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  1. How to slow down metabolism
    How to slow down metabolism
    2 Nutritionfitness 25
  2. How about slow down lyrics?
    How about slow down lyrics?
    2 Music 15
  3. Rap??
    What are your thoughts on it?
    9 Music 35
  4. What are some good slow rap songs?
    10 Music 31
  5. Is listening to rap a sin?
    listening to rap is a sin??
    12 Religion 109
  6. What is the best rap song?
    What is the best rap song?
    5 Music 15
  7. Which is the best Rap band?
    Which is the best Rap band?
    5 Music 52
  8. What's your favorite rap song?
    What's your favorite rap song?
    15 Music 42
  9. Pop or Rap
    5 Music 17
  10. Good rap songs
    What are some good rap songs??
    6 Music 22
  11. latest rap
    what is the latest rap song?
    2 Music 10
  12. What are some good, slow, rap or classic love songs?
    10 Music 12
  13. Who in here likes to rap?
    10 Music 13
  14. Why is the internet on my Blackberry so slow?
    3 Technology 51
  15. the McDonald's rap
    how does the Mc.Donald's rap go?
    4 Food 15
  16. What's your favorite rap song?
    what are yall favorite rap song
    11 Music 39
  17. What are some good rap songs to grind to?
    What are some good rap songs to grind to?
    3 Relationships 116
  18. what are some good rap songs?
    what are some good rap songsss ??
    5 Music 50
  19. Whose the Best Rap Artists?
    Whose the Best Rap Artists?
    13 Music 23
  20. What's your favorite rap song?
    dude what is your favorite rap song?
    7 Music 44
  21. how can I tell if I have high metabolism or slow ?
    how can I tell if I have high metabolism or slow ?
    3 Nutritionfitness 44
  22. Can starving yourself stop or slow your period?
    Can starving yourself stop or slow your period
    4 Health 1593
  23. What is that new slow song by Rhianna?
    What is that new slow song by Rhianna???
    2 Music 55
  24. Is it me or is Firefox slow?
    Is it me? Or is MOZILLA FIREFOX slow as hell!
    3 Technology 17
  25. What songs are really pretty and slow??
    15 Music 37
  26. What's the best rap albums of 2010?
    8 Music 10
  27. What are some of the best slow love songs?
    4 Music 13
  28. How can I help some who is close to me and has almost been rapped?
    27 Relationships 43
  29. why is my computer slow ,could it be my antivirus???
    7 Technology 16
  30. Where can i buy rap t shirts in Sydney?
    2 Shopping 9
  31. What are some christian rap songs about transformation?
    10 Music 51
  32. What is the best russian rap artist?
    3 Music 28
  33. Who are some really good rap singers?
    16 Music 47
  34. Why does MSN run really slow?
    2 Technology 97
  35. How can i stop myself from being slow in understanding things?
    4 General 44
  36. Is it possible to scream and rap at the same time?
    5 Music 16
  37. metabolism is slow
    how can I get my metabolism to get quicker ???
    3 Health 38
  38. What is a fast beat rap song?
    6 Music 42
  39. What a good rap song?
    11 Music 49
  40. God rap songs
    whats a good rap songs
    6 Music 54
  41. good slow romantic songs =)
    um...what are good slow romantic songs???
    4 Music 57
  42. Can I slow down my metabolism somehow?
    I have a fast there anyway that I can slow it down???
    3 Nutritionfitness 57
  43. What should I name my rap song?
    I Need help for a name of a rap song
    5 Music 119
  44. Slow song?
    What are some romantic yet catchy slow songs?
    5 Music 19
  45. the best ten raps
    the top ten raps you like best
    3 Music 16
  46. How to fix a slow computer?
    My computer has been going very slow lately, how do I fix it
    5 Technology 15
  47. Does your metabolism slow down at night?
    Is it a lie that metabolism really slows at night???
    3 Nutritionfitness 142
  48. What should I rap about?
    I need some topics to rap about. Got any ideas?
    9 Music 333
  49. What are some good rap songs with MAJOR bass?
    5 Music 83
  50. Does anyone have any good slow cooker recipes?
    6 Food 23
  51. Who was the rap artist that wrote/sang "Me So Ho*ny"?
    6 Music 9
  52. Rap or punk?
    Which ones cooler?- And Which ones most liked to you?-
    8 Music 33
  53. Which rap has more funk - East Coast or West Coast?
    3 Music 60
  54. What are some really good, dirty rap songs?
    13 Music 59
  55. Why is Firefox rated number 1 if it's slow?
    8 Technology 28
  56. What are the top ten rap songs of 2011?
    2 Music 7
  57. When you pierce your tongue is it better to do it fast or to do it slow?
    5 Style 63
  58. How can we slow global warming?
    Is it possible that it can be stopped?
