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  1. my boobs are so small what should I do?
    my boobs are so small what should I do
    10 Style 196
  2. What is an small bowel meal?
    5 Health 18
  3. Is your city or town boring?
    17 Travel 17
  4. What's a good way to make about $100 in a small town by August?
    2 Money 22
  5. Do you think it's better to live in small towns or big cities?
    5 General 10
  6. How do I get a small beehive hair do?
    How do I get a small beehive hair do??
    3 Style 48
  7. How to build up small legs?
    I have small legs how do I build them up just a little?
    2 Nutritionfitness 78
  8. Towns in windsor, can anyone give me a few?
    Towns in windsor, can anyone give me a few?
    3 Travel 4
  9. Nipple piercings on small breasts?
    Nipple piercings on small breasts?
    5 Style 1604
  10. Is it natural to have small boobs at 14?
    Is it natural to have small boobs at 14?
    11 Style 560
  11. Is a size 5 big or small?
    Is a size 5 big or small?
    7 Style 44
  12. Why can't i put a tampon in my vagina? is it too small?
    12 Health 139
  13. How do I change from capital letters to small letters?
    6 Technology 14
  14. How should I welcome a new neighbor into the town?
    8 Relationships 39
  15. Is it weird to want to have a long distance relationship when you live in a very small town?
    7 Relationships 17
  16. Should it be illegal to own a pitbull if you have small children?
    12 Pets 45
  17. What's a good small snake to have as your pet?
    7 Pets 32
  18. How do you remove a small surgery scar?
    4 Style 27
  19. why does Dolly Parton have small feet?
    8 General 84
  20. How is the weather in Cape Town in May?
    8 Environment 25
  21. What is better huge butt\small boobs or small butt\huge boobs?
    I have a huge ass and small boobs but I don't know if guys like that or small butt and huge boobs
    6 Style 253
  22. Would you rather live in a: big city, small town, or the middle of the country?
    18 Travel 52
  23. Where are good places to take pictures before homecoming besides the courthouse in a small town?
    6 General 42
  24. What can I do with my small room?
    I have a really small room, like 6x7. I have like no room. What can I do?
    4 Homegarden 132
  25. Do youll thank that Town Managers are cool?
    Do youll thank that Town Managers are cool?
    2 General 19
  26. Small ferret
    I have a fairly small ferret, how can I make her fatter/bigger?
    3 Pets 23
  27. games and icons are small
    why are the icons and games on my computer so small all of a sudden
    4 Technology 18
  28. Big or small butts?
    Guys: Do you like big butts? Or small butts?
    8 Style 77
  29. How do I start a small business with little money?
    How to start a Small Business with little money or no money at all?
    8 Money 58
  30. What personnel records are needed for small retailer?
    2 Money 114
  31. Is it to small to use a 20guage ring in your lip?
    6 Style 49
  32. Is it okay to walk a small dog in the snow?
    9 Pets 47
  33. What's the quickest way to get a small waist?
    5 Nutritionfitness 55
  34. What lesson, big or small, has a child taught you?
    19 Babies 23
  35. is it normail to have small bumps in the inner libia?
    2 Health 174
  36. How do I get a small acting career started?
    9 Money 26
  37. What town was Elizabeth Short found when she was murdered?
    11 Politics 38
  38. How to get a fit small arm?
    how do I get a fit/small arm?
    3 Nutritionfitness 20
  39. Is Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, a town or city?
    2 Travel 40
  40. How to get rid of small pimples fast?
    5 Style 28
  41. Do anybody know which town of Slovenia is the most biggest?
    3 Travel 9
  42. How many calories are in a small Chai Latte?
    5 Nutritionfitness 19
  43. Can I get a small business loan after filling banruptcy?
    Can I get a small business loan after filling banruptcy?
    3 Money 12
  44. Can I get a small business loan after filling bankruptcy?
    Can I get a small business loan after filling bankruptcy?
    3 Money 19
  45. do you know where can I get a loan to start a small business
    do you know where can I get a loan to start a small business.
    5 Money 30
  46. Small friendly dogs
    What are different kinds of cute small dogs that are friendly?
    7 Pets 17
  47. Small Waist Big Hips
    I have a small waist and not hugh hugh hips, but they are too big for my body..what should I do?
