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  1. Why does sperm smell?
    3 Health 1948
  2. Why do I smell so bad down there?
    Why do I smell so bad down there?
    2 Health 1511
  3. Do birds pee?
    8 Pets 26
  4. Does the smell of woman's ejaculation same as pee?
    6 Health 898
  5. Why do fish smell?
    5 Pets 145
  6. What does funny smelling pee mean?
    what does it mean if when you pee it smells funi?
    7 Health 287
  7. How to remove rv smell?
    How to remove rv smell?
    2 General 898
  8. why do snakes pee but not poop?
    why do snakes pee but not poop!!???
    7 Pets 63
  9. Why does my period smell so strong?
    Why does my period smell so strong?
    3 Health 990
  10. Do woman pee in the shower too ?
    Do woman pee in the shower too ?
    9 General 99
  11. Why do my cats pee everywhere
    Why do my cats pee everywhere
    6 Pets 60
  12. How do elephants pee?
    How do elephants pee :o?
    4 Pets 200
  13. Which animal can smell the best?
    Which animal has can smell the best?
    8 Pets 76
  14. Does c*m have a smell?
    Does c*m have a smell
    11 Health 802
  15. Why does my cat pee on the stove?,
    why does the cat pee on the stove?
    5 Pets 100
  16. when a kid pees the bed his room smells like pee whats the best way to get rid of the smell?
    3 Homegarden 24
  17. Why does urine smell metallic?
    2 Health 221
  18. Why does poop smell bad?
    9 General 59
  19. Why do you pee when you laugh to much?
    5 General 51
  20. Why do I shiver sometimes when I pee?
    7 Health 28
  21. Why is pee sometimes hot?
    4 Health 31
  22. Why do airplanes smell funny?
    2 General 40
  23. why does pussy smell bad?
    3 Health 2000
  24. Is it bad to hold in your Pee?
    6 Health 71
  25. does anyone smell different smells depending on what music the listen to or am i just werd?
    7 Music 25
  26. Could smelling hand sanitizer cause you to lose the sense of smell?
    2 Health 83
  27. How to get the smell if cigarettes off my hands?
    how can I get the smell of cigarettes of my hands
    7 Health 113
  28. What if my dog has the urge to pee a lot?
    my dog has the urge to pee a lot,what should I do
    7 Pets 70
  29. how to remove smell of alcohol on breath
    how to remove smell of alcohol on breath
    4 Health 503
  30. Does anyone actually like peeing in your pants or peeing outside?
    I know this is very random but does anyone actually like peeing in your pants or peeing outside?!
    5 Health 143
  31. How can I stop my cat from peeing on everything?
    I have a cat who pee's on everything how can I stop that?
    5 Pets 70
  32. dog smell
    does dogs like the smell of perfume?
    3 Pets 16
  33. Whats some nice smelling perfume?
    Whats some nice smelling perfume?:)
    9 Shopping 49
  34. How to hide cigarette smell on clothes?
    How to hide cigarette smell on clothes?
    2 General 96
  35. Why does my Vagina Ich and burn when i pee?
    2 Health 260
  36. What are the best smelling lotions and soaps?
    8 Style 39
  37. Why does it burn to pee when I'm on my period?
    9 Health 283
  38. Why do dogs smell other dog's urine and their poop?
    2 Pets 51
  39. What is a vagina supposed to smell like?
    3 Relationships 2584
  40. Why do some people's feet smell while others don't?
    2 Health 114
  41. Why does it hurts when i pee and causein bleeding?
    8 Health 92
  42. What smell do guys like girls to smell like ?
    Lol, like what perfumes and what not ? I'm just wondering(:
    10 Style 67
  43. How do you get the smell of alcohol off of your breath?
    8 Health 119
  44. How do people pee if they have a chastity belt on?
    5 General 168
  45. Do guys like the smell of a vagina?
    21 Health 1202
  46. Why does sweat smell really sour?
    4 Health 107
  47. Do vaginas smell bad after alcohol?
    4 Health 833
  48. what: is it true that girls get turned off when they smell a guys colonge but they can get turned on when they smell perfume?