    17 Environment 31
  59. Does beer slow down the process of cleansing your body of thc
    Does beer slow down the process of cleansing your body of thc
    2 Health 401
  60. Fast and slow gospel music?
    I need a gospel song that is fast and slow?
    3 Music 10
  61. Is there a way to slow down time?
    is there any way to slow down time? LIFE IS GOING BY TOO FAST :'(
    20 Science 40
  62. what are good slow songs?
    I wanna know good english slow songs...
    6 Music 53
  63. Rap and Metal
    What do people like SO much about Rap and what do like SO much about Metal as well?
    4 Music 14
  64. rapping tactics
    I always lose my breath when rapping. How do I stop this?
    5 Music 37
  65. What are some good rap and r&b songs?
    What are some good songs? (preferably rap and r&b)
    8 Music 70
  66. Good rap and r&b songs ?
    What are some good rap and r&b songs ? :) thank you
    2 Music 19
  67. Who else thinks rap has gone downhill?
    Am I the only one who thinks rap has gone downhill?
    11 Music 47
  68. Hardcore gangster rap music?
    whats some really hardcore gangster rap music ? :)
    4 Music 21
    Title says it all who was the first known rap artist?
    2 Music 67
  70. My computer is slow. What's the best way to clean up my pc?
    2 Technology 8
  71. Do drugs slow down your metabolism?
    5 Drugs 19
  72. Is there any reason my iPhone 3 is becoming extremely slow?
    3 Technology 13
  73. Is it better to run fast or slow?
    If you are running to the same place and back?
    6 Nutritionfitness 67
  74. Rock vs rap
    I chose rock What do you think? [[<3 rock]]
    20 Music 23
  75. What's a good rap song for a teen leadership project?
    4 Music 27
  76. Why is my profile being slow?
    why is my profile taking a long time to show up
    2 Funadvice 36
  77. Does wearing colored nail polish slow nail growth?
    4 Style 44
  78. what are some good slow old school love songs?
    6 Music 15
  79. Why does Facebook and eBay make my computer super slow?
    3 Technology 60
  80. Why is my ADSL download speed so slow?
    Everything is all right.
    6 Technology 10
  81. wow i dont think the sight has ever been this slow :-(:-(
    14 Relationships 29
  82. Is it just my computer or is slow with loading their videos?
    12 Technology 16
  83. Why is Firefox so slow?
    it wont load pages fast
    10 Technology 61
  84. when i wear my hair tie, does it make my hair growth slow down?
    3 Style 23
  85. Slow Jamz, good songs?
    What are some good slow songs that everyone likes to hear.
    3 Music 47
  86. How do you adjust cooking times from regular to slow cooking?
    How do you adjust cooking times when you want to switch from regular cooking to slow cooking?
    2 Food 19
  87. rap with miley cyrus
    What is that rap song where the rapper says the name miley cyrus in it? and who is it by?
    3 Music 14
  88. some new good rap pop or hip hop songs?
    what are some new good rap pop or hip hop songs?
    3 Music 38
  89. site like lime wire that doesnt slow down your computer
    Is there a site like lime wire that doesnt slow down your computer
    4 Technology 67
  90. Do you like rap or R&B?
    13 Music 82
  91. Whats the best rap song ever.
    In your opinnion, what is the best rap song ever made? And why? : ]
    11 Music 50
  92. Good rap songs?
    What's a good poppin' song for my myspace bro..
    4 Music 11
  93. What's that new song with Avril's voice in a rap song saying "yeah, yeah, yeah"?
    5 Music 48
  94. Why does time seem to go really slow when you are waiting for something?
    3 General 58
  95. What's a good age to start a rapping career?
    I kinda wanna start now
    9 Money 64
  96. why do some people think rap isn't real music?
    what are their reasons for thinking that?
    14 Music 56
  97. Who would win in a rap battle - Lil Wayne or Eminem?
    19 Music 62
  98. Is the new google setup slow for anyone else?
    Or is it just my laptop?
    3 Technology 16
  99. Does anybody now any know any good rap songs!
    Hey whats up everybody! Does anybody now any know any good rap songs!
    4 Music 17
  100. How to get rid of my computer slowness?
    my computer is acting very slow and have lots of eror message how can I get rid of this?
    6 Technology 54
  101. laptop keeps frezzin and going slow
    my laptop is runnin slow and it keeps frezzin all the tim how can I sort it out
    3 Technology 47
  102. R&b, hip hop, and rap
    Will you suggest some songs that are r&b,rap, or hip hop please
    6 Music 21
  103. Is Myspace IM slow?
    I want to get it. but I don't know if its going to slow down my computer "/
    3 Technology 29
  104. Old school rap artists?
    I like old skoo rap..does anyone have any artist in mind??
