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Sore nipple touched

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  1. How to pierce nipples?
    How to pierce nipples?
    2 Style 371
  2. what are peporoni nipples?
    what are peporoni nipples?
    3 Relationships 306
  3. why do men have nipples?
    why do men have nipples?
    10 Health 121
  4. What could sore nipples mean?
    what could sore nipples mean other than pregnancy
    3 Health 185
  5. Want a larger nipple, what should I do?
    Want a larger nipple, what should I do?
    3 Style 637
  6. Sore calfs
    2 Nutritionfitness 48
  7. If a guy touches some thing after touching himself
    If a guy touches some thing after touching himself than you masturbate with it can you get pregnant
    4 Sex 112
  8. Is It normail to have Hairy Nipples??
    Is It normail to have Hairy Nipples??
    3 Health 461
  9. nipple pain
    My both nipple are pain.why?
    3 Health 74
  10. How can women enlarge nipples?
    How can women enlarge nipples?
    5 Health 1035
  11. How to relieve sore muscles?
    How to relieve sore muscles?
    3 Nutritionfitness 22
  12. Is it normal to touch myself?
    I like to touch myself that normal
    8 Health 94
  13. Why do I have 4 nipples ?
    I weirdly have 4 nipples
    4 Health 237
  14. Sore Nipples
    I have really sore nipples. They only hurt when I touch them & it's only my nipples, not my breasts. What's wrong with me?
    11 Health 15874
  15. Are all cold sores contagious?
    3 Health 42
  16. Why do I have a light spot on my nipple?
    5 Health 101
  17. Are nipple piercings dangerous?
    13 Style 413
  18. Why is my throat sore and I don't have a cold?
    6 Health 325
  19. how can i avoid touching my face?
    6 Style 43
  20. Is it the same as when a guy touches you?
    is fingering yourself the same as a guy doing it??
    3 Relationships 98
  21. Why is my girlfriend's nipple black?
    5 Health 194
  22. Why sore throats?
    5 Health 93
  23. What's good for a sore throat?
    10 Health 48
  24. Why are my nipples really sore?
    okay I dont know why but my nipples are really sore what does that mean?
    4 Health 725
  25. friend has an ipod touch can we text to each other?
    If I have an ipod touch and my friend has an ipod touch can we text to each other?
    9 Technology 34
  26. Nipple ouchy
    My nipple in sensitive to the touch. Why?
    3 Health 2298
  27. Why are my nipples so sore?
    At times they hurt to be touched am married so we don't use protection why are my nipples sore?
    4 Health 190
  28. Sore back,sore head
    Can anyone help ? Chelle x
    5 Health 22
  29. Is it sore to get your nose pierced ? on a scale 1-10 how sore is it ?
    7 Health 52
  30. My iPod touch
    How do I add videos to my iPod touch
    2 Technology 29
  31. Jail break an ipod touch
    How do you jail break the ipod touch?
    3 Technology 36
  32. My nipples are itchy
    My nipples are this a sign of pregnancy?
    3 Health 155
  33. Apps on ipod touch?
    How do I get apps on my ipod touch?
    3 Technology 43
  34. Why do your nipples get hard when you get cold?
    Why do your nipples get hard when you get cold??
    4 Health 175
  35. Why do guys have nipples?
    why exactly do guys have nipples? haha
    4 Relationships 46
  36. what size are your nipples supposed to be?
    what size are your nipples supposed to be?? just cuirious
    4 Style 215
  37. unlock IPod Touch
    How to unlock my IPod Touch? From:1318
    3 Technology 65
  38. Sore boobs
    So is is it normal for your boobs to feel sore?
    9 Health 137
  39. Piercing Which is better: nose or nipple?
    Which is better: nose or nipple?
    10 Style 341
  40. Nipple piercings on small breasts?
    Nipple piercings on small breasts?
    5 Style 1604
  41. What do you do while being touched?
    What do u do while you get fingered?
    4 Relationships 351
  42. what different virgin nipple with no virgin one?
    7 Health 2438
  43. How do I get rid of puffy nipples?
    how to get rid of them.
