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  1. Do fish poop?
    10 Pets 50
  2. What is the plural of Shih Tzu? (the dog)
    7 General 216
  3. shih tzu
    when can you start picking your puppies up?
    3 Pets 50
  4. Are shih tzu's good around kids?
    3 Pets 35
  5. How to cut a shih-tzu's hair?
    2 Pets 133
  6. How long to Shih Tzu's live?
    How long do Shitzues live?
    4 Pets 81
  7. what does it mean if your poop is green?
    what does it mean if your poop is green?
    5 Health 104
  8. Green poop
    What does green poop mean
    2 Health 226
  9. why do snakes pee but not poop?
    why do snakes pee but not poop!!???
    7 Pets 63
  10. Need pictures of a shih tzu summer haircut
    Need pictures of a shih tzu summer haircut
    3 Pets 122
  11. is it possible to vomit poop?
    is it possible to vomit poop?
    10 Health 107
  12. Why do some dogs eat their own poop?
    why do some dogs eat their own poop?
    17 Pets 91
  13. Why do dogs eat their own poop?
    why do dogs eat there own poop?
    7 Pets 76
  14. why do cats cover their poop?
    why do cats cover their poop?
    2 Pets 70
  15. Why does poop smell bad?
    9 General 59
  16. is it normal for a dog to poop only once a day?
    is it normal for a dog to poop only once a day
    2 Pets 405
  17. How do I get my dog to poop on the grass?
    How do I get my dog to poop on the grass?
    2 Pets 40
  18. Why do dogs smell other dog's urine and their poop?
    2 Pets 51
  19. how do u know if your 'cherry' has pooped??
    9 Relationships 397
  20. Are Shih Tzu's prone to eye ulcers?
    Are shitzu's prone to eye problems ie. ulcers
    2 Pets 76
  21. Shih Tzu
    Can you tell me how long a shih tzu is pregnant for and how many is normal for a first litter
    3 Pets 77
  22. Is my shih tzu still safe for pregnancy if she is more than 5 years old?
    my shih tzu is more than 5yrs old, is she still safe for pregnancy?
    2 Pets 41
  23. How is poop a mammal?
    My friends keep telling me that poop is a mammal. Why is poop a mammal?
    8 Pets 93
  24. Why does my friend keep talking about chewy poop?
    why does my friend keep talking about chewy poop?
    4 Health 64
  25. I just ran a marathon and my poop is green. what gives?
    I just ran a marathon and my poop is green. what gives?
    6 Health 227
  26. What does it mean when your poop is soft?
    What does it mean, and what foods/drinks make your poop soft?
    2 Health 215
  27. When your animal has runny/yellow poop
    What does it mean if their poop is yellow??
    7 Pets 194
  28. Why does some poop float and some doesn't?
    My daughter just asked this :-/
    6 Health 93
  29. Pooping at school
    Do you think it's alright to poop at school? eww! I can't do it for nothing.
    11 Health 117
  30. My shih tzu missed her cycle
    Her cycle was suppost to be in late august early september and its november why won't she have it?
    7 Pets 12
  31. What would i get in a litter of shichi puppies if i have a long coat male chihuahua and a shih tzu?
    3 Pets 76
  32. How many puppies can a shih tzu carry?
    How many puppies can a shih tzucarry, and if they got stuck while having sex does that mean shes pregnant?
    3 Sex 97
  33. How can I stop the neighbours cat from pooping on my lawn?
    Can a cat poop on a neighbor lawn? What to do to stop cat. I need to stop the cat from pooping in my lawn.
    5 Pets 102
  34. Pregnant shih tzu
    My shih tzu is going to deliver any time and I am not sure what to do. I have been told I wil have to cut the sack and cord of the puppies.
    4 Pets 123
  35. How do I hold poop in?
    I know that it is really bad to hold it in but I need to!~
    7 Health 100
  36. what is it called when a kid refuses to poop for a few days at a time?
    11 Babies 41
  37. my poop is weird. help
    my poop smells really bad latley...why?
    6 Health 91
  38. Why is black shih tzu is loseing her hair ?
    My black shih tzu is loseing her hair shes 4 and half when you pet her hair falls out in your hand I think it's from stress she not shedding
    5 Pets 50
  39. What does black poop mean
    If you keep getting black poop and diarreha... Whats it mean?
    6 Health 711
  40. Can my Shih Tzu get pregnant if she never bleeds?
    I've got a 5 year old shi tzui ,can she get pregnant if she never bleeds.
    2 Pets 59
  41. Why is my 6 year old shih-tzu shaking?
    The house isn't cold! What's wrong? I'm worried!
    23 Pets 159
  42. Cat poops under bed
    My kitten has a habit of pooping under beds, he poops in his litter box too but how can I get him out of this habit?
    4 Pets 139
  43. Why is my Shih Tzu humping?
    Why is my adult male shih tzu all of a sudden humping his 7 month old son? This just started and he is panting and scratching at the puppy's butt...
    8 Pets 669
  44. Why do guys like girls to poop on their chess?
    I need to know.explain
    4 Relationships 239
  45. dog who eats guinea pig poop?
    I have to guinea pigs and a dog and when I play with them the poop and my dog eats it is that normal ?? and is it healthy for him ?
    3 Pets 617
  46. Why did my cat poop blood?
    This morning found blood in my cats poop. She has not been sick or acting different.
    5 Pets 73
  47. Really hard multi colored poop
    What could make my chihuahua have really hard multi colored poop ?
    6 Pets 157
  48. Is my Shih-Tzu OK?
    my dog has been vomiting since 6pm clear foamy liquid. she got into my potpouri yeaterday afternoon.
    8 Pets 34
  49. What does it mean when my female shih-tzu constantly urinating?
    I have a 9yr old female shih-tzu is constanty squating and very little pee and it looks like there may be blood in urine
    3 Pets 54
  50. Why is it that when I poop, my anus bleeds?
    When i clean myself there is blood stains on the paper ... is it bad ? what do i do ?
    12 Health 93
  51. Does smoking make you poop more?
    When I was in Magaluf I smoked more than I usually do... But I found that I was pooing a lot... Why is that!?
    5 Health 1046
  52. Shih tzu haircut
    Hi umm I need to get my 4 month old shih tzu his first haircut and dont what we want it to look like. Can some body please help me out!!!
    9 Pets 257
  53. Pooping during labor..
    Is it true that women actually poop when they are in labor? If yes, whats the percentage of women that DO do it?
