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Should i demand a trade in nba 2k17

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  1. What is a trade school?
    7 Education 37
  2. What's the most physically demanding sport?
    what is the most physically demanding sport?
    28 Sports 193
  3. Determinants of demand elasticity
    Determinants of demand elasticity?
    2 General 53
  4. What is the 1st stage of the trade triangle in the transatlantic slave trade?
    2 Education 12
  5. Is Forex trading illegal in some countries?
    2 Money 9
  6. How can I demand respect without being mean?
    17 General 51
  7. Who is the main chraters in the movie trading places
    Who is the main chraters in trading places
    2 Entertainment 19
  8. Is it possible to trade from Pokemon Sliver to Diamond?
    Is it possible to trade from pokemon sliver to pokemon diamond? If so how do you do it?
    2 Gaming 41
  9. Can Pokemon silver trade with fire red?
    Can Pokemon silver trade with fire red??
    8 Gaming 309
  10. What is Forex trading?
    What is forex trading, is there any benefits in making this investment?
    4 Money 72
  11. Pokemon Silver trading
    What other pokemon games can you trade pokemon with SILVER VERSION?
    4 Gaming 104
  12. who will win the NBA champs, BOSTON or LA?
    3 Sports 14
  13. NBA playoffs
    will the boston celtics will be the champs
    4 Sports 10
  14. trading places
    if you could trade spots with any one in the world who will it be?
    7 General 11
  15. Can you trade Pokemon from Ruby to Leaf Green?
    Is it possible to trade pokemon from Pokemon Ruby to Pokemon Leaf Green and if so how
    5 Gaming 110
  16. Who wants the Heat to take the win for NBA Championship?
    10 Sports 14
  17. Who is following the NBA playoffs? Do you think the Celtics have a chance?
    2 Sports 13
  18. In the NBA
    Who is the best center and point guard of all time?
    7 Sports 14
  19. Who would recommend the hair extensions from Trade Secrets?
    4 Style 18
  20. NBA Basketball
    Boston Celtics or Orlando Magic
    6 Sports 9
  21. What was life like in Africa before the slave trade effected them?
    2 Education 13
  22. Trade fullscreen to widescreen
    can you trade a fullscreen movie to a widescreen movie back at the store even if I had the movie for while?
    2 Technology 41
  23. Did anyone watch the live destruction of the World Trade Center?
    has anyone watched the live destruction of world trade center...
    2 Politics 17
  24. How do Gamestop Trade-ins work?
    I was thinking about trading in some of my old games at Gamestop for a while now, but what do you do? and how does it work?
    7 Shopping 54
  25. Nba live what do you think of it?
    Anybody plays nba live (the video game) around here? What do you think of it?
    3 Gaming 13
  26. How do I trade from Pokemon Ruby to Diamond?
    how do I trade from pokemon ruby to pokemon like if I wanted to get the regi's from ruby and trade them to diamond to get regigagis
    14 Gaming 205
  27. What goods did the people take from Britain to Africa on the slave trade triangle?
    2 Education 12
  28. Who do you think going to win the nba finals?
    Who do you think going to win the nba finals because there are really good teams and I really want to no who you think go to win
    3 Sports 32
  29. How to get all three starter pokemon on firered without trading?
    I want to know how to get all three of the starter pokemon on firered without trading
    2 Gaming 83
  30. Can you get good jobs from trade school and do you have to finish high school to go to one?
    2 Education 26
  31. Which work force is more demanding these days?
    like i know medical field, and are there any others?
    2 Money 33
  32. Do you see Satan's face in smoke of world trade center?
    look at this image of the world trade center smoke. If you look closely what do you see?
    8 Politics 56
  33. What NBA team do you like the most?
    My favorite team is the Celtics. They are going to win the 2010 nba championship. No other team can stop them.
    4 Sports 40
  34. Why// who is or was the best nba player ever ?!?
    umm, don't know what to rite here. just say say who's your fav baketball player.
    2 Sports 5
  35. Is the movie Black Swan worth five bucks on demand?
    Tell me your opinions on the movie and stuff=]
    10 Entertainment 22
  36. What is the best way to watch NBA playoffs live streaming online with good quality ?
    looking for a good way to watch NBA playoffs live streaming online with good quality
    4 Sports 19
  37. how do you volunteer verseas for free, because every website i look at is demanding a large amount that i will have to pay to volunteer which is stupid ?
    2 Money 13
  38. Do people really make profit by Forex trading ?
    I have seen a lot of advertisement and articles on Forex trading but still confused about ti
    4 Money 13
  39. currency trading ..
    I am getting more US dollars for my Euro..does this mean the Euro is getting weaker? Is it better to buy US dollars now to make profit ?
    2 Money 19
  40. What lay behind the horrors of the slave trade?
    I don't really understand the question/what kind of answer is required. Any ideas?
    4 Politics 43
  41. Can you trade in games without a case at game stop?
    will they take it if you don't have the case for it? About how much less will they take it for than original price. please help.
    3 Gaming 96
  42. What is the result of this horse-trading math problem?
    Henry bought a horse for $600 and then sold it for $700. The next day be bought it back for $800 and then sold if for $900. What is the result of this horse-trading?
    7 Pets 278
  43. What sites can you use to trade stuff?
    What are some good sites where I can trade something for something else and buy stuff at the same time? I've heard of this guy who traded a red paperclip and ended up w. a house. wut site did he use?
    2 Technology 9
  44. How do I use the wifi trading thing in pokemon diamond?
    Ok im using pokemon diamond and I don't know how 2 trade with my older games like sapphire and stuff like what can someone help?
    3 Gaming 26
  45. What's the best online trading company?
    I wanted to know which online stock trading company is better and have no maintenence fees and no account minimums. I have heard a lot about sharebuilder but I am not sure whether it is the best available.
    2 Money 44
  46. Are the Webkinz Trading cards worth it?
    I bought the kitty plush webkinz for my daughter who's 3. I know they have the trading cards too! I think she's a little young to play the trading card game but I heard they have cool prizes in the packs you buy. Are you buying the trading cards and...
    3 Entertainment 157
  47. Should football (soccer) in Europe have a salary cap like the NBA?
    I think this would make the leagues more competitive just curious about what u guys think and whether it would work or not cause of the relegation system there
    6 Sports 21
  48. FunAdvice Trivia: In the 1953-54 season, who led the NBA in scoring?
    A) Bob Wanzer, Rochester B) Bob Petit, St. Louis C) Dolph Schayes, Syracuse D) Neil Johnston, Philadelphia
    4 Funadvice 12
  49. The fur trade, opinions?
    I personally feel the fur trade is vile. Everyone I know is against it so really I was just wondering, if there was anyone out there that actually agreed with it? Don't get me wrong I'm not looking for a flame war. I've already had one of those tonig...
    3 General 42
  50. What do you guys feel about the Pentagon demanding the files that Wikileaks has?
    Wikileaks is in posession of over 15,000 files related to the war in Afghanistan. The Pentagon has demanded them to hand the material over, the reason that these articles haven't been disclosed is to protect the names of the people in it. They've alrea...
