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  1. Where can I buy niacin pills?
    2 Drugs 100
  2. Are you supposed to flush tampons?
    22 Homegarden 115
  3. Does niacin flush free work?
    a I want to know if niacin works for marijuana and niacin flush free works.
    2 Drugs 7570
  4. Will niacin get cocaine out of your system
    Will niacin get cocaine out of your system
    2 Drugs 11108
  5. How can I flush out my system after smoking marijuana?
    How can I flush out my system after smoking marijuana?
    3 Health 1218
  6. will niacin pass a mouth swab
    3 Drugs 347
  7. system flush
    how do flush out my system in two weeks from weed
    4 Health 127
  8. Does Niacin help you pass a drug test?
    Does Niacin help to pass drug test?
    42 Drugs 144788
  9. Are you suppose to flush tampons or throw them away?
    14 Health 97
  10. Can you build a tolerance to Niacin if you use it too many times?
    4 Drugs 369
  11. How do people flush their toilets if they have a phobia of the sound the toilet pump makes?
    11 General 26
  12. Flushing a fish
    What happens when you flush a live but almost dead fishh..
    5 Pets 47
  13. Will Niacin help to pass a urinary drug test?
    I just wanted to know if niacin will help me to pass a urinary drug test?
    3 Drugs 3697
  14. how much niacin to flush cocaine out?
    I my sister did a few lines on fri. and now she goes back to the navy on mon. I know not the brightst but we're past that. will slo niacin work?
    3 Drugs 12990
  15. how can i flush toxins out of bood?
    how long does thc stay in blood stream
    3 Health 135
  16. Is it okay to flush used period pads ???
    Is it okay toflush(toliet) used period pads ??? if not then...what are the other ways ??
    6 Health 69
  17. How does niacin affect an unborn baby?
    What are the effects of niacin on an unborn baby? Approximately 35 weeks in utero?
    2 Drugs 306
  18. what are some ways to flush your system of pot quiqly?
    I need some information on how to flush a humans system that has been smoking pot?
    6 Health 81
  19. how is baking soda good for flushing out toxins from your boady?
    can I drink baking soda to flush my boady from unwanted toxins for drug test
    3 Nutritionfitness 66
  20. Does Synergy Detox work to flush out THC?
    has anyone used Synergy Detox system to flush out before drug test for THC?
    2 Health 1232
  21. Does vinega work to flush urine?
    does vinegar work to flush opiates in two days to pass a drug test (urine) and if so how much?
    2 Health 440
  22. How long will it take for the niacin to clear out your system ?
    If I smoke weed/dro today will the drugs be out of my system in two days? How many niacin should I take if so?
    3 Drugs 1145
  23. How do you flush a condom down toilet?
    Boyfriend just flushed it down the loo, will it come back up? It hasnt yet, and its been a few hours, but im worryed in case it does?
    2 Health 165
  24. How niacin cleans my system out from marijuana?
    I need to pass a drug test for propation I just quit which only leaves me with 9 days to clean my system out. Will niacin and lots of water clean my system out in time.
    2 Drugs 2230
  25. When does Niacin work?
    Does Niacin work if it doesn't burn? I took like 10 500mg tablets that I bought from GNC and didn't even burn and I take random drug screens.
    2 Drugs 710
  26. When you take champ flush out detox work for detoxing opiates?
    I have a urine test 2moro afternoon and I bought champ flush out detox and want 2 know if I should pass or not... If anyone has taken this product before and passed a drug test for opiates let me know please!
    3 Health 9297
  27. Does a toileet have to be flushed in order...
    to know if the seal between the toilet and floor is broken? I turned off the supply line, and the floor is dried out...but I heard at work today, that the only way to KNOW that the seal ok, is to flush the toilet... Carpenters? DIY'ers? Help!
    2 Homegarden 15
  28. Does Niacin really work to clear drugs out of urine?
    I heard from a bunch of people that niacin will clean your system out if you take a bunch of em the day before your U.A and drink a lot of water unfortunately some of these people never had a U.A before... SO I am asking all of you or anyone that can h...