    4 Health 164
  54. Is it normal if I dont 'poop' for 3 days straight?
    (Yes, i am also sick). (What should i do?)
    9 Health 57
  55. When you poop do you loose weight (calories)?
    If so how much? I've always wondered this lol
    4 Health 89
  56. How to poop a cat?
    I have newborn kitten and itwont poop. I dont know what to do. So can some one please help me?
    3 Pets 65
  57. Why Doesnt my puppy do the poop ?
    I have a 1 week old puppy and he hasnt pooped in like 2 days . what can I do ?
    4 Pets 90
  58. chicken poop
    how is the poop removed from the chicken before is is sold to the supermarkets- or do they wait untill the chook has just crapped before killing it???
    2 Pets 25
  59. Is it normal to poop out bean skins?
    Every time I eat beans I poop the skins of them for like a week. Should I stop eating them?
    5 Health 144
  60. Can a pregnant Shih Tzu have a bath?
    hello there hope you can help me because my shitzu is pregnant now its her 1 week pregnant and is it possible we can take her a bath or not allowed for the dog pregnant can you help me to answer this because im so petty for my dog not smeel good
    3 Pets 1524
  61. What are da diff stages of of a pregnant shih tzu?
    My shih tzu mounted with a dog like 3 times but every time I would stop them and da act. My shih tzu has been out of heat for about three weeks but her areas are still swollen up. Could she b pregnant?
    2 Pets 97
  62. Why does my bunny always have poop on his butt?
    He always has poop stuck to his butt and its hard for me to pick him up or cuddle with him knowing he smells horrible and has poop on his butt. Any advice for this?
    4 Pets 118
  63. Is it weird my boyfriend wants to finger my butt and is it normal for me to feel like I have to poop afterwards?
    7 Health 115
  64. How to make my puppy poop?
    My puppy will not poo. Hes eaten very good so I don't understant. So can you help me? Please!?
    4 Pets 67
  65. Why wont my dog poop?
    We left our dog with a friend so we could move and all the did there was poop and now here at the new place she just wont .im very worried about her what should I do???
    3 Pets 46
  66. Is it normal for a newborn to poop green poop?
    i know this is a gross question, but if a newborn does green poop and its runny also, does that mean she is sick, should the baby see a doctor , or is it normal, and also im sorry for putting such a gross picture in your head, but yeah thanks :*)
    4 Health 77
  67. Shih Tzu Puppies
    I have just got a shih tzu puppy I have two questions she is 9 weeks old but she smells like urine and feces is she able to take a bath next question please tell me some pointers about potty training!!!
    3 Pets 44
  68. Will my young Shih Tzu be a good mother?
    4 Pets 22
  69. How do I get my dog to poop somewhere other than the rock garden?
    My golden retriever puppy has taken up pooping in the rock garden where it's hard to clean up. How do I get him to poop in the yard?
    4 Pets 245
  70. Shih Tzu's eye turning red
    My 12 week old shih tzu's eye is no longer a nice clear white. It's almost like the brown had spread into the white. She doesn't seem bothered by it, meaning she's not rubbing it or seeming irritated, but I am concernned what is going on with it
    4 Pets 56
  71. How to keep cats from pooping in flower beds?
    Dear Sirs: I would like to know how to keep cats from pooping in our front yard flower bed?
    4 Pets 75
  72. can I have a shi tzu if im allergic to dogs?
    I have ashtma and am allergic to dogs but I hear shi tzus are safe and most people arnt allergic to them?
    4 Pets 41
  73. Poop. I don't even want to take my meds anymore.
    Can the world just stop so I can sleep for a decade lol
    3 Health 19
  74. Anal it normal to have poop on the penis?
    Has neone ever been anally f*** and when the penis pulls out...u have poop on it. Is diz normal??? Please help
    4 Sex 334
  75. Why is there blood in my cats poop?
    My cat was recently sick, and she stopped eating and got sick and we took her to the vet. She recovered from that, but not whenever she poops there is blood in it. What is happening?
    2 Pets 56
  76. why has my baby been pooping weird?
    i just introduced gerbers like a week ago and his poops kinda like the first one babies make when their born?
    3 Babies 15
  77. Why does my dog eat dog poop?
    Sometimes when my doggy goes outside she eats her own poop. Ewwhh I know but she does, I don't know why she has food in her puppy bowl.. Why does my doggy do that...
    8 Pets 83
  78. Normal to be pooping out blood??
    Im a dude. And here for about the past month I've been pooping out a lot of blood. Anyone know whats going on?
    6 Health 179
  79. Dog poop
    my puppy is only a week old and when he poops it comes out mostly in like these lil balls and he only drinks formula is this normal?
    3 Pets 17
  80. Yellow cat poop
    Why does my cat have yellow colored cat poop? He has a horrible odor from his butt wherever he sits...yuk!!! he's very clean and never has anything on his butt, just the horrible odor.
    2 Pets 128
  81. If my cockapoo eats his poop will he get sick?
    He not even 3 months old yet , just afraid he might get sick
    4 Pets 132
  82. Do fish poop and pee?
    like do they have butt holes and pee holes?,because i never see them and the fish tank never shows anything and do they sleep?
    4 Pets 121
  83. Shih tzu haircut gone wrong?
    Ok so my shih tzu just got his first haircut... I went to pick him up expecting short hair, well all she did was trim his paws, trim his face and trim his ears but she didnt cut his body... Hes four months old is this how its sopposed to look
    3 Pets 62
  84. What can I do my baby won't poop?
    Baby cries a lot and grunts. Wakes up every two hours. He also pushes and strains but hardly poops.
    4 Babies 74
  85. How to stop the birds from pooping on my car?
    Every morning I go to my car there is bird poop all along the side of my car, how to make them not sit on my car or stay away, any suggestions??
    6 Pets 236
  86. How do you teach an old dog not to poop in the house?
    How to teach an old dog not to deficate in the house? He is 18 years old. He does it when I'm gone and immediately after I get home.
    5 Pets 69
  87. How can I help my dog pass poop that seems stuck?
    I think she ate something plastic I saw some in the little poo she did pass
    4 Pets 131
  88. When you're done pooping, do you wipe standing up or sitting down?
    Supposedly half of us wipe standing up and the other half wipe sitting down .. AWKWARD .. but.. which one do you do? O.o
    15 Health 46
  89. Why do I have to have brown poop?
    Why do my pope have to always be brown im very crazy about this I mean I always have this and when I was little I thought cause of my skin color (lol)
    2 Health 46
  90. my shih tzu didn't bleed when she was going out.