    5 Politics 14
  51. Do you think 9/11 was a cover up to remove the trade towers, or was it a real terror attack?
    I was watching Conspiracy Theories on true TV and then I have always wondered how the building came down so perfectly. When a building is hit like that is should fall over like a tree, to the side of weakness.
    17 Politics 33
  52. Parnets are demanding rare to not make anymore viva pinata games
    I don't if this is just stupidity taken to the next level but I guess some parnets are demanding rare to not make anymore viva pinata games which are e rated The reason their kids which are ages 10 to 12 are asking about what sex is Wtf is wrong wi...
    2 Sex 10
  53. What would be better trading in my ps2 or having them buy it?
    I was woundering what would be better trading in a ps2 to game stop or haveing them buy it because I really dont play it any more and I would give them one memmory card. A game wich it wwe smckdown vs raw 2007. And controler if they take it please hel...
    5 Gaming 12
  54. what are your guy's thoughts on trading in my 2008 flash blue metallic chevy cobalt lt coupe for a 2007 nissan xterra 4wd se?
    I'm not sure how my cobalt is going to handle in the winter...i live in wisconsin and i love to snowboard and drive in snow(: is it worth it?
    7 General 20
  55. Cap and trade
    Obama and his administration, with cap and trade want to raise the cost of energy thinking it will cause people to use less energy. This is not the american way, why not capitalize on the energy we have here like the off shore oil, the oil in alaska, t...
    8 Politics 42
  56. Demanding or does he care?
    My boyfriend doesnt let me drink because he says I get out of control but he can drink, he made me quit smoking because he thinks its gross and me and my ex were like best friends when I use to get into trouble and he wont let me talk to her either. I ...
    2 Relationships 14
  57. I demand to know my family.. Even if it puts me in riskk right
    I wna contact my dad But he is prison 4 sexual abuse , and I wna find out my family, I emailed the prison So just wait 4 em to reply Do you think I shd contact him and ask him like abt my family[aka his sde of family], P.s I was one of the kids ...
    5 Sex 10
  58. Do you think children should have a choice whether they go to a traditional school or a trade school after the 6th grade?
    I think all children learn differently and while my oldest son is very good at the tradition school, my youngest son struggles with his reading. He is very good at science and math, very creative, but has a problem reading. This is the same problem I h...
    13 Education 34
  59. How much money would you expect to get if you trade in a X-box?
    Hiyya My brother wants to get enough money to get a playstation 3 or a x-box 360, he would like to sell his x-box does anyone know how much money he would get for it? Which is better an x-box 360 or a playstation 3? Would it be better to sell it on e...
    4 Gaming 43
  60. Why did you trade your phone?
    If you sold someone your phone, that you never used for less than what it is worth (twenty dollars) and that person gives it away, then they ask for it back because the other person hasn’t got it hooked up to a service and the person says you can have ...
    2 Technology 18
  61. Who will win the NBA finals in 2010?
    I want honest answers, no crap answers where you predict a team like the nets. The answers have to be backed up with more than just because they are good. I personally think the Cavs because we can win games without two point guards and we have the bes...
    7 Sports 39
  62. What year did the pilgrims leave England?
    What were Plymouth's chief crops? Did they trade? What did they trade? Who did they trade with? Who founded Plymouth? (This is about Plymouth of the 13 colonies.)?
    4 Education 11
  63. My friends demand
    We two gay friends deeply in love.he takes me as girl.but now he wants me to dress up in indian wears saree-blouse bra with all nose ears jwellary with a mangalsutra(a wedding chain that wears indian womans after marriage).I refused him to do it.but my...
    2 Relationships 12
  64. Is my christmas list too demanding do you think?
    This is my christmas list, I'm not expecting all of it, and my birthday is right before christmas so it's christmas and birthday combined, do you think this is too demanding seeing as its the recession? Hair clips hair curling tongs ipod nano samsung...
    9 Shopping 36
  65. goosebumps
    who do you think is the best shooter in the nba?
    6 Sports 12
    I have a 1996 lincoln town car [presidential]. I just got it about 2wks ago. I like it but its reeeally BiG and hard to park sometimes. it drives nice&smoothe though. 1 thing I dont like about it is that it only has a stupid tape player. not a cd playe...
    2 General 31
  67. Should hunting animals be completely illegal for fur trade purposes
    Should hunting animals be completely illegal for fur trade purposes and fun. I reposted the title because it wouldn't fit the whole thing and heres the question. I read hunting is legal Texas, and you dont have to eat the meat. In California its leg...
    11 Pets 79
  68. Terns used today
    I have history questions to do but I am a bit confused. It asks for some terms used today. Which of these terms are still used today: external trade duties tariffs colonial preference free trade reciprocity internal trade
    2 Entertainment 554
  69. what console?
    should I keep wii or trade for 360 pro or elite?
    7 Gaming 32
  70. How bout them Lakers??
    Who liked the outcome of the NBA Finals?? I know I did!!!
    4 Sports 52
  71. What do you think of the new Tax in Texas, the Texas Margin Tax?
    This affects anyone in Texas or who trades with Texas.
    2 Politics 13
  72. Is carbon sequestration real?
    Big debate about carbon sequestration. Is it real? Can I really buy and trade carbon credits or is it paper trading? Research and see for yourself what the farmer is up against if big industry can buy carbon out of thin air!
    2 Technology 15
  73. Need someone help, about math
    Montmorency puppies sells puppies. The demand for their puppies is given by the following demand equation: qd = 180 – 6pp + 3pk + 0.007m + 2a, where qd is the quantity of puppies demanded, pp is the price of puppies, pk is the price of kittens, m is in...
    3 Education 39
  74. Is this a good cell phone?
    Im really wanting to trade my sprint phone in for the rumor. Is that a good phone?
    2 Technology 12
  75. can I trad foreign money for us money?
    I found some money from a dif country under my bed! can I trade it in for us money???
    5 Money 18
  76. Should I demand my band teacher to let me play the instrument I want?
    I've been playing the tenor sax since 5th grade. I'm a freshman in highschool now. At the end of last year my band teacher asked if I would play clarinet for a concert. ONE concert. Then when I got into highschool my marching instructer wouldn't let me...
    4 Education 115
  77. Do you think the next huge trumped crisis will be 'Inflation, Infla
    Do you think the next huge trumped crisis will be 'Inflation, Inflation' and a demand for price controls ?
    3 Politics 16
  78. Who would fare better ?
    Hypothetical here:If Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Danica Patrick traded places, who would fare better ?
    2 Sports 8
  79. Will the memphis grizzlies ever turn it around
    do you think the nba memphis grizzlies will ever turn it around and be a good basketball team yes or no
    3 Sports 12
  80. Privacy Invasion
    Why to some parents demand to read a child's phone messages and know who they call? Is it control of about invasion of privacy??
    9 Family 36
  81. How was buddihsm spread?
    Was it Warfare or Trade. I cannot find the answer to this question and im tired of looking
    3 Education 43
  82. What Career do you think is best & WHY??
    Hello. Everyday in life, most people are always trying to find something better, more money, better hours, so on and so forth. What career do you think is in highest demand with best hours and pay right now? I know nursing is in high demand, the sch...
    2 Education 17
  83. Do you think it would be good for me to take a culinary arts course in college?
    Is it in demand at all, like in Europe or something?