    7 Health 891
  44. How do people do it to text trough their i touch?
    3 Technology 123
  45. Can an Ipod touch get a virus?
    6 Technology 59
  46. What are some cool things to do on my iPod touch?
    9 Technology 48
  47. How can a female get sore on your pussy??
    4 Health 23
  48. How do you give a girl a nipple stand?
    10 Relationships 1157
  49. Why is my sister scared of rabbits touching her?
    10 Pets 47
  50. How do I get my cousin to stop touching me?
    8 Family 90
  51. is it sore to get under your arms waxed?
    3 Style 30
  52. How can males develop female nipples?
    4 Health 364
  53. Where does a girl like to be touched?
    Where is a girl touched and that gets them horny from being touched there?
    4 Relationships 864
  54. how can I download pics to my iPod touch from the internet?
    how can I download pics to my iPod touch from the internet?
    4 Technology 44
  55. Do you know some women who don't have nipple?
    Is it abnormal for a woman not to have nipples?
    11 Health 114
  56. What are the lyrics of touch my body by mariah carey
    What are the lyrics of touch my body by mariah carey
    6 Music 46
  57. Have they released an Ipod touch with a camera?
    Have they released an Ipod touch with a camera? If not are they going to ?
    5 Technology 19
  58. Do guinea pigs feel boney to the touch?
    Do guinea pigs feel boney to the touch?
    4 Pets 266
  59. Should I get an x box 360 or an I touch?
    Should I get an x box 360 or an I touch
    5 Gaming 12
  60. How to get a free iPod touch?
    is there any way for me to get a free ipod touch?
    5 Technology 49
  61. How do I put movies on my ipod touch?
    how do I put movies on my ipod touch for free
    3 Technology 95
  62. my diick feel sore what do I do so it gets better
    my diick feel sore what do I do so it gets better
    4 Health 41
  63. Uploading photos to Ipod Touch?
    How do you upload all the photos in My Pictures to an Ipod Touch?
    3 Technology 47
  64. How much does it cost to get your nipples pierced???
    How much does it cost to get your nipples pierced???
    4 Style 301
  65. Strepsils and sore throat relief?
    Does strepsils just provide sore throat relief? Or more than that?
    3 Health 52
  66. is it normal to have big boobs and little nipples?
    is it normal to have big boobs and little nipples?
    3 Health 132
  67. Touching a guy
    Can you get pregnant by touching a guys penis?
    4 Relationships 216
  68. How to seduce a guy without touching him?
    what are the ways that you can seduce a guy without touching him?
    7 Relationships 329
  69. Why are my nipples sore I am not due my periods for 2 weeks??
    I am not due my periods for two weekds am I pregnant or is it normal?
    2 Health 323
  70. How can you get rid of sore muscles faster?
    14 Health 36
  71. Do braces hurt or make your jaw sore?
    9 Health 139
  72. How to be able to touch your toes, both sitting down and standing?
    4 Nutritionfitness 39
  73. How much should I sell my 32GB iPod touch for?
    6 Technology 41
  74. Is Iphone/Ipod touch worth the cash, and any good?
    6 Technology 17
  75. How can you help sore muscles without having to rest?
    6 Health 27
  76. What do you think of nipple piercings?
    32 Style 196
  77. Which is better - iPod Touch 4G or 5G and why?
    10 Technology 21
  78. How soon can your breasts become sore after conceiving?
    2 Health 1316
  79. What does it mean when a girl's nipples start to hurt?
    6 Health 608
  80. Where can I get free music for my ipod touch?
    3 Music 36
  81. Does 'Dou itashimashite' Translate To "Don't touch my moustache"?
    3 General 68
  82. Is being touched inappropriately considered like rape or what is it?
    15 Health 34
  83. Why do ladies have bigger nipples than guys?
    9 Health 54
  84. Should I buy the Ipod Touch?
    I have the money for it, but I don't know if I should buy it... Should I?
    5 Shopping 52
  85. How do you make a 'How To' on an iPod touch?
    8 Funadvice 13
  86. how do i fix my ipod touch to get online?
