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  1. Do you find spanking or being spanked erotic?
    39 Relationships 710
  2. Why do spankings have to be on the bare
    Why do spankings have to be on the bare
    6 Babies 1023
  3. spanking ok or not?
    is it ok to spank your kids?
    25 Babies 230
  4. How young should spanking start
    How young should spanking start
    14 Babies 329
  5. Why should there be a seat belt law?
    why should there be a seat belt law???
    18 Politics 116
  6. How expensive are things at "Below the Belt"?
    2 Shopping 20
  7. Is being whipped with a belt child abuse?
    is being whipped with a belt child abuse?
    36 Babies 1652
  8. Is it legal to spank your kid with a paddle?
    spank your kid with a paddle???
    11 Babies 135
  9. How do people pee if they have a chastity belt on?
    5 General 168
  10. What ages is spanking appropriate, youngest and oldest (meaning parents spanking their children as punishment)?
    22 Family 596
  11. How to replace a timing belt on a hyundai sonata?
    How to replace a timing belt on a hyundai sonata?
    2 Family 26
  12. Is it wierd that I say spanks instead of thanks?
    6 Babies 133
  13. What does seat belt safety do to your body?
    5 Politics 17
  14. if my car belt is ripped where can i get it fixed?
    3 Nutritionfitness 20
  15. If you grew up in the seventies did you get spanked or not?
    Is there anyone out there who grew up in the seventies that didn't get spanked?
    14 Family 2407
  16. How big is the kids wwe title spinner belt?
    How big is the kids wwe title spinner belt?
    2 Babies 17
  17. Has anyone tried the slender shaper belt?
    Have anyone try the slender shaper belt??? Does it works??
    4 Style 78
  18. Should I spank a childs bare butt
    Should I spand a childs bare behind
    18 Babies 1281
  19. What do women think of Anal Sex & Errotic Spanking??
    Can you Tell me what do women think of Anal Sex & Errotic Spanking??
    3 Sex 231
  20. Have you heard about sauna belt results?
    Did you use the sauna belt and get good results?
    2 Style 103
  21. Sauna belts
    Does anyone know anything about sauna belts and if so do you know if they really work?
    3 Nutritionfitness 19
  22. Is it mandatory to wear seat belts in the whole United States?
    6 Politics 11
  23. Do you think Spanking your kids is okay?
    I think it is okay- I just want opinions from you people
    30 Babies 290
  24. should i get the synyster gates belt buckle or the call of duty modern warfare belt buckle?
    they are both extremely awsome but i cant decide and i can only get one of them
    10 Style 29
  25. Timeouts vs. Spankings
    Which do you choose? I got 'whoopins' lol!
    14 Babies 85
  26. When to use a weight belt?
    At about what weight would it be necessary to use a weight belt for dead lifts and squats?
    2 Nutritionfitness 24
  27. Do women wear belts when they wear jeans?
    I mean they really to wear belts its just curiosity or is it uconfortable, just curiosity thanks.
    12 Style 223
  28. sweat belts
    You think that wearing a sweat belt when doing exercise, is good to get faster results?
    2 Nutritionfitness 425
  29. When...: Do the slim belts work?
    Hi I have this question...I m not gonna try them but do slim belts work? Thanks
    2 Nutritionfitness 51
  30. When is a rude disrespectful daughter too old for a spanking?
    My 10yr old daughter is rude and disrespectful. Scolding, grounding her means nothing to her. Is she too old for a spanking?
    22 Babies 5362
  31. How many championship belts are there in wwe?
    How many championship belts are there in WWE? I only counted three, but I don't watch the show. My boyfriend does, but I want to impress him.
    5 Sports 722
  32. How would you dress up a plain peach-coloured dress with a simple tan belt?
    6 Style 49
  33. Where do you get studded belts?
    Where do you get those studded belts I need some for my new skinny jeans I cant find any help meee !!!
    8 Style 39
  34. Is it legal for my ex's girlfriend to spank my son?
    I just found out that my son is being spanked bare butt by my x's girlfreind is that legal if it is not her child???
    12 Babies 1023
  35. how hard to spank my child?
    I have a 7 year old child and I use spankings as a punishment. I want to know how hard to spank them and how many times... thanks
    9 Babies 659
  36. Why does My Cat Loves To Be Spanked?
    Can anyone tell me why my cat loves being spanked really hard..and rolls on the couch for more..does anyone else have a cat that likes to be hit...
    20 Pets 5495
  37. Who would win this elimination spanking match?
    who would win a out of trish-lita-stephanie-torrie-mickie-stacy and who eliminates who and how?
    3 Gaming 45
  38. What is something physically painful my girlfriend and I could do to each other since we both have a pain fetish (we've used whipping, spanking, & biting)?
    8 Health 38
  39. Studded Belts?
    Ok, name all the places you can get a colorful studded belt, besides Journies & Hot Topic.. Basic Places/ Common?
    8 Shopping 100
  40. Studde belt troubles!
    Okay, I love my studded belt... but there is one problem. It tears tiny holes at the back of all of my shirts! Any way to prevent this?
    6 Style 25
  41. When should my dad change the timing belt? (Pacifica 2004)?
    Hello, my dad is just wondering when he should change the timing belt. I'm guessing how many kilometers. It is a Pacifica 2004. Thank you very much :D
    2 General 52
  42. Skinnys And Belts In Uk
    Anyone Know Any Decent Shops In Uk To Buy Like Sparkly Belts With Butterflys On The Front In Silver Or Black SkinnyS:P
    2 Shopping 13
  43. how can i make my parents stop spanking me?
    I'm 14 and it doesn't happen that often but i hate it so much and i feel i'm too old for it. Any other 14yo who is still spanked?
    5 Family 517
  44. Can you wear a garter belt with suspenders and stockings with shorts without it being sexual?
    Because I wanna try that when school starts and it looks cute
    12 Sex 150
  45. am I too old for a spanking
    im a 13 year old boy who still gets spanked over my mothers knee when im naughty on my bare bottom I think im to old but mum dosent
    20 Family 4004
  46. Would a person get a ticket for not wearing their seat belt if the person is unable to fit a seat-belt around them?
    This is just one of those questions I've been wondering for a while, and would like to know the answer. I'm not looking for opinions on whether they should or shouldn't get a ticket... I am asking legally, do you still have to wear a seat-belt if it...
    11 Cars 54
  47. What hurts you more handspanking on bare bum or belting on jeans?
    I am getting a spanking from tonight and I am thinking about avoiding big pain and welts. I am a 13 years old girl. I rarely get spanked from dad ,usually my mom spanks me
    11 Babies 1990
  48. How do the people of Illinois feel about governor Pat Quinn's decision on the new seat belt law? (read more)
    How do the people of Illinois feel about govenor Pat Quinns decision on the new seat belt law making everyone wear seat belts no matter where you sit in the car?
    2 Politics 12
  49. Why don't people believe in spanking their children anymore?
    it seems sooooo many kids are out of control now-a-days and it's somethin that can be fixed with just a lick of the belt. Why are people becoming so soft with their kids?