    15 Drugs 38976
  29. Will niacin clean my system of THC in 3 days?
    I have to take a drug test in 3 days and I've been smoking bud multiple x's a day for like 2 years, my friends told me to take 2 niacin pills in the morning and 2 at night for 3 days and I should be clean. Will that work?
    8 Drugs 18805
  30. Can pregnant women take niacin?
    Im pregnant an I hurd myself an my baby will be drug tested after I give birth an I smoke three days ago for the first time in about a month and im due in a week and a half, it makes me nervous so I was wondering if pregnant women can take niacin
    2 Drugs 81
  31. Flushing naturally
    Has anyone ever flushed naturally (ex: with water,juices etc) and still passed a drug test? If so, what did you use , what is your procedure and how soon did you have to stop smoking? A friend of mine said she smoked until the day of the test and all s...
    2 Health 37
  32. How long for niacin pills to get THC outof your system?
    I have a drug test coming up soon to see if I've been smoking pot and so I bought detox pills (niacin) to get it out of my system and so I was just making sure that they work and I was told they get the THC out of your system in about 3-4 days, is that...
    3 Drugs 919
  33. I need to know about niacin!!! I have a drug test soon!
    I know people say it does and does not work so I need the truth if I fail this test im going to be in a lot of trouble. Does niacin work and if so I need to know people keep saying either the flush free kind or the regular kind I here they work both bu...
    2 Drugs 2619
  34. How do I flush the systems of mine and my unborn baby's of THC?
    So I'm about 37 weeks pregnant, and a regular smoker (I AM NOT LOOKING FOR CRITICISM OR people WANTING TO SAY JUST QUIT!) And I recently found out that most of the hospitals in my area automatically drug test newborns. I could have the baby any time fr...
    8 Health 455
  35. Will 250mg niacin work for piss test? please answer
    I have a Probation meeting in 2 days. I smoked weed about 6 days ago (not a lot only 1 gram). I've been taking 250mg niacin the past 4 days. 1 in the morning and 1 befor bed. I'm 120 pounds and 5'6" tall. I have had a ichy feeling and have gotten a li...
    11 Drugs 985
  36. THC yes or no
    Will niacine clean thc out of you?
    2 Health 478
  37. How can you pass a swab drug test?
    I know that niacin will help you pass a pee test but how can you pass a test when they swab your mouth?
    3 Drugs 344
  38. What grosses you out?? :o
    Hmmm, what grosses you out till no end?? I'd have to say when people don't flush the toilet when they take a nicee fricken crap. Espessially at'd think girls would flush the friggen toilet. -blehhh-
    6 General 16
  39. if a dog drank from the toilet after ...
    someone who used meth went pee and didnt flush could it harm them ?
    3 Pets 61
  40. Can lemon juice clear weed out my system ?
    I have a drug test tomorrow I smoked some weed for a few days before will lemon juice clear my system I heard it flushes your system out
    4 Health 14211
  41. Cocaine out of my system
    Whats the best thing(s) to take to flush coke out of my system for an upcoming drug test I have in a week?
    9 Drugs 1255
  42. Why do guys miss the toilet?
    Why do guys put the Toilet seat up when They pee? And never Put it back down? And why do Some not flush it When they are done? Makes me very angry
    3 General 84
  43. how can I get marijuana out of my system?
    my husband has a drug screen on march 26th and he smoked last nite...hes on probation and basically I was wondering if niacin flush free works to clean out your system? any info would be greatly appreciated!
    4 Health 3261
  44. How to stop my eyes from burning without using eyedrops?
    Flushing them with cold water doesn't help really.
    6 Health 53
  45. Who knows if its true that drinking alcohol will help when you are having trouble with your kidneys?
    I heard that drinking some alcohol (not getting drunk) will help flush out your kidneys and the infection if you have one.