    3 Technology 16
  87. How to get rid of canker sores please?
    3 Health 28
  88. How do you set vibrate mode on the iPod Touch?
    5 Technology 97
  89. How do you add a profile picture on here with an iPod touch??
    3 Technology 12
  90. Are Safari and Youtube free on iPod Touch?
    if safari and youtube free on the ipod?
    4 Technology 18
  91. Sore calf muscles
    What do I do to stop the pain
    5 Nutritionfitness 57
  92. what does it mean when tour nipples get hard?
    4 Health 173
  93. Why does my right nipple hurt when I exercise or after a shower?
    7 Health 106
  94. How much is the iPod touch 4th generation?
    2 Technology 9
  95. Is the " samsung messanger touch " a good phone ?
    3 Technology 11
  96. How to persuade her to touch me?
    I touch my girlfriend's things, etc, but she won't touch my penis. How do I persuade to touch me?
    5 Relationships 98
  97. Songs from iPod Touch to iTunes?
    Is there a way to put my songs from my touch to my iTunes and if so how
    3 Music 8
  98. Does anyone have the htc touch?
    Does any one have the htc touch? I need adivcee(:
    2 Technology 11
  99. Is getting a tattoo sore?
    are getting tettoos sore just a small one?
    6 Style 28
  100. If you're sore does that mean you're burning away fat?
    If you're sore, does that mean you're burning away fat?
    3 Nutritionfitness 16
  101. What is the color of a virgin nipple?
    Is it true that there is a brown virgin nipple for female?
    8 Relationships 4187
  102. Are sore nipples a sign of your first period?
    My nipples are this a sign of a first period I dont feel any other symptoms just like my regular self..
    3 Health 684
  103. Should I get an ipod touch?
    Should I get an ipod touch? If so 32gid or 64 gig? If not why not?
    6 Technology 55
  104. I want to get my nipples periced should I
    Should I get my nipples and v j j periced
    7 Style 90
  105. How to get rid of a cold sore?
    How do you get rid of a cold sore because my mum has one
    4 Health 200
  106. Should I buy a psp or I pod touch help people
    Should I buy a psp or I pod touch help people
    4 Technology 12
  107. Is it forbidden to let someone touch you 'down there' if you feel uncomfortable but you want him to touch you there?
    Like you want your boyfriend to touch you'down there' but you are little shy and when he's going to touch you there you refuse to but then you let him
    12 Relationships 57
  108. Why does iTunes take so long to read my iPod Touch?
    3 Technology 15
  109. Why are my boobs really sore around the top of the breasts?
    2 Health 67
  110. What is the Anime called where a girl can control paper by touching it?
    4 Entertainment 83
  111. When is the shatter iPhone and iPod touch jailbreak coming out?
    6 Technology 14
  112. can girls still breast feed if they have 2 nipples on each breast?
    2 Health 104
  113. Where should I be feeling soreness if I do squats properly?
    I only feel it in my thighs but not my glutes. Am I doing them properly?
    7 Nutritionfitness 67
  114. Is the fear of being touched a sign of anxiety in the past or present?
    6 Health 8
  115. Is it true that you could possibly die if you touch mercury?
    3 General 68
  116. When someone says "Touche" what first comes to your mind?
    8 Entertainment 49
  117. What does it mean when my ipod touch screen turns white?
    7 Technology 70
  118. How can I not wear a bra, but keep my nipples from showing through my shirt?
    10 Style 107
  119. What is the cause of the white screen of death on iPod touch?
    2 Technology 15
  120. What soothes a sore throat?
    =/ Hurry.It hurts to swallow. ='[
    6 Health 55
  121. How or where do I go to get a design on the back of a iPod touch?
    5 Technology 10
  122. Can you text overseas on your iPod Touch without it charging?
    7 Technology 39
  123. What throat infection can cause a sore neck and back?
    6 Health 61
  124. How much does a ipod touch cost?
    2 Shopping 71
  125. How can I get my toe touches higher?
    and keep my toes pointed.
    7 Sports 32
  126. Is the iPod Touch any good?
    is it any good and are they like mega expensive
    11 Technology 47
  127. Does eating a spoonful of honey help with sore throats?
    8 Health 47
  128. Where do guys touch?
    Where do guys usually touch girls while they're making out if both have agreed to touching over and under clothes? And where should girls touch the guys?
