my mom would kill me if she found out. how can I get a better shave with less hair? and I usually use shaving cream, but sometimes I get little spots of blood. and how can I get rid of th...
    3 Style 1863
  6. when I masterbate why does it feel good to rub above my clit(girls)
    hey girls I was just wondering why does it feel so good to rub that spot right abouve my clit??? and my do I get all wet and stuff it's just I'm 17 but I don't know much sory if I seem dumb! can you please answer?? and what are some ways to orgas faste...
    2 Sex 861
  7. How can I get rid of discolored spots from a sunburn?
    I went to the beach a week and a half ago and got badly burnt. After a couple days of redness, I got an awesome tan for a day then I started to peel. I didn't mind until the new skin underneath was a very noticeable lighter color in patches. This is ha...
    1 Style 834
  8. How to remove large amounts of hairspray from upholstery?
    A bottle of aerosol hairspray was released on my upholstered chair. The fabric is a rayon/poly/cotton weave. The "spot" covers 1/3 of the back of the chair and is now a solid dark stain (almost like someone painted on Superglue). HELP!
    1 Homegarden 3090
  9. STD in mouth sores
    about a week ago I gave this guy oral sex...he wasn't wearing a condom. I guess from covering my teeth with my lips so I wouldn't bite him on accident, I got a cut on my upper lip on the hurt for a few days then it turned into what looks lik...
    4 Sex 2041
  10. How long after decidual bleeding can you take a pregnancy test?
    Alright I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend like two days before my period I no stupid right ...but anyways I my period was heavy for the first two days then it got lighter for the next three days then one day 6 its didnt come so basically it was 5...
    22 Sex 1202
  11. How can I even out my peeling skin?
    Okay, so I've only had the sunburn for two days then it instantly went tan. A few days after that. It started peeling. And now it looks sooo nasty cause I've got spots of tan where it didn't peel off still on me, while there are other parts where I'm l...
    21 Style 75790
  12. Why have I missed a period if im a virgin and 13?
    I have missed a period. iM 13 and the period that I missed would of been my 5th one. My 4th period was extremely heavy - right till the end. My period was due about a week to 2 weeks ago. I have been getting really bad 'period pain' cramps in my lower ...
    5 Health 817
  13. why was there blood?
    I'm not due for my period, but I noticed blood when I wiped early after peeing. I assumed it was my period acting up, so I put in a tampon. a few hours later when I had to pee again, there was no blood whatsoever-not even on the tampon. Am I spotting, ...
    3 Sex 1795
  14. Peeling stinging sunburn
    I have sunburn. It hurt a lot before, but now, it is peeling on my left sholder in only one kind of small spot and on my right sholder and back. Whenever I put on that aloe stuff, it stings like crazy. I dont know what to do to it. Any help? Oh yeah, i...
    1 Style 999
  15. Sunburn peeling leaving ugly spots
    I just got a really bad sunburn and it peeled and everything but the area that peeled is a lighter tone than the skin around it and it looks terrible, and the problem is, I gotta go to camp a week from the first day of the burn. How to I restore the na...
    7 Style 1821
  16. Spotting, is it implantation bleeding?
    I've been pregnant before. Never have had a period though. Now... I think I'm having implantation bleeding... I need to know if these are the signs... light pink discharge and I can only see it on the tissue if I stick the tissue up there... and some ...
    2 Health 2313
  17. Inner thigh odor and anus odor
    Hello everyone first off I want to say that it has taken me a very long time to finally ask for help with my emabarresing situation. I am a 22 year old male and I have a serious problem with sweating coming from my groin area and my anus the sweat doe...
    11 Health 14808
  18. How do girls feel if they are touched intimately WITH clothes on?
    Will most girls get horny/wet if a guy they like rubs their inner thigh or their sweet spot even if they are wearing jeans? What if it's obvious that full on sex is not possible at the time (eg you're in a public place). Yes I know girls are all differ...
    5 Sex 5953
  19. I'm on birth control, but the condom broke...
    I've been on birth control for almost a year, and a week and a day ago I had sex with my boyfriend and the condom broke. And at the moment, my stomach has been kinda feeling sick, and we are both really scared. And I just started to spot yesterday. Am ...
