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Should i have faith in humanity

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  1. What is human being ?
    4 General 33
  2. Why were humans born?
    For what we the humans born??:)
    4 General 26
  3. Confused What is Humanity???
    5 Religion 33
  4. what is humanitys perpious
    what is humanitys perpious
    7 Religion 62
  5. What are my human rights?
    10 Politics 26
  6. Is it only human to have superstitions?
    2 General 28
  7. What is a faith healer?
    4 Religion 11
  8. What's the difference between faith and destiny?
    What is the difference between faith and destiny?
    7 Religion 145
  9. Why did god create humans?
    Why did god create humans?
    13 Religion 44
  10. What does it mean to be truly human?
    What does it mean to be truly human?
    6 General 77
  11. What urges Humans to be Romantic?
    What urges Humans to be Romantic?
    3 Relationships 18
  12. are humans still evolving?
    are humans still evolving?
    14 Science 46
  13. Human never satisfy
    Why human never satisfy?
    2 General 13
  14. Human Condition
    What is the human condition? Examples?
    3 General 35
  15. Humans and apes
    Where did humans come from did we come apes
    13 Science 46
  16. How is soil important to humans?
    7 General 68
  17. can elves marry humans?
    9 Religion 71
  18. Basic characteristics of human beings?
    What are the basic characteristics of human beings as human beings?
    10 Science 165
  19. Does rat poison affects humans?
    Does rat poison affects human?
    8 Health 123
  20. Weight of the human brain
    What is thw weight of the human brain.
    2 Science 74
  21. Are all humans capable of committing evil?
    are all humans capable of committing evil?
    22 Religion 215
  22. Why do humans like fat food?
    Why do human like fat food
    4 Nutritionfitness 30
  23. When did humans first step on the Earth?
    When did humans first step on the Earth?
    12 Science 268
  24. Why cant men stay faithful?
    why men cant stay faithful?
    3 Relationships 41
  25. Normal do you believe in such a word for humans??
    do you believe in such a word for humans??
    6 General 17
  26. Why do humans have webbed skin between their fingers?
    Why do humans have webbed skin between their fingers?
    3 Style 60
  27. Does the human digestive system grow as you grow?
    does the human digestive system grow as you grow?
    3 Health 52
  28. how much does a human brain weigh?
    how much does a human brain weigh?
    3 Science 87
  29. How can I humanely dispose of ferral cats?
    How can I humanely dispose of ferral cats?
    2 Pets 46
  30. Can a human get pregnant by a dog?
    can a human get pregnant by a dog
    7 Relationships 358
  31. Do you think humans are the only species to have empathy?
    4 Science 38
  32. can vampires kidnap a humans if they love him\her
    4 Religion 34
  33. What disturbs you about the human body most?
    (if there is anything that does)?
    40 Health 37
  34. Why do mammals other than humans not have belly buttons?
    5 Pets 58
  35. What are all the gross systems of the human body?
    4 Health 22
  36. Can Human being be allergic to natural or sun?
    7 Science 37
  37. Can dogs fall in love with a human?
    19 Pets 63
  38. Why is it that the average human is scared of the dark?
    22 General 33
  39. How is the Bible infallible if it was written by humans?
    How can the Bible be infallible if it is written by fallible humans?
    12 Religion 72
  40. Do any animals other than humans commit suicade?
    Just thinking do any animals other than humans commit suicade?
    5 General 23
  41. Whats the normal human body tempature?
    Whats the normal human body tempature?
    5 Health 82
  42. How to treat a cut inside a human mouth?
    How to treat a cut inside a human mouth?
    6 Health 1968
  43. Why Do Humans have Butt Cracks?
    Why Do Humans have Butt Cracks? its useless theirs a whole why the butt crack?
    5 General 1396
  44. How does human activity affect global warming?
    How does human activity affect global warming?
    2 Politics 38
  45. Why am I so obsessed by the clear flow of human history?
    7 General 22
  46. Is eating cinnamon humanly impossible?
    Is eating cinnamon humamly impossible?
    9 Food 82
  47. is it harmful for a human being to eat dog food?
    12 Pets 31
  48. Can a slime mold grow in or on a human body?
    2 Health 72
  49. What kind of scientist study the human brain?
    4 Science 138
  50. how many years human can alive in this world?
    4 Money 22
  51. how did humans become the domanating animal on earth?
    13 General 18
  52. What are the largest and the smallest parts of the human brain?
    4 Science 1347
  53. How did Adam and Eve communicate with each other if there had not be any human being before them?
    26 Religion 101
  54. Are dogs mouths really cleaner that a humans mouth.? :/
    4 Pets 27
  55. why do you think humans are the reason for global warming?