    3 Relationships 1985
  129. When is the next iPod touch update?
    When is the next update, change, or price drop for the ipod touch?
    2 Technology 10
  130. Fingered is it sore ?
    Is it sore to be fingered ? & does it bleed ? I havent been fingered before just need some girls opionss
    5 Relationships 387
  131. Toe touch help!
    Anyways to make my toe touch and hurky better?
    2 Sports 46
  132. When I touch my toe..
    How cumm when I touch my toe stuff cumz out of my eye ?
    2 Health 17
  133. iPod touch
    Hey you guys who has an iPod touch? I am on with mine rite now=)
    3 Technology 10
  134. How long will my lip be sore after I pierced it?
    I pierced it myself. its still a little sore. how long should it be like this?
    8 Style 283
  135. Kill every thing you touch...?
    If you had the power to kill anything you touch, what would you do with your power?
    3 General 13
  136. HOW HOW HOW do I get rid of my sore throat?
    I really really want my sore throat gone!
    5 Health 178
  137. Boiling nipples for baby bottles, how long and till what age?
    How long should you boil babies nipples
    7 Babies 139
  138. kanker sores
    how do I get rid of my kanker sores??They hurt soo bad
    2 Health 36
  139. Is Touching Someones BellyButton Rape?
    All my friends are telling me that if you touch someone BellyButton that its considered rape?
    10 General 8621
  140. Which ipod touch has pingchat?
    what generation ipod touch has ping chat x
    5 Technology 37
  141. Why do I have such large nipples?
    like I have large nipples that dont stick out and little boobs, what is this??Large nipples, but small boobs??
    6 Style 1675
  142. Why are my boobs sore and do they have musceles?
    my boobs are really sore, so I was wondering in they wre like sore muscels or something?
    4 Health 59
  143. How normal is it for thighs to touch?
    Or do only fat people thighs touch, and is it ugly when u see people thighs touch?
    23 Nutritionfitness 104
  144. Why doesn't it feel good when he touches me?
    What do u do when a guy fingers u if it don't feel good?
    5 Relationships 102
  145. How many friends have you kept in touch with from high school(or younger)?
    13 Relationships 27
  146. Whats the point of men having nipples?
    I mean besides being sexy, whats the point of men having them?
    4 Sex 98
  147. What are some fun games I can put on my iPod Touch from The iTunes Store?
    4 Technology 10
  148. Why did the touch pad on my laptop randomly stop working?
    - did it break or..?
    2 Technology 12
  149. Does herbal tea really get rid of sore throats?
    4 Health 40
  150. Is it harmful to drink cold water if you have a cough and a sore throat?
    11 Health 2433
  151. How to get rid of a canker sore?
    Mine is bothering me so much
    4 Health 23
  152. Is it possible to get apps on a 1.1.5 firmware iPod touch?
    7 Technology 31
  153. how do I get a sore throat to go away super fast??
    5 Health 33
  154. Why did my fingers smell after touching her?
    I Fingered my GirlFriend and my fingers smelled afterward, what is that smell? How do I get rid of it?
    11 Relationships 17540
  155. Sore feet
    Can vicks cause a reaction when put on babies feet
    4 Health 21
  156. whats the best thing for my baby girls sore cough ?
    5 Babies 32
  157. Sore tongue smoking weed?
    Can smoking weed give you lung cancer?
    16 Health 2939
  158. Do dust particles actually get in your throat when you have a sore throat and a cough?
    4 Health 44
  159. How do I get free songs downloaded straight to my iPod touch?
    4 Music 16
  160. I have small dots around my nipples wellon it what does that mean?
    3 Health 198
  161. What are your favourite FREE iPod touch games?
    And can you describe them a little? :)
    6 Gaming 27
  162. Does anyone know how to add shortening to a pan *without* touching the shortening?
    6 Food 23
  163. why won't my itunes recognises that my ipod touch is connected to the computer?
    2 Technology 49
  164. is it gay if guys get their nipples pierced?
    In your opinion is it gay if guys get their nipples pierced? I've been looking into it.