    6 Relationships 50
  49. Why does my fanny smell really bad?
    10 Health 123
  50. clothes smell like smoke too how do I get the smell out?
    I feel clothes smell like smoke too how do I get the smell out?? pzz help!
    6 Style 49
  51. What does it mean when my dog will pee outside in one area then a little pee again in another then another lol?
    7 Pets 29
  52. Is it true that Panda Bears pee through their body; like they don't use their private parts to pee?
    4 Pets 48
  53. I need more advise than to go and pee on a stick
    I need more advise than to go and pee on a stick
    3 Health 24
  54. How can my feet smell if they dont have a nose ?
    How can my feet smell if they dont have a nose ??? XD
    6 General 97
  55. Do female cats pee more than male cats?
    Do femail cats pee more than male cats?
    4 Pets 230
  56. when I get horny I always need a pee why is this ?
    when I get horny I always need a pee why is this ??
    3 Relationships 409
  57. How do I get the smell of urine out of my leather sofa?
    How do I get the smell of urine out of my leather sofa
    5 Homegarden 67
  58. when I get horny,it feels like I have to pee why is this?
    when I get horny,it feels like I have to pee why is this?
    2 Relationships 244
  59. Is peeing once or twice a day normal?
    I usually only pee once or twice a day. Is that normal?
    3 Health 349
  60. Peeing while masterbating?
    I was masterbating and when I had an orgasm I started peeing, is that normal?
    2 Sex 647
  61. Why is it hard to pee after sex?
    Why is it after you have sex..why when you pee its hard to and it kinda hurts.?
    2 Sex 165
  62. Vagina is hurting and it burns/hurts when I go pee?
    My vagina is hurting and it burns/hurts when I go pee?
    3 Health 349
  63. Why is it smelling down there?
    why does my down there smells like fish sometimes? what ia this
    8 Health 291
  64. Should you buy fish at a fish market if it smells fishy?
    9 Food 103
  65. Why do dogs pee on fire hydrants?
    Or is it just in cartoons?
    7 Pets 97
  66. Why does semen smell like chlorine?
    My semen smells like chlorine. Is it normal? If not, then what should it smell like and how do I get it normal?
    12 Health 4221
  67. Why does everything smell differently when I step out of the shower?
    3 Health 30
  68. How to help my period from smelling bad?
    if my period come it will be smelling, also, after it will also be smelling. what can I do?
    3 Health 417
  69. Whats the difference of a woman's pee to woman's squirt?
    2 Relationships 889
  70. Why is it that girls feel like they have to pee during sex?
    7 Sex 370
  71. What makes you have to pee more when you're about to start your cycle?
    3 Health 16
  72. What to do when your deodorant goes bad in school and you smell bad?
    4 Health 130
  73. Are the chemicals in nail polish bad for you to smell?
    5 Health 31
  74. what is the smell of woman's squirt after 2 days?or more?
    3 Health 111
  75. Why do i love the smell of Axe?
    10 Style 42
  76. if liquor is supposed to dehydrate you why do you pee more when you drink?
    4 Health 21
  77. How to get rid of oven cleaner smell?
    2 Homegarden 71
  78. What's the best brand and your favorite smell of deoderant?
    9 Style 16
  79. What causes pee to be yellow besides dehydration?
    8 Health 55
  80. Is it normal for my puppy to pee when she is scared?
    When my puppy is scared or nervous she pees, is this normal and if so will she outgrow it?
    4 Pets 51
  81. Who has to go pee?
    anyone have to go pee,but to lazy to get up and go? hhaha[:
    22 Health 45
  82. Pee sneeze..wierd..I know?
    Is it normal to pee alittle when you sneeze. ? I know..its wierd.!
    10 Health 55
  83. Peeing a lot on my period- normal?
    everytime I come on my period I have to pee a this normal?
    5 Health 4087
  84. Dog peeing in floor
    How do I get my dog to stop peeing on hardwood floors
    3 Pets 115
  85. Why do I smell like ammonia down there?
    Why is there an ammonia like smell coming from my vaginal area.
