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  1. Is bud drugs?
    what is it drugs
    9 Drugs 109
  2. What to wear on a plane?
    10 Travel 41
  3. How to sneak weed on an airplane?
    How to sneak weed on an airplane?
    16 Travel 1428
  4. plane travels being pregnant ?
    plane travels being pregnant ?
    2 Health 19
  5. What's legal bud?
    What in the hell is legal bud???
    7 Politics 81
  6. Do you have to have a passport to get on a plane?
    Do you have to have a passport to get on a plane?
    5 Travel 161
  7. Who all on here has experience with drugs other than bud?
    4 Drugs 16
  8. Did your parents ever catch you sneaking out or sneaking back into your house?
    How did you handle it?
    21 Family 220
  9. Sneaking Out
    how do you sneak out without getting caught ??
    2 Relationships 48
  10. Can I take baby bottle on plane
    Can I take baby bottle on plane
    3 Travel 50
  11. How old where you when you first went on a plane?
    How old where you when you first went on a plane?
    9 Travel 33
  12. Curling iron on a plane?
    Can I take curling iron on a plane?
    5 Travel 102
  13. Air plane :|
    What can you not carry on a plane just curious???
    4 Travel 16
  14. What should my friend and I do if we want to sneak out at midnight?
    9 General 47
  15. How do you sneak out?
    Can somme one help me?
    5 Homegarden 59
  16. How old do you have to be to buy a plane ticket?
    5 Travel 42
  17. Why do my ears hurt when the plane is landing?
    4 Travel 60
  18. Which airlines have free wifi on the plane?
    4 Technology 30
  19. Sneaking Out
    How do I sneak out from the second floor with a slanted roof.
    2 General 28
  20. How old do you have to be to be on a plane by yourself?
    How old do you have to be to be on a plane by yourself or ferri, but with parents permission?
    3 Travel 912
  21. What website can I use to sneak on you tube in school?
    What website can I use to sneak on you tube in school?
    4 Technology 50
  22. Bud math? are 2 bens' an 8th??
    Bud math? are 2 bens' an 8th??
    9 Health 46
  23. Sneaking out of essay?
    Have you ever snuck out of writing an essay and how did you do it?
    3 Education 179
  24. Sneaking out of your house
    Whats the easyist way?
    11 General 163
  25. Why are there no aethiests on a sinking ship or a hijacked plane ?
    5 Religion 20
  26. Snakes on a Plane?
    Has anyone seen it? If so, what did you think?
    3 Entertainment 22
  27. taste buds
    does anyone know how I can get my taste buds back
    5 Food 41
  28. Skull Candy Ear Buds
    Are skull candy ear buds worth the money?
    3 Shopping 41
  29. Is Hawaiian Gold bud really legal?
    is hawaiian gold bud realy legal?
    3 Politics 57
  30. Do you think it was the plane that made the WTC building tumble down?
    21 Politics 47
  31. Does anyone know why Aaliyah's (the singer) plane crashed?
    2 Entertainment 89
  32. Who made the Airborne (like the stuff that you drink on a plane)?
    2 Food 8
  33. Do you need photo ID to board a plane?
    Do you need photo ID to board an airplane?
    3 Travel 68
  34. If a plane crashed in Egypt, where would you bury the survivors?
    14 General 41
  35. What does it feel like being on a plane?
    Do you get butterfly's or is it more of sickness feeling?
    4 General 45
  36. Can I bring a midwakh (search it up) and Iranian tobacco/dokha into a plane?
    2 Travel 77
  37. is it really illegal to jizz on a plane ?
    or am i just really gullible ? E
    8 Travel 75
  38. What- if you smoke bud while taking BC?
    if you smoke bud while taking BC can you get a stroke? what if you shotgun it?
    3 Health 22
  39. Who ows the plane bill clinton just make his trip to korea on
    Who ows the plane bill clinton just make his trip to korea on
    5 Politics 34
  40. plane humor
    If air travel is so safe, why do they call it a “terminal”?
    9 Travel 7
  41. What is cheaper - buying a plane ticket in a travel agency or buying the ticket online?
    6 Travel 19
  42. What's a good website to buy plane tickets at a cheap price?
    3 Travel 28
  43. Why is it that when the plane takes flight, or lands, you cannot use your electronics?
    2 Travel 10
  44. How long is going to canada by plane from new york?
    Can you tellme how long is going to canada from new york by plane and how much is it.
    3 Travel 103
  45. What is legal bud?
    There are web sites that say they sell "legal bud" what makes what they sell different then illegal bud.
    10 Politics 58
  46. would you prefer a plane or cash?
    if you were to be given a plane or cash worth the plane which would you take??? I will prefere the plane dont know of u
    6 General 15
  47. What can and can't take on plane?
    What can I and can't I take with me when I am traveling. if I take toothbrush and toothpaste and deodarant do they have to be a certain size?
    2 Travel 47
  48. Cruise or Plane??
    Me and my friends have been talking and I think cruiseing is safer then flying. so tell me what do you think is safer flying or cruiseing?? and why.
    4 Travel 54
  49. is it true that a plane can b above the rain?
    depending on were your going? or if your going to another country?
    5 Travel 83
  50. What's the cheapest ticket to get from Southern CA, to Texas - by train or plane?
    3 Travel 36
  51. sneaking out of the house
    Im 16 and me and 2 of my buddies are going to sneak out of the house but I live in the country what can or should we do while we are out?
    6 General 68
  52. Where can I get an RC plane that looks like a real airplane?
    where can I get an rc plane that looks like a real airplane from an international airport?
    2 Shopping 21
  53. Is it true that to human taste buds, Zima is virtually indistinguishable from zebra urine?
    5 Food 196
  54. Is it possible to sneak into Jonas Brothers meet & greets?
    I know some people that have, are there any tips?
    5 Music 28
  55. What to bring on plane?
    I am going on an airplane tomorrow the flight is about six hours! Any ideas???
    6 Travel 16
  56. How much would a plane ticket cost to new york from michigan?
    How much would a plane ticket cost to new york from michigan? pleasee helppp :):)
    2 Travel 73
  57. Do I need an ID on a plane if I'm a minor?
    Just checking because I don't really want to bring that with me. XD
    5 Travel 43
  58. Fly like paper get high like planes
    Anyone love this song as much as I do??
