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  1. How to sneak weed on an airplane?
    How to sneak weed on an airplane?
    16 Travel 1428
  2. What can you do on a airplane for fun?
    What can you do on a airplane for fun?
    10 Travel 79
  3. Legal weed
    Should weed by legalized?
    5 Politics 43
  4. What are some things to do on an airplane?
    What are some things to do on an airplane?
    9 Travel 120
  5. What can kids do on an airplane?
    what to do on a airplane for kids
    10 Travel 113
  6. Which is worse, weed or meth?
    is meth worse than weed or is weed worse than meth?
    12 Health 280
  7. Why do your feet swell on airplanes?
    Why do your feet swell on airplanes?
    4 Health 57
  8. What are the consequences for smoking weed?
    What are the consequences for smoking weed?
    9 Health 240
  9. How does weed make you feel?
    How does weed make you feel?
    28 Health 1295
  10. Can you bring spray on a airplane?
    can you bring spray on an airplane?
    4 Travel 175
  11. How big are airplane bathrooms?
    How big are airplane bathrooms?
    2 Homegarden 65
  12. Weed?
    Whats your oppinion on it?
    40 Health 59
  13. what is your opinion on traveling by airplane?
    13 Travel 50
  14. What exactly is synthetic weed?
    7 Health 41
  15. What's the difference between weed and marijuana?
    14 Health 114
  16. Can weed give you cancer?
    15 Health 84
  17. Why do airplanes smell funny?
    2 General 40
  18. Are marijuana and weed the same thing?
    9 Health 61
  19. what is your opinion of smoking weed?
    what is your opinion of smoking weed? curious.
    20 Politics 64
  20. Should smart people smoke weed?
    Should smart people smoke weed??
    31 Politics 259
  21. Can I take knitting needles on airplane?
    Can I take knitting needles on airplane?
    3 General 36
  22. How do you make different types of airplanes?
    How do you make different types of airplanes?
    2 General 44
  23. Need help for smoking weed
    I smoke weed and I need help
    10 Health 72
  24. Which would you prefer alcohol or weed?
    21 Health 170
  25. Clean weed out of my system
    How do I clean weed out of my system at home?
    4 Health 151
  26. Whats worse, weed or drinking?
    Whats worse, weed or drinking?
    13 Health 86
  27. Does weed really help you relax?
    Does weed really help you relax?
    10 Health 349
  28. how can I pass a piss test from weed.
    how can I pass a piss test from weed.
    5 Health 278
  29. How do you get weed out your system faster?
    How do you get weed out your system faster
    6 Health 670
  30. Is Obama going to legalize weed?
    11 Politics 60
  31. Is weed bad?
    I like it. Should I stop?
    29 Health 55
  32. What do you think about weed
    Do uthink it should be legal or not
    20 Money 93
  33. what do you do if your girlfriend caught you smoking weed?
    51 Relationships 627
  34. is smoking weed good for your health?
    51 Health 89
  35. Is weed worse for you than alcohol or cigarettes?
    49 Health 81
  36. do you think it is bad to smoke weed?
    10 Health 139
  37. is there any risk in eating weed candy?
    8 Health 47
  38. How do you get weed out your system fast?
    How do you get weed out your system faster
    7 Health 190
  39. Braestfeedimg and weed
    Is it harmful to smoke weed and brasetfeed
    4 Health 30
  40. how to get weed out of your system in 24 hours
    how to get weed out of your system in 24 hours
    2 Health 438
  41. How long does it take to get weed out of your system?
    How long does it take to get weed out of your system
    3 Health 219
  42. Should weed be legalized?
    Do you think weed should be legalized? If yes,why and if No , why? Curious.
    23 Politics 53
  43. Paranoid from weed
    Why do people get paranoid after smoking weed??
    4 Health 46
  44. Can I carry a pocket knife onboard an airplane?
    Can I carry a pocket knife onboard an airplane?
    4 General 90
  45. Why is airplane food so gross?
    i hate airplane food! :P
    3 Food 46
  46. Can weed give a false pregnancy reading?
    Can weed give a false pregnancy reading?
    5 Health 1149
  47. How many grams do you get in an ounce of weed?
    How many grams do you get in an ounce of weed?
    2 Science 68
  48. Does pickle juice get weed out of your system?
    does pickle juice get weed out of your system
    9 Health 11473
  49. Can weed be addictive?
    Is weed a bad drug or do you think weed is better than other drugs? Can weed be addicting?
    19 Health 49
  50. Songs About Smokin Weed?
    What are some good songs about smokin herb?
    16 Music 74
  51. weed/ drugs
    how can I stop? im only 14.
    8 Drugs 26
  52. Bringing weed on a domestic flight?
    How could I and should I?
    6 Travel 101
  53. Why is it that this specific day - 420 - is the day everybody does weed?
    14 Politics 44
  54. does smoking weed gets people skinnier?
    21 Health 44
  55. Do you think Weed should be made legal?
    9 Health 41
  56. is weed additive?
    13 Health 91
  57. how to get vicodin and weed outta my system??