    3 Music 20
  105. rap songs
    what are some good rap songs like ones from the 2000's and what are some new eminem songs?
    3 Music 37
  106. Why is my Mozilla Firefox so slow, IE works faster?
    Why is my Mozilla Firefox so D*mN slow!!! My IE works faster.
    6 Technology 48
  107. How do I write a rap song and rnb in the same song something like verse corus verse corus rnb verse corus ?
    7 Music 47
  108. Why is it that when I put CD's into my laptop it loads so slow?
    Takes me about 10 minutes or more.
    3 Technology 8
  109. Why is my computer recently quite slow and how can I fix it without downloading a program?
    9 Technology 14
  110. Rock vs. rap 2
    Which genre do you like best?Explain.
    9 Music 28
  111. What are some good Rap songs that do not cuss every other word?
    The song needs to have a good beat.
    9 Music 83
  112. What rap ( english or spanish) radio station do you listen 2??
    I'm bored so ... What rap ( english or spanish) radio station do you listen 2???
    5 Music 41
  113. What is considered a slow response to a web page?
    and is .3 of a second slow average or fast?
    4 Technology 32
  114. I need to know good slow loving songs?
    do you have any idea of slow loving songs I love them 2 death!!!
    5 Music 14
  115. Does anyone listen to rap or R&B?
    does anyone on here like rap or R&B. if so wat songs do u like
    6 Music 24
  116. What are some good rap songs?
    well I mostly listen to the same songs over and over and they are getting old what are some good rap songs and artists
    11 Music 60
  117. Are nose piercings done fast or slow?
    When you go to a tattoo shop, and they put in a nose piercings do they do it fast? Or Slow
    4 Style 74
  118. Does anyone have a short sorta rap thing (about 4 lines) on being a good citizen?
    4 Music 32
  119. why do rap singers all think about having sex at bars
    why do rap singers all think about having sex at bars and clubs?? it makes nooo sence...ugh.
    4 Sex 44
  120. Slow you down
    Will big boobs such as a In between a b cup and a c cup Slow you down if you are a sprinter Or run track or something
    2 Nutritionfitness 49
  121. Hardcore/Screamo with Rap
    Does anyone know of any new screamo or hardcore versions of rap songs? I can't find any :[
    5 Music 38
  122. how?:if we went really slow,would he still cum in me??
    if we like went really slow havin sex,would he still cum inside me??
    2 Sex 219
  123. Name for our rap CD?
    I rap wit my brother and we're making are first cd but we need some help for the name
    2 Music 17
  124. Good rap music?
    Dose anbody know of any good rap music thats has nothin to do wit 50cent
    9 Music 22
  125. Old school rap songs
    Im looking for old school rap songs like the rapper eazy e
    7 Music 36
  126. world of warcraft problem;freezing/very slow
    why is my world of warcraft so slow I think it my computer I have a hp pavilion a810n
    2 Gaming 57
  127. Why do people like Hip hop and rap
    Why do people like hip hop and rap is like not music, you can make rap or hip hop with a cellphone and 2 words that rhyme ... why do people like it?
    8 Music 140
  128. Do girls like sex fast or slow?
    do you girls like when a guy makes love to you fast like a unstoppable machine or slow and eazy
    8 Sex 161
  129. Fast or slow the first time?
    do you think for your 1st time its good to have sex slow or fast? and does being fingured help the pain?!
    3 Sex 160
  130. How / Can you put stuff in slow-motion on windows movie maker?
    2 Technology 39
  131. Rap song played at the Grammys
    does anyone know the name of the rap that a pregnant woman sang with a few other guys during the Grammys?
    4 Music 46
  132. what do you think is the number one best rap song?
    dont answer if you hate rap...theres no point =)
    6 Music 15
  133. list of differen hip hop/ rap, dances
    I need a list of differen hip hop/ rap, dances .. like tha stanky leg, dances like that
    4 Music 48
  134. Does anyone know any good slow songs?
    Does anyone no any good slow.. like ballid love songs? or breakup song? thanks :)))
    6 Music 38
  135. What is so great about rap music?
    I do not understand why people think rap music is so great. Rap music does not really mean anything. It is inappropriate. I understand different people have different tastes, but what is so great about rap music. What are your thoughts?
    8 Music 79
  136. which are some slow and sad songs or soft?
    can any one list some soft , sad , slow songs. some nice songs . like your not alone and my heart will go on.
    4 Music 38
  137. What is a good topic for a rap song?
    I need to know a good topics for several rap songs. A catchy song and something easy to write about.
    4 Music 95
  138. what is this currently popular rap song with whistling in it?
    Its not "There it Go" by Juelz Santana so what is it? It does not have whistling over the lyrics, just lyrics, whistling, lyrics. Thanks!