    I caught my shih tzu when she bled while coming in. I put her with a male and she allowed him to mount her. I didn't stay to watch, but they stayed together for a little over a week. Any way I was told that a dog bleeds twice. Once while coming in and ...
    3 Pets 112
  91. How can I stop my cat from pooping on the rug?
    my cat is always having a crap on out rug and my mam is sick of it she wants to throw the cat out but I dont want her 2 =( so anyone have any ideas on how not 2 make your cat poop on your rug?
    10 Pets 342
  92. What does it mean if I poop blood its bright red what do I do?
    Im 16 I started to poop blood earlier today its diarehea and a lot of bright red blood im scared im only 16 what could it possibly be?
    4 Health 108
  93. Why won't my dog poop!
    Sunday my dog at a 5 count pack of Rolaids. Since then he hasn't pooped right. He pooped at 11am this morning and hasn't pooped since. I'm getting so angry with him. I need help!!!
    7 Pets 174
  94. How do I get my six year old male cat to poop in the litter box?
    We recently adopted him but he won't use the litter box he is terrified of it
    4 Pets 28
  95. Why is American Poop not a widely known movie?
    Is it the title of it, I saw it in a video store at first and then I never saw it again but now I'm thinking about ordering it.
    2 Entertainment 9
  96. my mom's dog eats her own poop does this seem strange to u?
    my mom's dog eats her own poop an she also eats the cat's poop out of the litter box as soon as they're done pooh-ing! does this seem strange to u?
    11 Pets 63
  97. will my shih-tzu die
    have a 2 year old shih tzu, weighs 6 pounds and is the size of I would say a 6 month old shih tzu pup, if shes lucky. she is very very tiny, I believe she is pregnant and if so , if anyone knows first hand what can I expect, will complications kill her...
    3 Pets 57
  98. Dog doesn't poop all at once!
    I am struggling to get my dog fully trained because she doesn't poop all at once. She goes outside, but then 20 minutes later she poops again in the house. She is a small indoor dog, so I can't just leave her outside. Any tips on how to get her to g...
    3 Pets 162
  99. How do you stop a dog from pooping 5x a day?
    My dog poops 5 to 6 x aday . She poops as soon as she gets up , then again thirty mins. Later all through the day every day. how do you slow this down. It is normal poop. Just a lot of it. Please help!
    3 Pets 71
  100. why is my dwarf rabbit pooping in my lap?
    I have a dwarf rabbit that loves to sit in my lap. She uses her litter box and does not go anywhere else in the house. However, lately she's been pooping in my lap when she sits with me. How do I get this to stop???
    2 Pets 97
  101. Could my shih tzu pregnant??
    My little shih tzu came into season a few weeks ago but it has stopped now. Im prettymuch always with her except for an isolated hour or two in the mornings when she's in the back garden which is fenced. I've noticed her nipples are very big! Is this n...
    3 Pets 66
  102. Why does my cat poop on the furniture??
    Does anyone else here have a cat doing this? My cat is about 10 months old,and she was spayed about a month ago. About a week ago,she started pooping on the floor,and the furniture! She still pees in her litter box.
    5 Pets 269
  103. Dogs eating cat poop
    Why do dogs eat cat poop/cat litter? Mines does and it's gross and conserning and its turning the poop (his poop) white. Breed: boxer Age: 1yr Gendr male Was rescued and is fixed
    5 Pets 55
  104. How come poop is colored, but farts are invisible?
    That is how the human digestive system gets rid of waste after combining the food materials you eat together.
    3 Health 64
  105. hi i have intirnal bleeding wen i go to the toilet and i poop, clean blood
    this is the first time that this has happened. I have had hemorrhoids but never this can someone help
    2 Health 34
  106. What can I do about my ferret pooping through the bars of her cage?
    My ferret will not go poop in it's litterbox. It goes poop next to it, with her butt pressed up against the bars so that she poops out of the cage. I have tried getting her a bigger litterbox. I put tee-shirts down where she goes to try to deter her, b...
    7 Pets 104
  107. How do I get my dog from eating cat poop from the litterbox?
    Is this normal? she is a puppy, I cant just move the box because of the kitten. But we cant get the pup to stop getting it out bringing it to the living room and eating it.
    4 Pets 27
  108. How to get my neighbor's cat to stop pooping in my yard?
    HELP !! I have neighbors on both sides of my house , and they have lots of CATS. Every day I walk out to my back yard , there will always be poop all over the grass and on the dirt, ALL over !! I am very upset about this. Please help me? what shall I ...
    19 Pets 1670
  109. I want my dog to poop
    My dog chewed up a pillow 2 days ago, I havent seen her poop since then. This morning she threw up and there was some of the pillow .She acts fine.She is 2 years old and weighs 60 pounds
    3 Pets 33
  110. 5 month shih-tzu/peekanese mix and 5 year old male shih-tzu
    "I just purchased a 5 month old female Shih-tzu/Pekinesse mix as companionship for my 5 year old male Shih-tzu (nuetered). The first day my older one keep running away and hiding, on the second day he ws a tiny bit more receptive or should I say, curio...
    2 Pets 40
  111. Pooping...I know, gross.
    K, this is weird so brace yourself. I've noticed that when I poop...I come. I don't have an orgasm or anything, I just come. Im a girl..I don't know if that means, does this happen to anyone else?? It's weird because my vagina contracts an...
    2 Health 152
  112. Maltipoo, Shih Tzu/Cocker, is there a name for these puppies?
    I know this is weird qusetion but is there a name for puppies who's dad is a maltipoo and mum shih tzu/cocker cross. They are amazing little balls of fluff with great temperaments but just want to know what to call them apart from little mixes. Any ideas?
    5 Pets 53
  113. Why won't my dog eat or poop?
    I just got a 5 week old chihuahua he mother was hit by a car. now I can barly get her to eat I have to force feed her and she has only pooped twice in 2 days is this normal please help
    6 Pets 140
  114. Poop Issue?
    okay well I hate poop!!!I hate it hate it hate it!!! it nasty!I cant stand it im 18 years old by the way even when I take a crap I make my mom wipe! what can I do?I try my best not 2 poop but I just need help!
    9 Health 56
  115. poop question
    I have a 5 week old son he poops every 3-4 days I see that hes uncomfortable at times, his doc changed his milk to similac sensitive what else can I give him to make him go??