    5 Health 49
  58. Is it true that they are trying to legalize weed in Canada?
    7 Politics 24
  59. Can you get legal weed for a tooth ache?
    6 Health 50
  60. Do people smoke weed at hookah bars?
    3 General 76
  61. Can brain cells grow back after smoking weed?
    Can brain cells grow back after smoking weed?
    5 Health 235
  62. Does weed seriously make you stupid?
    Does weed seriously make you stupid??? If so, then how long does it take to make stupid???
    16 Health 142
  63. wats the qickest way to get weed out of my system?
    wats the qickest way to get weed out of my system?
    7 Health 158
  64. What's the best way to quit smoking weed?
    best way to stop smoking weed
    6 Health 111
  65. water and weed
    if you put weed into water and drink it can you get stoned?
    9 Health 51
  66. Do you think weed should be illegal?
    Do you think weed should be illegal I mean it is just a plant right
    6 Homegarden 60
  67. weed and I don't know what to do should I try them?
    im expirencing drugs as in weed and I don't know what to do should I try them?
    10 Health 31
  68. Weed out of the body
    How can I get weed out of my system in three days
    3 Health 173
  69. How do you get rid of weed in your system?
    how do you get rid of weed in your system? please help! please help!
    6 Health 135
  70. Weed or no weed?
    Well my friend got some weed... What is your opinion on weed? I have been sober for about 3 months now, do you think it's worth smoking again?? Please no ranting.
    14 Health 69
  71. Should I try to get my boyfriend to stop smoking weed?
    22 Relationships 92
  72. Why do people look down on me just because I'm a girl and smoke weed?
    36 Relationships 119
  73. Why do you get the munchies when you smoke weed?
    ... Or Serenity? -Samantha(:
    4 Health 54
  74. airplane travel
    do you need a birth certificate for a child
    2 Travel 10
  75. What does airplane mode mean on ur cell phone?
    6 Technology 85
  76. Does anybody know when season 7 of "Weeds" is coming out?
    3 Entertainment 32
  77. Weed songs?
    What are your favorite songs to listen to When your smoking or when your stoned?
    8 Music 45
  78. How can I get weed out of my systemÉ
    What can I do to get weed outta my system as quick as possible !?
    6 Health 94
  79. How do I get weed out of my system
    How do I get weed out of my system within one day help
    9 Health 739
  80. weed issues
    wuts sooo wrong with weed? I just dont understand it
    18 Politics 40
  81. Sore tongue smoking weed?
    Can smoking weed give you lung cancer?
    16 Health 2941
  82. weed or alcohol?
    which one do you think is worse to do. smoke weed or drink alcohol?
    8 Health 45
  83. Can a girl get pregnant if he smokes weed?
    can a girl still get pregnant if her boyfrend smokes weed
    15 Health 441
  84. in the bible, does it really say to smoke "the holy herb" (weed)?
    in the bible, does it really say to smoke "the holy herb" (weed)???
    31 Religion 2489
  85. Hallucinogens and weed
    Do you consider hallucinogens 2 be worse than other drugs? and what do you think about weed?
    8 Health 46
  86. How long does weed take to leave your system?
    how long does it take to get weed out of your system? and how can you get it out quickly ?
    4 Health 223
  87. What are some good reasons to stop smoking weed
    Some good reasons to stop smoking weed...or to not smoke weed... Just need some inspiration I suppose
    9 Health 69
  88. how does weed help you lose weight? well, i heard it does. is it real?
    8 Health 25
  89. Is Weed a class B drug now?
    I know it used to be a class C? But is it a class B now?
    4 Drugs 32
  90. How to get weed out your system?
    I weight less than 130 will it get out of my system in less than a month
    3 Health 183
  91. Weed out of system
    How much vinagar do you have to drink to get system clean
    3 Health 128
  92. Do people get arrested for sending a photo message of weed?
    7 Politics 67
  93. Whats the best way to pass a drug test for weed QUIKLY
    Whats the best way to pass a drug test for weed QUIKLY!!!
    2 Drugs 241
  94. Will weed show up in a blood test?
    This may sound really stupid but, does weed show up in a blood test?
    5 Health 134
  95. how long does it take weed to get get out of your system
    for weed to get get out of your system. like if I were to get drug tested.
    2 Health 191
  96. Weed problems
    If I had a few puffs of a joint of weed how can I get it out of my system before my test tommorow
    4 Health 49
  97. What happens when you smoke weed then inhale helium from a balloon?
    Ok so do you hallucinate when you smoking weed then inhale helium from a balloon? What happens to you?
    5 Health 3309
  98. Can teens be infertile and can smoking weed effect pregnancy?
    can teens be infertile?? and...can smoking weed effect getting pregnant???
    6 Health 155
  99. Will I have a hard time smoking weed?
    If I had a hard time smoking a cigarette for my first time, will I have a lot of trouble smoking weed?
    13 Health 40
  100. Weed legal?!
    I have heard people talking about how there trying to legalize weed in the us this true?? Where are some places where weed is legal?...