    5 Health 18288
  86. My balls hurt when i pee?
    It hurt my balls and burns my stomach went I pee
    5 Health 136
  87. Ear gauges smell
    What should I do to make my ear gauges not smell so bad? And what should I clean them with?
    3 Style 313
  88. What happens if someone constantly pees?
    what happens if someone just like ... constantly needs pee?
    2 Health 56
  89. C*m smells like that you eat??
    Is it true that c*m smells like what you eat??
    8 Health 164
  90. Everytime I get horny I feel like I have to pee, why is that?
    Everytime I get horny I feel like I have to pee, why is that?
    3 Health 873
  91. Wife some times smell like fish what can she do to fix that
    My wife some times smell like fish what can she do to fix that
    5 Health 459
  92. Get the smell of cat piss out of sneakers?
    How dp you get the smell of cat piss out of sneakers???
    5 Pets 45
  93. Will mouth wash take the smell of alchol out of our breath?
    Will mouth wash take the smell of alchol out of our breath?
    3 General 96
  94. Period smell
    when ever you get your period don;t you smell this funky smell...well if you don;t I should I get rid of it
    21 Health 1291
  95. Really good smelling shampoos?
    what are some really good smelling shampoos that you can smell throughout the day and not just in the shower???
    10 Style 251
  96. Why did my fingers smell after touching her?
    I Fingered my GirlFriend and my fingers smelled afterward, what is that smell? How do I get rid of it?
    11 Relationships 17540
  97. Why does my earwax smell like cotton candy for REAL?
    16 Health 103
  98. Why do I get the urge to pee, but end up not discharging urine?
    5 Health 47
  99. What cologne and/or perfume smell is your favorite?
    7 Style 33
  100. What does it mean when the electronics in my house give off a fishy smell?
    4 Technology 77
  101. What would an aged fart in a jar smell like?
    12 Health 87
  102. is it possible when fingering a girl to put a finger in the hole she pees from?
    10 Health 612
  103. how do I make my ferett smell good
    3 Pets 29
  104. Why do I smell like ass even after I take a shower?
    14 Health 379
  105. Why do I pee when I masturbate?
    Also ...can I come and not spell any liquid?
    2 Sex 128
  106. What are some good, long lasting, and good smelling candles I can get?
    6 Homegarden 34
  107. What is the cause for the rotten egg smell when someone burps?
    2 Health 405
  108. what does it mean when a dog is constaly letting out a nasty smell?
    7 Pets 55
  109. Do you have to pee every 15 minutes when you have a bladder infection?
    7 Health 85
  110. What is a good deodorant for men to stop smelling and sweating?
    12 Style 29
  111. What type of male deo do girls like the smell of?
    7 Relationships 44
  112. why do my panties always smell like pee and I wipe myself good
    after I come from the bathroom after peeing an hour later if I go back my panties smell like pee and I wash myself good
    2 Health 1542
  113. Pee smells strong, what's wrong?
    For the last couple of days my pee has smelt reali strong and horrible. Does anyone myt no what it is? X
    9 Health 157
  114. Does your poo smell?
    Does your poo smell? (yes/no) (if yes how badly 1-10)
    7 Health 29
  115. get rid of the cat pee smell when it's already dried in?
    how do you get rid of the cat pee smell when it's already dried in?! we are considering moving into a house, and the carpet wreaks of cat spray..thanks.
    3 Pets 49
  116. Hold pee for too long
    If you hld your pee to long does it mess up your bladder or sumn?
    13 Health 136
  117. Why do some girls vagina smell bad?
    Why do some girls vagina smell really bad like fish?
    16 Health 7031
  118. How do I get beer smell off of my breath?
    How do I remove the smell of alcohol from my breath after drinking beer
    11 Health 1770
  119. Cat peeing on furniture
    My daugher's cat is peeing on my new couch, how do I stop him.
    5 Pets 88
  120. Every time I Laugh I have to pee
    Every time I Laugh even if its a light laugh I have to pee how can I stop t his?