    8 Nutritionfitness 399
  48. Is it better to live in a big city like New York, or in a small town to get a job?
    7 Money 17
  49. how can i get over guys always telling me about my small breast?
    8 Style 62
  50. What is a good idea for a mural on a small bedroom wall?
    2 Homegarden 14
  51. How much does a small Smirnoff Ice cost in the UK?
    6 Food 34
  52. Is it possible to have "dimples" on the small of your back, on each side of the spine?
    7 Health 109
  53. Where can i get a small hoop cartilage piercing in MA??
    3 Style 124
  54. What makes most men care less about small things?
    14 General 26
  55. What are some off the beaten path small towns around the world I can put into a fake trip around the world (no big cities please)?
    8 Travel 27
  56. When getting a small tattoo on your hand, what is the pain comparable too?
    6 Style 35
  57. What kind of spider is small, brown, and somewhat spotted?
    4 Pets 11
  58. do you like shopping in big chain store or small shops?
    3 Shopping 87
  59. How do small innocent things turn into bad habits?
    5 General 36
  60. Who is into the game Wild West Town on Facebook?
    4 Gaming 8
  61. why would a man have a small towel under his pillow?
    why would he need a towel under his pillow?
    6 Health 55
  62. Does anyone have any tips on how to remove small ticks off of your dog?
    13 Pets 19
  63. can a small pure white circle be skin cancer?
    3 Health 43
  64. Where do you go if you want to see houses in your town for sale?
    4 Homegarden 12
  65. Can a mountain bike go through a small amount of snow?
    4 Sports 11
  66. What are good, small cars that are good for the economy other then the Toyota Prius?
    5 Cars 16
  67. My hips are too small
    Im 20 my hips are too small I don't look sexy -how can I improve my hips
    3 Sex 147
  68. Are my breasts too small??
    is size 36B to small for a 13 year old??
    11 Style 101
  69. Small dog breed that doesn't shed?
    what are some dog breeds that dont shed and stay small?
    6 Pets 65
  70. Place called pea town in cape cod?
    Is ther such a place called pea town in cape cod?
    2 Travel 277
  71. Which is easier piano,or electric guitar and which is more fun for a small teen?
    5 Music 39
  72. Would you rather have a ridiculously huge house, or a house that's a bit too small?
    8 Homegarden 47
  73. Is June a good time to visit the beaches in Cape Town?
    2 Travel 26
  74. do bangs make you look like u have a small forehead??
    6 Style 73
  75. Is it difficult to make a dating site? My budget is small. Any suggestion?
    2 Funadvice 9
  76. How far away is bristol train station away from the town centre?
    3 Travel 12
  77. How to stop emails when temporarily out of town?
    When temporarily away on vacation, how do you stop emails from being received?
    3 General 80
  78. if i buy somthing from JCpenny from my town and go to Jcpenny in another town about 1 hour away would i still be able to return the cothes?
    2 Shopping 28
  79. I have small dots around my nipples wellon it what does that mean?
    3 Health 198
  80. Is it okay to eat 2 handfuls of small chocolate chips?
    6 Food 32
  81. does everyone have really small bumps on the inside of their bottom lip?
    12 Health 88
  82. How can i get sub woofers in a truck with a really small cab?
    3 Cars 10
  83. What town did the real Texas Chainsaw Massacre take place in?
    3 General 81
  84. How do I make my waist smaller, without making my thighs and butt small?
    4 Nutritionfitness 83
  85. How can I get rid of small white patches on my teeth if I have braces?
    6 Style 29
  86. What dog should i get that is small, cute, and somewhat low maintanence?
    23 Pets 44
  87. Is a size 4 too small for a 5 7.5 large boned person...
    Is a size 4 too small for a 5 7.5 large boned person...
    2 Style 22
  88. Where can I buy nice swimwear for a small body?
    When I say small I mean, thin.
    7 Shopping 37
  89. I have small white bumbs on the lips of my vigina
    I have small white bumbs on the lips of my vigina and I want to know if its normal?
    2 Health 305
  90. Small nipples
    Im having small nipples will it become a problem to feed my baby in future
    2 Health 94
  91. Which one girls: cars or trucks? Big or small?
    Do girls prefer cars or trucks? Big or small? Why? Which one is better?
    9 General 46
  92. Best place for a small tattoo?
    where is the best place to put a tat like a small butterfly
    10 Style 78
  93. How does this website know what town I live in?
    How does this website know what town I live in and how do I change it so it doesnt show it publically?