    3 Music 45
  59. What kinds of things do you pack in a carry-on bag for a 5-hour plane journey?
    7 Travel 25
  60. How long does it take for the taste buds on your tongue to grow back after a really bad burn on the tongue?
    6 Health 110
  61. What is the lowest C rate I could go with on my RC plane and still have the power for flight?
    2 Technology 28
  62. How to sneak a dog on campus?
    I am getting a dog soon and I want to know how can I sneak it on campus, What can I do to keep him/her quite while I am in class.
    5 Pets 105
  63. Why are curse words banned on this site (besides mature) if you can sneak around them & not get in trouble?
    6 Funadvice 46
  64. Singer of Paper Planes, is she black?
    Is the woman singing Paper Planes Black/African American, or something else? Please tell me.
    2 Music 59
  65. Why the Pilots walks fast on the way to Plane?
    I have seen most of the times the pilots walks very fast ofcourse smartly on their way to the plane. Is there any technicla or historical meaning of it?
    5 General 10
  66. how much would it cost for a round-trip plane ticket from chicago?
    About how much would it cost for a round-trip plane ticket from chicago, il to tampa, fl?
    3 Travel 66
  67. Did anyone else hear Travis Barker was in a plane crash?
    Ohmigod, Travis from Blink 182 was in a plane crash DID ANYONE HERE ABOUT THAT! He's in the hospital right now.
    17 Music 40
  68. Girl from Snakes in a Plane
    what was the name of the girl in the movie "snakes in a plane" who had that cute chihuahua dog? I meant her real name.. if not, her character's name...
    3 Entertainment 55
  69. how many hours does it take to get from durham north carolina to new orleans lousiana by plane?
    4 Travel 65
  70. Cell Phones On Planes
    Okay, this is related to my other question and I would like to know. Can you bring a cell phone on a plane as a carry- on as long as it is turned off?
    7 Travel 34
  71. How can a tiger, which is black and orange, manage to sneak up on pray, undetected and camouflaged, in a predominantly green and brown environment?
    5 Pets 30
  72. How to sneak out to Prom?
    im not even allowed to go but if someone asked me how could I sneak out to go and get the dress and stuff ? any advice on this thnks.
    4 Family 343
  73. What is a really good book? Or your favorite book? im going on a plane tomorrow for like 8 hour so i want to get a good book.
    10 Relationships 11
  74. What is a good site to buy a plane ticket?
    I need to buy tickets to Texas from Baltimore and wanted to know some of the best sites to book online.
    3 Travel 13
  75. How much is a plane ticket from pa to florida?
    I mean my 7th grade marching band class and I are going to disney world in florida and I was just wondering about how much a plane ticket is.
    2 Travel 105
  76. What all are you allowed to take on a plane?
    What all are you allowed to take on a plane? Im a insulin dependant diabetic so Id need that stuff. but what about shampoo/conditioner/deoderant/hair straighener/makeup? hair brush stuff like that?
    3 Travel 55
  77. How do I catch my daughter sneaking boys in her bedroom?
    I think my daughter is sneaking boys through bedroom her window. I see footprints leading to her window. She keeps her door shut sometimes. But I cant't catch her.
    14 Family 816
  78. How much does it cost to go skydiving out of a plane?
    I know it can't be free. They must charge something for people to get up there and jump out of planes. About how much would something like that cost?
    2 Sports 27
  79. free work out planes
    hey does anyone know where I can find a work out plane for free I really wanna lose some of these pounds but I need a plan because dont know what to do and how long to do it
    3 Nutritionfitness 51
  80. Parachuting from a plane.
    Who likes to / or would like to parachute outta a airplane cause its great to do so,would you do it? Also its a Thrill an better then a Amusement park ride.
    3 Entertainment 10
  81. Would you be allowed to bring a hedgehog with you on vacation via plane?
    You'd probably have to call before hand, but I just wanna know how it would go about.
    2 Travel 80
  82. How do I sneak away to a party at night?
    I need any ideas to help make the plan full proof so that I wont get caught.=]
    7 Entertainment 64
  83. FunAdvice Trivia: Which instrument is in relation to Earl 'Bud' Powell?
    A) Saxophone B) Piano C) Guitar D) Tuba
    3 Funadvice 16
  84. Fun stuff to do on a plane
    if you've ever been on a plane, you know how boring it can be. I am going to san diego in about a week and I need some fun ideas to do on the plane ride there. please help! -Cassidy
    7 Travel 60
  85. When George W. Bush flew in an F18 Hornet when he was President, did that plane's call sign switch to Airforce one?
    Any plane the president travels on is supposed to be called airforce one. Just wondering.
    4 Politics 61
  86. How do I tell my mom my breasts are budding?
    I also need another bra b because I can't where the same 1 evry day! My breasts hurt right under the nipples (where budding). Normal?
    4 Family 250
  87. Why can't we use cell phone while flying in a plane?
    so I'm watching CNN and I saw this story that a man was charged after using a cellphone during a fliet(when the airplane was flying)so why can't we use cellphone when airplanes are flying???
    6 Technology 215
  88. How soon can newborn fly on a plane?
    How soon can newborn fly on a plane? I need to take a flight that will take around 4hours. Is this healthy for my baby or should I wait till a certain age and plan on taking trains till then? Will a plane damage my baby?
    8 Travel 473
  89. Sneaking Out 2
    okay I know I've asked this but im going too again how do I not fall asleep and btw I dont have a cellphone, well I do but it has no txts on it any more ideas?
    8 Family 22
  90. Where is the plane and its crew and Passengers then?
    OK Conspiracy theorists, if it was not a jetliner that crashed into the pentagon, then where in the hell is that plane and all of its passengers? I believe Our government is corrupt and used 9/11 to further its agenda, But we need to be realistic.
    12 Politics 37
  91. What's it like traveling on a plane?
    What's it like traveling on a plane? I am terrified of heights, just thinking about being so high in the air scares me! Is it really that scary when you are on a plane? Do your ears pop when it takes off and when it lands? Basically, what is the whole ...