    2 Health 70
  121. Good shampoo for curly hair that smells good?
    whats a good shampoo for really curly that smells really good?
    3 Style 74
  122. Can you get pregnant with pee?
    Hey, I was wondering, can you get pregnant with pee??? I'm not joking.
    5 Health 89
  123. Why does my vagina smell like a stong lobster smell?
    It just started this week and maybe just starting on birth control has something to do with it? Is it anything serious?
    6 Health 980
  124. What are foods that smell good and make your breathe smell good too?
    .besides mints and minty gum which FYI aren't really food anyway)?
    5 Food 32
  125. Does cum smell?
    Does cum smell? && can it change the way a female smells down there when he c*ms inside of her?
    8 Relationships 2348
  126. What do you smell or how does it smell when you step out of your house?
    I smell smoke and see smoke really bad! There is a forest fire 10 miles from my house and the wind is bringing the smoke this way.
    7 General 41
  127. your opinion on the smell of gasoline? : )
    does anyone else have an obsession with the smell of gasoline? I think it smells GREATTT: )
    13 General 51
  128. Vagina is itchy and I think it smells funny?
    my vagina is itchy and I think it smells can other people smell this odor or is it just me and I shave down there
    6 Health 1445
  129. Why does my pee smells like this?
    I have bin taking notice of the smell of my has a sweetish smell.. I sometimes wonder if it have something to do with my amniotic fluid.. Any help on what it can be?
    3 Health 212
  130. Does your vagina smell like pee!!!
    Does your vagina smell and taste like pee??? Some people say its a fishy smell or a sweet smell if you eat fruit but I think mine just smells like pee!!! No joke!!! Haha lolz this is kinda funny!
    8 Health 4124
  131. How many floors would my pee reach if I was to pee off a building?
    How many floors would a persons pee reach if they were to pee off a really high building. An average person passes 40 to 60 ounces of pee per day?
    2 Health 23
  132. Is it normal for a new bass amp to smell like smoke?
    3 Technology 39
  133. How to get your breath always smelling good?
    What can I do so my breath can always be so fresh (and so clean clean)?
    4 Health 65
  134. whats ur fave type of incense stick smell?
    15 Homegarden 28
  135. Can you smell the oil on your face?
    Is that like possible if you have oily skin?
    3 Style 31
  136. Did anybody have a really bad smell in their mouths when their braces came off?
    4 Health 65
  137. Why do dogs paws smell like fritos (brand of chips)???
    24 Pets 86
  138. Why do I get cramps after I pee?
    It doesn't matter if im on or off my period.
    3 Health 46
  139. What if your farts smelled like roses but had a ridiculously loud noise?
    28 Entertainment 32
  140. Does sex make a male pee funny?
    is it true if a male has sex is it true that he will pie funny
    2 Sex 151
  141. Why does my cum smell like baby formula?
    Is it normal for cum to smell like baby formula? And if not, is there something wrong?
    2 Relationships 1225
  142. What is the average number of times a person should pee?
    What is the average amount of times should a person pee in one day
    4 Health 251
  143. Peeing in public
    I always hold my pee & poop in public. Dose any do this also if so how long do you hold it?
    4 Health 60
  144. why does my boyfriends cum smell
    Every time we have sex as soon as my boyfriend cums it smells of fish. Why is this and what can I do?
    3 Sex 613
  145. What does DP5E mean for a pee test?
    hey I went for a pee test and it was a DP5E, does anybody know what that is?
    3 Health 37
  146. Can I get pregnant if my boyfriend pees in me?
    Could I be pregnant if my boyfriend pees in me? Like, he hasn't, but I was just wondering.
    11 Health 385
  147. Vagianal Smell
    Is it normal to have a little vaginal smell? It's not to strong but I can notice it's there. Can other people notice it too?
    4 Relationships 265
  148. How can you make sure you smell your best down ther?
    Looking for helpful tip so make sure you smell your best down there.
    4 Health 1096
  149. Why am I peeing so much in one day?
    Why am I peeing so much in one day? I hardly even drink anything in the day
    4 Health 179
  150. Why do people pee themselves when scared?
    Really, is there a scientific reason for why people pee themselves when theyre scared? Or any answer?