    3 Education 8
  84. Shouldn't George Bush be arrested for deleting all his email?
    Clear, 100% violation of federal law. Bush's administration nuked all his emails...and can't recover them. So, a federal judge is demanding an explanation. Come on, I can't break federal law & get a demand for "explanations" if I do that, I go to ja...
    11 Politics 19
  85. How much money does gamestop give for 360?
    How much money does gamestop give for trading in a xbox 360? And is there an other place that gives more money for it?? (pawn shop, ebgames etc.) Thanx.
    4 Gaming 81
  86. What are some comparisons of New Spain, New England, and New France?
    Ideally about where they settled, interactions with native americans, trade, missions, and agriculture.
    4 General 13
  87. How do you find the Firestone?
    how do u find the firestone without trading? is it possible? if it is where is it? Also how do u get past the walimers in lilicove city sea?
    2 Gaming 38
  88. Fighting all the time with my sister
    My sister and I fight a lot but its not my fault she just yells at me and makes demands to me ten I argue but my mom just yells at me UGH what the f*ck
    3 Family 12
  89. night time feeding
    my 2 yr old daughter still demands night time feeds of milk how can I make her stop that...she is a poor eater too
    4 Babies 7
  90. how do I transfer moni on a account for runescape
    4 Gaming 60
  91. If I transformed you into a giant anaconda...
    And brought you to a party with a bunch of my friends there, and wrapped you around my torso and demanded you do a trick for them, what trick would you do, and how do you think they would react?
    10 Pets 17
  92. WOW Players help me out
    k I have been playing World of Warcraft for many of years... I have traded accounts with this kid that I new from playing... after trading accounts I lvled a 42 druid on his account ( mine at that moment) the next day I went to play on him again and s...
    4 Gaming 18
  93. What are some free online porn sites?
    Hey...I must admit im a girl who loves porn.does anyone know of any good free sites? If so I have a few for you as a trade off.
    4 Relationships 29
  94. Calico's
    What are the odds of finding a male? Do you have a photo of your Calico or do you agree they make amazing pets? I have two ... Harley Piffles and ZuZu ... they kiss on demand.
    5 Pets 20
  95. violating any youtube terms of service if I leave them up?
    I have posted videos on youtube of myself and others which were posted over a year ago and consented by the other party. Now he is mad at me and demands that I remove them. Am I violating any youtube terms of service if I leave them up?
    2 Technology 16
  96. Which 13 colonies should I write about?
    My teacher said choose one and write about it and whats special about it. Which one do you know have the most info such as food, trade, land, shop and fashion.
    5 Education 32
  97. Ramadan ok to drink a bit of water
    Hi im a new muslim, I have a physically demanding job in a very hot environement, is it ok to drink a bit of water and will it nullify my fast?
    11 Religion 62
  98. Would it be more beneficial in the long run for me to major in education and minor in psychology or the other way around?
    I love both fields but it seems that the higher demand job would be in education.
    6 Education 80
  99. Is there an oral form of growth hormone?
    Now, I know that the injected form gets into the body faster, but I HATE NEEDLES! Seriously, if there was an oral form, I would demand to be switched from injections to pills.
    5 Sex 41
  100. What do you think of the new PS3 game Saints Row 2?
    I play it, and am just curious about what others think of the game. I love the customization, and it is just way better than GTA (which I traded in for this game).
    4 Gaming 13
  101. Extra in a movie
    How do you become an extra in a movie. How does it work and how can I be an extra? Do you have to be picked? Or do you just march onto the movie set and demand to be in the movie? Are there any movies that will/ are being filmed in brisbane/ australia ...
    4 Entertainment 37
  102. Who is upset (or glad) that the Lakers beat the Celtics?
    I know a lot of people thought the Celtics really had a chance here, but the Lakers won, 91-84. Who here is either upset or glad that the Lakers won the NBA finals?
    2 Sports 10
  103. Drop Dead Clothing
    Hey does anyone here know where I can buy the "Hellz Yeah" tee shirt and the diamond drop dead tee shirt from as the website no longer sells them due to demand?
    3 Shopping 58
  104. Would you rather be a worried genius or a joyful simpleton?
    Me, I am kinda the worried genius. I believe knowledge is power but ignorance is bliss. So would i trade over to have less knowledge ut be happier? I don't think i would. Would you?
    26 General 51
  105. Pens caps
    Why are the fans in washington "hooting" whenever sergei gonchar touches the puck? I don't get it. Gonchar was traded from washington in 2004 so they can't be mad at him for leaving in free agency.
    2 Sports 13
  106. How important are extra-curricular activities when applying to university?
    Is it a desperate demand? And if you could suggest examples of activities that ARE NOT sport-related I would be grateful =].
    5 Education 31
  107. Psp for Final fantasy 7
    Okay my friend wants my Psp he offered me his Final fantasy 7 good condition At first I didn’t want to then he also offered me persona 3 and Final fantasy 8 Should I trade my Psp for those 3 games?
    5 Gaming 11
  108. Whats it like to go trapping?
    my friends boyfriend and I are thinking about going, hes done it before, but I haven't. And he wants to shoot my gun badly so we are making a trade, He takes me trapping. I let him shoot my gun.
    2 Sports 51
  109. Special Olympics
    Iam a special ed student and iam going to be in the special olympics,but my voulunteer is someone's who's loud and bossy,but when I asked mrs.Dawson if I could trade voulenteers I think I hurt her feelins what should I do?
    2 Education 31
  110. What would you decide?
    *Hypothetical question* You are dating someone who you have grown to absolutely adore. This person makes you genuinely happy, and you've never been more happy than you are when you are with this person. Your friends don't like this person, but h...
    15 Relationships 40
  111. Will "going green" create the next economic boom?
    The Stern Review estimates that by 2050, demand for low-carbon technology could be worth $500 billion annually. The UN also estimates that demand for projects that generate Greenhouse Gas Emission credits could get as high as $100 billion annually by ...
    4 Environment 50
  112. How can I improve my players in Madden 07?
    i'm playin madden 07 on the PS2 and i can never get my players overall better in franchise mode. I can have a runnin back with almost 2000 rushing yards and a QB with over 4000 passing yards with like 30 TD's and 10 INT's. After the season their overal...
    2 Gaming 89
  113. Is this PC fast?
    I wanna get a PC with a 2.66Ghz processor and 4GB of RAM. Not sure about the graphics card. Is that fast? Will it be able to play some demanding games and be able to smoothly multi-task?
    3 Technology 36
  114. FunAdvice Trivia: On December 26, 1917 the U.S. Government took over what services during World War I?
    A) The coal mines B) The salt mines C) The gold trade D) The railroads
    5 Funadvice 11
  115. buying a PsP
    I want to buy a psp I have a old ds and 5 games but I no use it so I want to sell it but all the stores I tried aka gamestob and trade-a-game give me like no money where is a good place to sell my ds and 5 games?
    7 Gaming 9
  116. Did anyone see zeitgeist?
    Did anyone see zeitgeist? I thought it was simply amazing The last part of the world trade center chapter made me cry Ps: the second one is coming out on their site in october
    5 Entertainment 6
  117. Google G1 phone or Apple Iphone???
    some dude wants to trade me his Iphone 3g for my Google G1 phone and 50 cash..!!!.im going to pick what I like but just curious...what do you guys think?? which phone would you want? which phone do you think is better???