    6 Politics 25
  101. weed vs beer
    why can I drink at 10 am but cant by a j from my local
    2 Politics 13
  102. Getting rid of weeds
    How can you get rid of them forever, Without the need for a atom bomb...???
    5 Homegarden 63
  103. How do u get the weed plant emblem on modern warfare 2?
    2 Gaming 29
  104. Does anybody know any ways to prevent panic attacks after smoking weed?
    2 Health 116
  105. How does weed really destroy brain cells does it at all?
    and kill the immune system?
    14 Health 56
  106. Would the crime rate go down if weed was legal?
    Do you think if Marijuana was legal crime rate would go down??
    2 Politics 60
  107. How long does weed stay in your system?
    Lol I know that I should know but I was just wondering for the future
    6 Health 83
  108. How come the Jewish men break a glass bottle with their foot at their weeding?
    10 Religion 26
  109. Sin to smoke weed?
    I don't think it is at all. I just wanted to see other peoples veiws on it.
    15 Religion 44
  110. What kind of gum taste like weed?
    But you can buy at agee 15
    10 Food 73
  111. How can I rid my system of weed during pregency?
    What can I take during pregency to clean my system of weed? I have stpped but I want to get it out of my system.
    2 Health 151
  112. Where can I get an RC plane that looks like a real airplane?
    where can I get an rc plane that looks like a real airplane from an international airport?
    2 Shopping 21
  113. My parents found out I tried weed
    my mom and dad found out that I tried weed how do I get out of this one???fast
    7 Family 21
  114. If you smoke weed, could it damage you so much to think
    If you smoke weed, could it damage you so much to think an unattractive person is beautiful?
    6 Health 32
  115. Doctors reaction to positive weed drug test?
    how do doctors react to being postive on a drug test for weed/tree
    4 Drugs 45
  116. Can You Take Hair Straighteners on an airplane?
    can you take hair straighter's? throuugh flight? norwhich --- > molta
    6 Travel 191
  117. is weed medicine ?
    And if you haven't smoked in a few months will you get higher the next time ?
    9 Health 18
  118. How long for weed to get out of your system?
    I want to know.. how long does it take for weed to get out of you system? Help thanx!
    2 Health 129
  119. When My Trip On Weed Haunts Me Anyone Had The Same ?
    weed trip bad drink alchohol spinning hospital I was wondering if anyone had the same ?
    2 Health 60
  120. Getting weed out of my system
    I need to get weed out of my system I only did it twice and I have a drug test the 19 of august will I pas?
    6 Health 534
  121. What do do with a friend and his weed?
    I have a good friend who I recently found out has been smoking weed... He says he's quitting but I don't know what to do... Any advice?
    7 Health 24
  122. how can I sneek my boyfriend into the house?
    I am 15 and my boyfriend is 18 but my mom is very strict,how can I sneek him into the house so we can spend some time together?
    5 Relationships 156
  123. How to deal with best friend doing weed?
    My best friend is doing weed. I don't know where or how to deal with him. Any advice as to what to do in this situation? I think weed is bad but I don't know, I never tried it.
    45 Relationships 54
  124. How are you suppose to bake weed brownies?
    What's the procedure to baking weed brownies? Do you mix the grinded weed into the mix? do they actually get you high? (69)
    5 Food 41
  125. Should I stop smoken weed?
    Well I smoke weed and a lot of people I hang with smokes it but now I feel depended on it and I dunno what to do!
    11 Health 38
  126. Why are all airplanes white?
    Why are all aeroplanes white ...?? why not any other colour ... I mean mmore than 99.999% of all aircrafts I have seen are white ... any logic .. ???
    5 General 35
  127. why would a weed smoker of 6 years straight start having panic attacks everytime ??????
    3 Money 32
  128. Has weed killed anybody?
    My friend said that you could die if you smoke the weed. Did that happen to anyone here? Or did you heer about it?
    21 Money 47
  129. How does airport scanners and xrays pick up weed in your crotch ?
    If you hide weed in your crotch as a woman do you think airport security will catch it with the xray or scanners ?
    4 Travel 396
  130. How to get weed out of your system?
    okay so.. im getting drug tested so like.. does anybody know how to get weed out of your system
    13 Health 7174
  131. how do I stay high for a long time with out weed
    how do I stay high for a long time with out weed and stuuff im hi8gh and want to stay high[;z help
    3 Health 143
  132. Is it impossioble to get high the first time you smoke weed?
    My friend said that its impossible to get high the first time you smoke that true?
    2 Health 209
  133. Getting weed out of your system
    I have a drug test on tuesday January 27, 2009 I smoked some weed on January 17, 2009 how can I get the weed out of my system that fast?
    7 Health 456
  134. how do you book airplane tickets?
    I am to this stuff. Where do I go..i already reissued my passports?
    7 Travel 40
  135. Am I the only one who doesn't think weed is bad?
    DO you believe weed is unhealthy and do you think it should be legalized? and the people who smoke are the only ones who can answer this!
    10 Health 51
  136. What does it feel like to smoke weed?
    ok so I was wondering how does it feel when you smoke weed? couse all ma frends try it and they love it!!!