    18 Environment 29
  56. What are your thoughts on human engineering?
    do you think it should be legalized?
    7 Politics 16
  57. Does chocolate really warm up the human body?
    3 Health 35
  58. Do humans have any part in the forming of all these tornados?
    36 Environment 27
  59. Do you feel like humans are way more desensitized now?
    13 General 41
  60. Human Cloning
    Should human cloning be banned ? Should reproductive human cloning always be prohibited?
    2 General 37
  61. How does electromagnetic radiation injure a human brain?
    2 Science 47
  62. What's the distinction between NLP and Design Human Engineering?
    2 General 10
  63. Did God create humans?
    When people say God created humans what does that mean? Did he create all humans or just the first humans?
    23 Religion 29
  64. What are side effects to humans caused taser gun?
    What are side effects to humans caused taser gun?
    3 Science 131
  65. How did jesus explain god to humans sermon on the mount?
    How did jesus explain god to humans sermon on the mount?
    2 Religion 21
  66. Does reading bible only help us increase our faith?
    Does reading bible only help us increase our faith?
    16 Religion 89
  67. What are the effects of regular soda on humans?
    What are the effects of regular soda pop on the human body?
    8 Nutritionfitness 143
  68. Human girls & male cats
    Can a human girl get pregnant from a male cat?
    11 Pets 57
  69. inter-faith marriage
    do inter-faith marriages really work?
    5 Religion 17
  70. How does faith influence the life changing decisions we make?
    How does faith influence the life changing decisions we make? How does it influence the decisions that we make that are life changing?
    8 Religion 278
  71. How does cat scratch disease affect the human body?
    How does cat scratch disease affect the human body?
    3 Health 91
  72. What would human being look like if their skeleton were outside
    What would human being look like if their skeleton were outside the
    5 Science 187
  73. How many words can human say in one day?
    how many words can human say In one day?
    4 General 73
  74. Worms in human poo?
    All worms that goinside people can they kill them???
    2 Health 101
  75. Do we really need to be faithful in order to have a beautiful relationship ????
    19 Relationships 50
  76. Why are some people still racist when there is only one race - the human race?
    24 Politics 40
  77. What are some of the restrictions in the Muslim faith concerning dress and diet?
    4 Religion 9
  78. Why do you think humans, in general, are so self-destructive?
    14 General 43
  79. What happened to CTV's hit show, "Human Target"?
    2 Entertainment 7
  80. Does the moon pull really affect humans, I any way?
    9 Science 30
  81. What other mammals beside humans laugh out loud with "ha ha ha"?
    8 Pets 13
  82. What are your favourite non-human movie/TV/story creatures and why?
    8 Entertainment 17
  83. Why do people honestly believe we, as humans, can hurt the planet?
    18 Environment 38
  84. Is it weird to talk to your dog like it's human?
    18 Pets 133
  85. Is it true that cat hair is bad for humans?
    Is it true that cat hair is bad for humans? And that it causes cancer?
    3 Pets 127
  86. Is a dog's mouth cleaner than a human's?
    they say a dogs mouth is cleaner than humans mouth's ... what do you guys think??
    10 Pets 177
  87. Did humans evolve from ape or were Adam and Eve the first people?
    were adam and eve the first people or did humans evolve from ape?
    94 Religion 187
  88. puppies get human meds out of system?
    how long does it take to get human meds out of system?
    2 Pets 9
  89. Are Human women the only ones with hymens do girl animals have them also?
    2 Pets 92
  90. Can dogs be potty trained to use the toilet like humans?
    6 Pets 25
  91. Where can I find cheats for the game "Destroy All Humans! 2"?
    Where can I find cheats and unlockables for this game?
    2 Entertainment 20
  92. How old is the oldest European human fossil ever discovered?
    5 Science 11
  93. How many religions can you name which involved the mating of human with deity?
    11 Religion 34
  94. How can I make my dog treated like a human?
    LOL.... No seriously
    6 Pets 22
  95. how would the human society and our lives be if money didn't exist?
    5 General 7
  96. What kinds of creatures go in the world of elves, dwarfs, and humans?
    10 General 19
  97. Is there any way I can add life to my old human hair extensions?
    4 Style 17
  98. Which national leaders have delivered the most benefit to their own people, or to humanity in general?
    6 Politics 19
  99. The Human Race
    Just out of deep curiosity, anyone out there DON'T like people?
    3 General 10
  100. how much does a good pack of 14' human hair cost???