    3 Technology 49
  118. how much money do hairdressers usually earn?
    What kind of trades are there?? I know of plumbing, and welding but I don't know of any others, please help. also, what do you need in order to become a hairdresser, and how much money do hairdressers usually earn? (around canada and america)
    4 Money 58
  119. Shameless when is it on & wht time?
    when is shameless on & what time, I've been watching on demand, :) & I've got up to the end of series 5, know there playing series 6 on tv?, anyone could help with what chanel & days & time its on? :) & also how far through is it on series 6? :)
    2 General 47
  120. What is going on
    Are the Knicks stupid trading away crawford and randolph. I know the idea is to clear salary space to TRY and get Lebron but just because you can afford him does not mean he will sign with the Knicks. What does everyone else think about this.
    5 Sports 14
  121. Who can help with a visa to go to Boston from Ireland?
    im travelling to boston in june for the summer,can anyone help with getting some work organised there or even just some info on what kind of visa i will need if any,i am a carpenter by trade cheers guys?
    8 Travel 21
  122. Fall Out 3 4 The Ps3
    I got Fall out 3 thats is for the ps3 and I dont got one I onyl got a ps2 and a 360 anyway I dont know what to do with it I put a video on youtube and the dude said 2 give it 2 him on Ebay but I hate Ebay and its Havent Even Benn Open.I think of Going ...
    3 Gaming 47
  123. What's the right anwer to this riddle?
    A man hijacks an aeroplane transporting both passengers(8 of them) and valuable cargo. After taking the cargo, the man demands nine parachutes, puts one of them on, and jumps, leaving the other eight behind. Why did he want eight?
    3 General 38
  124. What is your favorite Allen Iverson memory?
    Hey out there, my favorite basketball player of all time is Allen Iverson. As most of you probly know, he announced his retirmemt today and they just did a segment on NBA Fastbreak with this same question that I just asked. So I was just wondering what...
    2 Sports 10
  125. Do you know why Charlie Sheen was fired from Two and a Half Men?
    I never knew why he was fired. I have heard he was fired because he was asking answers to the President Obama about what really happened in the World trade Center. That was true or not tell me please thank you.
    3 Entertainment 14
  126. Whats on your bucket list?
    Mine is: -See the northern lights -Visit Greece -Do the camino de compestella -Attend a NBA game -Sky dive (still not 100%) -Go skiing in Canada -Have a coffee in Paris
    7 General 26
  127. What can I do when it comes to animals?
    I have this big thing for animals. Im now 30 and ever since the age of 18 I've always wanted to work with animals.. Going back into studying is now to later for that.. What can I do?? Any advise.. Voluntary work is hard as so much demand.
    7 Pets 31
  128. Any advice on losing weight and getting in shape?
    ANy advice on losing weight and getting in shape? I know I need to exercize and I do on occasion, but I just can't motivate my sellf to keep up with a routine. Im not that heavy, but I could sacrifice a good 15 to twenty pounds of fat and trade it for ...
    6 Nutritionfitness 18
  129. What is a GRUB, and how can I detect how it got there?
    Basically I have found out that whenever I tried boot-up onto Windows, I get a blank screen with a flashing white dash in the upper left corner..and I can't do any type of demand .__. Any clue? Please... ;3
    6 Technology 27
  130. Drop out of school?? Or stay in??
    Okay I know what most people's opinions are gonna be but just hear me out , alright? I suck at school big time like im smart but it is just so boring and takes my interest away everytime I walk through the front doors , I havent passed a grade since li...
    8 Education 59
  131. Why delete prayer requests?
    I was readin on one question bout questions getting locked, and someone posted a list of what will be deleted, why will you delete prayer request for?? it isn demanding, or offendin anyone, if they dont believe in it or whatever, they dont have to clic...
    10 Funadvice 15
  132. Will I be able to return my new cell phone?
    I went into my Sprint store today to trade in my old phone for a new one. I chose the Samsung Rant. When I got home, I realized I didn't like it. Will I be able to return the Rant and activate my old one? I'm going to be with my boyfriend tomorrow, so ...
    4 Technology 13
  133. I need some debt councelling & debt management tips.
    I work with an organisation but at the same time I have a part time business from which I happened to borrow money and I have failed to pay it back on top of which my employee demands me 4 month salary. With my current salary there is nothing I can do...
    4 Money 25
  134. Should I go to college or university?
    Ok I am a 12 year high school student. I first wanted to go to University for engineering, but I decided I wanted to go into the trade. Now I'm in my 12th year and I've been turned down by 4 employers for an apprenticeship in the trade, 3 out of the 4 ...
    2 Education 78
  135. Basketball player salary -- are you suprised?
    I read something interesting today... Ross Siler and Steve Luhm of the Salt Lake Tribune figured out that the average professional basketball player in the NBA earns $3,487 per minute. Does this surprise you? Do you think they should earn this am...
    12 Sports 68
  136. What was the Pilgrims main water source?
    I have a project due tomorrow for American History. I have to make a site plan for Plymouth Massachussets. I actually don't know exactly waht I'm doing, so any help on how to do that would be good too. One more thing. How did they communiate and trade ...
    2 Education 8
  137. Who are your favorite snowboarders, surfer, skate pro,etc..?
    I luv guys who are snowboarders!!! Who's your favorite athlete?(dont talk about nfl,nba) Diferent sports... Ex; shaun white, kelly slater, kevin pearce(I luv him) et cetera... Tell me about some rising teens in these sports
    3 Sports 40
  138. How do you take care of a Pregnant Cocker Spaniel?
    I have a ccker spaniel that is now pregnant yay!! She is the Sweetest dog in the whole world lol. I wouldnt trade her for the world. Im a little disappointed at the history of these dog though. I here they have health issues later. I'm a little frieght...
    2 Pets 171
  139. How to write my own good article?
    There is a demand of writing good articles and I love to write something on my favorite topic. But is there any way to write something good which many people will like it. What are the things or quality in a person required to write unique content good...
    2 Literature 16
  140. Which is the lesser / least evil for a kid's lunch?
    a] a delicious nutritious home made packed lunch that is either traded or thrown away but certainly not eaten. b] a packed lunch of their choice that they will eat but shouldn't c] a lunch provided by the school [pizza / nachos and the like] d] non...
    7 Food 13
  141. How to stop and report collection agency harrassment?
    My daughter wrote a check that bounced. She did not know it bounced because she went to navy boot camp and had closed her account not realizing that this check was still outstanding. Her mail was still coming to our house. Several months later she rece...
    2 Money 30
  142. Why do people hate miley cyrus
    Why do many people hate miley ,why I like her shes cute and gorgeuse and a very good singer I dont care if you dont like her, look its obvious she is nice and in my school every girl loves her and in my school the girls trade me hannah montana sticker...
    23 Music 47
  143. why is my brother acting like my dad?
    i mean like one month ago he dindin't give a $hit about me. know he's demanding what i do ,where i go and he's eventelling me to go to sllep when he wants to.ugh i swear he's so annoying!!!!!!!! any ideas how to make him stop?he just pulled my hair bec...