    7 Babies 36
  116. Orange Oil poop stuff.
    I recently took a dump, and upon wiping I found some orange oil stuff, now before you ask if I have had escolar, I have not, so dont ask. HOWEVER I have had some cashews in the past 48 hours that did taste funny, could that be it?
    2 Health 72
  117. Shi tzu undershot bite?
    Bought my 8 week shitzu pup 3 days ago for £300.took her to the vets for her 1st jab and he told us she was undershot.should I take her back?
    3 Pets 95
  118. Shih Tzu Questions
    OK, I'm planning on getting a shih tzu pupy if you have had one please answer these questions... 1-How hard was it to train your puppy and housebreak it? 2-How long did it take you to house break it? 3-Were you home all day? If not what did yo...
    5 Pets 36
  119. My cat keeps pooping somewhere else! Help!
    My cat keeps pooping on our carpet downstairs and its not even knew, she's never done this before she always pooped in her litter box, but then one day we discovered her poop on our carpet( the carpet is beside the littler box) and from then on she's b...
    2 Pets 106
  120. 4 yr old wont poop in potty?
    How do I get my four year old son to poop in the potty. I tried cookies, candy, stickers, cars anything you name it I tried to get him to go in the potty. I am outta ideas he will be five in less then six months. HELP!
    3 Babies 47
  121. Why won't my Chihuahua poop when I know he has to?
    I have a chihuahua mix that will pee outside and poop outside sometimes but there are other times when he eats and you can tell he needs to go to the bathroom but he just pees and then stands there we tried staying out there and waiting but he just sit...
    3 Pets 437
  122. My Senior Cat is pooping where he sleeps.
    I have a 15 yr + Senior male cat whose has started having poop on the pillow he lays on. I regularly change the pillow yet there is always poop there. He also seems to have it on his bottom. He does not seem to be in any pain and he eats and uses th...
    3 Pets 546
  123. What if there's no toilet paper after a poop?
    have you ever sat on the toilet, let out a nice huge "maken you feel 10 pounds lighter" dump and you reach over to the toilet paper there is none? LMAO! what do you do?! or what have you done if this has happend to u, especially in public restrooms, EM...
    9 Health 70
  124. Shih Tzu is dry around eye
    Around my dog's right eye, well its getting dry. And I assume it itches because my dog will rub against the floor and/or everything from time to time. I thought if I left it alone it would disappear but its actually spreading. Is there some kind of lo...
    2 Pets 48
  125. Not able to poop after anal sex
    Okay so my friend and her boyfriend had butt sex two nights ago. (I think that's totally nastyy) but anyways ever since she hasn't been able to poop and she has like really bad cramps. yes I know we are really close. Is there anything wrong with that?
    2 Sex 294
  126. Poop during anal?
    I have a question. Im a sixteen year old girl, and my bouyfriend wants to do anal, we tried a couple times before but I tensed up and it hurt. So I told him that I will give it another shot, but I dont really want to... Because of two reasons.. 1...
    15 Relationships 1982
  127. Chihuahua won't go to restroom and POOP!
    We have a 5 month old male chihuahua who will not poop. He is current with all vaccines and recently had a Parvo test which was negative. He is still active and playful, and will drink water. His appetite is fine also, but he just won't do #2. It h...
    4 Pets 111
  128. How to make sure my poop doesn't smell?
    ok so this is going to sound..bad but im going away with my girlfriend and her family for a weekend and they live on a farm in this huge house...but it only has one bathroom. I dont want to poop there but most likely I will. so what should I not eat so...
    15 Health 1744
  129. Eating poop
    My daughter just turned 2 years old. I'm trying to potty train her but sometimes she takes her diaper when she goes poop to change it. On this incidence she took it off and let it in the floor. Her sister which is 9 1/2 months ate some of it. My questi...
    9 Babies 168
  130. How many times a day should my ten month old lab poop?
    I have a ten month old Lab mix..up until the last few days he has been pooping up to 3 or 4 times a he has only been pooping once or twice a day..and it's takes forever to get him to do so..his diet is not very steady..because of the table foo...
    5 Pets 101
  131. what is this sharp pain im feeling when I poop or pee?
    When I use the bathroom I get this sharp pain in my lower right part of my abdoman. It feels like im giving birth! It makes me not want to go to the bathroom. I usually get this pain 2 weeks before my period but its during my period this time and worse...
    2 Health 2324
  132. Why does my 5 yr old male shih-tzu not want to mate?
    Last night we had a very pretty female shih-tzu stay over so they can get to know each other a little better. She showed a lot of interest, but he just didn't want anything to do with her. He seemed a bit nervous having her around. I also don't usually...
    3 Pets 157
  133. Blood on my poop
    this kinda gross yea sorry but I want to make sure nothnig wrong. I took poop like 5 min ago. when I got done I thought I seen what look like blood on there. am not 100% it is but over 50% sure. when I wipe my butt. the the paper had what look like lig...
    2 Health 30
  134. Discharge that smells like poop / fart?
    okok so I have this smell like it smells like fart/poop and I have a LOT of discharge and im also "sweaty" down there I have very good hygiene I take 2 showers everyday and I know that its not a yeast infection oh and the dischatge has a smell too... ...
    4 Health 11072
  135. Puppy rolls around in cow poop
    hey lol this has really been annoying me its a bit random but, my dog, hes a year old now and every single day he goes out to the feild and roles around in cowshit, come back dripping in it. its disgusting!! is there a reason why he does this or is it ...
    5 Pets 13
  136. Possible for a neutered shihtzu to get another one pregnant?
    Is it possible for a neutered Shih tzu, who's ball did not drop, get a female Shih Tzu pregnant?
    2 Pets 33
  137. Shitzu Dog pooping bloody slime
    My 19 month old shitzu dog started pooping blood yesterday. It started as diarrhea, then it started having quite a bit more in it, and now its bloody slime. She keeps shivering and laying around. Please HELP>>>I do not have a job and cant really af...
    6 Pets 70
  138. Why would an 8yr old cat start pooping on our couch?
    My 8yr old cat has been poping on our couch. She uses her litter box to pee in, not to poop. We also have an 8 month old kitten who does not do any of this. Could it be from the stress of the new kitten in my older cats world right now? We have had...
    3 Pets 62
  139. Pregnant shih tzu and frontline ?
    I have a 2 wk possible pregnant shih tzu . I done some research on the internet and ask our vet and he said front line plus would be fine to use on her . I am still very uncomfortable w/ doing so . I am wondering if anyone else has used frontline only ...