    4 Funadvice 58
  94. How can I get a big bootie and small waist?
    How can I get a big bootie and big this and a small weist with a 4 pack
    3 Nutritionfitness 176
  95. Can I get a big egg into a small a botlle without breaking th
    Can I get a big egg into a small a botlle without breaking the egg?
    2 Shopping 61
  96. Is it possible to conceive with an unusually small uterus
    Is it possible to conceive a child, and deliver a child with a small or slanted uterus?
    4 Health 38
  97. Do you prefer living in a small town or big city?
    Why? I'm just wondering. I recently moved to a really big city after living in a super small town for almost a year, and I'm actually enjoying the city better.
    10 General 59
  98. High liver enzymes in a small dog
    How can I lower my dogs liver enzymes? Is it worth having a liver biopsy?
    2 Pets 72
  99. Where can I find 30 small plush pink dress Hello Kittys?
    3 Shopping 10
  100. Is it normal to have a small greyish area on your eyeball?
    It's farther back where you normally don't see it.
    3 Health 30
  101. What are small animals to have as pets?
    whats better mice vs. bunnies?
    8 Pets 41
  102. What would be a good costume for the poem "Anyone lived in a pretty how town"?
    2 General 5
  103. I have a single small flesh colored bump on my outer labia.
    2 Health 215
  104. What is small snack to bring to school?
    I am having a Thanksgiving party at school and I am going to bring a snack for me and my friends what should I bring?
    9 Food 27
  105. Where is the best place to buy a pram that will fit into a small car?
    13 Shopping 32
  106. Which Career is better, an Animal Control Officer, or a Vet that works with small animals?
    11 Money 10
  107. What are some good fund raising ideas for a small group of social workers?
    2 Money 14
  108. Am I small normal or big in the breasts?
    im 16 I wear a 36 b. am I small normal or big?
    12 Health 52
  109. is my dick too small?
    I'm 13 years old and my dick is 4 inches 2. is it too small?
    8 Nutritionfitness 353
  110. How many times a day should you feed a small amount to a small dog?
    I have this dog food, that comes in 12 small individual packets. I have been feeding my small dog (under 10lbs.) half a packet in the morning, and half a pack at night. Is that enough?
    9 Pets 23
  111. I am 13 and I am a 34b is that 2 small
    because a lot of girls tell mii that is 2 small for my age
    5 Style 100
  112. E. Town Concrete
    Anyone ever heard of the song "Mandibles" by E. Town Concrete? It is an awesome song.
    2 Music 14
  113. what is a good teen store that has small sizes?
    what is a good teen store that has small sizes bc im really skinny.
    6 Shopping 36
  114. What should we name our town?
    my friend and i need a name for our imaginary town for french class, it has a halloween theme so needs to be a name that has to do with halloween
    11 General 35
  115. 34B too small
    im 15 years old and I am 34B in english bra size is this too small?
    5 Style 181
  116. Where do they sell Small Wire Carriage?
    where can I buy small wire carriage for centerpices near sunnyvale ca
    2 Shopping 24
  117. Is this too small?
    Would this cage be too small for 2 baby rats to live in until they get older?
    3 Pets 4
  118. Why everytime do I put my town I am from in, it changes ?
    I put my town in my info and then when I check back into my site, it changes to another town...what the heck!!!
    2 Funadvice 5
  119. Im 14 and have small boobs
    Im 14 and my boobs are sooo there any way to make them bigger??
    8 Style 97
  120. How much would a small dove wrist tattoo (in pounds) cost, and will it hurt?
    3 Style 105
  121. Is my penis small for my age?
    I am 13 and when I have a boner my penis is around 7 to 8 inches
    4 Relationships 246
  122. How do you connect the Wii to the computer to play against your relatives and friends in a diiferent town or state?
    6 Gaming 19
  123. Can having OCD really cause me to have small panic attacks without even knowing it?
    4 Health 22
  124. The minimum wage in your town?
    What is the minimum where you live? Its $9.14/hour here in san francisco, CA.
    7 Money 50
  125. why do you get better gas mileage on interstate than on short trips around town?
    2 General 44
  126. How do you know If your big Ore small ? [ Vagina ] and what Hole do you put it in the first time ?
    9 Health 154
  127. Small Rutgers Tomatos
    My Rutgers Tomato plant is yielding lots of tomatoes but very small.Anyway to encourage larger tomatoes?