    4 Music 913
  139. Go others slow people obsession relying practiced lesson?
    For some I go fast for others I'm slow. To most people, I'm an obsession relying on me is a well practiced lesson What am I?
    6 General 54
  140. What are some good rap or R&B songs?
    Name some good rap or R&B songs. Please don't forget to type the artist. And don't forget only rap and R&B!!! I don't listen to any others.
    8 Music 61
  141. Good rap songs
    I'm not into rap that much,but what are some "OLD SCHOOL" rap songs I should listen to. Rap artists like Ice cube. I'm in the mood =D
    2 Music 32
  142. Hardcore Rap
    I used to be like all rock but now me and muh cuzin was trying out rap so what are sum good songs?? xoxo
    4 Music 36
  143. Sad slow songs
    Know of any sad slow songs. Country, pop, r&b, any of those. Preferably that girls sing. Thanks
    14 Music 46
  144. my computer is slow
    my computer is slow especially in ithe internet do you know any free program to install to perform better and faster
    6 Technology 39
  145. Fast Rap song
    Does anyone know ant kind of a song that has a very fast rap part in it... please any suggestions... thank-you
    9 Music 54
  146. How did rapping start?
    Ya kno...cris brown, t-pain, snoop doug...yahhh
    10 Music 46
  147. Have any Rap and Hip Hop artist?
    Pls write down your favorites and the songs you like best by them, Thanks!!! =]
    3 Music 48
  148. how do i get someone to ask me to dance? our dance is in a few weeks.. and i want someone to ask me to slow dance .. how can i give them hints .. thanks!
    7 Relationships 55
  149. What are some powerful rap songs?
    what are some songs with good beats that pump you up, or make you feel like a bamf <3
    7 Music 30
  150. What are some good christian rock/ rap bands?
    like disciple, RED, manafest, skillet etc...
    16 Music 39
  151. r&b or like hip hop rap or pop please tell me your fav new song
    if you listen to r&b or like hip hop rap or pop please tell me your fav new song
    7 Music 48
  152. How do I write a poem or a rap about water,carbon,and nitrogen?
    I need help writing a rap or poem about the water, carbon, and nitrogen cycle for school but I dont know how to write it I need help please.
    3 Literature 115
  153. slow baking a chicken
    I want to slow bake 2 chickens for xmas so it is tender and soft and skin is not crispy. What temp should I use and how long do I bake it for
    2 Food 36
  154. Christian Rap & Hip Hop
    Do you think that Christian Rap is a Good Way of Spreadin a Positive Word and Message To young Folk? I do
    10 Religion 11
  155. A rap song name?
    whats that one rap song by that one girl that goes "when the birdies fly high and the (sonething) flys low...?
    4 Music 14
  156. whats better rap or hiphop
    like I love listin 2 rap & hiphop but I dont really know whats better can you please tell me !!!
    3 Music 12
  157. Who Knows A Slow Song (Male) For Talent Show?
    I Need Help Picking out a song for the talent show. A slow song that paople wave hands to and It's from a male thanks.
    3 Music 270
  158. Breakup Songs? Slow songs
    Anyone list some slow songs and breakup songs? Recent and good ones I like almost all music and powerful lyrics
    2 Music 59
  159. What are some good bands or music artists? Rap, Hardcore, Coffeehouse type, whateverzz!! I love it all!! any good ones out there tho???
    4 Music 6
  160. What is a great topic to make a rap song about
    I'm 13 and I'm trying to be a rapper with my friends. We made a song, but I don't know what to make it about
    4 Music 33
  161. What are some good, sad, slow, songs that are about boys?
    I just need to cry right now, and I need some sad songs about stupid boys. Please help. Thanks
    9 Music 26
  162. Which song is it that has rap and classical?
    I'm trying to find a song that I don't know the title, artist or any of the lyrics to. It's like a rap song that switches between rapping and classical music. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
    10 Music 565
  163. Why does rap bring so much violence and drama to a persons life?
    I was watching behind the music:50 cent and have learned some crazy stuff about rap,why does rap bring so much violence and drama to a persons life?
    3 Music 67
  164. How can I make my laptop less slow?
    my laptop doesn't have any viruses on it and it's almost new but lately it's been really slow! I have it running a lot but I don't think that has much to do with it. what can I do to make it stop being so slow??!
    2 Technology 56
  165. Why did my Firefox get really slow?
    My firefox just got REALLY slow and I don't know the problem. I tried deleting few of the add-ons too but its still slow, so please HELP!
    6 Technology 47
  166. What is a good rap group name that anyone can give me??
    I want to start a rap group and I want to know of names people can suggest so anybody let me know what names please
    2 Music 45
  167. What - -- can you give me a list of good rapping songs?
    Hey I need some good rapping songs for my youtube account. To listen too please write a list of good song please peace x
    3 Music 64
  168. what please. rap/ hip-hop music?
    okay my boyfriend needs help finding pump up rap or hip/hop music any ideas.