    7 Health 24
  46. Passing drug test
    I have qiut smokin marijuana for 3 weeks now and I took omni cleansing drink with their pills and I have been taking niacin will I pass a drug test
    3 Drugs 275
  47. How do I remove diazepam from my system?
    What is the safest way to remove diazepam( valium) from your system. I have a urine test coming up next week and need to know how to flush my system properly
    2 Health 677
  48. Ok I'm not a frequent user but last week n a little Saturday till Sunday am early b4 sun was up I used coke.
    Its been 2 n a half days n I had a pop ua today. Now I took a shit load of flush free niacin .. anybody knows if this will work.. last time my ua I had smoke green that morning n some that week b4 took slow Flo niacin n passed. What's going to happen...
    3 Health 171
  49. Why was there blood in my stool?
    well I went to the bathroom to do #2, and I noticed that it hurt as it was coming out. then I saw as I flushed that the toilet was full of blood. I don't know where that came from but it scared me. so what should I do, is it serious???
    9 Health 123
  50. Dumping veggie oil after frying
    Ok I used my moms deep fryer and when I fry something I ususlly flush it down the toilet if its like from a skillet does anyone know if its ok to dump that much down the toilet ???
    7 Homegarden 95
  51. Will I be clean for a piss test after smoking weed for 6 days
    I have drank 8 gallons of water and took around 28 niacins within 2 days and I have a drug test tomorrow. Will I be clean?
    2 Health 277
  52. The Devil Toilet
    I have a toilet upstairs, and it's driving me C-R-A-Z-Y. Before now, I didn't notice anything wrong with the toilet before, except for the regular toilet problems: low water, a double-flush. The first thing that went wrong was hard NOT to ignore. The t...
    3 Homegarden 57
  53. Birth Control Question
    I'm a little confused though.. if the pill goes into your blood stream then how is the pill not effective if you throw up with in the 3 to 4 hours. Are you guys sure that going to the restroom wouldn't flush it out?
    2 Health 43
  54. How do I get pot out of my system while pregnant?
    I am 36 weeks pregnant and I want to be sure that when I go in for my scheduled c-section in 24 days or so I will be clean from marijuana... I know that niacin works but I just want to be sure that I will not hurt my baby if I take it?
    5 Health 14277
  55. Can I be electrocuted without fully noticing?
    , my laptop charger is kinda broken and i touched a few of the wires when it was plugged in , and it burnt heaps but made me cold at the same time. now i keep getting hot and cold flushes , is it a sign og beingg electrocuted ? ,
    10 Health 62
  56. Pcp test urgent please help!!!
    I just smoked pcp last night and now I have to take a drug test tomorrow afternoon. Is there any way that I can flush it out of my system by then? Also, I bought this drink called 'the liquid stuff'. Does anyone know if it works?
    3 Health 56
  57. I think I have a uti
    I think I have a Uti, my pee is semi-cloudy and I have to uranate frequently except I cant. So I drank 2 big glasses of cranberry juice and now the feeling is gone, but should I still go to the doctors or have I already flushed the infection out??
    3 Health 46
  58. Time needed before taking drug test sent to lab
    I took a drug test today and I quit smoking 3 days bef0re ,I weigh 180 6'0ft tall,when I smoked I only smoked bout 1 time a day for a week, I have been taking niacin for 3 days, should I b ok or am I and trouble?
    2 Drugs 703
  59. pass a meps test
    I am joining the navy and I need to pass a drug test I havent smoked since the 25th of may until yesterday and I took two hits...wooops my bad. I am not going to take my test for 2-3 weeks. if I do this niacin thing is it really going to work and am I...
    6 Health 138
  60. What's the BEST way to get THC out of your system?
    I'm 5'2 nd 102 lbs. My bro tried Niacin nd said it worked, I read that Vitamin E nd green tea works. Also, I drink water every day nd I haven't smoked in about a week.