    3 Pets 78
  140. EyeMo-safe on shih tzus?
    Hi. Well, I have an 8 month old shih tzu. he's recently developed an eye infection. he's got a red streak below his eye and there's a lot of discharge from his eye. was told to squirt eyemo in2 his eye. and, of course, clean the discharge. was just...
    3 Pets 140
  141. My chihuahua won't pee or poop. AT ALL
    I just got a 6 month old chihuahua who has peed and pooped only twice since I got her 36 hours ago. She was pooping blood but we got Albon in case it was parasites and not stress. She eats when we hand feed her and drinks (minimally) on her own. I take...
    3 Pets 227
  142. How long does it take for a shih-poo to mature?
    She knows it's wrong to pee in the house but she does it anyways,I know she knows because when i reach to pick her up she will run and hide. I will take her outside and almost immediatly she pees in the house again. And at night when we are laying down...
    3 Pets 58
  143. Green poop in a child?
    my son has just pooed , & the colour was olive green looking faeces. Aged care nurse here & I don't think I have ever seen a poo this kind. So what would this mean? He has Type 1 diabetes, & is 10yr. He did have a sports drink the other day that was B...
    6 Babies 72
  144. Sore bum after not pooping in a while?
    This weekend me and my 10 yr old brother were at my aunts house,from friday until today.he doesnt like to poop anywhere but at home because hes scared he'll clog the toilet-or whatever. Anyways,he hadnt pooped since friday,and today he did when we got...
    4 Health 89
  145. Theres poop stuck to my bunnys fur!
    I have a long haired rabbit And It was hot in my room,and he got diareah,and now its stuck to his fur. I've pulled off as much as I can,but Theres some hardended onto his fur. Im scared to rip it out,because everytime I try,he flinched and I think i...
    6 Pets 68
  146. How can we get rid of the "poop monster" in our toilet?
    I have a three year old grandson whose mother let him watch the movie dogma--now he is having night terrors and will not use the toilet because he is afraid the poop monster is going to get him We had no idea this was going to affect him in this way...
    5 Babies 194
  147. How can I get a 24 hr old kitten to poop?
    My kitten was abandoned by her mother at birth(about 24hrs ago). She is extremely tiny, about half the size of the rest of the litter. She only ate 2ml of the replacement milk in the first 22hrs and ate 4ml an hour ago. I can stimulate her enough to pe...
    5 Pets 56
  148. pooping - or not pooping- at five.
    My son is five. Kindergarten starts in two weeks. He will still only poo in a p ullup - he refuses the toilet. Says it hurts his legs to sit. Says it hurts his bum to sit on the toilet seat. I've owned all models of seats and potties. Am at wits end. H...
    3 Babies 56
  149. How many times a day should my 1 1/2 year old chihuahua poop?
    How many times a day should my chihuahua poop? She is 1 1/2 years old and crate trained. I feed her once in the morning. She always goes pee and poop first thing in the morning after waking up and then the rest of the day is hit or miss. We always pra...
    2 Pets 388
  150. pigeon poop safe to be around when pregnant?
    my friend went on maternity leave from work and left her office window open by mistake , its been 3 months now and she asked me to get her something out of her office for her but when I opened the door the smell and mess that I saw was awful because a ...
    3 Health 349
  151. Dark Brown Poop
    Alright so my poop is a very very dark brown almost black. And I have abdominal pains similar to those that I get when I have period cramps. my period ends today but I have never had poop this dark and I'm very sore and fatigued. I just want to know i...
    8 Pets 429
  152. Poop Problem
    I only have trouble pooping when iam on my period, its like I cant push out the poop cause of the severe pain and it hurts to sit the pain is so intense I did a self exam and is I touch ever so lightly around my cervix it hurts, I have had to crap for...
    4 Health 200
  153. My cat is pooping everywhere!! HELP!!!
    My 13 year old cat is really making me crazy! She is female, spayed... when I lived at my parents house, she would poop right next to her litterbox and NEVER in it. I got married and we moved into a brand new house and she started using her litter b...
    9 Pets 188
  154. How to tell if a male dog is in heat?
    3 Pets 86
  155. my persian cat poops everywhere! help!
    I purchased my persian cat from petland, she was doing fine for a while then when she turned 1 she started pooping in the bath tub, I havent changed litter, I clean it daily, I havent moved it NOTHING!! I paid 1000.00 dollars for her, and really really...
    4 Pets 122
  156. Do you feel like you have to poop during an*l sex?
    Ok... Heres my statments.. My mom and I are VERY close.. I am 14. And I know more then most 14 year olds. I am a virgine and I know how baby are made, and all that other stuff. I ask my mom everything. and so I asked her about a and a l s*x. And if it ...
    4 Sex 118
  157. Cat Pooping on Bathroom Rug??
    Here recently, my 7 year old cat has been using the bathroom rug as the cat litter box. He does it 95% of the time on our bathroom rugs (both bathrooms) and the other 5% on my parent's carpet by the bathroom. We started noticing this after my mom got a...
    6 Pets 135
  158. Ferret
    Ok, My ferrets are impossable to litter box train!!! One is 7 months the other is 10 months. Ok, before the litter box they both pooped and peed in one spot, so I put the littler box there. They just moved their pooping spot!!! So for about 3 weeks I w...
    5 Pets 39
  159. Why won't my dog just poop already?
    My dog is so weird. He has to run all over the yard looking for the perfect spot to poop. Not just any spot will do. If I take him somewhere outside of our back yard to do his business, he frantically sniffs the ground, wimpering and whining and won...
    18 Pets 1809
  160. My cat is pooping everywhere!
    My cat joxer is a 9 year old Devon Rex. He is an indoor only cat and he is 9 years old. He has always been very good at using a litter box and never had accidents. We moved 7 months ago into a new house and ever since then he poops wherever he feels li...
    17 Pets 270
  161. Why isn't my dog pooping in the right spot?
    I have this dog. well, he's not even a year old so I guess he's a pup. at night I fetch him from out in the backyard where he remains for the day (except when I take him for a walk of course) and place him in the laundry room with his mother. he often ...
    2 Pets 66
  162. How to housebreak my Chihuahua?
    how can I get to train him when he poops
    4 Pets 55
  163. What caused the old dog poop in the backyard to get covered in webbing?
    In the dog waste area in our backyard, we've got at least 8 piles that are now covered in what looks like a fair amount of spider webbing. I'm not sure if it really is spider web though, or some sort of fungi, or another type of bug. It's so thick that...