    2 Health 235
  144. what do u appriciate most about your mom or dad??
    i was just wondering how yoou guys felt about your parents. i love mine, my mom isnt really strict, but she does whatever she can to let us have "the best". and my dad, works all the time to support us.. i would never trade them for anything.. i know t...
    6 Family 17
  145. How easy of a pet to take care of are chinchillas?
    I'm going back to school-commuting-and working a good amount of hours, so I don't have tons of time for a demanding pet. I'm looking for something easy and simple to take care of, that doesn't die as fast as a fish can, and doesn't cost a lot to care...
    5 Pets 52
  146. My parents treat me like a slave?
    im stil staying at my parents because at the mo I cant afford to stay by myself my parents are trying to rule my life they leave me to do the house work and are demanding they treat me like a slave like I have to run after them always they get mad at ...
    4 Family 152
  147. Is this PC good for games?
    2.8GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 16GB 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM - 4x4GB ATI Radeon HD 4850 graphics with 512MB Is it gonna be good for some serious gaming? And is it future proof; I.e. will I have to buy a new PC in a few years because the games get too d...
    4 Technology 41
  148. Temptation kills...
    Man so there is this guy at work and he likes me he is always telling me im pretty and that im his lady and he gets so super jealous when I talk to other guys and when he is like that im not that into him but when he ignores me and is demanding me to ...
    2 Relationships 29
  149. Why doesn't my cousin like me anymore?
    okay, so here I go, my cousin and I hang out all the time, we were the best of friends. now that she is 18 and I'm still 15 she's been snubbing me..and I really need to know if she just doesnt like me any more or maybe if I act to young for her. all ...
    2 Relationships 89
  150. Helping Mom Eat Healthy??
    Ok so lately my mom has started eating a lot of junk food like ice cream, lollipops, etc. I'm really worried about her and I"ve tried to tell her it's not healthy and I've even tried hiding her junk food so that she can't eat it but she just demands to...
    3 Family 13
  151. Writers Block (Can any musicians or writers help?)
    Ok I'm a bit of a jack of all trades when it comes down to the arts, I'm am xurrently professionally studying music but I like to write novels and have started on sitcom but I can't seem to write music or write a story shat should I do? I was consideri...
    3 Literature 10
  152. Do you think Germany was to blame for the First World War?
    Today, Germany made the final payment of war reparations demanded by the Allies in the Treaty of Versailles, as compensation mainly to France and Belgium. The treaty forced Germany to do a lot of things, but part of the treaty blamed Germany and its a...
    10 Politics 134
  153. how much would this sell for?
    8 ps3 games, call of duty World at War, guitar hero 3 with two guitars, mx vs atv untamed, motorstorm(1st one), rockband with guitar mic and drums, need for speed carbon, nba 07(LOL) and FIFA 08
    5 Gaming 14
  154. What's the best RPG or shooter game for XBOX 360?
    5 Gaming 71
  155. What are some of the stupidest laws on the books, in your State or area?
    Here's one I found........In Chicago, it is legal to protest naked in front of city hall as long as you are under seventeen years of age and have legal permits. So anyone looking for a good time and a way to blow off school for the day have at it! ...
    14 Politics 47
  156. What can we do about my Dad's buying addiction?
    We have TONS of old cars and trucks, nice ones i have to admit, that he's been planning to fix up...But, he goes out and buys another one- and then he talks about getting rid of a nice car he's already fixed up and LOVES to brag about and drive. Like...
    6 Health 41
  157. Can you help me with my Zune?
    Hello, those who have zunes hep me out?... Can you set a picture as your background on your zune? like a camera phone does? Also, when you trade music with anoter zune, cant you keep it? Somebody told me that it goes away after three days, or after you...
    2 Technology 48
  158. child custody
    looking for advice.. my sons dad hasnt' been around for 3 years, he moved. when he was here, he never did nothing for him either.. he is back and demanding to see him. he has paid me maybe $200 in the past 4years.. we are going to court soon to get cus...
    3 Family 25
  159. What do you think about in-game ads, are they effective?
    A study looked at in-game Gatorade ads in six EA Sports titles, including the last two installments of the company’s “NHL” franchise and the 2007, 2008 and 2009 versions of “NBA Live”. People who played those games increased their household dollars spe...
    4 Gaming 16
  160. Do you still buy DVD's??
    With the rise of Netflix, Hulu. Apple TV, Amazon Streaming and on-demand cable services, it makes little sense to buy DVDs. But many people still do. If you do so, why do you still buy them when an entire month of Netflix is half the cost of a s...
    7 Technology 71
  161. How to reduce import taxes?
    I have bought some machine from Canada.for my business. i heard it was possible (not sure if it work for everywhere, but i want to give it a shot) I'm also a student, which when a little bit tax reduction would help me out a lot. I need a letter o...
    3 Money 16
  162. Did you know that Gerard Way is 18?
    18 Music 41
  163. Should Congress set the example ?
    A crumbling economy, more than 2 million constituents who have lost their jobs this year, and congressional demands of CEOs to work for free did not convince lawmakers to freeze their own pay. Instead, they will get a $4,700 pay increase, amounting to ...
    4 Politics 17
  164. How do I become happy again and not think much?
    Someone please tell me how not not be depressed all the time because the lack of demand for my business and my products in the market anymore? and due to this stress how should I keep quiet when I don't like what the other person is saying instead of a...
    7 Health 20
  165. How do I convince my parents not to cut off my Computer access?
    Please help!! My parents are trying to cut off my computer use! I've tried everything I know to do. I've told them computer addictions "scientifically" don't exist. I've told them to calmly "suggest" that I get off the laptop instead of "demanding". I'...
    11 Technology 53
  166. Is the desire to assimilate gone?
    Is it just me or does it seem to you that immigrants in the past usually came here to be Americans - There were organized efforts within their communities, as well as in the larger society around them, to help them assimilate - But today, there are act...
    5 Politics 45
  167. Why are some people like this
    Ok. today in a restaurant. I've notice a pregnant woman drinking a glass wine. In my opinion is none of business if that woman wants to drink while being pregnant or not. I think it no one place to tell her not to. But yet we get ego hungry people tha...
    5 General 7
  168. Schools closing - swine flu
    Ok so as everyone knows the swine flu deal. Well they are closing down schools (as we all know). However, the board said they are doing it to prevent the flu and that kids are not out to go to the mall and places, they are to stay inside. now seriousl...
    5 Education 36
  169. Adam and Eve and The Snake
    I know this will piss of some catholics but I found a hole in the bible(not literally but you get it)The bible says the snake in the garden of eden was the devil right? and it also says that adam and eve were the first humans ever and all humans were c...
    12 Religion 91
  170. How do I unlock all the catchable rare pokemon in pokemon pearl
    Because I dont like cheats I beat the game And my friend said you could get arceus mewtwo without cheats and he wont tell me I got azelf mesprit uxie and palkia and dialga through a trade I know how to get fossils But if thees pokemon are catchab...
    23 Gaming 208
  171. is it bad to have changed?
    last summer my bf and i got inthe hugest argument, we didnt speak for about a month. one day he came to my house and apologized. but the point is that after that day i stopped being basicaly a push over and changed. now, to him i'm like this strong bio...