    3 Sex 9208
  20. How can I get rid of sunburn peeling?
    I went fake and bake andgot burnt and now my back is peeling and its all in spots it looks sooo bad is there any way I can make it peel faster of get rid of it because I have a wedding in a month and dont want my back to be ugly please help as soon as ...
    35 Style 1657
  21. Random Rash on Neck?
    around a week ago there was a small red blotch on my neck, I thought it was just dry so I put moisturizer on. It still stayd there then got a bit bigger. Yesterday it was really red, but my skin isnt dry! My neck is very smooth then theres some sort of...
    3 Health 2226
  22. Candy melted onto clothes
    I went to the laundry mat, normally I make it a habit to check the dryer before I put my wet clothes in, but yesterday I was in to much of a hurry and didnt check. when I got my clothes out, I was noticing lil pinkish red spots on some of my sheets, b...
    1 General 1022
  23. Liquid coming from nipple?
    Well, back in August I noticed this clear liquid coming from one of my breasts. Since then its been doing it every couple of weeks. Then my sister just pointed out a wet spot on my night gown that was right where my nipple is. I went to my room, and I ...
    2 Sex 1123
  24. Where are guys ticklish?
    guys always pretend that there not ticklelish but is there any spot where they really cant resist?
    10 General 4398
  25. I think I have mold growing from my belly botton?! Seriously!!!
    Seriously! I seriously think I do! I got dressed this morning and I spotted a green and fuzzy think in my belly botton... I tried to scrub it off yesterday and did but it came back!!! What does this mean?! What should I do?!
    5 Health 982
  26. How can I stop a rash after shaving my vagina?
    I shave my vagina and everytime I do I alwais come up in a rash and sometimes spots apear , I want to know a way to prevent this happening , should I wait to shave my vagina untill im older .. will that stop it ? !?!?! please give me an anwser im desp...
    9 Style 5529
  27. How can a girl cum ?
    or what makes her cum how can a boy hit her g-spot and make her cum ?
    1 Relationships 1329
  28. Feeling some sypmtoms and wondering if I am pregnant..HELP!
    Well my problem is this. In my lower abdomen I have been feeling this pressure. almost like bubbles on the inside of my stomach. it is not constant. but it does happen a lot. I am also over a month late on my period. I do feel a little sick sometimes, ...
    1 Sex 813
  29. Should I peel my sunburned skin?
    Okay.. I am sunburnt and am starting to peel in spots on my back and shoulders. The top layer of skin peels off very easily if I touch it. Should I peel it? (I look like a cheeta!) or should I leave it and wish for the impossibble? (an even skin tone)???
    8 Style 5322
  30. turn on Spots
    what is the fastest way to turn on my girl friend??
    12 Relationships 841
  31. Can you miss your period after losing your virginity?
    My cousin just recently lost her virginity and she says after she had sex there were some spotting when she went to bathroom but then that stopped...then she had sex again 2 days after the first time and more spotting it stopped again and now she is bl...
    5 Sex 907
  32. what does it mean it a girl says shes spotting?
    what does it mean it a girl says shes spotting?
    3 Health 1379
  33. White spots on my money tree plant
    I have a money tree that has large white spots in several leaves does anyone know what I can do to resolve this??? it was doing really well It has not been moved from where it is.
    1 Homegarden 1090
  34. White spots on my vagina
    I have three white spots on my vagina and havent told any one they have been there for atleast a year and havent given me any bother just I always worry that they are doing damage to me just I dont and what to do please help
    2 Health 926
  35. where are good spots to kiss a girl
    okay what spots should I kiss a girl like her neck and ears?? do usually all gurls like that?? also would I french kiss down the neck?? I need some help please and I would like gurls to answer this becasue you know they know what feels good and what th...
    15 Relationships 7624
  36. Spots on underwear
    When ever I put on fresh "clean" underwear, there is always a spot and there that is yellowish, is that discharge, or "pee"! And I don't have my period, (like I have not even started getting them yet) and its whitish yellowish. (sometimes)
    2 Education 1427
  37. How can I heal a peeling sunburn?
    What's up guys? So, I'm a very outdoor oriented person, and always tan easily, being half Brazilian. I'm freaking out because about a week ago, maybe less, I fell asleep while laying out by my pool. I got sunburned but every other time I burn I go str...