    11 Babies 158
  50. What is a porn website where I can find videos about spanking and/or play rape (or whatever it's called)?
    I'm not asking you to judge or make comments about this question. I'm just asking for an answer.
    2 Relationships 63
  51. Naked in a desert
    What will you do with the belt if you are dropped in a desert with only a belt on?
    7 General 34
  52. How can guys tell that you have been spanked?
    I go to a private school (sucks) and the teachers can spank yor there and at lunch a couple guys always ask me if I want to sit on there lap instead of the hard benches or chairs I guess im trying to say how do they figure out you were spanked an...
    4 Relationships 454
  53. If you wear a really tight belt will your stomach shrink?
    is this really true: I've found that if you tie a belt really tightly(or a corsette) around your waist and wear it constantly, your stomache will shrink up to 4 sizes. and as for getting your butt bigger if you take estrogen pills that should take car...
    4 Nutritionfitness 3119
  54. Should you spank your child?
    My son throughs his toys at his baby sister she is 11 months old,he kicks and hits me the baby and his daddy.the doctor said to put him in time out .I've tried and nothing works .when I do spank him he looks at me and laughes.What do I do ???HELP ME!!!
    11 Babies 62
  55. Do you get spanked as an adult
    Do you get spanked as an adult? I do. I live in care and if I do something bad I have to go to my room by myself for 15 minutes and then a staff come in and sit down in a chair and tell me to stand up and step to them and take my pants down and I get t...
    14 Family 5958
  56. What color shoes would look good with purple skin fit shirt and pinkish pants with blue suede belt?
    i thought grey but still. Gimme some ideas. and yeah i hate brown shoes.
    9 Style 19
  57. opinons on spankings
    okay, im 15 and from when I was about 1 to about 7 my dad would give me a spanking for doing anything really really bad. now that im 15 [[and I have 4 younger siblings]] he said that it was a huge mistake? whats your opinions on spankings? personally...
    14 Family 218
  58. Enormous belts and pants?
    Mk so me and my friend sky want to know where you can buy giant belts and pants. Like for really fat people(sorry if I offend anyone, im not trying to) The pants need to be spandex or something stretching Any advice will help!!!
    3 Entertainment 22
  59. Why should girls be spanked untill an older age?
    Hi my name is sara I am 16 years old, I live with my parents and two brothers, age 14 and 15. Last week when I had a fight with my oldest brother my mother gave me spanking but my brother was only grounded and had to do extra chores as punishment. I ak...
    12 Family 3058
  60. How to discipline kids without spanking?
    What's the best way to discipline a 12 year old boy and a 10 year old girl without spanking them? I think I've tried everything like taking away the T.V and other entertainment, not letting them play with their friends, ect but nothing seems to work. A...
    9 Babies 136
  61. What is the limit between spanking and beatings?
    Some parents spank their kids and I have no problem with that. Im 15 and I was spanked till I was 12. now I just get grounded. I was hit from everything from a hairbrush, paddle, switch, toys, curling irons, wooden spoons, ect. But I was never beat. I ...
    6 Babies 195
  62. Do your cats like to be spanked?
    Okay so. My two cats loved getting *spanked*, like..right above their tails. I don't know if it's normal. Like if all cats like that.. Not to sound violent but you can hit either of my cats as HARD as you can, and it just loves it! And you can do it fo...
    21 Pets 386
  63. Were you spanked, and how?
    I used to get spankings, until I was about 16, from my Mom. That was five years ago since the last time she did it. Actually, I don't think it was a bad thing, looking back, though I hated it at the time! She usually (not always) spanked me bare bot...
    24 Family 18465
  64. Women Shaving Below The Belt...
    Does everyone remember about five years ago when women shaving completly bare became a big deal and apparently a big turn on...I shave but I haven't always and doubt I always will. Do guys actually care or is this just a media induced trend that will f...
    8 Relationships 101
  65. Toning Belts
    I'm 14 and I want to lose the tummy I have, I just get so down when l see myself in the mirror. I'm not a big fan of fruit and dont eat it so eating fruit isnt going to help in my case.I was thinking of asking my mum if I could get a toning belt, does ...
    2 Nutritionfitness 22
  66. Where to buy nice waist belts in smaller sizes?
    howdy, I was just wondering does anyone know where you can get some really nice waist belts in smaller sizes. Like the ones with adjustable sizes. All the ones in topshop,riverisland etc are too big...actually I have seen some adjustable sized ones but...
    3 Shopping 52
  67. which do you think is the best way to disipline: spanking or time
    I dont belive in time out. it never works. I was popped when I was little and still get get popped sometimes. I think its a good way to teach right from wrong. I just dont think atime out will really work on an out of line 13 year old. lol maybe a pop ...
    12 Babies 252
  68. Do you think it is right for parents to spank their children if the children are between the ages of 13 and 18?
    In my opinion, I don't think "spanking" is the best way to discipline a child...but for many parents, it's normal, and not considered child abuse. (Although I wouldn't spank MY children)... I don't really see anything wrong with spanking a child's butt...
    39 Sex 1746
  69. Relations and love
    Does Girls Like spanking??
    4 Relationships 40
  70. Bruises.
    If you Whip your child with a belt and at first it leave welts for over 24 hours, and then it turns into a bruise, even if the bruise isnt that dark, but you can tell its there, is it child abuse?
    6 Health 810
  71. Spanked as an adult.
    Does any one get spanked who is over the age of 18 and still lives at home. About a year after I moved back home after college, my mom became fed up with my immature behavior and temper tantrums. She informed me if I was going to act like a child ...
    32 Family 15471
  72. The secret weapon
    My son lives with his Dad 50% and Me, the mom, 50%. My son is getting older has admitted to me that his Dad spanks him with a belt. He makes him pull his underwear off and spanks him. He calls it his 'secret weapon'. I hate this and find that I have t...
    2 Babies 228
  73. What does the shadow government think about alligators?
    I know that the shadow gov't are after the alligators, but how come they don't already have all of them in captivity? You'd think that with the powerful power of conspiraciness they'd already have that step done. Furthermore, where are they going to se...
    3 Politics 23
  74. Child abuse is when you have bruises and cutts
    Child abuse is when you have bruises and cutts and scratces and welt marks is that true
    7 Family 40
  75. How can I fix my heater in my car?
    I have a 97 Saturn 4 door. One day the heater was working just fine and the next in didn't work at all. And one more question my seat belt is not retracting back like it should so the whole belt is just let out do you know how I can get under the panel...
    5 Cars 26
  76. Sex or Masterbation?
    Do you like a good round of faunication or just spanking the good old monkey?
    5 Sex 52
  77. Fashion question
    If you were a colerfull belt over shirt do you think it would look good??? I like it. What else do you think would look good?
    2 Music 19
  78. Martial Arts
    So then people what martial arts do you do/want to do? Why do you like that martail arts? and also how long have you been doing it for and what belt are you? just thought id ask because I do jujitsu, have done for 7 years and I am a balck belt. but ...