    10 Travel 490
  92. Do I need a I.D if im under 18 traveling on a plane
    ok im 16 and on tuesday im going on a plane my aunt orderd and printed my ticket and she wont be with me when I go to the airport I dont have an I.D or anything can I can still board my plane
    4 Travel 138
  93. How does legal bud get you high?
    I'm always cruising on these marijuana related forums and stuff, and I always notice ads for 'Legal Bud' and stuff. Has anyone tried this stuff? Is it anything like real bud or is it junk? I just am suspicious to try it because it's legal.
    3 Health 49
  94. Sneaking out
    Okay how do youu stay up while waiting for your parents too go to sleep? I fell asleep last night and grrr I didnt want too Sooo how do I stay awake?
    4 Relationships 10
  95. my ears hurt on the plane!
    ok, everytime the plane takes off or lands my ears hurt really bad! do and then the seem to get sore afterwards. Do you have any suggestions as to what I should do? please give me good advice...really need it!
    6 Health 130
  96. Have to take a plane and I'm scared, any ideas?
    Ok im going to washington d.c in 3 days and I have to take a plane there and im freaking out.!!! I've never been on a plane and im scared, like really scared. Is it as scarey as I think.? What are some good ideas for me.? Help.?
    3 Travel 61
  97. What can I do when I sneak out with my friends?
    Me and my friend are planning on sneaking out tonight, and we are going to an old abandoned house, and we are fixing it up for us to hang at anytime, buuut, what other kind of things can we do when we are there? or what can we do after we are done fixi...
    7 Entertainment 1383
  98. What is bud, sauce, or thizz?
    Okay is it some type of drugs, I read my bro messages saying dude you got some sauce hook me up..or thizz (spelled it wrong lol) or budd whatever???
    9 General 45
  99. Sneaking into 18 cinema
    Ok so im going to the cinema tomorrow to see an 18 film. Im 17 but I really don't look it. Anybody got any idea's to make myself look older? Thanks
    7 Style 31
  100. Are ear buds OK for your ears?
    I was just wanting to know... I clean inside my ears with those ear buds on a stick every night and people say its bad for your ears. I would like to know why it is bad. Personally, I love cleaning them lol. A bit weird but I do.
    4 Health 65
  101. Got caught twice sneaking out, this is going to be my third time, what do I do?
    So I've got caught twice sneaking out of my house by older sister, both times were through my front door and I've had to tell my parents both times. Now this third time I got caught when I came back my by my older sister she is making me tell my parent...
    4 Relationships 74
  102. What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say sneak peek?
    So I'm joining a photography contest and I'd really like to know what first comes to your mind when I say "sneak peek". This is really important, so whoever answers, will be greatly appreciated :) thanks
    6 General 12
  103. Taste bud fallin off?
    Ummz..I have dis thing on my tounge..itz feelz & lookz like my taste bud iz comin off. It really hurts..and I cant pull it off because it hurtz 2 much...what do you think it iz?
    3 Health 73
  104. How to sneak on Bebo at school?
    hey guys this is 1 of the few sites I an visit at school and also I was wondering how can I sneak onto bebo without it being filtered I heard theres a code or something? helps much apreciated Pinky x
    8 Technology 119
  105. When I go on the plane to go across the country in July, will I have to take out my piercings?
    I think most of them are surgical steel. I'm only worried about this cause my parents don't know about ALL of them. If so, then i guess i'm gonna have to get plastic ? :L
    13 Travel 14
  106. Where can I find a 900MHz 1000mW or higher mW audio video transmitter light enough for an RC plane?
    I am looking to setup a FPV on a RC vehicle, the hardest thing to find is high powered transmitter.
    3 Technology 13
  107. periods and planes
    ok so im gonna be on my period on the same day I take a 9 hour plane flight to florida and I hate plane toilets I have serious clostrephobia <cant spell and hate flying as it is, anyway I can make my period a day late or something help asap
    4 Nutritionfitness 28
  108. Where to find toy r/c planes?
    I have a few Air Hogs brand r/c planes and I want to know where to find similar planes like them. They were really cheap at only $30 or so and they were super easy to fly right out of the box. I want something that can fly serious distance, have var...
    2 Entertainment 19
  109. How can I convience my buds parents to let her sleep over?
    My bud comes over all the time but her mom is a b and she wont let her come over. I don't know why because she said she could earlier but know she said no when my bud asked her why she said because she can make her stay home. So please help I just got ...
    2 Family 13
  110. Plane Fight Bus Trip...
    how much is a plane ticket or bus ticket from oklahoma city oklahoma to memphis tennessee I know there are websites for this kind of stuff but I wanna know if anybody on here knows first before I do the real search work need answers kwik!!!
    5 Travel 33
  111. How can I tell my mom that I've been sneaking a boy in the house?
    My mom works on the night shift and while she's been working I've been allowing a boy to come o ver and I really want to tell before anyone else does and oh yeah im 15
    5 Family 46
  112. Sneaking out?
    What are some fun things to do wit5h a group of friends when sneaking out? Like we're justt gonna have like 15 or 20 people hanging out on the street in the country. haa. what can we do? like truth or dare, spin the bottle...etc? I'm 15, btw
    7 Babies 51
  113. What should I wear on a plane journey?
    I read somewhere to wear kinda heavy stuff to save weight in your back plus it can get cold on planes? then get changed at the air port but someone else said were comfortable stuff, light + layers? so..
    5 Travel 44
  114. Need to sneak out of my house, how to?
    Hey I need to sneak out of my house but last night I tried going other way and almost got caught while walking out and ended up stuck at home... I have my window next door to my neighbor garage and he there all night what should I do to distract him...
    9 Family 190
  115. Flying on a plane
    Ok so im going to fly out to see my family bymyself this monthh. &; I don't know if im allowed to put like.. My face cleansing stuff in my suticase thats going on the plane..not in my carry on bag. What are you allowed to put in there? Let me knoww p...
    3 Travel 29
  116. First time going on a plane by myself?
    Well its my first time on a plain and my two kids wont be with me. Im going to Quebec to see my grandmother and my kids are with there father. But im so scared but im a grown lady and I feel silly but what should I do to bring my nurves down. Yours tru...