    2 Homegarden 40
  128. Small worms coming out from her anal?
    my daughter said that she may have worms coming from the anal area what can be done about this.
    6 Health 52
  129. Has anyone read the book Paper Towns by John Green?
    What'd you think?
    2 Literature 35
  130. what does this saying mean?people with small dicks drive big truck?
    what does this saying mean? "people with small d|cks, drive big trucks"
    4 General 165
  131. Can you get braces to close a small gap?
    Is it really possible to get 2 braces on your front teeth to close a small gap ??
    4 Health 40
  132. Why do I get small white spots on my arms and legs?
    I got small white spots onmy arms and legs is it a vitamin shortage??
    2 Health 36
  133. Small flesh hanging from vagina
    there is a small flesh hanging from my vagina, can you please tell me what it is and also can I easily catch infection by this.
    4 Health 693
  134. tattoo am I too small to get one at 13?
    I want to get an angel tattoo on my I too small to get a tattoo.I m 13.
    7 Style 53
  135. Is my member too small?
    my dik is so small OMG Its only like 4 and a half how do you make it longer? D:
    10 Relationships 64
  136. How to fight small town boredom?
    I'm wondering, how do many people combat small town boredom in effective ways? Luckily, I live in a city, but I'm curious anyway in case fate brings me to a small town. Isn't conformity more expected I them?
    4 Entertainment 129
  137. Will parents in a small town hire me to babysit?
    I am 14 years old and would like to babysit as a summerjob but i dont have much experience and i havent taken any of the courses but i am great with kids. Do you think parents in a SMALL TOWN would still hire me?
    4 Money 17
  138. Why is there a small bump on the little flapping thing near the hole of my ear?
    I've had this small bump in my ear and behind my ear before, so it's not a surprise. What is it? What do I do?
    9 Health 83
  139. Small penis, any tips on how to make it grow, no pills?
    I need some help again, I got a small penis, any tips on how to make it grow, no pills or pumps eather?? Need some help here
    5 Relationships 124
  140. is 34b big for a 14 yr old or small?
    I have a twin sister and she has a problem with her boobs. they are 34b and she is 14. she thinks they are small but I think they are big. are they small for a 14 year old or big?
    10 Babies 1259
  141. Accused me of going into my older bro room while there out of town
    My parents accused me of going into my older bro room while there out of town and I didnt do it but they dont believe me how do I convince them I didnt do it?
    6 Family 14
  142. Small breasts
    Im 14 and my breasts are still small my cusions are bigger then me and they are only 10. what can I eat to make them grow?
    10 Style 56
  143. Is 6 inches long too small for a 13-year-old?
    I'm 13 and I'm 6 inches long and 5 inches wide. Is this small?
    3 Health 830
  144. Green breasted small bird
    I saw a small, size of finch, green breasted bird in my yard today in san diego. what was this bird?
    3 Pets 54
  145. What are some good small liberal arts college on the east coast that I can consider safety schools?
    3 Education 17
  146. Does the physical structure (either large or small), determines the mentality level and maturity level of a person ?????
    2 Science 34
  147. Is it normal for me to have small breasts?
    I was wondering if having a size of 32A is normal for a 15 year old? I really hate how small they are!
    5 Health 125
  148. how do you get small thighs quick
    I have bigg thighs becoz of my gymnastics so how do I gett them smaller and really quick ???
    2 Nutritionfitness 55
  149. What is this small mole when I shave?
    Whenever I shave my underarms a small mole develops there and it pains also. What is the reason? Should I consult a doctor?
    5 Health 59
  150. How can you collect the full amount you are owed, if a person owes you more than the maximum amount allowed in small claims court?
    3 Money 16
  151. Do you find this to be true? if your small for your age you get treated more like a kid,then someone the same age who's taller!!!
    9 General 19
  152. How can I decorate a small locker?
    My new locker is going to be really small, and only the inside can be done. Besides pictures and comics, how can I decorate my locker?
    12 Education 32
  153. Which cat litter is best to buy for one small house cat clumping or non-clumping?
    10 Pets 23
  154. How to get rid of small annoying bumps on upper arms and shoulders without a doctor?
    4 Health 34
  155. Why are UK sizes so small; do they not have big people over there?
    All the UK sites that I've been on don't have my size, and I'm not that big. All of the UK sizes are tiny. Is EVERYONE over there as tiny as that?