    2 Relationships 12
  172. Can creditors call even after you ask them to stop?
    My son has the same name as me and lives in the same household but is never here. He has a certian collection agency after him and when we tell this man that he is not here and to stop calling, he just calls back. I have had words with this gentelman o...
    11 Money 295
  173. What are some good sources for this history term paper?
    So i am witting a 3 page paper on international trade, but how it would have changed history up to the 1500 hundreds if it never happened or occurred, and all things it would effect. I also, am having to display it on a poster board creatively. NO im n...
    3 Education 16
  174. Can you help me get to Canada?
    I'm cheerful person and I' m serous,reliable,creative and honest man.I' d to make a good relationships with others.I need some help to immigrate to Canada because I want to build my life freely.I also ,I want to make a great trade and my children have...
    2 Travel 47
  175. How do I deal with my Dad?
    The fact that im working so damn hard to get into college right now. Im getting tutoring in like 4 classes so that I can pass them and not struggle through them, im also studying for my SATS, and my dad continues to put more and more responsibilites on...
    4 Family 13
  176. Peacefull games
    On pc I had a game that you begin with a ship that could turn into a dock and build route and hunting houses to gather food, wood, stone and could also buid farm for food, tobaco, koffie, coton and stuff and than using these stuff you make it into trad...
    2 Gaming 51
  177. Should private citizens be allowed to compete with the Federal Reserve?
    On March 18, Bernard Von Nothaus was convicted of counterfeiting for issuing Liberty Dollars from his Royal Hawaiian Mint Company. He is being called a "unique terrorist." The specie backed currency wasn't intended to be confused for the Federal Reser...
    9 Politics 23
  178. Need help with xbox controller this is weird?
    You may understand how I feel if the controller costed 40 something dollars and it broke 3 months after you bought it. Well I was playing nba live and all of a sudden my user kept running to the right side of the court? So I kept pushing buttons trying...
    3 Gaming 15
  179. How do I get rid of unwanted friends
    I have quite a lot of friends but I have main friends I hang around with but there is this wun girl who treats everyone like s***! But my best friend always goes away with her but when she is with me she b*** about her .. Now the are going on holiday ...
    3 Relationships 31
  180. How else can I lose weight if I already exercise 5 times a week?
    3 days a week I walk to college with my friends which takes about an hour. I've been doing this for a few months now. On a Sunday I do taekwon-do for an hour and a half. Half an hour of the lesson is completely fitness. The other hour is still difficul...
    8 Nutritionfitness 54
  181. What if a mother lived off of her son's child support money?
    I know someone who lived off of her son's child support money for years and he wasn't even living with her. She was in one rehab center to another and at times living with room mates. The people her son lived with did not see a penny from her those yea...
    2 Babies 26
  182. How do you handle an attention-seeking puppy?
    Butterscotch is three months old and very demanding. When I'm trying to work, and not paying her a lot of attention, she gets up on the table and sits there until I notice her ... it's like that whole "bad behaviour gains attention" issue. After I tel...
    16 Pets 21
  183. How can you fake the smell of alcohol on you?
    My husband accuses me of drinking all the time and when I really took the chance and drank 3 beers, he smelled it on me. I denied it because it hurts to know that when my friends and family are over or I go out with my friends he demands that I don't t...
    2 Relationships 315
  184. How can I keep my hair from getting frizzy?
    I have wavy/curly/frizzy hair! All in one!! Who wants to trade? K no but seriously I need an easy way to tame it. I usually put this stuff that moisturizes in it and then I put my fathers hair gel in it and then my mom's sculpting putty stuff and then ...
    7 Style 56
  185. Can I get eBay Pokemon into Wii without DS?
    Please educate me. Pokemon are sold on eBay instead of being traded for free. Can they be directly downloaded to the Wii system or are they only able to be transfered to the DS system? How does that work? How do you connect to a specific DS? How d...
    2 Gaming 17
  186. What do you think of my story opening?
    This wasn’t where I wanted to be. Standing frozen next to the smashed window, the hollow moonlight casting a horrific glow on a sprawled body in the garden beneath a destroyed balcony. “You’ll be next,” he had said to me after thrusting the golden hair...
    3 Literature 4
  187. How can I make my bangs look nicer?
    ok so theirs 2 questions to this lol how can I make my bangs not go the opposite direction of what I want them to? they face towards my face and it gets annoying I straighten them every day and they look stiff and ugly. and if I dont straighten them...
    2 Style 20
  188. Do whites truly like blacks?
    My dad told me about the atlantic slave trade which took place long time ago. He said the whites hated the blacks so much. When they came to africa, they started exchanging goods like ivory, gold e.t.c for goods like textile, bangles etc. But after som...
    19 Politics 108
  189. Should I let my boyfriend buy me breast implants?
    My boyfriend wants to buy me breast implants & I'm not sure whether to accept the offer or not. We have been together for just under a year, im 24 & he is 32. He earns very good money. My breasts are small, and I am forever padding my dresses & tops to...
    4 Health 169
  190. Do I rely on the internet too much?
    Lately I've been feeling like there's nobody at all that I can talk to because there's noone I can trust. I feel left out, just in general, like I don't get attention. But I dont want to just be really bold and demand attention, because then people wil...
    3 Technology 56
  191. How much would I get at Gamestop for these things?
    I have an older PS2, an 20g Hard Drive for the 360, the HD cables for the 360, Gears of War 2, NBA 2k9, Pro Evolution Soccer 2009, FIFA 2008, Madden 08, and Fight Night Round 3 (all for the 360), and the Xbox Live Vision Camera. For the PS2 I have 2 co...
    3 Gaming 47
  192. which game to buy for 360
    Am buying a game soon. but I dont know which one I want to get. ( only got enough for 1 game). and it a hard choice I was thinking about getting fable 2. which seem fun. I beat a lot of games I play super quick. Count the fact of I have no life (< True...
    5 Gaming 15
  193. Why won't my cat stay in?
    My cat had a virus and his eye got infected. It formed a scab-like thing that covered his eye. Eventually it fell off & left his eye red. I treated him with oral antibiotics & eye drops that the vet gave me. Now his eye is a white color. I thought it w...
    3 Sex 32
  194. What is your opinion on Rais Bhuiyans campaign (read description)?
    Mr. Rais Bhuiyan was shot in the face one of his eyes was blinded by a man named Mark Anthony Stroman who tried to avenge 9/11 by killing people who "looked Arabian". He actually killed two people. One man from India and one who was born in Pakistan. ...
    3 Politics 36
  195. How to tell my parents I'm going to be a 14 year old Dad?
    what do I do?...I used to go out with this girl but we had to break up cause she is we are friends and she is 3 months pregnet...yes im the dady we got the test...and I love her and she still loves me...she is going back to college to get a ...
    14 Family 72
  196. What do you think of the series Lost?
    Just wondering what your opinion is on the series Lost? Is it not the most drawn out. complicated, complex, disorganized and expensive production out there.. and hey put out by ABC? Each season has around 23 episodes and has been going on for 6 years y...
    7 Entertainment 54
  197. Is He Using Me?
    ok, I had this boyfriend for like 3 weeks, he pissed me off and I broke up w him just to try and get back the next day. After this we were still apart and having sex. The sex got better. I go down on him a lot and have blonde hair. I heard a quote ...