    9 Health 87
  137. What does weed do to your sex drive?
    Does weed increase your sexual desires or anything like that? Does anyone know..
    8 Sex 83
  138. Why can't you use a cell phone on an airplane?
    I was wondering why you cant have your cell phone on in an airplane?? My phone has a setting called airplane mode, would that be okay to have on while the plane is moving??
    3 Travel 59
  139. is weed harmful for a baby
    ok I smoked weed once and I just found out that im pregnant can weed harm the baby and do you think dcf would take my baby away
    6 Family 71
  140. what happens if you smoke weed and coke in a joint?
    what happens if you smoke weed and coke in a joint? does it mess your insides up...? because me and my friend got some weed off some 1 and we think it might of had coke sprinkled on it
    2 Health 1499
  141. What are things that are a hassle to bring on airplanes?
    I haven't been on an airplane in a long time and I know things have changed. So what's stuff that is just too big of a fuss to bring with?
    5 Travel 31
  142. Soke weed?
    I was thinking of smoking weed again cause I stopped for a long time, but I kinda get the urge to just get so high!
    7 Health 45
  143. Weed and drinking made my life hell
    How can I make my mom trust me after I told her I didnt drink or smoke weed then she found out?
    7 Family 22
  144. Can lemon juice clear weed out my system ?
    I have a drug test tomorrow I smoked some weed for a few days before will lemon juice clear my system I heard it flushes your system out
    4 Health 14212
  145. Is it possible to quit smoking weed?
    is it possible to stop smoking weed after about one summer of smoking (everyday) I really want to stop so thanks in advance!
    10 Health 46
  146. How to pass a drug test in 24 hours if your skinny?
    Trying to see how to pass a weed test in 24 hours for a job..weed weed weed weed weed weed weed weed
    4 Drugs 694
  147. To weed smokers out there. Whats your opinion?? Honestly.
    To weed smokers out there -I will never smoke weed if I can help it- But what does it truley do to you. Adults have told me things but never an actual user. So, what does it do? Honestly.
    8 Health 43
  148. Pregnancy and weed
    Im 21 weeks pregnat and just stopped smoking do you think it would stay in my system?and how long does it stay in your system?
    12 Health 727
  149. Who has facts about weed and brain cells?
    What: is it a fact that "weed" doesn't actually kill your brain cells, but it is actually the lack of oxygen you receive when taking a hit and holding it in?
    7 Health 24
  150. Will vinegar and cranberry juice get weed out of my system?
    Does 1 cup of vinager help get weed out of your system faster for a drug test
    5 Health 479
  151. How should I tell my mom about the alcohol and weed at my party?
    I wanna have a party, but I dont know how to ask my mom and tell her about all the alchol and weed smoking theres gonna be, how can I tell her?
    6 Family 51
  152. What happens when you use weed and cocaine at the same time?
    I was wondering wht hppnd whn you combined those thngs together?
    11 Drugs 5749
  153. Weed laced with pcp help.
    Why am I still paranoid after 27 hours of being sobe from pcp my weed got laced I didnt know it was laced how could you tell
    3 Health 187
  154. Long time weed smoker
    If I've smoked weed everyday for 15 plus years, how long to clean out system? Is there a way to speed it up?
    5 Health 53
  155. Court for possesion of weed
    K , I've been caught with weed at my school , the police officer gave me a citation , and now I've got court at the end of july. What can I do?!
    6 General 7
  156. A Friand Problem That Includes Weed
    What would you do if your friend's step father was making her smoke weed? I am worried about her.I need help.
    3 Health 23
  157. Can a person get addicted to weed?
    this girl i know smokes weed almost every single day.could she be addicted to it? and yes, i am truly talking about a girl i know. not me !
    26 Health 42
  158. what happens when your high off weed?
    what happens when your high off weed? how long does it last? is it obvious when someones high? just wondering...a lot of people I know do it...just wanted to know what the big deal was.
    3 Health 217
  159. Weed and oregano
    Dose weed look lke oregano. One of my friends had told me that they look alike and that oregano can get you high but it takes a lot and a while befor it dose it
    7 Health 491
  160. Ever smoked weed a.k.a marijuana a.k.a pot
    Have you ever smoked weed a.k.a marijuana a.k.a pot a.k.a bud a.k.a mota a.k.a canabis sativa lol well I have and I was just wonderin if you have and if you liked it??
    15 Health 53
  161. What will take the smell of weed off my clothes?
    Ok so I need this answerd fast!!! I am about to try weed for the 1st time what do I expect? What will take the smell off my clothes and Will I be all loaud and stupid?
    11 General 57
  162. Does Weed Effect Your Grades?
    I am 13 and I smoke weed. Does it have a dramatic effect on the brain like bad grades? Because I want to know if im putting my brain at risk.
    12 Health 95
  163. Caught smoking weed by parents, what to do?
    Im 15 and I got caught smoking weed, I want to keep smoking but my parents won't listen and say if I don't stop they will kick me out.