    8 Style 37
  101. What the average temperature of a human body?
    mine is 100.3 is it normal?
    9 Health 22
  102. Why is everyone convinced humans are the main cause of global warming?
    12 Environment 18
  103. Why was resurrection seen as a ‘reward for faithfulness’ in relation to persecutions (Christianity)?
    2 Religion 7
  104. Can hamster mites spread to humans?
    Can hamster mites spread to humans even if you shave them really good?
    7 Pets 1713
  105. Is it too late for me to hold on to my faith?
    I am a recent believer is it late for me to hold on to my faith sometimes I wonder what should be done
    11 Religion 20
  106. How to treat a cut inside a humans mouth?
    How to treat a small cut in the inside of a human lip? a small white gash inside a human mouth
    4 Health 624
  107. Faith in God?
    whats so important about faith in god, just wondering why people want to have faith in god, and how and why? just asking whats so great about it?
    12 Religion 34
    8 General 34
  109. What's the perfect human age?
    When you're not too young, not old, when you're finally formed?
    10 General 48
  110. Do you think humans would exist if dinosaurs didn't go extinct?
    9 Science 6
  111. Does dog hair grow at the same rate as human hair (about half an inch a month)?
    3 Pets 85
  112. What sort of activities could humans do on Mercury if they were able to survive on the planet?
    5 Science 98
  113. About human capacity.
    How many days can a man survive by only drinking water?
    6 Science 24
  114. what should i draw next, im into dark things, that involve the human body?
    18 Health 38
  115. what is the martial art in which you focus on pinpointing the pressure points in the human body?
    4 Sports 38
  116. is it possible that a dog with worms can give those worms to a human by the dog licking the persons vagina?
    5 Pets 132
    if a cat f*cked a ladie would there be babies ?
    10 Pets 42
  118. Why does everyone think that christians live by blind faith?
    Why does everyone think that christians live by blind faith? Its not true! Lol! :d
    9 Religion 99
  119. Human mind.
    I think that human mind are cruel but there are so many goodness in it. Why some of us are bad and good at the same time.
    3 Religion 31
  120. What are your views on human cloning?
    Do you think it should be legal in the US? There are several pro's and con's of human cloning....are you for, or against it?
    22 Science 34
  121. Why create humans capable of sin?
    Why would God create humans capable of sin? vulnerable to cancer/disease/illness? And wars?
    18 Religion 39
  122. I need help standing up for my faith?
    I need help standing up for my faith...I LOVE GOD but dont know how to stand up for him thanks
    11 Religion 28
  123. Who can help me come up with a poem about Faith? Help? :-/ Please?
    I need to come up with a poem about Faith, but I have no idea how to start it... Or what to come up with... I need megga help... :-/ Please...
    3 Literature 14
  124. What was locker's view of human nature?
    How did it influence his ideas about types of government best?
    3 Science 26
  125. Could a human get pregnant by a monkey?
    It would b so cool if there was a monkey boy!
    4 Health 69
  126. Does anyone know where I can watch "being human" a bbc show on stream rather then d/i it?
    5 Entertainment 16
  127. Is it true that to human taste buds, Zima is virtually indistinguishable from zebra urine?
    5 Food 196
  128. What does "it" refer to in this phrase: "IT can solve a problem in a fraction of a time IT takes human being to do the job"?
    8 Education 12
  129. What are the signs that a human may be infected with worms?
    I might just be paranoid but I think I might have it..
    4 Health 165
  130. How do you tell someone that you used to talk to that you have a boyfriend now and you're trying to stay faithful?
    8 Relationships 35
  131. Do human brains work in two parts?
    Do you think human brains work in two parts. And most people only use one side brains.
    5 Health 34
  132. What is "human" to you?
    This question was asked by my friend. He would like to know what others think on the subject of "Human"! So what does "Human" mean to you?
    30 General 21
  133. How to you believe we as the human race came to be?
    (please don't criticize others opinions, I'm just curious)
    96 Religion 26
  134. How can hamsters spread mites to humans?
    I want to know if I could get mites from my hamster. I itch and dont know why
    2 Pets 122
  135. is it true that one day humans will be able to live up to 1000?
    do you think it's going to happen, or no?
    10 Science 53
  136. who wonders that someday humans will try to cheat death and then all become zombies?gosh its creepy
    6 General 11
  137. should I have any faith or respect for humanity?
    latly...I've been loosing all respect and faith for humanity. I am pretty much convinced that there is pretty much no good people left on this earth. its possible its just the area I live in or it could be the whole there any good people lef...