    2 Sex 34
  198. Any moms out there with add? How do you cope?
    I am a stay at home mom of 4, with a hard working husband who works at night and sleeps by day! and I cant seem to ever get passed the feeling like I am barely keeping my head above water with all of the household demands...writing bills, cleaning, la...
    2 Health 17
  199. My dog only wants to play but at the wrong times
    I have a 13 week old lab puppy. He is brilliant in all areas...sits ..stays...wees on demand etc but when he sees another dog he thinks all dogs want to play and wont leave the other dog alone. he does go down on his back if the dog growls or puts him...
    3 Pets 55
  200. help me put this in a poem
    I Wan't To be There For You when your down! I want to make you feel special to see that sparkle in your eyes to love you and to care for you I want to be the one whos always dere no matter what the situation is Ill stand by you no matter what I want to...
    2 Literature 5
  201. Was the euro a good or bad idea?
    It's become a strong rival of the us dollar, replacing the dollar in the currency reserves of several countries. it's boosted trade and travel within europe to unprecedented levels. it's helped to lift former soviet bloc countries out of poverty. an...
    7 Politics 59
  202. Good quotes
    1."there is no way to peace; peace is the way." -a. J. Muste 2. The political arena leaves one no alternative, one must either be a dunce or a rogue. -emma goldman ...
    6 Literature 10
  203. Stock advice?
    Currently im thinking of investing money in my fathers/uncles co. They have an impressive setup, for a brand new company. The thing is that these stocks are not set up to be publicly traded. I am going to get them at .10 a share.(The real selling price...
    3 Money 13
  204. Is this a good idea or no - I have people telling me both?
    Instead of going to school my junior and senior year at my hometown I want to go to a trade school or whatever they're called. I want to go into cosmetology, while I'm in that program I have to have a 150 hour Apprenticeship which will be done my senio...
    9 Money 41
  205. What do you think of these two poems?
    What do you think of these two poems? They are both very different, but I want opinions, please and thanks. Mr. Perfect I'll call you Mr. Perfect You're in my favourite class I see you in the halls and blush every time you pass And when you smile my ...
    2 Literature 5
  206. Ideas for curbing piracy off the coast of Somalia
    After this latest incident off the coast of Somalia its even obvious that some thing needs to be done about these pirates. Its clear in my mind that country's that have heavy shipping that passes through the area have the responsibility to protect the...
    5 Politics 10
  207. How should I go about X360 to PS3?
    I was recently getting fed up with Microsoft and their gaming system XBOX 360. I have had the RROD once, fixed that. Went through two disc replacements because of the crappy DVD drive, and took them 5 months to get them back to me(and one came back for...
    6 Gaming 28
  208. Do you think the Chocolate Lg from Verizon a crappy phone?
    I have the Chocolate Lg cell phone. I've have mine not even a year almost but it broke about 6 times on me and I dont know is it just a crappy phone or is it just me I never broke a phone on purpose... im really gentle im kinda violant to it but ...
    2 Technology 42
  209. The best way to deal with being disowned for marrying a non-muslim
    I am a 28 yr old female, who has recently married a Hindu man. I have always had a tough relationship with my family, due to mental abuse. I was molested by an Uncle and my family chose not to do anything about it. I was never able to deal with that, b...
    6 Family 107
  210. As a fresher in Computer Science which would be the best way to start my career today?
    I have completed my B.E. in Computer Science from Don Bosco Institute of Technology, Bangalore with an aggregate of 55 percent. In IT the demand of people skilled in particular field fades away with time as new technology comes every day. Like a few ...
    5 Money 15
  211. What can I do about this stupid guy I am forced to deal with?
    So he is my best fried's sister's fiance. He threatened my best friend with a shovel, and he is a complete 24 year old child. I moved into a house with my best friend in May, and my rent and lease didnt start till June and was just signed yesterday. H...
    9 Family 37
  212. Is this what peace really means to Israel?
    Israel insist on closing gaza's borders, yesterday gaza's main power plant shut down,so they are living in darkness now , the hospitals have only drugs and supplies for two more days only, and they are just performing emergency treatment ,that means th...
    5 Politics 28
  213. Why dose my mom want me to respect her if she does not respect me??
    Ok lately my mom has been in a bad mood(the klast 2 days) and she has been kickpicking at every single little thing I do and yesterday at dinner she orderd pizza with peperonie as we thought but she realy order peperchinies.and they were discusting and...
    5 Family 49
  214. Cameras in classrooms, invading privacy or surveillance?
    My school is over the top big on survalence. I already think theres no privacy because of cameras. There are cameras in every hall way and out the exits. I think its okay to have cameras around exits but anywhere else should be considered invading stu...
    11 Politics 144
  215. How do I manage my stress?
    ok guys, I need help, how do I manage my stress? I have so much going on at one time and im not even in any sports. I got art that I've taken on a major project and its due in two weeks and I seriously dont think I can get it done in time because my gr...
    5 Education 18
  216. What you think of this poem sorta thing
    I want to be there for you if you could just let me in when your down. I want to make you feel special to make you feel loved. to make that feeling come naturaly.I want to be the one who stands by you and loves you through your Good to your worst. ...
    3 Literature 26
  217. WHAT AM I GOANNA DO?! :(( went to my school's orientation and my older brother was getting ready for his orientation when my mom dropped me off at home. So, I went upstairs to watch television in my mom's room, because she has ON DEMAND, and the door was cracked. ...
    4 General 73
  218. Should I keep my Mom from seeing her granddaughter?
    My mom and I got into a hugh fight bacause she wanted to barrow money and I did'ent have any so she thought I was giving all my money to my boyfriend to gamble. I dont know where she would come up with a thought like anyways after I hung up ...
    5 Family 59
  219. Polygamy
    Islam allows polygamy (one man having multiple wives). God said: “… marry women of your choice, two or three or four; but if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly with them, then only one.” Quran (4,3) Islam permits polygamy but places s...
    13 Religion 56
  220. Do you like my poetry? (don't copy them please)
    I wrote this one out of boredom and after listening to a poetry slam: Me Being Human --- Can I take your time Spitting my off rhymes? Trusting you will hush. Can you take the constant rush, Of words riding off the page? Telling stories of lov...
    5 Literature 24
  221. Shouldn't Bush finally acknowledge his grandfather's actions?
    George Bush's grandfather, the late US senator Prescott Bush, was a director and shareholder of companies that profited from their involvement with the financial backers of Nazi Germany. His business dealings, which continued until his company's asse...
    8 Politics 27
  222. How can I lose weight on a low income?
    I'm 13 and 160 lbs. I want to be 115 by the end of the summer. How do I do it? I've tried eating healthy and all of that, but my mom (I don't live with anybody else) isn't very supportive of it and buys a bunch of junk food, plus healthy stuff is more ...
    10 Nutritionfitness 275
  223. Why not respect this woman's 'choice' ?
    I've read articles around the net and seen several news stories about the Tim Tebow and Mom's upcoming Superbowl appears to be an ultra-positive story celebrating life itself, a story of a mother who kept her baby, who became a famous football h...