    3 Health 194
  151. Smell sweat between breasts?
    Why does my vagina smell really bad when I sweat it, also smells bad between my breast. Could I have aids?
    6 Health 657
  152. dog pee
    how can I get my dog to stop peeing in the house we ahve a doggy door but he keeps peeing in the house
    5 Pets 73
  153. Why is my pee cloudy and smells like metal?
    My pee is clowdy and smells like copper or metal of some sort . This has been happening for a long time. I am not a fan of doctor visits and have put this off long enough. Anybody?
    3 Health 155
  154. How do I make my car smell better?
    My car doesn't smell bad, but it doesn't smell "lovely." Though I don't think that it smells bad, but my sister and mom think that it smells. . . off. What should I do?
    4 General 58
  155. what is she supposed to smell like DOWN THERE???
    what is a girl supposed to smell like DOWN THERE??? because I kinda smelled it before and NO it didnt smell like FISH... but it did have an odor to it... it wasnt a terrible smell. . but what shud it smell like anyway?
    3 Health 4383
  156. How do you train a dog to pee in the proper place and without hiring a trainer?
    3 Pets 21
  157. How to tell my friend she smells?
    how can I tell my friend that she has a bad odor without hurting her feelings?
    6 Health 49
  158. Is it normal for a little pee to come out of a girl, while having sex?
    9 Sex 177
  159. would the phrase 'Evil smelling' be a similie, Symbolism, metaphor, or hyperbole?
    2 General 59
  160. preffered smell of boys
    for the girls how do you want a boy to smell. deoderant, aftershave or completely fresh?
    4 Relationships 22
  161. Why is my puppy peeing when people speak to her?
    what is causing my puppy to pee when ever she is spoken to by some people at different times?
    4 Pets 141
  162. my dog seems to pee a lot when she is outside why is this?
    we are not sure why she seems to pee a lot she is 1 years old
    2 Pets 38
  163. How can you get rid of the smell of urine?
    my freind got drunk and pissed on my carpet, how can I get rid of the smell??
    6 Homegarden 125
  164. Is there a spray to make your hair smell nicer?
    Is there something that you can spray on to make your hair smell nicer? (almost like a perfume?)
    6 Style 102
  165. Friend always smells musky, how can I tell her without hurting her
    my best friend always smells musky How can I tell her without hurting her feelings?
    3 Health 77
  166. Should it burn when peeing after losing your virginity?
    my friend was telling me that it burns to pee the first time after loseing your virginity is this true?
    3 Health 684
  167. Peeing on his pillow
    Why is my male pit bull puppy peeing on all the stuff he lays on? (blankets,pillows)
    3 Pets 88
  168. Dog that doesn't smell
    I would love a dog but my dad says they smell, are there any that don't? Please help!
    5 Pets 107
  169. When I first masturbated (today) I had to pee every 10 minuets?
    WHen I first masturbated I had to pee every 10 minuestes after is that normal?
    8 Sex 97
  170. My old dog is peeing everywhere
    my rottweiler is 13 years old and for a few weeks now hes been peeing everywhere what can I do
    7 Pets 287
  171. Why do I feel like I have to pee?
    When me and my boyfriend have sex, right towards the end I feel like I have to pee. Why do I get that feeling?
    4 Sex 128
  172. how many times a day is one supposed to pee ??
    how many times a day is one supposed to pee ?? random I know but I am wondering
    3 Health 89
  173. Does every girls discharge have a smell to it?
    Should discharge be completely odorless or can it have a smell without there being something wrong?
    3 Health 207
  174. My boxer is in her 2nd heat about 14 days into it, has a bad smell?
    My boxer is in her 2nd heat about 14 days into it. She is having a bad smell coming from her is that natural
    2 Pets 42
  175. Is it normal to have to pee after you've been fingered?
    Is it normal to have to pee after you've been fingered? I've been fingered, 2 in the past like week probably, and after each time I've had to pee
    5 Relationships 939
  176. My pee smells like fish!!
    In the past three days my pee has been smelling like fish and everytime I have to pee I feel ticklish down there after I am done, but it seemes like I need to keep on peeing even though nothing is coming out...please help!!!