    4 Music 39
  169. How do I slow down my matabalisom?
    Im 15 an I weigh 117 an I wanna no how do I gain weight is there medicine or any food that I can eat to gain more pounds
    4 Nutritionfitness 62
  170. what are some good rap or hip hop dancin songs?
    I need some new 2009 songs that are really good ta dance to..
    4 Music 67
  171. Which artist wrote the rap song Never Again which is about the Holocaust?
    We listened to it in RE and I wanted to find out more. I know it has Hebrew in it somewhere :)
    3 Music 27
  172. Is this smart or slow?
    If you take an iq test and get a 127, is that a good score or does that mean your kind of slower than most people?
    2 General 22
  173. Why is my iPod wifi so slow?
    I upgraded my iPod to ios 5.0 and now YouTube runs really slowly and it doesn't stream! Why is that and how can I fix it
    3 Technology 33
  174. What R'n'B or rap songs could I sing in a competition?
    im going to sing in a competition and i cant think of a song. any suggestions?
    4 Music 19
  175. What are some good rap songs?
    I'm a metal kind of guy.. BUT!! I feel like listening to some cranking rap songs... Since I dont listen to rap I need help finding good rap songs.. do help =)
    7 Music 27
  176. What are some really slow depressing songs?
    I love slow, sad, depressing songs because I just feel they have so much meaning and truth in them. does anyone know any really depressing/ sad songs? anything is much apreciated :) x
    12 Music 48
  177. slow jams -rnb
    I need some slow jams ! for example : songs like with you - chris brown gallery - mario vazquez like those types ! thanks <3
    6 Music 76
  178. What's the name of this song this is all I can remember it's rap
    When I move you move just like that when I move you move just like that hell ya man bring that back come on yo stand up come on stand up
    2 Music 16
  179. What is the greatest rap album of all time?
    I have two of them...jay-z's reasonable doubt & the notorious b.I.g's ready to die
    5 Music 8
  180. What are the best lil wayne songs? or any rap songs?
    I need some good rap songs. what are the best lil wayne songs? or any good rap songs? I really like lil wayne. and I've heard about tech n9ne does anyone know about them? please help
    4 Music 9
  181. What websites are there to download free rap music videos?
    I need a website with free rap music videos that I can download. some ti, lil wayne, gucci mane, young jeezy, people like that.
    6 Technology 41
  182. Screamo rap songs?
    What are some screamo rap songs like: Tdwp- still fly Calvary kids- soulja boy Or bands like 3 oh! 3 and hollywood undead?
    9 Music 288
  183. What are some good slow rap and hip-hop songs?
    I dont really know what genre this comes under but I need some like slow rap , hip hop songs...for example dj ironic - so nice dollar bills- akon and lil wayne like male singers singing along to a slow catchy song... ah I love these songs, can anyone...
    6 Music 1098
  184. Low self esteem and slow reflexes
    um...I have low self esteem, and the fact I can move the same speed as a 1920 lawn mower doesn't help. any ideas?
    2 Nutritionfitness 43
  185. How do I get a guy to know to take it slow?
    How do I tell him? I dont want to hurt his feelings. I love him but I just dont want to be rushed into doing somhing im not ready for?
    3 Relationships 8
  186. Good slow songs?
    I listen to a wide variety of music. I mostly like to listen to slow songs... A lot of ' the veils' ...I really like mostly all music from the show 'one tree hill' Does anyone know of any good slow songs I should listen to???
    5 Music 34
  187. hip hop, rap or R&B
    ok what do yall feel is like the best song out there thats recent? or wats your favorite song?
    7 Music 110
  188. Rock vs. Rap
    What do you think is better, Rock(as in Punk, Alternative, heavy metal, etc...) or hip hop/rap In my opinion..rock is better...hip hop is okay
    114 Music 90
  189. Christian Rap
    What is your opinion about Christian Rap or Holy Hip Hop or Gospel Rap, considering the negative messages that secular rap is notorious for sending out especially to our kids. Can we trust that because the lyrics are positive , we can embrace it? if so...
    7 Music 26
  190. Rap song
    Ok theres this rap song that has gun shots in it I have absalutly no idea what its called but if you guys can give me some names of songs that sound like that I would really apprecate that :)
    4 Music 43
  191. Good rap and rock songs?
    I really don't listen to the radio a lot anymore, but I like a few songs I've heard. I've hit a slump in my music again so list your favorite rock and rap songs you've heard on the radio or just songs you like. :)
    3 Music 37
  192. What are some good rap or hip-hop songs?
    Does anyone know of any good hip-hop or rap songs? Ones that are NOT on the radio, but edited. Mucho help needed. Hopefully someone knows..