    8 Travel 45
  117. Can I take my toothpaste on the plane now?
    I am travelling to Spain next week and I was hoping to brush my teeth on the flight. I hear that it might still be banned to take my toothpaste on the plane. Should I take the risk and bring it for the sake of dental hygiene? Or should I leave it an...
    2 Travel 206
  118. why couldnt the people on the plane stop 9/11
    I dont want to sound disrespectful to people who lost family or friends in the 9/11 crashes but why didnt the people rise up against the terrorist they only had boxcutters and a low number of them and then the flight attendent could fly to safety. sor...
    9 General 235
  119. Sneaking onto MySpace
    my dad doesn't want me 2 go on MySpace, but I have a crush on this guy at my school and I want to c his page. I know how 2 get on and delete the history so my dad doesn't know I was on, but can I view profiles without an account? I've never been on an...
    2 Technology 37
  120. Can I bring a shaving razor on a plane in my suitcase?
    Not my carry on obviously. But, is my bag gonna be like destroyed or left at the airport xD. Cause I'm not really sure if I should. I guess I could just buy one when I get there. But... That would be awkward. xD. Ahah.
    7 Travel 54
  121. How to sneak my boyfriend in the house..?
    Okay here we go I'm 13 and me and mi boyfriend was kissing on the porch and my step dad (who doesn't like boyfriend) saw us and went crazy not knowing we were together. And we can't comeover anymore and I really need to see him p.s.
    2 Relationships 221
  122. Is it legal to carry prescribed medication gel aboard a plane to Thailand?
    It is legal to carry prescribed medication gel/cream/liquid aboard a plane to Thailand? Is it legal or not? my doctor prescribed a special gel that I would need to use every day on my vacation in Thailand, and I need to know if i'd be able to have it i...
    8 Travel 51
  123. Is anyone here planing on watching Megan want's a millionair
    Sorry if you could'nt see the full title it's suppose to say Megan want's a millionaire, I've seen a sneak peak and all I have to say wow she has to be the biggest Gold Digger I've seen so far, Incase your wondering who she is she was on Bret Michale'...
    6 Entertainment 28
  124. What can I carry my fish in when I move on the plane?
    I have a beloved goldfish i cannot leave behind. Im moving to california from wisconsin next month for a job. I know the 311 for airplanes but will they allow me to brimg my fish on the plane? I do not want to ship him kuz hell die.. Any help? If not i...
    9 Pets 51
  125. How can we sneak out of the house?
    how do you sneak out at night wihtout getting caught by the cops. cause their are these hott guys on our street and they want us to come over every wednesday at 3 cause their parents arent home. we are only 13 so if we get aught we'd be in big trouble ...
    3 Relationships 51
  126. My mom caught my x boyfriend sneaking out of my window
    Okay last night my mom caught my x boyfriend sneaking out of my window ( stupid barking dog) anyway it was 1 am so of course she thought the worst and wont believe what I say and now she is bribing me she will a tell my dad or b I have to do like all ...
    5 Family 86
  127. Can you bring cigarettes on a plane?
    Security regulations keep changing so im confused about what exactly you can and can't do. Lots of people say that you can take it as carry-on or checked luggage, but last time i was told that my mum had to pay for the carton she had in her checked lug...
    5 Travel 64
  128. How to make someone get over their fear of flying on a plane?
    See, my boyfriend has a fear of flying... now I'm the type of girl who loves to go abroad and the fastest way is by plane... It's not that he fears flying its just... he hates the fact he can't be in control of it, he's not a control freak at all, I...
    8 General 23
  129. one of my buds bro died
    Ok so thing is my buds bro died and it wasn't too far from where I live he got shot by some gang members and thing is he wasn't asking for it he just went to his car to get a cellphone battery and got shot and died,and well I feel bad about him losing ...
    5 General 14
  130. How to sneak back into your house
    I am planning to sneak out of my house tonight to meet up with my boyfriend. I only have one problem, I have a dog. I probably won't have any trouble leaving, the only part im worrying about is coming back. I fear that once I step into the door, my dog...
    9 Sex 1607
  131. me and my best guy bud?
    ok so me and my best guy bud are in a total fight right now. because I told him that I wanted to be friends with my boyfriend and hes all like want me to tell him that? and I'm alike no.I can do it I think it'll be better if I do. and then at l...
    2 Relationships 36
  132. What is something fun to do on a plane?
    I am traveling to Florida again for a vacation this year. I have gone on a plane a lot and now that I am older I have no clue what to bring. I used to bring small things like coloring to do but now... I do have a laptop, but I would rather not use it t...
    4 Travel 21
  133. Tips for sneaking out
    Okay so its been so freakin long that I've left my house at night (not gonna be for long though) The past 3 times I've gotten caught for The slightest mistakes..those that are barley Noticeable...and I want to do all that possible To not let it h...
    3 General 73
  134. umm need help on sneaking
    well this girl coming over for like 2-3 days. funny part is my mom dont know. am planning on keeping it that way. today saturday. shouldnt be no problem ( I hope) then sunday. that where I run into problem. cause she will be spending over night here. a...
    14 General 15
  135. Bud... savior and problem
    ok im a stoner strait up I want deny it and im nevr gnna giv up weed... I been busted by my parents 3 times and my dey just want accept it so I been on da dwnlow wit em 4 like 2 years. and if dey bust me one more time I get sent away 2 a boys skul so w...
    2 Family 11
  136. How can I sneak my peircing?
    Ugh ook now - ihave been wanting my belly peirced since omg forever but inever got permision everytime iask its :ashley noo you are tew young ! Blah blah blah anyway irealy realy realy want it &* iplann tew'sneak it &* just get a retainer because iwoul...
    4 Family 38
  137. Plain tees!
    How can I accsesorize my plane t shirts?
    2 Style 13
  138. this saying do you know what it means?
    what does nip it in the bud mean?
    6 General 9
  139. How long does it take from Vancouver to Ottawa?
    4 Travel 34
  140. What do you need for a baby shower?
    how do you plane an what do you need 4 a baby shower...