    9 Style 324
  165. is it bad to do cardio while you are sore?
    is it bad if you do a heavy workout then the next day you do light cardio while you are sore?
    3 Nutritionfitness 44
  166. how much is an ipod touch charger
    how much is an ipod touch charger you know the charger that you plug into your computer it is white.
    3 Shopping 57
  167. nipples are sore
    ok my nipples have been sore for like a few days, could that be because of my b/f sucking on them, there is no bruising or nething. and hes been doing it for quite sometime so could that just now start to kick in or something????
    5 Relationships 100
  168. Pimple on the nipple???
    My friend said she got a pimple on her nipple, why?? And how could she get rid of it?
    4 Style 151
  169. Men- nipples
    will working out my chest get my nipples hard and into a better shape?
    2 Nutritionfitness 83
  170. Small nipples
    Im having small nipples will it become a problem to feed my baby in future
    2 Health 94
  171. My daughter is almost 12 sore breasts
    My daughter has sore breasts is this common in puberty or should I be more concerned?
    9 Babies 3096
  172. Am I deformed because my nipples don't pop out?
    I know it might sound weird but my nipples dont pop out am I deformed
    2 Health 154
  173. How do I convince my dad to let me get an Ipod touch?
    How do I convince my dad that I should be able to buy an ipod touch
    5 Technology 43
  174. Why does one of my nipples go in?
    Why does one of my nipples go in? And take a lot longer to get hard than the other one?
    3 Relationships 121
  175. How to fix dry and cracked nipples?
    No.Im NOT Pregnant. But My Nipples are Dry and Cracked,like Dry Skin. What can I do to Fix it?
    16 Health 2111
  176. Itchy nipples after working out
    Some times after I work out my nipples start to itch what could that mean?
    3 Health 340
  177. Why won't my parakeet touch her egg?
    my parakeet layed an egg on the windowsill and I put it in the nestbox now she won't touch it what do I do?
    7 Pets 186
  178. arm sore after shot
    I got a shot yesterday and my left tricep is sore so should I workout my triceps?
    2 Nutritionfitness 307
  179. Htc touch diamond
    Does anyone know how I can get more battery life out of this htc touch diamond?
    2 Technology 8
  180. ipod touch with cameras in them
    is ther any ipod touchs with cameras in them ,because I cant find one . hah
    2 Technology 10
  181. Why was my nipples sore for a week now its not but now iamspotting?
    My nipples starter to hurt its been going on for a week now .this never happen a week later iam spotting and my nipples dont hurt. some on my right nipple clear discharger was going out.
    2 Health 624
  182. Sore nipple and breasts hurts. Pregnant?
    My nipples are soring and my breasts hurts. Does that mean that I'm pregnant? But I experience no other signs of being pregnant. Is is normal for someone to have sore nipples? My period starts on the 18th every month (It's 14 days from now.)
    8 Health 2775
  183. Boob touching...
    Should I let my neighbor, who is a boy, who likes me, touch my boobs? And if I should should he touch outside my shirt or should I let him go in my shirt?
    4 Relationships 2516
  184. What is your favorite free ipod touch app?
    What is your favorite free ipod touch apps! I need some new FREE ipod touch fun apps! thanks
    4 Technology 22
  185. Why are my nipples puffy?
    My nipples are really puffy. My boobs are small abut they're really nice, why are my nipples like that!?
    5 Health 189
  186. whats the best and fastest way to get id of a cold sore?
    3 Health 61
  187. Is it true that getting a nipple piercing results in the inability to breast feed?
    2 Health 2082
  188. What will happen if I update my Jailbroken iPod Touch from 4.0 to 4.1 Firmware?
    4 Technology 7
  189. Does th HTC Touch Pro 2 have a sim card slot?
    4 Technology 24
  190. How much does an iPod Touch cost?
    not the new ones with cameras tho
    3 Technology 6
  191. What can make sore muscles stop aching if it's from exercising muscles you hardly use?
    4 Health 43
  192. Is there any place that sells ipod touches for less than $185
    6 Shopping 41
  193. Can someone explain how to get gameboy games for the gameboy emualator from the ipod touch?
    2 Technology 21
  194. Does anyone know a website I can download free music to my iPod touch?
    8 Technology 21
  195. Why do I have a big white sore inside of my lip and how can I get rid of it asap?
    7 Health 19
  196. Why does my boyfriend touch my tummy so much?
    Hees been doing it a lot lately..