    4 Music 34
  193. Why in rap songs they do this?
    Ok i noticed in alot of rap songs they say the "n" word and they are black (i am not racist) but i thought that word was....i am confused about that. can someone please tell me why..i am clueless lol
    9 Music 24
  194. Does anorexia slow puberty down?
    I am 13, I had anorexia nearly a year ago now and I think its slowed my puberty down. Do you think I am right? I have developed a boobs and havn't started my periods. Please help. X
    3 Health 70
  195. What kind of music do you prefer, Rock or Rap?
    So what kind of music do you prefer? Rock music or Rap/hip hop? Or do you enjoy listening to both? Just wondering lol. If possible, leave a comment explaining your answer.
    10 Music 75
  196. name of this old scl rap song?
    whats the name of that song that goes 'little did he knoe the little boy was straped he plled out a gun and said yd you hit me'
    2 Music 30
  197. What are some good rap songs that have a lot of bass?
    My boyfriend just got a system in his car and i want to make him a cd of awesome songs with alot of bass to play. thanks(:
    4 Music 44
  198. slow computer
    mmk so my computer takes forever to start up. way slower then any other computers I see. also it takes awhile to bring up things such as microsoft word. just slow in general. how can I make it faster?
    6 Technology 9
  199. What are some best rap and hip hop songs from 2009?
    I need help I dont really no any good songs thats rap and hip hop if you know anything ill be glad thanks too all the people who help me
    10 Music 102
  200. What is the point of rap?
    does anyone hate rap? almost everyone loved rap a few years ago, im just wondering if anyone hates rap? whats the point of rap?... the 1 AND ONLY song I like is stronger by Kanye West! it's ok... and quite catchy and cool music!
    37 Music 64
  201. What's Thant Rap Group's Name ???
    I need to know the name of a rap group.. I heard them the other day.. They (he) was great.. SLOW.. somewhat atonal with a strange mix of background musical support.. Excellent slow bump tracks.. HELP !!!
    2 Music 54
  202. crickt wireless broadband card strenth too weak and slow.
    how can I make my cricket wireless broadband card faster and receive a stronger signal. Hacks or tweaks welcome. thanks.
    5 Technology 153
  203. What are some good anti police rap songs?
    like: f**k the police by nwa. and pork and beef by the coup. are their any others?. ps. cops are ok :) lol.
    4 Music 68
  204. Who do you think I could sing or rap with nicki minaj or trina?
    It'z always been my dream to make a remix of single again with trina and it'z always been my dream to make a remix of still I rise with nicki minaj!what could I do to make thiz happen?
    2 Music 38
  205. What is this rap songs title?
    I can't think of much more of the lyrics other than.. it says.. Do a line, do a line, smoke some bud, pop a v. It's somethin along those lines. It's irritating me.. HELP!!!
    2 Music 6
  206. Help with a rap song
    Ok so I really like this rap song but I have no idea what it's called. Here are some of the lyrics, it says "I take that top off like a playboy bunnay" +he rhymes a lot in the song. if you know what it is please help! thanks
    5 Music 54
  207. Do you think these guys can rap?
    I've posted the link to the video below? I can't tell, but do you think the chick rapping at 5:15 in the video is a man? She looks kinda rough in the face.
    4 Music 41
  208. What's the name of this rap song?
    I heard this song a few years ago and I can't find it on my lyrics website. I know it's a rap song, the rapper talks about his diamonds being so big that you can't the speakers and he says "it's the ice man baby and you know what it is". Do you know th...
    4 Music 49
  209. Some good slow dance songs
    Okay so I am moving soon and there is this girl that I like a lot!! And well we never really did get to dance and I just wanna get a chance to slow dance with her... Are there any good ones that anyone know?
    3 Music 42
  210. what are some good songs to download (pop,hip hop,techno,rap)?
    what are some good songs to download I like techno, hip hop,pop, rap, and thats it no dumb stuff like miley cyrus or taylor swift no disney channel music
    3 Music 38
  211. What are good rap or hip-hop songs for a dance?
    Hi everyone! I was wondering if you all know any are&b/ hip-hop/ rap songs for a hip-hop dance thingy I'm doing. I would like something with a good beat and that is not too slow or to fast. thanks! :)
    77 Music 858
  212. Metal vs. Rap
    Ok this is similar to my other question about Rap,knowing I have a VERY loud Tv set,and I have a LOUD a** CD of Divine Heresy,should I crank up the tunes on Saturday just to piss them off and show who the main Metalhead on Savanna is?
    5 Music 46
  213. How slow do I go during sex with a virgin?
    Just so i know, if i were to have sex with a virgin girl, how slow would i have to go? I mean, the reason I'm asking is because i have a pretty large cock (7 inches long, 6 inches girth) and i don't want to hurt this girl.