    3 Politics 31
  224. My bad, Bush's younger brother Marvin hasn't been investigated
    'The often-overlooked Bush family member held a key security role during the apparent false flag attack on the United States-- he was on the board of directors for Stratasec, the security firm in charge of the World Trade Center at the time of the atta...
    8 Politics 27
  225. What to do when a friend abuses alcohol?
    My girlfriend is getting insane when she drinks. She was just arrested for not listening to the police's demands, is rudely mouthy, acts as if she is alone when she is with friends (taking off drunk to walk home in dangerous neighborhood abandoning fri...
    2 Health 22
  226. Is it normal to kiss a guy the first time you chill?
    If you see a guy (or girl) you really think is good looking && they were walkin on the street and you started talkin to them for like 2 hrs, would it be normal to kiss them? Because ii was walkin and this really banginnn black guy came up from behin...
    2 Relationships 35
  227. Was former President Carter correct to speak with Hamas?
    KUWAIT CITY - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Tuesday the Bush administration explicitly warned former President Jimmy Carter against meeting with members of Hamas, the Palestinian faction that controls the Gaza Strip and which is regarded by ...
    5 Politics 26
  228. Would these terms offend you?
    This question is for persons of a religion other than Christianity here - Would the following quotes that are presently on this site be acceptable if said about your God - would you be offended ? (If referring to the Christian God they are never remov...
    15 Religion 27
  229. Dating a divorced man
    I have been seeing a divorced man now for 5 years. we have great fun together when the opportunity arises but there are various problems that keep us apart - he works nights, I work days being a major factor. He also has three grown up children (all o...
    3 Relationships 32
  230. joe biden and the bible
    in a quote that was taken at some time in an interview for 60 minutes, joe said that by the time his tenure was up in the Senate Judiciary Committee that he was going to make sure or "mark his words" that every american will have "chips" installed as t...
    6 Politics 49
  231. How to get my dad to calm down?
    I was on a Skype call (NOT video call) with a friend I met online 2 years ago. My dad walked in and heard my friend talking and demanded to know who I was talking to. I told him my friend's name and my friend said hi. Then my dad asked if my friend liv...
    2 Family 160
  232. I feel like im losing her to my friends.. what do I do :'(
    I know im young at 15, and im in love with this really nice girl, she loves me back and we both think this is the real deal, we have talked about things before and we know we wanna wait longer before we go to far, we dont wanna mess this up, we have ta...
    4 Relationships 49
  233. Should the unborn have equal rights?
    It seems only those we see we give rights to when you cant see the baby it makes it easy to strip it of its right. aborted children will never be able to march demand equil rights they cant say anything to say no dont do it. They are blind and unable t...
    18 Sex 52
  234. could I be in a cult of some sort and dont know it?
    so ,I was researching dangerous cults and found that the united pentecostal church is somewhat of a cult and I often go to a pentecostal church, along with most of my friends and one of my friends dads is even the pastor. I know that most cult members ...
    5 Religion 47
  235. What would you do? My day
    Okay this morning I woke up like normal. My boyfriend and I have had sex maybe twice since we lost our virgntys to each other. Well I found out I was pregnant today. I am 20. And my boyfriend is 25. He was super excited when I told him he was so happy....
    7 Sex 32
  236. need womans advice about selfish girlfriend
    ok, I have beeing with my girlfriend for 2.5 years. We are both 21 and had never been sexually active in anyway before being with eachother. The first time we were was a month into our relationship, when I went down on her. I did it a few times more af...
    2 Sex 7
  237. What would these laws mean?
    I copied these laws from the Nevada government. Does this mean I can work at age 14? I'm confused because it says nobody under 14 but then it says stuff about being 16. Help! NRS 609.240 Maximum hours of employment of child under 16 years of age....
    4 Politics 26
  238. Bend over and brace yourself.
    Federal tax revenue dropped 34% since last year. Federal income tax revenue dropped 44% since last year. Jim Rogers: Food Prices Will Skyrocket Obama: “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” “whatev...
    28 Politics 62
  239. Do you think the NFL did this on purpose.
    I keep wondering if Super Bowl 41 and 42 were fixed. Starting with SB 41, Before that point Payton Manning had never won a playoff game against the Patriots, and if were'nt for them coming back from a 38 to 34 win then the patriots would of won superbo...
    2 Sports 17
  240. What do you think of my song?
    Okay what do you think of this song I wrote? Verse 1 What if the castle was just a house? What if instead of a horse, all you had was a mouse? I would trade my glass slippers for sneakers As long as I don’t have to hear the ...
    6 Music 27
  241. Like this Poem?
    My heart is beating for the pleasure of knowing you, Your eyes the color of the clouds so blue, They say that theres no love like your first, It feels like my heart is about to burst, I know I loved you as we walked hand in hand, Your special and swe...
    2 Literature 18
  242. Why do you think Obama is seeking to downplay the traditionally clo
    President Barack Obama hosted his first foreign leader when he met in early March with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown - Obama did not hold a joint Rose Garden press conference with Brown, the “usual protocol” when a president and British prime min...
    4 Politics 22
  243. My two Dogs fight all the time...
    I have a 5 yr old Golden Retriever and a 1 1/2 yr old Brittany Spaniel Lab mix. I love both my dogs. However Hank the Saint/ aka Hank the Gentle Giant (My Golden) is my favorite. Roxy- the Brit/Lab- is a spoiled obnoxious and demanding "pup". However s...
    3 Pets 196
  244. Okay im cerious what you think...quetions
    I have been with my boyfriend for 7mths. And im happy to say that we are pretty happy. I mean I love hima and he loves me. I wouldnt trade him for the world he says he loves me more than life... question #1- My boyfriend is masivly insicure about hi...
    3 Relationships 11
  245. Im so jealous right now...What should I do??
    Well, my boyfriend and I have been together for almost 4 months and according to him, he doesnt see any problems existing between us, too. And to be honest, Im not a jealous person, he went to prom with his ex and I didnt have a problem with it and I p...
    3 Relationships 43
  246. What do all these things my man does, really mean?
    Few things I'm curious, not upset or worried about: I thought I'd joke around with my boy while watching him play tennis by not telling him who I was messaging when I was asked. (It was really my mum) He spazzed out (didn't get abusive at all) but j...
    4 Relationships 34
  247. What do you think of this poem/story that I wrote?
    Its just simply called "What hurts the most". He was the cheese to her macaroni. He was the best thing that ever came in her life. He makes her laugh. He makes her blush. He makes her feel special. He makes her smile. But all of those didn't l...
    7 Literature 15
  248. I Want My Wife Come Back In My Life
    14 Relationships 110
  249. What causes adult autism?
    Hi I have adult autism. I want to know what caused it? Am I still a cave man. Did I not develop like normal because mom used drugs. I know she did. She is currently on meth, cocaine, heroin. I hate her. Grandparents raised. I think so fast it is cra...
    7 Health 49
  250. How can I talk my parents into letting me get rid of this?
    I made a clock in a shop class last year, a nice looking one that is worth about $400-$600. It has an annoying quarter-hour chime (I had no choice in the clockworks for it) that every time it goes off, I swear I hear a rumbling in my head. So I have a ...
    4 Family 51