    4 Sports 12
  79. ~katy perry~
    does any one no where I can get the pink dress thing with the blue belt that katy perry wears?
    3 Style 43
  80. Yo moma'
    Beat the persons post above yours your moma joke Your moma so fat that her smallest belt size is equator
    10 Gaming 69
  81. does this look good?
    if I were a belt over a shirt... but I were down low.. like aroud my waist.. I like it but most my frineds dont!!! its my stlye!
    8 Shopping 34
  82. What does whiped mean?
    like what does whiped mean? for example you can have a boyfriend thats my best friend talks about her boyfriend being whiped. And Not lie getting a spanking
    3 Relationships 35
  83. Am I A Victim of Child Abuse?
    Well let's see, my mom gets angry a lot. I guess you can say that I do some bad things. My mom cusses and uses all those words. Both parents slap/hit me. I know that it IS legal to spank your kids but I feel so weird as my friends say that they never g...
    5 Family 153
  84. Abuse or discipline??
    What is considered to be abuse? Is [slapping],[hitting with belt, or telephone cord or etc. ], leaving harsh painful marks and bruises abuse
    7 Family 218
  85. Help I shot my friend with a bbgun
    K I shot him because I thought it wasn't loaded and it left a huge welt he is gunna kill me but will he be ok? Oh and I shot him in the but to help
    4 Health 38
  86. Physical Abuse problem
    There is a boy used to abuse me a lot with his belt, fist, or a book. Now he is at my school and he might do it again if we have classes. What should I do? I can't face the world with that boy and his abusing self
    3 Health 22
  87. FunAdvice Trivia: What did Voyager 1 unexpectedly find when it passed Jupiter?
    A) A moon B) An asteroid belt C) A comet D) A ring
    8 Funadvice 12
  88. Can somebody translate this absolutely correctly for me from German to English?
    Wir wollten die Welt verändern, aber am Ende nur verändert uns.
    14 General 28
  89. How do I discipline a toddler?
    I don't want to do like my parents and whip out the belt at the first chance, yet my 2 year old seems to be extremely stubborn. Any ideas?
    9 Babies 45
  90. How can I get my daughter under control?
    Have a 2 year old girl. How can I get her under control. We spank her, put her in her room, we put her in corner.. Nothing works unless she gets her way...HELP
    9 Babies 51
  91. What could I get my boyfriend for Christmasss?
    My boyfriend's 16 and we've been going out for like, a month. He's into dirt bikes and we're both brown belts in karate, and he skates. Help me out?
    2 Shopping 11
  92. How to fix high-waisted shorts a size too big?
    The top (belt) part is a little big but not too bad compared to the bottoms of the shorts at the back are really airy/big how can i fix them
    2 Style 98
  93. how many courses do I need to take to have self defense?
    I dont know how to fight, so I dont know how many courses do I need to have self defense just in case, I mean I have to take all the courses to be a black belt or something or with a few courses would be alright. What do you think.
    2 Education 12
  94. Perfect jeans
    Ok I got one problem my jeans looks good and all that, but I have to wear belt so my crack wont show up, my q is how to pick perfect jeans that nobody see my crack?
    4 Style 22
  95. What stars do you see in the Northern Hemisphere?
    I was wondering for a while, do you guys also see Orions Belt, Gemini, Scorpio and all the other constellations? I mean you don't have the Southern cross right? So what are the most common constelllations in the Northern Hemisphere.
    2 General 12
  96. Where can I find jeans for a girl with a big butt and small waist?
    I have a big butt, but a small waist. & everytime I wear jeans I always have to wear a belt :/ Where can I find some jeans made for a girl with big butt & smalll waist? P.S- I dont like apple bottoms or customizing jeans.
    7 Shopping 123
  97. Would fishnets...
    Would fishnets with like a long shirt (long shits fit me like a dress since im pretty short [5"0"] with a black belt on & flats look nice?
    7 Style 35
  98. My 4 year old wont listen!
    Ok. I have a 4 year old girl. She has recently gotten so bad. I tell her to do something and she ignores me or tells me no. I spank(not beat her, but pop her enough for her to feel it) her and it is like it does not phase her. When we were in a store y...
    16 Babies 271
  99. laws for driving with dogs in the car??
    I have 2 westies and im looking into buying doggy seatbelts which attach to the back seats seat belts, so if I did have to break suddenly then they wouldnt go flying. im changing cars to and im getting a 5 seater convertable. can dogs still be on the ...
    2 Pets 154
  100. How do you get over being sick?
    I've been throwing up, I feel weak and shaky, and I've got a headache. Tonight I have testing for my next karate belt and I have a tournament tomorrow. How can I get a lot better really, really, fast?
    3 Health 30
  101. Punishments for Children???
    I posted a little earlier about my 4 year old. I stated an issue I was having with her, and that I don't like to give spankings unless she was doing something dangerous. Now I am curious- How do you punish your children or what seems to work best in y...
    9 Babies 57
  102. Why do I feel a cramp in my lower stomach after I ejaculate?
    After I ejaculate I feel like a pain or a cramp in my lower stomach below the belt line but deep inside. The pain is only right after for a minute but is intense. I had a visecteme a little over a year ago but have had no problems.can any one help?
    2 Health 1939
  103. What kind of cardigan would go with a hi-lo tube dress?
    My dress is pure white and I bought a dark blue belt to go with it. A picture of the cardigan would be helpful. And im gettin a dark blue cardigan cuz it will match the dress.
    4 Style 21
  104. What kind of cardigan would go with a strapless white dress?
    It stops at the knees and the back continues to the ankle. And I have a dark blue belt to go under mu bust. What kind of cardigan would go with it. I got it from agaci. And its very light weight and flowy
    6 Style 13
  105. Why can't I get a job?
    I have looked online for local jobs, I have gone to places over and over again, I've tried just about everything I know to do. I have a resume, I have a lot of experience under my belt, I dress my best when I go for a job. I just dont know what im d...
    4 Politics 25
  106. How to get to next base?
    Me and my boyfriend recently got back together and I want to give him my virginity as a sign to show him I will never leave him cause he's just the most awesome guy in this world. We were making out and I didnt know how to move on. Should I stick my ha...
    6 Relationships 85
  107. What makes someone preppy?
    is there anything someone needs to know how to be preppy, you know like if your emo you cut yourself, adn if your goth you dress in black, if youre redneck you where boots and huge belt buckles...etc...whats the thing with the preps...what makes a pre...
    8 Style 133
  108. Why is my earlobe so fat after piercing?
    so i got my second hole pierced about 5 days ago. and my earlobe has been swelling and hurting. is this normal? or is it possible my ears are allergic to the earring? i have cobalt earrings and i do normally have sensitive skin to nickel belts and cert...
    9 Style 277
  109. Can you pay for a moving violation with pennies?
    Such as red light camera, stop sign, seat belt, etc. If I go up there in person? I received a redlight camera ticket in the mail, it's such an inconvenience so Id like to return the favor.