    9 Health 75
  61. Drinking Green Tea Twice a Day... Will I notice changes?
    Ok well Last week I started to drink Green Tea in the morning, and at night. And I'm also eating healthy. Now I know that green tea kind of flushes out your system and boosts your metabolism, but in maybe like a month will I notice some changes in m...
    9 Nutritionfitness 517
  62. Drug test for Job need help to pass.
    So I did weed for the first time in a long time three days ago. It was the first time I think in one to two months. I smoked from a bowl, and only took three to four hits. I got a call a day ago from our local unemployment office and they found me a j...
    6 Drugs 133
  63. he did this, can I still get prego?-pre-cum
    k, me and my boyfriend had sex on valentines day, we had sex about three times and the first time which was the longest he wiped the tip off. plus before we had sex he went pee, they said that pee flushes out and killes any left over sperm from the las...
    2 Sex 355
  64. Can I add transmission fluid to my truck?
    Ok so I was changing the oil for the first time on my truck, but removed the drain plug for the tran. fluid, about two qts came out, can I just add some more or do I need to do a complete flush? It's an 02 Sierra 4.8L v8 with 170k mi. Some one please h...
    5 Cars 38
  65. What's the best way to clean out your system?
    I read your post on how to best flush your system out. So far I think that's the best answer I've seen online and the fact that you are in the medical field makes me trust your answer more. If you can give me extra tips on how to handle this flush thi...
    8 Health 2284
  66. I am Freakin out
    I smoked some marijauana last night for the first time in 4 1/2 years. Now I am completely trippin out cause I'm afraid that I will get pulled for a drug test at work. How long would it take for it to be flushed through my system. And does anyone know ...
    10 Health 41
  67. Weed + drug test = problem!! Please help
    The last time I smoked weed was on tuesday and I have to take a drug test tomorrow (which is friday) for a job in which I am applying... I really need this job and I know I won't pass because it will have only been three days but what if I drink water ...
    7 Drugs 475
  68. What is the name of the mainstrem "anti-alcohol" tablet?
    What is the name of the mainstrem "anti-alcohol" tablet? Basically, if you have it and then have alcohol, it makes you not want it, like it maks you all flush faced red and stuff. Anybopdy know? And please don't send any "get over alcohol" help. Its n...
    2 Food 69
  69. Homemade detox drink?
    I've been feeling really sluggish and I've been slacking off on working out and eating right. I also smoked a couple times. I've realized that I hate the way my body and mind feel. And I want to make an at home detox drink so I can just flush my system...
    3 Nutritionfitness 318
  70. How to eat tomatoes?
    I really, really dislike the taste of tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes, regular tomatoes, green tomatoes, I just don't like the taste of them at all. But I'm starting a fat flush and tomatoes are one of the main things I'm suppose to eat (because they're extr...
    4 Food 26
  71. Why is my period getting lighter every month?
    Ive been on the pill since i was 14 and i am now 19 my periods have only just started getting lighter and lighter i am not even filling up a tampon for light flow but the pain is getting worse and im also having hot flushes all the time even when its c...
    8 Health 67
  72. Drug test tomorrow Answer ASAP
    I smoke so much that you can roll me up and be high for a 3 days striaght...I have Niacin 500mg...just drank 2 quarts of water, popped 1...bout to pop another one...gotta test 2morrow at 8:30 AM...Should I OD starting now? (I know I should have stopped...
    4 Drugs 208
  73. How long does 0.9% Sodium Chloride (saline) soultion really last for once opened?
    Well the bottle says dispose after 24hrs the pharamsists all say no more than 28 days my mate who uses the same this says until it starts to smell ify. I ask cuz i use it for my eyes when i feel tired, itchy or dry, i use it to flush wounds and eve...
    2 Health 692
  74. Who thinks this is a good idea?
    Well if someone was to drink 10 glasses of water throughout the day and eat upto 1500 cals they would lose weight as the water would flush out all the 'fat'.. ? I was having random thoughts and came up with this and just thought I'd ask what you people...