    3 Sex 265
  214. wht to do if you girlfriend got rapped by her last boyfriend?
    okay I've got a prob well my girlfriend got rapped and by her last boyfriend in she says she trust me but wht can I do to make her feel 100% comfortable around me and how cani make her forget? or help her atleast?
    6 Relationships 42
  215. is my rap good?
    ok here it goes its part of my rap monsters say rawrr and I make your mommma say awhh lol what do you think its kinda better if a boy say it cause "I make your momma say awh is kind gay"
    3 Music 11
  216. What program (preferably free) can I use to edit video, making it slow-motion or sped up?
    I'm using a Mac laptop. I know this Q has been asked before, but none of the other answers helped me.
    5 Technology 12
  217. What can I do to slow down my metabolism?
    I'm 14 & I weigh about 118 and about 5"8 and really thin. I'm trying to gain weight but my metabolism is like too fast so it's hard. Are there any pills that can slow it down? Or would exercising and gaining muscle be a faster way to gain weight?
    31 Nutritionfitness 244
  218. Is there a way to slow down your metabolism?
    im 20 6'1 and I weigh 145 lbs. I want to gain weight but everything I try I just keep losing weight. any ideas? all ideas appreciated thanks
    4 Nutritionfitness 17
  219. No offense to Rap
    I know everyone sees this and not just me,why do rappers always use women like that in their music videos? I mean every video I have seen they have the women dancing like well you know,it's wrong. Who agrees or disagrees?
    4 Music 20
  220. How come chicano/a rap isnt on the radio?
    i mean its great and most of them have a great talent, idk if u've ever heard dem but like ms krazie has a GREAT talent but u dont hear her on da radio
    5 Music 46
  221. How to fix my slow computer?
    does anyone have some ideas why my comp has gone slow and keeps saying 'cannot display this page' its only been happening since I changed my modem to a wireless netgear modem,I've done scans and that ok so what could it be??
    9 Technology 52
  222. How to tell him to slow down?
    So, I am dating a new guy. I told him I want to take it slow, and he said he agrees. But then he didn't want to stop last night when I was ready to stop. How can I bring it up with him without making a huge deal. I'm not a prude, I just don't want ...
    4 Relationships 93
  223. Metal Fan Not Rap
    Ok this may seem mean or stupid but I live in an area with a grip of Blacks not to be racist but knowin I am the only Metalhead on my block,how can I try and ignore having to listen to their LOUD a** music?
    4 Music 12
  224. How can I help prevent and slow hair damage when using a ghd iv styler?
    right now, I am using gotb guardian angel heat protectant, but I'm not sure if its very good. What is the best cheap drugstore hair protectant?
    9 Style 42
  225. rock vs. rap
    Rock is way better than rap who agrees with me? and please use English, not random capitol letters and symbols in the words like "yO fuh re@lZ " and crap like that. p.s. I don't think all rap sucks, just gangster "hood" stuff.
    11 Music 38
  226. Help with my rap song for music class?
    I need a better line, can someone please help me! ok it goes like this... Yo we come from monroe were we play basetball like were pros mess with us we will mess you up please help me we have to write a rap song for music class in order to pass!!!
    3 Music 16
  227. Should I just ignore him or play it slow?
    So I really like this guy at my new school and he likes me, but all teh girls who new him keep saying that I shouldnt date him because hes done all this shit like use and cheat on girls..but I don't know he seems really nice and I don't know what to do...
    2 Relationships 52
  228. What do you think of slow walking people, especially when they take up all the path?
    I don't mind if it's old people, disabled people or little kids, but if people just take up the path and just talk then it's really irritating, especially if you're running late for something (I am an extremely fast walker).
    10 General 37
  229. Computer being slow.
    I was listening to Switch on bbc iplayer, and it just kept on pausing which is really annoyinh, and never happens, is their anything I can do, I don't t have any tabs up, I've only got that page running, and no other programs running apart from msn. ...
    4 Technology 22
  230. Why is my computer running slow?
    Ok so I dont know much about computers. And I was just wondering my computer is fast and all of a sudden it gets to the point where it wont even open a page? Anybody know why? Please help I would really appreciate it.
    5 Technology 33
  231. what is a good rap duet for a boy and girl?
    Me and my friend Robby might rap at our high school talent show but we are having trouble finding a rap duet thats school vulgarity(aka sex drugs alcohol etc)...if you could help itd be great:)
    6 Sex 192
  232. what are some quality rap songs with good bass?
    I need to find some newer rap songs that sound good when played on 2 8" jl audio subs. I want something that has good lyrics and a hella beat. Any help is appreciated. some Hip/hop is also acceptable.
    7 Music 72
  233. Webcam on slow computer?
    I got a computer in my room a little less than a year ago and it's realllyyy slow. I know it's not the type of interent I have because I have road runner and my sister's computer is really fast. Is there anything I can do to make it faster? Also,...