    2 Pets 725
  164. How can I help my kitten's poop smell better?
    Okay, My two kittens, are the same age (4 1/2 months old) and both weigh 10 lbs (yes they are big boys) One of them has terrible smelling farts, like stinky enough to make you gag. Both of them have horrible smelling feces, but they don't really have d...
    5 Pets 121
  165. My dog won't poop in the backyard.
    My boyfriend and I adopted a lab mix from the humane society about 10 months ago. He is the best dog we can ever ask for, I have no complaints except for one. We live in a condo and take him on walks daily to poop and pee becasue we don't want to be ru...
    3 Pets 142
  166. What if you want to do stuff but are too tired?
    what can you do when you are so tired but you want to do things like take a walk or eat or any thing but your too pooped to poop? (SORRY FOR THE VISUAL)
    4 Health 38
  167. Vagina smells like poop?
    One day I was sitting on a counter (naked) waiting for my shower water to get hot, when I was jumping down I accedintly hit my vagina on the edge of it. I didnt think much of it so I just forgot about it but the next day my vagina started to smelll l...
    8 Health 10514
  168. Why does my 8month old son keep taking his diaper off?
    While my son is sleeping he will take his diaper off. He has also done it a few times after he poops. When his diaper is really wet he won't poop in it he wait until he gets changed and then poops.
    5 Babies 45
  169. Severe pain when Pooping.
    Alright this happens almost every month. I normally poop every other day. I am a 16 year old female if that matters. Sometimes though I'll get this crippling pain in my gut when I have to poop. I get an aching/stabbing pain in my anus hole. The pain...
    9 Sex 3365
  170. Is the Shihtzu/Cocker Spaniel mix known as a Shocker?
    I know the shih tzu/cocker spaniel mix combo is known as a cocker tzu, but is it also known as a shocker?
    2 Pets 84
  171. My cat is weird
    My cat goes in his litterbox and poops, next thing I know he is coming out of the litterbox with his poop and playing with it... I have never heard of this before what do I do?
    2 Pets 30
  172. Do you have insane friends?
    I have crazy friends that only talk about poop and stuff?
    6 Relationships 75
  173. Ive been pooping alot and getting cramps can i be pregnant?
    So me and my boyfriend of 8 months have been having unprotected sex for about 5 months now... And I had my period Approximately 2 weeks ago maybe. Im having Cramps and stuff. I think im pregnant. How can I tell? Like, My stomach is Getting bigger, The...
    8 Sex 240
  174. How can we get my son to poop in the toilet?!
    I have a 3 year old (will be 4 in a few months) who is the most stubborn child on the face of the earth. We have tried the sticker chart with rewards at regular intervals. We have tried setting the timer for every 30 minutes (it made for days of scre...
    31 Babies 223
  175. My Son thinks there is a monster in the potty
    Does any one have anyhting that I can try. I've tried everything. I even tried to kill the poop monster. I will sit in there with him and he still won't poop on the potty. I've rewarded him several times when he sits on it. But he will no poop on the p...
    11 Babies 29
  176. pamela crawford
    When is it safe to take my shih tzu 1 year old out for a walk after her first heat. She has been in heat for 2 weeks
    2 Pets 22
  177. How do I clean gravel in a fish tank?
    Like how do I clean out all the fish poop out of gravel on the bottom of a fish tank?
    6 Pets 34
  178. If I poop I cry!
    When I go to the toilet ir over pains me,when I was younger I use to complain that my ovaries would hurt although I was about 7 and I went to the hospital as they tthought it was my kiidneys and I had a scan and everything but I was young so I could no...
    3 Sex 106
  179. When should I stop giving my 5 week old baby the pear juice?
    My 5 week old baby was having problems pooping on his own. The doctors switch his formula from Similac to enfamil to Nutramigen. He was pooping once a day on his own wit the Nutramigen and then stop. So now I have to give him one ounce of oragnic pear ...
    3 Babies 68
  180. Teddy dog question
    My dog is part bichon and part shih-tzu. He has a very pronounced underbite. Is that "normal" for this kind of dog and is it something that will cause issues down the road?
    3 Pets 28
  181. How do I stop hating my eyes?
    I hate my eyes because everyone says my eyes are boring, ugly, and poop.
    11 Style 45
  182. Peeing in public
    I always hold my pee & poop in public. Dose any do this also if so how long do you hold it?
    4 Health 60
  183. what does the color of...
    what does the color of your poop mean,lol, I no its a wierd question, but just wondering:D
    2 Nutritionfitness 39
  184. would you rather
    would you rather drink egg yolk or step in elephant poop?
    3 General 33
  185. Why does my dog like to eat plastic?
    I have a shih-tzu that likes nothing better than to chew the hands and feet off my son's action figures. It's like crack for him. Why does he like to do that?
    2 Pets 299
  186. Why don't people like brown eyes?
    is it because its the color of poop and poop is gross? thats the only reason i can think of but i dont rllly mind because my eyes change colors anyways lol but i just dont get it
    18 Style 140
  187. Am I allergic to all dogs or just this one?
    I am petsitting for a lapso apso. I think I am allergic to her. My girls want a shih tzu for christmas. Am I going to be allergic to her even if I plan on keeping her very short haired
    4 Pets 62
  188. Constipation and your period
    When you poop if your constapated and push hard do you start bleeding (like a period)(during your period)?
    6 Health 299
  189. Peeing Sperm
    I was taking a poop and while pushing hard sperm came out of my "manhood" if anyone knows if this is bad let me know. It did not burn and it looked normal. I was not hard or anything before pooping so I don't know what could of cause dit.
    4 Health 167
  190. Why dosent the choke chain work on my dog?
    Why wont the choke chain work on my dog shes ten years old and pulls I tried her with the choke chain yesterday and she kept pulling help me my 4 year old shih tzu is also like that
    7 Pets 94
  191. Cat Smells Bad
    I have never had a cat, but have taken one in from a friend. My house is starting to smell like poop. He uses the litter box and I do not find any "mistakes". He just walked by me and smells like poop. What is it and how do I deal with it. He i...
    5 Pets 68
  192. How do I get my dog to eat dog food?
    He constantly eats the cat food and cat poop... and human food. But,he refuses to eat his own food. Wat should I do?
    14 Pets 52
  193. dog sick
    my little yorkie dog is sick, what kind of food should I give him to stop pooping so much?