    5 General 14
  138. How has christianity a faith based on the teachings of one te
    How has christianity a faith based on the teachings of one text the bible divided into so many denominations?
    2 Religion 9
  139. i am questioning my faith as a christian could you help me
    my mom died a few months ago and because of that i have been questioning my religion
    7 Religion 14
  140. Human fat
    Y do people have fat under the legs you know were I mean lolz and arms were your armpits are???
    3 Nutritionfitness 28
  141. When they say "have faith", do they mean in God or in yourself?
    When they say "have faith", do they mean in God or in yourself? ..i felt like a failureh wen it comes to writing my teacher said to have faith?
    7 Religion 5
  142. human body
    why are we born with double(ex: 2 eyes,2hands,2 arms...etc.)
    7 Science 25
  143. can human beings function without stereotyping?
    what's the pros and cons in stereotyping? is streotyping the norm of life?
    6 General 20
  144. Present human lifespan?
    To this present time how many years does a man or a woman could live ?
    4 Health 15
  145. Why do we humans have to act mature when we are already adults?
    Can a teenager be more wiser than an adult or someone of older of age.
    4 General 39
  146. Why cant faiths get along?
    Why cant people with different religious faiths get along with one another? I accept my faith and respect my friends faith, but they dont respect mines?
    14 Religion 53
  147. New Humans
    When do you think humans will evolve into a different species? When do you think we will break off from each other to a point where two different humans will be so different that they will not physically be able to have children with each other? When d...
    5 General 22
  148. What will happen next to humans?
    I know this is a weird thought, but what do you think will be the next evolution for humans? Like, a dna change in all of us. What do you think will happen next and when do you think it will happen???
    5 Science 8
    I belong to a baptist church. been saved and baptised in a baptist church. any body out there of baptist faith. sorry for the word baptist so much lol
    5 Religion 16
  150. Giant Human Rolly-Balls?
    what are those balls called where they are like an inflatable cage, where a human can hop in it and roll down a hill?
    3 Entertainment 67
  151. What are the branches of human anatomy?
    Need help for my anatomy homework.. What are the branches of human anatomy? Please help.. Asap if possible. Thank you. =d
    2 Science 46
  152. What animal is the smartest and/or closest to being like a human; Dolphin, Chimp, or Gorilla?
    Answers and Explanations?
    6 Pets 10
  153. Could you ever trust someone completely knowing that, in the past, they ended the life of another human?
    10 General 11
  154. I've lost my faith. What to do?
    I used to be relatively religious and feel connected to God, but right now I feel nothing. What should I do?
    15 Religion 38
  155. Do you think you would be comfortable with your body if you had a 20" waist like the model nicknamed the 'Human Hourglass'?
    25 Nutritionfitness 30
  156. what the hell is human proinsulin and insulin, antibody production, assy development and clinical application ?
    2 Health 20
  157. What is this song titled? "I don't know why I couldn't feel beforem faith in a world I can't believe in any more." It was in the show Skins...
    4 Music 58
  158. Woman have blind faith?
    Why is it that at the foot of the cross there were only woman, even though Jesus had 12 apostles who were men?
    8 Religion 10
  159. Can humans do things consistently without being rewarded?
    Is it possible for a human to do a consistent amount of work, without being awarded for the simple reason that they want to or any other reason? Or is this beyond the nature of humans.
    9 General 68
  160. Is it normal for humans to have worms?
    is it normal for humans to have worms... you know like a cat or dog gets? do they go away by theirself or what? and can they kill you? just wondering...
    11 Health 304
  161. How many emotions can a human feel?
    I was thinking how many emotions can a human been feel? anger, happiness,sadness but then theres mixed up ones love/hate how many can one person feel??
    7 General 92
  162. Can a garter snake eat human food?
    can a garter snake eat human food? if so, what? I caught one in the front yard and it wont eat anything so I need to find some food.
    5 Pets 149
  163. What do you think humans as a species could evolve into?
    Given the theroy of evolution and assuming we are not the end result of such a process then what do you think humans as a spieces could evolve into?
    19 Religion 75
  164. Has anyone witnessed spontaneous human combustion?
    has anybody ever witnessed or have any body they know catch on fire spontaniously ? this is called spontanious human combustion ...
    3 Health 79
  165. How can a girl change a cheater to faithful?
    Can a girl change a guy who cheated before to a faithful boyfriend? Is it possible and how can it be done?? Anybody guy or guy please answer this, thanks :)
    8 Relationships 38
  166. When cats lick owners' hands, can leukemia pass to humans this way?
    If cats lick their owners' hands and also the owners pet the cats' furs, can the leukemia virus pass on to the humans in this manner?