    4 Technology 102
  234. Pirate rap song for halloween, have you seen this video?
    Over the weekend, we made our fourth promotional video for FunAdvice. It's a rap song with me dressed up in a pirate costume & an original score, lyrics, and special effects :) Let us know what you think:
    2 Music 51
  235. Losing Weight To Slow Or Not
    Ok I have lost 11 lbs in 2 months. I joined a gym I go 4 days a week. Is 11 lbs in 2 months good? Or do I need to do something else too. I always thought if I lose it slow I had a better chance of keeping it off. True or not?
    3 Nutritionfitness 15
  236. Good underground Rap artists?
    I've been listening to a lot of stuff like Immortal Technique, Ill Bill, Necro, Atmosphere, and C-Rayz Walz. I was wondering if any one knew of any more artists like these guys
    7 Music 61
  237. Question for rap appreciaters
    Whats the sound in the song "this is why im hot" by mims its about 1:08 min into the song. Wheres this sound originated who first produced it, hows it produced I really love this sound and I wanna know all about it Thank-you
    3 Music 5
  238. How to slow metabolism?
    I have extremely high metabolism and have been tiny and thin my whole life, even after having 2 children. I need to figure out a way to slow my metabolism down. Having such high metabolism makes it so hard to find clothes to fit and gets expensive tryi...
    3 Nutritionfitness 67
  239. Underground Rap anyone listen to it ?
    Underground Rap anyone listen to it ? The alchemist atmosphere Prodigy Dead Perez ? Any good music you know about im really into the real hip hop not soulja boy, t-pain, 3 6 mafia, lil wayne .
    2 Music 18
  240. How to slow dance at Homecoming?
    So homecoming is in like two weeks . And this senior that is rlllyyy cute (im a freshman) asked me to save him a dance . and so I agreed . . . duh! and neither of us have dates . we want to go in a group . But I dont know how to slow dance I guess . ...
    2 Relationships 57
  241. Is rap music?
    my friends have been fighting over this and I thought ill ask you... I said its not music cause the "artists" dont play instruments and half the time they dont even sing. and my buddy said since there are beats and people call them "songs" its mu...
    8 Music 12
  242. How long does it take (roughly) for a metabolism to slow down from lack of what used to be continuous exercise?
    I used to exercise a lot, now I am only running 3 or so times a week and hardly going to the gym or swimming any more. I should be going more, and will try to fit it in but I just don't have as much time as I did. Anyway, I was wondering how long on av...
    4 Nutritionfitness 80
  243. Why are guys so slow?
    ok that's not fair not all guy's are slow, but the one's i talk to ARE!! im hard to get i mean really hard to get,guy's like the chase so why cant they figuer out how i fell? if i want them to kiss me they cant tell if i want them to talk to me they ca...
    2 Relationships 39
  244. Where can I find things about rap music being negative towardsyouth
    I have to do a report on music and how it effects today's youth...I was wondering. is there anywhere where I could find somethign about how rap music is a negative influence, or has a negative influence? Mainly about the lyrics about drugs/smoking/alco...
    10 Sex 53
  245. My laptop is very slow what can i do to make it faster?
    My laptop is getting old it has 5 years and it has windows 7 but i have to wait like 30 minutes to installs like 24 updates and thats make me crazy so if i change windows 7 for windows 8 that would make it faster or not. Tell me please thank you.
    2 Technology 19
  246. Why is my laptop running online videos slow and choppy?
    i watch cricket highlights online and its been a couple of weeks since my laptop starts running them slow and choppy. i know its not the internet cause when i do a speed test my internet is fast like 22mbps and it only happens after i watch about 5 min...
    4 Technology 13
  247. pc is very slow...
    ok. I got my computer from amazon. its starting to get very slow,web pages quit responding a lot...I've only had it like a few months. I have avg downloaded but it still has problems. does anyone else have this problem?? and does anyone know how I can ...
    8 Technology 47
  248. Rap metal
    Hey does anyone know any good rap metal bands I dont mean like crappy stuff Nothing mainstream because I would have most likely heard of them I mean like good riffs and great drumwork with cool rapping And google isnt helping for this one much Th...
    3 Music 15
  249. Slow internet?
    Well... to start I have a campaq presario c700 which is runnin vista. I've had it about a month... maybe less... and in the last week my internets strted to slow. I need a way of speedin it up with out havin to pay 4 those lil scan and fix things??? an...
    6 Technology 42
  250. How white are you I hate rap music I only listen to rock punk
    How white are you I hate rap music I only listen to rock punk or metal x I would never do a fat person I either never say or whisper nigga I own at least 3 concert t-shirtst o t a l s 1 I've been to at least 5 rock concerts x I think smok?
    3 Music 53