    10 Family 277
  164. What'' Are airplanes a sourse of pollution??
    I am doing a school project where we got to choose a source of pollution. I want to choose planes cept I ain't sure they are a pollution source
    3 Travel 23
  165. What's worse smoking cigarettes or weed?
    okay, so I dont do either, but im curious on which one is worse for you. and like which one is most likely can kill you faster?
    17 Health 165
  166. FunAdvice Trivia: What color is the "black box" in jet airplanes?
    A) Red B) Grey C) Black D) Orange
    5 Funadvice 12
  167. What members of Young Money smoke weed?
    i know lil wayne does(obviously) but lil twist lil chuckee nicki minaj?
    2 Entertainment 13
  168. I smoked weed two weeks ago
    I smoked weed two weeks ago and its was only a few hits off a joint then a bowl . Do you think that I will pass a drug test if I drink bleach and water ?
    7 Health 14131
  169. Why Can They Say Cocaine On The Radio, But You Cant Male A Reffrence Towards Weed?
    I was listening to Eric Claptons "Cocaine" On The Radio And A Song After Had The Word Weed In It And It Got Censored.
    3 Drugs 186
  170. Do you remember what happened after you were high on weed?
    I've never smoked and was just thinking about it. I mean obviously with drinking you most likely won't remember it, but what about marijuana?
    6 Health 9413
  171. I smoke weed a few times a week
    For all of you people who are knowledgeable in the field of medicine, please explain to me how bad smoking mary jane about twice a week can be.
    7 Health 66
  172. What's it feel like to smoke weed for the first time and get high?
    When you smoke for the first time, how long does it take before you get high ? And how long does it last for ? How do you define "high", like what do you feel or whatever ? Just curious.
    12 Health 186
  173. How could a minor secretly buy an airplane ticket?
    how could a minor buy an airplane ticket without her mom knowing?she lives in texas and wants to travel to florida for a week or two how could she buy an airplane ticket without her moms permision?
    3 Shopping 13
  174. What do you think about weed? you think weed is addicting? In your own opinion. What is your thoughts on smoking weed? I myself smoke, and I dont think at all that its addicting, just a thing fun to do. Get back to me, and tell me what you think. oh, and do you think its b...
    9 Health 54
  175. bad trips smoking weed
    has any 1 hart got super hot from somking weed and then your arms and legs go numb and you start shaking
    9 Health 126
  176. smoked weed two weeks ago will I pass a urine drug test?
    if I smoked weed two weeks ago and I never usually do and I took a urine drug test and I weigh 130 pounds and I 5'5 will I pass?
    3 Drugs 10680
  177. How to stop my ears from popping on an airplane?
    I will be riding in an air plane 4 the 1st time and I was woundering what to do to keep my ears from popping? lame question I know
    8 Travel 65
  178. Weed and Pregnancy
    I'm 5 months pregnant and I ended up smoking pot last night! Can that harm the baby, any side effects?
    9 Health 49
  179. Does weed (marijuana) make you twitch and what are the harmful effects?
    Can anyone tell me all the harmfull effects of marijuana? Not just that it kills brain cells, but some hard evidence. Thnx
    33 Health 296
  180. why is marijuana / weed / kish / spliff etc. illegal again?
    its a plant, whats the big deal, so pll get high thats their problam
    9 Health 43
  181. is it a bad thing for a 14 year old girl to want to just try and smoke weed. just to see what its like?
    not to always do it but to just try it once. if you get what i mean.
    36 Health 78
  182. Is weed going to get legalized?
    who thinks that weed is going to get legalized depending on who wins the presidential election...I think that if obama wins, weed will get legalized because he used to do drugs, and I bet most of the other canidates did it to when they were younger, so...
    12 Politics 51
  183. Seroquel vs weed.
    My friend takes seroquel (sp) for her bipolar disorder.. She also has smoked weed in teh past, and wondering that if she did it again, would it affect anything ?
    3 Health 126
  184. Getting rid of weeds
    I have a lawn on pretty good soil at this point. However I get a lot of weeds. I don;t want to use too much pesticides for obvious reasons. Any ideas?
    3 Homegarden 14
  185. how can you mask the smell of weed
    How can you get rid of the weed smell fast? or get rid of it period?? oh and don't say something retarded like,"well, dont 't do it." I wasn't asking that smartass
    20 Health 777
  186. How ... Does weed make you horny ?
    This guy who likes me and I like is a pothead . I've never smoked weed befor but he wants me to do it wiff him in like 2 weeks and he asked if I was frigid . I said no why and he said because weed makes most girls horny . Is this true ?
    10 Health 223
  187. How to get weed out of your system
    I have a drug test coming up and I know its more than 30 days away, I was wondering if just drinking a ton of water would be enough?
    6 Health 35
  188. how can I clean my body of weed for a drug test in 3 days?
    I haven't smoked for a month and I have a drug test in 3 days. does anybody think I will pass it without taking anything?
    2 Drugs 531
  189. What is the name of a song about a rodeo rider not wanting to go on an airplane?
    its a comedy song and about him hitting turbulence or something. My step wants to know, he heard it on the ABC, thanks. ?