    6 Nutritionfitness 15
  75. Help I look like a monster
    on monday I've got to go to school again and there is a guy in my class and I like him and I look horrible I have a cold sore next to my lip and my lips are all dry and I have a cold and I have to wear my hair up at school and I have to wear school clo...
    2 Style 12
  76. Pass a drug test
    I smoked one bowl between one other person and i on feb 13, and it's march 1st. I'm 115lbs & 5'6 (i heard weight matters) and I took three niacin, but I'm not peeing, I've never been drug tested before. And I have no idea about any of this. Should I pa...
    3 Drugs 22
  77. What would be the reason for this?
    I've recently started taking a all in one vitamins and mineral pill. - centrum, performance. I went to the bathroom... And before I flushed I noticed my bowl had a lot of red in it.. I wasnt to sure if it was my urine or .. Yea. Today I was in a ve...
    2 Health 27
  78. wet phone ):
    okay, so I just droped my phone in the toilet (it was flushed) and I screamed then I saw the screen turn white and I reached down and got my phone, took all the parts off, the back, and the battery and blowdryed it right away. I was so happy when I tur...
    5 Technology 43
  79. I've been feeling psycho
    My attitude has been bouncing off the walls. I will get extrememly upset over nothing, and get completely ticked off about stupid stuff. - I don't know why. Could it be because there has been a lot of stress going on in the home I live in, school, or ...
    5 Health 42
  80. Marijuana and you
    I weight 175 and im 5'10" tall 25 years old...I've been smoken marijuana for bout 8 months now I had to stop because im looking for a new job its been 7 days since I've smoked im working out doing mainly cardio eating healther drinking lots of clear li...
    4 Health 77
  81. What if I am bipolar ?
    What if I am bipolar and awhile ago my aunt who I live with flushed my pills down the toilet because she doesn't believe anyone can be bipolar. I want back on my medication because I am constantly either cussing out, screaming and yelling, then crying,...
    11 Health 47
  82. thc to test in 24 hours
    ok I need some help here. I have to test in 24 hours for thc for probation im freaking out.. I tried taking 20 niacin pills and tried home test failed. tried 3 day water diet 2 gallons a day failed. took stat pills from gnc failed. help! I smoke daily...
    3 Health 143
  83. What cheap solutions will help reduce the redness from the acne?
    Normally it's the hormones that cause acne and the redness and it's really noticeable and embarrassing to me to have it...there. So I was curious to as if any household items like juice or something to help clear the redness and the dryness it has. I a...
    4 Style 20
  84. Cant drink alcohol!
    Help!! For about a year and a half I have suffered from random hot flushes, even when I'm cold my face goes really red and gets hot and I have to actually strip down until my body shivers and wait for my face to de-red. It just started to get worse l...
    3 Health 64
  85. Doctors lied to my girlfriend. I'm pissed!!
    My girlfriend was having some werid family problems. She found it had to get to sleep at night. so, we went to a doctor and he gavr her this bottle an said 'take 50mg during day, 100mg at night'. I thought it was strange, but I didn't think too much o...
    18 Health 26
  86. Please help my fish
    I had 4 fish. 1 goldfish,2black moors, and 1 calico. they all started to act funny when I was moving the rocks around and all the poop, and left over food came up. like it was choking them. so I took them out and put them into a plastic container.and I...
    4 Pets 15
  87. Is it bad to shave, 'down there'?
    I have been shaving around the edges of my pubic hair, just to keep it even. I never shave more than just the edges, but was wondering if it is bad to do? Could it cause infections? Also, is there anyway, to trim it without making a big mess? My moth...
    3 Style 44
  88. The doctors are stumped! Any suggestions?
    I was a healthy 27 year old female until 2 months ago when I got three sessions of sclerotherapy injections (around 50-60 injections) per session. It could just be a coincidence, but I was healthy before this. I do have polycystic ovarian syndrome, hyp...