    2 Babies 55
  141. Going on a plane?
    Ok so here's the deal I want to go to texas to visit my girlfriend and well I looked at the flights and they went from 321 down to 274 and I'm like great and I showed my mom and said I can't go b/c she's afraid I'll get killed or something.She over exa...
    3 Travel 50
  142. Am I too old to be an unattended minor on a plane?
    My mom is a bit overprotective sometimes, me being an only child. This year I flew on an airplane by myself for the first time to Poland. My mom signed me up as an 'unattended MINOR'. I'm 14 years old! And since I'm tall and quite mature looking I look...
    3 Travel 55
  143. Would sneaking out like this work w/out getting caught?
    Okayyy so I'm planning on sneaking out tonite with my boyfriend for the first time ever. My house has a front door and back door, my parents room is next to mine and I have a dog. Here's my plan to sneak out tonite: at 1:45 tonight, I am going to slowl...
    7 Relationships 85
  144. Is this a good plan for sneaking out?
    Okayy, so next weekend I wanna sneak out with my beyfriend to hang out with these 3 Guys that our parents don't like. This is gunna be longgg. The 3 guys we wanna hang out with our parents hate because they smoke and all this stuff but me and my friend...
    4 Sex 47
  145. What/ Is it true smoking kills your tastebuds?
    I once was told that smoking kills your taste buds if this is true then do you regain your taste buds when you stop smoking? and why does smoking do this? and how bad can it get?
    9 Health 129
  146. Do you need ID
    do you need valid photo ID to board a plane
    6 Travel 38
  147. How much gas does a 767 use?
    how much gas dose a plane use (767)
    2 Travel 49
  148. pencil sharpener??
    can I bring a pencil sharpener on a carry on bag on a plane?
    3 Travel 85
  149. Math math and more math
    Do planes only contain exactly three points??
    2 Education 15
  150. Why am I losing interest in sneaking around with him?
    Ok well me and my boyfriend have been together for a lil over 3 months but we like never see each other cause my dad said I can't date him and my dad took my cell phone from me so now the only time we talk in either on e-mail while I'm at school cause ...
    3 Relationships 36
  151. angle of incidence and angle of reflection compare in a reflection
    How do the angle of incidence and angle of reflection compare in a reflection from a regular, plane mirror?
    3 Science 423
  152. Sister keeps sneaking my laptop at night! IT IS DRIVING ME FRACKING INSANE!
    Okay, so because I do my homework on my bed, my laptop is always set up a specific way. Well at night my sister has been taking it to her own bed, using it, not putting it back where it goes, and yelling at me because she is tired in the morning! she i...
    3 Family 54
  153. Warplane games world war ii
    Anybody here knows what your best war plane games?? I want to download it right now... Please let me know your best war plane games for all times?
    4 Gaming 50
  154. New Wolverine movie
    who got a sneak preview of the movie and what did you think of it? I think that it was crap.
    2 Entertainment 12
  155. What is the... cockpit of a boat called?
    The bit that the captain steers from, what you would classify as a cockpit on a plane, what would it be called on a boat?
    2 General 1810
  156. Fear of flying after 9-11
    I haven't been on a plane since 9-11 I started taking the train, and I have sorta grown a fear aginst it. But know I have to take a plane to get to a confrence in Cleveland with my job. Help!!
    9 Travel 54
  157. dumb questions
    you're the pilot of an air plane that travels from new york to chicago - a distance of 800miles. the plane travels at 200mph and makes a stop for 30 minutes. whats the pilots name?
    3 General 8
  158. What's a good online car site?
    i love to race bud i need a new online car website
    2 Gaming 50
  159. Feeling for characters in books?
    I had to read this book for school bud not buddy. Dot you think the author makes you feel so familar with bud? The way he describes everything...or in any book the way the author descrbies something What are you point of view on this matter?
    2 Literature 8
  160. Whats the best "wardrobe" to wear with skinny jeans?
    Kk, I was planing on wearing skinny jeans when I go out, and I was wondering, whats the best "wardrobe" to wear when wearing them.
    11 Style 20
  161. How long roughly does it take to fly form virginia (US) to turkey?
    How long roughly does it take to fly a jet plane from Virginia (US) to Turkey?
    2 Travel 116
  162. geometry question.
    Is it possible to have two points, point A and point B, on plane X, and not have a line that connects them?
    3 Science 17
  163. When can you fly with my baby
    I want to take my baby on a plane the flight is 26 hours waht age can they fly
    3 Babies 62
  164. Unaccompanied minor flight question
    This is a very important question. I am a minor and I might be flying on a plane soon by myself. My mom probably wants me to be kept an eye on, just in case. that and the fact I've never flown before lol So how much does it cost to have someone lik...
    5 Travel 56
  165. Who Thinks Aerial Wolf Hunting Is Wrong?
    Aerial wolf hunting is when you use a Low flying plane in the winter to track wolves and shoot them from the planes, half the times the wolves don't die on the first shot so they suffer a brutal death.
    7 Pets 22
  166. Traveling without parents
    Do they sell plane tickets to people under the age of 18? If they do do you have to have your paretns permission or their id with u? And wud I need an id to buy the ticket? And can you buy the plane ticket at the airport, the day your plane leaves? O...
    3 Travel 49
  167. Party tonight.
    So there is a party tonight and because my mum said no I cant go im staying at a friends how can I get her to sneak out with me? :)
    3 Entertainment 10
  168. Why do you have to bleach your hair to have coontails?
    I am planing on dyeing my hair jet black but I want my bangs to have blue coontails would I have to bleach my bangs.
    2 Style 29
  169. How much would thes cost...(approxiament)
    About how much would air plane tickets from usa to sweden and back cost...for each ticket?
    5 Travel 61
  170. What happens if you take the pill while youre pregnant?
    What happens if you take the pill when you pregnant? Not that im planing on doing that im just wondering like what if you don't know your prego?
    2 Health 79
  171. Is Windows Vista good or not?
    IM planing on geting a new computer that has vista it it a good or not right know I have xp
    5 Technology 24
  172. What can I do if I burnt my tounge?
    What can I do if I burnt my tounge? I can't put aloe or burn medicine on it. Can I? I split open a taste bud and it really hurts
    8 Health 37
  173. crazy over him...
    there is this amazing guys that I really like, but we are like best buds.. I really like him but he has a girlfriend... or fudge!!! how do I make him like me instead of HER>>???