    4 Music 10
  190. Where to buy a remote controlled airplane?
    hi, my boyfriend dads birthday is coming up and we are trying to find him a build your own remote controlled airplane, but we cant fin one, does anyone have any ideas on where I can get one?
    3 Shopping 15
  191. Mexico and Airplanes:(
    has anyone been to mexico?? Im going to go in Nov. and I dont think I am going to like it..? And I HATE airplanes:( I feel like I am going to crash like into something or free fall into the ocean?? I feel like such a babii:( HELP!!
    2 Travel 26
  192. Weed issues
    I use 2 smoke weed 4 about 3 mths recently I hve stop! It's been bout 3 I'm bout to a saliva test. What will help me pass it?
    2 Health 135
  193. smokin weed
    dont get me wrong, im all for mary jane legalization, but I heard weed really is worse for you than tobbacos carcinogens and I was just wonderin what every1 else thinks about that...
    6 Health 36
  194. Being on birth control and smoking weed?
    Being on birth control and smoking weed? I know on birth control commercials it will say like if you smoke, your risk of heart attack and blood clots are more likley to occur. Will this happen if your 16 and smoke weed while on birth control? (Not f...
    2 Health 119
  195. How high can a small, remote control airplane fly?
    Like those you get in Radioshack or toy r us. If anybody knows tell me please thank you.
    2 Technology 33
  196. If I kiss someone who smokes weed regularly will it affect me?
    Well this guy smokes a lot , like a joint or two a day... and I just started making out with him lately , so will this affect me in any way
    2 Health 2453
  197. When you smoke weed, does it effect your reproductive system?
    I've only blazzed once, and I wanna keep doing it but I want to know if I do this now, il be able to have kids in a couple years. Thanks.
    5 Health 59
  198. Weed question
    I have a drug test tomorrow today I went to my gfs house for a few hours I did not smoke but the house smelled like pot because her dad was smoking a lot! Will it show up on my test!!!???
    4 Health 44
  199. Why do some people think weed isnt a drug?
    My cousin told me God made it so its not and I tried to explain that God made hemp, and man were the ones who turned it into drugs. Whose right?
    22 Drugs 43
  200. Smoking weed the night before
    Everytime, well most of the time when I smoke my stomach feels tight in the morning. It feels as if I worked out the night prior. Even though I ate a bunch of stuff in the night! So why is that?
    4 Health 88
  201. is there still a chance you can get pregent while yer boyfiend is smoking weed ?
    you knoe how they say that wen boys smokethat their sperm dosent function right.
    30 Health 90
  202. what's your opinion bout weed?
    what's your opinion bout weed? I live in belgium and there trying to make it legal like in the netherlands, I'd like that bc it's not really dangerous, it's like less harmfull then alcohol, so tell me, what' you think?
    11 Health 44
  203. How does weed (Canabis) affect you?
    Recently I have been smoking a lot of Weed... and I seem to be really emotional. I cant seem to stop crying and I am taking it out on my family and friends.. which again makes me cry because I feel bad...
    8 Health 116
  204. Does weed effect you getting pregnant in the future?
    When I was 18 I started smoking weed and it became a daily thing by 19. Im 20 and I stopped about 3 months ago, im trying to get pregnant but its not happening, can weed be the reason?
    7 Health 128
  205. Smoking weed being 12 weeks pg..
    Im 12 weeks pregnant and I only hit a joint one time..will it still be in my urine even though im not a frequent smoker?
    4 Health 778
  206. Boredom for 14 hours on an airplane
    Ok sooo I will be flying for 10 hours not including a 4 hour layover... on my way to europe this summer... IM GOING TO BE VERY BORED!!! any advice on what I can do?
    7 Travel 71
  207. The cost of an airplane ticket to Flordia.
    So I really want to go to this summer camp this summer that starts off in Flordia. I live in Utah, so on an estimated price how much money would 1 ticket cost?
    3 Travel 73
  208. What is the meaning of the song "Airplanes"?
    I've heard that song a millions times. It's on the radio, on the tv, on my computer! But even when I try to pay close attention to the lyrics, I still haven't grasped the meaning.
    3 Music 50
  209. what to use to get rid of weed smell??...
    ok so is there any plug in filter system things someone could use to help get the marijuana smell out of a room? like I know there is 1 for ciggerets
    5 Homegarden 262
  210. Why can't they make Solar powered airplanes?
    If most planes are kinda high in the sky why can't they be powered by sun instead? Clouds might get in the way at times but they can store energy. And plus they fly above clouds
    9 Environment 29
  211. Will I be clean for a piss test after smoking weed for 6 days
    I have drank 8 gallons of water and took around 28 niacins within 2 days and I have a drug test tomorrow. Will I be clean?
    2 Health 277
  212. how can you stop smokeing weed?
    im a pot head straight up I cant go one day with out smokeing weed and wasteing my money on it its like I need to smoke everday or else I'll day how can I quit this bad habit I have?