    4 Style 90
  156. Do I need a small guy
    I've fingerd myself but what if I cant fit two fingers in their . Do I need a smaller guy ?
    4 Relationships 80
  157. What is this small round peach pill with M on one side and E4?
    E4 is on the other side with a line in between it to split the pill.
    2 Health 519
  158. How do I floss my back teeth when I have a small mouth but big hands?
    and long fingers that have trouble fiting in my small mouth?
    3 Health 72
  159. Is it big or small
    Okay im 15 years old and I have a 5 1\2 penis is this big or small
    6 Relationships 25
  160. What is it when you get a bunch of small red things on your stomache/chest?
    (there not pimples), and what can cause them? they also itch!?
    10 Health 25
  161. Who likes tha songs 'crazy town' , 'shes country' , 'what was i thinkin' , 'you save me' , and 'hicktown?'
    10 Music 12
  162. What is the small, silver car in Transformers?
    ok so in the movie transformers, there are a lot of nice cars. one is small and silver. but I don't know what it is exactly. anyone know?
    7 Entertainment 168
  163. What are these small red bumps?
    I have these small little red bumps around the outside if my vagina. They sometimes itch and sometimes don't they don't hurt. What are they? Could it be from shaving?
    5 Health 83
  164. Am I too small to play volleyball?
    im 5ft. exactly, but im not done growing yet. People tell me im too small to play it true?
    7 Sports 47
  165. Places for small tattoos
    I really want a tattoo but I want it to be small and I want to be able to hide it. does anyone have any ideas? and I don't want it on my butt! or my chest! thanks.
    5 Style 64
  166. what can I do when I upload a vido on to youtube & it says to small
    what can I do when I upload a vido on to youtube & it says to small so I cant upload it? would appreciate if you could tell me thanks :D
    2 Technology 9
  167. small dog addition
    how will my 55lb mix react if I got a chihuahua. he gets along great with visiting small dogs
    4 Pets 12
  168. cowboy rode into town on friday, stayed in town 3 days
    Ok a cowboy rode into town on friday, stayed in town 3 days, and then left on friday. How did he do it? Answer quick! First person who answers correctly wins! ready? on your mark... get set.. THINK! Its really not that hard :D
    3 General 77
  169. GUYS- big boobs or small boobs?
    GUYS- big boobs or small boobs? What do you like best, and why..? love tamara, hannah, kayleigh, and shauna...x
    10 Health 706
  170. Would you rather be in a large family or small (being you as the only child)?
    Or if you're the parent, how many kids would/do you have?
    11 Family 36
  171. What do you think of companies like Google paying 2.4% tax while the small business owner pays 40% or more?
    2 Money 16
  172. whats a good pet to buy if u have a small flat and have a 1 year old son?
    6 Pets 56
  173. What cities or towns in New Jersey are very safe?
    I want to rent a apartment one day with my friends.
    2 Travel 21
  174. What kind of dog always looks small like a puppy, even as an adult, and is really cute?
    8 Pets 49
  175. What are gas prices in your town?
    I just want to see what it is like around the country/ world. Here it is $ 2 29. What about you?
    22 Money 11
  176. how do u move back to your old town without being emancipated and knowing your mom wont let you?
    4 Family 21
  177. what would be a cool idea for my sweet 16, that isnt expensive, fun, and for a small group of friends?
    2 Entertainment 16
  178. Big boobs or Small boobs
    just wondering out there how many of you guys or ladies hehe like big boobs.? verse little boobs:)
    12 Style 361
  179. What would small red spots, clustered together in a one inch straight line on the body be from?
    9 Health 70
  180. Do you prefer carrying around a big or small purse (read more)?
    What is usually in it and what type of material do you usually look for in a purse?
    22 Style 46
  181. iz 32b too small bra size 4 a 13yr old?
    13 Style 854
  182. Small town and thorts
    I live in a small town and go to a small school. I want to do stuff with a girl but no1 will in yr 7 I made out with a girl but she told every1 and I got a lot of sh*t for it so I denyed it but ever since I want to do more stuff with a girl ..but dont ...
    2 Relationships 15
  183. How much should you get paid to babysit in a small town?
    I'm 13 and babysitting 2 boys who are 5 and 9. It's for about nine hours a day(7:30 - 4:00) for 3 days over spring break. We live in a tiny town. How much should I get paid?