    16 Style 1226
  38. Where's the G Spot?
    can you tell me anyone where is G spot??how can I find that??
    4 Health 783
  39. What spot is best for masterbating with shower head
    Okay so im 13 and I dont wanna break my hymen so I dont finger myself..but I do masterbate likewith the shower pouring on my vagina I usually will find some spot don't know wich andpull in like im holding in pee it feels amazing... But where is the bes...
    1 Sex 782
  40. What is causing this wet brown spot?
    When I go to the bathroom I notice a wet brown spot on my underwear. At first I thought it was from my butt whole. But I then noticed that it was from my vag. Anyone happen to know what could be the cause of this??
    6 Health 13821
  41. Why do I have weird spots on my nipples?
    im a 16 year old female and I have a real embarrasing question .. the centre of both my nipples have like yellowy-puss like looking spots in them, they feel normal but does this mean theyre infected or something? im quite scared :/ also when I was li...
    9 Sex 9515
  42. What are my red spots on my thighs, outer groin and stomach?
    A couple of days ago I noticed some red spots, not itchy, around my thighs, groin and stomach. They are sparadic and vary in size. Im leaving it for a couple of days and see whats new. Then consider going dowwn the doctors.
    7 Health 2294
  43. Fingered and spotting?
    My boyfriend fingered me a few days go and then again yesterday...and the first time nothing happened [like it felt good, but I didnt bleed] But when he fingered me yesterday, he went deeper and it felt really good but I had like a little spot on my ...
    1 Relationships 3091
  44. Is light pink spotting a period?
    Period today was a no show but did have light light pink spot when I wiped but went away!! Negative pt could I still be preg??
    1 Health 1924
  45. Fingering blood spot on my sheet, did I pop my cherry?
    I was fingering myself last night and when I turned the light on I noticed there was a blood spot on my sheet... did I "pop my cherry?" or what cud have happened?!?? PLEASE ANSWER EVERYONE!!!
    2 Relationships 998
  46. What are these black spots in my eyebrows?
    What...Ok, so I have these black spots (I know for a fact that they are NOT black heads) and they only occurr in my eyebrows. They are on the skin, not the hairs, but are visible underneath my eye brows. They are bigger than a black head but smaller th...
    2 Style 1251
  47. How long does implantation bleeding or spotting lasts?
    I was just wondering how long implantation bleeding or spotting lasts if I'm pregnant or might be pregnant, I’m having this spotting for 14 days now ,does is last days, weeks or months? I have these mild headaches, I don’t know if it is preg symptoms o...
    26 Health 55236
  48. Light spotting period = meaning?
    My period is like clockwork and usually really heavy, even when stressed out. But this month when I went to have my period all that happened was a bunch of really light spotting. Only for one day. I took a pregnancy test the day after the spotting stop...
    2 Health 827
  49. Is spotting after my period implantation bleeding?
    If im prego what are some adorable girl names I was thinking about constance marie but I need help because I need a boys name in case I have a boy so thank you I also wanted to know if what I had was implantation bleeding cuzz if it was im sure im preg...
    4 Health 916
  50. G-SPOT - where is it? how does it work? why can't I find it?
    Ok me and my girlfriend want to find her G-spot, I did a bit of exploring after some research and got few results. First we make sure she is REALLY arroused, so the glans fill with fluids. then I put my middle finger inside of her. about half an inc...
    18 Relationships 1773
  51. Why won't my dog just poop already?
    My dog is so weird. He has to run all over the yard looking for the perfect spot to poop. Not just any spot will do. If I take him somewhere outside of our back yard to do his business, he frantically sniffs the ground, wimpering and whining and won...
    18 Pets 1809
  52. How long does it take for birth control to regulate you?
    So I have been on birth control going on 4 weeks now. It is my first time ever on birth control. I got on it because of my periods were iregular and too much cramping and everything. The doctor said I will experience spotting. Well ever since I bee...
    4 Health 5727