    12 Cars 11
  110. What type of tattoo should I get
    I don't want anything big And my rents said it has to be in a place where they cant see it So any ideas? I was thinking like a music note on my belt line in the front right in front of my hip or something. But I don't know
    11 Style 40
  111. is hitting spaking slapping considered chile abuse?
    my parents say its ok. they are really old scbool mexicans ans where raised where all of that is dicipline. i kinda agree and disagree.when its slappiñg and spanking and just a little hit its ok. but when its bad bad its not ok. what are your thoughts
    11 Family 102
  112. Any ideas for winter fashion?
    im realy bored with my clothes and I want to buy more clothes for the winter,, I love layering , very modern, I love cardigans and big belts anyoen got any ideas on different things I could wear together? thankyouu x
    4 Shopping 45
  113. How can I get my kids to behave?
    i am 28 yrs. old. Ihave 3 boys and a baby girl,(ages 9,7,6, and 1yr). I dont kno what to do anymore. They are just incontrolable. I'm always getting notes from school because my 6 yr. old wont behave either he destroys the school toys or he wont listen...
    7 Babies 65
  114. What should I do about my black prom dress?
    Well I have this really nice corset then flarey prom dress which is plain black. So I bought some red accessories and shoes. It still looks plain. What to add!? Need more red! I can't find a red belt that it just plain with no buckle either!! Advice? ...
    7 Style 44
  115. Hot guy (please read)
    there is this realy cute guy he use to make his hand into a "gun" and would shoot my butt now he always stands behind me a "spanks me" with out actually touching my it. Like I said he's hot and I want him to realy touch it (my butt) how do I show it of...
    2 Relationships 21
  116. Car accident
    ok so I was in a car accident at 2 in the morning on sunday and half my body feels weak and sore(im guessing thats the side I hit first) I only got brusied on my leg were the seat belt was other then that the right side of my body feels sore tense and ...
    3 Health 21
  117. Emo make over
    How much do you think it would cost for all this. Including, a few belts, like 5 pares of skinny jeans, some t-shirts, straightener, hair spray, black hair dye, a skinny jacket. If you can think of anything else please tell me, any much do you...
    4 Style 38
  118. Roller Coaster Phobia
    Alright, well I am going to my very first trip to a theme park, (Six Flags) next weekend and I'm kind of nervous. I'm going with my boyfriend, his brother and a few friends of mine. They all say that roller coasters are nothing to worry about, but I'm ...
    4 Health 63
  119. Is beating a child, Parental Abuse?
    I refuse to plunge in to a deeper personal state during this question. I'd just like to ask what you all may think (opinions). Is beating the son, daughter, grand daughter, any person relative to your family, child abuse? Especially with belts, planks ...
    7 Family 66
  120. What are some stores I can find casual sun dresses for school?
    i dont want anything too dressy because its im thinking about wearing a sun dress with like a cropped jean jacket on the first day back..idk it depends on what i can find. i like the boho styles and belted dresses. any suggestions??
    3 Shopping 9
  121. Is it ingrown hair?
    when I started shaving my armpits, it was fine, but now there are huge pimple-like welts under my arms. sometimes they burst, but they dont go away. It is really embarrassing because I cant wear tank tops or anything like that and if I shave, more appe...
    2 Health 44
  122. What other job can I do to buy this stuff I want?
    I Have A Job At A Local Farm. And I Earn £112 A Month , Im Saving Up For A Louis Vuitton Bag,Purse & Belt , I Need To Make Money Fast, What Jobs COuld I Do Beside, paper Round Baby Siting Or Selling my Things
    2 Money 19
  123. Um what should I think?
    my teacher comes up to meh and hes like 30 or sumtin and he says he likes mi outfit... I was wearing a black mini skirt with longblack and yellow socks a yellow shirt with a yellow and black jacket and a yellow belt... so what should I think? and t...
    3 General 27
  124. How to convince my parents to let me be a boxer?
    ok so im 14 years old and im a black belt in karate but im gettin kind of bored with it, so I want to be a boxer or at least try it out. but I dont think my parents will like it because its a bit dangerous and the place is pretty far away. so what im a...
    11 Family 654
  125. How to get my son to eat vegetables?
    hello , my son son is 7 and hates eating veg's but he Love's the little tree's . I can't get him to eat the rest of the veg's, I even got cook book s for kids and it don't work . can some one help me !!! . I've tried keep him at the table tell he ...
    12 Babies 69
  126. Red Trenchcoat
    I got a really cute red trenchcoat a few months ago which is now collecting dust in my closet. I only wore it once during the winter, but since it is a lightweight trench...would a red trench look out of the place for this spring's color palette? And...
    3 Style 18
  127. Is abuse allowed these days?
    Do you think that just because someone calls themselves your father after marrying your mother allows them to be able to verbally attack you when they feel like it? Are they just automatically allowed to start hurting you when they are angry? Are you a...
    6 Family 23
  128. How long will it take me to lose weight
    Im 15 years. Old and weigh like 177 I walk 5 days of a week and wear a sauna belt when doing so for 2 hours The other 2 days are the weekends wear I lift weights for like 30 min. I eat breakfast and lunch only is that bad there medium sized plates ...
    2 Nutritionfitness 42
  129. Help me with dressing for a special dinner
    I have a dinner to go to with my man and the only thing I know what I am wearing is the sexiest par of black and tan animal print heels and a pair of lil maggies lucky jeans please let me know how I can put this outfit together, what color shirt what c...
    3 Sex 19
  130. tell me. (FUNNY?)
    tell me one thing aout you that is not true. Or true. that is so cool. kind of like this. mom told me that when I was born the doctor was gonna spank me and then I gave him this look that made him go cry in the corner. Or this: one time. I met the ...
    5 General 57
  131. Going out with my ex'x best friend
    Well I am going out with my ex'x best friend, we have been going out for 5 mnts now, but me ond my ex are havin a little secret relationship, we arent dating but we always have dirty talk, he sais he is going to spank me and he wants to pash me and fin...
    2 Relationships 43
  132. Do you think I could beat up a wrestler?
    Do you think I could beat up a wrestler or do you think I am weak and not able to win a fight? I am just curious . I am actually trained in kung fu and karate. Could I beat up a wrestler ? I am bored and couldn't think of a different question to ask. I...
    5 Sports 76
  133. squirt wants to be number one.
    I have 4 dogs. three are big. one is an english bulldog. the english bulldog is not yet a year (8 months). he is always challenging me and the others for dominance. (trying to hump the others, they are all boys) how do I get the little bugger to kn...
    3 Pets 26
  134. What colour and kind of shoes would look good with a yellow dress?
    What colour and kind of shoes would look good with a yellow knee length dress? I'll also be wearing black tights a black belt and a black cardigan with it. I can never find the right type of shoes :/ Any ideas? (no high heeled shoes please - I'm tall e...