    2 Money 21
  184. 34 b is that a small boob size for a fifteen year old?
    is that a small boob size for a fifteen year old? a 34 B my boyfriend said my boobs are big, but I think hes lying. is it big, or small?
    42 Style 3754
  185. How can I get a small waist and thinner face?
    how can you get a small waist how can I get small arms how can I get a thinner looking non chubby face how can I get thick thighs how can I get a stomach like shakiras???
    9 Nutritionfitness 180
  186. What should I do about my friend's small boobs?
    One of my good friends has really small boobs for her age and feels weird around her boyfriend and constantly gets stressed out about them being so small. What should I do?
    4 Health 50
  187. Boobs size small
    I m 22 and my boobs size is too small, how can I improve this...I want to do big...bcz nobody want to see in small boobs...plzzz tell me how can I do??? Please.
    4 Style 103
  188. Guys: Do you like big or small breasts?
    Guys: Do you like big or small breasts? I might be getting breast enhancements so I need to Know soon please, Thanks.
    13 Style 132
  189. How do you make a small amount of income online?
    How to make a small income online? I would like to make an extra income surveys...or gimmicky know! Any ideas?
    4 Money 18
  190. Good town name
    What's your favorite made-up town up? I kind of like Poppleton, and Kinsten. Ha - I made those up off of the top of my head. (:
    5 Travel 40
  191. apartment small dog or hybrid
    easy to house train for bathroom issue. Dog does not bark much. Hypoallergenic.
    4 Pets 17
  192. Is it harmless or not if I use antiseptic (that's for human-use) to clean a small pus wound on my bunny's front leg?
    4 Health 18
  193. How do you get noticed in a small town for singing?
    Ok me and my friend natasha have great singing voices im not just saying that either if you would like to hear us sing we would gladely do a video for you but we want to get noticed like on youtube and stuff so PLEASE HELP US!!!
    3 Music 103
  194. Im uncomfortable about my boobs, their too small!
    Im tired of being 32A, all of my friends are B or C cup! please help!
    7 Style 79
  195. Is it normal to have bed bug bites on one small section on your back?
    I want to help about bugs bites, I fear this so much.
    6 Health 38
  196. What do you think most people's views are about a relationship between a "small person" and a average sized person?
    i hate saying the names smal
    3 Relationships 16
  197. small boob advice
    My friend wears a size A bra and she wants to know if there are any tips to how to make your boobs larger. any advice for her???
    12 Style 141
  198. What are some healthy, small, simple meals that I can make without a lot of spices?
    Besides salads with grill chicken
    5 Food 17
  199. What are small pets that you can have?
    What are some small pets that you can have? (All I want to know the name of the animal you is small and doesn't cause much noise, I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW about how to take care of the animal or anything else, all I need to know some names of pets that a...
    7 Pets 30
  200. What's a good chew toy for a small dog?
    Do you have an idea what is the best chew toy for a small dog? I've previously owned larger dogs and haven't had this problem. Is there a toy that is better for small dogs than big dogs?
    2 Pets 15
  201. Can I put an algea eating fish in a small bowl with my beta fish?
    the bowl is a starter kit with a small plant and gravel. It is pretty small but has enough room to put a divder in.
    4 Pets 68
  202. Small waist?
    I have a lot of fat around my waist, I'm desperate for a small waist I want a cute shape! What is the quickest way to get a small waist? Even if it's extreme.
    2 Nutritionfitness 114
  203. what to do I m 19 and I have small breast what to do to increase them?
    I m 19 going to turn 20 in few months I have very small breast what should I do to increase them and I m even short and skinny please tell me what to do
    5 Style 791
  204. a small lumb on my ear lobe , what could it be ?
    a small lumb on my ear lobe , it happend in my left ear then gone and showed up again in my right ear , then gone ,and it showed up again 2 days ago and it has not gone yet ?
    7 Health 119
  205. Why do I have small purple lines on my breasts??
    Heyy, I have noticed that on my breast I have two small purple lines, can anyone tell me what they are and why they are there?? I am 14 and I am a 32a if this helps? Thankss xx
    6 Health 1426
  206. Shall I run for town mayor?
    Shall I run for town mayor? if yes put yes and why if not thank you for taking your time to read this and anser this my moto is "Get A Chance Take A Chance" thank you
    7 Politics 12
  207. Which is better, plus size or small size?
    I am sorry If I hurt anyone's feelings. Wich is better? Being Plus Size Or Being A Small Size (I Forgot what it's called) I Find Plus sizes really bueatiful =]!