    5 Pets 66
  167. Is it normal that I feel like life is nothing but a never-ending dream, and question why and how human life was made?
    3 General 43
  168. Is it harmless or not if I use antiseptic (that's for human-use) to clean a small pus wound on my bunny's front leg?
    4 Health 18
  169. can I use a human pregnancy test on a dog?
    If I buy a home pegnancy test(normaly used for people) would the test work on my dog.
    3 Pets 181
  170. Evolution of Humanity
    Do you think black people evolved from monkeys? Do you think white people evolved from black people? Do you think Native Americans are Chinese in origin?
    6 Science 23
  171. Is our science reliable enough to tell that a human fossil is as much as 1,3 million years old?
    17 Science 28
  172. How can a human destroy a demon, aka fallen evil angel?
    That's takes disguise as a human entity and try's to fools people's perception.
    8 Religion 33
  173. Is a human being born gay, or is it a choice?
    Here's an age old question, but I'm interested to see th FunAdvice community's opinion... Is a human being born gay, or is it a choice?
    11 Science 48
  174. What physical parts of a body makes humans cry?
    I was wondering what triggers the tears when we are sad, frustrated, angry, etc.
    5 Health 55
  175. how do I stop my cat from eating human food?
    got a kitten this week and he has a bad habit of eating our food...he learn it from the people that own him last
    2 Pets 113
  176. What would you say to someone who asked for your faith and companionship all their life?
    Sorry guys, in a sappy mood today :P
    3 Relationships 14
  177. Why isn't snake speaking to humans now?
    If ever snake spoke to eve in eden garden why can't it communicate (talk) with human-beings in the present world ??
    10 Religion 19
  178. Human Evolution
    Is the evolution of human beings still in progress? Will we evolve into another species, say, a billion years in the future? Or is homo sapiens the end of evolution?
    17 Science 62
  179. Kittins vs human
    When is my 3 month year old cats going to stop feeding on there mom and when is her milk going to dry up
    2 Pets 24
  180. are we human or are we dancers
    whats your favorite song? mine is a tie between dare for distance by nevershoutnever or a drop in the ocean by ron pope
    3 Gaming 48
  181. What do almost all different faiths have in common?
    I think it is the belief that they are the one true religion and that they have god on their side, especially during conflict. What do you believe?
    13 Religion 38
  182. Is it possible to make a life sized human shaped sandwich?
    I might try but I dont know how to get started D:
    17 Food 36
  183. Why are older/outdated religions referred to as mythology, but modern christianity, scientology, judiasm etc are widely accepted as bases for faith and hope?
    16 Religion 48
  184. Human being
    Am hellen from kenya and I would like to know why peolpe like judging others wheres themselves make mistakes which are even worse
    4 General 22
  185. Can I dye blond human hair extentions blue?
    I have black hair with chunks of blue in it. But my hair extentions are black. if I was to buy human blond extention would I also be bale to dye htem blue without going green?
    4 Style 62
  186. Am I crazy for not wanting human interaction?
    I don't have a lot of friends nor do I try to have a lot of friends, and for that people think I'm anti social. I'm always off daydreaming and thinking to myself and I constantly talk to myself...Am I crazy for not wanting human interaction or talking ...
    11 General 51
  187. Why do religious people degrade humans?
    Why do Christians always degrade humans, saying we are "sinful" and "evil" and send themselves to hell, and in need of "salvation" from "God" / "Jesus" who are "perfect" and "good". Why do they put down humans for God?
    16 Religion 41
  188. What is it about humans that let us move on?
    I would like to know what it is that let's us move on and let go, is this particular something tangible or not... Or more really, what do *you* personally feel allows us to move on.
    16 Relationships 23
  189. how much are realy human glue in hair exstentions at a salon ?
    hey im thinking of getting glue in hair extentions for christmas,, how much do you think they are ? xx thankQ
    3 Style 43
  190. What does MJ's Human Nature mean?
    After hearing the wonderful song and the beautiful lyrics, I would like to know what the meaning of the song is.. Does anyone know?? :D
    2 Music 90
  191. What time period did Humans first walk the Earth?
    all that I really know is that we walked on Earth 2 million years after the dinosaurs went extinct. I just dont know what time period we were in.
    5 Science 164
  192. Where can I get real human hair extentions?
    Need some for a wedding and don't know where I can get some that can curl, straighten, and all that stuff and they have to be at least 18" help :d
    4 Style 15
  193. How much more efficiently could the human body run if it did not have any limbs?
    this question is not referring to about the use of hands and feet. it is referring to how much better could the human body run if it did not have any limbs to have to support with blood and nutrition etc
    2 Health 11
  194. How to keep my faith?
    I am having trouble keeping up with being a Christian, and I need help. I am not fully saying that I totally doubt God exists, but I have lost faith over the years. please help me. Thank you and God Bless!