    5 Style 19
  135. How to get my dad off my back?
    Hi my name is 34rrt and im 13 years And my father`s always burgingis ither I have to help him with his belt or he always ask if that macth or if he look nice and somtimes he they in the kicthen but he want water and he always drink and when he come ho...
    2 Family 31
  136. What's a solution for tattoo problem?
    Alright, so. I wanna get a tattoo below my waistline but above my d*ck. So like where my belt would be. I was wondering if there's be an issue with like hair down there? I shave mostly 3 times a week. But if I get a tattoo there would hair be a proble...
    4 Style 45
  137. Losing Weight
    I used to be of average weight, but now that I got a job I have been eating more junk food I have gained some pounds. My skinny jeans don't fit quite as well, I need larger belts and I am developing muffin tops. Yeah...shame. I am about 5 foot 9 inc...
    4 Nutritionfitness 19
  138. Should I move to WA or OR?
    I live in South Texas, beaten' by the bible belt, and am sick of it. Looking to move towards the North West. Places I'm looking are WA (Tacoma, Bothell, Shoreline) and OR (Salem, Eugene, Portland, Astoria). I've got two years to plan but would really l...
    5 Travel 13
  139. What causes skin to do this?
    Okay, my sister showed me something cool that you can do with ice and salt. You first wet your skin and cover the wet area with salt. Then, you press down on it with a cube of ice for about a minute. It stings a litle bit, but when you take the ice off...
    6 Health 50
  140. What kind of shoes go with a bubble skirt?
    Hi, I just got a new dress for grad, and its a halter dress with a purple belt around the waist, and the skirt is a bubble hem with a zebra pattern. What kind of shoes do you think would go good with it? I was thinking of peep-toe pumps but my friend...
    3 Style 88
  141. Things are terrible... Please help? I really need to know what to do...
    Okay, so A LOT has been going on lately verbal abuse wise and tons other. So first and foremost, my mother is going EXTREMELY out of bounds with her "discipline". I see how a spanking here and there is okay, but it has gotten to the point of spankin...
    5 Family 32
  142. Does this mean I'm trying to be emo or goth?
    I am starting to dress in a lot of black clothing! Well its not all black some pink 2! I love the color black and pink! I have started wearing skinny leg jeans and a 3 pyramid belt! I also died my hair pink again!! My friend and others who arent my fri...
    6 Style 40
  143. How can I get my three year old cousin to stop cussing?
    she says bad words like an adult if we say i love you to her she says i love you to b!tch and fxck you to everybody.she says it like in a conversation.her mom tells her not to cuss but she does it in front of my cousin like its no big deal.we tried eve...
    14 Babies 46
  144. Step Son Always Running Off and Acting Up!!!
    My Husband has a 5 year old and he never listens! He always runs off when we go to the store and breaks and write on things but one day he went to the extreme!! My Husband and I have a one year day he was eating his little gerber star shaped ...
    7 Babies 94
  145. Is this abuse or is it not that bad?
    Im 13 Well for a long time My mom was in many abusive realstionships She actually lives with an ex of hers that absed her bad And a curant boyfriend that abused her and sometimes still does She lives with both of them Anyways they dont hit my mom rarle...
    10 Family 43
  146. Sagging Law?
    I think that sagging is pretty dumb. But its your style, and if you want to sag, sag then. And to put a law and practically ban a style? No way, jose. xD Thats like telling me, to stop wearing my hair in my face. Its not going to happen. I don't ...
    10 Politics 38
  147. What do you know about beginner teen kickboxing?
    I am a 14 year old girl interested in starting to take a kickboxing class. I don't currently know much about it at all but I know it's fun (according to my friend) and I want a way to get out of the house. SO does anyone know things about what starting...
    2 Sports 43
  148. Wow gold farming for twinks.
    Okay, so I know it is cheating, but does WOW gold farming actually work to build a twink quickly. I have my hunter on my PVP server that has the venomstrike bow, the glowing lizardscale cloak, the tunic of westfall, the deviate scale belt, and some d...
    3 Gaming 59
  149. What to wear in summer?
    I have a great look for winter: Pleated or flared mini skirt with turtleneck, leggings, colorful knee high socks and a long line 40s style jacket, belted. I also like to wear a cropped jacket with a contrasting turtleneck. I add a vintage hat for pi...
    3 Style 11
  150. What is your opinion on school buses not having seatbelts or lapbands?
    I personally never understood why they dont. Yesterday in a town near ours school bus was hit after picking children up and trying to enter a highway by an 18 wheeler that was going 65 miles per hour. 19 Kids were hospitalized, 2 are in critical condi...
    5 Cars 17
  151. Is my poem any good
    Behind the Pain He stummbles through the door she jumps at the slam smelling the acholol on his breath as he yells shes afraid to speak knowing it might trigger him he walks closer and closer grabs her hair..she yelps he doesnt care he just keeps o...
    4 Literature 34
  152. Silly quiz ;p
    Rock or pop? Sweets or chocolat? Would you eat a bug? Would you cheat on a boy/girl? Do you laugh at anything even if its not funny? Ice cream or I scream? Bon jovi or jonas brothers? Doctor who or eastenders? Flip or flop? What are you scared...
    4 General 30
  153. Why don't the teenage mutant ninja turtles have real costumes?
    My wife just pointed out the most amazing thing: the teenage mutant ninja turtles don't wear the full gei (uniform) of a black belt in ninjitsu or "ninja". They wear a headband, and that's it. Have you ever seen a self respecting ninja running around i...
    11 Entertainment 44
  154. why?- can someone help? plaese..?
    okay so I've just gotten better. I was mentally ill and was dealing with depression for 10 months. now it seems like the misery wont end for me. I get flash backs of the guilty stuff I've done and all the things my father and step mom did to me. I alwa...
    3 Health 15
  155. When should I let my boyfriend teach me to have sex?
    Im 14 and my boyfriend is 15 (9months) dif. And hes gone all the way with a girl and now he wants to start teaching me frist he wants to start with finger me then spanking me in weird ways I geuss and move on to other stuff I dont no if im comfortable...
    4 Sex 141
  156. Is this child abuse??
    I'm not sure. I mean, is being yelled at and screamed at and threatened and grabbed roughly and shaken when you are very small child abuse? My father used to do the belt crack threat to scare me when I was somewhere around 4 years old and give m...
    7 Family 24
  157. cant stop crying about a man being wipped.
    I know i sound pathetic but just saw a vid. of a 30 something year old being tied and joked around like a toy around other men. there were a group of men who tied him while laughing and taped while 2 guys spanked his behind, back, pulled his hair and ...
    5 Health 25
  158. Need help potty training my 3 month old Boxer Sierra
    We let sierra out first thing in the morning, she does her business comes in and gets a treat. she wakes up from her nap, she goes out and gets a treat. when shes up playing we let her out. we let her out about every 15 minutes and she still comes i...
    2 Pets 21
  159. neighbor being abused? help I don't know what to do!!!
    so I was at my sister's old house that we still own and I was outside just thinking and from the house next door where a middle eastern family lives I could here yelling. the son georgie was yelling from the bathroom at his dad who was yelling in their...