    3 Health 740
  177. does marijuana smell like a skunk?
    sry I have no idea how to spell it but does marijuana smell like a skunk?? I don't know what does it smell like?/ (the kind you smoke)
    14 Health 410
  178. How to get rid of the smell of a cat spraying on the sofa?
    How do I get rid of the smell? I hate the idea of throwing out my sofa but the smell is killing me.
    9 Pets 266
  179. whats that smell?
    I think like every night, we all smell a skunk, or something similar to a skunk. the smell is HORRIBLE. what can we do??
    4 General 31
  180. When cutting your toe nails do you smell your toe nail?
    Yes or No. Please be honest, there is people who said yes.
    22 Style 36
  181. How can i make my pussy/cum tast good and smell good?
    8 Relationships 336
  182. how come when i hold my *pee* its starts to burn real bad?
    ..iz it real bad or just normal?
    9 Health 3236
  183. why do i feel like peeing when i get too horny?is it normal?what do u think is the problem if it is?
    11 Health 891
  184. What do to about burnt smelling jeans?
    I have these black jeans and they always smell burnt when I wash them, anything I can do about this or why it happens? None of my other jeans have this problem.
    3 Style 136
  185. What is your favorite smell?
    Hai im so bored and I am asking weird questions. Sooo...whats your favorite smell
    12 General 35
  186. Peeing in Bath water
    I herd that peeing in the bath water while bathing in it is good for your skin to me this is being gross and Dirty. is this Trew or False. ?
    3 Health 1101
  187. I straightened my hair last night but its all dry and smells funny
    WHY WHY WHY!! it smells gross, its all dry and I can barley move it
    3 Style 64
  188. Why does it hurt to pee when on period?
    When I'm on my period it usually hurts when I pee a little. It never happens any other time. Is this normal?
    4 Health 10179
  189. Do cats make house smell bad?
    My parents dont want to get me a cat because they think that it will make the house smell bad ?
    11 Pets 183
  190. Why do I smell on the outside of the vagina?
    I dont have a smell comin from the inside of my vagina its the part on the outside by my legs not the lips the skin between my legs and vagina what is it?
    2 Health 840
  191. Why does ink smell weird?
    when i write on a paper and i put my nose closer to the written ink it smells funny
    2 General 73
  192. Shampoo/conditioner that makes hair smell good?
    What shampoo and/or conditioner make your hair smell really nice and good??
    10 Style 160
  193. Why is my shitzu loosing hair and smells bad?
    My dog is loosing hair. Smells bad, Itches all the time. Scaley skin
    5 Pets 74
  194. burning pee
    when I pee it kinda feels like a burning itching sensation, what does this mean? am I pregnant ? do I have an STD?
    5 Health 110
  195. Drug test pee
    How do I use my friends pee to pass a piss test ? How to keep it warm and where to put it?
    3 Drugs 234
  196. Normal for a man's penis to smell like fish?
    My friend wants to know, is it normal for a man's penis to smell like fish? What is the cause?
    5 Health 1396
  197. smoking smell
    my mom smokes and I absolutely hate the smell. any tips on how to get rid of the smell. besides washing clothes?
    5 Health 68
  198. Why does my crotch area smell like sweat?
    Every once in awhile my crotch area smells of sweat...inside and out. What causes this smell and how do I get rid of it?
    7 Health 3222
  199. Peeing exessivley ?
    I keep peeing like every 5 minnuits . Like I pee and then only a little . Wht could that mean
    4 Health 19
  200. Can you pee with a tampon in?
    can you pee with a tampon in? my mom says no, but I'm not entirely sure. I can't afford to keep changing them when I have to pee. any advice?
    8 Health 344
  201. Get rid of the smell of cigarettes?
    How can I get the smell of cigarettes of your friend was smoking and I dont want my dad to know
    13 Health 229
  202. How to get rid of a smoke smell on couches and one mattress?
    it is a very strong smell.febreze does not work.