    3 Relationships 37
  174. which is better?
    kings dominion or six flags america??? in Maryland, which one is better , im planing on going this week so which one shud I go to ?
    5 Entertainment 13
  175. What'' Are airplanes a sourse of pollution??
    I am doing a school project where we got to choose a source of pollution. I want to choose planes cept I ain't sure they are a pollution source
    3 Travel 23
  176. Barbados traingle is that true?
    Iz it true that theres thiz barbados traingle and that if a ship or plane passes it then it falls??? if it iz then waht makes it fall? Or what do you think that makes it fall?
    5 Travel 19
  177. Who wishes they could fly?
    so who wishes they could fly? I know I do...not in a plane or jumping from somethin just whenever you want lift off the ground and fly as far and as fast as you want
    24 General 15
  178. Why can't you use a cell phone on an airplane?
    I was wondering why you cant have your cell phone on in an airplane?? My phone has a setting called airplane mode, would that be okay to have on while the plane is moving??
    3 Travel 59
  179. got a wish granted from the make a wish foundation?
    Has anybody got a wish granted from the make a wish foundation???if so what was it like if you flew on a plane was it first class and if yall stayed in a hotel what was it like???
    2 General 13
  180. Ever smoked weed a.k.a marijuana a.k.a pot
    Have you ever smoked weed a.k.a marijuana a.k.a pot a.k.a bud a.k.a mota a.k.a canabis sativa lol well I have and I was just wonderin if you have and if you liked it??
    15 Health 53
  181. do you like cookies
    I love cookies and I love to bake them but my stove is broken and I am asking for something I can make that will satisfy my tast buds! and that cant be cooked in the stove
    9 Food 32
  182. Should I do this ?
    Okay , me and my friend are staying at my house tonight and we wanna sneak out but , I'm scared ... Everyone keeps calling me a chicken ... Should we go or stay ?
    11 Entertainment 12
  183. what happens to a 18 year old runaway in newyork?
    I dont know im not planing on runing away I just want to know that information
    5 General 68
  184. Do agencies pay for your traveling fee or do you?
    If you apply for an agency and they want to have a meeting with you but you need to take a plane or sumthing like they c/o the transportation or not?
    2 Money 24
  185. WhAt TaTtOo ShOuLd I GeT?
    5 Style 49
  186. What was this flash in the sky I saw last night?
    Last night at about midnight, my cat and I were looking out my window and there was this huge explosion in the sky followed by what looked like shooting stars coming out of it and going for miles but I don't think they were. I had recently seen a plane...
    8 Science 63
  187. Road trip
    Ok, so I'm going on a road trip with my best buds when we graduate high school, but we need some music...does anyone have any ideas for good road trip music?
    2 Music 15
  188. What is the meaning of life?
    I am looking for the many views on this topic. I think that the meaning of life is to live and learn then we move on to another plane of existance to learn some more. so tell mee what is the meaning of life to you?!?
    12 Religion 33
  189. Is someone able to bring you your school work while you're in rehab?
    Are you allowed any visitors at all? Can you sneak anything in, like a book or something? What do you wear while you're there?
    17 Health 37
  190. How old to fly alone?
    In england if your under 18 do you have to have parents' permission 2 go on a plane by yourself or can you go on without permission once your over 11? Because my friend sed once your under 11 but I fink its under 18?
    3 Travel 69
  191. flying into Minnepolis to go into Wisconsin, any tips on what to e
    In April, I will be flying into Minnepolis to go into Wisconsin to see my boyfriend. Thing is, I've never been on a plane. I'm scared but excited at the same time. I have no idea what to expect. I also live in Georgia so it's gonna be a 2 and a half ho...
    2 Travel 28
  192. R word
    ok you no how all this stuff about the are word (retarded) is coming about I was just wondering what you think of it and if your planing to stop saying it or continue to not say it just to let you no im 100% against it
    6 General 21
  193. Birth place
    Ok, so I have this weid question and I want everyone to answer. If you were born in a plane over a country, what would your birth place be? I have no idea and I really want to know.
    6 General 10
  194. How to stop my ears from popping on an airplane?
    I will be riding in an air plane 4 the 1st time and I was woundering what to do to keep my ears from popping? lame question I know
    8 Travel 65
  195. Tips For Vacation
    What are some tips for going on a vacation? I want to make a scrapbook afetwards, so what would be the best way? When should I start packing? What can I do on the plane? Thanks for the help! Cassidy
    2 Travel 9
  196. Can anyone here lucid dream?
    IS there any one here who nos who to lucid dream. lucid dreaming is where you are like planing the dream in your head while your starting to fall asleep then when you are asleep youll have that dream. I no I do almost every night but does anyone else d...
    6 General 32
  197. White Ring around top of tongue piercing
    I have a White ring Of like taste Buds or Sumthing Around my tongue Ring...I was wondering what it is and how I can get rid of it... My friend said its normal Is it?
    9 Style 11307
  198. What do you think about American Pit Bull Terriers?
    I am planing to buy a dog, and Pitbull takes the first place in my list! I also like Dobermanns!
    15 Pets 56
  199. Can I move out without telling my parents since I am 18?
    I am 18 years old & I have been told I am not able to move out of my own house & if I do I get told that they will drag me back to the house. Am I able to leave without telling my parents, can I sneak out of the house??
    3 Family 143
  200. Is it safe to ship chinchillas?
    I've been wanting one for a while but had to wait for my dad to get back from Korea and restationed. We got Idaho near mountain home but all I can find are breeders. I want a rescue one but its hard to find any centers there. Does anyone know if its ok...
    5 Pets 15
  201. Never been to a airport helpp
    Ok so tuesday im going on a plane to denver to c my girl but I dont know anything about the airport never been to one... I dont know where to board where to put my bags and when I switch planes do I get my bags or no I dont know plzz someone help tell ...