    9 General 107
  160. Who is CPS to tell anyone how to raise a child?
    I'm amazed at how naive people are concerning child abuse. Most think abuse is totally related to what the child has received in punishment. What about the intentions behind the one giving a child a spanking, whipping, etc? Was the father, with good mo...
    7 Babies 74
  161. Ok need new clothes, what place sells these?
    Ok need new clothes What place sells: Converse Vans Vans wristbands Studded belts Black and white plastic bracelets Band t-shirts Skinny jeans And make up Dont say hot topic!!! My mom has to always come to the mall with me sooo annoying!!! Im 13 soo s...
    11 Shopping 20
  162. Should saggy pants be banned ?
    COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - A prominent black state senator says saggy pants are a civil rights setback. Sen. Robert Ford told The (Charleston) Post and Courier for Saturday's papers the style should be outlawed in South Carolina. The Charleston Democrat say...
    7 Style 58
  163. How do I get them to forgive me?
    When I Was 8 My Mother Sent Me To Live With My Fathers Brother And Sister.I was There Three Months Befor My Uncle Beat me WIth A Belt That Left Bruises on The Back Of My Legs .I Went To The Nurse For Ice The Next Day And I Did BNot Know That In Doing S...
    8 Family 26
  164. is it ok to be insecure?
    I recently lost a child and got out a abuseive relationship I kept getting cheating on and hit and everything and getting called fat and im recovering from ana anyways so wtf!! my new boyfriend is a star he has helped me ever so much doesnt look at oth...
    4 Health 97
  165. Why am I falling for jackasses?
    the problem is 3 month ago I liked this guy I told my bff & she told me all he wants is sex, which is true, so I stay away from him & im over him now & now I like this boy & she sais the same thing [dont know if it is or not] & this morning he ...
    8 Sex 40
  166. 21st Birthday Party Music
    Hey all! It's my 21st birthday on Sunday and I am having my party on Saturday. I rented out this cute little bar for the night and I am bringing my laptop to hook up to their speakers so we can have the music we want. I have some ideas for my playlist ...
    3 Music 70
  167. what to do about an abusive parent?
    I drink mochas not 100% coffee, mum mum calls me a druggo and accused my friend of drinkin becuse she smell like grog but she dosn't drink we just went to the movies! my mum calls me druggo cause I alway drink mochas funny thiing is I dont drink it th...
    3 Family 28
  168. Can I pull off a bikini?
    Okay, here's a pic of me wearing a bikini top with an unmatching tankini shorts bottom, since I dont have a real bikini. I wanted to know, do you think I could pull off wearing a bikini? Or shuold I stick with my one pieces and tankinis? I know I dont ...
    3 Style 191
  169. Any tips for getting rid of FAT monsters?
    I don't mean the hang overs from drinking to much. You know the ones that Hang Over your pants on the sides and the backish area. I had a baby four months ago, and there are no signs of these suckers going away. I'm losing the weight everywhere else bu...
    4 Nutritionfitness 28
  170. How to stop being so nervous?
    Coming up this weekend something very important is happening - I'm attending a grading for martial arts. I've been a black belt for four years now, & I am now attempting to grad to the next level. However I am VERY nervous about it. I can spar, do my...
    4 Health 43
  171. how do I deal with my boyfriends parents?
    he think its ok, when I told him he defended them. I feel like r relationship problems n what we argue about is none of there business. and they ask me personal questions about my exs like why is MY past there business especially if it doesnt pertain t...
    2 Babies 44
  172. About Music, Clothing Style And Stereotypes!!
    Hmm how can I put this?? Well I like all these kinds of music: Hardcore, Alternative, Rock, Emo, Punk, Pop Punk, Screamo, Death Metal, Metal, Thrash Metal, Indie and j-rock!!! wow I love black and gray, but I also like normal colors like pink blue p...
    7 Music 72
  173. How do I deal with my boyfriend's daughter's manipulative behavior?
    I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years and we live together. He has a 4 yr old daughter that I love. She loves me but always has to have her dad's attention. If he is sitting with me on the couch, she jumps on his lap. If he is leaving, he'll kiss...
    9 Babies 1657
  174. Boyfriend wears clothes that are too big, help?
    He's very tall, and very very skinny. with a very small waist... All he wears are t shirts... like... just t shirt... XL's and larges. he does not look good in big shirts... and his pants dont fit him either... but doesnt bother to wear a belt... I hat...
    4 Style 156
  175. What do you think of hunting?
    No need for a heated conversation, but I am curious. MY question is not weather you like hunting or hate the people that do hunt ( hate is a strong word) but I just want to know if people relize that if there were no hunting seasons how bad it really w...
    8 Sports 101
  176. A child abuse poem I wrote.. What do yeh think??
    I lay on the floor, staring at my door. Overwhelmed with fear, I wondered what's next. I heard the footsteps, closer and closer it was. The door banged open. I crawled weakly away. A belt in your hand, I screamed in pain. You threw me against the w...
    10 Literature 62
  177. Friend in trouble with the law
    Ok I know someone that just recently got put in jail this past weekend as they were charged with marijuana (less than 1 oz) and meth (which was not my friends but it was the friends that she had with her) well they got pulled over for her friend not ha...
    4 Relationships 81
  178. Do I have to be in the country to be a country girl?
    My Hobbies: Photography (mostly of nature) Jetskiing and boating (we collect em) Fishing and big fishing trips Guitar (accoustic) Go carts, I out grew the four wheeler What I wear on a typical day; Jeans or shorts with one of my many belt buc...
    19 General 39
  179. 3 week period 15 y/o
    I am a 15 year old girl and I have been on my period for 3 weeks. (8/02/09-present) I stopped for 3 days during the first week and then it came back. I wouldn't worry but it keeps getting worse. This morning I started to pull out my tampon after only 2...
    3 Health 23
  180. How to deal with a violent 2 year old?
    My doughter is 2 1/2 and is crazy. I love her to pieces but shes out of control. when shes calm, shes perfect, sweet, cuddlie and very playful. but if you have to disipline her she goes crazy. she hits, bits (and she has drawn blood), bashes her he...
    5 Babies 91
  181. help with my 8 yr old
    Dont know what to do any more. My kid gets into too many fights and he is hurting other kids. This behavier does not happen at home, he is to the point they are going to kick him out of school he is in the 2nd grade.His last teacher told me he is the w...
    5 Babies 33
  182. My 4 yr old...Need your help if you have children!
    So when my daughter gets in trouble, I put her in the corner. Let me give you an example to better understand. Today she got in trouble for being mean to her cousin whom is 5. I put her in the corner and after about 1 minute I asked her why she got ...
    6 Babies 46
  183. How can I put weight on when only eat vegetables, fruit and chips??
    I eat 1 apple and 1 orange for my breakfast. Another apple for my dinner with a kiwi at 2pm. Then for my tea I have a fruit salad with apple cherrys orange kiwi and grapes then usually a banana after about 8pm. I weigh 5st 2ibs. I'm healthy aren't I?? ...