    13 Relationships 2195
  197. Can drinking too much soda pop give people canker sores?
    8 Health 38
  198. why do i always seem to be full of static electric charge when i touch things?
    7 General 82
  199. How do you send something via Bluetooth from an iPod touch?
    2 Technology 13
  200. does anyone else get a sore brain when they shake their head arround or is it just me ?
    9 Health 24
  201. Which phone is better - Samsung Intercept, or Rumor Touch?
    Which one should i get?
    2 Technology 8
  202. Clear stuff coming out of nipple
    Theres this clear stuff that is coming out of my right nipple. what is it? should I be worried? thanks xx
    5 Health 1817
  203. How much does an ipod touch cost?
    Hi.Im just wondering what an ipod touch cost im buying it soon.
    6 Shopping 64
  204. Sore white bump on my tongue
    I have a tiny white bump on my tongue and its really Sore :( what is it and how can I make it go away!
    20 Health 1886
  205. what should I get? an iphone or an ipod touch? how much are they?
    so should I get an iphone or ipod touch? what are all the extra things they have on them? how much do they cost? thx!!!
    2 Shopping 23
  206. Inverted nipples
    How can I get my nipples to stay out they look so gross like big holes.
    2 Health 50
  207. How can I reduce the soreness of my thighs?
    Running 12was miles helped but they are still pretty sore
    4 Health 24
  208. Why don't I feel sore after workouts any more?
    i do pretty much the same exercises, and increase weight, but i dont feel sore
    23 Nutritionfitness 55
  209. Places to touch a boy
    What are the best places to touch a guy when your just talking or kissing or whatever? Places to turn him on?
    5 Relationships 5592
  210. Why do my nipples get hard all the time?
    well my nipples get hard all the time... but im not horny they just get hard does anyone know why?
    3 Relationships 183
  211. Why am I sneezing so much with a sore throat?
    Well I've been sneezing a lot and I have a sore throat..what does this mean? or what could it be?
    2 Health 240
  212. Nipple peircing
    doo nipple peircing hurtt for a girl. god they look so pain full
    4 Style 147
  213. Is it normal to freak out if people touch your ears?
    Is it normal to freak out when peopel touch your ears ??? And go compleeetly mental when they do ??
    17 General 1129
  214. Do hard nipples mean I'm gaining weight?
    when my nipples get hard duz that mean im gaining weight???
    5 Nutritionfitness 67
  215. Under my nipple.
    At the bottom of my nipple;;right under it. I have red itchy bumps. Can anyone tell me what that is, and how I can treat it.
    3 Health 84
  216. Ps3 and ipod touch
    Would you buy a 60gb ps3 with resistance and an 8gb ipod touch for $750
    2 Gaming 19
  217. is it sore geeting your tounge done ?
    is it sore getting your tounge done ? does it swell up ? is it sore when the neddle goes threw ? thank you
    6 Style 95
  218. Apple Ipod Touch
    OMG!!...The Apple Ipod Touch Is Totally Cool...Lol :) I Just Wanna Know How Much Is The Apple Ipod Touch???
    2 Technology 10
  219. How do I get my boyfriend to touch me up?
    He keeps touching me but tbh thats about all, how can I get him to touch me more like boobs, vag ect
    3 Relationships 344
  220. What's wrong? My nipples are sore to be touched?
    My nipples have been very sore the past few days when they are touched. What could be going on? I'm 15 by the way, if that helps. Other information: A few weeks ago my boyfriend fingered me and he MIGHT have had some of his cum on his hands, we are...
    3 Health 175
  221. What do girls do while getting touched?
    I'm Ready But Nervous I'm Gonna Mess It All Up. Advice..What Do The Girls Do?
    2 Relationships 307
  222. Least sore piercing ?
    Apart from your ears, which part of your body to pierce is the leaast painful ?