    2 Travel 59
  202. How can I go 2 this get2geter / party?
    I cant sneak out and I am not allowed 2 hang out w/ anyone so how can I go? and my parents will not let me. HELP ME PLEASE its on FRi. and its Wend. night
    2 Family 52
  203. What is this rap songs title?
    I can't think of much more of the lyrics other than.. it says.. Do a line, do a line, smoke some bud, pop a v. It's somethin along those lines. It's irritating me.. HELP!!!
    2 Music 6
  204. Will my periods stop?
    Ok so I have dramatically increased my excericise and cut down on the crap food, will this delay or stop my periods or make them lighter? Also is there anything I can take apart from the pill to stop them for one time only, otherwise I will be on a 10 ...
    3 Health 28
  205. Can I get pregnant on my period?
    Am going 2 see mi husband in three days and we are planing on having a baby but I know am going to get mi period when am there so do you think that I could still get preganat if I have mi period
    4 Health 52
  206. What do I take to the hospital when I go into labor?
    im 16 an I need help how to plane a small baby shower what I need things I need for my not sure/ an what to bring to the hospital when labor time come
    4 Babies 35
  207. My wife still talks to her ex-boyfriend
    we've been married for 2 years and she still talks to her ex. I confronted her many times as a result she cries, apologize and sneaks again over the phone or email. last time she went as far as having affair with him. That time I was maaad and we almos...
    6 Relationships 167
  208. How to stop the urges to start smoking?
    OK SO ALL MY LIFE I've KNOWN THAT SMOKING KIIS PEOPLE. but my dads been smoking for more than half of his life. did he die? nope. I really doont know why but im having strong urges to sneak in my dads room and grab one of them and go out and ssmoke. ...
    14 Health 29
  209. How long does it take from miami,florida to seaford,delaware?
    See im planning to go live in delaware...but I dont want to go on the plane because im scared of heights...and I want to know how much it costs to go on the coach busss...someone please give me a price range...because I really want to go stay up there ...
    3 Travel 110
  210. what are the risks of beeing a flight attendant ??
    i am dooing a project on it and i need to know the i knwo plane crashing and all that but is there more stress, head aches, pains somewere.....anything like that or more
    3 Health 18
  211. If a flying car is made we can travel to other countries with that car or not?
    So if a flying car is made we can use that car and forget about planes and we can use our flying car to travel to another countries or not i mean if the car can fly we wouldnt need to go to the airport and buy tickets right. What do you think?
    6 Travel 61
  212. Only for people who have been to Japan!
    Okay, so I have a two questions:: --How much does it generally cost for one person to go to Japan? [Plane, living, ect.] --What are some Japanese culture things that I should know before going?
    2 Travel 29
  213. Air travel policies?
    How old do you have to be to go on a plane by yourself? Does it vary from state to state? If so,from the arrival or descent? Sorry lol I cant word...stuff today Btw I live in massachusetts
    2 Travel 14
  214. Who thinks Steven Slater was drunk on the job?
    Steven Slater is a flight attendant who claimed to be injured by a passenger after a disagreement. Some sources are stating that he was drunk and should not have been on the plane. The story is here: What's your thought?
    2 Money 9
  215. Why can't they make Solar powered airplanes?
    If most planes are kinda high in the sky why can't they be powered by sun instead? Clouds might get in the way at times but they can store energy. And plus they fly above clouds
    9 Environment 29
  216. Why does this hurt so bad & what's the cause ?
    My right ear has like, a weird burning,an aching feeling & it's kinda red, the tip of the right side of my head gets these really short little pains, the pains aren't like little either, they hurt a lot, but it only lasts like 5 seconds ? My right jaw ...
    3 Health 49
  217. Is planning your future good or bad?
    is planing your futare as goals a good thing or a bad. I'm wanting to stay with the boyfriend I have now and I dont want to lose him so if I plan futare goals do you think that will get me to acomplish them, he wants to set some goals to? HELP ME !
    3 Relationships 125
  218. How long would it take to make $1,000 at mcdonalds?
    I'm going to work at mcdonal's soon and I need to know how long it takes to make $1000 there, I need plane tickets =/ hheellppp please!!
    5 Money 1104
  219. What should I do about my character?
    I am writting a story and one of my chracters is'nt comeing out as planed :/ ( He is kinda one of those prince charming types but I made him sound like a pedo!>.<) Have any fun advice? XD
    2 Literature 19
  220. Am I being too overbearing?
    my friends family is kind of messed up and she need help sometimes when she is angry at them, should i bud in or should i leave it alone and let her come to me if she needs or wants help??? the problem is i think she is scared to ask!!
    4 Family 37
  221. Cover up being at a party
    I have a party this weekend and I need a way to cover up that im there. I cant sneak out because it would be to late and my mom started wanting to make sur im at places because I lost my trust for doing something :s
    2 Entertainment 7
  222. dad is giving me a hardtime
    I am geting sick of my dad mom's bin planing to devor him for almost 5 moth every sins he has bin yelling at me and arguing with me what should I do to get rid of him for good
    2 Family 15
  223. this is goingg to drive me CRAZY!!!
    so, I usually sneak out of my house at night through my bedroom window while my parents are asleep... but NOW we got our alarm system thingy "activated" or whatever for when the windows open. I'm gonna lay low for a while, but see, my parents never eve...
    6 Family 46
  224. Where should I get revenge?
    So this b"tch o's mii stuff but that b"tch wont give what iz I was planing in getting revang!!!but I don't know if I should get revange at his house or at school???and any evil/good planes 2 embarrass him infront everyone at list himself.I what...
    7 Relationships 31
  225. Can I get aids from giving orel sex to a girl with aids ?
    Can I get aids from having orel sex with a girl who is already infected by aids? And am I at a higher risk of getting it if one f my taste buds is sore on my tounge...and if I had been biting the skin off my lips right before??
    5 Sex 85
  226. Why does everyone think rednecks are stupid?
    I am a redneck born raised in tha south and dang im proud of it!But why does everyone think if your a redneck or southern that your stupid or that your a hick?! why when you think of southerns do you think of trashy trailor parks?or poor people who par...
    5 General 100
  227. cell phone USB reciever for computer question
    i dont remember the name of the USB thing to recieve internet off of cell phone towers but i understand you have to pay for it but instead of buying a plan, can you use your cell plan with the USB device with out having to buy another plane for it?