    5 Nutritionfitness 37
  184. Can my parents( mom ) make me for to a catholic bording school?
    I got kicked out of school to day and mom told me that she going to enroll me in a some catholic school in fl . She and I have been fighting a lot and she told me that she love to send me to the marines lol I dont want to go . Catholic school? ...
    4 Family 31
  185. How do you get a 21 month old to realize he's not the boss?
    Hi there my name is amy and im the mother of an uncontrolable 21mth old little boy. I do not believe in spanking I feel there is other ways to disipline your children but I almost feel lately as if im running out of options , he does things intentional...
    6 Babies 35
  186. So Called Aunt (prostution)
    something werid happened this lady that my dad called my aunt came over her thong was showing and it looked like she had a beer belly . well my so called aunt came to the house when i was up stairs i left my door open so i i could get my stuff really c...
    2 Relationships 52
  187. How can I stop losing weight?
    I'm 14 and weight just under 6st I'm 5ft 3in. My parents try to get me to eat loadsa food but I'm not anover or under eater. I eat a bacon sandwich for breakfast and a sandwich for dinner. I have a snack around 3pm an apple or something. Then I have my...
    3 Health 20
  188. Why do girls love to tease so much?
    Just wondering, Why do girls love to tease so much? Why is it amusing to them? I know more than one girl who loves to tease. And nothing else it seems. Just tease. By doing things like, telling me what they're wearing, what they're thinking about (like...
    4 Sex 340
  189. How much can I get for this bike?
    I have a 1991 dyna guile sturgis. I have replaced almost everything on the bike the only oridginal equip. Is frame ,trans,triple clamps,,rims. Every thing else has been upgrades ex. Performance machine brakes, works performance shocks, hydro. Clutch I...
    3 General 12
  190. What makes a parent unfit?
    My boyfriend wants to file for sole custody of his 4 year son. His ex has a history of instability. When she gets frustrated with his son and her other child from a previous marriage, she yells at them and has even called them names. She has spanked th...
    4 Family 45
  191. Has the media made it worse??
    In a few recent events (economy, swine flu) etc, I have noticed that the media have slightly over informed the public to the point where people begin to panic. My parents were considering buyin g loads of food and water to shunt in our garage in the ev...
    3 Politics 7
  192. Do I Seem Attractive (to girls)
    I would put up a pic... but rapists... anyway I'm 15, approximately 5'-5", 120lb, kind of muscular (six pack and medium? biceps) I'm a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do I'm kind of a nerd (all shirts striped and jeans, shy) Military short hai...
    3 Relationships 17
  193. Parenting question
    My question is a little detailed so hang in there with me. I have a 2 1/2 year old. I am a first grade teacher and have worked since she was 4 months old. She has always gone to my sisters house while I work. previously my sister's children started s...
    7 Babies 80
  194. what if my body misses his touch but mentally I hate him?
    Ok, from 3 to my 13th birthday I was sexualy abused. My dad said I was a bad girl and would spank me (note I never met my mom) he love it when I cried and my brothers laughed with him, they would film it in the living room and sell it but always kept a...
    5 Sex 89
  195. My story {poem } please tell me if its good
    Scars on her body Yet no one notices An abused girl Stuck in this world full of twists and turns She doesnt know what to do Her mother doesnt care her father who she fears She try so hard to be the perfect child But its just not enuff He comes with ...
    6 Literature 31
  196. My mom's boyfriend sucks and is making us move
    Well my moms boyfriend has been staying with us (me(13) my mom and my brother (10)) and he's been a real jerk to me! You know how when you bro gets you made and you scream some mean this then you cry about it? Well my bro took wood chips and ground t...
    7 Family 18
  197. How to get away from an abusive Father?
    my dad is constantly yelling at me. He always calls me a F-in stupid retard, and that I need to stop acting like I'm retarded or else hes going to put me in a special ed class. He makes me do almost everything for him, to looking for his socks and shoe...
    10 Family 186
  198. What should I wear as my holiday outfit?
    I'm a boy and I've decided to start to put together my "holiday dress-up outfit" for Thanksgiving/Christmas. How does this sound? An American Eagle black pinstripe shirt, low-rise boot cut khakis, a black leather belt with silver buckle, and black dres...
    4 Style 40
  199. Should I say smthin or keep my mouth shut for now?
    A lil over 2 months ago my lil sisters best friend an boyfriend killed himself. Well since then she has been really mean to our mom. Which she has always been pretty hateful toward her anyways. But my mom got on to her for s sayin the f word (she's 16)...
    5 Relationships 32
  200. What to do when being goth dissapoints my father?
    Okie, I have really been wanting to change my look for a while now so my mom took me shopping. I got things "I" liked and my mom was okay with it. (These things include skinny jeans, studded belt, lots of black t-shirts, darker make-up ect.). Well I wa...
    3 Family 38
  201. Poems.
    It's a two parter! This is the first part, it's called "Hurry up, comrade." The guy driving Knows the guy dying He's making wide turns Taking his time While we're lollygagging clumsy on the floor You wouldn't take off your belt buckle I'm all inky wh...
    4 Literature 13
  202. How can I help my 5-year-old nephew?
    ok, just to start off. today I went over to my sisters house to visit. she has a 5 yr old and one on the way. but today I saw the most horrible thing that I could see. my sister yells a lot at my nephew and is just really mean to him. today when I was ...
    8 Family 47
  203. Stupid dress code
    Well our school has this stupid dress code where you can wear like nothing that isnt one of their 7 solid colors with a collar and khackis or black pants. No jeans! (but I wear skinny jeans anyways >:) Well I got my eyebrow done and they made me t...
    4 Education 82
  204. How can I make my kids more respectful?
    ok, it hasnt always been this way. I have two boys one girl. ages 14, 12, and 6 {6 is the girl} and e boys totally have no respect. I dont ask very much, really. here is a typical day: wake up, tell them to get up, make them breakfast, ask ...
    6 Babies 92
  205. How do I get my dad to understand that I've been through enough?
    this summer: lost virginity to my boyfriend of 10 mo. and was sexually molested by my close uncle this school semester: was my class slut, moved in with my abusive/neglective mother, continued to raise my 2 sisters (ages 2 & 7) while my mom went and p...
    4 Sex 7
  206. Should I apologize to my daughter?
    My 11 yr old adopted daughter was adopted at age 5-6.We are a Christian Household.We do indulge our children,but we expect cooperation and hard work in return.Dear Daughter is allergic to cooperation. Last weekend she was very mouthy and refused to go...
    13 Babies 72
  207. Why does everyone like my brother better?
    My Younger brother (ten and a half years my junior) is ALWAYS treated better than I am. By everyone! My parents, today, while I was watching tv for the first time this week, just switched the channel wihtout asking, and put a movie on for Izzy. M...