    12 Style 117
  223. Is it common to have bruising and soreness in the area you had an IV attached after several days of being out of the hospital?
    4 Health 24
  224. How much is a new charging cord for an iPod Touch, and where would I get one?
    7 Shopping 17
  225. Why does my nail under my acrylic nail still hurt after all day (i ripped at it when trying on shoes) its so sore & hurts.
    5 Style 89
  226. Is there a way to have a blacklight effect on my computer/iPod Touch that actually gives off black light?
    2 Technology 8
  227. Why do my little brothers nipple go inwards, not outwards; is this normal?
    Just a little concerned..
    5 Health 54
  228. Who Gotta Ipod Touch Or Iphone ?
    Does Anybody Have A Itouch Or Iphone ? If So Add Me :) You Can Add Me If You Dont Too :D
    5 Entertainment 25
  229. Why is two girls making out and touching eachother considered sexy or attractive to a guy?
    9 Sex 105
  230. Sore throat, coughing, congestion, and hives
    Been gon on for a few weeks wats wrong with me?
    2 Health 64
  231. what should i tattoo on her booty that would turn me off but make nobody else want to touch her?
    7 Style 32
  232. Why,My right nipple is all hard,it has an itch,and it hurts a bit .Anything wrong or just growing .?
    3 Health 243
  233. What's the most touching song you've ever listened to?
    There are songs that make people cry...Do you have one?
    25 Music 35
  234. Does a nipple piercings hurt really bad?
    I really want to get my nipples pierced. I have my nose and belly down but does it hurt realll bad?
    4 Style 124
  235. How can I download photos on my iPod touch?
    How can I download photos on my iPod touch? Do they have to be from a file on my computer? If so, how can you get your photo application to recognize your iPod so you can sync them?
    13 Technology 322
  236. How much aree nipple piecing?
    How much would a nipple piecing be in new york?and where could you go if your under the age
    2 Style 155
    3 Relationships 49
  238. What Should I get a iPod nano or iPod touch??
    My dad want to get me an iPod for no reason which is okay by me but I don't know what to get an iPod touch or a nano ??? Which is better?
    4 Technology 56
  239. Can black people have pink nipples?
    My friend and I were talking about boobs and he asked if black girls can have pink nipples? Is it possible?
    6 Style 611
  240. How to I put games onto an iPod touch?
    How to I put games onto an iPod touch? Have brought the £5.99 thing to allow this. thanks
    3 Technology 54
  241. Really touching lyrics?
    3-4 lines of really deep, touching lyrics? preferably not about love ;D
    10 Music 49
  242. How can I put music from another computer on my ipod touch ?
    I have my friend's ipod touch and I want to put more music on the ipod without deleting her music
    3 Technology 67
  243. Are my nipples normal?
    My nipples are like mountains and I'm 14. Is that normal or is something wrong with me??? Will I develop soon??
    7 Health 210
  244. What does this nipple discharge mean?
    what does it mean when your nipple is forming white crust inside and its soar?? help my cuzo out
    2 Health 646
  245. Ipod touch synchronizing & uploading
    How do I synchronize my touch.. And upload music from itunes to my ipod.. It does not show up once I connect it to my laptop
    2 Technology 55
  246. sore breasts
    im on birth control and my breasts get really sore about a week and some before my period is that normal? and I mean really sore.
    2 Health 53
  247. What is the difference between an ipod touch and an iphone?
    What is the difference between an ipod touch and an Iphone, if I have an ipod touch can I use like a phone Too or I can not anybody knows the difference tell me please?
    3 Technology 17
  248. Touched sperm chance of getting pregnant
    Someone told me that if there was sperm on a towel and I girl touched it then touched herself afterwards she has a chance of getting pregnant. Is this true?
    6 Health 1253
  249. Nipples seem too big
    Im 16 and my nipples seem too big I have very big boobs and e cup but im very self conscience of my nipples. Are big nipples bad or a turn off?
    10 Style 1100
  250. why is my the left side of my body sore, i mean its so sore i cant even lean on my left side. it hurts Badly???
    i went on a 2 hour hike in the woods i kno thats y im sore but Why is it my left side and not the whole body??
    6 Health 54