    2 Health 49
  213. Can I play Sims on an airplane?
    I'm guessing I can once we're in the air, since I won't be using Internet. Just sims. I might not even have a laptop by the time I go on the airplane, but I thought I'd ask now just so I won't bring it and sims and then find out I can't even play it.
    2 Technology 64
  214. Does weed affect you mentally ?
    Does weed make people lie and make up stories? I have a ex boyfriend who always makes up stories of how he called me and argues that he did . I mean its not even necessary to lie . He assumes that he be seeing me with other guys. This guy literally m...
    2 Relationships 54
  215. Should weed be legal
    Should weed be legal , ok I love weed and am a firm beliver that it should be legal its less harmfull than alcohol and less harmfull than cigerettes , and in these harsh economic times we could tax it and get some much needed money back into the econom...
    35 Politics 57
  216. Weed and Sex
    I'm 24 years old and have been smoking weed for the past 9-10 years...I recently just stopped smokin weed maybe two weeks ago and have found it hard to hold an erection is this normal and will I ever be the same again?
    3 Sex 86
  217. Can girls smoke a lot of weed and stii be able to become pregnant?
    I'm 18 years old, and has been smoking weed everyday for the past four years. I have been trying to get pregnant for five months, but hasn't concieved yet. Can I get pregnant?
    10 Health 346
  218. Why do I wanna smoke weed soon as I see it or smell it?
    Well I've been smoking for 2.5 years and I cant resista what can I do when I dont have it I have severe anxeity and get delusional I think or its all in my head hep me out! :)
    3 Health 13
  219. What do you do when the one you care about smokes and does weed?
    shes 13. i hav no problem with weed(no interest in trying it tho) but cigarettes are very addictive and i care about her and dont want her to do something so potentially harmful ps she doesnt know how much I care about her yet
    26 Relationships 73
  220. Can weed cause a false pregnancy test?
    Okay so I am 11 days late and I've taken many different home test but all were false. I am not taking birth control or using a condom either. I do smoke weed on a day to day basis. Could that be why all the test are false?
    5 Health 4160
  221. Can people tell if youve never done weed.
    just curious. can anyone tell youve never smoked pot before when they smoke with you. I know the smoke is hot and new people usually start coughing and stuff after a hit. but is it possible to ignore the urge to cough.
    4 Health 16
  222. What Will Happen If you Smoke Weed & Cigars but you Have Asthma?
    Okay So Me and my Friend Where Talking about Getting High. He Has Asthma Kinda Bad Like me. We dont Get Asthma Attacks Very Often , Or Much At All Really. SO like If he Got High Will it Effect him a lot?? Like What Will Happen??
    2 Health 66
  223. is it normal to act this way when your high off weed?
    when youre high and boozed-up, is it normal to act like you hate someone, whom you love? or if its not, then would ir be normal to say that you hate the person because you cant control your mouth but you want the person to think you love them
    5 Health 78
  224. Smoking weed for the 1st time
    Ok im going to smoke weed for the 1st time this week probably just to try it...but I have a physical comin in 2 weeks...I have 100% cranberry juice and I go to gym and sweat my butt off do you think I will have it cleared out by 2 weeks or less or shoo...
    13 Health 56
  225. Eating weed?
    I was making buttered noodles for dinner the other day and for whatever reason, the seasoning made me think of pot. For this example's sake, if you sprinkled pot on buttered noodles, would you get anything from it? "Get anything from it" meaning goo...
    3 Health 43
  226. How can I get weed out of my system by aug 10th
    I have court on the 10th and im not sure if they are going to drug test me or not but I smoked aug 1st so I need help trying to figure out some ways to get this out of my system , tell me if you think im f*cked .
    2 Health 258
  227. Does weed make you feel happy
    Does it make you feel happy? And how does it feel to be high? I heard that it takes your stress a way and makes you care free and makes you feel good. And I want to start smoking 2 because all my friends do it. And there not always worried and scare...
    8 Health 261
  228. What usually happens if you're caught by the cops with more than 2 gr of weed in Canada?
    I Recently Got Caught With About 2Grams Of Weed On Me, I Got Arrested For The Possession Of Weed, Then They Let Me Go But I Have To Go To Court Now. What Would Usually Happen After Court? Like Would I Get Sent To Jail, Or Just Get Probation? BTW I Liv...
    3 Politics 44
  229. How can I get weed outa my system in 2weeks if I was a heavysmoker?
    I smoked like 3-5 times a week someone please help me out? I quit 4 days ago gotta drug test on the 5th...
    4 Health 83
  230. Clear weed out of system
    I'm 5'11 and weigh 205-210 pounds im going to smoke like 2-3 joints for the 1st time how long do you think it will take to clear from my urine?
    3 Health 180
  231. how does weed get outta your system in exactly one week?
    okay well im getting druged tested in exactly one week. everyone id telling me to drink greeen tea. like non stop and water. will it work?
    7 Health 61
  232. When will I be clean from htc(weed)?
    I have a urine drug test in 2 days,im 13 days clean already,I drink 4 glasses of water per day,pee a lot and weigh 60kg.I was a straight smoker for 2months,will I be clean?