    8 Style 51
  208. Proactive for clearing small pimples?
    Isn't Proactive for acne? I just have small pimples around my face that I don't like. Would proactive work on that too or do you know another medicine?
    3 Style 38
  209. What is the name of the dragon(the small one) in avatar(2009)?
    Can you guys help me? I want to know the species name of the small dragon (e.g. Dog, cat.species name) in avatar(2009).
    3 Entertainment 111
  210. Is it normal to have a sharp pain in my vagina whilst being fingered? And a small drop of blood? And will this reoccur? Yes I am I virgin btw.
    6 Health 133
  211. What is the average erection size? I'm about 6.5 inches long nd about 5 inches in girth, so is that normal,large, or small?
    5 Health 330
  212. Who loves going to parties when parent's are out of town?
    I do. going to one friday night at my 22 year old cousin's house!!
    25 Family 19
  213. do I have a small pe*nis
    Im 13 and im worried that I have a smaller than normal penis, its about a 4 and a half inch one. is this normal
    3 Relationships 82
  214. Why do I have stretchmarks if my chest is small?
    no but they'er red red like pregnant marks and im only a A 38...some of my franns are larger and dont have this
    3 Style 75
  215. what do you do if your man got a small d***
    im just curios. what should I do his d*** isnt that big and he doesnt know how to work it well either
    4 Relationships 94
  216. Is a 34A cup too small for guys?
    I just want to know how many guy's like girl's with big breste or small one's is 34a too small?(not that I care cus of guy's)I need a vote, how many guy's say small and how many say big?
    14 Relationships 4126
  217. Small preggo belly
    Well im 18 weeks pregnant and my belly is really small compare to others at 18 cant even tell im pregnant...why is my belly so small..about when will I start to show
    3 Health 65
  218. Small chain ring onto a bmx bike
    Is it possible to put a small chainring on a normal 3 peice crank or do I need a new crank
    2 Sports 52
  219. Are my boobs too small?
    OK so I am 15 and I wear 38d and I think my boobs are too small for waist is like 35 inches..and yea..I just want to know are my boobs big
    6 Style 154
  220. What is this small, hard lump under my skin on top of my collar bone?
    I have a small, painless, hard lump located on my collar bone. I can pinch it and hold it between thumb and finger. any ideas what it could be?
    3 Health 305
  221. Small grassy area would like to convert into a patio
    I have a very small grassy area outside the front of my house and wish to turn it into a patio as will mean no matienance how do I go about this myself
    6 Homegarden 60
  222. I feel like my d*ck is too small.
    im 13 and my d*ck is 6 inches. is that too small because im feelin pretty self concious about myself. anyone have advice?
    7 Health 572
  223. why are there small dots on my cat. he did not want to come inside and just sat outside and meowed but didnt come in?
    he also has small white dots on him and the have never been there before. is it something i should worry about?
    2 Pets 33
  224. Small boobs
    My girlfriend got a nice body with big as.. . But her boobs are so small. Is there any creams availabl . Can you suggest any names wit approx cost..
    9 Style 49
  225. I need sims 3 registation codes for free town!!!
    I need un-register sims 3 regitration codes because I bought my game used and I want to get the free town.
    2 Gaming 48
  226. Why are the words on my gravity 2 so small?
    Okay so I have a gravity 2 phone and when I open my text messages the words are like really small and I can barely read it.. How do I fix that??
    2 Technology 63
  227. Need A Small Job
    Im 13 & live in sprowston / norwich. Im looking for like a weekend job but duno where to look does anyone have any idears?
    3 Money 28
  228. Why do I have a small lump in the side of my neck that hurts ?
    And I would like to know if this is to smoking I just started and I'm very sceared please help.
    2 Health 70
  229. where/ okay i can sing i mean i can hold a tune and rift and stuff but my vocal range is very between 2 this bad?
    10 Music 34
  230. Where can I buy a small nose ring?
    I've been searching everywhere for a small nose ring. Is there a place where I can buy it online? I need a small gauge one... like possibly the tiniest one. Help, please?