    3 Technology 34
  228. I have been finding discharge in my knickers for over one year now
    I have been finding discharge in my knickers for over one year now and I still haven't started my period. Is this natural??? Will I just never start??? Also some people say that you should get some breast buds before you start and I haven't got them. A...
    3 Health 30
  229. How can I get rid of my paranoid thoughts?
    I think there is someone waiting to kill me right now...A surprise attack. Sneak up behind me and stab me in the throat. Or choke me,or rape me. How can I get rid of my paranoid thoughts? PLEASE HELP ME!! Any answer will be appreciated.
    4 General 87
  230. Why do older teenagers can get away with more things?
    Like when they sneak out. Or get a fake I.d. Or do dumb crap. Do they think they will never get caught. Do they think they're cool. Or is it bc of some family issue that goes on at their house.
    7 Babies 19
  231. Flying under 18
    If you're under 18 can you purchase a plane ticket.. train ticket.. blah blah.. the likes.. without your parents permission.. ? And what's the deal with flying by yourself if you're under? lets say... 16 about to be 17... Just tell me anything and e...
    5 Travel 83
  232. What's that feeling called where you can sense someone's presence?
    I can't stand when people stand behind me. Like when people try to sneak up on me, I know they're behind me, so I turn around before they can even scare me. because I get this feeling on the back of neck and a chill down my spine.
    5 General 24
  233. Who and what would you take with you if stranded on an island?
    Ok, Theoretical question but what 5 people and what 5 items would you take with you if you were to be stranded on a desert Island with no hope of rescue. (This cannot include boats, planes or transport related vehicles of any kind) Oh, and WHY?
    22 Travel 45
  234. What would happen if a flying car was made?
    I mean if a flying car is invented people could go to any country they want and we wouldn't need to buy plane tickets anymore what do you think would happen tell me please thank you.
    7 Cars 72
  235. Want to try new beers.
    What are some good beers to try for someone who has been a religious bud drinker his whole life. I have tried Guiness once before and it was a little strange. I have been trying mexican beers lately. I want to try some beers that aren't so dark. An...
    6 Food 29
  236. Why do I cough when cleaning my ears?
    When I use a cotton bud to clean my ears out, I don't think I'm going to far. But whilst doing it I'll get this sensation down the same side I'm cleaning and sometimes it will make me cough too. It doesn't hurt or anything, I just wondered why I get th...
    4 Health 78
  237. does music help headaches
    I have been haveing a lot of headches lately do to things going on in my life that just plane suck, I have notice that at times they get really bad. so I play music as loud as I can on my computer or ipod. when I play music my headaches get better and...
    7 Music 86
  238. Why do my skull candy headphones hurt my ears?
    ok I just got these new pair of skull candy headphones , they are the smokin buds. but everytime I wear them I get an ear ache even if the song is turned down low and is really soft. does anyone know why??
    3 Technology 588
  239. What do you think of FPV "first person view" with RC vehicles?
    My son and I are big into RC cars and flight, and I was looking over a link I saw on FPV and thought this would be a great way to fly a plane. This would double the cost of the RC, but I think it would worth it.
    6 Entertainment 17
  240. Where to get a photo ID so I can fly?
    im going on a air plane to fly. I have a paper ID but not one with my actuall picture... its coming in the mail and im not gunna get it before I fly.. so Where do I get an Identification card ? like a photo id??? I dont go to school so I dont have a ...
    6 Travel 55
  241. What are the 'Vampire Rules' and where can I find them?
    In New Moon when Bella on the plane going to Spain or wherever the Volutri is stop stop Edward from killing himself. Alice mentions these Vampires Rules such as one of the core rules is to keep their existence a secret. What are these rules and where...
    2 Entertainment 43
  242. How do I get my parents to let me wear what I want?
    My familiy does not let me wear what I want and when I want. They just dont approve! When I where my clothes in front of them they give me bad looks. They even won't let me where certain types of underwhere. It gets annoying that I have to sneak stuff...
    3 Family 46
  243. baby chiauaha stool had worms in it
    My little baby chiauaha just came here to new york on the plane from puerto rico.. he was fine all day and now all of sudden his stool had worms in it..and they are comin out even when he is not oging to the bathroom. What is this caused by and what c...
    5 Pets 46
  244. Will niacin clean my system of THC in 3 days?
    I have to take a drug test in 3 days and I've been smoking bud multiple x's a day for like 2 years, my friends told me to take 2 niacin pills in the morning and 2 at night for 3 days and I should be clean. Will that work?
    8 Drugs 18805
  245. What does dreaming of a tsunami mean?
    I had a dream last night and its a little messed up, I cant explain it all as I dont remember everything. only minor flashes. it started with me at the airport then a flash of me on the plane, it started to take off but then it fell in the water and al...
    8 General 116
  246. What is this feeling?
    I was on the plane from bogota to new york and from guayaquil to bogota and in both flights I felt like my head was hurting and then a little weezing sound came from me and it felt like my nose got thinner and I was wondeering what couldve happened eve...
    3 Travel 27
  247. Weapons of WWI
    For school I need to know how each of the weapons of war used in world war 1 effected the battle field and the war as a whole. I need to know: Trench warfare Machine guns Tanks Air planes Submarines Poison gas I know what these things are but I don'...
    2 Education 43
  248. How can I get my daily vegetable servings w/o eating actual vegetables ?
    OR How can I try vegetables w/o gagging? Everytime I eat vegetables I gag. The taste doesn't match my taste buds and the smell makes me feel sick. I know vegetables are suppose to be good for you but isn't fruit better ?
    8 Nutritionfitness 48
  249. Scooter
    I bought this Razor electric scooter from my shop teacher. It only needs a charger and some batteries. It only cost 10 bucks. The problem is... my mom doesn't know. How do you sneak a scooter into your house? How do you get it on the school bus in the ...
    3 Family 25
  250. How much should I run a day?
    I don't have stamina at all like if I run a 1/2 kilo I literally feel like my chest is going to burn am not fat or anything but I has been a really really long time since I worked out but am planing on starting now but how much should I run a day ? w...
    5 Nutritionfitness 26