    5 Health 1987
  233. Smoking weed is fun but I gotta stop
    Okay I dont do it a lot but when I do.. I think its the funnest $hit ever and like I want to do it more and its always around me no matter where I go.. Its fu*kin everywhere.. Any help?
    2 Health 33
  234. How can I stop him from doing weed?
    I've started seeing this boy called nathan. His been really sweet and im getting to know him. I wont get with him thou cause I dont want to be with someone who does weed because I truely hate it with a passion. I dont want to be really horrible and say...
    4 Relationships 17
  235. Boyfriend and Weed
    Me and my boyfriend started going out a little more than a month ago. Last week he told me that he smokes weed. I'm a christian and I'm against drinking and drugs. He also knows I don't like what he does. I'm not sure what to do considering I'm in lo...
    6 Relationships 45
  236. Airplane ticket stuffs.
    Ok. So my friend found good airplane tickets for a cheap price and he can't buy them online and we know it's more expensive to buy them in person... So we're wondering if anyone knows how much more expensive would it be? If we bought them online, a ro...
    2 Travel 15
  237. Legal Weed.
    Do you think legalizing Marijuana will solve many of America's drug problems? Not for everybody, of course. Legalize it and apply rules to it like cigarettes. Rules such as: 18+ (in US) 21 (in Japan) Only allowed to smoke in certain areas. What are...
    11 Politics 33
  238. How to clean weed out of my system?
    I have to take a saliva drug test for a job interview on monday I need to pass to get the job. is there any way to speed up to process of cleaning my system I haven't smoked in a week but before I stopped I smoked everyday. So please help me if you ca...
    3 Health 141
  239. How long does it take to quit smoking weed?
    A friend of mine is trying to quit smoking weed and he seems to think he'll be completely off of the drug by monday, which means he's gone 9 days without smoking. Does it really only take that long to quit smoking? I thought it would have taken weeks, ...
    10 Health 62
  240. How long does weed take to clear your system?
    Okay so my mom said she was going to drug test me...well she said maybe. I smoked weed on thursday and I was wondering if there is any way to pass the test or how long does it take for it to get out of your system...I've heard sooo many different answe...
    3 Health 152
  241. Do you pull weeds or spray to get rid of them?
    Some people don't mind the menial task of pulling out those pesky weeds on a regular basis. Ok, now imagine you would have to do it on almost 2 acres of land. AAARRRGGGHHH I myself do use Roundup on certain spots on our land to minimize the extra work...
    3 Homegarden 310
  242. Weed, staying sobar
    Okay so I'm working on changeing my life for the better, and I have been sobar for 59 days and I have this friend who is my best friend and everytime I get with her I want to smoke and I'm trying to avoid that. So my question is should I stop talking t...
    3 Health 13
  243. Do you smoke weed to relax?
    Ok fisrt off I dont want all you people that think smoking is bad and "addictive" to tell me its wrong cause I want to say 99.999999999% are saying that with out even have trying it .. Ok on to it... I practice meditation and I sometimes smoke when I ...
    20 Health 66
  244. Why doesn't American Airlines admit that it has very old airplanes?
    If the seats of the airplanes of american airlines get loose is because the planes are old and they dont give them a good maintenance, why they make a lot of bad excuses, blaming the sodas or who knows what, they are pathetic. What do you think? Tell m...
    5 Travel 36
  245. weed test
    im 16, 145, and 5'4. I smoked a gram of chrnic and I mit have to take a test in a week, I work out some times and drink 3 bottles of water a day, what is anither way I can lose the THC lvl in my system
    5 Health 107
  246. Airplane bore
    I am going to the airport tomarrow at 3:00 am I am in thailand, going back home to the usa. I was sooo bored on the flight here, and I was wondering what I could do to keep my self intertained this time. Please reply soon! I only have 9 hours left!!! H...
    4 Travel 32
  247. Why Does She Think That My Friends And I Are Smoking Weed--?
    I went by a friends house for about 7 hours and when I came home I was tired and wetn to sleep. my mom asked me if we were getting high. every time I come home she checks my pupils..why is she doing this I dont do anything to make her mistrust me
    5 Family 49
  248. What is a surefire way to get weed out of your system...and FAST?
    I would like to know how to get weed out of your system as fast as possible. I am not looking for any after school special type answers either. I want to make sure it doesn't show up in a urine drug test or a mouth swab. Anyone have any definite answer...
    2 Health 96
  249. Could this be to do with weed?
    Someone slapped me (as a joke, really lightly) and it hurt the top of my head.. Although it was no where near the top of my head. It was a sharp pain, and lasts about a minute. Also, the back of my eyeball kills sometimes! And, I've been getting ...
    5 Health 33
  250. whens weed out of your system ?
    so my friend wants to know how to get pot out of his system by her next drug test march 2nd she smoked on the 16. she said he did have much 4 hits , plus my dumb friend has a gynocoligst (gyno) check up tusday she wanted to know if they could some how ...
    6 Health 61