    16 Religion 46
  195. Why have human race turned out this way?
    have you ever wonderd why the human race has came out this way? I mean why do we have money or why do we stare at a television? or why do people be sarcastic? Why have human race turned out this way? I know this is a hard question but try :) pleas...
    3 General 41
  196. FunAdvice Trivia: Which of the following has caused more human deaths than all the wars ever fought?
    A) Smoking B) SARS C) Fleas D) Anthrax
    13 Funadvice 13
  197. FunAdvice Trivia: A human spends how much time in a lifespan socializing?
    A) 4 years B) 5 years C) 8 years D) 9 years
    10 Funadvice 8
  198. Is there a faith that believes in a combination of Scientology and theology?
    Like I believe in the scientific stuff such as evolution, the big bang, etc but I believe that they all occured because of God(or some higher power).
    5 Religion 13
  199. Why are human beings walking on feet?
    I am not a Darvinist but wonder whether it is practical walking on two legs or not? Do you think our arms can be considered as our legs lost their fuctions during ages?
    6 Science 45
  200. What do you think of the series Being Human?
    I know the UK version was nice, but not kids safe series and the last one had a weird ending like it is over. Now I see a US version which I was think about watching.
    3 Entertainment 11
  201. Can a pregnant dog crave human urine?
    my 2 year old mastiff is pregnant with her first litter. She never chewed on diapers before, but now that she is pregnant, she is constantly takeing them out of the trash and chewing them up.
    4 Pets 33
  202. How long can a human last not going to the washroom before getting sick or like, having their bladder burst or something?
    This has been bugging me for weeks but I kept forgetting to ask D:
    21 Health 41
  203. in fear and faith they are a christian band?
    dude are you serious they are a christian band? many people on youtube are saying that.. but I dont beleive they are..right?? but I must say I love those guys.
    8 Music 349
  204. How far do you think the human race has explored space? (really) ?
    We all get told about the shuttle programs and all that...but thats just it. We get told what they want us to hear. Any ideas about the truth of it all?
    2 Science 39
  205. Is it Human Nature to think about suicide?
    Is it human nature to think about suicide, I mean surely everybody thinks about it at one stage?? Like I think about it quiet a bit, not exactly attemptin it or nethin, it just passes my mind sumtime is that unhealthy
    6 Health 56
  206. What's the reason for people despising the LDS faith?
    What's the reason for people despising the LDS faith? It seems like there is no respect for LDS people like myself. I don't feel that people who are so antiMormon are being respectful. Sometimes I wonder if anyone respects me for that matter. Do peo...
    11 Religion 22
  207. Can humans and robots ever peacefully coexist?
    It seems like the majority of mankind is prejudice against robots, but not all robots are evil. Do you think that one day we'll live in a world in which humans and robots will get along?
    6 Politics 91
  208. What do you call those people who prefer animals over humans?
    i think i remeber my world history teacher talking about this, but that was 3 years ago and i cant remeber. wait... is there even a name for this?
    10 General 54
  209. Can you believe in ghosts and still be faithful?
    This is one of my random questions:P Can you believe in ghosts (Like the ones in Ghost Hunter) and still be a devoted christan? Some people tell me "Yes" and others tell me "No" Sooo, what do you think?
    6 Religion 33
  210. Is it true that pregnant girls are 10 degrees hotter than the normal human body?
    man! thats prolly why i feel like im going to have a heat stroke! :/
    2 Health 20
  211. Why doesn't god help the sick humans if he is so great at all?
    It's pretty obvious, why doesn't he? I tought he's one tough guy that can do anything but yet he didn't help my grandfather! He died in god's hands!
    10 Religion 66
  212. What can human beings do now that they couldnt do 100 years ago ?
    I have an english homework asking what can human beings do now that they couldnt do 100 years ago ?,I wrote that "we can travel around the world in few hours" and "talk to people thousands of kilometers away" ,,do you have any other suggestions ?
    7 General 75
  213. Which humane societys will hire a 14 year old?
    the who was just so I could ask the question. I want to save money for a ferret and my mom wont let me get a dog or pay for the ferret. Will MI humane societys hire me?