    7 Shopping 41
  231. Are my nipples small?
    Okay im only 14 years old but I really want to know if my nipples are small. I were a size B almost a C cup but my nipples are about an 1inch up and down, side to side. Are my nipples small?
    8 Style 161
  232. Do skinny jeans look good on people with small legs?
    I ve always wanted to wear skinny jeans! I have a pair of them but my legs are very small! so I never wear them beacuse I am not sure if skinny jeans look good on people with small legs.. what do you think??
    5 Style 68
  233. What size in womens tshirts is the same as a small in mens?
    A friend of mine wants a shirt, but the store it is at only carries it in men's. She needs a small size, and they don't carry that. I found similar shirts online in women's sizes. My question is, what size of women's shirts(regular tshirt) is the sa...
    4 Style 28
  234. Where can I get a cheap, small dog?
    I really want a small dog one small enough I can fit in my purse. I will go online and look for small dogs and they all cost sooo much money! do you know a place or a dog breeder where I can get cheap small dogs?
    6 Pets 61
  235. Do supplements make your penis small?
    I heard that if you take supplemets to enhance muscle growth, you will grow "artificial" muscles and your penus (for guys) will get small. Is that true?
    2 Relationships 109
  236. How can I introduce a female small puppy to an adult male cat?
    How can I introduce a small female puppy to an adult male cat? The male cat is a siamese tabby, and is kind of strange/aggressive when meeting new humans, so I don't know how he will react to a puppy.
    2 Pets 44
  237. Decorating a small apartment
    K so I just got a new apartment and its small which is fine because its only for me, but I was just wondering if anyone had any websites (with photos) of very eligant nice decorating skills!!! thanks so much
    3 Homegarden 23
  238. Why do I have small skin coloured bumps on the shaft of my penis?
    for the past few years...I've had these small skin coloured bumps on the shaft of my penis...and theres lots of them too...can anyone tell me what they are, or howto get rid of them?!??
    7 Health 364
  239. How to cook small red potatos in the oven?
    I have some small red potatos that i want to cook in the oven to go with my chicken for dinner. Whats a good way to fix them in your opinion and what temperature do they need to be on?
    3 Food 38
  240. Is there any console which the game is downloadable and its small size like Nintendo 64?
    Its have to be 3D, also can be 2.5D, like N64. The size of the download have to be small like 0-100MB.
    4 Gaming 24
  241. Are my breasts too small?
    my size is i think A6 and there are girls in my grade that r DD's so am i small or r they just big and is there a way 2 get bigger without surgery
    3 Style 41
  242. Super small letters in internet..
    In this computer for some reason there are some letters in the internet that appear super super small... Even if I zoom in I cant read them... And its only on this computer... You guys know how to fix that? Thx! =)
    4 Technology 66
  243. I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a “community organizer"
    What are your reactions to this quote by Gov Palin? "I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a “community organizer,” except that you have actual responsibilities" (and republicans pls dont give us the rubbish about "dems quaking in their boot...
    5 Politics 15
  244. is it bad i put off things people think are great like they are small task?
    i tend to do this alot becaus i really dont think its all the great but idk.
    3 Technology 9
  245. Clothes that show of your boobs for small breasted women?
    what clothes make you looks skinnier , like is there a surton color does pants have to be baggy etc ...?
    7 Style 106
  246. Why do small boxes w/ red x's in them appear when there are lots of images on one page?
    (Usually 30 or more. 5 if they're large.)
    10 Technology 16
  247. Who thinks my dog is small or big?
    Hallo .Ihave a cane corso 4 months old today.He is 20 kilos and 52cm tall.Would he be a small dog or a big dog?Thank you
    3 Pets 43
  248. having a too small body
    I am 13, and I am skinny. I have an okay figure, but I want a big butt. My cousin is always teasing me about my small she has one herself! But I want a big butt, so what should I eat? What kind of exercise should I be doing?
    7 Nutritionfitness 37
  249. is my head big, small, or average size?
    I am 13, standing at 5"2 weighing 107 pounds. I was wondering if my head was big, small or average size compared to average sized heads? The circumfrence of my head is 15 inches
    3 Style 86
  250. Small animals
    Ok well I am 13 have a hamster and hes getting sick and not to be mean but I think he is going to die soon.:[ what is a small animal that is good for me to take care of myself?
    6 Pets 29