    2 Pets 16
  194. Training rabbits
    how do you take care of rabbits liek when you first get thema and can you train them to poop in a certin erea
    2 Pets 29
  195. what could be wrong.?
    for about 2 weeks now I been seeing blood when I poop I mean it scares me because that never happened to me in a row... okay soo about 3 days ago I stoped seeing blood then I poop not to long ago and there was blood can this mean something.? please hel...
    3 Health 49
  196. What happens to "Letters To Santa"
    When kids write letters to "Santa" where do they go!? I bet they get a poop load of letters there LOL!
    10 Literature 61
  197. Potty train a puppy
    How do I train my 8 week old puppy I need to stop her from pooping and peeing in my house
    2 Pets 34
  198. when will my pups worms be gone out of their system?
    They have just been dewormed and we dont see any worms in their poop but we do see worms in their bed and they are dead? What do we do to stop this or does it stop on its own?
    4 Pets 56
  199. nervous
    if my shih tzu is only 6 months old and got pregnant by mistake would she be able to have thepups the male was a lot smaller than her does it make a difference I won't lose her will I please help me I going crazy here
    3 Pets 16
  200. My rabbit is constipated, what can I do?
    I change my rabbits litter every few days, it's usually full of poop. Today I went to change it and there isn't a piece of poop to be scene, she's not eating either. I read online that constipation in a rabbit is usually fatal :( What can I do to he...
    5 Pets 296
  201. how to stop my dog from poopin inside when I leave
    How can I get my dogs to stop pooping in the house when I leave? They both are potty trained and the only time they use the bathroom in the house is when I leve I can be gone for ten minutes and wouldve taken them out before I left and when I get back ...
    6 Pets 22
  202. What can I expect after taking pin worm meds(read)?
    For all I know this is a massive infection, I just want to make sure worms are not going to start shooting out of my anus at any given moment. Do they leave inside your poop or seperate? I'm rather scared to go poop now.
    2 Health 48
  203. When I get my male cat nutered will he stop going all over?
    My cat uses the entire house as a cat box will it stop if I get him nutered. He poops on the couch even
    3 Pets 38
  204. Why do I feel it in my anus when I get fingered or put a tampon in?
    Like I feel like I kind of have to poop or something when obviously I dont.. Why is that?
    2 Health 211
  205. Why Won't My Bunny Potty Train?
    I have a Mini Rex Lionhead Rabbit,Named Onyx. He Refuses to Potty Train,and Its really starting to aggrivate me. In his Cage,Hes got a Potty Training box,And he wont go in it,He sleeps in it,and Goes to the bathroom in one spot,else where. I've tried m...
    5 Pets 84
  206. Why can't I housebreak my dog?
    Why can't I get my dog properly potty trained? He won't poop outside. I have tried everything I can think of including keeping him in a kennel with his food for a week and only taking him out for potty time. I have even sprayed the house with that stu...
    12 Pets 336
  207. Best dogs to get
    What are the most domesticated dogs? I want a dog that won't sleep in the bed, rip up the sofa or poop wherever he feel like. What dog to get?
    10 Pets 39
  208. Why are there white worms in my poo?
    My anal area itches and there are worms in my poop. Is this pinworms? How do I make it stop??? im not going to tell my parents
    7 Health 163
  209. New kitten care
    I have a new kitten, about four wks old. It is eating and peeing but has yet to poop and today is day two. is this normal?
    6 Pets 40
  210. Do you like Hannah Montana?
    hi bubbleyum97 my question is if you like hannah montana? and if you dont like her I will crap myself! and my other question is do you like the jonas brothers? also if you dont like them I will re poop my pants!
    8 Entertainment 38
  211. What do you do when your neighbours won't stop blaring their music?
    What do you do when your neighbors wont stop blaring out there crappy poop they call "music" really loud? and they wont let you sleep!!!!?
    9 Politics 74
  212. What food should she eat
    My pup is going to be 3 months can I give her hard kibbles 'n bits ..does that make her poop hard...
    4 Pets 40
  213. Bowels act up whenever I am nervous, how to control it?
    Ok so my bowels (the things that control your poop) always act up whenever I am nervous. Like how tomorrow I have orientation at my highschool. So I am just wondering, how can I control them?
    2 Health 217
  214. Newborn Puppy help
    My dog, half shitzu half terrier, gave birth for the 1st time 12-23. She wants nothing to do with the pups, thank goodness she only had 2. She will let them nurse if we hold her down but she will do nothing else, so we have been cleaning them and kee...
    11 Pets 265
  215. Sick puppy
    My 2 week old yorkie is pooping liquid and it has a horrible smell to it. her litter mates are not doing that---is somthing wrong with her?
    5 Pets 146
  216. Why does my cat stink?
    I have had my cat for almost 5 years now and around last year his breath started to stink like poop. I am not igsagerating, it litteraly stinks like poop! His breath still stinks like his poop but now the smell seems to be coming for him, everywhere! I...
    8 Pets 115
  217. My 10 year old dog
    My dog is a shih tzu apso lapso terrier bichon shes all white shes ten years old how come shes so playful now in her old age shell play for 20 mins then stop shes love the outside when theres snow outside shell roll around and stuff but bc shes why is...
    4 Pets 41
  218. How do I tell if my Shihtzu is pregnant
    My shih tzu, I think is pregnant she has thrown up three times, her teets are huge shes not been eating as much as usual, shes been really lazy, and when we take her on walks she refuses to go more than 100 ft. and our 12 yr old shih tzu has no proble...
    3 Pets 251
  219. Does my dog have worms?
    I just got a new puppy he wont eat. Hes not pooping. And hes vomitting up white foam. He also has a very dry nose.
    5 Pets 54
  220. Laxatives/fiber pills not working?
    I took 4 pills 2 days ago and nothing. yesterday I took 7 and I still havent pooped. Why arent they working?
    4 Health 207
  221. My cat has a problem with the litter box
    My cat is 7 years old, so is the other cat, but the problem is, my cat doesnt use the littler box to poop, he goes on the concret around it, (the cats are in the unfinished part of the basement) he pees in the litter box, but I noticed he poops like ev...
    7 Pets 34
  222. Sick gecko
    My baby gecko's butthole is all red and gross. It stll poops and the poo is normal. I know this is gross but I need help. Whats wrong with it?
    3 Pets 31
  223. Strange dog behavior, possably important?
    Alright I have a small puppy named star, she is a lasa apsu. We moved to florida last august and she was fine but recently she has been doing a few strange things. She rarely ever pees or poops in the house but when she does its because noone was here ...