    2 Money 54
  214. Why human beings need to take responsiblitiy with the environment?
    Hey someone please tell me: 5 points on why human beings need to take responsiblitiy for their actions 5 points on why not human beings need to take responsibility for their actions All should relate to wall-e Thkz for your help anyone :d
    3 Environment 11
  215. What diseases can humans get off pet monkeys?
    I'm looking for a capuchin monkey and I've seen a few that im intrested in, however I have heard that monkeys can pass on many diseases onto humans and I just wanted to know whether these diseases are life threatening? And what diseases can humans get ...
    6 Pets 278
  216. Humane and effective cobra trap
    I have a very large cobra snake around my home and I would be grateful for some advice on how to catch it. Could you recommend a trap design that will catch and not kill a cobra snake? Appreciate your assistance Alex
    9 Pets 73
  217. Would times be better if the human race saw no religion?
    If suddenly all religions where gone, with no knowledge of having ever existed, and no possibility of coming again, would times be better? Id like honest opinions please. =]
    20 Religion 20
  218. How do you get rid of worms in a human body without medication?
    I am 14 and can't tell my parents I have them, I just don't have to courage to. I want them to go, they are a big problem and want them gone, is there any way of getting rid of them without medication? thx x
    3 Health 47
  219. What you guys do to get back your faith?
    I need to be religious again. Not because people say you should but because... Well I really don't know. I just know I want to try again. I think I just had a life changing experience so maybe that will make me religious again.
    21 Religion 17
  220. What- In a formal letter is it yours sincerely or yours faithfully?
    Please help because this is really important for school work and if I don't know I will probably get a detention with the teachers hell sent back :( x x
    3 Literature 42
  221. When do you think humanity's stupidity will go away...if ever?
    Throughout all of history humans have been STUPID! I mean since when was it smart to throw a woman into a lake just it see if she is a witch because either way they're going to die. Do you think we will ever stop being that stupid?
    9 General 43
  222. Do you guys feel that toilets see humans in a good light?
    Let's say, for a minute, that toilets where about as human as they came, would they be happy with us or would they stop taking crap from us, I mean this both figuratively and literally! x)
    9 General 17
  223. What? Is it possible to bathe my cat with human shampoo?
    Can I bathe mii catt with human shampoo? I bathe my dog with it and seriously have found now problems he smells like he came from the groomer when I do that why spend like 10:00 on a special bottle lol?
    3 Pets 53
  224. FunAdvice Trivia: What insect is the most dangerous and responsible for more human deaths than any other?
    A) The Anopheles Mosquito B) The Human Bot Fly C) The Killer Bee D) Fire Ants This trivia question submitted by onemandog
    10 Pets 55
  225. Is there any good resulting from faith?
    This question is not meant to be fodder for the ridicule mill... that is rampant... It is a sincere question, asking for a sincere answer, without being ridiculed, Is that possible? The Question is: With all the bad news coming against people of faith,...
    10 Religion 16
  226. Faith of a mustard seed. LESSON ON FAITH! [: help?!?!
    ok so I am doing a bible study with a few girls in my youth group. we do it every tuesday. if we want we can do a lesson. I am going to and my topic is FAITH. I have a few versus here they are Matthew 8:13 - 11:6 Mark 9:23 - 16:16 Luke 7:50 ...
    4 Religion 38
  227. Why do people see human ghosts, not bird,dog or fish ghosts?
    Hey, why is it that only people see ghosts of the human form? what about ghosts of dogs. cows, sheep etc. Thats why I'm skeptical about the whole ghost sightings. I think its the imagination and people only then see what they want to see. Am I right or...
    13 Religion 101
  228. If adam and eve were the first humans what about the animals?
    If adam and eve were the first humans then all animals were made then surely the dinosaurs would have eaten them ???. Or if not then maybe when noah put 2 of each creature on the arc... Or am I just thinking out of the box... Please tell me if you know...
    6 Religion 46
  229. What faith tattoo should I get?
    I really want a faith tattoo on the underside of my wrist, but I can't decide which one. please help go to google type in faith tattoos on wrist and then go to images. it's the third one in with three different ways to write faith. please let me know ...
    7 Style 13
  230. Are humans meant to eat meat?
    My step dad said that humans were not meant to eat meat,and that our intestines are really long,and unable to digest the meat properly. So I was thinking about becoming a vegetarian(not a vegan)and replacing meat with beans. This way I still get the pr...
    17 Food 116
  231. Is it true the Catholic faith has 'no problem' with abortion ?
    For Catholics: WASHINGTON - In an appearance on the NBC program Meet the Press on Sunday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a self-professed Catholic, denied that the Catholic Church condemns abortion - Is it true the Catholic faith has 'no problem' with abo...