    2 Family 91
  208. Why is ignoring your hateful 13 year old not your best choice?
    My 13 year old daughter claims she feels no love for her family so we started seeing a family counselor to find out why. Turns out that for years she has felt verbally and sometimes even physically abused by her father when they horseplay around. I k...
    4 Babies 37
  209. How can I stand living with my brothers?
    I have two younger brothers,who are 8 and 9.they are extremely out of control.and when I say out of control,I dont mean like most little kids,I mean they are seiorusly,out of control.we cant even go to walmart wihtout being told to leave. The oldest ha...
    2 Family 29
  210. why does NJ DYFS not protect kids?
    other is abusing children and letting her boyfriend abuse them as well.Kids told me I am the 4yr old paternal grandmother,the 7yr old has a different dad but I am a grandmother to her as well.they also told his daddy and my daughter.I reported it to NJ...
    2 Sex 76
  211. So what do you think, does this make me a w.hore?
    Here's a bit of a long backstory for yall. I just want to see how others percieve me. I am 15. I look like I am 18. Im 6 feet tall, slender, and a model. I dated a boy for half a year last year, but I realized I really just wanted to have some fun, ...
    9 Relationships 48
  212. What: Madre trouble?
    Okay, well by madre, I mean mom. Why does she hate me so much? Everyday she always yells at me. Like REALLY yells at me for no reason. But she doesn't treat my sister this way... Is it because I'm the youngest? According to her: Everything is my f...
    4 Family 28
  213. What do I do was he flirting or being nice I cant tell with him?
    So there is this guy and I am gonna make it to the point he smiles when I walk into the room he smiles when I look at him he smiles when my parents talk about me he never has his back toward me he is always near me except last sunday!! It was my fault ...
    2 Relationships 37
  214. Is It Abuse?
    Okay, Im 13 and My dad left me and my now two year old sister when I was twelve .My mom is now struggling and is getting frustrated since she has to raise two kids by herself. My grandmother comes to visit/stay for a week then goes back home, she just ...
    9 Family 25
  215. Help my son is violent
    I could really use some suggestions on what to do about my son. He is 6 years old and is becoming increasingly violent. My husband and I have had problems with him bullying, stealing, being violent, and chronically lying since he was a toddler. We have...
    10 Babies 53
  216. My friend doesn't like her poem she wrote for class, what do you think about it?
    You come to me With grief stricken eyes About to boil over with tears You have your arms crossed Scared of being touched by anyone anymore But no one else sees this. Because that's not how you look on the outside. No. You look strong, carefr...
    4 Literature 10
  217. Can't get along with mom and boyfriend
    I can't get along with my own mom and her stupid 25 year old boyfriend its not even funny at all. She makes me feel like crap coming out of her a$$ I actuallly have come to hate her and her boyfriend at the same time I loved both of them enough to give...
    4 Family 46
  218. How Does this start for the beginning of my lif/e story (so far)?
    I'm starting a novel about my life while I was abused how does this sound so far?: She stops in front of the driveway to the church, nice spot to do this Betty. You're really going to hurt her in front of a church? REALLY? How ironic can one person be...
    6 Literature 20
  219. Help me...I feel hopeless and confused...please?
    I'm really confused and feel alone for a number of reasons...can you help me? first, my life at home sucks. my mother beats me sometimes (but never leaving a scar or doesnt' hurt physically, (I take martial arts. I'm used to it.)but it makes ...
    8 Family 40
  220. How intrestested would you be in this story?
    I awoke not remembering a thing of the previous week in a tiny dark wood cottage. I arose and began to walk towards the door; the floorboards creaking under my feet, but as I arose the pain hit me my back became sore and and my knees weak; I fell to th...
    12 Homegarden 41
  221. How should I start talking to this girl I like?
    So I've been going to the mall a lot lately. I'm going there to try to get over this sort of social fear I have and to start talking to people more easily. So I was with two friends and there was a lot of people. this was yesterday btw. I came to the m...
    4 Relationships 21
  222. loving dad to Abusive dad with one sentence
    Every so often my dad for one reason or another he will the most kind dad in the world to a dad who is saying im a slut, whore, bitch, prostitute ect... just because HE lost the tv remote or somthing as small as that, e.g one time not that long ago I...
    12 Family 51
  223. what would you call this? please answer honestly.
    I have been wondering, and this has affected me my entire life. I want to know if any of you can tell me the truth. When I was younger, I was given the belt when I was bad. I am 15. My father slapped my two brothers and I around when we were bad. L...
    3 Relationships 76
  224. I miss my baby, it hurts so bad!!! I need him so bad right now!!
    my boyfriend got locked up last week, b/c his hateful baby momma called the cops on him while he was searching for a job at the unemployment office!! that's right!! she walked in, saw him at the computer, left out the door called the cops and told them...
    3 Relationships 56
  225. do my problem of erection is related to molestation ?
    i am now 16 year old, and i don't get proper erection, and i also feel it very difficult, almost 2 year ago,when i was about 14 years old and i was going to be stage of pubirity. In my family i had two older sisters including parents.we would live in a...
    2 Relationships 140
  226. I dont know whats wrong with me
    I'm feeling overwhelmed by life and I'm beginning to isolate myself from everyone who loves me. I'm an artist and I haven't sketched anything in close to a year. I feel lonely and unfulfilled but though I'm not satisfied with how things are going, and ...
    3 Sex 16
  227. Random Strange Survey
    Is there anybody you just wish would fall off the planet?: aha yeah, kind of How do you flush the toilet in public?: I rarely use public restrooms, ICK! When I do I fluch with my foot. =] Do you wear your seatbelt in the car?: Not always, no. Name on...
    3 Sex 62
  228. Should I move out to keep my sanity, or stay and go nuts?
    Hey Everyone, Being the scape goat in the family I have been tormented, abused (physically, mentally, emotionally and any other way possible) and ripped to pieces inside over the years of my life. I am 18 very soon to be 19 and I am losing my sanity h...
    31 Sex 166
  229. Why is my dad like this, please read?
    Everytime I argue with him, I happen to to lose it and say the wrong things like I blank out & have no control of myself anymore, and he'll punch me in the face with a closed fist or tackle me down and start going at it with me, he's 6'1 and 260 pounds...
    2 Family 50
  230. should i just get over this?
    My fiance says that i should be over my childhood/teenage abuse. i just turned 22 in sept. i moved out of my parents house a few months before i turned 18. my mother has depression/anxiety and my dad has an anger problem. since i was born they didnt wa...
    5 Sex 19
  231. What do you think of the growing power of gay activists?
    the growing of power of gay activists, is it good to do that? ANYWAY I WANT TO KNOW? please read this now I LOVE IT;We Reap what we Sow The following was written by Ben Stein and recited by him on CBS Sunday Morning Commentary. My confession: I am a...
    13 Politics 39
  232. How can I get the strength to leave the abusive scapegoaters?
    In my adoptive family I am the oldest of two. I was placed into foster care when I was really little. Lo and behold the first foster parent happened to be the monster that would adopt me. I will just call her monster. Monster made sure to try and convi...
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