    2 Pets 44
  224. What does it mean when you have diarrhea and it's really black?
    My grandmother asked me what does it mean because she said she been pooping like that for 5 days now .. please don't make fun of this question :(
    11 Health 74
  225. Dog ate animal droppings and is vomiting
    He has vomited all the food in his stomach then later what looked like poop then just bile, what should I do for him? He is 8 months old.
    4 Pets 53
  226. What is this white stuff coming out of my butt?
    I tried to poop but I couldnt..instead there was this white gunk. im not sexually active and i havent been diagnosed with anything so what could it be?
    13 Sex 3202
  227. Dog obedience.
    My dog is a member of our family and I love him to death, but I really need to get him to be more obedient and stop some of his habits. I really need to know how to get him to stop eating his own poop. He thinks it is a delicacy! What is there to do ...
    4 Pets 18
  228. Crap disease..?
    Okay, so I just watched 2 girls 1 cup (not reccomended!) And me and my friends were wondering if you could catch A disease from eating poop? Lmao!
    7 Health 73
  229. How do I get my 2yrd dog to like my neww puppy
    I have a shih tzu dog 2years old he has never seen a puppy before so maybe this iz why but any who we got a new puppy the cutest lil thing in da world. lolz but everytime the puppy goes near my dog he runz away shakin and I try to hold him so he would ...
    5 Pets 44
  230. Is this constipation?
    The past week I have only gone poop twice. When I did go I would be pushing for 3-5 mins before anything happened and it would hurt and be bloody when I wiped? Is this constipation.
    4 Health 37
  231. Potty issues
    My son is almost 3. He goes pee in poty, on his own, no problem and was going poop too. He has stopped going poop and started going in his underwear. He trys to clean himself up so I know he finds it uncomfortable. He always asks if I am upset and/or ...
    3 Babies 33
  232. how do people get a hold of tape worm eggs?
    how do people get a hold of tape worm eggs? Don't they have to be taken out of someone's poop? eww, is that how tapeworm eggs are taken to put into capsles? or are they bred in like a tank of nutrients?
    8 Health 47
  233. Why is my dog's diahhreah black?
    My dog has been having diahhreah for a few days. I have been feeding her rice with boiled chicken and pepto bismol as well as pedialyte. Her squirts are now coming out black. Could the pepto bismol or pedialyte cause her poop to be black?
    4 Pets 63
  234. What does it mean when a 5-month doberman is lethargic?
    5 -month female doberman had reg. Vet visit with shots on 3-6-10. that evening was tired and a little sore. slowly she has gotten a dry nose, now eats her food very slowly when before she inhaled food, doesn't want to play much-just lay around, wants...
    3 Pets 47
  235. how to train?`
    ok, so I got a rabbit and my parents wont let me take him out of his cage because he was pooping everywhere. so I have heard of people litter-box training their rabits and I was wondering how to do that
    3 Pets 24
  236. Why do I feel sick after the first time having sex?
    I just lost my virginity, to someone I love of course. This morning when I woke up, I felt not sick, but like I have to poop maybe. What does this mean or why is this happening?
    3 Sex 1762
  237. Poopsmellow!
    My family and I have to puppy sit a puppy named marsh mellow and he poops and pees everywhere!!! How do I get a 3 month old puppy to potty on the paper like are dogs???
    4 Pets 39
  238. Something wrong with my Body?
    I went to the bathroom. to go pee. then my stomach groan a bit. then I just Poop on myself I didnt feel the need to go. it wasnt Soild. it was like water. what is wrong with the inside of my body???
    3 Health 24
  239. Baby poo
    I heard this is normal but I still need more advice! My 2week baby is pooping yellowish& slimy with white seed looking things. She is formula fed too... Is that normal!?? Please help!!
    6 Babies 173
  240. My 1 year old chihuahua has lost weight.
    She is eating 1-2 soft food puches a day and has a cup of dry food. she is pooping and peeing regularly, but im not sure what to do?
    2 Pets 53
  241. Boxer pup pottying outside
    My boxer pup is outside a lot during the day and before she goes to bed. After she eats and when she wakes up from her naps. Why is it when I bring her back inside the decides to pee or poop then. What can I do to get her to go potty outside and outsid...
    3 Pets 16
  242. Why does internet explorer keep popping up?
    I've updated my anti virus software and everything, but internet explorer keeps pooping up these ads like it has a virus on it and I don't know what to do. Please, if anyone knows what to do, let me know. Thank you so much!
    7 Technology 37
  243. Why is this sexy???
    Why is it that people find it orgasmic or have fantasies about their lovers pooping on them? Like, how the hell is that enjoyable/sexy/romantic or whatever? I know this question is weird but what is it about using your partner as a toilet that makes i...
    4 Sex 14
  244. Are Dogs Worth All The Mess?
    Are Dogs Worth All The know like chewing stuff,peeing inside,pooping inside,doing bad stuff like that...I mean they keep you company,lick you,cuddle into you...I don't know are they worth it...PLEASE HELP,thank you!
    7 Pets 54
  245. Should I get a puppy or a dog?
    In my experience puppies are harder to deal with at first because you have to train them NOT TO PEE OR POOP ny where! And then you have to teach them how to fetch and stuff. But then dogs who are like 1 or 2 are more experienced. So My questions is... ...
    11 Pets 48
  246. Are these worms(read)?
    Well, I've had these for a while but lately I've been majorly constipated, so I just took 3 laxatives and now the whole day I'm pooping water and these long(around 1 inch mostly) reddish, brown thick things. They look like worms kind of, but they're no...
    2 Health 23
  247. Can you potty train a dwarf rabbit?
    I might get a Dwarf Rabbit fo Easter and the only problem is that my mamaw says they poop and pee a lot and it stinks and I had a guneia pig when I was younger like I don't know maybe like 9 and now I am 12 so I thought maybe I can take care of one bet...
    8 Pets 162
  248. How to convince my parents to get a big dog
    I really want a golden retriver but my parents wont budge. I already have a shi-tzu but she dosnt love me she dosnt do tricks and she is not traind good enough. I ask my parents everyday but they say noo their poop is too big and they get dirty! I real...
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  249. Potty Training
    Hi, I have a 7 year old who still poops in his pants and is scared to go on the pot and tells me he will never go on the pot. I really need some advice because I dont know what else to do anymore with him.
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  250. How long does it take to train a puppy?
    My pup seems like she gets it one day, and the next chews everyting, pees and poops everywhere, eats the kitty litter, and hides when you call her.
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