    11 Health 58
  89. How do i shave down there, without getting caught?
    Ok, so topics like this, don't really ever come up between me and my mother, but I have a reason for bringing it up. So, I know my mom doesn't shave hers, but I'm not comfortable, having my own 'down there'. Its just uncomfortable. I haven't done mo...
    7 Relationships 140
  90. My Best Girlfriend's Man's Flirting with Me......... what to do?
    My best girlfriend's partner is flirting with me whenever we get together. He's lot older than me, and seems quite happy living with my girlfriend. About a year ago, when we were alone by ourselves in a hotel room, he has been very playful, he tickled ...
    3 Relationships 35
  91. Do you like this song?
    New York Nite Verse 1 your busy stressin wit a faceless expression n' nobody wants 2 know u, nobody wants 2 call you out 4 everything you done but that's about 2 change rite now we have somethin 4 you so you can pick your head back up people ru...
    2 Music 15
  92. Depression assosiated with loss of twin brother?
    I want some advice and answers please! Here is my story: I was recently diagnosed with depression. I see a therapist and everything. I am a 15 year old girl who aside from this leads a completely normal life. I am an only child and I have always b...
    2 Health 46
  93. What do I do, EPT says negative?
    Okay so my boyfriend and I are always as careful as possible. We always use a condom, and I am actually waiting to see the OBGYN to get birth control. One time the condom came off inside of me after he had come, so we got the morning after pill. My per...
    2 Health 50
  94. What was moving in my stomach?
    Last night before I got in the shower I noticed that one side of my stomach was obviously bigger than the other side. In addition to that I was in a ton of pain! My stomach hurt really badly. It felt like my stomach was too heavy or something. So despi...
    5 Health 871
  95. How to help a bulimic friend?
    all right well I was invited to a big party that my best friend threw.Well after the party me and her had a sleepover just to catch up on things.She prepaired whip cream and all this sweets and stuff.Then while we were having some whipcream she was lik...
    10 Nutritionfitness 141
  96. Should I go lighter or darker? (Hair)
    There's a recent picture of me. As you can see, I have medium/dark brown hair, blue eyes, and SUPER pale skin. I'm planning on dying my hair for the first time ever, but I don't know if I should go lighter or darker. Not blonde or black, but a dark or ...
    6 Style 24
  97. How to get over some one
    All righty. Well I was going out with a girl for 2 years and not going to lie I loved her. She was my everything. Things weren't working right for awhile though. I went on a trip for a week and I figured out that she had hung out with this guy a lot wh...
    2 Relationships 37
  98. What do you think about this product?
    This is long, but if you have the time, please read and answer!!! Have any of you heard or used a product called Zymox Otic with Hydrocortisone on your dogs ears? Is it safe? Does it work? How did your dog react to it? I was told that Zymox Otic, is v...
    8 Pets 37
  99. My sister is gross and my parents are jerks
    Ok well my little sister is really gross she is 10 years old and she doesn't take showers often, brush her teeth, flush the toilet or even use toilet paper. My parents try to get her to have better hygene but lets face it, they are hopeless. My sister'...
    6 Family 172
  100. What do you think of my story?
    Out of the darkness two stooped figures emerged out of an alleyway towards a large building in the middle of town. As they crept along the street, the lampposts revealed two pairs of stunning wings, one huge and black as night, the other, small and whi...
    6 Literature 28
  101. Random Strange Survey
    Is there anybody you just wish would fall off the planet?: aha yeah, kind of How do you flush the toilet in public?: I rarely use public restrooms, ICK! When I do I fluch with my foot. =] Do you wear your seatbelt in the car?: Not always, no. Name on...
    3 Sex 62
    Untitled `Page 1 Chapter One, Defiance “I don’t want to go to some stupid private school. I was happy where I was! Why can’t you ever just leave me alone?” I pleaded. I could tell by the expression on Paul, my uncles face, that no matter what I ...
    7 Literature 46