    9 Homegarden 62
  203. Am I weird for liking the smell of chlorine?
    I like the smell of might be because im a swimmer but other swimmiers hate it but I love I strange?
    19 General 294
  204. Why she had nosebleed and smell blood sometimes?
    She had a nosebleed and sometomes she told me she smell blood in her nose when she felt hot, she had serious illness?
    2 Health 57
  205. Why do male dogs hike their leg to pee but other male animals don't?
    Just curious and I know a dumb question
    4 Pets 56
  206. Why does my penis hurt after peeing?
    If ones penis starts to hurt after pissing in the toilet for about 5minutes, is that a sign of a STD?
    3 Health 122
  207. What do you think of the new perfume of Lady Gaga's with her own blood smell?
    That is so crazy. Who wanna smell like that lol.
    13 Style 35
  208. Which Smells Better?
    I have a question: Which smells better? Vanilla Fantasy or Cotton Candy Fantasy? Both are from the Body Fantasies Collection and both smell good but which one is better? Random Question.
    11 Style 34
  209. Why does my watch smell bad when it gets wet?
    well whenever my watchs get wet or I sweat it smells bad! It get anoying. And if you know why what cani do to make it not smell bad?
    5 General 229
  210. Why, everytime I walk into my dorm, I have the sudden urge to pee?
    It's so bad that I almost can't make it to the bathroom
    3 Health 44
  211. is it normal to bled heavy for two days an pee alot after your first time having sex?
    4 Sex 81
  212. I smell like fish after my boyfriend goes in me is this normal
    I smell like fish after my boyfriend goes in me it gets so bad that I told him not to go in me anymore
    2 Health 707
  213. Why do I got to pee after asking a good question?
    Why is a typical HS history class, so boring?
    2 Education 15
  214. How can I get my breath to smell good?
    ok how do I get like really smelling good breathe through out the whole day?? Like where it doesnt stink at all??
    8 Style 87
  215. What are some nice smelling shower gels?
    from bath and body works or the body shop maybe but what kinds...
    3 Style 7
  216. Why do uggs make your feel smell really bad when you take them off ?
    -.- even if you wear socks,
    6 Style 178
  217. What does it smell like in a strip club?
    weirdo question I know,but I've always wondered. ...
    3 General 497
  218. Smells like teen spirit music vid
    Whos the drummer in the music vid smells like teen spirit by nirvana, is it dave grohl??
    2 Music 21
  219. If somebody would make a device for women to pee standing women would use it?
    Just curious about that. What do you think?
    6 General 20
  220. When I pee out little drops of blood
    I am having a hard time peeing and when I do pee ,,I sometimes pee in drops,and sometime I pee out alittle drop pf blood?...please help I want to know what I can doo?
    3 Health 236
  221. Does it matter if I use a man's or a woman's pee?
    If I used someone else's pee to pass a drug test, could they tell if it a woman's pee or a man's?
    4 Health 93
  222. Would spraying perfume in your hair make the smell last?
    Would spraying some perfume or body spray in your hair help the smell stay longer?
    3 Style 50
  223. Why can I taste and smell blood?
    so basically for awhile at random I can smell and taste blood in my mouth. anyone know why? its not when I have a bloody nose.
    3 Health 273
  224. How do ladies pee
    like I know we sit and pee, but like how does it go through the body to the desination point. AKA the toilet
    4 Health 61
  225. Why does my vagina smell like my boyfriend even though we haven't had sex in two weeks?
    3 Sex 936
  226. Why do I smell blood but theres no there?
    Sometimes I can smell blood like my nose is bleeding or about to bleed and when I blow or whip my nose there is no sign of blood soo what could it be why do I smell blood but theres no there?
    2 Health 642
  227. vagina started hurting and it feels like I need to pee
    I had sex recently and my vagina started hurting and it feels like I need to pee whats wrong
    3 Sex 318
  228. Why is it that when a guy fingers you you start to pee?
    I was wondering if its normal for when your boyfriend starts fingering you I start to pee and its not a little bit sometimes its a lot.