    32 Religion 33
  232. Answer to biology question on human population!?
    How can I answer this question in a few short lines, doesnt need to be too scientific but needs to use the right word: In the human poulation, roughly equal numbers of females and males are born. Explain why this is. Thanx xxx
    4 Education 7
  233. Why does the US Constitution allow for religious freedom to be deemed more important that the human life?
    I've heard there have been cases of children who died because their parents though prayer was just the medicine. what does exactly the USC say about religious freedom?
    8 Politics 29
  234. Why are humans so pre-occupied with sex - no less now than can be seen in the records of ancient civs?
    When people say we have 97% DNA of chimps, that includes the bonobo. Check it out, and suss why you don't see them in zoos...
    4 Sex 13
  235. What would happen if a human had rabies?
    So I was sitting here working on homework, and a totally random question pops into my mind, that I don't even know. What would happen if a human some how got rabies? Would they go completely nuts like when a wild animal had it? I'm just curious on th...
    6 Health 84
  236. Do dogs snore for the same reasons as humans?
    I just got a new puppy 5 month maltese x silky from animal rescue (he has been given a clean bill of health) he snores a lot every time he sleeps. Is it because he has a blocked up nose or do dogs snore for the same reasons humans do?
    5 Pets 52
  237. When will humans go to Mars?
    I know that NASA plans to reach the moon by 2019 and make a permanent moon base from 2019 to 2024, as stated in Bush's Vision for Space Exploration, but when will humans go to Mars. I am thinking around 2030? Anyone have any verified dates by NASA?
    2 Science 22
  238. How to remember the Human Classification!?
    Any little phrases or sentences I could use to help remember them better :] Eukaria Anamalia Cordata Mamalia Primata Hominidae H*mo Sapien Thanks anything helps :] -Jason
    4 Health 191
  239. How do you Know It's really a human spirit?
    Last night I was Laying down and I kept seeing things about school and things I wasn't even thinking about. It was like someone was talking to me through telekenisis. It freaked me out. Please give advice.
    4 Religion 6
  240. Cats eating human food.
    Is it okay to give my cat bread (whole wheat or white) we ran out of cat food yesterday and shes been meowing like crazy! please help! I gave her some and she chomped it down but I dont know if its safe! help!
    7 Pets 51
  241. What do you call a half human and half succubus?
    I'm writing another story about two half succubi sisters who are struggling with their life as well as their human side. I am still working on the title but I am just asking... is Succubitch a good title or no? Can anybody give me any suggestions or co...
    14 Literature 72
  242. What non-human living thing do you fear the most?
    For some it's spiders, others snakes ect. Even though the mosquito is the most dangerous, the one I fear is rats. I'd almost face a grizzly bear before I'd let a rat anywhere near me.
    17 General 27
  243. Why didn't human beings make much proggres until the last century?
    Scientists say that The First Human Ancestor Walking on two is 6 Million Years Old. I don't understand that all remarkable inventions were made in 20 centuries.According to proggress of human we should have lived in other planets. so why didn't peopl...
    3 General 17
  244. Does anyone know what cann!bal food (humans) looks like?
    so im writing a short story about cannibals and im having a hard time describing what the actual food lookes like, because i have no idea how a cannibal would make his food. i have no idea if its like chicken wings or some sort of mushy soup. any ideas?
    5 General 26
  245. What is the difference between Catholicism & Christianity?
    What is the difference between Catholicism & Christianity?? Or the Catholic faith & the Christian faith??
    40 Religion 129
  246. Can a transformation spell turn a human into a dog
    I think I am turning into a dog because I made a wish but I was fooling around with my friends and got a email sayng that a transfomation spell will be casted on me and because of this I found some things to tell my future and they all say I will turn...
    11 Pets 689
  247. Why many humans dont beleive that there is a god
    Why many humans dont beleive that there is a god who make this universe to test human that are human are obident to him or not.why people like to kill or theft or do sin,s why they forget that they have to die one day and they have to stand in front of...
    21 Religion 43
  248. How do I keep my faith strong?
    Here lately I have been being tested in my belief in God. I still believe, it's just that this is bothering me and I feel like I want to cry when it haooens because it won't stop bothering me and I actually said something in my mind because I got so ma...
    25 Religion 67
  249. Are humans ape along time ago ?
    20 Religion 45
  250. Can the human eye see the difference between 1080p and 1080i?
    I know that the highest resolution stuff out there is 1080p, and 1080i is a similar but slightly different spec that is used for TV broadcasts of high definition content. However, since 1080i is slightly "inferior" to 1080p, we went with a 1080p for ou...
    2 Entertainment 68