    4 Relationships 664
  229. How come everytime I think about food or smell food I feel the need to puke until I'm hospitalized?
    11 Health 36
  230. Why do I start to pee when I get horny?
    when I start to get horny I really start to need to pee. Then I ignore it and start to masterbate but when I start to like it I have to stop because I feel like I am going to pee. what should I do just keep going or what??
    4 Sex 3109
  231. my friend been's smelling
    my friend has been smelling like and my other friend has been trying to help her and she just wont listen to us..she says some women smell like fish and they cant help it...can someone help us?
    2 Health 124
  232. How do I get rid of the smell of cooking fish?
    Whenever I try cooking fish I realise that the fish I cook has a weird, turn-off-esque fishy smell. How do I get rid of the smell?
    4 Food 58
  233. When should I take it out, beforeor after I pee?
    This is the first time I've used a tampon and I have to pee but I was wonderin if I have to take it out before I pee I think so but I wanted to make sure
    3 Health 68
  234. My feet always smell bad?
    Yeah so my feet always smell bad do you know how to make it stop Oh and my breath always smells bad Please help this is terrible
    5 Health 78
  235. Does Polo Black cologne smell good?
    i was thinking about buying my husband polo black.I was told it smelled good. whats your advice?
    2 Style 133
  236. Why is it that when I smell or eat certain foods I feel sick?
    Why is it that when I smell or eat certain foods I feel sick? It happens to me very often. What wrong with me? No Im not pregnant..
    2 Health 81
  237. Do fish poop and pee?
    like do they have butt holes and pee holes?,because i never see them and the fish tank never shows anything and do they sleep?
    4 Pets 121
  238. how to take a pregnancy test...BTW I Gotta pee now!
    k I need to pee like now so answers quick! how do I take one?
    6 Health 38
  239. When your a month pregnant do you pee a lot?
    My friend thinks she might be a month prego. She said shes been peeing a lot. Is it too early for signs?
    7 Health 72
  240. When she pees it looks like snot comes out?
    Kk my friend sarah told me when she pees it looks like snot comes out she wants to know what it means!
    7 Health 1924
  241. Is it normal to love cigarette smoke smell?
    Okay, I just want to know what other people think about this: I like the smell of cigarette smoke, but I don't like smoking itself. Is that weird or normal or what?
    5 Health 121
  242. is it normal to pee a little but while having an orgasam??
    Masterbation, sometimes I pee a little when having an orgasam. I can't help it. Is this normal. A bad or good thing. And what do guys think??
    3 Sex 170
  243. Peeing puppy
    My 6 month old german shep mix won't stop peeing and pooing on the carpet
    2 Pets 65
  244. whenever im horny I feel as though I have to pee?
    whenever im horny( it sounds like such a sick word) sometimes I feel as though I have to pee? explanation?
    2 Health 1582
  245. Po pee test
    I have one day befor I see my po I smoked to day is there any way I can clean my system befor I see her.
    2 Health 26
  246. My best friend smells like poo
    my friend who I have been friends with for 3 years has bad body oder what should I say to him or what should I do
    7 Health 89
  247. What should I tell my parents if they ask why I smell like smoke?
    I smoke and I don want to get caught...any ideas on what to say?
    13 Family 40
  248. How do I tell my girlfriend that her vagina smells bad?
    How do I tell my Girl Friend that her Vagina has a bad smell to it...It smells like a sweaty armpit..I don't want to her her feelings..Do you have any idea why it would smell that way
    6 Health 1272
  249. ~best smelling shampoo/conditionair~
    what do you think the best smelling shampoo and conditionair is? I love vo5! the chamapin kiss shampoo smells so good when you get out of the shower!
    2 Style 56
  250. Why is there blood in my pee after sex?
    I did it with my boyfriend yesterday. And today we were freaking out. I kept feeling the need to pee. And today when I pee, there was blood. So am I like pregnant? Or is it something else? It was only yesterday.
    3 Sex 194